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Evan's Defensive Tiers

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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Evan's Defensive Tiers

"It's time to eight in my ballet. Sit down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from russ tucker and evan silver uh-huh so hungry on the fancy feast cast. Your baby is the fantasy feast eaten podcast. Ask presented as always by bed online dot a._g. Your online sportsbook experts just use that promo code podcast one for the fifty percent welcome bonus and it is tiers of evan. We have already done quarterbacks tight ends running backs ax w-wide receivers and based on many of your requests today. We're doing defense and special teams which i don't think we did before but people want him so we'll give them what they want. Next week will be my old line tears. I'm at ross tucker n._f._l. Twitter order and instagram facebook is facebook dot com slash ross tucker n._f._l. He is at evan civil on twitter from established established the run dot com and we are not giving away a another fantasy feast redraft entry today because i don't think anybody really stepped up to the plate. I gave away to michael worst-ever on yesterday's episode with chris harris. Michael wurster took advantage of the manscaping code. I told you guys manscaping and patriots dot com slash r._t. Media becoming a patron where the key we didn't get enough quality entries so only one because we also get to give away an n._f._l. Game pass code which is amazing amazing because n._f._l. Game pass is awesome especially in the preseason right now. I don't know if you guys have seen it or not. You can go in you. Look at all a daniel jones throws you can look at all you know kyle murray's throws and cliff kingsbury offense. There are so many different awesome aspects of n._f._l. Game pass for me. I'll give you one example. One real life example. I'm obviously the color commentator or something you don't know this but whatever whatever i'm the color commentator for the eagles television network on their preseason games so ideally arctic at my house just because i wanted to have it on the big screen or whatever well iran out like with fourth quarter there is still time to be played in the game and i i didn't do extended time whatever guess what enter n._f._l. Fell game pass. They've got the condensed version. They've got the full length version so i was able to pick up right where my d._v._r. My t._v. left off. I didn't even need my d._v._r. Ometepe obviously i could have just watched the whole thing on game pass but that's just one example. I literally just used game pass two days ago to finish finish watching my broadcast because i take notes. That's how awesome it is and you can look up any players performance in the preseason. They've got every game and they've got a seven day. Free trial right now sign up at n._f._l. Dot com slash fantasy feast eaten. I n again n._f._l. Dot com slash fantasy feast eaten which is cool. Almost this is cool as the fact that they're giving me some free codes to give to you guys so if you're not paying attention on social media brian. Our producer tweeted <unk> at r._t._f. Podcast and i tweeted at ross tucker n._f._l. About the fact that we would be giving away a free n._f._l. Game pass subscription description here on today's feast so you had to re tweet it and listen to be eligible. That's the key yet to re tweeted did endless in and the winner is like a drum or something bri to the winner is troy feddie you know y because he retweeted my tweet at ross tucker n._f._l. And i saw on his bio code defensive coordinator d. align o line coach assistant wrestling coach assistant softball coach at we're high school in weirton west virginia jinya that dude sounds awesome and he sounds like the kinda guy that absolutely deserves to have an n._f._l. Game pass subscription so troy email me ross at ross tucker dot com. I'll let you know how you can get your free subscription. All of you guys can get free subscriptions the next few weeks. I've got more free codes to give out. Just make sure you're re tweeting it. When brian or i tweet out the fact that we're giving away a free code. Make sure you re tweet or quote tweet it and then obviously listening to the show so you can hear if you win like you always always win when you take advantage of the sleeper app which is from our buddy who's a listener daniel lim tap twenty sports app the number rwanda rated fantasy app evan on i o n android look. They got juju smith schuster hosting a league on the sleep rap up. He's playing so boom. They got legitimately like players doing this fantasy like real n._f._l. Players that are in a fantasy or on this leaper app. They've got infinite. Customization sick draft boards the design of the app is cool. You can see why it's number one rated up very very very legit and i highly recommend you check it out because it is awesome so sleep rep speaking of checking coming out of and let's dive in. Let's check out your defense and special teams tears. I so evan. Can you just start by confirming. We haven't done have we done defense and special teams the other years or is this the first year never never but we did get some requests for it this year so so you know we're here for the people so that's what we're gonna do yep. I agree so i'm just curious. You obviously are the expert. How many what percentage leagues would you say still have defense. Special teams probably still ninety nine percent. I mean there's definitely only been a push to eliminate defenses in kickers which i mean i'm cool with it either way. I think the big thing it's just at a flex position i mean there should certainly be a flex in every single and i think that if you already have if you only have one flex at another one just makes the game more fun. We're more knowledgeable now than we were ten years ago. When fantasy football really started to take off in the people were just not people would buy magazine off a store shelf and that's how they do their research. You know but people are going way more in depth with their research like let's not live in the stone age. Let's let's continue to to push this forward. We have more knowledge now and so <hes> you know let's. Let's add a flex. Let's let's go deeper. Let's make our benches deeper. <hes> so that's where i i kind of am i. I'm not really super in favor of of <hes> eliminate kicker defense except for in dynasty leagues. I would absolutely eliminate them in dynasty leagues but <hes> in like a season-long redraft or <hes> yet in in a regular standard fantasy draft. I'm fine with keeping them. Just add another flex and that kind of also if you add another flex it diminishes the impact of the kicker defense on the weekly scoring so i am adamantly opposed to the kicker. I think that's what gets this. I think having a kicker is just stupid and having a flex x instead of the kicker is way better defense special teams. I could go either way but i think we all enjoy a lot more talking about route tight end wide receivers running backs quarterbacks than we even do the defense special teams part of it but the kicker thing. I mean to have games warner lost based on that is ridiculous. I honestly i think it's ridiculous. In real life. Let alone ridiculous in fantasy football so yeah. I think i position as you go. If you're going to eliminate a position and add a flex kickers the first one to go no question yet kickers one and then to be defense special teams and i feel like the more flexes you add the the more really really the more time that you put in it pays off right like knowing who the deep guys are watching on preseason games knowing who take fliers and i i just feel like the more flex positions there are the more the the right person the smartest person the best person has the the best chance to win. I think that's fair absolutely absolutely it. Enhances skill it emphasizes skill and it diminishes luck luck because decision making game which fancy football is a decision making game. It's all about decisions from you know. Who are you going to take with your you. You know all your picks in your draft. What trades or you're going to make. Are you gonna accept this traitor. You know reject this trade. Are you going to how much fab are you going to spend on a guy to get him off the waiver wire <hes>. Are you gonna use your waiver priority on this particular player. What strategy are you gonna. Are you gonna take into your draft. Etcetera cetera et cetera. It's all about making decisions and in a game of decision making when you have more decisions to make than the better our decision maker the more skilled fantasy player is going to benefit from that and when you add a flex you're you're you're requiring more decisions of love each league owner so yeah no question that it helps <hes> emphasize a highlight skill and diminishes the impact of look so i guess i wanna know before we actually dive into your tears. What are we talking about here. Typically defense special teams in terms so points and in terms of how much of a difference it makes in a given week or season typically evan well it it depends you know i think that the optimal way to approach the defense slash special teams <hes> position is to stream against bad offenses and what i mean by that is and we're we're gonna really hit on this with the cowboys because they open up with just a beautiful schedule in the first three games and you could get get him in the last round of pretty much every draft. I've just been taking him. I can ever draft but you you wanna you wanna get defenses that have have a chance to have a lot of sacks <hes> sacks you know actually translate to disruption forced fumbles potentially pick sixes and you wanna get quarterbacks that play on comfortably that are prone to turnovers and that's you know we we've been taught. We've been talking about this for years really <hes> as our way to use streamers at defense on the fantasy feast on one hundred weekly show <hes> but yeah i mean that's emphasized <hes> at when you are drafting like look if you don't get like the bears the bears were probably the only every week starter among defense and slash vessel teams and even then we were talking about that. We're talking about the jaguars in the same way that we're talking about the mayor's this year. The jaguars weren't even a top five talk. Fifteen fantasy defense last year so defense is really really fluctuate from year to year. <hes> studies have been done by five thirty eight and by <hes> football outsiders that show that not just in fantasy but in real life offenses have a much more continuity year to year and defense's tend to really fluctuate in regressing and negatively regressive positive press all the time so <hes> but yeah we we really want to target defense is at the outset that are going up against bad offenses early in the season. You don't want to like you know. Pick your defense and then in week week one like they're facing the patriots like you gotta drop them or you have to use to a roster spots on defenses you know because you can't use but but defense against you know the troops or the patriots <hes> it's just it's a really really bad move so on a typical week of it and there's two more points on this and typical week. How many like what's an average number of points for a defense special teams. What's a good number. And how often do you think that that makes the difference between a winner a loss for somebody so last year. The bears were number one and they scored one hundred seventy nine points in seventeen games which would be a little bit over ten points a game now. They scored more points over the course of the season. This were twenty eight more points than the number two defense which i want to say it was the chiefs. I'm doing this on driving from bloomington chicago right now. So i'm doing this off of memory. <hes> the chiefs reather number two or number three number three and they were really close to whichever team the other thirteen that was two or three <hes> but the the bears had twenty eight more points than the next closest defense. So what is i mean you know about it. If you have a good defense probably giving you about eight points a game or or eight points a week so <hes> and then of course the elite defense gives you eleven or whatever the bears gave us so i mean that kind of gives you an idea of what a good defense score is is. It's like eight points which is about the same as a kicker and that would be bad point total. It'd be a horrible point total for a quarterback it would be deep below average point total for tight end and then <hes> you know a bad point total for a running back or a receiver receiver but to me even just what we're talking about right which is like you just gotta stream against crappy quarterbacks six like that that shouldn't be the difference in who is a fantasy week or not or who ends up going to the fancy playoffs or not because one guy i was streaming against crappy quarterbacks like i don't like i like the draft the skill guys i just think you know who who's who's the first guy to be able to claim this team that we can play against nathan peterman and so he wins because of that like i. I don't know that to me. He's not what it's supposed to be about. I don't know hey that that's fair. I mean these are the kind of debates that we i mean. There's certainly some skill in some work that goes into a looking at ahead and planning ahead and being like hey you know i could pick up this defense next week and there might be playing against nate peterman. You know you're you're into some exciting. You should be awarded for thinking ahead and working hard and working your opponents but these are the debates that we should start to have <hes> and i think they're they're very good debates to have certainly at the kicker in the defense positions again as we as we have just more knowledge as a a fan in this this game that we play all right so then let's get to your tears and this is pretty interesting. You kind of already talked about got it right. We get it but your tears tier one and the chicago bears boom yeah. That's it. I mean that is that's the entire tier one on is the bears shooting porno point up here. <hes> the bears yeah i mean not only do they have the best defense in the league entering the season and by the way khalil mack in eddie jackson both dealt with high ankle sprains. Those guys are critical to fantasy scoring because khalil mack is a disruptor and he's a ball stripper. I haven't seen i don't think i've ever seen a dune who just like every time he tackles a ball carrier. He is just right like he's got his hat or his his own them on the ball. You know and you so good about that. It's like he has like an innate knack for just just being a disruptive force and he played through high ankle sprain last year <hes> and so did eddie jackson especially at the end of the season eddie. Jackson is like a pick six machine. You know he's like are of the lower case at read and he's you know he's a field flipper man. <hes> and those guys are obviously back healthy. This team is downgrading. Meanwhile changing defensive coordinators from vic fangio to chuck pagano chuckle donohoe. You know got a really good reputation with is baltimore. His defense with indianapolis were real bad though you know in large part due to personnel <hes> but he was out of the game last year. It'll be interesting to see if they have any notice schematic fall off because i think that everyone would agree that. Vic fangio is <hes>. You know the top three defensive coordinator in the n._f._l. Up there with wade phillips and bill belichick probably so now that that's a a little bit of room for concern and then but another edge that they have is they're. They're bad ass special teams men. <hes> tariq cohen return punts hit cordeiro patterson returns kicks. I mean you could not come up with a better kickoff and punt return duo than that <hes> so that's kind of like the cherry on top for the bears. I think it's interesting that you have them in a tear by themselves. When it just doesn't seem like this is that predictive turnovers and now many they generated a year ago that predictive i i'm with you on on eddie and on khalil mack. I i get that but we'll see. I think that's i think that's i think that's interesting tier two. You've got the eagles ahead of the chargers ahead the rams ahead of the jaguars tier two so the bears right now our defense that i would view as being in every week starter starter although in week one i mean if you draft bears. You're gonna start against the packers but that's not necessarily you know the optimal the mole choice because you're gonna have you know the ravens against the dolphins man. You know you're going to have <hes> you know as the cowboys against the giants cowboys cowboys at home against you i mean you know there are going to be better plays in week one than the bears and that's kind of the the risks that you run by taking taking the bears <hes> you're gonna have to use them. You know even against good offenses and protect potentially. They'll pay off but i don't like to do that. I would rather the bears always go like four or five rounds before i would even consider them <hes> and just that's. That's a situation that i wanted to avoid even though i have them in that top tier eagles eagles to finish as top leadoff this tier to these defense have have a chance. I think to be every week starters. The eagles have finishes a top seven fantasy defense special teams in two of the last three years last year. They were awful. They were twenty ninth but they lost so many guys due to injury and felt some effects exa of all sorts of regression to the way the offense place very much affects a fantasy defense ward to have your offense playing out in front. You wanna you wanna have you wanna have defenses that are on teams that play with leaves because then the defense gets dependence years back <hes> and i think the eagles are going to go to the super bowl this year. I think they have the best roster certainly in the n._f._c. <hes> i don't know about in the entire league but i think that they're right up there and and i think that they have the best roster in their conference so they're at very least my n._f._c. Super bowl pick. I think they're going to have a tunnel ease issue. This is why like mile sanders even though he's probably going to open the season didn't like ten to thirteen touches per game. I think that they're going to be in such favorable all situations for him. <hes> that that he could exceed expectations with his touches. They're gonna run. Friendly scenario's gonna score a lot of points the added jackson and zac brown a critical editions especially after they lost <hes> come move groggier hill gruza hill grew jai gra jai hill okay yeah <hes> who was going to be a key part of their defense but he got hurt but so that at zac brown that that zac brown signing really comes in handy now and molly jackson was just a great signing classic howie roseman <hes> pickup sued for a a a fairly affordable price <hes> relative to the impact that he can give them on the interior as a gap shooter derek barnett rodney mcleod ronald darby timmy jernigan all back after injury ruined in or impacted seasons <hes> i i. I love the eagles defense. If you're going to take <hes> who did he goes play week. One redskins a ho baby yeah yeah you. You know like oh man. I need to get more eagles defence. Okay second defense in this tier chargers. I think that they have maybe the best defense on paper deeper in the league right up there with the bears <hes>. I definitely have that with the best most talented defense in the a._f._c. <hes> getting getting back joey bosa denzel perryman trevor williams back healthy casey hayward. I think was playing hurt for most of last season. Derwin james is an absolute monster stirred melvin ingram upfront. I i'm really excited about this defense. They're coordinated very well by gus bradley. They've become the strength drink that team. The rams are number four. They finished as a top three fantasy defense in each of two seasons under part of wade phillips. <hes> you obviously bringing back aaron donald and then the jaguars around this group of the jaguars. Were very very disappointing sappointing last year. If you traffic fantasy man you you either were just taking bike. You were taking bad scores or you're smart enough to just drop them and start streaming or else. They were hurting you. Then you are taking those bad scores they did <hes> josh allen <hes> <hes> with the number seven pick in the draft. No one expected him to fall that far but he did that. Gives them some insurance against jahic walkways. Hold out losing kelvin smith. I think hurts in the middle of the field and then the guy they kinda drafted to replace him <hes> quincy williams. <hes> looks like he's gonna be injured through the start of the regular season so they're already dealing with some bumps and bruises. I i do think they have enough talent that they belong in this year and i think their offense offense is going to be better and i think that will help them so that's why have them. Top-five still i think tier three evan might be your biggest fear. It is the vikings the patriots ravens cowboys steelers broncos packers and the buffalo bills yeah at some point defense. This just become not worthy of traffic. Obviously you don't want to draft to defenses in a twelve team season longley. I think you're you're only going to take one so that that's kinda like the the line of demarcation here i i would probably extended into a little bit into tier for in terms of just draftable defenses <hes> so but <hes> but you know these guys these are defense. I i think our solid draft picks late in the late. In the traffic. In the final two rounds the vikings leadoff this tier as my defense six six they returned ten of eleven starters from last year's defense which finished in the top ten year-over-year. Mike zimmer consistently delivers the sat column. They're just like kind of a bankable defense year-over-year. The patriots finished as last year's defense seven <hes>. They're only truly big loss. I think was trey flowers but they replaced him with michael bennett so i don't it's a spate of big fall off. You can use them frequently because they played the jets the dolphins and the bills in six of their sixteen games mm-hmm so you're at very least they're going to be a great streamer whenever they play any of those any of those offenses the ravens at number eight they lost terrell suggs ends area smith accounted for almost half of their socks last season <hes> i and if you look at their eggs rushing depth chart it's it's not very good. <hes> there's like legitimate concern about their pass rush and again okay pass russia's probably the number one thing that we want to look for when we are drafting our fantasy defenses dances now they added earl thomas in the back end and i think you can make an argument that they have the best secondary in the lead and you're there's been a debate kind kind of at least on in in football circles on twitter between what is more valuable pass rusher pass coverage. I think there's i married to pass coverage argument being more important in like in terms of real life football and i think they're going to have the best i potentially the best pass coverage in the league this year but pass rush is more important in fantasy so they're kind of a different kind of difficult defense to gauge. I think i think it can be real real good. I could also see them being real real mediocre <hes> they do play the dolphins in week one so that that is <hes>. That's gonna be a really appealing match of any way you any way you slice it talked about the cowboys have the way upping pick number nine. I their defense in a sense. I believe no byron jones demarcus lawrence leighton vander s jalen smith <hes> they they've got a lot of like frontline young talent in dallas and i think that the thing that really stands out to me as i or you can absolutely me. They're going to be a top five defense play in week one against manning and then in week two they play the jets and then week three. They play the dolphins so you can just draft them and not worry about your defense for the first three weeks of the season. I do think the jets are going to improve offensively but a sam darnold has had turnover issue since u._s._c. and the cowboys are going to play that we can certainly give me an awesome play against either ryan fitzpatrick or josh rosen in week three the steelers at number ten. They're a candidate to lead the n._f._l. And sacks i mean t. J. watt camera herod cameron heyward <hes> stefan to it you know they they have a lot of pass rush firepower <hes> and then the devon bush dude is looking like looks already looks like a big time baller in the middle of the field for the steelers that should help them a lot broncos at number eleven now. This is a situation where you you know you love vic fangio. You'll love the potential of him with von miller and bradley chubb <hes> but the offense here could become a problem problem <hes> if this team isn't playing with very many leat and so <hes> that that's my biggest concern with the broncos otherwise i would you probably have the higher <hes> in also they have to play in a division with the chargers and the chiefs <hes> which does not help <hes> the the packers at number twelve. I think that this defense could take a big leap this year. They emphasize exactly what we're looking for and fantasy over the like in previous off seasons eight actually emphasize the secondary with free agency signings and a lot of early draft picks it used on their secondary and actually this offseason they continue to do that by signing adrian ammos from the bears a great signing a belief but they really emphasize pass rush with zakaria korea smith preston smith and rashard gerry wished they would've kept my daniels certainly wish that they would have they do have young talent up front to replace them. <hes> kenny clarke in the middle is a rising star dean lowry that gave an extension to <hes> he is a player on the rise and then i think they expect a mantra vious atoms out of auburn to take a big second year leap and then the bills round out this <hes> this tier now the bills are tough another tough one because we know that they're a good defense in real life but they're also an example of a defense that has has thrived on their pass coverage and not necessarily their pass rush now jerry hughes awesome but he can't do everything by himself in terms of their pass rush in so they've been a top twelve defense three years running but in fantasy they've been fourteenth fifteenth and twentieth and in fantasy scoring under sean mcdermott so i do think that they are draftable <hes> and this is another team that could be affected by their offense. They need their offense. Take a step forward and grab some leads <hes> but they're they're they're kind of a difficult defense to to gauge in fantasy and they're they're ranked in the middle because they lack that fifty sack upside as a team before we move on tier four which is chief saints brown's panthers texans colts lines and falcons. I think we talked about this last year evan. I love this company so much bet q. l. that i actually invested that's how awesome it is beck. You'll you can get on the app store or the google play store. It is the best place place i have personally found for sports betting information. They already have so much sharp data for the week one n._f._l. Games for the week one college games you can stay up to date with the line movement which if you talk to any of the handicappers they'll tell you that's really the key is is tracking the line movement ahead of the line movement. They've got a powerful outgrew them. It actually spits out. I have the app my phone. It spits out their air best rated bets so based on line movement and based on their data. They'll say hey we like this. We liked that bet plus. If you live in new jersey whereas you like i do pennsylvania. You can actually start to bet from your app. They've got exclusive offers from actual sports. It's books which is amazing. You're the bottom of the page here in pennsylvania. You can see what the line is for every game at all the different sports betting adding up so you can literally know that you're getting the best odds before you place a bet. It's really awesome. Go to the app store or google play store her and download the bet hugh l at trust me spent l. app tier four evan. What do you got. I talked about how they're are. There probably like seventeen defenses that are legitimately worth drafting. I think then we're going to start off with the chiefs now. The the chiefs were awesome as a fantasy defense last year they were bad in real life you know and this is this is a great example of the perfect example of why playing with leads aids is so critical. You're not draft generally. Try to not draft defenses on teams. They think might be like you know might go six and ten or worse. You know that that's why i'm kinda shaky on the broncos even though everything kind of sets up well for them just strictly from defensive standpoint we have to think about these defense special teams picks not just from a defense and special teams standpoint. You have to think about it from a team. Standpoint what it's not just such just the element of defense is being able to pin their ears back. It's it's teams forcing their opponents into you more pass heavy desperation comebacks situations where they don't necessarily even wanna be passing assing but they have to because they're trying to catch up to the other team okay and that creates very uncomfortable situations for a quarterback confront offense in general out friend for a play caller and look like higher upside things can happen in those situations like pick six is like the strip sacks and kansas city rock that last year. They were what top two in the n._f._l. And saks and now they lost de ford in justin houston but they did acquire. Frank clark is better than both of those guys. They're changing changing their defensive scheme. The probably not gonna lead quite as much as they did last season but i still think they're gonna lead a lot 'cause their offense instance just in absolute juggernaut. I don't know if you've got a chance to see mccall hartman and <hes> the the chiefs preseason opener but i mean this dude is going to be really hard to keep off the field. Even if it's just like as a gadget player <hes> dude has absolute blazing speed and they're gonna use them. I think on <hes> on like jed sweeps in that kind of stuff <hes> but their offense to show high-powered <hes> i i think they probably i was thinking about this last night. When i was <hes> drawing all these up <hes> i think they probably belong in ear up above this. I just have questions about your. They're changing their scheme defensively and <hes> you know what are they buick <unk> role. I'm not sure they they have pass rush talent chris jones and frank clark and then in the back end. They added tiring matthew. Have you another ball hawking playmaker. The saints the browns the colts the falcons in this year all kinds of fall into similar categories. I i think they're going to be good teams and you know they might not necessarily have the best defensive personnel <hes> but they don't have bad personnel they they all have i think average to above average personnel <hes> but i think that they're gonna play with four leads this year than they did. The last season not the saints but <hes> the saints are just going to be a good team. I think the saints are probably going to take a step back but i still think they're going to be a rock solid team the panthers in this year. I have them at defense number seventeen. I think they're interesting. You know they had a top five blitz rate last season but they were bottom five team in terms of action quarterback hits. Just the blitzes were not getting home. So what did they do do this off season. They were very aggressive about it. They use a sixty overall pick of brian burns. Maybe the most explosive outside edge pass rusher in the draft and then <hes> they signed gerald mccoy away from tampa bay and i think he's going to really help on their interior. I mean they're they're going to have gerald mccoy in kalang launch short <hes> on the defensive interior. That's gonna cause some problems for opposing offenses and you know. I think that there's there's argument to make that interior. Pass rush is more valuable than outside pass rush at this stage of the game because you know <hes> offenses just have been able as adjusted and <hes> they're willing to <hes> attempt more short passes in order to offset the impact act of outside adra but but the the interior pressure gets home so quickly that that's a lot harder to offset <hes> so i really like what the panthers did they bolstered both their outside rush in their interior rush and i think that they're blitzes and just there guys up front are going to get home more often this season in. I think they're going to be a good team. <hes> texas have the personnel upfront they they're. They're a really frustrating defense though because they play below their talent level <hes> they lost kareem jackson they lost -tarian matthew they do bring back your d._v._r. Clowney j._j. Watt whitney mercilus so they're gonna have games where they have a lot of sacks and i think they're gonna play shootouts and you know we talk about the <hes> the the weekly game breakdown for the last several years. How the defense is that. We want the most. Are you know the defenses that are going to be playing playing in the positive game script and forcing the the the offense to throw more but there's also <hes> jonathan bail did a study on this. There's also married a notch down to starting defenses that we're gonna play in shootouts <hes> because things just kind of tend to have like <hes> were cake more chaotic. Things tend to happen in shoot out game. I think the texans are going to play in a lot of shoot-outs this season. They had the toughest schedule in the n._f._l. And i think that their defense especially in the secondary took too many hits off season you know go rely still relying jonathan joseph as a starter <hes> man. He's a guy that we've been able to pick on <hes> pre successfully in fantasy over the past few years really old <hes> there there's lot quarter position was not good <hes> last year and then bradley roby guy they signed to replace kareem jackson <hes> a he he got toasted all last season in denver so <hes> and then the lions are in this year. <hes> defense hurts over twenty i liked i liked the defensive personnel in the coach. I don't know about my patricia as a team builder necessarily but i like a lot of the things i did mathematically last year they they had way more sacks than they should have <hes> awad duty while i do scheming and they got like seven sacks out of a guy like romeo laura <hes> and you know that was a guy that they got off the street. Now they add mike daniels they add trey flowers and they just coleman in their their personnel defensively as much better. I worry about the offense another situation where i worry about the offense impacting the potential of the fantasy defense but their defense on paper looks pretty darn strong. Let's get to tier five titans seahawks jets bengals cardinals mm-hmm. Yeah these are defenses where you just you know they're. They're just on the list because they're in the league. Basically <hes> <hes> this this year and the final tier tennessee actually has i think a pretty solid real life defense but then they're putting a lot mm-hmm of their chips into the basket of cameron wake. Who is i mean he's like almost forty in herald landry who i really like as a prospect but has been consistently injured last couple seasons <hes> and then they had like their number three pass rusher only outside this sharieff fitch who you know people have probably not even heard of they do have terrell casey in the middle there secondary. You know i i really. I really liked kevin fired by a jury jackson. I think had a disappointing season last year. Logan ryan got her and then <hes> malcolm butler got kinda got roasted for most of the year <hes> but i think their defense is still above average overall and but i i do worry about the offense again. Having ah impact there with the seahawks i mean they have just gotten level by injuries and suspension. Giran read six game suspension. Bobby wagner just needed a p._r._p. Platelet rich plasma therapy on a lower body injury. He's outed definitely l. j. collier <hes> <hes> their first round pick supposed to help them to pass rush department. He's out of definitely with ankle injury. You know they lost frank clark. Ziggy ansah has yet to practice with them. <hes> <hes> so far in training camp. They lost coleman to the lines so that their secondary their quarters last year where we're pretty beatable trey flowers in a shack griffin so i just the personnel right now is in bad shape in seattle. The jets don't really have outside pass rushers and big questions in the secondary greg williams going to dial up the heat and they've and i think they'll be better offensively. I think that they will fiction some big games. I think you know if you're playing like in a basketball league draft to defenses. I think the jets are not a bad add late defense to take <hes> but also not a defense that we want to draft in a season long league to be like our week one starter <hes> bengals i think their personnel on defense kind of underrated but again worry about the offense putting them in beneficial situations <hes> lost joan williams loss kit hit clint bowling green is going to be out multiple games to start the season. They've got a first year head coach with lots of prove so that's why the bengals are here. Cardinals i think could get interesting if their offense really over achieves and they do have chandler jones but also without doc patrick peterson for the first six games so that's why they're at the bottom of this to finally tear six niners niners redskins giants bucks raiders dolphins. You think their defenses suck. I mean i know never really in good shape offensively to counteract their their defensive of shortcomings. I kinda wanted to like the forty niners as a sleeper <hes> because i do think that they're all such take a leap this year but they can't figure out the wide receiver position and then on defense. I mean they've already got hit hard art. Nick bosa out indefinitely with an ankle injury. <hes> and there's just you know kwan alexander. They're big ticket free agent middle linebacker he he's coming off an a._c._l. N._f._c. l. <hes> just it's. It's it's it's not diesel-powered has struggled with a knee injury. You know he was the best a lot into him to be the book into nick bosa. They had two who interceptions last year as a team to interceptions. I mean we could go out like a thousand defensive snaps. We could go out in the backyard and and get to forget interceptions on a thousand defensive stance you know i think that that number is going to go like there's no. There's nowhere for it to go but up off but i also so think they have. Maybe one of the worst secondaries in the league so i think that they're actually going to be a shootout team. Love george carlin have really warmed up suit. Jimmy garoppolo over the last couple a couple of weeks but <hes> the rest of the redskins. They're going to be bad offensively. I think they're front seven pretty good. They're defensive. Personnel is not bad <hes> but but they're they're gonna be negative game situation scenarios for their defense same thing with the giants and the giants don't have nearly as good defensive personnel <music> bucket nears have just nothing on defense. I mean they talk about a team has just been ravaged by injuries already j._p. Out until midseason he's coming off the twelve year <hes> evita and then levante david these guys have already gotten hurt suffered knee injuries and janos. They're gonna be ready for week. One <hes> the raiders i mean they had thirteen sacks last year and the next closest in the league was giants wits quits thirty. There was a seventeen sack gap between the bottom of the league the raiders and the you know the next worst pass rush team. They're relying on clean feral rookie that they probably overdrafted and then you know what i mean. They're just throwing stuff against the wall and they're going to be really really bad on defense offense at the end you know they're. They're the worst team in the league evan. I love it. I think everyone now has all of your arterioles and we will take it to the next level next week with my offensive line tears which is always a popular show. There's a lot to be said there. Bengals jets brown's bill. There's a lot of offensive lines. I needed to chime in on next week. Speaking of offensive lines by the way you can always see where these lines lines are ranked. According to the pro football focus folks they are all over ranking every player which helps for their fantasy stuff they offer the most indepth stat and analysis to give you a massive edge over your competition. Don't waste another season guessing which players to draft or fade us p._f. Analytics to optimize every draft pick trade offer and d._f._s. Lineup sign up at p._f. F. dot com. That's paul frederick frederick dot com use code p._f. Twenty-five to save twenty five percent on your order if you're a high stakes player they've got their green line game picks for n._f._l. And college games again go to p._f. Dot com use promo code p._f. Have twenty-five to save twenty five percent for a limited time looking forward to next week evan where we will dive into my colin rankings and also welcome in our new guest host which will be very very exciting. Everybody should be fired up for that other than that. I'm stuffed totally full. We're done make sure you check out the college draft podcast today. It was awesome talking to top ten college the ball prospects for this year. We're done here. Thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to subscribe to the ross tucker football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at apple podcasts ross tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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