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"kylie manet" Discussed on Something Who

"I'm richard. And i'm emily and we're your hosts for new podcast about working. Most of us have to work for a living and many of us work for at least eight hours a day at least five days a week. That's an awful lot of time in our lives to invest in anything particularly. We're unhappy board or unfulfilled in our work. So we're hoping that this podcast being all about work while we work how we work and what makes a great job will be useful to you. Yeah and we're also going to talk about what makes a great workplace and how we can turn things ramble and not enjoying our work and perhaps in the end how we can all make our work a bit. Better see might be asking yourself. Why should i listen to this. Podcast what do they know the. I don't yeah. Well that's an excellent question and i guess first off. We'll say his what we're not. We're not selling you anything. We've not got any quick fixes or miracle cures we're not consultants and we're not positioning ourselves. Experts but what. We are two people who work. I want to make our experience of work as meaningful as we can and we'd like to share our thoughts about that with you if you what. What's your greatest job that you've had richard so we talked a little bit about that. What makes a great job great. And what makes about your bad. I mean but often it's it's not the content of the job itself is is stuff that goes alongside terrible jobs. Well go a couple of them when somebody has belief in you. It's amazing how much more you can achieve. What a massive difference it makes. I think to your outlook on your output. That's so true. Like having people behind you that believe that you can do it and support. You want to see you succeed. What a secret of your success. Emily secret of my success would probably be my shared termination so emily. Do you have a dream job. Well as a little girl. I always dreamed of being like kylie manet. Have you've got to accept with any job that there's going to be some bits that you love and some bits that you don't like so much and it's kind of trying to get as much of the stuff as you love in there and to get through the the nursery pitzer aren't quite so much fun..

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