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King Kong (1976)

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King Kong (1976)

"Did you ever hear of calm breath. South natives positioned as a god or a spirit or something anyway neither be snowman. Do something monstrous all power still living still holding that island in a grip deadly fear forever legend and has a basis of truth. Welcome to now playings. Things King Kong retrospective series offering venture famous first lifetime in a long sea voyage. Well I don't see how you can be amused by guerrillas. I think you're dull this when sixty feet tall what do you think him. EXTE- feed. That's right this is com- strongest living creature. Honor North hosted by Stuart. I was just afraid that you might be one so self obsessed literate types the tweety tour with his nose in his book both Jacob. I'm on the level. Oh honeyman trust me and keep agenda and Arnie just one a big happy family. This podcast may contain detailed plot. Spoilers and mild language he shoots listener discretion advised. That man is game. We hope you enjoy the show. No one lights call today. We Are Discussing King Kong starring Jeff. Bridges Charles Grodin Jessica Lang directed by John Gillerman. This is now playing co hosts whose life was actually we saved by deep throat. Arnie and Stewart and you can tell. I'm a Taurus. By the shape of my ears. This Jacob King Kong seventy six. I've talk to get it again about how often I've seen this film I've now seen it twice more and mandate I have a realization but that I only seen half of of this film all of those times you are kid were went like four or five I read up. It was nineteen seventy eight when it first television in a two night event. They actually broke the movie up up so that they could run it with so many commercials that it took four hours yes and I watched that three hour. NBC Cut Somebody. Put It on Betamax out how just hold on not giving up on anything driving my delorean. Listen to my eight tracks and so I was able to get a copy of the Beta mash recording. And let me tell you something. A fuzzy looks like it needs its tracking adjusted videotape. Made these special effects look flawless. Because I watched it I was like wow. I can't even tell where they're doing it. That's Makela Dasa. Ah but King Kong only shows up ten minutes before the end of night one. Yeah that is where you really do get screwed food so you grew up on night one. No I grew up on night to. I never saw this boat stuff. I just started. When when Doin' was being offered to call? You might have not watched it as much if you'd seen part one. Yeah I think I taped night to and because night to started did with the full opening credits didn't just jump in. I think I thought that was the whole movie and again and again. Needless to say my eyes were opened when I realized that there was about an hour and forty five calmness minutes in that cut and to be clear. You haven't seen this movie since that influential. The Child Hood time. No I imagine. Eighty four eighty five would be the last time I saw it. I mean it was fresh in my memory when King Kong lives came out but that was it. Yeah I had a realization to. I had not seen this before but I think I kind of felt like I'd seen what this inspired. I don't know about the Universal Studios in Florida but the one out here in California. They used to have a King Kong attraction effort down when there is a huge back lot. Fire that for priceless audio. Like Nirvana's on his original tapes for their breakthrough album. Like on all these amazing recordings gone from this fire. King Kong burned down but thinking back on that right. 'cause I I love that going through that little attraction attraction and they also have the things we stand in his palm and they green screen it but that never felt like one thousand nine hundred thirty three King Kong to me in watching this one. I'm like this. This is what universal took from. Not Exactly. But you're on the right track. Really you pointed out something. Very Interesting Universal Studios Brags that that King Kong is. There's and yet we know. The nineteen thirty. Three film was made by Arco Pictures and win. This nineteen seventy six movie starts. It's the paramount logo. Oh go what is universal talking about by saying Kong is there's they were making a different Cong- pictures. This is a case up to calls coming together in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy six and universal ended up having to blink. Why did all of this happen? I think is a very interesting little story here. But first and foremost I think the most important thing is Mary and Cooper died the creator of that first one thousand nine hundred ninety three movie he died and his space Kong idea died with him anarchy. Oh pictures was like Hulu no more lawsuits. Let's talk to people. Let sell this concept upped. And they talk to universal studios and they talked to Dino de la Renta's and they may be verbal agreement with Universal Studios and they signed a contract with Dino dealer rentis and all of the sudden Ho boy call the lawyers who owns Kong. And who's going to make this movie and the Universal Cong- is considered by some the superior film. Now how could we know this. It never made but they did ahead write the script. They cast it. They had a director and they were going forward with pre production. They had their own ideas. Quite frankly it sounded a lot like like what Peter Jackson is ultimately going to make it was said in one thousand nine hundred ninety three and they were gonNA keep some stop motion effects and combine that that with man of suit kind of the call would be a guy in the gorilla suits and the dinosaurs would be puppets and using that and it would be some. I'm kind of merge of all of that but more importantly they really wanted it to have more of a love rectangle. I guess you could call it the film. I'm director Carl. Denham would be played by Peter Falk and he was also going to love the love interest and he was going to be obsessed with her as well as the the second mate. who either be played by? Robert Redford or Nick Nolte. They haven't quite decided on it yet. And of course the eight was in love with the girl as well and the the film within most definitively with the director getting into the plane firing at the APE and the eight would kill him so they would actually some of the complaints. We had about Carl Denham. MHM feels like the enemy in that nineteen thirty three film. They were going to draft him as such and give him a villains death at the end of the film but of course none of that gotten made so they based on attraction on script. Okay yes they ended up cutting a deal and the deal was this dino you get to make your film ELM and we can't make a cong- film for two more years after that but we've been on the rights to the character and so after that time pass this is. Let's ramp up wrong. Let's get an attraction. Let's build that ride. The funny thing is it takes them twenty nine years to make Peter Jackson's call. That's the VILNA Vilna. They ended up making but they I guess you know some might say. They waited for the right person to achieve it. I think dino kind of soils Kong's legacy is the other thing and with the one thousand nine hundred six film Kim going lifts. That's where I was GONNA ask which studio made King Kong lives. Then I believe it's all dino on that Samuel Goldwyn and Dino but why make get at all I mean I think one important thing to point out is the nineteen seventies and we love disaster films. Airport was a big hit. One thousand nine hundred seventy came. I'm back in nineteen seventy five poseidon adventure. The ship it turned over at nine hundred. Seventy two towering inferno is on fire in nineteen. Seventy five. Earthquake the HINDENBURG. Berg and of course jaws is coming. That's why universal wanted they wanted something to piggyback on their killer Shark. Movie Let's killer ape movie going and so the appetite was there and that's why I guess. Paramount felt like this movie could be green lit at a twelve million dollar budget but ultimately that would balloon to be the biggest budget of any movie at that time it ended up being a twenty five million dollar affair. Yeah I definitely thought jaws was probably the impudence. You mentioned the towering inferno when I looked at this director he did the towering inferno did he. Because I definitely got that disaster movie vibe off this yes dino I I approached Roman Polanski he said no and he also fled the country like there were two reasons why he couldn't do King Kong and kind of a weird choice anyway and so they went with with a guy who had actually been an aerial pilot in world war. Two John Gillerman is a war hero and he had made films in the sixties about that. The Blue Max and other World War Two films have been made in the sixties. And Yeah you transitioned into towering inferno. He knew how to do disaster films and keep in mind when I say they're hits not only. Are they making a lot of money. But like airport was nominated for best picture. Towering Inferno is nominated for best picture. It's a bad film. I just want to put it out there. It's kind of hard to imagine the people taking it seriously but they did at that time special effects extravaganzas like that were so new and fresh. The movie's really haven't been doing that kind of epic since Cleopatra bombed in the early sixties that this felt like wow we can finally spend a lot of money on films and give it all the Oscars. The point is dino felt very confident competent. He had the next jaws but and he was bragging to the press at the end of jaws. no-one cry when sharp. Die At the end of my Cong- They Ah. I'm not sure I've crying here. But I wept as a child every time I watched the tape time and time again hoping going beyond hope that it would have different ending would finally take down those damn helicopters. Because he didn't sit through the first half of this. You would have been bored to tears. But this is this. Dino's real intent is he is clinging to the idea beauty and the beast of the love story. And he's not GONNA do dinosaurs. He's not going to focus on some of the action and adventure of the thirty three so that was a choice like it wasn't because they ran out of money. Dino wanted a series of dramatic wrong I mean. I don't think that was the only the reason I think you're right but this is the most expensive movie of its time. They didn't have any money for anymore. Dinosaurs yeah because I had so many questions about this Phil I also think it helps that. The universal movie was like we're doing dinosaurs and so it was like we're not doing dinosaurs. We're doing it in nineteen thirty three. Well we're going to do it. Modern Day all of the choices that universal was making dino was being contrary and saying ours will be totally different and so yeah. Part of that choice is to say. I want this film to be more grounded. More more dramatic and it's really important to get the right chick. So how about Meryl Streep believe it or not. That was the first choice until Dino saw her photo and said no way yeah. She actually told that story. I happen to watch and I think it was letterman. As she told the story about how she was pretty much cast until somebody said she was too ugly. It wasn't so much it was dino and I'm not GonNa wait into that drama like Meryl Streep has her own look. I just wonder what it would be for a career you know. Her first movie ends up being deer. Hunter her she becomes the oscar-nominated Meryl Streep Greatest Actress of all time. Because of that if this had been her first movie she may not have the same reputation today Jessica laying isn't it Meryl Streep Today I'll ask the room. Do you think Jessica Lang is a meryl streep all right. I Know Jessica Lang as a name but what I looked her up it turns out. I think the only other movie of Hers I've seen was footsie and I thought that was mayor winning Ham. Yeah well she one for that one. That was a big one for for supporting the Big Star of that film but that is a big movie for her. I think she at this point in her career was just a model. She was actually living in a small apartment. Airman in New York with Grace Jones and the future wife of Mick Jagger and trying to make it as anything and this movie kind of fell into her lap and not unlike her character character. She's an aspiring. starlet who had been hanging out in parties and had not yet having her chance to prove herself. So this is the movie that will bring this beauty to this green green to the beast and yeah she will end up winning multiple Oscars and I do think she has a series reputation but she also does a lot of American horror story episodes that are maybe maybe less dignified than Merrill Street movies. I you know what I mean. She can play in John in ways. That Merrill can't that reminds me I did see her. Also in the Cape Fear remake make. Nobody ended up looking. Good out of that so yeah Jeff. Bridges is relatively new as well. They were looking at other actors. I think they were looking at rubber again anytime. Universal said. We're doing this. They said No. They had cast Peter Falk as the oil company executives and then said No. We can't use him because the other side got him but the one that they really wanted. Was Chris Serandon who I guess. Fright night would at this point be the thing people most know him for princess bride probably more then Friday night but us for fright night. Yeah maybe I'm just showing my bias. He's the fright night guy but yeah okay. Princess Bride Dog Day afternoon he had he was a credible actor who some some so as leading man potential. The weird one for me in this film is Charles Grodin because Charles Grodin and actor who I wasn't even aware of I mean again when I saw this film a lot growing up but it wasn't until like the late eighties that I really started becoming aware of this guy with the couch trip trip and midnight. Run taking care of business was the big thing. That's always the big one right. We need to do that Vodkas. Because we don't do enough. Jim Belushi Yeah. That was the one that we're like the ADS. Also Charles Grodin Charles Grodin and so that and Beethoven really drove him home. I'm in my mind. Ain't over the dog movie. I want to stop you there in case you think we're talking about like I'm Adair's in classical music. No that big dog movie. Yes let let me put it in context. Charles Grodin in my mind is the prototypical other guy in a romantic comedy. When you WANNA see a couple fall in love but the girls already engaged someone needs to get out of that marriage? Charles Grodin is that asshole that she's engaged to be married to. He was very uptight and he played that kind of Yuppie that just couldn't roll with it and usually was cast in comedies for that quality but also apparently very smart director himself and ended up becoming a political commentator on television but yeah oil executive. It's within his wheelhouse here. He makes sense but he would have been a big star. They were looking at others. Like George C.. Scott coming off patent Robert Mitchum. The thing is I feel like I know what Charles Grodin looks like. But he's so young here and with that mustache. I thought it was Dabney Coleman for half the movie work with me I mean. I don't know what he was doing but yeah so these are all stars on the cusp. Who will be in this big movie that will propel them into bigger roles roles and I think maybe not Charles Grodin but the other two with us and we think about in and see from time to time so if nothing else Dino's movie has had some staying power but I I'm going to hold onto what I've been implying earlier? There seems to be a maybe it's generational there seems to be a divide old one thousand nine hundred thirty three fans hate this film. Kids of the nineteen seventies and eighties loved us. Them and I think it's how old you were when you saw so it tends to be whether you are for or against Dino's vision here. I have not seen this movie ever before this week. I thought maybe even seen a clip nope it was all gung lives. I didn't know this movie at all. Yeah this is my first time too. And I didn't know it existed until re talked about doing this retrospective but it. It was a big hit. Keep in mind. This thing makes ninety million they create a visual effects Oscar to give it because that didn't even exist the steak is that good British. We're all mostly positive. I went back to read reviews and everyone felt at the time they had seen something new and fresh and that this vision was something that hadn't been done on on films. I think the other problem is star. Wars comes the next year and everybody forgets and this movie was marketed. In the same way I thought star wars was the first one to like mass-market asked market characters and really go for that audience. But they had this Abe on lunch boxes and t shirts. You would've been able to escape it. They even had a strand of hair air. You could buy with a certificate of anticipation this comes from the Real Khong fig. It cost a dollar. They were out there pushing this movie all year along and the big selling point was ally dino man. He's crafty but he in this movie will get into the special effects as we talk about this plot but in this movie there is only one sequence in which there is a giant robot ape but he told everyone that a giant robot ape IPE is one hundred percent of the performance in the movies so when people saw this and the reason why it got the visual Effects Oscar and we're not talking about King Kong escapes kind of way here with the robot. They thought all of this was technicians in puppeteers in all of this but this is Rick Baker in a monkey suit and they lie to people and said it was a robot. There is robotics in that face. At least I mean that is move in the mouth like I was actually impressed with facial movements vincent spill that was all Rick Baker. Their original idea was. Let's just do prosthetics. Rick Baker is like. Have you seen those last planet of the movies. We don't need to do that anymore. That it's played out. We need to do something different. And if we can't make the giant robot do it and God knows they were having problems with a giant hands like someone got crushed by them like. Oh it's embarrassing. When receive that robot ape in this well at least Yeah Jessica? Lang doesn't get her leg. Broke or something. Some guy got knocked out by this day. She got a pinched nerve in her neck. Well I'm not saying and it was fun but I'm saying everyone knew early on. They weren't going to be able to pull off the giant robot for everything and so they looked at different people. They brought in the short bodybuilder builder and built him a suit and one concert was they actually rather than have it be a guerilla. which is Rick Baker's idea? And what they pretty much ended up going with they were going to have have some kind of half man half ape evolutionary missing link thing that's still giant though. Yeah still big maybe not as big league but it was going to be some kind of new look and that would be a way to differentiate from previous gongs and apparently the new look. I didn't get to see any of that art. It's probably pretty much locked up because windy. No so he said okay. We'll go with the gorilla suit but tell everyone it's a robot. Well the big arm is a robot that counts for or something okay. It's like half a second. No the arm gets a lot of screen time. Oh you're talking about the arm that picks her up. Yeah that arm is the star the film in close up you get a face arm. And that's what I thought. This was the inspiration for Universal Studios. I remember he goes sitting. Kong's palm in the green screen renewed. Look like the apes really picked you up yes. I do think if nothing else if you love that ride you. Maybe hate this movie. You can at least love this movie for giving you this ride because this giant eight Kong starts here but let's get into an army. Let's talk about a plot. I think we all know. But let's see how it's changed King Kong nineteen seventy-six. Yeah Yeah OPEC's involved now. Yeah I thought I could copy and paste from the thirties one. It turns out there so many damn subtle differences. I had to write a new one. Charles Grodin plays petric's oil executive Fred Wilson. WHO's leading an expedition to an uncharted and he believes uninhabited island where he suspects a giant oil reserve? IRV is ripe for exploiting stowing away on. His boat is paleontologist. Jack Prescott played by Jeff. Bridges Jack knows more about the island than anyone onboard having read read journals from as far back as the sixteenth century including rumors of a giant ape. On the island the weather started getting rough. The petric's explore was tossed. But they were fine not fine however it was a smaller yacht in the vicinity. The pet trucks explorer happens upon a life raft with the only survivor. doin played by Jessica laying on the trip. dwan falls for Jack but when they get to the island doin has a new man in her life on the supposedly uninhabited island lives a tribe tribe of natives performing a ceremony to their God. Khong Jack Fred and the rest interrupt the ceremony so the tribes leader Demands Doin to offer their God. The the oil people of course refused and returned to the PETRIC's explorer. But some of the tribesmen take a canoe and kidnapped one Jack and some others mounds of rescue mission. But it's too late late. DOIN is offered up to Kong. WHO's a forty foot tall gorilla Khong takes Juan into the jungle and Jack and the others follow Khong kills most of the Rescue Q.? Crew but Jack Continues on Khong falls in love with Doin- and went one is attacked by a giant snake comes to her rescue and during the fight Jack Rescues user and they escape outside that jungle. Fred has the bad news that the island has no petroleum to avoid being fired. Fred concocts the idea to capture calling for pet trucks to use as an advertising gimmick his men set a trap and has Jack Dwan Flee Kong the APE falls into a pit that fills with chemicals knocking him out they load calling on the boat and take them to New York one and jacker contracted to be in a show revealing clung to the world but the paleontologist has ethical concerns about the GIG during the show calling seized won- and thinking she's endanger Kong rips apart his cage stepping on and killing Fred One and jack flee but com gives chase eventually capturing doin Jack realizes where calling we'll go the World Trade Center looks almost identical to two twin peaks on Kong's island. Jack gives that information into the military with the condition that they capture Cong- not kill him. But you can't trust the military Kong climbs the World Trade Center with Doin only to be shot dead by machine guns mounted on helicopters Khong falls from the roof of the building and Juan cries for the beast as he dies but Jack Refuses to comfort Dwan as credits. Its role as we get started here. We're seeing footage that dino deal part of the reason why he beat universal when they couldn't work it out with the lawyers because at first like well you have a written agreement while you have a verbal agreement will go with the written agreement. Universal was like we just optioned the novelization of the nineteen thirty three movie were adapting that book. We're not doing a remake of that movie. So they we're going forward and it really came down to whoever shot. I would win because obviously you didn't want to be the second King Kong movie even if you were the better one. All the money is going to be made the first time he appears and Dino is like we're going forward they barely had finished script. January nineteen seventy six. They just roll on these scenes here where the ship is voting on the dock and they still don't know exactly what the ABE is. I'M GONNA look like how it's GonNa move. WHO's even going to be the romantic female lead? They knew they had bridges and they knew that they had growed and didn't know much else here ear as we see the setup and in the TV version again. There's an hour of extra footage when you take away commercials. The TV version is three hours hours. Long I feel like there's an hour of extra footage that the ethical version. The extra stuff in the TV version has never been seen. Never put on any video or anything okay. I I feel that there is connective tissue. I would be curious to know. I do know one of the things you can tell me. If it's true. Originally the conception was the star of it would be much like the nineteen thirty three movie. Joe Perko the four men. That's like you're not loading enough pipe on this. That was going to be played by Robert Deniro in the other movie here. It's non from Superman Dan to no. He did not have much of a bigger part. Here's the weird thing about this extra cut. It's an extra fifty minutes done a few seconds here a few seconds there. There's only like five or six totally new scenes but one of them is showing Jack before he gets to the boat. He's Adda Bar. He pays off a bartender to drug. Some is drink and then Jack steals his ide- so that's what he's showing to get on on the boat and while that may be held it also makes Jack maybe less noble than we want to see a hero in a movie like this. We see him bribe someone to get on here anyway. I mean yeah but you know what I'm GonNa just say right off the bat you're modern rising Kong. How do you do that? I liked this nine hundred seventy six. Everyone is worried about the gas prices. is-is that is a real concern and having this whole mission being not about a movie shoot but yeah where can we strike oil next x because the energy crisis means that yeah we can be golf and Exxon if we find the next big supply of oil then yeah. I think that that is a really good way to write this and Stuart. I'm going to agree with you because I know I've been snarky thus far but actually Kinda dig the setting for this film. It feels very very seventy S. We're GONNA get astrology and oil shortages and environmental. Just feel seventy so. Yeah if you're going to modernize it put it in one thousand nine hundred ninety six during that gasoline shortage that all crisis. Yeah make it about oil and make it about a greedy corporation instead of a filmmaker. I it just feels weird when they actually throw back to the original Kong and bring in a movie actress in this film. Because I've digging this new seventies oil story set up for it. The original screenplay screenplay had that female character be photographer and they ended up giving that part to the Jeff Bridges Character. Yeah it'd be weird if they actually had one female crew member aboard this whole male crew. But it's weird because my parents would talk to me about the oil shortages in the lines in one thousand nine hundred ninety six. You had to wait a long wanted to get a gallon of gas and you could only get a gallon of gas. You don't remember it. I was too. I was one for most of seventy six. It was going on beyond seventy six six. I have a distinct memory of being on a road trip and us being stranded because we went to the gas station a mile long pile of cars. They run out of gas. Yeah we just got stuck out there. I have no memory myself of this but does that mean Fred. The Greasy oil executive would actually be seen as a hero. Oh because if he found new oil people wouldn't have to wait and they wouldn't run out of gas. He's like an American hero to find us new gasoline. I mean hero is you. You know. Every generation will decide. What their heroes are? He will be rich. He's not the head of this oil company Patrick's he is only an executive and he sold them on this idea India because it sounds like he bribed Nixon before Nixon was kicked out of the White House. Hey show me some of the photos of this fog Nass that we have going going on here in the South Pacific and sure enough. It always has the same density which would imply that there's some kind of emission going on. That could be the oil. Yeah I love this. Because they're saying oh it's because of Oil Jeff Bridges as Jack who has snuck onto the boat. He's being caught and found out and brought in here they. He thinks he's like no. It's large animals. Just breathing real heavy. It's just co two surrounding the island. And I want to ask which one is right. I don't know that we ever have the theory. Proven or disproven but I don't see cong- coughing up smoke like when he goes to New York. There's no fog mass following him. Every don't see a lot of other large judge animals on this island. There's a giant snake. And that's it. I believe that it's called undoing. It and we see a giant snake. GotTa assume there's other giant animals there where you calling has been alive for four hundred years. Well that's my question is is calling for four hundred years or I mean we're gonNA find out in the sequel that there's somewhere a giant lady cong- but is this a four hundred year old ape or are there giant apes other than him on on that island then having baby giant apes. Yeah I think we can save some of this for next week but I do know that in the original script conception bridges character actor has a line about how he got some of this information from a ship's log that Rome is suppressing. Yeah there's a line about the Vatican suppressing stuff. Vincent was a whole lot about that. They would actually have a Vatican library as one of the characters on this boat. Dino thought that was too confusing I actually think it's kind of cool and conspiratorial I. I think he could've worked. No that is the stuff that I gravitated to this film. Is this weird oil setting. Yeah that the pope is suppressing information about King Kong. Give me more of that. Yeah I feel like you could have done something with that but dino said no so it just ends up being this one off line let me be the center. That's confusing as hell. Why would the Vatican one a Haida guerrilla woah? Because the Catholics are behind. All the conspiracies. Exactly just it plays into the notion that the Catholics want to control the conversation. Evolution in general is something that threatens them and so if there was this missing link man or anything really about a giant APE. They wouldn't like it. They don't like dinosaurs either. That's a bridge too far. I'm glad they kept it Outta here. You know simple is good for a movie like this. Well it makes it for a certain audience and you happen to be audience at the time you first saw this well. He didn't see this part though. Exactly I don't know that somebody my age would even tolerate this movie enough to you. Get to the eight. That's what I'm saying this is very seventies. We're just GONNA have a lot of people standing around talking. It's got that seventy slow pace exposing myself. Like I guess I've just that seventy avenue slow paced guy. I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing I'm just saying that's a thing of the seventies. I've always liked the buildup Kong. I talk about it with nineteen thirty three. I don't mind signed. It takes forty five minutes. I don't think that the movie is all about the APE. I think some of it is about enjoying the tropes of discovering mythical island that just as a concept the idea that there's something in the fog all of that just builds an atmosphere in anticipation that I like. I like a slow build. It depends on the payoff. I guess which will have to wait eight four nine well whatever. I think of the theatrical movie which I'll save for the end it is a strong not recommend for the TV version because the hour and forty five minutes getting to the island is interminable. I watched it in one sitting but I felt like I needed to walk away from it because I was so board from the journey. There believe me it takes a long time to get to the and the theatrical cut too but after watching the TV cut it felt l.. Downright fleet interesting idea that the other Kong Universal Kong had help with this problem will label it a problem. It is an issue anyway. We've how long do we delay Kong was since they were going off the book they were like well. We can create our own stuff about what the island was like. They actually had a whole prologue. It wouldn't be a mystery. You would see Kong. I you would see life on the island and calling on that island. And that was the concept they liked and at one point they were talking about merging with Dino's movie and Deena was like No. There's only one Gong my calm and they couldn't do that but I do know. Some of the thought at the time time was that we did need to show the up front and just make him the main character. I like the build up of the mystery to me. It's more suspenseful to creep up up through the fog to this beach to the tribe to the gate. I like that step by step process. Yeah I'm digging kind of the way they're going until doin shows up. It is so bizarre. Did the yard. She was on crash because they were all watching porn. Like were they not paying attention. No I think it was the storm but they were all below deck watching deep throat. She was the only one who could get into a lifeboat. Because I guess they were having a circle jerk if you WANNA seventies Kong here you go porn in it deep throat. I mean it is Kinda great that no it is so bizarre. I'm digging it. I kind of love the fact that she just floats in like there is something. Surreal about it. And since his movies going to take many more surreal turns later it. It kind of eases us in to the absurdity of it all and so the fact that yes she is not of this mission and Jeff Bridges character is not of this mission. But that they've we've kind of glommed onto which that you have the oil mission and then you have the paleontologist and then you have this woman that just wants to be a star and all their destinies kind of get get wrapped up in this mythical island to me makes it more fun. The only thing I wish I could see and Arnie I'm guessing it's not in the extended cut is. The storm destroyed that other boat or established that maybe Cong- destroyed the body. I mean it's unsatisfying to be like Oh yeah there were some other boat and we know because she's carrying a book of matches like I WanNa see the boat blow up and I think that might have helped. Maybe some people be more excited in the beginning. Yeah there's nothing I don't think they ever even cast other people on that boat. The whole the thing is doin' floats in. But I'll say before we get to Doin. There are a lot of people on this boat that do help me stay interested. You know the main one is probably Rene Arbor Zhenhua who I know primarily from Benson. He would do that in the eighties Leeza. Then he'd go on to do star trek deep space nine as Oto and at this point in his career he was doing a lot of Robert Altman early seventies movies. He was a character actor that you would recognize Masher. This is Miller in addition to knowing who the actor is I like his character. Here as this chemist missed for the oil company. He's like a scientist but unlike Jack he's a scientist WHO's motivated to find oil and wants there to be oil and is almost as S. hungry for it as Charles Rodin's Fred and yet he'll have some funny comic relief once he finally get some samples of this stuff but I agree. I didn't see the value of him for many of these characters at first but he will get a really big laugh later and then we also have the captain of the boat who is going to not really the matter. But you've got John Randolph. Year character actor soon them in a billion things. Christmas vacation is my go-to but so many things he's been and in TV and film and he's amusing here where he's trying to tell Fred we don't want to go out now. There's a bad storm. And then when they're in the middle of the STORMIES MEES enticing Fred to Puke from seasickness as Egypt laughs. It off I wish that they had arc's I wish that they weren't just funny. Bits here at the beginning this captain and I feel like there was real room to do something very different in the middle of this movie since they weren't going to do dinosaurs and it could be maybe a little bit more hard to catch Cong- you could play with a little bit more of that. Include these characters in ways. I agree with you. These character actors are good but they don't make much of an impression. Yeah if this really was a disaster movie review that's the whole thing you have a bunch of different characters. And they all have their little problems an arch that they go through here. It's got that vibe of a disaster movie but it doesn't have that trope that's missing here and yeah. I agree because I do kind of like the setting slows. This is going. Yeah Roy swaggie scientists and Fred like I like these characters actors like watching them. It's taken a long time to get to the big ape. But they're entertaining me on this journey. Yeah that's the thing is. I agree with what you're saying Stewart. It would be nice if they had stuff to to do with calling and that would mean getting to the island earlier at spending less time I'm grasping onto what I can for entertainment here because the boat right right there is long. I agree with what you've said. I like the piercing of the fog. The exploration of the island. That's suspense. That could have been drawn out. There's there's not a whole lot of suspense. You know getting there is not half the fun when you set sail from America have to go all the way till you're near Singapore. All all of this time spent on the boat with Fred arresting Jack and accusing Jack of being from a competitive oil company. When JAKSA I don't even know to this day I watched this movie twice? Why is there? He's just a once again. Pictures a monkey primate expert in the original script. He had been the Vatican and got this librarian and they had gone. This ship had bought the map rather than promote. I think they just say. They bought it in some Indonesian shop. They bought their map or stole their map from the Vatican so he was chasing them from those secret archives to this doc but in this movie that we got in the final filmed form. He just like the Indiana Jones Paleontologists. He's got a sneak aboard a boat to try to find this mythical primate yeah primate yeah mate paleontologists like that's really like micro specific. I can believe Princeton might fund paleontologists to go to Indonesia but a primate eight one. And they're betting that there's an eight there. What if it ended up being a lizard? Godzilla get another one. I don't even think they bank roll them. I mean if you're or being bankrolled. You're not stowing away and hanging from a rope to sneak on board. He had a big fat roll when he bribed that Indonesian guarding onto the shipyard or for maybe their currency is different than ours. It looked like a lot. Oh it he's just you know all that fat PhD money. Maybe doin PETRIC's credit card. She mentions the way that she talks herself into. The mission is that Hey I have a credit card for your gas company that has eighteen percent interest. You're reminded of the fact that it was actually really hard to get a credit card in the nineteen seventies. They didn't give them out like they do now. Now they want you to be in debt. They love the fact that you don't have the money to pay it but back then you had to have a certain status. And so yes. She's doing whatever she can to join this mission because her horoscope said that she was going to meet the biggest person in her life when she crossed over water. There's some fun ironic lines like early on when they're getting those pipes ready they're like here's to the big one. I I see what you did there. And Yeah She's going to the biggest person in your life and then there's also one fred says. Hey we don't Wanna get eaten alive. Get Mosquito spray which is a funny joke. But I'm like Oh yeah we're GONNA see people get eaten alive on dinosaurs and stuff which nope that doesn't happen. I hear what you're saying about pace in this movie but it's for me. It is never this beginning. It is the middle of the movie movie. It is when the original film got good that this will be sags up until the reveal of Kong. I love every decision really. I like this film a a lot. You liked that. They introduced and spend time with all these characters that go nowhere. I do until I find out. They're going nowhere in the middle of the movie. Yes but in retrospect do you feel deal. This is time well spent I my satisfied with the fact that they don't have an ending for these characters. No of course not but Mike Solution is not cut all this at the beginning. It's fixed the middle but but with the movie we have. If you were sitting in the Editing Bay I would say this first part is great. Don't touch it but you know. There's no payoff film. It's still good. It's the best part of the fill. It is absolutely the best part of them. The creep up to Kong is way better than Kong's rampage the creep up to cong- yes but this is bet with everything. Is the creep up Carney. I'm saying forty five minutes from docks to gate is the best part of the film. I mean what do you want us to do. Just watch the second can have like you did as a kid I mean just come in at the end yes I'll see. I think this is the most entertaining stuff and I was in full recommend mode for the first forty five minutes. Let's yeah and it's beautiful too. I mean they went to Hawaii. They had this heavy production film was nominated for Best Cinematography deserved it. I mean it looks gorgeous here window in their landing and exploring yeah. I'm just captivated by all of that. I'm not missing the black and white old aesthetic. I feel they've reinterpreted all of that for or seventy sensibility. I like these characters. I like where they are and I know where we're headed so I'm excited you like doin. I pretty much do. I like the idea that they've kept her pizzi actress and I like the fact that her destiny seems to have nothing to do with the mission. That's going there but that she ends up becoming the focal point for the oil oil company is I'm using. I will when I turned against one is when she just runs off like a waterfall. It just runs off on this uncharted eyelid. Who knows the dangers? There are Jeff Bridges. GotTa go chaser down like don't do that like that's Doin. Come on you gotTa have some common sense here. Okay here's some net ending choice. They could have made we get it it all. The sailors are smitten with their. There's this long montage where like I'll read books to you. I'll help you fish. I'll watch you take showers like no we we get it that she's hot and they all like her. She's playing that when she's running around in the waterfalls she's posing for the pictures and if they had written this more like she's she's just trying to get famous and like she's hoping to sell those pictures later. It's implied there. It's subjects but they could have done more and showing this character as an opportunist. I get rich get famous by any means necessary. Yeah what they actually played up in the TV version even slowed down that montage. One of the people well On the boat is actor Dennis simple. Who is GRANDPA from house of one? Thousand Corpses yes. He was working as starfish on this boat. And he's being held upside down by his ankles. Peeping on Doin as she's getting out of the shower shower seeing that we see in the montage. He's watching Ching from the poor window and Jack comes upon them and embarrasses them and makes them fall in the water. I'm assuming they get saved. I didn't see them again later. Maybe Jack Murdered ordered them both. But I believe they're the ones crossing the log in Hong shakes off but it's helpful to see. This woman has the same effect on all males helps obsess understand why she has the impact. She does on Kong and yeah just delaying. This is one that she should win a trophy for. But I think she's charming and fresh and sexy and yeah. She's good in this movie. She is very sexy. In addition to adding a whole lot for network television. They cut a whole lot. The Nipple was nowhere near as visible in the TV version or maybe that was the Betamax tape but what I'm watching this on high definition. I'm like wow. That is sheer black dress. They find her. And and there's added scenes about this was not in the TV version where the sailors are like well. I have to undress her to make sure she's healthy. They didn't keep any of that in. Yeah I just wish that she was written with a little bit more edge. I mean I get it I get. There's a calculation. There's a reason why she was on that. Hollywood boat that she eventually commits yeah. They promised me a movie in Hong Kong but they were probably lying. Just probably wanted me to do an orgy while they watch deep throat. I mean I think all of that is an interesting subjects. Excellent adults watching this movie or going to enjoy while. Yes maybe your kids are going to be fidgeting and wondering where the monkey is I read this thing I think it was. IMDB Trivia where somebody has theorized the doin was being taken to star in a porn and Harry that she was talking about was Harry Reams Seventies Porn Star. And that's why they were all watching. Deep Throat's yeah. I'm sure that someone had a harry in mind when they wrote that line. But I didn't know that here he rings was the Seventies Seventies Point Star. But yeah you get what she was on. And if it didn't blow up she might have had a much more difficult time than she does with this ape. Actually but I do love her life. She's he's like my life was saved by a movie. You know anyone whose life was saved by deep throat. which was a huge box office? Hit at this this time like everyone knew what that was even. If you didn't go seat porn everyone knew about deep throat because of Nixon right well uh-huh maybe at any rate we're seeing what we saw before but did they fix the tribe. We were all a little uncomfortable with the racial politics of that. I feel like they're almost minimized here. I can't get offended because we barely spend any time with the chief or see what they're doing here in the ceremony. I'm not going to be offended by this. I imagine there is still something offensive by having African Americans portrayed as tribal it goes back to again. The stereotypes of the cannibals does that. We talked about from Gilligan's island episodes and things and when they're wearing those dresses that make them look like I dunno anthropomorphized corn husks risks. They look like pacman ghost or something. Yeah I like those. I like the costumes illness. I know I was waiting for Pacman like this the ranch and it's interesting when they bring out the woman woman they give her a veil and it's blonde. I was like. Oh that's a nice. It's the same material that same grass material that the ghosts are wearing but it also indicates a call already has the type and she needs to be blonde and so when they actually see Juan they're like hey we'll trade you six of ours for her. How would they even know what blonde is? There's no no no but they figured through costuming. What makes this woman most appealing to adding? I don't even know what he's going to do with her. Is it clear. They never explained Kong doing with all these brides that they're offering up like why are they offering number rides. You know I read a short story. There is a science fiction. The writer named Philip pose as a farmer he wrote in one thousand nine hundred eighty three after King Kong fell. It's really interesting. It's short you can find it out there on the Internet. It's about about an old man watching King Kong thirty-three on TV with his granddaughter and explaining that this was a dramatization of things that really happened in New York. There was a King Kong. All these people that the actors are playing were real and he tells their sad story and one of the things that he mentions is the sailor. Never got with. Fay Wray's as character because Kong sexually assaulted her and the story explains in graphic detail that giant apes would still have small genitalia guerrillas. Do who have the smallest in proportion to their body size. Yes grill is have tiny penises. Yes there's a whole paragraph about that. I learned a lot I was like. Oh but the point wait was it was big enough to do permanent damage. She couldn't have kids. And so this man that was supposedly looks like he's saving her in. This movie ends up rejecting. Her and achieved is a spinster. So it's all of that you know they have also Carl. Denham has really sad ending as well. But it's an interesting short little story but that reading colored colored my perspective this time when I thought about calling brides and I was like Hong. We'll Fred is going to claim that Kong raped her wanted to rape her didn't really that's what they say. Oh I did hear that line and again this is a PG movie. They're not they don't need to and they don't go there exactly. I'm just saying I didn't give a full consideration about what Kong might have wanted to do on his wedding night and now I can't not see that. Yet because Jack says there herbivores devore's he's not gonna eat her right so that is in my mind when they're talking about Doin' and she has the same architecture as fair ray of they scare off the a native she goes back to the boat but of course they come for her and take her and dresser inch else. Seeing this a second time makes me wonder what would the tribesmen of done had. She Been N.. Not on the edge of the boat. We're going to infiltrate the boot. Were they going to storm the boats. Yeah that's what they did in the thirty three one. I mean I think that even need speculation they were going to get that woman at all costs and they were just lucky. Enough that She's position waiting for them. As Jack was preparing to write off he's frustrated. They've had the scene where he is the one thinking about their concerns in the way that they've tried to humanize the natives. They have him as their white savior. Her he's always the one saying well you know. We can't set charges and blow up their island. They live here. It's not yours just because you stake a petric's WCHS flag on it. And so always. That's how they humanize the people of Skull Island. Yeah and she's going to Seduce Jack. He's going to delay his voyage edge to hook up with her and she had basically fallen form the moment she found out he's the one who's spotted her raft and saved her life. I wonder is her love for him. Legit or does she just like him because he's taking pictures of her keep in mind. Her real love is to be famous. And so is it the camera or is it Jack back again a sharper more cynical movie would explore that a little deeper. Yeah I will get a little bit at the end when they go their separate ways when it comes to the showcasing showcasing of Kong. Jack doesn't want anything to do with it. She does. She wants that thing but is that why she's with Jackson. He's got a camera here. We are I know. Fifty three minutes is long long. I agree it's a little I guess all I'm saying is build up so I recognized long but I don't resent it for being long. I'm wondering how it's going to go. I actually think the shots here where we see the. Pov of the trees falling the tracking shot as doin is tied their anticipation. I'm more into this moment than I was with. One thousand nine hundred eighty three. And then we see a guy in an ape suit and it is revolutionary blue screen technology. But it is a MANIP- suit. Oh you could tell it's blue screen. You could see the me. No they still got the outlines around. Yeah it's rough by today's standards. It's not that bad. I mean I'm the special effects snob right and the majority of it. I would say three quarters of the effects work work better than I expected it. The two yes. There are some match shots. That are really really bad in this. The worst one is probably when Cong- wakes up and you see WanNa sleep in the background background. That one was really really bad. My biggest complaint though isn't every so often there's a bad blue screen shot. It's that you got rick Baker in a gorilla suit and the gorilla suits magnificent the amount of facial articulation at times when they did close ups of the face. I forgot it was a suit I mean it has it. Has that much movement. Yeah the face is great and again. That was the thing. Rick Baker contributed because Carlo Rambaldi off building the robot and nobody thought those robotics we're going to work and it was Baker. That was like you know what I don't WanNA put prosthetics on my face. I want to take some of your robotics and see if we can nell that here. It works but his his body language is not that of a Simian is not of an APE. He's walking upright like a man that's been the case with all these King Kong and the older ones. They are what they are. But I've seen the Peter Jackson one he's GonNa go full gorilla in that where anti circus is GonNa move like an actual ape and you're taking away the quickness of the Stop motion and we've seen the suits with those Japanese films that I enjoy but they were crappy looking suits and that was part of the charm. They're here yeah. It's just like someone showed up to the Halloween party in a gorilla suit and and yet the faces. Great the way it moves. But there's not that sense of magic that I felt before with Kong. I think that's exactly it. It doesn't feel special after planet of the apes and two thousand one. We had seen people put on suits that were you know varying equality. They got better from King Kong vs Godzilla at any rate. And so yeah. It's just not special and I'm not advocating Arnie that we should do stop motion here. I'm just saying that if this is supposed to be the same impact that seeing stop motion Kong wasn't nineteen thirty-three. They didn't get their sea. And I think that what it has over two thousand one's apes and planned to the apes. Apes is the size I mean in addition to that really well articulated face. They're smart to not try to do too much superimposing. And that's where that giant arm comes in and the giant arm is a practical effect and so there's nothing that it doesn't do that I feel looks one hundred percent and I'm surprised Jessica Lang. I mean. She was much like her character. She wanted to be famous. This was her first movie. Her first credited edited screen role. So Yeah you want this drone arm to pick me up aright. I guess I'll let it pick me up. I'd be a little worried about the controller. Tightening the fist too much or not enough and I go for fall. What I'm saying is I can accept this? It isn't blowing me away but I'm like all right if this is long we've seen worse and so I'm going to go with this song and yeah I understand. Blue screen has gotten better and I will forgive the process shots. That aren't so good but what I can't forgive is the fact that when she's I don't know negotiating with him flirting with him treating him like another director. That wants to castor in a porn movie. I feel like if the idea that we're making a romantic Khong. That's kind of flopping for me. There's line she delivers that like when she talks about. She's afraid of heights because she's stuck elevator and the Empire State Building. I see what you did there but a clever little line now. It's funny but when she calls him a chauvinist pig ape a very seventies and yeah. That's just weird but it was. I think intended to be funny. I took it as attempting to be funny. I don't think it worked but back then in the seventies much like saying what's your sign. Yeah she asks the Monkey. It's sign in this movie again to go back to what I think you said Stewart. How many brides he offered? How often where are these other? Bridesmaids put his Athens them right. If I'm to take what's inference and what's in my head from that short story. Kong has his way with his bride and till death do them part. Is the guest where I would leave that. And so love them and leave them. mm-hmm is this apes modus operandi very seventy s and so he's going back to singles bar that the natives are running and this is supposed to be another one one night stand with doin thank beauty and the beast remember even in that cartoon like they meet scary and then like. She's shortly brushing his hair. And dressing him. In a nice suit in their waltzing around the ballroom. That's what I'm talking about. Not Working here when she falls in a mud puddle and then he baiser in the waterfall. And I think we're supposed to think in these moments. She's falling for him. Yeah she seems awfully comfortable bowl. And then Doin is stupid right. I mean I think that's what we're supposed to take so I could go with her thinking that call might understand her when she's like this is never never gonNa work. Meanwhile he's pulling her top off. That was a risque scene. I was waiting for him to sniff his finger like in the thirty three one. He doesn't do that but yeah he takes her top down. I don't know if she's dumb or opportunistic and again I mean if you think about the fact that she's dealt with hairy gorillas that have put her in compromising compromising positions before on yachts casting corns. She's treating this like another job on the road to being famous and that's kind of funny again. If we had more of her talking about what she was doing I would enjoy it. But if we're expected to think what I think the movies asking us and what Dino asked us that she legitimately will will grow to love this ape like it becomes more clear to me later when he's in the ship going back and she voluntarily goes to see him. That's the stuff I can't by I. I don't know if I put that on Lang or the gorilla suit or the writing or what but all I can tell you as not buying any of that I take it as. She's trying to assuage him mm-hmm but she's not making enough attempts to escape that I would think that any human would I mean it's just a survival instinct if I grab rabbit rabbit. Rabbit is going to try to escape it all clauses not going to try to talk me down and at this point. She has no aspirations for a stage. Show in in Queens like we cut back and we see that the Charles Grodin oil executive has gotten the samples back and that geologists that. We're all laughing about. It's like yeah it just needs a little bit more aging ten thousand years and so they're having to come up with a new way to make money because this all of the smoke. DOC is not going to lead to gasoline. Yes so plan B Mascot Lake. We're GONNA have a giant eight. I love that. I don't know if you're XERES. Here's your actually does take me back to calm vs Godzilla and I liked the satire pharmaceutical company. So yeah I'm laughing. It's it's it's a weird way to go but I'm digging it at the same time. I'm trying to imagine being his boss at the gas company where he goes back. Well I don't and have oil but I have a big gorilla. His boss loved it. They're gonNA make Kong giant crown. At what point does the petroleum company decide they want to diversify into entertainment. It's almost like an early version of Disney. We're going to own all the sporting teams and networks and all the entertainment. I mean we're going to be gas and we're going to have a travelling road show sponsored by the gas not only that but when you get to the gas ask pump. You're not gonNA pump the one with the grill on it. You're gonNA pump the one. That is an empty and they're literally no one's finding mother load but hey at least you look at a giant ape while you're waiting waiting in line. There's there's a selling point. I would want it as a kid like if the choice was. Do we want to go to Gulf or the one with the the cartoon character. It's the frankly. It's the reason why McDonald's McDonald's came up with the clown we know that you're going to pick this over hardy's so yes. It has a primal appeal to children. This movie is trying to have have a similar appeal and so I kind of go with the wonky logic of it. And what else is he going to do. He staked everything on the fact that this island was his future and and if they got guerrillas and not oil than we go with guerrillas. I get in a weird way so he starts calculating away to trap this which I think they could have played with a lot longer. I think it would have been fun to see people strategize. How do we get an A.? On a boat I mean I think that's something. The first movie made very easy with a couple of gas bombs that this movie could take time with and have more exciting things than Jeff Bridges falling off a log like that stuff is like yawn and I enjoy. He had enough. I mean I like seeing the it's bad special effects but that didn't stop me from enjoying the exact same special effect in Temple of Doom. When people are falling off the bridge I liked? The Cong- is fighting against those people. But I think this is good. This is the only fight though like in resolve this thirty three one where he shakes a log. That's fallen down. It's like a bridge and just shake everyone off into the ravine below and they die in like that's it that is the action C. again. There's a snake I guess asked. Maybe that's an action scene but there's no dinosaurs there's no sea serpents. Eight is just them getting shaken off a log now. I loved Him Belgium. This ain't no temple of doom like. There's no no way that. This log seen replicates any of that enjoyment I'm merely talking about the quality of special effects of somebody falling down the ravine. Well they actually built that Bridge Asia and shot on location and here. It's pretty obvious that the mechanical gorilla arm was not going to go up on that crevice and so- composite shots. That aren't great and Jack is doing all doin' because well she's a person in need and he is a humanitarian and I don't know is he trying to protect Kong Cong in any way. I mean he is here is the primatology. Is he trying to study long. He doesn't want to kill him. I get that much but it seems weird. That he's more fixated and on the girl then what he snuck on the boat for whatever he's there to do he never accomplishes. I don't feel but by the same token I'm glad glad he's more interested in saving a human life than studying and being all about the science and who cares what happens to the Bimbo. I think that would have been more fun. I mean again again. If these characters were more individualistic that he was more of a nerd and maybe made the choice of getting an eight picture rather than rescuer right away. All of that stuff could made this movie. Funnier more exciting complicated. The relationships and made this middle part something. You'd want to watch because I hate this movie for this twenty minute that stretch. Oh Wow I still find better than the twenty minutes on the boat in the middle the snake in the log. Really 'cause it's bad. Yeah that all the snake. I didn't like the snake in the first one. Don't do it here. This snake is abysmal. Cures the most damning thing I can say it is below the standards of the bad special Israel effects of this movie to have that snake even on the Beta film. I could tell that snake looked plastic as hell and didn't move right did they just is cheap out on the snake. Did they spend all the money on the robot gorilla that didn't work and when it came time for a snake that just went to a party favor store and said this one's a puppet. Yeah I mean obviously the focus is on convincing us. Kong is real but you convince Kwong Israel by believing that the snake is also real and that he is in a real environment. Hey you're not gonna hear me defend the snake again. I don't think you even need it. It was a cheap thing that frankly there have been so much action in the middle of nineteen thirty three. You didn't need a snake to be thrown into this mix. This movie needs an action scene. It's not delivering them. And so where. I'm saying you could find find. The Fun is in these characters scrambling around to either say the girl our study the APE or capture the. Yeah if they had developed these characters that I kinda the liked and they had their little moments as they went to go rescue Dwan. I would have been entertained. But they are dispensed of so quickly and then we're given the snake. I do wonder if they had more time. And keep in mind. Someone had to write the script really fast and they just had to shoot it. No questions asked because they thought universal was going to step on their opening weekend so again if they had taken another six months to really think about what they were doing here but this was the early stuff that they shot and then they were just sort of beholden to it for the rest of the shoot when they moved onto back to Hollywood and New York. Yeah I feel like they needed a battle there again. I mentioned and when we reviewed calling thirty three. I never had even thought of a dinosaur being on that island but if there's giant gorillas that I also believe in giant snakes I I can't believe in this giant snake but that there would be giant snakes and I wanna see Khong fight and win a battle if he didn't fight the snake Khong as a born loser loser who will lose every fight. He's in and that was very much a mandate I think dino was big on it Khong is a lover not a fighter. Even when he gets. It's to New York. You don't see him causing the mass hurt. The way that Kong thirty-three would like bite heads off like that a he was mad. He was mad. Addi didn't care who he took it out on this one. They were very concerned. That kids always liked him so I feel like aside from one woman on a subway car. He there's no collateral damage can give dino a little bit of advice. If I'm a child you know how like com- if he fights Diana door and again I think budget I think the other production I think being set on the had to open at Christmas nineteen seventy six. All of that stuff just meant. Can't they had to make it about the relationship between Doin the APE and the other soon. But they're not even doing that. Well is what I'm arguing here. I wish that that stuff was better if that's the movie. I kind of blame Jessica Lang for this. I think that she's appropriately sexy but I just think her performance in this movie is extraordinarily one note whether it's realizing you're the only survivor of a shipwreck trying to seduce a paleontologist trying to escape a giant gorilla. She's given the same line readings every time I'd like to have seen more from the tribesmen. I mean remember. Last time they were getting stomped on they were throwing spears. They just go away here and it will be see for Jeff Bridges to keep saying. You're stealing their God. This is so terrible I would like to hear more from them. Yeah they're gonNA turn it drunk somehow. They're going to invent alcohol all because they have no more God to worship which that is bizarre. Again this is the seventies. I feel like it should be more diagnostic but say oh. We're going to become drunks. If you don't believe in God I just have to. I believe that if someone other than Dino dealer Rentis was doing this they would be making more of these cynical choices and I capture calling a little too easily. I did like the supply drop. I thought that was cool looking. I wasn't sure how they pulled that off entirely. I think it was practical but I'm grooving to the digging of the whole and the fact that they catch him I just. I'm like they catch him way too easily. He falls into a pit. And and then we see a little bit of dry ice and does the gas just off someone has a detonator and it makes the barrels fall over. The the chemical reaction is such that ether or chloroform. Whatever that admission is we see a giant hand wave for a second and then Kong is out and then what? I don't know how you get them out of the pit. I don't know how you put them in tank number four we'll just fade over and just go with it. He gets there somehow. Did they have this holding cell ready like they didn't know they're we're gonNA find a giant gorilla but there's this huge cargo area. I mean I guess this is a cargo ship. They're going to fill it up with gas. That's exactly at least tanks. Were meant to be filled with petroleum. And Yeah you'll notice. They didn't have chains. Monkey has no restraints whatsoever. They weren't prepared for this. Only Jeff Bridges thought that there was going to be big beasts in the fog island and and so here he is waking up looking depressed starting to tear his surroundings and someone has the suggestion all right. We can't have this flood the tank and we'll just kill the gape and your dreams of a King Kong stage show are over and I think even fred was kind of okay with that and the only gone. Yeah well I mean if it comes down to we're going restage the Poseidon Adventure and the whole thing is going to tip over then. Yeah I guess we kill the eight and they're going to say that apes aren't good at swimming so the the AP die no matter what I suppose right and so this is where again. We're being asked to believe that doin. See something in this creature and I think it's compassion Shen and not opportunism. She hasn't signed the contract that she's going to do the stage show get she's climbing down into that tanker to basically just make this feel. Oh better about himself well. She doesn't climb in. She goes to the edge and then he figures out like getting a coconut from a tree he bangs the side she falls in and and Oh is she gonna Die Woche she is going to survive and be captured by him no but she is calling down. Hey it's your blind date. I mean there is some affection and she has left the side of Prescott Jeff. Bridges was kissing her. I think for the first time and she her like Scholl flew into the tank tank. And that's what kind of sadly off to begin with. And she chooses. I mean I guess if the ship to capsize you choose to go calm down the but again I feel feel like they're doing something more here and Jeff Bridges guest on and she's more in love with beast. I'm glad we have seen because I said in the thirty three one. How did they get get called back to the states here? We at least are shown how we got back to the states. But it's a very brief moment before we're back in New York work and this is moving fast and along the way we find out. DOIN' signed a contract with Fred. There's no extended scenes of this kind of stuff. Arnie not really. There's a few you seconds here and a few seconds there but the biggest changes that I noticed. Start Coming after Cong- escapes again. Okay Yeah because this feels. It's all chopped up like they're throwing back to the thirty three. Hey Jack why don't you married Doin- just like Got Married in the thirty three like but he doesn't Jack here. Ear has a crisis of conscience or something. It just feels very muddled like all of a sudden we're GONNA UNVEIL KONG. Yeah I would've liked to have taken an extra minute or two just to establish publish why it is. The primatology is signed a contract than no longer honoring it and donating all proceeds to funding. Kong's return to skull island. All of that stuff was interesting and I feel like deserves the scene or two but we got a little of it on the boat. You could see. He's already arguing against this. This as Doin is signing the contract. He's the one saying that it's not right. And he's given the chance to back out and not do the contract act in Jack Clams up. He stops talking. He also wants the money he is enticed by the fame. He goes against his principles on that boat for for a chance at spectacle. I didn't really see that. So maybe that isn't added beat no I definitely saw it in the theatrical cut. Where on the boat Fred? It comes up Doin' and starts talking about jackets when he says. Is there any chance a youtube kids getting married and we have to give away the bride. Okay Yeah I picked up more on that that he he was trying to turn the love story of all of this into part of the show and the show. Yeah the they're going to do something a little different. They don't stick them in a forty second street eight theater there are going to actually kind of make the docks of Queens or maybe it's a city park into some kind of Rena so that Khan could come out in a giant gas pump. I love it I do and this is where we get the giant robot these are actual sized blue screen. This stuff those are real people standing at the foot of a giant robotic game. I was hoping there would be a reference to the chrome steel. But there's no chrome steel. It's New York approved steel. That's going to hold them. I guess but yeah the fact that then he comes out with this giant cardboard oil pump. Overa- It is a great visual and then they pull that off. He's got crown. I wish we had that crown for the rest of the film. But but that's GonNa fall off but as board. I was like when I saw that giant oil pump being brought out with Kong inside. I perked up. Yeah it's funny and even then you know here is Wilson promising everyone. Oh this cages escape proof nothing can get out of this as the APIS clank clank. It's not even a challenge for com. Yeah he's like really want to say that again. They've changed something. I know that they had an opportunity to screen test this movie once and because caused the audience that watched it in Denver didn't like the original ending. I'm wondering if it was restored for television. Arnie they actually had this character. Live Fred he goes to his big boss and we get a little bit about how the big boss is unhappy about getting an ape and then the escaping and he's fired tired and he's blackballed from the industry. Then we have the scene here where Kong appears to step on him but you'll find out. He only stepped on his hat and this guy escape deep and he says something defective. I'd rather be dead than to not have my job or I don't know they. They apply it was harder for him to live. Knowing all the destruction destruction he caused them to be squashed underfoot of an eight. What they have in the TV cut is there's a shot of a boss looking guy in the stands screaming Fred? You're finished so we take it that it's his boss. Yeah that's exactly what it is. And then we see him get stepped on by Cong- long anyway And then when Cong- removes his foot we see a hat. But the implication is that the rest of him's under foot foot okay. Yeah there was some shot and the audiences said no villain kill him. There was a shot of Charles Grodin watching the ape walk away from this Arena Lena and then just dejected. kind of sauntering away kind of like the guy that invented quest of their does suburbia poltergeist. Lives to watch it all get sucked into into the sinkhole like he has a moment of realizing my dream has turned to tragedy. I found it funny. I thought maybe they left the hat in the TV version. When when I was a kid you know four years old? That's hysterical to me to think he just got pushed into the ground and all that's left is the hat but now I'm like do they leave that. In for comedic perfect I was. I was very shocked during the theatrical cut. which is more gory from this point on and more violent the TV cut a lot of the violence wants and not a whole lot of violence? Here there's blood I feel like when the helicopters come see I felt this way tamer than the thirty. Three three one pickled woman up out of the subway argo not her and shocker away thirty-three when he just chokes woman who we thought was favoring like it was horrific it was filmed dear. You don't even see your hit the ground and she just follows behind like elevated train or something. I'm sorry but the way he flings her. I take that as harsh but I was surprised is when I stepped on Fred that we didn't see a bloody pulp in the PG version but it's a weird cut the way that it cuts in the movie made me wonder if maybe it was too harsh for PG and they cut away why did they cut away but in the TV version is a hat so yeah. It's all kind of strange at. It's all around in the TV version. They gotta make this longer. Is there any more to this rampage than just taken out an elevated train. Because this was another disappointment there's a lack of other monsters certified and he smashes a train and that's about it. Well I mean there wasn't that much more in nineteen thirty three just to put it out there. The train was a last minute addition. They almost didn't make the final cut. But I hear what you're saying if we can have a rampage if you're not gonNA give me dinosaurs give me a rampage. Two things most expensive movie of all time. And we haven't even begun on those models and too dino does not want people to perceive his long as being someone that would hurt people unnecessarily he is just trying to divined his woman and he's not trying to kill yet again a few seconds here a few seconds there. This rampage is longer. The biggest edition is at at one point. A car kind of gets in Kong's way and he picks it up and smashes it into a building in explodes. But I agree with you. We really got it in the tribal seat when when calling like crushes all those huts in the nineteen thirty three movie. We got our rocks off on that. That was the destruction that Godzilla movie quality that. I really really like to see in giant monster movies and this movie backs away from that. I will say more engaged though. I didn't like the middle of this movie. But now that we've left the the island and we're having the jokes about Patrick's oil and we're getting some kind of thrills here. I at least engaged again. I feel like okay. I WANNA see the how he's going to get up to a new location here. We will find out that and I don't remember this from when he was actually on the island. There were two twin towers of stone. It was well they showed. Yeah like these mountains that two peaks. It doesn't look like World Trade Center. That is quite a leap that Jack is GonNa make and his logic. That's where is going to go. Yeah there's no even mountain with a skull on it like I don't think it's goal island goes there was there was no school but it was more like twin towers. I I don't remember we're that shot but for whatever reason is for the primate scientists to realize. I know where he's going. I need to tell someone. They also cut something else else from this that the test audiences didn't like he turns to Doin who has insisted rather than go hide in an underground bunker. Why don't we just go to hide in this underground bar? She asked him and this is in the cut. Are we still getting married. Where are you serious about that? Offer that you love me. And they cut at this out that he says I will only marry you if Kong lives if that ape dies. There's no way that I could forgive you for what's happened Ah He's holding doin responsible. Well she signed the contract he does offer come with me and they'd caught the eight. They were going to Redo that whole all dog and pony show regardless. You have to believe the idea that they wouldn't do it without the leading lady that she is as much an attraction as Kong she she you know maybe maybe not but I get where he's coming from and it's also true of couples that loose kids or something if you have a tragedy in your relationship. It's kind of hard hard to move beyond that. It's hard not to think about that time that they grabbed you either building and then fell off like maybe you don't want that to color your relationship so anyway anyway. They built into the idea that this love story was completely doomed. Not only does it. Not Work between Doin. It will not work out between Prescott and DOIN. Yeah and and that really hit me hard this time as you know. That's kind of a bitter ending here at the end. I was surprised when I watched it the first time again muddy videotape videotape. I'm like did he just leave her out to dry and watching it in the item of like damn that is cold but how does Kong fine doin like. They're an underground bar. There at cheers or something. I guess that's a Boston but Congress is like walking down the street. There's a curfew. No one's out. And he I don't know does he sniffer out yes I because they show the prosthetic head nostrils flare. He sniffs sniffs I think that's how we found her on the train. So I just take it to mean that he knows IOS or sent and he can tracker and he's even willing to get into the East River and weighed over there because we're told now guerrillas don't swim but he'll do it for her. I love the look on his face in that window as he's reaching in he's like you. I agree it's actually reminds me of Yukon from the Japanese years. It was just like oh you're charming. And how exactly does an arm bend like that though. We're it has to go down a half flight of stairs and then in around like five joints get silly again. This movie. If they're wanting to feel doomed love story that's tearing my heart apart and cry sorry dino. I'm not crying but I do feel like we're reaching the ending that I wanted and it's okay. I think you're right eight. I think we wanted to see more. Churches and people caught up in the wreckage but twin towers was a good idea. That was something that Dino insisted on. The other movie was going to do the Empire State Building. That had already been done before we got to do something new and yeah. The World Trade Center was only a couple years old at this point so it would have been the hot Hot New thing on the landscape to explore Kong grabs a helicopter and throws it into the other tower. That's a good guy. What about the flame? Throwers I do love. They come out with flame throwers Da Kong and he just jumps to the other tower though blood gushing out of his chest. That's the one thing that I'm like. Wow that's kind of heavy for a PG even that's uh-huh this is getting into that King Kong escapes territory with Madame Piranha bleeding out too violent for children. Well isn't a and is a guy in Abe sued. The EMPA- is probably more forgiving. And it's not that read a blood because it's against a black suit but man as a kid every bullet that pierced him appears to my heart. Sure I think you need to retain that if they ever make a call the where he so savage in his destruction that you cheer his death. They've done done it wrong. It has to be that we made the mistake of thinking. This wild animal could handle our civilization for some reason I was getting Vietnam Vietnam parallels to that we were sending in our military might to kill the savage from the jungle when we never should have gone into that jungle to begin in with the way they zoom in on those machine guns on the helicopters it does feel very violent. What I WANNA know? Was the mayor snowing. Jeff Bridges Because Jeff Bridges registered like. Don't worry they're bringing nets unsee a single chopper with a hook. A net a yellow balloon. There was no other plan other. Didn't then gun him down in Burnham right like that was all like just to placate him. That's how I understood it. Yeah and so it was only going to go this way. Either Congress going to win or we were GONNA take him out and it seems like Doin' is truly sad and even I would say puts her own life endanger trying to put herself between the bullets and the APE. This is the one moment. I Love Jessica Lang in this movie. Other than the moment where she wakes up. And I think she's just charming as hell and hysterical that she's talking about porn right after a life threatening experience but here would. She's begging him to pick her up. I actually feel what she saying. Unlike all of their flirty this won't work. Khan kind of stuff here. She just wants him to pick her up because they can't shoot him if he's holding her man that I I think that drives home the pain of these moments but I feel like ultimately the real tragedy is that she got what she wanted here was a enterprising woman that was is going to be famous no matter what had flirted with all kinds of men to put herself in front of the camera and now every camera is snapping her picture in front of that corpse and she has just to think again. It would have been extra ironic if we knew that Jeff Bridges is going to dump her but yeah all of this came at a cost to her personal life and the tragedy. You're watching an innocent creature guy that loved her already. You might be crying. You might be feeling for King Kong at this point to me. Look it is melodramatic but not in a good way for for me. This is like really expected to have these emotions as people crowd around Hong. It didn't work for me crying. It feels more like the ending of Sunset Boulevard. I don't want to spoil that film. It's really one of the greatest but when Norma Desmond gets her close up what it costs her to get in front of those cameras. There's an irony there that I feel place I feel. There's a dark spirit to the idea that she is both got much. He wants and has been ruined the fact that she's standing there calling out for for Jack and Jack won't go to her. Jack won't comfort her. That's where I feel like it is harsh and I credit we see here. This is obviously the end of the movie Carlo. Rambaldi Rick Baker Glenn Robinson. This is the only time they're acknowledging all that we just watched where people in suits again. Everyone that would have watched watch this movie. In nineteen seventy six was being told they actually had a forty foot. Carrillo then climbed up the World Trade Center and they got real helicopters shoot at it but they downplay Rick Baker and Rick Baker did most of the work. It is a source of controversy because when the Oscars were talking about visual effects there was a break off fifteen and admittedly some of these people were working on the universal King Kong. So baby they had a reason to be withholding but they're like rick. Baker is not a special effect. If you had told told me that all of this was puppeteer work stop motion. We would give you this Oscar. But we're not gonNA vote for that and so they broke away. They didn't have enough votes displaying. Did get it a best special effects Oscar but not without controversy because yeah man in suit I I think well even talking about that when we get to. Andy Circus is he. The is it a performance or is it a special effect. I think here it probably is more of a performance and Dido said Okay give him a best actor Oscar like give him some award word. My eighth deserves the statue. But does he Jacob Stuart. Do you recommend in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy six's King Kong shakeup. I was actually surprised faced with how much of this that I did enjoy. I'm not saying I enjoyed the whole thing but there are things about it that I did enjoy. It really made me think because there's some things I really don't like about thus film but yeah the fact that it is so seventies like that you're asking a giant ape. What his sign is like I kind of just like that when he comes out as a big oil pump trump? Yeah I kind of liked that. It's weird it's goofy but there's something there that appeals to me and I feel like that he could only get that in the seventies film like you're just standing around talking about animal rights with a giant Kong. That's causing the problem with this film is that it's the seventies film and for whatever reason they don't want dinosaurs they don't want those rampages. Do you giving me reasons why I disagree with them. Now if the human drama was so strong that just this backdrop of a giant ape. Rampaging through New York was it was just neat. Little side thing to all this great human drama than I wouldn't mind but they kind of developed characters that I liked but they don't really do anything with it kind of just falls apart for me and so I it's it's an interesting failure. That's I've with it like you WanNa see a giant robot eight with a crown on it to the gasoline pump. This is the movie for you but it's uneven. It's a week not recommend but it is is not recommend because I want. I just have certain expectations. What the King Kong Film and the human drama here wasn't strong enough to overcome the lack of cool King Kong stuff off that I wanted here so again we not recommend but yeah it gets kind of boring at times Stewart? Yeah Jacob I hear what you're saying. I wrestled with two. But I'm going go the other way with it. I actually was surprised at how much I did like this movie. Even though it is another silly dino dealer RENTA's production that would have been better if it actually a you know he keeps saying that this is beauty and the beast and that this is tragedy but I think they would have been better off giving what they could do in film at this time trying to make jaws like I do feel like if this had been a disaster movie or a suspense piece. I do think that it would have helped some of these pacing problems that are prevalent here as a love story. Just not gonNA work for me. And I'm not digging the actors I it's actually enjoyable to see all these stars early in their career. They do a good enough the job and I feel like sometimes it's production has a really great look to scores an improvement from my mind. But that's maybe the only thing better about this film from nineteen thirty three in the end. There's no real reason to see this other than as a footnote. It is an interesting take on something that you should see but I guess that's enough have to say mild recommend. Yeah you mentioned the score. The score in this is absolutely amazing. Actually I just really enjoyed rediscovering that music and maybe part of it is. I remembered it somewhere deep in my memory from being a kid and watching this but I really do like the score. Do I like the movie I like. Both of you had wrestle with it but I think for the exact opposite reason is like it took so long to get to the island with all those characters who were enjoyable but it unimportant overall and it does feel like when we get to New York their scenes that just should be there and art. I think we could have spent a little less last time with all the crewmen on the boat and a little more time leading up to this extravaganza in New York City. You know it's like once Cong- showed up. We had a chase in the jungle. We had a crisis on the boat and then we had chasing the city but it would have been nice to see a little bit more of the setup for the city city and yeah Jackson crisis of conscience but I think casting goes a long way for this even though it took a while to get to the island again. The people who were going going I enjoyed watching and then watching King Kong rampage. I liked the suit. I like the mask I like the facial expressions. I like Khong smiling when he's looking in the window. I like calling puffing out his cheeks when he's blow drying dwan after shower that shot. Yeah that was problematic moment for me. So we're enjoying join different things. I mean I'm not sure. I like the whole shower bit but it was a good puppeteer in effect immediately. So I'm going mild recommend Mande on it. I think it was a decent enough version of a series where honestly I mean. Yeah I like the original a lot but I think this has enough going for where I think. I got the calmness as a kid recommend and audiences agreed this thing made money and I do think many people have have someplace in their heart for this. Although it's rare to find anyone argue this is the one they liked better or the best. Maybe the only one that could probably compete with nineteen thirty three speeder Jackson. But we're still a couple of weeks away from that one we gotta get to King Kong lives. I this one. I've successfully avoided. We did like somebody trying to snipe me from tower. I have just dodged this one despite being curious about it when it came out I remember the campaign I remember. The commercials was so long again. I was like King Kong was made so long ago. Is this really a sequel. I even remember talking to you. Who About Stewart I think you did you see it back then I? This is the first King Kong movie I ever saw. Well maybe King Congress Godzilla but the first one of a time. When I was paying attention to how movies were made and yes I was aware of when it came out? I was wherever it's promotion and I was aware of how bad it was when I saw it non-cable a few months later. Yeah I remember you telling me a couple of choice things about it and I just never felt the need to see that King Kong long lived through all of these bullets and a giant plummet from the top of the World Trade Center. Yes let's be clear on this. This is a direct sequel to this at eight we. The thought was there that got shot in the chest. He didn't die. He bled out and they gave him a blood transfusion in a new hearts and he will get up again when you get a new heart for a giant APE. Yeah wait for it GonNa save some of these toys for you to discover next week. In the meantime maybe you might enjoy a different it. Pairing another sequel rush hour two. It's going to be available for platinum donors this Friday. 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Playing is in Gaza Media Production Copyright Twenty Twenty and no part of the show may be reproduced re purposed for redistributed. Did without the written permission of guns of Media Inc all rights reserved ninety that climb up there and get himself Cornyn. The eight must've known common. What does it matter plays? It wasn't the it was beauty. Killed The beast now and you can tell. I'm a tourist from the shape of my ears. This is Jacob. Oh a Taurus. I think you said a tourist idea to you might want to say that again because I was line line move tourist. No Yeah Taurus Joyce it. Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay Yeah special special effects extravaganzas like that were so new and fresh. The movie's really had been doing that kind of epic. Since Cleopatra bombed in the early sixties that this I felt like wow we can finally spend a lot of money on films and give it all the Oscars. I just picture somebody about fifty years from now being like the Superhero Film Special Effects. Were so new at that time. People were just enthralled. Seems you know movies are. You can't watch him now. Yeah I definitely wonder what it will be liked to look back at this decade in general from history and what. The movies are commenting on our times. We'll be an interesting book. I hope to live to read. But we'll see about that. But yes qand falls in love with Doin but and when and when drawn I hate that name mm-hmm I do too. I do eight it looking up name pronunciation I wrote Down Rene Ambrosioni Rene Arbor Zhenhua.

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