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"kyle dort" Discussed on WTOP

"Eagle bank eagle bank proud sponsor of WTO's charity of the month Is 1128 Traffic and whether on the 8th so let's go over to Ian Crawford in the WTO V traffic center Back to Virginia we go Kyle dort bound 95 getting very very sluggish and out of Fredericksburg the crash activity after fellows before the center port Parkway exit one 36 with a left lane getting by very very slowly past the crash activity and the ongoing response earlier crash 95 sound down near the DLC car rest area shouldered left and right may soon be gone We also have additional work southbound 95 after Quantico and that should be blocking a left lane Capitol beltway the outer loop works out after route 7 has your dad was single right lane that is actually not the bigger ticket item tonight The bigger tickets on the inner loop From route 50 all the way to I 66 you're going to be down to a single right landed at some point you'll be jumped over from the main travel lanes into the express lanes to get around overhead work that will be blocking all of those lanes on the inner loop of the capitol beltway follow the leader to get a round of your kneading route 7 to route one 23 You may want to plan ahead so you know which exit you're going to need to take out of the express lanes on 66 itself to work eastbound near the capitol beltway and that is blocking the ramp from the eastbound onto the interloop express lanes for fairly obvious reasons And now I get to tell you about this Eligible federal retirees don't miss your chance to enhance your FE 8 B benefits with compass rose Medicare advantage Learn more about this new opportunity encompass rose benefits dot com slash retiree Ian Crawford traffic not a storm team for and Matt riddle after several days in a row of cool weather we finally got up to more seasonable highs this afternoon The clouds are here they're going to stay with us this evening and overnight tonight as a warm front starts to approach us from.

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