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The Wrap Up Show Giants 7 Padres 6

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The Wrap Up Show Giants 7 Padres 6

"For San Diego. This is the wrap up show up Shell. The padres dropped game two of the giants series each time to break down everything that happened out on the. Sixty Games sprint continues all the analysis all the highlights. Chato reaches out at census out to shutter field that goes. Christian hits. This one deep Wakefield. That fall is back ball. Fred Russia with a second round of the year and all the reaction from Jay Stigler slayers the first one way make everything else go smoother now. Competed and you beat the doctors and. Now. We go live to the extra thirteen, sixty studios with John Schaefer and Jim Russell. stunner by the bay tonight, the padres seemingly had this one wrapped up with the giants rally by By four, one, six, two, hundred, sixty, six, three, they trailed in the eighth day and they come back to tie the game on Donovan Solano three run home run and they win it on the walk off from Mike extremity who has killed the padres in his two years in the Big Leagues John Shaffer Jim Russell with you here on the wrap up show we'll be with you for the next hour again, the padres fall for. The second time this year losing in stunning fashion seventy six, our phone lines are open. If you want to talk about this one, a heartbreaker by the bay eight, four, four, five, seven to thirteen sixty, our text line will reach your tax in our second segment in about fifteen minutes seven zero four, seven, zero start message with extra again, seven, zero, four, seven, zero, start your message with extra. You can tweet us at John Shaffer at. St and cow. Glazer from Baseball America will join US in about thirty minutes and we're going to hear from the manager Jay's Tingler as the padres. Shockingly Jim. Lose tonight seven six HAP, and you look back at how this unraveled and in the PADRAS. This year, they've blown late leads. Sunday against Arizona, cling to a one nothing lead. They lost that game four two and tonight a four-run lead against San Francisco giants team not known for their offense and the giants absolutely stunned the padres tonight coming back to walk off and win seven six. That's a bad loss. There's there's no way around it. That is a really really bad loss especially. In, this type of season when you lead by four runs. Are Controlling the game. It seems like Chris Paddock he pitched really well, he got out of some jams early. You know he only gave up two runs tonight go five innings, six strikeouts know walks. But then the bullpen at the end, there was strong and stemming. The bad loss there's no way around it. And this could bite them in the. But later on in the season, you can't help but think that in a sixty game year. You look at a home runs allowed by this bullpen tonight bed came on the sixth inning his first appearance of the year. Alex. Dickerson took him deep for a solo. shod then corrects damaged in the eighth inning and we're going to have to talk about this one. For, a good portion of this wrap up show because he allowed a one out walk and then a two out single Donovan Solano the third basement of veteran guy that hasn't had a ton of time in the big leagues. He hasn't had a ton of home runs either thirteen career home runs coming into that as bad and with two outs representing the on Craig's damage allows a three run home run to Solano into the seats over the left field wall that ties the score at six. Then match drop comes on gets out of the inning but strong still pitching in the ninth allows that walk off homer. Into the water off the bat of Yeahs Mike is ski and you wonder they're getting. You wonder in the eighth inning if they should have gone to curb AIDS. So do you go to Yates for four out save any eighth-inning after stamina allows a walk and a single and then the Tyron is that the plate and I think that's that's the big point of conversation here tonight. I think that is the conversation. Yes Kirby Yates two days rest. I'm going with my best guy, right you're in. July. What fifty four games left in the year. He hasn't pitched in two days he needs. That bounceback game, there's already two outs in the inning. Stamina is clearly not you know sharp his fastballs only ninety miles an hour. He's already thrown in three batters so you can yank them. Me I I would go with age there. I think a four out save and this type of season, and it's not early. We're late we got fifty four games left right every win counts way more than in one sixty, two game season earlier in the year. Yes. Everyone is definitely counts but they're more magnified now. So if I have a chance to throw my best guy out there. And if he does give it up okay you lose your best arm. You're not losing. With Craig stemming. Right, if I'm, GONNA lose a game I'm losing the losing the game with our best guys. Listen Craig STAMM has thrown a lot of good innings for this team over the last couple of years. Excellent Twenty eighteen twenty nineteen was not near as good or was not as good as two thousand eighteen and this is a very tough inning I mean to enter an eighth-inning against the giants team that again is not going to be a great hitting team. That's that goes without saying and to allow the two to reach what really burns. You is the without walked Alex. Dickerson. I mean to allow a walk when you've got the three run lead and then to bring the tying run to. The Plate and Donovan Solano who by the way against stabbing was three, four, eight in his career. So it had some success against Craig Stamina I. Think it's a it's a fair point to be made. We heard before the season from managers around the big league general managers. I think we heard from Jay Jay? Stigler that we're going to treat these sixty games like they are playoff games, and if this was a postseason game, Craig damage does not get to face Donovan. Solano in that spot. So. Now it's not a postseason game and Kirby H to your pointed not throwing since Sunday remember the last time we saw him he didn't throw well but this would be a spot where maybe you'd want to dip toes back into the water right I mean to onto out on the plate now, we only recorded two. Saves a year ago that we're longer than an inning right so a year ago only made three appearances I believe that were longer than any one of them was a blown save. Two of them he recorded save. So I think the question that maybe Jay Taylor was asking himself as do I, WANNA go for A. Four out save this early in the season and looking back now with twenty twenty vision you can say, yeah, they should have gone to in that spot and I agree with you if gates gives it up, you say, well, it's Kirby Eights and he had a one area last year. So you know in retrospect, what do you guys think seven zero, four, seven, Zero Start Your message. Or Eight, four, four, five, seven, or thirteen sixty. You could make a legitimate case that they should have gone to Kirby it's there and you could make another case that this is the type of laws. Then when you look back in a season, this short could be magnified to your point. All these things equal more than one game. If you multiply it out to one, sixty two and the two losses, they have this year Jim, they very well could have and should have won those games lately in both of them and you just don't want to look back and be like. All right. We were one game out of a national, League West title, and that's the case. That's what's the case is going to be this year. It's going to be a bunched up. There's not going to be pulling away from the pack I feel like. So one two, three games it's going to be a big deal, and especially when you have a game in hand like this, you're up for runs late in the game in the eighth inning against the not good giant team I'm sorry this is not a good giants team I know yes they came back there little scrappy bunch they want to against the dodgers over the weekend they came back in one night down four runs. But you cannot tell me that this giants team outside of. You Strength Ski and maybe Solano. and maybe Johnny Cueto like what else is on their writer? It's a triple quadruple, a roster I'm sorry. I, don't care if they're playing the dodgers. Or the giants or I don't care if they're playing the giants or the dodgers. If you lead a game six three in the eighth inning and you've got a chance to go to your able and this is supposed to be a plus plus bullpen. This is supposed to be one of the deeper bullpens in baseball. This is supposed to be a bullpen that holds leads you're not supposed to need starters going seven innings with the bullpen like this I don't care who you're playing astros, dodgers, giants Marlins when you lead. Six three hundred eighth inning you need to win that game nine, thousand, nine out of one hundred times when you've got frontline guys in your bullpen and they didn't win this game tonight now, the Arizona game on Sunday they led by run into the eighth inning clearly over the course of a season, you're going to lose some games that you lead by a run into the eighth inning although again, with good bullpen, you like to hope that you're going to close out more of those games they're not now twice this year. They have I'm not gonNA say found ways to lose because Sunday give Zona edit to off begun to off Yates here. Tonight, you just need to close at this game regardless of opponent again, three home runs against the bullpen David bed nor allowed the homer to Alex dickerson Craig Stamina three-run massive home run with two outs in the eighth inning to tie the score off the bat of Donovan Solano, and then Mike Stransky walking off against correct statement. It's as simple as that I don't care who you play if this is going to be a really good team if this is the PADRES team that snaps the playoff drought, you cannot really have another night like this were three run this late evaporates. And especially, with a bullpen that you came into this year as a strength of this team on paper, you can't have the strength of your team unraveling like this giving up a four one lead and you know one time, it's a mistake to times. It starts turning into a trend. You just hope that this doesn't continue down the road and you gotta wonder. You know is Jase Tingler. With a lead like this is he making the right choices? This you know what? The question it's a fair question but the question might go above j Tingler in. Have conversations occurred where they've said, we're not using Kirby hits for multiple innings save they didn't use him yesterday first of all in a safe spot and drew pomeranz closed the door on that game. That's fine. Now, you're not going back to Palmer in this spot because he's a left handed pitcher. You're not going to bring pomeranz on their face a righty. In Solano, I'm trying to think where else you're going. You're going to Yates. If you'RE GONNA make a move in that spot, Stamina's already faced four batters to have reached. If you'RE GONNA make a move, you're going to curb eights. He hasn't pitched since Sunday it's interesting the way they've used them. I will say that they throw him Saturday in the non save spot he bats back Sunday didn't pitch well, they could have been used them on a Tuesday elected to give him the extra day rest, and now they don't use them on a Wednesday, and you kind of say to yourself. Well, what are you saving them four? There's less than two months to play in this season. It's over September twenty seven I'm not kidding there are legitimately less than two months left in this season. I'm with you and we talked about yourself doing that we know what we talked about this off the air and I said you're making a legitimate case I'm not I don't disagree with you at all I'm hearing you out. I'm not saying I necessarily would have gone to him in that spot so I might have gotten burnt there too. But could you make the case to go to them there? Of course, you could make the case it's not in any six out save okay. That might be a little too much here but there's two outs in the inning runner on first and third you see stemming who clearly does not have it right his. fastballs at ninety, ninety, one tops. He's all over the place and he's up against a guy who lifetimes what three hundred often lifetime's refrain and Donovan Solano he's pretty good hitter like he's in four hundred on the year he's tied for the major lead in RBI's. He's not schmuck. Okay. If you lose to you know one of their rookies who has not hidden his entire career needs to three on homer then you say, okay, that's fine. Right but you know this guy is Kinda hot. Any has any has a history officer off of Craig's Damn. I don't know what his lifetime is against curb eight I don't even know if he's ever faced Kirby Yates. Put if you're gonNA tell me. Who are you going to go down with the ship sinking Craig stemming or curb I'm picking Kirby it's every day, and that is why I was completely fine. I was completely fine with the way Sunday unravelled. The fact that Yates allowed two runs in the ninth inning of that to to game against Arizona and they lost at the eight I'll fight with every day of the week. The Guy is earned the opportunity to pitch and big spots yet a one era last year with forty plus saves. So he earned the opportunity to pitch in those spots. Now to go to him in this spot, I think is also earned that opportunity you might have to go with the four out save. If you're GONNA if, you're, GonNa vie for a division this year and by the way they very well may there's no question about it it's one game. A. Sixty game season. This is not gonNa make or break this season, but you can't afford to have this happen throughout the course of the season. But if you're going to vie for the NFL west, you're going to need to finish off games like this and you may need to use Kirby hates for more than one inning. All right we've got AJ on the line eight, four, four, five, seven, thirteen, sixty, phone lines are open, eight, four, four, five, seven, zero, thirteen, sixty, or text line as well. Read your tax in the next segment seven, zero, four, seven, zero, start your message with. Aj John and Jim thanks for calling him. I I called actually whoever was going in for daring the other day when he did use Yates in the non safe situation which I'm not a fan of Trevor Hoffman was not it back in that situation a of closers aren't. And he wasn't fresh for the game the next day. So yeah, he would have been fresh today. You can make an argument create bigger argument to me is I was really disappointed when when the prelate resigned standing the guys old and like if he's old and has one that he's not old and he has one bad year maybe resigned yes thirty six and he wasn't good last year. So they restarted the guy when they got a strong bullpen, you guys talk about what about the gun or any of these other guy he just standards not looking good. It wasn't good last year why you put them in a high leverage situation that's my opinion on the situation. Thanks for the call very good call I mean. To say he's not a high leverage guy I mean it seventy three appearances in two, thousand, eighteen and two point seven three you're right. You're right. You're both are Jim. You said this Aj just said this he wasn't as good last year his numbers weren't poor seventy, six appearances. He had a three point two, nine right in both two, thousand, eighteen and nineteen less hits in innings. So listen is he curb? Yates? No. Clearly, you'd rather have Kirby out in that spot. The problem is it's the eighth inning. Is He drew Pomeranz from what we've seen in the second half of Twenty nineteen and to begin twenty twenty or is he what a million pagon was a year ago which Tampa Bay? So it's an interesting conversation to be had but Craig Stamina's pitches a lot of games and he said success that's going to Joaquim Joakim year on the road show what's up man? Great Show I just had a question They used drew Pomeranz I finally looked. Amazing and they didn't use them tonight. So I don't know why they didn't do that. We use pitch he's pitched back to back days I. Think they would want to give him a day off there and I think that also. Stamina hasn't pitched in a couple of days here and they trust him they trust him and Layton Games they think they have four guys that they. You know trust with stamina and POMERANZ and begun and Yates and today it was stem and stern and he's didn't have it. But I do think if I were to put rank them as far as confidence goes statements the bottom of the list. To Joaquin's point by the way, Pomeranz was not used he was used on the twenty sixth. So he didn't pitch on Monday so he went Sunday Tuesday. Now. Could you use them earlier in this game? See I think it's a good point. Now could you have gone to Palmer at you're saying maybe Joaquin to start the inning. Would have thought to him because I wouldn't have gone to their to face Solano because Solano's right handed bat I'm not going to bring in pomeranz there. But to start the inning to start a cleaning it would have been his fourth appearance in six games. But again, it's sixty game season I mean you're going to need to tax some people you're going to need there should be some guys on this team appearing in thirty games, and if you'RE GONNA APPEAR IN THIRTY Games you'RE GONNA have to appear threat of every four games here and there. You want to win thirty five games and get to the postseason or whatever the number is going to be and Joaquin thanks for the call I mean these are all fair points and there's no right answer. Listen you win this game more often than not if you win this game with stamina already allows Iran and then Yates comes on and you win at six four you went six five you don't even have this conversation you just say you. Know, what he he figured out a way to get out of it, but he didn't tonight. So you need to have this conversation because this is the story of the night. The night was decided in the bullpen tonight and for the second time this season, the padres had an eighth inning lead and lost, and we're really nitpicking too. I feel like we're getting to the point where like Oh, it's pitch two days in a row and we'll all alike. We've got fifty four games left man I personally treat everyone of these games like a postseason game. Especially, if you have a lead like you do you keep the lead and you make sure you win that game. No matter what. And that tonight wasn't the case it felt like a game one, sixty, two game season. It felt like a game that. We're. Going to pitch, Yates, until a traditional safe situation pomeranz yesterday, he's going to get the night off begun pitch yesterday and he'll get the night off. No right your few and lead I'm putting. Least Yates out there to get out of the INNING, and if he gets the ending on like four pitches, he's good to go for the ninth. You bring up some really good points. Here's the thing if the lead in the eighth-inning remember they started the eighth inning with a six three lead and we're going to take time out here. We WanNa take your calls and your tax eight, four, four, five, seven, thirteen, sixty, seven, zero, four, seven, zero starring message with x Ray, your calls and texts on the other side. PADRES was a heartbreaker tonight in San. Francisco seven, six, lead this game six, two, they let six, three eighths the thinning the padres folded four to the giants moved. To three three, your calls and text exhibitions apply is education. The most important thing for your child I'm mark Merrill with today's family minute most parents are extremely focused on the grades their child gets but what about how they get them? Are they cutting corners or cheating to achieve those grades while education is obviously very important the character and integrity our children established should be the most important if your child is getting an a. in the classroom and F in character had they really learned anything of significance what grade would you give your child for character for more on why education is not the most important thing and how you can get involved at your child's school listen to this week's. Of the Family First podcast at. Mark Merrill Dot Com. Remember your family I more resources on today's topic, go to mark Merrill, DOT, com family tips, great insight, and a sneak peek of the marks life as a husband father and leader the family minute with Marc, Mero helping families love well. Okay man this is your time. Maybe, you didn't choose this but your here now you're going to go out there and being all star Caregiver Cook clean be there emotionally and physically you gotta dig deeper. Dry Them and physical therapy doctors appointments because that's what caregivers do don't give up show the world that you're tougher than tough. caregiving is tougher than tough. Find The care guides you need at AARP dot org slash caregiving brought to you by AARP and the Ad Council. PADRES. This is rob show up, show the padres dropped game two of the giants series each time breakdown everything that happened out on the diamond sixty games sprint continues all the analysis all the highlights. Shot reaches out at census to field that goes. Gone. Christian hits this one deep field that ball is back and that ball. Threat Russia with a second round of the year and all the reaction here from Jas tingler players at the personnel away make everything else go a little smoother now backs competed and you. beat the dodgers and. Now we go live to the extra thirteen, sixty studios with John Schaefer and Jim Russell. Here on xtra thirteenth sixty the giants donning the padres game to setting up a rubber match on Thursday at six, forty, five from Oracle Park in San Francisco giants, walk-off Mikey, strep, ski homers twice in this one as the giants win seven two. Manager J singler and he begins with auto started for fat. I thought you know the first three innings trying to find a little bit and battled. He'll competed actually thought you know the fourth and fifth inning. Start to get a little bit more efficient and. Start making better pitches. But you know pitch count ran out you know because the first couple innings but he was at a bulldog mentality and. Campus in the game and and You know left the game with the League. He did his job. As a bit a little bit surprising. Some of the consistencies see now you're. going. I don't know surprising it's to to us. Each night is, is you know individual and and nothing's ever locked down and and so. You know it's that this hurts tonight and we felt. We had the guys room wanted we're in position but. You know. We. We love some pop ups out on the field didn't help out or pitching there we didn't finish the game I mean two guys picked off in the eighth and and. You know had had the top and middle order up in on the bottom line you gotta finish and you you Linda team hanging around and things like. Tonight Mappin. Troubling Arctic authors that five. Years very aggressive on the basis it's out explained some of it. It's a little bit give and take. But You know we got recognize women been very good with lefties on the mound and the pick off. So we got a bear down there, we can't be given outs away especially. With. The middle part of the order coming up. And that's the that's the one thing I think offensively done a pretty good job chasing the starter but we gotta continue to add on when we get to the PIN and haven't been able to Do that enough. And break some of these leads open to where they're. They're bigger leading. That's a little more comfortable. Certainly. Maybe the other one. Might. Have Been. What did you say? Yeah. I think with with lefties in the League it's it's pretty consistent with you know for guys kind of. Work the line and you know it's it's rarely called I think the bottom line is. We've got to be We as coaches get to do a better job of we've got to prepare guys, and then we can't be given away especially in the eighth inning. All right. So again, J tinkler game following this heartbreaking loss for the padres to the giants in San. Francisco tonight by score of seven to six. I don't know if that was the full press conference or not I'm surprised. We didn't hear initially question about Creek Stamm and working through that eighth-inning to face down of in Solano. There was no mention Nero whether Kirby could have come on potentially for a four out save let's get to this text line right now seven, zero, four, seven, zero, start message with x Ray this from the seven six, oh. Let's not forget. We lost to pop flies in the first inning had two guys picked off back to back in the eighth? I'm seeing too many mistakes of this. Team already you think about the run that paddock allowed their Jim in the second inning that quote unquote triple by Alex. Dickerson. That runs should never score a million years but Trent Grisham just didn't see that ball. Well, he was backpedaling but never really a dead sprint that ball should be caught it. It just wasn't yeah on all this game played very sloppy bought by the PODGE JERSEY. Trench Grisham lose that ball and center that should have been caught cost paddock or run there a pop up. In Foul Territory Cronin worth and Garcia can't get under it to get it. Next Pitch Donovan Solano hits a single left scores run that costs paddock another run there, and then the pickoffs right picked off a couple of times tonight Oliveira's gets picked off. Then Totti's gets picked off no granted look like the pitcher balked there but still sloppy base running. Sloppy defense in the outfield and in the field as well. And then the bullpen is sloppy all around finish off these games, you score six runs like what did you say the other night score five runs you got to win the game. Yeah. I think with a team and staff as deep as padres have, and you're playing games in San Francisco. This is in Colorado. This isn't a mile high I mean you can't allow four home runs to the giants. Sixty degree night is a surprise. Now, the padres have been living by the by the long ball it's like they died by right. mikey strengths get a pair of them, Alex Dickerson, homers, Donovan, Solano that massive two out three run game tying home run in the eighth to take the wind out of your sails and the pickoff Sir the dropped or again the misread ball and center hurts, and then again you wonder if. Craig's damage should have had the opportunity to finish off that eighth inning or not six one nine. What's wrong with highs? Moore is in the clubhouse available to pinch hit is available for late innings defense. He's been battling stomach bug right Jim for the first week of the season. So our good buddy Darnay trip right across the street from us said that Tingler said, hosmer has felt worse in the mornings with his. Gastro intestinal issues but usually, but he's improved during the day said it got worse as the day went on today they've got doctors checking them out and hope he gets better tomorrow that doesn't sound care that doesn't sound good especially for a guy that's contributed like he has five for was throwing. In all I think that's hopefully it's a stomach bug. I mean. It's something they've said it's non covert related illnesses. He's been tested for Co founded a ton and hopes librarian is. I mean they're going to. They're going to need him again on they're paying them a lot of money and he's off to a good start and you hate to waste by the way six two out runs every run the Padre scored tonight came with two outs Machado a big home run the third inning Trent Grisham. A three-run homer gives you a sixty to lead a lead you had with you as late as the sixth-inning. At six two and as long as the eighth inning, it was six to three this from the six, one, nine, Jim another off day for Kirby AIDS W T.F, and that's question of the night I mean, the question should Kirby Kirby as come on for four at safe tonight I think you should have in retrospect in retrospect yes we're great at hindsight or great at hindsight yes. Of course, Kirby I should have been there. But at the time I think even at the time you're saying why is stem cell in this game that even have anybody up in the bullpen I mean. Strong was in the bullpen I. Don't think he was ready to sure how long he was warmer or not? Because we never saw the shot and he came in a battle after the homerun after often slater singled You know I it's it's tough because again, if stemming it's out of that, you never think twice about it because he's gotten out of spots like that before he's pitched a lot of eighth innings for the padres before but he doesn't get out of it today and it essentially cost you the game. Of course, it was strong. The gave up the walk off home run this from. The, six one nine as well. Terrible loss. This west is the dodgers titled to lose the dodgers. They did win right they did win tonight and extras. Yeah. Thirteen innings over the Houston Astros one more texture six nine just like yesterday the padres pump the brakes on offense again after the fourth inning and let the giants get back in it not to mention Craig's dam and gave up. Four home runs in a row, a Craig. I gave a four home runs in a row damaged strikes again that's right. There was the ashtray against the Washington nationals that was bad. That was extremely bad but that's last year. This is this year and in. Got That contract I was with one of our callers. I don't understand why they gave Creeks Damon that money I think there's other options and better options out there. Yes. He's been reliable for you but. In eighth inning there. Two runners on he's already gotten you to outs. He's looking shaky. He's not throwing as hard as he's used to. Against a guy who's a really good hitter Donna Solano so I at the time thought that they should've put in Yates you either talk you a note a little bit. But you you in the sixty game season I'll keep saying this like every one of these winds counts more and if you have a four one lead, you can't lose that game. No, and I got no problem there because the thing is if you go to Yates there and you lose it, you could say well, I went with my. Best Pitcher I lost my best pitcher. So I don't have a problem with it, but again, stamina has pitched in those spots before getting paid to protect three-run leads before the ninth inning. Let's take time out to Takao Glazer Baseball. America nobody knows minor. League. Baseball the PADRES system, the giants system better than CAL. Glazer will ask them about these padres struggles in the bullpen to start the season as well. Cow Glazer joins US next on the COM-. Joe Adams. I'm a pharmacist that knows the pain of losing their child to an opiate overdose if you can't happen to your family. Thank again to learn more visit the National Association of Boards of PHARMACY AT NAACP DOT. Pharmacy. The padres fall up in the bay. We're talking about right now on the wrap up show more four or five seven hero thirteen sixty hello time to react sandiego hero John cheever and Jim Russell. Donner tonight in the Bay San Francisco all the way back from six to down it was six threes lose the eighth inning and they walk off on a Mike your strengths ski homer outright giants beat the Padres by score of seventy, six John Shaffer Jim Russell with you and join right now by Glaser, from baseball America, who's does such a good job of covering Major League, baseball? And Minor League Baseball as well Kyle great to have you with us here tonight in San Diego and I want to start with the padres bullpen struggles tonight and really in the early season as their two losses this year then eighth inning lead on Sunday against Arizona that they dropped, and then tonight a four run lead. Are you surprised by the early season bullpen issues the padres? Not In the context of the season. Again, this was a short build up period for everyone around Major. League. Baseball, we've seen a lot of bullpens Jolla, get going the lottery levers struggling to find the strike zone there man not being what they wanted to be. The padres have a really talented bullpen. These guys will round into form. Kind of par for the course around most Major League baseball right now, just a Lotta relievers who are just a little bit off and that's often the difference between a strikeout are Homerun Kyle. Glazer joining us here on the wrap up show Kyle looking at these first six games from the padres do consider them to be contenders for the National League West or do you consider them to be you know that second tier teams or where do you see the padres in this sixty game season finishing up? The dodgers are still the favorite in the West I. Mean, that's the team is just so much more talent than anyone else in the West but in all the National League and. Major League Baseball aside from the Yankees But the Potter is I think the most encouraging thing we've seen from them is they're playing good clean fundamental baseball I. Mean you guys know watching this thing for years? It was bad defense that base running terrible approaches the plate complete inability to battle with two strikes and all that's gone away this year I, you know there's been. A lot written and said about how much more patients teams or staying in the strike zone they're battling with two strikes doing some good fundamental things we talk right Garcia suicide safety squeeze the other day turned gruesome had a on single today as well. Following a home run hit the powders in the little things. Well, they're doing big things well and all the sloppiness and mistakes. I saw that make a difference in basically baseball have gone away, and now they have to keep it up but it's been a really promising start for them in that regard do you think they'll try to prioritize upgrade at catching or or is this what they're gonna go with for the year I mean, of course struggled offensively we know that but he's an excellent game caller. And a good defensive catcher and then Francisco may he is still young and he's a switch hitter and he has shown at times. He's a capable big-league hitter but is this enough if you're gonNA make a run and finished in second place let's say in this division could they upgrade if need be at the halfway point if they haven't gotten a lot out of that position? There's very little catching available in major league baseball and most teams that have catching are not gonNA WANNA give it up or at least give it up cheaply I. I think we should expect that if the potters are going to do battle, this is GonNa be the guy that you battle with you have Louis Tehran's of the third catching option of veteran like. Read this as well by yeah I mean, look the short answer is GonNa. Need you know he is defense to improve and it has proved it continues to approve because hedges just is not a viable Major League hitter we've known that for years we've seen that for years by any visual or statistical measure and a contending team just cannot have an automatic. Out at the bottom of its lineup like that no matter how could is defensive. So they're going to need you know Mahia to improve his defense and hedges to do something offensively cause more likely than not. This is GONNA be who they're going to have to go to battle with Kyle. Glazer. Does a great job for baseball America joining us here on the. Wrap up show Kyle Lewis Patino your specialty is put prospects Lewis Patino and Mackenzie. Gore they didn't start the season with the roster. Do you think there should have been on this opening day roster for padres or do you think the padres did the right thing and kept them off because they need some more time to develop before they get to the major level? The poverty did the right thing leaving them off or we released our poppers midseason top prospects that they had a couple of days ago and I wrote about this and they're that they're both very, very, very talented. But there's things they need to work on again just barely pitched above high class. Say you know Gore flashes four plus pitches, but he struggles to get them all working at the same time right now kind of. Working and to be you know an effective as like started, you need more than to work at the same time that'll come with time and wraps no-one should be worried about him but just means not ready right this minute. Latino has an explosive fastball heel shoe you really good. slider but the consistency of those pitches and the consistency of command again, need some work before his major league ready. He will get there. He's going to be really really good as well Mackenzie Gore, but to say, they've been ready on opening day be false the potters the right thing these guys need a little bit more work. If they put him that work, they could be up later this year but I I was pretty roster the puck correct thing. So do you see them? In the season for the padres. Again. It's it's very possible and it's going to depend also on what happens in front of them. If you know a bunch of bullpen injuries hit or these guys don't air themselves out least Bettina starts to look like a very, very appealing option to come up and give you two innings of ninety nine miles an hour, and you can throw them. You know plus slider even once every two or three that. MAKES THEM A great bullpen weapon and Mackenzie. Gore's well, you know you can get the fossil over. You can get the change over continued to tighten the breaking balls even if it's just good fastball good change up again that can work in two three inning stint. So it's very possible, but it's done it depend on again what happens in front of them and how they perform here at the it's like camp. How close, to finish Is Chris Patrick who's pitched so well I mean you look at his rookie season and they were using on five days rest because of injury prior, and now they're using them on four days rest and he's had a lot of success here in the early going I. Mean I is this what he's going to look like in the prime of his career or is there still work to be done to make him even more refined pitcher? There's still work to be done at its. We've been talked about a lot Santa Great fastball incredible change out you finding a third pitch will help elevate him from hey, he's really good to okay. This is a true frontline as. Part of work someone up all worked with him on a cruise though a couple scouts around the game you know speculated that cutter might do him some good So again, I never want to say twenty four finished product especially pitchers we've got developing Max sure. Didn't find a curveball until a sixty year in the majors and that's what that elevated him into the at became at age thirty. So I don't WanNa see the finished product There's still more to be done and right now he's very, very good, and if he can find that still offering, it's gotta elevate him even more. Glazer joining us here on the wrap up show one final one for me Kyle to. Nelson. He pitches tomorrow the PADRES and the final game of the series against the giants. He had a great start to his season on Saturday how would you describe how he looks coming off of injury and does his his stuff the best stuff that the padres on their pitching staff Absolutely Garrett Richards is conversation as well, but let's fastball slider. Electric Electric, power armed pitcher, and he got bigger and stronger this off season a lot. You know guys. On their second year away to really take off this is this is one of the best young pitchers in Major League, baseball, or opinion that ten before the season to be the breakout pitcher contend to lead the National League in strikeouts even with the abbreviated season I think that's still very likely. This is a really really good pitcher. The padres have as a keeper for the long term even as Patino and Gore, and all these other guys come up. Then also going to be on this starting in the starting rotation when this team is a playoff contender I think it was thirty year ago in the big leagues and strikeouts per nine innings. For the PADRES Khana. It's great to catch up. Thank you so much for doing this We enjoy your coverage with baseball America. Thank you as always for your time. My pleasure anytime guys Kyle Glazer Baseball, America again, the padres fall tonight in San. Francisco, in the Middle Game of this three-game series seven to six as matched. Allows that walk-off off to Mike you stretchy and takes the loss after correct. Blew the save in the eighth inning. Tyler Rogers is the winning pitcher for the giants. He worked a scoreless top of that I. Think we'll take time out come back with NFL West scores will preview tomorrow series finale as well padres fall in San Francisco in walk off fashion seven six, it's Snow. Teams with John, Schaefer Jim Russell now it's time for the play of. The game on extra. Sixty. This is driven to right field deep and far state fair and well. Walk off home run for might distress speed. Mike is Stransky's walked it off tonight at San Francisco with a home run off man Straw and the giants taking two of the series. Truly incredible, we'll have a rubber match of a three-game series, Thursday night six, forty, five giants and Padres John Shaffer Jim Russell back with you as the giants against stunned the padres. The padres led this game six, two in the sixth inning six, three in the eighth inning and Mike is Tricky hits a pair of home runs including the walk off winner part of a four homerun night for the giants really spoiling Chris Paddock Jim who went five innings pitched better than his final line. The final out of five innings wrong should have been five innings, one ron and should be to and all right now paddock left with the lead James Tingler talked about that. If you leave with a four run lead, you should be able to get a victory in that game and they don't get a win for Chris Panic but he pitch weld. Now Chris Paddock last year was on an innings limit. They they made sure they kept him on an enemies limit. He didn't pitch many times into the seventh eighth inning. I think you know I can probably count on my hand how many times he did that last year. Only eighty nine pitches tonight. Are you. Okay with nothing absolutely holding eighty nine second appearance of the year. These guys are built up to one hundred plus pitches unless if you're vastly no I, mean again if you're I, it's it's a fair question if it's Madison Bumgarner. Is going to throw one hundred plus pitches. Right? I mean he's a ten year pro Chris Paddock again off the injury pitching on four days rest for the first time as a major leaguer tonight and like we know that the rains are off but I think ninety pitches, what you're going to see like the first couple of times through the rotation for some of. These younger guys the limits going to be ninety. Do I think Paddock's GonNa throw one hundred, one, hundred, five pitches in a start this year I do but it was the right time right like ninety pitches in five innings through the math on that real quick. That's a good. That's a good number pitches. That's about eighteen pitches parenting online you do the math I can't. But. If you start a sixth inning and you struggle or you labor, you've got an eight or nine pitch at Bat I. Think Eighty Nine pitchers was the right time to go to your bullpen. The bullpen is you could say it's rested because they're sixteen pitchers eleven of which are relievers. David. BEDNARZ had not pitched this year. Tim Hill Craig Stamina again, these guys these guys were well rested. This is the B. Team. Right the bullpen this is not it's not the a team. This is the beating right I mean I know that's fair. You say it's the C team. Well, you had the four run lead. So I think you started off you're not gonNA you're not gonNA throw your eighteen probably with the four-run lead. Now you give up run David Bednarz gives run so you could make a case come to seventh-inning. Game I feel I think Tim Hills Party team I feel like he's part of the team for situations and by the way Craig's dam heading into the game as part of your team. Is he though for me, I wouldn't put him there. I put pagon POMERANZ Yates. Above. You're going to need more than that though because in in sixty games and sixty six days those three solely pitch with leads as you win forty games salmon, your eighth-inning guide. No, he's not. Hiding, the eighth inning. Craig's damage had hold a three-run eighth inning lead against the San Francisco giants or any team in not I'm not trying to take anything away from how bad creek standard pitch because it was a horrible outing. Absolute terrible. He cost the game I know strong up the game winner to Stransky there. But still that game was lost there in the eighth inning So I'm not trying to take stemming out of this conversation. He Bitch Bad I'm just saying you know he's not your eighth-inning guy he's not part of your team. If you want your team out there you Pitch Palmer? Gone. Okay. We'll let let me ask it to you this way. Then let's say if the padres win five, six, seven games in a row, and by the way if they'd wanted they'd be five and one. So they would have won five of six and they would've had a lead in the eighth inning in all six of those games because their two losses have come in the eighth inning or later if you lied Jim every night in the eighth inning, you can't use the same guys. God can't throw every eighth-inning if you've got an eighth inning league every night. So it's a good problem to have. Yeah. But you got to have a little bit of a revolving door and this isn't like Oh man going to Craig Stamina. I hope he can pitch effectively in the spot. The guy's got one hundred and fifty plus appearances the last two years for the padres with the three E. R. Essentially a three as we know, it's an average of one every three innings. Three three runs in one inning. It's a bad adding we all agree. So this is on. It to me it's not on Taylor I mean, this is not tingler to start the inning with stem, and now could you've gone to Yates for four out save maybe that's on Tingler. Maybe not maybe AJ prowler or maybe they've been told you're not going to from multiple innings, save in July or this early in the season, and if that's the case it's on, it's not on the manager. Text on the six one nine here there when the series tomorrow and all is forgiven, but they can't have this happen again on a short season. I'm not saying they can't have it happen again it's just when you lose a game like this in this type of year, it hurts way more than a game in a one, sixty, two game season in game six, you know this is this is not just game six in one, sixty two this is a game six, sixty game season I said before the start of the season Jim you one, hundred percent correct I said before the start of the season, the difference is going to be. You know, can you finish games that you couldn't finish in two thousand and nineteen and let's be honest. The Twenty Nineteen padres were see the difference wasn't solely that I mean they finished thirty six games out of first place. But we said that with a rookie manager you you're good need to make decisions that help you win more often than you lose because it could come down to the difference between making the postseason or not or finishing first place or second place or second or third could come down to a game or two or three, but to be fair, do I think Jason Taylor has on the whole pulled the right strings this season. To get them off to afford to start all say, yes. That is that does that mean you could also be critical tonight? Yeah. You could be critical if you want to question whether Matt's damage should have faced Donovan Solano which excuse me. That's damning. Match drama get. Mixed up if you WANNA question Craig Stamp Facing, Donovan Solano with two on Tyrod at the plate. I've got no problem with it. I've questioned with you for an hour straight and I'll do it after the show ends for another hour and I'll do it all the moral and will do it tomorrow and that's what I and I'm seeing it on social media and I'm seeing it with text line and I saw earlier with the colors. That's what I like about what people feel about this team they feel like this team. Is, could have a good year and you're going to have a good year if you finish games off and they didn't do it. Sunday again by comparison a little different, it was a one run lead. You're not gonNA hold everyone run lead all year. In fact, padres four wins. They've overcome one run deficits in all four of them. But to hold a four run lead against the giants with this bullpen, it should be ninety nine out of one hundred. Let's hope tonight is the one but the thing is aren't even hundred games. Let's hope this is the one four run lead this late that they can't hold. Let's hope this is the one. This is not just all on Craig's Stamina I know we're piling on here about the decision. No I'm not blame stemming at a bad night balance but this team also had so many opportunities to score more than six runs tonight and they're. Living and dying by the long ball right now. These last couple of games you just hope that they can cash in on these. You know run scoring opportunities instead of just relying on the three homer or the two run homer, they should have scored more than six runs tonight this game should not have been even close even though that four run lead they could. They probably should have scored at least eight nine runs because of how many opportunities they have and just. How many times on the base paths with Oliveras and Totti's getting picked off their that can't happen. That's sloppy baseball and look it came back to bite them in the butt and they lost a heartbreaker. They've gone to starters right. So in the last five games sign yes. The last five games the projects have not allowed a starter to go more than four innings. The problem is they're not getting to bullpens tonight you. Let the giants off the hook when tyler, Anderson and Tyler Rogers, go the final four two third innings do not allow run the project didn't score the last five innings got to Johnny Cueto clearly, and then Sean Anderson allowed a couple of runs. But in the last five minutes of the game don't score. So you're you're you know you're leaving a team in a game and they're not really left in a game at. Six two again with the giants offense in a rebuilding year with the padres bullpen I think a six to lead against should be saved ninety nine out of one hundred times because what's really safe seven, two, liter, an eight, two lead, and if you have that seventh tonight that maybe this never happens and look tomorrow if they win the game, you win two or three against the giants, you did your job hundred percents. Road series. But the problem is you're gonNA look back if they win tomorrow and be like. Yeah, that one slip away. We could have won three in a row. They're you know and and you're going to the rockies on the weekend who are now the first place rockies or foreign one on the year and the dodgers they've won two in a row against the the Astros in Houston had a late inning home run in x ratings there so. If you're hoping that it'd be a you know between you and the dodgers this year that's not the case have have the dodgers who are going to be good. The rockies who right now earn first place I still think the diamondbacks are better than what they've shown so far they have good pitching and they have a good roster and good hitting and the giants. It just looks like the giants are going to be a strappy annoying team all year that you're like how the hell did they win asking that game we might pretend like, Hey, sixteen teams are going to the post season for the first time in baseball history. How can you not make the playoffs? Guess what this division is going to be highly competitive and the difference Between second third and fourth place I'm telling you right now is not going to be a lot and in the final week of the season, no one's going to be surprised when the separation between those teams is four games and you say we'll four games but that means that the fourth place team with a hot final week could finish second or if the second place. Team loses six of their last seven could finish fourth and that's what I think. It's GONNA come down to, and that's why you need to win games like the game that they just played. Tonight lost. If you look back at this season and you miss out on winning the nationally West or getting in as the second seed in the National League West by a game. You look back this one and go what the hell man that's baseball works probably be others if they miss out by game or two, then there's going to be other nights like this, and if they make it by game or two, they're going to finish games like the one. Body. Is GonNa be in it in September that is the craziness. That we know it's a mathematical mathematically they will be in it. No matter what every single team will be in it and September one will be eliminated. Yeah. Barring nineteen game losing sprite somewhere in their teams will come September, you mentioned the NFL west dodgers in thirteen over the Astros for to Edwin Rios a game winning pinch hit homer in the thirteenth for the dodgers the Rockies beat the as earlier today the rockies. Are Foreign one in first place in the NFL west, they did not pick up their fourth win of the season last year until the sixteenth game of the year and the Rangers beat the Bax earlier today seven, four Madison Bumgarner in the loss to connote decision when five and a third innings allowed to. Ron's Joey Gallo for the Rangers did homer in that one and a quick look at the standings were the rockies. Or foreign one, the dodgers and padres both a half game back at four into the giants, a game and a half out three three and the BAX two and four round out the two and a half games out in the division we're GONNA start scoreboard watching now with fifty four games licensed. So I think we're going to give a west scores all year long other apple up show and we'll take a quick look. At the standings I don't care about the Indian score. So yeah, good. Well, we'll do things that impact the padres tonight would impact of the padres was four home runs from the giants including that walk off winner from Mike Stransky here the totals in game two of this three game series at Oracle Park for the victorious giant seven runs on twelve hits and no errors. San Francisco left on six for the padres six runs. On nine hits to no errors the padres again left odd seven winning pitcher in relief tyler Rogers, he moved to one in one with that scoreless ninth inning. Blown save correct stamina. In this game, he allowed three runs in an inning that three run game tying home run by Donovan Solano. Then match trump takes the loss. As he falls to Oh and want our time, a game was three hours and two minutes. The next game for the padres will be tomorrow night Thursday six, forty, five padres and giants. The rubber match a three-game. Series Denilson. Matt looked so good in his debut this year Ho come in one another one point eight. The giants have not yet announced their starter. That's something that gave Catholic. They won't do until like twenty minutes before game time we'll get it hopefully by the post game we'll know who started. Tomorrow night for the giants. But again, lament opposite the giants one in one in his career again, San Francisco with a three point zero, nine era in two games. Both of those were starts. So got our next wrap up show follows tomorrow's padres giant series finale at six forty five will be on the air immediately following the final out on Xtra thirteen sixty and the iheartradio APP also A. Reminder the NBA returns tomorrow, and you can catch the Lakers and the clippers right here on xtra thirteen, sixty at six pm the restart of the NBA Thursday at six Lakers and Clippers on xtra thirteenth sixty for Jim Russell John Shaffer. Again, a final the giants walk off on the Padres a stunner and they win at seven six. This has been the wrap up show on xtra thirteenth. Sixty. You've been listening to the wrap up show listening after every padres game is John Shaffer and Jim Russell breakdown. What happened why and how can bring home a Time on the diamond on your home for Sunday night baseball extra thirteen sixty.

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