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The impact of COVID on business mergers & acquisitions

Journey to $100 Million

03:21 min | 4 months ago

The impact of COVID on business mergers & acquisitions

"The impact of covid-19 business mergers and acquisitions Hey there, I'm Eric Olsen. And I'm 7 Days join us on our journey to building a 100 million dollar company. What's happening? It's Eric J Olsen. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a partner from Perkins kui named Chris Hagan. Perkins kui is all offices across the United States and Chris works out of their Washington DC office focusing on Business Law corporate law and private Equity mergers and Acquisitions, and I asked him to be a guest on journey to 100 million dollars in particular because of his his experience with mergers and Acquisitions. I really wanted to understand what's happening in the m&a worth right now and how has been impacted by koven and Chris related to me that it has been very much impacted by covet. I think you'll be interested to hear how God well first of all covid-19 a big impact. It's in one of its done through a couple of things but it's really is to finance world has changed a lot. For example There's been the availability of both Eid which are Economic Development loans and people's which people are familiar with now and these loans have now led to a lot of companies get financing but it's not so easy to get rid of them as they thought the if you're going through a process of trying to go ahead and get them forgiving it takes time and some banks. For example, like Chase are not even affecting applications you forgive yet. So that makes it difficult to sell your company. That's one number two is a lot of banks because of covid-19. So I know that right hand the residential Market housing market in particular. It is a seller's market is that's right off is to do m&a is go through kind of similar changes where it goes from a buyer's market or seller's market in where we where we are now absolutely. It's it's definitely a buyer's market right now off, you know was a strong seller's market until Kobe came along. Basically, they'll a lot of sellers are you know, unless they have to sell are being advised by most investment Banks to a wage the first quarter of 2021 slow down and so as a result m&a is probably down about 50% from what it normally would be at this time as of last year, but I think it will rebound it. But I do think most sellers are being cautious because they usually unless they're in a specific, you know hot industry they can't come into premium right now in this market. Thank you for listening. Are you ready to supercharge? Your marketing online? Advertising is the fastest way to do that visit us at this is a r a. Com for more information.

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Finding Sanity In An Insane WorldWith Mark Manson

Self Made Man

43:59 min | 1 year ago

Finding Sanity In An Insane WorldWith Mark Manson

"Welcome to the Mike Dillard podcast where we provide entrepreneurs like you with the knowledge and skills that you need to bring your dreams to life. Well today, we sit down with Mark Manson who you probably know as the author of a best selling book that took the world by storm two years ago called the subtle art of not giving a fuck as of today that book has sold more than eight million copies. Now while I'd certainly heard of Mark is book, I didn't realize how he got his start as an author will it turns out that his journey began as a humble blogger and affiliate marketer, just like myself and probably many of you. So today, we're going to talk about how he made that transition from essentially internet, marketer and blogger to bestselling author. And then we're going to dive into an incredibly important topic today, which is how to protect your mind in a world. That is changing at an exponential rate, we're going to dive into the effects of social media on your brain and the two different versions of the. World being created right now between the east and the west and how a is going to play a critical role in both ultimately changes here. It's happening right now. And you can either become a victim of it. Or you can take a look at what's happening from a new perspective, far above and see where the dangers and opportunities can be found. Please help me welcome Mark Manson Mark Manson, welcome to the podcast, brother. It is an absolute pleasure to have you. Thanks for having me. It's good to be here. Yeah. Absolutely. So I'm super excited to have you on the show today. I would have to say the vast majority of our audience is familiar with your very first book, while not your very first book, but the one that you're probably best known for, which is the subtle art of not giving a fuck. And now you've got a brand new one out along the same vein. Everything is fucked book, about hope so for those who might not be familiar with yourself with your career with. Your story now become one of the most prolific authors out there in the world. How did this all start? Oh man. Well, it wasn't intended. I, I know it sounds funny to say that, but I stumbled into successful writing career. I let's see. I studied international business and finance and school. I thought I was going to have like a cushy Wall Street job, be a traitor something because I like the play poker. And as soon as I finished school, the market in two thousand eight crashed so there are no jobs and around that time, the only people I knew like all my friends who had just graduated from school. The only ones who are actually doing anything interesting where people who were starting websites. And so I kind of went to, to these friends, and I'm like you know what the hell are you doing? And they told me to read Tim Ferriss for our work week and a couple other books. And as soon as I read that I was like, oh, man. This is what I should be doing. So I started building websites back in eight oh nine trying to make a little bit of money online. I guess what I tell people is that after about three years, what I discovered was that. I'm a mediocre online businessman. But I'm I turned out. I was a really good blogger. I created some blogs to get get site traffic and they just they started taking off. So it was around twenty eleven than it was like, all right. I guess I'm writer now. And how did that turn into a business or I, I guess I should ask how well of a of a business that become if you're willing to share financially to that allow you to get all your bills paid did a turn into something much more substantial than that? There's a lot of folks out of your blog that I'm sure we'd love to hear that so blah blogging. Funny thing it's a good. It's actually it's a really important question because I think blogging naturally appeals to a lot of people. Because, you know, everybody everybody has ideas and everybody likes talking about their ideas. And so the idea of getting paid for it sounds great. But I think if I had started out, blogging, I don't think I would have made it, you know, blogs, take two or three years to kind of get lift off. You've got to spend a lot of time building an audience building a community developing a relationship with your readers so early on. I was just doing. I was doing like classic affiliate marketing stuff. Now, I was trying to like hack my way up the search engine ranks for certain key words, and I was just pushing people to e books and courses and things like that. I wasn't like I said, I wasn't bad at it, but I wasn't great at it either. You know, I was probably within a year. So I was making fifteen hundred couple couple grand among which was enough money to go do the Tim Ferriss thing, you know, go go live in Argentina hundred. Thailand, or whatever which was great. I was like twenty five so that was amazing. It was funny when I decided, I realized when the blogs really started gaining traction, and I, I started realize I'm like, you know, blogging, the only thing about in my business that I I'm excited to do that. I love doing, and it's the only thing in my business that other people seem to be excited about of, you know. So I was like I should take the plunge, and it's one of those things that it sounds obvious in hindsight. But at the time I was terrified like shutting down a lot of those revenue streams and trying to, to make a living off my own stuff off my own writing like that was terrifying. And I think I took a hit I think I took a hit turn in terms of earnings initially, but, you know within four six months it came back and it, you know, it just went up. And up and up. So I think it, it comes back to that, you know, double down on what you're good at, you know, it's like, I, I cut out stuff. I wasn't that good at and because I focused on, on my competitive advantage, even though it was probably like, a, a more difficult business to get into because I was so much better at it. It ended up paying off, you know, within six months or so. Nice. Yeah, it reminds me kind of like the web, one point over of YouTubers today. Lots of content lots of work for two to three years before you get a reward from that. So real quick before we dive into the story about the new book a couple years ago you came out with the subtle art of not giving a fuck dig bright, orange, cover depth book. I've seen absolutely everywhere. I've seen huge celebrities posting about it on Instagram and social media, and it just became kind of its own phenomena. What was that, like, because I'd imagine they didn't necessarily have those expectations when you wrote it, and I just love to hear about what, what that experience like to see these really famous people, I think Will Smith, maybe with a picture of or something crazy, like that. And what was that, like it's bizarre. Man. It's really bizarre. Especially being like a quote unquote, internet guy. You know, I feel like we there's a little bit of a divide you they're two worlds right now. There are internet people, you know, and we've got our whole ecosystem of podcasts, and blogs, and YouTube channels and everything, and then they're still kind of the traditional media world, and I feel like the traditional media world. No matter how big and successful, you get in the internet, world, they still kind of try to ignore you. And the book has been my the one thing that kind of bridges that gap a little bit for me. And so it was very strange in that my blog became huge in, like twenty fourteen I think, you know, so I started getting like two three million visitors each month in a star making really good money, and I post that we're going viral and getting shared like half a million times or whatever. So I had experienced. The numbers like the massive amount of numbers and in obviously translating that into the publishing world it wasn't a given. But it was also something that, you know, it's like I had I had been training out this for eight years. So I felt like I knew how to appeal to, to large audiences. But yeah, then then you start seeing people like like Steven Tyler and Chelsea handler. And there's a I think you two did a there's a cover of a magazine. We're one of the guys in YouTube is holding the book and that just starts getting weird like. You're like what, what? Wait, wait. What? So. Yeah, it's been incredible. But it's it's been a strange. It's been trained wrapping my head around it. And how many copies sold now internationally like worldwide. It's over. It's over eight million now. Wow, that's amazing. Which is crazy. Yeah. What a what a cool. What a cool experience. You just never know. I mean, that's how I got my start self-published book in two thousand seven that I literally printed at kinko's and sold. It online for forty bucks a copy and sold, like twenty five million dollars worth of that book over the next five years. And I didn't have any expectations at all for it. Yeah. I was just I hope somebody buys it and reads it, and it just took on a life of its own. And that's what breaking changed. My life is so yeah. If you've got some to write about breaking do it right about it. Never know. Right. Well, let's talk about the new book, everything is fucked book, about hope I love the juxtaposition of, of your titles as always. And I'm really interested in this topic because it's something that I've been thinking about in witnessing for years. But if you could share us kind of a synopsis, or overview of what the book is about. Sure. So the, the starting point is we live in like a little bit of a paradox today in that, materially the world is the best that's ever been. You know, we're healthier. We're living longer. There's less poverty. There's less violence or fewer wars, on, and on, and on people like Steven pinker and Hans Rausing filled very large books showing this, it when you look at, I guess, mental and emotional health data. There's a worrying trend that people are becoming more upset all the time so depression, anxiety, suicide feelings of stress anger hopelessness pessimism even political polarization. These things are all reaching all time highs and. What's, what's really strange is that the reaching all time highs in the safest and most comfortable countries around the world and it's happening when the economy is just raging right now. Like usually, sometimes you'll see spikes and suicides and drug addiction, and whatever, but it's it's when the economy's in the toilet, and you've got like twenty percent unemployment, or whatever. But economically, like things are just humming along right now, yet everybody seems to be getting more and more upset and miserable. And so the, the book is really trying to kind of zoom out and take an honest look at, like what is what is happening to our culture. How is all this technology affecting us? I feel like the last few years, the way I've been describing in my talks is that the, the, the honeymoon of the internet is over. You know, it's like the two thousand the odds were were kind of like this delirious. Love fest with the internet. You know, everything was amazing in it's going to connect all of us in it. We're all going to be free to, to work on, whatever we want when we want, and I feel like just a few years ago, we started realizing that, oh, wait. There's a lot of there are a lot of problems in sacrifices that come with this technology as well. So the book the book attempts to take a very, honest look at how the technology affects us psychologically. And then those psychological facts, add up and aggregate and explain some of I guess the cultural issues that were experiencing. Well, we all we've all lived through this, in the last presidential election. I guess is probably the most obvious experienced that everybody got to, to take part in for better. And it was a scary, frankly, to see friends who've been friends for decades, like turn on each other, and all the sudden become enemies and family members doing the same and people just getting just mentally, hyper jacked up, and stimulated and triggered twenty four seven without any downtime. And, you know, a lot of this for me. I view as intentional in manipulation by the media, they're getting paid to do it. They're getting paid to make you angry reflects in chairs in their ad revenue model in all of that stuff. And we're seeing a continuation of that here today. And I've thought about this problem a lot. How do you take the media, which is in many ways, the voice, or the consciousness of society and disincentivize it in order to? I don't know have them conduct themselves in a way that is actually helpful to society instead of prey on them. And I haven't come up with an answer to that. It's a it's a huge problem. So I personally think the root of the problem is the classic advertising model. I think the advertising back when we had, like five TV channels, and a couple radio stations, I think the advertising model made sense because that's where everybody's attention was in because everybody was listening or watching the same handful of sources of information that, that information had to be a lot more. I guess, neutral in unbiased, and what happens when you use D internet, essentially allows an infinite amount of information, an infinite amount of information sources. And so, when, when you have an infinite amount of information sources people need to differentiate themselves and the way they differentiate themselves as they. Become more extreme. They become more hardline. They become more outrageous. Like you said they have incentive to create emotional, outrage, because it gets clicks and attention. And I think in the current media landscape, the advertising model becomes cancerous because it's like you said, it's as long as people make money based on clicks, then they're going to create content designed to get clicks in the content that gets the most clicks is the content that is the most emotionally stint. There's tons of studies showing that it's, it's emotional stimulus that generates virology in, in clicks. And it's the most powerful motions are the negative abotions on the truth. The truth be damned. Yeah. And so the yeah the truth just gets lost in all of this. And so we suffer we lose the ability to actually have kind of a functional discourse. In in, you know obviously tag. Politics is the most apparent place. But I feel like this is happening everywhere. Like, I've got a lot of friends in the fitness nutrition industry, and they're like, it's insane. Like you can't any piece of advice you give people just don't believe you anymore because there's something else. They like completely contradicts you out there. And it's like you can't even talk to people, there's almost like there's almost like political parties of nutrition advice who, who refused to, to listen to each other talk to each other. I remember it was probably five or six years ago. I can't remember her exact name, but the food, babe. Yeah. Right. Where she was just huge in her home. Mission was just like, hey, donate food, that's filled with a bunch of toxic chemicals and stuff like that. It's bad for you. And then all of the corporations who are producing those products attacked her and created these, essentially heart. Real part, fake armies on social media to just take her down and they did that. And this person who was looking out for you and I in our health, and the health of our families and she just got the roasted as a result of that, which it's just hard to believe these days. And so another, another question that a half, you along those lines is d- believe that the media used to live by a set of values where they're like, you know what we have an obligation here to try to communicate the truth. Do you think that ever existed at all? I think so, because it's from what I've heard, you know, it used to be accepted in the media landscape that you'd lose money on news. And you make it back on, like sports, and weather and entertainment. So it was kind of accepted, I think there was almost like this, this, like honor code in the old days of journalism, when I say old days I mean probably eighties and prior most of the twentieth century. And again, I think a lot of it happen. Because people's attention was so concentrated on just a few sources of information, you know, you had like three news stations, and if you were one of the few journalists who was fortunate enough to work at one of those news stations. You fell a immoral responsibility of, like, I have the attention of the American people, or the, the British people, or the Canadian people or whatever I need to do right by them, whereas today, it's you don't gain status or prestige or money by being more. Honorable you gain status money and prestige by being more extreme in, in grabbing more attention. And so I, I don't blame like I don't think there's like this nefarious conspiracy going on in the media, I think is just the incentives have been lined up in such a way for them that it's, it's damaging to society. And so they what, what they used to be, you know, the they used to call in the US, they used to call. All the media, the fourth branch of government, like he was that respected in terms of its responsibility in its influence today, because those incentives have gotten completely switched and changed. You have people like me now who, who are like actively checking out and, and, like I make a point. I don't even read I used to not read the media on the other side of the spectrum. Now I don't even read my own media, like I don't even trust people on my own side. So now it's like I don't even read the news. I read books and I read Wikipedia if I if I want to like get the quick summary about about something. Yeah. I'm I just look at it as propaganda like literally straight out of straight out of a movie or nineteen Eighty-four, whatever you wanna call it. That's all I look at it as is every piece of median story that comes out. There's an agenda behind it, and it's definitely not to deliver the truth. Yeah. And, and I think it's weird because it's you know, if you take something like nineteen eighty four there was propaganda, but all the propaganda revolved around this sin the central government. I think what's strange about today in what's, what's new. I think what's different about today that we haven't experienced in human history before, is that it's very the, the media is very propaganda, like, but it's not one central interest group. It's like a dozen different interest groups all over the political spectrum religious non-religious, and they all have their agenda, and so they're like, fighting like this attention war through social media through the internet. And I think the people most of us it, you either buy into some like some group like completely wholesale like you just become a fanatic or the rest of us. We just feel caught in the mid we feel lost. We're like I don't know what. The hell the believe anymore. I don't I don't trust any news source anymore, you know, and it's, it's a very disorienting place to be well, the tagline of the book is a book about help. So where does that come into play with, with what you've learned in what you're sharing? So the hope thing it's funny because, like, so I, I think part of what made this little art and not giving fuck very successful. Is it pulled a little bit of a switcheroo on people? You know, most people bought the book, so like, well, I don't wanna give a fuck, you know, I'm stressed all the time and it gets that gets them the open the book and start reading the first chapter to them, by the time they get to, like the second chapter like, oh, crap I have to give a fuck about something. You know, in, in the book is essentially about values. What, what are you, choosing the value? What are you choosing the find important in your life? This new book kind of plays the same trick on the reader. So I feel like there's. I mean clearly from what we've been talking about. There's, there's a wide spread pursuit of hope, like people are feeling hopeless today in in, they're looking for hope somewhere. And so the book of promises that at the outset, but once you get about halfway through I pull the switcheroo, and I say, you know, that same desperate, desired app hoping something is part of what is causing all the problems. You know, when you look at all of these damaging in interest groups are these, these people pushing this propaganda, this outrage inducing content part of, what makes that possible is our desperate need for hope is our desperate need to feel as though we have the answer to make to make the world better that it's like, oh man. If everybody just did XYZ the world would be a better place. And that's it's a very, it's a counter intuitive conclusion, it's also it's, it's an uncomfortable conclusion. And so a lot of the book is kind of. Of leading people to that place in a way that's not completely upsetting. But it's you know, it's just helping people be a little bit more skeptical of the narratives and stories that they're choosing the buy into, you know, it's interesting I over the over the past few years, you know, have a very, very fortunate group of friends. We've probably got a lot of friends in common. Very smart. People who many of them are on the opposite sides of the spectrum, politically liberal progressive, or super-conservative, and yet as someone who's interested in psychology and marketing, I look at both sides of the media, and the stories where the story could come out about one topic, and one side of the media portrays it in this way, the other side in a completely different an opposite way. And I found it fascinating that I could I could figure out what your value set was and how you looked at the world. And how you thought about the world by the media channels that you chose to consume and that was it. And I was like if you just stopped looking at that. And started looking at this for three sixty days, your outlook would probably completely shift to the other side. And it was just a fascinating to me that folks were not really thinking for themselves. They were being out to think. And it was really that simple. So what are some of the what are some of the things or takeaways in the book that you can share with folks? I mean I know just personally I've made a little experiment last month and I took a month off of social media. So I deleted Facebook and Instagram off my phone. Yeah. And it was awesome. It was great. It was just it was so relaxing ahead ahead, just so much more space to think the enzyme was was reduced in. I follow really positive people. Yeah. Instill. It was it was a vacation or for my brain in emotional side. And if I didn't have to make my money online, it would probably just stay off of it. Yeah. I mean, the first thing I'd like to say is, is what you just described about making people read the other side for a month. I think that would be a really interesting experiment to run. You know, take take a hundred people take a hundred lefties one hundred people on the right and just make them read the other side for a month. And then see what happens that would that would be fascinating in terms of the social media thing, like one, one of one of the big points in the second half of the book is, is essentially make the argument that our brains are actually were not evolved to handle all this information were evolved to. Like Hon animals on the savannah, essentially in small tribes of like twenty to fifty people in for that reason. Our psychology is, like, there are a lot of flaws in terms of like how we think, and how we approach the world like our minds aren't all for finding truth there of all for survival. And I think we're reaching a point in history where the amount of information and connected in the world is exceeding our exceeding the bandwith of our individual psychology in your whole nervous system. Yeah. Absolutely. And I think that's, that's where a lot of this anxiety and depression is kind of coming out of nowhere. She's people are overloaded. And because we're, we're meaning machines we need to like form meaning out of whatever we're exposed to when we're just inundated with tons, and tons of emotional, charged content that, that ability to form meaning kind of breaks down. And when it breaks down, we become anxious or depressed or despondent or whatever. So one of the big things I do talk about in the book is I describe it in terms of true freedom is in self. Limitation are sumptious, a society, always been more freedom equals more stuff doing being able to do more stuff have more choices and I, I spent a long time kind of explaining why that's a fallacy in how at a certain past a certain point. More stuff and more. Choices makes us feel less effective. Makes us less satisfied with whatever we're doing with our life. So I think a huge part of what we need to start developing the culture is, this idea of, of kind of like going on a diet. You know, like I feel like the what's happening today in the fifties and sixties when, when we all start working in offices and everything we started realizing it's like oh, yeah. If you sit in an office all day, like you get fat and weak and. So we figured out, like, okay, don't eat cupcakes day in go to the gym every once in a while. And like that will kind of offset this new sedentary office lifestyle. And I think we're going through the same kind of discovery today where we're realizing like, oh, if you sit on Twitter, all day you're going to become an anxious mess. And so we need to find ways to go on a diet essentially like an information diet, earn attention diet, where we limit how much information we're exposed to we make sure that it's high quality nutritious information. And we, we make sure to exercise our intellectual muscles occasionally because if we don't like we're just going to an we're going to the same way your body will become weak and fragile. If you don't exercise it, you know, our minds are going to become weak and fragile. If we're not exposing ourselves to good challenging information on the regular the that's something that I. I talk about on the show often is that my biggest my biggest concern is for the, the next generation coming up. Let's say in their teens or twenties right now, and they're used to going through life and consuming life. And the form of news feed with as fast as their thumb, can scroll and the thought of going super deep into something, which is what's required to master any subject, matter or skill set. I don't know about you. But when I was learning about marketing, and writing. I mean, I spent two years reading every book and course that I could find on copyright and going down. Absolu- pretty in. I don't see anyone doing that today. And I think that the young people out there who might have motivation and they're looking to accomplish something. Think that watching ten minute YouTube video, or ten of those day is somehow work or somehow providing them with the skills that they need. And that's just not the case. But I don't know any different. What's a book To them these days. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's one thing that gives me a little bit of hope and I know that's Roenick to say that because I just wrote a book, trashing hope. One thing one thing that makes me feel a little bit better. You know, I think I've got a friend who came up with a really clever term for this. He he called it the bifurcation of media. So I think what we're seeing is. We're seeing kind of death of the middle length form of content. So newspaper articles magazine articles movies, these things are all suffering right now because people just don't wanna sit through them. But what's interesting is that people don't want the like ninety minute movie. They want the six season Netflix series that they can just sync fifty hours into. And you're seeing the same thing with books right now books were kind of having, like a resurgence like there's a new golden age happening in publishing, which is caught everybody off guard like ten years ago. Everybody thought e books like fifty page kindle e books, we're gonna destroy publishing and the opposite has happened. I it's e books are. Have flatlined and physical hard copy books have made a big comeback. And so what I think is happening is that people the either one, a bunch of small content, like you said, like, ten different five minute YouTube videos, or they want the, the twenty five hour cores, and it's everything in the middle is what's dying right now. So I think it's strangely. An and I think the reason people want that super long content is because they're so fatigued, from the, the constant news feed. So I my suggestion that people are the advice. I've been giving is, is to just seek out more long form content. Find long form articles read more books and like you said like dig in the courses like it's I did the same thing. I went out and bought ten books on marketing and just took a month and just read all of them, and you got to do that. Yeah. I mean when you can spend thirty minutes internally in your head debating, maybe one or two words in a sentence, then, you know, you're, you're doing it, right. As you can appreciate the difference that just one or two words makes and how it's phrased in the meaning behind it, and whether or not it's gonna grab grab somebody's attention. And, and communicate what you wanna communicate or not? And that's what's required that kind of depth and mastery so yeah. Completely agree. It's to, to kind of go. Joe Rogan for a second. If he took a chimpanzee and put them in a cage with an iphone and Instagram. And then Jack him up on caffeine all day. And then put some other chimps next to him in a in a different cage with different set of incentives, or ideas, or whatever Jack up on caffeine every day. All you're gonna do is create a bunch of whacked out monkeys that basically go crazy and get pissed off when kill each other. And that's kind of what we're looking at today. One question that I would love to ask you, because this is another really interesting part of this topic is I would like to get your thoughts around what's taking place. And let's just say China as an example on how the government is engineering, the social structure, whether new social scoring system, and they're incentivising certain behavior sets different value sets different ways of thinking, and acting, and there's rewards or punishments based on whether you follow those incentives or not. And that scares the hell out of me. Where do you see that going? And what's the impact that that's going to end up making on on the world? You know, I think I think it's I'm trying to remember who described it this way. I don't know if it was Peter Thiel somebody'll, somebody very smart, and they said that right now there's two experiments going on in the world to visions of, what kind of society, that this technology is going to create and the western experiment is kind of this almost like a libertarian approach of we're gonna use, you know, we had a lot of freedom before, and we're gonna use the internet and all this technology to just amplify the power of personal choice and personal values. And I think the, the benefits of that are obvious. Oh, I think we all kind of agree on what the benefits of that are. But what, what we're experiencing is kind of what you and I have been talking about this whole conversation is the downsides of that, are, you could overloaded with information. You get a lot of tribalism. Factionalization. What a bullshit information sources. And so it's a question of like are those things powerful enough to collapse the whole experiment? I think in China you kind of have the inverse experiment going on which is everything out there revolves around government order and the government's essentially just finding ways to use this technology to amplify that government order. But it what's interesting is that it's doing it in a way that it's doing it in a very nineteen eighty four way where the people the user experience of the people out there probably is very positive, but I've actually heard that a lot of these government programs out there like the, the people are they like them because it probably feels good to like pay off your credit card, and then see your score go up and like know that your score is going to be higher than, you know, your friends or whatever. And so. I think that the day, obviously, the danger with that sort of system is that people aren't really in control of their own fate, all the time. They're only free within a very confined set of parameters. And at some point if the deal the bar like right now they struck a bargain with their government of, like, okay, we'll, we'll, we'll play within your parameters as long as like things keep getting better with a crisis ever happens. And things aren't getting better all the time. Then I think they run the risk of just massive massive fallout and disillusionment among the population. So I think it's we've got to experiments running in parallel each with their own dangers downsides. I definitely think ours is more ethical. But the, the frightening thing is that it's a might turn out that there's more effective for twenty first century economy. And, and if that's the case, then it's, it's going to be ugly. I think yet what I don't know if they're taking into consideration, or not is that by definition any real innovation, that's taken place, in society has come from an outlier at come from someone or group of people who challenge the status quo, who were going against the grain, and who really frankly dared to think radically differently and act radically differently. And that's how new ideas and innovation are born, and when you stifle that and you say, you can't think differently Iraq differently will then guess what that goes away. I mean just look at how the US was founded right? Couple boats full said, screw England were out here. We're gonna go do something completely different. And if they didn't have that. None of this would exist. And that's the, the biggest piece of fall out that I see from that type of cultural management for lack of a better term is that the radical ideas are disincentivize punished. And they'll stop. Yeah. Though. And it's yeah. I agree with that. And that that's been that's been a criticism of China for a long time. Like, it's, it's easy to catch up to somebody who's ahead of you. It's hard to like run out in front. And I think our culture is much more positions to do that innovation affectively. I mean, we might end up in a situation where the two systems kind of synergy is off each other because it's their system. Probably produces more efficiency in terms of production. Whereas ours produces more innovation, but also creates a lot of strife in frustration groups yelling at each other. It's interesting, you see Facebook's new initiative. Now where they're all pushing groups, which like everybody make a group and just indicate with each other in your own group. And that's why everybody in that group likes each other and believes in the same things, and you'll, you'll hopefully stop fighting with the other groups, right? It's been interesting to watch them try to, to manage the fallout from what they've created. But yeah. Facebook's? I'm constantly fascinated by Facebook's identity crisis right now. And I'm really curious a if they'll come out of it somehow because of right now, I don't know, a single person who's like enjoys being on Facebook right now by feel like we're all on it just out of inertia, just because we've been on it for so long. But it be if they do come out of it. I'm really curious to see what that will look like the group thing doesn't is not very tantalizing. I've gotten those messages to they're like, hey, interact with your groups that I'm like, no. I'll just tax people. Thank you. Oh, it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting. It's definitely going to be interesting. Well, I can't wait to dive into the book, my copies on the way who should pick up a copy, and what's going to be the big takeaway for them. Because I think this is an unbelievably important book for, for people who want to, to think different pull themselves out of the matrix, and, and really start to make a difference. Not only in their own social circles, but when it comes to society in value set at large, but, what's the what's the, the pitch for folks who need to go out and read this? I think they're two pitches. One is is for people who are feeling despondent and a little bit lost emotionally today. Moore feeling a little bit hopeless. I think it's, it's a lot of the book is very much a critique of where we find meaning in our world and what, what the repercussions of that. Meaning finding process is an entity. Explains a lot of the dynamics that we're experiencing right now as a culture, the second group of people is, I think, for people people like you and a lot of your listeners, which people who are very concerned about what the repercussions of the technology is how the internet is affecting us. And what we what are some steps that we can take two, I guess, maintain our mental and emotional health, more, effectively and also kinda help promote other people to manage themselves more effectively as well. Yeah. Very cool. It's an unbelievably important topic, thank you so much for, for taking the time to, to ride an amazing book on on this. I'm sure it's going to be as good or better than the previous one. So I'm super excited about it. And I can't think of a more important topic these days for, for everybody, and I have a feeling that for those of you who read the book, and maybe you've got a audience that you can share a message with that. This book is going to provide you with. A lot of ideas and inspiration to create your own message and put out your own meaning to your audience in a really new ineffective way. It's kinda how I look at the book is. It's, it's a blueprint and a source of inspiration for people to take a stand for what they believe in and to convey that in a in a more healthy way than what we've witnessed over the last ten years or so. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Well, Mark, thank you so much for joining us from taking the time today, obviously people can pick up a copy of the book on Amazon, all of their local bookstores, but where else should they connect with you? My website is Mark Manson dot net. I mean, they can find me on social. It's always I always feel like having these conversations like. But it's you know on all the social media as well. But I prefer people check out the website and check out the books, we read, read my work and get to know me that way. Awesome will Mark Manson. Thank you, once again, I appreciate you taking the time to join us today and always guys and gals. Thank you for listening so much. And we'll see next week.

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Unpacking United Shore / UWMC Going Public, SPACs And The Local Impact

Daily Detroit

17:25 min | 4 months ago

Unpacking United Shore / UWMC Going Public, SPACs And The Local Impact

"Daily Detroit is brought to you by the community support our work at patreon.com Daily Detroit. Hey, it's Jerry from the tree-lined lovely and Lively north end. This is your daily Detroit the show for Thursday September 24th, 2020 focuses on a second big company in metro Detroit going public this year's, you know them as United Shore but as I speak these words the giant letters on their Pontiac headquarters are coming down for their new name United Wholesale Mortgage the merger dead that will put the lending Giant on the NASDAQ exchange. We'll pack of the company's value initially and about sixteen billion dollars. And you know, although Metro Detroit is known for cars students of our regional history may know that we're also the Cradle of the consumer credit industry from auto loans help make cars more accessible and affordable to store credit at places of yesterday. Like Hudson's Consumer Credit Powers America's economy and a lot of it started right here. So to navigate the Waters of this deal. I'm going to chat with Matthew role. He has had a career with experience at accounting firms and automaker startups. And yes full disclosure worked for a time for Rock Ventures at one point. Although that was a couple of positions ago today rolling is the executive director at Wayne State's office of business Innovation as well as an adjunct Finance professor at the University Matthew, welcome back to daily Detroit. We haven't talked since beginning of the pandemic. It seems like a lifetime ago. Thanks for having me. Right isn't it? Like twenty fifty-two and you know like May 356 at this point. I don't even know what the date is my guys but you know, I don't like rings around a tree you accept that in my home. It's probably more best measured with wine bottles for us all sir. I think for me, it's gin right, so let's talk about This United Shore deal first off. There is a difference and I've had some listeners asked me about this. So we're going to start with the basics. We talked a little while ago on the show about quick and Loans going public United Shore, although they deal with mortgages. It is a different company and they do something a little different they serve kind of a different part of the market. Can you contact that for us? Yeah, absolutely at first glance. They do look like very similar companies and they are they both right mortgages for residential real estate in the United States of America. But as you mentioned the the channels that they go through are a little bit different and quickens case Quicken is a digital marketing direct to Consumer machine that uses their own marketing prowess as well as an extremely well-developed affiliate marketing Network to you know, essentially put mortgage leads into the funnel directly with the individual the borrower and then walk the dog. Those loans and tidy little pools that turn into Bonds on Wall Street what the United Wholesale Mortgage does is a little bit different a lot of people might not know this but there are over fifty thousand independent mortgage brokers in the United States and the barriers to entry to kind of, you know, putting your own shingle out there and becoming a mortgage broker aren't very high which is why we have fifty thousand of them. Right but all of these Brokers, you know, they don't have the the balance sheet. They don't have the capital to be constantly funding these mortgages and so they rely on funding agents like United of sale mortgage to actually fund the loans. So Ralph where Cerise is mortgaged up in Royal Oak, they might work with you to underwrite the loan and you know, so it's kind of get all the paperwork together off, but then they'll turn around in the back door and work with United Wholesale to write the loan said more simply United Wholesale Mortgage is B2B business-to-business company that really serves this whole sale market and correct. More direct-to-consumer b2c. So there's been this influx of IPOs that I think maybe wasn't expected early on I was listening to a a piece in the journal around the idea that you thought IPOs were kind of dead for a while. But now I mean, there's just been a wave of them and United Shore is is the latest. Why are they doing this? What is their business motivation or what could be their business Publications? I think there's kind of two questions there. You know, the I think the first question is is kind of the the Y and the second kind of the how United Wholesale Mortgage is made it pretty clear that this is a chance for their existing investors or shareholders to liquidate their shares and solve them through this transaction so that they can kind of capture the value of the company's growth. I think United Wholesale Mortgage has were probably around twelve or thirteen years old. And so imagine if you were an initial, you know, man if it comes to you, I wish he had right in the year two thousand or two thousand or whenever it was right and he says Hey Jer, you know, would you starting this mortgage? That's would you like to put a, you know, ten thousand dollars in the Hat and you're going to own, you know, 1% of the business. So unlike owning shares and Apple or Google or General Motors. Those Shares are locked up right you you can't just go to a stock exchange and sell them. And so unless the company is paying out a shareholder dividend for that intervening twenty twenty-five years. Yeah, you might be worth millions and millions of dollars on paper, but that that wealth is incredibly difficult to access and so this transaction, you know managed media in the in the investors the only sold about 6% of the company, which is pretty young artists amount by IPO standards. And so I really see this primarily as an opportunity for their existing shareholders to cash out and you know the to kind of you know, it's are now you have a really great tool to create incentive plans for employees, right United Wholesale Mortgage can create shareholder retention or in performance-based plans for their own. No. Six hundred employees and then if they ever want to raise more Capital now, there are public company. It's really easy for them to go back to the markets and sell more stock. So there's another component to this deal. They've got a lot of questions about and it involves an acronym and I believe its aspects and what does that mean explain this back? It seems like a different vehicle then some folks have dealt with in the past and then there's a lot of interesting names and people that are part of this deal. Yeah, you know the world's a small place and specs have been around forever. So I could continue on with that example, right your private company. You might not have the access to Capital markets. You might not have the maybe the the high-profile name that if you wish you were a public company, right? And so when you when you make that decision to go public it requires a really big investment in you know, Auditors and accountants and lawyers and consultants and investment bankers wage. To prepare the company to trade on public markets and then overnight with with private company. You can make decisions you have you have a lot of control you're able to make decisions that really benefit the long term stakeholder value of the company and you're not really beholding to anyone else. But the moment that you you flip that switch and you become a public company now, you're you're kind of a wage mercy of Wall Street, and there's a lot more focus on delivering short-term results and there's a lot more money that you have to spend on investor relations team and internal team and office of general counsel so that you're doing all the things that that we expect public companies to do when they're governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. That's the traditional expensive often times painful process of launching a company into the public markets through an IPO. Now, would you brought up this whole notion of a spack s back kind of puts the cart before the birth And so with this back you get a group of you know wealthy people together and they put some money in a little legal bucket and they say okay. Hey you lawyers and accountants you go. Take this shell public place you want this shell this blank check company this special purpose acquisition company into the public market and all it says is hey, here's a little shell that trades and we all put some cash into it off and we're just going to use this to go by a private company, right? So it's an IPO in Reverse in this instance. You were mentioning kind of a The Familiar names the lead investor in the stack that purchased the stake in UWM was a gentleman named Alec Orris who you know, if you're from the Metro Detroit area, you probably recognize the last name Alex. The older brother of Tom Gores who is the owner of the Detroit Pistons and both elegant Amor independently billionaires and they both made their money through leveraged buyouts and and private-equity. Gotcha. It's interesting to me like whether it needs Business or even just running into folks. I feel like a lot of times Detroit and Metro Detroit is kind of like the biggest small town you've ever met because the names keep coming back over and over again. Yeah, I mean, you know, there's only so many berliners. Yeah, so and the other one in town probably wouldn't want to do this deal. So so yeah, it's well, maybe maybe you would who knows but like the kind of take a little step back. I think what's really interesting and maybe an undocumented story, you know, you have United Wholesale Mortgage and quickened two of the largest mortgage Originators in the country in in our backyard, but you also have a lie and Ford Motor Credit and Credit Acceptance Corporation and I think TD America, which is Chrysler's old Auto lending business wage and so America comes to Detroit to borrow money for our biggest purchases. And so I don't know if people really appreciate just the sheer volume of Consumer Finance transactions that flow through Detroit to borrow money for homes and cars. I think it's remarkable, you know, and as I mentioned I just don't think it's a story that people have really kind of dug into around here. Yeah, it has a history here too because part of the idea of lifting the ceiling on what people could charge for cars was providing credit for those vehicles and that's part of why you had like a number of these especially auto finance companies kind of fire up over the decades so that basically we could get nicer bigger more expensive cars and be able to pay for them on credit and have them be more accessible to the masses can't have the American dream without cheap credit. That's true. That's very true. These kind of a pole in the tent that helps raise it up. And that's with absolutely right? I kind of come back to an earlier point. So we're kind of talking about the unique nature of specs when a company is going through an IPO, you know, you hire an investment banker and the investment banker, you know, they they do all their Mass their business math and they say we think the company's worth X and once the bankers said evaluation on the Compaq. Call to alongside with management what's called a Roadshow and they get into private jet and they fly all around America and they have meetings with you know acid managers insurance companies Pension funds hedge funds off and they say look at this really cool company. We're about to sell let's get you really excited to buy some stock and that Roadshow process has been obviously and they don't always fly on private jets some kind of being a little snarky there but took that Journey has been made much more difficult by koven, right and you can't just get a group of twelve fifteen people together and you know go on a you know, two week 10 cities Sprint to meet with all these Big Wigs Wigs unpause it is really helped drive a lot of the usage of specs to help companies that still want to go through the IPO process don't want to you know tap Capital markets, but you know might be leery or M as in able to do it through the normal channels. You know, one question. I asked when we talked about the Quicken deal was with Eric Gordon over at the University of Michigan School of Business at home. Posed the question to you on this one is what is the community impact of this? Like what is the community impact and how is this deal possibly going to impact would say the job prospects the investment prospects the community development of Metro Detroit and and for context in case people don't know. I mean I kind of assumed they did but in case United Wholesale Mortgage their break up in Pontiac which also is a distressed City. That's a really great question. You know, I'm going to give you a simple answer and then a more nuanced one said simply all that's really happening here all be it in kind of a good team framework is Manish be in his family or whoever owns. The company is selling a 6% stake to a bunch of really rich people for circuit nine hundred million dollars and something so I think on the ground impact for your average UWM employee is probably pretty nil, you know, UWM might have to add some additional capabilities to their company in order to address Thursday. Requirements and Regulatory needs of a public company, but outside of that. I don't think this is a big deal now having said that no one really knows because they were private company, you know who was in that capitation table. And so that those hundreds of millions of dollars are going somewhere and so, you know, it might be in the hands of a very very small group of people or it might be in the hands of a more numerous group of people in my personal experience wealthy Founders that have propensity to kind of retain control. Don't typically let a lot of people into cap tables because that's where the magic happens clearly. So are there were a lot of people who are probably already wealthy that are going to become much more wealthy and Metro Detroit. Yeah probably are those people going to turn around and plow all their their new gains into you know, the city of Pontiac Oakland or Detroit. I have no idea. I mean, you know, it's a difficult question to answer, you know, I mean, there are elements of this deal that certainly feel kind of me to after what rock and Gilbert did downtown. Yep. So I'd like to think that Matt's going to use a lot of this newfound liquidity to to do good things and Pontiac, you know remains to be seen getting back to my original answer for the the direct impact for the employer in a few WM in the community Pontiac is is I don't think it will have a great impact. So are there any other deals on the horizon in general now that we've kind of walked through some of the things here with United Home Mortgage, are there any other deals or companies to watch as there seems to be this little wave of you know people looking to go public all these things that we've just been talking about are there are some other things that we can pay attention to or might look forward to or Trends in general the company that I I understand had been preparing an IPO prior to covet really received a lot of great momentum and publicity was just talking with the marketplace for sneakers that Gilbert had also built within the the Quicken Loans ecosystem, you know again stockx is a private company. So it's kind of hard to Divine how long How much they've benefited or suffered from the quarantine and the lockdowns so I don't really know if those plans are on pause or they might be accelerated in that we might see stockx become a public company in the Metro Detroit Market. I think that's this back Trend most recently the rest of America things come into and out of Vogue. And you know, this is a trend that in my opinion is is driven in large part by the restrictions on travel. So, you know as the world slowly and gingerly returns to more normal course of business. I don't really expect this back Trend to continue. I think it will always play a role in certain circumstances behind Network wealthy investors. They have a lot of different tools at their disposal to do the things they need to do and so I really just think that this was responding to the the travel restrictions. Well, that's good insight and I appreciate you sharing it Matthew rolling is the executive director at Wayne State's office of business Innovation. He is also an a dog Finance professor at Wayne State so, you know, that's I'm excited that you spent some time with us and you kind of walk this through for us and kind of help demystify it. I know it's something that listeners were very interested in on the heels of everything that's been happening with the pandemic and business and all of that. Thanks for having me Jerry really appreciate the time. All right, that will do it for today's show special. Thanks so much to our newest members elope and Melissa plus a local and Tom's one-time contributions off going to pay in part for a very desired Studio upgrade, which I think you'll hear soon on the show. You can join Melissa alok and Tom at patreon.com Detroit if you want support us on a one-time basis or have feedback for the show. You can email me at Ghirardelli detroit.com can also give us a call at 313-789-3211 - are oh we're sliding around our show order as Fletcher Sharpe is going to slide in for a bonus segment to update us on the ongoing fall soccer tournament Hamtramck with the Michigan stars and Detroit City FC found. Well, we need to talk about it before the weekend as well as some other stories around town with that. I'm Jared stays take care of each other and we'll see you around Detroit.

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COVID-19 Economic Worries Unpacked; Michigan Returns To Outbreak Status

Daily Detroit

25:14 min | 3 months ago

COVID-19 Economic Worries Unpacked; Michigan Returns To Outbreak Status

"This is your daily Detroit for Thursday, October 29th. 2020. I'm Jared stays and we have a lot of ground to cover today. On today's show some pandemic restrictions are put back in place as the virus spreads a judge has ruled in favor of guns and polling places, but that fight isn't over yet and michiganders are clear where they stand a popular restaurant chain has new owners and our featured today is on the economy it covid-19 Financial backstop wage is not coming from the federal government anytime soon and unemployment is up in the state. What's next and what should you be thinking about the next few months Matthew rolling from Wayne State's business school joins me to go in-depth. Well, let's get started with the latest on the pandemic. State officials reinstated a number of pandemic restrictions and roll back the Traverse City region to stage four on Thursday. This is as hospitalizations have doubled in three weeks along with five weeks straight of a rising death rate and more cases per week than when this whole thing started Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says that Gatherings are now limited to no more than 50. For indoor venues without a fixed seating that's down from a maximum of five hundred in number of outbreaks are tied two trips bridal showers weddings Social Clubs and bowling parties almost twenty outbreaks are tied to church services which are I'd note exempt from enforcement under the order and here's the twist if you're going out starting Monday all dining establishments must keep customers names and phone numbers for contact tracing purposes bars restaurants and other social events must limit indoor party sizes at a single table to just six people there are no Fines for violations. It's a civil fine for up to a thousand bucks and may also be treated as a misdemeanour that yes, you could go to jail for and possibly get a $200 fine Business and Professional licenses may also be revoked for non-compliance. This is as Thursday brings another day of more than 3,000 confirmed covid-19 cases 3675 reported to be exact that goes along with 41 more deaths bringing our pandemic case totals in Michigan to more than a hundred and seventy two thousand with nearly seventy three hundred of talat. He's according to covid-19. Now that means the state of Michigan is now in outbreak status some areas of the state including West Michigan are seeing hospitalization rates that are often than double what they were in the first wave both Macomb and Oakland counties are seeing large uptick send daily case rates with Wayne a bit behind but still concerning additionally State unemployment check. Claims are rising again after a short time of decline. There were more than 16,000 new claims in the week ending October 24th more than double the 7300 reported the previous week off context last year at this time, Michigan had nearly 5,600 new jobless claims national GDP has recovered a bit up 33% in the last quarter, but it's an unequal come back and after massive declines. It's a complicated story and we'll dive into that with our guests layer. We also received word today that the annual winter blast weekend has been canceled for 20 21 due to covid-19 related concerns the event in its 16th year was to be held in February. This week appeals court judge Christopher Murray granted a preliminary injunction to block a directive Banning the open carrying of firearms at polling places in Michigan. The directive was issued by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson in mid-october Benson was trying to prohibit Firearms at polling places Clerk's offices and where absentee ballots are counted judge Murray's opinion was that the new rule wasn't done through the process of the administrative procedures act and is therefore invalid. He also said the Secretary of State could have taken action on this months ago activist Robert Davis song brought the case with two motions of support from gun groups, but how does the public feel about guns in polling places according to a new glengariff poll published by the Detroit news and WDIV off 73% of michiganders think that openly carried guns should be banned. There is also includes a majority of Republicans as well as most Democrats State officials aren't giving up and they plan to come back. near the appeals process Michigan-based restaurant chain HopCat has a lot of fans but even so the company entered bankruptcy in June of this year. The owners announced this week that it was scooped up out of bankruptcy along our sibling establishments Stella's and Grand Rapids Brewing for 17.5 million dollars eater Detroit reports that the purchasers include congruent Investment Partners and Main Street Capital. They had lent money to the chain covet sit a lot of bars and restaurants hard, especially those with a business model built on eating inside the establishment hubcap permanently closed 3 of their fourteen Midway locations this year including one in downtown Royal Oak for more. I'll put a link to the eater story in the show notes. With recent developments and increased coronavirus case counts and the federal response took a lack of response to it. What should you be thinking about when it comes to money and your household for those running businesses what's ahead and specifically what does it mean here in southeast Michigan Matthew off heads up Wayne State's office of business Innovation and also teaches at the business school and that's on top of a career in the trenches. So to speak welcome back to daily Detroit sir. Glad to be back here and thanks for having me get started with two data points. I mentioned at the top of the show first the national gross domestic product is up with the largest annualized jump since World War Two but working on this storage left. This doesn't equal rainbows and sunshine what's happening out there? Well, I mean the the bar was pretty low, right? Yeah. I think that the pump in GDP has off. Ought to do with the loosening of local Municipal and state lockdowns across the United States. So we really went from in a lot of ways of standstill to make a partial restart various pieces of the economy across the US. I think the consensus estimate was 31% I think it was 32% so long it was beaten but not by much on the ground when you think about things like the stock market. I think it's important to point out that the top 10% of us households by wealth own over ninety percent of the stock market. So when you when you look at things like the stock market, although I know this is GDP. It really doesn't tell the tale of the experience that a lot of Main Street America is having rainy. Well one of my favorite journalist Kai Ryssdal makes a great point. The stock market is not the economy. No, absolutely not and there's a lot of reasons why a lot of ink has been spilled the last six months. Anticipating on why the stock market has gone up so much as a couple of reasons for it. Number one. The big driver has been big Tech Google Facebook Zoom Tesla you name it should companies have a really really large disproportionate impact on the indices. And so when you have companies like Apple and Google that are worth trillions of dollars when they go up a little faith moves the market a lot. The number one reason the Market's gone up so much. I think is the disproportionate impact a big Tech number two is we are essentially operating in a zero interest rate environment wage is so you have money or you know, either your own or money that you borrowed. There's really nowhere for it to go to generate any semblance of return except for the stock market. So, you've seen a lot of cash inflows, even though the economy doesn't warrant it and then I think you know number three, you know people see this as the markets especially see, this is It's kind of black dog. On one time event Anthony thought you said something along the lines of 20/22 will be back to some semblance of normal. Well, if that's the case if the stock market's down to 50% total climb back up to where it was in February in a year or two. I might as well put my money in the market and wait it out. Yeah, Michigan unemployment claims your back up to and took that feels kind of counter-intuitive for some folks. I've had some listeners give me questions because we did close down parts of the economy. We've also been slowly opening it back up. I mean everything from the bar restrictions have been lifted retail things like that. But again the unemployment rate we're getting more claims what's behind that here's my picture you have a bar or a restaurant or movie theatre a university where I work right any part of the economy that relies on packing people shoulder-to-shoulder a bar or a restaurant or a university doesn't work at 40% realization dead. I think what we're starting to see is this Collective ending of the runway for a lot of these businesses that were idled with the hopes of being brought back online at full bore home kind of really put a finer point on that right imagine that you own a restaurant and your livelihood is Thursday Friday and Saturday night and every Thursday Friday and Saturday night, you have to turn your table over four or five times in order to pay the bills. And and so even if you're allowed to open back up at 50% capacity the cost of your labor the cost of your food and your beverage, you might not be paying the bills just because you can flip the open sign from from close to open and let people back in on a limited basis. It doesn't mean that your business is sustainable when I read the tea leaves here about what's going on in the state and elsewhere in the US. I think you're seeing a culmination of the fact that a lot of small businesses are just not able to to operate with the profitability that allows To be sustainable and to make an important Point here for a lot of people who are against the lockdown measures that were taken their rallying cry was you know, this is unfair and in other forms of government overreach, but you know from my point of view if half of the population is afraid to go outside because they're worried for their health or the health of their friends and family. It doesn't matter of whether whether it's a government locked out or it's just a a drastic decline in consumer demand. You're going to have the same net impact. It's not the lockdowns that crippled our economy is the virus right? I'm sure. And I can both look back on the last seven months and think of a lot of times where we made decisions that we wouldn't have thought twice about in February and and now we're just not was willing to go outside and in to go shoulder-to-shoulder and doors that we once were I know in your position that you end up interacting with a lot of people in the business Community. What is our view on this is crazy. Smart money that the economy is at the whims of what's happening with the virus. It seems like there's one conversation that's happening in the public and then another one that's happening with people who actually have to deal with this especially thinking about a long letter of that more than 30 large employers sent around. Hey, stop suing about these masks mandates, you can say a lot of things about the United States stock market wage. And and and if you give me the time and the platform, I'll be happy to throw the first stone. But if you look at the ab and flow of the market over the last seven months it probably very closely mirror the coronavirus case curve in the United States of America. There's a lot of smart money that is coming in and out of the market on our ability to manage the coronavirus. I was gonna be delighted and proud to see that letter go out from I think it was from Business Leaders in Michigan or some Cortland Consortium of large employers and in Southeastern, Michigan because nothing's changed in the last month. Amongst your seven months ago. We knew that if we just could freeze everyone in place for 14 days. This would all be over and the patchwork quilt approach to dealing with this has just resulted in a long drawn-out prolonged painful shock to the economy that just just seems to not be abating and it's just getting worse right? And now you combine that with the fact that we're all experienced such high levels of fatigue. It's just going to be harder and harder for any lap Downs to be enforced and to be adhered to yeah. What I've been doing research on this topic the term demand shock has become one that young folks are using that it's not the lockdowns. It's like the demand where if these cases are going up people just aren't spending they're making different decisions. Absolutely. I mean, you know human beings we really crave stability and it doesn't matter if you're a high income household. You're still going to be at the whims of Behavioral psychology and you're still worried about losing your job or what's going to happen 6 a.m. From now, so your probably scrolling away cash. You're not taking those trips. You're not eating out at those restaurants. You're not making those to make purchases. And so you've seen the US savings rate and actually am strangely enough the overall Us credit score average FICO score. I think has gone up two or three points in the last several months because if you can you're hoarding cash and paying off high-interest debt. Well you were thinking about that Runway. Let's Circle back to that really quick because it does not look like we're getting a covid-19 financial backstop from Congress and it doesn't look like we're going to get it at least until the end of January 8th of February if there is a change in leadership and if there isn't there probably won't be one what kind of impact is that going to have on the ground you were talking about people running out of Runway. This is something where I feel like it's kind of under covered that there's a whole bunch of people that are hurting right now and there's a lot of people that are going to be feeling pain that haven't been in the near future the student loan forbearance ends at the end of December. A lot of people that receive a mortgage forbearance has they were I think they care is act allows you to push pause on your mortgage for six months. A lot of those those households are starting to have to pay for mortgage again, a lot of the federal support for unemployment that came out of FEMA is running out. If I were trying to visit best position myself, I would make dang sure that I have at least two to three months cash on hand to get you know, scratch cloth bag borrow steal to make sure you can get too early February. It's going to get worse before it gets better. Do you think that's going to impact employment as well? There's a bunch of suckers that haven't been hurt as much as something that we're going to feel traditionally retail and and food and Bev has been alcohol it unspoken Safety Net in our economy with all due respect to the men and women that have those jobs when you were in a pinch and you needed work the US worker could kind of always rely on retail job. Food service industry for work and that has been decimated right the last seven months. And so the safety nets been pulled the kind of gray Market safety net. If you will, we replaced it with some federal support in the form of the supplemental unemployment and also some of the the stimulus checks that came out but what I think you're seeing is is this is really becoming a tale of two economies. And if you're you know, a low-to-moderate income household and the last seven months odds are much greater that you lost your job, right? If you still have your job the odds are much greater that you are deemed essential employee and you had to go to work you you faced increased odds of being exposed to the virus and on top of that you probably don't own stocks. So you you probably haven't appreciated a lot of The Upside that the market had well at least not until recently a lot of outside the market had the last seven months. So on the other hand if you were from a upper middle class or a better household notwithstanding the South Impacts that were all facing from this if you come from a place of means, you know, you kind of living your best life, right? You're probably working from home you get in to spend more time with your family your 401k probably higher than it was seven months ago. We probably haven't lost your job your exposure to the virus has been minimal or or kind of at your discretion. It's kind of tragic in my mind. Hopefully, it really inspires them to change a lot of things about how we've organized our economy. There's nothing unique and be saying this but I think the virus has been an accelerant. It's almost as if somebody pushed fast forward on our world you thought about twenty years into the future and we're just having to try to deal with the Fallout and real-time listeners have a lot of hyperlocal questions like so local that outside of your window of your office. You were working outside of your office in that Detroit's nascent. Come back has really been pinned on Commercial developments and office spaces and the hotel sector. I mean, yes, there's residential but soames Of it has been offices and things like that. Do we have a clearer picture of what those sectors might look like then we talked about in the spring and how might that impact Detroit and what's Happening Here. I lived in the city of Detroit for a really long time. And you know, I remember once upon a time my friends and I would cheer the opening of the CVS. I remember those days. I was probably across the street from you. We probably were right and maybe the tragedy is that Detroit took was a little bit late the pendulum swinging towards urbanism. And so a lot of the progress that's been made to last, you know decade or so has been disproportionately impacted by covid-19 talked to my Economic Development Office, especially the real estate ones. If you're doing a residential real estate deal in the city, you're probably full steam ahead right America's budget for their home either as a rental or your their Homestead that they own thoughts higher than it was seven months ago, right? We're spending much more time at home. And so I think you'll see if any maybe even an acceleration of residential real estate projects in the city small business walkability dead. Ground floor retail. Wow. Yeah, I don't even know where to start seven months ago. It was food fashion or Fitness. Those were the only three apps that you could really put in the ground floor of a building and now off all three of those have been really depressed by koven as well. And and it's kind of us how they'll come back. I'm extremely nervous. I love living and working in a urban environment. I love talking to you know, do yoga and get a cup of coffee, you know by ice cream, whatever just like the next person and you know into bed on Saturday around cats in Canfield, right? I'm very grateful to see a lot of those businesses are still open and that they're still serving their their areas in their communities one. I think really positive thing that I should mention is the mayor's office and a tawdry of large Employers in southeast Michigan have embarked on this project their calling Detroit means business. It's being led by The Usual Suspects, you know, DTE Energy, you know, Quicken Loans Etc and they're really focused on bringing a dog. Really really really large-scale campaign to support small business in the region that's capital technical support labor Etc to really serve as a buffer or off or on what might happen with small business because if your if your DTE Energy or if your TCF Bank you have a lot invested in the small business Community here in Detroit and you don't want to see them suffer because those are our customers right? I'm not directly involved in Detroit means business, so I can't really speak to just how ambitious their efforts are. But I'm I know it's there's a lot of great people involved. I think very highly of I'm I'm very optimistic about that commercial, you know, the real estate above the second floor. It's kind of depends on who you talk to some people think that there's going to be increased demand for office space because your floor plate density will be lower wage because you need more social distancing some people think that work from home is a Genie Genie out of the bottle now and we're never going to go back to the office, you know, the answer is probably somewhere in between if anything maybe a name. Sting byproduct of covet is you'll probably see one of the great business strategies of 2019 was the fall of we work but there's a really strong argument to be made that co-working spaces is you know, what kind of temporary incidental occasional places to work? We'll probably experienced a Renaissance so, you know Tech town and we were are probably immune from what's going on. So maybe maybe more than you wanted to hear but that's kind of my my suspense. I appreciate it when we get nerdy one of the reasons I like talking to you is because money touches so many things at first people might dismiss and go off. Well, I don't own a stock right on on this and the thing is is that everybody deals with money and money affects your quality of life. It also impacts families and how does this all connect for you on a personal level? Why did you get so involved into it? I understand you got a story around that it really gets to the the heart of the psychology of money and it's something that I've really tried to counter as some wage. Was in money educator and I'm going to get a little more personal here. But before my parents had kids my dad really struggled with alcoholism and the net result of that was my parents had a real hard time with money and my mom dreaded going to the mailbox. This was at a time when bills were mailed the physically snail mail the old days and and so when I was in Middle School, I'd get off the bus and I would go to the mailbox and then grab the mail and then bring it in the house and one day my mom, you know, she pulls me aside and she says, you know, I just wanted to thank you for getting the bills off. I don't like what do you mean? What are you talking about? And she's like, I have so much anxiety and and so much fear going to the mailbox because of how badly your your father and I struggle with bills and laws and and it really impressed upon me that I think we do ourselves a disservice when we kind of mix our moral self esteem and our financial self esteem and the same bucket because, you know having Bill Walsh Comes a moral failing not being rich becomes a moral failing and and we end up sticking our head in the sand when we have bad financial news. And I just think that's there's so many factors that impact our our financial lives that are out of our control and and and sadly, you know, the ZIP code were born into you know, our race or gender. There's a lot of things that that really impact us that are totally be on a roll the net message that I want to share from that story with your audience is it is human nature to stick your head in the sand and think you failed when the bills start piling up, but I'm not your fault and you really got a pull yourself together and face the situation because if you don't it can have incredibly dire long-term impact on your financial life and when it comes to things like, you know, your credit cards and your your car loan or lease or your mortgage or your lease with your home, the best thing you can do is contact and over communicate with the people you off. Me too. Because if you don't they'll just assume the worse and begin legal action or let the credit bureaus know that you're you're not paying your bills and and that's the last thing you need right now, especially when with a panda may we all kind of have the collective excuse of the coronavirus to blame right? So separate, you know money and morality and kind of face your financial situation head-on and live to fight another day. Well Matthew phone number wise words. I think it's really tough and especially in our country where financial success and I are worth are almost like they're even baked into so much of our popular media. If you look at a gram or you look at television shows things like that, the two are equated and I think that people need to remember that they're they're worth something and they're worth just as much to other people regardless of what's in their bank across all of my financial education is taught me that the only two things that matter in this life are your physical health and your personal relationships, Matthew Rowland. Thank you so much for your time today. They share Well, that was a lot to do today. That was a lot to unpack. So just two quick things before I let you go first. If you have feedback for the show. We have a voicemail line at 313-789-3211. Or you can email me at the daily Detroit song. Com second a quick thank you to our members on patreon that support the show you all are crucial. It means a ton and keeps the lights on here. If it's something you can do join us daily detroit.com support that's daily detroit.com support with that. I'm Jerry stays to care of each other and I'll see you around Detroit off tomorrow.

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TSP135 - Time Trek: Its the apocalypse and Armageddon outta here!

The Sill - Perspectives on Art

37:09 min | 3 months ago

TSP135 - Time Trek: Its the apocalypse and Armageddon outta here!

"Before we begin today's podcast number 135, which is now three years into our fourth year of doing this podcast from when we began in July 2017, and we have just crossed the 10,000 download threshold today as a matter of fact October 2nd and Harry and I would like to genuine thank listeners interviewees donors and solid supporters for contributing to this Milestone more than 2,000 of that total has been achieved in the last three months which is indicative of a continual upward Trend and we're currently averaging well over three hundred downloads per episode, which is about a fifteen fold increase since we began even though the majority of our listeners for the moment are in fact, we now have listeners on five continents Asia Africa North America South America Europe and Australia and we seem to be benefiting from that as well. So thanks again wage. And let's get right into the episode for this week. The end of the world for typical person in a medieval village is the end of the village because they didn't have the awareness of the globe as a globe. Everything was local. Yeah. So if the world was coming to an end it was your little world that was coming to an end. But right now we don't have a little world. We have a globe people are not thinking my local town is going to come to an end. The worry is that the larger picture is going to collapse. Oh off. You're listening to the serial podcast with Peter. No J and Harry Posner. Episode 135 time Trek. It's the apocalypse and Armageddon out of here Thursday. It's the apocalypse and Armageddon out of here. That's the title of our podcast today folks you're starting to go on. It's already we've already started, you know, you're fiddling with your earplugs your earphones and I'm already into the podcast contraction Doomsday Clock. Oh, yes, I can talk your tell me about a great tune by Stevie Ray Vaughan and his brother took talk when we picked this title. That's what it reminded me of a little bit. What's the lyric again? Ticked off time is ticking away. Tick tock tick tock time is ticking away, which puts me in mind of you. See folks were deleted off. Sure, we've just hit the 10,000 download Mark. I'm spilling water onto the table here in the studio and tripping over myself and and Peter is gargling off of the podcast as we're talking about like Doomsday and apocalypse. He's gargling the episode today is a Time Trek episode and the idea is to talk about the idea of Faith the end of the world of Doomsday apocalypse Armageddon out of here. And so that Tick Tock reminds me first of all of a very interesting phenomenon in the world that has been in them since nineteen forty-seven and it's the Doomsday Clock, right? And there is the sense that the Doomsday Clock is an actual something the thing that is the arms of the clock move closer or farther away from midnight and midnight is World catastrophe. That's when Cinderella loses her slipper, right? The Doomsday Clock is assembled been around since nineteen forty-seven page. It's run or kept going. So to speak by the members of the bulletin of the atomic scientists. Right and it's a metaphor for the threats to humanity from unchecked scientific and technological advances. So it's moved closer or farther away from Midnight depending upon the perceived danger to the planet. It's been sent back word twenty four times since 1947. And before you go on here we go mention that page forty-seven was kind of a pivotal time just a year and half after Hiroshima, right what precipitated the old development of the Doomsday Clock Was the actual threat of nuclear war right and not added into that now the effects of global warming as another danger that they assess when they move the hands and more recently this information has been added as a third element. Okay interesting. So it's been as far away as Seventeen to the hour and disclose as 1 minute 40 seconds, which is where we are now to midnight. Yeah, which was set in January 2028. And because of the incremental changes to stress how much things are deteriorating they went from minutes to seconds. Hm. Yeah, I just find it really interesting because this is an idea. It's a symbol. It's not a thing No Object, but it's taken on the sense of an object. So you imagine that the planet has this Doomsday Clock ticking tick tick hanging over us all and every now and then someone says, oh the Doomsday Clock is now one minute timer midnight now, it's 2 minutes. Now, it's 30 seconds it. Can you imagine sort of a sense of anxiety an undercurrent of anxiety that that must project into our psyches as human beings on the planet sure, especially if people are taking it literally yeah as opposed to as you say a symbol. Well, it's hard not to because when you hear one minute to midnight and midnight is dead. The end of the world so to speak you tend to take it seriously as opposed to twenty minutes to midnight while in many ways. I think the people who develop the whole idea and support this particular symbol wanted to draw attention to it. They want you to understand the seriousness of what they're thinking is happening. Yeah their intentions were good. Hm, I guess what I'm saying. Is that even though the the tensions were good. The result is a kind of underlying anxiety that runs through our psyches. It's a symbol and what are symbols used for symbols are used in storytelling to denote certain things to give emphasis to something and so as Yuval Harari points out in his books civilization is built upon a nice story right in a sense the Doomsday Clock and that idea that we're moving closer or farther by our actions to Doomsday is a shared Story one that we all dead. Have kind of agreed upon. Yeah, and as we know that's not new the idea of the end of the world not at all right now even this Doomsday Clock situation. It's on a different level now because of what we've experienced over the last six seven months, we're all covid-19. And so this is just another element that pervades our spacious. Well in a way the Cobra thing has brought out that anxiety that is there under the great clock because it's also surfaced a lot of the tensions of lying society's problems, whether it's race related or economically related all of these things are emerging now as possible things that can tear down a civilization. Right and we should note as well that these things have happened before but in this particular case, this is also behaving as a catalyst. It seems to be accelerating time. Yeah, sure we've had song Of these situations over the Millennia not just decades even if we focus on the last four or five hundred years all the wars in the European and North American and Asian continents home World War one and two being the Pinnacle to all that. Yeah, and we've always eventually come through. Right? Right, but now we're talking in a way about the Prophecies of dead before these major events happen. There are people who are saying this is coming folks all of Nostradamus Nostradamus and people look at his own writings and they see his predictions and they read into them and they say well, yeah Nostradamus predicted 9/11, you know, he predicted the atomic bomb the rise of Hitler that song even actually predicted this specific thing. He alluded to something that was similar. He didn't have the name Hitler. He doesn't know any of the atomic bomb, but you could connect the parallel. Yeah, for example He might say very near our electoral maronda shred fire will fall from the sky for three nights because will appear both stupid fighting in marvelous shortly afterwards. There will be an earthquake, you know on people take that as apni exploding or movie is also curious or whatever it is. So these things have come down through history these people these groups and these Cults Cults Cults end-of-the-world Cults and the classic end of the world cult Christianity. The last book in the Bible is a book of Revelations written by John of Patmos who came up with a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Well in his vision, yes or write down his vision and the seals the Seven Seals of the vision we're opened in these images of apocalypse and The Horseman incidentally the word apocalypse doesn't mean the end of the world. It means Revelation Revelation what is review page? The truth revealed let's say so here's an example from the Seven Seals the first seal a white horse appears who's crowned writer has a bow with which to conquer second seal off a horse appears whose writer is granted a Greatsword to take peace from the earth third seal a black horse appears. His writer has a pair of balances in his hand where a voice 10 says a message of a wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine fourth seal a Pale Horse appears. His rider is death and Hades follows him death is granted a fourth part of the earth to kill with sword with Hunger with death and with the beasts of the earth, etc. Etc, etc. Right and then there's a seven trumpets that are sounded here we go home first trumpet hail and fire mingled with blood are thrown to the Earth burning up a third of the trees and green grass fourth trumpet the third of the Sun the moon and the stars are dark and creating complete, Georgia. Miss for a third of the day and then night on and on the coast. Thank you very much. But you read this is your oh my God. This is the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine saying that the Great Big Sea Newfoundland and oh wasn't yeah. Okay. So the beginning of the Godfather of all of these Cults is Christianity. So we have to acknowledge that off later on. You've got of course Nostradamus the Mayan calendar is an interesting one to the ancient Mayan civilization had a very Advanced calendar system originating as far Bank the 5th Century Mexico. Yeah, and their calendar had an end point which was December 21st, 2012 and many people back in the 1990's. When a New Age movement was kind of big anticipating that specific date. They chose that day they went. Oh, this is a moment when the world as we know it is going to come to an end and something new something greater something. Or is going to emerge as being completely different world. Of course it came and it went nothing really sort of happened like the year two-thousand Y2K that sort of thing and you had people like William Miller and the millerites in the nineteenth Century. They chose 1844 William Miller chose 1844 as off the end of the world based upon a Bible passage, you know, Daniel 814 quote on two two thousand three hundred days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. So a lot of these Cults are looking at the world as a place of sin degradation and a place in need of cleansing purification in the fires of the Armageddon. And then when that date she came and went in 1844 his followers William Miller his followers dissolved fell away under something that was called quote the great disappointment so dead. That's pretty disappointed that the world didn't explode right and die and everybody burned up in the fire. And so they dissolved in the more Modern Age of course and the 20th century you have Jim Jones Jonestown Jonestown in Guyana where he might be nine hundred or a thousand nine hundred people committed suicide revolutionary quote unquote suicide adjusting cyanide poisoning in a protest against capitalism while he died alongside his members from gun wound self-inflicted. He didn't take the cyanide interesting a it's a greatest single loss of American Life in an unnatural disaster until September eleventh two thousand one right now. Maybe he didn't take the Sinai because he wanted to make sure that everybody else was taking it before he well. I think that's probably what happened wage, you know, David koresh and the Branch Davidians Waco, Texas. I think it's on Netflix now. Oh very good article check that out. You have people like the Heaven's Gate group who wage? Believed in UFOs and impending doom for which the only Escape was to voluntarily turn against the next level quote unquote by committing suicide which puts me in mind of a great month or see Clark science fiction novel called childhood's and writes a great book. And what happens in it is that these aliens these spaceships descend descend and they hover all around the Earth in our land. They hover all around the earth and they give the human beings and ultimatum clean up your act or you're toast. It's a great book but it has the whole feeling of these groups are talking about what's exactly what we need right? Now those we need something just like that. We need a group of something up above it says do this or you're toast well in a sense covered has been something like that cloud that it's around the earth this pandemic invisible Club. Yeah, and it's pointing out your health care System sucks the way you treat seniors and vulnerable people is Criminal off. Clean up your act here folks in a way. It's doing that distribute the money. Yeah exactly. You have the ohms shinrikyo Movement Like a pasta dish wage in Japan led by led by shoko. Asahara. Yeah. His doomsday was Nineteen Eighty-Four. Oh, okay. I didn't know that one. Yeah. Well you remember the sarin attacks on the Tokyo subway suggested 1995. That's him and his group. Oh, okay. They did that. Okay, I guess cuz he was annoyed that didn't happen in Nineteen Eighty-Four. He thought maybe try to get her do it in ninety-five have a direct hand in it off. That's right. You were sentenced to death for that. By the way, I still awaiting execution. Well, then you have an interesting phenomenon. You have the what's known as the survivalists especially the United States using these are groups of people who have left the cities for the most part go into the woods in the countryside and learn how to live on the edge. And live with nothing really Off the Grid completely off the grid in anticipation of preparing for the the time when the shit is going to hit the fan people are going to rush out of the Cities down and they need to be well-armed. They say stocked up with food when the power grid fails. They have to know how to live off the language movie if you haven't watched it that I'd recommend call Captain Fantastic. Yes. I have seen a little more. Yes. I have seen it. Very good. Yeah, absolutely. It kind of about that in a way versus more. So in movies is you mentioned movies all those dead end of the world movies of the apocalyptic movies The Mad Max movie The Road Cormac McCarthy wrote a book called The Road a couple of recent ones too. Well Judgement Day or not that long with some big film and all about is at the end of the world zombie movies now, we're very preoccupied with our mortality. Well, that's it. I mean, I think it does come down to our dog. Visual awareness of birth and death were taught as children every story has a beginning a middle and an end right as a child. We're not aware of endings. We think we're going to live forever in a way at some point. We're taught it all has to come to an end Junior. There's a conclusion hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're gonna die and that's Palm in US you were just quoting Shatner one year William Shatner. Yes from his a great CD of spoken word poetry called has been I recommend it to everyone people laugh at Shatner and some of the stuff they've done but this is a really good spoken word. We use in one of our previous podcast. I can't remember which episode we talked about death. Yeah, and we used that particular clip. He says I paid and he has this creature voice is Jose hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're gonna die energy. It's brilliant. Anyway toys right on but we're talking about this is what colpitis really doing and it's really cool. Us in touch with our mortality. Oh, yeah big time and so much so that there's also a propensity for exaggeration in many cases because of it. You can be used this page spear that we have of dying. It can be accessed and extrapolated and used in many different ways by people who have this understanding of our psyche sure and we don't consult the cult leader anymore for the prophecy. We consult the predictive models. The statisticians are the new cult leaders because they provide the data that gets interpreted in becomes information wrote that gets disseminated through the internet for example television or what-have-you immediate. So the new Nostradamus is the media. Yeah, absolutely the predictive models in the beginning of the Pandemic those early predictive models were wildly inflated and poorly conceived. And we're off by a lot and we'll argue is still aren't yeah, and so people expect at the end of the world so to speak and it wasn't the end of the world and it isn't we know that it's a virus. I'm not going to take the planet away. It's not the Spanish Flu which did decimate the planet absolutely but you have to consider our psychological State. We now live in a world despite all the negativity that you here. We are far better off even globally than we were Thirty forty or a hundred years ago. I mean the standard of living has risen considerably. Yeah for literally everyone even though there are still people living in abject poverty. Yeah, the levels have risen and so has our desire to be in that system and live in that system. So we don't take the death as easily as long as we did on decades or centuries gone by. Yeah, but you know, the interesting thing is now we can imagine the globe perishing and human beings perishing with it with climate change my master off. Patience and that sort of thing you go back to the Middle Ages the end of the world for typical person in a medieval village is the end of the village hm because they didn't have the awareness of the globe as a globe. Everything was local. Yeah. So if the world was coming to an end it was your little world that was coming to an end. But right now we don't have a little world. We have a globe people are not syncing. My local town is going to come to an end. The worry is that the larger picture is going to collapse them economically health-wise or whatever off the internet and technology has helped make the world a global literally a Global Network. Yeah, and so each of us can actually become worried and become end of the world but back before that time. It wasn't as serious in a way. You walk into this room at your own risk because it leads to the Future not a future that will be but when that might be this is not a new world. It is simply an extension of what began in the old woman. It is parent itself after every dictator who was ever planted the ripping him print of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has found its technological advances in the more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human Freedom any state any entity any ideology that fails to recognize the worth the dignity the rights of man that state is obsolete a case to be filed under em from mankind getting back to this apocalyptic perspective even amidst what we're in right now that the flavor phone number of courses covid-19 makes the news every single day every hour and so on right which is in my opinion kind of blindsiding issues that are far greater than the cove. Self the threat of nuclear war and climate change are still much larger issues. I think I don't know if you agree with me or not. Seems to be the consensus and yet we're focusing on this as the so-called apocalyptic situation. Well, I mean there aren't atomic bombs dropping on people killing them. There are viruses infecting people and killing them so long it's understandable that that would be on our plates right now big time. But again, you're dealing with our own mortality. We're looking at the small picture. Yeah one nuclear bomb would do more damage than a virus wage doing twenty years. So we're losing our perspective. We're drowning in a variety of scenarios and losing focus on things that are much greater. Well just shows you how our attention spans have been focused on the virus that we're more easily manipulated terms of our attention now, yes, yep. Cuz of the way technology can fill the atmosphere with particular information and data the fact that Donald Trump and his wife have come down with covid-19. Oh Nana Pond begins with a little Ripple and by the time you're done it's a tsunami there's a tsunami affect almost everything that happens now. Yeah, and unfortunately or fortunately I'm not sure which yet. It's numbing out a lot of people. Yeah, right. Well enough talk about Doom and Gloom and people just turn off right they go I'll just watch the football game and enjoy myself. You can go and talk about Doom all you want but I'm tired of it and there's covid-19 people are just tired of the barrage of Doom and Gloom in the p in power should know better. They have to offer some positive not only positive they need to really and seriously lead. What does that mean to you to make sure it means maintaining calm maintaining a certain equilibrium being able to tell people the truth without instilling the Panic right? And that's a fine balance. That's a Thursday. Yeah, you can't do that though, unless you deep politicize things such as health. Yeah. Sure. We gotta get back to the people that are in the know about certain things as opposed to people who are using it right to shift people's decisions or to shift popular momentum and so on. Yeah, but beyond the politics just the straight-ahead communication of these ideas and information good communicators will go they'll give a positive and they'll be a negative then they'll be a positive. So the negative is bookended by positive or we're doing really well folks. The curve is really dropping. Unfortunately. There is some spikes in some areas that we really have to do some work at but overall we're really doing well and stay calm we're moving through this and we're going to get through it positive negative positive, right, but we don't hear that. We just get the all we're concerned and we may have to close the schools down. It's all doom and gloom. Yeah, we're worried about the ICU getting overrun and all this stuff and they balance it out. Just not all doom and gloom but there's a much greater propensity to be goes to the negative side. Yeah, and without the lineation because a lot of the times when you stress certain facts, you're not giving the entire picture you're picking the piece that fits your argument. Yes, right. It seems to me that this whole end-of-the-world idea is now changed a bit because really what we're talking about is in the song is the end of the world as we know it not that the world is going to collapse and Humanities going to die off it said having gone through what we're going through now with covid-19. Which catastrophes so the world did come to an end. So to speak that world former world and now we're in a new chapter. So what you just said is very important for leadership to recognize you just gave some very specific examples of difficult situations that we have locally nationally globally took out of right with the understanding that it is the end of something but it's the beginning of something else exactly. Exactly. So right away, you are inserting an element of Hope which is integral to our mental health. Yeah. Oh sure because even if a situation is imminently poor or even fatal it's not going to Jermaine this way. We are transitioning. I think part of the problem with this Kobe situation is that we've discussed this before and we both agree that it's an accelerant of sorts. I think that's been dead. Will issue because it hasn't given people time to adapt or a lot of people time to adapt. But if you were really looking at the picture even pre covid-19. A choice where we can actually make things better. So now you start to take all those resources and you start to shuffle things and start to adjust and acknowledge that this was already happening is Just Happening faster than we can deal with it. Well, this was already something that needed to happen exactly were some movements in those directions and now it has to accelerate in order to deal with the issue right at have been raised by koven. Well, how is that any different from the development of the atomic bomb? Yeah exactly. Why was that developed you can argue about whether it was justified or not. You know, that'll be an eternal argument. Right? But the point is the argument that was used was that if we don't develop this we're going to lose a million men landing on the shores of Japan, right? That was the argument or big part of the argument. Yeah. So why did that happen because again, something was happening very very quickly and the responses were largely poem. Go because how do you go back to your constituents and explain to them that you're losing thirty thousand men a day and I think this is going to be the thing here too. And this is why we're running into a lot of kind of took a nebulous territory. I would characterize it as because we're being very critical of the political position that's been taken through a lot of this and a lot of it says, correct because people are fumbling around and they're not using it necessarily for the benefit of all they're using it as a power shift or something to transition what they want to transition But ultimately in. Should remember this in my opinion politicians ultimately have to do what Their constituents what the majority want and I think sometimes we as a people forget that right we think we're helpless. They have as much power as we collectively give them and if suddenly we turn a tap and say this is not acceptable. They will have no choice. Choice but to figure something else out, right and that's where I'm hopeful of I'm hopeful of the fatigue that we're experiencing as Covetous big will be mental and social fatigue to the point where you will just say, that's it. That's the line. I can't take anymore and then something has to change. I've got a poem for you, but I want to go back to the idea of end of the world hear you talking about the atomic bomb and that's a huge explosion. This is from a famous poem by TS Eliot called The Hollow Men in its June 5th and last stanza in the poem it goes here we go round the prickly pear prickly pear prickly pear. Here we go round the prickly pear at 5:00 in the morning between the idea and the reality between the motion and the ACT Falls. The shadow for thine is the kingdom between the conception and the Chrome. Ocean between the emotion and the response Falls the shadow life is very long between the desire and the spasm between the potency and the existence between the essence and The Descent Falls. The shadow for thine is the kingdom for thine is life is for thine is the song. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends not with a bang but with a whimper TS Eliot, I like that whimper close. Yeah with a whimper if there is an end. It won't be some kind of explosion. It will be us just losing our sense but a slow death losing away and kind of just falling off the planet in a way. I forget the name of the book the title is something like the world without us we'd have to log Check that but the whole book the premise of it is what would the Earth look like? If the human race were gone tomorrow? How long would it take for nature for example to re-establish itself in the cities in the cityscapes? You know, how long would it take for the buildings to actually Decay and be rested and crumbled to the ground interesting that you say that because we've only been in a global situation for six or seven or eight months some people argue a few months more. Let's use 8 to 12 months. Look at what's already happened just with us still being here, but just how long had certain things modified either by circumstance. Yeah or because we've chosen lockdowns for lockdowns pollution has decreased and Wildlife is coming back off and these are just two examples. There are places on Earth. I think New Delhi was one of the places in India where they said there's a sector of the population that had never seen a blue sky, I think people birth The last ten or Twenty Years. Yes. Yes and suddenly the Skies open and it's blue. Yeah. What I'm saying is even with us still present. Just making some changes. You can see how natured Resorts back to a natural pattern. Yeah. Yeah, so it's possible with sacrifices but you know people need to realize that you have to give something Back To Nature in order for it to flourish great book braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Cameron Crowe talks about reciprocity between human beings and the natural world bow when that is broken when that relationship is broken bad things inevitably happen and I want to say something here that I think might be of help I think part of the problem when we say we need to give something up or take something away. Yeah. We say it on the basis of it being something that's going to be missed or something that you no longer have I think off. Of the challenge would be more to first of all communicated in a way that says what difference does it make if you lose something that you didn't need in the first place. Yeah, right, but didn't you tell me about the psychology of people who are more concerned with law? Yes. And with what they would gain far more there are many tests been done this essentially the premises simply that people fear loss much more than a desire game. Right? So we have to get over that obstacle. Hm a fearing loss more than gain, but I think covid-19 ways is helping us with that process even against our will be modified our Behavior. How many people do you hear now? Say, she said I don't need as much money as I thought I did right or I've really enjoyed the kind of break or I've never talked to my fax is much as I have in the last few months or it's great not to commute in that traffic all the time anymore. Stop your killing me with positivity. I'm dying with positive and they don't know more. Oh my God. Well, let's doomsayers out there can't cancel I have that Onslaught. That's what I'm saying. What would you rather drown in? So that's a good way to maybe wind this up, you know on the positive side of things change Road look even though they're both in Sayer's even though the world in many ways has gone to shit. Pardon my language. We still have an opportunity as individuals as communities as countries as Nations to work together to improve our understanding of each other of our culture's to improve the way we treat each other and to make the world a better place as a result of this tragedy that we're going through now so that it's not Armageddon out of here. It's on the staying right, same here in a different place. Exactly. It's the end of the world that's you know it and I feel fine. And again, we'd love to hear your comments. Yeah, and an audiobook could be a bonus if you contribute. Yeah, and we have a little dog None, our website is press and record exactly chow chow Peter. The seal podcast is a connecting dots media production available at the Sill podcast.com.

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Orthopaedics, Breathing, and Communications! Oh My! New England Conference Preview

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

1:09:06 hr | 3 months ago

Orthopaedics, Breathing, and Communications! Oh My! New England Conference Preview

"We talked t t drink beer and recorded like craft beer for your ears. This is the PTI podcast. There we go. Welcome to the program. This is Peachy podcast Chompers podcast. It saves physical therapist for missing out on Amazing Insight remarkable ideas and motivational stories. They see the best conversations happen at happy hour. Welcome to ours. I'm doing okay. I'm your host broadcasting live off from the Aureus medical Studios also known as my living room now find them online at a u r e u s medical, us medical, leaders in hashtag travel Physical Therapy subscribe to the podcast don't forget available on iTunes Spotify and Google podcast, wherever quality podcasts are hurting even where the bad ones are hurt will be there to Now video Cassidy's as well so you can walk along if that's what you get kicks on YouTube Facebook and Twitter at Pizza podcast on the social channels great show for you tonight highlighting something. I think this is just the beginning in this world off. Original conference right States coming together pooling their resources for maximal Value to you the physical therapist. If you're thinking about upping your game and you got some content dollars, you just want to educate yourself in a variety of topics. We're going to die in just a little bit with three percenters coming up in a conference happen in the north east, but it on the couch near you so great show for each night was bringing our first guest first guess tonight's faculty member at Sacred Heart University been involved in The Proposal peer review and Conference long process of the APTA Connecticut annual conference for six years J Grimes. Welcome back to the show here. He is Jimmy. Thank you very much. Very excited to be here. Thanks for thanks read me back on Monday J. First question as always always the hardest we get the hard questions out of the way first. What are we drinking? Well Jimmy, I've been lucky enough to receive a little bit of focal Banger from from The Alchemist local bank. Yeah. Well, this is The Alchemist from Stowe Vermont and this usually does not distribute outside of Vermont, but I recently heard that you know, maybe because of some of the the tourism challenges and everything else up there on I think on a temporary basis, they're Distributing outside of Vermont and and it's funny. I saw your message and a couple of days later. I just stumbled into a story that happened to have some so this is a special treat especially treat. I like it. I also I'm drinking a special treat and it was mailed to me but you seem very good. Excuse me, the Mega Ball Side PA. This is from a local Brewery. You've got some stuff going on with Con Ed continuing education courses. Yes talk about that. What's the website want to make sure we dig in fact? Yeah. So the the website is partners for Rehab Excellence. Calm myself and and Jamie Myerson kind of promoting some some continued education. That's really targeted for, New Jersey. Young professionals folks that are just looking to get some content but also get the clinical reasoning behind it and not just not just skills. And so yeah, so we rolled this out. It was kind of one of these these inventions that, you know, grew out of the covid-19 times and, you know a lot of push to online and and the lack of being able to do stuff face-to-face. So it's it's it's been a nice been a nice project. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. Yeah. Well, I did a voice over for you cuz you guys are doing some Social Media stuff, and I was like, don't worry about it, and then beer shows up the next day and that is the straightest way to my heart. So, let's see my friend who shares absolutely. Thank you. Thank you for surround is brought to you by a friend from the Owens recovery science. Think about recovery science.com a single source for Pete. He's looking for certification and personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation training and keeping you need to apply properly and clinical practice their their own podcast as well OS recovery science podcast available on iTunes. And again that website Owens recovery science.com. So you got a pretty you got a bat leadoff. And you got Heavy Hitters in behind you. Yeah, that's that's that's real. This is a a bit of a different idea. Right? We're months into the covingtons. I think we just call them times at this point is Jamie Myerson saying how your partner in crime? He goes some states for specifically, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Forget Rhode Island. Never never forget right off really pooling resources coming together and saying instead of Hey, listen, normally you guys might have separate State conferences, which is cool you get together with your colleagues Network a little bit but not we're were were what we were physically disciplined but socially together socially connected we want to be you guys decided to do something a little bit different talk about what you guys are doing. Yeah. So, you know, it's it's just this was just the seemed like the best time to do it, but we've talked about kind of doing this Regional idea for just the reasons you mentioned, you know, it's it's a lot of work. It's it's oftentimes a financial consideration, but yep. To put these these conferences together and and to make it a good investment for you know clinicians in the state that our chapter members or just even in a larger and larger Spectrum, you know, it's just we bounced the idea around and and just kind of never gain the momentum and all of a sudden it just seemed like you know what we're going to do it Now's the Time to do it. Yeah, and and like I said pooling the resources and not just from a financial standpoint, but but from say your physical therapy catalog, right? I mean you're going to get more members you're going to get more clinicians. You're going to get more folks that are out there doing good things and can get out there and talk about it. So it just it made great sense. You know, I think all very excited to see where this where this goes and and hopefully this is the beginning and hopefully it's not just a once-and-done kind of thing. You know, I think it's you know, the conference at each state level has had its own, you know, it's it's really good successes, but I think this could now just bring things to a whole nother level because you're putting now these these multiple States together and trying to combine efforts their house tables and say in high school. Napleton a good example right went to school in in Connecticut. It's good now. He's a Duke for residency. That's exactly right Kenny come to the conference while traveling in the past might have been difficult. But now he can pop in and check out the programming. That's the kind of the great added bonus like, you know, we're focused on a lot of things that covid-19 is taken away from us. I think we're going to order to talk with a guest coming up in just a little bit about some of the things that's given us. I think it's highlighted some of our I'll say opportunities and weaknesses, but then you can strategize on know and and make them strengths and opportunities and not have to just about threats and weaknesses right as we do the SWOT analysis. Of course, we don't cover that PT school. But I love pulling resources. So you're going to be presenting you've been part of putting on the the state on a conference in Connecticut before for a while. Yes. Yeah, you be presenting at this virtual conference. And again, we're going to put the link to the conference so you can you can get your your ticket. Check it out on your couch or whenever you want off. What are you presenting on what what value you bring it? Yeah, so, you know again as this all came together, I was very fortunate to be contacted by David Nolan who you know is is out in MGH Northeastern sport SC programme and and he was he had been preparing something for the the Massachusetts conference. And then again all these State conferences were were canceled and then the plans came together to do this regional thing. So to his credit kudos to him, I think he's been great kind of putting this panel together, but he reached out to various, you know, residency programs throughout the state and said Hey, listen, why don't we why don't we try to put all these, you know these sources together and provide a residency Fellowship topic that covers, you know across the four states. So so my role there is actually quite small, but I've been invited as a panelist that just kind of talk about the orthopedic Residency program experience in Connecticut. And with what we do at Sacred Heart. And again, I think David's on a great job putting this together and and his you know, I want to give him the credit for spearheading this and I think it is going to be a great resource birth. Folks, you know new grads or clinicians that are looking for more information on residency and and trying to kind of navigate those Waters. Yeah. All right. So you work in the in the residency in environment. I was actually just doing a little quick workout with one of the former residents out their Sacred Heart John Doe else who says hi by the way. Yeah, he's a great guy. Hey John. Hope you're well. He's he's a good guy. He's got some really cool stuff coming up in the near future. But off he reflects back upon his residency pretty glowingly. He he says it really it made a big difference in his in his clinical practice as an orthopedic residency director, How do you suggest now that some students are sitting around and thinking man, what's next where am I going is a clinical practice. What's that going to look like? Maybe they're thinking about a residency. How do you recommend, you know student PT's life out residency programs from afar, they might look very similar, but you want to make sure you match really well with one. So what do you suggest? Yeah, and I always when I talked to folks and I talked to candidates it's it's it really is it's not Thursday. Easy process to go through I think it's you know, there's not like one source. I think you know AB Tri did a great job of putting the the program directory together and that's only been a few years at that's been nice. But I think that's the first place to look is when you're looking at the APT re credited programs that directory of programs is a valuable starting place, but you'll see that that's just a snapshot and then you're kind of led to the home link to the program page and and you know how it goes. I mean as you go through these various program Pages, you're just searching for for information and often times. It's stuff that kind of has to be there, and and you're not necessarily getting the the meat and potatoes about well, what what makes you different from the other program down the road or three thousand miles away and and that's a hard thing to do. So I always tell people start their I encourage folks to reach out to program directors. Really. Yeah, I do I do. I mean it doesn't bother me, you know, I enjoy the, you know, I mean again on the on the academic side of things we're so used to interacting with them. Do students and the numbers are just so much more massive when it comes to the DPT students. And when you get an email from an occasional, you know candidate who's injured in residency again, it's just it's not the same volume of of responding to DPT student inquiries. And I enjoy those conversations, you know to hear, you know, different stories different backgrounds. So I encourage that email and I've even gotten phone calls may have given my cell phone and said Hey, listen, I'm going to be in the car driving for thirty minutes now, give me a call and let's chat because I know it's not easy to get the information off the web sites and it just it's not easy. So I think did that and then I think be prepared with some questions and and have a little bit of insight of what do you want residency to do for you? What are you hoping to get out of residency? What's your five-year? What's your ten year plans? Where do you see yourself? Cuz that can help you kind of filter through some of the options. I tell people all the time and interview is not like it's not a competition you're trying to win this. It's literally called an interview for a reason. Yep. Where you're exchanging information and you do that with questions, like right like we're always totally had a job interview always have a question or two. You should be I mean, you should be fifty-fifty especially for a residency make you should be fifty fifty thousand in that bus in terms of that conversation because you've got to know what you've gotta know what success looks like right as physical therapists. One of the questions first questions were taught as I was successful quite to you off and then the asking questions to make sure you will be getting success at this particular program and again winning or getting accepted is not a victory if it's the wrong program for you what tips for those applying are thinking applying so let's go further down the timeline. Okay. This looks like something that that I want to check out and I'm imagining discussing this more in-depth in the the discussion of the Northeast, again on November 7th tips on applying or thinking about applying when should they do it what resources that sort of thing? Yeah. Again, that's one of the other challenges is there's no uniformity with wage. Deadlines or application dates or interview dates and there's been some discussion about trying to do that. But there's just not enough support programs around different calendars, right but that that makes a little bit challenging. So I think you gotta start this process off, you know, like some of the program application deadlines will come up end of the year or January February time. So, you know now it's kind of the thick of it. I mean I know for us whether with an August start date, you know, we'll real quick to get the applications in and then do interviews in January February and have a decision in place by March. So now is kind of that time. You know, I think you want to go into it with a sense of where do you watch like the one of the big things already is do I want to go on an on an academic housed residency, or do I want to be kind of more than that clinical environment with The Residency program that belongs with in a clinical facility, You're going to get little different, you know differences in experiences. They're so so I think that's a big first thing to consider is, you know, do you want some teaching do you want some research and scholarship or do you just want to really Excel and Thrive and just be a month? First in the clinical environment at 110% or do you want a little bit of a kind of both of those things? And and yeah going back to interview. I agree with you Jimmy. I look at it as just as much of an opportunity for me to sell the program and to make it clear of of what Sacred Hearts program offers and and if people don't get that information from the website or other areas, I want to make sure I can try to fill those gaps may help people understand. Here's what we do. Here's how things are different than other programs. You might be looking at or what the university setting tends to offer. Yeah. It sounds like you're doing your homework right and not rushing not the shotgun approach of just applying for as many programs. And again, I want to reiterate getting in or getting accepted is not a victory if it's the wrong program for you that programs suffer cuz you're not going to fit you're going to suffer cuz you're paying for it with time and money and effort. So doing your homework sounds like making is one of the first steps. All right, so let's get real granular then good. Let's say someone's going. Okay. All right, let's J guy sounds like you know him. Talking about I'm I'm picking up what he's putting down. What are the benefits of a residency program? What's the first step in that in that time line going? Okay. What do I what's the goal here in terms of me when my benefits and I always just to my own self coming out as a new grad. And that was you know, I'd I'd say about sixteen years ago. It was sometime but it wasn't all that long ago and I came out as a new grad very thought behind the ears and and I think of how long it took me to really progress and to really get to the point where I felt like I was I was where I wanted to be and that took a while like thank you all still talk to people about those first few months or even those first couple of years where I'm like boy, I'm just wasn't really content with where I was and and it took some time and it took a lot of shopping around for different kind headquarters in different programs. And what I think residency does is truly accelerate that right A lot of people talk about residency as kind of a, you know, a platform to get your ready for board certification and job Absolutely does but more importantly than that. I think it just accelerates that development of skill clinical reasoning and hopeful clinical expertise. So I mean I look at where you know, folks johndon oils, you know some of our grads and where they get after one year residency and boy, I tell you that might have been five years for me just kind of doing the grind of treating patients and not really having mentorship and not having the advanced coursework not thinking about clinical reasoning certainly not reflecting on what I was doing and you know residents now hear me talk about reflecting all the time that there's no such thing as too much reflection reflect during the day reflect on your drive home. Think about what you can do what you could do better. I hated it in peachey's and I was a second career PGT student and I'm when we had to do it. I literally rolled my eyes and like get jobs are minimum. And since I've graduated I do it often and need to and I I do a little differently I do. I mean if you look at my apartment, it's just posted knows posted notes and I'll write you something down and I'll just walk away from New Jersey. Find it a day or two later. I'll be like let me think about why I was why I wanted write that down and how that was important to me and like it doesn't have to be like like the thing that intimidated with reflection was always like it's got to be long and cuz there was a minimum PT school, right? They wanted us to lose puts for some efforts, but but I hated it but ironically I do what a ton now and it's really helpful. Yeah, you know, I tell the guys all the time and I use the old you're driving home use your commute home from the clinic. Yeah, you know think for five or ten minutes on your commute think about the day thinking about what you did. Well what you could do better questions that you have is to why so-and-so is not getting any better off and then shift gears turn on the music, you know, and enjoy the rest of the commute but Take 5 or 10 minutes and just think about things that alone again, I wasn't doing it. I was like you I probably got burnt out of doing it in PT school and home. Okay, you know what I'm through school now, I don't need to be thinking about that. It's like well, who was I kidding? I mean that was that was not the right move. So I think that's the biggest thing. It's really just accelerating that development. I think the mentoring wage About every resident I've ever talked to says mentoring was was the biggest benefit was was the thing they found most beneficial for their development as a resident. Now on top of that you're getting the the advanced coursework wage. You're getting some Journal club stuff you're looking at evidence, you know, you're teaching in our program but mentorship and and accelerating that that clinical Excellence question does a person need to know exactly what they want to do walk-in PT that your residency or have you seen success with those pts who are like Hey, listen, I want mentorship in what? I don't know but I definitely want that and they did some reflecting and they're there but if they don't know exactly where they're having success with those pizzas and students who found a path in residency. It's a great question. It is a great question and you know what? I mean? Honestly, my first response is the residency programs are definitely set up at that specialty level, right? I mean, they're built that way they're built for, you know, got to Orthopedic residency. You have a pediatric residency. You have a geriatric residency. So to some degree, you know, I think they are intended to help you out. Develop a skill and knowledge in that specialty area, but at the end of the day, I mean, we've had a couple one or two that that I know, you know finished did OCS and maybe took a little a little segue into another specialty area. They just they needed to change they got burnt out, you know, they might have come back to Orthopedic so they might not but at the end of the day that knowledge that clinical reasoning those behaviors those routines hopefully good routines those are going with you and at the end of the day it's a it's clinical right? I mean, it's we're treating patients. We're interacting with patients. I wouldn't say that it's a waste I think that's still going to make you a better connection a better therapist a better person. But but I do you know with that being said, they are geared towards Specialties practice. So in that great though, like you mentioned someone going like maybe three Orthopedic red then pivoting to a different especially like how cool is that for a profession that you can just you can kind of do that? It's a great thing and I've seen it with my wife and you hear the stories. I mean folks burn out, you know, I tend to hear about folks in north in or wage. Dick's and they get burnt out of Ortho but the good thing is you don't need to go change your whole career. I mean my wife burnt out of Ortho and then she just went into Pediatrics and she became a pediatric therapist and she loves it. She's you know, she's very happy with that change, you know, and she thought she wanted or so and she was and just like that just on a dime you pivot and you go another Direction and and you know, it changes your life and that's that's fantastic. Absolutely. Love it. All right. So what we're going to make you leave Worth right right for a minute, but we're going to bring you back at the end cuz we gotta get through and this is what I think highlights the great thing about the conference that you guys are are drawing together from different states is your cut your your brought in this pool in terms of different topics all available the same time again, that's November 7th via the link is just below. All right, so you're going to take off we're going to bring in our next guests and down here. She is Angela Campbell no stranger to the show. President of APTA cardiovascular and Pulmonary section. Are you an academy intersection? You know, we're hoping to have our membership vote on that officially in about a month and half so bow could look for that sounds way fancier. I'll give you that. Well, welcome back to the show your critically passionate about the heart and breath of PT. If that's not a great intro. I don't know. What is it is that's me. Yeah, we get the hard questions. Either way first what we drinking today last time you were on this car. You had something fancy. I know, you know what I set my glass of wine down. So just tonight. It's cold outside here in New England. So glass of red wine say awful things up smart. I like that. All right, so, you know, we're given like a highlight here at some just some of the Heavy Hitters from the this this conference going on the northeast, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, you are going to be presenting on this. So first off let's talk about this conference. I mentioned it with with Jay at the top of the show a little bit of a different Dynamic and I like how you guys are drawing on each other's strengths. You're keeping you age. Strong. Yeah, absolutely. I think it's a great opportunity to hear people that we wouldn't hear necessarily from our own State chapters. There's absolutely no reason to compete with each other offer our resources as we have seen with so many things related to covid-19. Everything is better together. It's a great way for students to still network with each other and just find out what's out there in the profession. I think it's going to be a wonderful thing. All right, November 7th. The link is is down below also put it in the show notes. If you're listening to the podcast which comes out after this video cast thing they were doing if you can't breathe you can't function. We had Mastery on the show not long ago. It's one of her courses talk about that. And you said you're you're in your intro, which I think is gray one. Right? I mean you just really talked it about really caring about the heart breath of physical therapy as a profession. So talk about you know, when you hear you can't breathe. You can't function coming in from a cardiovascular physical therapist or opponent. Where's your head go home? Yeah, I think you know, we're moving towards the idea of the movement system and thinking how all of the systems interact with each other. So I had been hearing as a cardio Palm specialist about a lot of people doing breath work with physical training with physical fitness with low back pain with a lot of different things and and really thinking that if we need to pay attention to all aspects and careful whole patient and we're going to do a better service to get them to be at the place. They want to be yeah, very important. We found that hourly you were on you run an earlier episode. I feel like we we did man maybe half Doesn't really cope with specific and that was us playing catch-up right you were on with do we have like five or six of you really like presidents of of different sections in academies for that apt a space program. That was a that was actually one of our most downloaded episodes of the year. I know I don't know how many people too early to be in our our wrap-up in December, but that's really highlighting the the different, you know breath. I'm doing their the breast like it my clinical practice when when you see the start to come up more and more and this is kind of like your jam how how it's affecting. How can PTs in this area of covid-19 improved breathing patterns if that's something they haven't heard about for a while. That's cool. What can we do and we're more resources. Well at the conference may be presenting on a section called the science of breath. So it's get you back into maybe a little bit of what you learned about PT school thinking about the physiology of how we breathe I think much life. That there's all forms of normal gate and there's normal deviation. We're going to see that's true with breathing as well. But what we want to know is can the patient breathe in a way that allows them to function how they want to so, is there something about the way they tend to hold the breath that they're carrying a lot of stress that's going to result in pain. But even how are we making sure that they're efficient they're breathing to improve their endurance, especially some of these codes survivors and this is something that you can do. I mean when you put it there can't breathe. You can't function what makes complete sense. I think that was like my first statement to marry Master room 100 on the show is like crack events and everything. She was talking about was making sense thing were not doing right now, but it's okay cuz we're in different states. And this is a virtual recording is wearing a mask. Right? Let me do the show for the apts aerosol generating procedures episode. How are people affected by wearing a mask? Even if not affected by koven. Let's talk about that because I feel like there's a lot of dead. Miss or disinformation. Let's just talk about this email. Well, absolutely. You know that mask will make you feel like it's harder to breathe because there is a barrier they're dead. But if you don't have an underlying lung pathology, you are not going to see any drop in your oxygenation. So I think there's always that fear in the public and and out there that you know, I can't get my breath or I'm not going to be able get my breath and really we know that it takes a lot of lung dysfunction before you actually see someone's oxygen saturations go down. I think that's important thing. And if you look at some of the the even training environment pretty cool, but they used to wear masks their training mass of people use and really that's about trading your ventilatory system to work harder. So given that extra load right that extra resistance to Bringing can free them up when they're without the mask. So they're not going to interfere with your oxygen drop that came out as a big story clickbait for a little while back. Months ago and a real outspoken physical therapist on social media or in person whenever we can go back in person was rich seven and Rich went to the micro level. I mean I'm talking micro. He was talking about the size of an oxygen molecule and the size of the space in the Mass is like here's the deal. I'm just on your size. I know you can't see it. We can measure it and now these oxygen molecules the things you like the are there you can you can be right through there. So right I think we continue to to to give the the right information and do that effectively and that's why we were glad to have you on the show a couple of times for this so subject to talk about what's this mean I found this somewhere beyond the ABCs to the F and don't forget the Genie's when discussing. Oh to well, what is this so that the big thing if you were following the critical care aspect of of covid-19 is that a lot of therapists were talking about this thing called the PDF ratio and is the ratio of your partial pressure of oxygen in your blood? Is a fraction of inspired oxygen. So how well are you oxygenating and how much O2 does it take to get there? And what we're seeing is that some of these patients are continuing to need oxygen or maybe they're even dispatch gets a little bit once they leave and then we still want to think about that PDF ratio, even if we're not in ICU therapist. So for example, if I can do something without oxygen that I didn't do before I'm improving in my endurance even though it's the same exact ask but now I need less supplemental oxygen do that. I'm improving that Peta every show and the Jesus song about, you know, blood gases and making sure we don't forget about them. So use the information we have available to us and you're digging into this during the Northeast conference on November 7th. Yep, someone walked away. What what are they going to be two transformed? How will they how would it be better armed? I think they're not going to take for granted their own breathing and they're going to think about how they might be able to incorporate some techniques into their own lives. I think they're going to be aware of just how they breathe throughout the day and you know, again, it's that it's that place we carry in stock. And if you do any kind of stress-reducing technique, it's all about harnessing the power of the parasympathetic nervous system and you do that through intentional breathing. And so I think hopefully just awareness will will be a great thing, but I think awareness is going to be huge and we talked about this several times when you came on the episode. You know twenty Twenty-One apts 100 Centennial hundredth anniversary. Yeah, I think we're really going to highlight the value of physical therapy. Unfortunately in this in this way for this region, but there's we we did an episode about a week and a half ago for post-acute covid-19 on this long haulers as they as they would have been labeled and and breath worked very very important both. We handled long-term. We there's some people who are in the physical therapy profession who been affected by covid-19 this around the block. Yeah once post is still a breather breathwork long has really really helped to increase their endurance and they're going to have to be doing this for a long long time. So it's a reminder of this really important right now acutely, but it will be chronically unfortunately. Yeah, absolutely. I think that's it's unfortunately something that we're going to see some of these long-term effects and we just don't know enough to really aggregate things and and you know, we're going to need to provide the services that we always do by looking at where where someone's impairments and what do I have in my toolbox to help them out? And I think if we can think about the whole person and every system we're going to do the best job for them. So come home to the north east conference. Listen to Angela amongst others and put some more different things in the toolbox. Anything else you want to before we kick you out of the bar and bring you back in just little bit. No, I'm good. That's fine. All right. All right. Well don't go anywhere. Just going to kick you off the stage for a third guest tonight in the heavy-hitter lineup president of the apts Rhode Island chapter and CEO of Performance Physical Therapy Michelle Kali. Welcome to the show me. Thank you very well. I'm pleased that you realize I'm from Rhode Island, since it sounds like a few in to forget that Rhode Island's even a state. What's how do I forget that early on just like, oh we did not forget Rhode Island, Rhode Island. We're so little and I think we're cute and we try to page big voice. But yeah, we're just a little state. I love Rhode Island. I didn't walk Islands in Rhode Island, right cool spot. I have many many memories and actually some gaps in my memory for several. I am dissipated ways of Road of Block Island. They probably involve a beach a moped and a bar. That is all yes. All three of those things were actually my trip to to block off Michelle. We met a gram sessions like well, I mean, it feels like a million years ago, but probably like three or four right was that San Diego you did probably sometimes those things I have moments that I forget as well not during the day. But yeah, I do believe that we've we did we absolutely did so you've got a a cool background and I wanted you to go third as a couple of times in the first two talks with J & with Angela, you've got this kind of media had that you get to where as well similarly to me in terms of communication. Talk about what you get to do is log. CEO some things you've got to be able to communicate both internally and externally, but you also do some different communication stuff within the profession. Yeah. I've I mean, I've had the privilege of being the president and she took the pr and marketing committee for PPS. So as a Founder on that committee, and I've been the chair of that committee for many years and we really put together tools and resources job is to help those in private practice and I wouldn't just say Private Practice people in the beauty industry talk about and message and market and even sell what we do and I know that PT's think selling is dirty thoughts et cetera et cetera, but but the fact is we do do it all the time and we need to be bitter at it so we can Advocate better and we can show it value and we can get paid and excetera excetera excetera, but I do believe really strongly and I spend a lot of time talking to students about it other people in different kinds of practices how we should talk about our profession because if we ever yep, To be considered the primary care providers and msk health. The only way to do it is to act like it and that means we have to be able to be comfortable speaking about it. What is therapy? We need to be able to answer that question without being like Oh, yeah, we help people follow blah. We need to be out of truly speak about the value and not just for the individual person, but for the the overall from a population Health standpoint, when we look at the downstream impact of what we can do as a profession so you can tell I can easily get off of my Sig way and probably took about the same way you can but I do believe it's something we need to encourage are clinicians at a Grassroots level from students to brand new clinicians. You have to be comfortable speaking about the home group volume of what we do, but let me let me see on a word that you just said there. I just had interaction on Twitter about this with someone and that's the word cell where I still log. No, I don't think I know it can come with a negative connotation in the person. The interaction was this. J who we had on the show is just opened her private practice and it's slave right and we really I mean during a pandemic she's doing really well as a private practitioner fantastic and she was talking about selling branded items like Thera bands or weights and and from her clinic and she was like, oh, yeah, I figured out how to do this to Brand my own gear and then sell the things that I might have been just telling people to go on Amazon and get selling that you my patience my clients and someone chime in and was was being really sarcastic and kind of like kind of negative around it. Like at what point what point are we just selling everything and my response was if you truly trust and respect the thing that you're selling because the thing could be your clinical reasoning your time your attention your knowledge your skill your hands your ears if you truly dead. To respect what you're selling and think the other person honestly truly needs it right. I'm not telling you to sell someone something you don't truly and honestly think they need I have no problem with that either and I don't understand why our Grassroots profession does have a problem. Like they think of it like a used car salesman. We're not we are professionals expert Amos Kane help as well as Pediatrics cardiopulmonary all those others. I think of all of those especially areas, but we're experts in this we gain the trust of their patients they want us to give them recommendations. They trust us over going on to Google and typing in what kind of stretchy band should I have? Why wouldn't we give our patients the option and to let them make that decision themselves when we don't give them the options. Hey, I recommend this Theory band or this or this or this. I mean, I think we're doing a disservice when we're not making those recommendations and even better. Sorry. I don't know that person you were mentioning but I'm going to check out who she is. But if she's figured out how to to Brand her products and build that up. That means anytime something that person has back pain or wants to run faster or someone has a slip-and-fall them. Don't wash their appeal and maybe they go there first before seeking out a referral source or going to another provider. So I think we have to get much more comfortable with it. I mean I never used to use the word sell because you know, you know, people are scared of salad. This is just another way of advocating what we from what we do but over the years, I've obviously drink more alcohol and you haven't asked me what I'm drinking age you threw up with the Rhode Island. What are you drinking now? It's actually not very exciting. It's a Monday night in or something really exciting, but I can't start my week here off with life. Really good margarita now, it's a boring but really good Oaky Chardonnay, but I think what's more important is what my my glass is okay for that or you it's not really worth being alone if you're drinking with your dogs, so I encourage you all that if not home alone and and need to have a cocktail especially during covid-19. Maybe I'll just send you one but then something like I trust you. I like this. I like your brains. I want to I want it right we have right you've built a relationship now wage glamour because that's the kind of world. We live in you pushing something. You don't honestly believe that's wrong, but that's just wrong. It's wrong exactly a complete yet. But we're selling human I think to sell is human says Daniel pink in a great book that you should buy and I'd have no monetary interests, but I think that if you trust me you read this and your time would be well spent along with $13 off $16. I agree. I agree so, you know, obviously we are preaching to the choir when we preach to each other here, but but I preaching in front of in front of other physical therapist who I think now more than ever are saying, okay, I'm seeing what these people are saying. These communicators are saying and you're right. I you do earn trust and you do earn respect from your patience and your community and if you abuse that wage, Bad, but if you honestly think that this person can benefit from this I would actually say it's a disservice not to offer them a choice a choice. That's what you're that's what selling really is off. You're giving them a choice you're empowering them. They trust you and I definitely think that because of covert especially in the outpatient world and private practice world. There's many practices they're having to returm and how they do the marketing or even have to confess it and they're messaging and so I've seen a lot more demand for Pete he's going like or how do I do this and really do it in the most efficient and effective way positive ways that speak to the values of my organization or my profession when I'm speaking and again, this isn't a pitch or PPS conference that's coming up this week starts on Wednesday night, but there's a girl I'm speaking about marketing and messaging it's all called, you know, stop the spaghetti throwing marketing like we have to figure out the right ways to message and a really professional ways to speak to whatever profession does wage. Yeah, I will say that this this is always been my kind of soap box, which is if you were in a Backyard BBQ, right? So Michelle is at a Backyard BBQ. Let's say your physical therapist, right? That's what you do and there I am over there flipping burgers. I'm talking about my back pain and you're like, you know, I could probably if you wanted to come by the clinic tomorrow probably show you a couple of things and that person turned you is like I'm just going to Google it and read a couple of blog articles cuz you know, that's free and you're like, all right, that hurts right? You'd be like, well, I've This Is My Jam, but now conversely if the person flipping burgers is maybe a Communications public relations or marketing professional and the situation where flipped if you were the clinic owner saying, you know, I just can't figure it out just throwing spaghetti at the wall and nothing's working and that person said, you know, if he could help you out. This is actually what I do for a living and you said at school, I'm going to read a book or two and vertical blog articles. Let's do a podcast. I got I don't need professionals, but that's disingenuous both ways. So I'm not saying don't read the books as yep. Therapist but I'm seeing respect that there's an actual entire profession. I have a degree in it. Believe me my parents were so confused. When I went from Communications to PT, but utilized professionals at what they're good at off completely agree. And you know, there's one other health-care provider that figured out how to teach people this as an undergraduate as an undergraduate degree heat. He's without a poor job, but you asked if anyone walking around on the street, what does it and this is nothing against chiropractors? What is the chiropractor do and I will guarantee I ask every new person comes to Performance. What does a chiropractor do and I respect chiropractor's office is nothing bad and they always use the word crack or back or manipulate and the word spine and fix it because chiropractors a figured out and they're so smart of how to message them value and you ask people what PT's do and you like it's all a bunch of stuff a bunch of stuff and we can get into this later and I've talked about this before I keep this in a post and this is the part about J. This is my Reflections, but like wage Talking about this with some people from the foundation for physical therapy today cuz I get to work with him a little bit. And this is the grunt test. I didn't come up with it. I read it in a book, but it's what do you do? How does it make my life better? How do I get it and bring your audience and that can be anybody your audience can't answer those three questions really quickly and succinctly and you just said that about chiropractors. Hey kudos to them cuz they figured out make sure that their audience knows how to answer the drug tests very quickly. They don't have to there's no doubt right take my money. Where am I going? And that's the thing whenever you're consuming social media content law book a title, you know, if you need a new toothbrush or something. What do you do? How does it make my life better? Cuz I'm the most important person in my life and make sure you're very clear don't get to the one-yard line, Let him know where to get it. Right which is by the way check the link in the in the the comments below. If you'd like to come to the Northeast conference on November 7th and programming will be available until January 31st. So great for people who can't join a gym. I've no reason not to join. So that was the way for me to give your grunt test. Okay. So oh that was my grunt test. Well that was that was a demonstration of of being communicate that absolutely and I will speak to that a little bit because I just promoted we just promoted a whole bunch of other things rather than the conference but I am really excited for this conference took the Hulk Hogan pandemic. I do opportunity to work with the presidents of the surrounding states the big boys I could say cuz we're just little Rhode Island. So Eric Fulmer Mark malloch Stephanie Burroughs so they became like my BFFs we met every week all through covert and they're amazing and through this week helped each other and we helped each other state we discovered how important it was to cut off right? I'm not a cardiovascular pulmonary therapist. I don't know anything about it. But the collaboration was Stephanie and now seeing what Angela has to say. We're all coming together to be stronger and birth. Through the summer we discuss what do we do about our conference? And I'm super excited cuz when I see who's speaking and presenting like Lisa van hoose on social don't know how long we've got eirik eyes and heart. I mean we've got this Telehealth, you know, we've got lots of really really good material that's going to be beneficial to help. Take care profession to the next life. It's not just muscular Muscular skeletal or it's not just for students. There's something near that helps to take effort into the next level cuz that's who we have to go now is when we reinvent ourselves, we have to collaborate and learn and understand these different aspects of care and be better together like stole it from someone think it was natural. Yes. No, she's pretty good at catchphrases at hashtag. But but yes, so let's talk about something specific. Right? So put your p t and Communications head on right you mentioned communicating with the state chapters for this conference, but utilization of Telehealth during birth. Like what do you see it as because now we're really kind of coming into two things that you love and do really well. Do you see Telehealth as an adjunct an alternative? Do you see it going away is is it off of the future? Is it a big part of the future? What do you think? I believe really strongly and I will say I've had a lot of my experience on Metric of time between code first hit the practice that I have them which shows because we didn't have the system setup. We chose to go a hundred percent our health. So literally overnight we took sixty or seventy pts and turned them into full house and we maintained a 40% caseload and at that stage we weren't getting paid for everything so it took a big risk. It was probably the dumbest thing when I look back. However, you know, it helps them learn super quickly out it engaged how to utilize Telehealth now, there's lots of naysayers out there shouldn't be part of what we do and undervalues manual therapy blah blah. I agree with them all dead. The Telehealth Epsom adjunct it gives us an opportunity to provide access to care for those people who can't come into the clinic and whether it's covered or whether it's a snowstorm or if they don't have a car off or if that go to work these lots and lots of reasons and talent help is just a different environment for us to practice. So it isn't engine. It's not one of the other I don't believe that these big folks private Equity Bank companies can come in and take out the outpatient clinics because they surely can't get the same outcomes the same following from patients the same value from them in person here in person here is amazing on so many levels that that human connection. However Tower how does an adjunct and we have to fight to now figure out the best clinical indications in the best way to provide it because unfortunately the array of quality of what's being done for Telehealth is all over the place right now. The studies are being done now with a with other groups. I'm working. To work groups with national as well as through a co-buyer eat our house section through the Private Practice session. So we're working on the clinical side to make sure the best clinical standards are set up and not just for outpatient. I'm excited for our panel that we have are having because we're going to cover Pediatrics Nerf neuro all these other kinds of settings and how does Telehealth been in there so long to figure out clinically the best way to do it and utilize it and then we have obviously got a deal with the payment and we're doing that at Grassroots levels with local players. We're doing a date with their big National payers and then obviously at a federal level dealing with Medicare. So there's almost like these three different advocacy components that we're working on and we need to continue working on but we need to have the studies we need show the research. We need to set it up. We need to have the schools teaching it. I think the beauty beautiful thing is one of my PTC to me after we sort of got back into the clinic and and we're still doing Telehealth wage. Just as an angent. He said to me he goes. No Telehealth was really hard and and it's hard works really hard work. You know, I got sick of doctor while cuz it is, you know, it isn't that much fun that fun for a few visits and you're like on rather be in person pretty seed. I learned how to communicate. I learn how important communities to yeah learning that skill and holding off the set and I learned how to do all that clinical decision-making without just you know, taking things for granted. I spoke to a bunch of students from URI today and I see what's your biggest fear and they're like that we won't get the hands-on experience and I see but guess what you're going to be way better communicators and that's going to serve you much better in the future of the profession cuz how you communicate with a person now how you communicate cuz you're not just thinking about their saw back of your arthritic knee. Now you're thinking about the fact that they can't breathe and they're having cardiovascular issues. Now you're dealing with the depression cuz they could dead. That'll work and do the things I want to do. So you're having to learn and communicate and I think that will truly help take care profession to the next level love that. I mean that was that was that was a part of that wage, you know for me a lot of things were hard, but an ortho we learned subjective. I remember a lot of my classmates were like, I don't how do you know what question to ask next? And I was like, well you need to listen to the answer to the previous question and they were like song Blown Away and that's when I realize oh I did this for a while. This is a muscle I flexed for a couple of years and it's terribly important so important and it's it's not very the problem is I think at PT school choice not very sexy, right it is, you know, get your hand under someone and cracking if drastic spine and go woohoo answering the asking a question then they tell you the answer them I figured out what's wrong with this person having to help them. Yeah. I actually got dinged on the subjective like practical exam because I because I asked an open like a really open-ended question I gave My professor crap cuz he was like, well, that wasn't a good question cuz my response was tell me more about that. He's like I told you I was like I didn't understand it and me asking you to go around it again. I didn't understand a smoke. It's not a check the box thing. I need to understanding I need to get something from you before I can give something to you cuz I want to give you the right thing. It's completely right I mean and and the asking the questions and sitting back and listening. It is for some reason our profession should be better at that as I try and help them help her colleagues with your marketing and messaging and I like oh, I don't know what to say if I call up a. I'm like some questions and like what do I ask them? I'm like, oh my God. What do you think you could you ask some open-ended questions, you are trying to learn you're trying to learn and then you're trying to find solutions to help them and provide value and they're not taught how to do it and that's life to be bitter and we have to be more patients. We have to be better with the overall public and there's no one right question box, right? So make sure you're comfortable asking them to tell people you want to sound like the the the most interesting person at a dinner party ask a bunch of questions completely. It just works because this guy's really interesting, but actually he's really interested, but he came off his interest ping Yeah, three I would add the the one thing as well and we're on this platform right now how we're recording and people are watching us live in they're going to watch this video later and we could zoom in and zoom out we can do all these different buttons real life. I would say get really comfortable long before you see a patient with your technology. I don't want to be fumbling you would never want to Fumble with a goniometer or a piece of equipment or an apparatus in front of a patient. Don't do it here either so practice with your colleagues or practice by yourself get comfortable and have a back-up plan. Hey if this thing crashes cuz technology is awesome when it works but be comfortable with your tools cuz now a laptop or and and this computer programs are part of your toolbox be comfortable with those things because your patient is going to be sensing your nervousness or not knowing how to do it. They're going to read something about that and they're right that you didn't come prepared. Listen, if you know your tool well and something goes wrong and you're fixing it. Someone can tell I'm super comfortable with this. I'm really sorry right now. This thing isn't just acting up but if you're freaking out and your eyeballs are like this you and you weren't comfortable with your tool that's on you. Excellent point I'll add to that. One of the other things that we're doing in practice is when we see a new patient now and preparation for some of the uncertainty that's going on in our community and it's not even Make my life better. No Miss visits and if you if you're stuck on time, but you still want to see me and then how do I get it? I will lead you to that when the time is right. I love that that's smart on you. What that's really good pre-emptive. All right, let's bring our our esteemed previous guests back in Angela and Jay every welcome back to the show off. There we go. All right. So I'm excited November 7th is where we can get a little taste of all this and more. We're actually broadcasting the keynote Lisa vanhoose. We're going to have her on the show off then I'm pretty excited about that. She was on the show not long ago. She can bring it if you've seen her speak she comes as we just talked about with Angela very prepared with a great message that people really really want to learn so that's that's something worth noting again the link in the comments below New England Regional Conference on November 7th. I'm excited. I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. I think this is a direction. That is I don't think it's going to go back even if in this Angela kind of touched on this with Telehealth when we will go back and believe me. I'm I'm all for getting back in person when it's dead. But I think they'll always be a streaming option which I'm excited about because that that increases access and accessibility. I'm excited to see where that goes. We're going to do something called three questions you guys ready for them ready? Three questions. Let's do that. Get the three questions music Funky Music Theory got three questions brought to you by our friends from Aureus medical staffing a u r e u s medical.com hashtag travel PT their leaders there. So see what positions they have em, all 50 states and Washington DC. Don't forget about the district in all settings as well. Not just it's just some people find them online Aur Thursday, We're going to go around the horn Michelle Angela J. First questions aware question Michelle you are in Rhode Island, but once safe travel, where's the first place you want to go in the 50 US states? Where's the first place you're going to head to? I'm really have to go into mountains in Colorado and climb. I get high climb pipe. I climb high and now looser registration regulation in in in Colorado. You can do both of those things Club Angela where we go and once you can go sleep, you know, it depends on if it's cold here when when safe is going to be but if it's a cold in Winter, I'm going to head somewhere South and warm bath. And and if it's summer then yeah might had had just a Mountains go to Alaska something like that. It's Mark J. Where you going to go once it's safe, you know, I always loved Nashville, Tennessee. So I'd love to get back to Nashville. He had never had a bad time in Nashville. Well all those locations you guys mentioned they have people there and with people you need physical therapists and that's where Arias comes in again a u r e u s medical.com leaders and hashtag travel Physical Therapy. See what's available for you. Second question is a what question so Michelle, you're going to lead off what something you've watched or read or listen to a book a movie a podcast something that you just think wow. Great, you think the audience could get value from doesn't even need to be PT related. You know, I just got the name of it. I know I discussed this. And maybe you have it in your notes. Jimmy house there. What what is the what is the deal that it's a book that is written by the cat. Blanks from New Zealand. Oh, yes your ship but it's like down and dirty leadership. But it's funny. Obviously. I'm from New Zealand. Well one obvious, but I am and the All Blacks are their National Rugby team and now world-famous and they really get into the leadership of a team and what the codes has done and there are some traditional and non-traditional things but it gets into communication against them to team collaboration, but it's really funny and it has lots of great lessons and I often seen that book two people Legacy James Kirk you off. Thank you internet. All right, Angela. What are you got something that book movie podcast. What do you yeah. So one of the things with this whole pandemic is sometimes you just need a little bit of levity and one of them, especially with the political world. I think of I'm here in Connecticut live in Connecticut work at Springfield College in Massachusetts, but was thinking of what would Mark Twain be saying about these times and and as I talked to a gym Masks so one is you know, just some of his writings but I really great quote is it is by the goodness of God that in our country. We have those three unspeakably precious things freedom of speech freedom of conscience and the Prudence never to practice either of them. So I'm thinking it how we should be helping to protect each other as well. So long between I love that love the levity J. What are you got book movie podcast what's going on? Is he get value from? Yeah, you know what? It was a ESPN special, you know, the the Alex Smith special was really obviously dead PT related, you know have a hard time getting away from that but with him making his way back to the field only a couple of weeks ago boy, holy cow and what that guy went through and kudos to the to the folks in our profession who were involved in that both his care the delivery of the of the documentary. I mean, it was great stuff. So cool to see him. Get back to the field almost unbelievable. How cool is that? A PT reporter Stephania Bell was wrong. ESPN she's a ptn reporter and one of our sponsors Johnny Owens mention of a top of the show. He was on camera doing the bfr and let's play Informer asks, you know Petey in Virginia. Like how cool is that that it would like a really great, you know, well positioned time and and then I literally had to ask the question sheepishly cuz I interviewed Johnny the night before that special aired on ESPN and I was like man is is playing really his go. Like I said, I'm calling is that possible cuz I saw the footage man and then when they were talking amputation and then he he came on the field just two or three weeks ago and I was like, oh my God, like I was blown away crazy crazy good price. If you haven't seen it as a physical therapist you need to and last question is always a who question always starting with people with Michelle with someone audience should know more about That's a really tough question. No, I don't really know how to answer that question cuz he's so many pieces that we should have no more about people should know more about you. Jimmy said that they should learn more about you more ability to communicate and educate about who we are and what they do. Is it? No, it's not Lamberth. I'm embarrassed my face is all right. Thank you embarrassed him on camera. Yeah, but get out there and keep you should be on you should be on those shows and make a sixty minutes and do all of that like take it a little dude. I'm in let's go maybe somewhere if you got an agent I can I need I need my face to stop being this red. So we'll go to Angela who's someone you got to know more about please don't say hi. I think you I think you should get to know Tracy Norris. She has been the practice chair for the Academy of acute care and working with cardio Palm. We've been doing a we're actually going to be presenting at cmk. I'm asking I'm bringing Vitality to vital signs a nice bottle sign guide for Acute Care physical therapist. She's also running for president of the acute care Academy. So our future president tracing ours is a good one to know I can get in there. I like it gotta stop going to stop like it. All right. So J no pressure. You get to follow that who's someone the other in to know more about? Yes. I'm going to get that question Jimmy and then I want to make another comment before you before you move on, but I think I would you know, I always think about our our future right are emerging leaders those emerging DPT leaders, you know, DPT students found a new grads, you know, it's it's hard to keep tabs on these folks. But you kind of have that sense that you know what this person's going to go on and do great things. And and you know, I think for the student leaders that are out there getting to know each other and this network, I think, you know, stay together and and do great things and and I think just trying to be on the lookout for who those you know, who who the future wave will be I think that's that's that's good stuff that stuff to look out for dead. But Jimmy, I'd be remiss I need to reverse the role here a little bit and interview the interviewer and of course you'll be you'll be presenting at our conference on November 10th. No, thank you for an up and perhaps you should give a quick blurb about what you're going to be doing on on the 7th. I was working on my presentation on my coffee table that I'm gesturing to off camera today and it was broadcast. Your profession is what I'll be talking about an office. I just want to bring in Basics like I want to bring in communication Basics. So I don't know if I'm changing the title of my presentation but I'm changing the focus. I'm doing the eleven Commandments of communication. I couldn't move 10 Moses was way more distinct than I so I'm doing the eleven Commandments of communication. I want someone to walk out of the room the virtual room on this at this conference with some things out of life and maybe they pick up three. That's really my goal. Right? I'm going to be realistic but I want them to be as we always say when you do a continuing education course like you do Monday morning applicable. I want you to be able to see a patient and go, huh? Yep. Okay, I can see where I can apply this and the things that I would like think I'm going to give you our Basics their provider to patient-provider to colleague provider to public like these are the basics. So that's the great thing about them is you can and should be applying these everywhere talking about when you you mentioned reflection earlier something you should do. You should be paying attention to how you're communicating. I mean this I don't want to get you know to Rome and should be advised. This isn't like a relationship talk show or anything. But you know how you communicate with anybody, you know a close relationship your family your friends listening should probably the first part of that the people know money talks a lot cuz I do but I do I try to do a lot of active listening which actually takes effort so active listening is definitely one of my eleven Commandments of communication. So that will be home in the the conference as well. So I'm pretty psyched about that and that's my favorite virtual conference to present. So I got to know my platform and I've got to change my presentation a little bit cuz this tool that I'm using is going to change so long That's kind of something we're talking about with Michelle there for a second is know your tool. So thank you for opening the door for me and let me know I have a worry we're excited to have you there looking forward to it. I'm pumped. All right last thing with you on the show is wage parting shot. Parting Shot brought to you by our friends at the Academy of Orthopedic physical therapy find em online or co-opt. O r g a lot of is CS that's independent study courses that they've got if you're thinking about as Jay mentioned like hey, maybe maybe board certification is for you current concepts of Orthopedic physical therapy kind of walks. You're right through there. So if that's something you want to do a lot of people picked up sneakers for the first time in a long time during covid-19. likewise, but now So, who's that? It's me now. Yeah, you you're now you got partnership. Yeah, you know what? I mean, you know, obviously the primary goal for tonight was certainly talk about our upcoming conference. Hope that that we can get you guys to join us there in November of you know, I think for a great price you're getting a very good amount of I mean 30 30 different educational sessions. I think something like 30 posters and platforms really at a very very very reasonable cheap. In fact, I would say price because of the current situation and offering this virtually and again, you're getting resources from across four states. I think it's a unique opportunity with great upside social now, I mean even a social network and we're doing a happy hour on Friday evening. Yeah, you know used to just do that with your your colleagues from your own State and now we got colleagues from four states within you know, three hour drive so good stuff off take a look at the programming and and consider joining us on the 7th live if you can or keep in mind programming will stay available until the end of January like Netflix. You guys are making your own Netflix special that's still available till the end of the year like dead. Sure. That's a very smart are Angela. You're at Parting Shot what he got for us. So just reiterating that mask work that the mask won't drop your oxygen and I think you know coming in to this page since you've got a long time to use it information. So go outside of your shell a little bit and try something new. So if you know, I I always say if I if I had if I had another dog keep refreshing it might even be in women's health. But so I love to go to things that are not cardiopulmonary earn about them and see what I can bring back in Connect those dots it's only going to help you and your patience ultimately are Michelle your batting clean-up now as we call here in the stairs at the important thing, so there's nothing no I want to say like, you know, what we are part of an amazing profession we can help so many people we all got in it and Now's the Time that are proficient has the opportunity involved and being the leaders and Ms. Cake here as well as all the adjuncts areas have to be the best choice. That we have to be great communicators. We have to connect with each other and what a great platform to do it. I personally through I know you think concerned because I end up drinking too much because we care but really I've connected and become such good for how many people if you make the effort to join for the conference room Google's meet more people investing more relationships and be a better condition and a bitter provider in your community. So you'll be a happier person for it. It takes have where it takes if it but it's well worth the it's rewarding and it's well worth it. So, please join us of it. Great Parting Shot guys. Looking forward to interacting with you guys coming up on November 7th through the end of the year if you want to watch them play as well. Thanks for taking some time out to have a a drink or two with us on Joe and spreading some good work. Thanks for putting together the effort and making this thing possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Jimmy great time ma'am. Was he loved the PT pinecast? Yes. Yes support the show by telling a friend or by leaving a review on iTunes or Google play. All right shoulder. They brought to you by the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning and innovator and providing Advanced post professional education Brooks IHL offering continuing education courses in numerous specialty areas, 6pc residency programs and omt fellowship as well as challenging but rewarding internships the IHL specializes in the translation of information from evidence to patient management learn what they can do for you to support your professional Judgment at Brooks i h l. Org our home on the internet created by build pte build a provides marketing Services specifically for Private Practice PT's website development and hosting by adding content Marketing Solutions clinics across the country. See what bills BT can do for you today. Pilz p t. Calm the PTI podcast is a product of PTI podcast LLC it sport fresh by me physical therapist. Jimmy McCain ingredients are sourced by our lack of connections officer Sky Donovan from Marymount University and it's brewed fresh by producer and physical therapist Juliet. Injure and by producer and Creator. Your PT student Bridget Nolan from Sacred Heart University is a podcast that saves physical therapists from missing out on Amazing Insight remarkable ideas and motivational stories. Make sure to follow us online at PTI podcast And subscribe on iTunes Spotify or Google podcasts. I absolutely love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. It's it's awesome. Thanks so much for listening. And if you found value in the show, all we ask is that you tell a friend this has been another poor from the PTI podcast off. I guess it's intended for educational purposes only. No clinical decision-making should be based solely on One Source Health Care is taken to ensure accuracy factual errors can be present more on the show at home.

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Episode 33  Mid-Holiday Talk

Relentless Geekery

1:12:17 hr | 3 weeks ago

Episode 33 Mid-Holiday Talk

"Do you like conversation on a variety of topics feel like no one wants to talk about the things that interest you tired of only hearing the same medical sports or catastrophe talk? Yeah, we shall not wait to join to high functioning games as I discuss just about anything under the sun. You can't tell you what we'll be talking about each week because I you know where our brains will take us. It will be an interesting conversation though. So hang on and join us here comes the Relentless and he green. Because of course the first thing she's like well, did you reboot your computer? Yeah, something like God. Yes. We did. We're not coming to you because we didn't think of that. Yes, ma'am. I get that. You know what? I mean? It might my experience with tech support is almost always I have to tell them so please I really am knowledgeable. Don't run through the usual if you can if you have a Playbook flipped like page fifteen page, let's start there be great. I've already tried all the basics. Yeah. Yeah, when I was the admin of this insurance company down in Columbus, we had a ton of Dell computers. So we had a big sport thing and I called in and they're like well so hold down control hold down. I'm like, okay stop. Hold on. Here's what I've done and I would say I've done this I've done this this but blah blah blah. Oh, let's move you up to level 2 tech support or level 3, you know, so finally they marked it and the couple of times I got up to level three or four they marked it. Hey, just skip so I would call log. Give our number they go. Hold on put me on hold and send you to write exam and I usually got the same guy. He's like, oh, hey, how's it going? What's the weather like, you know, right right. Well, actually they must love occasionally having not just the have you turned recover. They must love having something they can actually talk about. Okay. This is a tricky one right to be gone home. And here you have to do some adjustment if your memory allocation or else it might be, you know, I remember the one time cuz we had like a dozen sales people out. They had laptops a a portable printers, but they found office with a printer demonic is there and so the problems they would end up with were almost always the same some sort of connectivity because at that time you had to have a Wi-Fi card remember those days old in and so it was like, you know a list of ten things that would happen quite often, but the sales people I had it down. I knew what was needed and I remember the one time I'm sitting at my desk job. Leaning back my feet up on the desk of my head back in my eyes are shut and I'm just talking to this sales person and I hear a noise and I open my eyes and look and my manager is standing at my desk job like oh crap. Sorry Mark and he laughs. He's like, what were you doing? And I'm like, well, I really I was working. I wasn't sleeping. I'm like I was hoping so and so he's like, but you weren't even looking at your computer. I'm like, no I didn't need to be like you do all your tech support with your eyes shut up exactly with your mittens on and sensory deprivation tank thing. You can do right so long anyway. Yeah. No, but no. I know we we often teased back and forth about platforms. There's any number of times likes to do, you know as part of the end-user Computing Support Services Group at Ameritech where I did troubleshooting crossed the firm and this is back in the days of you had to put in like control codes and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet snorted able to flip it from portrait to landscape. So it's really dead. And back in the the really was memory stuff. The limb standard was able to get past 6:40 K and be able to get more etcetera every time when I would go home to my Macintosh where everything just worked up. I didn't have to worry this before Wi-Fi card. This is when you had land cards and they there was multiple competing standards from you know, ethernet Vine. It's just that you always had to do with my troubleshooting consisted of even though they've talked about how they try to standardize things as a corporation. They've got multiple generations of stuff and where do I stand and every single time Many times it was Wow. All I have to do is just all those upgrades that they've neglected all those drivers that they haven't installed. Oh you had to do was just get their machine up to the best. It could be in a cleared all kinds of problems. Yeah users. They didn't they not only didn't know how to do it. They were kind of scared of learning how to do it. They just want to I just want to do my work. I just wanted I don't be the matter master of property in accounting and stuff like that. And so, you know used to carry around like a tool kit a various different floppies with various different installers, and it would just be first let's check they all think it's a virus. So you run right back then off Norton or whatever and you run all the mail where stuff and then you say, okay. We know it's not that but it's probably just that you've got a little dust in their maybe physical dust you got this thing set how you from ordered it and and back then it wasn't like plop the thing in it had installers. You really had to like know enough to us to be able to run things in dog had to drop out of the the the Windows operating song. And then they really think like you're a tech know. What I mean, right? I had to hear my manuals with me. Cuz when you do something that has like 18 parameters and if you forget a, that separates parameters does off so, you know what? I mean? I was like, okay, give me a moment cuz I really got to concentrate, you know,, come on, CY. Yeah. Yeah and oh, well, I worked when you fixed it off boy. Were you the I work for a point-of-sale company where we literally ripped out the windows GUI and only ran on command and let me tell you she is not an easy thing to get the gooey removed from Windows even back in the ntx NT days and stuff, you know. Yeah. Yeah that's dropping into either do sort of like, you know, the terminal mode in McIntosh was the same kind of thing. Of course, you really have to be careful, you know, if like had a guy that had an extensive when there was t b 3, you know before was Fox paced before moved into other databases wage. And there was like data you couldn't lose but he hadn't made a backup. And so then you're like, okay, there's something funky about your disk. And first thing I'm going to do is try to make a backup. Oh, you don't have enough memory to end up like it really took was a time when the future of this department was in my hands because he had to the point of if anything goes wrong it really you can't lose data. That's the card rule. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh my God, was he in danger? I just got a call from somebody yesterday practically in tears because she has a laptop but everything she does for work is saved on a USB drive and over the Christmas break one of her grandchildren bent that and it snapped and she had like seven years worth of everything saved on it and I'm like, okay, so we're trying to recover it. And I remember once my ex brother-in-law has said my computer is just not running while I think it's fool. I'm like, well, it could be, you know, when drives Get Fooled the dog Should all that. So it's looking at a time like stuff looks weird. He goes. Well, yeah, I was trying to clear up space was getting rid of folders. I didn't need I'm like what did you get says? Well that Windows folder. I tried to delete them tell you true. Yeah, it really it and the funny thing is nowadays with the computers. I I still to this day always get people in. Hey, we're looking to get a new computer. What do you recommend? And I'm like seriously everything's equal. I mean the stuff five years ago is still powerful enough to do just about everything people do and the newer stuff is just we can make movies on the news stuff. So believe me when you're getting on a web browser and reading email and Facebook it can handle it. I mean, you know, people are like, why want to make sure I believe me there isn't anything out there that can't handle what you're doing right this kind of funny some of the best advice that I ever had was what computer should I get the person that you think is going to be doing home. Does Sport get what they have? I still help my my family mostly my father out and and as they had occasionally Windows machines cuz it was recommended cheaper at cetera et cetera. I also had to say, you know, I'm I know a lot about this but it's not my day-to-day computer. If you get a Mac then it'll be a two minute phone call any time something goes glitchy and and I think you'll enjoy life experience more because most things will just work your own won't run into a driver weirdness or something like that and if it didn't take a lot of convincing, but it was one of those things because he had to have compatibility with his own network stuff and they use Windows files. I really had to like demonstrate for him office really is cross-platform. You really won't lose access to your Word and Excel in your Powerpoint stuff. And and occasionally, you might get off the fonts are the exact matches. And so something that you have here when you print it back at work, you might have to go into page set up and force it to fix margins or something like that, but it lies just wage. The fonts will be there. Anyway, it was it was I don't know happy to help my dad, but I also don't want it to be that they're scared of. Oh my God, don't touch. My mom is still boot, you know, I mean, she's just doesn't they don't understand the difference between like memory and storage. Yeah. I think it's basic it's that and so I most people don't understand that and I guess that's you know, and I I try to say, okay. So the first thing is you can't really wreck anything but you know what I've told you about making backups, if you if you don't have that little external backup Drive the HP that we bought you always hooked up. So it's doing things in her background. We have no place to retreat to so do I owe still you can't really reckon anything. You must be careful because right right it is all that USB drive and your son just threw it in a glass of milk. Oh, well, I had a friend that was hated Microsoft and didn't like apple because they were just as corporate which I would argue they've gotten worse than a dog. We're in the eighties nineties, but that's a whole nother argument. So in like the late nineties, his mother wanted a new computer. So he helped her out. He set her up and put Linux on a mission for her. This lady is a technophobe. She doesn't like computers. She just wanted to do a few things. He's like, oh Linux is great and she hated it and he complained and complained cuz she was always calling him or help. He's like well here just open up terminal window and type this and tell you see it's that easy and she's like that's not easy, right? You know, whatever. I have never become a big thing. I totally admire and one I loved that the fact that Linux Unix are still out there and that they're still making like so many web servers so much stuff is absolutely requires. It's the underpinnings to the Mac operating system. But to give someone raw Linux and maybe even with their equivalent of the gooey on top of it and stuff like that. It really is still for technophiles who love doing that kind of stuff. They getting their elbows in into the elbow down. How do I configure this correctly stuff like that? And and so I I always have been I want the thing that makes me the most productive the most quickly, you know what I mean, even if it's not has a greatest number of choices of peripherals and stuff like that. It's like well I got do is read the reviews and find the good one and then I'll never make that choice again. As long as I own this computer right cetera et cetera, you know, so and and it definitely you know using computers for what you like to do is one thing but liking computers to work on computers is a completely different thing and it's right. I use Linux on my Raspberry Pi now and I think that's the perfect compromise for me because I have given it a few chances Through The Years put it on my laptop put it on my desktop tried to use it and I can I can do all my programs all my coding in that but every time I needed to do something like well try and find what they have and then config and make and run the commands and so it's not completely dead. Link correctly, why not figure this and Link this library and there's just too much manual work to do to get it done. So you can do your actual work and I'm not home team and enjoy doing that just for the sake of doing it anymore. That's a great way to do. In fact this kind of funny when you know, I've always been a computer guy for a long time back when the webkit first came along and it was HDML and the reference that I made to hey, we're going to have to learn how to use control codes to stretch from portrait to landscape. It was such an incredible step back from the land of wysiwyg where Apple had taken care of that and everything looked like it should have acted like it should that you actually had to be become very aware of relative placement of things on screen and if you changed anything it didn't just change that thing it ripple effect through a whole bunch of different stuff. You know, what's your go-to get slurped up into a previous segment of code? And so the taking the step back I really objected to it because I always thought I don't mind learning new things. I hate having to save. All this is kind of a bastard child partway. Exactly, but I'm continually aware of this environment has gaps in it that I have to account for my knowledge of how does this work thousand throw CSS in their work as a whole bunch of formatting in the background and you when I I used I have done over the course of time a lot of database website design it connectivity took things, you know, I mean middleware and I the reason that I learned to use virtualization was because I had to be able to run multiple utterly windows but multiple versions of Windows and a couple browsers under there so I could just make sure that this website that I designed to be as HTML 3 4 or 5 compatible was robust enough that it didn't break based on someone else's idea of a state. You know, Microsoft is known for embraced extend extinguished literally had to do things that if you use it really made it a little bit better, but when you tried to run things that use those Microsoft Specific things on any other browser he was like, well, I guess now I'm addicted to Explorer because I and so I you know, the standards are a wonderful, you know, everybody gets what you know what I mean? I I really liked it when I could write once and have it worked everywhere but the amount of testing that I had to do to verify that was the case to kind of prove it it was coding whole become 20% of the time and testing 80% instead of the reverse, which it should be right and they've gotten better about that. Now, they really have development environments that kind of do a whole bunch of that testing for you. They're aware of the various different wage standards for various different browsers and environments and you can actually run a whole bunch of tracks that say, this is something that isn't constant across everything the way to do it might be a little bit less like in powerful but you will not break into devious compatibility issues, right use this, you know, right when you've used something and then they deprecated it. Well, that's what I thought. Hope you don't mind a lot of what I did early in my career. When I worked with peat marwick was fixing horrible. Tangled spaghetti code a lot of companies had big basis of kobol, you know, big utilities big insurance companies big Banks the ones that had to move to Big Iron early, so they had already a portfolio of stuff but it was all stuff along the lines of oh my God. Don't touch it. You don't know what will change that's been here for twenty years that knows how to do this. And so the theory of what's called The Catalyst group part of peat marwick was we will make your spaghetti code to paste. If you will Cobalt code into structured Cobalt. We're really is more understandable. You can have Junior people learn exactly what it does much more easier than being addicted to this one guy and not only because you have to worry about his salary concerns if he dies in the fiery bus crash, you know things that I had to deal with FPC wise were my God. He's left the company and he didn't document anything until someone really is happy. All through mountains of you know, white greed banded paper to just figure out what the heck this was doing. And as you might imagine with 2,000 looming there was a lot of that going on as my own career progressed from eighty-three towards mm. So anyway going from those kinds of things of being all was about writing more maintainable code and stuff like that and and just the standards that you have your own stuff. I never liked the C language in lots of ways because I thought it was a write only language. I would look at my code from two or three years before and because you had to do certain things really close to a gentle very efficiently and see you unless you virtualized unless you encapsulated and used its class system. There's a whole bunch of reasonable standards for C. And and I tried to I tried to do all that well and yet it didn't have robust variable naming and I don't really geeking it up here. But you know, if you do any kind of coating it really is I preferred languages that I could be confident that wage. People to understand and that was somebody else but what I myself was doing three years before we don't do assembly anymore, of course, not exactly. I use a month package called fourth dimension very powerful data base package for the Macintosh and that's what I wrote Gambit in my my artificial intelligence-based creating systems from twenty years ago. And one of the reasons that I loved it wasn't only about a great day to be careful decent speed. It was that it was as close as what I thought instinctively understandable code was so that whenever I decided Well now I got to try something new. I'm going to suck I could easily jump back in and and not have to continually refactor my code to make it so that I create a better subroutines had I don't know. I just it it it was a very tough match between how my mind works and and and what it offered as a package if you will and had a compiler, you know valid database packages, you're like yours could nearly doing it in interpretative mode off. Right. They're they're background going on instead of making it a nice tight, maybe assembler code closer. I mean it's try to decode as they say in the Microsoft world. So the fact that I could make it all perfect and then compiled that and not worry about probably do is gain efficiency, you know, I mean going to be maintaining it in the in the bastardized P code way. Well, I boy did I become good at thinking and I well I've worked in multiple languages and you kind of just get that feel for what's the easiest for you to work with and then and if I ever had collaborators it was so here's my thoughts. You can see my style. You know what I mean? You can look at computer code and kind of tell who wrote it it a lot of different ways. And and this is actually I just read an article recently online that when you read computer code, you don't read it as a language and this is really true. I have not been able to voice this easily when I try to explain to others. It's kind of like if you watch the Queen's Gambit the chest movie you the way your mind thinks about This game is is not a series of moves. It's it's templates flies for what situations you want to get into and it's probabilities. It's Joseph control. There's a whole bunch of automatically meta thinking that your mind does instead of just saying if I do this, they'll do this cuz that quickly have combinatorial explosion and that's not how you can look at it. You have to walk or what are the things that are Perpetual incremental advantage and move yourself continually towards those things where you're pushing against their defensive wall. If you will and you're able to make either quick penetrations or just overwhelm over the course of time, but but it's not ever a direct line of thought and while you're looking at code it's a similar thing. You're looking at it as its constructs. It really is the here's the the loops that you're going to do something multiple. Here's the the choices you're making it and if nothing else hears home. You don't know my mind, maybe cuz I the reason I'm relatively good at it is because my mind visualizes that relatively quickly and when I'm reading somebody else's code. That's what you're looking for is the thousands of it's not like I'm reading a new language work forward. If you're reading any romance language, it has certain constructs that you expect. This is where the verb until now we're going to go this is Faith. It does it's the country and so I know I'm jumping all around but it's kind of cool. There's a book called The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker that really talks about that language has a it's so native to human beings are that it's not something we learn to do. It's more like our brain was specifically designed to do it or that it quickly go home first things that make language easier because it's so necessary to our survival as a group as a species as a group animal and stuff like that. And so I do I'm not really a multilingual God. I don't have facility in ten years. Just like some people do I quickly see those interesting patterns of this in Spanish French new. Here's the romance languages. Here's a Slavic language. You can quickly see how the whole branches of languages when the big map of languages of the world. It's like wow if I have a little bit of each of these I will not be totally a c in any of those things. And and so of course, what am I listening May? Nian where the foul language to Lithuania is like Sanskrit and I'm not kidding looks like a try from India broke away wandered all the way across Asia into Europe hit the Baltic Sea and said, okay good enough. Here and it's just so unlike all the other languages around it that why own home town kind of like Hungarian there certain languages that are very much unlike what else is founded and very much difficult to learn because you don't get those off the scaffolding you get from other languages. It's just not available in certain languages. So that was a whole. Wow, my mind jumping around there. But you know, it's it's it's very cool to be dead. Have a facility for it and also realize. Well, this has limitations to write. So well, you were talking about computer languages and my mind flashed back. I don't remember the last time I used a goat or a go sub. I mean, I hadn't even thought about that forever looking at Old basic programs where that was the standard construct. It really is funny to be like, wow what I'm thinking back, right? This is inherently not a good thing and know the line of what you're going to write the name section or something like that. And the funny thing is as I learned more advanced programming language is my first thought was man I need my go-to is I need my how I do that and then I started learning object-oriented and you know programming on the web and all sorts of stuff and I look back now and I'm like, oh my God, I could how could we ever do that? It's just so horrible and the code talk about spaghetti code. I mean, it's like impossible not to have that so long It's funny. I was director databases for Progressive for multiple years and we had you know, this code that runs behind database is stored procedures and stuff like that. And one of the big things I noticed in in progressives program Community is they have people to really had gone from you know, like a leased a a sequential programming model to them maybe structure Cobalt and stuff like that. But then making the leap to object orientation really using wage structures and and see if you will some people really they resisted it and maybe they couldn't do it and they could see that this is where their career like they better be really good at maintaining old code because there will be stuck around there still stuff running. I'm sure on governmental systems in Lansing Michigan that they can't get rid of it. So you got to have your wat for Wi-Fi specialists. In fact, I know a guy who does that but having said that as the whole world moves forward towards orientation and like the idea of that it's a it's a series of demons waiting to be called upon to do something control of everything right and it's a dog Complete for some people to make maybe an impossible Wonder might that next thing of I'm not telling it what to do. I'm killing a whole bunch of little idiot savants what to do and I throw them request seem right does that you have it having your your basic execution Loop where it's always running and waiting for you is it's a different thought it is totally totally so jumping around a little bit. We're done with Christmas how things go. How was your Christmas to anything exciting Oglebay and stop we did we made the drive to Oglebay. And and you know, it's West Virginia so long 2 and 3/4 hours from here. We obviously stopped and said, hey you and so Merry Christmas again very very much for the cool game exactly that and it was really cool and spectacular but in the over 3 hours worth of driving each way to do it. I think I'm going to have to do some of the other things that you had mentioned like go to the Dickens Recreation, right? Yeah, especially around Christmas song. I want to be able to like when I go sightseeing, I really didn't want to be in the hills of West Virginia where it's dangerous roads. I want to be on nice roads snow-covered trees, you know, right and I woke I thought kind of the same thing. I thought ogilbee was really nice pretty we enjoyed it. We love seeing all the lights but it's not like ooh, that's the first thing that comes to mind that I have to go do it again, but I know I've often or something, you know, yeah, no makeup will make a little special thing out of it. But if you go look they offer packages so you stay at the resort and they have special things going on there and the lights and so long. I mean they kind of make it a little getaway thing exactly and if it wasn't the age of covet and we weren't looking to stay it would have been like an effect kind of funny, you know, we got there and we're enjoying the Pretty Lights and then called me and I had to look at your life as you know, we just drove three hours. I really need to go to them to find a place that was you could go to the bathroom. But also that there was this huge line down the door we had we went like looking in the facade. And found other bathrooms downstairs and thank the gods we did because I was really worried about man. I have to go I can't believe fully grown adult wage and yet this was you know what? I mean it sometimes I'll tell you the story of Jason we have stories about that. So but let me say again that the the gift you gave me the comic was mind-blowing utterly amazing. I mean, I was just so shocked and it's amazing. Perfect. I mean, I don't know how to invest enough to you here. I'll be a writer. I can't talk. I don't know words. Honestly, it's my pleasure Stephen, you know, as you know, I've been going to the vaults and cataloging all my comics and then I you had mentioned your story of your wife haven't gotten like number two of this right and then it's like, you know, I have not only number one. I have an extra and I just thought that would really be just a nice. It was a pyramid log. For and I told Colin I don't know if you've gotten to play the game yet, but I told call and I said yeah, I picked up this game. It said Alan all over it. You know, it was perfect, but it was not like you've been long anticipated waving it for years and and stuff. It was like a nice little gift. I said, I feel kind of bad. I feel like my gifts almost not worthy enough. You know, Colin said he looked at me says well, I only spent $0.30 on yours true. And that's true. You know that that plus hermetically sealed away for a couple decades exactly. It's kind of funny. I mean, I've had multiple discussions going on about what I'm doing in the vaults. I've had things in storage for a long time and storage isn't free had cost and so in some ways that my not my my overhead that I have 2 overages when I finally selling some comic books has the cost of having had things to storage for 20, right, but luckily if I had moved to town and tried to sell things back then mm dish. Yep. Much of my value my appreciation is not only because of the course of twenty years. It's also 20 years worth of comic book movies coming out right and then being even more in the public Consciousness and twenty years of the maturity of the Comic Marketplace boss say they really do have the grading services the pressing Services the auction sites that that the facilities for my getting reasonable value for while I I got this I held onto it kept it in good condition for a long time. And now it really is considered a collectible like a coin or a stamp in a way that there's a guaranteed guaranteed hold of value. You know what I mean? When they talk about what is money this thing is that it will not go down price you will only gain because there's no scarcity and known good condition and stuff. And so I think I have left. I have a whole bunch of stuff from the sixties that I kept in pretty good condition, but I really wasn't it just when I was six eight ten keeping that perfect or has since I've been blank like books as a semi adult. Let's say from the early seventies on I've really kept things in good condition. So wage. Go from like end of the Silver age to the start of the Marvel age bronze and so forth some of the things that I'm going to have good value in are not only because it's scarce. But because I really was wise enough to say this really is 9 a.m. It's in perfect condition. So what did I just discover? I'm going through that some of the W's and it's you know, we're we're creatures roam where monsters dwell that kind of stuff but one of the W's is werewolf by night. And what's the number 32 is the first appearance of Moon Knight always coming out. Yes, and it's that perfect strike of who knew that we will find that number 32, you know what I mean? Well into the series, it's not a number one. It's not a 50th Anniversary Edition. It's not a big change of artist and writer but the Brilliance of I think was to augment who you know that created that character and then it immediately caught on as now that's that's a cool. We should use him more and not just the one shot and he started off as a villain, you know, he was there to kill a werewolf by night, you know, his costume was made silver and stuff, but that's such a nice thing to like to turn the comic books over and go dead. Oh, I do have this and then you put it into your database, you know, the collectors software that I used as it comes back with should Chang right what is worth on the market? It's like isn't that nice that bulb is perfect, you know mid-seventies and I've had a couple other things that are like that that that Marvel Premiere number 15 or something like that is the first Iron Fist and similar, you know by anything that goes off TV famous is so much different than anything in the comic book Community, you know, once you get on T, the whole world kind of knows about it, right Perfection for those characters that is just beyond anything that might have been no matter how many client bookstores we're open. So my discovering good old Guardians of the Galaxy wonderful, you know, Alias, you know, when this came out to became Jessica Jones, I'm just I'm kind of amazed that Iraq has been a completist. I have all these things and now they're turning out to be pretty good. So we'll say you know that the thing we laughed about a be able to say Okay. I I sold this comic book and then call me back. On a worldwide Cruise some of these things are really that valuable that possibility that I really get to say my fun story to tell is that I was weird enough to have bought werewolf by night and all 32 down the title red, maybe like 48 issues in 32 nestled in the middle is Moon Knight and boom look at this wonderful Relic that yeah in the eighties. If you say you have a comic book collection, you get beat up in the 2020s you say of a comic book collection people want to know how much it's worth and they want to know what characters of that. Yeah. It's a good time to be a nerd Thursday is you know what? I mean whenever geek rubber much geekery has penetrated the public Consciousness and and we've talked about this, you know from a very first episode might my definition my working definition of being a newer it's not you know, the little kid that gets beat up. It's always been you have enthusiasms it hurt mainstream, but you really love them. And so right you love them so much that you're willing to put up with the dog. Add Outlook from most of the public but then when most of the public says wow, you know, how is caring about D&D stats any different than caring about my football stats and it just has a faith and TV has had any any dump. Like I said the comic book movies coming out all the time folks shows. The reason that they're popular is not because only the superhero thing it's because they've always told stories about people. Could you be a hero in a difficult situation? Could you make the right moral choice? You know, it's the end of the world coming. What are you going to do to avert it? What do you do to live past that and be one of the survivors it builds a better new world and wage. I the fact that those are themed, you know during the pandemic you have to be thinking of how do you really treat your neighbors? You know what I mean? Who's the the good guy in the neighborhood? Do you do you hold up man, or you have a bad day where you've got all your special equipment? I don't know. They kind of books have been in so many different places about corruption, you know for a long time Comics couldn't even show Cops being corrupt and then they home Big breakthrough titles where man what do you do with sons of the serpent where there really is kind of a whole fifth column of bad guys trying to get their way into government and police and whatever else and subvert the law if you're already a vigilante and yet you're the one fighting for the most Justice because the law makers the lawgivers have become corrupt themselves. That's really a theme for our times. Yeah, I you know what? I mean? It's just it's nice that that that it's kind of more mainstream, you know, you can not only because I'm like, hey, we were always right but man, there's so much more cool stuff to get there's too much cool stuff. Yeah. I love that. I'm able to share stories of you know, this is how long I love these things and that people can appreciate the more instead of just being well, that's kind of geeky suddenly kind of Kiki. It's I share with enthusiasm my shirt with love and I think that that always matters. I don't mind if I hear someone talk off. How much they love skunks or how much they love, you know gardening. It's it's that passion. It's that love really is what is interesting to me and and serial fiction. There's a whole cool thing of as the world has always had soap operas and always had things like that. But now that we've got even more like ongoing series binge-watching people get the idea of what's cool and important about wow. I really watched every episode of The X-Files and it really did build over time and had surprises over time and no Supernatural as we just talked about recently and again, very cool gift with the loss prevention coming up for you guys. It's going to be so fun it. I think that there's really value to here's why I like it. You know, I like not only getting a story but then being able to think about it before the next episode comes out and your mind does its own little extrapolations and it does and when you get surprised you're like man, I thought I really knew this series and I did not see that coming and there's a thrill there's a joke to that that says how crap those writers are to do something in Doctor Who that's been running for fifty years that they can still go. Boom. You didn't think of this. Here's a new edition. Here's I love that skill of that. You know what I mean? So so so for for Christmas, I got Gina the supernatural convention for us to go to which is in a tangible gift, but she couldn't she was like staring at the paper and she looked it up online and she spent just very very happy. So I'm glad we're doing that that's going to be a nice memory and trip she got me. Well, I got off some sketchbooks from Joe Johnston from all three of the original Star Wars movies. It was his blueprint sketches of the different vehicles and monsters and stuff. That's very true. And they're the original ones from the 80s and they're in really good shape. Wonderful. So behind the scenes stuff is always like to see that, you know, someone really had to design those things. Someone had to come up with the ideas for what this poem creature this ship this planet was going to look right and you got it right in front of you that's here and it's got it shows progression. Like, you know, what the Star Destroyer looked like originally and what they changed and then what they've settled on Thursday. I got a cool sweatshirt. Gina got me if it says I don't just read books. I write them which is really good. Yes, that's that's a fact. Let me see here. Is that your Batman one? That is the Batman when I I don't want to I can't see if I lean back on the table. This is a way to do it all very cool. Very cool a wonderful gift. I love the we are blessed to age of wives that get it. Yes how much we loved it and seek those things out. So yeah, do you ever watch the when Nathan Fillion? Yes, in fact, it's kind of funny. We loved it and then it went I'm trying to think how this work before a while. We weren't we hadn't cut the cable yet, you know, we still had Network TV with the DVR and stuff like that and then we'll be changed that it didn't move to Netflix Ram or anything on Avail for a long time and we kind of got out of the habit and now even though I have it all cued up in Netflix a whole bunch of the early ones are either long wait or coming up to unavailable. Yeah. Yep. I want to see them all and how my we have to buy them. Do I have to go to the library? What am I going to do to get it? So anyway, it's definitely difficult. Well you remember when they all put on their protective or is it said police and so he got the one that said writer? Yes. She got me a tee shirt that has the protective vest on it says writer on it. And then one of em, really coolest ones is the Funko Pops. She got me Stephen King with his dog Molly the thing of evil and that's just the coolest very good money for calling got me. This guy the Batman Christmas sweater one. She got me one that says be kind but it says it not only in the letters but an American sign language on it. So and that's that's you know what I mean? We're we're we're we're looking for ways to make the world better all the time. And that seemed like a nice one. Yeah. I I also got we were up in Toronto for our Comedy Club. Double and we saw a billboard that cracked us up and every time we see it say it we crack up again it had from the Ontario egg board and it at these perfect looking like sunny side up eggs that have said get crackin. Well, she look for that and they haven't made that into a seizure. So what she got was a big squid who says get crankin off. So what we share as a laugh and stuff like that, but I just love having things that not everybody will get it but those who will they get you just get that little look of thought you kind of do this little distinct thing. We're okay. We're in this together. We I get your reference that kind of thing very much a mental thing in a way but we like to go camping every year as mine a cousin several times and we always joke around. I mean my cousin he's a great guy. I love my cousin. He's one of my favorite family members, but he is definitely a redneck off. Comes from Trailer Park. We always tease them. Yeah, well Gary that's just trailer park trash. He doesn't care. So for camping, there's a group of us at go. We want to get t-shirts with it says trailer park trash by choice exact. That's a good one. That's a family thing. I I discovered a site called $6 keys back and and they as I was going through its like I don't want to pick one. I want to get like ten bucks, right? It really did. It was right after I don't know. I must have gotten, you know, some money came in and I was like, I really can't afford $60 on teachers. But so many of them were like, this is the one that the floor is lava kid ever play kind of gangster and it's kind of funny. I tried to get I got half-a-dozen. I got a dozen half a dozen for Colleen have an option for me and I tried to get it so that we offer a variety of colors and various different things and I the the gear ones I got for me and still good but more like Colleen ish. Well she often talks about you know, I kind of want your shirt in my size off. Or because of the floor is lava is funny. And so I might have to make another big run size. One of the one of the things I've been able to get over the years where Colleen is home. She travels all over Pennsylvania and Ohio and and occasionally until like West Virginia in Virginia for work from small towns have a different kind of radio in small like small Sports is a whole different world. And so she once was listening to a broadcast in Indiana, where was like AAA maybe even double A single-a teams playing and like the the announcer was taking the game just as seriously as any game, but of course one of the team names was, you know, the most productive hitter for the rumble ponies wage, and she just loved the idea of a a team name being the rumble ponies. So as you might imagine in this world, I don't need to go to New England to find it. I can go ahead and that I got a dog Will Pony shirt and she has never stopped talking about what a wonderful find that was so now she mentioned that she's heard other ones and over the I kind of like, you know, this is one of the choice of Christmas is people make a reference in February March and then you just talk about it for the rest of the year right down. He might make a surprise surprise one year. I got her the yard goats another great team the yard goats and we were just watching a movie a documentary about Bill Murray. And by the way, I I need to put this out on Facebook. So people can watch it before goes away cuz it's one of those things that's listed in Facebook only available through one, you know, 12 or 9 or 1 right? It's a movie about the many encounters with him. You know that besides him making movies. He regularly just like drugs and party Does Dishes wage and and he's just he's so charming and wonderful in the movie really captures that and having said that he's invested in a team in Charleston, South Carolina. If I remember correctly called the RiverDogs and South Short number three. I just need enough talk about it for a while cuz I mean she dresses beautifully and elegantly and professionally and so I regularly get her nice things I get her alpaca sweaters and I get you know that kind of stuff but once in a while, it's also just to get her something funny that when he wants to wear something that people are going to cross the shirt and say where the hell did you get that? That's great. So you got a yard goats shirt. That's pretty cool. I love I love finding those thinking of those, you know every year I try and get something but it's it rotates like something will happen. So now I've got this perfect gift for a certain person this year next year. It might not be as personal or strong age and different. You know, it just depends on what happens throughout the year. That's right. And I think at Christmas isn't about can you top yourself each year it really is. Well, it's wonderful when you get a gift that people talk about ten years later that right so perfect. That's a nice gift. Yeah. So for us we went through two more days. And then I looked at Gene I said hey, why aren't you wearing the thumb ring? I got you cuz she really wanted this thundering out what phone ring. I'm like, oh crap. And so we looked around. I'm like, I know I wrapped it. I know I put it here because Jason and I were wrapping presents. I brought it down and we're looking all over here. I put it in the tree so I wouldn't forget it or lose it like well, I suppose Christmas thing. That's cool good for you very much. We had some you know, sometimes I started shopping in November, especially in the in the cobit forty-five years ago. We've been shopping for a while because you could and I was I bought Colleen and number of humor books this year. And you know, we've always got current month from Dave Barry and Jim Gaffigan. She got me a Tom Papa book this year. For instance George Carlin. There's all she she writes wonderful poetry and often hilarious poetry. She's done some good song parodies and songs. So I said, you know, well, there's people that are famous for that. So I got her a book of old Edward Lear if you haven't read it. I'm sure you've read some of his works because they're famous for being like perfectly succinct. I think he's he met the one that wrote The Owl and the Pussycat not sure I got her old. Bear with me. So it'll come to me. I got her a whole bunch of Shel Silverstein. I love you know, what I realized when we got the Christmas and everything was being unwrapped is I know I ordered those down where the heck are they and so I never got the box cuz I know if I would have opened the box. I got to the whole set. I got her all eight books off the shelves. So first thing over and so like then I now I've had the right to the phone company and say hey, I never got these and they say well it was shown as delivered and again, maybe a little bit of a weird story. So I said, I'm sure I didn't get it. What we did get at one point was a book of dog like a German song book and like nothing about where it came from. And so I'm like is this a gift cuz I didn't order this and and that was a bit of a mystery for lack the last six eight weeks and now he's finally I'm thinking that's what it was. They must have maybe crossed in the mail that they boxed my social Silverstein's and sent them to somebody else right? I got their German songbook. That's my next step in following up wage. That that's your so she's got she's also person, contract and I think it was I I whenever I can find interesting books of things. I know she already likes I've been able to find another curtain rod book a number of years which is kind of amazing cuz he's dead twenty years. You know what I mean? Right they continue to go through his archives put together. Here's Love Letters to his wife and they're still Kurt Vonnegut. They're very witty and birth there beautiful if you know what I mean. And so I love when I find another thing about maybe we talked about this last time Louisa May Alcott. No, sorry, Laura Ingalls Wilder, it's funny. You know, I have some glitch in my life and it says name of three word author that happened to right. So Laura Ingalls Wilder I managed to find like Little House on the Prairie extensions and whatever else I I'm always on the lookout for if they're still alive. Are they still writing and I get heard the latest of her favorites and then others where it's like they're still doing this kind of archival work. I try to find out when it comes out and make sure that she still has dead. Every everything you could get from I think so. I got a bunch of music. We we don't have enough Christmas music. We only have like 40 CDs and summer I get more exactly so I already had Mannheim Steamroller. Well, I found a Dolly Parton made a couple of beautiful Christmas albums. We had just seen the Dolly Parton biography and she's she's a wonderful and like, you know has made the pit that how to Pigeon Forge is she's like, they're Fairy Godmother, you know what I mean? So a couple of those I got from John Denver because, he really loves his voice as I do and he did a couple of albums that until you look for him. You might not have bumped into him, but then we like, oh, it's not just one. It's 1234 get the two least expensive ones that have the most recognizable songs on them. And then that gives me material from her years so and and got her whole bunch of Springsteen. We I followed behind and making sure that I was current with Springsteen. She has a album from Springsteen called the Seeger sessions, you know where he dead. All those old Arlo Guthrie Pete Seeger songs, you know, we shall overcome and just beautiful know that if you will from the early nineteen, yes early Twentieth Century and I really loves his voice. And so even if these aren't that material he's written protest songs all of his career if you yeah, so many of his songs are about the Working Man and getting through life. It's not easy and stuff like that before going in and out of love. So I got her a bunch of Springsteen and just that I was able to find like things for the particular niches and I must admit there's also a certain amount of you know, collie when you're done with that. I might have to Spirit that upstairs is it because I want to listen to it. We definitely she I kept telling her for the supernatural thing. She kept trying to guess. She's like, did you get me a puppy? I'm like, yes, I got you a puppy and wrapped it and put it under the tree little too much. Yeah. She said well, did you get me a camper? I'm like, where would I put a pig? Burke that you couldn't see it, you know, yeah she's on and on and on so then she finally and I told her I said look, it's something that is kind of for both. Like she's like fine. You got something that you want that you like. I like camping equipment. Yeah, right, right. Well kind of not really. I mean if it was just me, I don't know if I would have got it but you it's something that we both want and I didn't want to say something we can do or whatever. I didn't want to give that away. So we both want she's like well, is it something that I want or something that you want that you giving me? You know and so that made it even better as you like it was you know, perfect. Yes. I get it now. It's exactly what she wants. I liked it and we're both going to go together. So it's a double because it's kind of a getaway for the two of us. So its own not only the supernatural convention but kind of a date weekend that really that's wonderful and especially it's wonderful when even when they give you the twenty questions, I'm going to try to figure this out and they don't get it and then you still manage to surprise them in a way dead. Really pleases them right you did a good thing. That's that well done. And I had several kids phone. Would you get Mom? I'm not telling you why won't tell her bull crap. You guys always tell her everything. She can keep a secret if two are dead, you know, I guess you can all just suffer and of course, so, okay. So the big thing was we've got a 13 and 1/2 year old teenager, whatever right before Christmas. He drops his Kindle into the dishwater. And so now he has mentioned. Oh which you know, it's like, okay I want to get irritated, but honestly, he's had the thing for a year and half it cost $35. So I didn't realize there was that an expensive when they're on sale when they're on sale you can get em for thirty five bucks. I'm like so I can't get too awfully mad, but I'm not going to run out and get you have replacement. Well, we had gotten him a switch for Christmas. So he's got that now and he watches YouTube. More than plays games whatever interesting. Okay, but Gina for whatever reason ordered him Weaponry for Christmas. I'm like, why did we get a thirteen-year-old weaponry and and not suck in guns or anything? It's he she was wanting to get him like a sword. I mean we're talking he likes to get masks and he likes to dress up he likes to do cosplay type stuff off and he he's a boy, he likes the the things with weapons the swords the guns The Mercenaries and all that type of stuff. So people fetish. Yeah, so she found some pricing guns and she ordered some prop guns. They were propped guns, but fully functional prop guns that shoot pellets not bullets. Okay. She she got him a couple of size. So it's like Deadpool. That's what she was thinking that they'd be like Deadpool and Pune know they're real training weapons that they use in dojos and stuff the things weigh like two pounds each and could probably do. You were a pig and like a button on the end of it. And if you take it off, it really could Pierce. You know what I mean? Even a blood thing if it's a long slender blunt. Yes, ma'am it in right, so he's open up all these weapons and all the other kids. Like what are you doing? What are you thinking ready for the post-apocalyptic swirled I guess and they're all looking at me. I'm like, why are you looking at me? Well, why would you I didn't get home so he's got I mean the one toy weapon. He did get was this long staff that has two rubber sword blade off. The end is from some anime. He likes we got some Mass. So I mean, you know, but I mean, he he opened up a gun and he opened up a sword and a spear and should I be getting here. Looks like boot you out of the house you're going to spend for your own. So we're giving you guns exactly a small bow and arrow set. I mean it'll really shoot bows and arrows cuz I mean, he pulls it out first thing off. No, you are not shooting that in the house in the house. Exactly. So he gets a board like a two inch by two inch board says here all just shoot at this dude. You are not going aboard. Oh my God. So wow, you're addressing besides called in and I did a nice Theory and she does handmade bows. They're all beautifully made. So I was taking pictures and it's like this is like, you know, this is professional level stuff surely does so we'll coming down the stairs for Christmas morning when we both helped things under the tree and stuff like that. It really is beautiful and and to my family members I set like, you know, my older brother loves marks upon and his wife likes chocolate. And so I sent you know, I've made a point of not trying to be practical or think of what might they like when you when you only see them, you know twice a year. I don't have a feel for What music books et cetera, but who doesn't want to work their way through from our support for Christmas or whatever and so I did that. My mom dad have always liked the cherries off. Fondant covered by chocolate you I mean it's really decadent gooey, but they've always loved those and so when I sent them a box of those as well as from frango mints cuz we grew up in Chicago and that was always a Christmas tree is to have that particular frango mints from Marshall field and Company and my they they were when we have our Christmas called they were happy to say, you know, we put those things out on the pool table and every time we walked by we see how strong arms Will is at well the cherries were the first to go system they walk fast, so I it's nice to remember, you know, who likes what my my younger brother is almost like a simple things like chocolate covered nuts chocolate covered raisins. And you know, I it's kind of funny not really a Christmas Eve thing. I got him the big thing from Costco, you know, like it's a it's a huge. It's a huge amount. Let's put a step God. Everything's bigger Costco. I got a bale of chocolate covered peanuts and some mixed nuts. And so for them being able to get together play games right when I had the Christmas call log. Time they were playing Jenga and stuff like that. So, you know, it's like this is all the munchies that my parents used to keep around the house when we were having Christmas. It wasn't really bad big Christmas dinner. We perpetually had little chocolate Bealls in silver paper. We had you know, the German coins, you know what I mean? The guilt German coin wrapped in gold foil. That was a very much a traditional thing with a nutcracker all that. I tried to page and calling when I try to stay away from all that stuff. So it was also a pi send this away that I wanted had the experience of the touching chocolate, but I did not open the box. So right off so so you guys got any New Year's plans you doing anything. We're really not, you know, it's we're still in we're not vaccinated The World Is Still funky. This is terrible. We we have we've never found a perfect thing to do for New Years. We've had really wonderful times. We've gotten together with friends to play games. We've gone to a comedy show. We've gone to a concert and have been transcribed. Orchestra, but those things aren't constant year to year. So you always have to be looking for what are we going to do? We never found. The one thing is, you know, this is what we're going to do. One of our favorite things to do is Live Comedy. It's just our favorite night out a guy named really like Rocky Laporte is going to be at hilarities our favorite club to go to and so this has been honestly the most tempted we've been the entire year if we really drives a full body condom and we sat away from everybody else, right we go to this thing and we're still not going to do it. We're just being really careful. We had friends that they said they did a little bit of trouble and then they had a smidge of covet. It's like, what does that mean that it's just a smidge of something that could kill you and and that and I don't know song. I don't want to all the investment we put into being careful up till now right want to be then I weekend we got together with family and indeed one of the family Works in a medical place in a place where there's no whole bunch of downstate public that don't care about the mask restrictions as much as we do here and then I came home and started coughing. I just can't yeah. I I don't want to give it to Colleen. I don't want to have any difficulties. And so until the all-clear sounded we really are going to you know will watch we have a whole bunch of stuff. We're watching other baking Show episode. We watch other comedy special at home. We'll make our own little hors d'oeuvres our favorite, you know, maybe it'll be like steak night for her pizza night for me. You know, it really pleases us. But but for now, it's just it just isn't we we don't want to venture outside if we have anything. It'll be like New Year's day. We'll go for a walk in the Metroparks cold. Kress always go crunching underfoot. That's maybe an end up doing and that's true if the weather Thursday. Terrible then we won't do it and let us something where if you wear a mask and when anybody else is on the trail with you, you keep each other a wide berth. He still sees to be with the Great Outdoors pretty safe. There's there's no there's no way you can get trapped in a pinch point where okay now we're breathing on each other it's going on. So I don't you guys have any New Year's plans. Are you getting together family or something? No, not really thought. Yeah, we've got one kid working one kid going to be up in Cleveland with a friend. So it's just a couple of us going to be here. But yeah, it's the same thing we could get together with my cousin. But then again, you know, you don't want to pass my my hit my cousin's wife just got done with chemo and cancer this year. So she's still a little don't want to do anything. But yeah, so, you know just probably going to be here, you know, I miss first night in Akron, I that's something I wished was still around but dead. Winter one year really liked it. I didn't know they weren't doing it anymore. Oh, well, it wasn't even covet. It was last year. I think so two years ago. When I was a Gina I said look, we let's go to first night. It's going to be fun et cetera and she was still I believe working 12 and overnights in Geneva. So it was off I can't okay, then we'll do it next year. So then the following year. All right, we're oh man. They just made the announcement that they canceled first night and they're not doing it ever again. They said box and that was last year. I think they said that so you don't even have the opportunity. Yeah, actually I that's sad. You know, I mean, I I wonder how many things that were around preco Vin. Koven that stopped it but that for other reasons. I just there's a Rites of Spring Fest rosfest. That's a big progressive rock festival up in New England dead. Never made it there and now I just found out they're not doing it anymore. I'll make it there. And that's a heartbreaker. You know what I mean for all those plans that you think well when we have the time and the money and the vacation everything like that and get it thing isn't available anymore, you know, so we will see I'm hoping that, Khan's will start back up and my pinball show will start back. Yeah. It really could be that what I'll have how is memories of Ole Times. The chance to build new memories? Yeah. It's going to be heartbreaking if there's no more comedy festivals if there's no more, you know what I mean where yeah, it's going to be different. Yeah. Well, so one of my things I love Christmas time and I think a large part of it has been when the kids were little I love doing Christmas at the kids going to Castle Noel and the lights and Christmas caroling and just doing all the Christmas song and I had a problem, you know, come the new year come January that I would get in a state of depression. It's just like nothing over. Yes, you know, it's like, oh, I gotta go to work and home. Just really would affect me and I'd get over it. And I know why I'm feeling that way and I could work around it. But I was talking to, it's a little different now cuz all the kids are grown except Jason and soul Christmas is still great, but not quite like it was when they were eight and and I I stopped focusing so much on Christmas day and we take the whole month month and half the time and we do so much with Christmas and it's just a whole joyous time but to get over that I've designated January as Star Wars month. So we watch Star Wars movies and the music and read the books and comics and I just there's so much out there that you can fill a month, you know. Yeah, so it gives me something to look forward to and anticipate and so am I breaking that whole thing and next year for us. We've got just she's a man so many things I've got like three different writer conferences. I'm going to go to home. We were supposed to this year on the 31st of October Halloween, which was Saturday. We were supposed to be at a writers conference in New Orleans off. What better could you have had you know cosplay? Yes exactly, you know but so that guy canceled but it got pushed off to twenty Twenty-One. So that's what we have in October. I thought besides that I've got another one in September in Nashville that we've been planning for a little over a year. But even better there's one earlier in the year. We're going to be in Salem, Massachusetts. So great cities to go to the conference. There's so much exactly. It's very very cool. You're planning extra time, especially Salem because last year the story I wrote for the kids was set wage Salem, Massachusetts. So we're going to go visit some of the sites and stuff that I put in the book that I've never actually been to yet. So we had a series of good talks a member of Cleveland area map. Catherine caressed mean if I remember correctly has been to Salem on like their their Halloween night there big cosplay and they do have they have all kinds of events historic things Recreations books all that kind of stuff off. Yeah. We've I thought that would be a really cool thing to do just if you're looking and it's kind of fun even though I got Halloween every year in Chicago. I don't want to miss that but there's many cool Halloween places to go to and so long if they don't really do it directly on Halloween would they need an entire Halloween months out of it? I'd love to go to see some fall leaves up in New England wander around Salem and see all the cool spook stuff. That's just that's a good idea. Yeah, so hopefully, you know, we'll be able to do a little more traveling and do some stuff this year. We got our cabin. We got a few plaques and stuff and she got a doorbell the hang out at the cabin and stuff. So, you know fun things we have to do we have no travel plan for sure the best the first thing will be when we get a chance that we can fly again safely and not bring things back. Those to visit my mom and dad, you know their own California. It'll be January will be a year since I've seen them. I don't think we've ever let it more than a year ago by ever of getting a chance to visit them. Usually try to do two visits a year. So I may be a big thing in September soon as we can't get out there and then like I said, you know, we have a whole bunch of built-up what national parks haven't we been to we're going to Yosemite and the whole North Carolina California area ice we we love are driving vacations. And so let's drive down to over to Shenandoah National Park, which we haven't been doing. In fact, they just they just made a new national park at new office in West Virginia New River Gorge. And so that'll be nice to fir. You know, we've been already been to Acadia. We've been to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. There's only so many in the East many of them are always wanted to go back to Moab and do some hiking again in Utah cuz you're right near Canyonlands and arches various other. So all those are we want to do is and we'll see when the world becomes available. We've also dead. Add European travel on the list for a while and we're getting to where we really can do that, It has an application. We're okay with money and yet that takes some planning. You know what I mean? You really have to look for what's the right season and the right money and not going to go in and out of so hopefully some of those possibilities will turn into realities as soon as it's safe to do so. Yeah, hopefully yeah. Yeah. Okay. So happy New Year even as the quiet for the both of us. I'm you know, it's kind of funny. I haven't had a single drink this year. You know, I'm not a drinker but most of the time I give myself something for New Year's things that Halloweenie those things didn't happen. So I really think am I going to have something on New Year's Eve or I'm going to wait till 12:01 so I can say wow a whole year without and it's not like a big achievement that mean I'm not a drinker it's not I had a kind of stopped because I answered but it's it's just interesting that something I I like I still haven't done it because all the context in which I do it. It's a social thing for me. And I don't know social exactly so so so we'll see, you know, as you don't host pretentious drinking right Halloween each year and a lot of people have been saying as they've been fighting things. Hey, we really be cool to have this at and so I have all long list of new additions for pretentious drinking. You know, that that it'll it'll be a blowout next year. We usually have school a hundred thoughts try. I'm going to shoot for like 1:20 3050. I'm going to try to make it the biggest year ever and I think that that Chicago money-wise and me money-wise we can sponsor making it the biggest ever took a little school. My my favorite new one that I discovered. I mean you've heard of Fireball they have that but Jack Daniels and Jim Beam both make their own version of the fire ball, and we've tried him recently and they are so much better than the regular Fireball and that's been every now and then I'll take a sip of that and cuz it's you know some alcohol. But that the flavor the cinnamon. Yeah burn and all it's just I really enjoy it lately. Jim Beam drinks by itself better than the Jack Daniels, but the Jack Daniels stage be good with Coke the Jim beam's a little too sweet. I think okay. What's interesting is I think we've already talked about pretentious drinking before I'm kind of a purist in terms of if you have any thoughts flavored right? Whiskey's vodkas Jin's there's all kinds of that stuff out there. I really go for liqueurs and cordials where it's been made to be its own thing instead of started off as whiskey and then they added cinnamon or they had right right or whatever. So I'll have to look for like one of the things that's going to be recommended was you know, we've had Jetsons malort since they're very start and I don't know if you ever had it. Yeah credibly bitter and nasty. It's challenge shot where when someone walks up to me at the tables and says give me one of your best and one of your worse, that's like well the best might be a matter of your taste, but I know what the worst is follow. There we go if wage If we get to do Chicago this year, I'm going to ask for that Mark it down and we'll put it on my calendar exactly clink glasses and then you and I can capture the credible. Look of disgust on each others face off like I did this again. I knew how bad this is and I had it again. What is wrong with me? There's a world record the most people taking a shot of that at the same time. Honestly the most cries of them, right? What's funny is Jason Blair is one of the particulars of people said not only it's it's Bitters. And so that's kind of a mixture for other thing. They actually have a chance of liqueur. We're like, okay, so they took that off of horror and then they rendered it down further to make it more concentrated. Yes stuff off the bottom. That's crazy. You were talking about drinking Adam doesn't like to drink a whole lot about the only thing he drinks is the Jones orange hard soda, that's what he likes. So okay, but he absolutely loves to mix drinks and make mixed drinks. So we got him a job. Mixology kit last year and he will make a drink Alchemist. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's good and bad. Sometimes it's like well here I made this Triad. Well, let's hit you know right off but we're working on cuz he has recipes we've gotten them, you know several books and tablets whatever of recipes and I'm trying to get him to understand that you can put a little more alcohol end and they call for at times or a little bit more as he goes strictly by the what it says. Hi, Chris make exactly The subpoena. Okay, the one-time-use put some alcohol to measure it out. He went a little over the line. So he goes over to the sink and he like tips it out. Like what are you doing? Like, let me take a sip. Yeah, you need to get the minutes goes down to hear. There's a nice Kiki word. I'll help you with that, Yeah, exactly. Anyway, okay. All right, man was a pleasure and we'll we'll see how we survived it on next Tuesday. We need to talk about The the Deep dive you mentioned will have to get to that and if we really want to get somebody on to interview we gotta see who we can get and who are first one would be that'd be awesome. One of the things I had mentioned, you know, we have a huge list of what we might talk about. Like one of our New Year's resolutions can be as much as we love doing this and having a chat with each other it be very cool to bring on folks that we like their works that we yeah, we know there's a good local and stuff like that. So if we put together a brainstorm a list and then start to send out the email and say hey Ted you want to come talk to us. If you very cool if we started to have a once-a-month gaster, however, successful. We are if we ended up that that's part of each show is we started to have people on c a real seems to be sure. I'll talk to you for an hour. Why not you talk about geek stuff for an hour. That's the qualification wage says Nathan Fillion. Yes, I can exactly if we got need them says better be longer than an hour. I want to invite him out to a barbecue. That's what I want job. Nathan Fillion outdoor barbecue. I know we're over and yet I have to mention this so friend of mine taught course on the Firesign theater, you know good comedy albums from the sixties to now you've got the two surviving members to be on the first show in an interview to like set the stage and here and and so it just was such a wonderful get I've admired them for so long. I have had such affection for them for so long and then to just see them on their say, oh yeah, here's what we did is what we think about we did that right? They were wonderful. Guess they were so charming and they had all kinds of great stories. They were they had they were funny. You know what I mean that people are just they exude humor. They have a nice funny take on virtually everything and so if we had that opportunity to go to have fun guests on like that people just like they're working then and here they are in the studio. It's not not just because they have a new movie coming out or right. It's somebody, you know the pumping. Yes. It's an appreciation of for my author podcast wage. I focus on new Authors. So these are people with maybe one maybe two books and almost every time like wow. Yeah, that'd be great. I'd love to do an interview. They're so excited because they've never done one thing like, I don't know what to do. I've never been on one of these. So I've got like I believe the most new Authors interviewed than anyone else. I played the recognition the exposure that's got to be wrong thing for them and for you exactly so that's you know, I like that more than oh, it's Tom Cruise again, you know, okay. All right, man, how we're done. We're done we're done go away with you have been listening to the Relentless of geekery podcast. Come back next week and join Allen and students conversation on geek topics of the week off.

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Prosecutor's Fallacy - FT#61

Fallacious Trump

1:27:36 hr | 3 months ago

Prosecutor's Fallacy - FT#61

"Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody Hillary Clinton wants to abolish it. But lately she wants to abolish our Second Amendment like they didn't deny it. I don't think anybody that died at other presidents did not call it white letters and some presidents didn't do anything too many people have come out and said, I'm right. We do have to ask yourself. Where does it stop? Hello and welcome to fallacious Trump the podcast where we use the insane ramblings of someone's crazy uncle to explain logical fallacies. I'm your host Jim. I'm your other host Mark a logical fallacy is an error in reasoning that results in bad or invalid argument wage. And the logical fallacy we're looking at this week is the prosecutors fallacy also known as confusion of the inverse and the transposed conditional fallacy say, yeah. This fallacy is down the probability and statistics fantasy, which is I find sometimes difficult to get your head around a little bit. And yeah, it's sometimes very counterintuitive. This one for some reason has been particularly wage. Frustrating mentally for me cuz I'm convinced I've talked about this before. Oh, yeah, I think I think we have but I thought it was like the base rate fallacy are the ones that are particularly full of numbers where we've kind of gone. Oh, yeah. If so, if you get this number of people involved in accidents who do or left-handed that kind of stuff they they all belong to that kind of family life where you're right. It is the counter-intuitive bit that's hard to explain because I think it's so hard wired in our intuition to just go off. Well that clearly says that absolutely it's one of those things where we're not really quite evolved to deal with this kind of probability. We're not just doesn't doesn't quite work, but I think we talked about things around this area and and maybe touched on a couple of the things that we're going to talk about. But yeah, this is a it's kind of a very specific part of birth. All of the base rate neglect fantasy, but but it's quite a specific what this is is when someone confuses a statistic or or mixes up the conditional probability. So 6:30 not just of a thing happening, but over other thing happening given a certain condition, right? Yep, and you'll see as we go through the examples what that entails and what it means example from Trump something that he said a few times recently and he's very proud of of having found this statistic. He said it in town hall. Yeah and and in a couple of rallies and it's when he says this, you know, they keep saying nobody has been Although then they come out with things today. Did you see CDC that 85% of the people wearing the mask catch it? Okay. So he reckons that the CDC have come out with a study that shows that 85% of people who wear masks catch coronavirus which right just on its face. It's obviously not true. Yes, cuz yeah, even if I send a people don't catch it, they'll own eighty percent of people in masks. Yeah that he's so willing to not support the CD years unless it suits him that that ought to kind of, you know ring alarm bells that you go. Well, why is he picked on this particular number? Maybe just true. So yeah where he hasn't got this from is a reasonably small study actually of about three hundred people that the CDC did do and they looked at the behavior of a hundred dead. 54 people who had tested positive for Coronavirus and 160 people who had tested negative. Right? And what they were interested in is what the differences between how what people did and how they behaved and if they were masks and if they went to restaurants and all of that kind of stuff, yeah and what they found was of the people who had tested positive 85% said they had the warning mask always or often over the 14 days prior to the onset of their symptoms. So that sound if you're not paying very much attention, that sounds a bit like 85% of people who wear masks get the credit virus. Yeah. Yeah, but it's no it's the other way around. Yeah, it's given that these people had yeah, so that's the conditional. Yeah, given that they had the coronavirus how many of them wore masks or we you know, usually wore masks and and the number is 85% That's a very different statistic and what they found was wage. The wearing masks it wasn't really very statistically different between people who tested negative or people who tested positive which you might find interesting but that in a way proves that the masks don't work because what they looked at is what else these people did and one of the highest things that correlated with whether they had tested positive or not was if they went out to restaurants in the two weeks before the onset of the illness when you in a restaurant, you're not wearing a mask. Yeah. So even if they always or often wear masks if they also go to a restaurant there are times when they are in public when they're not wearing masks. Yeah against reasonably small study, but they argued that that was probably more of a relation and yeah, it isn't none of it says that 85% of people who wear masks a coronavirus at all. So actually it's nearer probably what's wrong. the truth to be drawn from those statistics that going to a restaurant is a higher risk of catching coronavirus the not going to a restaurant. Yeah. Oh, you've got to take your mask off. Yeah, you know not because restaurant so, you know actually going to a trump rally you're more likely to get grown of ours cuz cause nobody wears a mask. Yeah, or you know attempt to lose God's is having close contact in public with people who I'm wearing masks. Yeah. That's that's the danger the conclusion to be drawn. Yeah, and and nothing else so that's so just grabbing so he could have easily just ignorant Lee grabbed the 85% of people. Who didn't who didn't get it? Walmart masks. Yeah, I mean that's I mean, that's equally not true. Yes as his one. Yes. Yeah, but his but he has 85 per-cent of the people who didn't wage is actually closer to ninety percent of the people who tested negative. Yes. It's 88.7% who wore a mask always or often so slightly higher but still yeah. So so if he if he was not Trump, he bites a look 88% of the people who didn't get it wore masks. Yeah. So therefore wear a mask off that's right wouldn't the wrong that would be a more accurate thing than he said. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah still the wrong conclusion to draw from that study. But yeah because it does not take into account. The the conditional is just you know, it blunt numbers. So and then to say that the CDC said this was they were they did. Yeah, so again wage If we were looking at the base rate fallacy, we might we might compare that number of you know, the people who had who tested positive who wore masks to change the number of people in the general population who wear masks? Yeah, because if yeah, actually the number of people in the general population who wear masks is 90% then if and again none of them has a right but but we're taking we're taking Trump's when he so he was right the 85% of people who wear masks now, I'm still I still I can't even be as wrong as him when I'm trying it's it's really hard. It's like a willful act on his part or is it or it's just Testament to the fact you do have to be utterly ignorant of it and and willfully picking numbers out of the air which is does. Let's face it support your case. It's it's hard when dead Look at the stuff intelligently, even with our difficulty in grasping these statistical things when you look at it until she diligently is difficult to make the same errors wage. Yeah, and now is the time I think Mark's British politics corner, but this one kind of indebted to Jim and also a guy called Gianluca on statistical m i t so Italian it was in perfect English. So maybe it's been translated or he's bilingual. I got pointed to this episode of BBC bought a 06 live which went out on the 8th of March 2019 those heady days. When all we had to talk about was brexit. So and this is a conversation between author and wage essayist and commentator will self who is often described as lugubrious, but during this interview, I realize actually what he is. He's the thinking man's Johnny Rotten dead. Not that Johnny Rotten is the thinking man, but he's the way he just behaves and and go towards people who are clearly stupid is a delight to watch and he's saying conversation with Mark from soit's who's ironically french-sounding neuroskeptic best and a raging xenophobe at worst Essex MP. And this is in conclusion of their discussion about whether the brexit vote was a protest against the European project or simply a vehicle for worrying the right-wing populist white supremacist vote away from Nigel farage as party and towards the Tory party in the selfish Pursuit power since 2016. Your problem really Mark is not that you you have to be a racist or an anti-semite to vote for brexit. It's just that every racist and anti-semite in a country did not necessarily around seven point four million people. It's not I think you should apologize on National Television. I think that's an outrageous thing to say. Well you seem to find a lot of things outrageous though, don't you but we'll is it fair to say that I am Same point four million people. I'm so I'm sorry system big nose. They voted to leave the European. That's not what I said. That's pretty close to what you said digits not remotely close to the site because you basically tried to sneak anybody who voted leave as a bigger. Well now he doesn't love that really said, well, that's pretty close to what you said except. It's the absolute opposite of what you said when you said it's not remotely why I said, yeah, basically what he said is that the proportion of Believers out of racists where L voted that's what he's talking about that proportion where the leavers life is voted even are as racists and France was deliberately or otherwise probably a bit of ignorance and political expediency is saying that will self said actually you're talking about the proportion of are over L the other way around so therefore that 17.4 million are racists and anti-semites. He's not anyone who voted leave as a bigger is not the same as say dead. Anyone who is a bigger voted leave which is that's what will self is saying. Yeah, and in a in a great world where there's only like ten bigots you could you could say anyone who's a bigger voted leave and leave still only gets a very small number of votes and and any votes above 10. They had worst were not voted by bigots because I'm not saying anyone who voted leave is a bigot. It's a totally different statistic. Yes. Yes, so and and in fact in order to conclude what France was has has concluded that will self is calling all 17.4 million races. We need to know what proportion of votes at vote leave voters are racists. And cuz there isn't a Revolt check box on voting slips in the UK, not yet. Anyway, we can't know that so we'll doesn't know so isn't able he's not even a he's not able to say what France was has said he's dead. In fact, he says I didn't I didn't say that's all and I later on he says well, how do you know they voted they said I don't it doesn't need to in order to maintain that you know, all the people that that are bigots voted leave because he isn't maintaining all those people who voted leave a bigots. What's interesting. Is that the buy BC host says are you saying that will she doesn't get it, you know and and the fact that she kind of gets guess galloped and steamrolled by Marc Francois saying that it's an outrageous thing to say if you're not outraged when you do get outraged all sorts of things that is brilliant after you must watch it because after this exchange, let's just staring competition between will self and Mark Frost will self is just not going to break his gaze front and there sat right next to each other in the in the in the days before covid-19. Uncomfortably close and it's brilliant that just got even even into the Fade Out, you know, where they do that thing where they take the studio lights down and leave them in silhouette there. They are still staring at each other off. It's brilliant. So yeah, so the and I agree with the with Jann Luker when he Echoes will cells point that I honestly have no idea whether All the Rage 93 much would in fact Believers, but I suspect that the proportion might be very high. But that is beside the point what really matters is that politicians like Marc Francois was not writers, like will self off have no excuse for ignorance of these things and particularly when they try and score political points off them, which is what you're doing particularly when trying to make out that those opposing their utilization of racist whistling ideologies are the racists and that's what France was and Boris Johnson does my Nigel farage does it? Prathiba Patel does it is that they shift the argument to make it look like the people that are calling out there racism are the racists off. This is you know, the classic switch-a-roo and we'll self is going. Well. I'm didn't remotely say that what I said is something completely different from what you think I said, so my second example actually just don't get along quote from article in the Daily Telegraph about coronavirus which is to do and we touched on this before about false positives and the click-bait deadline is statistical Quirk means coronavirus pandemic may never officially end. So and it's fundamentally talking about the phenomena of false positives and this particular reader a telegraph reader and list the resident there currently under tier 3 lockdown Andrew bent of stoneygate tested positive, even though his wife daughter and son or tested name. If he'd been wearing a mask outside opening passes with gloves been observing Social Justice League measures went to get had a test came back positive. So he concludes did he cuz he was doing the same thing as the rest of the his family is all tested negative. He went and had another test and it came back negative. But his first is irrational positive result on the track and Trace system surprise surprise couldn't be replaced with the negative so long as a consequence Mark wall house who's currently the adviser to the government and keeps popping up and saying well, we need to have a much stronger lockdown than Thursday or you know the numbers that they're using don't actually say that story. He says this is the public health version of the prosecutors fallacy. We're just because a rare event log Happened such as testing positive for Coronavirus. We think he can only have one cause whereas if it was a lower prevalence. We actually face a higher probability that other factors Kathy volved and because there are lots and lots of testing we the the false positives. Get red as actual positives. Yeah, so the you know, he's saying the positive predictive value is much lower when there's not a lot of disease around of any diagnostic test that's potentially concern and can lead to misdiagnosis. Yes and signal-to-noise ratio if there's there's a highly signal if there's a lots and lots of coronavirus in the population. Then the noise of the phone doesn't make much of a difference. Yep, but but you'll never get to a point where even if there aren't any cases no one is testing positive because of the problem of false positives. Yeah. See, yeah, so that's like it's going away. But yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't it's it's a weird problem to be worrying about at the moment. Yeah. Yeah. That's what we do when no one gets sick anymore, but we're still testing positive exactly. Yeah, cuz it's just go. Well then somebody will self. Hopefully we'll just go. Yeah. You know what? You're looking at the portion the wrong way round. Yeah. The thing is it's that it's is a uses Bayes theorem, which we've talked about before and we can't remember where you know, which which kind of just goes. Okay? Yeah, you see the proportion of this over that doesn't equal that over this. Yeah base theorem is a way of working out conditional probabilities the probability of something happening given another thing having already happened. Yeah, and it's a takes it into account and the prosecutors fallacy doesn't yeah, and that's the thing to go back to and kind of rely on numbers. And yeah number Theory the and the intractable truths of maths which you know in the current climate nobody kind of does, you know, there's there are I was having a troubling conversation with the member of my coronavirus bubble about whether it's true that you can choose whether facts are true or whether there's such a thing as alternative facts, you know, is it true for me when it's true for you? So if it's cuz you're talking about social dilemma again and and not a podcast which is available. If you join them become a patron go listen to our podcast about the social dilemma. And in that we kind of established that the some of the arguments that they were pushing forward weren't based on the truth. And so and the the people that I was watching it with including the person I'm talking about were taking issue with them as I was saying. Oh, yeah, but for me, that's true and you get well no truth if you like is a like a Pantone color reference. That's the same for everybody whether you're red Greenberg. Blind or not, you know that's the that's the thing and the and Matt's belongs to that and the interpretation of maths issue is like belief and it's not knowledge. So, you know, it's good that base theorem exist. Cuz if even if it's ahead factor of work out how to do it. It points out that you need to take into account the other probability and not just go were you said Seventeen point four million people are racists. Yeah. Yeah, you need to make sure you're not transposing your conditionals in a connection is Annalee. Yes talking to you mark France was no one would have believed in the closing but twenty twenty years that human arguments will be monitored by intelligence has far greater than ours. To finding fallacies in the wild off off off we go Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds there on the eve of the war chances of anything coming from miles and millions of one. They said I'm still they came. So yeah, they were wrong in reading that proportion. Yeah in the fantasy in the world. We like to talk about the fallacy the way from a non political perspective and are two examples birth. A section this week come from the formation of the name the prosecutors fantasy which is because is a thing that comes up in legal arguments sometimes and there's a couple there's various cases that you'll find if you search for this fantasy and and legal cases, but one of the most famous is one called The People vs Collins from 1968, which was a case where a woman in Los Angeles was was robbed and a a witness saw two people kind of fleeing the scene of the crime and evidence that that witness gave the the description that that person gave off. The people was that there was a black man with a beard mustache a a white woman with blond hair in a ponytail and they were together in a yellow car right and that's based job. Clear it's that's all the information they had write a couple were later kind of investigated and I I have looked into this. I haven't quite been able to figure out how these people were off if I'd as as kind of possible suspects, but but it wasn't as far as I can tell based on any kind of forensic evidence or anything, you know that them to these people they they took in a frightening database that just recalls what color car you've got and then color people you are that drive it. No not as far as I know take it off, but this couple Malcolm and Janet Collins were questioned by police and they essentially kind of fitted the description Malcolm Collins is a black man or was identified alive 1968 could be he did have a mustache. He didn't at the time he was being questioned by police have a beard, but he sometimes had a beard Club. Right and had shaved it off according to him a couple of weeks before but you know, there's there was some question over that his his wife. Janet was a white woman who had dark blond hair and wore it sometimes in a ponytail. They had a yellow car with a white top and that I mean largely seem to be all of the evidence was against them. They they they could have been in the area at the time they lived kind of close enough or or the on that date Malcolm had page Janice up from work at lunch time and driven her somewhere and and they could arguably been in the area at that time. Right but what the prosecutors did when they went to trial against these people being accused of robbery was they got a basically a math teacher from a local College to home? To talk about probability and to talk about the fact that if this robbery was committed by a white woman with a blonde ponytail. He left the scene with a black man with a beard and a mustache in a yellow car. What were the chances of of kind of a random couple fitting that description right home and although he said, you know that this is I'm just making this up basically. Yeah. Yeah, they they worked out they all they did they estimated those chances in the court case. So they said like roughly one-in-ten cars is is yellow roughly one-in-four men in nineteen. Sixty-eight had a mustache. Yeah, roughly one in ten women wore their hair in a ponytail a roughly one-in-three white women had blond hair and roughly one-in-ten black men had a beard and right also, which is a weird at extra thing off. The fact that they are an interracial couple was like one in a thousand one in a thousand couples are mixed race or interracial California Inc in California a long time. Yes, okay, even though the sixties but no they didn't look that stuff up. Oh, yes. They just like they asked the maths teacher wage. Do you think yeah, would you recommend any came up with these numbers and the prosecutor went? All right, then let's let's put those numbers down in a table and the math teacher testified to the fact that when you are mixing capabilities when you're adding one probability to another basically you multiply them together. Yeah, because you know, if you have if you flip a Fair coin twice the chance of getting heads on the first name is a half the chance of getting heads on two flips in a row as a quarter cuz you multiply 1/2 by 1/2. So what they did is they multiplied all of those those probabilities together and they came up with one in twelve million rough. So that was their their Theory long as basically what they what they had worked out was if you pick a couple at random, there's a one in twelve million chance that they will be an interracial couple. The black man has a beard no mustache. The woman is white with a ponytail and blond hair and they have a yellow car right one in twelve million. So they turned that into that that means there's a one in twelve million chance that we've got the wrong people here cuz like cuz it's so unlikely that any given couple is going to fit all these descriptors. Yeah, that's not how it works. That's not how any of this is just going. Well, it's really unlikely that it's there and then absolutely so yeah the what they should have done and here's where they missed the cut off. Don't is the fact that these couple this couple fits all those descriptions given that what is the chances that they are the people were looking for? That's the question that they needed to ask and that is not a one in twelve million chance. It's I mean, in fact that the mats has been done on that. Right, right and the probability that a second couple is distinctive as the one described by the prosecution's witnesses exceeds four out of ten. So there's like a there's a 40% chance basically that there is another couple in that area in California in the Los Angeles area who who might have been, you know, possibly at the scene or or could have been at the scene could fit that description. So well as a lot lower that's yeah, absolutely. Yeah, so so that becomes the the chances that you've just randomly got the right one becomes like a just two out of five counts. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, which is a lot of three out of five three out of five cuz there's a 40% chance that there yeah, there's another which you wouldn't and you kind of go. Well. Okay. Well, that's not a that's not enough to prosecute anyone. You know, we've we've only got three out of five chances of the right people. Therefore we will keep looking. Yeah. Absolutely, you know, we and we were listening to their Alabama go. Well. Yeah that kind of corresponds with the fact that we probably haven't got the right person and you weren't there at the time and you haven't worn a bit for a week and we haven't had Popeye Doyle staking out every song Yellow VW in the city. So and and the thing is another part of this is that they actually when they worked out those probabilities or just guessed at them one thing they didn't consider wage. Is the fact that some of those those are related like example a black man with a beard might be more likely to have a mustache than yes a person without a beard down. So those two let's see was a devotee of Abraham Lincoln. Yeah. Yeah more Amish of that. Yeah, I'd say probably less than one in twelve million. But yeah, and and and the fact that you have picked in in your conditional probabilities a black man and a white woman and then added an interracial couple. I mean by definition if if one of the couple is black man and a white woman. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's what they are and and that you've added on to, you know, raise it down the power of ten. Yeah. It's like employing the infinite probability drive on the highway. Doesn't it? They go. Well, it's not impossible. It's just massively improbable. So we'll put those numbers in Iraq and you know how it turns, you know, the probability that we're all knitted from wool is from that's more probable than the fact that we can get from this point in the universe to the other in three days. Yeah. Yeah just crazy. So did the it must have been thrown out the Note 8 of them were convicted. Oh and it was it was I mean, once that had been established they there were some other things that kind of pointed at suspicion rather than like, I think Malcolm home Criminal record and he had paid a couple of traffic fines with a similar amount of money to the money the amount of money that was claimed was stolen and things like that. But but it's often very circumstantial. Yeah, and and the the conviction there appears was very much based on the the kind of the statistics and the probability that was touted in court by the prosecutor and and the projects are very clearly made the case that because the probability of finding a random couple with their with these descriptors is one in twelve million. That means there's only a one in twelve million chance that we got the wrong people. Yeah, which is yeah, if not how that works. No, it was it was overturned on appeal. But but yes, they they were affected in the original case and what they offer twelve million, I think any Jesus. Yeah. Wow. Wow thoughts on a second example a bit closer to home is a solicitor called Sally Clark who in nineteen ninety nine was convicted of the murder of her first two children and basically three years earlier her first child Christopher had died just under three months old and it was diagnosed basically as an infant death syndrome cot death SIDS. Yeah, just over a year later her second child Harry died at the age of two months and because it's rare for there to be two bath. Two children in a family dying of of sudden infant death syndrome. It was questioned. It was looked into and basically they decided that it was suspicious off and yeah part of that. Well, a lot of that was based on the the the statistics of it the probability of something like that happening when when was this 1990? All right. So I'm just wondering whether it was in the febrile atmosphere that brought about all those Foundation lists child abuse. Accusation that kind of satanic around as well. Yeah. Yeah. It's probably a bit. Yeah, right. Okay. Yeah and so in the trial they called a law highly respected expert in the field of child abuse a man called Professor Roy Meadow who had written a textbook about it and and that kind of stuff and what he did was look at the rates for SIDS incidents in different kinds of households and and different risk factors and they were looking at things like whether anyone in the household smokes whether people in the household had had a job. Basically if you have least one person with a job in the house, there's a lower risk of death and stuff like that. They found it in this particular household doing of risk factors and the risk. Therefore of one child dying of cot. Death is one in eight hundred 8543 live births dead. Right and then what Professor Meadow did who is not a statistician but a doctor is thought. Okay. Well two children that's that's m a x 2543 X 1-in 8543 which gives you approximately one in seventy-three million chance that this would this would have happened by chance. Yeah, so they did the same thing and said, well there's yeah exactly what so it's obviously deliberate. Yeah. Well, first of all that's wrong just the statistics of that. I mean even at the time even in fact in the the study by the confidential inquiry into sudden infant sudden death in infancy life studying that he was quoting those incidents numbers from even in that study. They talk about other risk factors like the fact that male children are more likely to have said Staffing. Female children and and various other factors, but also they talked about the possibility of hereditary or familial diseases or or factors that might influence that wage. Obviously you could be genetically predisposed to to children in one household in one family. Yeah, there may be genetic factors. There may be environmental factors, you know, there may have been sleeping in the same nest. Yep. For example, they are going to share a lot of factors in common. So assuming that those are two independent incidences and just squaring the number is wage usually insane. Yes, but also then deciding that because the chances of that happening to this particular family is one in seventy-five million therefore by far the more likely option is that she murdered her children? Yeah is yeah. Yeah, that's not yet. It works. No. No because yeah, that becomes a kind of a false dilemma. Yeah, it was all adults wanted some million chance or she killed. Yes, there were no no other there's a couple of factors here base rate fallacy based on the fact that something only happens one in seventy-three million times means it happens. Yeah. It's a lot of people and therefore one in seventy-three million things happen. Sometimes one slight alternative name for this fallacy that I've seen is reductio AD unlikely, which is basically saying that just because something seems really really unlikely to happen doesn't mean it's impossible. And if you act like it's impossible then then you're committing a fantasy obviously and and that's basically we'll Roy Meadows did hear this was true age. Is if one in seventy-three million is is there for the chance that that they had the wrong reason that these children had died innocent Factor God. It's so unlikely. So therefore they must be guilty. That's the fallacy, isn't it? That's yeah, I mean essentially wrong. Yes. It's it's it's so unlikely that this would happen that the only other option really is another thing I can think of and and what they haven't done here is the conditional which is given cuz what they've looked at. The one in seventy-three million is for a random family home. Hm. What are the chances if you pick a family then they have two children. It's a one in seventy-three million chance that those children were both died of cot death. What what they're looking down here is for a family given that both of this families children have died of cot death. What is the chance that that was actually the cause so, you know in a yeah. Yeah, you've already got this has already happened. Yeah. So so in this particular family where two of the children have died the old static was caught dead. Are actually reasonably High. Yeah, the old the mother murdered her two babies. That's quite rare to yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was my next question. Yeah. So if you want. Yeah, he's possibly loaded one and then the other yeah, what he does is force you to look at the fact that this has happened and therefore let's look at the cause rather than a so it's so unlikely. Therefore can't have happened. No. No, it's just rare to have happened. Yeah, but it's happened. One of the witnesses happened one of the witnesses Who provided home during the pre-trial proceedings. So before the jury was there said that according to his own research into repeat unexpected infant deaths in in other words second death in the same family one third were caused by a rare, but but known natural causes, so not SIDS but another medical cause one third were associated with child abuse, so probably murder and 1/3 were dead. Sudden infant death syndrome. So even among his own data two-thirds of the cases were not murders. Yeah of two children dying in the same family. Yeah, which kind of if you use that data gives this a likelihood of you know, a two two in three chances of Sally Clark being innocent am so yeah again, unfortunately, she was convicted on that basis on on statistics on the probability again, it was overturned on appeal. But yeah, I mean her life was utterly destroyed in life. Yeah. She she became alcoholic and died soon after but it was a horrific miscarriage of justice and it was based on a doctor trying to be a statistician and using those statistics completely wrongly and yeah just not approaching it from the right direction approaching it as if they did they had no information about this case and they were starting from scratch. We're actually they had a lot of information. So to lighten the tone a bit and and also to illustrate the the the mind fucknis of this is yeah. It's an interesting job that kind of uses this a bit. It's called the boy or girl Paradox. So right imagine a situation where you have a new family move in next door to you and you know, they have two children dead. Yep, and you see one of the children in the garden and it's a boy. So what are the chances that there are other child is a girl. So I got you two children, you know, they got two children two children will see what I'm saying. It's a boy. Yeah, what are the channels? Is there other child girl. Well could be the other the other options. I could be a boy or it could be a girl. So one would think we'll it's one into you would 50% you yeah. Yeah, you'll be surprised to find that the odds are actually two thirds likelihood that it's a girl. Yeah that is counter-intuitive. So there's some something there that I'm not quite happy there. It's Thursday what 50% but it's actually two thirds cuz you might think and I certainly did for a read this that that those two pieces of data are independent of each other right the fact that the fact that you've seen a boy. The other child is is either a boy or a girl we obviously recognized there are not only two genders. This is for the dog. Yeah, it's testing purposes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but yes assuming that then then yeah boy or girl essentially there's there's in the population roughly 51% female to 49% male. So yeah, you would think wanting to so here's the the reason for that essentially is that when you know that there are two children and let's assume they're different ages. They're not twins. Yeah, so there's four possible kind of permutations of that. There's this boy boy older boy younger girl. older girl younger boy and girl girl Right, correct. Yep. Yep, and those are all equally likely so you're you know you the chances of a couple having the first child who is a a boy is 50% and then it works out. It's a quarter. It's 25% charged each time, right? But cuz you've seen a boy in the garden, you know that the girl girl option is not on the table, right? Yep, which leaves you with three possible options right two of which include a girl? The yeah, the older boy younger girl older girl younger boy options. Yep, boy boy is on his one of three equally likely options. Right. Okay. So so each one. Each of those three options is a 33% chance and cuz there's two of those options include a girl. There's there's a 66.6% chance that the other child is a girl it sounds weird. And yeah, and as I said, yeah, this is one where it's really difficult to get ahead around. Yeah, and this and there is contention around this even among mathematicians people say, well, you know, there are there are groups which they well that's clearly nonsense. And here's why and there's other groups that say know it's obviously wrong and here's why yeah. Yeah is it is difficult to get your head around and and the fact is that if you knew that the boy that you saw was the older child of the two then produced any further, right? Okay. Yeah. Yeah, and and that's the weird thing about conditional probability is when you have more or less information actually changes the probability of something you don't yet know well and the fact that you don't Exact conditional piece of information until account reflects how we are as human exactly. Yeah apart from the guy that invented base theorem who wasn't called Bay. Yeah. He was something else. Yeah. There was a magazine columnist named Marilyn vos Savant who asked her she talked about this Paradox in her column and she asked her readers for information. She asked him if he came from a family with two children one of whom is Michelle. What is your other child is a boy or a girl and the response that she got from her readers was that in 65% of cases. The other tribe was a girl. Wow, and this is a reasonably good sample size is about Seventeen eighteen thousand readers that she had that response to the survey. Yeah. So yeah, she she kind of tested the mats and it worked so yeah. Wow, it's it's and yet and how does that sit with? Yeah, that's there's the computer. She was fit socially putting in that conditional wage. Yeah. Yeah, and if you're one of your two children must be a boy. Yeah. Yeah. Well I did but it's at odds with you know, it's about fifty-fifty 51-48, you know a break in a ratio of girls to boys in the world and yet I guess well, cuz the condition is those people that have children and who's first born is a boy. Yeah, or at least one of his then what's yeah, there's the because you've got to take into account the unspoken conditionals. So we're going to we're going to play fake news folks. I love the game. It's a great game. I understand the game as well as anybody as well as anybody. Yes. It's time for fake news the game worried out three Trump quotes two of which are real and one I made up and Mark has to figure out which one is fake news. See I'm a bit further the ratio of 60 / 26 says a much higher ratio of score than than the other way around when I think it's unfair that you suck. Wake you read the smaller number over the biggest. It's just you know, it's patently what are the chances of that happening? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well the chances of you getting one right choice so far. If you look at if we're given given all of the ones that we've played so far off 26 out of 60, but who knows what could happen this time that is not necessarily predictive of of this particular instance. So the the theme this week is just Trump has I mean, I think since he's returned from from a hospital has just been even crazier his rallies. He's just he's kind of lost in and nobody nobody is kind of going. Yeah, you know, what we shouldn't have given him those. Yeah. It's just test drugs. We shouldn't have let him out. Yes. Yeah. So one that I haven't used this week, which was because I think it's it's you may have seen it already dead. Was was his appearance Erie where he basically said, you know, I don't want to be here. Yeah, that weird thing what you said if if it hadn't been for the fact that I'm losing wouldn't be here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah when it all the trails like Yay, thanks for coming home so weird. But yeah, I thought you'd probably have heard that one sec tap the Metro experience with it cuz it was he just saying any old shit and they would just cheer as he just realized it was he just playing them he couldn't be asked any longer. Yeah. Basically I can call these people Rubes and they'll still cheer. Yeah. Yeah, and they they did but yeah. Yeah, it's just crazy. This is stuff. He said at rallies because he's been accelerating if anything is his number of rallies that he's done least on I think three and a day at some point and Ed. But yeah, he's I mean obviously he hasn't got much to talk about so he's doing the greatest hits the you know, you could Hillary and and all of that stuff but he occasionally comes out with something novel. And so these are some things that he said, he's not quite so often. Okay. So statement number one. Yeah. I spoke to Netanyahu the other day. He's a great they call him B B B B. I don't know why he likes I guess but you know, I've met a lot of great people since I've been I've met a lot of not-so-great people to let me tell you some of the not-so-great people. I don't even want to say names some of them you might be surprised with some of them had very important jobs, but they don't now okay, too. He's getting tired of hearing about covert. Currently. He said that's all I hear about it. Now, that's all I hear turn on television covid-19 covered covered covered covered covered a plane goes down five hundred people dead. They don't talk about it covid-19 covered covered by birth. On November 4th, you won't hear about it anymore. It's true David. Koven. Please don't go and vote covert. Please do not under any certain. You cannot go and vote. For the hell. Okay, and number three? Yeah. I said first lady and why the most handsome president ever? Yes. Absolutely. I said who could taught me? Well, she said well JFK was good looking but nothing like you nothing like you darling now you go home and you see this crazy CNN fortunately their ratings are terrible, which is great, but you'll see them say Donald Trump said he's better than looking than JFK you'll see they're sick people. Oh my God, this is troubling as ever more increasingly. Perhaps they've just got so unhinged right anything, you know, we could switch on the AI generator again and it would just it would come up with stuff that's more cogent than than that. I quite liked the look of the covid-19 code 1 and that back please don't go and vote sounds and on November 4th, you won't hear about it anymore cuz it would just be switched off cuz that fits into his granddaughter home, isn't it? Yeah, it's all hopes. Yeah. Yeah. I'm kind Yahoo! Some yeah that yeah. Okay. All right. I'm going to go for I think number three is the one that you made up. Okay. So if the other two you think the covid-19 is moss I do. Yeah. Yeah so number two. Yeah. Yes. Yeah real that's all I hear about now. That's all I had turn on television. I covered covered covered covered covered a plane goes down five hundred people dead. They don't talk about it go over and covered covered by the way in November 4th. You won't hear about it. Anyway, off-road. Go ahead. Go ahead. Please don't go and vote Kelvin. Please do not under any second. Have you cannot go out and vote when nobody's saying that all are they and and actually you could say anything and then say well they don't talk about that cuz everyone's off. Ultimately the vote for the party and then vote for him. What he does and so weird. It's a weird comparison to draw that the government that the media aren't talking about. Like if a plane went down and five hundred people died. Yeah, because a lot more than five hundred people have died. Yeah. Yeah basically in it'll be a relief apparently. Yeah that many if in fact last eight months a plane with five hundred people on had gone down twice a day every day. Yeah. That's how many people have died if the if that wasn't being covered by the media fucking hell. Yes. Exactly and it would be the funniest. Yeah. And if and if that happened if two planes like they'd home be like big are buses to carry five, but I don't know what kind of planes carry five hundred people but if two are buses went down every day for eight months and the American president was like, yeah, we'll learn to live with it. Yeah. King hell and also cuz cause as safety has gone up since he's been president. So, you know, he wouldn't happen so often he would blame that on sleepy Joe or Hillary or Obama. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Exactly. So you also get that number one Israel. I think the Netanyahu one is real and number one is yeah, fake news. Oh nice good work. And I'm honest that is completely sometimes I base them on things. He said this one I realized about ten minutes before we started recording. I hadn't done the fake fake news just and I thought if I could change something what I just wrote like stream-of-consciousness. Yeah, and I guess so good reason to be trumpian is because he just that whole thing of well what got me off Was that you can hear him this hear himself say something which then leads him off down a path as though he's being interviewed, but obviously not cuz there's tough questions involved. But but it kind of goes, you know, I've met a lot of great people. I've met a lot of not-so-great people. Let me tell you and then he goes off on the list and it just it's it's an infinitely bouncing off. Yeah, just get zero that's why I was going for was was no coherence know really know that is pretty thoughts following on from the previous. Yeah. Yeah tastic wage even that little well, I don't know why they called him that I guess he liked it kept. No, that's not the reason people just end up with nicknames you make up nicknames of all time. You fool. Yeah. Wow, so the oh my God, that means then that means he's comparing himself with JFK here and indeed that when CNN report that With the sick. Yeah, here we go. Okay. I said first lady am I the most handsome president ever? Yes, absolutely. I said who could drop me while she said? Well, JFK was good looking but nothing like him nothing like you don't now you go home. You see this crazy, unfortunately their ratings and terrible which is right, but you'll see them say Donald Trump said he's better looking than JFK. He'll say that's sick people. I mean, he literally did just say that he he put it in the mouth of Melania. Yeah, but he literally just said it. Yeah, and then then CNN so on which this was aired say, he says he's better looking at home. Yeah, you just it's like I'm bigger than Jesus. Well, he almost said that as well. Yeah recently, didn't he? Yeah, that kind of yeah. I am, you know, there's only one person bigger than me right now is Jesus the kind of perverse flipping on its head of what was you know, the the Republicans accused the the Bible Belt accused Lennon of saying it's just well the fuck yeah indeed. So unfortunately that means that you did. Well, I don't mind losing to that cuz one month. Yeah, yeah, just go for a particularly since you took like a minute right now. It just shows you what Trump you know, how much yeah how much we started. You know. We definitely need help but just go buy it. Yeah, we just we know how to do it. No. Yes, it's time for the part of the show that this week at least it's called but his emails is not a logical fallacy. It's an a merry because because they decided that email scandals worked in 2016. So I don't try it all over again and do that. Yeah and trying yeah, that's right off the coast of Hillary Clinton crooked Hillary who you know disappeared not in jail, but you know has disappeared from the scene. And yeah, so what's that syndrome? And let's make up some emails stuff. This is amazing. So Debbie listen to the recording of the interview with the guy who yeah who owned the shop. So this is a guy to Isaac is his I think his surname MacIsaac. Yeah John Paul Mac. That's right, John Paul MacIsaac who runs a a computer repair shop in Delaware Hunter Biden incident. He lives in La who got Lane Orland. Yeah, he claims that Hunter Biden brought in three laptops black one with with water damage that he wanted fixed or at least the data recovered from or something like that then took to walk away again, but left one with him in the shop. Yeah, but he's not sure it was Hunter Biden cuz he's blind it's a medical he's dead. Yeah, he's say he is registered blind apparently, which is something amazing for a computer repair person. Well Saudi, yeah, but I'm like mac Isaac was born to it really wage. So yeah, yeah and and and of the the remaining laptop the remaining MacBook that was left at this shop, which he charged $85,000 for to repair to I guess back up. I all restore the data and yeah, and that was just that was just left their name came back for it. No. No, so after a while as all respectable computer software engineers and computer Home Maintenance people do he thought of thought recovery most overlooked. Yeah. What was on there? Yep. Yep. Yeah, and and he found some very suspicious emails wage. And and and thought best thing to do with these is call the FBI obviously. Well, that's the most yeah, depending on which bit of his testimony you listen to ya some listen to all of it. Yeah some sense of it which lasted 10 seconds are bear no relation a subsequent ten seconds so that it's a very interesting lesson, but some yeah, some of it says that the FBI contacted him for help with restoring the later because cuz like I'm sure he's the FBI's go-to guy for that stuff. They don't have any well-sorted charges $5. Yeah. It keeps it for a year before, you know, yeah. Yeah, but also rather than just getting out to the FBI make sure that he takes a copy and give start to Route Giuliani wage. Yes, if there's one person that you can trust with sensitive data. Yeah, it's Rudy to make sure that you know that you don't get killed like life Rich. Yeah got threatened with yeah, if you're if you're on a if you are a fan of an adherent to conspiracy theories, then you've course you'd go to bed. Of course. Yeah, he's you know, he's he's a guardian angel when it comes to yeah, frightening the bejesus out of you and convincing you to that. Yeah. See I'm I will walk all the way through this. I'm going any minute now Jacob world. It's going to pop up. Absolutely. Yeah. I I totally thought well, they've been taking notes from from Jack burkman and Jacob and they've they've been like Consulting on how to do. Yeah a political Scandal. Yeah from the two guys in jail. Yeah. Yeah well and and actually some of the not only of these thoughts Sales, you know Georgie in in the extreme. No, no apparent dates. No, nothing that chorus. Well, that's mostly screenshots. No, no, nothing. You can check know so, you know, and it's not without not outside the realm of possibility that the Mac Mac Isaac with his registered Blind Faith might be able to offer if you can operate a computer repair shop. He's probably able to operate Photoshop. Yeah. Yeah, they they were guiliani took them to the New York Post. And so it was reported in this was all reported kind of broken in the New York Post Smoking Gun emails and and they had not been verified by any actual newspaper know that that like very The Washington Post New York Times. Every one has contacted the new york-based and said, okay. Give us the date of birth. The information, you know, we we will also look at it and we will report on what we find and they they basically here review. Yep said no and you can't get the metadata cuz it's just screenshots and Off the Wall Street Journal thought to say yeah, these are just screenshots. There's no metadata. Perhaps we ought not to take them at face value. They get this stuff from they didn't even contact the bank campaign just says like say look we've got these things. What do you think? Can you give us a quote then? Yeah any of that also wash the Wall Street Journal opinion page reported on this entirely credulously and a few days out of the Wall Street. Journal News Pages said, that's bullshit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I didn't I have corroborating emails from other jailbirds. Well, they yeah, I mean the thing is this is all been filtered through criminals because yeah, yep. I mean apart from Rudy who has claimed that the the attacks. In fact, he's claimed that the Borat film that's just come out on Amazon Prime right is in response to aged him kind of revealing truths about Democrats, which is interesting because it was filmed over the last couple of years and and this is only coming out next week. So but I've seen the horror film and he does not come across. Well, right I cuz he's been duped by. Yeah birth. He's he's been duped by Wilco in and and his co-star into doing an interview and then heading into her bedroom for a drink and they're both going down on the bed and and claims. He was tucking his shirt in but his hands were down his his yeah front of his pants. I mean birth Quick. It's a quick shot it possibly maybe he was tucking his shirt in it's a fucking weird way to do it. I've never lied down on a bed to type my shirt in no. No, cuz this is thought we will come on top. It's you know, we watch episodes of Jean-Luc Picard friend in his show every time he stands up. Yes. Yeah. So yeah, he doesn't doesn't do well. Anyway, he's claimed that that that's due to us. But yeah, it was largely publicized through obviously New York Post, but also Steve Bannon who is currently under indictment for fraud. Yeah and and Page the people who have come out with kind of corroborating emails are Hunter Biden's like unhappy business partners Toni Braxton. Ski and Bevan Kumi Kumi who are both in fact, I think Bethany is actually imprisoned at the moment. Yeah. Yeah and and Berlin, New Jersey Is fighting a fraud case at the moment as well. Yeah, and yeah and understand the reasons slightly trustworthy at all no money. And and also none of the stuff that they've got implicates Joe Biden in anyway, it's really weird the worst stuff. They can come up with and it's like there's The Smoking Gun email is from the Charisma board adviser vadum push us key from April 2015, and it says log in to thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together. It's real T and honor and pleasure. And first of all, the there's no evidence that Hunter Biden reply to that email. It's not clear from that that it that the meeting actually happened. It says thank you for inviting me to be giving me an opportunity to meet your father. Yeah, it's there's no indication that anything other than meeting. His father might have happened like yeah, that's it. Yeah, and and and there's no evidence that that meeting actually happened. Yeah. We're at though there's a lot of evidence that things between dodgy Russians. Yeah in the and members of Trump's family took place several times on Trump property wage and it's all been corroborated by such luminaries as the CIA FBI. Yeah, so, you know stop rather than. Gigi's is doing time in Rome. Choki sending emails that kind of go. Yeah, he's done it. All right. Yeah, and bubble in skis emails are mostly about a deal that they were trying to set up doubling skin and Hunter Biden and business associates of theirs with with a Chinese energy Tong phoon in May 2017. So when Joe Biden wasn't vice president anymore, right and and they had a choice of split of the equity it says at the moment, there's provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed as follows 20 H, 20 r w 20 J G 20 TB tense, Jim and 10 held for by H for the big guy question mark so the bubble in ski claims that the big guy is Joe Biden, but the there's a question mark After it, so it's like shall we also keep 10% for Assuming? He's telling the truth Joe Biden and and then later on message stays later Hunter says his chairman who is also assumed by the People by Fox News certainly to be Joe Biden gave him an emphatic no money. So so this this evidence appears to show that after Biden was vice president after he stopped being vice president his son and some business associates tried to set up a deal with a Chinese energy Tycoon that actually never happened offered him 10% of the deal and he said no. Yeah, so he said no to a deal that didn't happen. Yeah when he wasn't holding public office. Okay, so why we why we bothered about that this whereas Trump hating the White House. If not already there hosted on his property in a meeting between him his son. That was Sunday law some you know, yeah. Yeah, we thought Russians who were going to give him information in exchange for favors. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well like I say, yeah same pass the same thing but yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah and the all of Trumps family and all those right wing media working. Why aren't the media reporting on this very important information? Yeah. Yeah. Well the media is going yeah cuz it looks bullshit. Yeah, nothing nothing to report, you know plane has gone down with five hundred people on it. We have avoided that so why would we bother with a couple of hits neighbors are all contacts emails? So God. They just desperately clawing at the Playbook from 2016, you know in and also Rally's Tony bilinski was apparently taken by Trump to the office to the last debate at the final debate as like as guest but berlinsky was neither mentioned nor shown on camera at the debate. So he must just been sitting there the whole time thinking. Yeah. This is this is my mean I'm going to be famous and I mean to be fair if if he had mentioned him. Everyone would have been like who who's that? Yeah. Where is that? He was right in the line of fire of Joe Biden and he had gone down to your days. So what's your relationship to me? Well, I managed to leak this made-up email about a deal where you used to have 10% of something that didn't happen often. Yes, the news is that there's there's some very sketchy evidence that basically nothing happened birth. Is so there's nothing happens to toll it's very little evidence to support that. Yeah, so it might get lucky. Yeah, so that actually means that there's there's kind of a negative event because the evidence of support that nothing happened is itself. G, which kind of rack is it below zero just if we multiply the probability together, so fortunately there's now as this this podcast comes out less than a week ago before this. Well, it's not over let's face it. It's not a v over. First of all certainly is not to be able to have January but even election night it's going to be over but the beginning of the end. Yeah for Thursday. We at least didn't have to last that much longer. But yeah, I mean there's this was the October surprise. I mean Jesus going boat teach him a lesson wage. Yes, let's try and prevent it all put him out of his misery. Send send him back to a hospital where they can fill him up with steroids again, and we need never hear of him again. I'm finally some things. We really don't have time to talk about after refusing to take part in a virtual second debate because he really wanted to try to infect Biden Trump opted instead for a town hall at him off at the exact same time as Biden's town hall or ABC NBC Savannah Guthrie are some questions which the right-wing media described as ambushing Trump including asking him why he retweeted a conspiracy theory of birth and Biden having SEAL Team Six killed to cover up the fact that they didn't really kill Osama Bin Laden. He claimed that since it was only a retweet it was fine and Guthrie told him you're the president, you know, someone's crazy uncle who can retweet whatever Mary Trump would like a word the following week the 3rd, or is it technically the second debate happened and Trump showed us all what it's like when he life or quietly the simple fact, he didn't have to be physically restrained amend that much of the media applauded his new tone for the God knows how many time but the lies came so thick and fast at CNN fact Checker Daniel. All set fact-checking Trump was like I Love Lucy and the Chocolate Factory came to make sure his lies also had just enough racism in to please his base Trump claimed that catching and releasing at the border men that only took one percent of immigrants with the lowest IQ showed up to their court dates. It's very on brand of trump to assume the only reason people would follow the rules as if they're stupid and equally on brand to be about as wrong as you age be according to data from the transactional records Clearinghouse 99% of asylum-seekers show up to their court dates and 75% of immigrants overall. Yep faith in the run-up to Christmas nineteen sixty nine a billboard was rented in Times Square that declared war is over if you want it happy Christmas and John and Yoko charming and it's naivety. It's still managed to stir the edge of the then Republican Administration to begin a six-year campaign through the FBI to deport Lennon from America cuz he was intimately connected with the hearts and minds of the young and active voting populace and Thursday. Seem to be dangerous to the incumbent leader fifty odd years later on Trump's own horrible John Yoko mashup. Jovanka have been shown how they're not at all in touch with any people except themselves, maybe each other now, probably not when the Lincoln project took out possibly even the very same billboard emblazoned with Ivanka doing a game show host revealed of the magic numbers of New Yorkers and Americans dead from Trump's non handling of the virus and Jared standing beside body bags and his own words New Yorkers are going to suck and that's their problem and to exacerbate the entitled White Privilege message the two petulant toddlers then threatened to sue the link and project with really big things cuz it's not fair and never you mind that he did say that and those numbers are correct or that pesky First Amendment. We are so fond of referring to when we're being offensive just you wage. See one feels the power of wait till I tell my dad who turns out isn't the mafia Don. He thinks we think he is at all after all fails to carry the weight. They think it does not go right ahead. The Lincoln project said tweeting Jared and Ivanka. I've always been entitled out-of-touch bullies who've never given the slightest indication. They have any regard for the American people we place on showing them the same level of respect and soda where I think the letter that jovanka wrote to the Lincoln project was was penned by birth Trump lawyer Marc kasowitz who ended it by saying something like if you don't take it down basically will sue you for what will probably be an enormous amount of money or something. I'm not really big thing will happen. Yeah, right. Yeah, and I think if Java Anchorage Jordan Yoko, I think that somehow both Yoko the only way that ye Yeah, no. Yeah Trump keeps making the mistake of sitting down for interviews with actual journalists and then being amazed when it does not go well for him last week. It was Leslie style of sixty minutes turn and she opened up by asking Trump if he was ready for some tough questions. He said he was not and thus the tone was set for the interview-style kicked off really tough one that Trump could possibly have prepared for why do you want to be re-elected around 30 minutes in Trump decided to end the interview early, but what Lesley Stahl and her team didn't know was that Trump the genius had a place in the four-dimensional Chess Master outsmarted everyone at sixty minutes by releasing the full video of him whining like a little bitch about how he can't cope with tough questions on his Twitter account a few days before it would are home vs. Yeah that showed them. Yeah. Yeah didn't edit it at all. No, just the whole thing out saying. Well, yeah, we'll get this out before dead. So so that you can see the fake news merely stating me silly ass just in case you were worried that you're worried is that this world has been completely fact of life and in no small part due to the idiocracy of neuron Trump and his Vaudeville circuit dictator act like the calm Rocksteady conservatism of the grand old party fowl assure you that your fears are being delusional are completely unfounded. It's official. We are living on planet Fubar cuz they've announced in all seriousness that the top two policies for long out for you in the next term in office are established permanent man presence on the moon send the first manned mission to Mars. Yep. Can't do anything about who else failed to make America great again this time around. Let's get off the planet and fuck up another one whilst calling to mind Douglas Adams idea to send all the useless people off to another world under the month. Apprehension that they're going ahead of everyone else to establish working government's hairdressing salons and artisanal coffee bars where you go down and you first you can be the king of an entire table it goes on to list build world's greatest infrastructure system and establish National high-speed wireless internet Network. So yeah, no hint of tackling the virus crisis be the dismantling of representational democracy see the tanking economy and the the plight of out-of-work Steel Workers and Farmers through ignorant trade deals dope thousand still could be worse UK government could be calling their track and Trace system. Similarly moonshot Mission. Oh, no wait with the thing is about releasing these plans for the next term after the last debate is Trump's main tactic in the final debate was to say to Joe any anytime Joe said song. He would do if elected Trump said well, why didn't you do it when you were Vice President? Yeah, and and Biden couldn't use the same tactic because Trump hasn't said anything he'll do. Yes. Yeah now that they have like build world's greatest infrastructure system. Yeah, you couldn't even get an infrastructure week happening in your first four years. Yeah. Yeah. Yes quite yeah. Yeah, they could dismantle he's dismantled possibly the world's one of the world's greatest infrastructure. Just yeah, and yeah, and if not, if not, the world is infrastructure. Yeah itself. Yeah reporters noticed last week that Mitch McConnell seems to be rotting from the inside out with horribly discolored Band-Aid adorned hands and bruises on his face like normal humans, they asked if he was okay and like Mitch McConnell, he lied that there was nothing wrong. And no concerns about his health, which is definitely that guy in the zombie movies who claims he hasn't been bitten just so he doesn't get left behind even though he knows he's about to turn into a soulless monster who destroys everybody's lives by refusing to even take a vote on hundreds of bills that have been passed by the house and ramming through a supreme court nominee. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. He's also a zombie probably wage. What is Did I don't know well either you know, I I want to see what's going on up his sleeves. That's something he's I think he's died and they're just keeping him. It's like a Weekend at Bernie's Thursday. Yeah until they until they get through the election. Yeah, and then they'll say, you know a switch him. He said yeah, you've been dead for three months. Yeah. It's fucking weird. Yes. She is showing basically is what it is. It's coming through his skin. Either that or his wife had just actually they are kind of defensive wounds. I suspect it's got scratches on his arms, you know, his wife is just taking a bath an axe to him every walked in X. Pickaxe handle across the face. You Can't Blame A Frank Lowe. Well, it's quite yeah you go for it those bastions public order and stability in Fresno, California the Baptist Church the Fresno County Republican party headquarters and the local gun shops for chrissake have all been proving that voter fraud is real dead. For attempting to commit voter fraud these locations are listed by the local Republican party headquarters as secured drop off points for Barrett's and they're not so sure they are that people who vote will vote Democrat that they're putting apparently officially sanctioned boxes where law-abiding God-fearing gun-toting voters go presumably to take them once for them to the nearest GOP sanctioned drop the drop-off box incineration facility. The Californian State Republican party has not responded officially two questions about the boxes, but it has defended. It's a position on Twitter. If a congregation slash business or other group provides the option to its parishioners slash Associates colleagues to drop off their ballot in a safe location with people they trust rather than handing it over to a stranger who knocked on their door what's wrong with that? If you can't see why it is wrong nor indeed see that you committed the fallacy wage. . Emma, then you are not fit to be in charge of the process of voting nor indeed in office. Both of which incidentally are enforceable by law apparently in invoking will self himself wage. I just know that those stupid enough to use the fake boxes will all be Republican voters. Anyway, okay. I know this is going to sound weird but I've got some good news San Francisco legislators have passed a hate crime Bill giving people the right to sue anyone who makes a 911 call to Target people of color basically living while black that's pretty good. The best part is that it's called the caution against racial and exploitive non-emergencies act but it's better known by its acronym the Karen act that is brilliant. Brilliant. It's actually excellent. Well in another week of a peculiarly British Armageddon a soccer player is talking Morse m Anna politician about the need to provide free School meals during the school holidays now that half the country is closed. So no one's in work and can't afford to shop nor go anywhere to eat cuz half the country's closed Minister voted with some relish ironically a foodstuff in the UK to deny an increasing population of food-insecure children a free mail in a throwback to the joys of a traditional dickensian crispy. The first time that no one's actually complaining about how much money football is actually earned in a week compared with say, I don't know health workers teachers Food Bank staff Boris got our see with our hands after they said, okay, we will do what you ask and compromise on some things so we can get to back around the table to talk over this deal of yours. You promised us when the UK voted you in last December that hasn't appeared yet saying they didn't agree fast enough. Ignoring that they didn't know they had to until you flounced out from the talks previously cuz they are some hard questions. Like where's the fucking deal? Do you get voted you in for last December? Etc, etc. And just when the rule of six got augmented with three tiers only weeks after we got used to the three medium high very high levels rather than fix anything like say the 12 billion-pound subscription to Office. 365 Boris is considering introducing TR4 to help explain it all just like he didn't when he couldn't give any details about how long this local lockdowns that aren't National lockdown just every County in the country is an interlocking set of individuals lockdowns might last hurry up with the rock chip seal on the queues are building. So that's all about arguments of faulty reasoning we have time for this episode. You can find the show notes or fallacious trump.com. And if you hear Trump say something stupid and want to ask if it's a fallacy, I'll contact details or on the contact page fifty-three previous, see ourselves. Let us know and if you had a good time, please give us a review on Apple podcast Stitcher or wherever you get your podcast and you can support the show patreon.com where you can access my boss library of extras like all the chapters of Bob Woodward's book fear Trump in the White House and many episodes of us tried to make sense of the Cure non-published thing and invitations of the Great Awakening off and a not-to-be-missed review of the movie Ghost can't do it with Bo Derek and the certain Donald J. Trump just like our newest patrons. Mike Thunder has to e Rachel Addison and resolve dong adopt a policy to do a live show in Cleveland and now strawman level Patron smooth smart brake key and ambar Buchanan and our true Scotsman level top Patron Lauren. Thank you so much every month. We really appreciate your support. You can connect with those awesome people as well as us and other listeners in the Facebook group. Facebook.com Trump all music is by the Albert's and was used with permission in so until next time on fallacious Trump will leave the last word to the Donald. That's right. Go home to Mommy my my

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A Debate to Forget  Ep 615

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

59:29 min | 4 months ago

A Debate to Forget Ep 615

"Peter Schiff Show today's episode of the Peter Schiff Show podcast. Is sponsored by netsuite the business management software that handles every aspect of your business in an easy-to-use Cloud platform. You can schedule your free product or right now at netsuite.com. Well today was the final trading day of the month and of course when you finish up September you also finish off the third quarter and this was a relatively weak month. In fact, this was the worst September since 2011 the S&P ended up down about 4% for the month down didn't quite do his bad. It was only down about 2% the NASDAQ the bigger loser down. 5% on the month Russell 2000 out about three and a half percent. But even though it was a down month, it wasn't up quarter the S&P did gain about a half percent during the third quarter down not quite as good about seven and a half percent and that is next still managed and 11% gain during the third quarter and bring up the rear again a Russell 2000 up just four and half percent on the quarter again. I keep pointing out the weakness in this Index. This is the index that is most closely correlated with the domestic economy with the US businesses and it continues to be the weakest index and I think for good reason because I think the strength of the domestic economy is being drastically overstated and the Russell 2000 shines a little light on that but of course, it wasn't just stocks that were up on the quarter everything was up and what was driving the gains was the FED it was dead. Better reserves commitment to keep interest rates low and to continue to monetize debt that drove the gains in the equity markets gold also up on the quarter up about 6% gain. It was down 4% during the month of September. So pretty similar to the types of declines that you saw in the S&P silver was The Biggest Loser on the month down 18% but despite that drop silver was still up 27% on the quarter outperforming any of the major stock market indexes including the NASDAQ. The dollar also was up on the month, but down on the quarter the dollar Index gained just under 2% in September, but despite that gained it was still down just over three and half percent on the quarter. So pretty much September was a counter-trend move in every asset everything that was wrong. Up on the quarter. Well, it was down on the month and and vice versa bonds relatively flat very little movement on the month in bond yields. They were up a little bit. I think the yield on the thirty-year moved up on the quarter from about 1.4 to about one port four or five. I am still looking for a big move up in interest rates and down and bond prices that move continues to elude me, but I do believe it is coming and I think the longer it takes to happen the bigger it's going to be when it does happen. In fact, I think a lot of fireworks wage will be Unleashed in the fourth quarter. I think it can be a particularly negative quarter for the dollar maybe even for the bond market as well and the stock market. In fact, I read an article it was an op-ed piece by Stephen roach couple of days ago and Steven is one of the main stream guys that I you know have the month. Respect for at least as far as their Outlook or his Outlook as I followed Steven Rhodes for a long time and a lot of the stuff that he said I've agreed with of course, he's always been known as one of the you know, the big bears on Wall Street, but he offered a an op-ed in which he speculated that he fought the US dollar could Collapse by 35% in 2021, which would be a massive decline 35% in the world of currencies is enormous, especially to happen in one year and this is from a guy who's you know, maybe on the age range of the mainstream but still within the mainstream, I mean, I'm you know, I'm Way Beyond the mainstream when I talk but the fact that roach is now saying that he sees the potential and real potential not just a bulb an outside chance like a long shot like a real potential for a 35% decline in the u.s. Dollar right now. The u.s. Dollar Index is about Jake. Her 94 and if it were to decline 35% from here, you're talking about a dollar Index barely above sixty the all-time record low for the dollar Index was just above seventy that was back in 2008. So at 35% decline would crash through that low substantially to get down to 60 and I don't disagree with anything that would even roads Road. It's highly possible that that could happen in twenty Twenty-One. And if it doesn't happen in twenty Twenty-One, well, then it may happen by 2022 But ultimately I think the dollar Index can go a lot lower than sixty I wouldn't be surprised to see it down at forty. I think there is tremendous downside risk and Stephen roach specifically pointed to the current account deficits the trade deficits in a lack of savings the the FED monetary policy. He blamed all of the correct factors for what would ultimately end up driving the dollar down course one of the things that wage Happened during the fourth quarter that could influence all the markets is going to be the outcome of the presidential election and the outcome of the Congressional elections as to whether or not it's going to be the Republicans or the Democrats that end up controlling Senate and if it's a clean sleep by the Democrats that certainly could have some big implications off the markets other than the Republicans maintaining control. I think both are bearish for the dollar. I mean, I think the dollars going to go down regardless of who the next president is and and a party controls Congress. I mean, that should be abundantly clear based on last night's debates, right anybody who Harbors any kind of a hope that Donald Trump is going to turn the situation around. I mean you certainly had those hopes dashed as a result of last night's debate, which I am going to talk about extensively on this podcast, but it's clear to me. The policies that are going to be ran through a democratic Congress and signed by President Biden will put even more downward pressure than the downward pressure gauge that would be applied from Trump and a republican Congress. But get all that too could have implications for the stock market. Clearly a Biden Victory is far more negative for stocks speeds only because he is promising tremendous increases in corporate taxes and on the taxes that corporate shareholders pay on their dividends and capital gains. So the effective tax rate on corporate earnings will rise dramatically into Biden Administration. And so clearly that is a big negative for the US Stock Market the only place for the stock market and abide Administration will be that the economy is so bad that the FED will be doing even more money printing to monetize the larger debts produced by riding the Democrats wage. Money, they're going to print to monetize the somewhat less enormous deficits produced by the Republicans. And so it's all that money printing that may might stock prices go up in real terms stock prices will fall even further because those monetary policies will be more bullish for gold and silver than it will for US stocks. And of course, it will be far more bullish for Global box. Then it will for domestic stocks. So I think however the election ends up I think you're much better off being invested outside the US foreign stocks foreign markets go off silver anything that is unrelated to US economy or the US dollar. In fact before I start talking about the actual debate and maybe I should you know, took the bait kind of in quotes. I mean, it really wasn't a debate. I don't even know if I'd call it an argument. Maybe it was kind of like a schoolyard confrontation of name-calling or something. Like that, but before I actually get into the spectacle that we witnessed. I want to talk a little bit about the backstory that preceded the the debates and that was the New York Times article that came out over the weekend about Donald Trump's taxes. And of course one of the big issues from the 2016 campaign was Donald Trump's refusal to make public his 1040 tax returns and he's been president now for what close to four years and those returns have still not been released. Now, I didn't like the way the way Donald Trump handled the issue of his tax returns initially, right? He said that the reason he didn't want to release them was because he was under audit and he like he was dying them some I really want to release my returns, but you know, I can't do it because I'm under audit and you know, I just as soon as the audit is over. Well, then I'll release him and that seemed like a BS excuse then and it seems like even a big job. BS excuse now because he's basically hiding behind the same excuse. He's still under audit. It's four years later in the audit still ongoing and the problem is if he doesn't release his tax returns now even releases them after the next election. Well, it has no significance anymore. I mean, he keeps promising to release the returns once his audit is finished. But of course what difference does it make once we have off the next election, but I think it does make the president look like he has something to hide because clearly you can release your tax returns when you're under audit there's no rule that says you suck. And in fact people that have the type of income that Donald Trump has are generally audited every year. I mean you would think the IRS would want to spend a lot of time there because that's where they have the chance of getting wage most money if there's something wrong. So there may never be a point in time where Donald Trump is not under audit which means he would never release his taxes. But of course what difference does it make if he releases them after the election. Because now he can't run for a third term so it won't matter what's on those tax returns. But what I think Trump should have done is a been more honest from the beginning and just said look, I don't want to release my tax return. I don't think any presidential candidate should be released in tax returns. I don't think it's anybody's business. I think tax returns should be kept private. I have the required Financial disclosures. So you can see my assets you can see my liabilities but I don't think personal tax returns should be released. I personally I don't believe that either I don't think any candidate should be releasing their tax returns, but they have been doing it. I'm not really sure how long the tradition goes back cuz of course, you know, the founding fathers didn't even Envision something like an income tax or a tax return so clearly there's no requirement that you release those returns in order to run for president. But I think what Trump should have done instead of you know, pretending that oh, I paid all these taxes and and there may have been some years where he paid a lot of taxes off. Would have proudly stated that I paid very little in taxes. I mean that is the goal right? It's not what you make but what you keep I mean if he's selling himself off as being a smart businessman when the smart businessman try to minimize his taxes, I mean what kind of fool would not do that, you know and you know, all these liberal Hypocrites that want to pretend that there's something wrong with Donald Trump using the tax code to minimize his tax liability every one of us. Does that everybody uses whatever deductions and exemptions are available. In fact, most people hire accountants to do their taxes. Why do they do that? Because they think the accountant will save the money because they think the account might know about some deductions wage that they might otherwise Miss and so they want to make sure the pay the lowest tax possible and so they pay extra for a professional to do their taxes so that they can pay less tax. I mean if you just want a job The maximum. Well, you don't need a an accountant. You just take all your income and just pay taxes on it the accountants help you reduce your taxable income right? Because that's what's being taxed. Not your gross income, but what's actually taxable and the accountant can help you minimize your taxable income. I mean even by two now, I read some article he was getting some flak because he wrote a book and he ran a book in come through an S corp that he set up and by doing that the article said that he reduced his taxes over a number of years by about half a million dollars by avoiding the self-employment tax sure. Why not? Of course who wouldn't do that anybody tries to minimize their taxes and if anybody says otherwise, they're a hypocrite and so rather than pretending and bragging about all the taxes you're paying just brag about the fact that you are smart enough to minimize the amount of tax that you did pay. Now you still pay taxes, but you know any money that you send the government is just wasted wage. To the extent that you don't have to send money to Washington. If you actually can invest that money productively in the private sector the country actually benefits more from private investment than government spending now, it would be nice if by limiting the amount of money you send to Washington that would limit government spending right? If we all found ways to reduce the tax revenue sent to Washington if Walsh can responded to that reduction in tax revenue by cutting government spending, then it would be a great success. Unfortunately because of the Federal Reserve whatever we don't send in taxes the FED just prints difference and so they just print up the money that were no longer spending now personally. Yes. I think that paying for government through inflation is worse than paying for through taxation, but it is not the obligation of any citizen to pay tax. In fact, nobody has a patriotic obligation to pay one penny more than they legally owe and what you thought. Leo is not a function of what you earn but what is left over after you use all the available deductions and credits that the law allows and organizing Affairs. So as to maximize your write-offs is not criminal activity and Donald Trump should not try to pretend otherwise, he should have been more upfront with that. And so now, you know, like so many other lies he gets caught up in you know, you get the lie and now you have to keep lying in lying and then it looks more and more ridiculous, which is you know, now how he is reacting to this story. I mean the big news on the story was that for the last couple of years not the last two that the year that Trump was elected president and I think the subsequent year he only paid $750 in taxes. And you know, I have a feeling that that's an accurate statement that the New York Times made. I mean, they haven't released the documentation. They haven't released their sources but they seem pretty confident that that's the number and what are the game? Reasons that I think that's the number and that it's correct is that when Donald Trump was asked, you know, is it true that you only paid $750 in federal income tax in those years instead of directly answering the question which would have been no, it's not true. I mean that would have been a very easy answer if it wasn't true. No, I didn't pay $750. That's your question. Did I pay that off and the story right? But no instead of doing that. He dodged the question and started talking about all the taxes. He paid which of course could include other income taxes New York City tax New York state tax or federal taxes that he might have paid that did not, you know count as part of your federal income tax. And when the the question was ignored the follow-up question again, she said on federal income tax and then the second time Donald Trump responded by saying I paid millions of dollars in federal income tax now, I hope that is dead. Ace I hope that he didn't actually pay $750 because now you know, he could be caught in a lie, because now if the return is in fact made public at the New York Times releases their Source page actually show that he paid $750 in taxes. Well, then that's that's another lie, but it would have been good if the president had a different approach because he could have said sure what's what's wrong. I have finally took seven or fifty dollars. I mean that's seven or fifty dollars too much. I would have liked to a page zero but I couldn't do anything. I had I had a little bit of income and I paid that tax. What is the problem with that? I mean they're trying to infer thought that because he's not paying a lot of taxes that he really doesn't have a lot of income. Well a lot of the deductions that you get are non-cash when you have all the properties all the wrong state that Donald Trump has and you get to depreciate that property that depreciation reduces your income. I mean the New York Times is acting as if all these businesses are losing money, they're not losing money from a dog. Cash flow perspective but from a depreciating perspective they are but you know, a lot of these buildings as you're depreciating them. They're actually a appreciating in value. Right? A lot of property is going up as the IRS get you to write down the supposed depreciation isn't even happening. And of course Donald Trump had a lot of loss carryforwards from the casinos that failed and that's a big bone of contention audit whether or not some seventy eighty million dollar refund. He got one year based on those losses whether or not he really was entitled to it. And apparently if the IRS ends up, you know ruling against that deduction the girl didn't will have to pay the taxes plus interest and penalties which at this point I think run in excess of a hundred million dollars. In fact one thing that's very common for people in the real estate business is as their state is appreciating in the real world and they are writing off the depreciation of that property. They actually go out and borrow more money. They borrow out the appreciation dead. None of that money is taxable because you only pay taxes on money you earn so if I get money by borrowing it, that's not in come to me and so I can pull out a lot of cash and not pay any tax. So for example, let's say I buy a piece of property for a hundred million dollars and it becomes a two hundred million dollar property. It doubles in value if I actually sold the property and not had a a hundred million dollar capital gain assuming I didn't roll it into another purchase and do a 1031 exchange. I would realize a hundred million dollar gain and I would have to pay tax on it off. But if instead of selling the property, I just borrow the hundred million or maybe borrow 50 million against the property and never sell it that money is not taxable at all. So that's how somebody in real estate could spend a lot of money by a lot of stuff but not pay any taxes because they're borrowing money. They're not earning money and then what happens is eventually when they do age All the property as long as they just take the money and buy another piece of property then they're not going to pay any capital gains taxes. And you know now they can borrow even more money as real estate continues to appreciate in price and a lot of it is driven by inflation and depreciation of the dollar but while prices of property are going up and the owners of the property keep pulling out tax free money off the same time, they're writing off the losses because they're depreciating and appreciating asset. So there's all kinds of tax advantages associated with being in the same state industry and being able to borrow tax-free and then right off the interest that you pay on your debt depreciate the property that you own. I mean one of the things that Biden is proposing is aggravating the 1031 exchange which would make it harder to do this. But what's happening with Donald Trump, that's the real estate industry. You know, I've had conversations with people about moving to Puerto Rico who are in, New Jersey Allstate and they tell me look I don't need to move to Puerto Rico why I don't pay any taxes. Now. I'm in real estate. In fact, most real estate people would think there was something wrong with you. If you were in real estate your developer you own a lot of property and for some reason you still ended up paying taxes, right? So the fact that Trump wasn't paying taxes just means he's he understands the real estate market. That's one of the major appeals. You don't like that change the life. I mean that is one of the reasons I don't like the income tax. I think we should abolish it. I don't think people should benefit from the income tax because they're in real estate and other people aren't in real estate don't have these advantages. Of course, everybody has the decision if you like all the tax breaks then go into real estate, but I don't think the government should be artificially Channel allows people to go into the real estate business because of the tax advantages. I don't think the government should Advantage any industry. That's one of the mistakes we make the best way to correct that is to abolish the income tax completely dead. Of course, nobody had a conversation like that during this farce of a debate, but the other angle that the New York Times was using was that look Donald Trump is not really a good business man. His businesses are losing all this money when in fact the losses are accounting only right? He's getting real income. They pointed out his income from The Apprentice which of course The Apprentice income can't be depreciated because it's money he earned from doing a television show, but he was able to use those non-cash losses generated by real estate holdings to offset that the the cash income coming from The Apprentice and other you know, carryforwards that he had. They also made a big deal about the fact that he has four or five hundred million in debt, which may not be a lot of debt in relation to the value of all the properties that are securing that debt now I could imagine that a lot of Donald Trump's businesses are not doing well right now because he's in Leisure and Hospitality wage Hotels golf courses. I mean what the president is involved in has been hit pretty hard I would imagine by by koven and he no longer does The Apprentice right? He got rid of that and that was his biggest money-makers so he's not getting any cats for that. So I wouldn't doubt if maybe the the president's business Empire is having some subjects have difficulty, but I think had Trump been more upfront and more honest about his taxes. I mean if I was running for president personally, I would not make a big deal out of the fact that I'm trying to pay as little tax as possible. I would proudly home state. Yes. I'm trying to limit my taxes. I'm trying to do everything I can to give less money to government and to keep more money for myself because I think the government doesn't do good with the money. It takes for me off. I think I can do better with my money. I can invest it better to grow the economy and to the extent that I want to give it to charitable causes. I think that I can do a lot more good with private charity than dead. The government will do with public charity and speaking about business owners. If you're a business owner yourself, you don't need us to tell you that running a business is tough. 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Payment money I could have saved with a product like this, you know, when you're running a business these days the government makes it much more difficult now to have employees. There's all kinds of rules and regulations. So you really need to run a tight ship you need to minimize your cost. You need to minimize your personnel and having access to a product like netsuite goes a long way to making that happen keeping your business leaner and meter and increasing the chances that it will succeed. So let netsuite show you how they'll benefit your business with a free product or at netsuite.com month old schedule your free product or right now and next week, netsuite.com. Anyway, I want to start talking about the debate itself off. Although before I do hit on the debate, you know, one of the the topics in the debate was systemic racism, of course, we knew that was coming right? How could it not but I actually want to talk about Article that I read on this topic before I actually get into the debate itself and it had to do with this supposed existence of systemic racism in the wage razel industry and what these articles in these studies are claiming is that homes in black neighborhoods are being appraised lower values than similar homes in white neighborhoods and they're saying look, you know, if it's the same, you know, three bedroom 4 bath 2,500 square feet, you know quarter acre. I mean, whatever it is right there, they're looking at all the other supposed characteristics of the homes and they're saying hey look the houses in the black neighborhoods are being appraised at a much lower value than the houses in the white neighborhoods. And number one. They're saying this is a negative right? This is bad for blacks because the houses have a lower value. And they're saying that it's because of racism right that the appraisers are just racist or there's something racist about the appraisal process and that's why these homes are being appraised at a lower price. And so the government needs to step in and do something about it so that the appraisers come in at higher levels or maybe the taxpayers makeup black homeowners with some kind of reparations for this by directly sending money to blacks who own homes to make up for the fact that we're artificially reducing the value which is is so insane. I mean, first of all to say that it's a negative. So if you're saying a home in a black neighborhood cost $200,000 but a similar home in a white neighborhood costs $300,000. That's a benefit if you're looking to buy a home in a black neighborhood, right? You're going to get a big discount. So from the perspective of if I'm an African-American looking to buy a house in a black neighborhood. Is it a dog? Good thing if the house has a lower appraised value cuz that means I can pay less money to buy it. So it's not necessarily a bad thing. That housing is more affordable. Right? Isn't that a good thing that housing is not affordable. So it's certainly not bad for the buyer. Now from the point of view of a seller if you have a house in a black neighborhood and you're looking to sell the house. Well, that's when the value might be important to you or if you're trying to get a loan against your house, right if you want to borrow money and you want to use your house as collateral. Well, you can borrow more money if the house has a higher value. I think that's what they're really pissed off about that. These lower brazel's are making it harder for blacks to go deeper into debt. Well, which might be a blessing in disguise. I mean, I think people shouldn't be leveling up their home like there an ATM but that apparently is considered to be a problem. That blacks can't abuse their homes to the same degree that whites can because their houses are being undervalued wage. The racism of course racism have absolutely nothing to do with it. The appraisers generally went appraisers or hired. I mean, they don't want to under appraise the property. I mean, let's say the property is is being appraised for a transaction for a purchase if the appraisal comes in really low. The transaction is not going to take place, you know, and if if there's an appraiser that constantly under appraises property simply causes a racist. Well, no one's going to hire that appraiser. I mean you want to get a fair value and of course the banks want to make loans the bigger the better, but they want to make sure they have the collateral and so if they were getting appraisers who are under appraising they may be missing a lot of opportunities. I mean if the borrower actually has the collateral that will allow you to make a loan the bank wants to make the loan. So there is no incentive for anybody to just under report the value of a house just because it's in a black neighborhood now, the the most important aspect of the appraisal is dead. Operable sales. I mean it's not even like the cost of replacing the house. Right? What is it? You know, what would it cost to buy the land? What would it cost to build a house? A lot of times that doesn't make a difference the most important factor is the cops houses that are similar to the house being appraised. What did they sell for in the last six months in the last year and are there other houses on the market that are sick and what are they offering and how long have they been on the market? So all of this has to do with real sales? How could that actually be racist when it's basing the appraisal on other transactions and one of these articles I read about I think it was in Bloomberg actually tried to claim that using comparables was what was racist because the guy tried to argue that by the same thing that we're comprable were already influenced by racism. And so once you have racism early on you said a racist precedence that can never be broken. So even though the current approved Girls aren't racist the ones in the past were and the ones in the past were the ones that resulted in the the sales that are now being used as a comps which is complete nonsense mean the reason behind that. These houses are less valuable in black neighborhoods is because of the other problems maybe associate those neighborhoods. Maybe there's more crime. They're right or wrong people don't want to live there. Maybe the neighborhoods aren't as well kept. I mean, they're trying to say that they've adjusted for these other factors. They they've adjusted for the the relative affluence of the communities. They've adjusted for the crime rates are other things, but clearly that's not enough because houses are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Now, is it possible that home buyers are themselves racist that they'd rather live in predominantly white neighborhoods than predominantly black neighbors that's possible and if that's possible, If homes in white neighborhoods are more desirable than homes in black neighborhoods than people are going to be willing to pay more money to buy those homes. That's possible but it's not the appraisal fault. The appraiser isn't the racist. It's the homebuyer that's racist. Although my feeling is probably blacks may be equally as willing to pay off our prices to buy homes in white neighborhoods as wife's right. So there may be other factors that are motivating making these white communities a more desirable place to live than these black communities and therefore the real estate prices are higher there can be factors having nothing to do with racism. If blacks are themselves expressing the same preference and are willing to pay extra to be in these neighborhoods. But in the meantime, the fact that there are Bargains to be had in his black neighborhoods is a positive if you are in the market for a home in one of those neighborhoods, yep. Anything the government does to artificially drive up those prices will just negate that benefit. But of course if the government ends up forcing the banks to inflate the value of appraisals in black neighborhoods and just pretend that these houses are just as valuable as the ones in white neighborhoods. All we're doing is setting up the banks for huge losses off when they ultimately have to foreclose on these properties because the bar or doesn't pay and then when they have to sell the property they're going to get the actual value. You can't go to the buyer and say look, you know, you've got to pay more because you know, because we got we got a combat racism. No, I mean when you go to sell the property you're going to get the actual market price not some pretend price, you know, you can't just pretend bought a house was in neighborhood that it's not in it's in the neighborhood where it is right location location location, right? That's the three most important things in in in real estate and if a house is in a month, Asian where the values are low because that's the most the buyers will pay then that's what's going to happen. So all we're going to do by getting the government more involved is create bigger problems. But now you have this trend off on where everything that you can find right where there's a disparity and you can link it to race somehow. It's now a proof of systemic racism. In fact, one of the articles that I read. I think it was that Bloomberg article specifically referenced George Floyd and basically said look, it's just like with George Floyd and the cops the cops killed George Floyd, they're a bunch of racist and these appraisers are under appraising black homes costing blacks hundreds of millions billions of dollars in home equity, right? It's all being stolen from them. Just like off George Floyd was murdered with an e on his neck. So this thing is going to keep gaining momentum and people are afraid to push back against this narrative because if they do well they're accused of being racist themselves dead. Anyway, now I want to devote the rest of this podcast to my thoughts on the so-called debate that we had last night between President Trump and former Vice President, Joe Biden. First of all, if I had to pick a winner, I would say that the winner and again, I don't even like to use that word the person who did not lose the debate was Joe Biden and not that I thought that he necessarily did any better than Trump. It's just that he didn't do his bad as a lot of people fought in comparison to Trump, right and and that's a win right because the expectations were so low for Biden that I think he was able to exceed them only because Trump did a lot worse than I think people believe too. So Trump did worse than people thought and maybe Biden did as bad or not quite as bad look Biden made it through the entire 90-minute debate he dead. Pass out, right? He didn't slur his speech right? He didn't forget his lines or something or where he was. I mean, the bar was very low for all Biden had to do right just not completely screwed up right is what he had to do to be able to disprove the fact that he's completely senile. So I think he won and I think if you look at the early polls and you look at the betting numbers so far abidin has gained some ground as a result of this debate. Now member there's still two more coming. So the president has time to turn this around never I thought his debate the best of them. Did I think with Hillary Clinton was the second man? I thought he did a great debate. I think that's the one that really helped his cause and may have been the one that really pushed him over the edge. So I think the president could step it up in the second debate assuming that Biden doesn't just cancel it and claim look, you know, he interrupted to watch he didn't respect the rules. What's the point of debating him? I did it once, you know, I wouldn't be surprised if he backed off. For the other debates and just figured look. I won one that's why take any chances because I don't think there's any more upside for Biden cuz I think he's the front-runner. I think if there's no more debates. I think he's he's a winner on that so he may be able to try to weasel out of it blaming Trump and and blaming Trump's conduct. Even though look Biden did a lot of interrupting himself. He's telling the president to shut up and be quiet or whatever. He was saying, I mean probably one of the only good things that happened at the debate. I mean, you know, Donald Trump maybe laugh a couple of times. I had a couple of good lines in there about Joe Biden's masks and how big is masks are that he wears or the fact that if Joe Biden had a rally only three people would show up. So I mean at least he had a bit of a sense of humor, but really you need a lot more than a sense of humor to sit through that ninety-minute debate, but I think that Trump clearly came across as more of the aggressor in the campaign in the debate rather and so I would be surprised if Biden at Rome To get out of it, but you know the big problem with the debate is that there really wasn't much of substance to actually debate because you have two candidates that believe in big government. That's the problem with the libertarian candidate who believes in small government. She's not there right? And so you have two big government candidates debating what I mean, you know that they agree on all the the big stuff. So it really just becomes, you know, name-calling ad hominem attacks, right? This guy, you know Biden was last in his class. I mean, you know, he's dumb don't fight for him. He was a university was last and you know by to say you're the worst president in the history of the country, right? It's there just insulting each other and going back and forth. There was no real substitute discussion about the economy. I mean, the only substantive discussion actually came from Biden when he talked about the trade deficits that that was the only real thing on the economy Biden was correct. He pointed out The trade deficits are bigger now than they were before Trump was elected that we have a bigger deficit with China now than we did before. He was elected that we have a bigger deficit with Mexico now than they did before he was elected. So he was right that you know, and and Trump ran promising to reduce those deficits and instead they grew and but Trump ignores that fact and continues to campaign as if he was a candidate as if the last 3 and 1/2 years didn't really happen except when he wants to pretend that we had the greatest economy in the history of the world before covid-19. That he can never do that. He should just be promising to repeal Obamacare and replace it with nothing. We need to replace it with capitalism with the free market. But Donald Trump repeatedly made a promise that it was impossible to keep he promised to repeal Obamacare. But to continue to provide the protection for people with pre-existing conditions that anybody with a pre-existing condition could still buy their Health Care at the same price that they could have bought it before they had a pre-existing condition, which I said was impossible. And so now Donald Trump is still pretending that he's repealed and replaced Obamacare when he has not he brags about the fact that he got rid of the individual mandate when she did But without the individual mandate, how do you force people to buy insurance when they're healthy? You can't you know, and so Trump is defending the faith sensible, but politically he doesn't want to come out and tell the truth that health insurance is insurance. Right? The the whole concept of insurance has to do with insuring against an outcome that is unlikely to actually happen. But if it does happen, it's very expensive. That's why you can buy insurance right think about automobile insurance. Are you probably get into an accident? Probably not. You're probably not going to have an accident. But if you do have an accident, it could cost you a lot of money. So you buy the insurance hoping you're never going to need it and based on faith estex. You probably won't need it. And because you're probably not going to need the money the insurance company is willing to sell you the policy and where does the insurance company get the money to pay out the claims of the people who age Accidents because so many people pay premiums and don't have accidents. That's why now, if you could wait until your car was already in an accident and then call up and buy your policy page couldn't discriminate against that pre-existing condition. Meaning you your car is already totaled right and now you're trying to buy insurance, right? If you could just buy insurance after the fact that nobody would buy insurance and they needed a claim but then there would be no money to pay the claims the companies only have money to pay because all the people without the pre-existing condition bought insurance and the only reason they did it is because they knew if they were voted until they had an accident they couldn't get the policy. Now, of course does automobile insurance cover gasoline know it's a cover your gasoline because you're going to need gasoline. You have to buy gasoline. They operate the car off don't buy automobile insurance that's going to cover your gasoline. What would happen if automobile insurance did Cover gasoline well gas prices would go through the roof. Why well if your insurance policy include birth Your gas would anybody shop around for cheap gas know would anybody do self-serve know and everybody would go full serve everybody would take premium. Nobody would get the cheaper gas made the call Cost the same to make the insurance company is paying for it. And in fact all the gas stations, they would know that no one gives a damn what gas costs because nobody's paying for it. So the prices would go way up. That's why insurance doesn't cover your gasoline. It doesn't cover routine maintenance you're supposed to pay for that. The insurance is for the big expense you get a big accident you smash up your car or your car gets stolen the whole thing is gone. And now you need a lot of money which you might not have so you buy insurance. Well, that's how health insurance is supposed to be your supposed to buy the insurance in case you get sick with something really bad. It's not supposed to cover your checkups like it does now. I mean, it's not even supposed to cover childbirth, right? I mean, why would your insurance cover wage? Pregnancy, I mean you get pregnant on purpose right? Why should an insurance company cover something that you're doing intentionally, right? I mean insurance doesn't cover cosmetic surgery. If you want, you know breast implants and insurance companies not going to pay for that. So if you decide to have a baby watch the insurance company pay for that they didn't pay for that in the past. My my mom and dad didn't have any insurance that covered the cost of my birth and it was a Dodge Jeep back then and in fact, I think my mom was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and paid for was it expensive? You stayed in the hospital for a long time in the sixties and fifties when you got a baby now, you're out the next day off. Anyway, you can stay there for three days. If you do a C-section now, yes Insurance should cover complications of pregnancy right that are very something unexpected happens. Oh your baby was born premature birth needs to go into an incubator or it has some other problem. And now the pregnancy cost a lot more. Okay Insurance can kick in for that, but it shouldn't just pay for a standard birth, but because off It does it cost so much more to have a baby now than it did when people were actually paying for it. Right? This is a function of over-utilization of Health Care insurance. And this is because of the government took the IRS the government says if your employer pays you money and then you buy insurance you have to pay taxes on the money, but if they give you insurance instead of the money, it's tax-free. So the the government is the reason that so many people are over insured and get their insurance through their employer. You don't get your auto insurance. You don't get your homeowners insurance from your employer. So nobody has a problem. You don't have wage control costs in these areas where costs are spiralling out of control is in healthcare because of the over-utilization of insurance. So what Trump should have promised is free market capitalism. I'm going to get rid of Obamacare and we're going to make Insurance less expensive right by separating it from employment letting people shop around them. Letting people have more major medical that pays for the things that are really going to break you not your routine medical care, but no Trump wants to pretend that we can all have something for nothing as he's criticizing Biden for wanting socialized medicine. That's what he prescribing himself. He keeps saying that we're going to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Okay? Well, then you don't have private life or health care. You don't have health insurance health insurance is all about discriminating against the sick. You can't let sick people buy insurance at the same price that healthy people pay off a healthy people will buy it and without the health of people buying Insurance just no money to pay for the people who get sick, right? So Trump, unfortunately, as I said from the beginning made promises that was impossible to keep and now we're saying the same thing now, he's actually he's still promising to repeal and replace Obamacare or claiming that he's done it when he hasn't and maybe if you're re-elect me, I'll do it. Well, it doesn't ring true now, I mean Evil Dead True that it did before. So I think it looks ridiculous him trying to repeat the same promises that he made to get elected. He's had for years and he hasn't done it and he's actually pretending in a way that he's dead. He's done nothing. Yes. He eliminated the the Mandate but he left the pre-existing conditions. So we actually took Obamacare and made it worse. And ironically, you know, the only reason that Obamacare was not declared unconstitutional and it should have been declared unconstitutional but it wasn't but what gave some of these justices the reason that they said it was constitutional was that they said it was not a mandate to buy insurance. It was just the tax and the reason it was attacks and not a mandate was because the tax was so low that it didn't actually compel anybody to buy insurance. In other words. The reason it was constitutional was because it didn't work see the problem with Obamacare is that the penalty for not buying insurance was too low it needed to be much higher because the penalty was so low birth. It was cheaper to pay the penalty than by insurance and then when you get sick, well, then you can get the insurance. So that's what a lot of young people did. I'll just pay the penalty. It's cheaper than buying insurance. I don't need see the reason healthy people need insurance is because they might get sick and they know that they can't buy it if they are sick, but the reason they buy when they're healthy is because they know if they do get sick, they can't buy it. But once the government says no just you can walk in buy it when you're sick. Well, then why the hell should I buy it now? I'll just pay this small penalty. The penalty should have been a lot higher but then of course Obamacare would have been far less popular if there was a penalty that can actually work off and because the penalty was too low to work the Supreme Court said it was constitutional ironically if the penalty would have been high enough to actually force people to buy health insurance, then it would have been rendered unconstitutional because I can't force you to buy a product but apparently they can tax you and that's what made it constitutional but regardless of that. I still think the court was wrong and maybe they would have come up with another excuse to validate wage. Had they not been able to use that one because I think the Supreme Court was looking for a way to validate it and that's the the method they chose and maybe if that wasn't available. Maybe they would have tried some other ways to justify and obviously unconstitutional program. Now, of course Biden did his share of ducking questions. He did get a question on whether or not he would support packing the Supreme Court or ending the filibuster and he did not give an answer to that question. He just completely dodged it Donald Trump called him out on it, but we did not get an answer on that course. That's exactly what he's planning on doing. He doesn't want to come out now and say that he's opposed to it and then immediately be in favor of it once he gets elected. So he just dodged the question off another question that he dodged. Was on his support for the green New Deal and I thought there there's some material that I think the Trump campaign could use because on the one hand he defended the green New Deal. He said that the green New Deal will pay for herself. Right? Donald Trump was talking about how expensive the green New Deal would be and Biden said no no, no the green deal pays for itself. In other words. The green New Deal is actually going to impose efficiencies on the economy that will exceed the cost of the new deal program. Right? And so in other words, we will be better off if we have the green new deal. That's what he said, right? That's what it means by it'll pay for itself meaning. It's not going to cost us anything because whatever it costs to implement it it will be offset by the gains that we drive from the implementation. So once you said that then Donald Trump came in and said, oh so you support the green New Deal it and then bite it said no. No. No, I don't support it off. Which makes no sense whatsoever. I mean if you think it will pay for itself then why not support it. I mean we're going to get it for free right paying for itself means it doesn't cost anything. It creates more value pack then then the cost of the program. So if you really believe that the green New Deal pays for itself and why don't you support it. I mean the reason he doesn't support it is because he lied he knows that it it's not going to pay for itself, but he didn't want to be on the record as saying he supports the green new deal because of all the lousy things that are in the green New Deal that now Trump would be able to hang around his neck like an albatross and say a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for all this nonsense. But of course Joe Biden now that he said he didn't support it. How is that going to fly with a lot of his far left supporters that he inherited from Bernie Sanders or you know, the people that follow AOC and the rest of the squad who, you know, love the green New Deal now, the their standard-bearer their candidate has said he doesn't support Even though he thinks it's going to pay for himself. That's not the sound bite that they're going to focus it on is going to be the fact that Biden came out and said he does not support the green new deal, but really, you know more important than the petty stuff that they argued over was all the big picture stuff. That wasn't even discussed. Right? Nobody discussed the Federal Reserve artificially low interest rates higher inflation exploding budget deficits the exploding national debt. I mean, there wasn't even a question. What are you going to do about the national debt? I mean cuz obviously nobody's going to do anything about it. But why not a question, I mean why not put these questions, I mean to to Donald Trump cuz you know, Donald Trump promised that he was going to get rid of the debt. Well, well, obviously he didn't do that. I mean, why doesn't bite and call him out? Cuz of course Biden doesn't want to call out Trump on big deficits because his deficits will be even bigger wage. So nobody wants to talk about it, but why wouldn't the moderate her at least interject that that that comment? I mean really there was no real discussion of the economy at all. Despite the fact that we're really in the worst economic environment that we've ever been in now, of course Biden simply wants to blame the whole recession on Trump's policies like you created this recession, it's your fault which is not the case. I mean if you're simply saying it's because of covet, how are you blaming covid-19 Trump? In fact, I would say that the Democratic Governors which is locked down. The states are far more responsible for the damage in their states than President Trump. I don't really know what Biden would have done differently had he been president or what Hillary Clinton done had she been president. But even if we had federally-mandated lockdowns and some federal mandated mask-wearing, I don't think it would have made a difference, but I do think What did make a difference was the willingness of the Federal Reserve to subsidize this the willingness of Congress and the president to bail everybody out that may need the cost-benefit analysis Q in favor of benefit. A lot of these Governors were willing to do things to destroy their own economies because they were expecting bailout money from the US off the FED. If they knew that that rescue money wasn't coming If the Fed had made it clear that money is not going to be printed to artificially stimulate the economy. So if you shut down a business then that businessman is not going to have any Revenue, you know, the rent is not going to get paid the salaries are not going to get paid and that means all the people who no longer get those salaries have to do without them. Right don't think that the government is going to make up the difference because the government is broke the government has no money and we're not just going to print money to replace the money that people are no longer earning be home. People are earning money. They are adding value to the economy. They are producing Goods or supplying Services if they're sitting at home on Netflix shopping on Amazon, What services are they providing none? What goods are they producing none? So you can't just print money to replace actual work all that is is inflation and that's what we had but I think because everybody expected a bailout. Nobody really saw the costs of what they were doing. They just looked at the benefit. Well, the benefit is fewer people get covid-19. Were people who didn't go to the hospital who should have gone right but they didn't because of they they were quarantined or people got you know, drank too much or ate too much or there were a lot of help if you maybe more people commit suicide because of what we did so it wasn't all about dollars and cents, but the problem was there wasn't enough cost analysis because of the the bailouts thoughts are offered by the US government and by the Federal Reserve, but the problem was we have some serious economic problems in this country. We are on the verge of a massive economic collapse, but you wouldn't know that from watching that Fiasco last night. I mean, I really wish I could debate either one or both of these guys. I mean I could just mopping a floor with either candidate. I mean, it's just I mean, I mean, they're both such easy targets to I mean, there's so many inconsistencies in what both of them say, and I wouldn't have to resort to them. I'm calling I don't care, you know, whether they finish first place or last place or whether their son has, you know, getting bribe money from Russia or you know, none of this stuff you matters. I would just go after them on off on the fundamentals on the inconsistencies of their own statements and their own policies. And why what they're trying to do is bad for the country with Biden wants to do is bad with Trump wants to do what he's been doing his bad again on a scale of the lesser of the two evils, you know by then we'll do more damage than Trump trump is not as bad as bided but there's a big difference between not being as bad and being good. Right? I want a good president. I don't want a president who just pretends to be good. And what really irritates me is you have so many Republicans that pretend that they really have a champion in Donald Trump that he's really the ideal and he's like a Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater or Ron Paul. He's nothing like those people wage. It's just that if you compare them to Hillary Clinton or bite in he's all right, so he's not as bad as they are. But I mean is he any better than Bush either Bush 41 or bush forty-three years. Mostly any better than Richard Nixon. I mean what what she doing right? He hasn't done anything to change the game, right? He hasn't drained the swamp. He hasn't changed government. He hasn't reformed the FED. In fact, one of the things that Trump talked about again was the stock market and how important the stock market is when Trump says look the stock market's up and he starts talking about how the stock market is the economy. Well, that wasn't what he said as a candidate as a candidate. He said forget about the stock market. It's a bubble, right? He was right then now it's a bigger bubble. So we should we should now wage talk about the stock market as a measure of his success, even though it's a bigger bubble now than the bubble that he was criticizing that existed under Obama. No dead. So, I mean all of the the ideals that Trump ran on that excited a lot of people, why are those people still loyal to the president? Even though he has failed to deliver on every promise that he's made and at the same time he pretends that he's kept every promise when he hasn't kept any of them again. I said, the only thing that he's done right was a point Supreme Court nominees that clearly they're not be as bad as the ones that Hillary would have appointed and they're not going to be as bad as the ones that Biden will appoint if he has the chance and hopefully he does and hopefully he's not able to enlarge and then pack the court off because again, that is our last defense the one good thing Trump could do before he leaves office is make sure to put a Justice on that court that has at least a shot of enforcing the Constitution wage and stopping the Biden socialist agenda dead in its tracks.

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Nets destroy Celtics to cap Preseason, James Harden Trade Market Dead

The Garden Report | Boston Celtics Post Game Show from TD Garden

1:24:26 hr | Last month

Nets destroy Celtics to cap Preseason, James Harden Trade Market Dead

"Okay want to tell you about one of our sponsors BetOnline our exclusive wagering partner BetOnline, of course where you get all your actual NFL football NBA basketball about to get started up in the coming weeks here off and BetOnline AG is the place you want to go more options to wager than anywhere else online. So mine today take advantage of all the great mid-season bonuses offers and contact bet online app or online Sportsbook experts use the code clns 50 when you go to bed online. Once again, betonline.ag code clns 50 to get you 50% off your initial deposit. All right guys, welcome in Celtic supposed to record final preseason game the garden report. Jimmy Bobby's Joey, Yeah family over here from Boston kid. Yeah so long without Hyperbole and Bobby and I were talking about this prior to the game. I think it's very safe to say there's not one positive thing you could say about tonight. I guess the only thing is I can only go up from here. Just amazing that looked okay to Steven in portions of tape I'd say but yeah, I want to get to that in a minute. We're sorry. Sorry. Sorry, you can't complain once the referee that's not bad preseason numbers. That's not bad. All right. This was in that Rose for multiple reasons we get everybody's First Impressions what first or the shooting is the shooting a true purchase. Nobody's going to the basket when they are trying to go to the basket. They can't get there just brick after brick after brick and again when Tatum and Jaylen aren't knocking the absence of shooting on this team. And if this team is going to rely on shooting is the scariest thing by far to me that if this is who they are a team, that's just going to fire it up there and they can't shoot off. Matt are we in trouble? Yeah, we're a big travel especially when you have open shots. Like how many times these guys get open looks especially Jalen Brown do you like essentially there were like, let's see if jaelynn can actually shoot at a high level against us off and it sort of gave him that space right but then when he do he did a good thing you did the right thing. He attacked the Rim Early on but then when they adjusted when they locked down defensively the southerners were beside themselves. I personally thought the Celtics not only lacked the continuity that they needed to produce offense as a whole. I mean Jason they know how to stay out there the second unit because it was so bad. But also I thought they lacked confidence. I mean the front rimming I'm sure some people will say, oh that's just maturity but didn't even look confident out there the Marcus Smart even look that confident prefer for Marcus Smart, you know, someone heading into it, you know, how many years he's been in the league now and and I was a little I was a little thrown off a bit by off today, especially offensively. I know he started I really high school, but I thought he was trying to you know, at least put some more effort into it but it seemed like he was like, you know what guys I'm not feeling tonight. I'm checking out, you know, and yep. We'll keep playing defense because I got nothing on the office. So this was I guess you could say my biggest fear for the Celtics and I think John's probably his biggest fear too. Is that the name Campbell s overcompensation smart Celtics and I think that's kind of what you got from the start and it was like Margaret smart was not shy at all putting up some of those three pointers. I thought was 146. I don't know if we finished 146 but I think I saw him at that at one point and these were some pretty bad misses. And yeah, I mean when you miss open shots, I'm not really worried about missing open shots. I think Brad Stevens is either. I mean hope it's the first one is say, you know, we got the looks but they just didn't fall it happens. But when you start just chucking shots and they to the point where like nobody on the team is really feeling so you don't have enough like offensive help right now to like get over those shootings something like like we said if Jason Tatum isn't giving you twenty-five Thirty at night and Jaylen Brown's not giving you 28 I haven't like you're screwed. Like there's just not enough Firepower on this team to carry the you know, the the lulls in the in the in the offense of the game so long, it was pretty traveling to watch from the start and I'll tell you what the Brooklyn Nets are real. I've seen enough. There we go. I told you I tried to tell you guys about this team. They are a monster one the 15 almost like I even forgot Timothy cabin room was on the team and he was the best player in the bubble last year actually pay his whole name. He is a phenomenal bench player Caris LeVert comes off the bench. Jeff Green comes in and yams it on Aaron Naismith. That was that was the biggest indignity of the entire night. Not only will man. Welcome to the bully Young fella. He kicked him right in the nuts and and shaved it right and then pay attention paid off. Ricky moment to he got caught Kevin Durant isolation a few times so everybody just went out there and got their ass kicked tonight. So I look at that and say you can't go any lower than it looked like out there but I assume he said that Nets team suddenly you started thinking of them as serious contenders cuz Kevin Durant goes out there and does what he did and that third-quarter 11 points the efficiency on for 7, I just turned through the defense at one point scored through five bench Celtics that team is something to behold from how they look right now injuries other things could affect them throughout the years. We all talked about chemistry concerns there. It could be a trade but as they walk right now that team is incredible and you have to be concerned about the Celtics to like, you know preseason doesn't mean everything but it means something that's the thing see here's where like you're going to get into the debate People Like Us or other places might over-react some to what you've seen and the the Dead The defense here is going to be okay. It's just the preseason. It doesn't mean anything. That's true. But what can also be true is nothing was good about anything that you saw tonight and it was off its own a dogshit performance and deserves to be talked about as such doesn't mean it's not going to be but the lack of effort the terrible shooting the horrible defense and then not even to get into the game will play for people who you want to see take a leap. You just don't want to see Jaylen Brown having guys just walk by him, you know on defense. I don't like seeing Jason Tatum not able to turn the corner on anybody when he's trying to get to a basket. Okay. I know he's a little bigger but the defenders in front of him almost always he is able to get his shot off a little bit better, but he's not getting around the corner on anybody shots are going to fall that doesn't even bother me that much just nothing looks impressive at all. And then when you see the second unit, you know that this is not an illusion, you know. I know what he was. This is not a priest. This is not the preseason. This is actually it that's your second. And again, I know you're gonna have Tristan Thompson and eventually Tampa comes back, but that's it. That's it. That's troubling thing. Then when you look at the Nets, I mean when you look at the Nets, I mean Levert coming off the bench shamet coming off the bench Allen who I mean he's probably you're starting center on the Celtics. He's coming off the bench. I mean these are these are good guys that had depth to the net and when you look at the Celtics, like I said, they just don't seem to have the depth nobody's carrying a month when Marcus markets into his gets into his shooting, you know eyes on the prize shooting all the time at seems too slow everybody else down. I didn't think anyone stepped stepped up tonight. I mean, like I said Tatum showed some signs. He was driving to the hoop looking aggressive my points, but he's, you know put on a little bit of, you know muscle there in the short offseason. So I like what I see out of him. I'm Concerned about Tatum obviously, but do the Celtics have enough to be a top-tier team and East now they have to contend with the Bucs looks like they're going to have to contend with the Nets are they at that level and it's only been two preseason games. Obviously, you can't base it on that when you go and down just look roster roster by roster. You have to wonder if this is just you know, it actually is indicative of the season's going to go to an extent. Well, that's the thing. That's the worry. That's the way something that again. We're joking about it a little but one of the things we talked about prior to the game was Bobby's like I said, well, you know, you know this team looks really good. You know, I'm like well every team looks really I'm afraid that's we're going to say that a lot. Yeah, and I think we Brooklyn Nick with a stand, you know compared to the Celtics right now. We know the Milwaukee Bucks are up there to like these teams are A Cut Above the Rest but the others aren't in that group. I mean, that's the thing. I think it should be. I think it'd be Josh way, but they should they should they I mean do they really address missing Gordon Hayward or losing as much as they do they really address Kemba Walker think of a walk is on his way back. But I mean moving forward what's going to happen without Kemba Walker. You have to figure this thing out. It's a job point about Jayson Tatum. Brad Stevens has to find a way to get him go in the first quarter cuz I'm telling you right now. This will be a pattern throughout the season that's going to drive us crazy. And this is what it's going to happen. They're going to get down by fifteen points thirteen twelve fifteen points in the first half and they're going to try to call out crawl out of that hole and they just do not have that second unit to pull it off. They don't they don't second unit can stop the bleeding at certain points. I think the defensively they're strong enough to do that for the starters, but they're not going to put up points in a hurry. Jeff Teague is the only one that song. The bar on the floor and put it this way when he was doing that tonight everyone stood there and looked at them looked at him because they know they could they could not do what I mean. That's why you suck in that second unit. And that's why guys like him and Jaylen Brown gonna have to play Closer to 40 minutes, but at they're not going if you don't see their offense picking up in that first half but others are in trouble this month and will continue to see at least in the first month of season the Genesis. I see if everything that went wrong offensively tonight was the first few minutes of this game and I've noticed this now a few times throughout these first five games is Marcus Smart is starting these games off on the ball and we talked about him all offseason. Does he deserve to move up to 37? Is he ready to step into the third position on this team and it's not a good film so far out for him some of the turnovers with him have been mindless the first one in the Philadelphia game. And the first one tonight. We're equally just like what are you doing spinning around the perimeter and just throwing the ball and nowhere wage? Transition he's getting picked off. This is a phenomenal passer and usually good decision-maker who's taking risks that are I guess preseason reaches may be but dead and more concerned. Yeah. It's definitely a bitter laziness and its decision-making and this is your most reliable ball-handler. He's the starter. He's starting these games off on the ball and we look at the wing sauce way. They run the pick-and-roll and everything else and aren't ready to man the amount of all the time. So when we look at the bullet, I'm on the team about a month in smart. It's going to be number one by far and how he does what that's going to dictate pretty much the whole offense. This is this is didn't mean much in the grand scheme. But you just talk about Marcus Smart decision-making. What was that pass at the end of the second quarter there was for the transition one. Yeah, no, no no from from the baseline from the Baseline went through it like a Hail Mary pass until like four Defenders. They do this for not seconds of just end on the ball and get down the court. You didn't have to throw it Like A mean dog. It was an immediate turn-over. Luckily. They turned the Nets turned it over at the same time right after that but I mean just another example of like what what's going through your mind right now? I have a crazy thought that I'm not going to bring up yet. But it may fix this all the Celtics offensive issues. Look forward to it man. It's not it's not just wait levels the calculations choice not carsen Edwards, but it's not the last car that person. How do you tell me to hold on now? Go ahead. I want you sure. It was just I was doing the Joe sway calculations thing. Listen, Isaiah. Thomas is still out there folks Isaiah. Thomas is still out there as a free agent, and I'm just saying if you need some offensive boost and you want Marcus Smart coming off the bench more or you want some offense Off the Bench. It might be worth it might be worth it NBA version of a tryout to see what what he can offer you. I mean, he's obviously familiar with your organization the fans love him. Not that that matters that much but I mean is he dead Beyond busy that Beyond repair that a team that may actually need to moffett's it out. It's just out of the question. You can't even bring it up. Like is it that crazy despot? That's the thing off Master spot. Look at this roster 12 roster spots. I'll tell you this. I don't think Danny should get on the phone tomorrow, but I think if the Kemba Walker wage is well, that's what I am in January if we're talking about another three weeks setback. Why not? Why not give the guy cry out, you know, they know they know more about kemba's eventual return than we do maybe if he's back sooner than we all think that maybe that's not in the cards. But if we're looking at you know, February March for Kemba Walker, I mean, what are we what are we going to be watching, you know mid-to-late January wage? What type of thing we're going to be looking at? You gotta give them that ramp up. And they apparently like they're going to need the first three weeks here to just get in the form and just get their heads on stage in the decision-making and some of these games has been puzzling from the ball-handler. I don't think Tatum's been that bad. I think you know John makes a good point that he's not getting around the pick-and-roll as well as he should be and making the Reeds Williams. Everything is really deliberate with him, you know, like he's going and he's almost like I'm Jason Tatum, you know, like I'm going to get there and then all of a sudden there's a guy right there every time what surprising tonight I guess. This is my one positive about a search for one tonight is Jaylen Brown actually look decent in that role and I started off the season saying can this guy run a pick-and-roll? It hasn't been anything outstanding but he is, you know, getting off the screen not finding Rob Williams on the law, but actually getting himself some points in that regard. His night was an too bad. I thought tonight 7 to 15 16 points now it's it's nothing outstanding. The three-point shooting wasn't dead. But he's showing a little something in that area. But again, we're picking at straws here offensively like the none of the units are meshing together Daniel theis I thought started this game. All right with song writers, but then I keep files out to like everybody's just out of sorts here. Of course, he falls out. I mean this guy stepped foot in a court and had 3,000. Yeah, even Coors was joking about it. Is it 5000 12 a.m. So we're on the bottom. That's Rasta isn't ready. I mean, Jeff teague's closest shows way said he's provided a nice spark 5 or 5 from 3 to start the year off. He's giving you a little something maybe mix him in with the starters and get smart off the ball. This Devonte green thing is, you know, I get what they were going for there, but I don't think it's going to last another season. I don't know you seem to be pretty bullish on him. I mean New York's good, but I like he's not a ball handler and that's what they need what you want. I want to make it back in the Moon. Somebody in the comments that start T. Go over Marcus we talked about that prior to season. I think that makes a lot of sense I do too because he's not like going to he's not going to check out of the game and Marcus Smart is still very very valuable coming off the bench. It's not trying to diminish Market smarts value by any means but maybe Marcus Smart leading that second unit is exactly what you need. It's a very long week second unit. You need a leader. You need a guy that set the tone and come in with a couple of young guys and sort of run the show out there. So I don't hate that. I'd not the Jeff Jeff Teague can't do that, but he might be a better. Tater for the Tatum and Jaylen Brown Show when that first unit and maybe Marcus Smart makes a nice transition in coming on coming in with the bench guys, and he's still going to get 30-plus minutes a game. Yeah, I give the starting lineup that they're running now a chance now not necessarily green. But again, like where else are you going to look there on the bench for something that they need right now and what they need is facilitation takes the guy you look at their the turnovers allowed through these first two games. I believe he only had one tonight. So that's good. That was that was my biggest concern with him was his high turnover rate from last season, and he looks he walked right by Philadelphia game, especially like he was getting into the lane. He was making a nice floater. They're efficient again tonight in this one. I thought so, what are you going to do like wage? I don't think you're mixing up lineups like crazy to start this year. Although you're going to have to experiment but yeah, you're right. Like I just don't know what's going on with smart ball handling wise right now. I didn't expect it to look this sloppy especially from him a guy who had such an outstanding playoffs stretch. It's only been a month and a half. So like what do you coming back looking so Rusty so out of sorts for like I guess I thought Understand it from a Devonte green or a knee surgery and didn't really play in the bubble. But smarts like, you know, he just stopped playing a nice picking up the ball again, and it looks like it's been nine months like the Cavaliers or something. Yeah, I looking good Bobby. That's true. Yeah, right. I guess that's the thing where it's two two two games. So it's going to be hard to figure out I just think the ugliness that you're seeing with the second unit. Can't fix itself after a pretty good game the first time through Pritchard. I didn't even notice him out there. I forgot he existed needs to be some bad switches against Iran and it was Game old Nesmith, you know, when he wasn't getting kicked in that kicked in the ding ding, you know, like he was just he just looked at a store mm got blown past a couple of times. He also got Duran's on a switch on a little hesitation move there and he was right that was gross too. If we didn't really talk about our faith though, and I don't even know I had to do with them. All right. I'm going to play the video while we're up playing I don't even know what to do with this. Here's what I'm going to say about Kyrie. He's born Okay, like this stuff is this this nonsense here that we're going to put it up on the screen. There. It is in the upper window, whatever the new same situation. Yeah, but bring it up there freaking boring. Okay, whatever he's doing he's out there. He's burning freaking stage. Like I don't get it. Yeah, I'm with you John. Listen, I'm thinking about this this this this is so like on brand for Kyrie. This is like exactly the type of shit that he would do before game to draw draw some attention to himself back then not wanted to I don't know if he if he's answered a question about it after the game, but it's exactly the type of shit that he does to to make himself part of the story and then act like he doesn't want to be part of the story now with burning sage trying to like get rid of the bad vibes and all that stuff. Listen, if you're a guy who needs used to burn sage like every room the chances are you're the bad Vibe guy looks like you're the one bringing the bad vibes. If you feel you need to like make this place like a better survive, like you're probably bringing the negative energy buddy, and I eat carry just seems like that type of guy. That he needs to do that and a lot of places that he that he goes. So not surprised to see it that being said banana and move. I've never seen anything like that in my life. I've never seen that in my life. I've just never seen a baby. So we bought this is this is where it gets a little bit uncomfortable for me with him because like he toes the line when it comes to like Berkeley said it best but go on Bobby I didn't like what he said like the shut up and like I said shut up and dribble lucky didn't say that though. Yeah, that's pretty essentially did at the end of a pause and you have a thing to say for social justice. Our movements say it the rest of this stuff is just friggin bologna that you just say to act like you're smarter than people you're not you're just a guy he's basically saying the thing that makes you special is the fact that you do this, you're not on a different plane of like philosophical thinking is what he said and you're right. It does toe the line cuz it is eerily reminiscent of the shut up and dribble shalom. People were saying when they just wanted LeBron James who was clearly. What was that about? That was the most something else John that was about when lightly different speaking out exactly speaking up about politics and things like that. I didn't like that what Kyrie's doing different? Yeah exactly is doing is you know, putting himself on a pedestal belittling others, you know, just being a yeah, and I think we're probably yourself calling himself has been going to shut up and play basketball. That doesn't mean like don't speak your mind on like social justice. It just means like stop coming off is like this like, oh wow human beings and the basketball here. I'm with you guys on he warrants criticism and that's why it drove me crazy about the media thing. Like you're it's not that you don't want to talk to the media. Like I don't care about that aspect of it. So thinking that he's above criticism whereas other teammates and other people in the room have to go and answer questions after Games about Bad plays and what's going on the room off. Nothing else. This looks strange to me at first but once I heard the whole story that he actually did this before the Brooklyn game at home in his first preseason game and this does make sense when it comes to his native American Heritage and what he's been ramping up on that side of things like I'm just not in this mode where I'm going to criticize Kerry for every single thing. He does and the outrage online was just like through the roof like why is he burning sage in a building? They should throw them out the door like this makes sense to me like not everything Kyrie does forevermore magically love is angry. I mean, there's lots of people in the world a lot of traditions in their lives and different things and when I show up to work, I don't do those things like he's never done it. He doesn't do it all the time. Why now? What chain? What are you doing? Are we doing? Like, I think this is really recent there's lots of stuff. I like to do. I just don't do it everywhere, you know like this Wendy's like wage Order and like keep it moving. This is a fairly recent discovery from too. So I like I just think that some room for nuance. He like we've gone through with a bunch of friggin like eight year olds in the front row, they're like coughing and wheezing, but if you're in an empty building and it's a look at me sort of thing, but it's not like this thing that's going to be so important that he's going to like insist. I have to do this with freedom. I do this every night. It might be the new LeBron powder clap before the game and the empty building. Yeah. I let em say I was just going to compare it somewhat to the bronze thing, but LeBron's thing like it at least some a practically puts a Potter on his hands. He uses it for the game. Like Kyrie Irving is bringing in some like whatever tradition you want to say Native American or dead, you know, Hocus Pocus, whatever you want to call it burning sage clearly. It's good for him. You know, maybe he does it before every game and we we just noticed it cuz you know, the cameras are running cuz it was his return or whatever but the point is like dead. It's just you always wants to do something to make something about him. But then make you feel like an idiot for bringing it up or talking about it. So that that's one of my pet peeves with him. And I thought you said was completely fine. It was not out of bounds. It was not Towing the line of anything. He's saying Hey, listen, man, like stop acting like your remote start or your Michelangelo. Like you're a basketball player. That's not to say like you're less of a human being but like You know, we're talking about basketball in most cases here. Like, you know, it isn't a blank canvas and you're painting the court like where the paintbrush like you're playing basketball. You're an athlete. That's great that you are you're one of the best in the in in all the world like black. There's nothing wrong with that but like let's talk basketball are actually said we're not teachers. You dribble a basketball. Stop acting like you're the smartest person in the world felt a little boy. That's how we comes off. That's how he comes off though. I don't think it goes over as he's losing people. Have you ever called someone upon before have you ever referred to anything you do in your life art anything whatever you're whatever you're good about agree. That's it. This isn't a little in his talent. He's frigging incredible at what he does. But like how pretentious do you need to refer to anything in the world that you do as your art, you know as if it's not actually art you're playing a game. It's fun and you're good at it. That's great art Pawns. Saved like what are we doing? Where what level of lunacy have we ascended to like, there's a similar level of lunacy to draw the line there a family level of lunacy to think that that stage was going to burn down TD Garden know the way people were talking about nobody actually. I mean, I'm Italian am I going to have like I Wishin call the fire marshal the feast of Saint Anthony come rolling through the city garden because Marco Belinelli wage, what what is this? You know what I mean? Like like John said like you show up and you go to work like we're trying to play a basketball game here man, like it's it's not that serious. That's where I think it borders them off if I'm just about the kind of leader and hopefully yeah, they're maybe he'll bring this up at least a few of his teammates. But like hey, he did that before the game. He went off on us. So did Kevin Durant let's make sure that doesn't happen. They all hug. They were all hugging them before the game. This is Tatum. I'm going to tell my teammates that because everyone else going to be like, I don't think that I don't think they're the kind of team is going to look at the data be like why why do you talk to that guy? I don't think that's the case, but I think it's obviously a level of respect. But if I'm paying on turnaround saying hey, I respect this guy, but at the same time we need to next time he comes here. We need to show how good we really are. All right. This is pre-season next time. We'll see we'll see what kind of TV you'll see you get to use it as motivation. I don't think what he did was disrespectful but it's just like I think John it's just boring like I'm not entertained right now in your nor do I think this motivates his team-mates, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is Tyree trying to be the leader that he thinks everyone else wants him to be it's not it's not disrespectful. It's just it's just a simple as you come off as a douche like way more than you should man and it's like it's it's really not more serious than that. Like if you just feel like just you know be normal I guess if I mean if there's such thing as being normal, but like just come off less like and title than like high in, Georgia. And like people might actually like not try to look to criticize you so much. I think you I think you can criticize them for some things and I think this moment in the Berkeley moment when a little bit over the top off this guy can just be blasted for anything and everything. He does at this point, especially for like, you know from our perspectives. It's going to be easy. It's always going to be easy for everyone. But the thing is you're not telling a guy named quiet and keep your opinions to themself. You're just Berkeley was just saying don't be such a douche. That's that's only weird thing that you know, and honestly that's a good life lesson in anything in life might be watching like wage do that over yourself. That's all a great because Charles has spoken out about a lot of political stuff, you know, obviously he's not wanted to tell an athlete that you can't speak up politically about things and I just think obviously Kyrie's approach is a little wage than we're accustomed to seeing, you know past athletes in the past address political issues. It's a different kind of statement to I mean people like this this one really Rings differently to me too. And it is a recent development with him the whole Native American Heritage is not here, but I thought he did the F Thanksgiving thing. But that was that was two years ago. That's not that long ago the three I think to anyway and yeah, yeah, we got you with her hear me. We got the Kyrie Irving on the call with us. I'm just I never been since day one in this league. I've said this guy's overrated. So I'm not the biggest Kyrie Irving fan in the world. I just think sometimes we go to the extreme with this criticism of him. But listen, I mean on the court tonight. He spoke. He he made a statement in its own right like exactly you back he's dead. Yep, there goes Jimmy. So how do you say we spent all this time talking about Kyrie before I spend all the time before the game. But like if we talk if we just you know, put all that nonsense. It's like he had a great game. He had a great game and like and we were just talking about how good the next look. Well. It's because Kyrie Irving in Durant look like they haven't really missed a step right? I mean and now that we said like the Nets are obviously going to be very really really hard team to be if those two guys are playing up to their capability. And yes, it's only two preseason games. But I mean if they can stay healthy, I don't know how this is in on one or two seats now. Well, so what I will absolutely eat eat eat eat my words on was their skepticism that Duran coming off an Achilles is automatically going to look like old Kevin Durant. I don't know in terms of explosive athleticism dead. But every other part of his game looked exactly like Kevin Durant like he just shoots up and over people his quick release. He just he's just so comfortable and aware of where he is at all times, you know, and you know what gets to me not not gets to me but this is where it's always going to you see a game like this and you watch Jayson Tatum and you watch Kevin Durant and you see the gulf between them. Okay, in terms of their games, it's pretty substantial and again not to send signal spn's top 100, but if Durant is like a 910-8789 player and and Tatum is 11:00 that looks like a again a much bigger Gulf between those two where Tatum looks like a guy who can score and and and not anywhere near the level of like a Durant type of player last time. He was on the court. He was one to me one or two. So we'll see how far he falls off your butt. And that's the thing is again. It's not fair we're wage. Get stuck here. Is this whole Jayson Tatum? He's still developing. Absolutely. But if Jayson Tatum doesn't become close to Kevin Durant. The Celtics are going nowhere. Like he does have to be Kevin Durant or younger and he has to be a top five or six player in the league for the Celtics to have a chance with this with this group of people. I Durant's game tonight and what surprised me most because I expected him to come back probably defensively tonight the double block on Tyson side rotating to the middle and just shutting down the paint the way he did. He got blue by a few times on the perimeter, but she kind of playing a pseudo Zone in that third defensively is already ahead of where I expected to so like this is is a massive development if he is right? I don't even think I'm in touch them. Yeah, I mean it's it's unfair though. John to compare the two obviously, I mean Durant Thirty ten years old and she cuz there are different stages in their careers. It doesn't matter. That's fair. It absolutely does matter because you're comparing Jayson Tatum at hit at this point in his career to Kevin Durant his point in his career and you're keeping the part that Durant's been in the league ten years longer including the crime years of his career. I think what you can do though is go back to the rants 2012. Look at what you did there. I guess. Can I compare numbers but I mean every situation is different. I mean transplanted with Westbrook and Harden, you know, then he goes over and wins a championship. He's playing with amazing players in Golden State. I mean this guy's life a lot of great teammates over here. Sure, but he's he's have those great team and teammates in age in 19 928. I test only okay, that's all sure and I agree. He's not he's nowhere near where to rant. He's he's touched where Durant speak as was right, but he's gotta get that get if he doesn't get there. He's gotta get he has to get somewhere close for the Celtics tip. Like I said is Jason has to be five six seven player in the league for the Celtics team to be a contender. And that's that's Dorrance like a 5 6 7 all he might go down as a project 7 all the time. Actually. It's a very tough comparison. But when you look at his size his his ability to shoot from from a bunch of different places are similar defense his profile that he's a scorer first shoot first guy off pull ups. That's who he's trying to be whenever I agree with John on the point that there's a gulf between them and that's not bold at all. Like there's definitely a massive jump off. Retaining these to do to get to that point and people talk about that. I mean we have good men on the network all the time putting them in the Hall of Fame and saying he's definitively top 10 and all those other things. I've been a little more back on edge because there's certain aspects of his game that if John is he wants to see him become the number one player in this team and be able to lead them to a top two three C and this conference he needs to be able to get on the ball with the ball. We ball handler every single play and control this offense and what you see these last two nights is he's nowhere close. He can jump on and off the ball strings together some great possessions and find the playoffs is a bold statement in that regard that he's getting closer to that point but still like even if he just starts to do that a little more this year, that'll be a success for him. And it's nowhere close to him being this ball-dominant LeBron James Kevin Durant player, like he can have a very successful year without getting to that point and like the Kevin Durant LeBron. James point is just so long. Far away in that regard that I think it's almost unrealistic to think you can approach that this year, especially without the relief around them and they might go through a trial by fire have some really big loans early this year and come out better on the other side for it. But the way I look at it these first two games it's going to be like smart on the ball around on the ball a little bit like the way the system runs. It's never going to be Tatum on there all the time and that's what it needs to be. Yeah, I think Brad Stevens though, he can tweak the system enough for I mean we've seen him do that before right, but I think where you get the extra points as continuing to seat a known attack the rim get to the free-throw line. He might do that at all. That's how the Ram became such a big score. I mean, obviously he progressed into a superstar but before making that gigantic leap or the last leap he made in his career it was getting to the free-throw line and I'm going to make that leap. I think that's realistic this year because he has to there's no Kemba Walker Jalen Brown is going to have to figure things out. You know, I think he will but I don't know exactly to what extent I don't know if he's I don't know what the Celtics game. Get to the NBA finals or Eastern Conference Finals for that matter with Jaylin as your body to find number to but then there's a big question mark looming over Kemba Walker's I think that's why you know, that's why John talking about Tatum taking that leap off. So it's needing to because one he has the resources to it's not like there's someone out there grabbing his shots. I mean the shot that there for him to take is really up to him and and Brad Stevens to sort of figure this thing out or Tatum can be aggressive enough to take off. He feels like it. I think he did try to do that at some points throughout this game, but he just he's just figuring it out and I do think that that's possible. It could be a top-five guy. He could make another stride Bobby. We ask you this question a year ago. I don't think you would call this crazy because you didn't see what what he did before the All-Star break last season know. I always I always saw a secondary passing for him. I never saw a primary passing. I never thought the table conversation at the end of last season, but that's what that's what happened. People had that conversation during the offseason, but it was brought up before the year finished because that was the lead be made. So I think is another leak there. I just think the whole Jalen thing is it's a big part of of this this home. Equation, you know, where does Jalen Jalen going to take that man? So cuz he has to I think if he doesn't I think Marcus Smart will do it for him. I think he's that kind of guy. He's that kind of competitor and it's not more of an ego thing is more of a hey if you're not going wage. I will I'm not afraid to not to change the subject but John I just saw in the comments. Somebody said you guys never criticized Danny Ainge disrupt. Can you imagine sitting there? I mean, welcome to the first show, I guess I guess you never watched an episode of this if you say that we've never criticized and yet and we spent the last month of your birth to the two weeks after Gordon Hayward left. I believe we had about three shows fighting furiously about Danny Ainge now, it's true Bobby's never criticized any that's actually true but people on this show have now it's too early to criticise yet fully about this roster because we haven't actually had a regular season game yet, but trust me if criticizing. Yep. Pointed it will it will occur on this on this show because Foster this roster large earn earn the earned the right to be safe. I'm glad to bring this up Jiminy because there's a good point out of tonight to John opened it up saying that there were no positives tonight and such a big reason for that is it feels like there's so many empty projects on the team at this point down on the bottom tiers the roster. I keep that you talked about semi ojeleye and Carson where it's all those all those men pants or a word about this roster is an amalgamation of a nice pics that wow. Wow, Bobby said that word Smith was the three indeed. Now. Those are those are the last guys you should be looking at and criticizing on that like tonight, you know two weeks. I know they're NBA career, but what the team with that end of the bench look like last year. I was thinking about that and I was thinking about purchasing Nesmith wage. Show they've shown some side like if we're being serious about the assessment so far against the Philadelphia and against a Brooklyn who I think you're going to look back on when the season ends and say that was one of the best teams in the league. They're getting some sturdy competition out of the gate right now and you go against the Philadelphia and get pretty good performances from those two rookies. I think you come out of the preseason feeling. All right about them like yeah. The winter season starts man. That's the thing. Like if you're the Celtics you're thinking about like man, but bucks the Nets, you know, but that's again upon it, you know, you think of caught up, you know, so it's going to be tough. That record is got its not going to look great. I don't know if it's 500, you know, mid-January. I don't know. At schedule out of the gate is ferocious this year and these recent seasons have been dictated by the start. I I saw Brian bernardoni tweet about that after the game tonight. They're starting off against the black Nets Pacers twice Grizzlies Pistons twice Raptors Wizards looked at 2 and 7 at the gate. I mean, I'm not trying to be funny. I'm serious. Like that's a tough schedule and not to mention in February 4th strip. Have you seen that trip how many cities are going to cover and then two weeks fan. It's kind of walk a little bit and what kind of condition is going to be because this is early February we're talking about we're we're realistically or at least the subject of our brain February will be the actual, you know, we'll see him in uniform as opposed to another update next month when I say and I said this for a few weeks now is get prepared for those struggles and get over react to them and just wait for this rush to get healthy. It's it's tough to overcome a brutal start which is in the cards, I guess seeing how they look these first two days, but if they do, By if they're 500 if they just scrap away at this and just managed, there's light at the end of the tunnel there and Kemba and Tristan Thompson who again substantial part of this team for me. I'm going to start eventually. I think he's going to really change the dynamic of that Center position. And who knows maybe Romeo Langford charges out of that surgery. Oh, we're not talking about. Yeah, that's a sad to see the the wing that the wind up here is so bad. So, how would you how would you go ahead Jimmy? I want to finish one thing on the schedule cuz I hate looking too far ahead and schedule to go one thing. We haven't mentioned correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty much every other day right for games. Yeah, when is their practice time? So it's more like two game series like baseball style where they stay in the same city and play a team quite a lot of those in the first half of the second half is more travelling where the cities are closer to each other but it's like, you know, two games and and five days or two two and four and then they travel it's It Gets In The Hood pranks home the whole first half of the season is you're going pretty much every other day. Maybe a back-to-back mixed in there. Looks like you don't have you don't have two or three days off in a row where you can like work on things like get your you know guys back on the same page like it's kind of just like shotgun start here and like hold your breath and hope that these guys hope that these pieces kind of fall into place and I it just doesn't it's hard well, Your two best players are you know twenty-two twenty-three years old as opposed to like the Nets will use that as an example because we just played them there to bust players are you know, long long term that's all star perennial All-Stars Hall of Fame players, you know, it's too it's like I think it's a lot easier for guys to sort of fall in line behind those two types of players and you've got another veteran like DeAndre Jordan these guys know what it takes to win and I think guys can sort of fall in line behind them. Whereas like on the Celtics. You've got Kemba Walker kind of watching from the sidelines. You lost Gordon Hayward, you're you're kind of leaning on Marcus Smart and it's kind of some young guys to to lead the way here and I don't know if if that's another you know uphill battle for this team. The River Oaks going to be substantial and Stevens is said he's mine. He is mellow those expectations for the first two months. So if you listen to the coach, they're not quite ready to go and live in gonna result you end up with here when you're you know, not not quite approaching that full-scale marks. I'd be interested. I'm actually probably going to ask Brad next time on oppressor. Like when do you expect to gain full speed? Is that a month? Is that a month-and-a-half? Is it too much because they are so early in this process like tonight what like they just stepped on the court and it was day one a training and they ruled the balls out there and did the best they could that was the kind of game they had tonight and you know when you're injured as they are when you're as young as they are, you know, what do you do? Do you look toward Danny Ainge? Do you look toward the training staff? I don't like it's just they're in a bad spot right now roster wise and it's a lot of stuff we talked about over the offseason. It's a bad like one interest in Thompson case off. So it's going to be tough here now it is preseason. How many guys just actually start throttling when we get into these early games. I guess we're going to actually have to see a real game for us to kind of judges in real but the earlier times aren't great. 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He's he's selling his down shot and he's just he can't even get to cover this show. We didn't even get to do the fun and make fun of Kyrie, you know, like it was such a non-factor like sure he did his weird stuff but that's basically it, you know, like go down by 30 to make it makes it tougher to boo the way down from the juice start exactly. I mean when you when you get puncture like that, I mean, I'm tell you what if they lose like this on Christmas, I won't be doing the show because I'm going to be very heavily drinking eggnog and other jobs and and they better show up on Christians. You know, what to be embarrassed on Christmas day with everybody in America watching, you know, I mean, you gotta hope that it took a week from now, I mean you don't have a whole lot of time to To you know, get things going but you just gotta hope some you get some pride on the line. Once the regular season starts here and they can well this thing is, you know, during the entire you're going to be, you know, they're ready to go home ready to go and they're going to they're going to destroy a lot more teams in Boston. So if you hold on anything then the boss is not going to be the only team that they're up by Thirty against this year that team looks phenomenal and wage, you know, I don't know. I don't know what your I don't know which direction you want to take this John but they probably don't need James Harden, I guess like what kind of life you don't know James Harden any better now than there would be with only not needing James Harden. It's like I said, it's I don't think anybody wants James Harden. I think like analysts are going on. May. I think analysts are losing their minds. Like how does nobody want James Harden and you know, like nobody wants to give up anything real right now like if you have a controllable You know star player like a Simmons like you don't want I don't think Philly wants to do that. I think this was you I think all of this I think all of it is Houston plants. Well when the GM is and it's easy to do the GM comes out for Philadelphia and says, we're not doing this. Let's see how they start. I'm more aware on that team than most people if they get off to a shaky start all of a sudden that phone is going to be a lot more enticing to grab for them the trick for Philadelphia though. Is that as we talk about some of these students? They're like Philadelphia probably doesn't have a strong feeling that they can keep of Beyond two years and you kind of need that to make a deal like that. Especially when you have a Ben Simmons wrapped up for five years. So they're going to see what they have there. And you were right John like it just kind of was a call to the wild saying we have suitors here. Is anyone going to step up to the plate and you know cross the And no one's biting like between the fat thing then we talked about last week the return the contract just the whole way. He's handled this. It is definitely sunk is value which you probably didn't work out the wanted to either. Well, they need to trade trade hard before he eats himself out of the week. And I think he's becoming dangerously close based on the pictures that started to surface. So Monday, it's silly starts off abysmal, like what if Philly starts off the we're talking about the cell destruction would have Philly starts off 2 and 7 or 6, something like that. That's that's what Houston is going to have to bank on a team struggling out of the gates, you know, a little little fear strikes the front offices, you know, what this guy James Harden's available we can pull the trigger on it right now and you know put a little shocked into this season and maybe you know get something going here. I mean, that's kind of I think what Houston has to ask the Hope happens to a team like Philadelphia, you know, cuz that I can totally see that wage. In Philadelphia stumbles out of the gates and you know how it is in Philly. Everyone's going to the the, you know, the Rumblings are going to start and the fans are going to get restless and all of a sudden everyone going to be demanding James Harden off and and see you later Simmons or whatever even might not be the right move, but it might be something that they feel like they have to do. Either way, I'll tell you what rumors already in Philly. I can't hear jokes waking you guys I got them. All right, I'll do it you so go ahead just way we heard you know, I just don't get how Toronto just at least I mean pick up the phone. I mean, I guess I guess I'm way maybe I'm waiting too much of playoff performance. I saw from Pascal siakam, maybe that's what it is. And obviously that was that's unfair, you know, he went to that playoffs completely different role of compared to playing alongside someone like Kawhi Leonard, so maybe that's unfair wage, but I mean that the whole like seeing him put together the season that he put together and then selling that right now before you can shows you that maybe he can't do that again like jump on this so or maybe put a pair him. Oh, that's that's why we're at a stalemate here questions. You can go with this. I mean Toronto has options, you know, you can send you know, oh gee, you know, or you could pair Lowry, I mean, that's just I think they have the boxes too in the end get it done. It's just one of those things where like, maybe they're the team that applies pressure for a team like Philly to jump in. I think that's why we're at a stalemate. That's probably what might happen with teammates wrong. No one's offering their premium asset now and that's what Pascal siakam still is for them. Why would anybody like you know, we'll get creative. Everyone's trying to get it on the cheap will pull in a third-team, you know. Give you oh G or one of our lesser guys here will give you a you know, Fred Van fleets contract but Pascal siakam is off the table and that's the team. You know, we know how Toronto is like way the media will sit here and say, oh they're probably going to dip off the ship but they believe very much that the team they have this year is going to be competitive in the East and as good as anyone they lost a few pieces, but the core is still intact. So there's no rush to do this either like, you know, Joanna, we had a spot where a Charlotte or a Sacramento or like a team like that's just going to come out and be like, all right, let's do it. No one else so Exactly. No, I don't know I think and you know what the hardest thing I watch I watch the post-game interview or if it was an interview with the batteries comments as he talked yet. It was looking for that too. I haven't seen anything. The blackout is resumed wage. Is he not talking? I don't know. I don't know. He's a Boston kid. That's my thing. If he doesn't talk about it off then that's how you guy what are you doing? Like, what are you guys making a big deal out of it's going to be it's going to be a media problem. You realize hey, I wonder I want to read. All right. Yeah, you know we're talking hard and so I'll stick to hard but the thing the thing I notice about Hardin was so the media asked her and all about Why would you why don't you show up to camp on time? Why were you in you know Vegas or wherever he was not killed them. You know, do you think it's a distraction to set the other things like this is not going to take away. It never has ever ended well for anybody involved when when this becomes like the topic point of of your team, I mean a season is just underway and this is what you're dealing. It's really not fair to his teammates especially so it feels like he could end up stuck there for the season the way it's going because like they I think it's offensive and you know what they like once they finally real men and like I said, he can shed all that fat pretty quickly. We've seen it before with him things can end up. All right there once like the noise ends and the deadline passes and wage some of the other pieces spend the place their their teams. Not too bad. I respect the coach there what he's done in Dallas. So like this could eventually simmer down but these first few weeks are going to be tough Jimmy you're right off. How you starts important you you hear about that the culture that was going on in Houston. Hey what they're made the West finals with it a couple of times. Yo, if that's if that's all facts know if there's no exaggerating in that man, how can someone that's what scares me like the NBA like a player could have that much control over an organization. That's scary the the weeks that have passed their been so perplexing and out of control and just the biggest probably like you don't talk about the record. He he would control when if he want to stay in a city and yesterday the team needed to stay or he wanted to ask crazy City that night they were stay an extra night. And if the schedule the trial schedule went around his you know wage level or whatever like that's incredible and there's no way you can save that Bobby because someone like John Wall or whoever any other newcomer going to be like, this is ridiculous. How do you buy into something like that? So quickly too long? Well, it's not sending from the guy who reportedly push for that Russell Westbrook training. That was no minor move, especially for a guy who was doing a couple years from free-agency. I mean, they they mortgage the future and Russell Westbrook just to dump a good player and dress ball. It's going to go down as one of the worst trades ever terrible for that. So it's not fun to be I have a good friend is a Rockets fan and even five felt bad for him. He's like to be good for them. What are they? What are they done to deserve your your sympathy? Oh, it's just a brutal situation. Oh, it's a bath. Yeah scribbled out. There are people going to 3-1 lead, but that's about it. Who cares? I got Kyrie Sage coming in a minute guys comment on it. All right, throughout the lower third on Kyrie sheet. I didn't get any reaction from from my my my idea know. Come on blame it on line blame it on the stage for a thumbnail like blame it on the on the Dead. Yes, I love that. You can take that to Nick Joe. So I'm already here we go. Here's our here's our guy before the game the maybe the abalone shell. It looks like in the stage. Is that a standing Rock tradition or Hazard something else to that for you with my face and it just comes from you know, a lot of native tribes being able to save juice cleanse the energy, you know, make sure that we're all balanced and when we come into this job and we come to this place. It's not anything that I don't do at home that I did today, you know, I saved the last game and not planning stage opposing team would allow me to but literally it's just more or less for us to stay connected long for us to feel great about going to work and feeling safe and provided for for my Edge from our ancestors. I'm not going to bring too much as spirituality into basketball. But yeah, it's shrinking. I need of Culture Club. And secondly with new energy and cleanse, how was it being back in Boston and playing there for the first time since you left? Sliding going another day at the job. Honestly, you know, I'm grateful to be able to have relationships with a lot of these guys still still here guys that aren't here still off and you know at the end of the day we went to war together, you know, and I respect all those young men down there went to war together, you know down in a business where we want it makes us happy and you know to see Jason get better to see Jalen get better to see these guys mature at the end of positions out there and I'm nothing but problem to see other guys that he happy. You know, that's awful. So coming here is easy man performing here is easy Malika forming your ZZ basketballs the easy part. It's just the external stuff beforehand gets a little all right and now so, oh my God is the problem. But just to be fair, it's really difficult to criticize somebody for doing anything that has to do with their background or their Heritage so high point that's a tough. It's a tough thing to just sit there and say it took it all falls into flaky Kyrie doing stuff which draws attention to him and then it comes down to whether or not I think it's what do you think it's genuine or not? You know and that's what date lies. It's just hard for people to pass judgment cuz you don't know it's hard but it's Grayson. It's a new development inputs to it out. Yeah, the only thing I take exception to him and he went to war with with with these guys. And so the total war you can criticize them for that and you can criticize them for that. All I said is explored down but I just it's the conversations about the external stuff and all of that. You know what I mean? It's the external stuff that he created. It's it's that's the whole thing is like this. He he runs headfirst into this stuff down. And then says it's just the part of the game. I don't want to deal with any invites it and learn and yeah, right honestly, like everyone would be happy myself included and I'm sure 75% of the people in the chat if Kyrie just stopped like just did just played basketball spoke up every once awhile posted something on Twitter did a little weird here and there but this I got to get by and at the energy and the spit stuff around me and all this stuff. It's just and the bad vibes and tuning that out everything everything. He says is like a sun that we'd of everything else around him. You know, like it's very on all of these forces that are keeping him down or doing whatever when when it's not an issue, you know, like just I don't know home and I don't listen I I agree with the big one of media day. That's the day you just do none of these guys like hockey to the media, you know, that's not their favorite thing to do that didn't get into the job for this wage. Show up they smiled for these dumb pictures with the white backgrounds. They spin basketballs. They dribble around they do it because it's part of the show and they take pictures and people are there and you're friendly for a dead. That's all you have to do. It's not hard and then to make that issue on media day in the statement just draws senseless attention to them right that you think none of us are saying shut up and play basketball when I think about that at all, like I want you to be personable. I love players who are personable and fun to cover and fun to watch and there and they like to you know, you know, whatever they can cause drama or or whatever they want to do but like on the cord is great like I love that but like it's just when you're when you're for lack of a better word just a douchebag like I don't care what job you are who you are like just don't be that and like we'll all get along fine. I mean yet when the teams, okay, that's what we'll find out then go for that matter. Right, it's different with Kyrie. Go. Right? We we saw that turn and Kyrie. Well, I forget exactly what game but cuz it came out of the game playing really well. That's easy when he first started in Boston, but we saw that turn and we saw the opposite off to ya mood swings. Let's see how that pans out first. Let's see what this team starts to struggle or when things are going his way how he how he goes about it? Cuz in the right now, these are great, you know, he's on the new team he's healthy with this psychic, you know, they're off to a great start. So everything is great. This is the Kyrie that we saw the meaning of the Boston use the same one when you're as loaded as they're it's easier for things to go well, too. That's a whole but just weighs a hundred percent right Bobby like if I mean, he's been in front running the Celtics should have been a front-running situation, you know here Kevin Duran. He I mean still that team hard to mess up. Okay, and he did and so that what you said Joseph I think holds for literally everybody in life. Like it's easier to be a nice guy in to beat you to be generous when you're flushed down. Oh and you know buy drinks when you're friggin, you know rolling in dough and blah blah blah, but how are you when nothing when you lost your job when nothing's going your way? Like are you are you helping people out or you still a good guy? You miserable, you know all the time. Are you blaming other people for for what's wrong with you? Like Kyrie is and his absolute worst when she had breaks down and we've seen it, you know countless times and he set fire. I mean even last year in Brooklyn those guys, he doesn't get Duran to come this year. Those guys would have been like, oh man, we can't do this again with this guy, you know, and he wasn't even out there, you know, and I think that there's so much stuff floating around him and you have a point there for a guy who doesn't want much attention on him or he wants to avoid the spotlight. So he says like there's a million thoughts revolving around him that you have to balance in these conversations and my only point I'm not stepping my foot electrical or you can have people in the chat are right here. They are hired he forces us to talk about Then we do and then we hate ourselves for doing it. So let's let's get back to the Celtics after we wrapped his point. Well, yeah, one more thing. I think you can just go down the line. Do things like the same you want to you want to the Heritage or whatever is reason that sure people in the w n b. It's under let's have a question bass context about his leader ship about his track record over the years. He's warranted a criticism of anybody else and I still go back to the whole thing with him. If you're going to put stuff out there whether it's yourself or two people in the crowd with the microphones or however you putting stuff out there people are going to find a way to talk about it and find a way to size yourself. Like it's criticisms. Never not going to be part of the job when you step into this like it's just it's going to be there when you want to be a star at this game and step into this meat packing tape and the whole project here. It's just part of what you sign up for and for him to want to just step out of it and leave his teammates and they kind of does reflect the leadership style that he's taken up over the years like, you know, I'm above everything else and everybody else has to figure it out. So like, you know, it's a it's always a tough conversation with them because I think he is a good guy when it comes to his office. It's so much vitriol and you see it here in the comments. You see with how much we talked about him and like that does stem from somewhere. All right, Jim, if you want to put a ball on it and again, I do agree with the commenters here that can I restart inspired. I hate talking about it. Like I said is it just pulled actually go ahead and talk we're talking about because it's always played the net so everyone uses just deal with it and we're going to talk about what Christmas do so that's it. We won't talk about other than that, but it was a couple couple points on Kyrie one for him to say basketball the easy part and all we went to war when I was on the Celtics do two basketballs the easy part than where the hell were you when you're on the south because you shot like three 4:20 in the playoffs. You didn't show up. You went out with an injury. You failed the organization, so don't sit there and say that basketball is easy part the outside stuff that really bothers, you know, that really is gets gets on me or whatever so dude. It's not that simple for you because if it was Alex would have gone to the NBA finals and maybe want a championship second of all this may or may not be possible. But if all like the stage is things Good Vibes the team and like It makes us all feel good, an opposing team. I might you know, maybe like the vent maybe the arena sends out a notice like, you know, no Pirates no pyrotechnics. No smoke. Nothing can be known no, no no stage if they want to say that that they can be can be going off in the arena pregame during the game post-game, you know, if I'm going to pose a team I maybe thinking about that because why am i trash at the opposing team have Good Vibes coming into you know, the arena going to do that? It's all have done that exact exactly Bobby and that's all I'm good calling good clean, you know part of the game right there. That's not any getting in a way of anyone's religion or background or anything. That's just hey, we're trying to beat you guys. You're trying to beat us. This is how it's going to have to happen. I hate I hate I hate seeing him and Jason paid him get buddy-buddy. Me too. I didn't see anything with Jaylen Brown. I didn't see Jaylen Brown and Kyrie high they did. I thought I saw. And I might be wrong, but they were the Buddy Buddy before the game was it was like a bear hug between Tatum and Kyra like oh God, you know, you can't Daniel in on the action. Really? I thought there was a biggest lake back and forth I've ever seen in my life any carrier in the hallway. I believe on the court like chatting it up on the corner of th and carrier. Both of your lines are teeth right now. So we're just going separate ways. Let's switch back to the Celtics here we talked about the first unit here is Brad. I want to get down get to Brad talking about just how things have been going so far. Here's a little post-game snippet from him. Well, no more on Wednesday Mark like, you know, obviously we'll we haven't played well in you know, the majority of these two games and certainly our our first group has not played well or that, you know, just generally the guys that are going to play the share the minutes. So we're going to have to make sure we get a lot better and get ready for Wednesday. We got a really good team Milwaukee at the same time. These games are exhibition games for reasonable. So we'll learn from Okay, first unit not playing. Well, we know that let's let's just move ahead to this. Is it to game preseason know Tristan Thompson. Jewel of your offseason. So that was interesting. He said, you know, Jimmy do that every single time right ramp. He's ramp things up a few days. So can't wait so he could be back some nice. Oh, he's grabbing week and exciting job. You expect different. Okay when when they play Milwaukee? Defense that's where you got to start like you gotta be able to pile up some stocks here, you know use your system effectively scheme it up as we know the Celtics can and the Personnel is absolutely no way you're starting a unit that is 3 big wings Marcus Smart and Daniel theis you should be able to be your top five Ten defensive self with that unit out their life and get your transition game going off that like all the offensive concerns we talked about tonight should not be an issue. Once you get your defense out there. Generally the same guys who play together last year. So it's not like you're setting anything up cohesion wise out there on that end of the floor tonight was tough like you were going against a load of a team offensively. So to get blown up the way they did offensively doesn't concern me too much but near Milwaukee and the teams that follow you gotta be better defensively than they were tonight. Yeah. I'm not too concerned offensively. I mean, yeah, I know it's a preseason. I didn't like the way they looked on defense but there were parts of the game where I'm like, okay. Seemed like I see them being able to put it together to start the season offensively again, I'm going to keep saying this for a while guys. I just don't see how this team especially gets. It seemed like the Milwaukee Bucks. I mean the starting lineup. I don't know if you'll see the same thing. Maybe maybe because see Javonte back in there. I agree but great people great in there and I'm going to prevent a guy just like gervonta for that lettuce in his second unit alongside someone like Jeff T off the only guy in the score for you and Off the Bench. So he has to happen has Grant given a a reason. Why no, he's just a body to use your phrase. I mean, I hate maybe get more out of him this way because he's giving you nothing in that second. Here's my only thought get more out of it. I mean just in terms of trying to simulate what you had last year Jalen now becomes Gordon and Javonte becomes jab, so to speak, you know, where you know, you're going to ask Jaylen to do more things with the ball in his hands and Javonte might just be the athlete transition, you know, honey. I don't know song General it's it's not but if it's unit may be better than someone like Chevy or Grant whether they just maybe I don't know I Maybe not maybe maybe it's something with Tristan out. He's just saving grant for 4 second unit, you know big, you know, maybe show me. Well, the reason I say granted because of what he can do from the outside a bit, right? I think you get a lot of open looks there's one person that another person got open looks tonight and I thought someone was trying to knock them down and show me more confidence. You have two years my my god dammit eyes, you know, I know he wasn't great defensively. He was following everyone that was in front of home. But on offense when he was found out though, he can hit that, you know twelve foot of that. We know that I'm not saying Ice shows but I think you get a lot more open looks with those guys. And and if you take nine shots as opposed to what it took four or five days. I mean you have to get points here and there there has to be a well-balanced attack here, you know, I don't know Jason Tatum having the score thirty plus every night is going to be the formula to win every single game, especially Against what team like Milwaukee Bucks you need a more well-balanced attack. You need to spray around a bit. That's the thing. Would it shock you? It would not Shock me at all. If after watching this these two games wage starters looking as bad as they've looked and the and the Hopeless bench if they came out and just friggin lit it up from you know from from all over and and like the store it wouldn't stun me if they came out and just for like, okay now we're going to play I mean even in the bubble Jalen Jalen said like it was hard getting up for some of the movies, you know, that's always a poor they were in the preseason games in the in the in the the the before they started. Yeah, and they were like, I can't pretend this is real, you know, like I don't know you wonder whether part of it's kind of like we're really, you know, defensive defensively especially like you can chalk it up to that to some degree. Of course the offensive issues. I think represent problems that we foresaw with this team. So you take those a little bit more seriously. I liked Joe Swayze point you probably try everything over this next couple of weeks mixing and matching lineup wage. And I think the one thing Grant actually could provide is some spacing in a way Javonte couldn't Grant actually shown to be a good 3-point shooter and I think you have to capitalize on guys who are getting lost a little bit and then a bench unit. They went more full bench than you probably would in these regular season games and Grant got a little bit lost. It doesn't feel like it doesn't feel like Teague involved as he would be probably mixing in with the Stars discard Nesmith though right, slow and ultimately that's where you want to get too, right? Yeah, but that's like way down the road. Yeah, I know. I mean like that's what you want. That's what you want, right? So you probably want to stay three wings out there. I just want three wings and you want a guy who can score, you know, like I didn't his Grand Theft backup center. I guess. I mean, he's the only one we're joking about maybe Romeo comes back. Like I don't know what kind of stock to put in Romeo but you really want it to be Romeo or Nesmith and that starting lineup is a Third Way reason you drafted those guys is hampered white box. That's what you want. Oh, yeah. That's what you want to have happen. Everything else sucks sucks. It does. The grant is a terrible option. Javonte is a terrible outcome. That's not a terrible option package is a terrible option, you know, like together you that's what you want. I think you'd love to get it there. You just don't know whether those guys are going to be able but that's what you want. That's going to be an X-Factor for the season who steps up in that Wing group has to be could even semi ojeleye final leg work out at all, you know would work here, but you just gotta you gotta get down. Time is Jimmy's gotta go we're going on too long. We're going to do something again before we get Wednesday quickfire quick anything else. No, that's too I think the the to your point when you said earlier about you know, the the that's a bad line up or whatever. I think he's getting creative against these teams cuz he has to you know, I don't think you're going to see the same formula or the same approach when they're not playing those top three teams that I have in mind the Bucks the Nets and I'm putting the heat in there guys. Those are the three teams. I think we're going to get rid of really difficult for the Celtics. I I do still like the chances against the likes of most of the rest of the Eastern Conference. I don't think Brad's won't get that desperate to when drawing when you talked about those nights where you think like somehow maybe maybe The Game season openers when you'll see the subjects come out and that started 5 or just being on point and and scoring at a high level. I think you'll see that more often against the other team's I don't know. I think out of the gate they're going to struggle against these elite team. The continuity for those guys are in a whole different level. Hope they're not on a wait in comparison to the Celtics right now. The others are just I don't want either a shambles but just the chemistry is just way way off way that I could agree with big blue this that goes my the set goes my final thought if I were to share one game five of the regular season, we're going to be dying for Danny to use that Trader Joe's your bombs. You Gotta Wait John's going to trade for Eric Gordon. All right, Jimmy got anything that's not a terrible choice. So before before we got in the show, I tweeted every everybody on my account. And I said, what are your thoughts in the Celtics heading into the regular season? I got a few responses that I want to give you guys and I'll end it with my favorite one. So I got one that said Gross one that said garbage one that said couldn't possibly feel worse. I got a few other longer ones. That was basically just suck. By like terrible and my favorite one. From the scale of Bobby to John I'm definitely leaning John. So that sounds right off the bat where a lot of you are heading. It goes Bobby Joe sway Jimmy John I want to be fair is fair game. I I honestly just defending myself here believe I call it how I see it in the playoffs. I was saying I can play the home or car to when the playoffs Jimmy and I were like this. We're going to sweep. They're going to sweep Toronto. They're a bunch of bombs, you know, you're right cuz a certain way I'll sink though. So in the playoffs I thought they were going to hum pass. No problem, you know, they should be in a seven-game series. This just looks bad. It's hard to not and I mean, like I said the concerns heading into the season not to be all doomsday, but I think it would be more. Foolish to think everything is fine. Then to be genuinely concerned. It doesn't mean it's not going to work out. It's just insane to have Tampa be hurt. Absolutely. No Wing death depth off late to the party Tristan late to the party and having lost Gordon Hayward and think like no big deal. Like of course. It's a big deal. It's it's it's it's it's crazy to think it's not too bad. But yeah, that's a big deal just a lot right now, right? The ball handling is exactly right, you know, but yeah literally like like the highlights just experienced off season for a lot of those fans was literally Danny aged not trading for for Turner. That was like the Highlight that was like dangerous investment for a lot of Celtics fans. So that's actually from that page again. My point all along president's coming Babi and that's that point you're not you're full version of yourself yet, but he's going to be how you survived. I honestly am on the core birth. I want to I want to see a professional basketball player out there who isn't one of these friggin who the hell was that in the second and not owe for the season. We don't have to do that whole thing, but she got to get to that point. You gotta get there comfortably or at least intact where you can you know still latch on the play-offs but let's face it if it gets down to that point where they're at the bottom of the conference and they just trying to kind of stay in that playoff range. You just gotta survive and get in and be there healthy at the end and then you know, there's not going to be fans in the crowd is probably not going to be a typical postseason who like who knows how the seasons going to go with everything going round round it. So you just gotta survive not get koven get healthy by the end of the year and you're probably going to be in a decent spot. Okay. That's the key right? Hopefully the Celtics will have them arrested by the guys with covid-19 to be the key that could be very substantial event. That's the key to that to see that Bobby. So certain they've got locked out we can we redo your power rankings tonight wage. Yeah, let's wait till Tuesday. I don't want to do that way. If they come out the gas laws. We're all predicted that point if Tatum would get like cold weather or something. Don't be know the seasons of wash now but no know like even if they're on Pace to be a a v c. At best or foreseen. I mean it is what it is, Yeah. Even if it wasn't you probably did use a pandemic will do that when we get there. I assumed hey, what if the Celtics Celtics players needed to get covered in that offseason window if they didn't then shame on them? Because now what we know that's another thing here like dang obviously everybody. So what was it 58 players got off. So there there's a chance someone on the roster here got it. And well, we know Marcus Smart did well. No, I mean like coming in the training camp 58 players in the league tested positive. So right off art one player on this roster came down with it and that kind of an effect. Like we'll never know make you right now. Later all the Taco was actually out tonight with an I think so. I don't know. I think it was going to be tired. How does anyone that? Like head is above everyone like I don't think you could like might have been dead. Right, they're born but it's not it's true though, like someone jumps up to block a shot. The highest they can get is is I you know, so they just just kind of swipe at it that was based off. He walked into a tree. I don't know. I liked yeah. All right, that's a good way to combine. You get John you got final word or what? My final word was the you know, the final word. I already kind of said it off. It's a ton of reason to be concerned. But I also want to see a whole team or closer to it. I honestly desperately want to see Tristan Thompson cuz it's a competitive basketball player who can do things for you that you're you're lacking. It's not going to solve a lot of the problems that they have. I think a lot of people are in the right and how much is going to help the offense better. But I also think they're going to shoot better off my final thought or like Mike will do this when we do our bold predictions, but one of mine is going to be that Marcus Smart is going to be everybody's least favorite Celtic before this year is over instead of their favorite song and we talked about this but I'm pretty I'm pretty worried about that. You guys got to that point of the game or John. It's like 60/40 they're against them I get there very fast. Okay, it doesn't take long to get me there. There and these finals you heard a couple of people out. There are 60/40. Maybe it's still fifty-fifty but it was split down the middle whole season. I would say that's interesting. You're right. He's really polarizing. I think it's going to tip. I think he's right because it's right now it's getting worse. He's great when he gets to Judge Judy Hammond. You don't rely on him to do other things when you rely on him to do other things that don't know what he's doing with the passing it's absurd but that's his brain falls out of his head. It's so often off at critical times where you're like, oh, you know, like he makes bad turnovers at the worst time all the time takes unnecessary risks with passes reaches in on a dumb foul. Like he he does that at time and then he makes up for it with like one ridiculous. Like I've never seen any human do this before sort of play and everybody forgets about it, but some of that stuff is my dog. blowing, you know I do. I know it all too. Well. All right, Wednesday opening night not giving up on him yet though and although although I'm very I'm a lot closer than I want it to be long before game one. I love that comment by the way closer and closer to John than Bobby. I like the to Spectrum. Yeah. It's like are you more of it will have click on that we're going to have to do and if Nick's you also still watching yes to make this graphic. It's like a meter and like John's on like the far end should sway you on the Celtics like meter. Yeah, he's not making it right now. You're crazy. He's going to text all of us off the chain within minutes. What are you guys? Yeah, how's it look? Yeah, you have you better tell about texting me. You have to tell them that you liked it right away. Yeah, those songs have become wage. Part of the show. Yeah. All right. We're going to wrap it up. Everything is bad but doesn't mean it's going to be that way. That's the way it is here and zero remember that everything was bad but cleansing is that yep, Clean Slate is bad, but we don't start being weird or kooky till Christmas. Oh, well, I mean for one suck soon. We don't even have to comment on this but We don't have to talk about this either anymore. We have to talk about this. Yeah. Some prayers Gordo. You can play connect the dots with Gordon Hayward injury and they took a form his body forgot to talk. What forget it. It's just a finger but it wasn't surprising thing in the world now. All right. All right guys will wrap it up. Thanks for just see everybody will see everybody on after season opener or what we might do a preview before that. When is it with Wednesday a few days we might do it. We might be something Monday. So we'll let you guys know we might be back Monday for a season preview should do some bold predictions some superlatives a few different things there and we might solicit some questions asked you guys where where you stand on the meter with some things the Panic me off early in the season, but until then we're going to wrap it up. Thanks for watching.

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The Stuttering John Podcast-September 30th, Glenn Kirshner, Zev Shalev

The Stuttering John Podcast

2:30:54 hr | 4 months ago

The Stuttering John Podcast-September 30th, Glenn Kirshner, Zev Shalev

"Off off off off off. Off off off off Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack off. check check off off off off With my bare hands. Yeah, welcome to the world famous stuttering John podcast. It's my birthday week. I turn 48 on Sunday, and I'm going to have dinner with my kids be a nice time. and there's so much to talk about we have the wonderful Glenn Kirchner on the show today 30-year prosecutor and you know political correspondent and thank Jala. Hello, Donna Bishop. Hello Jillian lamb and Heather want a good as gold Ami sukay. Joel fence-sitter know this is a democratic show off the same Fox News that I'm going to you know, I'm not going to sit there and have some idiot come on and waste our time with bullcrap rhetoric that Kayleigh mcenany seems to be doing on a daily basis lying to the American people today. She said Amy Coney Barrett was a Rhodes Scholar. C'mere you idiot. She went to Rhodes College in Tennessee you schmuck. Oh and she lies and lies and lies. God bless Bill Schultz for for but for for even dating that horrendous piece of garbage white trash at its best Kayleigh mcenany now. As far as Hal Sparks, he's coming over on Sunday. I have a house cleaner coming here tomorrow. God bless him. I called Molly Maids. They said it would cost me four hundred bucks. And I was like nah. Nah, so I looked I went on Craigslist and found Jose and Lena and they're going to do it for a hundred and twenty-five but when I get here they're going to up that I know at least $200 but I don't care. I need this place to be cleaned. I want to be embarrassed in front of my mate Hal Sparks palm and how like, you know what I bought the 50 Foot ethernet cable here. Whoa knocked over a beer. I'm not drinking beer right now that was from the other night during the divorce rates. I got the wrong one. This is the one that I thought that Nikki be sent. But now I need this It's gotta have this thing. It's gotta have this kind of clip on the end of life, you know, this one doesn't have that. So I got to go back to Best Buy. I was already there this morning and I got to return that and get the right one and then plug the fifty-foot ethernet cable. Into the computer, so I don't have that problem. I had on freaking Tuesday at what an embarrassment I was so pissed off. Although my mother said it was the funniest show ever to watch me get locked up every second me. I'm used to it. I'm a freaking stutterer speaking of which on Sunday. I have Sherika Myers. She is also a stuttering a motivational speaker for anybody with speech impediments should be a very long show two questions. All right, I beat you to the joke. Let's see. There's my link if you want to donate. Hey Heather. I just see your name there. I thought you were going to buy a computer. If you do why don't you get the MacBook Pro and then I'll trade you my air for your pro. I'll leave him leave some of my pictures on that, baby. But how said I shouldn't have got the air? What the hell do I know? I'm not a geek not part of the Geek Squad but the air was doing fine up until Tuesday. I think it was something with the internet. Spectrum will screw you any day in a week. I forget who else I was seeing what it was some other celebrity on my Twitter feed was complaining about spec I think was Tammy pescatelli, but Spectrum sometimes yeah Joey lamb and that was the funniest show. Hey, listen, if you're entertaining your entertaining, that's the whole point of this. I mean, you know God, thank thank you Richard Custer. Yeah, Heather. If you're going to get a pro, I'll trade you you get the air is fine for you cuz you're not going to be streaming and editing but those are the two things I need to do. And how said I would be able to edit on Final Cut Off this. White claw bich. What can you clean your house yourself cost, you know money then well I could but you know what cleaning is never my forte talking about riding jokes telling jokes and making love to the ladies. There was a my Fortes but it's certainly not cleaning. I mean, I do my own cleaning job. And even after I'm going to touch this place up a little bit to avoid the embarrassment in front of Jose and Raina, but still it's not going to be enough just place needs to be scrubbed off these people gotta come here with hazmat suits on Thank you irrational times. That's a nice picture. I mean nice place. I got you. Thank you very much. But anyway. What can I say? I went by broadcast live with Hal Sparks, even though even while my Yankees were playing. and let's just say the Yankees baby swept the Indians nice and freaking F ESPN. I have the MLB package. I was trying to watch at the at the pub. I was at they were closing in around the fifth or sixth inning. So I had to listen to the damn game John Sterling. I love you, but I mean, you know, and she can warm it. But I you know, when the Indians scored first of all, I don't know who texted me from Vegas. Maybe it's my buddy Tommy. Sinatra but somebody says oh damn Cleveland's up nine eight and they must have happened a better feed than me because he he text that gave me like five minutes before it happened and I'm like don't have a text me again that happened with Sean hockey count of 25 once like he his feeds earlier than mine. So he tells me what's going to happen. I'm like Schaumburg. I'm watching the game. I might be on some kind of a delay. Don't tell me anything. That's why I don't like talking to anybody while I'm watching the game because everyone's feed is different and I don't want to get the early feed. So then I turned it off. I thought he meant the Yankees lost 9 to 8. And then only to find out pleasure a pleasant surprise. I found out this morning the Yankees won. DJ lemahieu let machine so there we go to Yankees play the Rays they have a huge rivalry play as it going to get plunked. They do not like each other the rays are what the Red Sox were in the eighties and nineties month and the seventies and sixties and fifties and forties and thirties. But yeah, I mean, I mean this is it should be an interesting series. Let me put my phone in airplane mode. and then Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah the dotard today now look if you watch the debates, I was watching the debates with Hal Sparks and truly. Could not believe now it's it's hard to say you can't believe something that the dotard does but he acted like a child an immature diaper rash on infant at the playground screaming and yelling over Joe Biden not allowing Biden to get a word in and I have my Republican friends who are brainwashed by his dotard at the pub. And it's like it's like the right-wing bar now and as sitting there saying how well they both interrupted now Trump interrupted ten times more than Biden did and when Biden did he apologized and I'm Trump starts debating with Chris Wallace. And Chris Wallace. God bless you. You had no control 0 control to the dotard and we're going to get into the proud boys. We're going to get into Disney Junior. We're going to get into to to all the lies and male troops that would that came out of the dough towards Mount but we're so immune to it because we're so used to it. Because he says it all the time. He lies about everything. We have the greatest job growth know your job growth came after the bigger job loss. You're just making a little back. The economy is tanking. And don't give me the stock market you don't hard because only rich people are in the stock market and four o one case the average person is not in the stock market out there trying to put food on the table. They don't have time to invest $400 a share in Zoom. Just get off my lawn Trump. You're a liar and a criminal. And further to explain what a criminal you are. Let me bring on 30-year prosecutor and I think I could call him a friend Glenn Kirchner to the whole program John the first thing I heard you say is you're a liar and a criminal and I was hoping you weren't talking about me. I was not talking about you. I was talking about the horrendous performance by Donald Trump in the debate and I mean Glenn this guy is ceases to amaze me. I mean, it's just I mean he acted like a child. Yeah, and you know what, you know, what really bothered me perhaps the most John look we already knew that he hated I Don't Know Jack military members because they were suckers and losers. We already knew he hated war heroes at least people who get captured. Of course. He also hates the ones who didn't get captured. We know he hates minorities. Because he gave a shout-out to the proud boys a white supremacist group and told them to stand by we know he hates women. We know he's sexist because given his status he can walk up and grabs assault them do anything. He wants we knew how many people he hated and we knew how many and minorities. Of course, we knew how many people he had alienated, but I actually thought he managed to alienate a segment of the population that's huge that I don't think he had directly alienated before because he demeaned he mom and he belittled Hunter Biden because he he once had a drug addiction problem John how many families in our country club have somebody with a drug addiction problem? My family's been through it may be yours has I know virtually All Families whether it's drugs alcohol addictions other addiction wage. And he managed to say well your son Hunter Biden. He was discharged from the Army because he used cocaine. Well now he has just alienated at least I hope so everybody who has had a loved one struggle with an addiction or who has personally struggled with an addiction. The man is Despicable. The man is a bigot the man is a month coward and he needs to be voted out. Yeah Glenn end. Like first of all, isn't it? Like such a hypocrite see that's Trump is going out Junta box or having a cocaine problem. Meanwhile Trump has its documented that he's snorting Adderall and cocaine and his son looks like he's doing the same thing. I mean, I'm sure I've heard that and I can tell you I am glad Joe Biden didn't respond in kind and start going after Trump's kids because frankly they're easy targets given who they are and what they've done, but you know what table? That's not presidential. He said I'm not going to touch the children. You know, let Donald Trump do that. Let him show himself as the pathetic person. He is Biden didn't go there and I was proud of importance. Yeah, and you know, what? Like, of course Trump in his in his egomaniacal delusional mind is claiming. He won the debate. I mean come on Glen off like every poll I see since that everyone thinks Biden won the debate. I mean, where is he getting this garbage from? Yeah, you know because in his mind, he's always the winner and object of Lee wage everybody who looks at him how he behaves they know. He's a loser. He's a loser in everything in life. We saw his taxes dude pay $750 to the US government all the while John. He's paying more hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes to the Philippines and two in the and it's like, so I guess you believe in paying some taxes just not dead. The United States Treasury, I mean come on. Now. The man has has has lost at everything he has ever done in his life. Yeah drumsticks Trump water from college. I mean failure after failure his how how do you lose money and having a casino odds are in your favor The House Always Wins unless the house is named. But now I know you that you did an emotional show at least good as gold in the in the comments just said that about Joe Biden talking about his son Beau in the military and it just like it was a it was a very emotional moment and you could tell that Joe was getting a little choked up. But you know, it was a great win there when he said my son was no looser and everybody he left behind where he arose. I mean me while drunk gets out on five fraudulent birth. Heel spur deferments. I mean it I think that was a big win. Yeah, and and the one thing that I don't think I'll ever get over and I think it it crystallizes boss who Donald Trump is when Joe Biden was talking about his son. He said my son Beau who we all know died of brain cancer after he served honorably in the military and was awarded a bronze star among other Awards. He said my son Bo served in the military honorably. He was not a sucker and a loser and you could tell Trump confused bow and Hunter for a minute and and Joe said no I'm talking about my son Bo na Jaan think about it. We all know that Beau Biden died of brain cancer walk every human being when they hear a parent talking about their son who has died. There's only one thing you can say, I'm sorry for em, Los right that's like that's like muscle memory. That's like a knee-jerk thing to say even jerks have knee-jerk reactions. Donald Trump couldn't even bring himself wage to say. I'm sorry for your loss Mister vice president instead. Here's the quote. I'm not talking about Bo I'm talking about Hunter who got kicked out of the army for using cocaine. How is that a human response to somebody who's talking about his dead son. It's not and and and therein lies the problem. I don't think Trump wage has a human trait in his body. I mean, he lacks compassion. He lacks empathy and one of my favorite takeaways from the debate Glenn was when Joe Biden says wage are thousands of people died from covid-19. Drop, you know what? I mean? That was the best line. I agree. I think I instantly tweeted that out when I was live-tweeting during the debate. It is what it is because you are who you are and and that sums it up. Yeah. Oh, yeah, and I thought I mean I thought it was brilliant. Now. I'm going to get into the legal questions cuz I I watched Bob Woodward about about the debate and and he was saying how it's a constitutional crisis now because really they rules have to be changed. I mean and it's not it never had to be changed before until this dotard got in office. I mean, this is just because he's a ninja but you know, they want to have give the power to the moderator to be able to turn off someone's Mike if they're interrupting which I think is a great idea, Although I think when it in Trump's, you know, when it comes to trump, it should be a dog collar and and and you just zap them but because because you know, he's going to scream and even if they turn up the mic off. But Trump is now saying I don't want any new restrictions on debates. Why should I because I won so he's going to fight this off. This isn't way of backing out of debate. Do you think yeah, he fights everything right? No matter what it is. If you say it's day it's night. If you say, you know, it's up it's down he's going to fight everything off, you know, and I think we're probably going to have some more debates. I do think that we can try to modify the rules all due respect to Bob Woodward. I wouldn't call this a constitutional crisis. I would call it a crisis because it was a hot mess of a debate courtesy of trump. But I mean a constitutional crisis just for your your viewers is when two branches of government are bumping heads and there is no way to break that tie. So for example, if the Supreme Court issues an opinion saying this is the law of the Dead And and the president and the executive branch cannot do what they want to do because it's unconstitutional and and we've almost been to this point. Then the President says I don't care I'm doing it. Anyway, that's a constitutional crisis because there is no mechanism to deal with the problem of the Supreme Court handing down the law of the land and the executive branch, you know, basically, you know, thumbing their nose at the Supreme Court and say we don't care we're going to do it. Anyway, I'm surprised we haven't seen a true constitutional crisis like that. We all had one when the court said you can't put a citizenship question on the census and remember Bill Barnes and Trump said don't care we're doing it. Anyway, then they backed down at the last minute. So we may have not we've been in a lot of crises. We haven't yet been in a true constitutional crisis. Yeah, well, okay, but I mean what happens if Trump says, you know, it says I'm not going to debate if you put any restrictions don't debate. I don't want to listen to to him anymore. Anyway debate. I don't need the took me ask another question glad and by the way, listen, I can't tell you how grateful I am that you come on the show cuz I know that you're on CNN and everywhere else. So MSNBC MSNBC exclusive don't don't tell them on CNN. Okay. All right MSNBC, but you know, it really is an honor to have you on because you're so smart and knowledgeable about all this way more than than me and it and and I know that everyone who watches and listens to my show enjoy it enjoy every time that you come on. So I really want to say thank God I love being on with you and all the years of entertainment that you and the crew gave us. Are you kidding me? I would I'll do this all day everyday. All right. Thanks so much Glen. So now Anthony scaramucci said At this debate, this is before the debate. I had them on Tuesday afternoon. He said that he doesn't think the debate is going to move the needle either way unless there's a major major thing a moment is Trump telling the proud boys stand by wouldn't that be that kind of moment? That's a big moment. But think about it. We already knew he was a white supremacist. We already knew he was a racist right? We already knew that he was unable to denounce white supremacy, but I do think he moved forward in his openness about being a white supremacist because he went from there are good people on both sides in Charlottesville to there's only good people on one side and they're called The Proud boys and he said proud boys found by and then the next line out of his mouth John was because somebody's got to do something about antifa. So his position has more from good people on both sides to only good people in his mind. In his view on the side of white supremacy that will help move the needle but I want to go back to the people with addiction challenges. I think that might move the needle to when he makes fun. He mocked. He demeaned he belittled Hunter Biden because at one point in his life, he struggled with an addiction challenge. I'm going to go out on a limb here John and say there are even people in Trump's base who have family members that have struggled with addiction challenges. So I actually think that will also peel a little bit of support away from Donald Trump for some reason. I mean this happened to me on Tuesday, but you're locking up. Sorry. Is there way I'm going to take you out for a second and let me see if I bring you back in. You there? I'm here. Yeah, like you're still locked up. Are you are you on the you know, are you close to your Wi-Fi? I am it might just be the service down here. Do you want to come? Come out and then click the link and go back in will do. All right. All right, let's try that. I don't know. I'm not locking up. So I don't think it's on my end this time. I mean, Tuesday was a debacle. I hope I hope oh you guys you guys see him fine. Wow, so then maybe I got the wrong computer. What could I say? All right. Hey Glen, any better John? It's still locking up. But I'm going to have to deal with it. Everyone else is saying that it's not happening. Okay, so, you know it is on my end. I don't know why you know, you know what I went and bought a new computer and I got a MacBook Air instead of a MacBook Pro and I think for some reason like the MacBook Air is not really as wage equipped as the as a MacBook Pro to stream. That's what I say. Yeah. But anyway, yeah. No, I know. So so you think the addiction one was even more so than the than the proud boy one I do because I don't think he had lashed out at people with addictions struggles and addiction challenges previously. He's lashed out at almost every other demographic every other group. This was knew this was a new batch of people for him to alienate and I hope even the people in his base who struggle with addiction are like dude now, you're like you're calling me out. I've had those problems. Why would you mock people who have those problems but but has the media came out and and and beating him up about this. I didn't see anything not enough in my opinion. I think the racism was bad the proud boys thing was horrific. I think his behavior generally was horrific. He's a child as you say, but I really think mocking people with addiction struggles is a really big deal. Yeah not know and I agree because I think everybody I don't think there's an American who hasn't had somebody in their family who has struggled with drug addiction. I mean, you know, I know there's been a few in my family. So I mean, you know, and I had plenty of friends who you know who have you know, who have struggled with it. Even Artie Lange, of course, I mean wage so I mean, yeah, but it's just amazing and then you see so now Donald Trump junior is out there well stand by being ins stand down. It doesn't you know, it's just you know, you know, and then the next day Trump said he didn't know who the proud boys were. What do you think of that? But the way he said he didn't know who David Duke was he when he refused to denounce David Dukes racist views and yet you go back to the tape a few years ago, and he's railing about David Duke and his beliefs and his views Donald Trump doesn't tell The truth and he doesn't remember what he says from day-to-day and year-to-year because it's easy to prove him to be a liar by using his own words. He just doesn't care off know and you know what? I don't think he remembers that he says these things because I don't think he has any any, you know memory loss or retention. I mean, I think he just spews lives if it gets them every time that he wakes up. Yeah, and then, you know, there are people following his lead like, you know little Lindsey Graham who I mean it's phenomenal to me that he's on one tape. He's on tape one day saying Trump is, you know, race-baiting, you know prejudiced bigoted the next day. He's saying he's not a race bating, you know, xenophobic bigot Lindsey Graham. We have all seen on an endless loop saying listen, I want you to keep this tape. I want you to log My words against me. We will not have a confirmation Hearing in your four of Donald Trump's presidency hold the tape and now he's having a confirmation Hearing in year four of Donald Trump's presidency. How can you be such a bold-faced liar and still live with yourself? You know, you're you're basically laughing at your constituents and then you want to be re-elected. Are you kidding me? Yep, I know and same with Mitch McConnell. He also said there should never be and then look at him. He's all set to do it this such Hypocrites Glen I mean wage and why aren't the American people singing this now the last I heard Harrison is beating gram in South Carolina. And the last I heard McGrath is actually leading Mitch McConnell wage a great would that be that would be a beautiful thing if comparison and McGrath one, you know, how would and how can anybody vote for those two men when there's so much bald faced liars and Mitch McConnell has got you know, one of the worst states his people in Kentucky are suffering their education system is suffering their Healthcare System is suffering. His constituents are suffering and he lines his pockets. He and his wife Elaine Chao the Secretary of Transportation wage. Millions and millions and millions of dollars. They line their own Pockets while the people of Kentucky suffer. Why would you vote for that? You're voting against your own best interest. You know, Amy McGrath is going to come in and is actually going to represent the people of Kentucky and do some good for them. Why would you vote against your own good? It happens. Look at all the women that voted for Trump and now Trump is capable of overturning Roe v Wade. I mean, they've they vote against their own interests and it's I don't it boggles my mind mind. If I if I see African-Americans, like even you know, you know Herman Cain r i p i mean he wage. I mean Donald Trump does not like black people. It's been documented by his by his sister by his knees by no casler. He uses the n-word Ed. On a regular basis. How can an African American vote for this guy? I don't I can't answer that question and and most folks in the African American Community don't I won't vote for him. I don't understand how you can support a racist. I just don't yeah now I'm going to get in some legal stuff now well. Well, let's first get into the Amy Coney Barrett. And cuz I had a whole whole discussion with Anthony scaramucci and who is also in support of Biden off and he thinks that if we try to impeach now both bar and Trump, it'll make the Democrats look bad into might change people's opinions of the Democrats. What's the U I think we should have opened an impeachment inquiry into bar a long time ago because the man has just I am trying to edit myself run roughshod over the rule of law. He's done worse than that. And so I am disappointed that they never opened impeachment hearings on him. I do think it's foolish to try to impeach the president again, I think given where we are now, we're so close in time to the election. It's probably not worth opening an impeachment inquiry on bar though. I would still support it wage. Would it just wouldn't have enough time to play out, but I think everything we should be doing now is channeling our energy into the upcoming election to make sure we are supporting everybody we can to make sure they're registered make sure they get to the polls make sure they vote by mail at that is how they're going to do it. I see the advanced reporting about the numbers of ballots that are coming in John and I haven't looked at the numbers in about a week. But when I last saw it reported this time four years ago, there were about ten thousand absentee ballots that had been cast this time right now. There were like more than 860,000 absentee ballots that have already been cast. There's going to be a whole new wave and I believe it's going to be so big that trumps not even going to have the option of going into court and contesting it if he does he's going to get laughed out of court because the judges are going to say wage. A minute sport. There's a basic tenant of the law both civil and criminal. It's called The Clean Hands Doctrine. You can't create a problem and then walk into court and ask the judge has to give you some relief because you're a victim of the problem you created. It doesn't work that way. He's the one who created election chaos. He's the one who appointed a criminal Postmaster General Louis de joy to slow the mail. He's the one who told his voters vote for me twice commit a felony off and vote for me twice. He cannot walk into any court in the land and say I am a victim of the way this election played out do damage done. It's just a matter of time. Yeah. No, and I I do hope the right. Let me just take one second in Chicago's Finest. Thanks for the $11 John. Thanks for what you do great. Guess has always in Glencoe. Thank you as well. Let's not all forget Justice matters. Let's get this trailer out with numbers too big to rig and and and and that's what both of us are saying. And then that's what James Carville has said on this program. He's like we have to come out and droves and It's gotta be like you said such a big blue wave that Trump can't rig it and you know and just has to leave that's what America wants wage. Yep. Yep. It's coming. You can feel it. I mean it started in 2018 the midterms. I mean we can never forget that we flipped 41 seats in the House to the Democrats that choice Q judge and frankly, we weren't abused half as much as we've been abused Now by his handling of covid-19 everything else by his gassing of peaceful protesters. I mean one after another after another atrocity by Trump we're going to I mean, he's going to get crushed in this election. I can feel it. So could I and go ahead and the only reason why I woke Just just to go back to you know, the initial question I asked was the reason why I said about impeaching bar. And Trump now is just to hold up the appointment of Amy Coney Coney Barrett. That's that's why I'm just saying just you know, get get something else going cuz what else do we have? I can't I don't think you can get around Mitch McConnell. I don't no matter what maneuver the dead rats employ including impeaching everybody in the cabinet that will not distract Mitch McConnell from cramming down the throats of the American people the the the nomination and confirmation of of Barrett. And here's the here's my take on this as a guy who lived in the courts for 30 years. Here's the challenge. The challenge is the Senate has a right at this moment in time. They have a legal right and a constitutional right to hold a confirmation hearing a, New Jersey. Hold a moat what they didn't have a right to do John was four years ago have Mitch McConnell rewrite the Constitution to say there will be no advice and consent from the same it in year four of President Obama's term. That was so blatantly unconstitutional and I'm this is not a criticism of the Obama Administration office. But what I would have done is I would have said you Mitch McConnell have waived given up forfeited the Senate's right to provide advice and consent judge Garth take your spot on the Superior Court as a Supreme Court Justice. Then Mitch McConnell would have had to have run into court federal district court in Washington DC brought suit to challenge that and convince the judges that he as one man had the right to rewrite the Constitution by saying no advice-and-consent dead. Hearing in your four of a president's term he would have been laughed at a court and we would have a Justice Merrick Garland today the problem is that was illegal and unconstitutional of Mitch McConnell back then he and and now the fact that they're inconsistent and they're Hypocrites and they lied to us about you know, not being able to have a hearing in year four thousand fortunately, it's lawful and constitutional to have a hearing in your four and there is no time limitation you there is no constitutional provision that says yeah, but you can't do it off within 60 days of a presidential election the Constitution I'm afraid doesn't say that we should put more safeguards in place so we can stop this from happening again, but right now believe it or not. They have the constitution on their side. Well, then I have a question for you Glenn from that one Walker what consequences can McConnell suffer now for holding off that Obama nomination? An unconstitutional I wish he could suffer some legal consequences, but there are none we should have tackled it four years ago when we had the constitution on our side because he was acting unconstitutionally, but the only thing you can do now is vote him out of office and then investigate him all day every day in the grand jury to see how he is lining his pockets to the tune of twenty five million dollars based on attracting among other things aluminum plant contracts, you know run by oligarchs to page Kentucky. Let's investigate him and let's also investigate him for the way. He has enabled aided and abetted a criminal president because when you Aid and abet the crime of somebody else knowing they committed a crime against the United States you're guilty of the felony of aiding and abetting that crime and it sure feels like Mitch McConnell has done that over and over again. Grand good as gold has a question can Glenn discuss how Wilbur Ross has defied defied a court order about the census. Hold on isn't that constitutional crisis know it is and again, I I know everybody wants to get us to constitutional crisis and frankly, we may get there but Wilbur so Wilbur Ross was ordered by the court or the United States government was ordered by the court to keep the census open for a particular period of time. I don't have all the details at my fingertips. I think it was till the end of October maybe and Wilbur Ross said, nope. I'm cutting it off short of that. It's not a constitutional crisis yet because now you go to the court and you file what's called a show-cause order asking that the judge Paul Wilbur Ross into court and show cause as to why he shouldn't be held in contempt for violating the Court's order. That's the next step in that process wage. We're not at constitutional crisis land yet, but we may get there. Let me ask you I'm just what is your sweatshirts a Point Pleasant borough High School class of seventy-nine. I was I was a football guy. My pop was a football coach in Jersey. I played football through college and so Point Pleasant. It wasn't Panthers. I went to Washington University down in Lexington, Virginia. Oh nice what position I was a center banging head banging heads with the nose guard unless I had a four-man front because if they were running a for for as opposed to 5 to then I had to chase those fast linebackers all day long, and I'm I'm a slow guy. So I like banging banging heads with the nose guard all day. I'm happy one more question in your email. Obviously. I'm not get your email address up, but there is the number 50. Yes that because of the amount of States. We have so funny John different people read different things into that. You know, if I say five hours coming five hours coming, you know what that means. That's the cops. Right and I was a prosecutor for but it doesn't mean that even though a lot of people like all five though. That means the police know. That's my my football number on my jersey. I was number fifty. So I went bankrupt or fifty I love you know, I love those kind of things because it's always interesting to find out like, you know, why certain people, you know have like like for instance in my email. I have 525 256. Now the reason being is me and me and my ex-wife were big fans of the show REM. I'm not going to be able to spit it out Big Show's big fans of rent and the song 525,600 minutes. Yeah. I got it. I got it, you know, so there's the 5256 but let me tell you a quick story. I prosecuted a guy for murder in D C and his nickname was 187 and I got to be honest. I didn't know what 187 was until I took that case on 187 off. Is the California penal code section for murder? He named himself after the California code for murder 187 and he was a murderer. Yeah, he was I just yeah, it was truth in advertising right there. And that was his what like his handle that was his nickname out in the hay 187. What's up? That was his nickname. All right. Let me get back to some serious questions Anthony's can I bring it up scaramucci? Cuz he was just on and a lot of these things are fresh in my mind. And I know I know that I don't think that you agree with this. He's saying that when Trump loses that Biden should not You know seek to indict him and and his reasoning and I want to get your answer on this. His reasoning is that it like off the countries had enough, you know, let's just let's just bury this and move on. Now. Here's the thing. We are all victims. The people of the United States are victims Donald Trump's crimes against the United States the immigrants who came to this country, right yearning to breathe free only to be thrown in cages and have their children's ripped out of their arm their children ripped out of their arms and thrown no other cases. They are victims. We have been victimized. We don't think of ourselves as victims but in an absolute concrete sense, we have been victimized for thirty years as a prosecutor. I dealt with lumps. You know what I never told a single one John. I never told a single victim. You know, what you perhaps you were robbed your house was burgled you were raped you were carjacked or dead. In a murder case telling the family of the victim your child was murdered. You know how we're going to heal. You know, how we're going to achieve Justice. We are going to decline to hold the perpetrator accountable. We're just going to let him go. We're just going to turn the other cheek. We're just going to let bygones be bygones and we're all going to put it behind us. That's not the way you deal with crime. That's not the way you deal with victims. That's not the way you achieve Justice you achieve Justice with accountability for all of the crime that Donald Trump and Company his cabinet members his family members perpetrated against we the people in my book that's non-negotiable. Yes, and I see I agree with you. I I think you know because scam would you were saying, you know, like going to be hard like telling our kids that are our president was in a jail, it sets a bad precedent. I don't think so. If you know, he's not above the law if if he broke the law which we know he has he should you know, he should go to jail and serve time just like anybody else if we don't hold them accountable if we don't imprison him assuming he's indicted tried and convicted then what does it say about us? It says we are condoning those crime package that sets a bad example for our children. If you're powerful enough. If you have a a certain status you can get away with any criminal activity you choose including killing more than two hundred thousand Americans. That's Insanity. That's a recipe for the end of the Republic. Did we learn nothing else? From declining to hold Richard Nixon a criminal president accountable. I contend you can draw a straight line from Richard Nixon the way we handled that to Donald Trump today think he can get away with anything but now scaramucci also did say but That's that's a Federal indictment. But what Trump is dealing with with? That's sdny. He said let them do it, you know because now with this lady, you know what the job is Times report of Trumps taxes, which is obviously it brought an invasion. I mean this guy don't you think I mean the sdny they're going to take them down. Well, NY is federal. That's the US attorney's office part of the Department of Justice you're talking about the attorney general and the Manhattan District Attorney's Advanced. Yeah. Yeah, they're sneak into a state prosecution for his many Financial crimes his tax crimes. But but I believe he needs to be held accountable federally to because he's committed so many crimes against the United States, you know, obstructing justice obstructing Congressional inquiry inquiries witness tampering tampering campaign Finance violations together with Michael Cohen bribery. I mean it goes on it's it's endless. So I think you should be prosecuted both federally and in the New York state courts, and any other state that has jurisdiction over chrome. He's committed there. What's your prediction Glen? Do you think that he will be put in jail? Yes. How about any of us kids? I think I think here's our here's our challenge John beginning of January. We need to open up a grand jury investigation. I have volunteered to be sneaking outside the Grand Jury Room door at 9:29 a.m. The doors open at 9:30. That's when our grand jury start. I've walked through those doors hundreds of times and Washington DC on January 21st the day after Joe Biden this morning and begin presenting evidence fairly a politically honestly about all of the crimes, you know that we suspect have occurred. We do a full fare investigation of trump his cabinet members his children members of Congress any Governors who might be criminally aiding abetting Donald Trump. We present it off the grand jury, then the grand jury sitting as the conscience of the community decides whether there's sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges and if so, they indict them that's the way the System works. That's the way Justice is achieved if the grand jury hears all the evidence then and they say we don't think there's enough to indict Jared or Ivanka Trump Pompeo. I suspect there will be enough to indict them all but if there isn't then we live with the results of the grand jury process, but that's the way the system works for everybody else or should work for everybody. That's the way the system has to proceed against today's Political Criminals. And is your first, you know point that you're going to make is depraved murder for the you know, for all the lives lost. Would that be the most important that would be that that I think at the end of the day is the most egregious thing Donald Trump has done we learn from the Woodward book. He lied to the American people about the nature of it the severity of it how transmissible it was how we could all just protect ourselves from wearing masks. He hit all wage. From the American people and the result is an out-of-control pandemic. Whereas other countries have gotten control of the pandemic because their leaders were straight with their people and they took the necessary precautions. I think that is a marquee crime that we're going to need to investigate Donald Trump for because death is different. The courts have said death is different you steal somebody's money your grip the taxpayers dollars by, you know, running these PPE contract scams. That's bad that's corrupt that needs to be addressed desk choice is different. It's irrevocable. And that is where I think we should start off. Yeah and getting back to the depraved murder. What do you rob saying that says now opened up all the Florida now now that interesting I mean, I mean, we know that Colin's going to go up there and and deaths are going to go up there. So wage. That is that's just incompetence or is that is that involuntary manslaughter? It's involuntary manslaughter. It's a grossly negligent act. Especially when you have a duty to act in a way that protects the citizens and promotes Public Safety. It's a grossly negligent act reasonably likely to inflict death or serious bodily injury on the citizens of Florida and it will thereby caused deaths with causation being simply a substantial factor in bringing about the death Ron DeSantis. It looks like he is willing to commit at a minimum involuntary manslaughter against the people of Florida. But do you think anyone's going to bother to like take him to trial for this? I would I will we should we have to we have to have I have you drawn in your hat to Joe by the time that you want to be as attorney general, you know, I think anybody who pays any attention they know that I did it for thirty years. I was chief of homicide in Washington DC responsible for overseeing all murder prosecution's. I'm I'm ready to go. Okay. We have we have so many questions for you Glenn. I don't know how much time you got but I'm gonna well I had a question too. But you know, well, let me go to mind first because it's my show Kamala Harris versus Pence how long that's going to go. I wish it was a boxing match and not a debate cuz my money would be on Kamala, but I think she is such a skilled job. Questioner examiner of people and a debate is really a glorified cross-examination of your opponent. So she will reduce him to just sort of a puddle on the floor of the debate stage. He doesn't he doesn't have a chance Donna Bishop. Here you go stirring John John Glenn about the Flynn case. Yeah. So the Flynn case was in court on Thursday. It was live-streamed. I listen to all five hours and a i judge Emmet Sullivan is as close to a hero for me as as it gets and what he did. Let me hit one highlight out for hours Bill bars Department of Justice attorneys tried to convince Emmet Sullivan that Mike Flynn is receiving. No special treatment name. Preferential treatment no favors because of his relationship with the president when they were all done judge Sullivan turned to Sidney Powell Mike Flynn a lawyer and said mrs. Powell. Have you had any conversations with the president of the United States about Mike Flynn or his case? She said no your honour except I briefed the president and I gave him an update of the status of the case and judge Sullivan said, I don't understand your answer. You said no, but you dated the president judge Sullivan cross-examined Mike Flynn's lawyer and Drew out of her that in recent weeks. She went to the Oval Office had a personal meeting with the president of the United States and they talked about Mike Flynn's case and they discussed pardons. She claims. I said I said, please mr. President. Don't Grant him a pardon. I don't believe that for a minute, but John after the lawyers wage. Government for the Department of Justice spent hours promising judge Sullivan that Mike Flynn has received no special treatment. No special access no favors how many of the million defendants that we have in this country in the system how many of their lawyers get to walk into the White House and yuck it up with Trump about their client's case and have a conversation with the president about whether he should or should not issue a pardon to their client unless that's the new Department of Justice policy. Then Mike Flynn does get special treatment does get preferential treatment on the other other unlike every other defendant in our country and what they were arguing is absurd and obscene. Wow, it's just crazy man. But Papa puppet ask when he'll he'll be putting together evidence that gets submitted to the grand jury is a great question. It will either be the Department of Justice once a law-abiding attorney general is appointed or it will be an independent commission. I've been calling at the tracks crimes commission. I was on a zoom town hall with Eric swalwell last week. He calls it the presidential crimes commission. But as I said to Congressman swalwell when I was on the back room town hall with him. I said now Congressman you are definitely more politic than me. I call it the Trump crimes commission. You call it the presidential crimes commission, but I think I know which president you're talking about. So, I I believe that we need to explore an independent counsel the way we used to have not a special counsel who is under the control of the Attorney General. That's what Bob. Mulder had to suffer and maybe we put it independent commission together that is beyond the reach of the Department of Justice. So we guard against having this situation recur wage of a corrupt attorney general who can clamp down on the part department of Justice's efforts to hold wrongdoers accountable. So that's a great question and it depends on whether we're going to stick with letting the Department of Justice to it or we're going to explore setting up an independent commission like a trump crimes commission to do it. Okay. Now the ruling just came out that they are awarding 800 million to the families and and and the victims of the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas home. Can the people who and the families that have died of Covent Garden Donald Trump neglected to tell us about do they have a lawsuit. Okay. So now with respect to the Las Vegas shooter, that wasn't a government that that the people were going after or suing for to recover his to MGM know it's MGM right off that was but it's not a government MGM doesn't have any level of immunity government officials do have some immunity against being sued civilly if they can prove that they were acting within the scope of their official responsibilities. There's only one way and I'm never flipped about telling people that they ought to get out there and they ought to sue me cuz I am not a civil law expert. I've never put a class action lawsuit together in my life. I've only gone after criminals as a prosecutor so but but here is my bottom line is you can't win the lawsuit. You can't win the class action lawsuit that you don't bring so there's you know, nobody can predict whether a class action lawsuit against Trump wage. And Kushner for remember Kushner said listen, covid-19 really hurting the blue States. So let's Let It Ride for a while. Right how that is not actionable both civil and criminal. He is beyond me. I think it is so you can't win the class action lawsuit. You don't bring so some really strong class action lawyers should get together and explore whether they should put a class together if people who have been injured by koven or had loved ones lost to Cove it and consider bringing a class action lawsuit against the government officials who allowed it to happen. In fact enabled it to happen interesting man. I mean because really it's it's so sad how many people I mean, let's face it then it took so many people would still be alive if it wasn't for Trump and his idiocy. I mean, you know, and now he's still holding his rallies. I just can't you know, I don't get how he's getting away with this Glen. And these rallies are contrary to his own CDC guidelines and recommendations the federal government the the center for disease prevention and control the CDC wage is putting out the word that you should not get together, you know congregate without social distancing without wearing masks and yet Trump says forget what My Own federal government agents agency says about how you can stay safe how you can avoid Contracting a deadly virus. I want you to pack in shoulder-to-shoulder and breathe all over each other and he's setting up tomorrow's Herman Cain's And and my last question Glen cuz I don't want to keep you too long. But please come back before November. Absolutely is this I have not. I've Googled it off. I've searched everywhere, but I have not found an explanation from Louis to Joy about why he destroyed 700 sorting machines. Now, we all know why he did. Yeah to slow the mail in in those counties that our Democratic but what was his excuse for it? I mean look, he's a crook and he doesn't have like a plausible excuse. I think I heard him say during one of his Congressional appearances that these were sort of decisions made about the postal service before he arrived as Postmaster General not the only thing I will say is I'm sure there were lots of plans in place for post USPS operations that were, you know were dead. Place before he arrived. I don't happen to believe his explanation that yeah. So all of these high-speed sorting machines were were already slaves to be removed and destroyed before I arrived but I think that's the only sort of half explanation. He's given is these plans were in place based on wage, you know, the USPS changing workloads around the country these these plans were in place before he arrived. I don't happen to believe that given everything else. I've learned about Louis The Joy like how he was, you know, strong-arming his own employees to give donations to Republicans and then he was reimbursing them which constitute campaign-finance felonies is he can he be indicted absolutely both federally and in North Carolina the North Carolina attorney general wage. All of this broke a few weeks ago said these are felonies in North Carolina. And guess what? No statute of limitations in North Carolina. I would expect criminal charges to come out of North Carolina and the charges would be in violation of North Carolina's campaign Finance laws because you can't strong-arm your employees to give to a candidate and then reimburse them with company money that I am told violates North Carolina's campaign Finance laws. And why did you say that we could not go after him on federally because he also violated Federal campaign Finance laws. Oh, yeah, you know, everyone has questions. I I know everybody's asking question c a m i mean you're a popular guess so I came home to raise. Why why She's wondering what Pelosi wouldn't go after bar. I don't know. I assume it's a political calculation. I assume I don't want to get crass here. But I assume every politician's calculation is it should be what's in the best interest of the American people but the way they often see that in my view. I've never been a politician is do I win more votes or do I lose more votes? If I do a particular thing now, I think the way they justify it is if I win more votes than I'll do it because I can't keep getting elected and I can do what's best for the American people in an Ideal World. I guess that's how the politicians would would rationalize things. But I think at the end of the day it comes down to There they must have made a decision if they open an impeachment hearing into bar. They were afraid that that would somehow work to Biden's disadvantage and to Trump's advantage and they didn't want to risk that and I think that's an appropriate calculation. But but the thing is you can't decline to hold wrongdoers accountable based on these theoretical political calculations. You just have to hold wrongdoers accountable and let the chips fall. Yeah. No, I agree. And that's I think everything gets to politicize just so you know, like, you know, it's all about, you know, everyone so worried about what could happen if they do something that's right. You know, you ever noticed that yeah just do it. What's the Worst That Could Happen people are going to criticize you age, you know when I was a prosecutor John I had to decide whether to bring a charge in each murder case that was presented to me. Right and I knew if I decided to bring a charge I was going to have the defendant and log. His or her family and maybe a portion of the community really angry at me if I declined to bring a charge. I was going to have the victim and the victim's family and a portion of the community angry at me so long. I just tuned all that out that didn't factor in one ounce into my prosecutorial decision. I based it on the evidence and I did what was right let the racism come let it come because once you start making your decisions based on how much criticism you're going to receive. Well that that's a recipe for disaster. Yeah. I know and and and and yeah, I know it's crazy. Someone pop a puppet has another question for you Glenn and then I will let you go. What's your opinion of Chris Christie? You know, all right. I'm going to I want to be fair and I will say back in the day. I don't know him personally back in the day. There were people at the Department of Justice that I worked with closely that knew him and thought well of him back then kind of a speak truth to power guy without a lot of politics creeping in and that was maybe probably fifteen years ago, but I've been disappointed in him ever since I was expecting more from him, especially because he's a former US attorney and I wish he really had a chance to the rule of law rather than supporting a lawless president that he knows in his heart is victimizing, you know, we the people so, you know, let's just say if he was ever running for office. You wouldn't get my vote then now it'll be the last question. Cuz now that you're bringing up attorneys Rudy Giuliani what happened? You know, I don't think he was ever all that in the bag of chips. I mean the the the word was that before nine-eleven hit and he was you know on his way out but but he went from attacking I mean taking down John Gotti the Don the now supporting this mobster done. Yeah and and an interesting facts trivia question the actual prosecutor who prosecuted John Gotti in court is a gentleman named John Gleason who is the person that judge Sullivan appointed on behalf of We the People to argue against the Mike Flynn dismissal and I listened to him argue on Thursday and he was genius so, you know Giuliani was us attorney. He sat atop all the people who did the hard work, but he tried to take credit for all of it. Even though quite frankly. You deserve it. Generally when you're the US attorney and it's the office that job Over the top of that does these prosecution's but it was the people in court doing the hard work everyday that really deserve it. Everybody has always said the most dangerous place to be is between Rudy Giuliani and a microphone. So I think that's Rudy Giuliani has always been about Rudy Giuliani. Well, we'll listen Glen. Thanks so much for coming on man. I love that you come on down and uh, you know, I'm sorry about the mix-up with the auto works. All right, man. Thanks again John. Thanks. You want to plug your show on YouTube? Yeah. So on YouTube. It's just run my name Glenn cracker. I put up a video a day. I'll be putting one up in a couple of hours every day is about you know, a trump today. It's going to be we're going to compare the Brianna Taylor Dodge grand jury decision to the litigation going on to get the unredacted Mueller report. What are those two things have in common what they have in common is Seekonk. See breeds distrust transparency breeds confidence and both of those things I think are important and we can learn lessons from them. Awesome. All right, Thank you so much Glen XJ. I appreciate it. All right, everybody Glenn Kirchner. I love when he joins the show. It's unbelievable. I have she'll leave. I think I'm pronouncing his name correctly. But before I bring them up here, I want to do some ads and pay the bills Glen so long, I mean Zev, so bear with me and I don't know why my computer just seemed to go slow all of a sudden. Please don't screw up on me today not before we guessed. Anyway, I smoked weed seeds and last night. I had some sativa from speed we'd.com and I smoked some weed while listening to the Yankee game because I don't have that SPN. I have the HD antenna and because everything I watch is on is online anyway, Netflix and Hulu and everything else. But anyway, speedway.com, they'll deliver everything to your house sativa, Indica Edibles CBDs anything you need speed we.com and speaking of baseball. As you know, I'm a betting man and where else to bet on the playoffs with baseball and football on the way then law betonline.ag sports are in full swing, and there's no better place to go than betonline.ag. You could do everything everything. I'll never with our exclusive wagering partner betonline.ag. Do you have major league baseball, but online has all the odds features and props for you to bet on and off sports stars to return betonline.ag s sat down with Eddie George from the NFL Robert Horry 7 time NBA champ and Harold Reynolds from Major League Baseball to get their opinions on what it would be like playing without fans and what they've called fandemic visit betonline.ag today to check out all the odds and up-to-date sports news. Don't forget to sign up and take advantage of all the welcome back to school. Bonuses betonline.ag your online wagering experts. And if you're looking for a place in Woodland Hills 4647 Canoga Avenue, I'm listening it. So just bought a look and you know, just go ahead and follow me and I'll show it to you now without further Ado. Let me bring on from narrative the host of narratives extra leave. Now I can't hear you. Okay. I I could see you fine. I just can't hear you. So turn your mic make sure your mic is set on your computer. Yeah, I could cuz I can't hear you yet, but don't worry about it. This is a internet television. So hey, yes. I can listen to that television I go through this all the time. So I took your a few moments. I'm good. I'm good. I decided to listen to Glenn kershon. I could listen to him all day. I know like in the world, but how did you get the thing on? How do you get your mind going? Oh, how do I do it? I just changed the mic setting in your life with the Cold Stream yard. So but but it's a similar kind of set up so it worked pretty well. Where are you from Zeb? Originally, I I'm from I was born in Israel and I grew up in South Africa. So a little bit of a mixed breed over there, but then I moved to Canada spent a lot of time in Canada and then moved to the states and the fell in love with the States, you know, it's the best place on Earth until it's Donald Trump came around and and then you know, I had a mission at admission to try and like try to expose everything I could about him. So often, you know from everywhere really no place is my home. But I think if anywhere is sort of is is what I call home in terms of values. It'll be the United States for sure. Yeah, so all right off, you know, I know you asked me, you know what topics that you want to cover but everything I cover is usually about the dotard and it's corrupt Administration and his despicable spawn off. So, let's start with the debates. I mean you Israeli South African Canadian How embarrassed are you for the president of the United States? It's embarrassing it is because you know, I don't think most Americans think he represents the United States Thursday. And I think most people in the world probably understand that they have been able to separate the presidency from the American people in the past. Certainly there were, you know, there were no fans of bush for a long period of time to thumb but you know, I think Donald Trump has has exposed an underbelly to American culture, which is really embarrassing. I mean, you know, no one's thoughts of you don't think of the United States as being as yummy really is a white supremacist. He's not even hiding it. He's just full-on white supremacist and he's got his, you know, proud boys out there running around the streets of our cities with their weapons. What is going on? I mean, this is not this is not America. This is not what people move to America for I spent all my life trying to move to America just so I can have some free dog. And then you get here and it's like aren't people running around the streets of the weapons, you know regarding your your election stations. I mean, that's not it's not what we signed up for now and actual Donna Bishop has a question for you Stuttering John, please ask about apartheid in South Africa and how we don't want that here. Yeah. I mean one of the reasons I'm so vocal about about all of this is you know, this might seem okay some people might say it's okay if they take away our votes and it's okay if Donald Trump becomes the president for life, cuz what does that really matter? It doesn't impact me because I thought the day might vote doesn't matter in this world. Cuz a lot of people are just, you know disillusioned by democracy in general. But they don't realize that the that what follows next is really Grim, you know, what follows after this is thought police and what follows after this is people monitoring your name removed and your neighbors spying on you because they get a better deal from the government if they if they squeal on you for doing something or saying that you're opposed to the government, you know, you won't be able to have political meeting because if you have those political meetings and you could say even a gathering of three or four people is a political meeting, you know, those things would be bad. And if you happen to have one you get on a blacklist off that's what it was like living in South Africa, you know, literally you'd walk to a park in your in your neighborhood. They'd be benches for white people benches for black people. And you know, every with anything you did had the state with you what your thoughts what you bought where you lived how you traveled what what culture you could experience was all controlled by the state wage. I don't think people in America realize how terrifying firstly that is because you know, especially if you want to anyway get out of the the lanes that they provide it's really terrifying, you know your game. I am once you're a person of color whatever it becomes a real challenge to live in that kind of society and the the theory is unbearable, but the control is something you can't can't get rid of, you know, it's with you in every part of your life. So you wouldn't be able to do the show you you know, you wouldn't be able to you to criticize the government in any way in a in a controlled environment and the only way Donald Trump can maintain power is by going more and more intently down this road of the of a dictatorship Thora Terian more state-controlled more agencies more structures to keep us contained and that's where we'll head. You know, that's what we'll head down if we continue to be a if we continue down the street. Donald Trump it's really kind of scary for someone who's lived in that in that environment. Yeah, and yeah. Well, I mean, yeah, it's for him to say to the proud boys stand by and you know what that means if anything, you know doesn't go my way go out there and Riot. I mean that's essentially what he's telling these people to do which is awful. You know, what just inciting violence. It's it's it's criminal as a criminal. I mean, look what he's done recording said first thing when you look at the both your information down a about Kyle Rittenhouse and how he instructed the Department of Homeland Security to to basically defend this killer in every media statement they could do this is not something ex especially of this nature and then we look at Portland where it looks like, you know, there's some sort of Russian involvement in the in the Patriot prayer group. That was their job. Deciding violence. It doesn't this is not it looks to me like he is inciting the violence but he's also involved with the people who are provoking the violence because the proud boys were stopping by Rodger Stone, you know, he was right there at the start of all of this, you know typical of trump, you know, he'll create the crisis and then say Oh, I'm the only one who can save it. Well, of course, he's the only one who can solve it because he's the guy who's doing it in the first place. He just has to tell himself or his own people to stop but this not you know, that's not a way to rule this is that Putin textbook kind of crazy putan way of ruling the world and it's it's not something America can handle itself or the America once in any way and I don't think people have been exposed yet. But I think the debates and the other night he'd really became clear that he is just he is he's a racist bigot and he's here to try and make America as white as possible. And if that's something we live with and you know itself. For me that's for sure. Yeah. No and you know dead. What are some of your other takeaways from the debate? I mean it's a sad for democracy because you know the end of the day you want to be able to head so huge audience if it's gathering around cuz they want to hear the two different opinions of these two potential leaders, which have to sharply Divergent views for how America can continue and we couldn't get that because one of them is belligerent and you know a crybaby or just couldn't handle any criticism. I do think he was able to sort of stopped by them from getting his message across to some of his base and that to me was disappointing because wage when you listen to bite and you still rational, right? Yeah so much fear mongering amongst the base that he's going to take away their guns or take away their whatever you just it's none of it is true, but they believe it cuz they watch Fox News and they believe it cuz they listen to Bright bars or whatever. And Biden has a very interesting clean message and it's all about, you know, bringing America back, but it's also about bringing America back forth or people in the Heartland, you know, because he's from Pennsylvania because he's from Scranton wage because he's a he's a, you know, a white blue-collar guy himself because he's that kind of guy. He he could help really Bridge The Divide in this country and I don't think that the middle of this country like the Heartland actually got a chance to hear that and that to me is disappointing because violence got a very Centrist message at the end of the day, he's not he's not, you know, he's not doing something that's so out there. Well, so, yep, I left that would embarrass anybody who's doing just the right kind of things in his policy and he didn't get to hear that but there's some great lines I mean, The boy would he said there was one in five hundred African Americans would be killed because of coronavirus. I was blown away. I mean, I haven't heard that stat before but this disease is a racist disease. It's killing African-Americans that you know more rapid rate. Yeah. That's why he's making it run like crazy around the country. He's committing genocide, you know, it's a month. It just blew me away that that that's what that was when Biden strongest point. I think it's a bunch of others, but you know, I'm sure you had a few from the other night or earlier. Yeah. Yeah. I mean like wage for me. The best one was when Biden was explaining, you know was saying how many deaths thousands of deaths and you mister president said it is what it is. No, that's because you both are who you are. Yeah. I thought that was a mic drop moment. It's a great moment. And there was so many of them. I just wished Donald shut up because you know, if actually wanted to ask if they'd released the the the premix of authors. So we can try remix the the debate and hear what Biden was actually saying cuz yeah the time Trump was just yelling over him but he had some really strong points and that moment we had looked into the camera and he spoke American people. They said this is about you, you know, this is not about him and started but he's he's family or whatever it is that they're he wants to talk about. It's about you and what you want for this country. I thought that was very powerful. I think spoke to a lot of people who are still some people who are undecided. I I can't I don't I don't know how anybody could be undecided now. Yeah, I don't either but I will tell you the other great moment to me was when is Joe Biden's was almost getting choked up talking about his son Beau when he said yeah and no Donald my son Bo was not a loser and the people that he left him Iraq or Afghanistan. I forget our heroes and I love that moment because it says so much because the military is bailing on this guy on Donald Trump left and right. Yep. Every every group is bailing on them. In fact, I mean, I don't I mean he's losing a lot of his base and don't forget them his base besides those hillbilly Confederate flag-waving lunatics his basis older white people and they're dying of this disease why because of his negligence so long, I mean he's going to be losing them. Literally. I was just looking at the at the natural colleagues projections cuz I you know terrifies me that we're going to have another 2016. I the last thing I want to do is have everyone think that oh, we're going to March into November and believe that we're going to win and then be disappointed like we were last year last time and it doesn't look like that. You know, when you look at the actual Battleground States, it does look like Biden's cruising to a fairly comfortable Victory. I don't want to you know, you don't be too confident, but it does look pretty positive for Trump to win. He sort of has to win, Arizona. That's going to be a tough sell and he's going to have to win Pennsylvania. It's all possible but it's not likely, you know in Florida of course is going to be very very important for for both sides, but I don't see I don't see it happening. Like it happened in 2016. You got a very motivated and lecture and I think more motivated than ever even more motivated than Obama. I think in twenty in two thousand and eight you could you know people who are real serious about getting this guy out and I you know, you going to see a big mobilization. I hope on on November 3rd regardless of of the health risks involved. I think people are going to go out and vote in the greatest numbers and that's going to be a great moment for America because you know, the other thing about South Africa was talk about is is how healing that election day was when we first elected Nelson Mandela a you know, cuz we had a very similar kind of divide it was white people holding to hold on Power and black majority in this case that are minority but a black majority that was looking to be recognized and and dead. No wheel with friends with each other. We all lived with each other in different different ways would work with each other. So there's you didn't want your fellow South African in that case to suffer any in this case. You don't want your fellow Americans to suffer regardless, we all share the same country. We share the same community and the act of voting on that day is going to be really remarkable. I think just being in line everyone together cuz it's a you know, it's a long process at the end of the day and the act of having this tradition play out that Americans do so well and have always done. So well used to have a democratic election and a peaceful transfer of power. This is what makes America great choice doesn't happen anywhere else in the world where there is complete freedom is very few places where there is complete Freedom that it happens. So incredibly well as it does here in America, so I feel like that's I'm looking forward to November 8th. As a day for for Rising tensions actually think it's going to be a very healing sort of day. I I hope it is well, look, I mean never before has Texas been in play right? Well I mean, Georgia That says a hell of a lot. I mean even Texas is starting to like turn that's a three point spread. I think they which is really nothing to within the margin of error. When you start looking at a Texas being in play-off Texas has so many votes. So that's going to be really really interesting to see how that develops. I think this North Carolina is going to be amazing if it flips and and it looks like it's it's got potential to flip. This definitely Wisconsin, which was last time, you know, 2016 the clintons really lost Wisconsin by just a little bit of votes. It looks like it's for certain going to to bite in this time around site. I feeling proudly confident but it's been a tough road to get here and I'm worried that he's still could be up to a lot of games, you know, he's not going to necessarily leave very easily because know you know, he's going to jail. He's two options. He's he fights this to the end to the end or goes to jail. So which would you do? You know? Yeah, that's that's his only motivation at this point is because he's trying to avoid going to suck. But I mean it's inevitable. I mean he he like and just like Glenn said he will go to jail and I hope so. I hope that they don't let this guy off because you know, no one wins at the end of the day if people like this it's criminals like this get away with being criminals like this. We never going to stop the sister from being corrupt. You never going to stop the system from being rotten. This guy's not just him, you know, it's a whole mob of people you'd say, it's an organized crime syndicate that's been corrupting this country endlessly and you know, if we don't start taking action against people like this that we're we're going to be basically endorse it and allow it to continue and for him and his family have been so rotten as government officials. I mean, it's just shocking I just saw today Jared Kushner had a $782,000 loan for his company signed off by Freddie Mac. I mean who gets that kind of loan and he gets these preferable rates and preferable terms and at the end of the day, it's the American table. Payer that will end up being responsible for for that if he defaults and if that company fees family's company defaults from that loan. And so, you know, he's corrupted that system as well and he's trying to make money off Rona virus. He's trying to you know, he's preparing to buy up all the property in these disenfranchised and economically hit neighborhoods in New York and elsewhere as they you know, basically bile by apple juice press properties. It's just a vulture and we can't allow this to continue. We have to prosecute these people. We have to get them behind bars and we have to allow rule of law to be rule of law or otherwise. What are we you know, what do we sign up for sports? Yeah, and you know in New York Trump is doomed because you can't even get pardoned cuz you know for those crimes, I mean, he's he's really in a lot of lot of trouble and I you know, and that's why he's he's so panicked. Yeah his Planet. I mean you could sort of see that in his eyes. I thought it was the debate night. He was totally panicked and and that's terrifying too cuz you never know what he'll do a job. Depending but it was a court order today by the courts actually in the since the second circuit issuing a demand really that Cyrus Vance the DEA of managed to to Pony up the subpoenas and just start acting on the subpoenas because he's he's being like slow-walking them. So it makes me feel like maybe even in New York. There are some people who who like violence in the choice of being, you know bribed by Trump in various situations that maybe they're still looking to give him an E-ZPass. I hope. But you know, well, that's the thing. I had a shower Jacobus on show when she was saying that yeah, she and she was saying that sorry Vance has led Ivanka off has let Jared off so it is a little scary. But I mean, I think this is too big right now that he can he can turn his back on this one. I mean, I don't know. Well, you know, I'm just hoping we have a new attorney general in this country that actually acts like an attorney Jeff. It doesn't spend his time protecting the president. You've got all these guys like Flynn being let off it's just crazy and and stone wandering around. I mean, these are not people who are should be free. Like it's just makes no sense. And you know, if we we just can't let that happen and really hoping we get a a decent AG maybe to be Glenn Kirchner. I think it'd be great at that role but you think oh God Glencoe Thursday would be the greatest attorney general. I mean, that would be awesome. Yeah. He's a terrific spokesman for for justice. And you know, he he is so determined to get these guys. If you listen to this podcast seems like he's got case after case ready to go. He'll just knock him out of the ballpark If he if he becomes an AGM or even prosecute any of these of these cases, I think he's terrific in that. Oh, yeah. He was just explaining before you got here that you know that, you know the day of you know would in January he will be waiting at the door the grand jury would you know at 9:29 a.m. Because they open at 9:30 and then he's going to start this, you know, he's going to start this thing going. I think he will I think it's exactly what he's going to do. He's just I love people like that cuz he's so principled took out the entire four years that I've been like writing about Trump and sometimes got a little lonely cuz at the beginning they are you people are like you're crazy conspiracy theorist, but there's something about bankers and every time explaining to MSNBC. He would just stick to his guns you'd be so encouraging and he'd be you know, he'd be the one voice sometimes through the in the wilderness after Mueller was for example was you know, whitewashed by Bar Glen was the one guy thought about they're saying oh this is not right. This is a cover-up and throughout the whole thing is steady voice for for this and it's a that he's he's got his own shows now and he's doing in such a such a big job of that. It's a it's terrific that he's just getting his voice out there. So they just announced that they're going to try and change some of the debate restrictions and rules like wage. As the moderator has the ability to turn off the other person's Mike now Donald Trump today tweeted out. Why should they change? I'm not going to debate a big change in rules. Why should I am I one see I mean, I mean, he's not show up. I think people would be fine with that. I mean, they've got it changed the rules cuz he was on following them. They could put them in like those wage. There's a as in those game shows in 70s that used to have a t s. I don't know these to put people in those contain contain soundproof them. They should put in one of those each of them. So they can't they can't even yell over each other and then they can only talk when they need to talk or you know, they can sort of assumed I don't even know why they have to be in the same room. Yeah. Yeah, I agree man because even if you turn off Trump's Mike, he's still going to scream. Yeah, you know, so he's gotta be in the soundproof booth. Yeah. Yeah, either soundproof booth or just like separated, you know, like a giant wall between them or I don't know if they have to be in the same room. I it's it's a lot easier to cut off people's audio when they're dead. The same room it's like quiz show, you know twenty one, you know everyone in the booth. I love those shows. I love those things. I should bring the back. There's there's some of my favorite those Golden Era of television with Summer some of those game shows. Those are amazing. Yeah. Well, I mean, so how do you think this is what I mean? So you think that Joe bines going to win in a landslide? Well, if he doesn't win by a landslide we're going to you know, we have some tough choices ahead of us. So I hope he wins in Atlanta and I hope they can tackle this coronavirus. I think yeah, this thing is killing us, you know home and I'm one of those people who really use a little bit on little bit suspicious about how it got here and how it got spread. I don't think that it's just an accidental spread and it just happened to hit the United States. So badly with the rest of the world is not hit so badly. In fact mostly with NATO countries that were hit the worst when you start looking at things that the things that way it's a suspicious to me is dead. What this really is is this just a virus or is there more to it? Is there some sort of you know, it's been turned into a weapon of some sort whether it's after the fact or or before so this place is still got a ticket and we have still have you know, we still have China being very aggressive with us right now and we still have climate change coming our way. We have some problems we gotta fix wage and we got to fix the the inequalities in the system already. So we need someone who can do that and only person who's going to do that is Joe Biden, the the alternative is followed Trump down off of a cliff, you know, and we see what happens. And I do have to ask yourself. I don't know what you mean. Like, you know, can you explain that a little more? Because if you're saying that you think maybe this was a created life, I think there's a lot of evidence to say wasn't biologically created. I'm not saying this is a bio-weapon. I don't think it's, you know, I think there's a lot of evidence to suggest that wasn't but it's it's a disease that's actually being kind of common wage. Asia that seems to have been supercharged somehow in Wuhan and it got out of Wuhan in a very weird way, you know, it's amazing to me that somehow slighted States but oldies serious strains of of coronavirus but in China No one got the thing didn't spread around really only stayed in Wuhan they were able to contain it. And then it's it's stopped and it's fascinating to me that Mahon is and let people know the geography of China but no one is that this is a major area for transportation as a transportation of five million people go in and out of there every day. I think it's like it's a very it's a big area It just strikes me as being impossible that you would wage have this disease travel all the way around the world and somehow China basically doesn't get affected by it. You know only Wuhan gets affected by it. That's that to me is very suspicious the whole circumstances behind the lab there that had this bats research going on and that they happened to have that strain that they were researching. It's just a lot of coincidences and I look at things like, you know, you look at the geopolitical you're like who benefits from Coronavirus? Trying to benefit from coronavirus Chinese the only country that benefits maybe Russia to a little because they're allies everybody else suffers because of coronavirus and especially the countries that got worst-hit which will always had kind of benefit well because they're they don't have the virus right now. So while the rest of the world is struggling to produce goods go to work make you know, make products trade with other rest of the world. China's running away with the markets. China's got no no problem. It's the oldest population working. They basically don't have the disease going on. So for them, it's like sure let's let's make this may happen, you know, we can take over two or three quarters of America's GDP if they are out there producing us because we're all relying on their on their products right now to Keep Us Alive because we can't make anything while we're into this coronavirus threat. So, you know when you and and at the same time, they being so belligerent. It's not like they're being a we fucked up we gotta learn if I could swear, but they gave Could we do screwed up? So we have to fix this problem there kind of saying we screwed up you can't come and see how we screwed up and rotate any investigation in here at all, and we'll keep like rubbing our faces at you and not you know, not even apologized or be upset about the fact that we've infected half the world. So to me that's like I don't know. They just don't seem very often write about this thing. I feel like they could have a different posture. Well, I mean, I I blame the amount of deaths in America on Trump though. Oh, yeah. He didn't do anything. Well, that's the other thing that I've said for a long time and when you really look at who's in bed with whom I don't know if you've seen that video of Ivanka Trump's daughter singing to 2 g at the Donald Trump's first or when she's seen a Cantonese and Mandarin song to to her granddaddy. That's what she called him granddaddy. She who must be it just you know makes him. Friendly, I will say that Trump and JC very very friendly and she's not exactly a Democrat and he's not exactly not a mobster. He certainly has a lot of organized criminality and he's in his world. And I think there's a lot of things we yet to discover about how close they might be to each other. There was that two hundred million dollar loan. They're apparently they sold off and he no longer owes them that money but it's two hundred million dollars, you know, it's a lot of money there's a Bonkers trademarks, which is Garden just all seems a little like there. There might be a little closer than they're letting you know in public. He's like, oh China bad China bad, but he's given them everything. He's given them this trade deal is basically all for for China, you know Americans. Exactly, you know, so I think he did a lot of I think Trump did a lot of conspiring with with G and maybe that's why they let the virus keep going wage. Country editor who knows we won't know for a while, but that would be my I take and how do you feel about it's just like I have a guess you probably know her Sarah Kenzie Ur. Yeah, I don't know her but she's great. I know of her. Yeah. Yeah, cuz she has a book hiding in plain sight and it seems so obvious to me that Monday before an election that's going to be mostly meant by mail Trump appoints this corrupt. Mafia boss Louis de joy into a post office to and then destroy 700 sorting machines that are going to be in Democratic districts. I mean, I mean, it's right in front of our eyes and people don't seem to really get much thought. I don't know why I just cuz it's it's so obvious to me that I mean they are trying if you're game it out like a chess game, you know, where there really are trying to stop every eventuality from becoming a month. Ability, they've stacked the courts. They're not try to stack the Supreme Court. They stopped the ability for the post office to you know, to send people a mailing to mail out the ballot wage to have the proud boys at the at the polling stations. They really I try to cover all the bases to make sure that the Americans can't exercise their their their right to vote. It's shocking. This is the president of the United States basically trying to stop their own citizenry from from voting in an election. It's it's so criminal. It's just so wrong and you can't just look at these things that isolation. You know, I let people just think oh, it's just one thing but you look at the broad range of these things. It's a lot of stuff going on at the same time. It's not coincidental. This guy's got a plan or whatever installed him as a plan and they they need to execute it as best. They can I think they're going to fail but they're trying, you know, they'll go down blazing. Yeah, no, I know and it's and it's like it's just man Mitch McConnell. What a piece of work. I mean and good as gold says Mitch's wife Elaine Chao his partner it all too. I mean, I don't know much about his wife to you. Yeah. Well, I do know a little bit of his wife. She's the transportation secretary Elaine Chao in you know, her her brother-in-law talk about the Chinese took another connection to the Chinese. She's very connected to this Chinese shipping industry very very connected to the Chinese shipping industry. I think that they they she has a company that outfits a lot of a lot of ships which makes them importance in the in the in China. So her brother-in-law so he's her sister's husband has this fun that he's raised a Fortune of money for and guess who this funds invested a lot of money and they'd invested in Louis to Joyce former company o x b o so just more corruption, you know, it's just more endless corruption that's going on and it's they're taking a sort of money the childbirth. And McConnell, it's just the the greed is just obnoxious. It's just like it's flowing from every every Republicans like, you know, whatever. It's just unbelievable endless corruption wage going on. This is shocking to me that it's it's happening in our world know I know and it's happening right in front of our eyes and and you know, a lot of people like to get on Nancy Pelosi, but I mean, it's I don't know what else can be done at this point Mitch McConnell's going to block anything we try and do well. I hope they come to some sort of agreement, you know, it's so cruel to have people losing their homes out on you know, not getting unemployment not getting any help in the midst of a crisis you're asking people to stay home you're asking people to be careful of spreading this far as to wear masks V choice to not let us have to say another another wave of this and yet here we go again, you know, they're not going to give them any food. They're not going to let them know not going to help the stay in their Apartments. They're going to let them be evicted. It's just the cruelty cruelty is just too much. I love Nancy Pelosi. I swear there's been moments. I think that's my favorite. But with less four years have been when she stood up and she waved her finger and Donald Trump in that in that meeting and says it when it comes to Russia with you all roads lead to Russia. I think was her line. It's just so true. You know, it was the first time for us has been researching Trump Russia for a long time. It was the first time that someone had said, you know, it said it to him in his face and I think it was a good moment. Okay. Everyone's asking questions. So, I'm just trying to read through them. Well Union goons Shine off 55 just says Zeb is looking at it through the eyes of the world Americans live in a fishbowl. We have no way of the world stage, you know, he may be right and also I got to ask you why is your background keep changing from light blue to Pink? I have a nanoleaf back here. It's my background lighting off. Cuz I pretend television on the internet. So those Dental least of these things that you get them at the Apple store and they change color. So that's why it's changing, Okay with the controller, but I don't have it set up right now to do that Sharon got a bit late Sharon Diamond has a question narrative is very professionally produced. Please ask them what his plans for narrative are to me. It's an alternate. It's it's it's an alternate alternative to Cable. Well, thank you. That's really nice of her to say we are very young. You know, we enjoy it was Lincoln's Bible. Is there a lot of the time who I know, you know and Eric Garland we do it with and Greg early or is there as a regular panelist and a whole bunch of other people show up? So I rely on their professionalism a lot of the time because they they're such you know, if they such principles that good people and they know their topics so well that it's like it's a joy working with people just know their stuff. You know, you just yeah. Oh I talked I have some guys I have the same people on and they're awesome. Have you had Jennie Cohen on? No, I haven't actually some a lot of people have been saying I should have her own so I should bring her on. She's an attorney in San Francisco, but she is all about election fraud and you know and you know, voting problems and everything and she gives people 21 points on what to do before you vote and it'd be very good for you to have her on I'd like to have our own. Yeah sounds great. Actually, there's so many people I I gotta say. I don't know if you felt were the last four years the the off the citizens and read That's have come together on Twitter that have AIDS done this crowdsourcing effort to figure out Trump Russia to take this guy down when the when the fourth estate was failing. The media was failing it was it was soccer moms and an advocate and activist and lawyer, you know, whoever it was everybody around this country some started shipping in and identifying wage. For the areas of of their interest in at some point down these narrow paths and getting real really specialized about one area of trump Russia research. So when we need some information everyone knew who to go to, you know to go to Jenny's goat to get voter polling information, you'd go to Lincoln's Bible to find about organized crime that effort that's that the crowd-sourcing effort of the citizens coming together is the most remarkable thing of the last few years because to me that is the thing that kept the pressure up against Mueller and against all these other efforts to try and and it's nice all of this against bars effort to suppress mother I should say it was the it was a Citizens on social media that kept the pressure up and actually got to the story. They told the story better than anybody else at the end of the day off. So I think that's they'll be the unsung heroes of this. Maybe there will be celebrated at some point. But I love those people. Yeah. That's what I've been saying all along. I used to just do an entertainment show, you know, and then dead. And then now that like ever since Trump I just said no, I gotta you know, I'll do this to try and get Joe Biden elected because our democracies at you know at stake. And and and so that's what I thought I'd devote this podcast to having guests on a like yourself and and all these great people to educate everybody, you know, and and just tell them what's going on. I try to so great that you do off doing and and it's you know, it's people are realize that it takes every single individual can just have to test can take an action and some of them might be small. Some of them might be big like yours, you know, you get to get a huge audience be able to mobilize that audience and to and to speak truth to them. That is fantastic. But everyone in their day-to-day lives can do one thing between now and election day to try and and get Joe Biden am interested. I mean, whether that's you know, putting up a park assignment in their front lawn or whether that's talking to someone in the neighborhood. It might have be more interested in voting to Trump and and and convince them to vote for Biden whoever wage. Is you know, this is a democracy that's built on the strength of the people who are taking action every day. And if they can do that and if everyone does that we will have a much better much better future ahead of us. They're ignoring democracy. I gotta tell you I know you can't see the comments but so far good as gold and white cord bitch out says, you know are all in love with you. There's like this month. This man's amazing shoulders a totally distracted me from the conversation. He's superhot his goals just like I can't listen to a word he's saying because he's so freaking handsome wage. They they are so nice. Thank you. That's it's the lighting like no man's have. I'm not a single man, but I you know that isn't you know, what do you think of these single is but you know, I think that's makes me blush. Are you in New York actually right now? I'm in Toronto, which is I had coronavirus ago. I was in New York. I got coronavirus dead. And and officially got the sickest I could get and wow, you've had it but I it was it was a disease. I didn't want I don't wish that on anybody especially in that early variation and I had to get outside no healthcare insurance in in in the US and I went to the hospital. They charged me $2,000 to check to see if I had coronavirus and I was like, oh I can't do this. So, you know, I had spent a lot of time in Toronto and and came up here to spend, you know, just a couple of weeks. I thought you get better and then I came back and now it's been five months six months since I've been able to be there. Oh, wow well, and, you know people are asking me and Art, you know, what's your background when it comes to work? I mean, you know, they're asking me you know, who you were journalists or yeah, I've been I've been a journalist all my life. So I thought well with all my life since I was like eighteen in South Africa was that's when I started covering the end of Apartheid. So that's where I I, you know, that was my first big story and was incredible story because obviously off until it becoming elected is just was a remarkable thing that no one ever imagined possible and and, you know meeting him and covering that was it was a real real honor in my life and then then move to can either spend a lot of time here that you know doing News television and but my whole goal was to get to the states all the time and then at one point CBS approached me to exec produced their Morning Show cuz he called CBS they already showed back then now it's called CBS the morning this morning, so I came down to two years of being there. You know, it's a it's a shark tank but it's an amazing Place CBS News has an incredible attitude. And I you know, that was the two years that of Barack Obama becoming elected. So that was another sort of it's just a joy to be able to cover the election of that of that magnitude happened and getting to know him and his and his people was really really special and then and then you know, after that I saw a little bit of work for Oprah and a bunch of other people and ultimate, I've always wanted to start my own a news thing. So I've been putting together technology and trying to figure out what the best way to do a social new service what it would look like and then along the way your Donald Trump happens and I said, well, I'll put all this aside. Let me see if I can start writing about Donald Trump and and then that became narrative so that's how that will happen. You are getting you are getting so many compliments, you know, all the girls are in love with you even sell a lot of girls watching you then that's interesting. Well, I believe it's nice to meet everybody. Well, you know, it seems like every wage I have on is a hundred times better looking than me. Hi come now. Come to your very handsome gentleman. I hope your birthday was your birthday just recently it's on Sunday. Oh, that's exciting. What does that suck? What star sign are you? Yeah. I know. I'm going to be fifty-five, but I always kid around and say I'm going to be 48 but I was going to say look look 45. So there you go. Just so awful girlfriend now. No, I'm good actually, but oh, okay. Ladies, but that's not beautiful. All right. Everyone's everyone's debating that and I'm like, I don't know if I want to ask him because I don't know if that's my business. I should said it right up front. So you pick it up front. And and I think I thought I heard it. I was like, I don't know throw it in the in the question. So yeah, I don't have a gay son. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, it's an odd story. He's trans not odd, but he was my daughter and then she and her boss. Girlfriend became the first homecoming queen and Queen in Calabasas High School history and then a year or two later. She called me and said that she's always felt like God boy trapped in a girl's body. So she's now a he, you know, it's transgender but I mean lucky for him is that, you know, not the pads myself on the back or anything. Is that between me and my ex-wife, you know, we've always been very open and liberal. So it it really doesn't make a difference. You know me. I just want my kids to be happy, you know, you don't have makes a difference too. It makes the difference to your kid because you know, when you have a parent who is accepting of whatever challenges you're going through it changes everything, you know, we all we all get raised with this idea that there is such a thing as unconditional love and most of that unconditional love you expect from your parents. So when parents reject their kids for something Like their sexuality, which is something they can't do anything about it. It's really sort of knocks. It kills the idea of unconditional love in your brain. So I I applaud you in every parent who can who can be supportive of their children no matter what they go through I mean life is not easy it gets harder and harder for everyone all the time and there are all sorts of challenges. We have to face the last thing you want your kid going through no matter what is that? They feel like you don't love them. You know, that's that's the one thing that's probably going to keep them grounded throughout their whole lives and and believing in love throughout their whole life. I really applaud you and it's not that common unfortunately still that parents supportive of their kids and you've done it's really good that you've been able to be there for him and and you know, he's like off of you there cuz I remember, you know, one of my proudest moments as the father is when he came out to me and told me this, you know, we had a great hour long conversation on the phone and then at the end of the month Conversation he said dad as liberal as you are. I couldn't imagine this conversation going any better, you know, and I mean that you know, and that made everything to me because you know, you know, I do believe in, you know, took it is unconditional love and and and I wish that more and more people became way more accepting to the transgender and gay community. It's just it's just horrible to see these people who who hate and I get people beating me up on social media because I have a transgender kid and it really doesn't bother me. It bothers me when my kid gets to see this. Yeah, and sometimes I do and I feel so bad for them because they didn't ask to be in like in the public eye I did right but you know, they're innocent and you know, what's the what people are bullying transgendered people like what why why pick on the weakest person around, you know, pick on someone your own size. They can someone who can defend themselves. It's what's in a transgender people can't defend themselves. They really are the easy targets, you know off. And it's because of the way Society has done what it's done to to to do LGBT rights that you know, it's just it's it's just so dark and it's just makes me think that those people are so insecure home. So, you know lack any confidence in the world that that's who they have to pick a pick a asteroid. There's so many amazing transgender people in this there are so many more that aren't being allowed to fulfill their potential in life because of this kind of prejudice and we're beyond that. I mean, we as a society America World wants America to be Beyond this, you know, we as a larger coming said I quoted this on Twitter today, you know, we're better than this we're better than this kind of racism and sexism and and, you know being an anti transgendered or anti-gay just wage is not who America is meant to be removed to be of The Shining City on the hill, you know, we've got to be an example to the world how how we can live together and work together. Yeah, and so any of the stuff just drives off So just just makes me so upset when people do that and you know, it's it's it's just the ignorance like like, you know, like there's always been a group that has in this country that I hated on. You know what I mean? Whether it's women African-Americans, you know, and then gay people and now the new one is transgender and like that's the one that people, you know can't get my head around, you know, and and you know and make jokes and beat these people up and it's so sad to see it's actually I mean is a she's a social studies person in a situation Sontag studied all this he says, you know, every group that is persecuted also persecutes other groups because if you're you're black you'd like to persecute another race or if you're or a gender or sexuality maybe or if you're Jewish you may be able to you know, make choose to be prejudiced against somebody else that's just natural and in the way these things work, but it's not wage. It's not because they hate those people it's just because that's how they keep themselves closer or bring themselves closer to the middle. And you know again, we're beyond that. I just feel like they don't have to be pointing fingers at everybody else and say look at all these others and this is the the thing that drives me crazy that Putin has done to this country. He's exploited these divisions that went there for sure these things were real but he's made them so emphasized. He didn't have a bunch of Raving, you know, proud boys running around before boots, and these guys were made by foreigners so we could fight against each other. So we're not fighting against them, you know, and it's just a problem. We return yelling and screaming and throwing rocks and killing people inside our own country. So we're not fighting the real enemy and that's all of this. Sorry and Trump is a catalyst to all of those jump is installed by the same people to do all of this exactly two two years. Sparkletts, you know, that's what he does every time he every every morning you watch what he does. He he gets in order to own the news cycle to make create as much chaos and as much division he can and then he watches the whole thing play out on Fox News all day or CNN and we're you know, the media is guilty for following on endlessly because we should know after four years of this is happening, but we just don't learn our lesson but this is you know, this is the game plan cause chaos cause division make it as hard for America to be a democracy and so people can lose their faith in democracy. That's what they're trying to do. That's what they are hoping will happen when they get to the polls in November 3rd, I think they're ready for a big surprise. I think democracy is going to show up in a big way. Yeah, I do too and don't forget. It was also the president who banned transgender from serving in the military. Yeah. I mean, how dare you I mean, I mean come on it's so you know again, why would he do that that wage? Really an issue. He did it to make it an issue. He did it to create division. He did it. So people who don't know better start speaking out about things that they maybe should spend some more time learning about for speaking out you may gifts permission to racist and sexist and two anti gay people or you know, you just sort of permission to speak their mind and they don't know what they're talking about. And I don't I don't mean that they shouldn't be allowed to speak. It's a obviously a First Amendment right? Everyone should speak but we shouldn't have the presidents of the United States saying it's okay. I mean, it's just awful president of the United States embarrassing embarrassing that he is the guy around the world that she be seen as as being a racist sexist homophobic, you know, white supremacist all of this month look really Williams America is now where we stand for. Yep. I know a good as gold as a question for you does ever think that trumps real real ties to Russia will suck. Come out. I think they're out. I think a lot of it is out. I should say I think if you read volume Five from the Senate intelligence committee, it's pretty clear. What happened. I mean is dead and others. I think it's Israel Saudi Arabia UAE. Sorry Russia Israel, Saudi Arabia u e I was I was focusing his role because I have a hard time with the fact that they were involved but there's four or five countries with that helped install Trump and they've all reap the benefits of the last four years so we can sort of see who they are and I think it's going to come out. I do think that the public money stuff. They start to come out like, you know, the 430 million dollars that he owes. It's not money. He lost he didn't lose this money that money is something later on this planet. It's money. He stole that's money. He stole from the American people. It's money. He stole from from lenders. It's who knows who stole it from but it's money he stole and bath. It's somewhere on this planet and I think it's not that hard to figure out why I don't know. I'm doing a lot of Investigation around this and and others are too, you know, he's a known money launderer. This is what he does. He takes Russian money washes it through his properties and and they park it offshore. This is his game. He's done it with his 428 milk billion or million. Sorry and and that's we're going to find it. I think that that stuff still going to come out and I hope the new Congress they stay on this that you know that we really keep an eye on investigating exactly how deeply criminal he is. He's just some guy who's dumb and forgotten to pay taxes. He's a criminal he's like a full-on criminal as a mobster. He's got an organization of mobsters around him. We need to get this guy nailed and he's organization Nails cuz we don't offer our streets anymore. Yeah, and and and, you know, did you ever see the Netflix series dirty money? I sent a bit of it. I don't see the whole thing, but I still some of it. Yeah. Well, there's one dog. Trump and one on Jared Kushner that totally exposes all this I mean just during the worst. It's like it's it's not even you know, it's so evident anybody could see and it's like why are they being texted by the media by it's just it seems to be too many people who are enabling the lies, you know that are just making really, you know, really annoy me because what the heck worked in the media enough in that business big Network environment, you know, there are people who protect this kind of behavior because there's people come from a certain group or because they may get invited to their big party next year or because someone is bribing somebody it's just the media needs to be paying attention to what they're there for which is to defend democracy, you know, they're not there for the ratings. The news media is they're there for the defense of our country. That's why they exist. Oh, you know everybody has so many questions for you, you know, and you know, I was about to leave hold on just let's see true player asks, what does have think about other accusations i e e and the others. I don't know. I don't know that. Is he a n? I don't know what that means you John. I don't I don't either. Okay trailer park Todd John does everything Trump will jump will do the next debate now that they're going to cut the mics off. I don't think there's a camera in the world that Donald Trump is not all in in love with and will turn away from so he'll be there he'll be there for sure and I think Biden could do some damage to him. Not that he knows what he's saying. Oh, yeah. I mean, I think I think it was very clear that Biden one. I I and I think it was very showy in Carroll. This is a long enough about that case like he is a Serial abuser of women and rapists of women. I I think that's true and I you know that I don't know if you've ever read the indictment that they were going to file about the seventeen-year-old with Epstein. It's true. You read it it's clear that something really horrible happened there and Yeah, I don't know about about Carol's case. But I know that enough people have groups have complained about the same thing that there is a pattern of evidence and a fact pattern. You can't ignore. I mean, this guy's is an abuse or he's a sexual predator. This is it's very hard to to see him any other way another question from a good as gold now. I've had an old castle and he's pretty sure of what they have on Lindsey but good as gold asking you what do they have on Lindsey Graham? I mean you'll guess is as good as mine. I think if you there's one photo, I remember that that Russian Embassy tweeted out and it was six months ago or a year ago of the ground naked in a pool somewhere and it was obviously some sort of threat to Lindsay. I suspect that there's you know compromise there. That's probably quite serious. I don't know why he doesn't come out. I think it's pretty clear even just you know some options but it's pretty clear that he's not necessarily straight and you know, I don't think it's electrical actually we came at surprised if you did, but I know but they need to come out and then and then stop this this this ridiculous support of trump, but I'm afraid he saw God he's so embarrassed by his own sexuality. I know and it's just like the the indignity of all of that, you know, cuz when he was John McCain was alive and they were friends and there, you know, there was a real job. That felt like a really like committed character-driven smartcore over the Republican party that actually cared about something and with the minute John McCain died. I don't know what Donald Trump told Instagram on that golf course, but it was obviously not for him to to turn around like 180 degrees and suddenly support Trump like his his best friend and he's going to hopefully lose his seat. I I really think it's time and he needs to go away and and have a good thing. You know, he needs some time to assess what he's done. Yeah, I think Harrison is going to win and also I think we all know that Mark Kelly is going to win in Arizona and I would love even I would love to see Amy McGrath win in Kentucky. It would be so huge if if McConnell was not there anymore. You know first we have to win the Senate wage because only way to stop this from happening again is to effect changes in the broader system, and we need like a big majority in the Senate and I hope that McConnell goes he's to Darko probe. In our lives and he's already you know heard of Judiciary for decades to come he's and he's just sitting there wallowing in this money that he keeps accumulating like how much money do you need? How much money to really need? Mr. McConnell is just too much. Yeah, and I'm pretty sure that Susan Collins is done. It's tough one to see I don't I hope so for next month Rolls by Sarah Gideon. Yeah. I haven't looked at this at its poles like, you know going to take another look at it. I mean if we can get a decent majority there that'll be a huge difference because it'll just changing the direction of the country. I look at someone like I didn't but especially, like coming into a VP position where she's got twelve years ahead of her potentially to to do some change the situation gets re-elected. But let's hope she does an amazing job, but that's a big run twelve years. You can make some real change. You've got the Senate. These are the first couple of terms at least at home. You got the house and you've got someone who's going to be there for twelve years. You can make some freak make some real generational change for a country that may be sorely needed now. Yeah, I know. I mean I just it would be awesome. And you know, I just I just want to tell you this because and I said it cuz being housed parks that alive show during the debates and and I set it then but I'll say it again, someone even though Trump cannot stop interrupting anyway, but when you would I'm a stutterer and when you deal with the stutterer the way to make it a stutter stutter off is it is to keep interrupting him. That's interesting. Yeah, so and I I wonder if somebody got ahold of trump and said, you know interrupt him because he'll start a more and that that'll make him appear a week. I bet you that's exactly what happened. I mean that sounds completely credible. It's this guy has no shame. He would go after anybody and going after someone with the speech impediment. I think it's amazing. Would you end and Biden are able to do in terms of overcoming disabilities like that? I mean I have my own issues is just every time we see people like over, you know, leaning into them into their situation and trying to get into a strength. It's such a it's such an inspiration to everybody and I think you know by it is not so he's a reluctantly there. He wants to be the president of the United States, but he's not home and Mimi kind of candidate like no other candidates and so it's easy for a bully like that to come in there and Shake him and that's why I'm glad they had a first-round and Biden now knows what she's dealing with. He's going to come in a lot more aware of what he's going to have to deal with and he's going to come in and hitting harder I think cuz I just really there for the right reasons and and Trump is is going to have to wage. Could I get knocked down I think by by the next time I hope so. Yeah now I mean, you know, he definitely has you know, all these great qualities behind him. You know, Joe Biden seems like dead, you know, I think that and I think as you know, I think we both think that this whole country needs to get Trump out and I think that Joe Biden is going to win just because of how bad Trump is. Yeah the worst thing for America and democracy and anything else going and but and Biden is the best person for this job. He may not be the flashiest, you know, the most the most loud aggressive person in the room, but that doesn't make that doesn't make anyone a great President Bush what makes a great president to someone who understands the country who understands the system but also believes in the values of this country and knows how to make it Greater and you know when I covered by Tinashe Mama it was clear that I'd his principles were in the right place. It was you know, his Biden was one of the reasons we we have the Affordable Care Act. I didn't one of the reasons we have a quality in gay marriage is there's a lot of things that you look at what I didn't did for under Obama that Obama credits got to get the credit for but it was Biden who did it cuz he knew how to work the system, but he also had the the values the core hard-working values of American people. He he is that and so he understands what's at stake. He knows it cuz he's been around but he comes from a place like everybody else comes from Scranton and that's going to make him understand the world in a way. That's that's the Trump can't in a million years fathom. You know Trump is not is spoiled brat from from you know from the ultimately Brooklyn or Queens wherever it came from but then at the end of the day, he's not he's not he's not one of the people he looks down and everybody clearly. He thinks he's much better than everybody else. He's not he's a failure and almost everything. So we need someone who's going to Champion this country in a very difficult time. You know, we gotta come out of Crisis going to another Crisis coming. We need someone who can handle that and not even stronger as we come out. Well, that was great. Thank you so much for coming on please. Come on again before the election. I think so having me on it such an honor. Thank you very much John John J. O and good as gold one last question. What was it like working for Oprah? Love love love Oprah. I can't say enough about how wonderful I spent two weeks with her in a final two weeks of them shooting her twenty fifth season. So she said it's already in a very easily, you know, heightened Oprah state if you will and she's so incredible. It's so giving and such a genuine Spirit such a genuine Soul very supportive and just it she is what she she's a teacher and she kept reminding people. It's like we didn't know but she's she's a teacher that's why she did the show she wanted to teach people and she said so much respect for her audience should stay for half an hour after every taking just to talk to the audience directly cuz she didn't want them to feel like they they wasted their time coming in that day. You know, I thought I worked in television for a long time people. Don't do that. Generally mostly people are kind of the end of the show. They go away. No should keep everyone should make sure they all felt her personally every day and and that's the kind of person she is she really is. Genuinely that that greater person. Yeah, I only had I only had the chance of meeting or once when she was a guest on on The Tonight Show and and and I just said hey, you know, I'm the announcer and I think she either said so you're the one who I hear every or something like that or don't pronounce my name wrong with something like that, but it's just great. I mean really disarming for someone is yes, you know, we first see her she's got these big brown eyes and she's sort of envelopes your soul actually sort of exhibit to use just very very interesting person. Very chic, very charismatic and Soulful radius of yeah, and you know Jay Leno would do the same thing. He'd come out before the show and he would talk to the crowd and answer questions for like five ten minutes. I mean, you know, you know, these are good people, you know, yeah, it's it's it's the fact that they really appreciate it, you know, so many people have worked at some television don't appreciate the audience that shows up. Yeah, I'd appreciate a lot of people who work around dog. Make them look great. They sort of you know, they get pretty full of themselves. Not everybody of course some people but it's the people who are genuinely care and I went home from August and wedding culture with Ellen. So I it was it was what people say it is but what happened was that I was producing aspects think it's at the the the Emmys the Oscars one of those used to do Entertainment Tonight. Canada is one of the shows like I produced and one year. I got invited to come in and see the show and thought was in the audience that I was like, oh my God love Ellen. She's great go say hi to her to see her. So I go and walk all the way across, you know, I say hi to her and she gives me this. I don't know this this off Frozen devil stare that it was just like unbelievable and she didn't even respond. She just looked at me like I was just an alien in a Cambodian landed in front of her I was like, wow was just a you know, she's not dead. It's not to say maybe inappropriate of maybe a difficult time for whatever. I don't know but it's just a it was surprised by the reaction cuz she looked so friendly television and believe me. I've heard horror stories and I I have I know people that I mean it's been known for quite some time that but, you know, at least she's apologized and now, you know, maybe she'll learn something. It's disappointing cuz she was such a icon especially for the gay community and you know, you want to believe that people who come through that struggle are all nice people but you know, sometimes people come through that struggle and not supposed to become hard people because they've been through so much. So yeah, you know, it's so funny. I just to tell you that I've been wanting to have you down for quite some time and I think I would ask like Greg Olio and everybody put in a good word with them for me. I'm I'd like to have them on the show they did and then I'd follow your your podcast and I was like wow. I hope he invites me one day and I've been waiting and waiting. So I'm glad I'm glad over here cuz you're terrific and it's so I can't emphasize enough. How important is it that you're doing what you're doing cuz you know, there's not a whole lot of enough outspoken people out there who are really on the right side of this and even though a lot of people have come a long way. You've been there for a while now and it's great too. It's great that you're on you're doing this all the time, but did you know him that it was wage that would that prank called the president? I I didn't know that actually I didn't know that about you and you pretended to be the Congressman Tom Senator Bob Menendez. Yes. It's right and the guy took the call to take the call Jared Kushner and Donald Trump both called me from Air Force One. I mean seriously dead serious. That's amazing. That's an incredible thing. I remembered earlier vague like back in the city again, but I think you know, it's it's stating. My brain is such an important job. Moment so good for you for doing that. Yeah, it was covered all over the globe. I mean even in Japan a huge story was a huge everywhere and I can't believe you got through Thursday. No less than two hours. It's a bit the whole story is amazing of how I got through but people already know it's I don't want to bore them with with it. But it's also clear these guys are doing nothing. They just sitting around waiting for phone calls, you know from birth. We just Googled the White House phone number and then got it off of the internet and then I pretended to be Bob Menendez assistant with a bad English accent. That was it missing. It's amazing, you know, people realize that you know, they're real people working at the White House and you can just call and they are you know, sometimes people like how you to find out this question to a story and I'm like well just pick up the phone call someone's going to answer and you get the answer is most of the time it's their job. Really? All right. Thanks so much. Please come back, you know before the election. I'd love to do that and you should come a narrative. Would love to have you on as well anytime. All right, we'll definitely do a job. All right, so I'm take care of man. Okay. Thanks so much. Thanks for having me on appreciate it should leave everybody from a narrative poem. I am stuttering a little more than usual. Maybe it's cuz I'm having a stutter around on Saturday. Sharica Myers and I have another comedian Steve. Oh God. I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to miss pronounce his name so I'm not even going to try but I've had them on before but you know, he just got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. So I got to have them on Steve Hostetler. Yeah, Steve hofstetter. I believe that's the I believe that's the right pronunciation. This is the ten minutes. So we'll go ten minutes any questions at any time has I will I will answer and If you have anything you want to tell me. And then you know, I will definitely do that in the meantime. Feel free to Super Chat and you can always PayPal me and donate to the podcast house box coming over on Sunday to show me what things I need like a camera and some lights and I don't know all this stuff so I can make this place really, you know, really look like you look so much better. I'll look almost as good as But yeah, so, you know, you know, here's the link if if anybody wants to donate to the podcast. It's always text me. A second to do. Here we go. Yeah, how is awesome there was the link? Donna Bishop John your shows get better everyday. Thanks. I always try to have good guests on October 8th David cicilline Congressman of Rhode Island wage. I can't wait to ask them about his concerns with election fraud and voter suppression and he will be on and then hopefully Karen Katherine Mahoney congressman from New York, and I just recently reached out to a congressman in in California home. So, you know look for that as well. So I mean it's going to be a hell of a oh, wow. Someone wants to have me do a webinar it, you know, it's going to be a hell of a a show. So, you know, you don't want to miss next week. I'm looking forward to it. This post that link up again. And then there it is. Feel free to donate a cat. Love you and how on debate night. Oh, yeah. That was I was smoking weed and drinking cuz I was watching a Yankees at the pub and then I had to rush home to do the show but it was important and the Yankees won. So that's all that matters. But I bought a trailer park Todd will no no be back. Yes. No one is going to come on with Carolyn Mahoney. He wants to be on that show. That was that his Congressman congresswoman off. So no will be that good as gold John. I would love to hear about your crank call to Air Force One. Can you talk about it and play it on one of your non-political episodes? Well good as gold if you go through my whole pot cast and golden 2018 in June and July we do to podcasts and you can hear the whole thing there. It's really unbelievable. Just just for my English accent to everything it was oh Carolyn Maloney. Sorry did I say Mahoney? I've been saying that Martin read you should do patreon to yes. That's what the hell's going to show me how sparks um Gmail what's with Mitch fatel? He's now trashing. You said you ruined the comedy tour with Jackie show me where each fatality is trashing me or you just trying to get me riled up you give me some proof. Where did he do? It? Show me the tweet and and then we'll see if it's true before I say a bad word about Mitch fatal. He's an old friend and I didn't screw up anything with Jackie Jackie screwed that up had nothing to do with me Jacquees just allowed to be you know, say everything he wants but if I say anything then he gets offended. You know, it's Jackie's the just like Howard of that says he can dish it out, but he can't wage. Which which is proof. He's not a real comedian. I'm only kidding. Anyway, Julian lamden, that was so funny on debate night. Yeah, I know. I had a great time. I had a great time. Oh fatal was on that, you know gummy marriage podcast while well, you know, that's his problem. You know, I'm not going to you know, I'm not going to listen to that and I don't think anybody else is either dead. John Brian man asks, John what percentage are you confident? Joe Biden beats Trump about I would say I would say 85% The only the only problem I'm going to have is with voter suppression and election fraud. G Canada the buffoonery of the White House was the funny thing Senator John. Yes. It was just how easy Martine read Carolyn Maloney was mentioned by Trump is proof of election problems was he involved in problems? Did Knowles vote get delayed? I don't know. I doubt that there was any problem with Carolyn Maloney Union moonshine or 55 needs need the mods in full for Saturday. Odell chick it's true. John your shows are getting better and better. Thank you shorty one. I tuned to podcasts only once and that's because you were on after the way she treated you. I never gave her another shot. Yeah, I don't give her any are I mean, she's a Despicable horrible person who retweeted pictures of my kids and disparaging them. And you know, anybody who does that is a real real horrible person, but I'm glad that if she's still trying to carry this on then I'm going to continue my attacks on her behind the scenes and you should know better than to screw in a guy like me because I'm the last person that you want to screw with white cord bitch. Do you have bad hangovers? I don't ever have hangovers. I don't drink as much as you people think, you know, you know, I'm not sitting there guzzling bottles of vodka, you know, I mean, it isn't like that at all. I drink Coors Light Bulb. I mean Coors Light it's practically water, you know, it's lower alcohol content than a regular beer. I just like the I just like the whole thing hanging out with my buddies at the pub showing the crap unless of course I get a get these right wing loonies out, which most of them are but, you know, I just try not to Engage good as gold will you be shaving later today or someday? Yeah, my Scruff is growing growing back. I was debating on it. But to be honest I got up early. I worked out I jumped in my car. No, I took a shower. I jumped in my car. I went down and Best Buy and then went down arouse and then came home and and I was like, I don't have time to shave so long white Club bitch out. You didn't have a hangover after you after you show with how that's amazing. No, I didn't I didn't at all. Canadian bacon, San Diego comedy clubs are open that's good. Martine read beer culture. It's a real thing. My brother-in-law is the same. Yeah, g, that week USA beer who could even catch a buzz. That's why I need my speed. We'd Karen Rick's that is sexy a bit of rough. Thank you very much. Karen Berg. So there's the link. It is my birthday week. I expect wonderful wonderfully generous birthday presents and I don't mean a popcorn canister, but I had the one or turning Texas blue Al Franken will match any donation. I have two weeks to spread donations. Thanks for today. John my decision two thousand to a live, October 15th. I embarrassed you. I don't know how I embarrassed you, but I'm sorry if I did but okay. I don't know what I did Heather, but who knows? Good as gold. Can you please repeat? I'm sorry. I can't remember. He said when David cicilline will be on he'll be on October 8th, October 8th. Martin read what do I want for my for my birthday? You could find out by hitting that link on PayPal. So, let's see. It's almost I'm almost done Odell chicks speed. We'd wish I had it where I am. Yeah, it's great. It's totally awesome. I love speed we'd Union goons shine on 54th Ave. Jackie Jacquees Jacquees Jacquees Own Worst. Enemy always has has been Ryan man. I'm going to be fifty-five. That's the truth. They like to say 48 just to goof around I used to do that the Baba buffoon all the time just to piss them off. All right. So anyway, no updates Canadian bacon. Let's see. I guess that's it. Ryan man, no word of a large. Are you look no more than late 30s looking good. Thank you. Martine read out to be 55 again good as gold used to laugh so hard when Gilda was on the Howard Stern Show, whatever happened to him was he really caring because of a bagel thing? I don't know. I really don't know but puppet. I don't have any Mark Harris stories. But anyway guys, it's veteran John saying Kia and get off your asses and vote in Gnome.

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Adjust the Mic Episode #69  Oh My Garage with Cindy & Stel

Adjust the Mic Podcast

1:29:32 hr | 4 months ago

Adjust the Mic Episode #69 Oh My Garage with Cindy & Stel

"So are you just going to ask me questions and I can answer it and then we'll go from there and you can edit out anything that makes me look stupid or if I say something really messed up that needs to be gone. Yeah by how much we need Scott guys back in my checkered. I want to know people wake up feel fine. Grab. My bag is off the clothes line. I want to wake up a restore them back on the night before so I said, yeah then I did it having not a silver-gray. It doesn't appear. I know exactly what you taste like home. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, I always okay is the show the job so he was at and he took a trim Carpenter nil and hit existing nail behind the wall and then it caught this guy in the called him down there and his old man screamed. Oh my garage and ever since then we've, he said oh my garage so it's kind of we left but it's he lost one due to it. Oh my knowing why you say that completely changed its my reaction. Yes. He thought I lost a testicle due to this. Yeah, that's worse than saying. Oh my god. Oh it pretty it's pretty bad. Yeah legit. Okay. Yeah, it's it. It was yeah. That was yep. Scream and then we realize he wasn't kidding cuz there was blood and then we took him to the hospital and yeah, oh my God, I bet he was so pissed I couldn't tell cuz it was 30 sure hurt pretty bad. Yeah, I can't even imagine I can't even imagine it was terrible. Yeah, so oh my garage it started from a strange Place. Yeah. It's stuck with me ever since testicle. Right, Are you ready to go? We had a little bit of a hiccup. Sure. Yep. The watch is off. I'm not sure sure, but I'm pretty sure right. Well, let's figure it out. Yeah, we're fine. We're episode number 69 wage Nothing 69 of adjusting Mike Howard Stern just a Mike of a just a Mike Tim. I write the hostess with the mostess. Mr. Scott a little Governor. You would are you off a little bit further down is Frank again? Welcome Frank howdy. Thank you for having a third appearance. Yeah happy to be here. Thank you to my left the craft beer Queen. This is Colleen. Hello. Hey, baby, what's going on sweetie? Nothing happy to be here. I'm excited for today. Yeah into amazing guests director of victim services for the North Division of the women's center of Brevard Hi, how are you? How you doing? How you doing? I'm good. I'm excited to be here. Thank you for coming and the executive director at our fight for zero and content creator. That's still Bailey on scripted still. Hello. Thank you for having me. How you guys doing? Awesome. Thanks for coming. We have like three badass people here today. It's dead. They really awesome guys. I know y'all might be a little nervous were nervous to and stuff like this cuz we want to make sure you guys are portrayed properly and professionally or get even I am nervous cuz these choices are truly two of my heroes and absolute hammers. I mean, they're no joke serious woman I was talking to guys up for weeks now for real. So I just pour beer pong. Yeah, you have the most important job of all I know I know I hope you guys really do that's pretty important. Like for real. It's impressive. I was just telling my husband the other day. It's so cool. When women do these like really awesome jobs, cuz like I just met this girl who's an airplane mechanic and she like legit Works in machine shop. She fixes the airplanes and she let me take my son Declan took her Hangar this weekend to go and see these airplanes cuz he has autism and he's six years old and he's obsessed with airplanes right now. And he makes it just drive loops around the airport just so he can see them take off and everything and she let him When there was like me and women are bad as and then Richie being in here and it's like breach. Hi. What am I doing with my life? You're keeping us from losing our minds, you know, at least at least some reason the kids right overly, you know yourselves know being a mother is one of the hardest job hundred percent are talking of hard. Yeah. Yeah. It is a hard thing. Yes. Yeah. There's a few jobs say those are those are super hard jobs and being a mother definitely is definitely up there. Yeah, and it stopped in front of you and all of us. This is kind of Life do a podcast. This is a get away from that even this is like a break from that it like we all have a son that lives in our grind and we do most people in the United States they do podcast on the side, you know, they they're spare time, you know, I usually out of a place like this, you know or whatever, you know, and so it's kind of awesome that we get to kind of get away and talk about all this stuff with our days especially with you know, you have a lot of awesome stories you get to talk about probably yeah. My house is crazy all the time. My husband super jealous I get to come here cuz I I have three kids my two oldest boys. They both are diagnosed with autism spectrum and then Quinn she's two and half so she's going through the terrible twos right now and it's like everyday something crazy is happening and it's just like, oh my God, that's why you always want to record like pouring entire things that cat litter in the washing machine George's we can I can do two shows three shows like in the brand new washing machine a whole Topic at letter that I just bought for dinner. That is epic. You can't even like wash it cuz it's clumps up since like you have to take it apart and take it outside. Like yeah, that's kind of stuff that happens weekly at my house. No way that it's crazy. Yeah, really. I relate I have a son on the autism spectrum. Actually. He's high-functioning autism. So I really that's awesome. How old is he? He's eleven now. That's so cool. Yeah, then I feel you. It's hard finding people that can truly understand what you go through like daily, you know, it's not like, um, yeah, it's hard. So this is definitely brake work is a break. Anyways, so what's up before we get into our amazing guess Scott. What happened to your truck need? Yeah get on that real quick. So Monday morning work were shorthanded three people super busy. Normally. We have people kind of we work on Garden Street cuz we're our offices and there's a U-Haul right down for most a guy hit first choice, but a white SUV blocked out with four people in the car were going up into parking lots, three people jumping out popping Windows jumping through the window, so they don't set the alarm off trying to see what they can get bail them and then going down the street. They went all the way down to Daytona nose on the news. We got here between 8 a.m. And like 11:30 is when we got hit. And none of us knew like three of a three of our our trucks out of four Lee. I'm going to smash your window joking my coworker. Yeah. Well like he went up off the only person that didn't get her Windows smashed and it's like lucky does he have a piece of crap? What all of us want to smash it? I know right? Like what what mine wasn't good enough. So yeah exactly so often in a rental for like 5 days I think and broke both windows and get anything missing out of the truck. Luckily. I did not have any valuables in there for my co-workers. He had a wallet taken off. Yeah and some other stuff and then another girl she had a bag. They just took the whole bag hide that the good ones in it and stuff from like man. I loved out of this one. Okay, so they had a rabbit got a rental for now for the next few days off. So that sucks. What's what's your rental crazy man? It's getting bad over there. Just things are volatile. You don't expect at 8 a.m. To be dealing with a robbery at work of all places while you're working, you know, Seven Eleven on Garden Street. There was like a shooting like couple of shootings. Goethe Street seems to be like where it's at 2 like, you know, don't even go there. Like what do you do about a mean there are you're right there people that work at convenience stores that their lives are much more at risk. Yeah than be worth a little office. Like yeah, maybe window got broken. You know what I mean in the grand Spectrum, but yeah happened. What's your rental vehicle for Jared? It's lapis blue, but it's really horrible. You say lapis blue buddy. Jared had a VW Bug in. Okay, and it's up there. I don't think men are supposed to know what he keeps saying it's lapis blue, but we tell him it's purple. You got a purple bug and in high school, that's cool. That's fine. But it's not blue. I've never heard of it's been this long. It's this long statement think so. I have a lawyer's blue. You're a man neither my Rogue Nissan Rouge. No idea what I mean. I don't understand either does it mean darker light or medium? I think it's like blue purple. It's like just a color just color on the whatever it's more. So it's total package. All that blur. I like all three women are just like idiots and describing colors blue surf. It should be the new podcast basically right there man describing colors. Exactly. Okay. So spell did you want to start first? I was looking at it's like fight for zero whole this whole project that you got going. Oh, I don't even know where to begin on it. It's really ridiculous. Where did you what got you started at interested in this in the first place? And what what is your main purpose? What do you guys do? Well, what got me interested was in 2013 my uncle who lived with us. Most of our Lives myself my younger brother my father and our family dog were all dying off. For cancer and so that started me on a journey of wondering what in the world was going on because that's not typically normal for a whole family to get diagnosed with cancer, you know within the same year timeframe. So once I was told I was in remission in 2014, you know, our family's case was so unique. We were invited to Pennsylvania to do genetic testing and genetic testing showed that we had no mutating jeans, which typically points to something environmental sure. And so I kind of turned into an Erin Brockovich and started knocking on doors and collecting cancer diagnosis here in Brevard County and that turned in to collecting here to Across the entire State of Florida because everybody wanted to be counted and so as I collected of those cases, I started noticing something extremely scary. A lot of people that I even went to school with that, you know, I think even Cindy knows confided in me and said, you know, I was diagnosed with cancer walk. 2013 to I'm just not as open about it, you know, so I kind of became this person that people came to to tell me about their disease issues and their illnesses and so I started looking into answers like what could possibly be causing these cancers or these illnesses here on the Space Coast of Florida and you fast-forward a 2018, you know, I had been going through a lot of research and and documents but there was this one particular document that had just been released from the Department of Defense and we found a chemical called P fast. It's also known as perfluorinated compounds or a forever chemical and get it doesn't break down in the environment. We found that it was released by Patrick Air Force Base. It's also found at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and it went to all of our waterways. And so I know that there's a lot more issues outside of this prefer native compound and it just really took off once we brought it up. We kind of got some pushback here locally, you know, and so we started doing job Dependent testing ourselves and the fight for zero came. It's a unique story. I was at a city council meeting in Melbourne. And I said we found pfba which is a sister chemical of it's in the family the same family in the actual drinking water at the high school the school's on Beachside. And of course, they gave us are their typical BS response of well. It's in the safety limits off. What what what school was it? It was multiple on Beachside. It was satellite high school was one of them there were a couple of elementary schools and it was everybody on Melbourne water that had it. What year was that? This was a 2018 when we started really like I guess exploring and and starting to put it out there for the public to really understand and see what was going on here. But I I was standing at a Podium and I said I say well it should be zero why the hell do we even have a safety limit that set so high when we know that that's you know, 70 parts per trillion is dead. 15 limit for the EPA and we found 4.3 million parts per trillion of this stuff million. Wow, so people understand where to where these pfos P phase p far as where they come from. So they come from firefighting foam. That's one of the biggest places that that is contaminated our waterways here, but you can also find them in water resists need packaging you two boxes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. I've done my homework on a lot of the stuff that both of you have done. Wow, and like the firefighter that the training areas and all that and it's just it's crazy man. Scary. It's really scary when it's in your back yard, you know, and I before Frank introduced us both of you guys. I had no idea I no idea Erin Brockovich was in this area like I zero idea and then you start digging you're like, oh man. Yeah. Yep. Loved Erin Brockovich. All everybody loved Amber. Yeah, even the government. Oh, yeah, you really angry about something here. Yeah. So a lot of awareness, you know, but we hosted her meeting and she she went across the entire State of Florida. So yeah. Yeah, she was a great asset and she continues to be a great asset. We still continue to work with her eldest day. Awesome. She just called out Titusville actually for the coin toss. Yeah. I saw the story. Yeah Lauren dosing it's in my filtered water still tastes like chlorine. I and then you posted Scott that they were doing again. I'm like didn't they just do it? They did like it's ridiculous. Even my poor cats, like, you know, they they tried no. Yeah God. Yes for inducing is that to try to like kill stuff like that? Yeah, they're cleaning out the pipes basically is what they're doing. So, I mean, obviously there's a problem with they have to do it so soon, you know within two months of a time frame and they don't wage. The public, you know certain little details, like if you look at the fine print it says people with compromised immune systems or that are on dialysis shouldn't be drinking this water and my opinion. Nobody should be drinking this water, especially when they're offering dosing. Yeah. Yeah for sure. That's wild man. Now when it comes to this chlorine dosing and everything, I've done a little bit of reading on this and you don't hear many people in many cities have a better way and I know it comes because of money. Okay, they don't get funded properly just like education is get funded properly just like wage, you know, all the social things that would actually better us in our education is and whatnot our society. They're just not put at the Forefront because you know money, uh a profit, you know, a little expenses, you know, draw from the things the social things right right always so so that's the same thing that's happening with our, you know, like a city collects taxes from us to dead. You know forgive us a society that's beneficial to us in our water quality is probably the most important. I mean, that's the been the thing that's you know, been the most important part of our life our uh, you know longevity of our lives at least in America has been you know, based on getting better water water from the old days to now what what are the what are the better wage in in one of the cost? I mean, you might not know, you know, like what would it take for a city to do the right thing? It would it would really just be as simple as Consulting with Erin Brockovich is water expert who came here and gave them that opportunity to tell them he is an expert lesson. Yeah, just to listen and understand why there are certain treatment processes that are much better, you know, not just for the water quality but also for our home and you know, there are people out there that understand the science and the chemicals and the and everything that goes behind that and so that's what I do. I don't ever claim to be an expert, but I do work with the experts a.m. Just in Florida, but on a national level C in in in our society. There's always going to be that the angle of progress right at the expense of wage, you know Network big money. That's what you know, all the big names are going to you know, we can throw all the big names out there. It's not they're all have a goal but there's a consequence of that goal in life, you know in the old days people hidden fought and fought fought, you know from you know that and that's what Erin Brockovich a store. That's what that movie that everybody knows came from is from that kind of a mindset of a of a corporation are our winter companies going to get smarter to work closer with people like you or people like, you know, the experts the Erin Brockovich no sauce to better that, you know what I mean situation. I think it really takes a lot of pressure from the people, but first the people have to understand, you know, everything that's going on it really strong. With education, I always say awareness brings action and that's exactly what we're trying to do. We're trying to bring awareness through that community outreach so that they are armed with the tools and understand exactly what's going on here. So we do things like collecting data and teaching them how to be citizen scientists and grabbing samples of the water and learning exactly what what's going on to where they can be talked out of you know, it's just say fits within limits and so once they're armed with that it's really really just takes the people standing up and demanding it we can demand it. You know, it's our right we pay our taxes and not have the ability to make those changes now still you mentioned the people like me. I'm the I once I got into that was like, okay. Well, there's a problem. What would you tell somebody who wanted to get involved in something like this is listening that once to be a part of it. Yeah, so you can become a part of fight for zero we have different levels are most popular level is the Grass Roots level and that's typically where song You know, if you are interested in taking water samples, we have a couple studies going on right now one with the University of Florida another one with a National Coalition. And so you could get involved that way home and there's a couple of other ways to you can be a part of our newsletter and we put out call to actions so that way you know, if we'll say we need a letter sent out, you know with your leaders and we kind of try to give template give everybody the tools and the resources. So it makes it a lot easier for you guys to get involved without feeling overwhelmed because I notice a lot of times people get overwhelmed. Everybody has their lives they go to work and they have jobs and they don't have the time to be going to City Council meetings. And that's where we fill in the gaps. Now the state senators you're dealing with them to you you're going from a local level to a state level and a federal level already been to Washington D York. That's awesome. Go ahead Frank. Yeah, so What I think is hard for people to understand we live in an area where there's giant industrial complexes, right and all those giant industrial complexes without saying any names are forced to make differences off or forced to make changes or their pressure to make these changes. Nothing is going to happen. And I know personally I don't still doesn't know this but I started watching her work long long long ago. I watched post she was doing long a long time ago because we've been doing similar research for a long time. I've been doing the research from the animals Animal side. Yep while she's been looking at the back side of it for a long time. So for Of it's been sitting a long time a lot for a very long period of time I've been watching this and I think in 2017, I think I reached out to you and I said, you know, I don't know if you've know about this or not, but a lot of This research you guys are talking about kind of already done. It's stuff. We've already stuff. We've already been working on and we just recently through North Carolina State. We finally got our permit took it accessed to be doing more of this with alligators around the county and we're going to be doing this for through North Carolina State and if you're willing we were talking about it a couple of days ago on a zoom conference call. If you want to share some of the information you guys have some of your crowdsourcing information of where these these clusters you're seeing at we're going to go catch animals in those areas and see if it if it correlates off because you know, we were talking about before you guys got here. This isn't who's who's the best situation who's doing it right? Who's doing it wrong? You need to take all this information put together and make a difference all off. From different angles from every different angle and if we get are all trying to accomplish the same grief, we all get the data that says the same thing which it's going to say the same thing then something will have to change and that's the goal here. They were serious problem. There's something very very bad going on and it has to be fixed. Yeah. Is it don't know what they say about every like big corporations in Florida got big sugar that terrorizes, you know, the aquifer, you know, the whole flow of all of Belle Glades that you show the whole area down there like Okeechobee, we get all the other run off which is a whole different issue. You know, that people have been fighting that for for how long I mean at the highest levels in haven't even like what are they done? I can definitely address that so good but one of the things that is very difficult as holding the polluters accountable, especially in the State of Florida, so there is a movement happening as we speak where they're trying to change the law so that they can hold these polluters accountable cuz that's what's against us right now is that we had no laws that allow us to hold these polluters accountable and and you know, we get fees here and there and some slaps on the wrist, but we're not really able to truly hold them accountable. And so what One of those movements is called rights of Nature and they're trying to give the rights to some waterways similar to how they do to corporations so that they can file lawsuits on behalf of the waterways. And so that's one move may I think that people are looking at those those, you know, very resources in any types of things like that. We have no probably want to share them on our web sites. We want to share them and yeah in the thing the thing I love about this is faith in this day and age where everything is politicised area. You're not wearing shoes political political political, you know, everybody brings up shit about politics. Yeah, you know like where we live but it's true Faith Shut up where we live in Brevard County like the people that are from this area that might be conservative love this area. They love the nature. They love the fishing. They love the sport. And then you have the other side was just wants to make it a clean world. So everybody can work together on it. Yeah zero politicization any of this scientific data proves the FAQ? If there's a problem with science everybody understands what science is a little bit. I want to know now, you know, I mean you could have I went to Tazewell high school. You can have faith in God not Allah still understand. What science is. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean that's happens to be the biggest misconception of anything. I have I'm super faithful person. Yeah, but there's people that believe you can't put Faith in science together, you get a hundred percent. You can hundred percent put Faith In Summer weather. They work together science is science. It is what it's Common Sense. Yeah. It's it's you know what I'm saying, putting the two together and come, you know, it's true for some people, you know, I tell people all the time or space flight is beautiful. It's awesome. I love it. I love that we live here and where we're at, but people got to understand when you have a giant industrial complex like that. It's going to cause problem. It's dirty. It is what it is. Yeah. I know you everything comes out of cost, right? It does the space flights never going to stop here. We got to figure out a way to make it cleaner and and and and and it's about working together with those people that want me dead. It to be cleaner, you know what I mean if I'm a huge corporation and I'm you know, trying to and I need to do something better and be better, you know, just like they're trying to make it cheaper and better rocket or just like someone is trying to hack this better. There's always shines trying to make things cleaner as well and there needs to be just either a department in a corporation that that's their you know thing, you know, and maybe they hire people that have that expertise they have those. Yeah, but but not to just do whatever you're exactly right to have some accountability within have you practice your business and how it affects the people around me and I think that's the same thing. If you open a strip club in Titusville all the neighborhoods around you are going to turn are you where are you? Like what the hell's going on here than like, you know my all my husband the husbands are all gone. They're here anymore. We're done you're saying it's going to be everybody's going to be as city council and it's got immediately that place is going to get shutdown. It don't have it does suck. Happen for there's already people like that behind those corporations. But until they're forced to change things or pressure and changing it. They're not going to change why we can't get a Chick-fil-A. So yeah, we need jobs are going really really do. I'm sure it's expensive to make that kind of change and until somebody like she said it's money are held accountable. They are not going to do it major things. I mean Rock fuel itself. I mean everything about spaceflight and it's not just spaceflight. I'm not picking on the Space Center eye which Chris was here to defend it cuz I would love to get rid. Yeah Chris Darden right now he is so picking on it. It's not just that it's there's if you think about all the industrial areas, there are around here and everything that's going on. I mean, there's so many places that builds so many things and do so much around here that you're going to 100% have side effects from that page and I'm just curious. I think he agrees like he he whatever a hundred percent want what's best, you know, because he works in does video for a company that could wage A Target, you know and doing something all of us are I'm in the transportation business. So we have semi trucks going across the country bringing produce back and forth took a big companies. Yeah, I mean and there's a mission things and we were part of programs and we try to do better but I mean if you look at the footprint of what we're doing it's not pretty so it's not like, you know, we have to disown what we have in front of us and that's all people want it is when you had the wall and saying this thing happened or ain't going to do nothing about it. That's the whole that's the issue with all the society in my opinion, you know with the division that we all have right now. It's like make fun of yourself laugh at yourself. I admit your faults, you know what I'm saying? And better things will come from that I think still would be the first person to tell you A lot of those those companies those corporations would be happy to change the things but why change them being forced to change it if if there's no regulation saying you need to change it why it takes an individual that's looking at someone that's telling them how they can make more money, you know what I mean? And a lot of times that money gets off. I got a voucher about changing it DeSantis put in the that Senate Bill the 712 clean waterways act. Yeah, and that's what I've gotten from it too is like it's just it was just almost a slap in the face. Yeah. Can you reiterate to speak about speak of you don't have to you don't have to but I I read the literature of the bill and I thought well if you look in that bill, they actually try to preempt the rights of nature movement. Yeah, but I just told you about them trying to create their own laws and they're not for home rule and I I do belong at home rule because you know, our local city council knows their Hometown the best home rule. Can you elaborate a little bit? Okay. So home rule is where your local city governments can make their own basically rules. Like they can ban straws they can ban styrofoam, but then when you get the state that steps in and I'm just trying to simplify it. Yeah. No. Yeah. Okay, so when you get this state to step in they try to log Stop them from being able to make these their own rules saying well, you're not allowed to ban. Nobody's allowed to ban the styrofoam and and so you've got certain cities for instance that are right on the beach. Like this is a perfect example who are beginning with a serious issue, whether it's you know, plastic pollution and and they know their towns best these city council. They live in these areas. Remember, you know, so they'd want what's best for their Hometown for the most part. So when they're making some of these rules like Banning straws or trying to get rid of Styrofoam, they're not doing it, you know, just because they're doing it because they feel that it would be a benefit to the community the best interest in their local communities with the most to lose the ones that should have the loudest loudest voice. I have a kind of stupid question. So she went to DHS to how does how are those pollutants getting in there? Is it because they're dumping it into a certain thing like a certain waterway that we're using like they're just jumping like you said like with a pizza boxes like okay that correct. Threw me off. So it was it like a how does that you understand what I'm saying? Yeah. No, so like how are we getting exposed? Yeah. Yeah like yeah, how does it get in our water? So okay. We gotta kind of look at you know decades ago we treated we didn't know this much about the emerging contaminants. It's known as emerging contaminant so decades ago, we didn't treat our water the way we treat it now. It's probably a lot cleaner as long as our drinking water goes but as far as exposure in our drinking water, for instance, we have an extremely poor infrastructure. We all know that right we all get poo going into our Indian River Lagoon. We have these films. Oh, yeah, and that's an indication that we have poor infrastructure. So every time you have a water main pipe burst, you know, when they tell you boil your water by the way, don't do that yet actually increases the levels. Yeah. Well he gets rid of bacteria but a volatilize has other harmful contaminants, so you shouldn't be boiling your water. But say that one more time so people understand it cuz it's a hundred percent sure that people need to get that when you boil your water birth. You are boiling out, you know bacteria but your volatile izing making these other chemicals harmful to harmful chemicals. You're breathing them in and it's going into the air when you boil them. Think about that for a second every time you get a boil boil water make spaghetti anymore. No, no just kidding and filter your water dragon wage. So it's basically all the infrastructure stuff. So that part of it. It's a very complex issue and that's why it's so difficult. But yeah, that's a part of it. Every time you have a water main Pi praise break. You have a risk of that getting into your pipes, right? And then also you have to think about your water treatment facility, right? Where's the water treatment facility here in Titusville. I think it's of Garden Street welcomes your house here. Think about how far that water has to travel from the water treatment facility all the way to your home. What could a potentially be picking up in those pipes all the way back to your home? Yeah, and then people don't update their home. The way they're supposed to and think about it this way. We're in a state that has you know, we're salty climate first off. Okay, then we have cast-iron under how many person how much of a percent of like my ex-wife's buying office right. Now that's having all of that replaced cuz she's my water way, you know, right best Southlake, you know, like just right there in it's all cast iron all running. Fall into the ground people are putting a cat litter and washers. Yeah, I mean in the Wind & Fire's apparently and dryers God Jesus. I got one that blew my mind off. You should see the look on my face when I walked in. I saw the calendar things sitting on top of our freezer next to like why is it and I picked it up and I just bought it that same like it's empty and I looked over the washing machine. I'm like, oh my God, but anyways, so when when people are hearing about this stuff from still they gotta understand they're hearing about top-end science and things that are happening here right now. You gotta really take this end it I think about what's going on here, I think about it. I feel like that's the thing is like, you know, A lot of this things that have happened that are the worst happened a long time ago without the correct information. And now that the as the correct information comes it's so hard to what do you believe what you dead because things that have come out factual twenty years later become not, you know, there's a history of misinformation and things that we're we got this wrong and that so people get so confused that they do nothing wrong. I mean, is that kind of yeah, I think they get overwhelmed. I always call it getting overwhelmed. It's just so much information to take in and some people get really scared of the information and one of the things I always tell them like arm yourself with knowledge man. Like that's what you gotta be doing more education is society is yeah vital. Yes. It really is because you can protect your family protect yourselves and and at the end of the day when you once you get a cancer diagnosis, the rest of your life life has changed you don't want to get to that point of waiting and just to see if it happens. Why not protect yourself now and take care of your health. It's cheaper to do it now than wait with that. How is your family no job. So my my uncle passed as soon as he got his cancer our family job obviously passed and then my father just passed in February. So we was all stems back from that. Yeah, basically being poisoned from you know, tainted water and you know you talk about now in the science now, right? You also have to think about my God how much worse was a decades ago because you know, we work with an oncologist and she woke up these these cancer clusters as you call them and they don't typically show up for about 15 to 20 years. And this is the exact time frame that we're seeing. It's like whining right up. So, what did we drink or what were we exposed to ten fifteen years ago? And that's why it's so difficult to establish cancer clusters. I got a quick question. Julie Greenwald. Yes. Do you know her? Yes. Okay. Is she the girl? She's the oncologist? Yeah. I'd had a new read a news story about her today and she was from that area from Satellite Beach like to see what yeah. Yeah went to have satellite. Hi, I saw the, New Jersey. And I was like man, it's that's so wild and it's so hard for doctors and oncologists and experts to speak out because they risk their job. And so, you know, it took a lot of Bravery encouraged for her. I remember having conversations with her back and forth and you know, she was like, well, why don't why don't you go to the news and talk to him? I said, you're the oncologist. Yeah, we need you just you know, she did to Iraq and it was incredible and I will always be thankful for her voice. Yeah, it's amazing in this. Do you have any local leaders local politicians that are really push it on your side that we need to know about. Well, you know for the longest time, we really just spend a lot of time educating our local leaders and I will have to say Congressman Posey. Yeah, Vince he has started getting really on board with different regulations on PBS. He's been voting in favor of you know things that would would hold you know accountable for instance. There was a bill about firefighters and you know requiring them. To ensure that the firefighters get some kind of medical care or monitoring because they are really exposed to stuff think about how much they're exposed and a lot of firefighters are getting multiple. Myeloma you off and and diseases and things when the things that they're exposed to and their workplace and it's in their in their clothing by the way. It's happening a little bit my job field too. So what I think might be important for you to explain to people real quick, when you say forever chemical in the human body, what does that mean? Everybody knows about what half lives are and things like that about chemicals really explain the details of what a forever chemical is and how it affects how your dosed with it and how it works and how you end up with mutations and stuff like that how it all works. Yeah. Okay, so I'll try here. Sorry, any question. Yeah, it is kind of I mean, so when you get those chemicals in your body it basically stays in your body for eight years. I try to simplify everything I say cuz I know sometimes it's hard when you chew gum and decision your belly for seven years. I mean, there you go. That's real. Is that true? I don't know. Somebody Google it is not a smart body can't digest it doesn't mean you won't pass it. Pretty smart. Okay, sorry. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah, so downstairs in your body for about eight years, but you know, if you're exposed to it every year that every eight years, you know, it's in your body for a long time. There was actually some cities where they did blood testing and they showed extremely high levels of it took blood children's blood in this stuff gets passed down and fetuses and your babies things like that. So and as far as genetics, so you'll hear a lot of people say like I drink the water all my life. I'm okay, you know, you know, but I just read it on Facebook. That's the same thing. I said saying in my head because you have to be I mean, but the title of the episode and drinking that water, yeah, my response to that is, you know, you have incredible genetics then and you're very lucky because genetics does play a game. Stir in in you know, and so there's a certain genetic make that if you have certain genes and they don't know exactly what but if you're exposed to certain things you're more susceptible to getting cancer. And so some people just have incredible immune systems and I'm super envious of them because I mean, I wish I did but you also have a vulnerable population two in one of your vulnerability issues is what children. Yep children. So when we're exposed when we're younger, we're getting a lot more think about how much kids drink it's basically like a cup being non-stop filmed right the Cubs never emptying emptying but when you get to a certain level in that cup a switch is going to flip and you're in a lot of trouble. Yeah, we need to raise our empathy game, you know, just as a society people being more empathetic towards other people and being aware of using called India. Where what's going on now. Do you do like shocked right now many. I'm trying to think fundraisers like going out and doing stuff. Right, but actually everything we've done is extremely Grassroots and people just like send us checks here and there and we've done some Facebook fundraisers, but I spent you know the past year off applying for Grant after Grant after Grant we were awarded two grants and one with the University of Florida in one way National Coalition. So I try to stay really Grassroots. I know my organization seems like they, you know, super big and it's just because we have like really awesome skills and know-how to do websites and SEO and you know, all that stuff. So yeah, she's a hammer. I need to learn that stuff. Yeah that website your website is awesome. I did the websites off is really good. You are sensing the woman's no joke. So going out holding signs doing anything like that. Oh, yeah. What are we doing? So with the past my daughter so excited for the past few Saturdays I dressed up as a poop emoji my garage. Can't wait to run by her. I'm going to go. I'm going to go home. Jaguar, and I walked over the max Brewer bridge and I've been holding a sign that says clean this up. Yeah. Yeah. I think they shut up exactly what I put and I was wearing the poop emoji cuz I don't know if you've seen our Indian River Lagoon because this goes beyond terrible all the blooming. Yeah that that algae bloom stuff with all the sugar that were getting from down in Okeechobee and everything. It's ridiculous. There's so much more than the sugar. Yeah going on. If you think about their cities around here that spill lots of lots of bad things into a bun once a month just about once a month. They're spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of poop into our Lagoon. It happens. It happens all the time alone. Want to see the newspaper. You see it everywhere and they took our kids out there Germany. Oh, no, I don't I can't believe people are doing that. I'll see people on the beach over there, but they have to be C building and thank y'all or out of your minds Playalinda Beach. Can you suck? I mean I go to Playalinda Beach I go there all the beaches one. I love the rivers older story love that place. The beach is one thing the the rivers a whole different story. Yeah, I'm jumping the poop. Is this the same people all the time. This isn't legal obviously, right? It's neighbors. They go run out and just throw it in cities new angular cities do it and they pay the fine. Oh my god. Look up look up, looks like they're broke. I didn't know that they were like just Titus was water bills are so hot biosolids. You look up the history of Cocoa Beach Club stud it look up look up the history of Cocoa Beach and the the amount of poop. They put in the river over the years. It's it'll blow your mind isn't doesn't ice have been fine. Like multiple times like a lot of money wage like well, I'm on I'm on the men's Waterside here. So we have we used other one that's over off a hold of road hazard waterplace. Typically your water bills go up because they have two dead. You know treat your better your water better. And so, you know, they've obviously had water quality issues with their drinking water. So they gotta find a way to compensate for that. You know how to feel torious from that. Yeah. I just came back in the day. I think it's years ago. There was like some heavy fines and that's what my dad and all them used to tell me. Yeah, that's under water bill went. Well. They're bill was 100 something dollars a month in Titusville. There was an option for st. John has a 22-20. I'm like forty fifty bucks and I got pool and everything for ever been so many open pipes along the river for so long. I mean they've been fixed over the past few years for the most part but remember going down there and catching Gators and you'd see them pipes were stuff pouring out in the river has just you can't wait to go on a pipe and get a gator out of it. I'm going to do it. Well, then we wonder why river is the way it is. Yeah. It's so bad so bad. Pop the manhole for you. It's just put you down there. There you go. All about pop in the manholes. You guys want to take a little break? Yeah. Let's do that right very cool. Off off off off off. off off off Off off off off off. off off chance your your face paint videos. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I saw those two. Those are cool. Those are just for fun guys are cool as hell. Yeah, they're pretty easy choice. Yeah, so so before this whole water ordeal me getting cancer. I actually traveled across the United States and did photography and I also did make up for shoots like actual model photographer shoots. And so what I do every Halloween cuz I'm like obsessed with Halloween. I love Halloween and so I typically do 31 days of Halloween and so every day of October I'll either do a makeup look back and do something fun like that and do a video or we'll do like a baking thing at my house or we'll do a science project where you know, we blow up stuff and green stuff comes out of it. But yeah it is. Yeah. Yeah. I do like really cool stuff and it's all all like revolves around Halloween theme stuff that we do and so it's just like something we do every year. It's like something I do with my kids and they love it. Do you have like, do you have like a specific Halloween movie know? I don't know your favorite character often House of a Thousand Corpses. No, she didn't this weekend. Just twelve years old she's dead. You're a fucking promised each other. There's no way that is legit a category for tomorrow night's trivia House of a Thousand Corpses know different different characters in Halloween movies. Oh, yeah. There you go. Yeah, It's a it's a it's happening tomorrow in all the way the sound thing. I don't think it's affecting the show at all. It shouldn't be and if it is I can fix that too. But I'm having a little break down here in my brain. You're right because like like I was like 2 in the morning and getting that fixes it started last week when me and him were boarded and it's one of these little sounds of Charlie figure out changing dropped off until you man up and I had it like for like an hour today running perfectly and then Brian we sat down I got started with living like ten minutes. Boom it started. So yeah, I'm home phone. Okay. So before we get Cindy before we talk about all this Tell me about the cookie butter. Like it's this is the most amazing. I love it when people first try this, I took one bite and went oh, I'm not an adult. I am so good. That's all I got to hear anything. Yeah, it's amazing Grapes. Apple Frank. What a crepe. Yeah today. I still don't quite understand. What's a great. I don't know what that is. I never got guess a gator with off. Excuse me. One of these here crap. Never running in the shell script. Will it protect me from being bitten by an Alligator song? Yeah. If not, I'm not sure you'll keep your mind off it but especially if it's got cookie butter to put one in the next coloring book man will put a crepe in color. Like what big question is though. Have you ate more than you can ever remember? Now, I'm not that guy. I'm I'm not I'm not an internet. I'm not a social media gangster. Anyways, tough guy named Cindy. Let's get back to you being the director of victim services for North Brevard division of the Women's Center for reward. Like how did this happen? And how long have you been doing it? Oh God. How did it happen years ago almost ten years ago. Oh, wow. I decided I was a young single mom working as a bartender decided to go back to school. Needed volunteer hours and my best friend at the time. Thank God said I just got a job at a new center that's opening up and I need a ton of help and we can't pay anything. So can you volunteer nice absolute? Oh man. So my first year with the center, I was actually a volunteer and after that first year. I came on board as a victim Advocate which I have done for the past nine years. Okay, and may I took over as director? So it's been a huge adjustment. Congratulations sure a perfect. I'm in the middle of a pandemic. I never take over that was that was off. Perfect timing. Yeah, when you say victim Advocate, what does that mean? Yeah, good question. It means whatever of victim needs it to me. But in summary we home systems with identifying what steps do they need to take to get safe? What what support do you need or where do you need to go from here? If that's a man woman or child right? Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely. Despite being called The Women's Center. We actually do help victims of of any gender age range. It doesn't matter will help anyone now. What what resources do offer? That's a great question. So here in Titusville. We are the smaller satellite office of our main office, which is down in Melbourne throughout both of our locations. We have victims Services programs as well as counseling. We have a transitional housing program. We also have two safe houses up here in Titusville are safe house is a communal living facility. We can have multiple families staying there at the same time. Wow. Yeah, and because we are privately funded which is A double-edged sword because you're privately funded as opposed to some of the other shelters. We can actually customize the stay for our clients depending on whatever they need. Oh that's awful. Somebody who's got, you know, five children and no car and no job is going to need a lot longer than somebody that's making $60,000 a year. Yes. And is the single woman? Yeah, so we have because of the generosity of the committee and because of the fact that we are privately funded we have the ability to really customize services for our clients as they need from the first time. Somebody calls a victim Advocate really meets them where they're at home. Yeah. Every story is different every Survivor is looking for something different some people call and they the first thing out of their mouths is I gotta get out and that's where you start. There's call and say something's wrong with my relationship. I don't I don't really know what but people keep telling me. I need help people. Keep telling me I need to call so I'm calling but I don't know why I'm calling. Yeah. Well, that's where you start. That's a good start. Yeah, so victim Advocates really help clients identify for themselves where they want to go next whether that be filing a protective order people call them restraining orders here in Florida protective protective. They're actually called an injunction for protection whether that be getting into a safe house looking for employment looking for counseling looking to locate you offer all that we do that's awesome. Yeah, so through our safe housing programs are case managers actually work one-on-one with each client that comes in. If you need help learning how to write a resume that's where we start if you need to practice like you're going to an interview, that's where we start. Wow. If you're going to court that's where we start. We'll we'll roll. And say okay here are some things that judges might ask in court. What do you say if somebody says this? Yeah, because some of the things that come up in quarter, they're pretty shocking. It's it's not an imagine either one of those things again, people are individuals. They're going to have their own crazy ideas. Absolutely. Absolutely. Now, the Women's Center is 400 Julia Street Titusville, Florida. That is that's where you're where you're yeah where you're at home. That is okay. Office. We do the victim. Advocacy and we do counseling you. Where do you accept donations at we accept donations that are Upscale Resale store on Hopkins. Yes, ma'am Jasmine the old age. I'm JJ's. Well, I still cannot believe it when I walk it. I walked in there one day and I was just like I only went in because I was like, how could they I worked at MJ's for two years walls, It's like how do they get the cigarette smell out of the building like it's seated so drunk at this. We're right here. So impressive cuz like yeah, it's they they cleared up our whole area. Yeah the first dog He walked into a fantastic job. The first thing I said to cuz most of the people that were involved in making that decision were from our Melbourne office. They didn't grow up with MJ's. Yeah, they didn't know anything about the first thing I said terrible that plays am FY. I we are going to have to gut this whole building. Yeah. Yeah, like like say running through some Sage. Yeah, I went to it was worth all you would never know. What is it really is nice blue my mind. I mean like I'm somebody who is at MJ's literally every single day for two and a half years. So I I walked in I was like damn baptism person. Like I couldn't even picture the old place like the store has really been a pivotal thing for for the Titusville off and we were talking what we we weren't recording with this pandemic everything going on donations. It's been a little harder to get this year. It has unfortunately we had to cancel all of our major fundraisers to this year. Yeah, very lucky and got to do our trivia that in February. Yes. Yeah. Yep. Thing after that so far we've had to cancel so that store has been what's really been keeping us afloat. Yeah. Are you still taking donations right now, like clothes donations and everything. We are we are now that that store helps us into Iraq is one the income that comes in from people that aren't client shopping there that goes right into funding our services. It's entirely non-profit. Yeah, but also our clients when they leave they're often leaving with nothing nothing else. Yeah. Yeah when they're ready to start over we give them a voucher they go there anything they need for their new house. They take no no causes them clothing. Also awesome. I'm going to bring so much stuff tomorrow. Like no joke I have so much but I didn't think that I was allowed to donate right now cuz supposed absolutely it's good to know, you know, cuz a lot of people donate to their species which another has other you know, they have they're they're amazing to either everybody has their calls and they're all great and they're all helping somebody but I've been hearing about you the Upscale Resale and what how it benefits you Jodi's Upscale Resale. What's it called? Is it just upscale? I don't know. It's just upscale wage. Scale resale. Why does it show you know Jodie? Oh, I'm telling you right now. I'm a Google that there's one in Melbourne you guys take so I believe so those are women and men's closer Jacob. Yes and children. Okay. Awesome. Yeah when my mother passed away she had a lot of really nice clothing like she passed away from cancer and she wanted it donated to their so we brought their wage was like, I know that when we dropped it off when they looked through and like they're going to be so shocked cuz I mean it was like twenty pairs of brand new Nike sneakers that you know more everything but right now I was like, oh, I don't know if I can bring my husband stuff there. Could I doubt there's so much. I mean anything nice stuff there. I bought this pair of dress pants there. No joke. I find my work clothes there myself. Yeah, I go on Saturdays when when they're open and I by my by my work closer. It's okay. So how was taking donations right now? So all you guys out there that are listening this if you don't follow the Facebook page follow it they're sharing constant updates right now of what their their hours are changing frequently to accommodate their needs. I got a virus right now. They're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so they have time to deep clean and sanitize do things like that. So they they say on top of posting any time. They're going to be closed for an exchange it. Or anything. Like I just did it. It's Women's Center Upscale Resale store it is I got a question for you. Yes, sir. When you first were asked to help the very beginning and you said within a year that you know, it just kind of kept going and going what kept you there. Like what kept you going there? Like what's what's in your heart? Yeah. That's a great question. So I'm a Survivor myself. Okay, but also getting to do a job where I see everyday people's lives being changed. It's amazing. There's nothing like them and there are more hard days than there are not flashing all the time. Oh, why why do you do that? How do you do that? Because these things are happening whether we help or not. So at least I know I get to make a dick. Than that and every year that I have done this we have as an agency seen our numbers increase every single year. Wow. And when I started doing this I thought well, you know took a lot of I had a lot of ideas I had stars in my eyes. Yeah. Yeah one concept of what helping was going to be like it's a weird profession to be in where you hope that one day your job is never needed. Yeah, and I find out that that's probably not the case. Yeah, and I would think would be backwards even and it's because you know in the old days you could hide your your kids right like you'd like or or whatever the case may be like, you know, I was hit a lot as a kid, you know, we all have our you know traumas and this and that and come to terms with it in their own ways. And they you have to when you become a parent find your way with your children and your surroundings and your spouse's and you know all down the line, right you would think that with education wage. With things getting bigger, you know like more information the internet. Oh, we're fixing to see something right now. Please don't beat the computer up more serious, but meanwhile crackling in our headphones is out of control. Oh, no there goes. It's beautiful. I think this year has done a lot to they said a lot with the quarantine and people being at home. It has that's been one of the biggest things is, you know, I used to have this idea that helping was going to mean once we were being effective. Our numbers would go down and we wouldn't be needed and that's not true. That's not reality. I I know the sad reality that we knew going into the box down and going into quarantine. And all of it is that it was essential to protect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people but for victims it creates a lot going to be yeah sure with so many people that were the non-essential and either working from home or laid off being locked in your house 24/7 with your perpetrator is devastating. Yeah, you can only walk on eggshells so long before birth. Yeah something there's so many psychological issues that people aren't we haven't even as a come to grips with we have a figure out understand don't know any of those years were going through this all Blind and the hardest part of that was as practitioners while we were in lockdown we knew this was happening and there's nothing they can't cause normally when people reach out to us, that's when their perpetrator has left for the morning to go to work or to go to the bar or whatever it is. They do that's when they call they call when it's safe when nobody's there. When you're with somebody 24/7 it's hard to call. Yeah. So once things started to be relaxed and restrictions started to be lifted our calls have started going through the roof. We are getting more calls a day now Thursday, I think we've ever had in my entire career. So that's the hard part is. We as an agency network with so many other agencies. No one agency in this field can do it alone. So many agencies are at capacity right now and you don't want to turn anyone away. So it's a constant Battle of where can we find funding to do this where we've got people in hotels. We've got home we have become as creative as we could be because we had to limit our communal living environment. You can't have 20 people of different families living on top of each other. So we thought I'd get creative. It's been hard. It's been a unique here for us. So at one point while you're kind of sad people are having to reach out for help. It's amazing that more people than normal are reaching out for help because it means you guys are you're becoming more and more aware to what you're doing. That's yeah, that's when the beautiful thing is. It seems like every year more and more people know about us and things like this is how that gets out there non-profits don't sell them. Yeah profits don't have funding to advertise. We're we're not buying Billboards were not people know about us because people talk about this that is the biggest way people can support our cars and that's why I'm so happy to jump in here because yeah is domestic violence awareness. Yes it is. You know, I didn't when I worked at Publix and we were volunteering for United Way, they gave us a tour of one of the safe houses that I didn't even know existed and it was impressive and I was thinking there's so many women out there that don't know that this is an option because like, yeah, you think that there's a number you can call and that they'll give you resources but they don't realize like you can log Literally have a place to stay that a safe that they cannot find you cuz you can't Google it. You can't find it. And I know you guys work really hard to keeping it a secret. I mean I can't imagine where the position you're in. You must have people trying to find their people and you have to keep them as safe as possible to people come after you at all. Oh, yes. Yeah. What do you do security what I was going to ask that like, yeah. Yeah, that's a great question. So that makes me so never fixed it. Does he get question anyways like yeah. Yeah. I mean if yeah, if they have that kind of attitude anyways, you know, they're not going to give up so easy. So I would be scared to have your job like one of the biggest things I have done from the day I started is try to keep as close connections with our local law enforcement as I am sure that's got to be huge connection and they they then refer to you right away. You need somewhere to sit when you type your reports come to our parking lot. Yeah. That is one of the biggest things we do is we form these strong relationships so that if there is ever anything that seems in this we have somebody that we can call and say hey, can you just come to a drive-by? We're not really sure we have a state-of-the-art security systems Panic buttons. Yeah, we have lots of safety protocols and put you hope you never have to use you have like like personal body alarms. Yes, those of us that are on the front lines. Yes, I will. Yeah, you don't you have to say no more to me. I work for the state. So that is definitely Something we are always working on is what environmental things can we do with our buildings in our locations to make them see for sure. There have been times where myself and other Advocates have had to have law enforcement call us home. So the houses because we don't just do domestic violence. That's what we're mostly Yeah sexual assault we work in trafficking cases. We're actually the only the only agency in Brevard that has housing human trafficking victims. I know that that has become like a Hot Topic recently in a lot of people are learning more about it. Yeah don't know about it human trafficking organizations typically don't like when their victims are sure in Florida is a hotspot we wage is actually number three in the news. Yeah. We just got our office certified through the human trafficking with all of our drivers. We get them all certified certified. It's a huge caused on LinkedIn right now and and the women wage it's a woman's directed cause and it's about you know Trucking because a lot of the truck drivers, you know, they're at the truck stops where a lot of the stuff happened and they're the ones that they sedate through the fervor dies. Once they get past our borders, you know, that can pick their feet are on the ground. They're doing a good job with that such a like a Bittersweet experience to be watching all of the social media attention lately. That human trafficking gotten because finally people are talking about you know, for years what I've said. Oh, we do this we help with this people go trafficking doesn't happen here. So it's great. They're really watch any children a little do they know? Okay, so that's what I was going to say is but the hard part is so much of what is being shared is not the reality of what trafficking real life looks like right and that's the hard part is now now that's what people are looking for exactly for these Elite organizations with keeps the symbols and people wearing costumes dancing around Thursday. Yeah, like but you know, it's the normal looking it's a brainwash works at the it humid. It's a control and brainwashing. Its a mac address Yvette's an aggressive thing and the most at-risk children are children that are in the foster care system or in homes where there is substance abuse or instability. Because of violence and incarceration and that's where these children are really coming from. It's not the blond-haired blue-eyed upper-middle-class child being snatched from Target. Yes. Yeah that I keep seeing shared. That's it's usually victims. Yeah, it's usually victims perpetrators that are human trafficking perpetrators do not cross their victims of people. They view them as a promise to commodity. They want a product that they can sell the most amount of times with the least amount of effort. Yeah that is not going to be that little girl was snatched from Target that's going to be on every billboard. Yeah, that's going to be the kid that nobody's looking nobody. Yeah plastic your system in the broken home. Yeah. Those are who are at most risk and the reason practitioners get so upset when we see these things like oh there's a human trafficking ring operating out of Target is because that's what people care about now. That's what people are looking for and now we're not looking at answers table. Real problems in our society that are contributing to me. Now. You're making me feel bad for when I get a salted caramel. Mocha. I'm actually looking for it. There's an immigration there's an image and function of that as well. There is and in every time we ship them back to the Border there are certain places where there's a professional organizations that are just sitting there waiting to obtain and attain these. And then they find out who these people are who their families are are they Rich? Can we extract money from them? Can we use them for ransom? And then they just come back into you know the country to meet up with their family or whatnot and it's a circle and people get hurt all the time within that process and these kids are just brainwashed. They don't know any better so they don't even know how to tell because they don't know what's happening that is wrong there just controlled and it gets to a certain age and It's heartbreaking might do that Epstein documentary really too rough one adolescents are easier to brainwash 3 break down 10% off events that you're their savior to make them dependent and that's what happens with friends wives. And yeah the huge it's a huge task to take on track with these two women rear. It's gotta be it's gotta be tough when I use the term hero. I don't use that term a whole lot and these two women caught me here are Thursdays do women always watching a couple of years whether or not they realize it or not. I mean legitimate they're doing in possible jobs that nobody takes notice of they don't get the patent the back, you know, they don't get the hey you're doing a great job, but you guys are doing a great job and in a thankless line of work and I'm proud of you both. I'm proud to call you both friends. Really? Yeah real quick. I want to do the job. At the information out there since we're on it is w w w dot Women's Center. Net and the 24/7 domestic violence hotline is 321-607-6809. And then you got the sexual assault victim Services 24-hour rape hotline, which is 3 to 178 for helped. Yes, sir. We can post that on our group to I'm going to get information for both causes and I wanna make sure we share that in the group and on top of the website and continue to do that. Yeah, but you guys are amazing Frank over sold you guys and he didn't you guys are hundreds guys are great. And how can you tell us we're taking a break that you're like, I don't know if I can talk to them engineer against Trump absolutely kills it kills it. So the very first lyrical gangster basically Tupac you're not I ever had to give a presentation as a victim advocate for the ones who was possibly one of the most traumatic experience job. Yeah, if nobody would have known any better, they would have thought that was fifty years ago because you you have fifty years of experience like Social Service years are much like dog years. We always say that in my job 2017. I joke around all the time because we both deal with a lot of insane situations a lot God and we're always joking back and forth about who's situation was crazier. So it's it's connected on stuff and then on Thursday, it was domestic violence awareness month and giving information about things that we can do in the community too as a society start to break this generation generational cycle and plants. And some woman asked a question about something about men and I said, yes, absolutely. We incorporate men because one men are also victims. Yeah, but you can't fix a problem that affects all of us Society by excluding a gender a portion of the same Tire half and she says to me. Oh, so you're not a feminist home and I was highly taken aback because I am often accused of being a raging feminist. Yeah. I most certainly am a feminist and then this man stands up and yells off. So you hate men. Oh and people's labels forth and I thought okay. I'm I'm in a an episode of Parks and yeah, yeah and right up and I realized that's how quickly Yeah, yes. Yeah, they take quickly. Yeah, just so quick as it's quick non-thinking reactions to to work and that's the hard part is so four years. My job was to just sit there and listen, which was fine. I didn't have now that I've transitioned learning to be comfortable again with speaking about what we do and talking that's why I'm so thankful has brought me here because you are amazing. This is this is a main thing. It's a lot of fun. We'd love doing it and thank you for saying that aside from Frank. Okay do no problem. But you were Joe's Hardware a couple of weeks ago. Yes. And so after we closed John comes up to Hardware to have his Shifty because bricks is just chaos all the time and he's like, hey, I have two really good friends that wage, you know, can they come up here and have a drink and and I was like, yeah, I'll just let them in and lock the doors behind Well, Ron was there with his wife and Jim and I were closing. So we were done. We're all sitting there just talking and I brought up the podcast to her, but it was dead. In any specifics cuz I didn't know who exactly what she did or anything like that. I just knew she was John friend. So and then I'll just she walked in your like Craig's like by Franks tells me who it is and I look you up on Facebook. I'm like, I know her don't you love that? Yes, such a small town but they're so inviting. I feel like I actually know he's guys and well, yeah, we are we're here always and it just we do this in my living room. We all have jobs here in Titusville. We all work in and do something and I wanted this podcast to be too busy just that for networking and connections and for sharing information and and give it to the public and passions is a great sign up for that. It's like, it's Colleen God Frank Frank talked to you guys you guys never sent guys know people get them on if need people need to be hurt. We did sixty episodes of this have just three friends that went to high school together and we'd and after 6 a.m. So it was like, okay, we're done because everybody didn't have the energy but it was an awesome experience and trying to learn about this Charlie then hits moved. We got Scott we had to do this again. We gotta we have to do this again and hit me up for months on it and I'm like man, it's just a lot of work to get it set up and going and everything with our lives. And once we did it was a blushing cuz it was just me and him. Yeah, then just kind of grown to our friend Joe to our friend Chris, you know and Colleen Colleen, where did you come from? Because it was like you would have done two episodes that you just showed up in force yourself on here or you came into Hardware. It was like hey, congratulations on your promotion, you know, I just broadcast I brought you up on it. So I listen and then I was like, oh man, we should have in the brewery to do a yeah, we did one area and the next thing you know, like you are doing the podcast there and then I started running the show. Now, you're running you running now, you're running shit like our intro is the first thing that she sat down and said on the mic. So anything that I say and log Do what you can just cut it out and like that's kind of our disclaimer. That was her things like that. Yeah. Yeah, then when rattle normal random rattlesnakes and things show up at the the brewery. I'll do a random things like that. Yeah, I like that. I was walking my dog the other and I just saw a snake. I was like that was awesome. Like where is this? I don't know. This is I know I was like thirty seconds later. You had an answer didn't you dead? Yeah, and I got proven wrong to a nice I've had what do you think it was? Nothing, it's wrong. Come on. Tell me what you know, I didn't know what you had no guesses know but somebody with me guessed it right and oh they did. What were you thinking? It was a snake? Yeah. It's probably one of the most often like it's an anaconda not a snake ologist. What does that sound of no one's got it in condom. Did you say say colleges? Yeah. I did. I went to THS just make a delegate membership will say hurtful. I like snake ologists. I do it's actually does sound better. Thank you Charles ebonics. I hope we can all do this more often again. You know, I I would love to hear updates on what's going on. You know, I would love to share information still as well. Obviously. Yeah, if you guys get you on the bike is this message us. It's been out pretty awesome wage here in this stuff, but it's been you know, it's scary and it's but it needs to be out there in the information needs to be shared in your your your you guys are both the calls. Is a awareness right? Awareness is the the key not trying to scare anybody awareness Frank. You have a non-profit as well. You're doing a lot of things you're you're you have a lot of things going on as well. There's service. I have been more blessed over this past year than anybody could ever deserve. It's a lot more than I deserve liner. You deserve a very very good person and you you brought all this to kind of gather tonight and I really appreciate you for that too. Yeah. We appreciate it man. Thank you. Tell you guys it's more like I can't even remember one real thing too is still at the end their wage before the break we were talking about. You know, I wanted to bring up what are some ways people can be a little safer with their water at home. So I always recommend that people bring their own water. I mean you're taking control of your own, you know quality of water by doing that and so some of the ways that you can do that there's so many options out there and send off. Telling me, you know, it's kind of overwhelming and you know for me personally, I have an under the sink reverse osmosis and I also have an on the counter water system. And that's for like emergencies cuz here in Florida. I have hurricanes and we constantly go out of power and so I could take the water that I put in my bathtub and put it on the on the counter system and be fine. I don't have to get bottled water cuz I'm against bottled water. That's not any better. Water and plus it contributes to the plastic pollution issues that we have and so there's a site it's called the NSF site and if you're looking at filters, so say you go to a Lowe's or Home Depot and you see an under the sink water filters system for instance for two hundred three hundred bucks because a lot of people can't afford a whole-home system which can run 2018 very expensive. You can go to that NSF site at the NSF certified and what that that third company does is they test filters to ensure wage. That it filters out contaminants and they will list the contaminants that it filters out. So, you know, I always suggest people, you know, try to test their water. You can get a test kit at Lowe's or Home. Yeah, you kind of get an idea of what's going on with your water. You can see if there's let in it but those don't test for the extremely harmful contaminants such as perfluorinated compounds also known as PBS but you know that there's a special knowledge e for that to do in a lab and it costs like $250 per test. So I just suggest looking at the NSF certified site and you know, if you see a filter and you're like, well, I'm not sure about this month. That's a really great guide. It tells you what they filtered they'd go through a really strenuous, uh method to make sure that all of the the contaminants are being filtered out properly and so I don't ever recommend a particular filter. Yep, because I feel like there's so many out there and they all do a great job. You just gotta make sure they're certified. Yeah makes sense. It yeah makes log. in a comparison like I had saltwater fish tank and I would had a heart, you know reverse osmosis water for it. You're testing the water every week and I did those for fish but I didn't do this out for me. Like I don't do that for me. You know what I mean? A lot of people have fish tanks are things in your word but your watercolors you have pools and you're constantly testing your water for other things. Why are we doing it for our body? Because you think you can trust your city that's just dumping sewage in the river. I mean so ruined right? Well, I will say, you know, I will put it out there that reverse osmosis. You do need to be very careful with filtering water too because it will take out very important minerals that your body needs. So if you do go that route, I always suggest making sure you get those minerals back into your excellent point cuz that's very County does put some good stuff on there to put some important important good things in there too. So you don't want to filter all the good stuff out all the bad stuff. Mr. Scott got a turtle delivered to his house today Turtle like in the mail and I'm going to deliver he knows you personally. I'm sorry. He had a terrorist Liberation from the guy who was just about to pay fifty bucks to have a turtle brought this I like turtles and you just want to get a tell me what you're looking for Charlie and maybe you know a guy I don't I don't know Turtles, but just bring just took a turn out to be in for Halloween. I think I like turtle kid. Yeah. It's a little kid. I want to dress up as something with the poop emoji and go across the bridge. I mean, yeah, we've been out there. I hope I have a large blow up Unicorn. Oh, oh, yeah real quick or anything or are you guys doing Halloween costumes this year Frank? I mean the dogs are just up with something but not sure what something I'm not sure is what Scott wage. I think we're all Ghostbusters this year and really nice. I normally dress the dogs up instead of dressing myself calling. I got a BatDad thing I'm going to do we are but we're trying to do like a family one last year. We were Pac-Man like in the kids off. That goes to my parents and stuff where they like the big cherry and the the free stuff and my husband and myself were mrs. And mr. Practice. Very cool. So pretty awesome. Cuz the boys to have a very hard time wearing costumes cuz of the yeah, I'm sensitive stuff. So it's just a t-shirt with the eyes that we're trying. I think maybe this year might just go as Eminem's. I don't know what color M&M's Cindy they're choosing. I am living my life one day at a time this year and thought about it by default is always the safety net of vampire because I mean buddy and awesome you go my daughter's thirteen now, so she wants nothing to do with like family costumes or anything with no jokes already billed out. She wants us to pretend we don't know her. Oh mine's on the bus. She's yeah now it's never going to happen. Now. I I have not decided yet because I do so many different looks throughout the whole entire month. You haven't felt. Oh, that's right. Yeah, I do my thoughts 1 days of Halloween, so I don't never know what I'm doing on actually not only gangster Halloween. Is it really but with covid-19 your who knows how busy it's going to be this neighborhood is Gangster Christmas. Oh huge Christmas and Halloween. Yeah. It's crazy Halloween. It's so collectors golf carts running all up and down the street. You can't even walk down the middle of the street without getting hit by golf find a place to park at your on your driveway across the border saying they're going to want to come here and park outside here so they can trick-or-treat from here. You know what I mean? Cuz that's the people want to do they want to come to this neighborhood. It's kind of scary during You better by America stuff. I got a little door open up. I'm just going to hand candy through the door. So I got the opening the full picture. Oh, totally that pool picture the crazy pull the gator in it. Oh, yeah. Yeah, there's literally one of those about the few houses down from you. But I was out of their day. I laughed so hard I was sent you a picture of it but didn't it's not survey during their their water was I'm not anymore. Well, you caught one right across the street in the pond actually Christmas house already at the golf course, right indeed. Yeah. That was a 7-footer. I think six foot or seven footer home. I've got so many I forget. Yeah, but that one guy on the internet. They'll Facebook says he did it too. Yeah. Well, we all have problems. He was real funny when he did his yeah. Hey man, it's a long nose more than I do. I clear knowledge is such a low level. Yeah. Yeah, you had to deal from Facebook drama on our groove. Yeah. It's keyboard game. There's oh yeah more power to him. Yeah, man good for him. You have to learn when it comes to social media. You have to learn PR ya know, you know. Oh you have some at least bit worried about it. Yeah, Jarod got kicked off her already again. No, no. Wow. So have you been banned from Facebook recently? I got 24 hours for putting I did with this one thing to know cuz if it happens again, I'm not sure I'm going to be traveling for a long time. Then you you nice. I'm not I didn't think it was that bad. Personally. Just creepy was y'all seen the face swap thing like the app is so good faith what we face? Oh my gosh, and they you got in trouble for that on Facebook. I can make you who ever shoot I can read anything into seconds like a short person and they put you down his face on like it was like shaking around it was it was gross but it wasn't like it was saying happy birthday to him on the face. You know, I've seen so so much worse. I thought I did laugh I laughed. And I got kicked out. I thought it was funny. It was a tried to dispute it in in Facebook. Just we don't have anybody here disappear. And yeah, but they they had somebody they're short-staffed is what they said to deal with those type of issues. That's what they're filter Cuts. You gotta deal with it. I've seen some face swaps that were disturbing like the one you did with what's his name, but the other than that, it was pretty good that faithful about Charlie you started it. I think it was amazing. I took up more hours long and he's bro. I was mad and see when I do Sunday dinner with the kids. It's no phones no devices. No, nothing were eating steak or hanging out with out and having a good time that night o Reef ASAP just like all of us doing it for hours and I'll go bad. I got you a boy you're in trouble. So if I can mention something there's a what I'm trying to think of what the activities there's an act in Brevard County that was done. There was twenty-two billion dollars funded. To several different counties in Florida Brevard was one of the one of nine of them Affordable Care Act the care. There you go. So on Thursdays, it's in Wickham p.m. Fridays. It's in Titusville. And on Saturdays. It's in Palm Bay. And the way this works is you go to these places and they will give you fifty dollars in tokens. So it's it's a virtual and then you take this virtual money and you can literally buy any kind of produce you can think of any kind of mean steaks fruits vegetables Wild Ocean Seafoods. Usually there you can buy shrug. I mean different kind of seafood anything you can think of it costs you nothing. It takes it's a 36 on a downtown Titusville. It's right on the corner of Julian Street guys with everyday go to work. The long is like no idea. I thought it was just a farmers market like a regular one not know. That's what it's it's basically a farmers market that's free. So you get $50 worth of tokens, you take them and spend them however, you want to wage. It's anyone who's been affected by koven. We're being honest. We've all been affected by covid-19. Yep. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you. Thanks. Again. Thank you. Thanks for blowing my mind man. I'm not going to be able to like I'm not going to be right for the next couple of days. Most profound is grayed out really really good. Thank you all so much. You remember not trying to piss anybody just bring awareness to it just straight-up awareness. Yep till next time Wow Days easier to stop screaming from the top of the Sol Ends Tonight and Crazier to job screening from the top of his lungs. It's all ends tonight. You'll be able to come down today. Dude, that's just killer. I'll do that was awesome.

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