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A Pivot At A Time Of Crisis Saw The Birth Of Mandara Spa #868


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A Pivot At A Time Of Crisis Saw The Birth Of Mandara Spa #868

"Little known fact. It was a pivot at a time of crisis that saw the birth of our SPA tape. Welcome to day thirty of the lockdown here in Malaysia and today I want to share a positive perspective because it was actually a pivot at a time of crisis. Not Unlike what we're going through right now that saw the birth of mend our SPA. Which of course is the company that I worked for and indeed one of the true pioneers in this hotel spa industry because way back then one of the original founders had a plan to create a SPA village in the middle of Kuta in Bali now identified the land his wife and started training these girls on how to do some basic massage techniques and then the Asian financial crisis in the Mid Nineties. To be fair it was more of a global crisis but certainly the impacts will probably felt hottest in Asia and particularly Indonesia which quite frankly was a basket case at the time and so then it made no sense to continue this project but a few days later he was chatting to a might of. He's who also happen to be a pattern in a hotel up ubud in Bali which was also suffering as a result of this crisis. The hotel was basically empty. And so these guys are sitting around one day having a chat and they said well. Why don't we take the furniture out of the hotel room? Put a few mass is tables. Even get these girls that we've already tried to do some massage and see if we can make some money out of it out of that mend. Our SPA was born and in many ways. The hotel spire industry was born. Because then forget twenty. Five years ago there was no such thing as spas and hotels. This hotel SPA business that we talk about now that it's become ubiquitous really didn't exist twenty five years ago so the message there. Is that even though? Things seem dark and gloomy right now and that the business you had planned is maybe not going to work. There is potentially pivoting there for you a bit of a change of direction a bit of a tweak in your business model that could potentially not only lead you to survive but to go on and thrive for many years like our company. I mean we became. Obviously I pretty serious company in this business. We've employed thousands and thousands of people made a lot of people a lot of money overseas. All of that emerged at a time of crisis. So I stopped thinking. Now we've talked about the crisis is now the chaos comes tomorrow. You WanNa be ready to act in that Cao's period say stop thinking about now. What sort of pivot would make sense for your company? If it's needed it might not be. But if you think that all is lost now with your business then think about what pivots what tweaks you could possibly make and say with. Maybe you could become the next MANDARA SPA for the next twenty five years already. That is today. I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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Clubhouse, um app que surgiu no momento preciso do grande crescimento do udio

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Clubhouse, um app que surgiu no momento preciso do grande crescimento do udio

"An espn news. I can't tell you how to 'schools evil is by. I just watch for you on this you. At present a dodgy toria sufficient cada uncle over cheapo out you with my version has news news out of the being says Novick raise the west news. Just don't see. It does not jesus hypnotize. Open your team. They says the model sports caches he stuck is desimone them club. Housi- why pikachu. Because you know moment press you do grand critical to our okabe. Housi- hate sociology. You botch papageorgiou. Foca don't team with their kids. Lose me vinci. He stopped writing celebrity diets e east as he's cool itemises which my call the information. Our data into myself sent. You didn't put the dollar. This did they are the metric. under seeing horowitz. Get a millionaire. Swallow rather our platform kenjiro nevada. Do these you. Anybody who's who is a fundamental as up storing spot coffee houses for the inquiry ingress tourists new program. You busy you. Product liability are doors is emerges his incubate you do appeal jelly to achieve who representative group of jews. Who had from komo. Drake ashton kutcher. Yvonne ahead you. Melissa mississippi as you can prolong alameda. Abbas clubby. how's it is producer domino semi nice. Don't brenton has which must be honest. Jack is much. i think. We'll go to eater spaces club house team damage similar and she will be egypt. Dorky complex needs geico. Patchy but where he baja has us news episode. You know victories on telegraph ain't the baja. Let's see so he the csc news martinez agreed to buy state says the most of the sponge cares this info diaz you larry king interviewed hydrate stops need more villages and they see year no said she shows gecas yet visas newport cash. The turn around you are chev buenavista. Lvn to annoy scooter. What's in a way outdoor. I apollo over control do iskra evil. Might as well say this you ever watch you want to apple fitness. Plus a senior edgy. Show podcast vinca acquired intimate not wanting fashion. Musica project with castro. Now latching were mutual. Could be out by hicks Buddha's you can take. Genomes is to always assess linke. Skrela i do. I do believe loose. Classical view whose novel leave with santiago municipal blue microphone tragedy peru. Spotify i is that connectivity to come onto tuesdays kuta higuera made you product minora sway spitting blue with the says. I research project that iowa. She was passed out proper. Dodge dot amazon when they reported cash is going to say my spoke assists. Don't fisher outward immediate raines is gonna watch legal docs. You're came to you. Media made with gusto would you plus amid cases. When does not always on the jail hope. Now i in today's thing dancing. I'll cheeses paradox. vinci wound up the middle. He hinted sony podcast. Spargo's i'm portuguese. Should use sports as you leave. Your feud warp for be made. Us advertise sustainable. I think you dipoto zipper turns komo news. Komo dan york times. You'd acquired you need to those mutual participate one key gases premium finance it on that unpopularity with to merge mahela daughter halters. I say the answer veasley is is his dodgy is this petrovic stays big touchy epa. The crowd you want to parachute discreet to at the sarah suga genomics platforms you independent. I say important capacity and sucessful. Who's predatory considering. I've also palooza jisk- would you use portuguese westwood. One you've into ranch monday mia. It'll be safe items. Would you guess you grace. Ooh quarantine was by the you were. They beat them. They just off the air nova you by jewish started you block. He history choice blubbery metal hip russo. Hopeless waste that kosovan satisfied cash payments. Yukio cyber oranges insist on pull onto popat original vessels. Was that some valuable spanish scooter up in his or do blueberry woman stood you up. As enter from finale daddy. Jayasuriya sophie tsikada into the platform education right on digital idelson capacity utilization Booster give on cincinati jobs. The hostile to him does told us what organs are. So hey g. Can you go for whisker. You out hotel do incomplete do this. You got to lose sleep. His this. As you hit russo programas immortalize will never look at you. But i figured out the para hypnotise chris do public performances performance Market on asean who object epidemic contact while hypnotist version. Eileen to potty guitar. you know flukes out to. Esperanto mentally put cash but aimee obligated to brazil. Forty visas compressive voices architects. But as you put out what. Detrick reachable gustav travel. How'd you cardi some foul also gas. She watches allergy. Convinces says it all just. Did you portuguese later. You finish says similarity dodgers visit. You do not up. What you cashcall gecas lonzo virginia. She visits any pa. You've got us bill. As tatty stores equals it will just gino. Before matra cookie hairstyle tacky guar was episode sesame. Size you start out with plenty of his newest project fi. Musical evesham gases yesterday academia. The you to you to clean ocoee to north and controversy over french appropriate the platform to america. Let's continue this. Don't pillow virtually you pre made up his alabama musica who you want to kick it. Ammos be dss a total. That's what she's victory. Valenki cooper achieve ponta bear baja s. I said news. If he's raised ozone on telegraph point of baja news. Push cash cash. Keep what's the you will do. Really never pokes have wounds was deployed to combat illegal sales. Call us. I mean combat. Unita's head you see. Is he said to. Dr west georgia put into says the wounded sports caches associated As news which gase. I judge how the deployed guest not keep it to sell. Phillies sooners miserly inches. The thermometer calls leaking sees scrivener. Asc news is. There's approved the zone. Hey as obi noise. These us for mobile podcasts. Yes yes new. Teaching via by galster but.

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Viena, la ciudad de la msica  Las sandalias de Ulises 31

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Viena, la ciudad de la msica Las sandalias de Ulises 31

"Many though is to be a hey tucker custodians yesterday. S lesson values kit. Okay the show. Hoesch terrific sheikha case it it here for a copy done mundial when she got in beata. He's bill. When she can colonize riskiness he sells the lyric on those data. On this route. Musica in does remind me to win and provide ramoche. Ibn more is throw So tv anton competitors to lee roche a lien get number about somebody. Article europe at amelia. Steel get his gear me. Guess memoria linear alenia to show russ spill tacit no not missing illecit linear or this visit. Revenues salvia continue our mantra news. They've ego kick out to rest as either. But i'm universal. Failure in wounded and steer seen on qantas the leonidas. The ad is the vienna larry. Seniors researchers university theatrical been only come in the quality interested. Ian gelder not spend me into the companion. Our data may enter unless our sec- and limousine of amoeba forget area is to own a solar with clear to fag. Minto macarthur denies this defense. mundo katina owner in laughing. Laughing galactica is essays like a portfolio of industrial tiven. Lock up on the komo. Sheikha eastern kuta sinaga zealous beaten. Sky is the media. Lanyo ashville ilya older. They knew me in third mondo the initials posters in vienna and fidel austria. Yielders no enterprise in this casino. Meet the poor television going your third largest affiliate monica vienna in la mirada. They'll music bearing gouda cape west coast. Komo soup lanyon museum for someone to talk to the danube river. No as he by second. Brel pentecost or go. I can continue sta as komo owner like dollars. Television is the potatoes eastern analyst sale. Our cassia the beningo. They stay academia seaney while he commodious seats you bahrain. Steve faber foot accomplishes that are lunde. Would employ rigo illinois classical yet less severe philharmonic arena cheated. Mona recorded kissed. Them will turn you know. Get him us for shailer nor the let's macos because they'll know that are former. There's are polka martyrs familiar complete. Oh i must have because competitive point in musica l. premiolino tobacco circus of whether we'll use your turn your normal your community how championship where the econom- star largest letterman carry. The vienna inn. Monica be enough. And i must corn mashed fee meet better owners commodity stevo. It's going to theater narrative relish Politician broom tweet. Now it's when i'm not mica in lucky sealers. Three other luth leffler. Monica vienna lammouchi got. I just got to be niche. Vickland others but manila polo. Its allies belania like a retailer. Three clinical centers pal. Catania will either if they're new solar in particular short tail hidden nedal east-central neutral tail. Ona sentras proper owners to another steel. I know in noida graphic moist chemicals. Eternity russian i e accessory trust but not my mustang deprecate dialogue with orders cowardliness. Yet do to the masika is who is maurice khruschev. We gotta finish when can and andros back on the move. One knee real are more women breath you awhile. Mathematician moscow theaters gratuitous now michika. No dna breath you of get them loading in vienna vienna for them. Being left van buren nurse massacre. This competitors more thorough although this would west arena is thousand a year yosef hind vetoing. Include game you totally survey competitors cave anywhere near the ticket the yeah you this riera bertha this whose careers issues my sexy one actually invested cuando beethoven to quantum author we healer and wound. The monorail minted. I'm boston music or k terrific condo. Most shoe shoe prefer short. Better not get momento lombardo. Graham and to equal unions must have more mortal. It'll look as he gets the thought. Skg kind optional. Maestro tobin e. s. t. muskie no take relevant anymore forecast area bagel born on a American dna posts hillicon procedural miranda touristy impose presenting lowering corners. There are few that can be honest with tobin. His kind schubert blames is throws immature. Musk michigan competitors delays. Today we will let you off to the in russia. Pain pasadena young for. Yeah you now. Blackout cordola musica. Nina musica indianapolis was district. Competitors is a terrorist is. But i'm being under less clear on this on. Kate are common interests chicago com. The we forty and under medicine ellison luckily a more acute way tobin is presented with dublin. Jackie simone mothers in dhaka's amke alabama's says he will be aleinu. She the phone system within our hope. It for synthesis but on qualies a sorts of course more though k the most solicit conserve our and as a sunday the curriculum. Nesta's cassettes for jaffe la musica porky. Lettuce stanfield can allow real. This competitor is seeking we present their senior ambient concertos lunar cpa finish indirectly rush on our winters on its own brecca. Regression sharia in activators amazon. Tra la scala's golic component to prevent mugica. Which is you must pantai us. But a component but a whole lot of part of the hostage about amazon thaddeus increases did he largest monica vienna. Coma your own minorities in that healers. We've complicated movie correspondent the format levitsky winter sunday. Don't we move on nick. Kyrgios alarm utica. There's the oughta perspective interactive Okay me and the dealers yesterday which is plenty of you. Ll ashworth go. Rhino parish do aloe harumi beethoven autumn van de delta wish potential. Poor kid this list. Let's now here's the florida markelle. Estar on may one wonders the us. The bear louis park land people da island wrapping people that and there is typically new league eastern just in three ot tra la familiar with open for any real competitor lemon. Bbdo in time in those. They sent me the kisla mental perky. They ricky anelka up in atlanta airport in lab but also seeing independent under your peres utah As a we study co borka when we study co for key. I just don't rush me. Cleto she ended up with dr nba. Now portugal's to know better better known al qaeda sinoe will nonetheless operate us. Mass important mondo. It should move our leslie. That community in la la vienna dystopia issue nathan impatient with your show but i'm asking pessimist. Cuppa speedo concern umbrella testing recipe. Indian tastes lay contemplating billy salaries rafael moosh albertina proverb. Or wherever my whore. This police. thorough the overdose meisters clean kandinsky gals hope survivors the geena ladies planters lamberhurst reports delivery feature. There's a lotta us more benita. Baiter not the pushing via dilemma to is the thrill lepetit which they must birthdays. Incubators delone already ballast. Nato impotent than the important thirty fair. nobody don't complete machinery this whereas in says with us there s k openness. That's not the army lopate. Avena echo more none of donorschoose shop almost as the city. S cuisine pasadena gable e demonstrable vienna. Get those numbers theaters over much. Importance mondo in ratnapura The theories commended for the elif. Theo original university law near math and econ wichita's patel three aca should represent them on the l. Solo soviet on atop pol legrand is kelly inada yield steve case on me one for costa spiro as understood magnetic acoustic you fien mobile and tell tell on november. The miller interesting when they can go for markelov. Pedophilia the veteran a sip with a bit movin- alaska soon as theaters in look less now. Prakash abune eskimo poor illicitly into a new orleans. We'll ask less calamander yellow still friscos illinois under see activity. Petito much better. She didn't know more and more no not the hope it s you know. Get the nfl's eilly. Carlos salinas valley status must that lopez up veena. Komo enough fe alcs chopin. Is you only allow. This three is going to a the allow prepping tepola coastal premera. Sure in our lab. Walter for finance you vander orbiters. You bet it does well listen. She kelly's our ck. Ibodzoda gustav eat thirty per reputation. That the is she could not pull represent athena's namus cade alabi in concert house is desolate on here for rather practical made a meal with industry yet. Less krista symphonic historic eleven. Sean foreign concert house quinton actually dot com mushroom you'll tanya horticulture graphics fella kayla salma spectacular is came a steady come into the corrado conrad than this columnist betas controversial frigate musica contemporaneously interest dealers. Ambien upper musica. Nasa is yes michigan boy. The is good is in adama's those who sell us in douglas who stay outdoors opeta salaries the convert confidence in galilee. Keenness is warning though. Condo and kalomo montoya. Liepa leno to for the amish on the airport keeler rescued is gina cisco tele on this because this is kutaisi. E mitchell billard the punta villa mafia one is california polish day standards parties in being a bit scary mass. The whether bill in lives more shelves national representa- millionaires. Yes get in a museum. Vienna elementary hula stella in the eastern end shante wash Sarabia juanita bishop solo poorly matters winters. And this but simplemente. Pto case both usual columnist. They matter mall e their interest komo nubia timbale via the inter- zero madura at the intercept. Former no you move on going to go after particularly after only needs tremendous when she d would us via lead us competitive anywhere near less bouillon israel and taylor's laced polo sierras delicate. Clever in those days yamazawa considerer on piano. If fio- to looney goran munoz was fifty on venus in coronavirus. It you get the more trust. Pf of am. I still the import mechanical On prairie instrumental. Can she does have yet. Stephen makina must the deka. Those two mentors amazon in modern malaysia to coupon the auto april resume. Show you be. That's the back and they'll let us get. Ill the matures commanders. Who have been one of the racer using the or splash and won't put of intro yelverton the nudity heavier. Nope with komo chicago. Pasta noted rather easily healed house. Indictment of the vienna article uber. Also the mattino in this city. Metros eve police brutality fifty lithium she did host plus is komo respiratory if you know the aca soleil daily with it either. A grand i barrack. Obama chooses ican dieke gandhi yes. Senator moth have been all control recuperate. So in and leaders you in an original foolish. Either i in. It'll go komo news to us. By less breath political leaders can meet my tummy. And i stay into columbus. He does the alaska. Quilon professors lemberg anya. Celebrity updated linden by. This isn't a you in gimme. Martini landau for illinois is to let your throughout nobody. Every semester hour wind up appeal gina unit. For your komo news palo and mobile cuando chanel in the malta. I c k as espn. Ah lack of italian. America that giddy taliban I could tell me claris trims useless and elliot's releases person contract is talk. Calm i those mr queloz and raciest than facebook common twitter communist item turkish podcast hitter competitors and dallas. Podcast kamara us. He lives mega knows. They must have perama.

vienna monica vienna Hoesch sheikha lee roche Ian gelder Minto macarthur katina owner Sheikha eastern kuta sinaga ilya older fidel austria gouda cape west coast lanyon museum the danube river Brel pentecost academia seaney Steve faber lunde shailer polka martyrs
Vimalikirti Sutra 2020  - Talk 6 - Jeff Bickner

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Vimalikirti Sutra 2020 - Talk 6 - Jeff Bickner

"Good evening welcome. This evening we will be continuing to stay. Vehmola Kirti Sutra chapter ten. The Buddha accumulated fragrances. Albie using the version translated by Robert Thurman from Tibetan Robert Thurman has served His Holiness. The Dalai Lama as a translator from time to time and he's also taught at Columbia. This sutra came to China around the same time as the Diamond Sutra and was first translated by Kumara Jeeva. Kamara Jeeva came from India and worked at the Emperor's Palace during a great many translations for the rest of his life so this is way different from most of the things I've lectured on. I really didn't know where to begin. I turned Joan. Sutherland's book a commentary on the Suture. That mother Kirti speaks available from the Pacific Zen Institute John Terence Group in Santa Rosa. You can go to the website for the Civic Institute in order. The book also available from Amazon in her preface. She says the Female Kirti. Myth is about developing a peaceful generous heart in a world of sorrows about how the awakening of each of us is an inextricable part of the awakening of the world. In many ways there really isn't an intellectual handle here so one has to just immerse oneself in it. Besides I don't think anyone wants to have an intellectual understanding of something like this Sutra. I don't want to quote understand Buddhism. I'd rather feel in my bones. Experience it through the practice of Zossen and everything I experienced my everyday life. I was lying down reading the Soochow. China suspend disbelief. What I looked up through my window and watch the clouds. Merging drifting apart cumulus accumulating and. I thought why not who knows looking beyond the clouds to the vast limitless blue sky. I was impressed by how little I actually know and validity. Do My assumptions actually have whenever I think of suspension of disbelief? I remember a visit to friends in. Houston this couple was really into movies so much so that they were considering opening an art cinema. Now I don't know how many of you saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but some movie. I really liked beautifully. Filmed lots of fantastic martial arts scenes where the actors run up walls simply flying through the air and chasing each other over the tops of tall bamboo forest as if they could balance on a genie branch at the top. So you really have to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the film. My friends simply could not do it. They walked out at that point. I was stunned at their inability to appreciate the magic. I chuck chalked it up to all things. I don't understand about Texans. Not that they're all like but you know what I mean and not that I could put it into words so let us suspend disbelief and joy. This chapter of the Vima Liquor at the feast brought by emanated incarnation. Now when I start to talk when I start to read from the Su- I'm GonNa ring a little bell. So you'll know what I'm reading the suture as opposed to what I'm lecturing or commenting between paragraphs and chapters. So every time I go return to that to the sitter. I'll try to let you know. So chapter ten. Feast brought by emanated incarnation. Thereupon the Venerable Shari Putra thought to himself if these great boats office do not adjourn before noontime. When are they going to eat? Nunes to last meal you eat. Till the next morning Chubby Vehmola Kurci knowing telepathically the thought of the venerable. Shari Putra spoke to him. Reverend Shari Putra that the targeted has taught the eight liberations USA. Concentrate on those liberations listening to the demo with a mind free of preoccupations with material things. Just wait a minute. Reverend Shari Poacher. And you eat such food as you have never before tasted okay to lecture as Norman has pointed out. Poor Shari Putra is the doofus of the Sutra. The from my money he is the one we can all relate to asking down to earth questions and thus the trip begins with him. He's merely referred to as venerable rather than all superlatives that are heaped upon the other players here Chevy V. Mala Kirti knowing telepathically the thought of the venerable. Shari Putra spoke to Him Reverend Shari Putra. That Ataka has taught the eight liberations USA. Concentrate on those liberations listening to the Dharma with a mind. Read that part. Then the Chevy set himself in such a concentration and performed such miraculously feat that those fees and those great disciples were enabled to see the universe called Saga Gonda Sugandha which is located in the direction of the zenith directly. Above your head beyond this many butterfield's as there are sands in the forty two Ganges River. There that's Taga names have gone. Dacuda who resides lives and is manifest in that universe the trees emit a fragrance that far surpasses all the fragrances. Human and divine of all the Buddha fields of the ten directions in that universe even the names disciple and solitary sage do not exist and Taga. Uganda Kuta Teaches Dharma to a gathering of only in that universe. All the houses the avenues the parks and the palaces are made of various perfumes and the fragrance of the food eaten by those Budi Savas pervades immeasurable universes at this time. That's the targets. Uganda cooter sat down with his body. Softens TO TAKE US meal and deities called Gun Dav Hara devoted to the Mahayana served in attended upon the Buddha and his office everyone gathering at the House of the Kurti was able to see distinctly this universe wherein the takase Uganda to Kuta and his body sought. We're taking their meal. Okay back to luxury here. The Chevy refers to an Indian state in cut Monday valley in Modern Day Nepal. The eightfold liberations are the eightfold path. Female Kirke gives good advice to all of us. Direct your mind to be free of preoccupations with material things. He offers a promise of reward next. I believe the courteous advice. Here's the crux of this chapter. Listen to the diamond with a mind. Free preoccupations with material things like in previous chapters via liberty is always giving sage advice except this time he is telling. Pootie that will be worth it. Chevy V. Ma Kirke addressed the whole gathering body sought fas. Could Sirs. Is there any among you who would like to go that Butterfield? Bring back some food but restrained by the SUPERNATURAL POWER OF MON- juicery volunteered to go the travail. The Kirk said Crown. Prince juicery Mancha Shree. Are you not ashamed of such a gathering Mon- juicery replied noble? Sir did not that. The targeted declared those who are unlearn. Should not be despised so going. Back to commentary here. So apparently there's a heavenly realm where ordinary beings do not exist and the talkative Uganda. Kuta only preaches to Budi sought fas all streets houses. Etcetera are all made of fragrances. Nothing is reapplied or made of substance. It's an interesting how a fragrance can manifest. Something out of our past. Olfactory sets have that ability. I remember eating Uni at a Sushi restaurant and the fragrance of the only took me to my grandmother's old house which was built before. Refrigerators the odor placed me right in front of her icebox and I opened it. And that's that's the kind of thing where you buy a block of ice from the ice vendor to keep things cold. It was exactly the same smell as her icebox these fragrances of the food eaten by these Bodey sophist pervades immeasurable universes the same way. That only pervaded a university me. Sixty five years ago then. The coffee VEHMOLA courtesy without rising from his couch magically emanated an incarnation body. Safa whose body was of golden color adorned with the auspicious signs and marks and of such an appearance that he outshone the whole Assembly. That Child Kirti addressed that incarnated body. Sipho noble son go in the direction of the Zenith. And when you have crossed as many Buddha feels as there are sans in the forty two gun she's rivers you will reach a universe called Servanda Gunda sugandha where you will find to Gogga Shotgun Dacuda. Taking his meal go to him and having bowed down at his feet make the following request of him though the Chevy V. Mullah Kirti bows down one hundred thousand times at your feet. Oh Lord and asks after your health if you have little trouble little discomfort little unrest if you are strong well without complaint and living in touch with Supreme Happiness having this asked after his you should request of him the the Lord? Give me the remains of your meal with which he will accomplish. The Buddha work in the universe called saw thus those living beings with inferior aspirations will be inspired with lofty aspirations. And the good name of the targeted will be celebrated far and wide at that. The incarnation Said very good to the Chaffee View. Mullah Kurti and obeyed his instructions. Inside of all the Buddhists Office. He turned his face upward and was gone and they saw him no more when he reached the universe survived. Dick sorry serve gun deaths. Uganda he bowed down at the feet of the Ciganda Kuta and said Lord the Boaty sought-for Vehmola courtesy bowing down at the fees or reach too large saying. Do you have little trouble? Little discomfort and little unrest. Are you strong well without complaint and living in touch with the supreme happiness? He didn't request having bowed down. One Hundred Thousand Times at the feet is Lord may the Lord. Be Gracious and give to me the remains of his meal in order to accomplish the Buddha work in the universe called saw then those living beings who aspired to inferior ways may gain the intelligence to aspire to the Great Dharma of the Buddha and the name of the Buddha will be celebrated far and wide at that. The body suffers of the Buddha field of his targets. Ciganda Kuta were astonished and asked to target a Sugandha Kuta lower. Where's there such a great being this whereas the UNIVER SAJA? What does he mean by those? Who Aspire to inferior ways? Well having having been questioned by those bodies Sophos that the talkative Sugandha Kutu said noble sons. The Universe Saja exists beyond as many butterfields in the direction of the nature. That's below our feet as there are sands in the forty two Ganges rivers there that Kaguta shock you. Mooney teaches the Dharma to living beings who aspire to the inferior ways in that field tainted with five corruptions there. The vote is sought via the Kirti. Who Lives in the inconceivable? Liberation teaches the Dharma. He sends his incarnation body sought for here in order to celebrate my name in order to show the advantages of this universe and in order to increase the roots of virtue of those body surface. The body sought US explained. How rate less that buddy suffer. Be himself if this magical. Incarnation is endowed with supernatural power strength and fearlessness said. The greatness of that booty sought fire is such that he sends his magical incarnations to all the Buddha fields of the ten directions and all these incarnations accomplish the Buddha work for all the living beings. Those butterfield's then that targets. Uganda cooter port. Some of his food impregnated with all perfumes into a fragrant vessel and gave it to the incarnation bodies and the ninety million voters suffers of that universe volunteered to go along with him. Lord we also like to go to that Universe Soha to see honor and serve the Buddhist shock you money and see via Mala Kirti. Those bodies sought versus. Does it talk to declared noble sons. Go ahead if you think it is the right time. But less those living beings become mad. An intoxicated toxic hated. Go without your perfumes back to my commentary. That bowl of rice is made of mercy. According to Joan Sutherland. Perhaps no one wanted to go from the Sahel world. Then the body suffers because my juicery the bodus up for wisdom knew that even though there are a lot of body sophists there there are still in the Sahel world and Saha World here and suburb. Gonda CIGANDA IS NO SAHA world. Perhaps there would be difficulties or perhaps one wouldn't return having misplaced the Ruby slippers. Perhaps female the Kirti is the only one who could manifest this heavenly realm mon- judiciary knowingly brings US intervention because it will give the Mullahs Kirti an opportunity to teach on to reveal his power. We see the courteous also said descend magical incarnations to Buddha fields in the ten directions when I started to write this talk. My wife Jamie cautioned me not to scoff at the notion of magical beings are other budo realms as many Tibetans even today totally acknowledged that vast realms exists as do magical beings such as this who have not died but float around invisibly and do good works and influence affairs for the good in this saw world since she has gone through. Lama training for many years with Lama. Paldon Allama Droop Shoe. I took her advice to heart. Probably because some invisible sought a nudge to me so what happens. When we suspend disbelief we allow ourselves to believe or we exist somewhere between belief and disbelief domestically speaking existing in the middle of a paradox or reconciliation of dichotomies. Perhaps just not holding to anything but rather listening alertly just taking it in for some of us. It's difficult to let go. I know philosophically. I used to be of the Missouri School. The show me state of mind now. Not so much. I'm able to entertain. All kinds of ideas manifestations impossibilities still limited. Though Dar's can have a sense of smell that is maybe seven hundred times better than me and that I find staggering even so if we could develop our census further they would all still be empty so we go back to listening with mine-free preoccupations with material things and less. Those living beings of the saw world becomes jealous of change. Your body's hide your beauty and do not conceive ideas of contempt in a version for that universe. Why Noble Sons Abboud field is a field of fewer space but the Lord Buddhists in order to develop living beings? Do not reveal all at once the pure from the Buddha. Then the incarnation bodies software took the Food and departed with a ninety million buddy Sokha's and by the power of the Buddhists and the supernatural operation of the Malachy disappeared from that universe serve Gunda Sugandha and stood again in the House of courtesy in a fraction of a second here. We see the wisdom of juicy because sugandha could warns. Smutty sophist to go without perfumes because it would drive the beings and saw world mad and intoxicate them. Ninety million voters sought this. We certainly need them now again. We hear that Buddha does not reveal all once the pure realm of the Buddha this is reminiscent of the Sutra where all is not revealed at once but his doled out piecemeal it would be too overwhelming for beings in the saw realm Rita so the Chubby Vehmola Kirke created ninety. Million Lions runs exactly like those there and the body. Surface were seated so back to commentary ninety million voters. Subtleties well here again. We are witnessing Curtis great-power when he manifests. All those line thrones all in democrates room here. We are reminded that Vehmola courtesy has all the powers of the Buddha. He's a layman living. Ill and his house can we? All aspire to be a buddha even as lay people touching back on my statements about suspending disbelief practicing narrowly only in the realm of belief may lead one to grow tired around with limits winning to wider realms opened into wider realms beyond mundane experience. We can unlock our doors of perception and open. Our imagination asked the question. What if it's a really great question when I asked myself? What if the world opens to me? One time. I asked that when thinking about climate change I threw myself into environmental. Studies graduated from the master class of the environmental form of marine and created a climate exhibit enough to fill a donated gallery at the Palestine Arts. It's opening again March first at the studio and Gallery at Maroon. Tv Station C. M. C. M. Eight nine thousand. Nine Hundred Street and center felt flyers are at the back bench. I love the question. What if it's the door to epiphanies back to Incarnation Buddha? Now the incarnation boot gives the vessel food VEHMOLA Kurti. Then the incarnation body. Safa gave the vessel full of Food To Vima courtesy and the fragrance. That food permeated the entire city of Vice. Sally and it's sweet perfume spread throughout one hundred universes within the city of by Sally the Brahmins householders and even at a Chevy Chieftain Chandra Chandra. Having noticed this fragrance were amazed and filled with one. They were so cleansed in body and mind that they came at once to the house of Email. Kirti along with all eighty. Four thousand of the Chevy's seeing there. The body surface seated on a high wide and beautiful lion thrones. They're filled with admiration and great joy. They all bowed down to those great disciples and both of us and then sat down to one side and the gods of the earth. The gods are the desire world and the Gods of the material world attracted by the perfume also came to the House of Imola courtesy. Then the Chubby Vehmola Kirti spoke to the other Shari Putra and the Greek disciples reverends eat. Other food is at the target. It is Ambrosia perfumed by the great compassion but do not fix your minds in narrow minded attitudes lest you be unable to receive this gift so back to a little commentary so the courtesy is told the assembly to open their minds so they can receive the food. He's asking them to suspend disbelief. Unfortunately it was too late for some. Some of the cycles already had the thought. How can such a huge multitude each sets a small amount of food? Then the incarnation body. Safa set to those disciples do not compare venerable ones your own wisdom and merits wisdom and merits of the Taga. Why for example? The four great ocean might dry up but this food would never be exhausted if all living beings were to eat for an e. On the amount of this food equal amounts sumer ruined size it would not be depleted. Why issued from the inexhaustible morality concentration and wisdom the remains of the food is that targeted contained in. This vessel cannot be exhausted. The back to commentary the incarnation buddy sought leads them away from the duality of comparison. The food itself is wisdom. It comes from endless morality concentration wisdom. This wisdom cannot be exhausted. Perhaps wisdom be gets more wisdom indeed. The entire gathering was set aside by that food and the food was not at all depleted. Having eaten that food there arose in the bodies of those body sought his disciples. Soccer AS Roma's look Apollo's and other living beings bliss just like the bliss is of the Universe Service Sugandha. Well that universe and from that all the parts of their skin rosa perfume like that of the trees that grow in the Universe Survey Gonda Ciganda then the Chevy V. Malla courtesy actually go back to our commentary so I'm putting down my pin at this point and eating a sandwich. I'm trying to smell the Ri- The ham and the mustard yes. I'm not a blissful state by enjoyed my sandwich more than usual okay now. The assembly is transported by the sense of smell into a state of bliss. Perfume has permeated their bodies. So much for Suge Sugandha. Kudos advice does bony sophist to go without their perfumes. So as not to madden or intoxicate. The assembly at the Curtis Home Well they seem to be handling it then. The Choppy Vima Albuquerque knowingly address. Those police officers who had come from the Buddha field of the Lord to Talkative Sugandha Kuta. Noble sirs how does the Talkative Sugandha Kuta Teaches Dharma? Okay back to come Terry. Nothing is known to Ramallah Kirti. He already knows how CIGANDA teaches his Dharma. I know it's historical rather than the Dharma back to They replied to targeted does not teach Dharma by means of sound and language. He disciplines the office only by means of perfumes at the foot of each perfume tree. That's bodey software and the trees perfumes like this one from the moment they smell that perfume. The body suffers again attained. The concentration called source source of body sought virtues. From the moment they attain that concentration. All the bodies suffer virtues are produced in them back the commentary Jerry. Wouldn't it be great if we all got enlightened by snowing the Special Incense I myself? Don't use incense because of my come compromised lungs. But I love entering a Zenda. That has long used a familiar. Incense a sense of wellbeing comes over me taking me back through nearly fifty years of practice. I know that I'm in a special place. Where thousands of practice hours have expired and not expired sugandha. Kutai teaches only by perfumes. Buddha University of Sargodha sugandha first comes concentration attained by smelling the perfume of the tree. The concentration is what enables them to attain all the body sought virtues. They can't be forgetful. Like where did I leave my keys? Longer I searched my absent mindedness the less virtuous I become annoyed frustrating or frustrated and losing my patients not virtuous activity although Vehmola Curcio may make the case for all activity being virtuous luckily for the body Sophists Sirvan Gunda Sugandha. It is handed down to them as they sit under their perfume trees. Now it's their turn to question mother. Kirti as to the teachings of shocked Mooney indeed the entire gathering says. I'd buy that food and the food was not at all depleted having eaten the food. I think I did read that part. Yes so we're going to pick up in the suture where was asked where how the Ciganda Kuta Teaches Dharma that we did that. So those bodies office ESA Chevy V. Mother Kirti how does the Buddhist shock you Mooney teach the Dharma Vehmola Kirti replied good? Sirs these living beings here are hard to discipline. Therefore he teaches them with discourses appropriate for the disciplining of the wild and uncivilized. How does he discipline the world of the wild and uncivilized discourses are appropriate? Here they are. This is hell. This is the animal world. This is the world of the Lord of Death. These are the adversities. These are the rebirths with crippled faculties. These are physical misdeeds and these are retribution physical misdeeds these verbal misdeeds and these other retribution for verbal misdeeds. These are mental misdeeds and these are the retribution for mental misdeeds. This is killing. This is stealing. This is sexual misconduct. This is lying. This is back biting. This is harsh beach frivolous speech. This is covetousness. This is malice. This is false view. These are their retribution. 's This miserliness and this is the effect this immorality this is hatred the sloth this is the fruit of sloth. This is false wisdom and this is a false wisdom. These are the transgressions of the precepts. This is the bow of personal liberation. You should be done and that should not be done. This should be done in. That should not be done. This is proper and that is abandoned. Or what should be abandoned? This is an OPS curation and that is with that is without obscure ration- This is sin that rises above sin. This is the path that was the wrong path. This is virtual virtue and that is evil. This is blameworthy. And that is blameless. This is defiled. And that immaculate this is mundane and that is transcendental this is compounded and that is uncovered pounded this passion and this is purification. This is life and that is liberation. This by means of these vary explanations of the Dharma. The Buddha trains the minds of those living beings who are just like wild horses just as wild horses are wild. Elephants will not be tamed unless the Goad Pierce them to them Merrill so living beings who are wild and hard to civilize are disciplined only by means of discourses about all kinds of miseries like now to read just a bit. I'm going to go back to commentary from Suzuki Rosie about the marrow of Zen and goading a horse so from Suzuki Roshii the Merrill of Zinn. This is a familiar story to most of us. But so I'm only going to read a couple of paragraphs in ZAS posture. Your mind and body have great power to accept things as they are whether agreeable or disagreeable in our scriptures some you got Gama Sicher is good. It is said that there are four kinds of horses. Excellent ones good ones poor ones and bad ones. The best horses run slow and fast right and left. The drivers will before it sees the shadow of the whip. The second best will run as well as the first one does just before the whip reaches its skin. The third one will run when it feels pain on its body. The fourth will run after the pain penetrates to the marrow of its bones you can imagine how difficult it is for the fourth one to learn how to run when we hear this story. Almost all of us want to be the best horse if it is impossible to be the best one we wanted to be the second best this is. I think the usual understanding of the story. And then you may think that when you sit in you'll find out whether you're one of the best horses are one of the worst ones here however there is a misunderstanding of Zen. If you think the aim of zen practice is to train you to become one of the best horses you will have a big problem. This is not the right understanding if you practice Zen in the right way it does not matter whether you are the best horse or the worst one when you consider the mercy of Buddha. How do you think Buddha will feel about the four kinds of horses? He will have more sympathy for the worst one than for the best one. So this is a little different take. Those female Kirti talks disciplined those in the saw world. Here am I disciplining I take it? He means training. The mother Kirke goes on to point out how great the compassion benefits that the buddy suffers in this world accomplish which could not be attained by the Vonda Gunda CIGANDA realm. Because here we have to engage in virtuous practices. These are one and these are listed in the to win the poor by generosity to win. I believe he means leading the poor to a better place to of you of compassion. Second to win the moral morality again. I struggled with the word win. But the show the immoral morality voters suffers are illustrating an alternative way to real joy to win the hateful by means of tolerance. The other night I begin watching a movie called the insult. The insult issued by Palestinian man living in Lebanon and it was issued to a Lebanese man. Lebanese man was terrible. Guy Who under the repairs the Palestinian had made to his gutter system. The Palestinian men worked for Civil Service Group there that would go around the streets and repair gutter systems and things that need fixing the Lebanese men hated all Palestinians completely intolerant. It was the Palestinian who called him a prick. The Lebanese fellow then complaints to the public works director. The boss of the Palestinian demanding an apology. The boss was very reasonable man who tried to reason with the Palestinian to offer an apology to right. All wrongs things instead escalated escalated escalated between the Palestinian and Lebanese men. And we turn the movie off tired of all the nonsense now. That's not suspending disbelief. Actually maybe maybe even probably had. I watched it through the mother courteous. Advice would have won out. I can only hope so because it's how I hope my practice is seen at the beginning of any priests meeting. We chant three long chance in which we were exhorted to view our enemies as teachers and to meet them with great compassion so on fourth to win the lazy by means of effort. Well I guess I can relate to this although I have my doubts. There's an aspect of my business that we recognize it as necessary. But it's one which we all dislike. My business is running out portable dance floors for weddings and corporate events and cleaning white dance. Floors is a real pain. They're heavy and difficult to clean. I knew that it was important to participate in doing this. Along with the crew. To keep up morale I also used to go to most jobs with the crew partly to participate and oversee large installations but also the schmooze clients and venue management. Now at my age I'm not really expected to do cleaning work. It's heavy work after thirty two years. My back is still in good shape and I want to keep it that way. I'm big jobs will go along to oversee and take the cruder lunch. Still Simple statement to win lazy by means effort just doesn't ring true to me Because it seems to speak to a non involved relationship I mean. I suspect the showing hard work ethic too. Lazy person might make a lazy person runaway. Unless you're both working together so perhaps it's contextual fifth to win the mentally troubled by means of concentration also not my experience it depends on the type of mental illness spoken here. My aunt my friend and Laura in the back there says dozen is really great for people on the autistic spectrum from my stepson. Who's schizophrenic is impossible to sit Sawsan concentrate. He's been a good teacher to mean that he's taught me to have no expectations zero Zilch Nada so via mail courteous advice about concentration is great in terms of Zosson but any expectations when might have about concentration being if merit to anyone who struggled mentally well as perhaps it's meant for folks who are mentally troubled in the sense of being down grieving or something along those lines someone who is tense over loss their job their finances. Their collective finite lives our collective death. Yes then I can see. Concentrated State can be of great benefit. But what do I know six to win the falsely wise by means of true wisdom? Wow this is how I got into Buddhism. Not that I cared about the part of the falsely wise but my own realization. That being clever was not to be mistaken for wisdom. I knew I wouldn't be homeless on a strict by mental illness. But I was young and making a mess of things. Wisdom was what I needed in large doses. Here wants to dispel false wisdom by means of true wisdom. True wisdom has such great power. What exactly is true wisdom Joan Sutherland? Posits that the throughout this situ we are traipsing through a lot of paradoxes. A lot of dual ISM and she says that here where we have a versus B. We must not choose. A or B but rather find see that unexpected thing that can embrace a. n. b. and create something new from them seventh to show those suffering from the eight adversities how to rise above them. I do not really know what the diversities are but I did find eight master. They basically have to do with forms. Contemplacion's like focusing on an ugly object for those of lustful nature a beautiful one for those inclined to reject things etcetera. These exercises are to help those attached to form for our purposes. The eight adversities are whatever we perceived to be an impediment to our practice and there could be eight thousand. How do we rise above adversity by totally accepting them and engaging with them directly eight to teach them to those of narrow? Minds what conundrum. How do I teach climate change to a denier? Where do I find that? See that Joan talks about. Perhaps I am hoping that the overwhelming majority acting on climate change will wear down that or have them ask the question. Finally what if I continued to educate advocate and learn? This is so good for our practice. Because we need to create great patients and sharpen our ability to truly listen by suspending our own. Agendas when we listen ninth to Windows who have not produced the roots of virtue by means of the roots of virtue they just being virtuous ourselves we may inspire others to be virtuous. I'M NOT ACTING VIRTUOUS. How can expect those around me to act virtuously? I try to treat. People will and I find that people do respond in kind ten finally V. Mellow Kirke would have us develop others through means of unification. This sure seems timely to me if feels like we are the most divided we've been since the Vietnam War and it's only getting worse. When trump got elected I doubt not to tear my hair out but to become climate activist to do positive work. I go before the transportation. Thirty of Marin. Tam Advocating for more school buses electric bus at that. Let them know where to get them and when they're on sale. I go before the Tama Pious Union. High School district advocating for drake high to put up solar panels over the parking lot. I worked with four teachers at Drake. Who Teach Environmental Science to their pupils. Giving them source materials and encourage loading them up with new information as I find it in my unifying people. I hold out hope. So back to the Sutra the Bodey sophist said thus is established the greatness of Buddha shock you Mooney. It is always was my place here. This is it established the greatness of Buddha shock you Mooney. It is marvelous. How CONCEALING HIS MARACAS power? He's civilized the wild living being so important inferior buddy savage who has settled Buddha field of such intense hardships. Busted inconceivably great compassion. The Navy Mellow Kirti declared so be it good serves it is as you say. The great compassion of the body sought vis who reincarnate here is extremely firm in a single lifetime. In this universe they accomplish much benefit for living beings so much benefit for living beings could not be accomplished in the universe survey Gonda Sugandha even in one hundred thousand eons y good sirs and this saw universe there are ten virtuous practices which do not exist in any other Buddha field. What are these ten? I read that to you. Didn't I well? Those who engage in these ten virtuous practices do not exist in any other Buddha field again. The body sophist. How many qualities must have voted for half because safe and sound to appear Buddha field after he transferred migrates at death away from the Sauna Universe? Female Liquor Tea replied after he migrates at death away from the saw universe abode. I have eight qualities to reach a pure Buddha field safe and sound whether the eight he must resolve to himself one. I must benefit all living beings without seeking even the slightest benefit for myself. I must bear all the miseries of all living beings and give all my accumulated roots virtue to all living beings. I must have no resentment toward any living being. I must rejoice in all body. Safas as if they were the teacher. I must not neglect any teaching. Whether or not I've heard them before six. I must control my mind without coveting the gains of others and without taking pride and gains of my own. I could use more of that seven. I must examine my own faults and not blame others for their faults eight. I must take pleasure in being consciously aware. Ms Truly undertake all virtues. If that has these qualities when he transmigrasi set death away from the Saja Universe he will go safe and sound to appear field when the Chubby Vanilla courtesy and the Crown Prince Montjuic had thus taught the diamond to the multiple gathered. There one hundred thousand living beings conceived the spirit of unexcelled perfect enlightenment and ten thousand body Savas attain the tolerance of the birth of the sniffs of things. And that's the end of my lecture so we can break into of three and four. That's okay because we're GONNA take five minutes per person uninterrupted. And if it's a group of four we're actually going to have four periods last fourth period. You can all talk together and for the Group of four will use that time for the fourth person to speak my question to consider is. Does this chapter and other chapters help us develop a peaceful and generous heart does V? Mother Curtis Advice. Help you and if so how thank you I will tell you and Ring Bill. Every five minute interval. Let's take a moment. Take our places in proceed.

Vehmola Kirti Buddha Shari Putra Kirti Chevy Mooney Sirvan Gunda Sugandha Joan Sutherland V. Mellow Kirke Uganda butterfield Ciganda Kuta Safa Kuta Ganges River US Chevy V. Mala Kirti
The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Social Distancing!

Plan B Success

09:09 min | 1 year ago

The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Social Distancing!

"Hey greetings everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Plan B's success today. I'd like to spend some time discussing the current pandemic that we are in. And what social distancing means to us and what it supposed to achieve and will that really take us to the end of this outbreak as we know it. It's pretty astonishing to see how the entire world has come to a grinding halt. You'd one virus virus that we are not in control Lafayette. And that's where social distancing has come into play in order to use it as a short-term tactic to avoid the spread of the virus and to flatten the coup so to speak Lennon with his new wireless. No one is immune and highly transferable wireless like the current CORONA WIRES. That we have a one. That's behind the current and make him spread pretty quickly population. That's never seen it or that's never experienced it and that's what we're seeing today. So how do you control pandemic? How do you control a wireless that we just came to know about this? Basically a couple of different factors in doing that but before we get there we need to understand the science behind it. In the case of this political virus you need to understand what's the threshold of its productive number meaning to understand what is the threshold of its infection. Which is represented basically by production number called the are not in the case of Corona virus that particular number is between two and three which basically means that anyone with symptoms of the virus. Anyone who's been tested positive for the virus can infect about Putin three people on an average and from there on multiplies foot. So how do we contain it? How do we make sure that it's not as lethal as it seems to be right now? Well there's a couple of different ways to do it one. We all know that vaccine would be great in order to make sure that once someone has symptoms if they have the antibodies produced in their body their body can fight the virus and vinyl. That's what vaccination does but that seems to be months away before we can get to it and there are Pharma companies and governments which are acting pretty rapidly in terms of figuring that out but it will take time that it's needed but in order for the entire population will be able to tackle at wires like this one about Kuta of the population would need to be infected to control it. So what does that mean? Well that's what's called herd immunity and what herd immunity means. Is that if there's a big enough group of people who've had the wireless and who have developed immunity against it then when the wire starts going after new hosts and every time it bumps into somebody who has the immunity against it it becomes weaker and weaker and a repeat of time. It's totally non little anymore. It's weaker and as a result it cannot infect people with the same capacity that it was doing prior. So how'd you yet to hold immunity so for the kind of population that we have worldwide? This means that anywhere between two point. Five billion to five billion people need to be infected in order to maintain that her immunity. That's what we've seen a lot of these other viruses indices us out there one way to do it. As we said would be fined that vaccine. But that's GonNa take time the other way to do it would be to allow the virus who go around freely infecting people which just cannot be done because that means that we're GONNA pay heavily for it in terms of lives. Millions of lives would be lost. And that's where flattening the code comes to what the governments around the world are trying to do by asking people to maintain social distances by social distancing social stenciling is basically a term which according to the CDC means maintaining distance of about six feet from each other. Why six feet. Because that's the amount of distance it takes when somebody sneezes or cuffs for the droplets to come out and for the other person to absorb it so if anybody is less than six feed. There's a chance that the droplets might fall on them or they might just be able to read them in but if they're about six feet or more than that doesn't happen at the same time it's also important to understand that we all have a personal space breathing space around us so when we are normally breathing apparently we can breathe three feet or more out as well so by maintaining about six feet of distance between two people the insure or we take the safety precaution that any kind of contamination or transmission doesn't Tucker and then you look at how much is six feet if you have a bed and you start on both ends That's about six feet. If you have a sofa you stand on both ends of it. That's about six feet so you can measure it that way. In order to understand what six weeks really means. And how to maintain that distance or social distancing is one wheel minimizing potential danger that we have and by ensuring that we stay at our homes by insuring. We maintain social distance when we talk to people or interact with them. We make it a point that anyone who's infected is not able to infect others and that eventually they'll start flattening the cocoa and the number of infections as well as the number of bits would start going down but then the question comes up. How long do we have to do? This will ideally until we have a vaccine but economically and societally becomes difficult. Continue to do that over a period of twelve to eighteen months so whether we are in our homes are not at a later point in time we need to continue to practice. Social distancing inaudible ensure that the number of cases are low. But how can we make sure that when we are out of floor homes and when we are probably or probably not effectively practicing social distancing that we still contain the wireless? Well the only way to do that would be to increase the number of tests that can be done frequently. Keep testing people with symptoms so that we recognize who's infected and then we have to do everything possible in order to contain that person make sure that we quarantine that person find out about their dealings. Interactions with different people over the period of time. And then we contain or quarantine. Those people as well target quarantining is what's going to be useful in order to contain the spread of the virus from time to time Norway to make sure this happens that has to be a rigorous in rapid contact crossing after positive case has been identified. And how that will be done. Is something that we all need to figure out as we move forward but we got to get to the point where this herd immunity so that the metality of the wire schools. Don't at the same time. We also got to get to a point where we have a vaccine in place. In order to tackle the wireless that's when the entire world will be safe from it. Meanwhile stay safe practice social distancing not just for your own health but for your communities held because this is one time where your health is tied with the community held in the communities. Health is tied back to your health. We're all in this together. We're all fighting one single war for our own health. As one world against the wireless stay safe. Stay home practice social distancing. Hey I hope you like that episode. Blue checkout my website RAJIV MODEM DOT COM and by the way do Checkout Bob. Podcast mastery program. That's out there on the website. And if you're interested in podcasting if you're interested in creating a brand image for who you are and what you have to offer definitely check that course out. I'm sure going to provide you immense value. And it'll cut short Eugenia researching podcasts by the weeks into a couple of hours to get started and moving. Thank you very much.

Lennon Lafayette CDC Putin Kuta Eugenia Tucker Norway six feet eighteen months three feet six weeks
Are Scattered Israelites the Only Gentiles That Can Be Saved? - Who Will Be Saved Part 3

Just a Word

26:40 min | 2 years ago

Are Scattered Israelites the Only Gentiles That Can Be Saved? - Who Will Be Saved Part 3

"Shalom and welcome to just two word radio your truth seeking bible study podcast, a just a word. It's hard talk car to. Day. Look at the third part series who will be saved. In our first episode, we looked at the Old Testament on what it said about the question who will be saved in our second episode. We looked at his favor or greats and his mercy, that showed us how he viewed the salvation of those who are not Israelites those who have been condemned even give examples of people who were condemned and who received his favor and his mercy because of belief now in this episode we are going to look at a common claim that the Israelites that the gentiles that reporting of in the New Testament in the Britannica. So according to this claim whenever the New Testament, whenever oposite show will are Paul spoke about the gentile? Sells it referred to Israel, who were dispersed, not only apostle whenever the New Testament in general of the gentiles, or salvation coming to the gentiles. It spoke of Israelites. This is the claim because the claim is salvation is only for Israelites only Israelites can be saved. And this is what we look at in this series. No, first of all, I must state the danger of religion. Whenever we have a religion, our religion becomes self seeking there is something about religion. P seemingly always want to claim everything for ourselves if you look at each and ever religion that religion, keeps telling us that if we are not that religion than we are, are every are not following this than we are the Catholics will tell you. They are the only true what they call Kuta church. So if you're not a part of their church that they said they built on Peter if you're not a part of that, then you have no salvation. The Jehovah's Witnesses tell you about the chosen people know, the chosen people and the even clean the one hundred and forty four thousand who are plainly Israelites, the orange for four thousand referred to in revelation who are clearly Israelites the job as witness is claimed that these are Hoover's witnesses, we have the seven day with the advent that if you're not seventy Adventist, then some say if you're not Seventh Day Adventist, then you cannot be saved. You have all sorts of denominations, Pentecostal, cellular tissue. Speaking in tongues if you're not pentecostals speaking in tongues than you are not. You are not saved. And likewise. No, we have this weakening of the father, the awaiting of the children of Israel in these last days, and we have a ruinously created a religion around it, and like all religions before it becomes self seeking. We were not called to be in religions. We were not called to be set apart in religions. We were called to be set apart in the way. In following the way of the messiah, it is all about the messiah. It is all about dwelling in the messiah it is all about living as he lived walked as he walked. It is not about setting up a religion. It is about a way which is in messiah, which is governed by Torah. So we live. We walk tour by living and working as the messiah, it's not about religion. And the reason we are having these this series of who shall be saved. It is because of religion if we were just following the messiah following his examples as we shall soon, see, we would see that we are we would not have been, we would not have been having this series of who shall be saved because it is clearly laid out in scripture in prophecy, and executed in the life of the messiah, because the messiah lived tour he lived out the prophecies of the Tanakh. So the questions we are going to look at today, the things that we should see we should be able to answer after this episode is where is the only gentiles that the messiah came for? When the New Testament speaks of gentiles, for example, show, or Paul going to the gentiles. Was the term. Gentiles, speaking on of Israelites. Neither Jews nor Greek Renault that statement, very well worthy. Greeks israelites. Prophecies only for gathering, Israel, and Judah. No others. All of these, we have to examine. We will look at all of the VC all of these today. And because you who does nothing for first telling his servants the prophets as it says in almost three, seven because of that we will start with a prophecy. Who or is forty nine six, and he said it is a light thing that should just be my servant to raise up the child's of Yaakob and to restore the preserved of Israel. I will also give the for a light to the gentiles that, though, to be my salvation onto the end of the earth if we look at this verse carefully. Let me go over it a little slower. And he said it is a light thing that should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Yakub, this speaking, of course prophesying, of course of the messiah sent to raise the tribes of Jakko, and to restore the preserved of Israel to raise the tribes of Yaakob and to restore the preserved of Israel dispersed of Israel remnant of Israel. That is what the messiah was sent for. But it goes on to say. I will also that also their means additionally in addition. Plus. And that is what that also means. It means that in addition to restoring the preserved of Israel, and to raising the child of Yaakob. I will also give the for a light to the gentiles that domains be my salvation onto the end of the earth. So the light for the gentiles is that salvation should be all over the earth all over the earth. No, the necessary may say. Is the salvation onto the end of the earth because Israel is scattered to the end of the earth. Okay. We shall soon. See. And this episode is summarized in one account in Romans fifteen I call it the big picture because anyone can fit versus together. And we say precept upon precept line upon line, the scripture, the bible has so many verses with so many hidden meanings. We can pick out versus together to get what we want to get if we have the wrong big picture. So the bible is used by so many people Christians Rastafarians, even the Satan use the bible, forty thousand denominations of Christians use the bible, and come with a different understanding. So that tells us ho the bible can be used to reach any conclusion that we have if that conclusion is a false conclusion, then we will use it to justify a false doctrine. So we have to look at the right, big picture. And the right big picture. It's first stated in prophecy, as we just showed in India who forty nine six that is the big big picture. But we shall see. No in the New Testament, where the big picture is emphasized are agrees with Yeshayahu forty nine six. And this is state from Romanian a romance fifteen eight to twelve now I say that you're Hashana, she was a minister after circumcision for the tooth of elohim to confirm the promises made onto the fathers, very important statement. He was the minister of the circumcision circumcision reference to the him to the Israelites to confirm the promises made unto the father, the promises, such as the one made in yesteryear who forty nine six. And it is because he was the minister of the circumcision that is why he said in Matthew, fifteen twenty four. Not what onto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was first in primarily sent to Israel. Israel. I. But it goes on to say in the next verse, and the gentiles might honor your who are four is mercy as it is written. So he was the minister of the circumcision, but then he was also sent for the gentiles and circumcision, Israel. So we have Israel there and now we have the gentiles, and that the gentiles might honor who affords mercy as it is written for this, 'cause I will confess to the among the gentiles and seeing onto the name. And again, he say rejoice agendas with his people rejoice, the gentiles with his people, and we all know that his people are Israel. So this is saying that the gentiles will rejoice with Israel. Rejoice gentiles with his people and again praise who are all gentiles, and Laudium all the people. And again, Sarasate there should be a root of Jesse and he that shall rise to reign over the gentiles in him shall gentiles. Trust. So here in Romans fifteen eight to twelve we are getting the summary. He will I come for the circumcision, but he also comes for the gentiles to be with his people, and his people are Israel. So we have there we have a separation there between Israel and the gentiles, they are not synonymous as some are eroneous -ly, trying to get us to believe. And this is a process, Israel. I are primarily Israelis concerned, the twelve tribes of Israel. It will be Hooda or Judah I than other tribes than the gentiles. So let us look at the process in action Matia, who ten verse five ten verse five these twelve who send forth and commanded them saying go, not into the way of the gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans, and into not go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as you go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand, so he saying, do not go in the way of the gentiles because the word must first be preached. To Israel must first be preached to. The host of Israel. And it didn't say there it should I be preached to the Jews. He said, go to the lost sheep of the host of Israel. Matija fifteen twenty two and we are going to see the progression of this prophecy of how the messiah the oughta in which people should receive the word. Matisyahu fifteen twenty two and behold, the woman of Canaan came out of the same cause and cried on team saying have mercy on me or master, though, son of David. My daughter is grievously vexed with a devil, now this Canaanite is a helmet skin is a gentile, but he answered her not a word. And his disciples came under sought him saying, Senator away for. She quiet after us. Why were the telling him to send her away? Because she was agenda. She was not of the host of Israel. But he answered and say, I am not sent but onto the lost sheep of the host of Israel. So we use this verse. To say that he is on listened to Israel, because he said he was only sent to the law sheep. Then this means that nobody else should receive salvation, except the host of Israel. But that is too simplistic. We know that the scripture the bible, it has D per hidden meanings than those that are on the top. So we have to go deeper and we don't even have to go too far with this one, because the verses that are coming right up after this explained the process, the process of him coming for Israel, but through belief other nations, the gentiles, the heathen through belief these people can access salvation, so after he said after that you came to the law, sheep of those of Israel, the woman would not relent. She would not give up because she believed in verse twenty five it said, then came she and worshiped him saying that worshiped. Their means Bohdan the for him then came. She and worshiped him saying mass to help me. But he answered and said it is not meet to take the children's bread unto cast it dogs. No. What is the messiah saying here, he is saying that the children's bread which is salvation for Israel. He's saying that he should not give it to the dogs and the dogs here. He he was not literally, calling her dog he was using a simile of people eating and casting, the best part of the food to the dogs. There was using simile wasn't actually calling her a dog. It is not me to take the children's bread unto casted dogs, and she would not give up because she said truth master the dogs eat of the crumbs, which fall from their masters table, then who answered and said, unto her or woman, great is faith. Be it onto the even as the wilt under a daughter was made who'll from that very hour. This is an example, that shows of that your who're does not reject believe our faith. Because she was rejected and she did not give up. But she believed. She was given that which she asked, and this is what will happen in the end. Those who are jetted, what keep up to faith through belief that person shall receive salvation because before the messiah and we shall see the, the process when he was there. He told the disciples don't go into the way of the gentiles, but go rather to the lost sheep of the host of Israel. But before he left before he left this earth here is instruction that he gave them. But who twenty eight eighteen and who came and speak unto them saying all power is given unto me in heaven and inner earth. Go there for and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and off, rocker dish. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever. I have commanded you and lo I am with you, always even unto the end of the world. So this is saying they should go and teach all nations now, the niece will say, teach all nations because Israelites are in the nation's, but we shall soon see Israelites separate from the gentiles. They are not synonymous with gentiles. And this same process of the messiah coming first for Israel, but also coming for gentiles. This same process is repeated in the call of the apostle show because you have to look at shower because shell is the person who spoke most of the road, most of the New Testament. And he's the one who went onto the gentiles who was called apostle of the gentiles, so we have to see his calling to see if it is in with prophecy, in Yeshayahu is forty nine six and see if it is in keeping with the messiahs, calling of coming, I for Israelites and then salvation given to the gentiles. In acts nine ten in at nine ten and there was a certain disciple, Damascus named Aeneas unto him said the master innovation and Aeneas. And he said, behold, I am here master and the master said onto him arise and go into the street, which is call street and inquire in the host of Yahuda for one call Schaal of Tarsus for behold, he prayed, and had seen innovation man named Anna as coming in and putting his hand on him that he might you see site, then an Aeneas answered master, I have heard by many of these man, how much evil done that since at Eurasia line. And here he had a thority from the chief Reese to bind all that Cole dining, but the master said onto him. And look at this carefully. What the master said onto him go away for he is a chosen vessel onto me chosen vessel, unto me and hear what he is chosen to do to bear my name before the gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel. So we see their look at it to be a mining before the gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel. This shows that the gentiles were not synonymous with the children of Israel. The gentiles were not synonymous with the children of Israel. So when shall went to the gentiles, it was not speaking solely of going to the children of Israel. The children of Israel, of course, we're dispersed among them, because the Israelites were dispersed among the gentiles, but him going to the gentiles is not only to go for the children of Israel. Gentiles and Israel's our separate nuts novels. And we see this in eighteen five advance lots unto Matias were come from sedonia shall was pressed in the spirit and testified to the AM that you who was machine. And when they opposed themselves and blasphemed, he shook his arraignment and said, unto them. Your blood be upon your own heads. I am clean from henceforth. I will go onto the gentiles from henceforth. I will go onto the gentiles. So this shows that shows ministry before this incident was focused on the children of Israel. After this incident. He said your blood upon your own heads. I am clean from henceforth will go onto the gentiles. So shall was minister to the gentiles was not. Soley was not to Israelites not solely solely to Israelites just going and say, okay, you're Israelites. This is, you know, he went among the gentiles and preached, because he knew that the Israelites were among the gentiles. So the Israelites would here and the gentiles themselves would also here because this is the prophecy that he shall be light to the gentiles. And he shall get dispersed of Israel, and he shall gather. The scattered of Yahuda. It is salvation to the world. And we have to clarify who the New Testament mentioned as gentiles is it only is rights, because we know that the Israelites who that of the ten chives. They became known also as gentiles in matisyahu, four fifteen the land of villain and the land of napped Elim, by the way of the sea beyond Yarden, Galilee of the gentiles, Galilee was in Israel, and it was called Galilee of the gentiles. But also in the Romans were also referred to as gentiles. And we know that the word gentiles are going actually means he then our nation's and it actually means those Israelites who went into I- dollar tree and were condemned as the were synonymous with the gentiles. In Romans immature twenty nineteen and shall deliver him to the gentiles to Mark underscored and to crucify him and the third, the he shall rise again. And we know that those who mocked him, and scourged him and crucified him where the Romans. So we have here, the Romans as gentiles. We have a third set of people, and those are the Israelites who are dispersed among the gentiles. Neocon seven hundred five then said the Jews among themselves with really go that we shall not find him. Really go onto the dispersed among the gentiles, and teach the gentiles. So we see here, the dispersed among the gentiles, and teach gentiles dispersed among the gentiles, as I said before he would teach the. Entira gentiles because he would not know who among them were Israelites. One would not know who were Israelite, so the teach the gentiles, generally. Okay. And this is a claim of those who say that the gentiles referred to in the New Testament are solely Israelites. So our task is to show versus in the New Testament, that clearly show gentiles separate from Israelites. If we can do that, then we will nullify the claim that the gentiles referred to our only Israelites. And for that we go to Masoom or acts for twenty seven for truth against holy child.

Israel Paul Yahuda Kuta church Shalom Hoover Peter Yeshayahu Matisyahu Judah Samaritans Yaakob Senator Jesse Hashana India Matthew David
Episode 97: indoor jungles with designer Martha Krempel

On The Ledge

31:00 min | 2 years ago

Episode 97: indoor jungles with designer Martha Krempel

"From truth. Leaf market is helping to keep on the ledge, thriving and growing Julie market, the indoor and outdoor growing experts chosen by more than half a million customers for their seed and gardening. Truly market offers a great range of plant seeds from houseplants, like the polka plant on the asparagus phone to vegetables and flowers to grow in the garden. And when it comes to kits for growing my per greens, we grows and strutting seeds. Truly markets range of starter, kits will provide everything you need to get started and all their products. Come with thirty days at his fashion guarantee. So I know you won't be disappointed uselessness. You can get ten percent off your first purchase at true neat market dot com. Now using the offer code on the ledge. So go to truly market dot com and enter the offer code on the ledge ten percent of truly market. Bringing the seed you need. Hello, and welcome to on the ledge, which is coming to you, live and leafy in late night. Recording from deepest Bedfordshire in the UK. Yes. On recording this in my bedroom, very late at night, after my kids are well, and truly in bedroom farce asleep. So I may end up, channeling Jack Killian from midnight cooler that show from the late eighties about the radio host with the gravelly voice, but well, you'll probably too young to remember that show anyway this week on bringing you an interview with garden designer, Martha crumple whose love of house plants led her to design her own indoor plant haven, featuring seriously big plants safe to say, I was completely captivated all also be answering a question or rather asking you to answer a question about keeping track of watering plants, thanks to my new page. John supported this week, Nikki became an on the ledge superfan, and Joe who became a crazy plan person. Find out how to support on the ledge in the show notes Jane Perron dot com. And thanks so much to those of you who sent me the most wonderfully funny, touching and sometimes tearjerking voice memos and messages about what on the ledge means to you. I really can't wait to share these with everyone in my hundred episode. But this still time to contribute just record voice memo on your phone and Email that to on the ledge podcast, g mail dot com. And if you feeling shy and you don't want to say the words out loud, you can always just tap out. Some words for me to read out and send meet them in an Email. Now, let's hit interview with design a Martha crumple Martha has been designing gardens since twenty fourteen and a love of house plants led her to redesign her own home to accommodate lots of statuesque plants, including this very fine, succulent new phobia planted into bed at ground level. So looks as if it's thrusting up through the floor I was delighted to be able to visit Martha last month and find out how she dreamed up the space how she picked the plants and why she loves continuing to play with different arrangements of parts and foliage. Here's Martha to explain the layout of her indoor and outdoor garden. And I should say it's really worth looking at the pictures in the show notes while you listen to this interview, earn your so here Hugh noises from violent labrador owned by Martha in this episode two. The house. We said we wanted that building. There was always there, not was going to be my studio. And so we said, let's have a link building. And I said. Let's have it so faces worth. Make an indoor garden. I don't mean growing from the ground, but let's put loads of parts and then facing west so that so that we can get the evening light. So it'd be Newhall often in here. And then and then we put a green roof is on there. Oh on the idea was that you can even though we would making a substantial part of the garden, it didn't really matter because it was a garden. And therefore you didn't there was no feeling of loss of. And so that's kind of how the idea came about. And then I started maybe with this one that one first, and then gradually are just more mortgage, nothing. Let's see next quite as quite as more plans. It's happy. Let's put it that way. Flower jet because it's the white one. Is it Nikolai? Yes, it hasn't flowered yet. It may never flou- reaching the roof feel things. Yes, you got some white good going on there. What is quietly because what I was thinking that will go sensing, Varia, all turn that really. Yes, you've got these very impressive tie imports were you a house plant aficionado before this moment, or is this something that's? I mean as a kid after after I have to tell you knows thirteen did start working in a commercial, and that's kind of where all started, and they lived say four doors down. Issue, and they were photos down from our house. All my family were will what that from the age that inaudible the day job. And so the goes works are grew dailies, and my brother's got to do the good breeze and scratch today. She had a sense of that anyway. So that's where that came from. So I mean as a kid, appropriate a Cup spied upon but nothing far. My mom my mom did go indoor plants, actually, so funny ones bits very Gately's things, I wouldn't be interested not being junkie lease. That wouldn't fit in our house, too many of us. But I just always loved love Q, I suppose quite inspired by. Anywhere where you've got a significant any country significant. Palm house. They're really, really growing always prison and it really does. Because it's quite, it's quite a commitment, isn't it? I mean every day I won't down here and say last night. I did she wash leaves because you were coming. Yeah. Well, it's the after say they're all looking, they want job. There is some people love it. Some people find it a chore. Really? See hardly ever done it. And we had some, especially we've had some dusty work done within the last twelve months in house. So it was about time. But I have to say, I, she quite enjoyed it last night, it was quite quite therapeutic go to see a mindful activity as opposed to toss the after certainly through. They just love it. Also the other thing was one thing. I did do these quite often put indoor bulbs and into she just wants line. She thinks we're having fun. She won't just wanting your attention. No. She wants to. So she can join in the fun 'cause she sees choose. Let me just. Violets is making demands. This is heavily, I'll have to say I'm sitting here, beautiful surrounded by Peter four punts on looking out onto a lovely patio garden. Here is different countries. The cuts cuts us is kind of. The pit is definitely play around with normally would live out. What goes indoors in recent not Manian taika. You focus I've never seen them before. And I came for some in my mom regulars plan recently, I thought. I thought them in pit. The had cancer creeping up across the floor by just. It was driving me insane. Enough. So. Hopefully will keep them going. But I mean, if they start struggle I will take them out and put them in the garden somewhere, put something more proper in, but I see that as an area where I can play and mess around with concept of indoors and outdoors. It's lovely kind of almost feels. I wanna say sort of gives me a Spanish feeler minutes rating feel that idea that you've got this within your home. You've got this flush with floor level this planting area. Yeah. That's a really nice idea. When you I did that and you first, how big was that you for be a when you first put the name was so small? He's really big. It was about, I think it was about six or world. So we, we put that in only probably maybe just less than two years ago. So he he's quiet musical Pablo bone is great name. He he's growing faster than I was expecting him to that is because I, I if you if you want your cuts they do go. People saying, well, it depends, it depends on what is in your house this, that's west, and that south is baking in here. So he's getting a nice full full, what I filled son by putting that tree right there because I had to Kuta stanks, which is reason I chose to put beautiful is. Which of Burgess Jilin Nygard heritable is a love it. When you choosing these plots were you just as a garden designer, were you just looking at the forms and shakes, and thinking that's going to work. Did you did you do research or how did that process work? So I didn't I did my set. So went online chose just becomes an obsession visiting into to successively looking sod hold tropical sub tropical section on Pinterest that was just the metoo look at my shed it now for me at tires. Smoking. Chica. Show. Husband. An governing millions of them and then also what I found was couldn't get everything I wanted. Yes. That was a big issue for me. So I would be just going all over the place. Just buy stuff. But generally my main one remains by she gets biggest from everywhere, so she was brilliant. I would give my lesson she'd just gradually get things. And then I would go to the market or go to the palm sensor or go, I think this from the palm center. And then just randomly than where I would go at go. Let's see from from thirty paces the one that I want go. That's me. And then L elephant is is coming now where am I going to put it? I have no idea coming in. It's quite big. Yes. Good to make room so my husband's not got collection. His office is old. That's one that can coat we'd low light Nevins because he's much light. That was the only thing about building this to have that sort of level of light meant grow different things, and get things going all circles. Little teeny. Wisteria ceiling's going there. I'm not I'm not a five one forgetting things go from seed. But I think now that I'm really comfortable with the regime of taking care of these properly-acting would do more now. Do give me CPAC or I thought you might like these think. Yeah. It's you know I encourage listeners to do. We do a soa long thing, every spring wrong courage listens to sew seed, but there's no denying that it's a lot of work. It's on you end up doing that with a lot of plants, which is good. And you end up with plants that are from the star adapted your conditions. But then you end up with a little plots. I've got all these cacti that I grew last year, and I'm dislike who I'm going to have to. I'm going to have to find some homes for these because I've just run out of room. That's the thing you, learn as you go through these things wrong things things fail. And you go back to the drawing board, but that's okay these point, we went on a rather long, detour about Burge trees and quince trees and lovely, though, that chat Wasi really wasn't house plot related. So I'm going to bring you back into the interview where we start talking about Pablo, yes, Pablo. That's the name of Martha's immense and wonderful succulent. Phobia, is seventy cents to pitch. Okay. Right. So that was designed as we, we knew we were always going to it was actually meant to go here. But we just time we were we have the other table riders. I mean when stalking very way. So that's says Larry teeter stupa. Parker intense blue. Amendments Euboea Tasmanian tiger that you forbear is lovely not normally, not a fan of very good. A massive fan of phobias have a lot. But one, I haven't come across. I think you forgive it that because it's up pale. Yeah. It's great. Do you ever worry that somebody's gonna come in after drunken out sort of lean against this? And it's orga go. Or is it not all these tough? He's not bothered. He's, he's still producing ABS's basis I can see. Happy. He got a good wash yesterday. It was interesting rubber gloves on got it hers doctrine. I mean that's not a very so on even though. It's nice having applaud this told than you, I think that's something in that it was it was, it was about then. But he he's leaving. Which I'm surprised? I thought you grow towards the sun. Yes. Seeming away nuts because this is heavy. Oh, yes. That is heavy so. And this is what I'm saying members saying about punch. You think now go towards the Gartner men turned away? So he's starting to grow. Bus. True. There. I want to people say when they come in here and see this people some people who are into house plants a bit disapproving of the fight. We just think it's interesting or most of my friends, love it thinks fab and fun. I did have a meeting with them implying, too. I think they were surprised because they caught in on. They wanted to extremely formal land and then giving them a crazy bit with a nicer garden to, to just to go Matt O'Connor white ingred to saw this out of it. But I think like oh, and then they said starting Matha. I think. Thanks. Oh, that's great. Well, it's, it's a real space. I think made a difference to you into of how we feel real life, having this space, people people who on since. Oh my son. Cheetah and he he. Over green isn't 'have token, spoiled me, you know. So I think he's right. I mean, that's how we feel when we come in, in evening, you know, it's quite low maintenance garden because I'm onto very densely. Often much to do part from tiding up. And so I don't come in and go work at work to do like that. Just feels great. And then when we come in here you are. You are various up presume all stress levels go down. I mean, I couldn't say that specifically. But hoping yet that is the aim. It's really nice to sit among there's no doubt voted to lookout on. And then. Something is happening every season for sure. So do you might have one or two clients? See this, especially as you've won an award for a who go. Yes, I'll have one of those not. And then then it's less. I mean I have a friend down the road. And she does just want me to do something like this. But yeah, I think that would that would be nice. So I get asked to do things which are make me happy old or more my style. Yeah. I've certainly got so friends who've come here for parties, all comforted. They go can you come in? Can you come and sold out my friends, she's post rose Judy in the back on, please? Sort out my studio. So we're on site ready doing that now. And she, they've just gone with my suggestions were based on having been here, so that it does it does pay off having somebody that people can come to go. We are the way that I just do that. All do version of that. Whatever is. Because each different climate in the garden, it's different isn't it everywhere, so different, and especially, where you go the hills around the way water drains, particularly round quick would area is most unusual. I think we have underground streams, okay, because it's inaugural garden, which is in the Mexican summation area. There was definitely a supply of water coming from somewhere towards towards the house. The previous occupant, laid who'd lift, sir, two years. Previously one one day turned up in our in our garden. And it was really unfortunate because we just removed this spectacular. Enormous conifer two days before and short. And she went, where's my three? What do you know the Tino, Angelina ballerina that story she sounded lightly? The mother, the grandmother, something on the tutor. Anyway, I said, I'm really sorry. You had to go nitty the width of the garden of the base new, as she said there was this definitely as a water source in here. And that's I'd found this image Pryatta, removing the tree. But yeah, so anyway, so I tried to my version suitable for each clients. Sponsoring this week show is babble, the language learning up the hills, you to speak in new language with confidence. I wish I'd had babble when I was learning languages in high school because I found it really tough. And now I'm that bit older, I'd love to speak Italian fluently. Because if you haven't guessed from my last name, I do have a bit of Italian ancestry, but I've always struggled to get past the first few phrases, and that's where Babbel comes in, because they're convenient lessons are just ten to fifteen minutes, long each lesson is lovingly crafted by language expert, not a machine and fouls teaching method is proven to be effective across multiple studies Jews from fourteen different languages, including Spanish, polish, and of course, Italian and before you know, it, you'll be speaking in new language with confidence. So why not try babble for free though to babble dot com or down? Slowed the app, and try it for free. That's Babbel, B, A, B, B, E, L dot com or download the app to drive a free babble speaking language with confidence. And now let's get back to my interview with Martha, and I wanted to cost her designers over the house plant industry, and his future. What do you think about this is a train the wig undergoing this? Rene Saenz of indoor plants. Yeah. Yes, go back in the seventies. What do you see is the future about the design with your designer? I do you think that's going to make garden design is generally sort of look, more to indoor plants when designing project, I think, now I think some people just won't be bothered with it. It's all I, I, I went into dozen thirteen I, I really honestly, thought said to friend of mine, I think the next big thing is gardening because people don't have gardens and they one punts so much they want they want to be thrown by greenery. They want they want also they want to care for them. Do you want to care for them? So I think I think two things some people will will incorporate it into their into their designs, and I think some people won't but I think the knock on effect of there being the opportunity to grow more interesting things in house will have an impact on the gun and I think we'll see more subtropical going back outside where that was big in the eighty s. Nineteen wasn't it big tropical gardens? I think I will be I've already done God, who I've got love things in that. I've done bananas on we've done found poems. And she she she goes on holiday all the time to Asia. She said this is why won't mixed in with British. Nice trees, please great love it. And it turned actually turned out. I, I think it's quite it's quite deal, but actually have you ever been to abbots be subtropical garden? I haven't been like I go that quite a lot because we go down to Devon, and it's quite it's on my can go that way. I love it. And I photographed every time and every time it's exciting. And so that is that so I kind of did a lot of my choice based on her. Those kind of things work together. So, yeah, I think that's not gonna I I'm what about Instagram? If you're on the do you see that, as you being influence on their or other people influencing you in terms of what you're looking at and process for sure. But I don't think I'm a big influence. I mean I was put my guns at more often. We'll put gardens I visited. Or is always landscape. The because I find out the most inspiring thing, not just the way little plants the huge shapes in the landscape in mountains and the color of the sky, she's always incredible seems today. I know this guy is amazing today after all this rain, we're having a very if I was working alert, it almost sort of beach like coastal, some cushy really feels like the seaside today. Rink. It's I think it's because it's still quite fresh. Yes show. It's lovely. It's beautiful thing. I mean, if when your if you're sort of advising somebody he was had a space. They wanted to fill with plants as a designer you are coming this very different angle for most of us. This isn't a massive space. You quote big plants in here. I think people are scared of big plant, sometimes because they think they're going to take over. I sometimes think if you have lots of tiny flaws it makes us based feel once Lou. Yeah. Yeah. What are your tips, sort of fatuzzo plants aside from the kind of cultural requirements? Yeah. Sure. Oh, I would definitely go for one that does that. So a big one, the Shing number. And then one does that. So. And then and then you could have one little one that's doing something really interesting coming out with. I would say, don't pay any spike. You was anywhere near where you're going to be walking just dogs having crushing into them. You just what my spike humans are off the floor, mainly, but I have got that one there. But that one, I might have to move if it gets too much big. We'll see. Is it just my, my main choices are? It's a leaf shape. So how believes worked together with the other things in quite strict about color. It's mainly green did buy a pup lifelong, which is a major sponsor. And I thought I can't have bans. So it's gonna got out of the way and inset say they're so I'm allowing that purple and green known. But that's about it. I wouldn't. And I don't really like flowery ones. Either that much. And this is fine anything deserty this flower. Yep. Favorite place. It doesn't because variation is so big now variation and has people's see him that people thinking very gated Swiss cheese plaza and things. It's so popular. I mean, I'm bit of not not that keen on it. I'm a bit of a sort of a magpie when it comes to plants in just think something's really cool. So I want to as opposed to thinking, how's this going to fit with my overall scheme, which is probably my downfall, but I guess do move around quite bit. Do you range, I was gonna say big plants, but it's it's not because you like just seeing different on Somboon of plants, or just because you get bored, I rearrange them sometimes because they have grown and therefore needs reconfigure, how they were with other things or space, will eventually definitely knock this one. Every time we walk through mines too much. I think do like change or if usually bought about its comes about, because I've bought a new one in a never we have to reorganize. Or if I if I see Celtics folks country over there, not part. I had that indoors for, for a while, because he was tender and going, and then I popped out the other day, the FOX is paid on it. Oh, burdening, it, I'm gonna have to indifferent. But, but basically getting here, though, right? Okay. This is interesting because I called him magin. It's tool to walls here over the top of that roof, really. I think. That'd be jumping on the been because I work in. Yes. So you what Nate? I can hit him on the move on. Then I know they're on here. The company, I think coming for drink negation. Goes on emotion. Goes on life light. The light goes there on there. And then I found them in here. Teeny up every day just here. All men when I'm on the glass news my five steps to get. Injury. Open living, a nerve wildlife is it never is. Amazing. And I don't really mind them sleeping aspect. I've done something because there's a part of the rotation isn't working chin or they've done something, because I was worms. She's really an yes, we have to live with these different challenges. We do. Yeah. Well, it's been tastic around your wonderful garden, indoor and out Martha. And thank you very much on, most inspired. Won an S. GD award. Does this -ociety of garden design is here in the UK for her garden and is much deserve because this really is a wonderful space? Do check out the show notes for details about Martha and her ward, and what she gets up to in terms of other Gordon design work, and now it's time for question of the week and this one. Well, I just really wound benefit on being rose over here. But I do occasionally look at the Hirsch time. Plump Twitter on Twitter. Surprisingly, there was one post there. Why somebody could Sarah, the really caught my attention because it addresses the question that I've been wondering about myself recently, Sarah says tell me on Twitter are parliament is getting more and more filled with plants was the best way of keeping track of which ones need watering, alums reminders. We reschedule an app which they aren't check ins, don't will my babies to die now. This is interesting. As I revealed in my Hilton Carter into you. My approach watering right now is that as you can tell from the fact that I'm up late in recording. This is just Chuck some water on when I get a moment, but it would be really great to have some kind of system in place to keep track things. So I'd love to know from you guys no-doubt way more organized than me. What do you use? Do you have d- have a spreadsheet DJ's rely on sticking your finger in the dirt and finding out which ones need watering that way? I would really love to know what method you use to keep on track of what's happening with your house loans. And when so really this is not a question that I'm wondering myself. I'm throwing out to use the audience to please help me on this one. And if we get some good suggestions, Ostra pass them onto Sarah. And obviously, if you got a question for on the ledge you can't drop me a line, I've had lots of Claude ide- questions this week and loss of plants with crispy leaves. It must be time if year but I'd love. To hear from you. On the ledge podcast, g mail dot com is the way to go and I will do my very best on. So your question, I've got a few tricky questions that I'm seeking out some expert help for. So if your question hasn't been answered don't despair, I will try to get to you as soon as I can. Well, that's all for this week's show. I'll be back next Friday for episode ninety eight getting perilously close to the hundred episode aren't we? And in the meantime, have a fabulously fully filled week. In the meantime, I'm gonna go guests and shut on take Kaplon phones by. The music in this episode was rolled your role by the joy drops an instrument. The boy will have day Connor by some, you'll Cohen overthrown by Josh Woodward with at music from the halftime banjo orchestra featuring the tracks whistling Rufus, and dill pickles over music today's show is licensed under creative Commons. CJ Perron dot com for details.

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18: The auto that flew

Baalgatha- Classic Stories for Children

11:24 min | 8 months ago

18: The auto that flew

"From stories about animals and birds. Your details of kings and Queens. Let your child listen to them on while gutter the podcast that not only entertains but also educate child. The auto that flew. Arjun had threes one headlight and coat of green and yellow. He belonged to the largest family in the whole of Delhi. Everywhere Arjun wind they were brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, and cousins. Go carefully. They beat. Sure. He would be injured lie. Arch worked hard day and night. For. He went he he never complained. Because or to a three, she's worked hard to. Cities G had all bones that caused him pain. He decorated Arjun Dashboard what plastic flowers and pictures of movie stars. He Quenched Arjun Thirst for clean gas even when the queues were long. And whenever Argentine canopy was storm He stood no time daycare it to. To. Argentina liked taking whole families to latch but negar market. His heart sanguine tourists chose three wheels before. He loved to rest with cities. In the shade of a tree outside Kuta Manar. Arjun would never get tired of the Glamour of connaught place at night. He was thrilled by the bustle outside the railway station and by the crowds that spewed from Philo shock would la after the could get match. Life was good and Arjun knew he should never wish for more. But Secretly Hodgin dead wish for more. Secretly He wanted to fly. All to have helicopter blades. Arjun thought. They would chop the air ball his canopy. Cities G would wrap his head in a scarf and the ends of it would flap. Lean the breeze. All the would go. But for talk. In The Sky But our new. This was only a dream. And Auto having helicopter bleeds would be like an elephant having wigs horrid clean. That could zoom off into space like rocket. With scattered just. Wailing behind. One Hot de. Arjun was waiting in Hodge podge of traffic at a busy intersection. Behind cities g sat a gray haired woman in dull well, one Saudi. Foot perfect. Protect. Oh, grubby boy came squeezing between cars and autos selling water. His eyes sparkled like polished stones as he held out one frosted bottle. Man. Very. Very. Good magic magic, Ma'am MP's. please. Please ma'am. The woman laughed. Magic. The boy wobble is head with such Gusto that Arjun taught it might fallen off. We all need a little magic, the woman said. She produced some rupees and took two bottles from that boy. Immediately she handed one two cities G. Smiled. Broadly chewing the woman his bond steamed deep. He drank quickly. And the traffic bunched. Already, the magic is working cities Gijon. The woman drank too spilling a little on Arjun as he started forward. Fund for particular. Product. When Arjun? Being a cheery hello to one of his brothers. No sooner were the moving. Arjun began to feel light on his weeds. The traffic bartered before him and he sailed through. Astonished by the Open Road Cities got the women's I in his rare view middle. Yes very magical ma'am. Now the woman. Sorry. Carry to brilliant sheen and was embroidered with fine gold thread. Magic. She wound. Jones wheels lifted off the road. Up. OP He went. For. Fifty All. Up. There were only helicopter blades to help him. Magic. Thought. It's It's auto magic. A. Flock of birds scattered. Arjun. headlight was lit with joy. Arjun flew high above Java Nehru Stadium and India Gate. He looked upon milestone. The young owner river and the Gracious Temple of Usher Them He saw a giant web of roads like the work of Greasy. Spider. wide-eyed city she began shrieking with the fun of it all. He no longer grip the handlebar no-longer dodged cars. Woman touched her beautiful. Sorry. Sir. She called. Looking at the rear view mirror. Your. Face. When city she looked at himself he saw fees like that for. Like a Bollywood Hero. He Steed Sean wide. And his skin was radiated. We must drink more water he roared. But But what are we doing? Arjun wonder. Where can we go? What am? I. No longer driven. Devil had Arjun Bean so free. Yet. Never had he felt so lost. In, the he had known. iffy journey had a bogus. Each destination was temporarily. In, the boundless quiet about all the Honky gars. ARCHERD missed the roads of his life jammed with cars, motorcycles, and buses. Balu he saw his family at work. DOTS of yellow canopy glowing bright like beacons. June even missed the rush and bustle of people also eager to arrive somewhere else. Pleases to go places to go. For took. Took The woman looked down and part of the joys below. It was easy now to forget the Schimmel of sorry. I was going to visit my daughter and grand children she thought. They will be waiting. The are the real magic in my life. Already cities she was style of his Bollywood face. What use it is he wondered. Once, he had wished only for this. Now City she wanted only the comfort of his own skin. Artscience headlight had grown dull. He felt aimless. He could read cities, Jeez thoughts he could sense the women's movement. Lower, and lower he flew. The city radiated warmed. The Neural Arjun got. The more energy it gave him. Since she became busy again. Drinking in the familiar magic of the city. Every sign in every turning spoke to him. Very soon, he could recognize himself again. He knew where he was going. He was already there. The woman. Sorry became done. A fees was bright. Down to Earth they came. Argentines wields touched the warm tar road and his engine side with relief. Fought for. Fat for. Go Gasoline. beeped a brother from the street corner. The woman's grandchildren weaved from a window above. She stepped down and handed cities. G. WHO FED Off. Auto. Are June heard the wonderful cry of a stranger. Every would be new. Ball dove is endless journey full of surprises. Did you like today's episode if so we would love to hear your feedback. You can leave a review on your favorite podcasting. APP. All VIP site all visit gotTa Dot, com, slash review they. You could give us a message in audio video optics.

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AT#649 - Travel to Bali

The Amateur Traveler Podcast

32:02 min | 2 years ago

AT#649 - Travel to Bali

"The bags back on a roll. There and read it's go real good pass board. Temperature traveler episode six hundred and forty nine today, the mature traveler talks about beaches and beach clubs temples and taxis surfing and satay as we go to the island of Bali in Indonesia. Welcome to the traveler, I'm your host, Chris Christensen. Let's talk about Bali. I'd like to welcome back to the show. David Brody from travel in ten dot com. Who's come to talk to us about Bali, David awoke, Meg the show. Thanks very much, Chris. And I say welcome back to the show. I know we have done an episode on Cambodia long ago. That's her in the dark reaches of the internet. And I think we don't want other. What have we what on Fiji? I think as well. Featured is the one I wanted to say, okay. I wasn't sure about that. I knew you had been, but I didn't know he talked about that. And I'll put links to both those in the show notes. But you come to talk to us about Bali this time. Yes. Have just returned from attendee trip in Bali and four days in Hong Kong. Well, excellent. I I've been to Hong Kong love it have not been to Bali, why should someone go to Bali? It's fantastic spot. It is definitely ranks amongst one of my favorites. I there probably about fifteen years ago, my wife, and I really redoing a one year to around the role when I first started this gas. We had traveled through volley. The two of us that hasn't been. Accent. So this this was a chance to take our kids back to around and see how the country has changed in the intervening fourteen fifteen years since we've been there. Excellent. And for people who were looking for the country a bully now in the map, we have thrown them curve as part of Indonesia and really just off the northern coast of Australia, not far at all from Australia. Many people sort of think of it almost as the Australian version of Hawaii. It's Australia's go on on holiday. I'm guessing the Indonesians don't think of it as that mean, that's probably fair. Although you may find more Australians entities on Bali defending the part of the island that you're and then we have done another show on volume past, but it has been awhile in there have been some changes in Bollywood seemed like an appropriate time to revisit what kind of tenor. I do you recommend for Bali. A lot of different types of experiences. You can have one of the things that probably most famous for our the beach holidays. I mean, it's a beach nation terrific snorkeling, diving surfing. Great white sand beaches in many different locations throughout the island. But in addition to that once you get off the coast into the interior. That's where you're really gonna find some of the cultural experiences temples all throughout the islands is incredibly really displace, primarily Hinduism is the main religion practiced on the island in Hindu temples, all through the island like most of Indonesia, which is Llamas. The number one religion in Indonesia, lose also Christianity, and there's this one little enclave of Hindu. But in addition to the cultural experiences than the other thing the interior is to some great nature, hikes and nature experiences. Well, beautiful waterfalls. These amazing race harasses that you'll find many spots throughout the island volcanoes active volcanoes, you'll you'll still see throughout the island as well. Excellent. So where should we start a part of the island called Liuhua to this is emerging resort destination? Resorts there are probably a little bit on the higher end. A lot of five star resorts from around the world most built within the last. Five to ten years and all of them were nearly all of them built on the beach. No. As matter of fact, the one where we stayed. We were probably four or five kilometers from the beach on a cliffside, overlooking the ocean still and our hotel had a wonderful beach club that you could go in enjoy anytime you wanted but most the resorts are actually set off in that entering anyway are set as off the beach in more in the cliffs is a very these tackler views across the ocean. I mean, it's a place where we're probably one of the most well known temples in Bali Liuhua temple can be found this enormous complex that is right on the coast and really one of the most picturesque Campbell's. You'll find on the island. It's overrun with monkeys. It's right on the the ocean side sort of the sheer drop off in into the ocean right on the tip of the island in the temple. There is really well known for every evening, they do traditional sunset fired in an hour and a half long performance that that you can go enjoy the temples there as well. With an on. A number of priests. If I know my Hindu as always always an odd number. Yeah. But the other thing that Liuhua to relieve known for all around the world is surfing is one of the top surfing destinations anywhere, not brave beginner surfer. Meet a lot of these rephrase fitter off the coast a lot of officials around the world who come there for me. It was definitely were activators for that anything of that the island, but a lot of great beach club and great surfing there that side of the island as well. And when you see the I'm not sure that I know which side of the island you're on right now. So we would be really so west for the island you've come into the main international airport in denser, probably about forty five minutes to announce drive to the south west from there. Okay. And most of the is north of denser. But this is not. Okay. Really all around Penser, great not far from there is Kuta beach, which is close to the main airport. I guess maybe just slightly north of where the the main airport is that's probably the most famous beach destination. It's where you'll find big tropical sort of beachside resorts that were first developed on the island in that area. We have more than we wanna talk about in this region, or do we wanna move sure one place that he went great hotel that we stayed at brand new property that had only opened a couple of months before we arrived, the new renaissance hotel Lou onto and one of these was centigrade experiences because there was so much. You can do at the resort it self fantastic restaurant play raft that features sort of local handmade clay pottery. But as part of that have their own pottery studio right in the center of the restaurant and injuring your stay there. You can anytime sign up and do pottery classes to learn how to make the pottery then all the dishes and everything is served on in the restaurant, and that sort of more their international restaurant right next to that. They had another restaurant double calf that was run by local Indonesian, chef featuring much more high-end, Indonesian cuisine. But the great thing there is they did cooking classes nightly. So you can go in experience that as well also probably of all the hotels we've stayed at around world. And this goes for all of this hotel, one of the most Instagram places imaginable, like the entire hotel has been designed for Instagram. Excellent more about would want to the thing that Lou ought to say has become really well known for is dining options that are available. They're both at the resorts. But also the beach clubs as a real culture of these beach clubs in the area that are in the style of nightclubs. They've got DJ's they've got right on the cliffside or on the beat side point high end. And most of them are a little pricier side to get into one of the ones that we really enjoyed a place called Sunday's beat club that we spent a lot of time at while. We were there probably about sixty or seventy dollars US to get into for the day. But then a good. Portion of that you were credited back that you can spend on food and drinks and stuff at the beach club. When were there? That tells me that Bali is not a budget destination. I wouldn't say that it re runs the full gamut. I mean, it's been ten dollars a day there. You could spend ten thousand dollars day there. Maybe maybe you could spend ten thousand. The type of accommodation's you wanna stay at and what you wanna do. But the Indonesian dollars early for anybody coming from Europe or North America makes a lot of things vary affordable, but these beach clubs in particular, they tried to make more exclusive they were charging western prices for sure okay for food and drink stuff at them. But the experience was phenomenal. Like this one that we ended up going to a couple times throughout the trip. Reference Sundays beach club would go down and you head amazing snorkeling just right off the beach. You didn't have to vote or anything you just put on your snorkel mask and the way you into this beautiful white sand beach. It had stand up paddle boarding kayaking. This amazing cliffside elevator ride down to get from the cliff down onto the beach really beautiful beach clubs, very well done that they've clearly invested a lot into even though you said nightclub like family friendly. I'm guessing from the fact that you were there with two elementary school age kids. Yes. Certainly the Sunday's beach club very much family friendly. There's uncalled Roosters beach club that we went to with family as well. There were others that were definitely more nightclub vibe to them for sure I can't remember the name of one of them. But again, it was this super Instagram. We'll place that was tours down from the resort where we were staying in all day long. You can hear the technologic pumping from it. We're to next another place that maybe one that was a bit surprising somewhere that we really really enjoyed probably one of our five destinations in the world. In our first trip to Bali a place called Yuba in the interior very much. No, one for the cultural experiences that you can have their this is very much in the interior in the jungle you've got waterfall surrounding it active volcanoes surrounding a lot of temples in the area. It's known as a great place to go for yoga studios massage that sort of thing that it's very famous for we'd loved it. During our first time in Bali, and there is a member great market that we spent a lot of time I'm at quite different than a lot of other markets. And so. Asia that we really enjoyed on her first trip to Bali this time around. I mean, there are still elements of we love the waterfalls the temple all of that is still wonderful beautiful to visit. But it was overrun definitely a place that is I would say suffering a little bit from over to resume. Now went from being this very quiet out of the way, he destination that was sort of off the radar fifteen years ago now sort of something that's on everybody's itenerary when they go to Bali literally dill the one single road down the middle of the main street, they're in sometimes we were running into half hour, forty minute traffic jams. Okay. Going through it which was just such a different experience to our first time coming to but still as I say, I mean, it still has some wonderful to it a Watson do their culturally certainly some beautiful resorts in that area. And also place really known for sort of dining as well. And did you find the new bid on his trip? Probably Lou was released for us that new I mean, it is definitely. A little bit more not as much on the radar. His where these newer nicer resorts. Are they're quite spread out for each other. The definitely wasn't as over touristed. Some of the other regions seem to release thought through the development of the region a bit Warren made sure that the resorts are are more spread out. And it just doesn't have the the same vibe for sure. Excellent next something else that we found was just a great resource in this something we stumbled across hanging poolside at our hotel windows. Great sort of coffee table flavors of Bali that featured all the best new restaurant on the island. I would say like cuisine there, you can you can see has been very much influenced by some of the billion tourism that's coming through his great, food and wine in Australia in a lot of Australian chefs that have come over to Bali in opened up. Great restaurants, this book the hundred or so best restaurants in different regions of Bali, and we found like everyday flipping through it. We would find a cool restaurant. Go to it. Every restaurant. We went to out of it was amazing just phenomenal restaurants, and how much of that was Indonesian food and how much of that was international food about fifty fifty between Indonesian dishes, and then just great international restaurants. I mean, actually one of the best ones was a Mexican restaurant. Motel Mexico, very cool scene restaurant and area. Seventy fantastic Mexican food really fresh local ingredients, and it was such a contrast do our previous time in volley. The one time in southeast Asia that we got terribly ill was fifteen years ago. Eating at a Mexican restaurant in volley this time, the best restaurant, we ate at the island was a Mexican restaurant is interesting Mexican food is something that those of us who live in US or Mexico. I really have a fondness for this. Or quite a few of us do at least. And I know the travel bloggers that we knew when they travel for long periods of time one of the things they had for years said that they were missing was good Mexican food. But that does seem to be changing it seems like it's finally being recognized as a world class cuisine than I think it deserves. But it is taking longer than some of the other well-known world-class cuisines like Italian or French or something like that. Absolutely. Another great restaurant. We then we'll across was a place called barbeque. Oh, okay. One of the better known restaurants day think on the island now very much food savvy crowd there. It's all wood fired menu loads of charcoal and smoke and the dark room, but cool music very well done in just really really good food highly recommended this cool of loft space. And then as I say, the the area sort of surrounding it there were probably ten more of volleys best restaurants within a five minute walk from there as well. Interesting in barbecue being the word where we in the US get barbecue from there, you go you have to respect that. Absolutely excellent. What kind of activities did you do especially kid-friendly since we've got you on this time talking about vacation with the kids? I think last time I had to on was pre kid. Yes, PG was young kids. I mean, a lot of it was time at the beach for Scher favorite beach, probably Sundays beach club, and the beach. Right there the circling. There was amazing which interesting southwest part of the island isn't really known for snorkeling supposed to be a number of other regions the island than are quite a bit better. But we found the conditions when we were there, but ran into great snorkeling right off the beach there other areas we're supposed to be better. If you go to far east side of the island. There's a number of beaches there that are quite well known but also new Sapan subpoena, which is a an island just off the coast of Bali and our boat ride away, which is known as one of the best Norling destinations in the region as well. But one of the things that we tried. This time surfing is obviously something Bali there's been known for for for years. This is titled in Lewa to the region where he stayed for a lot of it was more difficult surfing beach breaks. But there are also very kid friendly beaches as well the whole area around Huda the very conditions. They are great for learning. We went to a beach called Lagaan, which is right next door to Kuta beach. And if you've ever used on air. NB? They've got their Airbnb Curien activities. Yeah. Yeah. You can book activities we host to there being b but we do not offer activities at this time. Don't know activity this time, no. Website creation or something like that. Just doesn't seem like it would sell as activity. Audience. But there were a whole range of servants factors that you could choose from. We just randomly picked one that did one classes and allowed the kids as young as ours called the Pulau ba- Reuss risque, you'll P U L A U B. I R us our school, and they were great. It was going to say less than thirty dollars US per person. It was one on one surf instruction all morning long. So they had an instructor for all four of us in the family bus is another three or four people. Join the lesson but the had their their own instructor who went out with them included. Your rash guard, your sunscreen, water and snacks and your surfboard. And if if you're lucky enough to actually get on the board, which everyone else my family other than me was. They also have their gopro out there with them will while you're surfing will fill an and you think that's luck that really made the difference David primarily, I think all I know is by seventeen year olds were significantly better surfers that his lower body mass lower center of gravity and they've unfair advantage. Yeah. That's right. That's right. It was great. They would come out into the beach break with you for all you spend your first half hour on the beach on dry land, where they sort of safety reffing and show you that step by step the easiest way to get up on your board. But then they're right out there in the waves with you making sure that they do everything possible to take you from never having served before to up and running and enjoying yourself to three hours later, and we looked at earlier in the week we joined it so much. We looked at again later in the week with the kids, and they they were often surfing and no time flat. So they they really really enjoyed that. Excellent for booking activities, we're using internet booking sites or were there Lok. Local operators that you were working with call of. So that case was Airbnb experiences that we stare, but the other thing that that we did quite often during a trip there actually was they have a number of apps. Similar uber. But local versions of Buber one ram GRE of heard of that one. That is not just local. Yeah. And then the other one go Jack that one I do not know. Okay. GO J K. And then the third which is a -ffiliated with their local taxi company called my blooberg, any of which you do like, you would use Uber to get over to another side of the island or the they also hit deliveries and stuff as well. But at least with go, Jack, look, grab you could also book out a current driver for the day. Oh, interesting, very affordable. Probably in the neighborhood of fifty sixty dollars US per day. Tanna car driver who take you anywhere on the island and essentially be a tour guide as well. When really give you insight into local culture, really. Helped immerse yourself in Bowie's culture in get you to more remote out of the way destinations that you wouldn't otherwise finding get out of some of those over touristed areas that unfortunately, do find on the. You do not speak Bali's. And I didn't even know if that's the thing Indonesian the that they have their own dialect and volley as well Bali's yet. So are all the drivers you would find on their English speaking. Or would you have a way to choose that? I'm looking for an English speaking driver who could then act as a driver end tour guide, and I would say it was fifty fifty. We had spoke grade English and proving to her as others did not speak, much English. But we're still very helpful when friendly in more than happy to take your with the great thing with using announces it was easy to communicate with you could win put in the app where you want to go some of the apps even head. Translation, remember, if it was grab or go, Jack. But one of the two translation functionality built rate in that you could use English version of the app you would St. their their message Indonesian come up. And then if you seconds later in English translation of that would come through and same as you went back and forth with them. So that that was a great way of communicating with them. And so it sounds like you didn't know until the driver showed up whether or not how you would be communicating. Correct. Okay. What we would do quite often is clear say going out for dinner in evening from the hotel. We this book driver for a short drive that was maybe ten fifteen minute drive away. And if we found someone who knew the local area and who's good safe car all sorts of things. Then we would get there. What's out number book for the full day the following day, which which worked out very now? Did you just home base in the one place while you were there or did you move around St. at two hotels? We started off at the renaissance of Illawarra to we then went out to a brand new elemental element by Westin in Ubad tweet. We had initially book for four days it was quite disappointing after so we ended up cutting the say they're short going back to the first hotel for the remainder of the trip. No, it does seem like the one disadvantage of the first hotel is you're kind of the end of the island from a lot of the other places. You're definitely a little bit more isolated part of the island. But the great thing about that is than it isn't quite as busy as the other parts of the island as well. Excellent things that you would recommend to do other activities. One of the thing. I would say about the apps that I was referencing earlier that you can book her driver on is there is some controversy around. Not unlike some of the controversy, you find cross North America or Europe with with ver- coming in and displacing of the local taxi services in volley. Traditionally taxes would be associated with local villages and quite often the money made by the local taxi driver, go back into the village as a whole and definitely there is displeasure with the influx of new drivers coming using these new apps in in many cases, it's people who are coming from other islands. Other parts of Indonesia, not traditionally from Bali who've come over and who are working with the grab or go, Jack or some of these other companies in you'll find that some of the bigger over own versa. Tractions they won't even allow the go. Jack were grab drivers into the area. Lou watch temple was. One of where the resigns everywhere saying no-go, Jack or grab drivers allowed it in this area. There was some tension definitely between the local taxi drivers. And in some cases, people come from other parts of Asia driving for these apps on the cases, just younger new drivers who are displacing the older drivers who had been in the region for a while. So it was something you had to be cautious about you couldn't even circumstances where we would order up somebody from one of the apps, and they would tell us I'm sorry. We can't pick you up from that area will have picked up some rails later in the day. But if that's where you want to be picked up molecular you've gotta take local taxi, and that's really early option from their interesting. So definitely something to do. Excellent other places where you came in touch with the culture of Bali, and it's hard recommend any one of them. 'cause there's so many Hindu temples that you'll find throat the island. I think we really started to experience some of the the local culture in that was one of the great things about arranging to get a car and driver through one of the apps and getting out of the main tourist destinations as soon as you get half hour, forty five minutes away from an Uber or Lou ought to just into a random part of the island. You'll find these small local villages where you can really see more of the locals there actually live like in going to the temples in those regions was a great experience in do you have one that you would recommend specifically. I wish I could remember the name of the temple. I it was near an area called Tiba. Mona waterfall was also useful that would highly recommend visiting which was one of the waterfall that was a little less touristy, but about twenty minutes away from there are driver took us into random local village and to the temple. There. And it was an amazing variance. We spent all morning with the locals who cared for the ample guiding her whole family round, telling us all about it about the local culture about some of the different ceremonies that they do which are frequent you'll often be driving through village and find different celebrations or ceremonies happening on a weekly basis. Versus a lot of the more. Well, known temples that were right in Uba or rake near of the larger centers went to go to one enu bid. That's very well known as a water temple where you can go through. And there's a hot springs at the template self that you can go swimming through as as touring the temple and we arrived at eight in the morning, and they're already so many tour buses in Saudi people there probably would have been a two hour. Wait just to get near the temple. So huge contrast between some of those really well, no in temples that that are so popular with your Thang versus just getting out in some of these random places, random, villages or island. Okay. What else would you recommend? We do while we're. In bali. Definitely another thing. That's really well. Known for is spas. No-one is a great place for different types of spa experiences. Every hotel there has a spa attached with it. But then also a lot of standalone spas throughout the island number of hot springs resorts throughout the island that you can go check out as well. And again, I'm gonna ask you if you have a specific need recommend there is an area seminar, which is popular urban area with a lot of cool restaurants shops place called spring spa there, which was actually at the top of shopping mall in in kind of hard to find quite out of the way. But once you got up there, it was very much like a western styles ply, find Veterans Day spa. Very very inexpensive in like really really nice brand new facility there as well. That was a great one to check out all the hotels. There are also known for their fantastic sponsor as well. Excellent. It seems to me has your opinion of Bali changed now after this trip. Would you go back as readily as you did this? Yes, good question. I think I would still go back because for me. Anyway, it has some of the elements that I love vested hall, experienced its culture. Plus a great beach exciting for candidate. Getting today. Swore beach surfing is. Hoover. They're just not quite different a little different not quite the white sand. Not quite the temperature of water is is the biggest. So from that aspect. I probably would go back. But it definitely it has changed for informatics in in fifty years time in it is suffering the effects of over to resume abet in encouraged to know if people were going to Bali to do their research before going and look at what are some of the newer emerging sort out of the way destinations. You can go rather than just the three or four, you know, most well-known parts of the island that are really becoming overtaxed with tourism now. Excellent anything else we want people to know before the Bali. The other thing got to be aware of going. There is it is one of the most seismically active regions anywhere in the world. Okay. Indonesia has been hit by terrible Salamis and earthquakes over the last years when we were there Lombo coup had a very major earthquake since we have done a show about that just the next island over to the right as. That was Lee Kyu months ago. And even during the time, we were there we were woken up at four in the morning by the largest quake I've ever experienced new. We lived in Tokyo for years, we've experienced a lot of earth quake, this was one that definitely shook us enough at long enough loud enough in jolted us enough to to get s outta bed. Get our kids to bed and under the bed for a good five ten minutes before we were ready to get back. Again. It was jarring for sure. And it's not an uncommon experience in that part of the world. So it's just something that you need to be aware of in. You know, maybe some things that you wouldn't pack on a trip like this that that you want to give you a flashlight something we definitely had with us in our bag a first aid kit. You know, knowing where the exits are in your hotel that sort of thing it may sound like being overly cautious. But certainly the the number of earthquakes they've had in the region. It's something you wanna be aware of going there for sure. You mentioned food, and we talked about Mexican food with any particular Indonesian dishes that people automate sure they try whether they're the classics are nasty Goering probably one of their their most well known dishes sort of a fried rice dish AIG vegetables beat mixed in saute, probably one of the famous Indonesian dishes. Well saute with peanut sauce. That was definitely a favorite in those two. I mean, pretty much any cooking course, you're gonna take in data. Those will often be to the highlighted dishes that you would want to check out for sure. Excellent. And I do want to say that it we're looking at the archipelago where Bali as part of your right in between Java and Lombok, which I mentioned, and we do have shows on both of those two. So if you're doing a longer trip it's possible to extend it, and we have resources for that. But David if I told you standing in the prettiest spot in Bali where he standing what he looking at probably standing either at Luanda to temple itself or one of the many resorts around it and the Infinity pool they've got overlooking the cliffs they're excellent one thing that makes you laugh and say only in Bali, if you find the most beautiful place in Bali, you're gonna find they're probably ten or fifteen Instagram IRS surrounding you in that little he'll fight if you go onto Instagram. Search the hashtag Bali it is it's one of the most popular destinations on Instagram, and it's the same places that come up over and over over again, the most beautiful beaches Voest fit Tresco tells you'll see the same pitcher. Over and over again. And it was funny everywhere, we went we read into multiple Instagram and even professional Instagram for people who were there who that's all they do is travel around. So he say shit taking pictures themselves seems to be aggressively popular, bast, Ivan volley. All right, then if you had to summarize bullying just ten words, sorry, just just three. Traveling ten summarized in just three words. I feel like I should give you ten words since you're traveling ten inches. Three words. What three words would use Lucy? You're used to having those other seven words stabbing timely. I I would defer to temple speeches surfing. Excellent. And do you have one post on your site that we should refer people to in terms of learning more about your trip to Bali? I don't yet. I am hoping to get a video cast on Bali up soon. So over the next couple of weeks will let's hope that by the time. This comes up there's a link from the show notes. Certainly by the time, you get that Lebanon. We'll put Lincoln the show that will go off to the video cast for traveling ten David. Absolutely, thanks so much for coming back on amateur traveler and telling us of your love for Bali, faith, Chris. Chris. In news community a hurt from Laura who wrote about the episode. We did last week on the mother road on route sixty six she said what a fun episode. I'm from the midwest, Iowa and love road trips stopping at smaller cities slash sites. But I do have to say that I wish Austin would have mentioned the Lincoln presidential library and museum in Springfield as well, seeing his home tomb are awesome. But the museum is one of my favorite museums. I have ever been to it's so well put together and great for both adults and kids really interactive. I'm sure he was just trying to rush through what to see on the whole route. But you'd be missing out if you didn't visit the museum Lord suspect, your true, we were taking I think what he does is a thirteen day trip and compressing that into forty five minutes. So we probably left out a few things with that. We're gonna end this episode of immature traveller if you have any questions send. Email to host at amateur traveler dot com or better yet. Leave a comment on this episode at amateur traveler dot com, and thanks so much for listening. Jam.

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Monocle 24: The Monocle Weekly

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"While. The Monica weekly continues its lockdown. We've continued to keep up to speed with the great and the good from across the world of ought and coach. This Week Monaco Zone Fernando Gustav Pacheco Kuta with Norwegian popstar any. Fernandez who's any any dog? That was a very special interview for me have to say she's being around since two, thousand four she released the single chewing gum. Annie's quite an interesting character. You know clearly, her songs are very much on the pop side of things, but her personality is quite indie. So she's never became like Britney spears or something like that. So she's quite an interesting character and I have. To say, she doesn't release albums that often been eleven years wait eleven years for the new album dark hearts. So it was quite exciting to speak with our action was the way Oh. Yes. Very very much so and is interesting. I know you like horror do you believe that she recorded his in home to the countryside house in Norway? Wow. Maybe that's why it's called dark hearts. Let's take a listen. Co.. Any welcome to Monaco twenty four, such a pleasure talking to you. I Love Love your music and it's quite exciting actually that you have when you all out because the only thing I would say especially about your career, I mean, you don't release many albums I. Mean they're quite sparse right? So You keep your fans won t more and more from you. Yeah, it's true I mean this is my third album I don't like singles Saddam collaboration with other this is actually my third album. So No, it's true. I haven't really done breath many albums and is it true that you've recorded his album in a haunted country house tells a bit more about that. Yeah. Well, target we started it actually in Berlin when I was living there I worked with the producer from stuck on called Steph Storm. So he came over to Berlin we were there for a couple of days later I went to stuck on. And we kept some work in there but eventually when we sort of did against the most work. I'm moved back to Bergen at some points and it was like in the countryside of Bergen in a really beautiful house. It was old house like from the late seventeen hundred and it was so beautiful. But in a nice you can sort of it was this what you said these is that it was numb. That was sort of walking in the forest just outside it was a big garden on a forest than that it was a nonworking that they used to live in the house above. So you. Sort of had that in mind while you were working in the evenings soon, that will. Get. In the garden. That actually. because. Even the title is called dark hearts I mean it's very much an annual women you know with some sounds that you've using the past but I, think it's a little bit not haunting but you know what I mean if the lyrics no, they're they're more dramatic if I may say I, mean, would you agree with me or or how D say the? How would you define carts? Definitely and both me and when we started really wanted to do gear soundtrack to film that didn't exist. So in a way was very much like we wanted to do something that was a bit haunted really gave you big pitches send sort of wouldn't say scary but at least it had some sort of matic bit slightly dark feeling when you listen to. Anyone about your career in general I think I it's quite interesting. Sometimes, you can be like a question mark to people because at the same time you have songs that are so incredibly poppy and catchy. But then at the same time, you're very much kind of considered sometimes in indy autism you're kind of this original figuring my opinion I mean hard sometimes to define where do put any is any like as you say, effing already in your press release like a more good from more Britney Spears, you know what I mean. It's funny. You ask that because I remember the very thirsty whenever released my first album animal that was the question that the record company asked me was like, what is Anne? We founded really hard to categorize your like all you a cop singer or more like an artist, a gold trap more underground. We've find really hard to define you to categorize you I. Guess it always been the bitch like that with me that that they find it a bit hard to categorize me but. I'm also very elected sort of feel that I'm free while I'm working that it doesn't necessarily have to be If that's not what we WANNA do than I do something else. But a really have to kind of freedom. You know it's not me it's hard to work so. I Love Melody. Sooner. A love big melodies poke melodies, but also love productions that are maybe more slightly what should I say underground or? Not necessarily that cops I like to sort of combined it. Find out a much more interesting than just straight up for you know more underground always mixture. We'll because even with pop, you can be very regional. Songs for example I. I do love the Song Antonio I think it's so wonderful and I think that's a classic example very much pop catchy but but there's something quite special and unique about it as well. Yeah thank you so much. Nothing for us it's always been like when we made the track. You. Know we have this perfume this. SORT OF A. A perfume for men that was very, it was actually bit disgusting but still we kept on smelling it and just got the inspiration for Antonio but just smelling that in creating this person called until now and then the third a girl falling in love with this guy eventually she got pregnant and it was a bit of a tragedy couldn't be Brazilian by the way I think I remember reading something ages. He is Brazilian. I'm so happy and. That's fantastic. Well, let's talk about some of the songs in the new fiendish some excellent excellent tracks we've heard American cars before which is proper seem fee but I think you've been experimenting with new sounds as well. I think, for example, I was quite surprised with the song, the bomb, for example. Yeah no I mean it's it's sort of as I said earlier, we were really much inspired by different kind of film film music in general Yeah. Just filled music in general but. We wanted sort of to to not. You know keep it quite traumatic I get the bum. This is the most sort of what should I say? Big Dancy and yes sort of the point where everything sort of emerged becomes really big than explodes into something. So. Yeah. Yeah. But it's the mixture would say. And I love forever ninety-two. Is there a reason why ninety two or just looked good on paper? Well actually. That is a bit of personal song and it's actually about a person was to get the win in nine, hundred, ninety two. It wasn't actually a very good guy but it was sort of period of time where everything was quite exciting. I was really young and you know I was sort of escaping from home and just. Being a bit of a Rascal I? Guess. So it's sort of forever ninety two. It's about that time you know ninety, ninety two. Well I it sounds to me like a very, very good year have to say and there's one again I. Mean, of course I'm not comparing to we're leaving today. It's been a very difficult year but the countdown to the end of the world that's an interesting title for album released this year as well. It is. It's funny. 'CAUSE WE SORTA started making the album I guess back in two thousand sixteen. But but most of it was done like in two years because I. Also, you know a pregnant in between not only once at two babies. So it's sort of I. Guess the most of the production side was happening around one and a half year. So when corona arrived, we felt really it was SORTA strange. You know with a council young of the world because it actually in some ways felt a bit like that. You know that what's happening now it's so quite. Dramatic. But I still feel that the album is you know it's not like it's presenting the end. It's more like it's presenting sort of a warm place to go but also. Sometimes bit lonely place. You know it has the combination. Yeah. That's that's a very good point and of course we're talking you don't release that many albums. But of course, you're also DJ. So I think in between albums did quite a lot of kind of collaborations and you've played in clubs and and do you still do that? Yeah I do that I mean I was teaching just last weekend I'm going to have a GIG in two weeks. So even though I, mean, it's hard to now you know to have gigs. Many of the clubs close the many of them. You know you don't get that many people in. So you should have just takes you know for like two hundred people at most but. A do some gigs than I really enjoy it. I'm you know I'm a bit of a music nerd. So I love find you records and play it out and just. Apart, is always preferred to be the DJ than the one that was just hanging out so. If. I would love to hear one of your sets and and any I know you've worked. We've you know Swedish producer in this album. But when you have to say, of course, we know that Sweden has an amazing history when it comes to music but I've been noticing this quite a lot of kind of. A newer Norwegian acts in Norway's actually doing quite well, musically as well. Do enjoy the Norwegian music scene what you have to say about it. I think it's really exciting and you know you have put marches cigarette but you also have really good like interesting smaller coming up. So no, it's really creative and lots of things happening so. It's definitely as much. Just you know it's always good in Denmark and Sweden. Norway definitely on the Mappin has some of the greatest artists. and. Let's talk about you know the album we be released in October. Some countries are opening up others not I mean it's going to be completely different strategies. The way you're gonNA market and the way you're going to promote or sing the songs of the album, right? It is for sure. So it's sort of been a bit of A. Both exciting. But also a bit like Oh. My God, what are we doing now? You know it's It's such a big change from just a year ago. Now, I'm definitely GONNA try to to do as many gigs aside possibly can. But of course, I have to do some things online where coming up with different ideas when the album is coming out and. You know you just have to be smart and do things differently and that's I think that's good but also it's challenging of course. Very much so and and any I don't know if you have any kind of tour plan in the future, but I do generally hope that you come to loan as well. Yeah I. Hope. So I mean it's opening up I would love to travel basically everywhere and I hope to do some live gigs this well, 'cause I'm really excited to present these songs. Do you have a favorite song in the album by the way? Well. Personally for me. I think corridors of time is quite special to me. That was one of the first checks day. Then it's very. It's sort of when of road ahead you know my aunt and uncle that I've been really close to sort of imagining because they will always dancing side the thought about them dancing, Donald. So young girl dancing so you just have. To pitch of no, a really young girl thinking about a future and then a couple looking back you know at how how it was when they were young. So sort of these two looking in the future looking in the past. Yeah that's wonderful. Any listen. Thank you so much and it's been a pleasure talking to you here Monaco Twenty Four. Games. Fernando checker that talking to new ways Anne do check out a new album when you can and keep an eye on the Monocle de web page for interviews from across culture. I've been much Larry. This was edited by Jack Jones until next time goodbye.

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NPR News: 06-09-2019 3PM ET

NPR News Now

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NPR News: 06-09-2019 3PM ET

"Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Barbara Klein in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this hour. The biggest gathering of twenty twenty democratic presidential hopefuls getting underway. Nineteen candidates are preparing to speak at the state's Democratic Party hall of fame dinner. The Iowa caucuses the nation's first nominating contests, aren't until February, but NPR, Scott detro- says democratic activists are eager to hear what the candidates have to say. Groups of supporters for several different campaigns are out here in force, on the street in front of the hotel, and Cedar Rapids, where all the candidates will be speaking. There's a better Aurora crowd on Amy klobuchar crowd, Elizabeth, Warren, comma, Harris, Cory Booker, every candidate is going to give a five minute speech today, nineteen candidates in all making their case to Iowa NDS one of the candidates. Former vice president, Joe Biden is not in Cedar Rapids. Mexican presence. Undress Manuel Lopez Oberdorf is valley to fill fulfill the commitments of the deal reached with the US Friday that averts President Trump's tariffs six thousand Mexican national guard. Our dude be deployed to Mexico's border with Guatemala tomorrow. In the meantime, James Frederick is at the river at the C, you Dodd Hidalgo border crossing and says, life, there is going on as normal. These little rafts or crossing, as they always have. So, you know, that includes little goods, they're crossing between the two countries commuters people just going for the day and to Mexico or Guatemala. But I've also seen several groups of migrants cross today. So a little bit earlier there were a couple of soldiers walking around doing a little loop here, but other than that, there's absolutely no enforcement of this border is Mexico says it's going to do reporter James Frederick. Who says elsewhere in the area migration? Authorities police and soldiers are setting up checkpoints and checking vans and buses. For undocumented migrants. Thousands of Venezuelans are streaming into Columbia to buy food, and medicine now that a key border posts between the two nations is back open. John, Otis reports the Venezuelan government closed border bridges in February amid a deep economic crisis Venezuelans depend on Colombian border towns to buy everything from milk to antibiotics, but in February Venezuelan, President Nicolas Maduro closed the busiest border near the Colombian city of Kuta. He claimed that an opposition plan to use. The area to move humanitarian aid into Venezuela was a pretext for a US-backed invasion that prompted some Venezuelans to cross on dangerous footpaths controlled by drug traffickers giving no explanation. Maduro has reopened the border at Kuta for pedestrians though. It remains closed for vehicles for NPR news. I'm John, Otis in Bogota Colombia. This is NPR. American Airlines is extending cancellations of about one hundred fifteen daily flights until September third, as Boeing seven thirty-seven max aircraft remain grounded following two deadly crashes, Boeing has yet to submit a software, upgrade and training changes in order to get recertification to the FAA the nation's largest airline says it's making the move to allow customers to more reliably plan their travel more than a week after the mass shootings in Virginia Beach, family and friends are still paying their respects to some of the twelve people who were killed one of the victims is being buried at this hour, following a memorial service earlier in Stewart of member station. W C V E reports fifty four year old Christopher rap had a long career in public works as an engineer throughout Virginia. However, he had only been working at the. Virginia municipal center for eleven months before he was killed in the shooting. Former co worker Brenda Schultz. He remembered his work ethic to me. He's kind of, like, not the perfect public servant at the stereotype of wine. You know, someone who just wants to help people city offices out the complex remain open except where the shooting took place that building is closed. So investigators can piece together exactly what happened for NPR news. I'm Yeon Stewart in Richmond, Virginia game six and hockey Stanley Cup best of seven finalists tonight, the Saint Louis blues lead the Boston Bruins three games to two I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.

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Archives : L'histoire de RTL2

Des Ondes Vocast

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Archives : L'histoire de RTL2

"Disowned broadcast on the supply officer. More LUCID MASSA GELS oriented approach I do quickview fame maximum. `Pm County was what you tell do soon. How do you do? National was on the set on locale. Lv Mashes it tells us to stop the usual. Corbu shortwave near Surani SASCO to graduate SUPPO- MEAZZA NEAR SEATTLE STABBED FUND. Linney hotels business on. Catamarca dolls poked Lewis. Who Am Count Stagner to the Dupont Magris? It wasn't a dixie stalls. Sick at Africa's farmers re succeed on former samples on new lativa deeper Attica book Twenties they sued. Liu Powell outscore Jessica Johnson at Mit Police Department announced Joe. Joe Vitale. Musical Concerts Paprika. Play for. Simone is literally maximum meals. You're going to Santiago theater. So does it star Agean Spaniard. We Lucio Dimitri Spaniel Pisa Gone Coop Media. Tico press. Who had you don't get tools? Shush Ready Maggio. Shake experience and count. Gesture don't met on super power do the channel when it keeps regent induction bushes the today diffusion Lucille. There's appropriate there are some sort of their a financial Switzer. Paulo control to tell you zoepel. Transforming MIT LOOPHOLES ACO RECESS REFUSAL. Seasonally accounts are in. Fort Majority Motif. Dula DEFAULT SECURITY SMELLS OF COURSES. Supine keystone. Don't suppose I'll just won't classroom Vernet Deter Superiors Worker Renewal GATEWAYCC adults. Don't League Zimmer is made the rumors written about yourself and what a bad dude twas resorts sweet soul food you. Lesson Design with personal folks songs will to resist your job and MK haunt oriented. Fever will poke Verma on on issues on. Don't tell us. Union Sadler joins seebaluck proves that find his model cost. When you sell shown consol Kuta Johnson Komo Shanteau all of Tuta Donka version of the matter. Lizard don't count so they don't take Tuten well-staffed show music news involved who assume musical montage royalty events and counseling. Call the news. Only do Nouvelle Cornick lapook damage not Shit Ariel Mona full keeper took after ninety Brazil. Nationals to sign talk was still look at all the F. Bush campaign after extremely to Tom. Account set nearby deposits on Mrs Cuisine Restore Poker. Just also Cohen Council an opponent's shoe to Seattle tunnel us in the cow Donmar Lucius similar for us. Once in a PITA SEAN SUE counter. You know yes when simple. Yes you loose. Silty completely unique mocks your guests young woman you are similarly in Luke program at Von EFFEC- wants new issue marriage in preseason on that session a constituting bombed the eminem. Oh Jingle Solo biggest. Surely Galileo did not share. Look get choose more respect. Only few zone do for formula and count and count quasi-equity. Pbc National Again you didn't count and gallant Tips on officers to deform soil does comedian as it's just showing. Us Go on your kid. Kosovan zoo school set mouth of soccer hooligans. Cobb Bloomberg fail recess would always Finan more Roussel's modern do count on sale. Do Kyle nitrogen pose mark. We took note today after we surveyed more look motorshow special Duda capital Rod. You a gallon tank me. Notorious felt compelled to tell `support like it's pulled on Kufour Lewis's and Lucius Sir you to Reza livery soon Japan. They'll thousand farmers show may after dude. Workm- Savvy Luganda metal. Navan agent Musical Francophone Suceed Mass. Was You don't come on as a criminal haunt often John Fund of she'll Mosala family says so Theresa Notre No Airtel during the pogrom on negotiate Johnson. More MK Holt. Pre owned with Lt. Do not specificity Tempur Komo news onto the disavow nasty me. Doing all save was Gilchrist more than ours. Gap Is Policy Institute Community More Tacoma just example and reasoning behind. You Zeke if you hit the difference and the and the weekend could Musique Lapoma Sean. Tony Popolo put on your hog. Liberty Concerns Job Getler. So he could spy mess you can with the school. They don't match. The A shooter is any non food. Retailer Musique sitter yet your connaught origin girl who've deflache Debris clear that the meals could be local. Solar SPOILS IN AMID OFFICIAL NAME. On on the way took sure one is at least me more subscribing metric culling. Lub Silhouette coupon and have version in q showed US balance. We typically more data on the Tomko encountered so armee Blissett. Shall we want to push? It's your unacceptable hormonally mutual even after Roy have their own not dot. Com Visitor is this. I thought I'd tell you I would ask the teacher. Police Sunny Us up lure two species denied any short it only have to completely off at Mortgage Seaport Meteorology Perkasa after. She saw them to one meadows. Moldova's Returnee Perot. Tony would do it. More critique good encountered often dependent on the elsewhere reclaim honor the concept formula to increase their mortality. Just get one set to Don't consider senior. Us Lugansk Sean. With one more poems Musica will receive more percents formula slow go on Moscow considered. Don't Cla music for curators museum you so her. Happy MORE IMPLICIT PER LA Musique curate. Me ON SEPT Tomkins last show. In one Sean. Garlick Predator clinic we get one says off. Luke Ludicrous Lugano. Do for cooperative. What must revolve La Jolla Musical what pries the toot talking really can't afford. Don't Kerbala the ALTAN UPROAR La Police Study Pocket Complain Imagination? Your CPAP again misunder PADRAIC OWN SITCOM on says La- had you point. Vr musical purgatory Of Talk Lizzie. Me Sean. Discourse on criteria to hopefully soon tops Saudi released in turn on sale. Lessen your children Yoda pork. Equitable's on our washed off on supposed schoneman. God Box if we took peace luke Shooting the point me nearly every show along on the twenty second novel. Reconsider your to your new slogan La Music Star argue sister all the top one hundred yawns. It'd get not put up only liner Sunni bird. Dula do sit a music at the. I don't think attorney said she's very emotionally. Don't directly through goal. Missile talk is through source. Talk is the one okay. Don't show you pull these two girls Kobena. Physicians Designing Matter Alma. Ponderous missed up after Likud. Jones Digos oppressively detained. Are you can dial do stability of talk formulas for Minardi these to have pre contempt retailer genetic so oliver move super pocket. We were so park less victories. Twelve Raccoon Asleep Cabot to see them petroleum. Sure there were set. Imagination Allentown plus ready for Hook US naval you could property so we don't might provoke assume ownership Rod Jewish without burning. You stop us you not onto cow. Newsy quickly US you have food to do is take contact. Our best vocalist point is these on the ver- cast.

US SEATTLE Kufour Lewis Tony Popolo Jessica Johnson Joe Vitale La Musique Lapoma Sean Kuta Johnson Komo Dupont Magris Pm County Surani SASCO Linney Lucio Dimitri Spaniel Pisa SEAN SUE officer Africa Mit Police Department Catamarca Tempur Komo
Goodbye to 2020


25:16 min | 3 months ago

Goodbye to 2020

"Welcome into what is the final. Espn afc of twenty twenty. Dana's joined the a very smart shack and his love. Also with saying look at these lineup juliana wrong with us. Don hutchison frank. Leboeuf as well frank. I heard that we have to do this. Show quickly because you always champagne for tonight. Is that right. Yeah to pick up everything you know having a bill gouda kuta ted with my wife and not checker. A what's on the menu. Easter's champagne caviar. The whole shebang. Frogs legs a bit of new booth. Nine good to moceanu cliche will be. It will be always for me and fugger off for my wife. Then we have swiss resort and a champion of course and somebody red wine. Happy new year to everyone i write about you. Efficient shifts listening to fifty black want just basic chicken and some rice set to potty adjusted guy. Back again christmas eve. We're doing the rock late again tonight. The kids love is same for us. Oh love late shock. We may find that everyone's doing pizza. Your apple no to the pine more. Of course ross. From rumble the pizza quite eclectic. Mix all right. Sports show isn't it. Let's talk about. Let's love at frank. Let's take a look at the predictions. He made at the start of the season regarding the mealy before we do that. Let's take a look at the primarily table top three points clear less evanston. We know what he looks like. So let's take a look Wait well frank. Said inset timber lovely lovely fun to manchester city to win runners up liverpool manchester not unless the city and wolves top scorer. Gabriel juice player of the relegation aston villa brighton and west. How do you sleep at night. Frank getting your prediction so badly wrong. I'm very very sorry. I hope all lanes in forgive me without very bad prediction. But if i recall properly last year the saved themselves to not be the last day so we would have guessed that the could Could have done that starts and almost half a season like that. That's that's fantastic. What they do. And i talked to see gabriel down because well. Oh my god i hate. He dated between government jesus and body. I was good. I pick the right one. I very so so. Let's talk about your predictions now. Who is gonna win the league. Frank yeah yeah okay so okay. That's that's better. that's it yet. Mentioned the two in the league chelsea manchester united. Okay all right. That's good as you move onto villa. Sorry no gone. that's ed dumb. Don't let's get to your prediction. Show the whole world is been tweeting me to ask the percentage chance that you giving liverpool win. The league didn't shifted confront. He's got to finish fifth well as hey we got. Don't it's not really on what that is me. Being eighteen year old or ninety eight. Did you get your ears pinned. What up to you look so old. Yeah you do lng god wrong. You've changed your mind. You had manchester city winning at the start this season. You liverpool now. What percentage what's happening from now. To then i got divorced. That's why look richer in that picture. Oh right we continue right jones today. Shins jenin don't know done done done didn't put chelsea first six all put chelsea and i i think he's gonna show me show me show me show me. How did you get wrong. Frank kizzee exceeded all right. Let's say the professional h of the show today million miles away. Let's let's go for joel's prediction tools. Who's gonna win. The league liverpool liverpool will be too strong eventually for everybody for the outsiders for the other favorites are still think they're going to win that. We go and finally shocking. You get some pretty awesome wow long nosed zoos. Joel's changes as you say. Don't say that's why finally shackled who you're gonna win it who writes second of united okay dude city rights fourth of. Yeah good man. You are right now. Let's louis young client is pompey. That's reading reading was just conceded. Check sign hey. We are not say. We talk about predictions anymore. Not we need to frankly. Only one name managed to city to win the league. Lovely a lot more serious analysis of what happened over the year. Be sure to check out the latest edition of the gavin gills. Podcast which is available as always over on the website is a picture of gab. Toolkit what a surprise you hanging out with some friends and having a few drinks few becomes a few too many and is the evening comes to an end and people thought ahead out you think of calling for a ride. Now you live nearby. You can make it home okay. It's no big deal. You're going to get pulled over anyway and even side. What's the worst that can happen. Your insurance goes up. You lose your license. You lose your job you to your car. You kill someone. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk results and tragic and often deadly. How evan that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel under the influence. That's why police officers are out there right now. Looking impaired drivers on our roads to save lives. Say you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again but let's safe plan ahead to get a ride only takes one mistake to change your life on someone else's forever dr soba get pulled over do own or rent your home. Sure you do and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com parenting lefty more serious and look ahead to two thousand and twenty one. Which of course kicks off with bench united taking on aston villa. Socia- said this ahead of the game. We have competition for places which means you cannot go around and you can just fake your way being part of this team. You only deserve to be in a team that you contribute to. Shirley are Your boy papa could be. I mean. I think poorly in the last few games when he's on his game he's very important to that team. Maybe diga don't even the bank. Because does that mean if you don't work hard training maybe or if you're not showing anything training you can't get into the team because for me the biggest 'nigma so far this year in this first half this in regarding united is what happened to the. How can you not play so to player a player that surely we bring different things to your team certain times and yet i think he started one game in the premier league season so far. So maybe it's more than debate and polk. But i can see what you could make an argument for frank. What do you make coming from social. Faking it around. i think it's interesting. Because i mean i don't know i'm not sure that Two weeks ago it could have said that you know being such a fragile situation and now you feel very schubert himself confident in the way that he can threats some players secretly because we don't know the player that he's addressing those words to but yeah it goes to plug by it goes to the bank and goes to every player. Now we're not really of to to to fight for for for the club and the colors and you know all these showing the world that maybe we were wrong when it's not the right person for the for the for the role but We'll have to be patient to see his right or wrong. And i think we made the statement on the end of the season. But i think he's right to say that you know just be club and he has a right to say if you want to have a position in the first eleven you would have to fight. Fern brings up a good point. You couldn't say this off to get tired of the champions league but you can now off the run. The eve hands domestically. Is it right to be coming out and saying these things make a listener. I don't think only gonna socialize anybody specifically here. I think he's got to is. I think just speaking generally from a position of more confidence and a little bit more comfort given given the results. But i don't see only the shosha as as targeting as as having within him to talk to anybody in this manner to that very point. If i was sitting in that dressing room whether i will paul pogba or anybody else. I'm not threatened or intimidated by by social. What what yes. See in in all honesty so i think this is just a manager. Who's in the midst of a very good run of games and can speaking generally without without really targeting anybody specifically what do you think don audrey with a lots of thing. It's all show in his strength feels powerful so he's part of a generic question on it's probably directed to one or two individuals of might be. Poke book. could be someone like jesse lynn. God could we don't even debate the squad players who are trying to knock on his door and trying to get into the side. Would he say look. You can't just knock on my door and fake it. You're going to have to show me in training that you work hard enough and you're gonna show me in games when you get the chance. So i think he's speaking from a position of power. Meanwhile also joins you on it. Kicks off with the don. Hutchison vol everton against west time. Two year old sides going head-to-head on it going to go the pa this one don when you play for like a million. What you do is first and foremost you look at the league table. You find out. Who's doing best in this scenario evan. So evan will win the game. It's one of the west and you go to goodson park. You never ever win. And when i was playing ever in west more and we always beat them so the record at goodison park in terms of who's favorites haas to be an eye tipping the blue hoffa merseyside to get this one job. This job done also. The amount of fixtures west have played an arrest. I of hard. I think it makes them favorites. Topnotch analysis and dan is higher. Just who is going to win the game. Well rank done here. Haven't look at the table and to not higher than west. Hamas has pointed all right. I think advertise do get this job. Done really bringing it. The district mind how things starting the primarily looking to the saw the liverpool manchester united with a chance to go level with points and we live if they get that victory against aston villa given the standard of the show. So far we don't we may as well answer your questions and done with it. Donald what is the percentage chance liverpool. Wins those two games again. This is of course referring to the comment that you made that there's absolutely no doubt that livable beat what both west brom a new car. So craig burley points a lot over. The last twenty four would be zero. Had an absolute mayor. Deny you did beat west brom and off beat newcastle. Slow the first time. What can you do was trying. We'll see what is it. Dry stores already radi shaikha. I have to go. I'm sorry rea- things guys turn them up. Turn them up. I wanna see the news. Water need to know. That's the purpose of it. If i was gonna dream see saw whatever you gave him. he's gotta stay. Open them up shuck. Yeah you don't shock them. yes. I do lemon night. It's already and with that. we have to hurry. I want to use that word much more. Get ready to travel. Would you rather wanted to sign messy or impa- pay to a new contract. Ooh wom who felt like my my dad's and that's a hard one. I'll go for him by pay because because younger because it's got so many years ahead of him i would go for killian because kiani star is born and bred speaking of countries. Where are you at the moment. Joel's london a lot of teams. You could be in brazil with your friend go. It was too risky. Said to my wife would have gotten the children would have made me. Couldn't breathe the children with me. Everything was sorted. It was too risky to go. You go to his policy. Who's your plus one out of the espn afc crew stevie crooked. Get who can i pick. Who who can. I pick stevie craig o. Robo your options. Okay so i mean. I want to see tv tv that you know the dow either girls dancing. I mean stevie would be it would be perfect. Brings this means somewhere on the buffet table. There's means somewhere you can be stevie z. Best plus to those. I would say say involved craig. Just about everybody. Robot in particular complaining. Wingbacks jewel's jewel's jewel's running neck and he'd be hunt two minutes going to my head. Here we go. What were your favorite moments of the year. Gentlemen joe's i'm sure yours is watching. Psg win league for the five time in a row. Actually i'm gonna pick to see liverpool lifting trophy thirty years on after waiting that long even if there was no fans in the stadium. We're just the players the journalist and then the families it was. It was very special. And i think that deserve and and it was just a long way diet was a shimmy. We've said about the delaware still a very special moment. Do not mind more shot and tell you mine. Borussia dortmund be shelter nil because that was the first weekend of the action that was back member german for and you kinda fell off go. We don't have to look back on this day in nineteen eighty-four anymore. Yeah that's a fair point. That's a fair point. I'm gonna go jusoh. I was as happy as was neutral. Camby to see to see liverpool with. I always loved pin at anfield and just kind of give me the history of liverpool football club to see them to see them to detect was. That was good. Oh how felt check guy don well. This one's easy done so what you do is when you played for million clubs you find playful his right craigslist show. Tv screen frank. You'll favorite moment. I mean it's. I want to you to win the championship. Final but when i so come on Scoring the only goal against his former club. We don't want to keep him makes me feel good that you know nobody knows anything about football. It not only us you know as the espn afc but everybody cannot predict. Nobody cannot predict what can happen in life and see it's very i'm matt and went to munich and school. The goal who made them champion of uram frontier movement is losing gills cry. Yes that's seeing komen getting come on getting his revenge though. Because you're twisted people you only negative you. All make a new year's resolution choose not to be biased towards french. Plays shocking not to be biased. Goldie pod at frank to threaten more humidity from you really. I don't understand so humble. He's got champagne and always on standby no deserved something to do with humidity to deserve something. Fantastic don your. Your new year's resolution probably botanist probably go to school and learn about and maps or something trying the percentages self to be a little bit smarter. Joe's is very important. Just to be able to see my. You know my mom and dad who i in paris harbinson now since february longtime so hopefully twenty twenty one. We'd be able to be together again. Beautiful send some follow that yes shack. You don proctor schools. Who was the question. New year's resolution maker okay fine as his parents wanted to see them again. Most memorable new year's eves boys you played front new year's imagine. You didn't really celebrate that much to jane francis tonight ready tonight. He's gonna watch all the movies. He's been with champagne two thousand to bring them to bring the millennium thing. Big pushkin's off. I do the seven ballgame meets liverpool beating liverpool one nail. Playing me day switch off. It's like playing against liverpool new year's eve winning one. Neil this alive inside. The paris fireworks behind frank shock. Really think it's power rankings. Good does he know ranking system is very those rankings out checking it and we'll bring them even to them. Yes i do. Some google engineers railing. How long does it. You very low. How long three minutes very long time. Which room in. Psg signing makes the sense to you. Frank erickson daddy. Ali all zaha nunn question shack. Oh sorry i we'd go for ron. Eriksson doesn't work. Not of course none didn't really is not gonna work because i mean all the positions are already already picked by somebody else. I don't see the future of it and whether you want him to play none now. I'm sorry none of that would be that wouldn't be good signing paul. Don't apologize right. So shaq has said if he had nine goals he wouldn't lose any sleep over. Rates was the second page. That apparently i know i'm not listening. I remember sitting. I wouldn't lose any sleep if one of mateen's lost right now. If i lost so would you lose sleep conceding. Nine little bit. I'm saying if i've let. I've let them seven. How was that and that was the night. Sleepless really yes very sleepless those when you plan and under sunday pull the nose people just to do your kid i think. No i think vitamin everton really. Yeah we replayed this is westwood blackburn and everton conceded five and seven. I can't remember which auto so with very well might have been. Don't want to lose my sleep over. Losing a million couldn't a divorcees stinks birdie on top of the divorce. Eight neil eight neil. Wow horrible last game of the season half of tinted and because the really left for for other clubs we are going down with level and we lost eight. Neil got completely crazy and got sent off after five guys. That's it then. Espn afc back your screens tomorrow will of course be reflecting on those games against west ham manchester united against aston villa. That's then the end of twenty twenty. No expenses spared shankar. Some so somebody. I know really how the detroit that's it it's done go much legally. Oh god always a chicken and rice it. We will be back tomorrow. Enjoy your celebrations by do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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Vimalakirti Sutra 2020 - Talk 8

Everyday Zen Podcast

1:17:59 hr | 1 year ago

Vimalakirti Sutra 2020 - Talk 8

"I'm going to begin this recording again because it looks like something went wrong so starting all over again hi. Everybody am here in my house recording. Because I wanted to have a complete set of my own recordings on the Villa Sutra. I was gone the last several weeks of the seminar and Jeff. Bicknell took over for me and his recordings are available. But I wanted to have a set of my own as well so I'm GonNa Talk And share about chapters ten through the end of the Sutra. And I'm going to start here with chapter ten. The FEAST BROUGHT BY EMANATED INCARNATION. And this begins right after this silence of insecurity when he is the last to respond to the meaning of. Non Duality response by keeping silence. And so after that profound response Shari Putra at the beginning of this chapter says. I'm worried about all these buddy sought because it's noon almost and when are they going to eat and and Bill Acuity says to Shari. Put your boy. We're talking about these ultimate thing. So why are you worried about eating? Anyway I'm going to show you now an amazing meal far beyond anything you've ever seen so he enters into a concentration and enables. The disciples gathered at his house to see a universe called. Sarah Gonda Uganda. Which is located. Man has many butterfield's beyond where they are as there are sans in the forty two Ganges rivers so if there were forty two Ganges and each one had innumerable sand. That's how far away this universe is and that's how many Buddha fields are in this universe and they're the Taga named Sugandha Kuta resides and lives in that universe. It is so lofty and the aspiration is so high that nobody even heard of a disciple or a show project. Buddha Solitary Buddha there are no lesser pass only ultimate Mahayana Path exists there and in that universe all the houses all the avenues. All the parks. All the palaces are made a fragrance. They're made of perfumes and the food eaten by those bodies office is perfume. And they're they are now sitting down to eat their perfume fragrance. Food and the body side of his disciples Curtis House can see them doing this. So says to the gathering Would you like to go there and partake of that food but Mon- JUDICIARY Creates Supernatural Power to rob them of any desire to go there to eat food so nobody says they? WanNa go so then. We'll acuity without rising from his couch magically emanates an incarnation buddy southbound sort of magical being a golden colored adorned with US officials signs and marks shining throughout the assembly and. He says to that incarnation. But he's got to go in the direction of Zenith where that world is and whether all those Buddha fields and when you get there find the Buddha there ciganda Kuta he'll be eating and bought him and tell him that asks after his health and that has a request. Would you mind giving us whatever's leftover from your meal so that we can feed it to the people here in this world? So the incarnation body. Sophos says okay. I'll do it. And he looks up and immediately disappears and appears in other universe and makes the requests and the buddy sauces there. He e the request is specifically as we want this food to inspire people with lesser aspirations in the world to have greater aspirations and so all the buddies say well what what does that mean less lesser aspirations. We can't even imagine any less her aspirations and then the Buddha there ciganda Kuta says to them well. They have lesser aspirations because they live in a more corrupt world than ours. Our world is so pure. Of course we have high aspirations but there there's corruption there so they need. They're struggling to get out of the difficulty of their world so their aspirations initially are quite low but vimla courtesy. Listen that world. Nevertheless he has these inconceivable aspirations and he's wants to inspire the body Saunas so the buddy scientists say wow he must be something that if he can create a magical creature like this and live in that world and so the Buddha there said yes he is great and and he really is working for all living beings in all fields so he granted the request. He poured some of his food impregnated with all the perfumes into a fragrant vessel. And he gave it to the incarnation buddy saga and and at that time. Ninety Million Buddy Saunas in that beautiful universe said we'll go along to when he delivers the food. We would like to go to. Let's let's let us go so that we can honor the Buddha shock your money in that Saha World and honor this great visual acuity and see the Buddy Saad there so and the target That other Buddha out of the realm sugandha Kuta says well. If you think that that's a good idea go ahead. But less those living beings become matt an intoxicated. Go without your perfumes and less those living beings of the world become jealous of you. Change your body's and hide your beauty and don't think of any ideas of contempt and aversion for that very imperfect universe. Why Noble Sons? Buddha field is a field of pure space but the Lord Buddha Lord Buddhists in order to develop living beings. Do not reveal all at once the pure realm of the Buddha. So He's giving instructions to these super purified beings how to behave themselves in this less than purified world so they disappeared from there and Boof Pity reappeared in house and since they were ninety million of them it caused them to produce. Ninety million. More lion thrones like the ones he had produced before and they all sat down. So then the incarnation buddy sought for gave the vessel full of food to them acuity and the fragrance from that food permeated the entire city of I- solly and further beyond that to one hundred universes but within the city of the brand's householders and even chubby chieftain Chandra Chandra Chandra Chandra noticing the fragrance. We're amazed and filled with wonder and cleansed in body and mind and came all at once to the House of Milwaukee along with all eighty four thousand of the population of the Chubby territories. And they all bowed. And they were all amazed then Acuity said to Shari Putra in. The great disciples their reverence. Eat of the food of the data. It is Ambrosia perfumed by the great compassion. That's the source of its beautiful fragrance. The great compassion. But do not fix your minds in narrow minded attitudes dualistic grasping attitudes. Because if you do you will not be able to receive this gift. So then they said but how can such a huge assembly here eat such a small quantity of food? And of course he said you know. There's nothing to worry about. Their this food will be plenty for everybody and of course the eight and there was plenty for everybody so then As always they had a bite to eat and they got to talking about Dharma and Maliki said to the office who came from none other room. How does the Taga Sugandha Kuta who lives in your realm? How does he teach Dharma and they said well? He doesn't teach by means of sound and language he teaches by means only a perfume at the foot of each perfume. Tree Sits Buddy Safa and the tree. The tree emits perfumes. Just like the perfume this food and they smell the perfume and they attain the concentration called source of all Buddy Siva virtues and then they attain all virtuous. That's how he does it so then. They say intern. So how does the Buddha shock you mooney and your realm teach and as well? This is a lot more difficult here because here beings are hard discipline so the booth here has to resort to things like this courses He has to use words and phrases because everybody is so uncivilized. And what kind of discourse does he use? Well here's what he says. And this is sort of meant to be a kind of summary Impressionistic summary of the Buddhist teaching in this room. This hell this is the animal world. This is the world of the Lord of Death. These are the adverse these are the adversities you'll face. These are the rebirths with crippled faculties. These are fiscal misdeeds. And these are the retribution for physical misdeeds. In other words he gives a fairly harsh harsh teachings. You know there's held. There's animal passions. There's death there's retribution for misdeeds. That can be quite serious. verbal misdeeds also have retribution. Mental misdeeds have retribution. 's there's killing. They're stealing their sexual misconduct lying backbiting harsh speech frivolous speech covetousness malice. False views retribution for all these miserliness. And this is what happens. When you stingy immorality hatred slash sloth? That's Lush Sloth. And this is what happens when you have hatred. Slosh sloth Slosh sloshing sloth. I'm getting tired just saying it. So false wisdom. Transgression of precepts. But there's also in this world a vow of personal liberation there's about to take precepts do what should be done don't do it should not be done. Abandoned what is not proper and so on with all these explanations all these harsh boundaries that I have created. That's how I shall committee. Buddha must teach in this wild Rome thus by means but this is the maturity saying this thus by means of these varied explanations of the dorm of the Buddha trains the minds of those living beings who are just like wild horses. This is US right. No wonder we're having such a hard time. No wonder world is such a wreck. This is a world in which that's going to happen because our minds are just like wild horses. Wild horses are wild elephants and they can't be tamed unless the Goad Pierces them to the marrow so living being sort of wild and hard to civilize are disciplined only by means of discourses about all kinds of miseries the what he saw has said thus is established the greatness of the Buddha shock your mooney these are the body sophists from the other realm. They're astonished to hear this. They never heard of anything like this and they say wow this is this is really great. This is marvelous. How the Buddha conceals his miraculous powers to civilize the while living beings who are poor and inferior and the body. Santus who settled in a Buddha field of such intense hardships must have inconceivably great compassion so far from being scornful of all the miseries of this world and the wildness of beings there these buddies from a perfect world. I really impressed. By how great the shock you Muni Buddha must be to be in this world and how great the buddy softens must be a must compassion they would have to have to live in this world and then we'll acuity says you're right you're right it is just as you say the great compassion of the buddy sought fus who reincarnate here is extremely firm in only single lifetime. They accomplished much benefit for living beings. And in this saw how universe there are ten virtuous practices which do not exist in any other Buddha field. What are they to win? The poor by means of generosity to win the immoral by Moammar by morality and to win meaning to win them over to encourage them to practice to win the hateful by means of tolerance to win the lazy by means of effort to win a mentally troubled by means of concentration mentally trouble meaning distracted wild minded to win the falsely wise by means of true wisdom in those six meters of course which don't exist anywhere else but here to show the suffering from the eight adversities how to rise above them to teach them to those narrow of narrow minded behavior and so on and so on in the buddies say wow how many qualities must decide to have to go safe and sound too pure. Buddha `field after he trans migrates at death away from this Saja Universe and security replies after the Trans migrates at death away from this Universe he must have or she must have eight qualities to reach a pure butterfield safe and sound. What are the eight qualities and these are? I suppose you might say that. These are Instructions for prayers that we should be focusing our mind on when we're facing a death and we want to be born in one of these pure Buddha feels we must resolve ourselves. He must resolve himself. She must resolve herself. The Maliki says like this. I must benefit all living beings without seeking even the slightest benefit for myself. I must bear all the miseries of all living beings and give all my accumulated roots of virtually to all living beings. I must have no resentment toward any living being. I must rejoice in all buddy scientists as if they were Buddha. The great teacher. I must not neglect any teachings whether or not I have heard them before I must control my mind without coveting the gains of others in without taking pride in gains of my own. I must examine my own faults and not blame others for their faults. I must take pleasure in consciously aware and must truly undertake all virtuous if a body has these qualities when he trans migrates at death away from the University Logo. Satan sound to a pure field. So that's what them liquidity and the Crown Prince taught the crown prince. My juicery taught. I guess I didn't know that my Jew she was teaching this too but I guess he was because it says that and one hundred thousand living beings conceived the spirit of and Sell Unexcelled Perfect Enlightenment and ten thousand buddies. His pain the tolerance of the birth looseness of things. Remember how important that is? The tolerance to patients the equanimity with the birth looseness of things the grasp ability the lack of substance. In anything to feel okay about that. They all attained that wonderful capacity. And that's the end of the Tenth Chapter Eleven Chapter Lesson of the destructible and the indestructible so remember. That's all taking place in house and remember that the super opens with the Buddha who is elsewhere. The Buddhists sending people to Vima Liberties House. But he doesn't go himself just as the Buddha in this other. Realm sends the body surface to the Sahara World. And doesn't go himself so now at the beginning of chapter eleven we return to the scene of the Buddha who is teaching the Dharma in the garden of humble poly in that garden expanded larger and larger all of a sudden everybody in the assembly suddenly was glowing with a Golden Hue. So a Nanda. Who Is there said Lord? This is weird. What does this mean the Buddhist said none of these auspicious signs portend that the CIA? Vive the Milwaukee and the Crown Prince juicery attended by a great multitude are coming. They'll be here any minute. And at that moment acuity said to the Crown Prince Monday shree who is of course as you know the thought of wisdom of emptiness he said to him. Let's go take everybody here to the Buddha so that they can see about down to him because remember they have all these guests right on this other realm who came specifically to see shock. You Money Buddhist. So he's taking there and mudgee she says okay. Let's go if you think at the time is right. It's the phrase that's often used it's used in the Pali Sutras when someone asks permission. The booty will say well if you think this is the time to do it. Go ahead so maybe when asked to ask. Is it the time to do this? Or that. Is the right time so Modu SRI says that and so apparently does think it's the right time and so he miraculously is able to place the entire assembly. Remember there's ninety million and more of them ninety million visitors. In addition to all the people that were there he puts them all thrones and all in his right hand and transports himself magically into the presence of the Buddha puts his right hand on the ground and they all spring up right there and he vows to the Buddha Circa manipulates him to the right seven times and goes to one side. They all all the guests that were transported there by him. Do the same thing. All the disciples spiritual heroes. Everybody pays homage to the Buddha withdraws to one side including also the odds that Brahmos Paula's so everybody and then the Buddhist now. Thank you very much for your bowing. And signs of respect. Please sit down on your thrones and they did and Buddhist Shari put up. What do you see these amazing? But he saw what concept he says. Did you produce toward them? And Shari Putra says I. I produced the concept of inconceivability toward them. Their activities appeared inconceivably to me inconceivable. To me to the point that I was unable to think of him to judge them or even imagine now I couldn't even I just was beyond everything. So that was the concept I have inconceivability so did the Buddha. I noticed that there's this center this perfume. I never smelled anything like this before. What is this and the Buddhist said? This perfume is coming from all the pores of the skins of all these body. Surface and Shari says my God. I didn't notice this but a Nanda. The same perfume is coming from our pores as well. An anonymous said. Where does the perfume come from? Shari Putra says Illitch Aviva will occur to obtain some food from the universe called Servanda. Gaba Sarba Gonda sugandha universe and Buddhist field of the Taga sugandha Kuta and this perfume from their emanates. The bodies of everyone who ate that food and then the Onda says. How long will this remain? He may be a little worried. He doesn't particularly think it's a good idea for him maybe to have this perfumey member. He's a pure monk and it's not good for him to have too much pleasant aroma around him. And so how long will it remain? Says it'll remain until it's digested and when will that be says it will be digested in forty nine days and it's perfume will emanate for seven days more after that but there will be no trouble indigestion during that time. Furthermore Reverend inundate if monks who have not entered ultimate determination eat this food. It will be digested when they entered that determination so forty nine days. You know as time usually classical amount of time that is spent in the Bardo between incarnation. So the first instances maybe somebody who was perfectly realized they will emanate this perfume forty nine days until they take rebirth in a perfect realm but if not if monks have not out to enter the ultimate determination then the perfume will continue to inspire them until they do when those who have entered ultimate determine. Asian eat this food. It will not be digested until their minds are totally liberated. If liver living beings have not received the spirit of unexcelled perfect enlightenment eat this food. It will be digested when they conceive the spirit of unexcelled. Perfect Enlightenment if those who have conceived the spirit of perfect enlightenment eat this food. It will not be digested until they have attained tolerance. And if those who have attained tolerance eat this food it will be digested when they have become body. Sofit one lifetime away from Buddha Hood so in other words all this say that this perfume is really inspiring and and beautiful and magnificent and once. You don't need this kind of inspiration anymore. Sort of goes away. You've digested it. But as long as you do it will hang around for for quite a long time and how this food is great. It accomplishes the word the work of the Buddha so it is a non profit as you as you say under the Buddha replies. There are Buddha. Feels that accomplished the Buddha work by means of buddy Sophos. There are also butterfield's that do so by means of light their do their feels that do so by means of the tree of enlightenment some by means of physical beauty and the marks of the Tatakta some by means of really gorgeous religious robes like Japanese have gorgeous robes and and and that's meant to inspire and create a enlightenment just by seeing the robes. Some do it by delicious foods. I'm deal by Water Gardens palaces. Why because living beings need to be disciplined by various means so he goes on with many examples and he says finally onto the Buddha's accomplished the Buddha work by means of the four Mars and all the eighty four thousand types of passion that afflict living being so in other words not only are there positive and wonderful things that can do the work of Buddha but also terrible things confusing things like the Mars and the passions so it goes on for some time and skipping a couple of paragraphs and he saying that in all these different lands with all these different methodologies all the Buddhists share the title of some Yuksel woulda meaning perfectly aligned Buddha to target and Buddha. They're all the other methods differ. They're all basically the same in their perfect enlightenment. A Nanda where your life to last an entire eon. It would not be enough for you to understand thoroughly the extensive meaning and precise verbal significance of these three names. Some Yuksel Buddha to takeshita invited Saad Buddha these three words some sound Buddha to target and Buddha are impossible to understand the full verbal significance of these names. That's how wonderful they are then. All those buddies offers from the Buddha field of the Taga sugandha Kuta join their palms in reverence and saluting. The talk of the shock Mooney addressed him as follows. Lord when we first arrived this butterfield. We conceive the negative idea. We we were told that it was a an impure land but now we see that we were on why Lord the realms of the Buddhists and their skill in liberty of techniques are inconceivable in order to develop living beings they manifest such and such a field to suit desire such such living being variously as you've described so we are really impressed with you and all you've just said so please. Before we go give us a teaching by which we remember you so okay. There's a special liberation for Buddy softens which is called destructible an indestructible. So that's the title of this chapter as Robert Term gives it lesson of the destructible indestructible and this is the teaching. The Buddha here gives these offers from this other realm so this is a a liberation. You should train yourself in. He says to them. And what is it? Destructible refers to compounded things meaning everything that exists in this world whether it's a thought or a material object it's destructive it passes away indestructible indestructible refers to the uncut compounded things that are neither exist nor do not exist empty things things that are fundamentally worthless deafness empty of course the destructible and the indestructible as we know are one of the same but here. He divided them into two categories. But he says the buddy software should neither destroy the compounded nor rest in the UN compounded. So this would be the temptation of spiritual seeker to get rid of the impure imperfect world that we live in here get rid of all the suffering all the loss in rest in peace. They're gonNA the uncompetitive but police officers should not do that. They should not destroy compounded and they should not rest in the uncompleted so I Not to destroy. The compounded things consists in not losing the great love not giving up the great compassion not forgetting the omniscient mind generated by resolved not tiring in the positive positive development of living beings not abandoning the means of unification giving up body and life in order to uphold holy Dharma and never being satisfied with the roots of virtual already accumulated so you're always seeking always searching for further practice further truth further understanding taking pleasure and skillful dedication. Having No laziness in seeking the Dharma being without selfish reticence and teaching the Dharma always willing to share with anybody. Who is interested? Not Turning anybody away sparing no effort and seeing and worshiping the talkative being fearless involuntary reincarnations coming back over and over again to help and keep going with your activity being neither proud and success nor bowed and failure and need not despising the learned respecting the learn. It as if they were the teacher himself. Making reasonable to those whose passions making reasonable those passions are excessive taming them and calming down in other words so they become less crazy taking pleasure in solitude without being attached to it. Not Longing for one's own happiness but longing for the happiness of others. Conceiving and this is an interesting one conceiving of trance meditation and Equanimity as if they were the itchy hell so not seeking peace conceiving of the world as a garden of liberation the world itself with all its troubles seeing it as a Garden of liberation considering beggars to be spiritual teachers considering the giving away of all possessions to be the way to realize Buddha considering the immoral to be saviors astonishing all the things that required and practiced in order to practice this liberation of not destroying compounded things and it goes on Second. What is not resting in the uncut pounded here? The buddy software practices voidance emptiness but he does not realize wideness. He practices sign listeners. But does not realize sign looseness. He practices wish-list nece but does not realize wishlist nece so in early Buddhism. We had three marks things sign lists the empty silas the wishlists things are just neither existing or not existing. There isn't there perfect nothing to wish for. There's nothing to identify name. Things just beautifully arise and pass away so he knows this. He practices this. He practices it. This is an important distinction practices. These things he courses in the heart Sutra but he does not realize them in other words. He doesn't come to the end of them. He doesn't possess them as an accomplishment. He just practices he to go on. He considers misery. He understands misery but reincarnates voluntarily he knows selflessness but he does not waste himself. He doesn't hurt himself. He takes care of himself. Even though he knows selflessness he he considers peacefulness but he doesn't seek peace. He cherishes solitude but he doesn't avoid mental and physical efforts. And so on. Thus Nelson's a buddy Saad who aspires to such a doorman either rests in the compounded nor destroys the compounded and then the Buddha goes on further praising this great liberation and concludes by saying thus noble. Sons THE BUDDY. Soffer does not destroy compounded things and does not rest in the uncommanded and that is the liberation of Buddy sought fas called destructible indestructible noble. Sirs you should also strive in this. So those bodies office hearing this teaching that they had asked for were satisfied lighted and Reverend. They were filled with rejoicing and happiness of mind in order to worship the Buddha shock your Muni and the body sides of this corrupt Saja Universe as well as this teaching to show their appreciation in other words. Here's what they did. They covered the whole earth of this billion World Universe with fragrant powder incense perfumes and flowers up to the height of the knees. Wow imagine waiting around when I was young in the East Coast. We had leaves fall from the trees and sometimes country lines streets. You could wade in fallen. Leaves up to your knees but here. It's not only a street with trees but the whole earth of the billion World Universe and it's not leaves. It's fragrant powder incense perfumes and flowers. Having regale. The whole retinue of Taga bowed their heads at the feet of the Buddha and circumambulation him to the right. Three times sang a hymn of praise to him. Which is not given in the Sutra? We just have to imagine that hymn of praise and immediately disappeared from this universe in a split second and returned to the Universe of Sarba. Gonda Sugano Concludes Chapter Eleven. Here's chapter twelve vision of the universe a Barati and the guitar shelby. Ah So Buddha now. apparently immediately after this happened or maybe sometime later maybe they took a little while to digest the whole experience but the Buddha opens the next chapter by saying to so noble son. When you would see talkative how do you view him? So this is interesting from ordinary normal human point of view. It'd be like somebody saying well now that we're talking. Can you tell me like what do you think of me? Which seems a little self absorbed but here? Obviously the Buddha is not being self absorbed. Really what he's doing what the mood is constantly doing. And only doing is trying to illicit helpful thx. He's using every circumstance to produce something that might be helpful to being who might be listening so he wants me to give a teaching about the essential nature the true nature the most liberty of view of the detector and its target of course is not limited to the person of shockingly. Buddha's we see from these sutras. There's many many Buddhists they're all equal in Buddha Hood. They're all some young son. Booties Buddha's as we took some Buddhists as we learn so what is that to target a ship to talk it the hood Buddha Hood. What is it how do you view it so? Curitiba replied Lord when I would see the target. I view him by not seeing any to target why I see him. As not born from the past not passing onto the future not abiding in the present time why. He is the essence. Which is the reality of matter but he is not matter. He is the essence. Which is the reality of sensation but he has not sensation. He is the essence. Which is the reality of intellect but he is not intellect. He is the essence. Which is the reality of motivation yet. He is not motivation. He is the essence which is the reality of consciousness yet. He has no consciousness like the element of space. He does not abide in any of the four elements so a couple of things here first of all when the Buddhist says described the Taga of course says the target is the non to Takanaga. He's not in the past. It's not not an historical figure of somebody we remember. He's not in the future. Something we look forward to. He's not in the present because there really is no past present or future. None of those timeframe's really exist. Except in an illusory way and then when he says he's the essence of this and that it's very misleading because there is no essence. It really means he is the ESL essence les MIS of matter the essence. Listen this of sensation and hear matters sensation and so on are the five scandals. But I just WANNA point out. It's interesting the way here. Thurman Renders these five categories. The five scandals are away of parsing all human experience for feeling the usual translation is of the five is formed feeling perception impulses and consciousness. The listens impulses meaning volition. 's and here Thurman translates as matter so form is translated as matter feeling is translated as sensation. These are not so unusual but the third one which is usually perception here is translated as intellect which is quite illuminating because perceptions are in Buddhist understanding a product of mental activity the census touch an object. But it's the mind that creates the object for us so intellect is an interesting translation of perception and motivation is an interesting translation of impulses where volition our motivations and when you think about it We are constantly acting and you know going toward or away from things depending on our basic motivation so here one of the burdens of this dry. Say I guess you could say is to give us a higher appear more exalted motivation? Rather than just I need what I need. I want what I want and the last one is consciousness so anyway. That's how I see the doctor. And then he goes on skipping a little bit that the doctor is not conception. He's not a middle construction but he's not a non-consumption either he's he's neither the other shore or this shore or anything in between he's neither here nor there though anywhere he's neither this nor that he cannot be discovered by consciousness nor is he inherent in consciousness. He's neither darkness or light neither name or sound neither weak nor strong lives. Nowhere neither good or evil. He's not compounded. Nor non compounded to reference the previous chapter. He cannot be explained as having any meaning. Whatever so it's wonderful. The Buddha doesn't exist or not exist and the Buddha is not meaningfully has no meaning whatsoever that could ever be described so the molecule that goes on in this describing answering ineffective Buddha's question. How do you see me so then? The Venerable Shari Putra speaks up and asks the Buddha in which Buddha field did the noble vim liberty die before being reincarnated in this Buddha field so Sherry Putra in the last chapter. Remember he spoke about. When are we having lunch in this chapter? He has another From a Buddhist perspective extremely practical question. What world did he live in before he was born into this world? I'd like to know just in case I might WanNa go to that world and be reborn here as Adema. Courtesy like figure. Maybe he's implying so Buddha's said well why ask me? Why did you ask him? He's right there. So Shari Putra asked him in the Milwaukee of course does not answer in any small minded way he says. Is there anything among the things that you see elder that dies or is reborn and Shari put your says well now that you think of it there is nothing that dies and nothing? Is that thing that gets reborn that died. And they'll get three born. The Milwaukee Says Likewise Reverend Shari Putra as all things neither die nor RV born. Why would you ask? Where did you die to reincarnate here? Reverend Gerry Putra. If one were to ask a man or woman created by magician where he or she had died to reincarnate there. What do you think that creature? That magically created creature would say sherry butcher says well a magical creation doesn't die and isn't reborn and says Reverend Shari Putra did not talkative declare that all things have the nature of a magical creation and Charlie Putra says well now that you mentioned it yes in some sutras it does say that in Maliki said well Reverend Gerry Putra since all things have the nature of a magical creation. Why would you ask? Where have you died to reincarnate here? Reverend Chari Putra death and this is a very moving and important interesting passage. Reverend Shari put death is an end of performance and rebirth is a continuation of performance. But a low of buddy sought the dies. He does not put an end to the performance of the Ruth Roots of Virtual. And although he is reborn he does not adhere to the continuation of sin so This world is a magical creation but activity is going on in this world. It's true and so What we call. Death is a an apparent in of the performance. And what we call. Rebirth isn't a parrot continuation of the performance. But when a buddy dies in the earlier teaching of course Death was powering. You'RE GONNA not deaf total and with no coming back but buddy savas do not put an end to the roots of virtue. They're passionate desire. Compassionate desire to save beings continuous pass their death and although he is reborn he does not adhere to a continuation of Sin. So in other words. Rebirth the old schools of Buddhism was understood as some flaws of difficulty. Some unfinished business leftover causing to be reborn but here what he saw as not reborn from unfinished business to reborn from their roots of virtue from their vows of compassion. So For us you know. I've thought about this a lot and and I really do feel like You can't really appreciate Buddhism without appreciating that this life is not the end and this birth is not the beginning. That's why the virtue of our practice in our understanding and all the efforts that we make to love one another Asanga members and support one another go beyond the objective realm in our life goes beyond the objective realm. This world is more than this world. Life is more than like death is more than death. Life and death don't really exist so then the Buddha said to the venerable Shari Putra Shari Putra. This holy person came here from the presence of targeted at Shogo in the universe of Barati or a beer. I'm not sure how you say it. So in other words after this philosophical denial of the question the Buddha actually turns around and answers the question quite specifically actually Shari Putra them. Liberty came from the universe of APOB. That's where he was in his last life in charge. Which wow this person left a holy Buddha field like that and came to a such a mess up Buddha. Feel as this. Usually you know you you go up in the world as you're reborn right if you if you're virtuous but here's finicky. This wonderful person must have done a lot of great stuff to get reborn in that pure world now. He's coming down in the world to this very impure messed up world and so Sherry Putra kind of wondering how. How could that be? I just don't get that Andy. Mckee said what do you think Shari Putra does? The light of the Sun accompany the darkness and Charlotte Says No no Ramallah. Courtesy says the two. Don't go together and Shari says no no. They don't go together because as soon as their son there's no more darkness and visual acuity says. Why does the sun rise over the world and sharpshooter says it rises to illuminate the world to eliminate the darkness just in that same way? Reverend Chari Putra system will acuity body sought the reincarnates voluntarily in the impure butterfields in order to purify the living beings in order to make the light of wisdom shine and in order to clear away the darkness since they do not associated with the passions dispel the darkness of the passions of all living beings. So in a way As you see the segue into this whole passes to talk the buddies have to dying and being reborn which is Sherry original question and Buddha saying he was reborn from ability in the land of October to talk but although it looks to you Shari Putra like this world is corrupt and full of misery and trouble. Actually when nobody Safa arrives in this world. It's like the sun shining to that body sought for the world is not dark. The world is totally redeemable and in the presence of that body's offer I the world in fact is redeemable and is not dark although it appears to be so that's to remember when you're in the midst of misery and suffering it certainly feels compelling. It really looks that way. The world looks like it's in deeply in trouble but the sun is shining and we're going forth as we must so everybody in that assembly wanted to go to ability the universe of the talk show. Bia and the Buddha said to me. Boy Look all these people wanna go there having heard about this where you came from before they heard about it and they wanna go this. Show it to them so The job he thought to himself without rising from my couch I shall pick up my right hand in my right hand that whole universe and all it contains. It's hundreds of thousands of body. Saad Davis Naga Auctions Gondar as mature as bound by its chocolate chocolate. Bottom Mountains rivers lakes fountains streams oceans and other body of water. It's not Soomro. It's retinues provinces. King the men women and houses all the lotuses all the jewel ladders. All the stuff. That's there I will take that into my right hand and Kerry gently like a Garland of flowers will bring it right here and show it to all these people would like to see it and then he entered into a concentration and he did just that he reduced the whole universe of Barati to minute size which was able to with his right hand. And bring into this universe meantime in that universe. The Disciples Buddy thought was and those among the gods and men who possessed the divine. I were alarmed and they said what's going on. We're being carried away. We're being carried off. Protect US oh Buddha Acopia but the Buddha show BIA Didn't WANNA protect them. He wanted them to experience this difficulty because it would be figured it would be good for them and he said. Don't worry don't worry. Just stay firm you are simply being carried off by the buddy south of the Maliki and it's nothing to worry about as for all the other men in God's without this super knowledge they didn't even know that they were being carried anywhere and although this universe was brought into the universe the CY university not get bigger it was not compressed diminished nor was the universe ability reduced internally in both universes appeared to all intents and purposes as they always were and everybody got to see this and they were amazed by it by it and then This the point of this is not just to see an amazing universe but seeing universe like this develops your motivation and your intention. That's why I've insecurity bother to bring it in once. They were all developed as they could be. He returned the universe ability exactly to its former place and then they all were amazed by this. Shari put says I saw it. I saw it. May All living beings come to live in Buda field splendors as that they all living beings come to have miraculous powers just like those of the noble optimal acuity and we have great gained great benefit from having seen holy man like him. We have gained great benefit from having heard. Such teachings of Dharma is so great those who devote themselves to this teaching of the Dharma tolerance their zeal their intelligence their discernment their vision their aspirations thereby become subject to the prophecy of future Buddha Hood. So we're all going to become Buddhas. Thanks to having experienced all this in in our case thanks to having experienced it imaginatively through our contemplation of this chapter in the next chapter is called the epilogue by thirty minute. He says other texts. Don't call it the epilogue. But he's going to call it the epilogue here and it's appropriate. I think that it be called an epilogue. Because is a very typical trope in my own a Buddhist sitters that at the end of the Sutra the Sutra itself is praised. And many great benefits are promised to those who will Protect the Sutra and studied Sutra. And so on so. That's what is happening in this epilogue. This is really about praising the Sutra reminding us what we have just read is to be treasured protected and practiced so the chapter begins with shock. Road the prince of the Gods saying to the Buddha I have never heard. I've heard a lot of teachings I've heard from Buddha module. Sri But I never heard a teaching of the dumb as remarkable as this instruction in the entrance into the method of inconceivable transformations Lord those living beings who having heard this discourse of the dorm accepted. Remember it read it and understand it deeply. We'll be without a doubt true vessels of the Dharma. There's no need to mention those who applied themselves to the yoga meditation upon it the words if they just read it they're true vessels but how much somebody who truly meditates on it and takes it to heart. They will cut off all possibility. Unhappy lives they will open their way to fortunate lives they will always be looked after by all Buddhists will always overcome all adversaries and they will conquer all devils and so I know this so I will always protect. This is the head of the Gods. I will always protect protect. All villages towns city states kingdoms in capitals. Where this teaching is applied. We will come regards to hear the there and we will inspire the unbelieving faith and we will guarantee help and protection to all those who uphold the Dharma Sutra so the Buddhist to them That's wonderful I appreciate that And so it's great that everyone knows that upholding the sutra. We'll bring them protection from you and all the other gods you then says to him. Let's suppose that this billion world universe were as full of to target as it is covered with groves of sugar cane with rose bushes with bamboo thickets with herbs. And so on. Let's suppose that let's suppose so in other words there's huge numbers of targeted in this world. Let's imagine that. Let's imagine that People honored these many. Many Buddhists by making stupid for the monuments to them made of precious stones and making monuments to boot is great meritorious action on all countries of the world. It's it's a tremendous thing to do. It's really one of the best things you can do is make a monument in a stupa to a Buddha. So wouldn't that be great if that happened? Imagine such a thing in the shocker. The Prince of the guts at oh it would be fabulous thing. Many much merit would accrue from this. So he says understand this but say whoever accepts this exposition of the Dharma called instruction in the inconceivable Liberation Recites it and understand it deeply. He or she will gather merits even greater than those who would have performed all those acts all that stupid building. Why because Prince of God's The enlightenment of the Buddha's arises from the Dharma and one honors them by Dharma Worship Not by material worship does it is taught prince gods and thus you must understand it so this is You know in the context in which material offerings to temples was considered so important so meritorious. It's a little shocking to say to listen to the Sutra and meditate on and take it to heart is much more meritorious action then that and so to illustrate that the Buddha now tells a fairly involved story once upon a time long long ago there was two Taga called by How do you say this by Shah? I guess the best way to pronounce it that I can see is Bishan Roger Bishan Roger Which is kind of Medicine Buddha? And that describes his retinue place and says that among the people who were were there His retinue was a prince by the name of a CIA Chandra Chandra Chandra Chapter. And he they were all making offerings material offerings but this prince retired into solitude and talk to himself. Isn't there another way to worship the Dharma to worship the Buddha then these material offerings there must be a better way and so by supernatural power that Buddha in that Realm Baisha Roger? 'cause the gods to speak to that. Prince and say yes. There is another way. The supreme worship is not material things. It's the Dharma worship and what is Dharma worship and the Gods said Goto that Buddha by garage and ask him he will explain it to you and so Prince Chandra Chandra went to that Buddha. And the ask them and they'll come several pages of the explaining what is Dharma worship. Noble son the Dharma worship that worship rendered to the discourses taught by the Buddha worshiping. The sutures themselves Putting them on the altar and offering incense to the centers maybe. These discourses are deep and profound illumination. Do not conform. Sorry to the mundane and are difficult to understand and difficult to see and realize their subtle precise and incomprehensible in these are collected in the buddy and stamped with the insignia of the king of incantations teachings. Anyway he goes on and on about how wonderful these sutras are to teach correctly to uphold to investigate to understand such scriptures thus incorporating into one's own life the Holy Dharma that is called Dharma Worship Furthermore Noble Son Darma worship consists of determining the Dharma according to the Dharma applying the Dharma according to the Dharma being in harmony with relativity meaning the regular world being free of extremists convictions attaining the tolerance of ultimate birth looseness in non occurrence of all things realizing selflessness and living being listeners refraining from struggle about causes and conditions without quarreling of disputing. Not being possessive being free of egotism. Relying on the meaning and not on the literal expression in short he says a few more things noble son when you do not hold to any view at all. It's called unexcelled arment worship. So somehow that's just like Vimla Milwaukee's silence is the ultimate teaching. So not holding to any of you at all is the ultimate teaching of all these citrus. Although I think we have studied them enough to know just from only the evidence of this one sutra that we can't reduce that something simple. Oh I don't have any of us that know. This is something just more than Than that mundane clueless nece not having any of us at all is not clueless. Nece or being Confused or having no motivation. It's something other than that. It seeing the magnificent boundless -ness of things appearing in front of us all the time so it's not a cipher or a kind of a zero or nihilism. It's quite the opposite of that. Anyway all of that is darned worship so High on the list then. A diamond worship is not only this sutra but all my interest should be worshipped and deeply appreciated understood and put into practice in our lives so the Buddha tells the story approvingly at the end of the story says I was that in a past life I was that Prince Chandra Chandra in. I upheld that and later on was reborn in this world shocking Muni Buddha and therefore. I know that it's no good worship me with material objects but worship me with Dharma worship. That's really what they want. And at this point the Buddha turns to the body south on my trail and says to him I now transmit to you Mitra this unexcelled perfect enlightenment which I attain only after innumerable millions of billions of aeons in order that at a later time during a later life similar teaching the Dharma protected by your supernatural power will spread in the world will not disappear so as we know my trays. The coming Buddha my trade is Meta meaning the buddha of loving kindness the Buddha friendliness And so Good is here. This is the moment when the Buddha is passing on his Buddha ship to Mitra so in effect Mitra already coming. It's already happened so now. He's giving by a few teachings to help him to become the next Buddha of this of this place my trail there are two gestures of the buddy Sophos. What are they? I too believe in all sorts of phrases and words and second to penetrate exactly the profound principle of Dharma without being afraid such are the two gestures. Nobody saw them might try. It must be known that the Buddy Saad for who believe in all sorts of words and phrases and apply themselves. Accordingly are beginners and not experienced religious practice but the body surface. Who read here believe and teach this profound teaching with its impeccable expressions reconciling dichotomies and it's analyses of stages of development. These are veterans in a religious practice. My tray there are two reasons. The beginner buddy sought was hurt themselves and do not concentrate on the phone. Dharma he saying this to my trade because he wants Mitra to make sure he's guarding this higher teaching so he's telling him about things that might militate against this. So how do they hurt themselves and not concentrate on this higher teaching? I hearing this profound teaching never before heard. They are terrified doubtful and they don't rejoice and they reject it thinking. Where does this come from? I never heard this before. This doesn't seem to be you know went to Buddha taught as of course many people many Great Buddhists thought that when I heard these very expensive amazing my sutras and I think probably today there are many really good but teachers who are quite awakened who don't really recognize these sutures as being that important or adding anything. Maybe they scratch their head over them heads over them. So that's one of the reasons that buddies office would hurt themselves. Secondly they then behold other noble sons accepting becoming vessels for in teaching this profound teaching and they don't attend upon and they don't they don't respect them. They don't honor them eventually go so far as to criticise them. So this is of course speaking to people in these early times who did just that when they saw Mahayana. Practitioner is holding the sutures. They said those. Those people don't have the right idea. They're doing it wrong so this this is not good. Don't don't don't when you see this Mitra Buddhist saying realize that these people are putting themselves in danger. There are two reasons to buddy Saad visit. Do Aspire to the profound Dharma hurt themselves and do not attain tolerance of the ultimate birth looseness. When are the two those buddy's house the bose those sought those despise and reproach the beginner body sophists who have not been practicing for a long time and they do not initiate them or instruct them in the profound teaching? Having no great respect for this profound teaching they are not careful about its rules. In other words rule number one is respect. Everybody even the people who don't like the sutras that are terrified of them and criticize them in your presence. They should be also initiated and instructed in the profound teaching to they helped living beings by means material gifts and do not helped by means of the gift of the Dharma such my trae are the two reasons the buddy scientists who aspire to the profound on a hurt themselves and will not quickly attain the tolerance of the ultimate birth business of all things. So you know we are very much addicted to materiality. And we think that helping is giving material help giving money giving stuff and and that is important and that is good but do not let that Take the place of the Gift of Dharma. In this case we might Say that's wider than just when when a candidate political candidates for you for a contribution you should send them a copy of the Sutra along with your check. I don't think it means that. But it means that when you approach beings Love and respect and seeing them for who they truly are has Buddhists and sharing your heart with them your understanding with them as a human being to human being. That's more important than whatever material gifts. You may have material gifts get used up but true respect and love is is never used up so the Buddha is telling all this to my tray on the hill know what to do in the future and what to look out for in the future in my trailer agrees to take on the the Joyful obligation of being the next Buddha in the food is really happy about that. He says excellent excellent. Your word is well given I rejoice and commend your good promise and then all the buddy softens there say together in one voice lured we also after the ultimate liberation of the talkative will come from our various Buddha feels to spread far and wide. This enlightenment of the Perfect Buddha to target all noble sons and daughters believe in that so That's the end of the Sutra and the end but it says a Nanda. You're listening to all this right and another says yes yes. I am I am and what it says. Well remember it so that like all the other suitors we will have it because you remember it and teach it widely incorrectly to others in an says. Don't worry I memorize the whole thing but I need to know what name should I give it. What should we call teaching? And the Buddhist or non that this exposition of the Dharma is called either the vim late. The teaching of insecurity or the reconciliation dichotomies or even section of the inconceivable liberation. So remember it like that. So it's usually called Near Dacia Sutra. Meaning the teaching of insecurity but it could also be called a reconciliation of dichotomies are opposites or maybe we could say the Sutra of the paradoxes. It's also called The section of the inconceivable liberation the Sutra of inconceivability beyond conception remember it like that that spoke the Buddha and they'll achieve acuity and the crown prince jewellery the venerable Nandana. Buddy south is the great disciples the entire multitude in the whole universe with its guardsmen. Assures d'arvor's rejoiced exceedingly all hardly play praised these declarations by the Buddha? Those are the last words Teen Dacia Sutra. So I love this Sutra in. And it's I think we said at the beginning at the suture is extremely important especially in the Far East. It was really important in China. The Chinese loved it as we said probably for its humor. It's a little bit disrespectful in some ways and comical but I think the Chinese liked it for that and I think we like it for that as well it was not so much read in In India and Tibet Wasn't as important areas is China. It's very important in then and in fact there's a case that appears in both the Blue Cliff Record. I think their case eighty four and it also appears in the book of Serenity. Maybe in the book serenity. It's something like case forty eight. Both cases are identical. They are. It's forty eight in the book of Serenity just looked it up here both are identical and they just give you the last couple of paragraphs of Monje. She's a description of what is and then he says to security what your description is silent. That little snippet from the Sutra is the case. Forty eight and eighty four in Sarande Book Serenity and Book of Blue Cliff Record respectively and probably when we have our sitting this Saturday. I'll talk on that case as a way of summing up we're talking about the essence of the suture. Thanks everybody for listening. Thanks to Jeff for taking over the seminar in our last seminar meeting. We're going to have a puppet show Patricia Sullivan and company. Who have done this before. Are GonNa find their puppets and their script? And we're GONNA have performance of the Sutra. So we're looking forward to that. Thanks very much everybody for listening goodbye.

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Scientific Shimmy: Why we Dance

The Naked Scientists

53:28 min | 2 years ago

Scientific Shimmy: Why we Dance

"Have you loud and clear? Signs, and that is the same physics, medicine, nature brain. The universe this week. The naked scientists hit the dancefloor as we look at the science behind the booby. What makes someone a good dancer? Why do we do it and how Camis at to help people? And in the news. How glaring lungs could help fight hospital infections the future of the internet's and an act to help people with OCD. I'm easy clar. I'm deals and this is the naked scientists the leykis scientists podcast is powered by UK fast dot coach K. I in the news around the world about twenty million people need a ventilator to breathe. Ventilator patients are some of the most critically ill and particularly vulnerable to picking up lung infections lately Monja, but because time is so short for these patients talked his don't really have enough time to properly diagnose the infection, which can take days. So they end up being given lots of emergency antibiotics as well as using resources this adds to the all ready significant global problem of antibiotic resistance now, scientists have developed a new way of rapidly seeing bacteria impatience lungs at hospital bedside, which they hope could be used confirm a suspected diagnosis within seconds. And also monitored the progress of treatments clinician and researcher. Kev Dhaliwal from the university of Edinburgh took part in the research, and he spoke to Casey halo, one of the biggest challenges faced by manatee. At the moment is the rise of anti mcrib resistance, and the lack of antibiotics we have in the pipeline. We need to. Better steward. What we have currently. But also to make sure we're giving the right classified antibodies. The patience of the was we drive resistance and some snow is intensive care. Very sick patients. We give very broad special to -biotics, we need to stop antibiotics that we don't need to give because many side effects also draws resistance to the idea. Here was still the bedside technology that could give as a result within seconds. Can you walk us through unique technique? You can call them molecular light bulbs or fluorescent smarties chemicals that will bind togas than light it. When the bind the target. We spray them into the interest in the we pass a small microscope and look for this light. And that's what we're seeing. So the paper, and the what we describe as the ability to spray these small probes as we call them or these molecular light bulbs in the hit the toll gate and they lie tub, and we actually take the detective right into the distant Paul of the lung. So you've got a molecule which is. Capable of emitting a light signal, and that's what bounds to something that reacts to the bacteria. Yeah, the coal technology was around an antibiotic that we modified the only binds to certain types of bacteria that we then put this floor for on. And then it only lit when it touched that bacteria. So the the floor four embeds itself into the membrane of about Tyrian, the member of bacteria of different environments that can make the floor for light up from zero to high levels. So what information do you end up with them at the bedside? We start seeing clumps of bacteria s- ball clean front of us. And one of the biggest challenges we have to do now understand with that is just about to there already. What levels that were all his his real infection. So what we're trying to do in studies moving forwards is now this out too, many more patients now that we've proven we can see the bacteria and the lung and in the small series that we've done we think indicates real new faction to validate. That that in hundreds of people to show that we can actually definitively diagnose this condition, you Monja within sixty seconds on the ventilator. We also have other molecular I build the pickup of the signatures of infections inflammatory cells, for instance, so we'd like to think of this is a bit like a rainbow. Green is the like the bacteria, but we can pick a red magenta signals when we are the small presence of what we're bound to do. Now is take this to the next level. We're gonna Ashi spraying a combination of these probes that pick up both inflammation, which is the hostal humans response defection and the bacteria to give us his unique signature of these just back to sitting that he's about to Rashi causing nasty damage. We have developed now probes that does the class of bacteria that can dial right? The type of antibody we give so what we're moving towards that. She the ability for these small probes also be able to tell us that the bacteria live or dead wasn't palled. This. Study that we published, but that's the way moving to the ability to show that antibiotics Rushie working because often we invented tastes. And we didn't know the dose that we're giving correct in these patients, and we know entirely show, whether they penetrate tissue to kill the bacteria so monitoring treatment efficacy is a key. Can you give us an indication of how significant this new technique could be we spent many years cades, scientists using animals all things in dishes and thinking we know what's going on the side even being we've never been out as she see real bacteria infection humans before the bedside in patients who are acutely in. Well, but the ability now to do molecular microscopy inside human beings, we cannot she understand disease processes. So I think from our perspective Rick cited because this the beginning of that journey some very exciting work. Kev, Dhaliwal they're speaking to Casey halo, and the paper was just published in science translational medicine. Now OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is a condition affecting just over one hundred people which kind cools ritualized behaviors like repeated handwashing fifth contamination. The behaviors can have a serious impact on people's work, then mental health and their relationships. We're now a team from the university of Cambridge have designed an app for patients with a CD and early. Studies have shown it can help improve symptoms to tell us more which on by professor Barbara a hockey. And hi, thanks for joining us. Thank you. Can you tell us a bit more about a CD? Yes. So although some people sort of trivial is that because you know, they think oh handwashing that's not too bad. I mean, the point is that some of these people so severe in terms of their symptoms of contamination fears that they actually pour bleach on the hands or even sometimes they can't even leave the house because they're so concerned that touching anything in a public place might contaminate them in some way. So it's a very serious illness. So what kind of therapy? He's do exist in the moment. Well, at the moment, the most common one is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, and it's called exposure and response prevention, so it's very special form. And what happens is maybe a psychologist or somebody helps them go through the treatment where when they have contamination fears. They have to say touch toilet seat or maybe even put their hands down a toilet. And then that prevented from washing their hands. So initially they get very anxious as you might expect. But slowly, they habituate in the exposure to this make some essentially become unafraid in and they lose the contamination fear, but many patients don't wanna go through this treatment. Because it so makes them so worried and anxious, and this is what inspired you why did you set out to design this up? Yes. So we set out to design the app because the two treatments. There are the cognitive behavioral therapy or the drugs, which the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors us, our is like Prozac. Only about sixty percent of patients respond to that. So this about forty percents that get no relief from the treatments. So what we've done as we've got these apps. One is a an app where you see yourself, washing your hands and the other app is where you see yourself touching these sort of disgusting objects, which obviously a related to catalyse fears, and what we've found is people. Do this four times a day for week? They actually get much better in terms of their symptoms as symptoms of greatly reduced and also we find that they become more cognitively flexible because basically cognitive rigidity is associated with carrying out these rituals habits and so forth. And what do you mean when you say coke native flexibility, well, sort of being very adaptive to things and sort of being able to switch to think of new things and not get stuck in these ritualistic behaviors. Right. And so you mentioned a video on the app of them, washing the Hanser could you talk me through how someone using the app when that use it, and how is it? Yeah. So they. They asked to use it for times a day in there, and that sort of keyed when to use it they have a window of opportunity to use it. And so they touch whether they're feeling well and how they're feeling and they rate their anxiety levels at that point. And then they watched the app and we also put circles on the app, which they have to recognize count. So that we're sure that they're actually looking at the app and they've been very accurate about that. So we know that they watched the app when it comes on. And then afterwards they rate again how anxious they are. And we've had really good reports back. Some of the people say I didn't use to be able to go on the bus didn't want to touch anything in sit on seats. People have been sitting on. But now, I find I can just look at my app and see myself, washing my hands, and I feel much better and other people who had the other one that's more can to a CB T type therapy say that are used to not be able to wash counter take my bins out. But now, I find that. I don't really have a problem with that. And so. They suppose seem to reduce symptoms by about twenty one percent. Which is great, right? So whereas coke native behavioral therapy company. Carry that around with you in your pocket, but with an op his death for when you need it. Yes. And it's really personalized medicine because it's their own hands that they're watching wash or touch these objects. So a paper was recently published in the journal scientific reports, and it's available to download open access, and when might people be able to download the app, we have one more experiment that we'd like to conduct just to make sure that people with very severe symptoms also get benefits from it. And hopefully after that it will be released, right? And you mentioned it has benefits compared to cooperative behavioral therapy. But what percentage of people responded to it compared to the people who would respond to cvt basically everybody continued in use the app the whole time, which is very good. Because often there's a lot of dropout from the cognitive behavioral treatment. So people can't even engage with them. So actually, we got quite. Beneficial effects very consistently across the different participants. It's really exciting to hear. Thank you very much Barbara heck in from Cambridge University. And as you mentioned that study just came out in scientific reports. Thank you. You're listening to the naked scientists with George mills and is e Clark still to come. Why do we have an influx of lazy fish and the naked scientists hit a dance class as we look at the biology of a bougie, but before that chances are you've used the internet today. Whether you're at work doing some online banking checking social media, perhaps downloading the latest naked scientists podcast. You're connected to the online world. And if you're like me, you take it for granted that you'll be able to get online tonight's tomorrow and even next week. But I have a half of everyone on the globe doesn't have this luxury and the growth of people coming online has slowed down. According to a new report with affordability cited as a major Lockett to progress. So to talk about it more. We're joined by tech guru and angel investor PISA Cowley, so Peter how is internet access commonly spread across the world. And why? Internet access important. Yes, it spread of course, as you'd expect in the developed world mole give you some idea. The numbers some ninety eight percent of people in line Iceland about eighty five to ninety percent in Australia, South Africa, use seventy five percent in Japan. But any one point two percent never trail? So they actually access in sub Saharan Africa the low to jets and the UN expected that to get to a hundred percent by twenty twenty the moment is still under fifty percent. The reason these reports came out into a Tokyo about this just because he's like she's slowing down so Sony. Six percent a year. So the chance of getting two percent inside. So that four years he's pretty impossible. We're into that. So she's actually to somebody having access once three months, so compared with us the people in this difference with people listening this tiny fraction, and why is access important though. I think real known that as listens to this Burgum is all kinds of things that you can't really do nowadays without some sort of internet taxes, whether that -cation all education, of course, but payments booking tickets. Etc. There is a study that sheep deduced for every ten percent increase in internet access. It's linked to a one point three five percent increase in GDP so turning developing countries into developed internet of she contributes tremendous amount. Why isn't everyone online our social things sub-saharan Africa, which is being concentrates on these reports because women not allowed to spend money on that there's a complete different dynamic. Tune men and women those countries to having an asset isn't allowed the lot of technological. The biggest issue, of course, is for the -bility. So the custom putting a mobile infrastructure in place, you know, to give access over the wireless because you can't have copper copper in the ground for these countries is that there isn't enough income coming in from those uses to run that. So what happens about that basically got done with some sort of aid from other countries, which then leads to issues with of the country having control over these developing countries, all the political facts of that. Well, that's how I was going to ask me what can be done. Is something happening to change all of that. This is just with things like regulation with providing funding submarine cables to some of these countries, etc. But there to instinct technical projects one is call the Google project loon, which is very thin balloon sitting above an area about this sort of twenty kilometer points where they move around slowly be not too fast, and they transmit from the ground up to the blues and back down again that's one project. And then of course, he'll in musk is doing this. With SpaceX doing something. These put up many thousands of moving satellites which would fly around the world at about seven hundred miles eleven kilometers above earth into connected. So these projects being funded the moment by the big tech giants. But in time, we'll be take Nova and that would make massive difference. Half the population three point eight billion people. Not yet connected say how important is universal internet access. Then does everyone needs to be online essentially, well, one of my? Children lives in Geneva. And he's got a group of friends who refused point blank to be online. So they have smartphones or that data access just voice and text messages. If you think what's happening Tim's of many things that she need. Layline ticket with when I want to keep it carries. You've got to have internet access the helps payments picketing developing countries, which then health trade it helps people moving say vegetables fruits around the places accused limber reasons, why instant access is actually beneficial. It has downsize has relatively fake news. And so I guess very quickly is internet access even affecting our behavior. They've been things about negativity, but also positive very much like you said if you can improve something like agriculture than internet access would be incredibly important. Actions. Media that masters social interaction for people in some places. It makes much difference. News education, the downsides addiction, which does occur fake news. Attention span being shortened, physical human interaction became less important. Is that good for the globe note show? It is and of course, lack of trust. That's the big one people not necessarily trusting things they meet on the internet. It will be interesting to see how that progresses. Thank you so much that was pizza Kelly who is an angel investor. Speaking of a small attention spans time to move to the next story anyone with hearing aids. We'll be able to tell you that having a conversation in a busy restaurant is just about impossible as hearing loss affects almost everyone at some point in their life. One Cambridge based company has set out to solve what's termed the cocktail party problem. It's fine. I went to visit the chief executive of audience that's can robots to test is technology in a slightly noisy pub culture, people who were hearing aid you find very often act. Actually, they'll turn them off in a noisy pob or even take them out. Because actually is easier to try and focus it on a single person speaking than working with hearing aids, actually, a really high quality. I'm cliff is that the amplifier of the sounds don't want vision to as well, it's the sound that you do, but we have come here on with some very snazzy looking bleeping and flashing technology. What is your secret weapon? Basically what we have on the table. Here is a mini PC on top of the mini. PC is small second with eight microphones expressly around the same size and shape. Say my ball fine, which is intentional. As software running on, the many PC actually uses the information from those eight microphones to figure out where the individual sources are in the acoustic seeing around us and by doing that, we can separate out the one that we're interested in and get rid of all the background noise that were really interested in and that's really the difference between what we do. And what a hearing I does hearing actually is all of Kucic scene, but by doing that amplifies, the background noise. Whereas we separate the source that you're interested in from the background noise. And how this works at the moment is with a little visualization of the sound in the room on an iphone? It looks like a doughnut with flashing lights where people speaking, and if you want to focus on a particular person, you select the corresponding flashing light. And here's a comparison of Ken speaking, I without an with the technology being turned on. But so trying to make this. Good good. Yeah. I think that's a good example of the difference which delivers doesn't have any other applications. Yes. Absolutely. So one of the biggest growth areas in the Welsh is assistance in speech recognition, and one of the big challenges that automatic speech recognition software has is being feted clean signal about thirty percents of eras that speech recognition software has all due to noisy signals. So by setting out technology ahead of your speech processor. We can feed clean de noise signal. So again, just like the environment. Hey, we could get rid of all the background noise and greatly improved the recognition rights, speech recognition technologies that was Ken robots from audio there. And finally in twenty six there was an unexpected and unprecedented. Mass bleaching of the world's coral reefs. Gee to rising sea temperatures which caused many of them to die coincidentally at this time. A team of research is what in the process of studying buses life ish who are sensitive to changes in the reef the timing meant that they were able to determine the effect of coral bleaching on these reef inhabitants. Tons and bow spike with Dr Sally Keith from Lancaster university who led research on who started by expanding the process of coral bleaching. And what was he gets too hot and the calls expel the algae that live inside? And this is what makes time white color sites bleaching because the curls get white. And it doesn't mean that that that points, sometimes they can recover if the temperatures are not high Petito, but unfortunately, sometimes it can say coast them to die and this one twenty sixteen with biggest one in recorded history, and we had very high cold after that event what we wanted to look at was city buses. Life is is they're very brightly colored fish that eat curls said very very dependent on the health of reef. And we wanted to understand how the Hager is changing image environmental change. How have you been studying these fish? I spent a lot time underwater philosophy is watching fish about six hundred hours across seventeen different reefs in the central indefinite region generally on snow co with a clipboard at a bit of grief paper and pencil, and we what a fish for five minutes, and we record any other fish that are will say fish that come within one meter of it, and at that point, we say that it's been an encounter, and we go take five thousand two hundred fifty nine encounters recorded between individuals, and that was across the different species fish now that in county can go one of t ways either they can the other ones that say passive is no response. All they can get very very angry and chase the other individual away and say that indicates aggression, and the reason they do that is because that defending that Carl's they want to eat in that territory from his other individual. I see so from all this what you've done what have you found? Bleaching happens. Remember watching these fish fifteen percent of interactions were aggressive site fairly often. They ended up chasing each other when they came into contact. But also, the bleaching we had a T decrease in aggression, set was any every born in twenty times they met each other that they chased. And what we think is happened is that the kiss the most nutritious Carl's gone. I they've gone cost the point of being hungry originally when the when the result starts to Raji's, they get more aggressive. They've gone past that point now, whether it's so for them to eat, they just don't have the energy to invest in finding whilst while they just caught me bullet, exactly. So what implications does this have really demonstrating intermediate mechanisms they renamed it after about five years or seven years after bleaching, we tend to have fewer fish individuals on race. But we don't really Nate price. How that happens? And so it seems like this change in behavior might indicate to what's going on and say if they didn't have the energy to Vesey finding and that's because they're eating less nutritious diet means that they might end up stopping time because they go in a feat getting for a while. But no to keep surviving in the long term. The other possibility is the already go enough energy to survive themselves. They don't have enough energy to produce the next generation of fish. And because these fish have clashed show launch van that might explain why we have these time-lag. So it's really trying to get at the underlying mechanisms. That's driving the ultimate reduction in fishing of this. That was Sanni Keith from Lancaster university. Speaking with tons and bell, and the butterfly fish research has just been published in nature climate change. And if you'd like to find out more about that, oh, any of the stories we've covered this week all the transcripts on the papers can be found on our website. That's the naked. Scientists don't come. The naked scientists podcast is produced in the sociation with Spitfire cost-effective voice, internet and engineering services for UK businesses. Find out how Spitfire can impel your company at Spitfire dot coach UK. This is the naked scientists with me George mills I'm with easy clock. And this week. We're getting on our Danzig shoes. It's a science of samba and the chemistry of Congo line. We'll be finding out how don't think keep you healthy and bay mind body why humans like to dance in the first place. Plus, we'll be hearing. How is he got on at dancing lesson? I'm looking forward to that. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. Its oh, well and good for those on strictly come dancing or dancing with the stars who have a professional dancer, helping them with every step of the way. But other some universal dancing rules that make something look goods. What is it that makes someone unappealing dancer, Adam Affi spoke to Nick Nieve from Northumbria university. To learn about looking good on the dance law. We took a sample of males. We ask for volunteers. We didn't ask the people who were professional dancers. We just wanted a normal guys off the street. We were very interested in having people look at these. Videos of people dancing, but not be distracted by anything else. Previous research that have been done on male movements kinda use load images of people. And we realize it those images were still giving off information that might be distracting. So, you know, for example, you could tell the size of the body the shape of the body the skin color. How told the person we know that those things are very important for mate perception, so we wanted to remove all those things. So in our methodology, we videoed people in motion capture system, they were kinda wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and you stick these little reflective markers on the which actually don't hinder them movement. At all the cameras doughnut, chilly, see the person, all they see these little markers that turns these people into kind of moving blobs of light with some fancy software. We then recreate the people as computer, generated avatars, and very importantly, those avatars are all exactly the same. So what do these? These avatars looked like described him for me. Well, you know, that standard computer generated figures, kind of shiny Robles, if you like the humanoid connection man type figure, but it's very interesting. The they are incredibly realistic in terms of the movement. So when a person moves in real life that movement is translated across into the avatars. And of course, because the computer knows where all of these anatomical, Mark is all it means that we can then calculate very very precise biomechanical differences. So we can calculate movement angles movement trajectories movement velocities, all of these things that we can measure to come up with way of measuring a person's movement, and what kind of things did you find it? Either end what we sensually found walls that the quality of a male's downs was very strongly associated with the movements of easel body. So kind of shoulders all GMs head neck chest. Those things. Seem to be what people focus on when they're looking at male dances. That was kinda surprising. We thought that'd be a lot of leg action there. The people would be very focused on legs and how fast the legs moving. But that didn't seem to be the case women and men a focusing Manzo bodies. We've ended some further research where we are volunteers, and we measured how strong they were we use things like rip strength Dina moment attest. A lo and behold what we found was that the the strength of the mail was accurately signified by their dance quality, so strong men were rated as being better dances. You said over body movements were cling to vote for body movements. Looks good is all because it, you know, if you think what we say that these movements very kind of vigorous movements, and very big movements, and very strong and powerful movements. But the guy that just stands there and kind of flings alms around in in kind of wild abandon. That's crazy. Easy. The males who will making big a stronger, and faster and more powerful movements with that alms pa- body. They were preferred. But after a certain point that gets to be not preferred there's a very fine line between being regarded as poor down, sir. I'm being regarded as good dancer, and then if you try to hauled, you then become a kind of a bad dancer, again is it moving the arms of the same or Oprah doubt. Or what what is it looks best? In the initial study. We weren't able to tell we just seem we just found that the kind of strength and the size and the speed of the movement seem to be important. We've ended a second study because we realized that that was that we didn't fully understand this time we recruited females. We did exactly the same thing. What we found in. This case was that for female dances. That Oprah body was completely on important. It was all about the legs and the hip specifically the movement. Over the hips. A what we did find in the female downsize walls that there was a degree of symmetry which seemed to be very important. So for example, if the left leg is doing something the right leg should be doing something slightly different. But the kind of optimum dance seems to be where the legs and the alms all working independently from one another, but a still working together, we think that this kind of demonstrates the kind of ideal physical state in somebody who can do something with left home and their left leg swimming, slightly different with the right arm, and right leg that seems to indicate a very good level of coordination, perhaps creativity efficiency of the motor system. That's what we think these honest signals all kind of owned allying, these movements if someone vote they were a total no-hoper when it came to what advice would you give them? It's very simple actually what we found is. We spoke to a lot of choreographers. We spoke. A lot of professional dancers. And it seems to be that the root of good dance all about having a core strength in your body. So person who hasn't got that strength isn't going to be a good dancer tool. So start off with you things like yoga classes, Pilates classes develop that Cole body strength. And then by taking dance classes, you can very very quickly develop rhythm and timing on you can learn to do these things. Now, you know, they'll never win strictly, but they will be able to achieve a very good level of dance. And there you have a if you want to get better hit the yoga mat and a dance class all too if you're totally helpless that was nicknamed from Northumbria university. We've just want not what looks good when we watching dances. But why do we bother doing it in the first place where did it come from? And how linked is it to music well here in the state of Philippine on the evolution of dance is Ian cross. He's professor of muse. At Cambridge University high in so why did dance evolve in the first place. Why do we do it for the same reason that language evolved to enable us to engage with each other primarily to engage with each other socially, do we know when it came new? We really don't what is unlikely to happen before we became particularly by people who is going to be pushed scene, but. Apes and trees that have chicken around. Well, interesting you should see that until brew a couple of years ago. It would I didn't really believe any of the evidence that suggested that chimpanzees could keep in time with each other until I so some material from the Kyoto primate lab and Japan, which should pretty unambiguously that chimps can tap low in time with each other. In other words, chimps could do something like dense with each other. But only if the good mates or they're related, right? They want to dump through strange. And that's probably the different shoo them and us that we can dens with strangers. There's some very interesting if the graphic evidence, for instance, when the first fleet landed in botany bay and astray Ilya in seventeen eighty eight. So we invaded a stray Liam more or less. The first thing that happened was that some of the sailors danced with some of the indigenous peoples right AK, and you mentioned we think that Danze evolved because of a social thing is there anything else, it might be good for and have has anyone done any studies into this. We did a study three or four years ago where we looked people done together and the effect that that had on memory. We used silent discotheque Nnaji to enable us to two groups of people denting in the same space, but two different pieces of music son, a discotheque -nology for those who don't know what does headphones with a base station. The base station can broadcast the music and usually two or three or maybe half a dozen different channels in the bay station. We used to different channels two different pieces of music so half. The people were dancing to one piece and have for dancing to a different piece at a different tempo different speed affected that have won people's memory. Did you say, well what we did was controlled the ways in which they could interact with each other. So everyone's spent as much time impropriety to people denting the same temp as dancing different temporal people wearing different colored sashes and half of them were wearing badges what we found was that people remembered the color of the sessions that people dancing to the same temple. We're wearing and remembered whether let people with the same template we're wearing badges, but didn't remember nearly sa- will when they were done to different tempo. Right. So don't seem I actually hopers. Remember things about the people with Danzig with. Why would that be a good thing? Evolutionary speaking, we'll put you remembering incidental features features that are not focused attended to. Pretty good just to check up. Can I cook with this person? Can I engage with this person? Would I be able to communicate with his personal? And if you had another layer to it, then, of course, stole six incomes into it. But we're talking a level here way below that which is just general sociology. I see. So you having a nice downstairs someone maybe had a bit to drink, and you don't really well with them. But then who were they in the knee? Remember, collage they? Could be one of it when I spit some of the research is showing that we're more likely to like people we have been in time with than people. We're out of time with similar to how they may come people do marching together phones and things are important. It is a process of bonding that level to distinguish between music and dense becomes a bit silly because in most world cultures. They're the same thing. I was going to ask about that. Because music is another thing we've very very linked with Danzig, and you say that there's sort of the same in many coaches, Mary spaces seem in this culture in Nigeria for instance, what we might think of as music is in Kwa, which is music singing, dancing and tell him right. So that all one word lovely word. It is much more sensible word than using which partitions out area of human experience or dense which again partitions another area, which are closely linked what happens in the brain. When a great. Choon comes on your starts typing away. And you just want to have a booby. What's going on inside our minds to this reaction? One of the interesting things that happens when we're here is that the bit of the brain that's involved in planning for action, the supplementary motor viz activision. A meter analysis of all the studies that have looked to people just listening to music in the scanner should that one area. That was consistently activated was the supplementing Motorola area. So you could see that a response to listening to music is prepared to move. Thank you instead of blaming on the big issue Blaine on ever Lucien for our love of dancing. You're listening to the naked scientists with me is Clark. I'm with Georgia males on the way, how can be used to help aging populations. And we have deep into the science of one that pave. But I won't she goes on in the body when we don't saying how easy is it. And it's probably a pretty uncontroversial statement to say that dancers. Off it. But how are they to find out more atmosphere? I piss us out to the test with Emirates, professor of Don science at trinity lobban, conservatory of music and dance. There are huge demands placed on dances in terms of physiological demands. If you just look at how they take their bodies to huge extreme. So in terms of joint range of motion, they really do need to get their legs up. I mean, they probably I would say needs to be more flexible than pretty much any other athlete, but if you look at their upper body strength, some of the cardio respiratory fitness sort of areas than dances that they're less fit than many of their counterparts. Many sports athletes are actually fitted and dances. But that's not because they don't need to be fit. That's just because the training needs to really support that fitness for the way in which Choreographic demands are changing all the time. So dancers experience injuries at the same rate as the wrath -letes. Don't get injured a lot. So research has shown that eighty percent of dancers get injured in any twelve month period of time, that's an injury that takes out of participation eighty percent of dance. That's that's a lot of dances. And if you apply the same deaf. Initiative injury in the same type of research to sports athletes. You'll find that dance is actually get injured more than many other sports athletes, including rugby players, you know, in they're killing each other. But actually, they get injured less paps more catastrophic but they get injured less than dances. So interesting. And I think that one of the biggest causes of injury is fatigue and overwork. So that means we can do something about those injuries in dance. Look at the training programs apply some science and actually try and prevent those injuries. But what does this application of science? Look like, well, this is the hand grip dynamo under this is is a metric measure of strength. So we're looking at particularly four I'm here on the wrist. That's got Sinclair lab technician for trinity Lavin's dont science department who had a test of strength for fellow naked. Scientists is e clerk this is important, particularly within music and dense one for musicians because they're holding instruments for quite on period of time. So it's got an. Imbalance in the muscle weakness than most except injuries. Exact same principally is dancers. They're working the floor. They're working partners. The weakness, you know, again activate injury as well. Okay. I'm so weak. I already made. Gary and squeeze hard for three seconds. Right. Deep breath. Three one squeeze one two three. Bush even know what that was. Oh, so it's measured in cages the most important. It really is actually just keep an individual to you comparing you to populations for example. So that is all very helpful for dancers. But what about those of us who still struggle to clap in time bucked, Emma, reading one of the things we're trying to do here at trinity lobby. Don signs is to measure the impact of don's on the health being other populations. And you know, there's been a lot of anecdotal evidence really in the press in magazines on TV about Danz contue and don't certainly more popular than ever before more people doing dance than watching dance funnily enough, and why is that what is it doing for them? And that's what we're trying to sort of measure. We know that dance can get you fitter. So if it seen as Fiske, Lexi, just like any sport, then it can potentially conquer various diseases like a T, diabetes cancer, heart disease, Accenture what else can do we we measure, the psychological impact of dance, and we found with some of the. Search projects we've done we found that for example, people can increase their self esteem that since if identity and purpose meaning in life, three dancer participation. Do you have any theories as to white that does less? Yes, don't it's not just a fiscal activity. It's a social activity whereby people are touching each other. They are interacting with each other trying physically and cognitively to solve problems together. So I think it's the the social the cognitive and physical aspects of dance that makes dance very unique tippety and can produce the benefits that way beyond sport we decided to put this to the test. I went for a dunce Claus with Emma was more than happy to us through our paces, simple contemporary routine. Although ho simple actually was is booked for some debase. I obviously caught how I left my right with you one left on like gutting changed. Got it. And at the end of the somewhat successful class. I'm approved us right where they're real psychological benefits can see your smiling. So I think it's fair to say that. Yes, there are lots of psychological benefits and see them. Now. I mean, what's happening essentially those exercising dolphin for the released when you do any physical activity. They are being released right now. So you feeling good about yourself feeling happy? Everyone seems to catch a dance class with a smile on their face. Are there any particular groups of people who benefit most from getting involved in dense? No, I would say all types of people no matter who you are. What you come with you can benefit from every individual that has participated in dance, at least trinity Lavin has benefited in some way, and we do work with older people. We do work with people who have acquired brain injury young people with learning differences people with physical difficulties we have people in wheelchairs coming in with their care isn't it's really important for us as well to work not only with the the people who have those differences. But that cares physiotherapists occupational, therapists. So that they can go out of the building and actually continue to to be creative physically with people looking after them as well. So is he clock? I believe is a musters in physics you hold. And you don't know the difference between left and right shocker. I was absolutely high-placed. I going into backed myself. I thought I'd be okay. My favorites musicians of rhythm but night, it just didn't help. So I go quite in. Tis. I guess you won't be everything. But anyway, as we just heard don's can be a great help to many people including elderly, but what do programs like this like kind of help too. They often Edinburgh's hospital in Cambridge the dance for health program. Does just that Deborah Kuta main is the fools prevention coordinator and the coordinator for the dance for health program in Edinburgh's hospital, and she joins us now in the studio. Welcome debra. How did the idea for the dance for health program come about? So I am done by background as well as a nice and in two thousand thirteen I had a conversation with our arts department to see whether we could bring dance into the hospital for patients there's a lot of the community, but not within a hospital setting. So our charitable trust funded us a pilot program, which was incredibly successful on its carried on from there and back in two thousand seventeen we're looking to get to. Yes. Funding from the hill medical trust. I'm Paul that was to do research on the program as well. So way near the end. Of that. But it's gone down. Very well in his has some very positive results. Can you told me for what a typical session might look like them? So there is never really a typical session. So today with we are actually dealing with very sick patients here. So it's very patient led. We have a skeletal structure, which is a warmer, and then improvise ation and then relax Asian session at the end of it. But it very much depends on the patient's coming won't. They were abilities are more. They would like to do. I see other any sort of moves that you could teach us. Still we do start with trying to ground people by making sure they've their feet both on the floor. They can. And your hands on your thighs unjust, literally very slowly moving hands up and down your thighs. Okay. Vic reeves. But we're looking at people's pro precept Shen sue do they know when a hands on do they know their legs? All right. And it's a good indicator of their wellbeing is indicated that they know where the position of their bodies. So if I was to blindfold, you you would know where your hands are, you know, whether they were of your head hunting down by the side, some people if they have a neurological disorder don't know that. So we're trying to judge what we need to work with with those patients. I see and is that is an advantage. Some people be less mobile. So you don't need to do a conga line. You can do it from a seating. A lot of ours is seated we can stand up sometimes we all work in getting patients to stand and that will often take two of us to do that. And then get them to dance mellow standing up. There is never one session the same. It's incredibly interesting to walk in. And the one thing that we do and always as we. Don't want to know what the diagnosis of the patient as we appeal working from looking at that body and listening to them and why why don't instead of just the regular physio. Physios very prescriptive. So you know, you need to bend this ten times. And it's quite boring. How many of us really like to go to the gym not me? And obviously, we're at the moment deal the elderly. So it's an age group. They very used to dancing the off met the partners at dance spent Saturday nights dancehalls, they see it as a form of exercise. They see a form of enjoyment. And you mentioned you're researching the effectiveness what have you found for how effective has it been part of the research that's been going on looking at wellbeing and preliminary results from after is showing that over seventy percent of the patients who attend the sessions have an improvement of their wellbeing from the beginning to the end of the sections, right? So that's quite positive individually have people been reporting they've found benefits. So we have we had a very interesting case not long ago where we had a gentleman being hospital quite number of months, and he basically give it up he wouldn't engage in physiotherapy. He wasn't getting out of bed. He wasn't eating very well. And he was heading towards nursing home, which would split him up from his wife. Life. We managed to get into the session. He started to engage after a couple of weeks. He was bringing in his playlist of music that he wanted. He was then starting to ask when his video therapy sessions were and we kept working with him together with the physiotherapists doing there. It's as well. And we got him home. Well, that's fantastic. The power of dont people in general when they hit they're going to be done in around do they excited or they bit skeptical at first we've had to sort of use the word movement rather than dance with a lot of people because they have a vision of strictly getting up and having to learn steps now wearing a secret suit yet. And that's definitely not what it's about. It's things like we had a gentleman unto his wife was in visiting and they used to ballroom dance, but they hadn't actually been able to dance over six months because he could no longer stand. We manage to get him up and put a piece of lovely walls music on and allow. Ow. Him to dance with his wife to supported him while he held his wife and danced with her. And I think that was worth a million pounds to see that peaceful for other any other programs like this. No, this is unique the dance programs where performance going to hospitals and do performances, but our program is not around that. So it's very unique program. There's no at the hospital new K doing it. We don't think there's any of the hospital in the world doing right. And so what is next then spread the Goodwood? I guess well when now looking for more funding, we'd like to extend the program we'd like to continue with what we're doing. But extended we'd like to work with different groups of patients say orthopedics transplant all those sorts of things which she luck with it. Thank you very much. Deborah, Debra Kutu main. She's the coordinator for the dumps for health program at hospital in Cambridge. And thanks to all of our dunces from this week. That's Ian, cross Nikkan eve and Emma reading and now we've learned. Why we dance how good it is. I'm what makes a good looking dancer. The only thing to do is take all of this goes down to your nearest dance law. I'm while the world with your scientific shimmying, and we weren't take any responsibility for any sprained limbs of falling over that may occur as a result of this or the lightly crushing into someone because he can't tell left and riot parts. I'm sure listless. Know it's time to finish the program with question of the week this week times in bells been getting stuck into this one from Andris how do one bats produce cube shaped droppings comes in many shapes and sizes we used to sing on the street or any stepping in different forms, including chiefs from dogs pellets rabbits, we'll be splat from cows. I've never come across a key big. We asked out to Louis gentle from Nottingham Trent university to help us out with this Dinka, the wom-, but is unique in the animal kingdom because it produces cube-shaped poo and lots of it around eighty to a hundred cubes per night. Now, the woman is nocturnal animal with poor eyesight, but an excellent sense of smell. It is highly territorial say uses its keep shaped Putu markets territory and prevent conflict one best deposit pure outside their Burrows and on top of rocks and logs whether more easily found by other wombats. So one bats use PU is the main way of telling Hewlett where if there are any unday one butts in the area and also wave increasing its reproductive success. So now, we have an idea of y one bath produce a lot of key big Pooh. But how is it actually produced well about who is cubic not because the woman has square shaped heinous put because it has a very long and slow digestive process. Typically, two to three weeks, which makes the digestive matter extremely compacted and dry. Two to three weeks. They must feel bloated. One bats have the joyous. Poos compared to other mammals almost CPL's and these Poos contain really really fine cross particles, the main part of their diet the first part of their long digestive tract contains ridges that mold the feces into cubes. Whereas the last part of the intestines is relatively smooth allowing the cubic shape to be maintained the richest in the digestive tract may cause weaknesses in the PU which make it susceptible to breaking into smaller cubes, the highly compacted nature of the PU means that the ENA says unable to contour it into the usual cheaper shapes. So it stays in the shape of the cubes that were formed at the start basically, the one that produces hard cubic PU as a result of its diet and long digestion most payers moist so sticks where it is deposited. But the distinctive cube shape is thought to be advantageous to the one bat as it stops the hard dry poo from rolling away down the steep mountains that the one that inhabits. Wow. That is a very clever adaptation. Thank you. Louise, Putin the lid on that one next time, we are considering this time troubling question from Stuart if you could bring a baby from the past to grow up in the present, how far back could you go before people would notice that this was a time traveling baby. What do you think I love that question? You can Email Chris at the naked scientists dot com. Find us on Facebook tweets at naked scientists better late. Never we are also on Instagram naked scientists or you can join in the debate on the foreign the nicotine says dot com slash forum. And that is it for this week. Thank you very much to Murphy who put the program together. Do join us next week when we'll be putting your questions to our panel of scientists with another CUNY showed. We've got a question you can put it to Chris at the naked, scientists dot com. And we'll try to answer it in the show. The naked scientists comes from Cambridge University and it supported by the EPA assoc- and rose Royce Underhill's. Thank you very much for listening and into next time. Good find. Find.

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Hipnosis: Mito o realidad?

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Hipnosis: Mito o realidad?

"Becoming coming fast. You're but a bit south. India fair this team valley many loyal. A piece of the podcast. But i'll let net castle the l. Who move today. Mu-chou meet up or boy that item in which appreciate this no see lying session. You'll meet diagnoses tone caledonia gignac seated elise relative loons. Sean i if the goes guitarist. Miguel mahiga miguel sierra or files opera here sitruk dumi. Real and lauch moocher who new or better define omen. We're not an really lucas who say the luna into really nasi. See from sean. Any sudden effect the but of course us beadle icier after damian. Doku lackey rarely are not sincere. Thyey years or so on a machine asean no from those who wants terribly button. Poco in gig on terrorism and the nazis. Yes there and the kickoff us on meet oinky kasindi more travel finish in the nasi thing not assume but embiid window but let me know. Lasource kassian america. The sequel here phoenix komo nap. Gut bonday proficiently lasalle gay dot com mir in logos on conduct since us your next battleships yoenis insomnia weight embassy. And there's even atkins not sarah but usually say the the who make boo buki in passing the term. Now cambio cambio on khandu. Perception here mass. When looking if came array lacquer frankly sat emit harare swaggie that he saw luma's important lubricate center. The she's when oprah super so chill. Gone but i lot by that by in la persona cr controlled alla luna cozumel our. No no no. Kitty will be nauseous. Sinoe kuta mikhail passing me. Eat bushra put those trapped innocence. Yeah they brush communicative either gay. A wound nieces. Yada casa halley diesel biking. Any consumer perfect traffic took were not walking us on community. I'll be out meet. Dos dealing nasi kunal crank case not format the swing commodity letterman. Tacoma know if. I also noise on forum. I swing your nazis not into low case in a lawyer sense you see that guy. Sierra here on hills notre sania widow case sack stephen difficult correct not sympathy for defense on rally someone who they bought a him blow the harissa. Little can be senator. The donal built on the him off. But i can blow ultras ideal city it will be an end module as and no permanent demand beat up fed in the format. Defendant worries when. I see more live in swindon. Patron influence shannon. Honda peres processor. The enosis when. I know severe little sean sean meeting the simplemente and two separate nasi garcia in in l. paciencia may or for the swing our author kasama key question. Kate for knocking booth comes at the. Nfl has t world. They live nausea. Larry lashio case of and gabriella norgay nasi imprecision keen personnel north. La andre agassi boise. Lula's is one effect wore the lower. No rela kassian in tondo. He say this year. I think you are called rapid blah. Yeah i l look great can bring. Cpo i walk past processor for mass effect. I would have let him take all random. Me talk denying nauseated shaun. I didn't tell the swing yoki said jerry market fall. so utah's iki tackle purser. They control ally assembly. Gaza where i don't know iceland lomas files so came on rapid pol process nause which will get them. You don't wanna say guy or pass. More inconsistent cossack costacurta personnel. Emeka yasser a nice not so say a polka simplemente nookie city manati. Sir nope was it. A seco- nor nor north cocky see on on megan profess your now sierra talk amino to know. See what tally puerto. I've been noticing. Not the point of these are wound. Yada shimon diarrhea. Passer seizure principia. Not knotty sent indian firm opinion juvenile keenum knock disarmament boss leelee thylacine seat and quite a woman. You're not be set aside. Dennis remain too hot. Top sacrifice fell samantha. Get out of the window. No in australia. It was seat la constancia. They deduct that okay. Thousand into curious at my in laws are safe mass. our could be in lime. Nacion says it participated in not sallow. Poli hope in concede they were no social phenomenon. Gonna go in balloon that yeah authentic seemly mackinac key one nostril percent mocking not anymore control in less than south beach on him blow to cca did say corn passionate consume alcohol muturi secretary which always key if constantly look you control the radial if no winner kaleem ninety percent in the muscle control. It better fix them in the simply. If she knew that. I guess you know. Throw new moon gus on our solid. Practica nauseam repeatedly. I'll look lucy. Kikkoman belleville paciencia mass. Say well can we in a parallel passing. The said yeah. I'll will contradict audio at quarterback e. You know you can't keep kipruto lucille. A monkey umbrella lukaszewski. A sound processor one. The other in thrace ask the yon- shared phenomenal in in the haileybury taliban talibanism allegation city. I call nine profession. A pointer mooch are they could have gone a. He doesn't see me one while senior in hula tuesday. You certainly gonna ask your door. Choke a hewlett packard capacities in the one. You want to go brigade Won't get that good him in central hussein kwa guy. The dow nothing new gas professional. Look lower sean barrett porsche. Puerto and threaten philosophy mahalia rota in zero taco shas e so ignored a mass ultra-cautious. Yes no doubt As you are in. Us asu blasio nature now. The question nick. Sabin the motor oakland talk. If but it can blow restock kamal the lancet a sequel and legacy week olympic. They like nazis kamal. Hindi and i'll go heavy lorries. What apple rally saturday. The processor in northeast. Ruslan is sierra nevada. List the professional passion rallies europe. Tecom your sh a atari convinced. Ian matyas yang concentra mccain-graham dominating american sherlock eka digger kandahar yarkon. Repeat damian gone context for a liquor. You'll the real shown us to combine my love. Warling dial passion. I think about upwind processor nazis. I would have shown a happy casino. Real nazis werner sean dundee cautious a mutual molly. Look we see mackinaw goosing the usa. Who did you sell. Mutual may but it can blow their matalavea. He nicola carola uncle. Or hiya tomato here on eat pork a to win. But i thought that lance sean last four yes i laugh. Ma chemo lewis. Doty's april three sundays in the potter. Good amine totally totally nazis. You not the absolute fact. Yoga atm machines. Nope we went a combined. Yummy dopamine hassi law sanyal prophecy analysis. Eat with them. Continue key obviously salim. Not negotiable and eighty lamb. Odia luck with young gordon cola memory at least equally nasi meeting in iraq. Wearable who failed pasa see that. Yeah and the files on royal sepia. Civic gordon deal quarterback mobile walked liuqiu recent puzzle or the mahal passion. I'm not leo diarrhea. Pal ima heinous motley locally corvara elementary contra alami monia nor lame. Nasi noise umbrella in the video. Practica done fights put a llama important brosse salim. Nazis komo see beginning getting nelson Zebra connected winner will tell proficient allocate by saturday not see see nothing sees no way. No put it on a c. Mendieta novels you're gonna see to it and katya on policy of the look at the opium personal show. You got people the relax your all three thousand concentration and the necessity issue so we can pour super tiga. Seeing gideon rally saddam practical jokes persona yucky obsolete them defaults up beethoven all luna happy casiraghi age or on utilize our you is on liam. Nassif padar noisy. So nadia's cassandra in the automatic thought know is a hollow mundi that sunday geico gave the ladder on boko parasitic him. Any relation or throw bokor. Tina go timing. Gordon from roy is instead of course aki. I'm gonna say to who monarchy whom he get simoes. We put a book l. i. C. gain how e komo seattle finale. Nasi mito sierra. It particularly has water. Bill has three so there. Our new ben saddened casa de bulldog ass. You're gonna tell me peroxy mobile podcasts joke.

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Victory over Levante and a look ahead to the Champions League meeting with PSG

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Victory over Levante and a look ahead to the Champions League meeting with PSG

"And welcome back to the Real Madrid podcast everybody now don't forget you can catch up with all the previous episodes of the podcast via the website at. WWW DOT real Madrid podcasts dot com or you can follow us on all of the major platforms so the beginning of the most significant week of the season so far is victory at home against the Levant next up it's PS G in Champions League also this weekend the return of this man to serve a reminder of rail rounded nist when they didn't sign him in the summer the across the center. That's how you announce yourself back. Think slow pace spectacular goal from neighbouring startles football from the world's most expensive footballer. It may have just won it for Paris. It's wanted for Peres note that won the crowd over. We said he had to score didn't mean one of the best goals we've seen all season absolutely brilliant the pressure paint but that is pure genius to finish that in off the post nice build up in card accordion fault as well but this is true true brilliance from Neymar and now it goes from dislike to indifferent straightaway dot and perhaps even but a love for the man that is magical took a long time coming of nineteen minutes but it was well with the weight it was indeed that of course is Neymar who announced his return with that late goal for PS g at the weekend. Now the good news of Madrid is that he wouldn't be deep playing in the Champions League game on Wednesday now plenty of reaction to the three two victory over Levante at the weekend some expressed mild exasperation attention to say the least that three hundred five million pounds worth of summer signing sat on the bench kickoff plenty of praise in the last day or so for Karen Benza. He made it four four goals in four appearances in Lalita had he's now onto one hundred fifty. Two League goals is next target is to pass the one hundred and fifty-six scoring one hundred eighty gains by financial push gas or even reality. This should have been a whole lot more comfortable this victory than it was. It was twenty five goal attempts sixty five percent possession. They should easily have been four or five at halftime Sunday which Tibo Kuta and the agreed with he said it should at least I being full of the break. We play fantastic. I forty five minutes but we dropped our intensity. We'd liked precision in the second half as Dan at another reason for the fall off from forming the second half he blamed it on fatigue he did add though that the first half we phenomenal what we have to do now is try to replicate that form over nineteen cheat minutes now he was also questioned on Ham as Rodriguez and his contribution. He said he's a player with great quality gave everything today in the end though he was simply the exhaust in square at it is and blowing reviews from the moment thirty pulled on that Real Madrid shit again. He's been fully engaged is quality and his motivation. He said we'll help us a lot. Throughout this season and pat last night joined the loving he said Hamas is a player with huge talent on somebody. We have great affection for eating pass out reemerged of courses well. I always wanted to play here. He said I hope this is now. The beginning off something great the most important potent thing though today was to win for me coming back from injury is going to be hard to catch up. I need more playing time now. The one player who was singled out not it just for his performance today but his value to the team overall was Casimiro today that his work great again was outstanding of the forty one passes he made made from his defensive midfield position thirty nine of them found their target an even managed to shots on goal and it's not just the short and medium distance passing either eight of the nine along ballsy blade today fan teammate only Tony Cruz provided more and that was by the huge title of one and what about Venecia's performance well. He had many weighing up just how bright his future is going to be has said he played a fantastic game here today. The goals will come for him this season they will come soon. I'm sure of that fellow Brazilian Casimiro added. He's very young. You don't want to put pressure on him but he has to start. Now I think to think big egg and Amelia Butragueno. He'll say said thirty s the goals will come. I think he generates such great excitement on the field. The fans love to watch him. He has incredible speed there is enormous potential onto the Champions League than Madrid of course Goto. PSC on Wednesday the good news is they will be when namer and indeed combat. I pay obviously is the ninth meeting between these two great clubs over the years. Madrid's records is good one four drawn to lost else to those two victories way back in nineteen ninety-three in the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup when they lost four one the Great George Warren Davidge genome scoresheet that night and the following year they lost in the quarterfinals of the company's at home this time and again it was George Wia via on the scoresheet. Now the most recent meetings of course February march all of two thousand eighteen remedied winning home and away Casimiro Renou. The scored scored in the two one victory in Paris now. BS JV knocked out in the round of sixteen in the last three seasons the group stages. I don't usually usually caused them too much trouble sitting at home fifteen years ago against Cska the last time I actually lost a group stage home gave a stalled of late though to keep he clean sheets at home in the last six games every team that has visited the Pope Francis has scored a goal and just to show you fastest ICS can sometimes be confusing lost just to the last twenty group stage gains but they've won four of the last eleven champions Ends League Games on any team that has come up from Spain is caused them plenty of problems over recent years. They've managed to win. Just one of nine again Spanish Asia position what about so far this season then we'll five games played eleven goals school averaging thirteen point six shots on goal per game. They've dominated possession his action in every game with an average of sixty three point four percent ninety point four percent passing accuracy pretty good stats goals well. Oh to promoting leads the top scores table. He's on three and have meriem extra player of course is onto Cavani onto mbappe name Martinez Martinez with one five different players have authored assists as for Real Madrid while it is twenty four Champions League campaign which which is a record a joint record with Barcelona. They've made the knockout stages in twenty three of the twenty four that as a record plenty of defensive focus in the build-up as remember but that without Ramaphosa meaty towel we'll get a start Madrid of conceded six goals in the opening four games this season which is a cause of a bit of worry. They've always fared well against French. Opposition that unbeaten in the last eleven going back to the one no laws against that was way back in the two thousand nine nine ten season. They've conceded just two goals in the last seven Champions League games against French opposition. They've scored fifteen winning six six and drawing one overall away record against League on clubs one six grueling three lost six confidence is high that they can maintain this good form come Wednesday to Madrid season stats compared to those of PSG will nine goals scored the averaging twenty twenty point three shots per game which is significantly more than PSG asphalt possession fifty six point six percent so far this year which is less than ninety s g but they have suffered red cards were both Gareth Bale and Luca montage being sent off this season so that affected the possession in both of those games. There is an eighty nine percent. Pasig sess rate which is slightly less than PS G. as for WHO and whether goals come from Benza four goals top scorer bail with two comes just behind him now eight different players have given an assist for a goal this season cobber hall with two two is the only one who has provided more than one right vessel Champions League Donald. Let's move on and take a look at some of the other stories around the media which have made or are making us name. All one headline read name is war. He wants out in January now. This story is linked him with a move to Manchester United who they say Chevrolet they would be willing to pay off of the two hundred and twenty million pound fee now the doubts with that story arise because nobody is surely. GonNa pay two hundred and twenty million in January when they know that if they wait another couple of months to the end of the season of the feet will be fifty million alien or so less as for name on his quotes was widely re issued. Everybody knows that I wanted to leave. I feel very very sad from now. On every game I play will be like an away game for me. Truly a motive words there from Neymar Paul Paul. Those rumors won't go away way either Manchester United Room to be plotting move for Tony Curtis in January now the only way that would be allowed to happen from Madrid point of view is if Paul Bill went in the other direction so prepare them for drool not negotiation there because Madrid will be short value crew signed and an extension to his contract in the summer well over one hundred million lastly. Christine Erickson is still a Madrid move also in January January. Here's center turned down a huge two hundred thirty thousand pound a week offer from Tottenham to sign a new deal and that's it for now. We'll be back on Thursday with a look back at the Champions League result in the meantime enjoy what should be a fantastic occasion in in Paris for the member though for me Tim cable bye-bye.

Madrid Champions League Real Madrid Paris Neymar Peres Neymar Hamas Neymar Paul Paul Tibo Kuta Lalita Casimiro Renou Karen Benza Tony Cruz Spain Amelia Butragueno Casimiro Christine Erickson Tottenham PSC
#005  Me, Myself and I  Comment Identifier un Conflit de Valeurs avec Soi ?

Le Quart d'Heure d'Inspir'Action

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#005 Me, Myself and I Comment Identifier un Conflit de Valeurs avec Soi ?

"Give back to accept to Kuta van. Masuma bi-zonal Moon is not needed to respond. Joel purview quotidian. Could you over the past six journalists He took on the move. Your supervision video to guests encounter does Mostly good also mistrals. Schick Samoan Hotel Window. Put guests these people to sexual these extra zip denials preposterous. You could pass on cousy. Mock solicited devenir lashed to. I know. I said he talked. Only do played feed. That removed back retriever. Bianca Chill Don rickles criminal system complex Gal to Sudoku Jain so hot super committed they. I'm twit cousteau. Backlash does not show the phone. I I did Danielle miserable. That's the name Oh. Ut's not loose you to Sunday's not the notebook online to shoot out. Tko It you put Hulu Kudos to denote. 'cause don't totally different. Tabah. Sorta busy should it gets Khuda tone system do because he's tend to veto it would be cool to comply. Get Crusade. Saddam approved Suda As a system as you say dude defoe when it's more junk only do Mitioukov full tip solutions not Lebron vital externals Japan commute components Seato Usual DRI is should be crucially do have swell walk-o iniquity divider aunt uncle. They don't onto psychopathic electra. Memo culture SPA opponent is your financial up uncle to shoot down to Chicago could Mental for sound like spoons member. You will get to Nipple Dude anybody. Sean bless leprosy squish To Kushner most ball not memo pulls the club. Twa Want you to this question. This a pedicure you to US Article v Zedillo Down Secundo TWA diminish Schwa- FPU Heath Wah Wah SUNCORP TINA. They can a veteran Baltimore. Dc You won't equity this at night. You could it canoe coupons immonen but novella the optimal Cisco Travek oops Salvage Shit Twelve is it is a battle. Secret Baltimore could you? Issued a component level campus. Don't don't Slough Baltimore. Nisa Jen panel vetter Obamacare. Swing back into new some point of down the only piece meal do should. They couldn't view flat Nevada with hormonally the optimal Nevada trio Fazal at Twickenham Muscle ten-year activity simple second call. Can't count is your local tacit. Divide alternate but located Nickelsville extent. He said. Hike Septic Twa to again and totally fast dishwasher new dish. What does that is found him. I know on bottle TWAT portal system. Do their extra Films do not also do cornets on the shell do better see Canadian. Only pizza place. It only get Bascus Twenty peers on tour invest to Schwab opportunities will let you since you bail your secrets. Pathetic Wafi because the extent walk down Magus Film on this situation about you would probably get cookie toy full-ti- digital could looked tiffany park except to the Canadian with Schumer them. When the tone addict moon is due to legit not disatrous as Sutton situational report? Go to jump. Could you piece that Gossip Sean? Delay situation it this Donald hundred new super cheap. Vital what I'm not you. The offense Sapna Poem Component. Gelo Shuna Extent was necklace. Heimat generally not down do that. Al pseudo-christian Channel Quantity Ted lieu kiss which he On the report gasset since the zoo which e each zip on a pupil Gijon Mona Dot. Kuch keep plunkett bicycle kitchen more gum and on shelter can't do I fails see the gossip Monkey is to know but damage to create Internet connection. Don't it just keep at Bamut? Day-long shift seed to modal Show eight don't cushioning Better kill hd Deja Pomo. Were only pizza dish. Nita your. She'd better situ sits chemo behind for Twelve to wonder due to not pursue decision. You saw presiding film Schwa- catchy so I kill lawsuits. He said Cassius. Who Show it on the side? But it'll turn will set. It didn't message. What did you all streets? Sheila Moods wounded Tuesday woah colony. I I Nevada but by knew had most optimal impact who it over entries Sukhum. Now something emotional. She talked so that could to develop the setting will show that six police Mckinney passes fed. You said Juiston. Disproportional Essay did not feel value. That live at Kansas City's fits it. Quention participates so we didn't talk to compatible. Suit Jeep dynamical POSSITIVE MEMPHIS Montana which replaced it also can Baltimore. I pulled on this one component booze wacky suggest on a swell bicycle tunnel is that fair are semenya unity better that home item may slupic. Initial Hebrew is decided to set individual. Get COOKIES AAA Bags Komo poetry. Onta Piketty de feel more secure personal it. The festival positive guests goose a coupon to damage. Who said he stay on? Twelve compact notable bad. Can you pass it? Fits Hoosiers Baltimore poetry ever dumbest Donald IT CAN. It will swung welcome to What lowly Komo said completely going for Israel high school yet to offset Kusak optimal cash Possitive MMC visible able do plundered sunk. Yes bucknell To shoe burn also. Do they finals week? Me comment bunt plan executive producer. Lou Challenge usual so awkward. You told them Houston shed energy. Passive shoot onto poos only kissed shortcomings emotion. them Nisit by TV. She that she should engine Better Trois Highest. Wish baggage Slash podcast sunk. You see tuneup. F is exactly. He's possible retirement. Alistair John Lewis Alabama's component Laputa do positive. Just I the new hall. Juiston SOUTH ENTITIES EXCELLENT TICKLY. Donna mignon point. What was he stem? Devito ISH PUT DACAS democracy. Lock come off onto a wildly for new in the title to cope with the lesson for. Shanta depan jewel. So set a wet actually actually actually to multi Kitty pussies Topi. Now see. They're going to do with gas together. Don't students who gentleman Buju Range?

Baltimore Gossip Sean Donald Nevada Schick Samoan Hotel Window Kuta van Septic Twa Don rickles Joel Baltimore Danielle miserable Chicago Schwab Mock Topi Better Trois Highest Hulu Gijon Mona Dot Donna mignon Schwa
56: Miss Bandikota Bengalenses visits old caves

Myths, Legends, and Fairytales of India

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56: Miss Bandikota Bengalenses visits old caves

"Welcome to the very tail of India where we bring to you, stories of kings and Queens. Princesses and These are classic teams of eventual. Magic Ngoma some India. Brought to you in a new of Dodd by GOV starting. More. VISIT MIDST AND LEGENDS INDIA DOT COM. Miss banned because a Bengal. Lenses discovers the old kids. Indeed long name for story. Meet misspending quota. MS, bandit quota Bengal lenses was a little Indian mole rat. Who grew up in a of boroughs. Mother. Seven sisters has an ten brothers. You heard me right. It was a huge family. The voted vic pests the nineteen of them. Always out on a rampage. Most of the Bengal and his family. went out to a nearby farm to forage for food. But after she natalie escaped pharmacy rat trap. Miss bandicoot up Benghazi. Lens's decided never to attack Afam. Dave. Sir Can you do? Mother head August. Miss Bondi Quota Bengals winces have smiled simply and said. I can, borrow So every night which she would start digging a tunnel. And every morning she found herself somewhere different in search of a new adventure, friends and food. Once she ended up on the beach of Wardi. where she met for pizza and sand bubbler craps. She also saw the see for the full I. Whenever she went. So did her explorer skit with sunglasses, binoculars, magnifying glass, and of course or favorite stickle bandages. Let's explore another part of India with MISSPEND DAKOTA? Somebody stuck hard tiny news out off hole in the ground. WAS THAT Miss Bandy Goede Bangla is. She had just emerged from a new bottle. After a long night of digging through leaders and leaders of pink white and Brown. It was nearly sunrise. Just ask. She was about to set her sunglasses Dapo for news. She caught a fleeting glimpse of something ought. She lashed back into her bottle. Only to as her head again cautiously. She. Know the slee into what looked like a round glass window encircled in A. Black Rim! From behind it or huge black I feel or back it'll. Ms Band Ikuta Bangla Ncis couldn't believe what is. WHO DID BE? Defined Laos. Before, she could say anything to the huge black I it ast. In a gentle human voice. I'm misspend, IKUTA Bengal lenses. You. An explorer. The Human Child. Moving back one St. The boy was smiling at Ms Bangle Bangla Ncis. Not Too big, not too small. He looked just right to be an explorer. I set out to roam the beam. History! He said probe. Ms bandicoot up Bengal ince's examine the green cap on his head. The bed of binoculars slung around his neck. The Brown backpack hanging from his shoulders and the large magnifying glass in his hand. DIJK was all set. She nodded. In approval. So. She said eagerly. Holding up Hor magnifying Lawson travelgate. I. Exploring too. I need bottles that go to new pieces. FECAL Green. I know secret trail through this florist. Do you want to come along? As! You might have guessed Ms Bandy Coda. Penguins is was always up for something new. She scouted out of her battle. The two new friends began their Joni. Trading on Nadal Dusky book. It was winter. The forest was dry and bare. leafless branches cost of famed web of shadows that quivered in the breeze. Ms Bandicoot. Bangla NCES hawked lightly someone shadow to another. She would land gingerly on tools so as not to disturb the patterns of light and shade. Now again. She turned around to make sure that the wooded patterns had reappeared on the ground. The chilly morning breeze brushed softly by them. A bed of home bills were calling into it. Their cries bill through the silence. As the climb to head. zude grew steeple. But they kept up a steady pace. Soft Rustling on there, right? Brought them to a halt. Strange and move cross their path. It looked a bit like a call and a bit like antelope. It was tall and seems strong. It had Louche. It had bluish gray skin. To gold haunts between its use. A distinctive white batch at its through. Anise Black billed below it. What's that? We spoiled Miss Bandicoot Bangla NCIS. New Guy. said. His eyes shining. Before Ms Bandicoot Bangla. NCIS could ask any more questions. The new guy vanished. Ask suddenly as it had. The quiet of the jungle was rudely interrupted by a crash of branches and cacophony. Startled more racked and boy hesitate. Then, they proceeded cautiously. The source of the Din was not very far off. Actually, it seems to be coming from just above. A wild fruit tree was the center of the rowdy racket. The duping branches were leading with large found hoops. The ground below was covered with more right yellow green ones. Many had US Open. The soft bulk was a brilliant Safran. A sweet sinned filled the coal. Trees these. Miss bandicoot up England's US shouted out to the noisy lung us. This is a bear three. Don't do no. Said an elderly looking. Surprised by the question. Indian lung wars have been feasting on its woods for thousands of yours. Ms Band Ikuta balances shook her head. Four one she had never used to be. Well never mind dome bribed in. He offered. Those blend devoted everybody. Ms Band Ikuta. Pangolins pounced on it. But I'm open. The cracked woody shell with Gusto. Busied himself collecting dried leaves while she gorged on the food. Refreshed by the Brig. this band Ikuta Bengals Lenses and Dick. High? Up, the mountain. With renewed vigor. As declined. The forest clear. For the ahead the road wound to a rocky terrain of sandstorm and quad site. Giant border stood precariously at the bent. Along schimmel three towered over from behind. Its prickly trunk spread out young silvery branches. It had shed most of its leaves. Deep, crimson flowers had just begun to bloom. I must have a fresh Shimon flour for my collection. Announced Miss Bandy quota. Bengal lenses explorer framed. blankly, they bought rushed to scale the border. As TCWU leaned over to take horde of the newest branch. He's slaved. And with him went miss. bandicoot bangle lenses. They're all down the border and slid down the dusty sue. Bom. Bom. Bom Depot. The poor boy had scraped his knee and boost watching his leg bean. Ms Bambi Khuda Bengal Lenses was beside him in a flash. A stickle bandage ready in the hand. Decode time tour as he stuck it on. Dusting themselves, they both stood up giggling at the accident. asmus Mandy Kuta bengals a staunch towards the ruled. Her ice fell upon a breathtaking sight. You. We have discovered the largest battle in the ward. She, said all stroke. Beagles smile affectionately and battered Ms Band Ikuta Bangla NSA's on horseback. Welcome to the caves of them Gar. She couldn't contain her excitement. On, we do explore the mysterious games. Most fall. She was blaming with questions. Who made these games? When did they make them? How did they make them? Who lives in them and so on and so forth? Time idea friend. settee. Laughing as they entered the kimes. Inside another surprise awaited them. The walls had been things of strange animals and speak like men. This seems to tell a story from long long ago. Once again, Miss bandicoot up Bangla. NCES LOOKED UP ECHO questioning. And so he told her the story of the old kimes. Already very long time ago. Layers and layers of limestone and sandstone settled. One top of the other will will hundreds of millions of euros. They foam the window. Chill Mountains. Largest ones at the northern fringe of India's were the beam hills. For millions of years some and the wind, and the rains cord heels in fascinating as to create these spectacular keeps. Some archaeologists say it may have been Mr Homo Erectus family, that I wandered into the beam caves. About one hundred thousand years ago, they must have used these caves as woke shelter. The me have the little cups or holes. We see in these caves even today. NATO our ancestors made the bean made caves their hope. They lived on animals like deal wildfowl. Bows in adults and spears to hunt the animals with and to protect themselves in the jungle. There must have been a life of. And Pedal. But it was the only one they knew. Often they were attacked by dangerous animals like wild boar and infants. Sometimes. They fought bravely. Sometimes, they had to flee for their lives. Whenever? They returned with an animal they had killed. The celebrated their victory with music and dance. Some of these hunters were artists to. Be painted their stories on the walls of their homes to tell us their adventures from tens of thousands of years ago. Ms Gouda Bengal and stood staring at the big choice. To stories of the kimes seemed to come alive. The. Do Explorers Walked into another keep? It's was will covered with hundreds of images of animals. Ms Bangle Bangla Lenses studied them intensely on the her magnifying glass. Meanwhile her friend was joined them in his diety. Pointing at one. He just! gave me. which animal this is! Ms Vandy Kuta Bangla nces look gutted Guzzi. Then, she done to him. Be Me. exclaimed. After the morning of learning. Miss, Bundy Khuda Bangla nces stopped sipping to the rock shelters. They were hum bids some Nadal some wide, some dolls, some large and some meal crevices just like bottles. A few hours later. While? She was still whizzing around. Her friend called out or did. Come along quake. I assure you the most special rocking. The beam made hills. My father is weeping for me up there. Miss bandicoot Pangolins Linda to catch up. and. Together the ran to the edge of the cliff. Local are the tortoise shaped rock. Miss, Mandy! Quota Bangla NCIS, you will see the bid will busy. As she drying in the view through binoculars, T qual ran off to his father. A cool afternoon breeze blew over the cliff, making her drowsy. She snuggled comfortably into a niche under the tortoise wrong. As her eyelids to. She hold her friend. Explorer Tomorrow A silent wind carried her sleepy. Reply back to him. To night time mystique. To explore a new place tomorrow. Gas Swat. Team up with Miss Band quota and guests, the Nimes all these animals. Beagle has drawn these animals for you. All are believed to be native to India. Here are some clues to help you alone. He'll goes the fussell. It's African. Cousin is the largest land mammal. Let's go to the next. One off the grandest buds best known for its rain dance. You got that one, too. Let's see if you crack the next the biggest striped member of the cat family. You got that, too. Okay, the next one. It has a single hone as its scientific name indicates. You are super level. Let's now learn about a few trees of central India. Miss Bondi quota. Bangla NCES discovered the all keys off beam, beat up in the middle of a jungle near the Windier Gel mountains in multiple dish. This state has the highest forest cover in the county. It is famous for its DIJK. Sal and bamboo forests and vast stretches of mixed tropical jungles. Our ancestors lived amid trees, and over the years discovered the many uses. But lush is the official state flower of British. The tree is also called the flame of the forest because it blooms. An orange in scarlet clubs does all flowers? The seeds leaves and gum of this tree are found to be medicinal. The armlet tree bears are light, greenish, yellow fruit also known the Indian Blues Bury. It is one of the best known natural sources of Vitamin C. The BUHL tree is native to India and grows wild in dry in sandy environments. It is a tough and Tony Tree that survives drought and flood. The Denver twigs of the boom were traditionally used as to brushes. The MOA is an indigenous tree. Considered holy many tribes of the forests of central and north India. Its flower is edible and used for making honey. Sit Up and JEN. Thank you for listening to this awesome story from. India You can listen to Mozart stories in English Hindi and soon in many other languages. Was An empty podcast dot in? The story was new rated by shoot, Ali Bidu or very of India and has been reduced by gun stories.

India Bengal Ms Bandicoot Miss Bandy Mandy Kuta Ms Band Ikuta Pangolins Linda Nadal Ms Gouda Bengal Benghazi Bengals Miss Band Ms Bambi Afam natalie Dodd Dave Laos Wardi. DAKOTA