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German foreign minister: Won't cave in to US trade threats

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02:16 min | 4 years ago

German foreign minister: Won't cave in to US trade threats

"Are running for hundreds of seeds in both parliament and four provincial assemblies. Islamic fundamentalists moderates liberals and secular politicians are taking part in the vote. Which comes in the wake of election-related violence and also comes amid controversy surrounding former prime. Minister neurotic Sharieff who recently returned to the country From England to face corruption, charges even as he sought to return his party to power popular former cricket player Imran Khan is also running to become the next premier The clock is ticking for Britain to come up with a plan to. Leave the you while agreeing to future relations with Brussels But now foreign secretary Jeremy hunt says there is a very. Real risk of a Brexit no deal by accident big differences remain between Brussels London over the terms of a new trade setup there's also. The issue of how to regulate the UK's only, land border with the u., between the UK's Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic a, substantial number of lawmakers in British Prime Minister Theresa May's conservative party favor a complete break with the u. a so-called. Hard Brexit but may has proposed a soft option which calls for a common rulebook with European nations that would govern trading goods the EU. Parliaments as well as national parliaments of a United Nations and. Britain needs to ratify a deal before the UK leaves, in March the Trump administration is threatening more. Tariffs against European trading partners AP's. Charles day with desma reports Germany's foreign minister says European countries won't cave to you as threats but he is hoping for solution administration has already imposed On, steel and aluminum imports from, the EU and it's threatening tariffs on cost trucks and, auto parts a key industry for Germany European Commission Kristen Sean is visiting Washington on Wednesday for talks on the issue. Now German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has told Germany's a are television that he hopes it will be possible to find a consensus solution on. Tariffs how he adds the EU let itself be threatened and. Just cave in because one stone we may have to, deal he says such behavior often in the, future and we to accept that. I'm Charleston LA desma Hi I'm Megan crane AP digital manager.

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