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"kwami brandon" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"John. One thousand the ESPN lack in Meller, wrapping it up. I misspoke earlier it is not the twentieth. Anniversary my bed. It's actually the the sixteenth anniversary of Michael Jordan's last game. He played in this state in two thousand three when he scored fifteen points for the Washington Wizards. I got the box score from me in you name. The starting five for that. Washington. Wizards squad. I know. Well, Kwami Brandon start. Did he? Yeah. He did. He played forty three minutes. Seventeen points, eight rebounds on the night. He shot six of ten the point guard. Clue. Yes, I feel like he's on the tip of my tongue. He let's see the best clue for the point guard of the wizards at the time he used to coach LeBron James, Tyrone Lue Tyronn Lue. Yes. The shooting or the small forward was a seventy six at one time a pretty good wing player. Jerry Stackhouse, Larry Hughes. Larry Hughes's the answer and the fourth member to round out the starting five with Michael Jordan. This guy was a famous college basketball athlete give it to me Christian later. There you go. I did I mentioned to Tom Brady drafted on this state as well in two thousand nineteen years ago. So he's today should be goat day. They anniversary date. Yes. For the goats of all time again. He's Chris black. I'm Jeff thanks to meet at times Nick free Dell and Jesse Rogers for up all the updates also to our guys behind the glass Felix race and Sean Davis job. Well done. Boys. Chris if the folks want to tweet at you. They can do that in swing at me. I'm at Jeff underscore, Meller, EMI L L E R, and that's gonna do it for us tonight. Chris jeff. All right. Well, oh, by the way, things went wrong for the caps. They lost seven to three. They're out swept by.

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