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"kristina rally" Discussed on WGN Radio

"The same is the phone number 312981 72 100 We won 29817200 as usual. Everybody's got an opinion on our moment of Zen and we heard a lot about the one from Yesterday. I loved your moment of Zen. Music is so relaxing to me. Thank you so much for sharing with us in these dark times. And a suggestion. Get the 1993 album called Rainforest. Control. I'm Joe is in charge of that, Joe. You may want to check that out, okay? This is somebody who obviously doesn't get the moment is in. Bob. Are you trying to get fired? No, not really. As much as I'd like to sleep late. I don't want to come to that. I hate the moment of Zen. I wanna wake up and not go back to sleep. I love the zone moments sometimes. I don't like the music like on Wednesday, but most of the time you have it, right. Um Ah. See here. Bob, So great to have you back on G n Your moment of Zen is a good idea. But sometimes the soothing tone of your voice is more than enough Nomis Day. Thank you for that. Congratulations, Bob. You have graduated from being simply boring to being a bully that I like the music on the moment of Zen Wednesday. No, you know what I didn't do. I didn't say the guy's name and then spend radio time mocking it and reading mean texts from other listeners. The classy thing would've been to just not mention it again. I stopped listening when brand Meyer was on and you have pushed me out again. I will miss Mary, Dave and Steve. But I can't listen anymore. Oh, no. Now we need to hear from one new listener to make up for this person. But you know what I did hear from the person who sent us that that moment of Zen. That was so controversial, David. Yeah, he e mailed us. He wasn't offended. Yeah, listen to this. Thank you for playing my piece. It's all small on your show. I surely appreciate it made my day the pieces decidedly modeled on Japanese Zen meditation music. It's designed to calm the mind in order to live in each moment. Be well. David Hunter. So there you go. He he was okay with a very Zen like responding, right? Yeah, like whatever. I guess he was listening because he was listening to his music. Or maybe he wasn't listening when you have that that could be to, um and then Ah, number of requests here. Along the lines of this message. Can anyone find out the status of the Marquis Network in Comcast? I know you want the Cubs station anymore, but I think a lot of your listeners would like to know. Thank you. Well, Dave found out that they're on right there. They're on. Xfinity and I checked first I confirmed it on my app. My handy dandy app on my phone And then I also just to make double sure, because we don't have it in the building. We have a different system. I called my wife and had her turn on the TV and check and sure enough, it's their channel to 02 Crane Kenney, their president, the business president for the Cubs. Said that the monthly fee is going to be whatever Comcast elects to charge rates. Very based on your geographic location with Comcast. But ultimately it's their decision how much they want to pass through to subscribers, so it's part of the basic package. But something will show up in your bill. I guess right sounds that way. But what doesn't you know? Let us know. Did you notice that some of the players Tossed foul balls to the cardboard fans in the seats. I hope the socks moved the fans around, so everybody gets a chance to be behind home plate. I hope the TV announcers identify some of the fans. Like they did on Wednesday. Well, yeah, they have been, haven't they? I think so. Yeah, we're and we're going to talk to Kristina Rally for the White Sox later this hour. She can hopefully clarify some of that because it's only supposed to be for this weekend. But there are a lot of people who want in on this. Yeah, they sold out and they Yeah, I believe, you know, they need thio. They need Teo. I think Put put the cardboard cut outs in the grandstands and the outfield. Why not? Well, here's the other thing. Now Fox is saying that they're goingto Have a computer generated fans when they do the games, so they will, I guess, pre op the cardboard cut outs because what if it rains, and they have to put their plastic you're on the cardboard. Although these put the cardboard cutouts in in rice like you do in your phone falls in a toilet. Ah, it's Are you speaking from experience? Yeah. Unfortunately. Unfortunately, Ah, there was one more I was going to get to hear. I confined it Well, I'll get to it. I'll get to it on Monday. Somebody was very unhappy with me talking about how I like the look of women in masks. Mary was that offensive? No. Okay. I mean, like, like their eyes. How about that? Yeah, The first thing your mystery 7 17 and we'll check in with our friends Block Club Chicago get some extremely local news next right now an update on a.

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