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"kristen elige" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Your smart device the WGN radio app. the push for the playoffs heads for rule Milwaukee as the cubs take on reigning MVP Kristen elige and the brewers Saturday night at six on WGN T. V. I love all things space that was great now we're gonna talk about it it to war after the news in right now three one two ninety one seventy two hundred I want to know the creepiest characters in movie history whoever they may be speaking the creepy at eleven thirty one this news is sponsored by joint relief institute and I go to the one the only Mister Roger vanish thank you so much I thank. sorry right now that's okay I yeah I didn't called the the same stuff. I'm fine all right I'll change here's your here's the news thank you for government a little relief on the long running Jane Byrne interchange construction projects scheduled for this weekend to ram three opening author gaining a second lane according to state officials reconstruction project expected to be completed in twenty twenty two that's three and a half years longer than expected large numbers of storm victims in the Bahamas trying to get off the hurricane devastated islands they're waiting at the docks in at the airport hoping someone will let them onto a plane or a boat headed for the capital of Nassau and police are looking for twenty three year old Lee Davis who is suspected of murder in the shooting last month in the west Humboldt park neighborhood police warn that Davis is considered armed and dangerous anyone in countering the twenty three year old should call nine one one and not approach him we'll check sports traffic and weather next on WGN..

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