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"korea policy institute" Discussed on AM Joy

"And an express ticket to a Nobel peace prize. He left his second summit with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong UN with neither that didn't stop Trump from heaping praise on Kim going as so far as to say he believed the autocrats claims that he knew nothing about the treatment of auto warm beer, the American college student who was held for seventeen months in a North Korean prison, and who died days after being released and returned to the United States during his rambling campaign style speech in front of his fandom at CPAC. Trump gave this explanation of events. We have no testing no missiles going up. No rockets going up no nuclear testing. We got a great people back. We get a great great people. And that includes our beautiful beautiful auto auto warmbier whose parents I've gotten to know who's incredible. And I'm in such a horrible position. Because in one way, I have to negotiate in the other way, I love Mr. and MRs warmbier, and I love auto, and it's a very very delicate balance. Joining me now is Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. The former chief of staff to secretary of State, Colin Powell and Christine on co founder of the Korea policy institute and Christina. I'm gonna go to I Donald Trump left out of that expression of love that series of expressions of love for the warmbier family that he's also said he's fallen in love with Kim Jong UN. I'm wondering what in your view has Donald Trump actually achieved by giving Kim Jong UN to face to face meetings and all of this excessive flattery. Well, joy to be honest with you. He I think he was right that we haven't seen in esscalation of dangerous tensions between the two countries in that era fire in fury. But I think the point about what was an achiever at the summit in Hanoi. Was that eighty million Koreans on the peninsula? And around the world, we're waiting for a possible declaration of ending the Korean war. It's been sixty seven years when the US and North Korean commanders promised to sit down, and it goes to a political settlement and a decisive into the Korean war. And and that's what so many of us were expecting what we understand is that it broke down over stations and contrary to what the president said that North Korea was demanding a full lifting. We understand now that they were only requesting a partial lifting of sanctions the sanctions that were put in place after two thousand sixteen which have been hitting ordinary people the civilians. In North Korea. And you know, if we look at actually what those sanctions are they are targeting industries, such as fisheries and textiles, and and who works in those industries is that Kim Jong UN or is it actually the textile sector, for example, where the majority of women are employed there. And so I think the point for me is that you know, this is not about Trump. This is about the Korean people who have been living in a state of war for seventy years, and you know, as I wrote in an op Ed with Lauria Steinem in the post this past week when we crossed the DMZ in two thousand fifteen we would have never magin what we are witnessing today where the two Koreas have signed to a declarations to end the Korean war. They have d mind portions of the DMZ north and South Korean soldiers have shaken hands, and, you know, remove guard posts, this is a historic peace. That's taking place and unfortunately, Washington and Trump. Must come to some kind of peaceful settlement with North Korea..

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