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Tom Brady Becomes a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

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02:16 min | 3 years ago

Tom Brady Becomes a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

"Because I don't want to run out of time I do want to touch on what transpired in patriot world today yes Tom Brady is now Tampa Bay bucs the it is borderline old news now because it's a couple days add the reverberations will go on for a very long period of time there after but the news itself is not breaking today you did have a couple of moves that were breaking news today in New England give me a read on the two sidings the patriots had brain a couple of the guy I talk play for my jets this year not a bad player as a matter of fact and the return of Brian Hoyer to potentially compete for the starting quarterback job there in New England give me your thoughts on both to two months yeah I think they're directional moves I think as soon as you know sort of the cold side Philip rivers you know a lot of people around here we're thinking that you know reunion with lawyer or maybe even Jacoby percent was up author bility I think the horrible exactly he's got he's got great knowledge of this offense he knows that locker room he does the coaching staff so he'll come in and help you know if not compete for the starting job to always be a great sounding boards for Jarrett Stidham you know who's kind of a presumptive you know successor to Brady a fourth round pick out of Auburn last year so a great locker room guy you know like I said very knowledgeable and you know one thing about Brian Williams when the patriots won the Super Bowl against the rams two years ago he was universally wanted by his teammates for his ability to run the scout team and kind of morph into the opposing quarterback down the stretch in the playoffs run so really good guy really good signing I just just make a lot of sense for him to be here you know Brandon Copeland the guy who did the patriots has seen up close for a number of years now where they pay it you know in the at the I got at the Coachella tickets Oct glowingly about the past seems like the patriots have a guy you know good special teams guy and also has that versatility that the patriots love in their life back together can rush the passer he can drop in coverage you can play the run picnic walk a lot of guys in free agency this week Kyle van Noy Jamie Collins in the Robert so really need to restock that line backing core and feel good start getting brand coke on a guy who they had interesting last offseason but weren't able to

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