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"kyle armor" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"kyle armor" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"W M v P They've got, like some cool back going on right now where All they have to do is score one Plath touchdown touchdown of any of the games and you win. $25. So the max bets 25. It's basically giving you a free $25. That's there. Yes, it Z fantastic. They do this often. This isn't like once in a blue moon special, like once a week once a week, once every couple of weeks is where there are odds boost that I profited on last week. The Bears making the postseason last week. I bet on who's did that adds, I think the odds they made that and even money play before that The Bears were favored on that to make the postseason. Well, you knew you had good a good chance when I believe it was the first series of the game that Kyla Murray went out for the Arizona Cardinals. And then some guy came in, and I was asking you guys who he was, and I'm supposed to be the football guy. It's the most nondescript quarterback battle ever and it decided the postseason still married to what they're doing in Arizona. Anybody. Anybody out there? I'd take Kyla Murray in a heartbeat. I take them two sailings. Do you know what's interesting, though? It's just like all of it. This is why the conversations like I've always said it's nuanced and you've got to be patient with it to a certain degree, like everyone was writing off Josh Allen. I didn't think Josh Allen Showed the capacity to improve in a lot of areas after two years. His completion percentage was garbage. He was a bad decision maker. I think its completion percentage when he was in college wasn't very good. You guys in the college football experts in there. Do I have that right, Chris? I like in college. Josh Allen's completion percentage was nothing to be excited about your 5% and like most quarterbacks are going to go on like the first round of the draft. They're throwing like high 60 70% completion percentage. Gosh, Ellen was like Low sixties fifties at times, probably playing in unauthentic. It's not, you know, built on completions and high completion college that's like Zach Wilson was giving you a 55. Percent completion percentage We'd all be like at that guy's not gonna get. My point is, is that like there are a lot and I'm I'm guilty as charged like I wasn't overly impressed by what I saw from Josh allies. It has big arms. Strong kid could run. Can he put it all together? Second half of this season. He's played like an M v. P, and it's him and Brian Table has Azaz helped him along. It's just like the same way you don't write off a Josh Alan. You don't get overly excited about player X until you see that guy over the course of a couple years. So like I I think I think Cuyler Murray's They're really talented player. The Cuyler Murray's gonna have to learn guys how to play from the pocket as well. It's Steve Young, the great Steve Young told us regardless of who you are. You could be d Shawn Watson. You could be Patrick Mahomes. You could be Mitch Travis Key. You could be Kyle armor. You can be whoever you are with athleticism at that position at some point, if you're really going to take your game to the next level, and be quote unquote great, and when championships You will have to function from the pocket at some point at a high level right and look at the two injuries that he severed. He had a shoulder injury against the Seahawks. And then he's had this leg injury. You know, I think a hamstring then the ankle injury in this last game, you know a lot of that's the product of running. You know what? I think? He got hurt on a scramble to do with shoulders so and and maybe I'm Like I don't know what Cliff Kingsbury is doing with him. Like, what are you doing out there? I think a very question is what is Kingsbury doing? That's what are you? What are you doing? Look at his record, Even at Texas title. He was 500 for his career. No, that's my point is, is like you can look at it like to look like crap. I think he did. Sorry. No roll tide in there. I'm sorry. Used to talk, Adam, but that was only because I was I was actually losing money on the Dolphins. One day, Their offensive coordinator just resigned. So they're gonna have a third offensive coordinator. Three years they're all right. I don't know why I got on this topic. I was just kind of saying, like, Listen, it's It's the whole conversation about quarterbacks and offenses, Boy it it can you get on that roller coaster and you ride? Yes, Ugo. I want to read you this list that I've got from Larry Mayer in a minute, But I want to take some phone calls 332. 3776 Roy and Belmont Heights. You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Roy? Hey, Wanna lay Sylvia? This was actually from my friend Christopher Blood, their biggest hater and Chicago for Chicago. Sports teams. Are you even from Chicago Black? I mean, every time I turn on my radio, you always have something negative to say about the bulls. Especially the Bulls and the Bears. Are you from the area? Are you really from Chicago? You from Illinois? Yeah. You, my friend, Are you not the biggest hater in sports talk Chicago things. I mean, why does Sylvia my wrong on that? I mean, this guy is a complete a pretty big Yes, mirror. Oh, my gosh. Every time this is inside my little radio, it's always negative. You very familiar with the northern suburbs. You know where Liberty villas Liberty zoom. It's just south of Great American. You know, we're great. America's Oh, yeah, It's awfully close to Wisconsin. If you ask me little to cause a little too, saying to Christopher blankets from here. It is not from Chicago is you smell like cheese? Hey, Roy, let me let me ask you this right morning bread on the north side of Chicago Band, Baby Montrose, and I'm saying Christmas she's was like changing your question. Yes. What do I say? That's not true. It's not a quote. You know what? Yeah, that may be true, but still over every time you can you tell me why to me. Can you say something positive, at least about the Bulls this season? Can you at least do that for me to tell us something positive with them, But not last night, Possibly about the boys and lost. I will say this, Roy. I'm not here to defend anybody other than myself. Yeah, Like last year, I couldn't stand watching the Bulls. I like. I mean, like, there's no way you could watch that team and think really good thoughts because you didn't think that the guy at the end of the bench was actually Qualified.

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