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"By the basement doctor. Still some scattered rain around this morning 48 in Wester Ville 58 years. Severe weather station news radio 6 10 W TV. Again. A man who's dead from a shooting in the hill. Top of the victim tried to drive away from the scene on this. Police say the shooting occurred around 4 A.m. at the gas station at corner of Sullivan and Highland. Driver was able to flee, but only to the area along South Haig Avenue. Medics took the victim to the hospital from there, but was pronounced dead. Investigators are still looking for a suspect in a motive in that case, Ah woman's charged with murder for killing her elderly neighbors over the weekend while robbing their home, chief deputy Rick Minor tells ABC 6 40 year old Kelly Focus was still in the home. When Franklin County Sheriff's deputies arrived they could see from the outside through the window, young lady. Who appeared to be loading things into a purse hastily went out the back door. They were able to take her into custody. Deputies were called to the home alongs Carella Lane Sunday afternoon, they say Kelly Vocus stab 77 year old John Blank to death before strangling 75 year old Susan Castor focuses in the Franklin County Jail awaiting arraignment today, a CDC releasing new guidance on protecting against Corona virus. Anyone traveling on public transportation should wear a mask, a practice already required in several states. But the guidance coming just days after White House adviser Dr Scott Atlas claimed best don't work, his message removed right Twitter. It all comes as dangerous signs emerged nearly 400,000 new virus cases nationwide in the past week, hospitalizations up in 41 states and 21% of hospitals across the country running low on ice. Gee, you bet it's a B C's faith. A booby reporting White House chief of staff Mark Meadows says he rule change for Thursday's debate only benefits President Trump's opponents. We shouldn't be surprised that That the debate commission and all of Washington, D. C. And all of those that are well connected, want to slant the rules to benefit their candidate. We've seen it over and over again. That's meadows on with Fox's Sean Hannity. The commission on Presidential Debates says candidates will have their microphones cut off all the other will have to uninterrupted minutes to answer questions on each topic. The Cleveland based company hired by 16 counties to print and mail out absentee ballots is admitting need delay in getting out those balances due to unexpected volume. Thousands of voters across Ohio are still waiting for their ballots. Midwest Direct The contractor hired to print balance is not saying how many but They gave an example of the volume, saying one board of elections last week put in a request for 14,000 more valets. Company says in that statement, It is fair to say that no one anticipated the staggering volume of mail in ballot requests. Midwest Direct was hired by Kaya Hogan, Lorraine Summit and 13 other counties across Ohio to print and mail ballots. I'm Tom Moore. Early voting hours here in Ohio, meanwhile, have expanded this week. They'll now include weekend hours as well. Early voting centers are opened this week from 80 and the six PM through Friday this Saturday from Etienne, the 4 P.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 P.m. that includes the Franklin County Board of Elections Office on Morse robe. Robert Redford Mourning the death of his son James read for passed away Friday, the age of 58 from bile duct cancer in his liver, wife Kyle Redford told the Salt Lake Tribune. The cancer was discovered while he waited for a liver transplant last year. Radio 6 10 w TVN sports four days till the season opener against Nebraska capacity in the stadium for that game, to be limited to 1600. 0 s U says will be made up of mostly family of players. The band, the cheerleaders and Brutus on the outside looking in Noone kicks Saturday on fire. Game two at Penn State, a primetime game 7 30 on ABC word from Penn State this morning that star running back journey Brown could miss the entire season. He's being treated for an undisclosed medical condition. NFL Kansas City beat Buffalo by nine. Arizona Barry doubtless by 28 in the Monday night, ER's baseball.

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