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"kopecky jeff" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Earlier this week, again, in and out burger is is like a closely held corporation. So somebody goes searching, okay, let let's see where people are giving money who gave money who had the audacity to give money to Republicans in California. Oh, oh, het name looks interesting. Oh, these are the people. This is the family that owns in and out burger they they gave money. Now the late CEO of in and out burger is rich Schneider. He was an evangelical Christian and a supporter of Republican candidates. The current president. Lindsey Snyder is also apparently, you know, similarly situated, so they have given money. Hope you're sitting down to Republicans. Now, why is this a story? Because as soon as this guy finds out, does the search and said, hey, the owners of in and out burger they, they gave. They gave money to Republicans well the chairman of the California Democratic party he is calling. For a boycott of, in, and out to in and out tens of thousands of dollars donated to the California Republican party it's time to boycott in. And, out, let Trump and his. Cronies, support these creeps and. Then this is now become the story as there's this effort, to try to. Boycott the business because the owners again this is just the owners. Exercising their first amendment rights by making a donation all right. Four one four. Seven nine nine one six, twenty that, is the, accurate mortgage talk and text, line now I think there's a. Couple, of different things there are? Again some people who wear their politics on, their sleeves and as a, result, they turn people off you know I can, understand if You decide for example you don't wanna patronize pens e spices, because, now, every, month there's, this, newsletter. Where he essentially says if you're a conservative or Republican, you're an evil person all. Right, I get that but the fact that. An owner of a business would make donations that fact in and of itself is that justification for a boycott whether you're Republican or democrat. Now keep in mind we saw a. Variation of this Wisconsin a few years ago. When you had someone the left who wanted to go back and they looked at some of these business people who, were, donating money in their personal capacity to Scott Walker and then let's try we. Want to, have a, boycott, of, Palermo's, pizza we want to. Have a boycott of sergeant cheese et cetera et. Cetera normally those boycotts crashed and burned but in. The age of, Trump has things change four one four seven nine. Nine one six twenty, if the owners of. The company, don't share your politics Six should we be boycotting their, products what do you think about this strategy four four seven, nine, nine, one, six twenty, we discuss. In just a moment it's twelve sixteen Jeff Wagner WTMJ Kopecky Jeff. Wagner If you're just tuning, in out burger, which is very very popular franc chain of. Fast food burgers they're big on, the west, coast their owners it's a. Privately held corporation their owners was, revealed this week, have heaven forbid they've donated money to the California Republican party and Democrats in California are calling on a boycott of. This, burger restaurant now we've seen variations of this and Wisconsin over the, years to me it's one thing if you have a business owner that decides they want to be up front, in your face this is what, my politics are and if, you're a. Republican. You're, stupid okay well, in that case I I understand but just the mere act of donating money to a party is? That or candidate is that something that you think should justify a, boycott, four, one four.

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