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"karan higdon" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"Of things that I'm doing prepare for it the end of americana is getting into orange theory two or three times a week the twenty five minutes I spent to try to log in about two and a half miles in it and it's divided into between and Durin's day were you running prone to entire twenty five minutes develop that stamina there's some strange days were you're on an incline again to develop that strength and power is rerun all outs to increase your speed I know both the treadmill and certainly out on the race track also has a body weight spotty way movements core and some dumbbell movements and so you get an entire body work out the cardio side in the string side in every hour long class showers on site everything is coaching lad great camaraderie between you and people working out next to you lots of fun great music I really enjoy my orangetheory classes and have been doing so for the last few years you can check it out at orange theory fitness dot com two locations here in Ann Arbor and all spread out throughout southeast Michigan and probably wherever you live too and when you belong to one Huebel met to all our German so before the break killed the quarterback position ask these three questions as it relates to it what we think we know so we think you know what the cortex what's your number one question and what's your spring production and so we have four quarterbacks we will look at running backs what do you think you know about the running backs what's your number one question and what's your spring prediction give me your first I'll jump in and I'll jump in what do I think I know I think I know that the position is loaded now at this point last year we we didn't know what to expect to get a true freshman Zach Chardonnay and I mean there's a lot of hope riding on him and that was really it didn't know we're gonna get a Christian Turner didn't know really if assigned Haskins was even gonna be part of the mix and it turns out he ends up being a huge part of the mix might end up being the most utilize back on the team in twenty twenty that's you know may be part of somebody's prediction here coming up but but it's an end of the and the return of Chris Evans now we've learned that he's been reinstated and he's going to be available to play in the fall and that suddenly takes a group in in twenty nineteen to had a ton of question marks around it makes it maybe one of the more stock positions on the roster I think you've got incoming freshmen Blake form as well who who might factor in because he's he's quite different than the other three are the other two especially Chardonnay and Haskins more power backs you know one cut get downhill probably not home run threat type of guys but really really productive really really do reliable and suddenly the again that position looks like one that you can lean on when you need to move the chains you need to pick up a first down late in the game we we saw some really really impressive rushing performances most notably against Notre Dame this year I believe both of them with over a hundred yards so it just looks like a position again that you can lean on when you need to and and sprinkle into the speed and space in the year two under Josh Gaddis and make Michigan's offense really balanced I think is is going to be key what's the second question prediction no that's not known what what is the question you'd like that all the question I'd like to ask would be how is Chris Evans going to be used I'm just from the head I'm I'm really serious I I've loved him since he came out of high school back when I was covering recruiting I thought he was you know do it all kind of a a Jack of all trades he was even being recruited by some schools as a as a slot receiver only he did a lot of that in high school so you know he he's a guy that can be utilized in the return game he can be you can split him out wide you can get the screen game involved with him and he's pretty put together at about two hundred fifteen pounds of you need to run him twenty times I think you can do that as well he's got more long speed than the other two guys a little bit more of a of a weapon in the open field so he's just really really versatile and brings a lot to an offense like Josh Gaddis wants to run and that leads into my prediction I think he's going to be an X. factor I really think that Chris Evans has the potential to be a big big weapons on this offense are coming into his last year of eligibility I believe no I guess he probably technically redshirted last item right now he's you play three four years before that so this is a this is a final year right okay and I think he's gonna wanna I think he's going to want to go out with a bang I think he's gonna he's gonna be he's always been a really hard worker he's always been a guy who again can do a lot of things on the field so you don't really need to take him off the field now they will because they're going to rotate through the guys that they have but but he he's a guy who can pass block is a weapon in the passing game like I said he's durable enough I think to to carry the ball a lot if you need them to do that so I think he's going to have a big role in the office I would like to see that again I've always been a fan of them I know we kind of made a mistake over this past year and was not part of the team and was you know probably maybe looking at getting kicked out of school we don't really know exactly what went on with that but I just I just think that he could be a massive weapon and an X. factor in Josh gad as this type of offense and the office really could be like tailor made for him and so I think I think I'm excited about what Chris Evans can do it again Paul form because he's a guy who I've known since I think he was in eleventh grade and high school gathered I knew personally when I was governor creating so hope it comes back and does big things all right very good what do you think you know about the running back position Zack well I I think I I think Chris Evans will be fine here it's not it's not an injury it is not it's not like he was sitting on the couch he was training the whole time I you know we'll see because he's going to be a year behind on the offense but talking to players and and even coach Israel didn't didn't quite say as much but but people around the program and players have have alluded to the fact that he was getting the playbook he was studying it he was I he did it himself but he is out there to prove a lot of people wrong there are a lot of people there a lot of rumors which I always feel really bad about about you know different things it was academic misconduct is not his first time and so he had that he had to pay the price and and I think that a you've talked about some places some schools have even less conscientious punishment they just don't even they don't ask questions or look at the situation this was something where I think he was he was over booking his schedule a little bit and Michigan said well we can't tolerate it but if you can show that you can get your your scheduling your time management improved you're back in so he's been a lot of time training it's not like this at the U. N. E. L. he didn't didn't disappear or go home or like kind of fade into the background he he said I want to make this a point yeah he's got twenty twenty vision and I know the teammate his teammate supporters I think he'll be fine I think Blake Corum will steal some snaps I he looks like he's a really good and I know there were some big time schools that made a late run at him he's been committed to Michigan for a while but he is he's really phenomenal he's got that if you actually look at his tape and you look at the size and then a little bit the recruiting recruiting rankings he's got that Clyde Edwards a layer look to end and that someone is about to make a lot of money and help tell us you win a national title and I think he can be he can be that same kind of home run guy maybe not maybe not every down but I think he's gonna steal some snaps and I I agree with brand I think the position group is is in as good a shape as I can remember and I know there was a time in a Chris Evans and Karan Higdon coming off of strong seasons really just what a year and a half ago and I think this might be better because I think I think you look at I know you have multiple players on their team can be NFL running backs and they haven't had NFL draft pick at running back since my cart so now Karan Higdon it is a different size or slightly different speed he's probably getting drafted but I I think this is a really good group my big question for the spring Brandon literally stole it word for word from what I wrote a month ago eyes how is Chris Evans going to be used because gas is a creative guy and he's had some interesting players I think sick one Barkley has shown that you can be a pass catching threat now he wasn't that was Joe Moorhead more so than the Josh gad as but the same time I there is there is there is a path for a pass catching running back even if it didn't show last season and then the other thing that that's worth noting is Chris Evans there was a time where he was I mean Michigan look to him at cornerback and they looked at him at slot receiver in that second parts big because I with three true legitimate running backs I almost wonder if they take a peek at Evans is maybe a in eight of the lighter version of the H. backs I know they have been mace and they have been summer and playing some some H. back now but is there a lighter version with Emily Coker who did it for Ohio state maybe as Curtis Samuel so is there some path in that regard where maybe he's not a not a twelve six back maybe he's like a you know.