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"kristen flabby kim henderson" Discussed on The World and Everything In It

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"kristen flabby kim henderson" Discussed on The World and Everything In It

"On your legal docket podcast. As an excellent indicator I'm extremely impressed by your ability to present legal concepts in an entertaining and educational way that certainly helps bring the complex legal strategies and theories out of the dark shadows of the judicial system in presents them in a way that people can understand and can apply them to their lives and livelihoods. Again, congratulations on a job very well done. Well congratulations indeed to the on air team of our Legal Eagles Mary record and Jenny Rough along with producer Paul Butler. They are doing a great job within thanks to to you for the five star ratings and reviews on I tunes. That's really a big deal. It's helped keep us at the top of the new shows recommendations in the government category, and that helps new listeners to find it too. So we really appreciate those five star reviews we really do. We're going to give the last word today to one of our very creative listeners and his faithful sidekick. Take it away Dave and his furry sidekick yeah. The world and everything in it is made possible by listeners like us. I'm Dave Sable and this is my great Dane Bruin each morning listen as we make the morning copy. Of course Mary uses big words. She's doing legal docket. I don't know why Megan doesn't do more movies. Wait just because Nick likes hockey doesn't make. Socialist. All right that's it, no Pumpkin and your kibble. Well the world and everything in it takes a team of people and pets sometimes to it all together and provide programs to you all week. So thanks so much to our hardworking colleagues. Meghan Basham Paul Butler Johnny B Cheney can't Covington Kristen Flabby Kim Henderson Anna Hansen. Lee Jones Vivian Jones of knees. Ao He Kerry Mary Reicher Sarah Schweinfurt Cal Thomas and Kyle's them neck. Johnny Franklin and Carl Pete's stay up late to get the program to you. Early JC Derek is managing editor and Marvin Olesky is editor in chief. And you make all of it possible with your support. Thank you for helping. Keep sound journalism grounded in. God's word in the marketplace. Some ninety one reminds us he who dwells in the shelter of the most high will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, my refuge and my fortress, my god in whom I trust. Go now in Greece.

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