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"kristen eva" Discussed on Gamer Talk Podcast

"As you're going down law All oil light a candle so you have a trail going. That's why I had mentioned to joe in the novice levels like to to make that candle burn longer because I've done that and then I came back and it was already burned out. I'm like now I'm lost like Shit. The candle burned out already so or have have light it. Just have something from behind. You go turnaround just like nothing's there and you're like people that just like what Joseph you've got to do that that'd be so awesome. We see the candlelight. Whoa out real quick just has to be random? It can't be like right every time you gotta be. Sometimes it'll you'll hear right. Oh aw man that when you know you strike a match and lights on the first time and there's other times when you're won't work. I'm like mashing the button like liked it. Yeah it's all right so all the candles in the in the game. They serve more than one the purpose. So they let you see but then they also have to do with creatures that are in the game so uh-huh so if you do go around lighting all of them and they'll eventually burn out on their own then you won't be able to use them later than you might when a save some of them So you've got to strategize. I knew that I knew there's a reason why there is so fucking many candles out there. Because I was like I was like I. Don't WanNA burn them Paul. Is there a night vision. Goggle cheek that we can use daylight moat. Maybe John Aww can you see your feet. No A- At first I was I was GONNA add a full player body but it caused a lot of issues with the whole crawling mechanics. You able to Crouch and crawl in. There's no preset areas as you can crouch or crawl. It's just whatever you can physically fit under so it was just causing. Some problems with the players model was I'd have to do a whole bunch. Bunch of animations and I K rigs and stuff is just getting kind of complicated okay. GOTCHA MM-HMM COOL so Joseph. How long have you been working on this game? So when I first started working on this game I'd say probably it's probably been like six years our that's when I started. I didn't know anything like like complete zero about making games at all. Lee is like a learning process like this game has changed stove the much over the years the first version is just. It's ridiculous I look at it now and it's like that's so bad. Yeah I just have one question before we start asking her. I start asking questions because I have a couple couple of random questions and here that aren't related to anything at all so I just wanted to get engaged in D. regularly listening to this podcast. Now I didn't know but the buckfast until Bill Chris. Talk to me about it. We're since then I've watched a couple of episodes though. Okay what what type of games do you generally play in your free time. I'm only like gains where you can build like minecraft seven days to die seven Days Strategy Games is like firefight studios makes a whole series of games called stronghold and they're pretty old but I still play him and they're just I I love them. They're great nice in your own words as the developer of this game. What is the Moore's so the Moore's is a survival horror game where you're only goal all is to escape so like you don't have to do anything really All the stories stuff is completely optional. And every everything you have to tackle you can tackle in different ways so for example you might need a key to adore or maybe you can find had an axe and break down the door or maybe use a crowbar on the door. Help Joe here. I found the ask the stall the tongs. I found it all in that one room and then I was like acts okay and then I was going to go to the park. It was blocked that caved in after the Get Body got whatever and I was like hacking away at it and it didn't take didn't do anything and I was like. Wow I try that new brute force Joe Brute Force Holt Folks Mash but everything in the game reacts to the large items you can use like like the axe so you can break windows. You can hit everything all the furniture all that stuff. Can you kill monsters with them. Maybe you could try swing swing Wayne mad about it so go ahead go ahead and go. Oh I was just going to say what is the origin of I might butcher this. Kristen Eva's where does that name come from. Is it anything specific or so. The name itself evolved over the years but I wanted to. I wanted to name my company like its own word so I didn't want it to be just too weird stuck together you know. Oh I wanted it to be like a name. I wanted it to be so if you see the name immediately know what it is you know eventually. Yeah but the really what evidence. Entertainment is is. This is the name of the world that all major GonNa take place in then like. Even this game connects to have like a whole line of games that I have that I'm GONNA do eventually. But they are all connected in the same universe. Wow that's like Stephen King esque almost reminds me of a dark pictures. And what They're doing with those projects. So that's really cool. Yeah Awesome Joe Arena. I was GONNA ask. What software are you using to develop this game or to create this game in model? Yeah so when when I first started so the first thing I tried this way back when cranes and three had just come out for the public and I tried that for a little while but sense it just came out. There is no documentation notorial. No no youtube videos. Nothing so I got as far as building a house and having the monster just standing there T. position floating around Eh. I quickly realized that is going to be too hard to learn like for first time using that so then I switched over to unity and that was back a unity three lives the version. And I've been with the ever since now. They're on two thousand twenty edition so the unity is the game engine us and then to make all the three d models use Google sketch up and I use mud. The box for any organic shapes like the players hands cool. That's really awesome. That's really awesome. Yeah that was Kinda ties in Grad John. A another question I had I wanted to ask what does it take. Ah To create the audio or the environments for game. Okay so fair. The audio I use. Reaper is a free workstation. And that's how I make all the music and all that for the game all the string effects or anything like that for all the sound effects. If I don't make them myself using my microphone and a bunch of editing then I get get him from like sound libraries that bought over the years I might make sounds together and totally change how they S- found and yeah and and then as far as environments is it similar you you build most of your own environments for you. Take some samples samples trees and in that foreseen. There's you're outdoors. which is not a very? It's not doesn't seem to be common with the game where you're outdoors you. You seem to be confined in this man this manner so those are all things that you built yourself or was that just parts you brought together for that part of the game since it was seems to be such a small portion of it. Yes Oh On the outdoor scene. There's only you too elements of that. I didn't make myself So the trees are from a tree. Pack that I bought years ago and then I've added them a lot. I changed attacks. Cher's and kind of unity has a a Tree Creator where you can edit trees. It ever had been made aid them in their. You know mixed them up and then go van that you roll up in. I was having trouble making a van with an outside. I an inside with a detachable door in ketchup scientists finding one that worked well enough. Yeah but then other than that everything outside did I also made myself very cool very cool and Fox. The Fox that runs by Elsa found John so you said you have other Games plan to have you. Do you have any other a game out currently now. This is my first one that I've released is your first run okay. So you said it's taken you've been working on this game for about six years but but as you said you when you started you know anything about game development now that you're six years in and you have all this experience if you were to now. Oh start doing another game. How long is that development process? Let's say you were to start this game over from scratch now knowing all the things that you know how long what's the development development timeframe for this game. It's a fire to try and make this game again knowing what I do now I could probably make kit in. Let's say probably two and a half years let's take awhile L.. Just as it's just me so every little thing I've gotta do plus you still have to keep your day job you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah. If I didn't have to go to data it'd be great. I could just do a lot faster so okay so then let's I guess my question Russian is if this was your job and you didn't have to go work at your day job and this is what you do for a living. What would the timeframe to build this game? So if if I could just work on all the time I'd probably do in Probably maybe a year and three-quarters that's great which that's massive from. Oh I'm hearing you said you have seven levels Um and you did all the audio all the everything's for this game so that's Brezhnev. Yeah very impressive amazing. Yeah that's great. So then you said you have future games planned that are in the same world world Are they all going to be the same kind of horror genre or you can change any do different different genre or maybe maybe survival game that it's not horror something. Maybe I wouldn't be interested. Yes so the way. I'm I'M GONNA approach. The whole world thing is through three different characters so the Moore's takes place through the eyes of a guy named Jack and then his game. This one is a survival horror but then he's also going to be in the next game which is a different. It's more like a Probably more like seven days to die esque like open world survival. Kind of game with some crafting stuff. So that's a he's moving onto but then there's other characters that are have their own games and they're going to be completely different genres and cool. I'm Christi Yeah so When when you built the Moore's did you and did you enter any Easter eggs into this game? Anything that came from your personal life. Is there anything that you implemented into this game from from that that you that you could you'd call out in this game. Did you ever get trapped in a mansion with ghosts monsters like did you regularly related to your experience like like they. Did you put any pictures of from your personal life into this game or anything that you can that that you added to this game to add that extra flare and character that that shows that Joseph did this. You know what I mean. Yeah Yeah in office. There's a portrait of Alice on the fireplace. Ace and that is actually a photo of my mom when she was a little girl. The pain sitting all paintings in the house all photos. I've taken on vacation in different states. Different countries is that are turned into painting that. That's.

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