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"kuna lena" Discussed on Truth Be Told

"Really great gentleman driver. I'd pay it forward on the road. So i definitely think so so We we've used the word strength. And so i have liked to talk a little bit about specifics to kunle yoga. Even do meditation. I brought a meditation. Well okay i i have i print out just because i want to make sure i don't forget of it but this is a meditation that again you know the the symbol for now is i have to know you have to know yet to like on yourself and stuff and that means you know inside of you. Everybody has a part of them that no stuff. Don't you don't you think so absolutely right like i. I have this quote. This is like the common features of the age of aquarius. I love the so much. I read it all the time because it really helps me. You know in their hearts people understand what's going on. They may not find the words to express themselves but one day they will and that day they will like to lift their fellow beings and the walls of hatred will fall down and instead of ill-will gossip there will be a prayer on the tongues of everyone now listener this rather than competing for wealth. People will compete. Pete for spiritual growth. We will have a common belief of higher self love for our creator and love for our own higher consciousness and grace and that's one of the tactics for survival is like remembering that you know people like they know what's going on you know what's going on you have it inside of yourself and you know if you if you're like driving and somebody i almost got hit yesterday. Some kinda of what. He was a really thick guy and he was really angry and stop sign and he just decided to push through ahead of me and i you know i almost got hit and The i instead of going. I hate that guy. What a weirdo. Which i usually would have done in the past because trading myself. Now i just went. Wow last sekai because he screwed up you know it's obvious well and gratitude that you were protected. I was protected. And you know that's a really good point body because you know if you keep high and you keep vibrating high and you put the protection of the angels or you know your teachers a masters whatever you believe in around here. I'm telling you there's a lot of stuff that can you can be protected from. I've had it happen so many times youtube absolutely. I usually do a little protective mantra. Before i drive. Yeah hottest that didn't Yeah it's important again. We're talking about life in la that way. Yeah i mean it's a big thing here now and You know we'll talk a little bit about the mantra before you. Give us a specifics about the meditation. One thing. I'd like to talk about with kuna lena yoga. 'cause maybe not everybody knows about coon alenia. First of all. I mean new energy right the sacred energy. Yes if you'd like to elaborate on that if you don't mind i. I honestly believe that kunda leany energy is in the body and runs the world and it's not specific to kunda delina yoga. I believe that meditation A lot of different practices can help people open up their spiritual essence thinking about the kunda delaney energy like the energy of the atomic bomb. And you wanna work with it in that you don't make yourself go crazy and that's why you're hearing. I read this website. The other day in the sky was talking about kunda. Leany psychosis people are going through. And the have you seen that. Well i've just through the years. Even before i took a class yoga class. There was a lot of fear around it. You know it can be bad for you or something can go very wrong. You awaken the yeah and it can. But it's the same thing like if you drive a car and here we go again down sunset boulevard. And you're driving the wrong way.

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