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"kristen salem" Discussed on WLAC

"Three seven two seven to give us a call or go to the website oncall radiocom kristen salem oregon says and 33 and in relatively good health other than i need to lose about 15 pounds as wonder what you recommend we starting with well to greet him lil rally is that's where about seventy percent of americans really are may be more than that is that 15 pounds in a needing to to really create change first thing you gotta do is you've got to one it until it provided that because if you don't want it if you just wake up when they you get excited you watch some exercise video guy with ads you think i want ads no what am i do the six with his with this sparetyre roundthewaist right you get that yet kinda get that feeling and he they will what am i going to do i just go out and start walking doug get some role abdominal rolling machine what do i do here's the basics decide you want it because there's going to be good days in bed this is going to be days where the guy with abb's doesn't really matter any more that you you really wanna follow a good game plan i'll tell you that one of the big keys in this is getting a good nutrition plan first and foremost and here's what that means because i know there's a lot of diets out there i get that the basics of what you want to focus on you want to keep everything mostly in valance make sure you're getting 25 to thirty percent your diet in healthy fats bar nine that is what most experts would agree on now because a diet that has good amount of healthy fats in is going to keep your hormone levels where they need to be and really that critical because if your hormones drop then everything's going to drop and you're you're not gonna be able to get the lean body tissue that you're looking for everyone thinks that makes you fat doesn't so chris i would say in this to really if you're wanting to start on your journey you get your diet right first okay that's the key so focus on equal amounts roughly of lean quality protein sources like chicken fish be for eggs low glycemic carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables and.

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