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"kristen mark swallows" Discussed on 710 WOR

"John made it here from Pittsburgh. I've been making this plan for a long time since I was in college. So today, even though a skull. I can make it. You've got a nice Ranko. Yeah. One. Discover something new Sean as ball drop veteran. But that doesn't make it any less exciting every. Yeah. The atmosphere. Everybody's happy and all the ball come down with the confetti. Experience holds up for those checking it out for the first time. Oh, cool. I watched every year on TV. Now, we're finally here doing it in Times Square James flippin for seven ten W O ARA for many this is day. One of keeping a New Year's resolution, whether it's to lose weight or spend less money more than half will fail psychology. Professor John Norcross says his study show roughly forty percent though, we'll be successful at their goal. Six months from now, I am surprised the number is that high. But if you listen to the average person on the street, practically no one will ever keep a New Year's resolution, and that's just wrong. A sixty two year old man shot and killed in his Greenwich Village apartment last night. Bedford street shooting was reported just before five pm police say Jonathan Berlin was shot in the stomach. He was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries. Police say they found marijuana and scales in Berlin apartment evidence of drug dealing which may mean the shooting was not random along driver under arrest for running over a woman twice during a fatal accident in queens, Monday more than that from. Wwl wars Oga breeze. The New York Post is reporting that Forty-three-year-old battalion Garcia Gavilan of great neck was driving westbound on thirty seventh avenue just before one pm when she made a right turn onto northbound thirty seventh avenue and hit a woman crossing eighty first street police say the driver, then put her Chevy equinox into reverse. And drove over the victim. A second time she remained at the scene and is charged with failure to yield and failure to use do care causing serious injury. The victim was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. I'm Olga breeze for seven ten W O R off duty New York City. Firefighters been charged in connection with a hit and run accident that killed a military veteran. Westchester county incident happened shortly after midnight on Saturday and Buchanan police say forty four year old Eric Warriner hit and killed the sixty three year old man on Blakeley avenue. Mourner than allegedly fled the scene. He's been charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Andrew Cuomo expected to deliver a strong. Anti-trump message tonight is a sworn in for his third term as governor more of that from wwl wars. Kristen Mark swallows. Inauguration will be held on land in the shadow of the statue of liberty Ellis Island welcomes more than twelve million immigrants to the US before closing in nineteen fifty four New York's governor has committed the sixty five thousand dollars needed to keep both federal sites open during the partial federal government shutdown. He has said that keeping the torch lit is a perfect metaphor for America at its best Cuomo has denounced the president's demands for a border, wall aunt is anti immigration policy. Kristen marks for seven ten W O R the father of survivor from the park land, Florida high school shooting responding to comedian Louis C K after he apparently mocked shooting survivors in a standup back more from Stephanie gos-. My daughter was killed in the park land shooting. My son ran from the bullets, my wife, and I deal with loss every day. Why don't you come to my house and try out your new pathetic jokes? He's just a year ago. Louis C K confirmed sexual misconduct accusations made against him were true. Wwl war. News time coming up on seven thirty four. Now. A check of traffic.

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