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"kramer soho" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

"He's anything bought he's really a really focus guy he's not spending is money he spending is endorsed but money not a salary money and these these not all the people taking his drop kid is using his name was a brand he's making money on it and you look at the hits he's taking every year he looks at joe namus and goes to why won't be able to would join myself as i get older and spent by mas i do stuff yeah why not he has a brand growth is a brand bill that whether he wanted to call a commentary whether he wants to go the action picture route why should he risked his life and livelihood every single day by going out that he's the biggest target in the nfl they're not going out to tell you this from different issues here one is what's best for him and maybe what you just described as what's best for him he's taken some hits just retire go the using your brand for other purposes that can benefit you or if do not looking to what's best for him what would we did i think the what what he will do will is there a one more you though i gives you don't play one more you especially with mcdaniel's comeback the i declare get one more hit kramer soho office coming back if they can stop the help the seal up some of the the leaks in that defense health each year so i would say one more year right up until that concussion protocol kept him off for two weeks that's two weeks of thinking about it yeah who wants the next hit do you come back from the next head or did not come back from the next him i mean how many as far as i can remember maybe the only won her second concussion brock is hadn't in his history the heaviest among nfl history while at the same time at what point does it to damage at one point line that's what the ct.

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