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"kyla morgue" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Every time one is on the field. I can watch it on the jumbles on the jumbles, I I've gotta watch his standard. I got to be front room because You don't know what it is that you know you're going to start something great, but you don't know how great it's going to be. His confidence level has always been like that since he since he got here since we since we picked him up. You know, so to see him to to continue to grow. To the clear that he's becoming right now is he's right. We talked about earlier. You know, he's one of those guys that have that it factor in this A pleasure. Toe B T call him our quarterback on watch him grow as well because I truly truly believe. You know, if you continued t keep that mentality and them. I said that we have Definitely definitely At some point. We'll bring a Super Bowl here. You know if he's still plan with the Cardinals, that's how confident I am. I am in him, and that's our confidence. He is in himself as well. Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson on his teammate, who he referred to his number one Kyla Murray. I'll admit I was wrong on Kindler. I did not like Cuyler coming out of school. I didn't like this size. It didn't like the question marks about his his attitude. I didn't like the idea that He was coming out of an air raid college offense that let's face it very barely faced any real defense. In the Big 12 and was drafted number one overall by the Cardinals. And maybe some of that was swayed because they did like Josh Alan and I might be in the Riel minority right now, because I don't think there's a lot of people that like him. These days. You can't find a job, basically, but For Mei. I thought that Kyla Marie had a lot of a lot of questions and Not a lot of answers, and that it was a big risk, obviously for that organization to take him and I've been wrong. Last year, he was dynamic. He was dynamic. He was exciting. Also, he was proven that you know as the season war on He was figuring it out. And maybe some of that has to dio with his head coach. Maybe some of that has to do with Cliff Kingsbury, putting him in the best situation possible. Maybe if he went to a different situation. A different organization. It would be different. But he's in a good spot right now. He's with a team and a coach that as weapons they traded for DeAndre Hopkins that's gonna help about I think for the most part, what you're seeing is the start of an ascent. By a young quarterback, and I think he's going to be good for a long time. And I like what I'm seeing here, and I think that that Cardinals team is potentially the second best team of that division. D'oh. I think potentially, the Seahawks are the best team in the division. And I think the cartels could be even better than the Rams. I like what they've got. I like what they've got on both sides of the football. Kliff Kingsbury isn't just a pretty face. He's actually bringing. I think a solid offense and acumen to their games on Sundays. He doesn't seem overwhelmed. There were times last year. Workings very seemed to make some coaching mistakes. But by and large has been pretty good. And Kyla Morgue does seem to have it factor and look at where this Cardinals team could be..

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