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"krista crystal" Discussed on Talk Radio 1190 KFXR

"The horse right here. The name is already And we are back on the picture, Anwar next time great time to give me a call The phone number 8777258255 plenty of type your calls Lots of great stuff to give away 8777 to 5 80 to 55 the way to get through. I thought of the day is never never stand between a dog and a fire hydrant. Just don't do it to get back to the business right now. Let's go to my friend Krystal. Hey, crystal. Welcome to the show. Crystal. Oh, Krista. Crystal Widget Co. Crystal disappeared on me. All right, crystal, So we're gonna go. We'll go back to go. Let's go to a show. Let's go. We're gonna go to a show and I believe it is right. Sharon, welcome to the show. Yes, Yes, I did. One. How are you today, Sharon. I'm terrific, So I'm like, like, actually, what can I do to help you think I'm actually calling you on behalf of a friend who has a What is now A 10 month old mixed breed puppy. Hello. We don't call. We don't call them experience. You know, we call him generic dogs. Generic puppy. Okay, It's good. And lately she noticed the drug sleeps in her bid. Well, don't they all but anyway, um When she she's been telling me that when she moves or turns, that dog has now started growing at her. She mentioned another occasion when she lifted the drug off the sofa, even though she allows it normally to be on herself. But she wanted to do something else. And how old is the dog? Now it's 10 months. And how long has she had the dog? Sure if it was approximately four months old. Okay, So has she done any training with the dog and all? I guessing not. Okay, So let me ask you a question. If you have a child, and you don't educate the child, you can't blame the child for the behavior that the child is displaying the same thing with the dog. So the first thing we need to do is gain some basic Education for the dog. Now, here's the thing. A lot of people say, Well, I don't care. I don't care what the dogs. It's the first time. I don't care whether you dog lies down. But it's important to teach those basics because it gives you a positive way to communicate with the dog. I often joke about this, but rather you know, you go to somebody homes and people saying to their dog. No, no, don't do this. No, no, no. I often joke that I go into someone's home. Say the word No. When the dark comes thinking, that's his name. He hears it so often what your friend really needs to do is establish some listen to the word. I'm using positive authority. Positive authority. What the doctor dog is only 10 months old, So she has a long way to go. So what I would start doing right now is I would have your friend start going doing some good, solid basic training to establish that positive authority. So what happens is when the dog displays any of that behavior, you have a positive way to control it, rather than confront it with more aggression cause aggression never resolves aggressive behavior. So what I'm gonna do shout If you promise me. You'll give it to your friend. I'm gonna send you a copy of how to get your dog to do you want? I want your friend to go through them. Let me stop you there. I already gave her a copy of your book. Did you read it? I don't know. You know? Listen, I have a copy of war and peace, but I could tell you what was in it. I have a copy on my desk. So another was having he needs. You know, it's not fair to the dog, because here's what's gonna happen. If she doesn't take the time to socialize and train the dog properly. One day, the dog may become a little bit more aggressive and even if it her and then she said, I can't have this talk anymore. The dogs and I wind up in a shelter and you could wind up even killed. Not because he did anything wrong because he was never given the opportunity to learn how to do something right. She needs some good, solid basic training. If she's a close friend, Sharon adviser to get a trainer to come into the home and work with her, preferably a female trainer, But this is not a problem. Dog. This is a dog with an issue based on not the dog, but they start the guardian. So I really think at this point, let make sure she reads that book. I would tell her to get a trainer or behavior. Get really good credentials and start working with the dark because this problem is easily resolved now, But that's like anything else. The long you smoke, the more difficult it is to stop that Make sense to you. That makes a lattices by socialized.

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