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"Image for the event. Well, you know, I can't speak to that piece of it. But what I can't say to you is that the anti is is happening just you know, period across our country. We're we're in a time period where women who were normally light or downright leadership position. I mean, even put the require you contacted NWPP. Our president is the first Muslim woman to be the president of NWPP. And I believe that women are rising that were normally March life that it's just uncomfortable. In in through that it comes across where you know organizations are just not being able to meet on a think pay because of the way ink ran for. So I can comment to that question for you. What does that have to do with anti-semitism the point about women of color or Muslim women, for example, rising into positions of power? What does anti-semitism have to do with it? Well, when you think about even the suffrage movement women all the way back hundred hundred fifty years ago, and you think about what's happening now there still are a lot of areas even corporate in politic where women are not being necessarily accepted into the leadership position. But I don't wanna get whale rolled into a conversation about doing that. We can't seek the EP and I tell you to join. And we joined because of the fact that we are the guardians of civil rights and civil rights come to for women or men for all people, really, especially individuals who are marginal. And when you look at Muslim and women of color particular can't deny it women of color were Mark country for instill it the day. And so that we can speak on at the end of lease EP. If there's an opportunity for us to be able to join forces and being able to magnify someone else's voice to be able to exactly what we're gonna do, and you can expect that I suppose, I guess then I disagree with the premise of your point in relationship to Ilhan, Omar. I don't think people are going after Ilhan, Omar because she's a Muslim woman of color, but they're going after her and charging her with anti-semitism because she uses antisemitic tropes in her language surrounding the state of Israel and Jews. So for example, do you think? Straying Jews as rich people who buy influence. Do you think that that is an antisemitic trope? What's your question? Again. Do you think it's an antisemitic trope to portray Jews as rich people buying influence? I don't I'm not gonna get into right now. You're talking about classes, and I I'm talking with respect because I'm talking specifically about the topic of the panel that you guys are endorsing. And I think that it's important because if we're going to say that will haunt Omoro anyone is being targeted as an anti Semite simply because they happen to be a Muslim woman of color. I want to be. This event is about right. I mean, you you would certainly concede. I mean, I took that specifically from the event description. It says Howard charges of anti-semitism being weaponized specifically target black power, powerful black and Muslim leaders and Ilhan, Omar. Let me let me flip. Inaccurate question. Do you see anything happening? What's lack women or moved on women in particular that comes to a point where their voice our voices are being you are are being hurt. Are you telling me that you have anything like that in our country? Intelligence charges in our fate charges of anti-semitism. No, I have not seen that from charges of anti-semitism. Okay. Well, we're not here to argue with a call. No, no. I totally appreciate by the way you coming on. But but. Or the charges guys. Who is the victim? Who's the victim of charges of anti-semitism being weaponized specifically to target them? Who was the victim? I'm not going to answer that question. You're lear. We're we're going to endorse the fan. It's about their guardians of civil right? And in particular, she acts end the key to come on. And join our presidents. They are right now at the we are a sponsor of Ethan, and we're going to arm whole arms with her the support her throughout her journey in her career of being politics. And that's really what it is. Has has she been the victim of Antar has she been the victim of charges of anti semitism. Yes. Apple dot com. That we're going to camp behind her on the bottom line is at inva- day guardian of civil rights, and she happens to be a woman prowler that happens a fall at the civil rights that she had had issued. I can't interviewing her it. Would it sounds like athletes? I would love to interview her. But the fact of the matter she's taking I would come on come on the show and happily talk to her do you think the idea of dual loyalty or the idea blaming Israel exclusively for problems in the region. Do you believe any of those are anti semitic because that is basically why Ilhan Omar is being called anti semitic. Right. Well, I can't comment on that. That's not what you wanted to your show. I'm talking about the I'm talking about the do do you believe in particular to support her? I'm believe I'm here as a public is represented end up and one of the things that once again, she cute in a situation. She's a woman that he was a man even if a white man that needed support, let's say that she was she has certain policies at the majority did not believed in its in leak felt like it was appropriate any civil rights end up with fine on the support that no matter the white man is a matter a Muslim woman Asian woman that that's really our fans ended, and I just think that for the type of questions that you're asking her what her camp where they are sponsoring supporting her because once again, cheat up all underneath civil rights supporter. Kua hall is a spokesperson for the Seattle NWC p King County chapter. We're talking about an event tonight. Night, intersectional dialogue and weaponising charges of anti-semitism. Do you think it's possible for an African American woman to be an anti Semite? I think it's possible for anybody for the anything, you know. I mean, it all depends on culture away for raid of African American women to plenty of white men. Rachel people who aren't their parents. I didn't come from the type of culture, they came from a black woman was raised by white parents who were extremely rape as you could be anything. Right. White man with rate by black parents that were racist. I it could be the same thing. So I I'm just going to back off of that question right there. Or are you just are you suggesting that if you believe someone to be anti semitic or anti whatever a bit of whatever kind, but they also happen to be a Muslim woman of color. You would still back that person you would still support that person. The pill rights as four, and you know, I know that. And that's why I'm asking that question because you're your innocence. You're supporting someone who has been condemned as an anti Semite who repeatedly uses antisemitic tropes as a means to talk about Israel. It's the Cleveland of someone who says the black face isn't racist. And you're like well why because I found one individual black person said black phases racists. No, it's still historically racist. We would all pointed out, and we would say at least, let's have an educator will moment about this. But I don't hear that coming from you guys as it relates to Ilhan, Omar. Instead, you're deciding to support her. Well, you know, what you can you right now. What fact that you have about things that he has spoken to that right now or one hundred percent? She says that Israel has hypnotized the world. She has suggested that Jews in Israel have bought US politicians. It's all about the Benjamins baby. She implied that American Jews have divided loyalties dual loyalties all of those are antisemitic. Trolls, and she's she said it many times she's been condemned by the congress, including Democrats her own party condemned her so yes, I can talk about that now. Yeah. Hey, you know, what I think that we need to really have her online with you. And to interview her the ACP, they reached out once again, and he is here to support her at the woman, and as like, you said the woman of color, deport her in her rate of making sure that think that you know, that she's able to really what she needs to lead. And that's why we're here. So anything else? Fortunately, I'm going to get you in contact with her. I guess definitely. Feel can arrange that for you. I can't guarantee me I'm an open. I don't I don't necessarily know she'll come on given my positions on this. But I suppose do you think that the Seattle? I'm sorry. I think. Yeah. Of course, I think she may. She may come on. Why not you why why does he want to be able to her day? I can't sit here and defend her name to you. I'm here. You baby healthy book that interview. Do you think that the Seattle NWC peaking county chapter has that interview? No, I'm saying, do you think that there is a responsibility on your part to fully vet the people that you decide to back because here's a concern of mine. I believe as many Jews not the fringe, the two fringe token Jews that you have on the panel that happened to suggest that the state of Israel should not exist and that they support. Yes. But the vast majority of Jews believe this event to be antisemitic. Now, I understand that you personally, don't or maybe you just don't see it that way. And I think that's a that's subjective. But when you've got a whole bunch of Jews saying something anti-semitic, should you not listen to those Jews the same way that I'm hoping that people listen to the African American community when they say something's race. Right. Right. Right. What I would say to you it I'm coming to reach our there. Once again, her office are office. We're supporting her. Yes. Her. So. Ilhan? Omar is the reason why this event is happening. I thought this was being done by local organizations. I'm telling you the local organization so are in in conversations with her not the reader why on the fifth, but I can't eat to you directly about her. I think that you need to seek to her camp. And if you get you in contact believe New York, Tom Ridge out, your producer. Yeah. The email. I can get you a contact with the individuals who reach out to they have helped them sponsor events figure.

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