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"ktc sienna" Discussed on Talk 1260 KTRC

"You a job. Money back guarantee if you want to go to work. Emily called Tin Box from the Drug Policy Alliance of 33 30 Today, Dr Eileen Barrett from University of New Mexico. Hospital or I guess, officially the health sciences center. We'll be on the show. Anything we can do for you. Shoot me An email Richard at Santa fe dot com. Alright, according to the Albuquerque Journal over the weekend, the developer of the midtown campus which you know has broken out for the cities. Was us. It was not them something like that. Katie see real estate development out of Dallas. Said in a report to the city that a number of the buildings on the midtown campus needed to be leveled. To be raised horned down. Thailand reporting for the journal North on Saturday. That they determined that at least 13 buildings. Needed to come down. Due to that lack of value on the 64 acre campus, some buildings would likely have to be removed. Ktc Sienna recommended the city demolished to me 17, not $13.17 buildings on the campus. While preserving eight. For future use. Report says quote. Remaining buildings that will not be preserved. We'll need to be demolished to reduce the city's holding cost and liabilities. Among the buildings recommended to be turned down. We're all of the dorms, residence halls. And many of the education the classroom buildings used in years past. Midtown campus, previously served his home of College of Santa Fe until 2009 and University of art design until 2018. Many of the buildings were constructed in the early 19 sixties. And very few had undergone any renovation. 13 buildings were classified as being an either poor or bad condition. And one Luke Hall. Classified as Dangerous. Sam. We're not Sam Burnett's Give me Property maintenance manager for the city said two buildings are currently condemned. He also said poor condition doesn't mean the buildings aren't functional. In some cases, he said, the real bill Tae shin of the buildings makes him The cast would make a not economically feasible. And therefore they're classified as poor. Now, Mr Burnett says everything is perfectly functional and well maintained. Comes down to that cost benefit equation. That the condition of the building doesn't make it viable for rehabilitation. Some buildings such as the residence halls, he said, are difficult to reconfigure for commercial purposes. So it might be considered more advantageous just to turn down. 80 CCN estimated demolition of the buildings to cost a half a million dollars. And remediation. Another $1 million. So that was news to me. I didn't realize have been over there a long time actually did not realize the campus was in such bad condition. You know, we'd heard that you know maintenance was a problem and And that Some of the buildings were in poor condition, but I didn't realize it was quite That bad. 505424 12 60 30 minutes after one o'clock. Well into the 60 days session. Lots to talk about. Talk. 12 61 37, Katie, Years 30 minutes after one. Be right back..

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