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"kyle jillian" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"kyle jillian" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"If you say that you could just any insult like a rob. You're a big fat idiot. Oh don't worry I'm also a big idiot like then it's fine. You feelings aren't hurt. Maybe you should say and I know big fat idiots because I am one baby. Nobody listens. Nobody LISTENED THIRTY. Two fans with this podcast. Third Thirty two fans that nobody listens to I don't think that's true. Yeah you guys have listeners. Yeah we got a lot of listeners. Think I've never seen a number on any so with all due respect to kyle from Ontario. Then I think the selling point of Hey. I'm just like Kiva isn't necessarily what we're for in a third wheel even a reason. Hey I'm just like rob I should be the third wheel like we already have a rob. We already have an AKIVA. We're looking for something new. Okay see I didn't know if you'd want somebody who would fit in with us like one of the crew or if you know like Amanda Rabinowitz Is Pitch I. I don't think we're GONNA play today. But she's like well. I'm right between you guys in age. So it's like I'll I'll fill in the gaps gaps. Not that big. Yeah so I don't. I don't know if you'd be looking for people like that or if you want in different of like you know hey unlike the female Akiva okay. That's a coincidence. We break that down. What would the now even the conservative? Jewish Akiva yeah. I don't know if there's enough daylight there to really change the dynamic of the podcast when the third wheel comes in evil light. I don't know Overweight involved but the health. I'm more offended that nobody nobody. Nobody was thirty fans. But what are you GonNa do it? Okay but kyle from Ontario is the leader in the clubhouse right now sure okay all right Okay do you an apology from Kyle from Ontario? I don't know listen. I don't know I feel like like mad. Geoghegan wrote his wrote his pitch. It was just a big insult to me I don't Know No. He doesn't have to apologize. I don't know if he's GonNa wait apologizing yong-chol be. I'm sorry. That thirty podcasts does have listeners. Or can you say I'm not overweight? Bald overweight for sure I guess I don't know. Have a Lotta here on the sides of heads the back. There's not so much I don't think that counts. You don't think the hair in the back of the head count so I have nothing in the front which I can basically hide with like a hat. Are you saying like that? The male pattern bald that is traditionally associated with baldness. You have that. Can we put that on. The next census is key ball like show a picture of my head and people vote on bald or not. Or are you saying like the hair in the back of your head? Because I don't even think people lose that George Costanza had that Jerry Stiller also this week. Oh yes. Yeah Yeah Yeah. We bring the Seinfeld podcasts. Back for a Jerry. Stiller attribute what he did a Seinfeld character rankings and the best of any of the non or four using ground really went top underrated character in the character rankings. Okay when he calls up when you're listening to Jerry answering machine calls up and says hey jerry. This is George's father. I'm with stem with George. Steinbrenner Georgia's debt. Call me back. It's like he leads with that. He's hanging out with George Steinbrenner. Yeah like very nonchalantly drops that that is good. As though it's great somebody had shared on twitter this week. The the blooper reel of when Elaine is at the police station. I'll drop you like back dirt. And they she can't. Let's look at him in the face. So funny so funny. WanNa piece of you gotTa and then smash close so great. All those clips are amazing. Okay all right. Speaking of amazing clips. Let's bring in Jillian. Keep a what can you tell us about Jillian? Also I should add. I should mention that. We started off with a application form where I had listeners Compile Five. Yes so they were. What makes you an ideal candidate to be Robin? Cuba's third wheel. Do you have any third wheel. Experience any funny stories. You WanNa share where you were the third wheel a situation. Who Do you think has their finger on the pulse of their nap community? Better Robert Given Y What's your favorite and least favorite nap episode? And do you have any hidden talents? That could possibly help robbery. Why is it important to know who has a finger on the pulse? Who's just one of questions I just took his and then and then six. Which was there you potentially available this week? Join Okay I just thought maybe we got a couple of funny answers out of there and Jillian says one of the things she says if pictures willing to teach me how to tie shoes okay all right here is Gillian with a J. Hi I'm Jillian and here are two reasons why you should choose me as your third wheel number one just like Akiva and very easy to tease in any friend group or situation I've been in. I can't necessarily say that. I handle it gracefully but I know that people love to rile me up and I suspect that's why people are teasing. Akiva all the time so I could fill that role whenever needed and I'm sure Akiva would love a break number two. I'm hysterical. I tell myself jokes all the time and I'm always laughing at them so choose me as a third wheel you will not be sorry okay Jillian. She's easy to get riled up. People liked to tease her. And she says she's funny. Yes having funny. She didn't say anything funny. But you did mention something. Everyone teases me behind my back. I think she was saying behind your back. I think she was saying to into your face. And I don't even who's teasing me all the time. I mean Kyle Ontario. I guess this is like a podcast about bullying. Shut up shut up. Tim did not make the final pen. So who's now? Who's the captain? Now shut up there like these. Hanks movies now I don't WanNa spend a whole podcast on them. Okay all right so do we know anything else about Jillian like I'm intrigued. But I feel like there wasn't enough there yet I mean. Do you want to hear some of her answer the question? Yes please okay. So when we asked her what makes her ideal candidate. Sagar third wheel she says. I tell myself jokes all the time. I'm circle all right. It's basically the same answer she gave. Do you have any third wheel experience? She says I'm frequently the third wheel naturally because I'm a bit of an awkward human and I don't like to date if if the third wheel would make sure that I had one of my funny stories ready to go so just think she doesn't have anything funny to say. Now we'll give her some time She'd work on it. Yeah okay. She's like dangling a carrot in front of us. Oh I haven't won stories. I'm not telling any of them. Yes yes she doesn't want to give him up. Yeah Trust me. I'm funny entrust her. Okay well right now. Would you rather go with Kyle from Ontario or Jillian as the third wheel? It's that's I almost have them tied with like I don't know what do you think? I'm indifferent it's Gillian. Say has their finger on the pulse. Let's check that. Who has who do you think fingernails? I actually agree with Keith on this one. I Know Rob knows what we'll make knows what makes good in general but I think even the specific where nap community a little better okay. And that's what else did she say in her application. Anything else. If no not really favorite episode of the master napper she really like Mount Rushmore. Recently released favorite is season. Three episode sevens. Yeah okay I think Gillians the leader in the clubhouse but I think that she's going to get past here okay. I think this is more of a show us. Don't tell US competition I Agree Yeah. Okay all right. Let's go to Jake. Jake is number three What can you tell us about jake? So Jake did apply if you remember to be the biggest fan. So he's back on another one of the Jake Jake and he came pretty close. I think he did wearing last time. Yeah and let's see if he can make it without insulting me and You know maybe just if he can make without insulting the I'll put him as number one is Kyle Jillian. Were not able. Yes okay. Well he applied to be a key. Big Stan so I'm sure he will have Glowing things to say about you. Here is Jake. I know it's time to introduce the PODCAST CO hosts Dick's wrong. Will you see University Police And also co host ten from Su your system. I'm going to bring it down for you quickly to the topic. Third Wheel is one part. One part yes man in one part ops Andy Richter type if you will hype. Man was demonstrated exhibit day. Yes man look. I'm more than happy to hop in on some chester bashing those family feud questions were disgraced a competitive balance everywhere in ops. Look this a season three episode seven crush the lean on. Because it's easy. That's part though anytime you need me and we'll just show okay all right. So there is jake with a I. Guess last dance inspired entry. Yeah you're not watching. You are watching the land. I think I've seen seven of eight episodes. I think the the second hour from this week to still watch probably the best one. Seven eight were the best ones. I think so far I I enjoy five and six bug the Rodman ones now. I think that was the week that was three or four. I these been ultimately. It's been pretty good. It's been fun. I've enjoyed it more than than I started to the Some some of the things. We've gotten more until like more of the controversy of Michael Jordan's career a quick aside conspiracy pod was one or two that we talked about the was Michael Jordan suspended for a year and one when he went to go play Major League Baseball. Have you updated your opinions from Conspiracy Pod? Well I heard a good point recently which was like if a how were they so sure in the documentary. That may was from the Bill Simmons. Podcast. I'm not sure how. They showed the documentary. That Michael Jordan's dad was tired. We went sleep on the side of the road. He's never heard from again like who's making this decision that that's a fact right Doesn't make any sense when do that a lot. It's possible it is like an old man move but like it doesn't make any. It doesn't make any sense that they know that for sure because again he was never heard from again. They're almost they. They're presenting it as fact. Yeah that he was that this was like and I don't mean it's conspiracy but like yeah Jordan controls the editor of this documentary completely. You're not gonNA hear a second opinion but that that who knows whether or whether or not The there was any foul play terms of the Michael Jordan's gambling but in terms of him being suspended from baseball or from basketball. Going to go play baseball. I think I'm out on that. I don't think I don't think no I agree. I do not think that is true. I think it would have leaked at some point. It was true. I think it's ridiculous. I actually think that if there was. You know some other circumstances that had to do with that the Very Sad story of his dad that was weighing on him. That might be more of a reason. Like Hey I gotTa Get. Outta here I need. I need a break from from all this but I think that David Stern was laughing off the conspiracy. I do wonder and this is very inside basketball inside.

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