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"kong yuk" Discussed on Maltin On Movies

"The mistakes or the non-conventional components you referred to as mistakes. Yeah yeah the in more recent times you've worked on one of the Godzilla movies and Kong Yuk that King to his friends on Skull Island and was that your first experience with creatures. Well let's see. I did the mouse. Well of course we don't know the mouse is a hero crater. Here's a tiny man okay. That's the same deal if you WANNA make thirty foot gorilla believable. I you got to figure out how to make an a mouse believable. We've all seen a mouse. We've all been in close proximity to a mouse and the subliminal cues you gotta vocabulary this huge about real animals in real environments. You don't have much of a vocabulary about thirty foot girls in terms of their motion except for the Lizard Brain stuff. Which is how fast it moves tells you how big it is. Whether or not the first the right scale relative to the creature Whether the muscular musculature moves in a way that looks like there's some subtext to the skin and it's not just a balloon So I mean it's all the same stuff when you do big creatures. It's all the same stuff. But frankly when you do be creatures or Godzilla or or or Kong or a Dragon. You you know it's easier than doing would just did this stuff for do little. You know got an ostrich polar bear and a gorilla and dragon the dragon and a sugar glider but the but those animals real animals and they they're harder to To animate and to to create to built from scratch than the Dragon Dragon. Nobody drag us all. You can do it any night. So that's that's one of the I. I don't know that then answers a question. No that wasn't the first preacher the skull on and stuff I consider Stewart probably to be the first creature Probably because we did some the first Batman we did some Cg Batman stuff but it wasn't it was limited by our capabilities at the time. But you know and creature stuff is always fun because there's performance involves so you get to try and figure out what they're supposed to be saying you're doing or feeling or you know it still blows my mind that we are able to whether you're Disneyland. If you see Mickey Mouse and you know that it is a man wearing a costume. Same thing you know when we watch we watch stuart little or something like that. If it's done well you just go with it and you just want it to be real. Short is yeah and that always amazes me that we're just has to be all those things and asked if he said has to be done well and has to be presented well and has to be conceptually evocative otherwise it doesn't make any sense. It's like okay Mickey Mouse Great. What's he doing Meghan sandwiches? Oh Okay I believe that. Make you live. La He's Vegan. Okay Yeah but No it is it is fascinating every piece of it and that's the thing is for you. This is your work at. It's something that you love for us. We're the ones receiving benefits. Well did you feel is. It's a benefit. I promise I mean if you took a poll of people saying is the world a better place because we have light sabers. Oh yeah most people would check the box. That says yes okay. Well that's good well. Listen and that's what's so fun of that back to industrial design The one of the things that I hated about dust design is I actually had to figure out how to make this stuff work as an industrial designer. You sit down and go. Okay what am I going to do? I think I'm going to make I know what I'll do. I'll make a a toaster radio and you know you go okay and then you design the toaster radio and it's everything you expected a toaster radio to be. But then as part of the design process you have to figure out what the materials and processes are that create this toaster and then you gotta be. You're limited by how much money you can spend because the material that would be ideal for this is too expensive. So so there's this whole Infrastructure the goes around the execution this idea and four to come to fruition all of these components after work and you have to do a lot of nasty math and draft angles for mold release and all this kind of crazy stuff and and I found that in visual effects. All you gotTa do is make it look like it works in surround running. Doug had this pool table and there was this robot arm right it was. I can't remember who is early. Robot arm anyway and it's supposed to shoot this pool ball into the The proper hole on the table and they could get the try as they might. They could never get the robotic thing. So Don Crumble. Doug's dad was off camera with a broomstick and a and a manipulator arm any shoved it over there and hit the ball into the deal so it was four all the impression that you you know. It's like he's just off camera. There's there's guys you know. It's like smoke and mirrors. And that's great. That's part of that same deal. It's like a certain rogue quality to the idea that you create illusions. I'm that's one of the greatest joys being that we we watch this stuff you know it. It is joyful to see what people can create. Even what you're saying with Stuart and for now it's ridiculous what can be done and how lifelike but if you watch anything that's part of to me. What's fascinating is how certain things hold up beautifully. Because if they were done really well they were done really well. You know I'm not looking at it and sang off. That's not moving exactly like I think. No it's beautiful. It's art was advised. Stage STAGE ORIENTED THAT. God every I mean it was it. Would you choose to make the Emerald City more realistic or would the show be better because the the you know the flying monkeys weren't guys on wires I like? Oh I think so so John You are. I was GONNA say you're as busy as ever. What are you working on now? Nothing actually I just. I've just finished working on Dr Doolittle and I'm taking a hiatus. Well how nice yeah. That's great you've earned beach more the dog on the beach. How can that be not at all not at all well? We're glad you had the time to come to spend an hour with us. Sure my pleasure. Very kind of coming to my dad's class because the students really appreciated I'm glad it's it's it's an oddball deal. The you know the biggest thing when kids to me and go. What do you have to do to become a visual effects guy? I always say get out more. Well that's just it as they say in a larger sense about film school altogether. Yeah you WANNA BE FILMMAKER. Go live life exactly. Yeah have some experiences to base your assumptions and and projections on. Yeah exactly well. You've done all of that and you still doing it and we were so happy to have you here. Thanks thanks for being part of our little menagerie of I don't know where that's going. Didn't work menagerie okay. That would be a bad start to all right. Well we're so glad time to spend with US and Are you a social media person? Not particularly my daughter is why did I guess that? Why do I guess that your guy likes to blow things up and go to the beach and fly gliders I I it's I- social media's fine. I don't have any problem with it. I find if it's sunny out I'd rather be outside. I will say everyone whenever they have a moment. Go to Rick Baker's instagram because watching him create is the greatest joys of life and anytime I tell someone that really yes go watch. She's printing miniatures. He's he's made a doctor Frankenstein's lab. It's fantastic. I know it's a separate tangent but it just brings me joy. Good you are at Leonard Maltin at Jesse Molson on instagram and twitter. You can Leonard Maltin Dot Com for movie reviews book round ups and all kinds of good stuff. And we're on patriotic folks miltary Patriots Maltin on movies North Patriots Dot com slash malt non movies to a better than I do Practice anyway if you want to support what we're doing and let us keep doing it. Thank you very much for that. And thanks for listening..

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