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Ice Cream. Eggs. Whiskey.

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Ice Cream. Eggs. Whiskey.

"Everybody welcome again to the five for five podcast. I cast my name is Frenchie and as usual. I'm joined by Mike. Are you doing. Mike happened to be here. Man We are back for another fun filled episode of the show show where we play for pointless points and pointless prizes that's right but the journey through history is priceless absolutely prices because we always got something to learn in this week again. We're putting another story from nineteen forty-five to nineteen fifty. It's definitely exciting five year span today. We're going to be in the year nineteen forty eight. That's on stopes you. We get into it right after this definitely ready man. Let's do all right everybody. I'm super excited about another story this time from nineteen forty eight right yeah nine hundred and forty-eight the article comes from the Kokomo Tribune in in Kokomo Indiana. I like already. The title of this article is on wild spree. Three teenagers end up in jail. I'm into that a while juvenile L. crime spree which started here last Thursday and wound up in court in Danville ended Saturday with the sensing of two juvenile repeaters to the Indiana. Oh boy school and the temporary probation of a Third Youth Donde Palma age sixteen of two seventeen South Callum at St and Robert mccown h h fourteen of one twenty south Elizabeth Street who have been on probation here for some time were sentenced to the Indiana boy school until they are twenty one years old the third a boy who has no previous record was not sentenced at the time the courts saying that judgment would be made Monday police investigated say the boys entered the Duke restaurant on on three occasions the last time being last Thursday morning on one occasion. One of the boys broke into the restaurant while on the way home from church Thursday they walk to West Middleton and so a car belonging to roscoe Garner. They drove this car to Danville. Were they abandoned on the outskirts of the city when they left it. The record shows they let all the air out of the tires police say that in Danville the boys stole the other jacket a Wallet Ends Abaco out of a railroad worker then they stole stole a second car which they drove to Marshall Illinois in the time that they were driving the two stolen cars they had five separate accidents said coming back towards Danville. They decided to hold up a filling station but had no guns. They look for guns a steel but could find none so they said they decided to hold up a station anyway. They entered a filling station to gang up on the attendant but said there were four men in there so we left. They said they still a carton of ice cream in four eggs and in the stolen car on a sleeping bag and a pint of Whiskey. They slept in a field Thursday night eight the ice cream and eggs and drank a pint of whiskey. They also try to steal the hand car on a railroad siding they said but it abandoned the idea when it seemed to be to public the theft of the ice cream led to their downfall for it furnished a clue to the sheriff from Denver L. who caught them and that's the article okay so it's been a minute since we've had to do a story recap but I feel like this merits story recounts back because there's definitely a lot going on details are kind of a little bit crazy so okay yeah so you basically had three young people go on a juvenile crime spree in Indiana to the teenagers were essentially repeat offenders. They call them repeaters. You know one of my favorite details. Oh was that one of the boys broke into a restaurant while on the way home from church all right so I just WanNa come out thought that was great. The boys also stole two cars and had five accidents on the crime spree continued and they're about to knock over a gas station but basically lost their nerve and then they stole a car of ice cream for eggs and as luck would have it found a pint of whiskey and some sleeping bags in the back a couple stolen car. I think I really started listening when you said that they got ice cream and eggs and that's what they ate. Yeah Right. Kids live enough of ice cream and eggs for a little bit yeah and stolen cars in stolen cars and whiskey. Where did this happen this happened in Kokomo. Indiana Co Okay Kokomo Indiana doesn't sound like a big town and Dan these kids three of them right tumor already notorious yeah right and they're just like. Let's have ourselves a good time. Let's ourselves a wild time. Skip Church and let's rob something. That's let's steal a car this Robert Stewart. Let's Rob a store and then steal a car and then steal a second car that has has Stephanie Waste Right whiskey and things like that just to make the night more fun right and then they pretty much just settled down in camp somewhere to eat stolen eggs and stolen elon ice cream and pound Whiskey which is a cornerstone of any nutritious dinner and they even consider this. This was funny to mean to. They try to steal our. They consider stealing a hand car from train yeah but it was to public. I like that that's where they drew the line right guys. It would be fun to use this cartoon prop but somebody might notice everything else. We've done nano problem but this guy's. We're stopping right here yeah. I don't think anybody's noticed that the cars missing yet. Nobody missed me at Church said one of the kids right that grocery store in October. Don't worry about that no and now somebody came out of this other store to find their whiskey. The car is gone and don't forget to total like two cars. Yeah and they're going around crashing stuff to write. These kids are maniacs but stealing the hand car that that sits on the rail on the train track and carting it around a little bit. That's our line. Among these kids do seem to have a moral compass yeah and they draw the line. Senate trained part theft. Can I pick out something though that I also find just ridiculous the theft of the ice cream led to their downfall for it furnished a clue to the sheriff from Danville who caught them. I also noticed when you said that 'cause I was expecting for the story the reporter whoever wrote the story to fill something in their exactly and nothing got filled in thank you. That's why that sticks out to me like a sore thumb yeah. He's like pay Titian to disclose detail never going to bring it up again. Exactly I mean is it was it a flavor that they picked out was it you know I mean. What was it about this ice cream or maybe it was like you know some only certain stores. How's that ice cream or something like that or right or how frozen ice cream was. Maybe my indicate how far the store was from where they ended up. I just picture a cop seeing this blot of ice cream on the floor getting getting down on one knee tasting it like the whole time he detectives yea. He goes from reasoning goes rum raisin. There's only one general store that sells run raising around here. I'd love to know who this Luth of a cop was. Dick Tracy was big in the fifties right right right Maybe this Dick Tracy looking detective. He tasted the ice cream or you know the lack of toppings or something told him that they couldn't have bought it at this place or that place or whatever they didn't have cameras at the stores yours right right so somehow ice cream leads to these kids. Maybe there's just a hole in the package and it just like leaked and left a trail to the hoodlums. Oh cookie crumbs yeah yeah. You know what that that makes sense. That's like a little orphan Annie Fifties type of thing right exactly best Lucie that is I want to know how the eight the eggs right because because are they just cracking the eggs and just drinking lincoln the content I mean because I'm thinking some kind of an odd shake right the eggs and the ice cream and ice cream and what does it whisky and whiskey. Oh man that's a concoction on that that interested in that is the worst concoction ever. I'm not really sure what these kids were thinking when they didn't have pans right. I don't think they had fathers when they left. They didn't have pans or plans or dads or something because he just went off on this horrible spree. How long did it take them to do. All of this this was done from so it all started on a Thursday and they were sentenced on a Saturday. Oh it happened. Quicken so church was skipped. It was Thursday service yeah and then this whole thing just takes off. They probably spent what Thursday night. Maybe Friday part of Friday doing it camping out. Maybe yeah they camped out. Obviously they had time to eat the eggs and everything Friday night around the woods slamming whiskey eaten ice cream and eggs. You know if you're stealing food already right. Why is that the menu. Why can't it be good why I mean they had. What else could they have taken back? Then that would have just you know made a lot more sense because they didn't have a ton of like prepackaged foods and things like that right they should have taken meet a loaf of bread jelly sandwich could've made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches peanut butter in a jar or or even butter bread and butter right yeah and ice cream you know that's that's a a meal and a dessert a little bit more reasonable with the nightcap with the whiskey the nightcap right perfect nightcap after especially after a long day of stealing cars and a loaf of bread and some cheese cheese sandwiches something man any anything anything better than just eggs ice cream and whiskey. That's just like raw rental and making your decisions for you something when your brain writings Nice Yeah and and Roger aniline too bad combo yeah. It's a bad comedy smells really bad well. It smells like the end of the first half I'd say so we should probably move move on to the second one after this and maybe take on a little bit of modern context with this one man all right well. Let's get back into it right. After this smile later pulled both my name is Greg McConnell simple Komo peak and I'm super excited to announce my podcast time before exit. The show features a special guest every week has become successful in one way or another wherever they might be made guest. We always have good advice to close at one point. There were two. I wouldn't buy them to share the story of their haunt. What I see. I'm being better muscle. ABC will be available to download every Thursday also remember to followers Swagger Media Z. W. Ear see. This is a visa from flying wind wind podcast. You're listening to the five or five podcasts punchy and might all right everybody we are back for the second half and some continuation on this craziness of a story from nineteen forty eight. Bat Mike like brought in yeah. It's definitely an off the wall when I would really love if we would kind of explore this scenario but using modern context kids. Do you want an order to go by just all the events as they are because let's let's do it in order because I mean you walked us through the nineteen forty escapade so let's do the same thing for the modern context kids so breaking into a restaurant well skipping church. Yes skipping church true. I think that's still applies is yeah. Kids will still be like Nah. I'd rather go get in trouble right so yeah. That's really not not too heavy but it's not far Laura Okay so then what breaking into a restaurant breaking into a restaurant so are we breaking in after hours I mean is it technically breaking in if it's during during business hours well the restaurant premise. I think itself is has transitioned right right because breaking into restaurant in nineteen forty eight is literally he breaking into like a diner or like a formal family restaurant agreed nowadays it could be breaking into like a fast casual right. She portly exactly and if they're doing it at night. They're having their run of the BURRITO bowls. That's true all the tortillas. They want right all the CASO guacamole. It's not extra tonight Yup. We're GONNA eat plenty of that and you know what they're getting in on those those yummy juices. They got over there too okay so I'm with you actors or whatever yeah exactly an honest tea on yeah. They got those keys modell or stuff like that I was I that's really where my mind was like. Those kids are breaking in for those mellows. Yeah there's taken off the Silverware Feminine Napkins. You know what I mean yeah. They're weather at it. They're like I'M GONNA. Hook Hook up my apartment with all. The food needs yeah. Foil lids foil sheets. It's on right I have everything from yes and they're going to take these tubs was full of GUAC and just run out the door with it. Eat It there. What do you think I think they're gonNA eat some there. Yeah they will try and fire up a grill or something right because kids are animals yeah they we are the church exactly heathens so what happens next so if my memory serves me correct a stolen car okay that might be a little different vegas against those steal a car yeah but is it more difficult to steal a car now. You have to steal an old car. Yes you have to steal an old car and I'll take a step. Further needs to be automatic. Oh Yeah Ah because kids are not driving stick exactly. We've even heard stories. I think online of that being a deterrent for car thieves right the running joke is the twenty first century theft deterrent yeah. It's the the alarm rate at five five speed alarm. They can break into the car but that car is not moving so if they're not stealing a car then what are they stealing and then. I can electric scooter yeah. I'm thinking electric scooter. I think carjacking an uber is a little dramatic right yeah. No that's a different crime together. That's not what the kids it's not equivalent equivalent the forty eight kids a whole new class of crime yeah so maybe Citi bike the hacking the city bike or something like that. Oh man now. You're getting super high tech with it yeah. Maybe maybe I'm just saying these are monitoring kids now. Yeah it's true and they want trouble. They're gonNA find wraps galleons so they managed to get some wheels right. What happens next so remember? They end up stealing another car. O and they're crashing cars crashing so the crashing cars into each other yeah so they're like basically like wrecking all the city bikes yeah they've gone through like a gaggle of electric scooters. They've gathered all of them from the city introduced destroying them. Maybe they've stolen like some mid nineties Hondas okay something like that right a little acura Integra and they're trying to fast and furious drafter something with front wheel drive Tokyo drift yeah. They're doing like you know emergency emergency brake pools of like that like in the Walmart parking lot or something but they're still trying to do it in a Honda which makes it extra funny hilarious in fact yeah but I mean these kids aren't exactly thinking straight or at all so they're gone this craziness with the cars with the wheels lots of lots of wreckage right. We are now considering holding up the local shell station. Oh yeah that's see that's different too. 'CAUSE that gas station from before it was just a rando or even liquor-store whatever it was right. It was just really like mom and pop right now. Circle K seven eleven cutie. They're all trying to get as much soda as it can into their polar pop right. They want a lot of four locos. Yes and the food's change too yeah. They tend to steal more grocery items than they do like actual actual food food right so the other kids stole like you know you said. Yeah Oh yeah and the whiskey they found right eight out of the car out of out of one of the cars sleeping bag in whiskey out of one of the cars so they probably wouldn't find whiskey in modern car. This is true but when they go to do their theft of all the foods and everything like that definitely. I think we're going down a road where we agreed that the food is different right slim Jims. It's true that's that's definitely gestation stationed food. Yes bottles of water yup energy drinks crazy ramp lots and energy drinks twizzlers pringles lots of processed food but in this version hurt. Hershey bars yeah definitely which mccaw is kits delete which means I don't know man. I see him all the time. Though oh no now the like sour worms op op and don't forget I let us all of the sour candies stages went through those like crazy yeah they just ate all those hours and they run out with them but they run past the self-checkout checkout right you know because theft at a grocery store liquor store or something like that is not more high profile now because of cameras right and police response is really fast so maybe they. They're pocketing this stuff. They do like the slick theft yeah like you figure back in the day. These kids are probably wearing overalls and things like that. They're trying to stuff can inside of them. You know today. Maybe kids are wearing big baggy basketball shorts and in other types of articles of clothing that they can hide this. You know I get a sense though that at this version of the modern version has to be lot more grabbing go they got a they have to bum rush out the doorman yet slithering fill your pockets and bolt yeah and hope nobody stops stopped on the way out you had mentioned something about them trying to hold up a place right. It wasn't a grabbing goes. They were trying to hold up a place because he couldn't find weapons right and then they took their crime crime spree to a completely separate state to nobody's crossing state lines nowadays with affect that right they went to Marshall Illinois. That part needs to be omitted from the modern in context. I don't think that these kids would be brazen enough to deal with like state troopers and stuff like this right. That's a big deal man. I mean you know we. We have more clearly defined. Federal Lines enes now and the states. Don't mess around when you go state to state with crime now no because that's a federal offense when you're when you're crossing state lines you're not you're not looking into those crosshairs. That's doing time. I'm typing hard time because we're not talking about like super hard criminals timeout some kids with some priors yeah. It's a rap sheet of like lots of petty prior's so they get their snacks and then they're just our kids. Maybe they just go hide out somewhere yeah or maybe they do head toward a train or something like that right. Well remember. There's still a leather jacket and a wallet from a railroad worker. Oh Yeah Yeah and I'm omitting the whiskey right yeah so they did get a hold of some substance type stuff right excuse to control these kids. They're monitoring kids deep. They're still going for alcohol yeah but maybe they're getting some like Joel pods or something yeah yeah. They're definitely swiping jewel pods getting four locos. You know th they're getting all the stuff that's behind the counter so yes fizzy alcohol's yeah that kind of stuff you're getting snooze and what they're grabbing has changed but then maybe where they're going with his change too because our old context kids they went to hide out by. I train right or just to camp somewhere out in the wilderness right yeah. No our modern kids are what are they going back to winning the People's House or something or what yeah I think they might be going like an abandoned and in house depending on where they live what city their insurance you know also known as a Bando they might be going back to their parents house for all we know now. Maybe these kids are. They're actually living an okay life economically but they're just bad just bad kids yeah so they're probably what they're now. They're gonNA troll people on on the Internet for a while. They're gonNA troll people on read it on their smartphones. They're hanging out but the hang out things different. They're going to livestream the fact that they just committed all this crime. Yes data data for sure. I think would definitely be happening. They are going to go so social. I see hashtags in their future. Hashtag Crime Hashtag crime life has tag catch. Watch me. You can't Hashtag yellow well so then what happened. Do they ever L. Kids after forty eight kids oh they got caught up to because of the COP remember. The ice cream cream gave these kids away so it gives the new kids away because we had to make some assumptions about how the ice cream gave it away like we said you know. Dick Tracy style sleuth sleuth. It's going to be the GEO tagging all their social media posts. Oh that's GonNa that's GonNa give away their coordinates the cops the GPS thing is now a thing and the camera trail when they hacked into the scooters right. The modern kids left a huge digital footprints like yeah. You might be smart but you're not that smart art. When we were kids see you can outrun the cop but you can't outrun the radar right well. Now you can't out run the Internet Chat Outrun the Internet and you sure as hell can outrun. GPS No matter how fast and furious you get right. There is no. Ooh Out running the GPS folks and that's your lesson geostationary satellites own us. You can't outrun the satellite. They know where you are. They know where you've been and if they map it out just right. They're gonNA know where you're going next. It's almost perfect so the kids in the past got caught after this and then the story takes place place with them being sentenced it yeah so the kids were sentenced on a Saturday. Did it say what they were sentenced to yeah. So basically to the kids were sentenced is to a boarding school where the third kid was sentenced to probation. Okay that changes a lot. We'll see these kids. Though they did destruction of reality he like major distraction property our modern context kids right tons of theft and they showed off which judges don't like nowadays you know they hate aided. These kids would have been unsecured straight best case like I said community service but I think these kids are doing juvie or something yeah I agree. Maybe even tried as adults. Maybe be depending on their age but you know yeah some form of a reprimand. I believe the oldest was sixteen. Oh and the old story yeah. Oh yeah definitely then yeah. These kids bear getting isn't it. They're getting it hard yeah. They're going damn yeah. I think the oldest was sixteen. I think the youngest was like twelve thirteen. That's crazy to imagine like a modern thirteen year old like stealing cars in doing all that kind of stuff. I don't know any thirteen year olds modern thirteen year olds. That would be down like that. I'm sure they're out there but that's pretty wild stealing tobacco leather jackets uh-huh. I mean honestly I don't know man. Maybe maybe these kids are graduating. They're like maybe they'll just still math or something yeah. Maybe we made it light yeah. It might be worse than we think yeah. Maybe I took it there because the degree a kid that did something like this in one thousand nine hundred forty eight if you put them in a modern context with all the access to everything that we have now it's worse. Oh my Gosh Gosh it's worse yeah. It's way worse because I keep going back to the public. showoff aspect of this. These kids would be like live streaming potions pictures of every single the thing that they were doing well speaking of that. I think is time that we post up some points because you are crazy. Story might already well. Let's get into that right after this. This is from flan blind podcast. They describe like love and followed at work media at Z. W. D. R. C. Media. Do get it good all right everybody. It's time to wrap it up and it is time as always to give away the pointless points into and the pointless prizes. I can't wait man. Okay mic well today. You have earned yourself. A brand new cocktail that I invented called the kokomo special. Do you WanNa know what's in it. Do I WANNA know. I think you have an idea. It's made of eggs ice cream and whiskey man. It's it's a I'm sure it's like a hangover cures that right. It tastes like disappointment. I think everybody go home and make that while then I can't wait for you to make at this drink after this recording. I'm kind of curious. Oh Yeah I'm not doing this alone. You shouldn't have to Mike good all right. We WanNA thank you for joining us for another crazy episode so five cash remember we play for pointless points and pointless prizes but the jury history it's priceless that's right. We hope he join us on the next episode and until then don't forget to subscribe like love and follow us at work media. That's right folks said Z. WBRC media victim it might.

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Disconnected 069: Stagnant Next Gen Wars


1:11:46 hr | 3 months ago

Disconnected 069: Stagnant Next Gen Wars

"So. Five. Working to watch looking. That's the weird thing for me about What the Hell does happen. anyways, that's one of the weird things to me about Disney plazas. There's a lot of good stuff on there, but I still can't justify paying for it, and it's not even the most expensive subscription service out there. So yeah, everyone I. Know by the way for those listening some of you who might say something you guys are account. So if you're using someone else's account, you don't care enough about Disney plus just saying before you go out there plus great I, know how many of you mother fuckers are using someone's account that's listening to this, right? There S A fuck. Like I was not gonNA pay for it. Yeah. I just know that there some people on facebook that are going to be like I. Love. Disney. Plus I'll be like, yeah, that's your name. That's your name on the account. Good job at it. But Yeah, how's Your Day? Third Long hours at work You know. Take it up all my time at this point I, went into I started watching. Go does with our adventure. Totally messed me up when they A. Spoiler. When they do the ship, not really going to say, but when they do the shift, totally must man. Like. What. I. I. Do not like do do can You know go away forever and never come back into my life. I didn't really play anything this week who I haven't really had time. other little bit of Kokomo go but not enough to. Make a different About my week. Russell how far did you get into jail? On on. Season holder this against. But. Yeah you get your kid. anyways, guys today sponsor. You know if you're listening to your podcast and you don't want some like you know someone of the just walk up on, you like that you can check out our sponsors today. Good. We're halfway through. Crusaders. Artists Crusaders. Crusader. I hate you. You hate deal. You hope he never comes back. You're really disappointed if you actually hope that lower. A joke because? You're probably not only. You. Know he did come back earlier. So go now. Stuck watching the entire show. Because literally everyone else goes way Bergen. But anyways. Okay. Josh because. I just I just really I gotta know gotTa know what I was like. Oh Watching Joe Jones told me more. Yeah. Well, aside from asking her where she is in Joe. Yesterday. Not last week, actually, really busy for me regards to work but. have been continuing finally. Got Some time. To. Keep pushing through the blue lions play through on fire emblem. So. Reagan's the progress there. finally. Be X four as zero that was. Fun. Yeah. I'm kind of hoping to. Yeah I would like to get you know. Pretty good at it to the point where like you know maybe I could beat the game in a fucking day. so. see what the fuck else. Hanging. Out some friends on discord shing them stream their dark souls. Three play throughs. Desmond pretty interesting. I think side from A. Really watched. Much of anything Right. For me more women to I think that like I'm still I'm still lie basically the beginning maybe like four of the way through and I met like fifteen hours already. So there's that. That's the thing I tell people is. The games I play take up a lot of time I. Average hockey's a playthrough, is about eighty to one, hundred, twenty hours. Deadly premonition. One about eighty hours. A. Most Games play probably over eighty hours at least. So typically when when I do play games, the while I think judgment was like right? Exactly at AG. So most games I play Kinda, take a long time. So they're good stuff though. Into, a couple of patches now I still. Playing the launch Bill I. Still don't see. I. Don't I get what Jim and digital found. You're talking about when it comes to performance issues. But I don't or maybe it's because I played it recently, I. Don't know Jim. He bought it on switch, but I don't know if he played it a lot on switch. But I played deadly premonition one within a few months of the permission to come out. And as someone who played the game immediately one after the other I don't see what they're talking about. Any excessive amount of jank compared to the original. It's just as busted and I don't. Get. Exactly. What they're coming from I. Don't know. It's just weird to me. It's Kinda like. This whole thing to ask for sequel for so long and then almost seen like you purposely WANNA complain about it instead of just enjoying it when there's no real, there's probably some ethical moral problems, but that has nothing to do with the guy, gave it as per se in terms of performance, which is again the criticism I heard a lot about it, what it came out and I don't see. I. Would like to see some proofs. But from what I remember from Jim's video. After watching it now that I think I was safely enough to the game where he wasn't going to spoil anything, which actually pretty much doesn't really talk much about the game at all fire going to how the narrative is or anything I, know like, I. Didn't even see it in his video. I. Don't know if I saw like what he was talking about. Dropping. One frame of second or or clipping through something or whatever out of it like, Oh, well, let me you're showing me. But a lot of these people had told that said, these problems. I didn't see any provisional Valerie. Put out a video this pretty detailed. Digital? Foundry. Videos is that they go way into the tear, right? Like blood, for example, nodded awful performing game. But when they break it down to frame, so thirty drops, it sounds like the biggest piece of shit in the world. So if you ripped into anything on a technical level, you can make a game sound bad and so I don't see like you know and they went into that because. Really good video where they talk about What someone emulated bloodborne on. PC At. Sixty frames and running really well on obviously hardware as opposed to the war version where they talk about that one section where the frame rate pretty much dips the shit and everything, and then of course, the fact that it's a lock thirty. Causes Issues already with screen sharing and. Everything like that. I played bloodborne off the frame drops as bad as it used to. But I, remember there was I. Think it was wet Karnal Lane was wearing what happened. Yeah. It got really other than that. It's just minor. You know the PS four has got a BS borders of those powerful causal. So definitely has pickups like there's there are times when I running cut scenes on horizon or whatever. It is weird stutter that happens when they're lying. Just like that's a little weird. But okay, this is twenty nineteen. Weird is like an stutter pre rendered cut scene by the way. All they have is like that's a little weird. But anyways. So the point is if you really WanNa tear down, everything can and I just. Like I see again like going addressing to Laura Dale's criticisms of the game. She's not wrong. Swears response wasn't great. Obviously as part not part of that community. Excuse me. It's one of those things where you can only vicariously related like you know what I mean. I can't quite say when those things happen in the game that I was really hitting. The feels offended and like gasping for air, the next comment can't say defected in that way, but I can understand it being offensive. For example, I? Don't know she talks about this part, but the way he's black people making. It is could just be. That's how Creole Louisiana Black people are. You know maybe they are. They're very enemies black available maybe that's how they are or maybe it's a racist. I don't know I can't split into. You know while there's one character that's kind of a weird Boogeyman, and that's all racist. But other than that like I, it's just as the rest of the character that. High School or is it just a fucking? Man I don't know. But anyways other than that. Though the game itself is still pretty solid. It's still interesting that I want when I look at the art style because of the fact that it takes I, said this off camera Josh I forgot that I didn't say on the last podcast of the semi talked about daily permission to. The art style definitely goes after de four Darby's dies like shading style more than the original determination. But with how data adult desert arniston engine is it must be the engine that they're running on. So we'll see from there. I'm so really excited. I can't defend swear he's responsible Dale, but I can't say that I was really excited for his next game coming into the good life, which is really cool. I mean takes place around. This cat, basically the main character. Now, there's a, there's a check. That's what is the cat, but really the cat's the main character and it's very investigative again, which is actually what I kind of life. Where your cat basically. So I'm kind of curious to see where they'd go with that. The art styles vary cartoony and. I got. This is the problem with There's a lot of crowdfunding platforms, right. But most people only really hear about kickstarter I forgot the name of crowd funding platform that it was on, but I just didn't feel entirely confident. KICKSTARTER is not great. Let me put it this way There's a ton of failed projects thankfully, I've always hesitated to back the project, but I have seen several products found interesting. Go right down the shitter never now, etc, etc. But thankfully, I've never backed a flop. I almost action with three, but thankfully. I haven't back. They'll flop all the games. I. Have All come out all. Twelve of them. So basically, all the way back to come out successfully for better or worse updates great and some games. Good. But none you know didn't just cut and run. There was like it's cool. Dinosaur game I guess it was kind of like rust. But with more vomited dinosaurs, it's more like coded I guess, but whatever it's like It or rather. That's what. But it looks like a better version. Actually, he looks like dog shit for some reason, the graphics look like. A Fun, game or whatever, but the graphically. But anyways Survive all playing a human or man in your survival against whatever. But that project got successfully funded I think seven plus years ago, and the last update was never came out and the last update was like seven years ago. So it's one of those things where that's the problem with kickstarter. The good thing is kickstarter has changed their less in the last year or two where you have to have a working prototype. You have to a working prototype to kickstarter that they have to approve and say that's obviously cut scene or that's dog shit? Yeah. They have to actually approve it how strict they are about that. But the fact that they make you a thing where at least they have you unity thing where you run around a bit and click stuff. The fact that you have to do that I think we'll eliminate most people on there. I made a really good point awhile back about how much children on their which. Doesn't seem like that should have been passed like a lot of project seven year seven-year-olds like I'll make the game with the money and it's literally just children not like those. Like you know eighteen year old dumb, ass. Straight up kids on, they're like I WANNA, make a game and one hundred thousand dollars, and it's just like you're not going to happen. If you give this hundred, thousand dollars is not going to know what the fuck to do because he doesn't know anything about making a game. He's just played video games, but I'm glad they seem to cut that out also. So the age restriction gets is getting better, but unfortunately, there's never a full proof guaranteed that games come out. Next did back. Then I'm hoping to come out soon as she then it's a two D side scrolling Ninja fast paced sites. Looks Cool. Hopefully or. The. Other day post of the journals like every other day. So I love that I love in loop with that. Because it shows me that something's happening. Oh I got. You know what? There was. One Game I did back. That did technically come out, but KINDA got fucked up due to legal reasons stargazer. Happening stargazer is not just the day changed the complete direction of you. Original pitch like the game style, and graphically, all change is now called stargazer DSP believe. But then the problem later on is that they ended up having a falling out with the original composer, and then which like the music is like great eighty cents wave. Shit and the fall out with her then she's kind of like fuck you sending him abuses of. Construction music, and so that's kind of whatever. But it did come out at one point. It just became a mess in post. But whatever. So that's the closest thing you'll feel ever back shame because we actually met those at the. Tax. So. That's actually that's actually one of the first ones doctor on that time. Well, not the first one. But that's one of the first ones where like to a and was like met the people got their cards and everything and you know I'll back you because I don't think back from that packs of the other that also played. The devolve published carry where you play. Ask Your. It's basically what you're eighty alien or whatever. But instead of. Your this big of allegation Bush, of DNA, but instead of. Playing the guy trying to get away from the monster, he plays the monster. So as you go throughout the levels, these levels. If you were playing them in a traditional game, you see the level lay out in your automatic pled brain things. All I would have to run up. No, but monster that's not dropping in from a area and kind of having to kill everybody in the level and using the physics and I kind of like a swing of physics mechanic to try to get around level and stuff like that. So you play the monster instead of the humans and what's obviously A. Game that looks like you're supposed to be playing humans. So it's Kinda cool that they did reverse engineering there and. They're going to Hopefully, may I did play it already, but the interesting thing about it is it's out on all platforms me. Had A problem there, but anyways is on all platforms except ps four. So I don't know. What happened? I don't know ps four didn't pop out chat or of xbox Nintendo throughout a check that was like. Not Yes four, but it's literally on everything. PC seen. xbox one switch literally everything Butler station for so. Yeah. So yeah, it's a good game though I told you about it. I. Don't know John's just pretending like he played it because I told him how cool. It wasn't showed him a trailer because he did say it was cool. The other day. But. I talk about that. Did you actually? Play, he has an xbox could like I. Don't know I still see him running out and getting it just because I said. So whatever. Now, that's if the weekly Rica solid movie too little poster came up probably nowhere near ready to go. Probably not gonNA, come out for another year to. But? Hey, whatever I'm excited. The. First movie was one of those movies where it was nothing great. But it was so non-offensive. I'd watch it again. CARE. Jim Carrey was doing Kerry. What anyone would expect I? Don't know I don't know what most people just Boston for. Jim Carey. anyways. Exactly. So it's not. It wasn't annoying and You know cyclops is they're being sheriff I, think whatever he was. Sheriff who's a common though? It was enjoyable. Little predictable shave. It's for kids. They weren't trying to do anything my cancer chemo movie and because of that, it's pretty good. So hopefully, the second one will be cooled. You know tales is awesome. So she tells them that poster so. There you go, and if anybody who wants to watch any of the latest videos or streams, you've dropped, Josh, well, I, find all that stuff on the Internet. which twitter? INSTAGRAM. Abashiri Joe Star you to will play five. Mallory? You can find me on instagram that awesome underscore. Malley. You divide all my stuff as Iraq and all the places entertainment dot. com, and get the CAST DOT com. Mentioned because devolve or it'd be self both had events lately. So a little bit of end Pasco is that I forgot to mention. Devolve did a really cool things. Developers always known for having great presentation every year. The always joke about. Having ripped off the concept of Nintendo direct, but making it like a little more overkill. Gore. Gross stuff. Kind of like weird live action trailer, four games that are ridiculous and obviously wouldn't work in that way, and like that is really cool. What they did at a twist of it this year though is. You now play where you go to because of covid. Obviously. Instead of having any physical appearance as they just do their digital one again, but partway through the digital. Showcase they basically go go on pc now and get the deliver. Convention Video, Game Right now and go play and then. So when you play it, you're going around and you're getting to see the rest of the trailers that worth in the actual event as you go through the video game called and or killing other people who are obviously supposed to be Nintendo. xbox playstation games, and you're going around there and merging the reps those and all that stuff and unlocking the next trailer as you go and see each devolve again, that's coming out which are always the Volvo definitely, one of the best publishers out there that isn't shit kickers like it'd be soft or anything like that. So. Got Creative stuff nobody presentation, and then you can have vanilla playstations presentation, which is always the most cookie cutter, Clean Shit, or you can have something creative. Devolve. Normally delivers. The head of dragging age for doing the big lies and saying dragging totally in development. It's so in development that they didn't show or mention it at all during ubisoft forward. So obviously great progress guys. It's obviously right on the way. So what they mean by that to translate for those of you who are casual or don't understand the industry that's lingo for we're thinking about it. Still, we're thinking about it because thing about ubisoft forward, is there three replacement if they had anything in regards to drag? H. For Ready? Why would you not show it at your one showcase of the year? You know what I'm saying is really stupid to have nothing ready the presentation whatsoever. So obviously, dragon h four is just bullshit. anyways blot on top of that, probably going to be a massive seen any of ubisoft games lately, watchdogs legion or the last. As Asan's creed which was fine. But the way they did the you'll see and Censoring the gays and sanctioning the women. You know stuff like that is not great. So but anyways ready for supposedly in the works, but I'll believe it when I in actual screen shot, not their game play. Taylor. Was Off Valhalla as your Jala five minute trailer had no game planet. So yeah, well, I believe it what I actually see anything at all from it The we'll see then again you have four people that had the rape allegations that they were trying to cover up as well. So. Probably, one of those things where maybe they want to it of it from that, but they already. Covered the rest of their presentations in that. So maybe not a good presentation that happened recently, you know it was like fine. It wasn't great enough. So. I'm probably GONNA. Start having the requests that you guys watch these conferences just because. The information being siphoned from watching the presentation, and then telling you guys about is probably only so much in. Imaginative or productive conversations but. I did spare you guys only because. Visuals fine when they did show gets up and it wasn't anything where I. was like I, need you to watch fifteen minutes obviously. So I trimmed out what you should watch and you guys totally did watch, and so the first thing that came up on there was a joke that Josh I made off podcast just very recently, which was fable. We talked about that. was announced anytime soon that we would just be like fuck off like we don't even care anymore because it's just so blown out in. So bullshit every time we talk about. Being alive I don't even evolved this time but. I know it is not I could hide. Maybe we'll see. But the trailer literally showed nothing. Has a little tinkerbell going around and then she gets eight by a frog. Dark. Yeah. So it's one of those things where it was. It was a whole bunch of nothing. But of course, I saw people timelines of silk after the call by name, but I'm not going to because I'm guy person, but I saw on. Shut the. Fuck. Up. facebook yourself fuck fable is not going to be good. Has. A fable game been good when I think about it, not really half of it was good. Three with garbage. One is questionably game. So there you go. I ended Shitty can act one that was definitely piece of shit so. Yeah. Don't have cable stop wasting your time with that unless it goes to be involved in which case you know. Keep peripherals on it but. Don't get I on it. Yeah play it now and tell me it's good. Play out. Tell me. It's good. It's bad. I played anniversary like a few months ago and I didn't even want to do that anymore. It was so bad. The controls are stiffish Diane. Act Voice acting atrocious and the story. It's not just Johnson the millers is like Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All that stuff happened legendary. But anyways. But Yeah, you know whatever? I remember we had that conversation I said. Like Peterman. Ruined me getting hyped for any game. And further elaborated, josh either the not Fable James? He talked about I have been like watching I watched and then watch them just fail and I'm just like. Anything. Involved with this joke, it really is. avowed which showed on there. That's one of the only ones. I was super interested in city, of course, pillars of eternity, outer, worlds, New Vegas, the RPG masters, basically when it comes to that pound for pound reputation very excited. It looks like Skyro-, now it was all pre-olympic trailer. Obviously are not going to be a hypocrite be like, oh, full del, the gave it was pre rendered also, you know. It's I. Thing. That people didn't learn from the avengers trailer or the. Any any first person trailer is just because it's first person or pulled out a bit, doesn't mean it's real footage for those of you who thought the Marvel, avengers footage was real making me laugh. You actually bond. Can you not tell the difference between two forty and fucking four gay? Actually stop. But other than that, it looks really good though I liked the idea of I've always liked spell sorts. You know the ability to have your blade skill, but also be able to cast spells with your hand. So if the animation looks anything like it did in the trailer pretty high for it, it basically will be serum with actual storyline and. You know not some dog shits during together. Awful narrative. Trust me, I, like, you know I had fun with it. Obviously I just put it like another hundred hours to my over thousand hours already. How whatever. I wouldn't say it's a good story like a main story is not good. They'll probably more interesting side quest narratives, offshoots that you just read in books and stuff like that, and then you do. That were more interesting. But it looks good though obsidian great, and I have good trust in them. I'm still waiting for you guys to fix the world on switch. Whatever one that is? But, yeah, about coming out. All these of course. I R, see I don't know about. Nexgen. But, valid. Only. Oh No, that's right. xbox any. First. Party titles. are going to be dual on both for the first two years so unless they're liars. One surprising announcement that. was. Curious and this is the one that more. So like the first whatever But the one of you is that what you guys thought about, it was balanced wonder world I didn't expect to come out of nowhere. It's a brand new EP collaboration between square INEX- and the original creator of Sonic. When sonic was still good. Explains Actually. You didn't know that. Yeah Because when I saw the the boy character. Is this like a human versus? Default. Exactly. So so then explains a lot when you're watching trailer now, right? Yeah. So as far as that goes now, we won't know how it feels. We of know how they actually won't be team sonic that God, it's going to be my swearing next whatever DEV team. So we don't know who's going to work on. Fifteen, team whatever. But. From what you guys solve it, what did you guys weird? Human Sonic boy. I just kept thinking of sonic because even like some of the platforming bits there I swear I saw jumping like homing attack thing and I was like, okay. So it's like sonic, adventure. I. Also, current got small vibes of nights like not as much. And some of the weird like balloon. Villain Guy. That I can see that. Is it something y'all would be curious to play probably or. I. Guess It all depend on what it comes out of there like it plays good or that. Yeah. Reviews Yeah, yeah. It was more like looking at it Kinda squinty added like what is this more than anything? Yeah. Usually Nakas involve you're like, yeah. Yeah. Because like a lot of it was kind of screaming Sega Sega Yeah and now I know. But in regards to if I play I have no idea because some of the county, it's interesting that other parts of it. I was like. I. Don't really know of really that motivated the check it out here. Yeah, Mallory. I was I really liked it just from what I saw So I'm really excited to play it. Honestly, it looks really cute. So I. Love. I. Love The graphics and stuff. unequated. It comes out Nice Nice. The squaring this budget graphics is usually really high. So it should be pretty at the very least I like the idea of costumes tied to powers that in. A lot of empty ten to and other stuff where you're just like change to do, I. Don't have a guilty pleasure for that. But you know it's really good stuff. It looked like an play at the very least or running an engine of anything. So that game definitely with further along a lot of stuff show that the event. Another. Gained should look further along because it's out in terms of a few months of courses. Halo Infinite, their big bread and butter that everyone was looking forward to personally some people waiting graphics look I mean the weird. Bad Guy men look a little weird. Looked fine. It's nice and Shiny Vassily that I remember but it was gay play and I gotTa say it looks pretty good. It looks like they really haven't played halo game in a while, but it really does remind me of Li- Halo went into the way they tried to make everything look in the environment, the graphics more popping instead of like in three I, remember looking more abysmal. But Yeah I mean I'm pretty excited for it. I think it does look really cool. Now Hail of course isn't the only thing that would make me go out and buy an xbox argued something else however, if something had to buy it as much series X I, check it out I. Think it was funny. Looks like a halo game finally after a while. Yeah, walk. On that fence about The graphics not really being very It's definitely not. Wow next-gen the three, ordinary three, four, three, already address it, and said that most that's their pre Alpha graphics. Yeah. So they said, don't they're just they had the pump something. Microsoft event, but they said it will be more polished by the time. If you look at the distant background, it does not get great. Yeah. They said they were running it on a very basic kit for the things just to show you how the game play we'll look. Yeah. But I'm also not the hugest halo. Mark. either. Honestly the the whole. As washing. The thing that I kept thinking about the most was how? The music that was playing really didn't seem to have that same fleet use to. Yeah. That's true. He definitely didn't. I didn't think the same composer's, yeah. I don't think they've had that composer for. Two be three. Yeah. So I, remember just watching it. I. Was like I remember. I don't remember the music slap in a bit harder to that. Not only did what about you? Mallory your xbox girl? Are you GonNa? Be Playing? The HALOS COMES UP? I probably have a bunch of fun to play. Well, haven was one of my favorite games of all time. It's actually what got me into first business shooters. well, going to play unexcited. It looked really good The graphic. Great. I I can't alright. So yes, you have to wait too long. So again, that's going to be another dual release, the first party title so. We'll go from there we had. So three, four, three, address, the graphics. So this is going to be much better in fact, they said that you're going to be very surprised at the end. So let's get better was always that's a good statement to make. They also said this, and this is the part where I'm like I. Don't know if this is a good statement or not. They said that they want halo infinite to be a platform for halo more. So than pumping out sequels every couple of years. So basically, they said that their intention obviously halos very multiplayer driven. The narrative to thing maybe have a couple of deals sees, but he did say they want to constantly keep it fresh and keep updating it to the point where it could be the only halo game for the next ten years and served as. Basically now, here's the thing. Doesn't bad. So this is a chance for three or four three to take over the mantle of. Bungee actually do it well, so they're gonNa try to take that route. Sorry, walking legs. If they're gonNA try to take that route and do it better than destiny I'm all right with that. Many. Shady. That would be for Bungee. So Great. That's kind of why. It's kind of funny, but anyways, Ambition Talk Josh. Take it away. Intermission talk will what are your thoughts switching to stands instead of using hormone. A I was very confused because they don't actually like they'll go into detail about why they did that like in the show it just automatically fifty. I was very confused. And? A. Little. Worried because you know they never. Really. Really, brought it back up. I mean I've seen Joseph. US come on like a couple of times. But it's no longer like a big thing Very confused, and I was like what is going on? Seen a few stands that I absolutely hate. The one. I can tell you right now you have. No. I think like the. The little thing that out of his arm. India, that one was grow. Big into bugs, the one that goes into his ear and like. With brain. One is, is Nobel for me, I don't get. Which stands did you hate? And there's a few. Kind of weird because it is the first one withstands and so. Araki. is still playing around with the You. Know the especially in the beginning, some of them aren't that great. You know the Tower was happening. Didn't really care much for I. Forget on but. I don't know if you've gotten to yet. But. It's a guy who? He's in a fricken. Okay. Yeah. He's in a desert and he's fighting. They kind of you. Mentioned Carol stands came to be but it's not explained very well. But. It had to do with, dio. brought. Forth. Also not the biggest fan of coming purple. Wasn't. My is my favorite. Favorite is. because. He's. He's awesome. I like. Over one. Jerry. Fighting I di- Palmer. Out and I don't remember his name, but I liked the French fry stand advice. Ford. Buy. Yes. Play Bat one. Polling. Rough. Yeah, okay, I can't remember his name. Have you like. School. Already I mean, yeah, he gets like the best fights in that. In that ARC. Yeah, it's true right. Definitely by like a landslide. Might, not even close. Judges. They need like better games, honestly, they've had a couple of good fighting games but like. Weird is heaven gained fucking is another one of those bullshit arena behind the thing. I, hate this fucking game so much fuck off Japan. And? Kind of fun. The like kill time with. But Yeah, you want what? Cancer? That's definitely, not definitely not like, Hey, Buddy Wanna kill some time and played this game. You difference. They hate you. You can play a Joe Joe is of heaven. It's GonNa. Play. River city girls or something. Amazing. For Couch Co op but. By the way. Girls very vague like announcement said more coming soon. But. Then they didn't say a date or when or anything that. Goes to great. We're doing more so cool. Get stuff I wish it had online place a little fucking annoyed by that. But Hey, you know it excuse to get Cova by bring your friends over to play it. You know it's not. So John and I will make such good progress. Yeah, exactly. It sucks. 'cause like, right. who were killing it and. I pretty good with Jackie I. Never GonNa play you yet. But. Yeah. Do you love preference? Let's place maybe not visually I don't know. You know whatever I assume. You'd like the shorter haired one anyways, but I was. Using her more like I did a little bit of the other character. There southbound. Pretty contrasting. Yeah, I love I love the red head though because later on like level tour or three, whatever is a DAB and his love the fact that it's an actual like power down that blows, the people who. Say because she's an idiot, but it's pretty good though I just like the fact that is basically bubbles and buttercup essentially. Essentially stuff. Now, everyone should play. They have not river city girls get stuff. Interesting because I haven't really played too many of the river city game so. That's one of the few to really like for me. I want to be like gotta play that I. Don't know if I know too many with. Each group. Exactly. River city. Oh, Gee River city mark, a bunch of like you know whenever ones. But I mean girls though, yeah, that'd be fair. It's also the most and the. Like, very, pretty cruel music one. So maybe that's why it's probably the most different from the other city games but. It's really good soundtracks. fucking Kellerman. Always tell people to watch out for if I could get shit. Very few times. I think vocals in BG work very well, but it works very well, they're. Pretty much dynamic goes without every. Your daily standing there just plays down. But then as you're killing more people, it gets hyped up. Oh God gave Newell in his struggle to stay relevant made a very galaxy brain statement. Obviously, neither of the consoles are out. Neither of them. Really the place, Asia presentation, Xbox, none of them really showed anything I was just like, holy. Fuck, I've been on the fan. So to be fair this next Gen's fairly underwhelming it is and I hide of people who are like. Killed and like what did they show that you guys lot push and killed and I'm like, why don't you just listen games playstation killed just like they did. I, think glad I haven't seen anything like that. Recently, I think I wish is streamers. We know didn't talk so much. But anyways, anyways not calling you out because that was an ambiguous thing. Biggest you always together. Camiel in his struggle to say relevant, of course, saying that when he was asked this question in a stupid conference recently because he's stuck in New Zealand by the way because Kobe. So He's stuck. which took place against stugotz stuck in fucking downtown Thailand, and you don't know the language and you're getting fucked by gangsters. But yeah. He was asking the interview of poor interview which what he thinks better which like. So. There's no grounds. So crazy to say Eric or is gave bill like xbox. Just is xbox. Just he's staking either but Xbox, and that was just like. Great Gabe and the last relevant Game Valve First Party released was. For dead to exactly, which means that he really loves XBOX First, party released model, which is nothing. Sorry, Valor. Super cringing. Just wait until we really get the steam box. Rolan. I. Wish she said that. She said neither instead steamboats. Yeah, steeler. Great. Lakes. Intended direct a bunch of garbage like most of that funding directly garbage. However, there were few games they talked about. Five right five, right, yes? Yes. By and then three remastered or not turn three nocturnes getting the HD remastered. Looks Great. Looks Great. Especially, if you're an appeared now what I do agree with Jim and I love he said at this. New. Do whatever, but you know what? I got back on the train and I agree with him. They cut out the best game from the American. The best game on that direct, which was shot in the Japanese one, even though it's coming out here was suckered out of rice in ruin, which is a really amazing looking I forgot the team that does it but very anesthetic, but it looks really nice shadows and everything and sell shooting but. It's a very cool platformer where you play a saga like a rice farming Ninja and you kind of go through the different nice mix of platforming and puzzles and stuff like that through enemies in your way and all that stuff. So it looks really great and honestly the game just because I'm not. I'm not saying it's better saying that of the Games on there that would have been the trailer. I would have been hyped it out, but they cut it from north. America one. Was All tier whatever one of those games? There's a ton of last year. I'll tell you I'll tell you What do you call it? Whatever? It's all this bullshit. Girls on it and stuff like that Italian. Yeah. There's twelve hundred of those games. So they had that trailer, Shit. So I don't care that one was cut but the. I can't even talk about anywhere sequoia of rice in ruins. So that's because. Was Great. It's weird. Is those games weren't coming out here? I'd be like, yeah, you know obviously, why show the American audio, right? But both of them are being localized in both of them come out like in two months. So it's like Why did you cut like ten minutes out of the fucking? Have the whole thing. The one that looked. Say. Sometimes, I don't think Nintendo understands how we be. How people? Yeah exactly I. Mean They know playstation people but pretty weedy to you know what I mean. Especially it's the could have rice and ruin with great. But anyways. The game that did great on. Okay. You wrote it was called me. We're did you guys watch the director now and it goes a really bad battle royale. It was called rogue ops or some shit like that. It's really forgettable. It looks like if Pudgy fort and I had a baby and then tried to aborted it on train tracks like it looks awful graphically, it looks. Horrified, like some people would say, her her switch versions of Everything Shitty I. Mean this dad like even for A. Quote Verse Game. Like, it looks like a awful. It looks like they took a fucking light. It just looks like they tried to take fortnight's cartoony look. But then you pudgy military aesthetic gates. Really really weird bland has just show bad over the shoulder third person things of people being barely able to aim it was an awful showcase. I'm like who is this for? Like? These people are an xbox not on switch like this is like. And this is this is an slide at xbox, is that they do release a lot of those weird like who the fuck is that for like Fox. Sports? Like, of course, expunge only like no one cares why but it just. Looks. Lot of place. It was just like the fact that that was sandwiched in between sat and would have been sandwiched in between secured as weird. It's like we we we. We we've. reared. White. Child, and then we legally like everywhere. Like I haven't even seen I'm just thinking of like a mean we'd be like kid is like one play four-night mom's like I. Have. We have four nine at home, and then it's that, yes, basically, exactly, that's a very good that'd be good mean to relate to. Awful But yeah, as far as where to reserve the PSI. This is just of tangent actual news from a previous to that I forgot to mention they did at Sony, get announced the US retailers. Of course, obviously, overseas, you have your games and shit like that. You can get it from there, but in the US here. Five places, what a big surprise. These are going to be the most obvious that you can reserve the PS five. Officially, I was to Ebay. It's down that way and everything, but and is on Game Stop Best Buy Walmart target. Big surprise guys the smallest town in the world they're going to be selling the BS. So that's where you're GONNA officially a reserve them whenever it's ready of. Of, course as we talked about before, they have said that they're not just dropped a bombshell on you. Probably, it's going to be really expensive from what we saw from the leaks So they did say they're going to get adequate heads up for you to put Mommy and daddy's money away to save up for it So yeah, ps five going to be those retailers choose whatever. The. Honestly. The easiest place to buy fucking from I bought my xbox playstation oh no. I lied, but that's pretty much all other consoles. Amazon. Because you know fuck it episode Dick. But. Anyway. The cyber, of Republicans. jet set radio, spiritual successors been announced. It's called bomb rush cyberpunk and looks unashamedly like jets at radio. But yeah, it looks a lot like it like obviously. Visuals accessible. They basically say to prove this, but we're still doing it anyways, and they had their thing composer. They're going to have. Music in it as well. So they are going all out and making like Funky Sega. We're making jets that. So they were ridiculous title, the aesthetic and even got the same composer. So. Should be times for all. Hopefully. Hopefully, it's like a Christian whitehead thing where like every time he makes us August. He makes us honor thing. It's way better than not sonic. Hopefully something like that Hopefully, they don't get sued though because it's pretty ashamed unashamedly close like they could go ip infringement on him, but hopefully, not that shitty about it. If you're a playstation for. Like Sony did this to slap me because I bragged about not having BS plus anymore for a long time. If you have PS plus if you haven't got it yet don't rates coming, but you get a ten dollar for gift card from Sony if you're a current es plus number. So go spend it. Get go stimulating PS economy Japan. And saying. But yeah, that's what you do. Get free for anniversary things or whatever. The fuck. However many years of Xbox, live hybrid I'm playstation plus so there you go. The source code for a lot of major Nintendo, sixty, four, hundred nest codes have been leaked to people are going to be trying to look for ways to break the Games speed run staff. There's a lot of information source code, so we'll see from there. then. There's a little bummed out, but hey, they're all. leaving. Like who you've been cares anymore, if you cheat in any s earn and sixty four game like whatever I mean I, guess if they're gonNA do at sixty four Nintendo online. Flexible but remember speed running communities need that spice. Exactly. Hey should add some more means already enjoy some of the means for. Sixty. Four speed. Yeah, that's true. Apparently, they discovered. Luigi. Leak was that they did and Luigi isn't the game somewhere. Rumor for. The longest. Announcement confirmed for the end of the also, they also pulled out of boss that was just completely deleted. I. Was like, was it. was dark souls. I remember all of those things they just straight up someone. All deleted boss fight and I think you're referring to bloodborne Book Snake Monster or some version just got not a day, Megan. Yeah. It didn't make any of the game. They replace it with shadows of yarn them, which is a kind of boss depending on who. Would have been more interest. became me maybe but anyways, yeah. So that's a cool thing that comes out of source code lead. Apparently, there was also a Beta pokemon game. I didn't well. Yeah. Apparently, I didn't read too much of it, but but some sort of. On that never came out, right? Cool. Yeah, or mine have scrapped in became. What. I think it was the original crystal. You'd be wrong though I'm going off with someone. told me. MINNEAP Kinda. Cool speaking of cool. Adam. Across second summer dates coming up. It's GONNA add fireworks. Dreaming. Where you can visit your friends hounds all dreaming. So I don't know that means like offline and the last time different edited his town. You can go there his over town. There who knows. And then cloud backups. Now, this isn't exactly the way. I from what I understood. I could be wrong and I hope I'm wrong. Hopefully, it's just pull up cloud saves. That's what I hope. But from what I understand, they still don't want to do that because of manipulating briefing game cheating because you know that's what people do animal crossing. Only people, time travel anyways, and so what we can do with cloud. Backups is either switched gets flocked like my switch light only playing on there. Snap in half or whatever I actually 'cause that's signed by capable, but anyways. Now, you can emergency pull your same onto another consul. So. Hopefully, they just cloud saves period that is called backup bullshit, but better than nothing if I could have that a little more confident Kokomo, maybe a little more confident with my ammo. It does suck that it's tied to that and is just fucked if anything. Mostly mostly Nintendo Shit and dark souls remastered. That's like one of the few third party games that doesn't have support for whatever fucking and. That's one of the reasons hesitant getting on there because I really do want to get it because I think. Be Kind of fun frustratingly fun but fun. But the when I saw that cloud saves not supported I said, fuck. OFF Especially my dump, a bunch of time in it. I WANNA be able to jump from there to there. 'cause I, like doing that Shit where I'm like at home. And gotta go. But anyways yeah. Yakuza. Like a dragon finally coming on November, it dropped in January February and Japan did pretty good. Did good. Now, probably one be worse L. Yuccas again in a while. But what I always tell people is take those views, the grain of salt because if you actually watch or read them a lot of them, click beatty titles where there were still Yuccas again yet. Because the format changed, it's a straight up. RPG that not everyone. Wants to do that. So. That's why it's a great again, even talk about how good it is. Now it's funny narratives and stuff like that. One of the interesting things as they're doing an English again is. Judgment went ahead. Did a full on English. Now, they're doing one for Yuccas like a dragon, but the interesting thing is the English is going to feature a character voiced by George Decay. So very, very curious when his character is going to be like hopefully, it's funny. It's the first post game judgment were standing up technically spinoff i. know some people were like actually judgment takes place you and I was like. Okay but it's also not Yakuza, game. So fuck off, it just takes place in Colorado. But that should be interesting to see here you. Go on. Some references to him or he might even disappear. Curio. But, yeah, and here's the interesting thing playstation again. Being. The weird outed one on that. This November, it will be out on all platforms including xbox series ex-. EXCEPT, ps five coming soon, I don't know what happened there, but another weird playstation. Must be fucking black checking. Everybody you like. Whatever that is. You know. From software doing whatever that is. You're gonNA start seeing this kind of announcements soon. realized. They need games and VK deliver on the first party, and there's no shame in that third party up, just have all the third party games on there. What harm is that going? Do anything that'll just help you because people who want to check out from softwares can finally do it or whatever like the. Final Fantasy Games on xbox before now. They're all that shit eventually announced on all these Games are gonNA build. Dark souls, I mean dark. I believe. So yeah. Yeah. Spots with demon souls in bloodborne or on social. Yeah. So yeah. Just have them fucking pay a paper and exclusive get yourself from Microsoft. The worst. The worst that can do is be so good plays. fucking want again, I need to get that out. Yeah. Oh. And not just as a coming out on everything. But ps five at lunch, even PC, which everything including for judgment has always been held. delay the PC version for the games have always been like five to ten years late. So now it's going to be one of the first against the launch also on PC at the same time, literally everything that PS slot. So. Yep should be good blasphemous. What am I was favourite games. I was so surprised because I'm not usually good at this type of games, but kicked ass in Watson, is I actually so? Oh God beating of bosses were. So you're eating, but so satisfying, I love that. That's not just like this is what darts people like this is do and I enjoyed it a lot. They're going to be getting a huge free DLC update. So if you guys have been young play fucking get on that Shit if you is on sale right now which also. And if you have go ahead and beat it that games. Fantastic. Be All. I will say like a lot of metric VENA games. Having to backtrack for those last couple of holy items that you need. fucking sucks that should. Go Away for like a few months and come back, and then I was already on the controls and Shit I'm so happy. I. Did because now this new DLC is going to add game plus it's GonNa, add an option, all three pendants system. It's GonNa, add storylines, you NBC's boss's enemies, areas, new execution you. Re Map system you faster location you items, animations, level re works, and that will work mechanically to kind of fit the new stuff in kind of a nice thing. To remix everything, and this is my favorite favorite parts of their doing it by Spanish studio. Obviously, the Roots Catholicism guilt is the. Theme of a lot of the monsters and everything of the fuck, the priests in the bud and we with yourself and everything. It's very, very Spanish Catholic lower a base inspired inspiration, and now they're adding a full Spanish doug track for the entire game. So if the new stuff so very, very cool that they're going all in. Amazing. Amazing Amazing Spanish music. Amazing aesthetics like the game plays very tight. It's one of those games that I'm so happy when I play where like I know when the Boston I R- both down to Magic Pixel and I still get killed. I didn't feel like it was bullshit. I was just like fair enough. I funding what went into the fucking fire guide this whatever. It's not like some games where I swear to God I'm just like. That, didn't happen like if I fucking playstation captured this shit, they didn't touch me and then you can, and then you'd see that. But, it's difficult but fair and I really enjoy A. Mass enough plus I don't know I hope you can just jump into the new sheriff, but if it is one of those kind of make you get to it by doing your gate plus get. Here we go again. But yeah, should be fun. I. Truly enjoyed it. I. Don't play for a bit. I do hope you eventually made more progress. Because I'm very curious. Your thoughts on some of the later bosses. Some of them, some pretty fucking interesting mechanics is so. For. Discussion purposes. Yeah, there's that a rocket league going free to play he kind of talk. US noises on the thing but. They're going free to play. Now that you mentioned model allow back and they talked about how the steam version was eventually GonNa get the Guy Laroche. Of course, if you bought it already, they can't strip your copy away. So you can still played on steam as long as you buy it for the nineteen, ninety, nine base price before it goes free to play, which they still haven't given an exact date. They said this summer. So you know the summer debate what summer technically end. I think what August? Some late shit like September. November's like. Or? Or like that, it's like one of those. Or more? October somebody has to be some rated when I go back to school, which it'd be like August or whatever. But that's not remain summer ends wants it stopped once it's not fucking hot outside. which is not until December which sucks, but anyways ruggedly going free to play. Now, here's the thing if you don't buy it. Before they pull it from the store, the only way to get it from. Then on, WE'LL BE EPA game store for free. But. If, you don't like the game or buy it on steam now You're going to have to buy it. Played on your client of choice. Obviously, it's also across lady across all platforms like it is, and if you did by because, you're going to be like, but I, bought it, and now he's GonNa be all played for free because it's a pretty fair free to play model. It's actually a free. It's actually going to beat the game you can play. You gotta pay for the Skins and whatever. But you still get a nice little founders pack if you did. If you own it now, and then it goes freedom goes before Rita play, you will get some free exclusive cosmetics. You know your senior ship for being a supporter from beginning himself. Cool stuff I. Think it's great that it's going for your plays. WanNa is a really fun game that like I. Just have a hard time convincing. My friends get because they don't get soccer with cars. They don't understand that. That's cool. That's a lot of fun. Yeah. Con Cars and they're they have this shitty. What's his name? The Dead Guy Paul Walker car and then they have The delorean you. Cool. Cars like that for skins if you like you're saying so cool stuff. square INEX-. Made a really bullshit statement squaring states the following. They want to release events seven really part to as soon as it can. However. That may take awhile, say. So please wait for us and it was like off. So basically, you're saying it's going another five to ten years probably maybe because the thing that comes up in this is the OH. Gee, pitch was ten years ago. The current bill is five years old. So if you WANNA, give them credit the one that ended up launching. Technically, it's only been in development for. For five years. So it's one of those things where you're just like a remake took five years, but think about it for those. Really enjoyed it I. Haven't. Right. Now I'm shady hype about an hour would finish it but. Wait another five years. Just what kind of no rush to beat it because if I gotta wait five years fucking part. But I do need to be seen before someone accidentally spoils where it ends for me because I'm GonNa kill the person or I mean get very angry imagine the people were this is their first time experiencing the stories seven and like John And they're like I'm not I'm not gonNA play the old ones because I want to I told John Gotcha okay before this game came out. I, told John I asking someone to play all of on a Bit of an arduous task, understand, it's not a simple eight hour campaign. It's not even simple game as I learned when I replayed seven og. However I told him. I. Said if you'RE GONNA play, remain you better beat over, it comes out because we need to talk about the story. And, seven remake is gonNA take. So long to tell you the whole story, you're gonNA forget everything. Through. It and it's also by going to be super changed as though. Here's the thing I didn't know because I thought it was already cut head out a PS four as of recording. Suare. But apparently, not without on everything. But. Again. Really. Weird. It used to be the xbox exclusions and this year we're seeing a lot of these random. It's only like three or four case, but still playstations never excluded always like. If. Anything PC playstation. Playstation switch, and then maybe they had enough budget PC playstation switch, and xbox that I'm just like all right there. That's the order. Basically, but everything's out for playstation normally. So that was really weird. Persona. Five scramble is actually coming out in the West despite it's horrid. Horrid Japanese sales apparently Japan hated it. So a lot of people thought there. Probably, not if you're gonNA release that piece of shit near because of Japan didn't like the, we'd game how the fuck is going to the West but according to a atlas, it's coming out anyway. So no release date. It's just getting shit out of the switch on one of these days. But can we one of those days that you just wake up and then twenty dollars Arizona Scramble Yeah? I'm not really high I just want persona five and four, and maybe three on switch already got that announcement. Alison, Do you hate money? Look what happened when it came out when when persona four golden came on, and it's all gangbusters numbers, they were just like. People wanted this on PC's again. Shit. Really Seventy fucking took forever, but they learned they wanted to do that. Cool us for those of you who are fans of Powell Raiders Bowel for the grid fiscal editions dropping don't so well now they're like, you know, fuck, let's do this. So visit grid editions dropping October for those of you can watch your physical power rangers going I. Wonder if it's GonNa come with like all the deal seniors better if it doesn't pick ended up for sure. Yeah. Because I feel scared me away I keep seeing it on sale, but I'm like Oh my season pass he doesn't characters all the solent play it. I've heard it's fun I just want to play it So cool, and finally g four TV is coming back in twenty twenty, one x play attacking the show whatever I don't even know it's going to be the original host anymore because God damn. They old now. Morgan Webb still obviously anyone in school. You'll a crush on her. Kevin Pereira's doings probably being allies matter Guy Blue Lives Matter, Guy? You know whatever. But probably not with the original host, but it's getting. Back now his the thing. Gaming TV died because Youtube had. On Youtube. So unless it's GonNa be a digital thing, maybe it will. Now be oocyte but I feel like it's going to be a cable. Cable Channel. Are you really going to go out of your way to to get cable to watch chief? Probably not. because. We already have content creators that we go to check out gaming shit already. The thing is g four. TV had a good spot in my heart because it existed before Youtube content creators, show me the games and do let's plays and stuff like that. I got our school on there because of the bomb threat, I was the one who got the school on attack of the show a t-shirt. So. Finally to wrap up the thing. Episode of You can get it on this vote with. At G.. Dot Com. That's disconnect the cast gene. fucking. This half mail it gene? Obviously said. Here's the thing I'm going to get Johnston out of the way because John near going to be the first test subjects. The question I have for us today is, do you ever play a game on the hardest difficulty and actually find it fun? Me No. I always play everything on normal. Maybe hard. If I go through a second time and I really loved it maybe. But me typically no to me. The hardest difficulty is always to the point where I just don't find it fun. You know. Whatever the hardest difficulty in Halo, whatever you know grounded mode and last of us just too hard it. Just you know million dish made them. You know whatever. But I just don't get pleasure out of playing something that difficult you know what I mean. You're giving me like no ammo or your what John Loves it at least in Halo legendary and last US around it. I know he plays those games out of the box on the hardest difficulty for sure. Obviously, people do. That's why they make those. Higher difficulties. Say Related to Josh? I am alary. Do Josh like to play. Is there any game you've played and beat, and then got pleasure out an really did actually genuinely enjoy playing hard the hardest stability or maybe even a harder difficulty normal. Usually. Don't fuck with that. Shit. Right you whatever it said on. About normal, we'll go go go. into. Rightness subtitles, go. That's it. Usually normally just do like the recommended this. Yeah. Usually, just normal. And I don't know of many people who. Do that unless they're just those assholes at Brag about it. Yeah. Data John is a really brag about it. He's just like he just yeah, we're talking about difficulty in so that he tells me maverick called. There was a mutual that we went to school with and once told me like, oh, he's putting on the hard difficulty. 'cause you mean like what's the point? Yeah I don't get. To, me flying the souls get good modality, but even worse because it's just like the game technically wasn't designed to be that difficult it normal recommended is oh, no patchy really good point Pat, did say this and when I looked at found some really good journalism. The difficulty, the game is actually balanced for was actually wrong. I. Thought. It was normal. The game is balanced for whatever did difficulty is the notch above normal is actually the easy technically and easy as the casual. Technically when it comes to the balancing, pat was talking about it and I looked it up later because I didn't believe him I was like. Like very curious that mentality. But it makes a lot of sense that when you balance the game, you kind of want to balance it on a little bit of a higher notch. So hard sater's very hard and normal and hard. So hard as normally where they balanced it out and normal, and then whatever. So I found that kind of interesting but anyways. Experience. Because I feel like that is where you'll be able to enjoy because a lot of stuff I plays narrative-driven where you can enjoy the narrative and the game breaking control era being like fuck this game. I think one of the few games where I do get some enjoyment out trying it at a higher difficulty would probably be something like devil may cry. Okay cool. I'll repeat these games. So how hard does it get any next rank up? Yeah, for sure for sure. Yeah. Cool doubled. Designed for that. Yeah. A lot of Capcom Games kind have that Tester Dick size. Yeah. -bility replay. Yeah. Like megabucks like, yeah. He'd be mega man. Cool Guess. What can you go back and maybe? Without getting the armor upgrades or maybe do it without getting all containers for sure Good. Very good example. I remember being younger one. Oh, one of my goals that I would set myself back as a kid was I, don't know of any of the other games later did this, but you know devil may cry one. If you died too many times, what actually suggests you. Over to. The game, there was a game like the last year to did that and patent will laughing because they remembered that. Yeah, we're literally no there. Too Hot. Maybe going to. Go genius. Maybe we're not saying hi. How would be my goal is to get through the game without getting that message. Since we're on the topic of it, I found this really interesting, and now we'll get not cutting out your section is one ashes. Well, we're on the topic. How do you feel about stuff that derogatorily plays towards people who endured Wolfenstein are especially. Wolfenstein. Plan anything lower than normal. He literally had the baby bonnet and he's in a diaper and has a little fucking dinky and you just like whatever. fucking bow they call it. Like? How like? Obviously the just kidding. They're not being like you're an actual the Jewish. You do not normal. You're a pussy. They're not really doing that it's just out of good humor. How do you feel that difficulty mostly because if your games, that's the only the miners wolf is also experienced, Duke nukem and doom has kind of derogatory names for the easier difficulties. I mean like. Funny thing. Yes. He stuff like that like. I think as long as there's no maliciousness behind it where it's like, they're literally bullying you to play a difficulty. Lines long as an obvious joke I. think it can work for games like doom and Wolfenstein because they're supposed to be like these. Games. Yeah. So. See the good works in that context? Yes. This mail. Think really the only people getting mad about it are probably like very insecure, right? Right. Toxic masculine game or. Employment Hord or. I'm a I'm a white SISK Gamer and I'm offended. Yeah, basically. Yeah. But I mean, yeah. Otherwise all in good fun. Sure. I mean I remember being younger in having to do the easier difficulty in devil may cry because I was like, yeah, I am dying you are. It's a pretty hard game. Yeah, I was. Almost been on by sixteen or seventeen played. One game. I did the best in not even and that's very. Credible right for. Did my best. Yes. Yeah four is three I didn't do that good at an. Awful in and to barely played. Traveling through threes and only royal guard. So Fuck Fuck Yeah. For being pretty easy mainly because like nero was busted as. Five. Good either. It. All right. I really do. It's really good. I just didn't do scores were quite as high as. And EMC I remember doing okay and EMC I just don't really count that as the Delaware game. But yeah, I did okay and EMC. But Mallory you ever play. You have a game experience or tie that you ever play a game in harder than normal difficulty. I go back to the abloh. Three. Yeah. Three, because in that game you. Like. To find the loot and you get better blue in the harder, the harder difficulty So as soon as I, would finish like. The. Level I go back and put it on a harder difficulty to get better loop. Fun But it definitely gave me that message that was like. You've died a lot I. remember playing with my brother-in-law on him being like, Hey, about you stop that on. All right, dude like. Come on a now. I'm pushing likely alone. I don't really go back and play games and change the difficulty I mean when I was playing college duty for for a while, I would play on like hardcore road or. Zombie had a different like a harder mode and that even though you know you're going up in way. You know, but I don't go back and play like. I. Probably won't play kingdom hearts on harder mode or anything like that. Once I get through the game, I'm pretty good with not doing. Enough. You, did give a couple of examples in games. Those are actually pretty good because I didn't think about that when I would play online because you will get better, you run it on hard or whatever. The hell, the difficulties around there. That's true. Sometimes, it was worth running those dungeons on harder difficulties. I didn't think about that. So very good. You guys are awesome example. So that expires me to. Slam My. Uncle. But you're. My brother used to play hardcore mode. on call of duty. Where you can't see me. Are you can only them like maybe twice and then you're. My brother would run around through this map. And we'd be on the same thing and. We, just go after each other and we rely. All right. We're doing today. and. Like I mean hardcore mode is is a little different than. Because you can shoot your teammates, doesn't matter but hardcore you're not allowed to. You Go. So you guys. Senator that email. I, didn't fuck up the first of the third one that I did say, yes. Ended the second one. I don't know what that was, but other than that, you can catch us except for this week, every Monday at eleven am. Time until the next. Guy Sanitation, secret. and.

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Feb 07, 2020

Sword and Scale Daily

13:27 min | 9 months ago

Feb 07, 2020

"Hello and welcome back to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Friday February seventh coming up. On sort and scaled daily authorities in New Mexico are asking for the public's help search for missing twenty seven year old. Sasha Krause Georgia. Police officer officer has been charged with the murder of his wife who died of a single gunshot wound to the head in their home on Monday. And the course of investigating the shooting death of a young woman police in in Kokomo Indiana discovered a bound man who had been held captive and tortured for eleven days. Finally Michigan authorities announced. They've recovered human remains and the search for missing fourteen year old Andrea Bowman. Who was reported missing in one thousand nine hundred nine all this more coming up on sort and scale daily New Mexico authorities the family and Community of missing twenty seven year old Sasha Krause asked for the public's help in finding her Sasha who was a member of the Mennonite community was last seen on January? Eighteenth she is originally from Texas and New Mexico to volunteer at the FARMINGTON Mennonite Church. Her vehicle was located abandoned outside the church. which is is located a short distance? Away from where Sasha's staying according to a press release issued by the San Juan County. Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a report about a missing person. Listen at around three. AM on January nineteenth. Sasha reportedly used her phone to make a call inquiring about books which were at a church and which she needed for a class class that she was teaching she then drove to the church to pick up the books. Her vehicles reportedly seen parked near the Church at seven fifty PM. Sasha left behind her cell phone purse Wallet Bank Cards and keys. Members of the Mennonite community have been sharing missing person posters online. These posters say that Sasha may have been abducted after walking in on a robbery. A spokesperson for the sheriff's Office told the Farmington Daily News that while they were investigating all all avenues quote as for the burglary and process. We have no information. That's actually true. Local law enforcement had been conducting thorough searches of the area in in collaboration with a private search and rescue team. Hired by Sasha's family if you have any relevant information please call five oh five three three four six six six to two and speak with the of string. Our next story takes US Georgia. The New York Post reported on Thursday morning that forty three year old. Michael Peralte in Eaton Town Georgia. Police officer has been charged with the murder of his wife. Forty four year old Amanda Parole at the time of a man is death. Michael was being investigated for an alleged domestic assault on her in an interview with the Union reporter on Tuesday before charges were brought Putnam County. Sheriff Howard Sills said that the shooting took place on Monday morning. At the couple's home following the shooting Michael called the Eton town police chief if to inform him he did not call nine one one the chief then notify the sheriff who dispatched deputies to the scene. Sheriff Sills also called for assistance distance from the Crime Scene Unit of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation because the suspect was a local police officer. When law enforcement arrived at the home Michael appeared very distraught? Distraught officers discovered the victim deceased in her bedroom with a single gunshot wounds to the head. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution Amanda filed all the police complaint against Michael on January thirty first saying he hit her and pushed her. Sheriff Sills told the media that Michael denied the accusations but they were corroborated by the couple's eight year old daughter who witnessed the altercation deputies at the scene also noticed red marks on a man his neck and chest Michael was arrested and charged with simple battery family violence and third degree cruelty to children. Michael had been the eaten town police. Since two thousand eighteen he was released on a fifteen hundred dollar bond last week and placed on administrative leave pending investigation after the shooting. Michael voluntarily came into the sheriff's Office for two hour interview Michael's claim was his wife. Shot herself during an argument. Sheriff Sills told the union quote. Apparently there was a lack of tranquillity in the house. Since the officers arrest is last week. Michael said that during an argument his wife took a gun from the stand and shot herself while laying in bed. He was not arrested because in Sheriff Sills those words quote. I've got either suicide or murder. That's what I have. I mean it's just that simple. It could be either way on Thursday morning. Sheriff Sills told The New York Post the Michael Parole had been arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. We will keep you updated as more details become available. This next story brings us to Indiana at six thirty. PM on Monday Kokomo. Police officers were dispatched to a house on cortlandt Avenue Avenue after reports of gunshots. When they arrived at the scene they discovered a young woman who had been shot in the backyard of a home? The victim identified as twenty five of your old Lucia. Young Beard was pronounced. Dead at the scene was shays. Mother Christine Young told Fox fifty nine. Does she finds it hard to think about her. Daughter's final moments quote. What's worse for me is thinking? She laid out there in that yard. That's the hardest part the Kokomo perspective reports that while officers. There's were clearing the house. As part of the homicide investigation. They came across a man who's being held captive in a bathroom. The man whose identity is being withheld was you can find in a bathtub with his wrists ankles and mouth covered with duct tape. Kokomo police Major. Brian Selden told outlet quote apparently from what we gathered gathered. He'd been bound and tortured for several days. WD RPG reports that the man told officers he'd been held captive and tortured for eleven days days by people known to both him and let's say he claimed that during his captivity he'd been beaten and burned with scalding water. The male victim was taken to a hospital. All were as of Tuesday morning. His condition had stabilized. Major sell told Fox fifty nine that the Mandla she knew one another but quote. He did not know that anything anything happened to her and it is not thought that she was held captive inside the house before her death. She is also not suspected in the victims alleged kidnapping and torture after the break. Authorities in Michigan announced the discovery of skeletal remains believed to be those fourteen year old Andrea. Bowman who was reported reported missing in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. Hey I just wanted to ask how many of you have have credit cards. I'm sure that most of you have at least one. If so you know there's no better feeling than paying them off but you know it feels even better paying off those high interest credit cards getting a lower rate and saving money. That's what you can do with livestream. Did you know that. The average interest rate for for a credit card is twenty percent. That's crazy refinance your credit card balances and save with a credit card consolidation. Loan from light stream you can get a rate as low as five point nine five percents. APR With Auto Pay. The online application is quick and easy no waiting in line at the bank or being stuck on the phone with representative representative. It's so easy you can apply from your phone. You can get a loan from five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars with zero fees. You heard that right. No fees no tricky application fees no origination fees no transaction fees and no prepayment penalties. Plus you can even even get your money the same day you apply light stream believes that when you have good credit you deserve a low rate and great service which is exactly what they deliver. I I personally never knew how easy it was to get a lower rate on my credit card debt until I tried livestream and to be honest. I'm not sure I'll ever go anyplace else since utilizing their services just for my listeners. Apply now to get an additional interest rate discount. The only way to get this discount is to go to light stream dot com slash rush scale. That's livestream dot com slash scale for an additional discount L. I. G. H. T. S. T. R. E. A. M. dot com Tom Slash scale subject to credit approval. Rate includes point fifty percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply and offers are subject to change without notice visit light string dot com slash scale for more information now for our final story of the day. The allegheny county sheriff's Office announced on Wednesday that they've located human remains that may belong to missing fourteen year old Andrea Bowman. Yeah Andrea was reported missing in nineteen eighty nine in November. We reported that Andrea's adopted father. Dennis Lee Bowman was charged with the nineteen. Eddie cold-case rape and murder of Kathleen Doyle at Norfolk Virginia. He is also suspected of murdering Andrea. Who went missing shortly after accusing him of molesting in her at a brief press conference on Wednesday evening the Sheriff's Office revealed they've discovered remains while searching site suggested by a tip? They discovered the skeletal skeletal remains buried in a shallow grave and covered by cement in the backyard of a house and Monterey Township the Detroit free press discovered that according to county records the house was owned by the Bowman's definitive identification of the remains could take months according to the website. The Charlie Project Andrea was adopted opted by the Bowman's when she was twenty one months old in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight Andrea Begin missing school and what a truancy officer spoke to her. She confided that her father had been lessening her. The officer confronted her parents who denied the allegations saying the recent changes. In Andrea's behavior were due to her recently. Finding out that she was adopted did a short time later. The Bowman family cleared out of the House and moved to an isolated trailer in a rural area. Dennis Bowman reported Andrea Missing from this trailer saying in his report that she stole money before running away almost immediately after reporting his daughter missing Dennis Bowman and his family moved out of the trailer. In the months after Andrea was reported missing her adopted mother frequently call the local police department to tell them about the supposed sightings of Andrea live the had been and reported to her none of these sightings were ever verified. Kathy Tarquini Andrea Bohm's biological mother. Who gave her up as a teenager has been involved in the search for her daughter for years yesterday? She told Fox new seventeen that on Tuesday and allegheny county detective told her Dennis Bowman had confessed. Confess to Andrea killing. Cathy said that Bowman confessed to Andres killing in hopes. It would keep him from being extradited to Virginia to face trial for the rape and murder of Kathleen. Selene doyle twenty five year old. Kathleen Doyle was attacked in her Norfolk home while her husband was on deployment in nineteen eighty. Her murder investigation went cold before undisclosed information. Lead to the arrest of Denizli Bowman in November of two thousand nineteen he has. Since been awaiting extradition in Allegheny County jail will the Holland Sentinel reports that the discovery of the remains may indeed delay his extradition to Virginia in one thousand nine hundred eighty year. Doyle was murdered word. Bowman was facing charges for violent kidnapping and attempted rape in Michigan. The ultimately pled guilty to lesser charges. This was not to be his final sexually motivated. Aided crime in one thousand nine hundred bowman was charged with breaking into a co workers home to steal her lingerie in a letter asking the judge in the case for leniency in sentencing. syncing bowman mentioned quote. I'm the father of two lovely daughters one twenty five and the other eleven and feel that being a parent is one of the most important and sobering things eh person can undertake. That's it for today's episode of sort and scaled daily. We'll see you back here next week. And until then stay safe sort end scaled. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams researching writing by garb rock executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribing review if you have any feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sorting scale of DOT COM

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#53  Pokemon Sword & Shield


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#53 Pokemon Sword & Shield

"Hey everyone welcome to fame cast this episode fifty three. I'm trevor and we've got the full fam- with US tonight we've got Tim and TRAE. Hello and we had some pretty exciting news last week. With a Nintendo direct surrounding the the pokemon announcement of the the First Jin the I corps game for the Nintendo switch introducing the eighth generation ration- so we got an announcement of pretty short direct I think it was about seven or eight minutes where we got an announcement of Pok Mon Sword and pokemon shield no pokemon gun as as some people might have heard so just is the <hes> the to come on can't put on cannon please so we've got to new <hes> switch games coming out for Kokomo Games so with these just kind of jump right into it. I think the the biggest thing thing that we saw are the thing that people got most excited about was the starters right. Oh yeah easily. That's always the most exciting part is is getting to see the first pokemon you're gonNA start out within this in this new region and it's worked a lot of as always always sparks debates like who's who's the best starter people go to war over these things so tim. I'm going to start with you. What would started? Did you like the best and Y hi. It's actually choosing wisely well. Here's the thing so I'm a grass type person right and I think here's the thing so I like Grasp Pok Mon in terms of starters usually the most so I picked you ball sore. I treat go pick chicken all that stuff all right because they're underrated and they're great. I like the grass pokemon and forgive me for not knowing their names because I'm Bob with names in general I barely you choose names right us but the one thing that kind of throws me off about about the grasp on this time. Is there and you sent me. There's already pokemon to grasp monkey right. What does it hand paying paying in the sure? I have no idea chance age now. I'M GONNA go with the grass pokemon this time still going to go with him but honestly I was more intrigued by the water poking on this time. I'm just like the intro to the whole camouflage aspect which will be very intriguing if the pokemon actually has a trait that that goes well with which I assume you otherwise they wouldn't show that off right so I would say I'm still going grass but what I was more intrigued by the Water Pok Mon just for the simple fact that it was different in that aspect okay true what what's <hes>. What's your take on these on these Junaid starters well you said have already been hot? Take out with that fire that score bunny that is it looks adorable for one man. I'm a fan of like I don't know He. Kinda reminds me of bugs bunny already. I know it's weird. Just because you know what I mean it's all happy kindness of them. Somebody will say he looks like all my own might yeah in a way I mean the here's all my groupies like next on the list and then Szabo's is last for for me. Yeah I love slalom levels definitely going to be my pick but that's because I always go with like the the reptile or the Amphibian Looking <hes> that's always my go-to that's kind of what's always made up made made up my mind rice starters <hes> Sabas adorable like he's he's crying. I feel bad for him. He's cute little lizard and I've never gone wall. I take it back. I've gone water with Franchi. <hes> that was the first water <hes> I started that I'd take so this'll be my second and have only ever picked one fire starter before so I really only one Paul revere cider. Sorry yeah only the only fire starter I ever picked with syndicated talk. That's right. That's right so we're all actually going to go with a different poking on this time around which is which is pretty awesome. I'm kind of excited for what the gains again right ready so a few things on on some of the starters I know they they all. They're all pretty popular right. I don't think there's I think if I had from what I've seen online. I think the least popular win is probably rookie the grass at least popular groupie really yeah I've seen that's what I've seen all the all the memes on like everybody loves sabail. Everybody Loves Score Bunny and then yeah it's totally opposite for me like I think like more people like GRUCCI right and I do like score bunny and everybody loves saul so it's like. I don't know I've seen I think the way that I've seen it portrayed. I would probably say people like score bunny the most Sabail next and then groupie but again that's that's that's that's not like A. I didn't take that pool. That's just like from what I've seen on twitter and stuff. I know the biggest fear for score bunny though people are afraid. It's going to be another firefighting. Oh I'm okay with it. No that's the biggest fear we gotta mix things up man. We ought to get something out there. I'm fine with it. It's pretty broken. It is but what blows my mind is. Who is the last fire fire fighting? It wasn't the wrestler blaze again so blazing game was firefighting. There's no use fired. Hughes fire dark plays again ono sorry. I was thinking of a smash. That's what I'm saying doing. Center kind of throws me off just back. He's a freaking wrestler how you great guy of wrestler but it's like it's like they made this guy and they're like oh wait. We can't have another firefighting dark but he's arrested. It's too late now dark well. He's looking the he'll type POKEMON. You know Ayoola Whistler. He'll like H Gotcha. He's bad. He's pretty sick. Yeah I think before that it might have been blazed again both can only other firefighting. That's why everyone's like mad about it. What are we going to fire now? Because there was no blazer can was the first Bernie the monk inferno aid and then <hes> the pig yup the pig went after that take yet firefighting reading Yep Yep that was three in a row and then it went to the the Fox the Fox thing that was fire psychic which was pretty cool and then you consider more yeah so we'll see <hes> whenever so I guess since we're since we're talking about that so if we if we had to guess got if so let's just start down the list for rookie what do you what do you foresee with his final evolution as far as grass and Steal Crescent unseal me okay I wanna hear trae explains because being him at a really cool conversation about what we'd like to see from groups funnel of Aleutian Okay. I'll let you kind of explain it. Kim Hear me out okay. Rookie looks like right now right. Yes and we have no idea what their evolution all right now correct correct no idea so the next one the step up his little like stick thing in his head. He's GonNa he's GonNa take it out and there's GonNa be a bulb kind of thing Volvo store in a way okay but like a little more like floral guests. This is going to like a like a man Bun Man Bun think like Samurai but you know what I mean got dark green bulb that's yeah and then like Oh have yeah top not exactly and then we'll have like say like turning nunchucks or something right and then the next evolution the bulb will like come open a big flower but it's going to like a Straw hat okay Saga Samurai right like a Samurai monkey and then the nunchucks would turn into a sword because like the the vine will turn like it'll harden inside of the inside of the stick with it and then it's GonNa turn into Steel Catanha. I mean I wouldn't be up right by like I concept yeah. I would definitely be completely. I Love Steel Pope Yvonne to begin with so no. I mean if I get a grass steel k. like not going to be plus. That's a pretty cool type Combo. I see because he's a monkey I see grasping fighting brow and you're fighting sure I don't I don't have near the concept trade's gone into his but that's that's what I would say. I would say aggress fighting a definitely see them taking a like a fighter whether it's with the sword or whether it's fist I definitely see them taking some sort love direction with that what's in being like a physical fighters like definitely see the either the steel going sword with steel going like fists with fighting the autopay that means you ever thought of those cool. I would be ready to do something like that. That's not like obvious because the obvious choices fighting right prankster like but like mark just sit set in chat monkey was fighting so feels like every time we get every time we get a monkey. Boca minded always ends up being right right. I guess other than the pans sage tree gravity that's true what does it say what we get grass ghost and and he dies after his second pollution and becomes a ghost pokemon now Nintendo's in their go nintendo. I would love to see more go spoke Amman because there's just never enough. There's never enough go smoke Amman uh-huh difficult you get like one purge generation and that's all you get. It's the same thing with I get it. It's the same thing with dragons but I don't know feel like we could definitely use more. We get so many grass in water types. I Dunno Chris. Oh yeah I mean there's low Ted had creswell Laurie. I didn't mean I didn't mean mixed. Oh Gosh so many grasp pokemon it. We get so many water right here on but we hardly any of the special ones. What do you think what do you think it's going to be? I'm I'd like to think that would be grass and steel <hes> but I I would also be okay with grass and fighting because to my knowledge. We haven't seen that Combo either before. I don't think you've seen either so I'm okay with that. Do you think we'll ever get a pokemon that has three types a try typo. ooh maybe eventually mega. I don't know <hes> I think maybe maybe maybe second generation on the switch. I just say new system or a new system. It's more for try POKEMON. Go It'd be cool <hes> but also that I think that just ads so much balancing. Oh Yeah for sure <hes> but it it'd be interesting. I did want to show you guys this <hes>. It's a like a concept that someone came up with. Oh yeah kind of go through <hes> he looks for those that basically Rafiki he's got a leaf lion main kind of thing going on a baboon mouth and his little stick turns into like a long Rafiki stick <hes> which looks Kinda cool so I think that would if they go something like that that definitely looks grass and fighting's. I'm definitely trying to think of like more monkey tight pokemon like one key races or species. She's haven't been in the game yet yeah. I don't think we have any baboon ones or renting <hes> no. We do have one. It's the <hes> I can't think of it's name because one of the newer ones <hes> grower Alad lacking oh well that's a saw <hes>. There's a girl of Hoban gotTa White Main. I can't think of it is but he's definitely guerrilla. There's so many there's over eight under put him on remember when we were kids growing up and we could name like every Paul a hundred and fifty eight nothing and now we're just like I think that was trash the trash back one herash. This can exactly garbage things have gone more difficult <hes> so okay so we'll we'll put our put our votes towards either grass fighting grass deal MHM. Yes yes okay so moving if we'd let's just moved on the list to score bunny <hes> do we do. We think it's going to be firefighting or do you guys see something else that could happen. It's going to be Chung as big chunks compared to junkyard chunk big youngest for final evolution. The objective is to be right right not what you want like. Is that what was yeah yeah. What would you like to 'cause like? I don't think the do firefighting again especially they do grasp fighting. They won't do firefighting I would. I want her for sure they did. I I'd like to see fire ice. Make it happen. Figure it out. Look these looks but let me tell you that could be legit. It's just like screaming all the time like existed. Let's make it happen but I some like just like evolves any he'd be like sorry for the slaps you'd be like what's his face from my hero to be awesome home and he just like his final losers. The giant bunnies like like sleeping. You went to a rookie in Tokyo. Yes I went to a rookie and pokemon face trays so that would be great. I mean if I'm right about that. I want like high five that can manage that as far as what I think it'll be it wouldn't surprise me if it was another fire dark just because they did three fighting and trevor and you could see I'm still thinking I could see I could see fires psychic potentially. Maybe kind of going like you think about like maybe like monks doing like thorough their palms and like all like a mental thing I could see maybe them taking some sort of right with that like like Xanada base Zen Yada Bunny yes and Yada Bunny. That's what we'd be looking at. I don't know I still well. I'm leaning towards it being firefighting just because that's that's all we have to go off of is just the first the first evolution but he thinks baseball like. I don't know I would hope not I. I hope that they're a little I feel feel better saying it. I don't WANNA say I hope they're more creative but I hope they're more willing to take risks on different type combinations yeah yeah we're not GonNa do fire Nice. It's going to happen y'all and then I would. I would love to see some like another type triangle to where they would go <hes> like dark ghost and <hes> fair psychic no not very. I think that's the thing that's the triangle goes dark in psychic. I think there's yeah I would like yeah. I agree. I WANNA see the starters be different. That's what I want. I wanted to start doing different tired of fire ice and water. Like it's probably get why but like I would love it if figures changed that up. It's the one constant like it's the one thing that you know no matter which Interational Pokemon you're getting into you know that these starter types are always going to be. The same thought like you said I get it but it would be cool to have have a difference. <hes> I guess a different pool but I we we have what we have and I'm still pretty excited for it so with with score bunny trae. What what do you think I'm GonNa go fire in electric? Oh my weird but trays fine okay. That's cool. That's like it's fast asked already and it's like energy. You WanNa make something like it's polkadot entry already have so it's like I'm thinking it's going to be fire already like energetic and whatever so it's got like released that energy somehow fires. I think it's going to be electric electric so it's like fast the burnt same time. I'm cool yeah. I'd be happy with it. That sounds pretty sick so he's a flash yes. He's basically the Flash Albany I want to change mine real quick to fire fire ground fire ground because he's feats big so you can use that to make an earthquake but that should be kinda cool cool. I'm just wanted input yeah okay. I see that I'm cool with either. One of I like both of those yeah I'll take it and I'll take the lead on on Saba Saba. That's the one that I'm going with because he's adorable. I'm I'm thinking we're going to get a water psychic type. We don't have one of those. Do we know star polly ran me stormy and while fighting I'm sorry I did. I don't know why I love Paul Era. I don't know why always associate Holly Hollywood psychic. It's always because of the one hundred percent always that for sure no we we had a water psychic engine one with the stormy. How did not remember that? Oh I guess I'm at Star Wise. I didn't mean I didn't mean like in general Oh yeah. I don't think so. We've got to water darks right. We got we got watered to ground because of because of mud mud uh-huh yeah kit got water water dark for Tony Dial in froggy Rhode Island grew dark is probably not dark. He's just watered Yep. He's water dark means in <hes>. I know Granada's water dark water psychic. We thought we already had didn't have water thank you. I don't know these things Trevor Pokemon master hold on Britain's the pokemon master Gra Ninjas water dark right okay Yep then the pit bull up was water steel Oshawa was water ice. I think inc yeah that sounds right. Oh wait. I think the last one was water. Psychic wasn't it was the the seal thing was oh it was. I think you're right I own. I'm almost positive it was yeah because penguin was why it was water steel. Yeah sure so I'm I'm leaning towards in. I didn't really I didn't really have an opinion as far as like what I thought it would be until I saw this fan art <hes> of like someone basically just like the other baboon thing so this is what this is what someone made for <hes> Sabail view can attorney incidents big like yeah this like water chameleon catfish thing and it it definitely has that look. It's got the ALEC. Azzam whiskers definitely looks like a water psychic to me or honestly based on this like a C._B._S.. Water Dragon again but I don't think they'd ever type a starter started with dragging schools would be but green and most of the time they don't even get that second thing until their last evolution so then right six or so depending for sure. I know I get that we share PITAS started. I'd like to see a water flying. Okay water flying. You have one in the Pelican thing right but like I want to see a starter that's starter. Oh a starter Gotcha <hes> like he's like this he he's like Lizard thing and then in his final evolutions like he just has wings. It'd be different right. The flying lying. What's at the flying Lizard runs across water? Do we have one. I don't think so I think the closest thing would be like Raul grovel. His name is <hes> that kind of covers all the all the starters and in predictions mode guesses for watering electric. I could see right there just opposite the <hes> I could see it being. Maybe water ghost with the whole camouflage thing. Oh that's an interesting concept like I give you that just for the thought of how how would that be utilized realized maybe like I haven't read that one's cookie entry at all yet living Cammo to do is also read that I think what are what are ghosts could be awesome. No I agree that'd be I'd much rather have that water flying. That's why he said because he's dead there. It is dead on the inside big use vigorous but we we spent quite a quite a lot of time on the storage. I want to jump into kind of a few other a few other things we saw <hes> mainly mainly the region. Yeah definitely definitely seems to be U._K.. Based I'm forty four is the the the aesthetics of the of the world the galar region as their as they're calling it so did did you guys take a look at the map at all as far as okay shave pulled up on my other screen as you can see nice looking over. I should probably pull them out too so if we're all looking at the map here the first thing that that I noticed about the map is it's definitely more <hes> it's more vertical full vertical the normal most of the time I think we get pretty square maps yeah but this one definitely seems that we're based on what I'm seeing it. Would I would think that we would start down at the bottom and work. Just Kinda like working our way up towards this giant ice mountain with whatever's going on of doesn't seem to be just kind of looking at it will mention. I'll just take it one thing at a time zoom in on the map. The first thing that I noticed was is there's a railway system going throughout the entire region I just I just noticed that to <hes> which I think it'd be pretty interesting for storm nor yeah exactly normally you get around fast travel with fly so you know what what does this mean. Is this going to be like an early form of fast travel or are we going to have fly which would be kind of weird shower. Get get an open world pokemon game with scaling right right. Shut collegiate actually utilize that train it'd be fantastic. I think it's a cool idea <hes> so just kind of like taking a look at the bottom pretty looks like a simple starter downright basic star town yeah real basic and then you get up to like this this big lake but then you get to like this really big city which out compared to maybe like a goldenrod city or so resilient yeah definitely maybe like one of the larger towns to where there's probably like a big department store I bet you what's that Tessie Big Ben in there right right yeah. The big been been a big clock also see if you like as we're going along. There's like a few caves along which always fun fought to fund and if you take a look if <hes> if you're looking at the the Big Ben Town if you look at the northwest there's a town there and I'm pretty sure that big building is the gym. I think so too because because it looks like that on that that shape it looks how how no I guess you could consider purple. It's above the like the yellow fields oh see. I'm looking Dome Mountains North north of it. Oh no not that one but that one too so those look. I'm guessing that those are the gyms bag gyms need to be because they they showed one in the trailer. Okay good. I don't know if you saw because they show the the one and I think it's the wanted. We're looking at right here. It has the leaf shape so I'm sure that that'd be the grass Jim and I think based on that we can kind of look around the map and we could probably calculate how many gyms are actually are the trailer <hes> quick yeah havoc little side note so when I woke up that at nine o'clock I woke up and got on ninety one okay so what I got into that known woke up at nine pm yes at nine A._M.. Right and I started watching it and it started in for me. It started off with the pokemon start reveal and it was like perfect like okay here. We go yeah okay. That was okay but we didn't get to see anything game play. We saw nothing like Oh. No I watched like the a whole first minute of POK MON reveal. What's important stop? I literally missed the whole important aspect of the game play stuff. I was upset when I went to work. It was like okay sweet. We know the starters but they could have just waiting to show as more and this whole everybody else already knows like what are you talking about. You know I'm talking about and he's just like it's so funny. It's kind of it's kind of strange because I was trying as you were explained that was trying to count out how many gyms we can see so so there's definitely that grass won't down there. If you keep going north is probably like a rock or ground north of that. Maybe a ghost because it's in like those those creepy woods. Maybe that we saw the trailer knife or something yeah. There's a there's a water one. It looks like to the bay to the East but if we're just kind of going off of that there's definitely not enough gyms at least on the map to fill out a full eight that we can see so right some of the might be in these these bigger cities. He's like there's we know the the big the Big Ben Town <hes>. There's that blacker like the darker spookier kind of looking castle to the north of that and then there's a little ice mansion correct <hes> so yeah. There's there's a lot to explore. It looks like <hes> and I like how varied the regions are like an actual big Ben Alway north like the big ferris wheel. What's the big ferris wheel the old man so yeah so at the up there where I would I would imagine that that's where the elite four is or whatever version they have the tower towers the tower battle sort of thing that you work your way up yeah which I don't know like I'm I could that'd be cool so if that that big spiral tower it'd be cool if the elite for whoever it is is up at the top and you have to maybe you're working your way up <hes> via the the big things to the left and right could be maybe some like one of them could be like like try mentioned like a battle tower kind of thing that they've done in the past and the other one could be maybe more of a like another one of those bigger cities to where they have like all the endgame items you can purchase but maybe also some of the mini games that they throw in the past some of the like the side games like the they used to the pokemon fashion shows and the uh the pocket blocks and stuff like that red area right there to the right of North for sure I could see that happening looks the other just kind of take a look? The only other thing that really stands stands out just landscape wise in-between the dark castle area and the Ice Mansion. There's like a like a little volcano shape. No did you see that Oh like pit hit cut out like fossil digging area. Yeah I see that too yep. I see that to head is with the next fossil. POKEMON are going to be always really cool reveal. I remember they to your excellent. I was like oh ooh any anything else. You guys see that kind of stands out from at least what we know of the world map we mission with like in that big field. I think talk about ten. Thank the big like the person that's like in the field. It's a case go area trailer a little bit yeah. I wanted to be person yeah the big pink person or the big big hieroglyph in the grads Mitchell for sure. I WANNA know what big bad in this game right. What's what's the team? What's the like? It's going to be like team. Trumpets or something all know team team tea-and-crumpets team team biscuits. I don't know that Dr I think that's what I assume. That's where they reside at. I'm interested in the islands because of aesthetic islands are going to be. They're going to have some nice. I didn't notice the two islands on the left and right side. You know hopefully you can go to those details. They maybe maybe you know post-game some of these clouds clear and we get some <hes> some some more adventures. Maybe we take a boat and we go to the other regions and we get to get take on all the other JIM leaders what I'm saying my every game everyday me every every based on Oh you know what if you can take s and told these other places is like what if we have hit fly somewhere and it's another continent like should the world eventually be filled out eight whole regions. I actually it's GonNa come full circle right like the yes the happen eventually. It looks like it's sweet in me and ten. We're talking about this earlier. How how surprise in it is? They haven't done that to where they have. In brought it back to Joe Tow is probably one of my. It's my favorite in the in the series but a big part of that is partly because you get to go back to canton. Jim Leaders see how different it is. Yeah you face the gym leaders in different order. They're more powerful things have changed in granted. You can't can't do that with every game. I understand that you can't you know go generation four and then you get to play like four three two and one right but right right to at least go to one of those regions would would be cool or even like a mixture. Maybe maybe bring back some of those Jim leaders in the in that big like the top of the mountain. Maybe some of those Jim leaders travel from around the world to come battle here. I could see that may be like with the whole switch online line stuff. <hes> could be like a you know this. Week's challenges are Canto leaders like yeah. Maybe maybe now that we're all odor and maybe time has passed on. It could be like their kids or something yeah. I like to see some some lower progression pokemon man. That's all they did that. They only did that in in Canto. 'cause you saw you saw Kogas daughter takeover. The Jin Kogo went up to the elite four yeah and I thought that will soak at the time. And that was so cool right Oh shit like time for changing and they just like oh now every now and then an empty will mention Canto or Ryan arsenault the that's it. I can see a I could see like maybe a deal see as continents. I would lose my shit. If it was it was it was it Sinow that Paris basically you think you think of x and y you think you're thinking of Nova. Nova was the one that was very like Paris looking like that area. Maybe like since they're kind of close together. I get that as the next Kinda like we get since we haven't gotten any of those games seeing those in this graphic style and H._d.. And all beautiful that'd be I would love to see that's like the one thing growing up. I've always wanted to see the towns that we know and like this like closer view that this game is in the amine a you mean pokemon. Let's go with the cancer region. No I mean to be fair that that's kind of what that's kind of what you're looking for at least with cancer right look. Let's those beautiful right minimum. Look good it is it is a very gorgeous game yeah. The play style was not for me. It wasn't ready. It's not as bad for me. That's very you very hand holding very very easy to <hes> which that's a good segue into another thing we saw the trailer random yes thank you Michael came on Jesus. Counters are back <hes> battling pokemon to catch them back which is huge instead of just right well and that's the thing like I got. Let's GO POK MON right. I got it. I was against it but I got it because I was going to be pretty. I gave it a shot I didn't I made it pass misty. That's about like getting bored with it like I tried but I just got bored. If there's no challenge to it there is it was just boring for me. It was beautiful. I appreciate what it was but it was boring and I just couldn't play anymore so we got Raynham counters back which is nice. We got the POKEMON. We got the game that we want back. Which is nice get? Why did let's go get it? You know let's get those people who are freaking pokemon. Go and all that jazz whatever <hes> but like this is it. I will say I had a lot of fun. Go <hes> as far as they made catching Chinese pretty fun. It got a little repetitive but kind of made the the hunt exciting like you could catch so many in a royal on that that increase your chances busy. Don't you like to hear that was easier right like you. Don't you feel right so like I don't feel that Oh yeah as satisfying yes sure degree but also I don't know let's let's go with a different. I didn't play like I was playing a core game. If that makes sense like I played a differently than I I would play just one one of our are one of the standard core games but I made through it. I completed the POLKA decks and I <hes> I beat the elite force Oy at least beat the the main section of but it definitely like I have no. I don't really have any desire to go back to it. Maybe I'll transfer some of my pokemon over. I'm sure they will they. They don't either another interesting was to convert the I. P.. Whatever not the I._p.? Whatever it's called what they have like a special level right? They're not like they have levels but they also have something else because let's go poking the ones that called like the point they have little they had to do that when they when you transfer him from pokemon go to poke them on. Let's go to convert okay so they actually have levels and poke them on. Let's go I want to see in. I know we won't get this but I would like to see a level cab. Increase past one hundred past one hundred okay is they do that. You'd need you'd need post game content exactly so we got not that we could get post game content to justify or at least other I want I just love and one hundred gate and that's always the goal right. I mean for me at least always at least have won four level one hundred and I don't I mean this is going to sound sarcastic but not once the last game that you that you did that got a full team it was it was probably X.. Y. Was it because you got a pretty pretty deep index and why with the because that's when I when I taught you about issues fees and you you went crazy with it absolutely relieve oakmont wits so fucking hard into the Ivy Training and everything I had just boxes of ciphers boxes they make the perfect one to make the perfect one nice made more of those because a far because of how you can breed and I gave them to people for anything I wanted I had endless power. I imagined him being like like in Sparta throwing his like trashy Cypher off the cliff with all the other the dead babies and then just keeping his pure pure cypher to be the one kind of graphic vision but yeah that's what I imagine Tim <hes> Tim doing with this with Cypher I did the same thing with you. Mentioned kind of getting into the trading with was X. Y.. For me it was diamond in Pearl I._R._A.. In the black market on diamond-and-pearl I had all these different different windhoek alone from Japan. <hes> I got I could get any any POKEMON I wanted. I had because back then I found out how to clone. Poke them on. Basically you'd wait until I you gotta down to a science science to where you'd go to like upload something for trade and he'd turn off your at the exact right time you'd open open your game back up and there'd be one copy in the online trade thing and one copy in your box still so you just pulled back down and keep copying. I'll see you were cheater. Correct okay. I just wanted to make sure one hundred percent cat <hes> yet got any anything I wanted that. I think diamond her yeah. diamond-and-pearl will probably the POKEMON Games. I had the most time in they were good those the D._S.. Games right yeah those I think in my Pearl version is over six hundred hours but that man I almost want them to take away. I Vini Ivy's and stuff like I really almost do just because it's it's a whole another element to the game. I get whites there right but my goodness sometimes it takes Dory's before you get on good podium on you know how it was with those those ghastly in <hes> pokemon. Let's go trying to get the perfect ghastly. You're just catching gasoline. The more you catch the better it gets. There's no bring them to write. Is I get that for sure but I'm just referring to like the addictive nature finding the the perfect perfect poku. It's ridiculous and like I it just doesn't ruin the game for me because it definitely makes like post game and I always try not to do until post game right right and then covers like you right now so I'm just like find. Give me a day him once and then he just never wanted to play again. He came on and granted. Let's let's make this clear. He had evolved POK Mon.. I didn't have he was like level forty. I was level ten. It will adjust. I also didn't have the moves before his throw me under the bus like that. Wow you wait. You wait you wait okay I will we'll see I was telling him earlier trae that we should have our own Fam- Jim Jim Yep Okay Yup interesting where people can people can battle the FAM- in <hes> train train <hes> take down. WE'RE GONNA BE WE'RE GOING TO BE POSITIONED COMPLETE FAM- in <hes> Columbus Ohio so we're going to have our own station your two people under you trays Trevor's people on her hamill have to people underneath we're have actual gyms and they had the beatdown sick then someone has to be are where they have to go okay <hes> and they have to go there because they had to heal their pokemon after they'd be or they don't or they choose not to healer pokemon go to the next person. That's up to them. We can make this legit. y'All WanNa Poke Mons. We can make poking Mons. He is not amused. Just so you know the face they use. I'm not amused. He's kind of POKEMON so random random encounters back. Yes Jim Jim. Battles are back which which is a really good did. Did you pick up anything else from the trailer. <hes> by any small details that you thought or did we see if falling POK Mon we're back because I do not see a single Poggi on following. I did not see any following I don't. I don't think they did that because of like. Maybe it's still kinda early development and that's something they wanNA keep secret. I'd be like that should come back. It worked your spot and I do. I really liked the following poke Amman. There's no reason for cosmetic stuff at that point right yeah. There's nothing at least I can't think of anything that should necessarily stop it because graphically. It looks very similar to to let us it's it's close. I I will say that this one is more associated allow more associated now. Do you consider show shells or better. Shush shaded at better. I love so shading you'd style game y'all so you can see like barely black edge on some of the stuff in the game and that's like I love that style in. I think a character customization definitely back. GotTa have a stylish trainer. You know what I mean yeah I was I liked that I think they they really brought that in into play with <hes> Pokemon son in Moon. I think it was where you like. Really you really got to customize your trainer with the clothing and everything which I I don't know it's something small but at school I kind of make the make the trainer your own right so I'm excited to see because it it looks like we would get that backing out of senior reason why they would have it in writing. There's some <hes> some of the moves the great dramatic now which Kinda like yeah. It looks really cool. It's a twenty nineteen game titled Late Nineteen Late One thousand nine hundred December. They use pokemon usually in November December. I'M GONNA put money on December okay. I put money on November. You only wanted to be December because it's your birthday. December sixteenth is one that's coming out about the whole <hes> like soccer stadium thing that they kinda teas that their soccer stadium thing like the whole like slow-motion walkout do fit Jim thing or do you think it's going to be a gym like I could see it being just like a like a gym ginger okay altruism. Probably I mean it's it is football. Go Aghia foodball pokey Mallory near follow a tennis ball than a football and soccer ball. I hope is a Kogi boogeyman. That's all I'm saying accord ye yeah. There's yeah we have to fight the queen with the Hell Depot. Oh come on. That's that's how that's how poke them on you. You Scorpions ears are actually like together. They're not separate area actually like they're together yeah because there is that a real yeah right now to mean they're not. I thought you were saying that. There are tested the like like the tips there. No no no no there at the base yeah. Let's not like this looked weird. Sorry I don't know man. I'm excited for it. No matter what I'm excited yeah I WANNA WANNA now any any other remarks about sword shield the announcement sloshes not in it. I'm going to be Super Mad. He just slashing <unk> shield yet well as your slash is shorting shield pokemon so that just needs to happen. I've loved address last like he was one of my favorite goes. Bogeyman remember seeing good competitively right yeah yeah I. I use them in competitive plane he's nasty to there's like a like a sneaking mechanic. I saw that like I so she's kind of like. Is that how you do so it would that was another the game to where you could slowly it helps you not so remember in the other games like there'd be a little black a little black lump in in the grass and that was usually an indicator of like embraer pokemon or something right right and it would run away. Hey you got to close soon too quickly. So WanNA rat mechanic is coming back to sneak team. That's how I could see that. I wanted to game right now. Just called into it'll be it'll be interesting to see if we get the full national decks I would I would hope like start off with the the galar Polka dots and then after the elite four opened up through the the National Dexter where you can get all what eight hundred however many. They'll probably be that's going to be that's GONNA take forever but I'm gonNA catch them all man poking another. We're talking about D._C.. Earlier like what would you think would be some pretty cool deals. They ended the game might be the good thing they can do <hes> earlier than that idea of like the gym meter thing like them coming to the elite talent or whatever and the challenge terrorist thing and say a special cosmetics out of it or like special pokey balls or something they botanical that where you could like they'd in come out and goofy. I would like to see some with like maybe new dungeons might you get like a like release a new dungeon or even if you did did it on wrote like a like a rotation where okay for this month this ship will take you to this this dungeon out there this cave at sea and that's the only time that you can catch these particular pokemon and they're maybe there's a special items or maybe there's a legendary but the next time you know the next month it takes you to this little island in it's just like this little light grassy field and the only thing there is something like really rare like Immu- you or something like that but it's sort of like you get this rotate or like rotation of different. I would like to see if they do something like that because I liked that concept right this is just the the hard mood player in me but I want uh-huh I would like if they did something like that. They implement some kind of like a safe safe system. I kinda like dark. Souls has the where once you start a fight if you lose or do you try to turn your game off the trick it that Pokemon is no longer there. You have one shot ought to make I've always said it make like legendary pokemon more har hard to come by like there too easy to get everyone. has them make them worth something. Make the trade that would give so much value to those was poking on. I would like to see legendary pokemon like you mentioned harder to catch but like you like you said it's easy to just like save in front of it. Try until you run out of Polka balls and then and then you're out yet right right so I think it'd be nice. Nice to whatever the mechanic would be whether it's after so many tosses or however many turns that like that's like the Pokemon runs away right so you know the you have to go out and find and maybe with there being and so many different caves and the spoke Amman maybe have to search these caves in like that legendary just going to be in there. You actually have to go on the hunt for this legendary because if ZAP does is always in the power plant you can always just in front of it. There's no challenge there her just keep going until you get lucky right. I would much rather have a challenge to where you get so many attempts and if you don't get it you have to try somewhere else but there's I can't think of a way to get around like the saving in front of it well that would just it would just add more to those events that you're talking about right. You'd add more mummy event where there's going to be this POK mon here because then the okay I missed it last month. I'm going to try to get it this month. Stuff like the as much as I don't look I keep on Oh you pokemon go for no reason like pokemon. Go solid for what it was but one of the things like it did well was it made those events like Oh man. I gotta go catches Louis. It's over here it'd be oh I missed it. Damn off the wait till next one but it gave give your reason to keep coming back. That's the biggest thing I feel it pokemon games after a month or two what is my reason to keep playing other than to let Raina Pok Mon ever really plan to use or or make new team ideas goofy things right so give give me a reason and I feel like those monthly events stuff like that or whatever would increase that by a ton or make it to where there's like a a rank do a rank duos mode where me and trae or being trevor can go and took remind me you know there's a ranking system and depending on rank for the month. You'll get special rewards right. There's a solo duo so me and trevor can go against two random people and try like I feel like those like make it a multiplayer experience. That's what they need. That's what I'm getting down to May a better multi-player experience for Post Post Game of course for sure post game one one thing in false kind of brought this up to where he you're saying like you could win. Maybe win the title of Jim Leader One thing I did like about pokemon. Let's go is in post game. There it unlocked master trainers all throughout the world to where there there were one hundred and fifty one master trainers that mastered each pokemon and if you beat them you got the title of like this is or master or whatever it would be if you're but you'd have to go. It's a mere match so you're you're site. There has to fight their citre or whatever it may be so it'd be. It'd be pretty cool to maybe some more titles like that comeback whether it's pokemon specific or if it's type specific it'd be cool to customize your trainer trainer that way to most of the things that we would get out of like the elite Jim Leader Tower would be like cosmetics. If anything like Timo saying like the Puck Jawohl Paul customization which I think would sweet pogo customisations back. It was the I will say this one thing secret bases. Yes yeah bring back the secret bases like animal power our thanks Ben Affleck's online it'd be able to like I have a fam- hideout yeah that'd be so cool and then we could have like community nights where like everyone meets at the Fam- house and you can like whenever you talk to that person in game you can choose to battle or trade with them yeah so we just have like a bunch of fights and trades going on in the field say like those games. If they're up there up north they mean games through that yeah or like maybe like specific different Pokemon have a specific mini games. You can customize that specific POK Mon.. I don't know much yeah there's so much they could do the baseball he needs to happen though by Nice yeah they need to do with nowadays things because you can have like you can win like like post game thing now after your gym Balaji this maybe there's there's these guys and they give you trophies or decorations for your house. Oh here's this week you can win a giant chart. Sas You put in your house. If you go beat these gouging host get like you said. Tim gives us a reason to come back. I think that's like the biggest thing about your mind is like you can only beat it so much and like the replay values there because it's there's so many book Mein. Maybe the story is going to be really cool but it's like we. We need that post game now that we know that Nintendo can do deal see yeah if you're not a <hes> if you're not a competitive player. There's really not a whole lot to do once you beat d delete four and complete pocock's by its pokemon season pass. I don't care I'm down right. I know we've got to see. There's like a pirate ship Jim Negotiate. That'd be sick if he's sick Nintendo for higher where we are we are. We're looking for UNITA SASH. Let me tell you you come to the right place also capcom that's right. You're watching multi industry team right here we are if you need a steel pokemon. You not right. Let us know there's there's so much potential with pokemon especially this one on this being on the switch win. You said this every year for the past like five years at the very least when we get a pokemon. Imo and I know they are have the idea where I'm sure. It's pretty much already creating. We're just not going to get until for something. Some weird reason intendo is is about to go under. There's like pokemon. Everyone else can just off right because that's what everybody wants. That's what everybody's waiting for and that's where everything's building up to a POK MON IMO. It's just needs to happen already. I want you know it but they're they're online is an early isn't really structured for it. If only they partnered with with another company online service that could maybe support something like that. It can only imagine the situation being present present to us like who well wait speaking of xbox live isn't there a bunch of rumors about Microsoft intendant teaming up thing that is that is a thing and Massachusetts smash right downloads might on my my switch the other day I was able to play with my xbox Buddy's house able to play my P._C.. Vice wasn't Alabama P._S.. Four friends though same with a lot of things and if this game pass situation happens like they've Nintendo understands that they're online service is not where it needs to be and Microsoft is going to Lynn them a hand and you have this like. Let's let's do it moment like I love yes. Twenty five twenty five percent of xbox owners would buy an antenna switch if they if game pass this was it was available on it because that's what starts is game pass. That's a pretty big deal. That's well. That's the rumor on the switch. I would throw money like what is it the safeties thieves. Oh yeah that'd be that'd be great achievements. All my switch from xbox can do that now with four night with with with slight now I think we have a we have a lot of big announcements coming from them because they know with <hes> with Sony playstation unity three. That's kind of their time to blow everything out of the Water Yep <hes> so there's there's the rumors of the <hes> the xbox live in game pass communist which but then that's also hello. There's also rumors that that's where we're going to get the new <hes> like the new announcements of the Consoles Anaconda and whatever it is if three ounce meat yeah if we getting announcement of them. It's not going to be big. It's going to be a teaser that's going to be it's ask for sure. Don't expect anything other than yes. It's happening. That's holiday twenty twenty release. I think Oh yeah free free. Definitely Oh yeah definitely that's free holiday twenty twenty yeah that's good. That's the free pass in the in the U.. Through Bingo right their release holiday twenty twenty I I mean that Microsoft went through. I haven't shut about that by the way I think talk about all the time. If that has huge it's huge it'd be massive think about think about already the the the awesome games that we're getting poured into this which like the resident evil games that they're bringing to the switch even even that alone is awesome to final fantasy games. We're getting the switch. Everybody wants their games to be to be to be played like this. This is this is the way to play games and I think it is switched show now like they know that that's what people they know that they will sell their system like butter tocache so I don't know what goes well they already do. There's there's no loss to to nintendo system cells great. I still think which is one of the best systems systems that ever lease and just like you would just get all these people who are always family to wine to convert to another system because they can play their vandalism on another system on the go anywhere why but that needs needs to be the future of gaming of this instead of this okay you know here. You're I think exclusives are okay that that keeps the I think you need competition to keep the market fresh right but I I also. I think that there's value in not keeping everyone separated so whether that's with I think cross plays kind of the the first big step but also I like this idea of being able to share it stuff. I feel like I'm kind contradicted myself because I would love to see see thieves played on the switch and that's where you lose that exclusively but do you. I don't know like because they still have to have an xbox live for right so it's not like the what I mean unlike these still have to have certain Microsoft's for you still need okay pass so it's not like Microsoft losing out an exclusivity. It's Thurs stuff. They're just allowing you play on another console. As long as you have what you need on both right that makes sense. I could see a working that why do not see a work in the other way. I I do not see Nintendo allowing their <hes> their titles on any other console not at all out definitely not I don't wait Microsoft really cares about that yeah. I think they'll be okay with that. That's not what they're they're not interested in that. They're interested in the Yup because that's saves them from having to create a no one can compete with an antenna when it comes down everyone yep. Everybody knows it <hes> so it makes sense instead of trying to compete partner show you know give that the partnership and have have your games <hes> portable on the the best portable system out there which to point out it's going to happen. He's you're GONNA have within. The next generation switch comes out. It's going to have full blown support for Microsoft. I bet when it comes to gain pass stuff. I bet that's a big deal because rumors like that for summer release actually because like the switches good graphically. It's great but like playing something like see if these on it probably won't look as good as like it would on your xbox switch two point zero with possibly five G. integration with it because is game pass on eight hundred eighty game pass rich for my understanding is going to be streaming service. If it's true it's not going to be download. It's going to be a Internet service because Microsoft is already talked about this year here. It's invade. I don't know when it goes about their streaming services to phones too like they have this thing right so if you have a now I know they've tried this like Lt Blah Blah isolate the Beata had like three g integration or something right and it did not go well. It was three chief first of all they problem but now the way everything even l._t.. Just he yeah even if it was just L._V.. Like nowadays how L._T.'s it would be perfectly fine like the integration works just fine. I think that's what switch two point. Oh needs to have asked me. That's the next step for switched for the next steps which is integrated Internet service into it. I think in my my brain always think of the switch tether to your mobile devices and again. You're perfectly right like that's true. You can do that right. It's already. They're like in my in my head. You should be able to say you have Nintendo online service ran like you have a download to your phone or whatever like an APP and then those those apps like talk to each other on the switch and on your phone therefore your phone being essentially a hotspot for it to connect you right. That's how might in my brain. That's how online Nintendo online should work. You want your games to be on the go like that. You should it should be able to do that. I guess we'll you know the game pass and everything that's just that's yeah we'll <hes> we'll find out more in the next couple of months for both pokemon this possible partnership cool any <hes> any closing remarks on on poke Amman or the the xbox Nintendo partnership happens yeah it happens to be huge for both of them <hes> Banjo Smash <hes> get that in there. That's all I want in the Pacific. Partnership happens. Please make Banjo. I don't want minecraft Steve Yeah I I would like sheep. It'd be Kinda cool to represent myself as a whole but banjos already a staple character from Nintendo that rare took with them and made me upset and he'd be a mace on. Would you be mashed others. Oh instantly in a heartbeat I mean same thing with like Nintendo teasing rat teasing easing but possible leak of another square character and I'm like Krono if grown is in the game. I'm dropping every play in Mexico but that's not going to happen so we'll see we'll see the rumors dragon quest but few humans will tell. I'm hoping it's it's <hes> Krono Yup retriever anything from you mean anything you know I think we covered it all ceram awesome appreciate you guys. Stop by for fame cast fifty-three as always this'll be available on YouTube itunes Google podcasts and spotify if you're not watching live right now which we will also be returning returning to D._N._d.. This coming Sunday. I know we had a little bit of a delay but we're back. We're going to be bringing it this coming Sunday at eight pm on that'd be a biweekly thing <hes> so look forward to that and I and I were alternating our podcast on Mondays now so you can watch us live on Monday evenings every other Monday eight P._M.. For Fame cast cure those Monday blues Monday blues and I think that's about it so we'll go ahead and stream here. We'll continue the Q._N._A.. And the or will not in stream here we'll continue to Q._N.. After stream and then we'll go to cut the the audio cut the vaseline Vodka Yvonne appreciate you you guys supporting the podcast is always that means a lot to us and we hope to see you guys in the next two weeks.

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Digimon Adventure 2020: Eight - Mimi is a Hoopy Frood

Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

1:00:42 hr | 3 months ago

Digimon Adventure 2020: Eight - Mimi is a Hoopy Frood

"The. Color, everyone welcome to another episode foundational this time. Covering long venture. Twenty twenty episode eight, the Children's see, and of course I'm May, and I'm joined by Steve. We are here, yes? Here in Queer, people are probably used to as always good combination. So of course we have watched the new episode of Digital Adventure Colon Twenty twenty, which came out yesterday, and we have some thoughts so I guess onto the show. Episode starts off where episode seven ends. They are all traveling traveling on Kokomo on, and it's not time now, so at least we know that there's like a nut cycle and this we'd like digital stuff like throughout the sky like it's kind of Nice reminds me of in Time Hellos will the digital weirdness in the sky, and we're getting that same sort of thing in in this, and it's kind of cool. We get to say that digital witness. Then we have the best sane in any digital ever which is Mamie is brightening Kaklamanis. Love it so much. I meant that's so cute. It's so good. How did you miss it? It's like it's my highlight. The start the episode. Deserving streaming issues because you're supposed to run smoothly. Well. She liked I shop basically yeah. And I want a friend who just sort of vaguely braids, my hair, doing a thing that sounds Nice and it Kokomo night probably would enjoy it because like I. we sort of go even though he's a seal, he's very dove like such dog. Oh! He's a good dog so cocoons probably enjoying it because he probably just likes the attention, and meanwhile we have another pretty good part of the sane which is. Joe Is seasick and one is holding him and reassuring him in saying it'll be alright. It'll be alright it. We're almost there so sweet. Didn't think we were going to do that this time around, but. He seemed fine, but I guess there on the show last time, so that was fine. So the children see a lot house and she gets a call from kosher. Who advises them of Tokyo's situation? End this kind of always we. We haven't seen much kosher throughout the whole season like. This. Deal, basically gone. We'll reunited by now, but I guess. Now we've got Yamato. got. Co shrew so long, but if if we don't like I'm just worried that he's just going to be in this net area. Of the series I employ. Fifty! APPS. Cook. Daily is weird okay. I only left twenty like he arrives on the back of like Hercules cover Terry Moan, and he's like. Oh, he could always evolve. What are you talking about? Yeah meanwhile, a sound Birdman is flying overhead and government, and most certainly a watching from afar I. Guess we're not supposed to not motto. Maybe because I guess initially we haven't seen governor except in the intro and I think the attribute, but a couple. Tia Very Cute. Another good dog I like his voice actor as well. Yeah Gum was voices always good, though that's true like my my favorite thing is in the first episode of the Dub of Digital. Adventure with Cinnamon Henault. Pleasant, it's very curious. I I into Matt's just. Super Edgy! Whatever the weird thing he's wearing is like a burlap cloth cloak. Veto of, touchy with. Philip coat was so edgy I love it. He is he's so much and she's not. He's age of the knife. So. Silly jokes aside that about edge of sin. Day or whatever the? Moving aside Rahman knife. All of all of Matt's bad bad names Assad teenage walls. Why Anyway? Cushal advises the group that in Tokyo. People are panic buying, and it's already these disasters that have occurred off the cyberattack and immediately. Joe Is feeling threatened by Kirsh Roy because Kushner, smart, and so young and Joe wants to be the leader of the group. And then they lose connection with Kush row as the group against afloat through. We'd pepple Mr like well I. Guess that's it for cultural. That's his this. This is his Tokyo update of the episode done and now don't get to talk to him ever again. It does kind of feel like he's been relegated to remind gus the stakes. Real voters in the digital world, but it's okay because he talks about. bio tend to thing he. Now decided to try going fast so. Next week we'll see still evolved. He hasn't liked the of old happy. Time that going more or less indefinitely because bridge mom was just like Oh, oops. I lost concentration but the. Thing that we haven't got cover one today. Evolve yet. Don't have the the hunger restriction anymore. And yeah, and Al Gamaa and said he was, he stopped concentrating devolved, but Yeah I think it's seems that can hold the evolution Longo, which might be related to the fact that. They that they've already reached those poems before in a previous life. Maybe yeah, yeah so. I have less of a restriction, so because like how tilman was always able to Thailand because of all the hardships she didn't do it. Maybe just sort of they can more or less old. Cape that foam, but they just don't want to. Yeah so the children say that the lot is actually part of a fortress and the lot house shoots. The group Joe can't swim over sudden, even though we saw him in the water being pushed off like when he fell off a cocktail at the end of the last episode, he can't swim over sudden. He was blasted off of confirmed by cannon. A bit different. Yeah I don't think actually the unsophisticated. Killed Him, but it did hit around him, I guess. But it almost certainly Knoxville wind down with him Yes, good point Kokomo says that they have to stand in the water which. We're GONNA have a problem doing that because we have lungs and they kind of don't like to be under the water for long. Another lame targets PAL MOAN and Mamie, but Pierre motives to save them and yet. We don't get Nev- Lucien sequence she disorder. is literally a flash of light, which is really really weird, because later on both album on on, get these stock evolution. Apparently has the has budget for good, so that's totally different. Anyway, so we say tank Monin Solomon. I always do like to see Sola Mon because he's just old hugger Ramona. He's cute. Souleyman is good I belive house. Yeah, so they started taking the group and we see going on who originally thought that? Because I forgot existed even though I'm watching at the moment I forgot the gory moon was in Thomas as well as in zero two and but I feel like we haven't seen him full since time is in again, so it's kind of Nice to see all these. All these digital again. Maximum your favorites. I think I was having some trouble, but I really liked the solar on lighthouse. Yeah, another someone has a nice touch is cool. Yeah also I like how the digital just not just attacking. They seem to have some formation going on. Strongholds yes, the first time I think we've seen like the military that didn't involve. What if we all stood in Lyons shot of each other which is yeah, it's it's not as they seem to actually have something going on. I do like the choice of using tank modest time. Yeah, did I can't remember in in adventure when they're doing. The Middle Empire City tank in that. Account Remember. I can't remember either if they were I'm fairly certain, no being tanks, but it was also very much. Let's just shoot randomly because we're bad guys, and that's kind of what bad guys do become. Shoot at the children. Yeah, probably can now clearly. GonNa Sound. But I do like to shoot at the children now. Know I completely agree. I'm advocating for digital. Who is shooting directly at the children yes? Yes, translation lawn very much advocates that people shoot at children. That's another show so a not a government shows up to save the Group and Yamato tells the group to follow him. Then they take into a cave in the cave. The group trial while Tachi. Thanks him auto and is fairly happy to see him because he's mainly cooling, Yamato, his friend and something like about the saying is the show remember that they were just underwater and the new to dry off, so they have the towels out and I'm just really glad that we're. We're actually with remembering some pretty sure. In previous seasons have gone from being under the water to being just find perfectly fine and dry. I'M GONNA say. There's an eighty percent chance that the next time this happens. They'll be fine because we won't need to have JOE raise the white flag in. That's sad. I mean they could've explained it. And saying the would not wait in the digital world like time is kind of I, did like that one time and said that. Breaking news water is not sweat. The group tried to come up with a plan and immodest says that he doesn't need the dead white, and it's more dangerous to be a group anyway and on then when running away, says the amount was nice, because he just wants the other to be safe but before they do leave, there's Alina showed of government ogm on just being friends, and it just warms my heart so much. But I want to know how they know each other because. Like were they just hanging out before they met their children again, because had they just not seen each other in past lives, and it's just sort of like a weed instinct would be interesting. Yeah, I got the impression. They just how to see each other since. The IN I. I mean I think they recognized each other. The world right I believe that's true, but I'd have to go back and check. Yes. I think I noticed about the recognising eachother them in the net, because remember talking about that, but the I'm not one hundred percent because a few months ago, maybe the half brothers. Maybe they'll have brothers. Government evolves to garrone with as I said before we get the stock animation, evolution and Joe Starts to be joy from. He's evolution episode in the first digital adventure season, where he says all this reckless, and then proceeds to do something reckless. He takes Miami's tell runs. And he surrenders is in the tells the white flag which really upsets me because Hertel, but when it gets destroyed, we later find out. That was actually source tail because sore. Had that big bag of stuff earlier on I? Don't know where she's pulling it from, but I guess it's related. Yeah, but maybe maybe just really wanted to pretend to be happy food. Yes. meaning. soupy fruits. Are, you've not read hitchhikers guide I. Guess It was a term I don't remember from it because I have. Alphabet! hippie food. Who knows where the towels? I thought I was just a person that knows whether was. They thought people brock dry described as being a hippie food because he knows where his towel is. What makes him a food apparently very? I Was President of the universe. He is so confused. Ease heavy food like Mamie, okay sure. Maybe, but is not a hippie. Food and Tomlin is heavy fruit. Like the pal on the Butler was. Outfits and even your towel. Yes, she kinda Sassy. Now kind of I kind of like it, but also she does rescue Joe Cause. Joe Becomes a target immediately. Because, that was inevitably going to happen droves the tallest. This. Touchy thanks Joe Because of him. He was able to get an idea about how they will have to become a perfect target, which just sounds like Tachi, just pulling something out of nowhere like we all have to be targets, we we. The children needs to be targets. The missiles firing at US and trying to murder us. Yep, sounds good idea. Look logic going like this. We have to do something. This is something. Therefore, we have to do it. Yeah it's better than just sitting in a cave, I guess. I'm not sure not being restrictions well. She doesn't like sitting. Still. It's very true. Need, some anti meds. I just like still must must be protagonist. Meanwhile to get to the gate of the fortress, and is where a dunk Toronto Mona Merges, and I'm just loving. All the digital was saying episode. It's just it's so great only like Dr on him on the the whole whole fortress in general just reminds me vandals also from adventure. I'm not sure if anyone else got that. S. Yeah Especially Noah as Gothic. Gothic. It's kind of a more industrial. militaristic. PM On August show up to help him auto in groom on and the we get pm on just getting a quick flash of an evolution again, which is kind of annoying because we mainly get album on evolving to a game on in the stock animation, so everyone has been complaining about being on getting full evolution like everyone else, and now I'm exp- especially feeling it like A. Like now I. Agree didn't before. As Mako and try, everyone was heading for the first four movies and elections, not that bad and then the movie like. The ride is dirty. I think my. Entire going to be the best boys and get all the fancy DJ. Pollution sequences says is probably right. Yeah no I. I feel I feel like that to which like. I actually conduct preferred them when it's not the stock animation. Being like it's very clear where they allocated their budget and it was to those two yeah. Penguins evolution and we've got her to have a special twice. True three make Birger abutment. Apparently nobody likes. I guess they couldn't find like. We really had to make her revolve in a flashy way, so they just kind of made her become file. Yeah. I mean I don't mind it. Because like the alternative end is, we get full twenty second digital illusions for all of the digital, and then the episodes feel five minutes shot. Yeah, I'm happy that the evolutions shoulder but the. Probably about the same links, we'll similar in length to the original evolutions. Never take so I still think it's an improvement. Trimming down if we got. A couple long digitalization so happy because at the bane once then that's fine people complaining that it's not braveheart, which I cannot say like I'd be the winners is great. Do Series. Home, if people. Didn't I like hot, but it's a new series like I think. Everyone would complain if they had the same music because they all. They didn't even make new music for like I'm so glad that didn't use butterfly again because what a coach he's been. Dead for a of years and I feel like this point is just sort of. Yeah a little bit. He was still around. I should see justice doing butterfly and getting everything else, but at this point just just do new music at this point. They're just remixing WanNa Coggi's butterfly like the not really doing any new versions with new seeing still WANNA coach. Which I guess I'd say the point like you know. It's nice to have him in Memoriam to do all these songs, but. But I do like when they give us new music. Because this is a new series, and the the the Toronto make it not like the original series in a lot of ways so I'm appreciating the making a different if that makes sense, so I'm fine with the new music like every week. Like I'm saying these people saying Oh Miss Braveheart I. Want I want Braveheart back in like why? bryce halt was in Troy. Weaver have. Those same. About those same tracks for the past twenty years, and those episodes still there. Just go back. And people, also saying that this is not as good as the original series and like double. Have, have you? Have you watched the original series here? Anyway to make that presumption I feel like so far. It is bad, but worth comparison you can make is that this is only as good because by this point we're like. In. Jill adventure. We're like eight episodes into just one of Aleutian one monster of the week. No plot. Yeah, we're getting tons of Moses Po- per week. This in this show drew. Order them and also I think people forget that. The first episode venture had us, learned the names of twenty characters. I sort of interest trash. Is Trash. I love it because it's still job, but I have to take. The nostalgia goes off and say that it is very boring. The animation is obviously from the late ninety s in which they just kind of standing there and then mounts of moving. That and just yeah, there's there's eight kids and eight hundred Ji Mon, and the digital money volve Beth yeah. What's the? And Yeah in Koga on, and then they fall off the cliff and die. I'm spoiler alert. I recently watched the episode with Brady with the as along. Then I watched the first episode of this season again I'll just to compare the first episodes for, and that was out or die. Special so I'm Kinda like just thinking about like? The the new episodes, so much BETTA. Denise season because of it has to be like it should be. It should be better. They should look at the original and say. Let's make this better, and they did they. You don't make twenty characters and. And be the winners, great eulogist have stelter nichols onto. Take them off and put them on your head like everyone else puts goggles and. Just listen to pay the winners. It goes really well. It is hype every time it drops which one evolution song is meant to be Yala just nostalgic. I like it I love the opening. It gets every week after doing the PODCAST, it will be stuck in my head until I watched the episode for the next week. Real because it's great, it's hype and the ending song is also. Hi, it's it's a bit widely. Show job, but that's okay. You can be assured princess if he wants to. Also anyway. Really good hair. Me Is the best that. Yeah like every week. Even some race in Maimi is not even an episode. She'll be the best because she's so. She's so good I love her, but at the same time she still quite early in the like. She was still bright in the hair. She was still kind of a little bit. Intel. US. Yes she is. She's a young queen is the kids would say anyway back to the Plot Yamato? See the team fighting and running for their lives for him that activites Krista. Friendship and I was so certain we were going to get a perfect evolution would have been absolutely actually onboard for perfect evolution. He'll like I. Don't know why it I'd be happy with an evolution hill and I was. Kinda surprised they didn't go this way. On, not sure if anyone else had that feeling, but I wanted like it would have been early, but I feel like it would have been warranted because. We haven't seen what you're modest been doing immodest kind of disdain. The and around, so he probably. Would have been eating own way that it's fine to have his. Coming Out I. Think it will be a bit too early. Oh. Yeah, it's definitely too early, but I think I would prefer it if we had the perfect evolution here, but it is nice to see a crest activate felt kind of decreased activation seemed to only make him go very fast power such he turns. Loo Look? Like Long. Di That's just how it works, yeah! It's kind of. It's kind of weird. The way getting the activation seem to be a lot earlier on like they already have their crests when they evolved to which is definitely to champion. Yeah, I'm kind of a board. Full Kiss that means you don't get a crest like. On, which means we don't need to find the tags, which was probably the worst episode of digital adventure with I just go find the tags because it could have just been easily go to the national into another. In store pickup box of them. Yeah, yeah, for the convenience store is the title of custom road. That's about. True. That's great and like. The ROD is. More dirty because a German is the best and. His episode and I'm so sad because I grew up on digital world. Oh, that's kind of. Terrible yeah. Montijo memorials I am. Finishing moves so good. Yeah. I just like Jim. Much money says soft, little friend for those keeping score at home, I was personally shocked that there has not been an uptick in dramatic will thirty four cents last week. Yeah, Yeah, why? I ask why, but I know exactly why, but also? Why? No? What's weird is that that didn't have but. I know but. Then I guess we haven't seen Jamal on, but like I don't know I. Don't really look look at a lot of rule thirty full. Digital. Try to but. It's my childhood. But. I mean won't with them. We have like the digital card game which has weirdly sexualize l zone, which just looks like this grind profile and I'm so proud of him. Forgetting that is great, but It's it's a little bit. It's highlighting the the little bit too much for me I'm just going to point out that Rosemont existed in try. Jiggle physics probably twenty two. Yes. I'll wait for on. Hope it's not like that. Maybe, someone can tell the animation staff have breasts work? By then hopefully. Anyway back to the synopsis so up to the Fi me wipes away some some dirt from government face. And, she thanks him out of saving them, and you maters kind of like not looking at her and is looking to the side. He talks and he says he feels like he was. The one was saved and it just it feels so like nice like he's not a jerk. He's just released shy, and I think I made a comment in the in the disco channel like the is is just meals like Yamato slightly like Niro divergent. This time I could be like I mean. I, I'm I'm I'm but I get that, so I'm not really probably the best person to judge because I have no experience with the matter, but that just seemed kind of. New Right divergent and I'm I'm kind of for that. I'll be curious to see. What do we do anything else with slightly shy math? I mean it is not so that he's not a jerk and he's kind of just really shy. Because I'm pretty sure other. Mata was like whatever you would just do, my wail something. Just ignore them because that's what he would do. All DEMATA was kind of old tomato with the group. After this, we wouldn't have come back for four more episodes. Yeah would just disappeared into the edge, but this motto. I like this Yamato on. I'm all for him. He's pretty good, and so then they are inside the fortress, and they find some weed laboratory annual Imatra wonders. If there's some record of communication, Tachi, approach another. We'd slab with Deji Mogae on it. Any poolside is digital is to save. You can read it. He reaches towards the Slab and touchy says it's about the holy digital, and he doesn't actually tell us with on. They says Oh. It's about the holy digital enda. The episode ends. Because maybe we'll find out what a what digital on what about the whole digital says well. Maybe that's maybe we just know that it's about the holy digital and. Except sanitize like, but I can't read it. was just assuming he could read it I was just guessing the whole time. What what I thought we quit came to this continent for I don't know other. You believe me what the heck. So now we can discuss the episode highlights. Just throw it on there Dan Mimi's. My heart was probably pal. Mon, like in general, just being great. This episode regained. And seems to actually have a character outside of just being made me spun I'm always here for that, Steve. Highlights also made me. So, much pressure, almost like also say Mimi Stephen. But no I don't say me perfuse. Let's than. Okay I'm regressing back to what I was like ten. That was my favorite. Because of full. Yeah. I mean that's the way it should sort of make you feel. When you're watching. The sort of shirts should make you regressed when you were watching the show for the first time in a nice way. Of Salty, like original was better like in a sort of Nice way like when I first watched gave me that same sort of feeling of. regressing back to you are a kid watching the show for the first time and it has that sort of Nice. Nice, little nostalgic, comfortable feeling. Well. And also blue wolves. That's that's it simply will it breeds fire? It's really cool. Yeah, that's good as well. GotTa. It's good. It's good. Matt is okay the I like not. Every can probably distracted and concerned about tk because he's asking about how Tokyo was. That's true. Yeah, yeah I kind of wish. We knew more about both. Take doing. We've seen. He carry in the last episode about what she's doing. We haven't seen only in the android as doing. Like almost not at all. Yeah, do you think we're going to be finding out about what tk and curry's like involvement is like where a Fanny Mon? Serafimovska or Concern. Might have believed it. If kosher would back this episode, which I thought, he would be but instead we're going to keep them. We're GONNA. Keep on flying him in for a bit and then I think it'll be at least episode twelve before we get to either one of the other kids think my guess was thirteen af right. I'm GONNA say thirteen because that was when that was the end of the first off in the. Legend of the tichy destined to quarter of the within the series. If we're using the same general notation, not the same general pattern. Yeah, so I think that he's GonNa show up twelve. What's going to be episode thirteen? Something the end of the at the end of episode, twelve thirteen I'll be surprised. It was before they honestly, but we haven't really seen any teasing of it We might even not see. He Kharian until the second further into the second or third opera. If we're following the same pattern, but no I'm kind of liking the focus on just a few of the kids in not all eight of them because. Because it just makes it, the interactions between voice digital, and end they human ponders in the digital and other human partners, and also the partners themselves. It just not be able to focus on those relationships without having them all eight of them together, because I feel like that's when you really sort of lose, the lose trackable of the relationships or you lose focus on the character's. Don't have enough time to interact. So I'm fine with a bang, just a small section of the group. However, I feel that it's still just Khosro flying on a battle in the the internet like that's kind of way he is. And it feels like he hasn't really had much of a story. He's just kind of there and kind of surprised that we haven't seen. A kosher another cultural episode we should just sort of him flying through space, doing things, or at least Hoffman episode where we say what he's doing is just an update every. Every episode on how Turkey is doing, and that that makes sense, it is good that they want to know the stakes and how their home is doing, but there's no real reason to. Warm, but the world and just be like my laptop is still hooked up to the whatever yeah, it feels weird and. I like Oh, but I can't imagine like I feel like people would be pretty mad. If Kushner is a favorite character and this is always saying him. Like imagine if may need was still on the vacation. She's sitting ailing I'd be so annoyed if maybe just on the beach I like. It was cute when she did that to half a second, but like Yup. I do think that he'll be back soon. If only two lakes have the main group for this. Together But, it is weird how they just sidelined him for. Five ish episodes. Next, episode probably or at least an episode to away just because it'd be funny cub retirement to smash the wall straight through the thing ties about to read. Yes, I can say that like this place looks kind of really did I wouldn't be. Shocked if Tai Doing. The thing opened a portal that caused him to show up. But yeah, if digital just completely digital really feel like we need to show. Also in a couple of episodes will know whether or not is showing up this time I guess the thing. He showed up in like the end of episode thirteen. To help. Yeah so I guess we find out if jazz coach. Roy's just the Janai for the season. So far we've just had these ruined quest markers and stuff. Yeah, and this. Same Job. Because the prophecy edit fast. I don't think people. Yeah. Yeah, that was creepy. Maybe he's just being banished because of that like. That's fine. So any other highlights. I. Was I was kind of. Just random flashback of all of the character, barely news. Yeah, but that's so digital claiming. To it but emotions. I think it was more so the fact that he sold them working together like I don't think it was explicitly his feelings of friendship. I think he sold them working together and feelings of friendship, and he understood that that was friendships fair, and he just saw what they were doing together with teamwork. So I feel like. Maybe he's crest activated Moore's the crest of teamwork, or just saying their friendship, and he was inspired by that I. Don't think it was exclusively his feelings like off like all these my friends already not spare. except. Working together. The friendship, have. Yeah that was that was gorgeous. I love. Any other highlights because I think you monitors great low key when the kids come under fire from heavy weaponry. Yeah, actually it makes it feel more real and. Like like. When they actually endanger the villains. What attacks the kids? The evolution batteries again. We definitely want to kill the kids, and that didn't happen so much in the original like the QB. The standing there and the digital would go for the other digital pretty much. All right now whom? Did you partner has to get in the way? The attacks. Who who murdered? Better. MOM Yeah Terry. Terry much good they they really did both did nice jobs, but I like terrier month murder better. I Love Terry one in general Terry wants to this. I have to see the episode again to Really Church it. Fair because it's been a while by side early. A complete murder, Hobo who doesn't feel bad about anything. It's kind of amazing. Because he's name is terrier, so he's really inspired by a terrier breed of dog, and he definitely has that personality as as an owner of a Jack Russell terrier cross. That is. TERI is my dog. His full of so much like it's not anger is just I want to ruin things I want to I have so much energy but I. mean this tiny Little Body Oh God can. Somebody turned my arms into little guns? PARABLE FAMER! That's mood for my dog. He's just like I am small, but I will fight and I wish I was bigger because I would fight. Even more. I have so much fighting power I just WANNA fight. He's he small. Now I'm just imagining. Bigger and with guns strapped to of his arm to two of his legs in pants and Panther. Chance has to with hands. It's a role. If, you get angry. You can, you can get like the little the one that looks like you've got like a Posted riding on the top, and it's the flop when they run into. I go up the road literally right now to the twenty four hour came on, and just grab that because they have the best clothes ever the Kmart. It's just well I love came on Kmart. Came, obviously not whatever America had, which was like these post-apocalyptic warehouses from what I've seen on the Internet cody Mafia. Came came. Here is fancy and live twenty four hour one and like that. It's pretty cool. You I'm always asleep. During those twenty four hours where I will be going to came up, but like I don't think I want see the people who go to Kmart at like three in the morning. Three in the morning. I can think of a friend. Let's move onto lights because I'm fairly certain that my stomach is being picked up biodiversity. Because my stomach is very audacious. Lowlights your. On snap evolution. It was cool. It is if all the evolutions will like that. I have a problem because we've with Saint Paul. Mon evolve normally to tug on with cool like even shorter magical girl evolution, but I was originally fine with just the be among evolving with. With Five, because it kind of made sense, but just comparing with everything else since every episode seems like we're getting less of the evolution and Montjeu we didn't mean pen wants to live off the token one of these episode, but that was skipped, but that was because the focus wasn't on her, so that just evolved while we were having plot somewhere else. Else, but it makes it. It's weird, vehemence just evolving with a flash like when she's the focus like every time, government could have had a short evolution because it. I like onscreen evolution, and usually those are just different ones, and not the stock footage ones or we just skipped outcomes, evolution, and just had grown appear like because when he was screen. Yeah Grim on in particular like we've seen every episode. We don't need that every time we don't need the I'm fine with just a quick flash of having evolution, but it felt so weird that we on having as I said I was privacy fond with it because. evolution, but everyone else is still getting someone. Animated evolutions PM on just hasn't really evolved onscreen. And then we had been evolving onscreen, and it was just literally just a flash on the screen, and she was Bo- drawn, which felt like it felt like something was missing. It felt like there was should've been eclipsed end. Maybe maybe there was meant to be clear, but because of covid they weren't able to animate the whole that whole chunk there, so they just didn't use it latest had a blank. Maybe that is posted her, but yeah a full for the audience. It just seems like a weird sort of. A We choice like it. Doesn't I don't want this to be the tiny Amato show on ob? Kind of get that from the opening and ending where the opening is just tie in the ending is primarily motto and I don't really want Tanya Mata showed because we've we have got that in casino. We got that in basically all of adventure. We got that in our. Our war game where it was just, it was just the tiny auto show, and I know that they like the main characters, but scholley. It's time to not have them bay, the main focus and have social still have them as the the most main characters have them as the Ruto and sauce gay that sort of read only blue on only sort of like TROPE that's fine, but you have other characters and previously been pretty good with the other characters, but sometimes I'm just a little bit worried that a boy is just show again great. Yup and it definitely looks like that's the direction we're going, and that's a bit this morning. Peon, and if they continue to go in the direction I don't think I'll be enjoying the I'll probably still say this season. We better than the nineteen ninety nine of version of adventure, because of course it is, they've just improved because it Spain twenty years, but not up to. Yeah it it. IT WON'T BE UP TO THE AT MON-. Thomas. Even save sort of level of great season. It'll just sort of be probably still be about frontier, because at least the other counters doing something at least me got to be the focus of her evolution episodes. sydell still be like an. Season as said, we'd better than the original eventual most likely. Won't be. As good as Mon, which is how I'm watching this so far, this has been as good maybe even better than at Mon but I. DON'T I I? I'm not feeling confident as I have in previous weeks because I don't need another the to the. Edgy Kid and the goal boy, the main characters, the show in everyone. Else's just they but like I mean my main lot. Is that something? An account reported finger on it, but something. This episode in general just felt a little bit lackluster and I'm not sure any I mean from what I saw on twitter. Everyone loved this episode everyone. This episode is really good, but I felt it was just a little bit lacklustre. It felt like it was just fighting, but not much else like all the actual plot same to only happen in the space of a couple of minutes, and while I enjoyed to see you motto not being a jerk. It was still kind of. Somebody just felt. Kind of off and yet I felt like nothing happened. Basically like they go to the fortress, but that could have been done in five minutes, and it was just random fighting, but it was to better than a lot of the random fighting. We've seen in previous seasons. Obviously, but it just felt lackluster for some reason for me I'm not sure anyone else that opinion. Much be me now I kind of have I. It's a nitpick, but why did we need to land? The only defended location on the horizon. We could just go somewhere else to really. Don't know why they seem to say okay. This is absolutely where we need to stop. Like economist could've stopped at any other point of the island old the continent Raba, but chose to stop with the bad guys with trying to murder them. Like move around. It's a very small like forgery. I didn't get any expedition or any explanation. Ray thing that says okay. You have to go into that fortress later. No, the information was there. They kind of took a very dangerous risky guests. That was there. I. Don't know why they They decided to go there. Just it seemed we'd. We'd choice for the kids. set and death that must be where the plot is because I mean. Of course it is play video games you go towards worldly enemies are, but generally in life. You would kind of go around the bed. Guys who want to kill you. Think all. It really needed to align for your motto. The lines of there are mountainside. You can't get past or something like that or anyone questioning it, and then doesn't have to be multiple because you Masha sort of came in when they were already kind of there like maybe have BOJ. Evolve! There's an idea beyond on actually having evolution and have her like Luke around the air. The only ways directly through the fortress and failure. That didn't happen, but a very. It could've. Any other lots. More. What about this episode, compared to the characters or anything in the original series? Introduced the big about half. Price. We did that I was surprised. You didn't get like another shot of daily Montlake forty privacy had a of him, but we didn't get another one, which was kind of surprising matter, a little surprised by no ogre, mom this time, but that with okay yeah, I mean we didn't get uncle and lost episode either 'cause. He's still mourning the loss of his horn through. I wonder if it's actually going to be still without a horn in next week's episode with. Yeah I hope so because he made a big deal about it and also no one I'm pretty sure we did see nothing, so this time lost season last individual theories. Yeah, we met Leo on like in this episode. Yeah you about. We didn't have to take. On fighting already among GOP possessed. Meet Leeann relatively soon, but. He also might have a blink, and you miss it death, who know. I'd really like. Yeah I'd really like oakmont. Say I'll kill you like I killed. Screen. Doesn't show up and we do get a dub I feel like that. It'd be the perfect dub additional line because I'm awful DUB. Having those dumb like little that'd be. That'd be down. Yeah, but I'm all for that like he never shows up, but the DUB does adding that line like. Please please do that. That being said I want my own. Leo Manga I deserve. YEA, I don't want. I want my ogm on. Sort of like semi redemption, but also he's still virus type, so he's still like I'm still kind of bad because I'm a virus time. Enjoyed Poncho, Obermann. He was good. With comparisons I think so. This was maybe the most significantly different from the ear. Yeah, definitely. The most significantly different. And also you Masha just being nice in general like just being shown on a jerk. I'm all for that character change. Different discounting, the I like to three episodes, which were just walking. And we can move onto favorite characters. So who are your favorite characters will go with Stevie I because that's just how Maya my spreadsheet where I'm looking this this how you? Choose. Choosing Heart. I'm surprised. You didn't just say off the bat to be honest. To like. It wasn't that important in this episode. Really it was bought by. The team as a whole really. And She's the Italian team. I know. That's why it's hard. Oh, go with Joe. Joe. Queen I do want to give a good mentioned it to trying to surrender, which is just extremely Joe's energy. Funny, but also want to be the leader. Kim. But you know what I'm GonNa Movement. He did a good job. That's fair. I picked. Because, I wanted to be. Here for you so the future and it was me peaking pel model Mamie because of course it was. Definitely on Pelham seems to and I've always said that I really do appreciate when we have interactions between digital and and the human. That's not the. End We kind of that with her and Joe, and it was kind of Nice to say, because original eventually didn't really have those interactions, and especially, when we had like sort of almost partner switch how Mamie was braiding Kaklamanis for while Pal. Mon was with Joe I. Just I really like that with not saying that combination and I'm all for it I big Fan. Yes, so I had to pick PAL MOAN. It's probably not surprising to anyone. That I would pick Powell on but I. Did also Butler Pound One? It's just the best and she's kind of a little bit Sassy. What about the rating for this episode? Stevie? I'll keep it. I'll go as high as a fall. That's fair, Quinn. I'm GONNA do you three and a half year. That's fair. I! Am I jumped from like a two point five to three point five I think sat on a three forbid, but I'm going to have to give it a three point five primarily because of where I put it on my ranking, which I guess we'll get to now. How would y'all rate of brank? Sorry this episode with the the other seasons. I've sent you through your. Previous rankings in the DISCHORD Elliott, because action, remember to this time the I will go with us. TV's ranking witches episode from best worst episode one. Tokyo digital crisis episode six, the targeted Kingdom episode to wargame, episode seven that Man Joke do episode three and to the Digital World Episode Five, the Holy Digital and episode four in last place Bertram on sores. Where would this episode go? At probably. Just, below targeted kingdom, so Mike third-place. Thinks about also the thing. I'm most enjoying about this new series consistent so much. My Sort of we'd lackluster feeling aside like the battle was a lot better than anything. We've had in previous seasons because we actually had some tactics. We actually had some thoughts going through. It wasn't just hey who can attack with the bigger attack. It was teamwork. It was guru on getting friendship staidness, but if that was the battles all good. Queen, your current ranking is episode six talk. Kingdom episode one Turkey Digital Crisis Episode Seven. The man Joe Cadeau episode fall at the Holy Digital episode to War Wargame episode three into the digital world, and in last place episode four bedroom on sores. Where are we putting episode eight? The children's sage I'm going to put it in first place. which puts me leaves me. Six, one, three, seven, five, two, three four. it was fine. It was very average. It's fine, but you put in place very average bird of. That's fair. Yeah, the you're right that that is. Right. As for me. Cuban mind I've also enjoyed the previous episodes more than Steven Quinn, so my ranking including episode aid is from best worst at six a target Kingdom Episode Five Holy Digital Episode One token digital crisis episode seven demand joke. Episode Four Virgil on source episode to Wargame Eight, the children siege and episode three and to the digital world, so it's in second to last place for me. With three point five as well. Yeah, like given like episode, three was the three for me and episode to a three point eight. I know this'll be new to point. Really Likes Jim on and gives it good. Here I really I really like it, but as I said I was kind of jumping between giving it like a two and the three point five that I gave it, but I looked at my writings, and I was like well. I can't just call myself, Atalaya. To say okay, it's it's too, but is higher in the Charles Molineaux. It's I'm I'm going to put it in there because that's where I want it to be, but I'm kind of glad that we have more or less different. Rankings. Like I'm big fan of that I. Think we can all agree that episode one and episode six both pretty good, though that's true. Spicy our primarily agreement. In, the in watching the show. Yes, that's some. That's the ranking. And next we will answer and read out some comments and questions so first of all. And actually wrote them down prior to the episode this time after just sort of half a million tabs up so well done me. I we have panda hang on twitter, who says and pointing at a mistake that I made just want to point out the domes BA is actually Kim Ruto and touches new as Porto, so that's where I got the borough thing like somebody definitely did say that gunman was brutal. I love Burritos. No. So that's so, that's the truth. Go be a is neuro. Anti Cheese va is borough of my jokes still stands. Episode. She is going on son. Is GonNa go with. Dot. To. then I messed up. I didn't PUT IN CHECK MOANS post from with the will regarding episode five in because I'm terrible, so I put in I, forgot to put it in the previous weeks as well because terrible. Put It in here, because actually remember this time. I tattooed on my foreign, so I remember I, just went to the mirror when I was playing pokemon small, and I saw it and I was like Yep, time to rate it and. So Chuck Mon says Pretty Good. Kosher episodes called see fight with just kosher on copy Terry Mon favorite scene is kosher being unfazed by sitting in a digital stomach and yet that's pretty. On brand for kosher. Next. Check known says that they're also annoyed. That Han Han is changed to sound and subtitles and hear me talk kind of like that, so we in choice. Checkpoints wondering hello, do episode eight while I guess we'll find out now. We have now found out. which new visual show was everyone's debut and overall locking? How each of the kids has their own entry into digital world and the me, too? And then sound says that sound good mom was across, was designed winner, and only showed up in one hundred episodes, so it's nice to see sound one again, and yeah, I agree I'm not like me. Save the contest design windows actually in the show just sold. It makes them feel special and I wonder that kids probably like. If, they were kid when than hunters came out the win. Crucibles came out probably a teenager now, so everybody hook. They're watching this and I really hope this so happy like that would just make more day like I designed digital when I was a kid, and it showed up once in the came back like how many the ten years later. That's. Then, we have luke on the website saying that they really liked Joe's characterization series and they teach kids in Japan, and it felt all too real, and they hooked the series goes on. He'll learn to take lots little. Asia and some real kids will be watching and I agree like it did feel even like kids in Australia like he did feel a lot more realistic and to bring up those difficulties and stresses that he has like he's felt he feels like he's already put up against other kids, his age and even kids younger, and he has rivals, and it's. It's sad, but it's. It's kind of realistic, and it's not to say that. Next we have our GDP on Youtube, who is liking how the strategies to battles in? And, asks us a question of. Do you think old villains will appear? No Way we're devastated. Me Like I think like other other old villains like. Four. Yeah I'd like to see animal again I. Don't think we'll see quite a few. Yeah, I think we'll get. I would be surprised if we didn't get the dark masters and I wouldn't exactly be. Shocked if somehow they were the same dark masters from adventure. Yeah, I hope we don't get a POK Mon because I. Think I'm done with the puck loan. I don't know I. I want to hear some jokes. Read quests. Yeah in the W. Maybe this neighbors will do a reference to the DUB because they have done that before sort of feel like it. In there, yeah, like teach eating patriots really likes like what if that's just a sort of like weed thing that he doesn't character like I'd be for that actually. He's eating pizza topping crusts. That's funny. Somebody that anyway our. Last comment is from Alpha Ruggie on Youtube. We says at least they didn't stale. Name it up and call the episode Batboy Joe Could Oh. Yeah. Yes, I need to join a UNICYCLE. Yeah, Or like? I know that it's that boy. George Note Dat boy going on, but for some reason. I just I. Feel that gone veteran unicycle, but also yes. It did sort of go through my mind of Dat Dat boy that boy that boy. That boy! Can someone please drop me a picture of apocalypse on the phone trying to order pizza. Yes. please. Too much to draw. What do you mean you don't deliver to the duck? Avoid Censure the digital worlds. It's been there the entire time, but here's a wall of firing away. Still. Well. Thanks for listening everyone and will be back next week. Full episode nine in the English, subtitles said the. The ultimate Daytona tax bought. It's just sort of the perfect tax, so do we have any predictions? Besides the obvious, the perfect will lift. A perfect will attack. Valkyrie mom, it's going to be imperial remond because he's the strong fifty mark, yes. I. Don't think we're going to get to perfect next episode I. Feel like it would be the episode after all the end of this episode because that just feels like it's on point for digital. Yeah Yeah I could see them getting. Beaten by a perfect and then have to figure out that Oh wait, there's more evolved into here. We go WHOA. Yeah or maybe the losing the fight and then finally joins the team. That arrives ask drunk enough. Who Do you think will be the first evolution to perfect. Do you think it'll be Got To be metal yes. They're not a backup team. Show right now. Yeah, but I like how we might have. Already might have evolved to groom on Friday to automotive. Because I like when they have actors that are a step ahead of the Google kid like. Times did that when both the cowardice could already evolve to adult while the time he could it just kind of Nice when it goes out of like out of the patent that you'd expect, but yet I mean I. Know they're perfect. Digital will attack because it's on the in the title and I don't think be getting evolution. And if we do, it'll be at the end of the episode because that's had digital. Take your evolution. Any other predictions. If, we are money. We will get a body horror evolution of it, yes, and if it is mental. Mental Groom Metal. Rim on it will be because the opening shows such a weird body horror evolution that seems to be happening worship sort of metal, coming off grain, which would should be. Do. You think we're going to be getting skull Graham on this time. What do you think Scott Gramling? That'd be mad, but I don't expect it and. I don't think we'll see green on. For a while anyway. But type. Conflicted about because he's not an elated position or anything yet. He's just good. Friends with everyone. I really has no problems that are not caused by the blackouts. Yeah, and you just generally Lloyd about his family, which is reasonable? We already reported. We have any other thoughts any other thoughts in general. Think thoughts. Okay then then we wrap up, so dumps thinking description and red bubbles, also conscription, and you can get shifts set to I've been doing some weed little drawings and I've actually added to the red bubble. So that's been updated. You can contact us. INSTEP details change. I can never talk. Austin, transaction more at Dot Com on come until Mississippi showed all messages on website Lawson in transitional dot com, you can follow us less again. Account Talk. You can follow us at transactional on twitter, and you can find some in transitional. Tumbler Family Instagram Youtube, and you can also follow the on cost on twitter as well. We have the Social Ted on the will read threatened digital southern, and would appreciate any reviews on any pulled causing platforms, the Eagles and the rebound showing you can also donate to patriots description from his little as a dollar a month, and that gives you access to listen difficult server, but they're high levels more awards notes early episodes, and more and thank you talk consoles on patient Joe Anime Guy. WHO's said Guy Chris Sake one on Youtube Stephen Raves. WHO's? WHO's one wants to on cover on Kinda washy chase I who could fall on toiletry scientifically six Kyle Tom Limit, who's electable in Tumba, Nicholas. Metal I'm on Sam spot. Okay? From A computer company, Internet Civil Ahead Freak Twenty five magnus, and Lucas and you can also make donation on I pay PAL which founded description. It's pay pal. Demi Slash Echelon, and you can also drink to me on my coffee account K.. O., Hyphen, F. I dot com slash Edry. ENDA THANKS FOR LISTENING ENDA Steve Quinn. Where can people find you beside someone cost? Criticize exist on the Internet and e Ball. Invisible she, she is invisible correct last time, but I'm making it again I'm here for you definitely did. The junk a good. You can find them on cast on most podcast platforms, and we're on twitter facebook, but we don't really use facebook youtube US yeah cracks. And my shoes stitches. Doughnut soundcloud? Obviously I'm just GONNA stop trying. To Link Dot e slash on cast. You'll find. Everything this links. So. Yeah, we'll see next time Bob.

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The 2020 Spooktacular Halloween Creepfest Special

The Boomstick Video Club

16:44 min | 6 d ago

The 2020 Spooktacular Halloween Creepfest Special

"More out of life goal to move welcome to October twenty twenty, the air is golden leaves her crisp and we're very excited about the Halloween season pandemic or no pandemic. We're GONNA celebrate. Welcome to the Broomstick Video Club podcast Halloween. Special. Stack. Stay. With me. Welcome back to the boom style video podcast. Happy. Halloween. Happy. October to all of you guys, we are currently downtown Kokomo first Friday I'm here with my brother uncle. Nick. I'm. I'm here with my brother Zack everybody. And I'm here with my wife Mariah. She she she had the sweetest voice out of all of us. Welcome to the Broomstick Video Spook Tackler Halloween Creep. Uh. We're here downtown Kokomo asking people what their top three favorite horror movies are and I don't know. Are you guys having a good time? I'm having a great time. Hope you guys enjoy -joy this episode and stay tuned. A midnight, Jamboree. With being clean go so bad. But the one that's coast is head off. The worst. jocking. Payments Take One look wrong. Bog unknown. K. Miss Maria. What's your favorite scary movie? I. Really liked scream that we watched the other night the first one. Yes. Oh Yeah. That's the one we watch. Yeah I realize that one. Let's see. Kind of caught me off guard here. I I liked the new movies. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Sure of course, counts panels of. Good enough. All right. Thanks for playing. Okay what's your name? Z.. Got You and what are your top three favorite horror movies house of a thousand corpses. Elm Street and the ritual. Folks come on in. No. From the lixiu fancy bridges in Sassy little hairdo y'all ain't around here are you Were you all from? Abu Greg get that. Obviously all y'all is. All right. Thanks so much captain spaulding for hosting the boom stick video club podcast with me. This is captain spaulding debut episode and Okay. Of course I'm just kidding Yeah. That was captain spaulding from house of one thousand corpses Hey guys. It's it's Mike and right now. I'm just GONNA take a little bit of time to talk about some of my favorite memories of Halloween. When I was a kid. So here we go when I was a kid growing up in the late eighties and early nineties Halloween decorations were much bigger deal to people back then I specifically remember. My neighborhood as a kid everybody just went all out on Halloween decorations. You don't see that very often anymore and I'm not really sure why like a lot of people got really creative but now. People just typically go to Lowe's and they buy those huge blowup ghosts and those huge Blowup Pumpkins and just put them out in the front yard. So. Yeah. That's what people do these days. Halloween decorations used to be much more creative back in the day when I was growing up I also specifically remember raking leaves and filling up the leaves in these giant Orange Pumpkin bags. I'm not sure if anybody remembers those but that was. For some reason I just thought those were the coolest things and then we would put those bags like. In the front yard for whatever reason because they genuinely looked really cool when they got filled up with leaves. So that was that was another tradition that I remember very specifically, and then of course. Trigger treating was just a blast back in the nineties I think I think that parents Were much more much more relaxed back then than they are now about their kids going from door to door of course, you know my parents went with me I mean that didn't change but. But parents these days are much more protective and rightfully. So I'm not saying that that is That's a bad thing. It's just I feel like back back in the day it was much more relaxed. It was definitely much more relaxed environment. For parents to take kids trick or treating and I typically didn't really get. About candy per se. I got more excited about seeing other costumes and dressing up in general I. Mean I liked candy but I wasn't really big on candy when I was a kid Halloween was all about checking out the costumes and it was all about seeing what my friends were dressed up as so that was. That was a big deal to me, and then of course When I was a kid you know I didn't really get into serious horror movies until I was much older. So I was really really keen on goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark and tales from the crypt keeper stuff like that and? Honestly. Those shows were so incredibly well done and just just a blast I just couldn't get get enough of those and When we finally opened up the store, we're definitely GONNA have all of those shows. Those shows for rent. all the time. So that's something. We definitely WANNA. Implement in the store is a bunch of. Nostalgia from those type of those type of TV shows. So. Anyway I'm. GonNa keep on. No I'M GONNA stop rambling not gonNA keep on rambling and we're going to keep the show going with lots more fans and friends talking about their favorite horror movies. So stay tuned. Children out take. Into Heaven. Salchow. Shoe. Okay tell us you names are man. Boy. Okay. What are your top three favorite scary movies or Halloween related movies hocus pocus focus. Okay. Metaphor Christmas okay. Ghostbusters you go. Okay. What's your name? Aubrey Drake? Where are you from? Here. All, right. What are your? What are your top three favorite horror movies? Okay. So I'm a huge wes craven fan. So obviously I'm GonNa go with that area. With scream. New Nightmare okay. Okay and last house on the left okay. The original or the remake the remake. Whatever you miss. You have any scary movies top three scary movies. Exchange. There's a formula to it. A very simple formula. Everybody's a suspect. We know you're not. Hi Billy maybe your movie freaked mind lost. It's reality never think of that. You're absolutely right on the first to admit if this were scary movie, I'd be the prime suspect. would be your motive. Malini. Motives. Are Incidental. That's good. Millennium. Okay, what's your name Stuart Longfellow? And what are your top three favorite horror movies the original it Guyq nightmare. On Elm, Street And? Probably. Kerry. Good choices interesting. Midnight Jamboree break it up with be. Gosar band but the one that's I is dead. Jockey cost. Is Not. Take one look own. Bog. Hey everybody. It's Mike. Again. So much for joining us today for this very special episode of the. Boom stick video club podcast. Obviously. It's going to be a short episode today. We haven't had the opportunity to get together and actually sit down and talk about a full movie. So I, thought that this would be an amazing opportunity to talk all things. Halloween, and all things are Kober just because this is the perfect time of year for us. This is our favorite time of year because. Horror. Movies are pretty much our specialty. So I figured that it would be great to Kinda talk to some friends and some. Followers and fans as David Hunt would say about their favorite horror movies. So I thought that this would be a lot of fun to do We had a blast during first Friday for down at downtown, Kokomo Indiana and we would like to thank Mike, from American, Dream, Hi-fi, the record store downtown for allowing us to set up a table in front of their shop and just chat and talk to people about horror movies and kind of get the word out about our brand and our podcast. So. So Yeah I'm very excited. Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and trick or treating in Howard County. It's I believe it's four o'clock to block, which is Pretty Awesome. I'm really excited about that. We always get Brian I always get really a ton of traders every year. So now that the our our extended because it's a Saturday it's going to be a lot of fun next GONNA come over earlier we're GonNa Watch. Movies it's kind of a tradition we always have Halloween at our house. So looking forward to that but yeah, I'm just going to ramble here a little bit to close the episode out. October is also a very busy month for myself and Uncle Nick because we both volunteer at a local haunted attraction called edge of insanity, and this is honestly one of my main highlights of the year Most of you guys already know this but I struggle with. Anxiety very, very high anxiety and I love volunteering at this particular attraction because I get to unleash all of that on all of the patrons and it is so much fun I get to play A. Cannibal Hillbilly and it is. It's it's one of the my main highlights of the entire here I love every single person that volunteers at this haunted attraction. We've become a family I've only I've only volunteered for the past. This will be my third year This'll be my third year doing it and I already consider every single person that volunteers at this haunt family because we're a bunch of Weirdos and outcasts that all come together for a main purpose in disguise the pants off of people, and all of the money that comes in from the haunt goes to local charities we are very dedicated to Giving all of. All of the proceeds to charities and it's it's really really incredible to be a part of something way bigger than yourself, and it's also really really good for my mental health because I struggled with an anxiety. And Depression at times and I gonNA get to unleash all of that and and just have a blast and it's it's it's one of my highlights of the year. So yeah, check us out. We're all over the Internet. We're we're on facebook edge of insanity haunted attraction. Or on instagram twitter as well. And it's it's just a blast All, all all of the actors are incredible. I was very impressed very impressed with all of the actors volunteer at this haunt. So Yeah October is just super busy Super Fun and I don't know guys I'm so thankful for you guys listening to this episode. We're going to close it out right now, and of course, we'll be back very soon with a full movie review with the whole crew. So thank you so much for listening. We love you guys. We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween and as always be kind rewind or die. Two. Children. Own. Little. Children that serves off. Of should. To. Show. Up. This. Ask.

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Mysterious Humming Pt. 1

Conspiracy Theories

43:50 min | Last week

Mysterious Humming Pt. 1

"By. Late spring of Nineteen ninety-two. Bobbin Catania's Saltzman were at a breaking point. Initially, they'd moved to idyllic, Taus, New Mexico to enjoy the outdoors in relish some peace and quiet. Towns was anything but quiet a low constant maddening home had been plaguing the town for over a year. It sounded like a truck idling on the street for hours and days on end. The noise grew even louder at night. Shortly after she, I noticed Catania had written to the local newspaper. Hoping media attention might motivate the city to fix the problem. With, the moment the story hit the stands, the Taus news was bombarded with calls and letters from families across town complaining about the same noise. ACOUSTICAL engineers were called in as we're local scientists, even representatives from the federal government, but no amount of testing could explain the home. Monster turned to years instill the Hump Persisted. It kept Bob Catania up at night driving them and their neighbors mad during the day became difficult to focus on simple tasks. Only, the sound of a TV could drown out the quiet but persistent rumble. Finally, the Saltzman accepted their mountain retreat would never again be quiet. They packed up a moving truck and moved out of state. As they crossed the county lines, the mysterious finally ceased. Welcome to conspiracy theories a spotify original from podcast every Wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events and search for the truth on Carter Roy and I'm Ali Brandenburg. And neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded skeptical and curious. Don't get US wrong. Sometimes, the official version is the truth bod sometimes, it's not. You can find episodes of conspiracy theories and all other originals from podcast for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. This is our first episode on mysterious humming, elusive unexplainable noise that has plagued whole towns across the world for decades. But despite its power researchers haven't been able to trace its 'cause. Since the home first appeared in the early one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy s between two and ten percent of people in an affected area have fallen victim tortured with insomnia headaches nausea, and at least one reported suicide. This week, we'll track the history of the home and explore what researchers have learned so far. Next. Week, we'll discuss the popular conspiracy theories surrounding the From secret military operations to an electromagnetic mind control device. In May sound farfetched but disturbingly, it's already proven science. We have all that and more coming up stay with us. This podcast is not affiliated with Park cast network. Brainwashed from CBC podcasts takes you inside a part investigation into K. Oltra in Montreal and how the CIA in Canadian government funded secret experiments to find out of people's brains could be rewired in controlled. Learn about the psychiatrist used hundreds of his patients as human guinea pigs and discover the devastating impacts. These experiments had on the victims, their families, and on thousands around the world you can find brainwashed on the CBC listen APP or wherever you get your podcasts. Hundreds of people across the world have been plagued by a mysterious home. It sounds like a car idling nearby or the rumble of distant thunder except this home has no obvious nation it simply is. Omnipresent, invasive, and relentless. The humming buzzes on year after year driving its victims to the brink of madness. The home is among the most vexing mysteries of our time. For some, it's an annoying buzz that can be drowned out with white noise machines for others. It's like a dentist's drill always grinding away in the background. In many cases, the Hamas made its presence known in a more visceral way by shaking window panes, breaking light bulbs and turning backyard swimming pools into tuning forks. Usually the home will infiltrate an entire town emitting a frequency that about one out of twenty residents can hear. But what is it and where is it coming from? Truthfully, we have no idea. The best we can do is start at the beginning and piece together clues along the way. To date the harm has been heard all over the world, but it's most concentrated in Europe North America Australia and New Zealand. It was first reported in the UK in the English port city of Bristol. When a newspaper ask locals who had heard the some eight hundred people replied that they had and we're suffering because of it. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, three, new. Scientist magazine reported on the detailing a study done on fifty sufferers. These residents experienced a low throbbing background noise that no one else could hear. This mysterious Started in Bristol over the next twenty years, it crept across England and in Scotland. Colorful resident of Whitehill, Scotland likened it to putting your head in the wash for a spin cycle. Then, by nineteen ninety two, the made its way across the Atlantic to the US. It I sprang up in Huey Town Alabama before moving west to Taus New Mexico. Taus is an idyllic mountain retreat home to many affluent transplants who fled city life Julia Roberts Dennis Hopper and Donald. Rumsfeld have all been residents. But in the early nineties, the town's most famous resident was a pervasive inexplicable that affected approximately two percent of its four thousand residents. As was the case in Bristol many described the home as a low throb that shattered their concentration and made it hard to sleep. Others described it as a whirring noise like a generators starting up. And a third group her to buzzing sound. So a slightly higher pitch than the worrying and throbbing. Taus resident Catania's Saltzman began hearing the toward the end of Nineteen ninety-one. A few months later, her husband Bob could hear it too especially late night. Nobody else seemed to be complaining about the noise. So Catania and Bob figured it must be construction somewhere in town. But after months of intermittent humming Catania decided to take action. In March of Nineteen, ninety two, she sent a detailed letter about the humming to the Taus news she hoped that by raising awareness around the issue, the city might be inclined to investigate. To continue surprise, the Tass news was soon flooded with phone calls from. Suffering from the same At first some armchair investigators suspected, the noise could be a byproduct of a secret military project taking place outside of town. After all between towels and the air force's highly classified area fifty one in Nevada is about eight hundred. Of Desert. Another less fantastical explanation was the diesel generator at the new golf course on the outskirts of town. But researchers who surveyed the scene quickly ruled this out. At one point a team of scientists attempted to Suss out the culprit. They used geophones a special recording device to measure electromagnetic, acoustical and seismic energy around town. But all they managed to record was a pack of gophers tunneling a new home. Their research wasn't totally fruitless. The researchers also asked several hearers in town to recreate the home using signal generators. They matched the home to low range frequencies similar to those recorded in Bristol in the nineteen seventies. Fascinating but didn't leave any clues on what was causing the home. One researcher suggested that perhaps the home hearers had incredibly sensitive hairs. When stimulated these hairs could be turning ears into tears. If. This were the case it would mean that home here's were self producing the very buzz that was driving them. Crazy. Joining this research effort was Joe Mullins, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of New Mexico and quite possibly a hearer himself. He sent surveys to thousands of people and visited the homes of several here's. His team installed equipment in their homes that would measure sounds and vibrations in the air and when all was said and done this research revealed something peculiar. There wasn't any acoustical real sound it. It also didn't seem electro-magnetic. What they were looking for was so low frequency that they couldn't detect it. But none of this information got him any closer to identifying why the noise was happening. One researcher suggested that perhaps the home was caused by transmissions from cell phone towers. At the time cell phones were relatively new and not widely used. The wealthy residents of towels could afford such luxuries which would explain why the remote town was suffering from the home while other cities were left unaffected. But that didn't explain the home heard Huey Town Alabama or way the home match the frequencies heard in Bristol in the nineteen seventies. So the theory was soon dismissed. Whatever was happening seemed focused in town and Huey town to communities with very little in common. The mystery proved on solvable in the Han continued for years driving the whole of Taus. Insane soon. Catania in Bob Saltzman had finally had enough they sold their custom built home and moved out of town. They haven't heard the since. For a while the home seemed contained to. Hewitt, town and Taus. Then, in Nineteen Ninety six, the Boston Herald reported on permeating the small coastal towns of hall and the Hunt in Massachusetts. Both communities are located on peninsulas that jut out into the Atlantic in both cases, the home was described as a large truck idling in the distance. But unlike the hums entice and Bristol, this one was strong enough to rattle windows. Whatever, it was the humming seemed to be getting stronger over time. But much as had been the case in New Mexico and the UK no one could figure out why these tiny Massachusetts towns were plagued by such a grating noise. In nineteen, ninety, nine, the harm resurfaced again. This time in a small industrial town called Kokomo Indiana. Not, Kokomo from the beach boys song but presumably justice lovely. This matched reports from Bristol, Huey town towels and Massachusetts. It manifested as a constant. That proved irritating during the day and maddening at night. One resident told ABC News. It went from a headache to a never ending headache. here's in Kokomo began experiencing frequent nose bleeds dizziness and upset stomachs, and by two thousand four, the municipal government had finally approved an investigation into the root cause of the home. The investigators pointed to a seemingly obvious culprit the cooling system used at a nearby Daimler Chrysler. Plant. After years of constant use, the fans were causing a racket and in need of repair. The city ordered the fans to be fixed expecting the problem go away. But not only did the hump persist. Some said it started getting louder at night. Investigators were out of answers. Kokomo joined the small unfortunate community of hometowns that still buzz in perpetuity. Up. Next some interesting developments in the case. Par casters we're entering the Spooky A- season of the year, and while I can't wait for candy corn hit the grocery store shelves. I'm also looking forward to more frightful parts of fall starting with parkas networks newest original series called haunted places, go stories starting. October. First, we're bringing you the scariest most hair raising ghost stories ever imagined every Thursday on haunted places go stories Alistair murden someone's a new spine tingling tale of wraiths, phantoms and chilling apparitions. These stories come from all over the world including Japan India the UK and even ancient Rome. Don't miss stone cold classics like the kitbag by Algernon Blackwood sinister account of a condemned murderers final wish and the links go to fulfill it and the mies. Array. Ray in Spanish tale of a wandering musician who here's a terrifyingly beautiful song in a burned out monastery. And is doomed to capture. It's notes until he dies. You can find and follow haunted places, ghost stories free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and don't forget. October is our favorite month and one of our busiest. So make sure to search podcast network in the spotify search bar to see all our new shows. This episode of conspiracy theories is brought to you by simply safe simplisafe was designed to be easy to use while protecting your whole home twenty, four seven. You can order it online with the click of a button. Once I received mine, I couldn't believe how easy was to set up I placed the sensors where I wanted them plugged it in, and once it connected to my Wifi, my home was completely protected. There's so much to love about simply safe. But one of the things that most impresses me is how the technology knows how to differentiate between people and pets. My Cat Sal is constantly moving around and it somehow knows to ignore her there twenty, four, seven, professional monitoring and emergency dispatch starts at only fifty cents a day. Can easily see why say was named Best Overall Home Security of twenty twenty by US News and World Report had to simplisafe dot com slash conspiracy and get a free hd camera that simplisafe dot com slash conspiracy to make sure they know that our show sent you. Now back to the story. Since at least, the nineteen seventies on mysterious home has plagued communities across the world seemingly at random, and despite the best efforts of leading research teams, Acoustic wins, and seismologists, no plausible explanation had been presented. Many medical professionals have suggested. The is tonight is a fairly common hearing condition. According to the Mayo Clinic About Fifteen to twenty percent of people will experience this condition at some point in their life. Tonight. US is defined as the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. It's usually not a serious condition and oftentimes the ring goes away on its own. But. It can worsen with age at which point treatment to lessen the noise is advised. Well, this may seem like an obvious answer. There are some notable differences between tonight US and the home. For one thing, the ringing sound associated with some forms of tonight's is high pitched whereas the home is described as low and rumbling like a sub Woofer. Additionally victims of the harm report, a wider range of symptoms including nausea anxiety in nosebleeds. Some also described the noise as a physical experience claiming they feel slight vibrations that matched the persistent rumble. One researcher living in Connecticut said that sometimes it can feel like the home is squeezing his brain. But perhaps, the most telling sign is that the humming goes away when it's victims leave town on vacation. The moment they get back home the rumbling and vibrations return. In. Other words, it really is location specific. All in all the symptoms of the mysterious home are far beyond anything commonly associated with Tinnitus. But while an ear infection feels to explain the home, a team of international scientists have offered an interesting alternative. Since the dawn of time, the earth in and of itself has emitted a home. It's not the same as the mysterious Rather the Earth vibrates at a frequency that is ten thousand times lower than humans are capable of hearing. So unless home here's our evolved super mutants. This is not an answer to their issue. But in a series of experiments between two, thousand, twelve and two, thousand, thirteen, a group of French English and German scientists were able to isolate the earth's underwater for the first time in history by deploying seismometers to the ocean floor around reunion island a French territory in the middle of the. Indian. Ocean. They found that the Earth's home corresponds with the frequencies of waves rolling over ridges in continental shelves and bashing into one another in the ocean. It seems like this theory forgive the Pun holds. Water. If you've ever done it Atlantic crossing by boat you know that waves can reach twelve feet on a calm day. It's not unreasonable to assume that all that power could cause powerful vibrations. But how does Earth's connect with the mysterious home? At around the same time as the rain y'All island experiment, the mysterious home was being recorded by a land base in Algeria. Sometime, afterwards, th reunion island home was compared to the home recorded on land researchers found that the oscillating frequencies of each matched up over an eleven month period. After. This discovery it was suggested that the mysterious home could be the result of immense oceanic forces or some other kind of natural atmospheric turbulence. This ocean hypothesis might make sense for coastal towns like Bristol Hall and the haunt. But why would people further inland here the home? After all towns, New Mexico is nowhere near the ocean. Not, too long after the two thousand, thirteen experiment, countless explanations began popping up on, read it blaming all usual suspects, aliens, ghosts, and the CIA. Theories were spirited if unhelpful. Unless extraterrestrials really are squeezing our brains in which case we owe in policy to alien watcher three, eight, seven, two, three. At the turn of this century stories of the home were still scattered. No one had compiled them into a workable database could be compared side by side. At. least not yet. It was well past midnight in Norman. Oklahoma tiny suburb of Oklahoma City? The coffee shops and boutiques that line the main drag had been closed for hours. A tailgate party at the nearby University of Oklahoma had finally packed it in for the night. The town was so quiet. You could hear pin drop. Quiet for everyone. That is except David Deming professor of geosciences at the university. Deming was lying in bed staring at the ceiling. He'd gone to bed hours beforehand but just as he'd started to doze off a light bulb in bedroom exploded. then. He started to hear a low persistent that it kept him awake since. Dimming figured it was a one night anomaly perhaps caused by a transformer on the street or something. But the next day when he asked around. Nobody else on campus had heard it. A few nights later, his sleep was again interrupted this time by a smoke alarm. Deming leapt from bed confused to discover there was no fire smoke or even a strong gust of wind. It was inexplicable. And he began to wonder whether something in his apartment was causing these late nights spooks. Some may have written off the light bulb and smoke alarms, paranormal activity, but being diligent academic deming was sure there was a scientific explanation. He delved into research compiling as much information as he could find. All the while his sleep deprivation worsened it was as though the home knew he was closing in on it and was fighting back in full force. Finally. In Two thousand and four deming published his work, a twenty five page research paper in the Journal of scientific exploration entitled the an anomalous sound heard around the world. The paper documented every verifiable report of the since nineteen seventy. demings report further highlighted the differences between acoustic and electromagnetic sounds. Now. We all know acoustic sounds. They are delivered to us by sound waves and make up the gross majority of our auditory experience. However, deming suspected that the was something else electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic radiation refers to waves the transmit energy. They have electrical and magnetic properties and travel through the vacuum of space at the speed of light. That might be hard to picture, but the concept is quite simple. These waves move around us. Constantly, they're responsible for our ability to see Color Watch TV and scroll mindlessly on our phones. In short electromagnetic waves are friends. As far as we know electromagnetic waves don't emits sound but deming explains that there is some evidence that they can create the perception of sound in certain listeners. In addition, he wrote there are anecdotal reports of what can only be called electrical effects associated with the home. Deming mentioned one here who said that it seemed as if his bed was vibrating with electricity. It is paper. He referenced reports from the Nineteen Forties of people who claim they heard radar signals. At the time they were considered mentally ill but in nineteen sixty, two researcher Alan FRY challenged that diagnosis he conducted an experiment that proved some people could in fact here radio waves. What made the experiment undeniable. was that at least one of the participants who hurt the radio waves with Daf? This proved that sound could be perceived. That was not acoustic further supporting demings theory. Deming. Also reference the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. One of the most stunning natural phenomena on earth throughout history. There have been stories of those who could hear the Aurora saying and sure enough the Aurora generates. Radio. Waves. It seemed as though deming had pinpointed what the homes were. The only question left was why? Coming up a small Canadian town deepens the mystery. This episode is brought to you by loan depot. Loan Depot is committed to one purpose providing the American dream of homeownership today with rates remaining their historic lows. There's never been a better time to learn about purchasing a home or refinancing your current mortgage home has a new meaning. Home means everything rates, terms, and availability of programs are subject to change without notice Loan Depot Dot COM LLC, nmls id one seven, four, four, five, seven in mls consumer access dot, Org Loan Depot Dot COM LLC two, six, six, four, two, town centre drive Foothill Ranch California nine, two, six, zero, equal housing opportunity lender. Now back to the story. In two thousand, four Geoscientists David Deming published his research paper, the and anomalous sound Kurt around the world. The paper not only provided as sound explanation of what the home was. It caught the attention of a man who had already spent years piecing the puzzle together. Canadian researcher Glen McPherson had been tracking the home since two thousand twelve when he first started hearing it in his British Columbia home. Since then I had created a global map that pinpointed every report of the home he could find and he invited others to add to it. The map is littered with red dots mostly concentrated in the Western world and Japan. Elsewhere the dots seemed to hover around metropolitan areas where the country's wealth is most concentrated. demings work proves that the is most likely electromagnetic McPherson's map showed that it was concentrated in the most technologically advanced places in the world. Even, so no one could identify the common link. But a small town in Canada was about to present an interesting theory. In, early two, thousand eleven, Mike Provost was enjoying a relaxing day at home in Windsor Ontario. A, newly retired insurance salesman in his sixties he had long been anticipating days like these when he could awaken at his leisure and putter around the garden. But that morning Mike's plans changed. A low distant rumble broke the morning silence. At first he assumed a thunderstorm must be brewing. On for so early in spring. But though the noise persisted no rain foul. Perplexed Mike went outside to investigate. But like thousands of home here's before him. He found no obvious source for the noise. That sound of low persistent thunder went on for hours days then weeks. Mike couldn't sleep. He couldn't focus his head was spinning from the constant sound of brewing storm. Any frequently felt nauseous. He set up an elaborate sound system in his garden intent on recording the harm. Proof that he wasn't fabricating the noise. He also turned to the central hub for Armchair Detectives facebook and Mike was Surprised to find that thousands of his neighbors were also complaining about the home. They created a facebook group to share stories and even upload recordings of the noise. The group's membership quickly climbed to over one thousand Mike stepped in as one of the moderators and has been co managing the group ever since. After joining the group Mike began recording activity in his garden round, the clock only stopping to switch out memory cards and together the approximately two percent of Windsor who could hear the home posted testimonials and recordings building evidence to prove that it wasn't all in their heads. Finally after months of raising Cain, they facebook group was able to bypass city council by capturing the attention of the federal government specifically the Geological Survey of. Federal Agency tasked with developing Canada's natural resources and protecting its environment. In September two thousand eleven surveyors, A. L. Band and CRD would gold issued a report titled Seismic Investigation of the Rumblings in Windsor Ontario. The report stated with ninety five percent accuracy that the homes point of Japan was at or around a small strip of land in the Detroit River known as Zog Island? Mike's Hometown of Windsor sprawls along the Detroit River which acts as a natural border between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit Michigan. On, the American side of the river is a small land mass called Saag island though tiny the island is home to a massive steel mill. The representatives from GNC didn't go so far as to name the steel mill as the culprit, but did conclude that the maddening emanated from or around Doug Island. But it would prove difficult to verify this theory. The island was across the border patrolled by an army of security guards and covered in signs that read. This is a restricted area defined by homeland security regulations. To continue their investigations, the Canadian government would need permission from the US. But without explanation, the US declined. Zog Island has often been called Detroit's area fifty one. It's heavy security in ironclad secrecy have long stoke rumors that the island is home to a secret government test site. And after the US decline the Canadian government's request it only further convince people that there was something to hide. In two, thousand, fourteen, the Canadian government commissioned an official report on the humming, which again showed that it source was likely located near Zug Island. But once again, cross-border politics prevented Canadian officials from being able to investigate the steel mill. And so the residents of Windsor were left to wonder. Where the Americans hiding a top secret government operation. Or had the Canadian government simply step on the toes of big steel. Oddly, it seems that no one in Detroit has ever complained about the home. Apparently it can only be heard in Windsor. Still many windsor locals have never heard the home though there might be a few reasons for that. According to a BBC report from two thousand nine. The home is most commonly heard by women and those over fifty years of age though there's scientific explanation for why that might be. Second, the home has reportedly lessened over the years affecting a smaller and smaller range of neighborhoods. Mike Provost live nearest to Doug Island which could explain why he still here's the even as its range decreases. But recently in summer two, thousand, twenty, the steel plant stopped using their blast furnace. And the home seems to have vanished in Windsor. The activity on Zaugg, island is still interesting. I because it marks the first time, the mysterious home has been pinpointed to an exact location. Second, because the tight government security made it easy to believe that perhaps homeland security really did have something to do with the home. Just like the people of Taos New Mexico suggested. Was the military, the missing link between area fifty one and the area fifty, one of Detroit. Might seem laughable but the military does have a history of experimenting with electromagnetic waves. On December thirteenth two, thousand six, the Pentagon released a previously classified report under the freedom of Information Act entitled Bio affects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons. The report from Nineteen Ninety eight detailed the testing of nonlethal methods of torture. The hope was that by manipulating radio frequencies and pointing them at a target, they could implant voices and white noise in the targets head. Can Short the government was developing a mind control device. From what we can glean from the report, the device seemed to be kind of laser that would shoot pulses of radio frequency energy at the target causing a sensation known as microwave hearing. The target would begin hearing sounds that were originating in their own head. The hope was to begin using it on prisoners of war to create quote psychologically devastating effects. Military researchers likely based this invention on something called the FRY effect. In, this earlier study, a close range microwave was able to communicate the numbers one through ten to a human test subject. The subject heard the numbers loud and clear but audio recorders in the room picked up nothing. It was the stuff of Sci. Fi Film. The possibilities of this were likely thrilling for the military microwave hearing could be used as a weapon. The report also detailed a few other effects that will sound familiar in an acoustic energy experiment subjects were made to listen to low frequency noise at a high volume. Test, subjects suffered from nausea, which was the intended outcome. Could this kind of government testing be the reason for the home? It's a terrifying concept and there's one more quick story that paints the bigger picture. It dates back to nineteen sixty one. That year the US Navy launched a test program called Tagamo an acronym that stands for take charge and move out. Tagamo used aircraft transmitters to rela- messages at very low frequencies in the case of nuclear war. This would be vital to the war effort especially if we ever enter a world war three. The Tacoma program went through several evolutions between the nineteen sixties and to thousands and proved to be an incredible method of communication. Tagamo aircrafts can stay safely in the air for long periods of time while they broadcast emergency action messages to key military vehicles and locations. Well. The specifics of win and wear Takemoto transmissions are sent remain confidential geoscientists. David Deming noted that many Tagamo, transmissions coincide with home activity. Interestingly Takemoto could also explained Hammock in Bristol, and Scotland. Many naval exercises take place in the North Atlantic Ocean. Between the Tacoma program and mind control lasers, it really seems like the Department of Defense is solely responsible for the mysterious Except they're still the question of Taus Mexico. Taus is near a land base station nor is it near a body of water and same could be said for Kokomo Indiana it's pretty out in the middle of nowhere. I BLAME MILLIONS You can state your case next week. For now, I'm interested in diving deep into more feasible theories which brings us to the conspiracies. Theory number. One. The government has developed a mind control device and is testing its efficacy on its own citizens. Theory number two, the mysterious. Is a byproduct of US naval transmission systems, and the inherent still of the program has thus for allowed the root cause to go undetected. FEARY number three, the Hamas, a result of a new technology, but the culprit isn't cellphone towers or the military. It's natural. Gas. Lines. As, we fall deeper into the rabbit hole of the mysterious home. No explanation will seem too far fetched. Thanks for tuning in to conspiracy theories, we'll be back Wednesday to get to the bottom of the mysterious humming. You can find all episodes of conspiracy theories and all other originals from par cast for free on spotify. Until then remember, the truth isn't always the best story and the official story isn't always the truth. Conspiracy theories was created by Max Cutler is a park Estudios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler sound design by Brian Gulab with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Joshua. Kern this episode of conspiracy theories was written by Abet Dunkel run with writing assistance by Allie, wicker and stars, Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy. Don't forget to follow haunted places. Go stories for the spookiest thrillers ever imagined collected from all around the world and all throughout time Alistair murden brings a new story to life every Thursday follow haunted places, ghost stories free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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#604 Forget Survival, Make Your Small Business Thrive

The Small Business Radio Show

52:55 min | Last month

#604 Forget Survival, Make Your Small Business Thrive

"Get ready for all the craziness of small business. It's exactly that craziness that makes it exciting and totally unbelievable small business radio is now on the air with your host Barry? Molds. Well, thanks for joining this week's radio show. Remember this is the final word and small business for those keeping track. This is now show number six, hundred and four. This programs provided by HR direct smart APPs. A new breed of HR solutions for your small business. Go to www HR direct APPs dot com to get started well, the word business continuity means something different these days. How do you keep your business going and your employs interested especially when they're all working from home here to help us Jeff Hazlet who's a primetime television host of C. Suite with Jeff Hazlet an executive perspective on C. Suite. and. A business podcast host the hero factor podcast on suite radio. He's a former fortune one, hundred CMO and author of so many bestselling books Jeff Welcome back to the show I appreciate you being on it. Pleasure on this show or helping people, and that's the name of the game right now is the reach out and help someone well. So tell me how you're doing during covid nineteen fan things going for your family. Well. Overall. You know it makes you re think the priorities in your life and what's important for you. So that's one and then to get a look at it from business on business days or weeks or months months or years you know what I mean. That's how fast it's going even though some people think well, it's taken forever now no one on the business transformation you gotTA. Move Fast Right now and that's the biggest thing that I've learned but overall everything's great. You know during these times of disruption, there's always opportunities for innovation of course when things happen to you, you think it's their up disruption when you're doing the innovation. That's a good thing what's your vice a small business owners they're facing so much disruption when they're looking for a place in the market. Well don't be looking to survive look to be driving and driving. That's the key thing I get your mindset straight. A lot of people went into this at third of the people jumped in said, no, we gotta move gotTa move fast a third of the people eventually said, oh we're moving in a third-set around wait for a while and if you waiting, you're GonNa die you don't adapt change your business will die you have to you have to remove so first thing is get your head on straight to say no, we're not going to worry about surviving we're gonNA drive in thrive we're going to push Very. Hard So Jeff do you think now's the time to burn the boats like were never going back to where it was well, you never go back to the way it was. Everyone's talk about the new norm one was norm. Only be normal right you know when it's in Business That degree of normalcy, right? So so the changes you're going to have or though changes you're going to have period that's the way it works. Nothing stays the same. If it stayed the same, we wouldn't at Walmart we wouldn't have. We wouldn't have cell phones. We wouldn't have a lot of things in our lives that are either good or bad depending on what they are, but that's what I mean in terms of. You know view if you sit around thinking this stuff's GonNa pass you by you've got this big wrecking ball called Koga nineteen. That's GONNA. Smash. You're building and that's indeed what's happening. So you've had to really change and you've had to adapt in different ways or your business is going to be hurt from it I mean there's lots of lots of people right now lots of businesses out there that are doing great. Yeah. That are seeing more business than ever. Well, they moved to the digital model faster do do I think we're going to go back to the office the way it used to be no not the way it used to be in a different form because we're finding some things work really good being remote working from remote it's working for some people for some people you have in your employees, they should never be left out of. The office ever okay because they're not driving, they're not good at it. They don't work well from home. So you're going to have to find some balances in your business to be able to accommodate. That's what new roles are going GONNA apply. So what's the first thing is small business owners should do once they get through the pity party once they cheered the darkness felt sorry for themselves. Hopefully, most of us are through would after five. Months what's the next step will realize what is it? You WanNa get done to what your conditions of satisfaction. So for you and your business for you and your family for you you know and and your employees, what is it you? WanNa have accomplished in how you live the inside your values to get that done it. The same rules apply in whereas if you WanNa Take Your Business, where do you WANNA get out of it? That's That's what you should be focused on and you should have been focused on before this before Kobe hit. So now you just need to realize that and make it work, and so now we're going to say how much you know like right now I don't want to put up a lot of crap I'm done. I'm done with drama I've had enough drama I. I'm tired of turning on the TV I'm tired of listening to radio and podcasts. About all the political stuff and all that I'm not gonNA worry about that stuff. I'm going to focus on the things that I can impact the things that I can change the things that I can drive in control my own destiny rather than destiny and all the circumstances outside of my control dictated. Not GonNa Happen I think that's a really important point because there's so many things that we can't control what advice jeff for small business owners on what they can control well, I call it the keeps keep your customers engaged okay. Keep your employees focused keep your cash flowing right keep continuity and then keep healthy insane right those are my five keeps that's what I keep focusing on all the time and if I keep those in front of me like I'm always in front of my customers, how do I keep them engaged I? Do I go back to old customers and say, Hey, we did this great stuff for you before hey now that you're going to Kobe now you're coming out of Kobe or whatever you know your mindset is what can I help you with my employees at one keep them focus because they got kids at home now even though school some of them still at home, they might have parents at home. Now they've got does the spouses home there's all kinds of added pressures. So I've got I gotTa do more huddles I gotta get. Daily meetings with them. I've got to have a weekly meetings with the whole team in. We're all together. We got about things. We're grateful for things that are working celebrate good news What was the pain in the ASS thing you had to deal excuse me maybe I can't say that now. But what does that you know? That you had to deal with this week and how did you overcome in turn it into a positive? So those are the things you you're GONNA have to look at as a business leader, a business owner as the C. Suite executive to be able to do it. You know. It's a leader. One of the other things you have to do is keep employees safe I mean we started C. suite supplies. So we help our people you know get the kind of equipment they need to be safe feel safe. You know I think most people are pretty safe anyway 'cause we're spacing them out they only come in the office couple. Of Days a week right now but but what are you want to do to make sure that people don't have to worry and that's in you know we should be protecting our most employees most important You know assets, which our employees, our people, our customers, and that's what we're doing like sweet supplies. So so let's talk about some of the keeps. Indignant here, talk about keeping the customer engaged. I think a lot of people take the gas off of marketing and reaching out to customers during bad times. Yeah. Nothing to talk about they run a travel business. No one's traveling. They run a bowling alley no one coming in but that's really the wrong thing to do right exactly what you should be as turning. It up and good times they advertise a bad times. They advertise more an same thing as marketing. So marketing isn't necessarily all communications. Talk is the inception of the idea all the way through customer satisfaction. So what are the other aspects of marketing you should be focused on to help your customers to help and help grow your business position or reposition it so? How do we improve the product? How do we improve our customer service? How do we in in in in our improve our thrills from our great raving fans that's all part marketing. Why would you slung? Want. To speed that up especially in bad times. You know I travel a lot. I used to travel a lot and I'm getting so many e mails from companies tour agencies where they say when you're ready to travel be here. But until then here's some information about the world that can make a difference in your life like a trip to wherever it is, and I really appreciate that because it allows me to dream and stay connected to them. Or have a forum where you can get together and talk about your past trips or potential trips or things that you'd like to go and do and educate. So you know there's lots of things that travel businesses could be doing now to get people ready and people could actually start putting down payments on stuff to get ready for when it's GonNa go to. Be the first in line to go to Aruba or wherever you might like to go for your dream vacation and Jeff keeping those connections. Those personal connection alive to customers is so important I'm a big purchaser of a sports brand called icebreaker. It's at a New Zealand, and they've invited me at all their customers to join them in their companies yoga retreat. That's great. Promoting to go now you get to do downward dog exactly can do it. Well, there's an old saying outta sight outta mind, and that's the case right now and today's are shorter and shorter attention spans more and more things grab our time. It's important for you to be able to stand out to be the leader in the category into the leader you got to lead, and that's the key thing now, another one. That keep the employee focused and I think a lot of small business owners having a hard time with that because they can't see the folks plus as you said, there's so many more distractions at home. How do you make sure that people are working on the things that really make a difference to the small business? Find the tools that you can do to monitor that or keep in touch like for instance, we use teams and years. Or constantly make every we don't do emails we just get and. So one of the things that we're doing. We're cutting down our email traffic by having more conversations. So we're getting online and we're zooming each other. So we're doing daily huddle. So each of the team, the marketing team, the sales team, the operations team, the customer service team. Finance team, they're all having regular meetings every single day as teams, and then we're also twice a week. Our team is getting together as a whole company everybody and we're all on there and we structure one day for Education and one day for team building, and then in the beginning of those, we also do our updates. So everybody gets an update or we share what we're grateful for or accolades other team members so that we can keep things positive and upbeat because listen right now it's not always. It's tough. Especially, I mean we had an employee who broke down the other day because she's living on her own all by herself. You know thousands of miles away from other team members because he's a remote team member and it's just sometimes it's just it just sucks it's down it's hard. It's not easy and so you need to know that you've got a supporting family, a family of CO workers that are there to help you out and that we're all in this thing together as much as we can be together and so that means you get these folks engaged to keep them focused. We we talk about the things we gotta drive, and we'd be real open and blunt. And I believe that if you put the effort with your employees and making these personal connections, it really will pay dividends especially since folks as you were saying, we feel so isolated. Yeah and then let them have some input. You know we had a team meeting where voice who complained about something that we're GonNa Change in policies and I said fine but it's this is about finances we need to do this none of you lost your job. You've all kept the job, and so I said, why don't we look around in this woman? In order to if we don't make this change you pick the nine people that I need to call tomorrow and let go. Okay now I want you to look around the room and you pick the nine hundred customer morning. Awesome. It nine names I'll animal up those people were gonNA. Let go. So having those kinds of transparent conversations and let them have an input on it also, and I wasn't trying to meet ready. But at the same I was trying to point out on this stuff has financial implications. You can have a say in it, but you understand in the end, we gotta do something about. And and it's not an it's not like it used to be buttercup. So now it's time to pull the full of the big big boy pants on a big girl Anton and we gotta do something to get this thing. Goin' where we need to go, we'll jeff your third keep is to keep cash flowing and during any kind of economic slowdown cash slows down stops coming into the business. What's your advice for small business owners to keep it going? Well stopped while non-essential that's the first thing if you haven't already done that second start negotiating what everybody on anything about slowing down payments. For Balances Wherever, you possibly can't I gotTa tell you the credit card companies have been absolutely wonderful I. I really will tell you that every card I know as said, Hey, can I either loan you some more money? Can we take your payments and put them all out we're going to charge five percent interest or whatever, and by the way did I take advantage of every single one that I could possibly do to put cash off make payments, get it down so that my cash flow is better and you know also that means getting on the phone with potential. Customers and saying, Hey, look, you might not be able to start this this this week or next week or this month but next month how about if I do the work for you for the next couple of months and then the third month you start paying me you know again there, go out there and start looking for that business. Now, that money that we started that March and now is April may June so enjoy the money started kicking in right and we really needed. So think about the things that you can do to for forbearance of payments or parents of. Even income so that you can start to see that revenue come in when you weren't expecting and then listen think about it for those of you who charts by time time is money time driven Tori you know. So some of you might say, why don't do anything for less than a hundred bucks our to fifty or I know people give keynote speeches say well I. If I don't get full twenty, five thousand dollar keynote I'm not speaking well, listen my friends right now cash is king. So you take as much cash whenever it's offered to you take it does that mean reducing your Yup that means reducing your feet but if you let that time go by, you've lost inventory so you're better to use the inventory. So so look at your schedules. That free time you know make use of every minute of the day, and then some because time is not on your side. Jeff last question went to ask you is you know we're very focused on the first responders the people that are on the front lines you know the doctors, the service workers you have something called a business first responder. What is that? Well, that's what that's what all of us are. Listen our jobs in this country for those who are business people is to make this country as great as it possibly can our our biggest thing is not are Americans might America's military? It's America's financial system. It's our enterprise system in it's up to us to be business first responders and listen I can't I can't I can't. Operate on anybody I'm not a doctor I'm not a nurse I can even so fruit and mask. Okay. But what I can do is help people get their business going what I can do is businesses as best as possible employ people keep employed and and make the money flow for other businesses services all through that is best I can and that's what business. US We run into the fray not away from it, and so that's what Americans need to do. That's what business owners CEO's and leaders of businesses need to do. We don't need to be set back. Or whether we're GONNA make her united when Feta's months okay or this year but we need to be doing is get off our couch get stop eating bon-bons and watch netflix although in watch netflix's on the weekends their business going. But during the rest of the week, we should be working our rear ends up to make this tap. That's what business first responders, and that's that's why I'm so confident that we're gonNA. Get through this because I've seen entrepreneurs really stand up and respond and Some of the best of out Jeff. I, always appreciate you coming back to the show where can people reach you and learn about all the great work you're doing with small businesses where you can find me at hazlet dot com H. A.. Y.. Z. L.. E. T. T. dot com Jeffrey with or finally the street network CCD CDC's radio were all over the place anything C. Suite in NC. Street network you'll find US chip. Thanks again is an may twenty w cpt in Chicago right back. He two thousand eighteen trend survey found that more than seventy percent of small business employers rely on traditional methods like sticky notes and paper calendars for teen HR tasks like approving time off switching them on an HR. Software is a smarter alternative, but it's typically complex and costly for a lot of small businesses but that's not the case anymore hr direct smart APPs as an easy affordable option for just ninety dollars a year per web at each smart App helps you address specific. Management goals allowing you to decide which APPS are relevant to your business. So seize the opportunity and save time and money go to www dot hr direct APPs dot com that's www dot hr direct APPs dot com. Stick around to get your small business. More small business radio with Barry Moles now on W. CPT H. Chicago's progressive talk turn the COVID. Nineteen pandemic of small businesses are having a hard time finding customers to buy their products. But what happens if you find yourself during this pandemic that increase supply of what your customers need from what you sell? This is the case with Chris Brooks Chief Strategy Officer Advantec like systems, Chris, welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Great. It'd be here. So you're the unique position selling a ventilator product where you've actually had to ramp up eighty times during this pandemic. Tell us about that and tell us about the challenges that you're facing. Absolutely ventech life systems is a manufacturer of the first and only integrated medical device based out of SEATTLE. Washington actually do all of our design development and manufacturing our office just north of Seattle and we make a device call vox in which combines a ventilator oxygen. concentrator cough assists the suction pump in a nebulizer into a single device that easy to. Use for patients who cannot breathe on their own. It works for pediatric and adult patients, and it works from hospital to home, and our team has been in the world of respiratory care for decades and have been part of creating many ventilators prior to the vox in device and the reality is for ventilator patients that they need much more than just the. the ventilator is moving air in and out of their lungs because they can't breathe on their own due to a variety of conditions muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury LS copd one cancer, or in this case Covid which begins to impact a person's ability to breathe and they go into full respiratory distress Traditionally, patients will need that ventilator and then they'll meet other pieces of equipment as well. Some sort of external source of oxygen either from an in wall system in a hospital or an oxygen tank or a portable oxygen concentrator, they'll need A. To administer the medication into an aerosol form to be absorbed by the lungs and then some sort of secretion management either cough assist, which mimics a natural cop like you and I do clear our airway or suction pump, which is literally a to that you insert new vacuum out the secretions that otherwise build up in the lungs and the reality tired of oxygen is that each care environment a hospital a long term care facility patients. In the home transport setting has different type of ventilator and they range and cost and functionality and the reality is patients are moving between that care continuum to we wanted to create an easy to use device that solves a lot of the pain points for ventilator patients, and still has that critical care ventilator capability with all of the advanced functionality, the alarms to keep the patient safe modes and settings to be able to. Properly ventilate the patient and hopefully remem- off of the ventilator if their condition presents that option So same critical care functionality. But in an envelope that is small easy to use and portables people remain more compliant and they're less of a burden for the care team taking care of them. So being here in Seattle resell what was going on in Wuhan with Cova? We were just a few miles down the road from the first outbreak of Kobe, United States We knew that based on the conversations we were having from clinicians and hospital administrators and public officials that the need for ventilators If this pandemic were to expand going to be far beyond the ability for the dozen or so global manufacturers ventilators to be able to respond and so. Being really the only critical care ventilator manufacturer that is based in the United States does all of our manufacturing here in the United States, we knew that we had to be creative to scale up to meet this demand. You had governor Cuomo on TV saying that the state of New York alone needed thirty to forty thousand ventilators globally about a hundred thousand critical care ventilators I created and we were only making about two hundred a month, and so we knew we were going to have to quickly scale up production and. We. Facilitated a lot of phone calls with a lot of different organizations many people at that point became aware of the need for ventilators and we're offering their help and expertise and we got connected to General Motors they very quickly We went from that phone call to recognizing the benefits that they could bring to the partnership, which was a global supply chain. We needed parts to make these ventilators and they also understood mass manufacturing. We needed to scale our manufacturing maybe not quite the to the extent. The General Motors. At they're making, you know a truck, every sixty seconds or less but we knew that we needed to rapidly scale manufacturing. So we had our first phone call with General Motors in March in literally in thirty days from that phone call, we were able to share all of our parts, components, drawings, specifications, materials need We're able to identify a location in an old office building on their campus in. Kokomo Indiana where General Motors. Doing advance electrtonics assembly for their automobiles were able to convert that facility into an identical copy of what we have here in bothell. Washington only on a scale much larger and from that first phone call to thirty days. Thereafter, we were already producing and delivering some of the very first critical care ventilators purchase through that built through that partnership in distributing them to frontline care providers True Heroes in Indiana and Illinois and in that process. We received the first of what became to be several orders from the federal government. In order for thirty thousand ventilators to go to the strategic national stockpile for the US government to be able to distribute to states as needed based on how the pandemic. Would impacting each state and We're very excited that that contract is on track and we are set to complete those thirty thousand ventilators to be delivered by the end of this on sewn. Another couple of weeks that order we'll be done We've already spoken to many hospitals who have received are devices as part of their response to Kobe of patients who've been able to go on. Our device fight the virus, and then come off of our device be weaned off the ventilator and be sent home healthy again. So it has been quite a busy time since March in many ways it feels like March all over again and we see hotspot continue to flare up and the need for ventilators continue to exist because let's just some questions around this business decision so you have in March You're talking very sciences and things like that. The government is saying, Hey, there's nothing to worry about there's one case soon, they'll be zero cases how Jamaica decision actually to invest the money to ramp up is it because of the federal government was giving you a contract to do thirty thousand ventilators? Is that what made you take the leap? Because we didn't know in March how this would. Yeah. No, it's a great question and look there are still many unknowns as well. Right nobody really knows what tomorrow will look like or let alone what two or three months we'll look like we knew a few things for sure we knew that Cova did A respiratory virus that if if it infected patients could cause them to go to roll respiratory distress or arts and that required a full critical care ventilator, any ventilator or I level device would work. They needed a true critical care ventilator to provide the type of ventilation that patient and full respiratory distress needs and we knew that boxing I was a device that could meet that need it. was already being used by patients who were fighting covid was in hospitals throughout the country and so We those were the known the unknowns were, how many ventilators are there in the US? There's not really good at counting of that Again, there's hospital ventilators, waiters in long term care facilities and some nursing home facilities. There's many layers and home care. So home health companies have them of there's not really a good. Number of how many ventilators there are number one or how many layers would be needed based on how this pandemic and how this virus would impact patients we began to see based on what we could learn Mouhot was that patients who went on a ventilator from covid Ron ventilators much longer than is traditionally the case in an acute care setting traditionally patients around ventilator for a few days and then they come off the ventilator. In with cove, we seeing patients on ventilators for weeks. So that means you can't cycle through a handful of ventilators at a hospital. You actually have a healthy supply of ventilators to manage the onslaught of patient. So there were a lot of unknowns, but there were a lot of known knowns about this pandemic and We knew that we needed to ramp production and that that a man for these devices was going to far exceed our existing capability to manufacture. So Chris, my is a little bit. My question, a little bit different because I want the small businesses understand how a decision gets made when there's conflicting information, right so on one hand, you have the United States saying, this is all GonNa go away. It's not going to be big deal the scientists saying this is going to be a big deal. Did you go ahead and make this investment because the government said, hey, we need to put something in the stockpile. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA to give you a contract for thirty thousand is that the why you decided to invest in it regardless of how this was gonNA play out That certainly helped but that came to be quite honest after the fact. So we already had demand and we had orders from states and hospital. Seeing market demand. Customized to resell market demand Now, what that market demand was going to be, and you know for how many and what would the fallout rate of customers canceling and there was a lot of unknown and there was certainly a degree of risk in trying to understand what is the demand, and then best case you know leveraging our expertise and our partners you know in the field to understand what do we expect that demand to be, and then to try to get ahead of that I mean there are a lot of parts that have long lead times And then particularly in this environment every ventilator manufacturer and then dozens and dozens if not hundreds of overnight ventilator manufacturers started to try to get some of these parts to make ventilator. Right so I'll those longer lead times became even even longer. So we had to get ahead of that and and take some risks on the front end. Absolutely. So Chris I. I I know we have the partial journal Motors, where did the funding for this come from because when you increase your production by eighty x you do need more capital how'd you make that happen? You have a variety of of different ways that we're able to make that happen whether that was through pre-payments from customers through leveraging different credit facilities, leveraging payment terms with fires, and other partners who were providing. Support lies in tooling general. Motors was very helpful in helping to jump start production and make orders for parts and supplies the federal. Once that was finally completed certainly gave us the capability to begin to invoicing once we were delivering final product. So you know it was definitely a something that we were monitoring on a day by day basis What parts do we have on order what our production capacity look like What is cash on hand look like It was certainly something that continues to be monitored very closely. So Chris, what role did Dell technologies play and your ability really to meet the market demand. Yeah. So obviously scaling eighty x in doing so. In just a few months requires a lot first and foremost our technology infrastructure and just the backbone of our business operations You know not unlike many individuals who all of a sudden we're working from home and realized that their home cable network was. Not Sufficient enough manage all of their zoom calls and their increase bandwidth We had a need to significantly increase our technology infrastructure here. So a lot of our systems are just not set up for either the increase in people so whether that's our Wifi hiring a bunch of new people and needing to get them computers to be able to work or expanding our manufacturing process We manufacture a life support class two medical device. Every parton piece in the device is traceable in every workstation that our assembly t members are using has a computer where they're scanning and logging all of those parts along the manufacturing process of our device. So. Overnight, we had to procure a lot of additional servers computers, and Dell was extremely helpful in helping us to identify what pieces of technology we would need helping to Again, kind of cheer question about cash flow helping with the payment terms and leveraging their financing to be able to fund some of those purchases, and then ultimately with the setup and standing up a totally new facility in Kokomo Indiana literally in A. Matter of you know a few day that facility went from You know not having the lights turned on in ten years to you know fresh paint on the walls new flooring and a new IT infrastructure to be able to support manufacturing critical care ventilator Chris I love the story because it really shows the power of what American entrepreneurs can do together where can people learn more about then tech and what you're doing now to combat the Kobe Pandemic Absolutely Then Life Dot Com V. as in Victor E. N. T.. As in Tom E. C. L. I. E. Dot. com is our website. The name of the devices boxing VOC ESPN We also have a micro site then tech GM DOT com. Which tells the story about how the partnership came together and some of the milestones along the way and. We expect to have some more content there at the end of the month as we complete that federal order and officially transition the facility in Kokomo Indiana. Overdone Tech as we continue to fill back orders beyond the order from health and human. Services. Chris thanks for joining us and everything you do to help us this AMA twenty w cpt in Chicago we write back. Well businesses are starting to bring back employees under a new work environment, and with that comes to challenge of communicating updated company policies to all your employees lack of clear company policies can lead to inconsistencies in expectations and compliance. Ensure your employers are well informed with consistent guidelines by using the company Policies Smart App from HR direct. This web based ad helps your, business create magin share attorney approved employment policies electronically in minutes start now at www dot hr direct APPs dot com slash company Dash policies that's www dot hr direct APPs dot com slash company Dash Policies. Stick around to get your small business unstuck more small business radio with very moles now on W. Cpt h twenty, Chicago's Progressive Talk. Well, the word of the year seems to be empathy that word was featured prominently in both political conventions and with over hundreds of thousands of people dying of Covid and millions of folks losing their jobs in their homes we all need to show a little bit more empathy. My next guests is Garcia coach who is an empathy expert she coaches, companies individuals and groups to envision and reach their full potential find the authenticity through empathy for themselves and others. She's the author a book called the art of empathy 'em welcome to the show. Thank you. Thank you for having me and I want you to pronounce your last name so I don't butcher it. Sure. So made it two. Yeah. Okay good better than I can say. So tell me how. During covid nineteen. In hoping night and team at eight seen now. It's been wonderful honestly I mean obviously, it's not a great situation for a lot of people but I feel that permitted has given me the spades and the time to sort of going side myself and do a bit of us of discovery joins. So a lot of time to think read. And understand what I wanted to be next. So it's a good time to pause and think a little bit. So lot of folks are talking about we need more empathy. Americans have to be more empathetic. What is your definition of empathy? To embassy is the embraceable thread that connects us as human beings. empathy and is what makes us the others for who they are, and this is what makes genuine human connection and why is that more critical now than ever before him? I believe that You know we say that this is just business I. I always say that businesses never justice we are all humans and we have feelings and. Empathy. Is What connects us through other human beings to reality as as they see it not as we see it through their experience, but truly put yourself in someone else's shoes and I feel that people want these genuine connection. We've people with businesses with anything you do in the end you want to feel that there is somebody on the other side who is listening I actively with all their being with all their soul to your needs, and it doesn't matter if he's a trend when you're going to have a coffee or if you're. Buying a product or service from company, and beyond there has to be something that tells you that this is the place where you have to be. You know I think there's a real struggle in society with empathy these days especially around the idea of wearing a mask or people are outta work when less fortunate than you because you know when things get tough people want to save themselves but it's also a time where we really need to try to connect with other people and people need that connection even now more than ever because they're so isolated. Right. I feel that we get. So stuck into our own opinion in a way about thanks you know you were mentioning wearing a mosque raid it doesn't really matter what the copy is, but we get stuck in will be into thinking that our opinion is the only valid point of view that it's out there. So what empathy helps us to to see is that there's so many perspectives reality is not just one and the way that you see it and decide that someone else has a different opinion that is contradictory to yours opposite or just complementary to what you think. It's it's a genuine interest for understanding what is the the world of the other person? What makes you closer? To think that the difference that part I do hardly thing that the difference what makes us closer? If we really want to understand because Indiana we're all district I have different experiences than you. We have to lift different things. So obviously, our opinions, cookies different and understanding what you think and why would make might be with the world richer. Studying empathy for a long time during Kovin nineteen in America how we doing? Are we succeeding on the scale that we really just think? I mean I don't know I mean now I just live in America. Now I I I back home in Barcelona so very difficult for me to say from the outside I. Think there have been different voices voicing this different perspectives I'm not sure about the understanding piece of the puzzle I always feel that somehow. In American I'm going to generalize. It's not. You know it's not the same everywhere, but I would say. There's something about the extremes you are either with me or against. I. Like I had these opinion or I have the opposite then joined, you don't belong in my group I feel that understanding and a genuine interest to wanting to understand was this person thing that it's okay to where am I gonNA? Why is this person thinking that? It's not okay to where it we don't have to agree but we need to agree to be open about what we think and be open to hear other people who have a different opinion. Than US and the fact that they do have a different opinion, it doesn't say anything about it. It's there'd be of the world and just taking it in. It also helps us understand that you know the world is not just one. There are so many viewers of it and understanding wanting to see what other people are saying that maybe you are not seeing. It might not change your opinion and that's all right. But in the end, you will have a full veal full spectrum of what's out there and do you need to hear the things that you don't like an you desperately needs to hear people quitting opposite you. I think the world is definitely in America been divided between us and them especially when you have the President United States every day on twitter dividing people up and I. Love what you said that just because someone has a different opinion doesn't really say anything about you. You've just got to accept that and again I guess show empathy that they feel different than you do. Yeah and the problem is that when there's no empathy, these conversations, there is a breach right? There's a gap there where the other person is reacting instead of responding and it's because we are questioning their core belief no matter where they are right. If they are different and you're saying, how can you think that this is wrong would was saying is the debut of the world is wrong what they are what the is wrong. There's no understanding from these pace. It will never be so we need to think okay just a difference, but it's not yet and that's fine. Let's understand what is space. So I would ask questions like okay. So how did you come to this conclusion? You know what is it for? You would how how do you see these without judgment because the problem is that the moment of judgments on the table? There's empathy there can't. Be there because if I judge what you think it means that I am making An opinion there and saying what did you think is wrong and then it would get things wrong. You're wrong and then there's no one understanding we are not sharing anything in that conversation. So, how do you have empathy and I really have this four other people are so opposed the values that you hold. So personally have empathy for people like that. That violates what they believe in violates everything that you so strongly believe in. So I think that. We Stop the surface and to me this is a huge mistake. You and I you know I can hate star various. Survey Right. But if we talk about why we love were hit strawberries with GonNa get very far. But if I start asking you when they started and maybe you could tell me when you were a kid you know something happened with those strawberries and and you don't like them anymore and so we can create something more. That would would you see on the surface and this happened with any opinions with any topics and sometimes when you just go farther than the surface of you know I think that this is writing you think this wrong we find common values because there are some things in the different they're. Always coming saying when you don't agree with someone, they might be things that you will never agree with and that's okay. But the moment that you passed through that that's superficial opinion about something and you start scratching what isn't their niece? What is to be bad behavior maybe there's fear maybe there is a lot of experience that explains that we need to go deeper than just you know I agree with you I don't agree with you. You know I'm reminded of what Gandhi said when he said the enemy is fear we think it's hey but it really is fear and I think a lot of times people hold really. Extreme views because it's out of fear him what do you think? Definitely I, mean if fear of the unknown right and the unknown can be anything, the unknown can be a neighbor Utah. Now the unknown can be a new job. The unknown can be a lot of things we don't like uncertainty. Right and uncertainty is a different guns at for each of us and sometimes is behind a lot of these behaviors or opinions that we don't get to understand. But I feel that going into woods behind, it could be it could be something else. It could be you know Australian life experience it could be you know poss- relationships it could be feeling Schema of something that is coming out in behavioral or in an opinion but in reality it's A. Live through your life and how it presents itself. So definitely for your play a big part because it's what you were saying before, right? And then because these fear of not belonging to that group makes you sort of go to the other side of fans and this extremes. Appear right like there is one side and there's another side and there are fears in both sides just just. So I understand why and I think a lot of people understand why empathy is really important in making connections whether people. But why is it important business I thought a lot of people think that business is just about selling stuff to customers. Right. Yeah. But you know the funny thing here is. Did you know those customers? Because what empathy does it connects you to? Do what is behind that person that you are selling something to? What are their fears. What are they thinking? To do you know when they wake up in the morning? What are they dreams? Why do they need your product what connects them to you're selling because in the end, you could buy you need a chair you could buy stolen cares you know there's so much offer out there for anything really you WanNa buy but what would make your decision to buy something instead of something else? Most. Often than not, it's not a hundred percent rationalization. There is an emotional piece of it and the fact that you read a description of the product that says, oh, that's exactly what I need they. I telling me what I'm thinking that I need these territory for me. You know. So these disconnection, did he have with those customers to understand what he's in the head to talk in the way that they see the world we're talking before about opinions this is the same thing if I am able to be in my customers heads and hear their inner talk and talk to them in their words. In the way they see problems in the way they see their world. This is not just a business transaction. This is a connection. Have you have the need that I am fulfilling but not only with the product I am also we view their wherever you are. In. The seeking the solution for that problem And what's interesting to me because we're in the market to buy new bed frame and you can get similar bedframes almost anywhere and so my wife called up this place. She had some question about the bed frame and really liked which it looked like am but she didn't get a good feeling from buying it from these people and so she decided to buy the buy another one someplace else and it was really based on the conversation interactions she had with the company the product could have been fine but the people connection wasn't there. And and sometimes you know it's really funny. But sometimes you're get into a shop and maybe joined not planning to buy anything. Right. But then you have, you have a conversation way the shop assistant, and that person you explain what you're looking for or you have a chance that person showing you things in the shop that might help you and you start creating. Creating Jennen connection with that person that is there with you with whatever it is that you're looking for, and so this would make a part of the division and I feel that sometimes we still meet that Pied you can't think you're only buying that frame, but this is this is not what you're doing. And and it's it's funny but it's it's true as well, and sometimes we're not aware of that when we're making the decision but I can't I can tell you I've I've seen these all along when a help creative them WANNA help business owners. Understand the importance of being in their customers head there's this is key to success and it has nothing to do with the product it has to do with the connection that people create with. You are, would you sell and how you do it? And, I think more and more businesses are being asked to make those connections with customers. Those personal connections, that's why businesses are asking to choose sides to get involved in various causes that reflect what their values are and what their customers want. Yeah definitely. Because it's so much more than the product, you want to support businesses that have principles and values are similar to yours and and sometimes you know there are people who are very crystal clear about whether Bali is are you know they might buy certain products because what they believe and for some other people about we might be more conscious it might be more of a gut feeling or the last step of processing on on the buying process of something, but you definitely want. To belong. Belonging thing that chases US across. Our. Different. Steps of life but you want to be surrounded by people like products but companies like connections. That belong to your group you know with with the values and with the. And with what's important to you and the last question to ask you have you found in your research that empathy varies across different cultures? I would say this shape and form might be different in regards on how we We show empathy to others. But the key pieces of empathy always the same across, and then there's no empathy. If there's no understanding there cannot be empathy of there's judgmental table. There has the active listening. There has to be more interest about how the other these things instead of trying to hammer in your own opinion and making the other beyond your side. The moment that we have a touch men to our own opinion. makes us believe that if someone things different than us? It is doing something against us, and so we get into attack and defense mode on the different cultures have different ways. Coach of their cultures are very touchy feely. People urine spam all the time. and. So the part of these that bothered languages well, there are other cultures scoring less about that and they are more about words or they are more about even give. More about supporting in different ways but I would say the core things that embassy needs to have their definitely across cultures, they are exactly the same. I. Think it's something. We all need to work on including myself and thanks for being on the show where can people get in touch with you and get a copy of the book the art of empathy. Sure. Thank you very for having and I wanNA thank everyone for joining this week's Radio Show I. Want to thank our sponsor hr direct smart APPs a new breed of HR solutions for small business. Go to www that HR direct APPs dot com to get started I. Want to thank our staff our producer Sarah Shafran our in studio producer lady who's going to make this home recording sound so. Much, better than it does right now are marking Magic Courtney Gilchrist. If you want your small businesses a thrive during the chronic, Konami give me a call seven, seven, three, eight, three, seven, eight, two, five, zero, e mail me at Barry at molds dot com remember love everyone trust if you pay your own canoe and go Australian a couple times have a profitable and passionate week you can find. On the web at Perry, DOT COM or more episodes of small business radio and small BIZ radio show dot. com.

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Qu es la terapia de juego?

Latinx Therapy

12:58 min | Last month

Qu es la terapia de juego?

"Askmen though I Latin next they're. Laying from US young competitiveness the signal no substitute. I. Invested Colloquial Dome Professional. Joe Soy. ADWARE Monahan says. That unfiltered assessment. EDM Benito south of segment though the leg next therapy or the numerals are Meka Lega Casta an Florida area is when that they the on e.? Oil Beta premera role and guess on ahead on some movement bell commonsense. Yeah and Florida e concerts because UNICEF and play therapy that wiggle econ capacity on the sensibilities. ASEAN. E repre Samantha Moby Mental so-called laddis Emily, area, Iguana Manta as President Bill Sewer. That Florida the. As the day that up. And say I especially Saigo and assess saw mental but un-usa Elena Simba's this. Those meals space. So Practica went through and West and Florida than there at the end the Ninos that dollars Rabbat other synthetics Shami Mus. A Sea Como, Esta the enters only versatile. Sebastian Espada glad. A Horse upward. Alastair's zealous yoenis thrive say intermittent Eunice that about the cuss Lucas Nas Yoann Columbia South Amelia em seemed up in us on ending your emigrant does to Salsa Needles Graciela ESCA channel Komo acrylamide urea their Las Familias Athena's can let that up here is recommended personas comparably emmers oberstar's gives sawn locos. Lucas Bienvenida. Andrea yes. Yes. When Oklahoman Somoza the ESTA Tehama, the therapy, the way. Okay. More interest. Sunday. I'll walk in no s me especially that but another worker urethra. Go skit as. The. Quibbles. People. The therapy stay with Lisa. Go on Minnesota's it added Muscat day Chris Daniels adults there I noticed is locked it up your ass game especially said Ian. Day In this federal Joe new will not come by I Landau Clooney notices Noel gig almost locate handle wallace's eagles most Nelson Niche but aside in dunces elected Waigel J. don't they a stunning eagles community. In will do not admit you've Foca in dead in Grad, Mundi jobs wiggle on Moon Nichols e wiggles leasing. A. Specific. But out own threaten the antle secret he go. Let Bill. Of set of. Those famous Guga Seo Zone New Lisa Lacerra owned give for Mattias by gaining. Gab Goal Model People at is, but aside visited statues Randall. lucado fighters ag back Indian done Sando eat at least I looked bodies taking Gaza Listening knows that knows apprehended mahotas affected has but a guard San Mateo have some similar on this as people that are up now. In Foca, it'll threes daniels after low dosing. May Get them in elementary is that wrap your support will start paralysis gay the uninterested author annual Stamp Pero ESPEC- become. There's my spot loosening us then throw the stretchy those c- correct correct either through this group on this rap yelm m esquerre Que la. Amelia. Assigned look. and not that men Z.. No A shot in. Not indicate being invented in England all noise solo nothing. With Familia is. Community Squirrel, and when the wound their built out fat that that I had gone owning is important A. Doll Saddles, those Get back to Hebron in Latvia billing milk. Bennett meanwhile plan Komo's as the you've got lost. Their annual as cameos in Goma. Plan is tied at Axiom Nando manhandle seats, Gundi new. Cities lawyer owning learn. You had actually on the mandate is one hundred people within Ningbo City amas except also e get. Loss Ninoska, Stan and Foster Care Custodian and Gus. Garda's Oh God the Wa Therapy Superior Sarcoma use global ESPN wing put Dante issue of Neal's possioble forgiven up unloading dollars in dunces kindle in the castle Dr. GonNA fighters did. Had qualified of yellow. He goes doodles were foster parents, e discussions, stone. Dan Defenders Zip. Kamal Kokomo Gasol lost on US gay stand initial Mental Jeff impacted Libya on the landing. He was the end of the square lantos demeaning potently Rosina's yesterday was my and Komo us are. The WACO Laws Nina San Census let locker up wiggle. Four K. is Tom Wolfe in therapy endo. Handle finish BRANNAGH facto deal but I was bilateral. Sealed when couldn't shake on? Off. On their joan mean no nervous in go Nigel Nolan opportunity is ending thing wounded bossio bad apples aside, Donna and Money had. Just unison suits via. Though back that must. Be Quintet you're. A fool to straddle also noted. Of with is when when adding that had been. Tried you laugh he lost professionalize the aluminum Pakistan and tornadoes and s that the Google Komo's Stan. Will Defeat Candle autonomous that the yet paltrow our wiles so reliant a net. Mutual. Check it at the idea, and if the film says a stole chills, just helpless in Goma subway south had app you'd dwelling Mindy and I'm Chas biking. They. GET THE IN WAIGELS seals still? No with these. In in last units embiid sonal I owning devastating will be found Dana. You can you keep those gifts and myth and Dan through a backyard Mundial elements in support. I said there's a money bill I. Just have built does he on? Hint does that doesn't signals Yankee Al Auto Parastatal biddle Yemen is Komo nappy. Sione won't video the next day a soap amid dead Makita. Seals Back. Out after munish. Essien Dole playrooms Wachtel the wiggles skin not follow any matter but a senior doses is not yes. Said clicked on the I bomber. On who get their own? Is Ghazi by the seal Lookin embiid Zona supply new said that is. Felt as windows Kayama them with Moscow. Being Donald who does including the TRAUMAS are familiar Yacky, La Familia in Stan musty among Gaza those methods, Liz ea wing the side knows Dude Alassio on Jackie at the. Camper and clearly without I on spider escape CNN the propane perkins on Kale where go noise that up Ya e Brisket Sonos mythos allegedly, that is the local Pasadena's Kim, Portland and game one doll would that up in? Style, in Benallal nominal in the Saturday that he set up yet who gone on Memento Stimulus unit cabinet when I. Made that would not have been suing number who will feel pointed lack Guano southeast settles way will who Landau Ma'am battle allocation no settles those that. When alice loaded gasol feeding him on Goma, fly in wiggle their football numeracy who got away from new newest Ya. Wig. Off. In offended in Memphis at bookcase donahue listening wiggle in built a staff of Said Vando DoCoMo Commando left. All well as advancing Ando Promo. Code winning guide or Sanctum. got him soonest. That game. That wound bit bill dot community that incident novel give who got Goning we wanting to northern stadium insisted I e croissant awestruck were so scared. Look virus or what the up for mass they're stuck it up. Yeah. Not biking now than Web but Allah last. Where is our whacker? Window all eighty here I didn't for my ceiling a CPI data built a wiggle in Swabia in mocking foremost young Saudi therapy imperfect. E and me biking now web Latin next their people dot com tangle on those liberals. Let's whether now you've got contact their say on Susie hose Bairro electoral the governments you know and in Masha Cousteau's no nokia thing undergrowth spagnolo Andrea. See Good. Okay. I I assume I gotTA come. On get Oakland Rossio, become in savage lassos Young Day Munis in the national, why does not you're not you love thousand you with Makran their confidentiality, the lost als as thick the. Los. Altos a Infosys Fan in let up the Ionescu Suskind the nameless schedule report thad and they are honest. Assess Wando I suspect you'll they also than in your Report for Lay? In style at school. Knees. Mole with the Zona while Yunus. Ashamed. I knew I. You'll some men inside Wilkinson The is in lay is that are put out the head in vanished new he? Built out. But the heat back in. CC SUCCUMB BIA Estella Porous Don William Williams team. And Tremendous Yonne Kuala zone is says Leah's e Blood Conagra Delta gave the Caen Gokhan nobody Scottish one Migo the Okay Me Jose fabricate, Callapollo, dot com in other layers DNS, Su procure steel they get done throw involuted L. Paradigm or mothering. When when she soon Grazia Sunday, APP or a Rosie, the competition to especially that it's GonNa Sort Rosana at opponent trash and relegates lamey i. Would go combed. It says website led by another web we instagram a facebook. Most people. Okay as the Leviathan. CNN. Impasse I even packing a web or From when she's On there.

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Live: Take Control Of What's Holding You Back with Ariel Kopac

Enterprise NOW! Podcast

10:39 min | 6 months ago

Live: Take Control Of What's Holding You Back with Ariel Kopac

"So at the end of last year I decided that I wanted to do something different. Do something fun do something. Fresh and new. So I decided to do a series of podcast series of the Enterprise. Now podcast except live and so we did that. We did our first one and I thought it was a wonderful time. I had a great time if the interview was absolutely phenomenal. Check it out. Here is my live podcast interview. I usually start out by asking something like tell us about yourself and on the record show I say feel free to go all the way back to the day you were born or you can start more. Kern Day and then I say. Tell us about yourself. My name is Ariel Kopech. I am the owner of Harnessed Hindrance coaching. I'll go back to. I was born in Kokomo. Indiana and moved. Wisconsin announced twelve Wisconsin. My home but I spent the past four years in California working out there now. I'm back loving. It can connect to the community and I consider myself sometimes a walking paradox. Because someone said don't swear on a podcast. I won't swear but I will say we're told twenty one but I looked dance. I also like whisky and cigars and sprott climbing. And I'm one of those people just loves hobbies got it. So how did you get into your current field? Kind of fell into it. Started with the training aspect of development so I was training financial advisers for large financial services firm and I became really frustrated with the question. Of Why is it that if they know exactly what they need to do it? Don't do it and how is that? You can lead a horse to drink so became obsessed with trying to answer that question of why I Y Y and that amongst some exposure to some coaches and lot of learning start to dig into that question of why and found that it's not usually a simple logical answer. That's the problem. It's all of the emotional and mental things going the background. When the answer's right in front of you and that became my passion for Dean to coaching. So what is the most unusual business? Type that you've worked with one of the most unusual business types I've worked with probably those in multilevel marketing. Those in that field have a lot of challenges coming up before they even get in the door and they have the same mental and emotional challenges. Everyone else does so. That's what I find with industry occupation. Everyone brings a bunch of personal baggage with them. We all do but the obstacles a little bit different depending upon. What's in rear? So this is my question so dig a little bit deeper in terms of Your Business Right. Harnessing your hindrance or does that me harness. You're hindrance means you can take control and make use of whatever is holding you back and ofttimes you can use it to the point where it will pull you. Forward for example ofttimes comes into play with people's insecurities you'll hear a lot of powerful stories about how someone was nervous about or one of the high became their strength and that was true for me. This was kind of came up after my name. I actually used to be a little insecure about how I couldn't have very shallow conversations sound silly but actually had a friend say to someone behind my back if you WANNA have a deep conversation talked to Ariel. If you don't want to have a conversation do not talk to aerial now. Not to interrupt you but we had our one on one. She's not lying like mind blown like I call them golden nuggets. I had so many in my head that I was like okay enough. I don't WanNa talk to you anymore. Like let's talk a weekly. That is true and it used to be a little bit of an insecurity of mine of. Why can't I just be casual like everyone else? My friend and I were at a bar and talking to some guys and she says to me later. Did I overhear that? He was sharing that his challenging with relationships right now is due to his parents getting divorced at twenty one and this and that said Yeah. Why would you talk about? She said sports so that was an insecurity. But now I've found ironic is that that is what makes me so good at what I do. Digging deeper to find the root cause not settling for the surface level. Answer the symptom but digging down to what is really really going on here and that is how I have harnessed by insurance. Well so my question again so talk a little bit about self awareness in how that has impacted your business in terms of when you decided to do this to today. Self-awareness journey one thing that I have to be really mindful of when I'm coaching is that I am fully present for whomever I'm engaging west and that requires me to be self aware of what's going on with me mentally and emotionally at that time and if it's an energy that I don't want to bring into that person's conversation I have to say okay. I can come back to this but right now. I am fully present for this person. I have to be a blank slate and receive whatever they have to give not give them anything that they don't need right now so for me. Self awareness has been extremely important as a coach to make sure that I am level for whoever I am there to serve and it's an ongoing practice then there's a lot of self awareness that comes with being a business owner as well as many here now So what failure? Business or personal. Allow you to learn your most valuable lesson. And what was that lesson? It's hard to pick one failure that I've learned from so many one failure though that comes to mind right away is actually the first time that I cried at work admitted my occupation for two years and I was one of those stone cold faces that held all emotions in and I believed growing up. That it's a strength to hold your emotions inside. I had one boss broke me. We're good friends. But he said to me at the time it's your fault. She quit and that made me angry and it made me cry. And he's response was. It took me two years. I did it I made to cry but the reason I made me cry was because I knew it was true I knew that my lack of willingness to let go and to delegate properly and communicate everything that was on my mind for this new hire was what led to her leaving Lynn. The long run is probably for the best in as far as everyone's pathways journey but in the moment that was a hard truths to be hit with and that failure led me to learning the importance of letting go and also that self awareness of being real emotions and saying I'm struggling to go this right now because it's been my baby or it's been my project and that's not an easy thing to transition definitely agree. I think one of the things that makes this giant exciting in both challenging is the self awareness rate a lot of times. We put a brave face on as if nothing affects us or like. I was telling somebody earlier. Today was one of those days where it was really high and really low and just being able to recognize that and then properly deal with it. I think is a really important thing. So if someone said unlock me what would your response be how much time you got. No I would say the amount to which you're willing to be unlocked as you say comes from you and I can't unlock anything that you have closed off so my process is a matter of you helping to discover what is going on inside and locked up for yourself but if you have something that's locked away. I can't get in there unless you let me in. And kind of let yourself wariness arnold question what is a key insight that your target audience looks forward to find you or work with you. So what does the prospect looking for in you to want to work with you? It's kind of two parts to answer that question one often times when someone gets introduced to me or you have initial conversation. They're looking for okay. So what strategies and tactics are going to give me to implement to make this work. Or what's the secret sauce and the ironic thing is that the foundation of my coaching is that majority of the time. You have the answer inside of you already know what the right thing to do is if you don't know how to get that answer but majority of the time you already have the answer within you. I'm just there to help draw it out. So that's a part to the answering of the question that a Lotta Times. What someone is looking for when they get introduced to me is not what the offer really is however it only takes a minute for someone to realize okay yeah there probably is some mindset work that. I have to do or I think I do actually know what I need to do. I don't need more information and more options to choose from. I just need to know which option to go west and move forward so if someone is looking for unlocking what they already know or building their clarity for action. That is a good thing to seek me out for but majority of the time. Someone's looking for a quick strategy and in reality they already know that is helping to find. Oh before we wrap up with. Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me my question for you is. What do you gain from having these live events? Some the biggest thing I gained is and when I say this I really mean it. I genuinely enjoy meeting. New People hearing their stories and really just sharing space with people who think as crazy as I do right who have big ideas and things that haven't been done before so I enjoy the energy of engaged with like minded individuals. And it's really fun. I like to embarrass people doing the job of that all right so if people want to reach out to you learn even more about what you do set up a mind blowing. Golden Nugget filled one on one. How can they do that? They can go to harness your hindrance dot com. Find out more information about me. Fill out quick form for or just an introductory call can also connect me on linked in Aerial Kopech Harnessing Hindrance coaching or this point reach out to L Z. And you can connect us as well awesome everybody. Please give a hands a certainly not easy to do this on the spot. So thank you for your bravery anger willingness to participate. Thank you giving me a choice.

Wisconsin Ariel Kopech Kokomo Indiana business owner California Dean Lynn arnold two years four years
Season 2 Episode 5 - The Exorcist II: The Heretic

What The Suck?!

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Season 2 Episode 5 - The Exorcist II: The Heretic

"Disolve lane is the fourth production should absolute. I slaughtered mines. And I'll be the smacker here what you suck welcome back to. What the suck I am. Chris and I am James and I'm looking at this point. I have lost my mind because his movies about the made me fucking insane to pick bitch. Why because I'm an yes well before we get to that bullshit. We're super excited to have a very very special guests with US tonight. Her name is astronomy. She is the wonderful person who created our graphic art. Yes thank you very much fantastic work thank you thank you very much. Yes I am the Ashtray. Emmy and I am the graphic designer as well as a Houston area photographer for Bouda. Your little sexy pictures pin pretty much. Anything you can think of with a camera. I got you for it. And that's the bellary photography. That's me look thinner absolutely. I got you in Photoshop all day. Long Lady just like you are. Midway Harrison. Ford. Give me a few hours. I got you covered are. Yeah so you agreed to come on the show because you just an awesome job with art that we wanted to have you on. Thank you and you like us. Have a love of horror absolutely good bad in between. So let's that saying that. Okay I need to throw a few things first. What's The scariest movie you ever seen? Oh Oh that's a tough one like ask me. Which kid is Cooler Equally I think the scariest movie I have ever seen. Would it follows. Does that count? I just watched this and I I was thinking you know you know good horror movies no new ones or any good and I dug it i. It was really really good for sure. That's a very appropriate term because the whole movie is is underground metaphor. Std's absolutely this. Yeah you got exactly right okay. So what is the worst horror movie? Receding me where's horror movie? I've ever seen superstar to see and then you went saw. This is the biggest piece of Shit I've seen since my last bowel movement. Okay I was really really stoked to see the be eating you. What's what's what's the guy all g prescribed baths to win so I loved cheaper. Scrapers loved it. And then jeepers creepers two definitely. Let me down. So we were all stoked. Go see it and I don't know I I didn't have the fire. The love that the first one gave me so. I'd definitely say that it has to do with like the the cast. I dare you. Yeah as it's much more personable whereas as the second down the whole bus load of kids who just annoyed the shit exactly why you liked it. You have more you got to kill the move bass chair. So that's true. Did you all know that? The beginning of jeepers creepers was based on actual events. Where it's no yes. There is an actual event where a couple was a couple of none of Berlin station. They were driving down road and they were chased by someone in a truck who was doing the exact same thing doing and it past them when they were driving on this road they came upon Farmhouse Day. Saw the exact same thing. They saw the movie which the man was moving. Something any bloody sheet down a whole another turned out to be somebody who think killed his mother's or his wife. Whatever but that whole first part is based on an actual event that happened. I did not know that asks craziness even creamier man. No no what bad a hill tournament. Now it's a piece of shit so that means okay. So what is what is your favorite horribly that you can think of right now now maybe nostalgia but I have always had such a deep love for the sleep away camp. Oh I love boy camp. I remember getting the box set for like my twelfth birthday. All about that all about that life series as my favorite series. Yeah I actually. I was really not looking forward to seeing the scary stories movie. I don't know if you guys have covered this sir. Not My son who I you know I take. His word is gold. He went and he's like it didn't suck you should really. You should really check this out. It was legitimately good surprisingly legitimately good. So you know Nelson. There's only one poop. Emojis was just see most movies. Like that Especially if they have a decent score tomatoes share. They don't make the show. Wow you know the little. Don't you laugh in her? Goes by Song from the scary? I used to seeing that thing like constantly. It's actually in the movie. It's like a music box to my God. Soga you'd love it okay. So then we were just talking. And you'd mentioned it follows. Yes is at the okay so now I guess scary stories would be the newest horror movie really horror though because I mean I call. It is definitely not gory. No no but you. You'd have all the elements of horror there. So I call it that all right so a self aware. I'm super excited. I can't wait to see the whole series superstar to check it out. What are we going to fucking do? Not Oh yeah without the movie all right. Do you heard joining us. Forgot what the hell every fucking week. I've done this like six months now. I still in the fuck. You'll get it you'll get it all right so you decided to join us on a night when we were watching are all. I think only our second bad movie that was ever released in theaters. Allow first one was awesome. The sleep the sleep walkers now okay. So let's be the third day because he was the first one was By by men remember that Geez man should look that one up. Okay so everything else. We've done has been either independent or straight to video or straight to streaming straight to the Came Straight from Hell. Yeah so today's movie is exorcist to the heretic. The disappointing horrible Shitty. Follow up to one of the best movies of all time. Yeah I actually myself I could not believe how in the fuck they take such an awesome classic and just run a fucking train through so this was one of those movies that was shit out immediately after the first money like Blair witch two other ones. Where they didn't have a story didn't have an idea. What a goal is I love. This first one was gangbusters. We gotta make that money. Let's shit something out in less than two years and just call it a sequel. But the thing is you look at her on the cover and she looks like she's ten years older than she doesn't. I mean she's just got that young. Can you know that? No one should be ashamed. When was the original released? Were seventy seventy three seventy three okay. So about four okay. Yeah let me see this until she's about sixteen in this movie thing because I think she's about twelve in the original twelve or thirteen. I don't understand that you can just destroy something so perfect. So holy completely destroyed seventy three. Oh good yeah. So this one was seventy you. What seventy seven seventy seven. Okay all right so thirteen percent on rotten tomatoes. This has a tomato me to score a fifteen percent for the critics. Thirteen percent for the audio audio has a thirteen percent for the audience score so definitely fits in line with the Shit What we watch centenary. Six thousand to Yup access to the heretic is a nineteen seventy seven so four years after the original American horror film directed by John Berman and written by William Gold Heart Stars. Linda Blair Richard Burton Lewis Fletcher Max von side in brief scenes. Kitty Winn Paul Henri and James Earl Jones as a man who is a Mantis who turns into a leopard it is a sequel to the Yada. We all know that. Shit and the film is set four years after the original film. Which as you said makes her sixteen years old even though in the movie. She looks about twenty. Yeah who is recovering from her previous demonic possession. The film was a critical failure at the time of its release. Yeah it ain't got new. Didn't consider the just the worst film in the series but one of the worst films of all time. Oh Jesus Yeah Razzie there so so then all our aging life fine wine. It's aging like milk this when it came out it was under appreciated and it's never gained any kind of stole cul status because it remains under appreciated. It's not something that you look at like. Okay this might have been better than I thought it was. No every time you watch it gets a little bit worse. The worst chest garbage. That's okay so raise a hand. Who seemed movie? I if I did see it as about twenty years ago maybe thirty. It's been a very very long time. I I don't have any fucking clue all right so expect anymore because I don't remember any of it either. Your left that not even a trailer. You've seen it though now. Have you ever seen him now? Not all seen now. Y'All in for some. Oh Joy reason I don't remember. I mean black. That went out a lot of times. Traumatic events will cause memory to block things out. I think that's what happened with this. So what is this piece of shit all about well? It's about two hours to fucking long I if I went there. Sorry Bizarre. Nightmares plague. Reagan McNeil Aka Linda Blair four years after her possession in extra system has a demon returned. Probably not I think she just insane and if so can the combine faith in knowledge of Vatican investigator played by Richard Burton and a hypnotic research specialist played by Louise Fletcher Free. Her from his grasp employing production design special effects. That are dizzily exhilarating and a supporting cast of Max alongside Al Paul Henri and James Jones of compelling distinction. Cheese is really trying to sell us. Motherfucker yeah I mean bend over taken director John Boorman ause as to the tangible experience of evil. We fly with the demon field. The African landscape and getting Gulf in the terror of swarming locusts locus or nervous. Gary has extra to the heretic weaves. It's fascinating frightful spell. That is a big load of Shit that I've heard my sense trump's last speech my gay Reflects is starting to coming up there. That makes you think you're about to watch something tastic. Even little little title there says an ages old evil returns for another round and it sounds awesome. It is nowhere near that at all. I mean high side to the blurb writer though you know what I mean. I get really doing their job. That is fucking amazing. Now let's get into our rating system and if this is your first time listening we rate our movies on a one to five scale of Shit emojis. This is your first time listening. Thank you and what the Fuck is wrong with you? And what took so if it is your first time thank you for joining and I hope you don't scare you off unless one of in those you have been listening you understand how it works We do an inverted scale so instead of five being the best. Fives actually worst. Yes so this is how we won. A five is something in keeping. Your cue is going to become a new classic. You'RE GONNA WANNA watch it over and over and it will bring you hours and hours of endless enjoyment and something you will definitely want to share with friends and family. Two hundred five should emojis These are the ones you'll watch only we're friends who actually enjoy shooting movies like our friend. Ashley Ashtron excuse me. They're not for everybody but they are best enjoyed with a group like to rip off or play a drinking game while watching him. Three hundred five these are you at least share with your friends You can watch it with them. If you've got nothing better to do that day But you both needs. Prepare to drink heavily while watching the definitely helps. Yes four to five should emojis. You will watch it once with friends and trust me. That will be enough. These are the ones that are so strange. You may not want to watch the more ones but you at least want to share your misery with your friends or four and five hundred five. The worst of the worst. The FICA LA matter only brings out on special occasions such as force double date in laws in town. You have a friend WHO's crashing casual fucking leave When finish removed from your memory with a mind altering substance or some sort of blunt force trauma? I recommend the Neagh in bet with the barbed wire. I recommend the Steve. Back with nails. Coming out of it. From second second is my spirit. Animal and your hair icon rate here. Great hair the best hair. Well let's get ready to watch his speech that you already. I'm stout you say I am excited. Together I'd get together burn burn. It could be amazing. We don't know If it was you would not be on this fifteen percent saying dope. This was amazing. So foolish for Mos-. We'll get to see what happens all right. Let's do it four years ago. The exorcist shocked the world. Now the struggle between good and evil goes wrong exorcist to Richard. He's pressured Mexican. Cedo James Earl Jones exorcist to the heretic. I don't understand what made them think. This would be a good following. My first note is literally. Oh Lord Jesus Yikes Yeah. It was my first one They they they literally should be horsewhipped for creating this piece of Shit. It is such an insult to the original. Not even funny. It barely barely has anything to do with original in the fact that it has Linda. Zuzu Father Merrin and that's IT and I'm starting location. The absolutely then they throw on this side story bullshit with Africa James Earl Jones. The coup Kokomo kid for no reason whatsoever locus and a Jaguar. Don't forget expert rock climbing. Oh Africa Middle. East or nightclubs was so movie starts with the new priest. Father Lamont who is who is struggling priest. Who apparently all the all these actresses movies have to have struggling priests otherwise with his own demons. Yes absolutely who who's? Who's not sure? Faith why can't there be an extra where the priest is super strong in his belief he is fully down with God beginning to end. Yeah I'm with it so he's been asked by the Vatican to look into the death of Father Frank Our Fatherland Land Kathleen what language center. Thank you father. Lancaster Merran four years after he died performing the exorcism took him rain. Yeah FOUR YEARS. They operate about speed the government the best. I mean they kind of. Are there religious government but buster the exorcism? Yeah Yeah and so but before before that happened he he was doing an extra schism on a girl somewhere in South America. I think it was a flashback. Would actually send him on assignment. Yeah who the hell knows you know. Is it went wrong and the bitch burner. It was very sad. Attempted an early Raiders a lost Art Nazi face melting. No face melting did nothing while she burned and it went from a F- a screaming face to charcoal face with a hard pathetic. Well we I mean we. We said it looked like the Angela face from sleep away camp exactly smile yeah. There's no peanuts and this one you know. Where's the peanuts? That's what we needed. That makes a smile but he'd have saved the movie who knows it may have ten minutes in roughly and I'm already to drown myself. Holy water just killing them. I stopped him from climbing out the window. It was it was touching there for a while the whole reason he's been asked by the Vatican to go look into. This is because father. Merrin is posthumously facing heresy charges because of his writings regarding the Church's lack of acknowledging Satan exist. This is the only place we get the heretic part of the title actresses to the hair. That's it the entire title. That's what they wanted to call the subtitle the heretic. That's what the that's the only time we get it and that's it. Well I guess like you said. He was based with the subject of the entire movie in the pursuit. Of what the hell he actually did. Yeah but I mean liquor to call the movie extras to the African Journey. Obviously marketing at I mean throughout the whole movie or on a sound stage loosely resembling Africa. Yeah yeah or the African miniature shots in antastic mark. Yes so then. We transitioned to show Reagan play by Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton. Linda O'hare to the better actor who is now seemingly normal and she staying with Turkey caregiver who we thought was none. Not a non doubt is not enough nor her mother. She's the non none. She's not none she she none at the China and she's going to see a psychiatrist To I GUESS. Talk about her ordeals that she had with the extra system. Weirdly sexually charged psychiatrists but yes and that's where introduced to the nicer. The synchronize are pressing dynamite. Plunger with too Damn Dinky Home Depot Track Langas to. It's a piece of shit right now. I'm wallowing in my own hatred for the grass because as far as just a colostomy bag full of useless dialogue and they're trying to justify movie's existence by making constant references to the original which it holds not even close to a candle to. Yeah it's it's total ship so they call it a revolutionary and you can't see but I'm doing air quotes forever. Listener biofeedback device used by two people to synchronize their brainwaves. The synchronize yeah it's the nineteen seventy version of the inception drug or whatever they do put to sleep to NATO into the other person's dream. Yeah and in the I guess it was in the first thing that they did with the priests was air and all of a sudden. The psychiatric is gets trapped. Yes flashing Strobe Lights. Yeah it's pseudoscience fund and she got trapped in Reagan's thoughts or memories some some shit like that and then the priest decides he can go in and help her by going in. He's able to glimpse a past of when Reagan was possessed and we get our first cameo by Mexican side. How and it turned into the scene of Linda Blair in the fake Linda Blair Reagan possess personnel cell bad so holding hands massaging the psychiatrist breasts. This I'm literally speechless right now. You heard that right. Yeah the psychologist breast. That's exactly and then it transitioned to wh what was a Collie my colleague. Hello Heart removal ceremony. Famous by Indiana Jones and temple the Dune. Yes anybody's unfamiliar with that. And if the Best Indiana Jones just saying we'll leave that for all hair. Yeah but at this in an after that the priests comes back to be hooked up to Reagan synchronizing again and that's when he glimpses somehow father marins passed in Africa. It comes across. The new young boy called Kusumo CUCO Kokomo Calcutta. Who's fighting? Locusts Grand Cane incised? Potholes all throughout this thing. It's ridiculous and he becomes possessed and all I think the whole reason they had a stupid thing was because the demon revealed its name to the kid and that's the first time you hear about demons name as easy as it was young. Darth vader out there trying to run for the dams with a string in Iraq. Yeah and he failed. He got possessed possess right. So yeah then that's how they they don't mind. Meld in the possessed young vader revealed not not hating young confused. James Earle Jones. Aw An pursue and so since Father Lamont now knows name of the demon he can track it down parenting because you need the demon have power. That's what I said. Is You over? And once you get the demons name out of the individual you have the power over them to run the mouth exactly. Yeah and so. Then I learned from Anthony Hopkins by the way and the first image down the first one to lead it because it was a whole thing. They're trying to get the his name from Reagan was just possessed. No I won't read anything Hopkins Whole Different Movie. Yeah I'm drifting shit too you're talking about the the right ball. Yeah yeah she'll be two. Yeah we're pretty crap. That's what we should've done. We shouldn't like okay after this. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA rate all the extras movies. Were not extra extra Emily Rosa ride all that bullshit liras. The courtroom scene was the law and order part was terrible the Jennifer Carpenter doing all the contortion was really cool yes yeah just visually anyway. Yeah but the law and order. Parnell's like I can do without the bullshit. You forgot the opening of this film which was just twenty. Four MINUTES OF GARBAGE CHURCH SPEAK meandering with zero plot progress. I've read it on purpose. Yeah absolutely right. What was I thinking? Especially when it's meandering like yeah 'cause that's the whole thing where we're following. The Mont is being told by the Cardinal. He has to go investigate. Father Merrin bullshit or whatever I mean who wants to spend that much time watching the pumpkin under not ice or not. I know kiss the ring. No for the next twelve minutes. Glycine of a Reagan talking to some girl who supposedly autistic and can't speak in. She uses her demon powers to make the child speak which. I'm sorry but this girl wasn't autistic. She just stuttered yes. Yeah there's a difference it was. Your parents are lying to you. Yes but this is seventy thousand seventy seven. They're still. They're still using lead paint and houses. But we're not very far along. Yeah Yada Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah. It happened Not a whole lot. Yeah so this is a whole long part in middle world like the thirty minutes of nothing. There's like the priest trying to trying to figure out where you can find Kokomo Koo Koo Koo Koo Kumo. Kumo coup caboodle. Kuma cool because the kids survived jackets loud. There was this whole scene. Where he's like. He's reaching into Reagan's Reagan's memories but he's flying through the fucking all of Africa apparently to get to see where Kokomo was. I love Kokomo Cuckoo Cuckoo. Kumo ONLY KUMO KUMO GO. Kuma cool thank you. I don't give a shit Kokomo. Kokomo works for me so he tried it because he's alive trying to find out where he's at and so they ended up in this weird village and they're in all the people are running away from this quote. Unquote Demon or whatever and we come upon this hut in James Earl Jones walks out in his fucking like leather leopard hat or some bullshit and then he growls at the camera. And that's in. Yeah if all of the month like I need to find Kusumo scared to demon away. I was waiting for him to pull out his bow and snakes and Conan. Now I'm all over the place but I'm trying to do something to make this at least somewhat entertaining James. Earl Jones is snake king in CONAN worse than this locus king in Actresses too negative get obsolete. The snake thing was pretty good. Really Tame in comparison to this ship. Transmission into the snake was absolutely horrible. Of course it was but so this is this. Is the director beating it off to himself going? I'm so reverence and esoteric clever. Look at my amazing scenes that I'm coming up with. And it was nothing more than that. And he was wrong. Because it's garbage. Is THEY WET hot dumpster? Fire over movie. Nobody should watch it but we did. We did. We did damn it. We we spend our lives watching this. It felt like this toasted mode friendship off almost out of here. I was GONNA Choke Chris and walk the fuck out bonds. We're just Eh. We have seen worse. But this is this is pretty low to the BOB. Thanks guys for bringing me and for this and you know what's really sad. Is that there between the okay. Between the end of the scene where you see James Jones turned into a leopard ridiculous. Go on to the beginning of the scene where they start to go to the house in Georgetown which is the end the final act of the movie. There's a good hour and twenty minutes of Shit that happens that I don't fucking remember for no reason whatsoever remember is there's a little one small detail. Don't let it get by happened in this hour. And a half of numbness was the cricket suit darth. He you know it wasn't panther at one point or whatever the foot but then he walks in there and sees this giant cricket. Yeah I do love so he. He's finding on Africa and he's finally tracked down where the hell now. There's some other where he's in Africa and he's being stoned but it doesn't really matter of some kind but he finally tracks down. Kusumo. Don't ask me go. Koo Koo. Koo Koo Kumo Houma. And he he tracks him down in this little tiny Tunnel tiny tunnel and in order to get to him. There's like this little lake where they spike sticking up and as he walked into the room you see someone sit on the throne and it looks like a cricket costume full on cricket cards and it was almost like he must face the three tests the breath of God the word of God only the past show he proceeds orange and finally and only in the leap from the lion's head. Shelly proved his worth. Yeah A. and he kinda Shit this costume amazing. This cricket cost I want a cricket costume like have the black is which is all like dazzled stone with that was pretty fucking awesome. Jesse you're all aware and you're following those it's legitimate cricket costume like the tick only with Brazil Georgia's seven made by African because it was definitely wrong. Shit we can't forget that that's correct. He's sitting there thrown in this thing. Dead fucking serious. Like he's the man I'm the King I look a bad ass. Nobody messes with the cricket. Boy Can't touch this. Like a fucking hopper reminds me of its version of Hercules where instead of slain Nieminen line and wearing the his scalp toby he slayed the African locus and is wearing his scalp. They should just get one. Just the one side note folks. Do you reckon you realize we are speaking about about. I think about every other movies been made traffic reviewing. And there's a good reason for that so then do some talking bullshit. He James Earl Jones Cricket had tells the father that he has two teams are okay. Dame's locust tells the father that he has to walk across the spiked water in order to get to him and like you do for some reason. I guess in order to show the father that he's that it's actually spikes. He spits out a cherry tomatoes mouth in it falls and lands on a spike showing the actual spices that that was more of his. Like look at my prowess but you. I can't aim for the spike here. Church Middleton Africa's I didn't know they had broken cliff faces. They're like that either. But it's supposed to be by the way. Okay Yeah I mean prairies. Geographies yeah whatever. And so he stuck. He goes to step on the spikes and it goes right through his foot and then he falls forward and then when he hits the ground he lands in an office and we see Jerry. Jones is now in scientists suit outfit with a lab coat and glasses and you like a haircut. Can I help you are? Are you an ordering here to my lab? I'm Kusumal and he's up tight. Scientists doing studies on locust. How the hell what? What kind of drugs is his father? Taken to go from seeing a man in a cricket outfit falling in all of a sudden landing in a laboratory this is just one really bad. I- Alaska trip. Nothing we can't follow it and I'll make sense now so you have to be enjoy this movie but then it will be deep and meaningful two ounces of blue from breaking babe the blue ice whiskey below so but then we get to the final scene which is only seen it has action and orb some element of horror. Because we did. Both the father and the Reagan are heading to the House. No I refuse to give it any credit whatsoever. I shall sit here and protest. I'm going to bet show featuring me the only featuring only Chris listen to them. They're not talking well. It sounds exciting trouble. I'm proceeding under protest. This is a horror movie you fucking hip protests and everything and then we get the the psychiatrists and the Not none none none none heading to the houses and once they get there. I don't know what happens but Kennedy car crash happened so right when the father and Reagan gotten to the house they went to open the door to Reagan's bedroom with exercise and took place when they opened the door. All the locust came out of it and they were attacking the father at the same time for some reason. The car that they were being driven they weren't driving there. Were being driven a taxi. Or whatever yeah just started spending on a control reason so like yet. Another Vulcan Mind Meld with a totally unrelated starve. You hear what that's right. Yeah okay. So the windshield biochemist. It didn't show. Okay Yeah Vulcan. Mind Meld look. My wife is here in the background because she Managers that's right and she suffered about forty five minutes of it with us. I believe for those that. Listen to the last episode. When she was in she actually pays attention initiative. She's back they're telling us what the fuck happens. We appreciate your service so much so yeah so the Windshield. Just crashes breaks right shadow completely. The the thing that was also missed was at some point driver punches through the window so he can see what's going on but the cars going crazy crash through the gate of the House. I mean it crashes hard. The drivers all fucked up. He's probably dead dudes dead None non non. You've seen a neighborhood Chris. I know it's hard to say. Gets out of the car and walks around while the psychiatrist. Zane helped me homie. Whatever in this bitches like. She's lost it possessed by. Yeah and she just standing there looking air like all the while they Upstairs Father Lamont and Reagan go into the room and are suddenly confronted with another version of Reagan possessed by the demon right but it is so bad. The makeup looks like it. Looks like my makeup when I was a fifth grade vampire foreshore? It looked like kids. Spirit homing absolutely does so. I was GONNA say how bad was. It is so so bad nowhere. Their effects team run to learn from they could ask the last night and they had to get the budget people you know they. They blew all the money on the pope. Wardrobes was fourteen million dollars budget. Okay to that went to locust James Jones alongside Al More Logan five minute NED BEATTY CAMEO COPAN. And the polk bring the bokhary and yet they had no they had no the money for anything else award and Max von side. Out in James Locus. Where for about ten minutes so they definitely got like the directors nephew to come in and do the effects makeup. I feel like giving. It's like we can go to a bar college to America for college done for free. They're learning they're learning to have a vile hemlock. I need this now. So there's this whole huge scene. Where like Reagan were okay? So so then the Reagan New Room. That's that's the the possess Reagan. Her face goes to the old to the first movie. But then it goes back to your normal face inherent bad contacts on. And she's trying to seduce with the low cut damn nightgowns. She leans back with the seductive and your career here father first of all this is get six six six year old man and a sixteen year. Old Woman Yeah. Sixteen year. Old Linda Blair's seducing an old man and he somehow falls for it and he goes over there and then he starts neck and honor which is Jesus. She tells him to kill the other Reagan. The Reagan kill a bitch killer and so quite ineffectively he decides the best way to kill her is to grab her by the shoulders and just repeatedly bang her against a closet owning brushing the current multiple times not children in their authorities out the same window that father my father. Karras went out but just rational for this film. Give her kill her. By a shaken baby syndrome out land and We'll go back outside and we we see the Psychiatrists still stuck in the car The none none is standing there and we hope the sound running water and not actually know the psychiatrist guy of the car but she's trying to get the none whatever to come with her 'cause she's just standing there staring we'll get this down running water and we all look at. You're like oh my Gosh. She's paying yourself. She's reference to the first harketting bag a little bit of. Yeah right but then we'll get a shot of this not her pain. It's the fuel line is leaking now owned a wonder what's going to happen. He's not paying the cars team. Yeah and so then. We cut back Chinese prime. Yeah I'm his primary yeah I think so. Yeah he's a truck. Whatever that's neither here nor there so then all of a sudden the house starts to like tear apart. Yeah it goes full on like order of the Phoenix and just Kinda yourself opens up up and for the something happened. A Reagan had gotten through the two father. Lamont that he that he needs to kill the other Reagan. So he goes starts choking the sexy Reagan. And sorry to Edit sixteen-year-olds sexy Reagan slutty Reagan Garrett Zika Reagan and good writing and. Yeah so he goes attacking the slutty Reagan and then the bed falls through the thing and she rules downstairs past good. Reagan stairs down stairs down the stairs. Backwards didn't locus come in. Oh Lord halfway down. Meanwhile you get the acting from La Libre at this time like she's ordering Chinese food by a demon so who had taken number nine or psychiatrist. That's such a heart. That's toss contras. Had the worst agr the intelligence to movie. It's almost like what was the Vigo from ghostbusters to where he was so mad. Yes that speaking of connections he was so bad that Max von Sydow did Voice Review was busters to connection that yes but instead of getting a good voice actor to her aid yard. They eighty yard her with her own. Voice was terrible town and so then we go back outside and all of a sudden the none. None steps on a headlight. That's near the near the line and catch on fire and nobody should about that. We'll go back inside and the locus are have arrived for some reason. They came from Africa to are. They paid two point. Five million for these fucking locus. So they're gonNA use them as much I guess they could so they're inside. The house astronomy. Everybody and Linda Reagan decides that I need to do that arm rolling. Bullshit that Kusumo did nothing in her hand. Yeah and she does it in somehow is able to get the Locusts to die and then disappear which signifies that that position has been defeated. Maybe I mean I feel like they were just really offended by interpretive dance. That was supposed to be terrible. Yeah tap dancing to. I mean I would fly in the tap dancing soon. We forgot about that. Yeah that happened. Stoning of Father Lamont when when she was having some sort connection and she was doing some stupid. What's it called them? And there's no hand. There was no lead into Washington doing it. Yeah it was useless. I mean really. They're just filling time. It was essentially like the studios given US exactly these hundred. Whatever minutes Blair can tap dance guys do something like that? Yeah get her next job than Reagan and the Father. Leave while they while the psychiatrist stays behind to answer for what happened in the House and that's the end of the movie that's it that's it somebody. Put this pin through my door. Actually okay so she so since he's He's he's so much pain we're going. James. I James. Let's hear Your Review. I'm going straight to the. The acting blew the story. If it was properly executed would have been good. I see you know the whole studying the past trying to figure out what now the you know the. Hey Five turds. Five thirds fourths of the worst. Fuck this moving. Okay all right I mean I really don't have much else to say about there. Was I talked to Ero- fucking horror in this movie. Okay yet again. Yeah the the the fires were about the most of the Hor- the the the darth Maul at the end of French fried and at the beginning that bullshit seen we saw with the fake smile and the Nazi melting anatomy literally. No horror whatsoever. No no no shooter pure A sad attempt at psychological thriller here was all was just trying to be mindful trying to do next knickknacks. I'm the let's go with our guests in Strana me yes absolutely it was completely and utterly irredeemable. It was an absolute all echo. My earlier sentiments an absolute wet hot dumpster. Fire of a film. Do not waste your time. There are also many turns but I can only give it five so far. I cleave unto it. Yes absolutely all right. I've indeed. I definitely agree that it is pretty pretty horrible It's especially considering the the movie that follows gashes a masterpiece. They if there was a a map or a plot of how to take every single. Wrong fucking turn. You could make a sequel. They followed it. They can write the book on it. Yeah saying that. I think it's fucking fascinating as to how bad it is. Yeah it was unbelievably bad in the fact that the I was actually based on real events in the second was just a total total cash. Exactly yeah exactly. Let's try to try to pull off some kind of bullshit and make some bucks off of it and and no nurse off the first move. Yeah bushing is complete bullshit. I mean I think this movie. The acting was bad eighty hours but I mean everything everything I mean. The the special effects weren't that were pretty terrible. James Earl Jones. He I mean no matter what line he says how bad it is. His voice makes it better. You know did I. Actually I think this movie is best to watch immediately after watching the first one. What yes I think that people who are fans of horror films. Let's area people who are fans of horror film? The watch these movies back to back one and two back to back because one you get all of the brain directing the acting the special effects everything you see the marvel at it is to you. Watch the second one afterward to see where the fuck they went wrong. Oh yeah you go from being amazed to being confounded? Yeah you know. And it's it's such the literally the two different sides of the same coin right man. No Man that's one hundred grain sandpaper glove fucking process logical exams. I mean just no thank you. I think I'm going to go three on the shit. I think this movie is bad. It's a low low but think needs to be watched because of just I mean it just blows my mind at how off. They went script wise with everything. Not just the story itself and that point I would get. Yeah you're saying watch the masterpiece then watch what the front they did I would. I would never watch this by itself like we did. Yeah no I would watch this. I can almost see being shown in a film class after the first one of what not to do films the I watched the first one phone classes. Show how a masterpieces made Didn't watch right afterward to see how not to follow it up or how not to make a movie following a a masterpiece this is this is this is probably in the horror genre. Probably the biggest insult of any sequel. Yeah I've ever seen it. Yeah I mean. I've seen lots of sequels that Sartre but this one was a blatant. I mean just for in the face of the original visit best. I'm going to respectfully vehemently disagree with the fact that anyone should ever waste their time watching this film. Watch the first one masterpiece fantastic into their. Don't waste your time. It was absolutely awful but short totally noto exam going three. I'm going through. Okay all right all right well Ashley. Thank you so much for joining us so much fun. Thank you for having me. Thanks again for creating the wonderful artwork for our podcast. You can't see me but I'm curtsying you're thinking and if you won't mind telephones at home where they can follow you can find your art and everything all the places they can come talk to you. Thank you so very much you can find me on. Www dot the bell rush dot Com as well as facebook instagram twitter and all the other platforms at the Bella Rush. Thank you so very much. Thank you James. Great having you. We appreciate it a lot of fun once again. Somebody too smart in a room for both females as smart upping your game you bringing. You're bringing unnecessary class to our podcast. That's my that's sorry that's all right. We'll take that because we're about to go downhill again when Joe comes in on Monday and then Joe's a male because he has liquor so we're just GonNa go downhill brings boots so definitely tune in all to that James Work and they find us. The I'm pushing the brains back into my ears. Jimmy Justice say actually they can find us on. We're trying to do got it. They can find us on anchor DOT FM Ford Slash. What the Suck podcast and from there you can pretty much find us on any other platform spotify apple podcast. Google podcasts for pretty much everywhere. Now you can also find us on facebook. A we are on twitter and instagram. Instagram's probably our best social media platform. They're most active. But you can find us at three. Under what the suck podcast if you do search twitter or instagram put the underscore between the words and it will come up faster and they wanNA follow you James. See All your wonderful adventures on vacation. We're GONNA follow you. Follow me therefore following. I'm on facebook as well. Jamesy Bissett the third. You'll see my profile picture standing next to loitering side and I'm also on instagram. Under James Bishop I for the third because the third the three was already taken all of you stock James Shaina cool pictures and send me a message if you send me a friend request because if I get a friend request from somebody who I have no mutual friends with. I usually ignore the 'cause a lot of times. You are adding spam going so please let me know if you WanNa follow me and I will definitely accept your friendship and I appreciate you guys and please go onto apple podcasts. And rate and review. We need reviews ratings. Go to whatever other Podcast hosted US and submit a rating and review clip that subscribe button absolute moral member and stars and not turn emojis. So it's the regular way. Don't give us one good. That means a really shitty. I mean unless you really WanNa give one star one star Star. At least we have a star. We're all five stars baby yeah And and and again on anchor dot. Fm If you go to the website slash part of what the suck You can leave us a voice message or if you want to tell us you like particular episode if you WanNa recommend something you can click it and leave us a voice message and we'll get maybe even played on the air or are like I said if you like the movies we review watched them yourselves and leave an actual you know. Leave a short review underneath no comment underneath the poster so we love and recommendations we. We had one for a Halloween special. We just got another one recommendation recently so we are GonNa take recommendations and put them on our list. We'll get to some point but Please keep them coming. That's right guys. Well this was a lot of fun. Thanks so much greater. Yes sir. I am Chris and next suck vest. And this is James. Hitting each our guys. We'll see you. You've been listening to four hundred shines.

Linda Reagan James Earl Jones Father Lamont James James Earle Jones Linda Blair Africa Reagan Garrett Zika Reagan James Jones Reagan Chris director US Kokomo Kokomo Koo Koo Koo Koo Kumo Africa Richard Burton Ashley Ashtron Harrison
In the Pipeline: Oil, Gas, and Taxes

Skimm This

12:01 min | 1 year ago

In the Pipeline: Oil, Gas, and Taxes

"It's Wednesday April. Ten welcome to skim this. We're breaking down the most complex stories of the day and giving you the context on why they matter today, we're going to talk about oil and gas pipelines and new executive orders that are meant to boost business will connect the dots on why they're causing some controversy among environmental groups and advocates for states rights, then we wanna talk taxes, again, the house voted this week to ban a free government tax service will explain the detail. And also we got pretty sucked into the news today about a black hole. We here to make your Wednesday smarter. Let's skin this. Today's episode is brought to you by Duncan. They have a new line of signature lattice blueberry, crisp, caramel craze and Kokomo sound too. Good to be true sipping is believing. And so he's listening. Let's do this. The most complicated story today is about oil in the US and how it gets around today. President Trump traveled to southern Texas the heart of the oil and gas industry to sign to executive orders. He says they'll make it easier for oil companies to transport oil around the country and to boost business. We still haven't seen the actual text of these executive orders. But there's been a lot of reporting today on what's in them, and it's already causing drama. We're going to get into it. What these executive orders are supposed to do. What impact they could have right now, and why people are up in arms about it. Okay. So what are the executive order supposed to do you as oil and gas companies are producing more than at any point in history. But they're having a hard time getting their products to consumers, they say they need more pipelines. The same is true for Canadian oil. Trump administration officials have spent the last couple of days. Breathing reporters on what's in these two orders. They say they're meant to speed up the process for getting pipelines approved by the federal government instead of at the state level. So how do they want to do that? And why is it? Controversial one thing. The orders do is tell the Environmental Protection Agency to review the clean water act. That's been around since the seventies. And it's pretty self explanatory. It's a law that makes your water is clean. It was passed back in the day when many waterways in the US where polluted with chemicals wastewater and oil and oil slick in the cuyahoga river in Cleveland, literally caught fire and a photo of it GOP people's attention, and that inspired the clean water act. Heart of the law. Give states the right to do whatever they need to do within reason to protect their waterways and for the most part had bipartisan support in the past. So what does this have to do with transporting oil and gas states from New York to Washington have used the clean water act to stop oil and gas pipelines and other related projects things they say could cause damage to the environment and water supplies, like if there's a spill and oil industry exacts have been complaining to Trump about it. So today's first executive order wants to stop states from doing that the second executive order today. Reiterates that it's the president who gives the final sign off on international pipeline projects. This is tied back to a big battle over the keystone excel pipeline, which President Trump wants to get built. He's excel has been a controversy for years. It's supposed to bring Canadian oil from Alberta Canada through Montana, South Dakota, and nebr-. Rosca? A few years ago. There were a bunch of protests, environmental groups, and landowners were saying the pipeline could contaminate land and water. If there is an oil spill, especially in a wildlife area in Nebraska called the sand hills. There were a bunch of lawsuits in two thousand fifteen the Obama administration hit pause on it altogether. But less month. Trump restarted the keystone exile project and signed a permit to begin construction and the lawsuits are coming back this week environmental groups in Montana sued the president saying that he doesn't have the power to issue that permit so that all sounds really technical. But there's already been some reaction to these executive orders. The oil industry has been up in arms about states using the clean water act to veto pipeline plans. So there with Trump on this. But that order is getting pushback environmental groups are pointing to a thousand seventeen oil spill in South Dakota from the current Keystone Pipeline that runs through their the natural Resources Defense Council called it a disastrous idea, especially because it infringes on state's rights and a number of state Republicans have come out against the president on this one in January. The governors of twenty two western states half of whom are Republicans warned Trump not to do anything that would stop them from being able to protect the water in their states. So what impact these executive orders actually have for? Now, they won't do much for things like the clean water act only. Congress can actually approve changes that would limit states rights, but experts say today's executive order put states on notice that they might have to work a little harder to prove that Bill faced negative environmental impacts to keep these projects from going through. So what's the skin? On a global level right now, the US is sanctioning major oil producing countries like Iran and Venezuela and the group of oil producing countries in the Middle East known as OPEC has cut back on production to boost prices. So oil prices have been going up and in the US with these executive orders. Trump is trying to show his support for the home team. He also reportedly wants to allow companies to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. This is something both Democrats and Republicans in Florida are very much against. But we'll industry is trying to speed up the process on making pipelines. Meanwhile, the next thing in our pipeline is tax day. We've got the news on that next. There's nothing worse than the afternoon slump except an afternoon slump without the pick-me-up insert Dunkin's new handcrafted signature lot as they come in flavors like blueberry, crisp, caramel, craze, and Kokomo Gaza. Warning, they make you take more coffee breaks than your calendar. With like sipping is believing with Dunkin's new handcrafted signature Latsis America runs on Dunkin. Price and participation may vary. Limited time offer. It's almost April fifteenth so taxes are on a lot of people's minds. And it's been a topic of conversation in congress yesterday, the house passed a bipartisan Bill that would ban the IRS from ever offering a free tax filing service. Right now, millions of Americans pay to use programs like turbo tax and h and R Block to file their taxes and even with using these programs. It takes the average taxpayer about thirteen hours to file their return. So the house deciding bipartisan late to ban the IRS for making it easier and cheaper to file taxes might seem confusing. There were other measures in the Bill like budgeting millions of dollars toward programs for low income tax payers and protection from private debt collectors, but it may also come down to cash combined the companies behind commercial tax filing programs spent more than six and a half million dollars on lobbying last year. Right now, these companies have a deal with the government where they offer free tax filing to anyone making under sixty six thousand dollars. That's about seventy percent of Americans. But most people don't know that's a thing. So right now only three percent of Americans actually end up filing their taxes for free. Here's the thing. You might not know the IRS already has all the information. It needs to be able to automatically fill out tax forms for almost all US taxpayers. All you would have to do is look it over and sign your name. And this is actually an option in a lot of other countries Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Chile all him online systems that automatically fill out most of their tax forms. So why is this a big deal? Critics say that assigned for making filing cheaper and online IRS system would help people understand which tax credits. They're eligible for and get those deductions, especially the earned income in child tax credits, which helped low income earners and families one in five tax payers who are eligible for those credits. Don't get that because the tax forms are complicated. And it's easy to make mistakes, even bore commercial tax preparers in trying to claim it could be having the opposite effect. A report by propublica says that the IRS has been auditing people who claim the earned income tax credit at higher levels than almost any other tax bracket. According to the report only, the very richest taxpayers are audited. More. We've got a whole bunch of content to help you win at taxes. You can find that on our website, the skim dot com slash skim money taxes. A basketball legend is saying goodbye Miami Heat guard. Dwayne Wade D Wade is retiring after sixteen seasons with the NBA last night. He got a send off at home in Miami, including shadows from some people you might recognize for sixteen years. You've given us highwire dunks big shots and big moments more blocks than any garden history. Not everyone gets video from a former president when they retire. So yeah, Wade is kinda legendary he won three NBA championships. And is a thirteen time all star player. He's got an Olympic gold basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James also showed some love in a heat tribute video last night, which assume. The magic city save you the one who brought us from the brink to capture the teams first championship pressure like debt couldn't have hindered. But instead it hard. But the most poignant message came from his mom in a Budweiser tribute to Wade that showed how he's helped her and people in the community. I am more proud of the man you have then the basketball player, you are bigger than basket. Tonight when the Miami Heat, go up against the Brooklyn nets D Wade will be on the court for the last time. Before we go today. We've got a fun fact coming to you from outer space, we have seen what we thought was unsuitable we have seen and taking a picture of a black hole. This is huge literally the black hole shared with the world. Today is six point five billion times the mass of the sun. Black holes are something you probably heard about incients class. They're basically points in space with a gravitational field. That's so strong. The even suck in light, Albert Einstein. I predicted them in the early nineteen hundreds. But this is the first time we have visual evidence that the actually exist. Getting that pig was a global effort. It took a network of telescopes around the world in places like Hawaii Chile Mexico and Spain people are comparing it to the eye of sore on you know, from Lord of the rings like a Donut on fire. And actually it looked like scientists predicted. It would look scary. So it's probably a good thing that there are fifty five million light years between this black hole and the air. And that's all for skim this. Thank you so much for tuning in today. And if you haven't already mixture you hit subscribe to keep us in your podcast feed. And while you're at it rate and review us, and let us know how we're doing. If you're looking for more skin in your life. Sign up for morning newsletter. The daily skin out our website, the skin dot com. It's everything you need to know to start your day, right in your inbox.

executive President Trump president US IRS Dwayne Wade D Wade Miami Congress South Dakota Kokomo Environmental Protection Agenc
Mtodo cientfico y teora de juegos.

Salvador Marin

05:47 min | Last month

Mtodo cientfico y teora de juegos.

"In Rossi goal. loosely. Mexican typical either you was. WE'RE WASHINGTON DC The government processing. Plant. Other dosing difficult really. But Disease Communicable Bush. Under the nature's County. There's just as. Bad. WHO Was this. Is. Specialists they. Hope to God, what was that? Muscian from a funeral. So I am. By the holidays because she. Must. have. More Capability Okay As. selector. Yeah. Didn't. Of course. Paco. So you go. To the. Battle Co. clear here's some good in discourse on that. Coffee, nausea. The. The noticed. There is a deal extended who is Isn't. We'll have one. Will be bustle. Not, standing. Interesting in Agus by a St Lois of. Me Of is. My daddy dance up the person is the only cope here. I see. The typical hair nauseous. So the movie was. Entity. Cosa Quantum. Had Any commune as well as the Chinese. He mentions but. If she's Wondering will. This time. Anita. Gua had. But this weakness Cologne no concept of color. Guess with. Doncaster. Yep Nakata. Co Author. Yuma most. Days. So. He wasn't move people shop dwelling. Standing. In Denver to. Go Ethical. The system ourselves. Failed. Window. So she. Had to go say abuse. This is. USA. Divorce. Must Be Religious. Pitino will. But I, ain't you say. Hush The guy into. View. Will caution. With With The monsters down bill decent deal Bible do so up to others will. After nine years. Ago. She. For me FALCONIO's. GWENDA. Who? Should, wash who is Also. Starter. To dig canals. So thousand because. Your. Feel. So. Here's English. English. Bush however people. Want this. Goes in twenty. S guten funeral. Simple. Yes, we. Come you Kokomo because. Go Back Heel, which of my own little. Also With. This. Is Interesting. As. I said. The end of. The course of blend potting. Soil. Liable. Workshop. Basha she off St. Formulas. The. Because they didn't ask. US ambient. A few minutes the. Unison she's. Pushing the both see. Glenda. Okay Stanton on mobile deal. I always forget this. Actually I used. A wonderful this. going. Again. Said we mobile deal looming. But. into. Medicine. Gossiping covers talking typical.

Pitino Basha Nakata US Agus WASHINGTON Rossi Battle Co. Glenda Anita Stanton Yuma Bush Denver Kokomo USA. nine years
233: Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

The Healthy Moms Podcast

55:09 min | 1 year ago

233: Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

"The. Bobby podcast. This episode is concert by crunchy Betty products. Here's a secret. Well, I have a post about making my own deodorant. I haven't actually done that in the couple of years because I found crunchy buddy Kokomo cream deodorant. I realized it works just as well. It doesn't cause irritation, and it's made by a small business that I love to support this deliverance mel's like the tropics and one small jar last for months. So it reduces packaging, I loved it uses this minimum recyclable packaging, and because it's last so long there's virtually no waste for me. This completely stopped any odor keeps me fresh all day, even on heavy workout days. So many natural jets cause irritation, and this one doesn't if you love tropical, smells, and if you've been looking for natural deodorant, you have got to check it out. There's two ways order you can check it out at sea by going to ESI dot com forward slash shop. Forward slash crunchy, Betty or on Amazon by going to crunch. She Betty dot com for its lash. Walnut, mama. So again, that's C R U N C H Y B E T T Y dot com forward slash wallets, mama. This episode is sponsored by just thrive. Probiotics. I found this company. Win searching for the most research fact and affective probiotic available, and I was blown away at the difference. I found in their products they offer to cornerstone products that are both clinically studied. And highly effective. The first is there probiotic which has been studied to help with leaky gut and to survive up to one thousand times as much as other probiotics or as the beneficial organisms in something like yogurt. For instance. The difference is their score based drains work completely differently than other types of probiotics. They're probiotic is begin dairy free histamine free, non GMO and has made without soy dairy sugar salt corn, tree nuts or pollutant. So it safe for practically everyone, I even sprinkle it in my kids food or bake it into products because it can survive at really high temperatures there probiotic contains a patented strain called bacillus indicate. Each you thirty six which produces antioxidants in the digestive system where they can be easily absorbed by the body. Their other product is a K two dash seven, and this is a nutrient. You may have heard of it's known as activator ex a super nutrient that Weston a price a dentist known primarily for his theories on the relationship between nutrition good health bone development at oral health bound he found that this is prevalent foods in the healthiest communities in the world. The K two from just drive is the only suitable grade all natural supplement with published safety studies like the probiotic it is also gluten dairy soy, not and GM, oh, free and Becerra both taken with food. So I keep both on my kitchen table. Here's a tip to my dad has trouble remembering to take supplements. So he actually taped these to his pepper shaker because he uses that practically every meal and now they're on his daily supplement list as well. You can check out all their products. And learn more by going. To thrive. Probiotic dot com. Forward slash wellness, mama and using the code wellness mama fifteen to save fifteen percent. So again, that's Dr probiotic T H R I V E P R O B IOT dot com. Forward slash lawless. Mama and the code wellness fifteen to save fifteen percent. Hello and welcome. To the wellness, mama podcast. I'm Katie from almost dot com. And today's guest is a powerhouse and a wealth of information, and she's also one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Dr. Amy Shaw MD is a board certified medical doctor who trained at Ronel Harvard and Columbia. She runs her own thriving medical practice in Arizona. She's worked as a medical consultant with Bobbi Brown the makeup bureau to develop a line of innovative, health foods and supplements. And she's also a key medical adviser for a company that I love Jiu Nexen, which is the first natural from reciprocal company. And Viacom as well as many other leading wellness companies, we're going to deep dive into childhood allergies, gut health hormones, and so much more love talking to our Dr Amy welcome and thanks for being here. Thanks so much kitty. I love tutton t to all my gosh. Likewise. And I know that you have a background in a lot of experience in immunology in. Childhood allergies. So I'd love to start there. And kind of do a deep dive into why are allergies and children becoming so prevalent? They seem like they're definitely on the rise. Any idea what causes Katie one in five children in industrialized countries suffer from allergic disease auto immune disease, and this is rising every ten years doubling incidents, especially as countries are becoming more developed, which is so strange, right? Because you think as we become cleaner more developed a more advanced that we should have less diseases, not more. But we think there's a change in our lifestyle that actually stimulating the rise of autumn Yoon allergy, asthma and all kinds of other inflammatory diseases. So it was I found at the turn of the century in London. There was a scientist by the name of stretching. Who said, hey, that's interesting all these children who are moving into London because. Of industrial revolution. You know around the nineteen hundreds they were starting to get all these diseases, asthma, allergies autumn Yoon diseases. However, their children who stayed on the farms did not have such a high incidence, and that was his operation. And then he did a study on seventeen thousand brisk children any found that to be true that the children that lived on farms had larger families had more exposure presumably to animals dirt. They were having less allergies, asthma autoimmune disease. And so that's when this hygiene hypothesis was born, and that is still the leading thought process on why we have such a huge rise in autumn union flam, Tori, allergic diseases in our modern world make sense. And it's sad to see do you think what are some of the surprising things in our environment that you think might really be contributing to this. I have written about it Sam, and I have my own theories. But you obviously have the research in clinical side. So I'd love your take. There have been so many studies looking at, you know, early antibiotic use in children, of course, you can blame anti-microbials as a huge cause for this. What happens is when our immune system is not stimulated enough as a child specially from ages from zero to five we end up making auto immune to our own body. So we think that we need that stimulation from being exposed to bacteria and bacteria can come in the form of animal exposure in the form of little bits of dirt from the food that we eat it can be from a bacteria from other family members. So we found that larger family sizes people who are exposed to more people people who share food people who come from families that have larger, you know, households and also animals they. Tend to have better immune systems than children who are in a very nuclear setting with very clean environment. So I can definitely say that some of these things that we think were so advanced about are actually hurting our immune system. I would say for for example, when my children were little I was living in New York City, and I was pretty cavalier about, you know, taking them to the park in letting them crawl around and get exposure, obviously, not on the city streets. But in the park where you know, we felt comfortable letting them lose being exposed to animals having sharing food with them. That was all a big part of what we think can both a healthy immune system, which makes total sense. When you think about it? And I've read even if some cultures where in the early years the moment, preach us, the food and gives it to the kid, which Americans like cringe at the thought. But it makes sense there's a bacterial transferred. There's all these enzymes. In the mouth, plus bacteria that then get passed onto the baby. And I feel like there was a shift at some point or at least in cities and more modernized world, where bacteria became a bad thing. And we've started to shift that a little bit in our understanding of probiotics and how there are beneficial bacteria. But I still feel like sometimes the perception is that bacteria are bad when largely we are. We have so much bacteria and our own bodies that they're vital part of life for us. I know a couple of years ago, I saw a lot of news come out about how trickling an ingredient in antibacterial soaps, for instance, had been banned, and it brought up all these questions about doing need antibacterial soaps and kind of questioning that, you know, hygiene hypothesis, so how do you handle that both as a mom and doctor because obviously we want to be clean and have good hygiene. But the bacteria side, so important to exactly the reason I got interested in immune knowledge is because of this conundrum that we're in at this point in our in in. Stage of development, of course, in our issues in our hospitals, especially as a health care professional. I'm keenly aware that you need to sanitize and you can you have to make sure that you're not spreading bacteria from one sick individual to another. So there's two things going on here. One is, you know, increase sanitation careful measures in the hospital setting where people are sick. And then there's this other conundrum where hey, but what about when you're not sick when you're at home and living in your own home. Do you really need all these antibacterial soaps and cleaners and the in my answer is no if you are not sick or your family members are not sick. Then that's in upper to for you to foster on your micro bio and really taken. So if you have have a garden in your backyard, like we do we have a small garden, and if you use the vegetables from there, you are getting a little bit of bacteria from the garden. Especially if you're not washing with antibacterial, soap, and so little measures like that when you are healthy living in a place where you have opportunity to have a little Mirvac sharia in your life. I I think you should welcome at the same thing with animals or sharing food with your healthy family members. But of course, there is a conundrum because when you're in a healthcare setting when you're dealing with very ill patients who have to be careful about not transferring bacteria from person to person. Absolutely. So definitely use use them caution in how you do that. But it makes sense that we all need that exposure in those are some easy tips. It was one of the points. I used when I was trying to convince my husband that we should get a dog as I'm like, it's great for the kids immune systems. Neither studies that children who have pets and we use also near an Amish community. And of course, there's been a lot of things written about how they tend to have lower rates of allergies and also things like autism eighty and I think there's a lot of things that could be income. Venation that could contribute to that. But having been out there. I also think they do much better about getting dirty than we do. Like those babies are with their moms in the field playing the dirt in eating the dirt and play with animals and eating berries right off the plant and just interacting with that bacterial environment. Absolutely. I think that's a perfect point. I think the Amish communities as well as many communities in the developing world are teaching some lessons in the fact that we don't have it all figured out. And I think we all know, you know, and I know that there's a lot of things in medicine that we still have not figured out an immunology and the development of the immune system is in area. That's super interesting because of the new discoveries of the microbiome because we are realizing, hey, maybe this is an area that we can really develop in change and influence in people that can make a sizable difference in their long-term. Health. So it's extremely exciting area for me. Although we don't really have all the data on exactly what we should be doing all of the things that we've been talking about are kind of like presumptuous based on the research and not necessarily things that are proven makes sense. So I know I have a lot of personal friends who have children with food allergies. And obviously can be very scary, especially since life threatening allergy and likely many of our listeners today have a child with allergies or no child with food allergies. So other than the food itself. Are there other things those parents need to be concerned with to help their children so children with food allergies? It's very very changing field right now because we're finding out completely switched our recommendations in the past even when I was first in training. There was this recommendation that you shouldn't have your newborn children, you know, up to the age of one or two having exposure to certain. Origin such as nuts and peanuts and tree nuts. And then we realize okay. There's countries like Israel where the first teething food at three or four months called a Bamba snack has peanut flour in it. And that country had a super low rate of food allergies, especially peanut allergy. So now, and then the studies corroborated this. So now the whole recommendations completely flipped and we are saying, hey, the more you can expose your children to new foods. Whether you're breastfeeding or feeding them, you know, their first foods or in crackers, all that stuff, you should be incorporating all kinds of foods, which makes sense all kinds of foods different variations as soon as they have their I kind of rice cereal than she start to incorporate any kind of allergy allergenic foods into their diet. So I think that besides exposing them to all kinds of. Foods. I also think that it's really important to expose them to all kinds of bacteria like healthy bacteria. Like, we mentioned, you know, animal exposure exposure to healthy other family members friends people who can give them different sources of bacteria having them play outside like we mentioned in kind of a field or farm or a just your backyard. We're not spraying all kinds of chemicals on your grass and really having them be exposed to natural forms of bacteria, not necessarily infecting them. With bacterial by a you know, infections percent, but really having them. Get dirty down and dirty. And I know also on a side note with the rise in other childhood diseases and obesity. It's great another great excuse to get kids outside the moving them, sunshine and just interacting with the environment. And that brings up another question that I would love to get your take on. Which is I feel like a lot of parents view is getting the occasional sniffles or co. Old when they're little as a bad thing or like, they're doing something wrong. As a parent they need to clean sterilize more or they're just so quick to treat those little illnesses. And I've always taken the opposite approach thinking like the immune system has to develop. So they're going to get sick a certain number of times. Anyway, it's good. If it's mild, but their body needs to learn how to interact with that. And I know as an adult having an auto immune. I've studied that in depth because I think that was maybe one thing that contributed to my. But I'm curious like as a doctor, and a mom, how do you look at it when kids get sick? Especially those early years wonder still developing their museum of you're absolutely right. I think that they need that immune stimulation. I mean, we know that they need that immune simulated in the like, I said the leading thought processes on. Why autumn you disease are on the rise? As you mentioned for yourself is that maybe we did not get enough immune simulation as children, and it's not to say that we purposely info. Check our children. But if they do get sick in a natural way, then you not necessarily foster that but don't get scared. Don't get worry. Don't over sanitize. It's really a part of childhood immune system development. In fact, this is pretty extreme. But there is if you bought her about this guy who was infecting himself with hookworm because parasitic diseases, especially seem to really protect against allergic autoimmune diseases later in life, and you know, obviously, we don't want to be doing that until we have really robust studies. But there is some idea that, you know, parasitic stimulation specially as in children, even as adults can really decrease the incidence of autoimmune and allergic diseases. I'm so lucky you're using because I have some extended the members who have been kind of health world for decades, and they're older now, but they have years on this kick of. Winded. All those Brooklyn's is and kill any potential parasites in our body. And I always just was hesitant and not never really got on that bandwagon. Because I was like people have lived much in connection with the environment at animals than we do now and people like kids Amish kids walk around barefoot all the time in manure, and you know, kids have been exposed to many more sites than we currently are and people aren't dying in droves from that. So what if they're like bacteria? What if there's some kind of reason or like purpose these things can exist at times, and maybe we should be a little more cautious about just, you know, killing all of them. Exactly. Now, you know, you know, very well, and I do too with the robust microbiome research all these new discoveries at refining out. I think more is better. Of course, we have to couch that with you know, how much more is better. And how that's why I say really do it naturally like go out and play and get sun exposure and get nature exposure it has. So many other benefits like you mentioned beyond improving your microbiome. We have circadian clock in everyone of ourselves in having that morning sunlight and that evening, darkness, re in nature can really really help our health in so many other ways than just the micro by, but so I think doing it naturally and having it come naturally is probably the best bet at this point for sure often small study that came on a few years found the basically camping outside away from all artificial light in phones. Whatever for seven days was enough to reset this rating them the body, and I haven't gotten brave enough to take six kids camping for seven days. But it's really sounding just what light in nature can do it. I a few years ago. My husband, and I went to Costa Rica, we stayed at this EKO resort on the river where there was no electricity. The only electric city they had is in the main kitchen cabin where they had like a source of. Independent city at but you have to say that seven days being out in nature eating only the food from that a campsite eating, you know, being outdoors of my sleep. And my energy levels were never better. I highly recommend everybody do that. At least once in the next couple of years to see how good you can feel. Yeah. Definitely even shorting camping trips. You do slips. Oh, well, when you're out in nature and on the note of kids getting sick. I also like to go deep a little bit on fevers because I feel like so many moms, and I get it. It's sincere when your kid gets fever, especially high fever, and so many moms are put jumping with any fever. You know, ninety nine point five star giving Tylenol or start giving Motrin, and I've always taken a controversial approach on that. Where I don't fight fevers unless there's an extreme reason fight fevers, but I love to actually get the doctor side on this. Because that's just always what has been my intuition. As a moment was worked for me. But I'd love to hear from you on that. I mean as your. Mom of six kids. So you know, that low grade fevers are quite common quite a big part of a upper respiratory infection cold like symptoms, and I completely agree with you. In fact, I do the same thing with my children. I do not give them any kind of IB profe- Tylenol Motrin products, unless there is in nother reason to do that. Or if the fever is really super high hundred four above fought for most fevers that is a national inflammatory response by your body to mobilize your immune system to come in help fight this infection. It's actually natural part of our fight fighting response by taking these medication. Not only are you adding these toxin Laden medications into your body. But you're also maybe blunting that immune response. Yeah. That's what's always right to me. I am much more the out. That's the only time. I'll let my kids watch movies. And that's I get them through fever. They're uncomfortable is I liked put a movie day like give them lots of liquids, and you know, not too much solid food just rehydrate them. Keep them warm. Let the redo its job. And typically think so many times kids bodies are mazing adults too. But kids are just phenomenal. And they can bounce back. So quickly if you just let their body run its course. And in fact, as an adult I've kind of tried to learn from that. So I think kids get better fevers. I'm a little jealous actually how much better fevers they can get and how they get better quicker. So if I start feeling an illness coming on I will get in on and purpose elect try to raise my body temperature again is a little bit of a fever. And it seems like it really does stop onus is from coming on his air actual science behind that. Or is it just in my head yet? No it by the whole response of raising. Your body temperature is to immobilize this immune response in your body to kind of go. Mobilize all the lymph nodes. And so as you know, being in a sauna is a really great way of draining out cleaning out those lymph nodes. And so I think that there's no doubt an also great way of getting rid of toxins through sweat. So no doubt for me that sweating it out is a really great way to deal with especially virus, or you know, upper respiratory infection. And I think that you know, when I was studying immunology, I was so shocked that sleep and got rest is still still studied at that is the top two things that you could be doing for your body sleep and got rest for just like you're saying to your for your kids, really maximizing those things and not relying on all these external medications to help fight this virus or illness is is the way to go. I think that all these things that we talk about you know, to help with Kohl's, viruses, and are all great. But nothing really Trump's sleep and got rest, and I really do love that idea of Saez. I do hot yoga myself, and I feel like the benefits of sweating out the toxins and immobilizing mobilizing the lymphatic flow and sweating out. Those toxins is is really unparalleled. I definitely agree based on my own experience for sure and I wanna move onto a couple of other topics. But before we do if you have any tips for natural remedies from a lot as far as I think sleeping, gut health is probably like nothing can Trump that for sure but moms who have kids with minor childhood issues that you also are the medical adviser for company, I loved Inexa, and they make a lot of remedies. We can be touched on a couple of those. But any remedies you recommend for moms, even if it's not to bring the fever down. But just to help recover be more comfortable. Yeah. I love genetic said. And I know YouTube because I think we didn't realize we don't realize that when we treat all these things, for example, when children get hurt, and you know, you said, oh, I see hot that should be not a big deal rubbing it on the skin. But I did not know that these kind of commercial medications have all kinds of formaldehyde releasing chemicals DM hide and Chouan has colors and fragrances in all these things in when we put things on the skin. It's literally absorbed right into the bloodstream and with children, you really worry about that. Because they they're getting a larger joke than we are. So for example, there is a nasal saline that genetics makes that doesn't have parabens. And if you think about it, we have become so careful about not having hormone disruptors in our adult life by using natural cosmetics or 'xinpui NBA. But then when our children are sick. And we're using these needs saline products a lot of them. Mm or most of them contain parabens in all these other kind of binders that are hormone disrupting. So I am so excited that there are companies like June AXA that are changing the game. That are really saying. Okay. Why don't we create them? Easy remedies. For example, news all ceiling. That's something that I highly recommend for babies, especially in infants who cannot be taking a loss of other medications to kind of de humidifier their nose and kind of help them drain out all the mucus when they can't sleep. Well, breathe well from their nose, and can you imagine giving these babies nasal saline that is Laden with parabens and other toxins the way we've been doing it for many years now, especially right next of their brain. Yeah. No that either I've been using natural everything for years. And when I started researching like, what's in even just like natural remedies. And medicines I was shocked, and it's crazy that only ten percent of most. -cations are the actual active ingredient. I also once I started working with genetic saw was like I had no idea that all these things like TOMS, for example, just over the counter, you know, things that we give to pregnant women. Okay. All the time for minor heartburn issues. These are only ten percent, the active ingredient calcium carbonate the rest ninety percent as fillers and stabilizers and colors and flavors and sweeteners at all kinds of toxins that were giving to people who are carrying a developing fetus, it's really scary. So you know, there's a lot of change coming on and lots of companies that are doing amazing things. So genera, actually has an alternative that's called. I think heartburn fix and that does not have any colors flavors and sugar artificial anything. And so what you are getting is a minor Harper belief, if you know, you're suffering from that, which unfortunately, no matter how healthy and clean. I e. Sometimes I to have minor Harper issues, and I do use that for sure. And I also love before we move onto quick they have these little like homeopathic tablets as well. And enough. Does that assign my kids, especially through Macken trouble sleeping? I'm like, I'm here the sleeping wine. It's I didn't become a nation of the homeopathic. Plus, they just they think they're getting something that's gonna put them to sleep. So they go to sleep is amazing. As a mom tip as great as well. I know that you have we have expertise in a lot of areas, you're double board certified, but you also a lot of expertise in gut him. So I love you could walk us through just what what you see as doctor or some of the biggest challenges in today's world for people with like in the gut health department and what we can do about. It exactly got health is probably the number one thing that I hear about day in day out, for example, people who have newfound food allergies or sensitivities people who have bloating on a regular basis. People who feel fatigue people who feel kind of fogging in their concentration, brain fog, or whatever you might want to call it. Those are often those three things are often because of your gut health, and you think that, you know, having not having clear concentration has nothing to do with your gut. Also, your mood has so much to do with your gut. So by improving your got you can improve your energy. You can improve the way obviously how blow. Did you are you can improve your concentration, and you can improve your mood, as you know, so much of eighty percent of your serotonin made in the God, you know, your immune system is largely located in your GI tract. What's happening is every time. You eat any food. There is a large conversation happening between the bacteria that are present in your gut at they're talking to your cells in your body. So there's this conversation going on between the bacteria in your gut and sales of your own body. And they're all deciding, hey, is this foreign is good should be take out some of the be Biden's from this determines and they're each. And every thing you eat. There is decisions a be made whether to absorb this kind of food or whether to keep it in the gut as waste, etc. Etc. So that that makes sense. Then why you want a robust amount of bacteria in your gut? That's able to do this communication with your own selves. And it makes sense that taking antibiotics will completely mess up this communication method. And this whole tight system of checks and balances and conversations that's going on with your immune system will be off when you're eating irritants anti when you're taking antibiotics when you're using profane. When you're using aunt acids in a host of other, preservatives, and toxins can really throw off this balance. And if you're imbalance than you have food sensitivities allergies that you never had before you have bloating. You have mood issues. You have problems with concentration fatigue and lots of other diseases for sure I think we're learning to so much more and more night. I'm. A nerd who browse PubMed. But there's studies that come out constantly about gut house in the different bacteria, and maybe we'll never completely understand every intricacies of that. But it just fascinating to know. Like what an incredible job, our gut doesn't. I think one thing that's related to that. You're also an expert in is balance in hormones because you know, some so much of that is related to the food. We eat or two factors in the gut. And it's something that so many women struggle with. So do you have any tips for women who are struggling to balance hormones, maybe especially postpartum or just with like menstrual issues in general. Absolutely. I think that hormone imbalance is a huge problem in our society. Because I think that people don't realize that when you're stressed out all the time, and you're making cortisol making journal in which is good, right? You want that fight or flight response at certain times in your life. However, you don't want a chronic stress response when you're trying to make cortisol all the time a rental in all the time. You're actually stay. Feeling from the creation of other hormones in your creating a hormone imbalance? So not only are you. You know, having a fight or flight response in chronic stress, creating all kinds of other hormonal problems, you're actually stealing from your other hormones. You'll get a protest your own low progesterone and estrogen progesterone imbalance just from this chronic stress response. So I think it's really important for postpartum women for moms for women that are going through Peri menopause to really take control of that stress in. I think that that stress can come in many ways, not it's just not mental stress. It's also stress on our GI tracts and stress on our bodies as exercise and poor sleep in so really cleaning up the sleep exercise, the mental stress and the food is key to hormonal imbalance, absolutely. An Akita so much else as well. There's fewer topics I want to touch on with you. But I also realized I forgot to ask you one of the most important questions related to kids getting thick that I think you have a great perspective on which is in about use. Because I also see so many moms who that's the defense. If the kid has an ear infection has anything they want in about six hundred percent understand wanting to help your child when they're uncomfortable or paying, especially. But from the doctor side in immunology side, how do moms valuate win to give Anna bats and win to hold off. Great question. Katie. I think that a give you a story. I was at I usually don't visit any kind of healthcare entities because I'm a physician myself. But when I was travelling to India this December going to Indian Singapore. And so we thought it was important to get some special endemic scenes, like, typhoid, fever, etc. Pay and we were waiting there. And there was a a mom who was extremely upset. Set with the provider there and saying, you know, I need antibiotics for my son. You did not do anything for him. All you told them to get rest and drink water, and that's not right. And he's been dealing with this for over two weeks now. And it's just you know, it was so enlightening for me because I know, you know, when often when we're speaking each other and speaking to the choir. It's like, yeah, we all know that we wanna save antibiotics for the very last resort. But there's so much as a mom you wanna do so much for your child, and I can understand the frustration in her voice. She was like you're telling me that you cannot do anything for him at this moment in time. And you know, but I think that what he was trying to make her understand. And I helped him is that there is no surer for the common cold or for most Byers's. In fact, most illnesses eighty five percent of all. Paul childhood illnesses are viral. And so when you're talking about your infections, you're talking about sinus, you're talking about cold even GI bugs these are all viral illnesses, which antibiotics to not tree. And so I think that the big thing to take home years eighty five percent and probably ninety five percent of the time. You don't need to be taking antibiotics for the child's illness. And I think that if you take that into consideration, I would wait at least a week before approaching physician if it is typical symptoms of a cold or a virus with a low grade, fever muscle aches and fatigue and upper respiratory symptoms. Of course, if you're not sure you can ask your doctor. But I think that there has to be more knowledge out there that I know it's frustrating that there's no absolute, you know, one shot solution to these childhood illnesses. But I. You know, Katie. It's just part of growing up. You have to be okay with them being sick. Sometimes. Yeah. Exactly. An impact to your point about, you know, sleeping gut rest that sometimes that is the most effective way, especially if we're not giving kids sugar or sugary, drinks, processed foods and just body resting. That's another common misconception with kids is that they'd eat absolutely like three to six day. And it's if they don't you worry about it. And I've taken the opposite approach with that. Both my kids and myself if I want them to actually really listen to their body and not eat if they're not hungry. But especially when they're sick most kids, aren't that Hungary when they're sick. So we just do a lot of herbal teas gentle things and let them rest, and it seems to work that I've never had a cat actually need antibiotics and six of them. So I think there's so much zooms that approach, and I'm curious to I know that from your Instagram that you intermit- mast. And so the gut rest seems like minds up with that. Because anytime we're not having to expand expend all this energy. For digestion, our body can use it somewhere else. But talk to us a little bit about the Mets of intermittent fasting regular fasting and how that can benefit the body. Absolutely. I'm a huge fan of interim fasting. There's a few reasons every cell in our body has circadian clock. So we've you've probably heard about circadian rhythms in helping with sleep and energy in all that stuff. But there's also a timing in each one of ourselves. Our our metabolism is just more active during the sunlight hours, for example. And so the type of intermittent fasting that I propose and that I do myself is to it's kind of in the literature. Call time restricted eating or time restricted feeding when it's animal studies, which is basically eating within hours of say seven AM and six PM and then limiting the amount of hours. So doing like say eleven hours eating thirteen hours a fast. Eating, and then there'd be certain days of the week for me about two days a week where I extend that a little bit more to maybe sixteen or eighteen hours of fasting. And the reason I do time restricted eating is because of the circadian biology. So what happens is, you know, our body not doing many many metabolic processes all at the same time, which makes sense. So there are certain times of the day and night where digestion processes are metabolic processes are turned down and those seem to be for almost everyone preserved among over ninety percent of people ninety five percent of people at the same time kind of in the night time hours. And then during the daytime hours our bodies optimized to be digesting to add metabolic active, and so that's a great time to eat. So not only is it giving our body a metabolic boost. But I do it because our body gets a time to rest between. Clean meal. So what I do typically is stop eating at around six pm, and then don't eat again until seven AM. And that's something that I do most maybe five days a week. And then two days a week. I actually extend that to about sixteen hours to get the additional Tuffy benefits atop Ogies, a clean out of the cell and that happens with a little bit longer fasts. Questions specifically fasting for women. I think that's been some controversial topic in the last couple of years because intermittent fasting gain popularity then they were these kind of counter article saying, it's not good for women at all. And I haven't actually found any scientific literature on why? Especially intermittent fasting isn't good for women. Because when I hear people say like, oh, I could never fast. I get low budget. I'm like, but you fast every night when you're sleep you do it. Anyway, you're smoking about extending your essentially, your sleep window with intermittent fasting. But do you think there are any concerns specific to women when it comes to fasting? Absolutely just it's a fact that women are wired to be more sensitive to fasting than men are at lunch. You know, some people ask me while on the women, and I have no problems with extended fasting end. I think Katie you're may be one of that. But there's many many women who are very sensitive to the hunger signals and our body. When it senses starvation often turns up, those hunger. Cigna. And I think most women who've been part of the dieting culture know that feeling of under eating one day. And then waking up the next day just starving your hunger signals on our on overdrive. And so what ends up happening is that if you ignore that. Then the body keeps sensing starvation it often terms off the signals for for Tilleke. So people will and presumably in animal studies, this has been shown and I've seen patients, you know, who have lost their period or get regular periods. When they're extensively fasting or doing some other kind of starvation diet. So I always recommend for women, especially a have that history to one make sure that they're not dealing with anorexia bulimia that kind of issue and then start with really short fasts, like twelve hours like thirteen hours. I mean the studies on fast. Getting even just for thirteen intermittent fasting just for thirteen hours nights. Without would be like what I was talking about from six PM to seven AM are robust. There is a really great breast cancer study that showed that by fasting thirteen hours nightly women who had breast cancer had a thirty six percent reduction in the recurrence of breast cancer. If they facet nightly for thirteen hours versus the other group who did not s so you can see that. You don't have to have these huge extensive long fast. See amazing results. So any women woman man, even who's jumping into this for the first time. I start slow start with like twelve hours, which is like you said just extending a little bit of your nightly fast and get comfortable with that over two or three weeks before you start to extend a little bit more. And then if you experience any hormonal fluctuations, just stop and resume your normal pattern of eating. Yeah. Exactly truly could be for many people as simple as just don't eat after dinner, which is when they say, it's the least good for our metabolism anyway to especially anything process, but even to be eating late at night because then your body's still digesting when you sleep, and I know I've seen the data that if you don't eat those before bed in that like three to four hour window before bed, then you are able to more restful sleep. And I certainly notice that with my own sleep tracking. If I don't eat for several hours at my body digest before I sleep I'm able to get more ram and more deep sleep than when I don't. This episode is sponsored by crunchy Betty products. Here's a secret while I have a post about making my own deal rent. I haven't actually done that in a couple of years because I found crunchy Betty Kokomo cream deodorant, am I realized it works just as well. 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Forward slash wellness, mama and using the code wellness mama fifteen to say fifteen percent. So again that's thrive. Probiotic T H R I V E P R O B I O T. I C dot com forward slash my my and the code wellness, mama. Fifteen the save fifteen percent. I love also that you talked about variation that you don't do the exact same thing every day you a couple days a week mix it up with a little bit longer, which is great. I think it's good not to let our bodies get to adapted doing complete regiments thing every single day. And you mentioned that I do longer-lasting I do actually just finishing up attendee fast. But I'll make sure I say on the record. I'm not encouraging anyone else through that I largely due at as much for the mental and emotional side as I do for the physical side. And I'm under the care of two doctors thyroid doctor and another doctor, and I've worked with the geneticists to know that I have a kind of unusual combination of genes that makes acting pretty easy for me. So it's not something I recommend for everyone. But having had Najah my thyroid before with Hashi motos. It's something I looked like an insurance plan because of the Tofte g that you mentioned that happens even overnight for us just extend that window drastically. So I think that's such a good primer on fasting socal, and I love that you incorporate that in your life in a way that seems. Very easy, and doable and probably just part of your routine. No, absolutely. I think that, you know, the data for cancer the data for metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, and brain disease, Alzheimer's and dementia is just so positive that it is enough for me to feel that fasting should be a part of many people's. I'm not saying it's the panacea. I'm not saying that every single percent should be doing. But I think that most people can benefit from some kind of fasting or as I'm explaining this kind of time restricted eating in circadian pattern can be great because it down regulates your wine your 'em Tor pathway. These are all things that lead to cancer and other diseases, and we know at through animal studies and also now through some human trials that intermittent fasting. Could be a very effective way of down regulating those cancer pathways yet in cooling. Our bodies are people of another I want to respect your time and not keep you forever. Although talk to you all day is lasting uses a soapbox. I've been on recently. I did a lot of research on this over the last few months and just realizing how much plastic waste we have. I'm certainly there's a ton of health concerns, which I know that you can speak to, but even just to touch on environmental side from an it like we literally have floating islands of plastic trash in the ocean bigger than the state of Texas, and they're killing millions of animals per year, and they expect by twenty fifty we're going to have more plastic than fish in the ocean. And we know from hillside these compounds, especially when they start breaking down in our water can have a really big impact. So I know his mom ended doctor. This is something that you also speak about. But can you take us through some of the reasons why we all knew adding more? And how do that practically I think you're absolutely right. I if we don't. Pay attention to our environment, and our earth, and the way we live our lives. I think we're putting ourselves in a situation where there's going to be irreversible damage to our earth and our bodies, I really can be became aware of this going to the developing country of India during this holiday break, and I honestly felt that I saw it. So clearly where you know, the oceanside was polluted with plastic. You can see plastic coming up to the shore. And it's insane. How our water supply is so ridden with plastic and our food supply as well. So I highly recommend that besides the fact that, you know, the BPA, for example, people think oh BPA free is going to be safe, but BPA free plastics often have be PB and other BP's that are actually more toxic tour. Bodies than BPA. So I recommend that we reduce the amount of plastic in our live drastically. And for example, you know, some easy swaps that I have done in the last year is my children had these pouches that they take zippers and their little patches that you can put grapes or you can put any kind of snacks in them in the reusable in washable and a really great alternative to plastic ziplock bags which get warmed on through the day and really Leach out into the children's food. I also, you know, obviously medal water bottles and glass us is a is also a huge thing that people often are able to do, and I think in our children, especially try to be careful about giving them their lunch foods in things that are covered in plastic because often. They're getting heated or they're getting heat from just being out for a couple of hours. And we know that heat speeds up the leaching of these toxic compounds into our food. The other thing that we can be doing to improve our plastic uses. You know, when you have less waste, there's going to be less landfills. And I think Katie you've talked about doing things with less waste, and I think that's something that is just becoming a bigger issue. Now, it's not just about our own bodies. It's about these animals in the ocean. It's about our earth. It's about our cities and countries we need to make this earth sustainable, healthy place for our children and our children's children. Exactly. I can't believe our times Bloomberg writers a couple of final questions. I love to ask the first being do you have a book or any multiple books that have really had an influence on your life? And why yes, I have to. That I wanted to mention one is the hormone cheer by Sarah, Gottfried, MD, she's physician who inspired me when I was going through my own hormonal imbalance. So just like many women that I work with now I had my own hormonal issues when I had my second child, and I was super busy starting a new practice, and I could not get any answers from any of my friends any my colleagues who are physicians, and I started doing my own reading on PubMed like you do Katie. And then I read the hormone cheer, which it just hit home for me, and really inspired me to do much more of my own homework research hypotheses. So I really thank her. Thank that book. The other book that I really really loved in red kind of at the similar time was a four hour work for our workweek by Tim Ferriss. And I think that the thing that I love about that book was that it motivated me to think outside the box in my career and in in my life and. And I realized like, hey, I can create a life and a career that I love and that can help many many people, and they don't have to be in a box created by someone else. Yeah. I'm a big fan fairs as work. Well, and then lastly, there's a piece of advice that you could spread far and wide. What would it be in? Why I guess it goes along with the theme that we talked about today is really respect nature and the earth and incorporated into your everyday life. I think that we've gotten so far from with our technology, and that we don't really need to interact with our earth and nature in a regular way anymore. But you know, all the things we talked about today getting sunlight intermittent fasting based on the sun in the mood. Getting dirty in the garden walking barefoot, those are daily practices that are easy and can really improve your health and the health of our earth in love it. And I totally agree. And I think we'll have to Benchley maybe around to you. Because you're such a wealth of knowledge in your so fun to talk to you. Thank you so much for your time today. This has been a blast. Katie. Thank you so much event. So I would love to and thank you to all of you for sharing your most valuable gift your time with us. We don't take that lightly. We're very grateful for you. And that you will join again on the next episode of the wellness, mama podcast. If you're enjoying these interviews would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on I tunes for me doing this helps more people to find the podcasts, which means even more moms and families can benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time. And thanks as always for listening.

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52 - Fire

SciShow Tangents

32:29 min | 1 year ago

52 - Fire

"Each listener supported W NYC studios Hello love aside. Show Dandridge the Lightly Competitive Knowledge Showcase starring some of the geniuses that make the Youtube series. Serious sideshow happened has always joined by Stephenson. Hello what's your favorite the least favorite pizza topping least favorite your favorite least favorites. The one you love it I hate the most okay so the one I love to hate not the one that I knew I least like yes anchovies. I love to hate but also oh olives all of their stupid little flavor packets of discussing bad flavour. Stemming what's your tagline mired aired in tired SAM is here to hello how are you. I'm doing okay. What's your favorite fair food? Now like a chocolate chip. Cookie is F- Oh God you cookie. aqui sandwich cookie. Maybe I could try. That sounds great What's your tagline from ghosts and ghouls to logs of? You'll ooh ooh made the transition and no more spooky music giving and go right down the whole. Yeah I don't care about that Sarah Riley joining us to yes. What's the best Kokomo on? I like okay. So it's like a fire. Dog liked to pettit withdrew tug on slip inside. And and I'm Hank Green Him. and My tagline is incomparable shirt machine and we are here on sideshow tangents to every week get together to try to one up amazing delight each other with science facts. We're playing for glory. But we're also keeping score and awarding Hank Bucks from week to week. We do our best to stay on topic but if you go out on a tangent and we deem that tangent engine unworthy like if it's about a lot of twilight we will dock you hang fuck. It's episode fifty two year old. Oh that's how years. Oh Wow. We're a year old. Can you believe it. I can't believe okay we've got. I mean we have like fifty fifty one amazing episode sideshow tangents. And why are we making any more. We need to make at least one more okay. All right. Well let's if you want us to keep making sideshow tangents at Sochaux tangents on twitter. And now as always it's time to introduce the topic of the week with the science poem this week from Siri. It's really freaking cold. They said my nose my my hands my head I yearn to be back in my bed but instead they lit a fire and read. It's really freaking dark. He cries I'm stumbling upstairs and squinting my is this. Lack of candles will be my demise he size but the sun begins to rise when Nita freaking boosts they thought to move this hunk of metal a lot more right now air travel is awfully fraught so then they gave combustion a shot. I'm really freaking tired. She wrote my heart is sore. My Days I wrote wrote that fire inside us that metaphorical moat keeping us from burn out or giving off smoke is doing its best to keep me afloat. Wow I was really exceptional well. Our topic is fire. I think that this is surprisingly difficult question to answer. What is fire? Is it difficult. You're the chemist I mean so combustion and oxidation oxidation but like the thing that is fire the actual thing that you're looking at the flames the flames. That's what I think of as has fire because if it's a really hot coal when it's radiating a lot of infrared energy that's not fire fire has to have the the licking flames and the sparks going up in the smoke and all that and that like what the thing you're seeing is at this point. We're not sure yet. You're talking about the flames flame. Okay we don't know if flames I. This is one thing that we know is a component of flame. is the little pieces of that are hot and And then as they get higher higher they cooled off and then they just become smoke and they like so the glowing bit of the fire trails off. Yeah fuel yeah oxygen or some other oxidizing agent and then us like a source of heat or something. I usually start the combustion reaction because we don't have spontaneous combustion Russian usually people. There's this Nice Diagram on the Internet that I'm sure if you google it'll be like the fire tetrahedral and so it's like like fuel oxygen heat and the chain reaction is one of the fasten the vendor hedin and if any one of those four things goes away eh it will no longer be fire so if you have no fuel firebrands out if you have no heat. The fire won't start oxygen. The oxidation process won't happen if if you if the reaction dislike runs out if everything breaks down then you don't have fire anymore. Yeah so that's why. Like fire extinguishers and things work I don't know anything for putting out fire. Are you trying to remove one of those components remove the oxygen separate it from the fuel or or do whatever to put it out another. We're well and truly defined as far as we could possibly talk. We're one of our panelists. This time it's me. I prepared three science facts for everyone's education and enjoyment but one of those is real and the rest of them are lies and you guys have to figure it out and if you get it then you get the hang up. If you don't then I do so here are Arma three science fact there about a beetle but a fire beat also so in forests spurn usually all the animals run away from that but there is a kind of beatle known as a fire chaser also known as Milan. Fila beetles and their larvae feed on the wood of defenceless freshly sleep burned trees so to get their brood going. The Beatles actively seek out forest fires mating nearby and laying their eggs in recently burned trees. The Beatles are so so keen to get to a fire that when a seven hundred fifty thousand barrel oil storage tank and Coalinga ignited in one thousand nine hundred five. They showed up in huge numbers offers from fifty to a hundred miles away most likely using their infrared pit detecting Oregon. So they've got these like little. Infrared is under their arms that they can use to to sniff out. But sometimes the Beatles fire detecting skills are not so discerning. Which of the following is a documented? That'd case of Maulana Fila of Milan. Fila swarm where the Beatles were led astray number one. In nineteen fifty eight workers at the Miller Brewing facility in Irwindale California showed up to work one day to find the Beatles gathered around their pipes attracted to the heat radiating off of them while the Beatles were a nuisance and they didn't like it it actually turned out that their presence alerted them to a dangerous overheating in their system which ironically saved saved them from an actual fire number two in the nineteen forties multiple football games at UC Berkeley attracted the attention of nearby Beatles who swarmed the stadium began to bite fans the Beatles were drawn by the smoky haze above the stadium which was the product of approximately twenty thousand cigarettes being consumed in the stadium pool or number three in one thousand nine hundred seven. The Society of American Magicians held its annual convention in Las Vegas. Has He will do. And there was a dedicated special demonstration of fire-breathing where approximately a thousand performers all lit it up and breathes fire throughout the day and the demonstration became decidedly less special when the fire chasers attacked. ooh goodness well wrap the bat that I feel like. Maybe they wouldn't attack so the last two maybe not even friendly. Yeah but they're Nice. They they do by though. Ah You understand bugs whether you think. Well I do believe that a magician's conference would be in Las Vegas. So that checks out But I don't know anything about Beatles aren't even one thousand firebird. They feel. Yeah that seems like enough fibers to draw Beatles. Yeah Seem Sketchy Ritchie. Twenty thousand cigarettes. What year was this it was it was the forty S? I I sort of think the beer one sounds the most plausible which makes me think it's not true. The other ones would be like a really cool story that you WANNA make a tour. Fat Of I don't buy the beer one just because they don't feel like anything we get. That hot especially hypes me but if it was like if there's something wrong there was like causing a fire fire hazard and then the Beatles are like hey guys you got going with the football game on. I'm also game right that US okay. I also liked the football game. I'm going with it okay. I'M GONNA go. Magicians sounds fine. Thank God because it was the football game. uh-huh yeah twenty thousand six th the thing that surprised me about this is that they have like. It's really well documented commended that they're good at detecting heat But this was just spa. Yeah so they're good at both not even the right pass. No yes I mean. It's just burn. Yeah so they cut the smoke and the grafter heat and the their heat detecting abilities are off the charts there while when scientists I was like okay. Let's do the math configure. How much heat they could detect? There's that's physically impossible like that. They're neurons will be able to fire at the level necessary for this for them to actually receive a signal. Oh uh-huh based on the amount of heat detecting but it turned out that the background radiation plus the actual signal was the only thing that would actually trigger the neuron if it was just the signal it wouldn't be enough to trigger the neuron bumping because there's like regular background of infrared radiation. It was triggering us. So that's is really neat and weird. The sort of how I feel about dogs noses or just any animal that can smell really well. Yeah like how can you detect. That doesn't seem puzzles. It doesn't seem possible. That magic knows magic knows speaking of magic. I'm made that up. Just like the idea. Condition Friends bonding together. And they do attack and a firefighter so there was a reddit thread. Where in California firefighters talked about these beetles they call them Ninjas Beatles and there was sometimes grab them and then a hold them up to their friends are them just to like play a little prank and they suck apparently they're really annoying and they hate them a lot and then the other thing I totally made up to And they're they have been found around tar pits and cement kilns and even Sugar Syrup Vats so all those things have attracted these beetles so there wasn't anything outlandish about it could have picked that one when there has been no asset known case of them. Alerting people to the possibility of firelight problem but I I predict it will happen sometime in the next twenty million years ooh cool anyway. It's time I take a break and then we'll be back with the fact off. Anybody have an American market. All about Hey I'm Chris Garcia my son Greece the Andrey's Garcia Gris. The okay I believe for a long time my dad was the centerpiece of my act. Many and for the last two years. I've been trying to figure out what happened to him in Cuba. Those are secrets that he kept with them until the end. Listen to scattered from WNYC studios wherever you get your podcasts. Hello everyone welcome back wins. The Tie Ballgame one-two-one-two-one-two one. That's that's nice. Yeah so let's keep it that way and episode by everybody no one. No one moved forward seven minutes long or we. You can get ready for the fact that we're to panelists have brought. Science facts presented the others in an attempt to blow our minds and we each have a hank book to give to the fact that we like the the most it San Versus Stephan. And we're going to decide who goes first with a trivia question at what temperature does paper burn in Celsius Ball how do you decide who wins it just too close close Chan gophers or me. Go first you go. First to seventy two seventy was going to say. Geez I duNno I have no idea Three hundred twelve twelve closer okay. One hundred and thirty three so I guess Devin goes I okay so in Australia. In two thousand eighteen. A sixty year old man went in for emergency heart surgery As they were cracking open his chest he caught on fire. Hold your horses so they noticed that his long long was kind of stuck to the sternum a little bit he had. COPD which disease then Part of that is that parts of his long were overinflated. I guess that results autzen sticking to the sternum somehow her so they were being careful about this while they were like crack team of him but they ended up puncturing the lung accidentally while getting to the heart and and on its own. This is not like the end of the world. They increase the amount of oxygen anesthetic. Gases like going into his lungs to sort of compensate. Love it good case study. I'm enjoying doing this. And so a lot of surgeries they use what are called Electro Qadri devices and it uses a high frequency electric current to generate heat. Beat they use it for various things like cutting tissue stopping bleeding all kinds of stuff. But so in this case there was a spark and ignited like some of the dry material that was unlike open chest cavity and like because of the extra oxygen like a fire started in his. You know that's the word which I I shouldn't laugh but they don't know how it ended they put it out immediately. They just poured a deal. Baking taking soda extinguishing method. But they put it out turn off the but he got to breathe. Take away the fuel. Fueled got to disrupt the triangle. Disrupt the tetrahedral the Tetra before. Sorry sorry yeah. The patient was fine in this case. Ace and they continued the surgery afterwards and like finish that out but There have been at least three cases of this specific kind of thing where it's like a similar tool ignited some surgical surgical material and the patient had lung disease and there was getting extra change and so that's just kind of like nuts in general but it turns out that surgical fire is kind of a thing that it happens more frequently than you might think. Oh that's a great episode sideshow surgical fire. I WANNA start a new channel. That's talking about overall. It is very rare. A Pre two thousand twelve sites about six hundred cases a year in the US. Okay And that's out of like forty million plus surgeries. How the fuck are we have in forty million surgeries? There's only three hundred million well. I had ten last year so that was pre two thousand twelve but then in two thousand twelve. The healthcare facilities code adopted like new procedures and training protocols and stuff aimed at reducing that number and so a more recent figures that were down to about one hundred cases annually so it's been significantly reduced but still a lot of case not many people die from it but some people are burned. And you finish up your open heart surgery and they're like you're like so how to go dock and he was like well very rare thing called now. This is a technical to surgical fire and so No let me explain exactly what that is. It's a fire in the surgery. Your lung caught on fire because there was dry I stuff in it and too much oxide. Vin break it like that too. Only not with your muppet voice. Eloi all right Sam you gotta you gotTa battle to fight here. That was pretty good. Oh no you made me really nervous when he said that just well you're also in the lead. Saw Him up here to help you out so a magnifying glasses. Ability to focus and direct light is well known to like every boy or girl. Scout or scout survivalists are bad. Little boy blasting ants with blazers In fact some of the earliest written evidence of Mine Afyon Glasses refers to their ability to generate heat instead of their magnification powers like pliny the the elder had a lindsay would carry around plenty plenty. I don't ever he's dead. He had one he carry around. He cauterize wounds with it. Wait what was surgical fires. Yeah was he just looking for wounds. He's like oh no. He was an active folk. Accuse doing all kinds of things okay would be like. Something's wrong with me. And then he'd have five different suggestions for you. Greek polymath archimedes is even said to have made a weapon out of the giant magnifying glass. That he used to incinerate a fleet of Roman warships and two hundred twelve BC but modern man has had trouble recreating that weapon because his they at least they've had trouble recreating on purpose. So Twenty Fin church street inland in is home to a big lumpy weird site skyscraper known colloquially as the the walkie talkie building. I don't really know why is designed to look top heavy so all the exterior wall sort of been doubt and balloon. So it's like being lumpy on the top and skinny on the bottom in unintended attended side effects to this weird design. Is that for two hours every day for about two to three weeks of the year the sun shines directly on the concave sides. The wall is like a mirror glass windows so if focus onto the street below it and on a particularly hot day in twenty thirteen the beam reflected off. The building was six times brighter than like the surrounding area. The regular sunlight and a guy who had his bike park there measured his bicycle seat and it had reached two hundred and twenty four degrees Fahrenheit. So almost hot enough to burn paper A number of parked cars on the street also had the bodies melted and like the plastic inside of the cars melted and they had to pay a bunch of people because of that and store owners reported that they're doormats would start smouldering sometimes so the beam is like moving as as the sun. Yeah that's cool. Yeah so the spot was kind of like a tourist destination that summer of twenty thirteen and people come and they are like fry eggs and all kinds of wacky stuff and take temperatures but then within once of them figuring out how bad it wasn't paying a bunch of people because they melted their cars they Paid millions of pounds. I don't know how much like Lake American money that is to cover the windows with a non reflective metal shade and also this architect who designed this building had designed another building in Las. Vegas had the same exact problem except this one would focus light into a pool deck and some people said that it made their hair starts smoking but to be fair to him he did seem like he would know. He knew that that would happen so he had designed ways to make it not happen. They didn't build it into the building. Ah then learned. After the fact he was he was like so. I've built a giant death. And you need to like this is how I aware that I built a death rate but you have to do x and Y to fix it. And they're like yeah now. All we heard was death-ray money money money money. No thanks thanks. Can we still know. It's all covered up in anymore. Don't do it anymore. It's like it'd be a glorious. DidN'T FOR THAT ONE SUMMER CONTAINER TEEN missed institute. So did as you were saying this. I was like there's no way they could have not knowing that this would be a thing. Yeah like you you don't you don't build the building like this and are like see what happens. Yeah I read that. They used the wrong kind of window for cheaper window. They asked on purpose to lower costs. But all right we have our facts one. We've got sixty year old man who caught on fire during certain surgical fire and it's turns that's the thing that happens People catch on fire during surgery. And it's not good or we have a death. Laser building built in London by a man who also built a gun. uh-huh in Las Vegas. Where are we going to do it on three or are you ready? Sorry this is so hard on three three to one Stephan. Oh you bastard Ashley had fire if you had said. The bike floated some of the some of the smaller or mess faltered pretty. Yeah I was just waiting for something in your story to be. The doormat was a fire bat. Like the car. I would suspect probably pretty quick. They're like we can't leave anything here. That will actually yeah. It's time to ask the science couch. Got Listener questions to ask to our couch. A finely the home scientific mind at Gabby lying I would fire spreading space inside when we was it. Looks as though explosions are the same as they are on earth but I've heard that flame itself would be spherical so what are we talking about explosions or fires because those are two different. We're talking about fires because the thing is fires young ask Eh. Fire in space is a sphere for sure because the reason that fire isn't a sphere on earth is because heat Like hot air moves upward because hot air there's less dense and the cold air is falling down around it and that's the gravity thing and in places where there is no gravity. Then do it. There's no shape to fire another the other thing about firings basis that it doesn't generate it's own wind so on earth by the convection of like throwing up the hot air. The cold air has to come in to replace it because it creates a low pressure area. And that wouldn't happen in space. Yeah that's interesting. Because that means that the fire would give it to replenish itself. Less quickly would have less oxygen. You would yeah. Oxygen is brought in space by Just diffusion Asian. Right is really interesting because it's still expanding because hot air expands because the mall hurt. Yeah the molecules farther apart But but it's just like whatever oxygen is around it diffuses into the the fire or heat. Also I don't know if diffusion is is the right word but his dissipating I guess the but that doesn't affect how the fire spreads nothing. The heat is the heat is moving and like so like like the energy like molecules are bumping molecules and that's increasing the energy of molecules farther and farther away. But that's not creating any sort of leg and I think that we we need them. Yeah wouldn't create a win but that would be the mechanism of the spread of the fire so when the fire like when like hot molecule. I'll start to hit other things. That energy gets transferred and the fires still kids spread And fire is a huge problem space but not because like fire spreads any more effectively Liam space. Just because there's nowhere to go there's no egress windows on this face. State spreads slow more slowly and space. So there's a quote from some the NASA scientist that said if you ignite a piece of paper in microgravity the fire will just creep along from one end to the other which is what happens on earth but fairly quickly Gli but in space or just be like a slower reaction. You need like a blow on. Yes maybe help it out. Yeah which you don't want to help the fire Tiro I have more space fire. Fax This is the coolest thing that I've read. Today NASA ran an experiment called the flame. extinguishment sting wish mint experiment or flex to see what fired it in microgravity and. That's where the pictures of the Dome Fire and the sphere. Fire come from the way that they do it. They have a special equipment wittment wreck in which they lit the fires and they ignited a small drop of Hep Dane or methanol as the fuel and the most surprising thing that they found was was the discovery of cool flames who great but when the droplets are still burning. So they're still like evaporating fuel is being used up after you can't see the flame anymore. No it doesn't look like there's fire anymore but you know that fire like combustion is still happening gene. We're going full circle to the beginning. Is it fire if there are no flames now says yes. I didn't want to jump in on that. Still Bernie and Hertie if you touch the I think so ordinary fire. According to this video the temperature ranges from around twenty two hundred thirty one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and like the main things being committed from it are soot and carbon dioxide and water like we talked about but the cool flame and the Hampton Ball. It was around four hundred two thousand okay Fahrenheit and the main things being released carbon monoxide and formaldehyde reared and they're cool flames. That happened on Earth select. We first discovered them on earth. But they flicker out almost immediately or there You see the discovery is attributed to you. A dude call stirred a dude called. Sir Humphry Davy in eighteen twelve And so he found that he could generate flames. That were so weak that they couldn't light anything and so then after that people investigated cool flames which are just barely barely early visible or invisible flame and much colder than a normal flame. And so before this discovery in space people thought that cool flames almost always happened before igniting fires but this is the first big instance where it's like. Oh we can have cool flames after a bigger vaguer right. I are part of the process of like the last the burning of the last fuel wasting yes. They're investigating why because this was like this. Big Mystery History The evaporation rates were basically the same to what was in a visible flame. I think also when this happened they were able bowl to change some things about the pressure of the container it was in and so after it became a cool flame it reignited into a normal hot flame which it is concerning in space because they were worried that microgravity conditions might Be Conducive to reignition of fires that you think are out and so oh that was basically like yeah. You should have that worry because this flame that you can see anymore became aflame again secret. Yeah so yeah combustion. Researchers their minds were blown with these discoveries about people who care about very exciting so weird we study. We thought we knew we don't. We don't even more than God for space and told their spouses and they're like Oh if you want to ask the science couch your questions. You can follow us on twitter at sideshow tangents. We will tweet out the topics for upcoming episodes roads every week. Thank you to Emily Janet. Six and at Dana. who won everybody else? Who tutored US your questions? This episode final scores. Everybody's tied at one except for Stephan with three cleaned up. Wow we're doing where am I now. There's a lot of clustering Stephan at sixty six sixty eight SAM sixty nine year old. I'm at sixty two. I have other things go. Yeah child so you have a combinator on. We finished our first season. I Guess First Year of Sideshow tangents definite and it wasn't did not get yourself into second place much length I and so Sarah. I'm sorry We we have a winner with one point ahead of you is Sam show. Hey say area. Sorry Sam you gotTA congratulate. You are the winner of the first year sideshow tangent. Nobody ever even passed me. Yeah well also. It's nice to have a winter winter and we could all just celebrate Sam for a little while. Everyone's tweet to Sam. Say Thanks Sam and the tweet this area and say I'm sorry. No Ah Sam Bucks now like it's not your fries really fight for the buck title. Yeah Okay if you liked this show and you want to help us out. It's very easy to do that. You can leave us a review wherever you listen that helps us know what you like about the show. It also helps other people know that you like the show and we're going to look at the reviews for topic ideas for future episodes second. You can tweet out your favorite moment from the episode and finally if you want to show you precisely tangents. Just tell people about ask. Thank you for joining us. I've been hanged green. I've been say Riley I've been Stephenson. I've been Samsung Hamshaw. Sasha tangents is a CO production of complexly in the wonderful team at WNYC studios. It's greeted by all of us and produced by Caitlin Hofmeister. Sam Schultz who also edits a lot of these episodes along with Baroque Sushila. Our editorial assistant is book. Chakravarty are sound design is by Joseph. Tuna fish are social media organizers Victoria Journal and we couldn't make any of this without our patrons on Patriotic Adriaan. Thank you and remember. The mind is not vessel to be filled but a fire to be lighted but one more thing here in regions of the world where they don't want want to use. Water flushing toilets for variety of reasons. Like if there is not Municipal sewage systems are the infrastructure for that or remote Komo rest areas. More things like that there are these things called incinerating toilets which are self contained units of like a toilet Ri. Put Your poop in a bag I do. And then it goes down onto maybe a little conveyor belt or maybe just into into a chamber and there's a gas or electric or some sort of powered heating system that turns your poop into ash and it's a way to reduce the volume of it because so much of poop is water so that all evaporates off and sanitize it. So you don't have like

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Ep 97 - The Evolving Struggles with Mental Health (ft. Zohra Khaku)

TMV Podcast

1:02:41 hr | 4 months ago

Ep 97 - The Evolving Struggles with Mental Health (ft. Zohra Khaku)

"Ooh! I'm in welcome Tom. TMZ podcasts Buzi the Muslim vibe as always I'm your host sitting person. And on this week's podcast I'm joined by Zora Kaku from Muslim Youth helpline. Before I said you little bit more about The PODCAST! Just I would go through the the announcements. Firstly the TM podcast. facebook page is still alive. Still Alive is live. It's two pages group. People have been joining to continues to join the group and please do feedback any thoughts, all concerns or questions you have I need to get back on like just messaging on day in advance before we have episodes and stuff but we wanted to kind of create how people can come together and discuss. Whatever aspects of the podcast they want. Feedback ideas else. Secondly we've I've been mentioning you're on on most of the most recent podcast spot. If you visit the Muslim vibe dot com forward slash support. You'll be able to set up a recurring amount of of any amount really. To support the VIBE in helping us to create content, and it would mean a lot to us. In helping us. Grow our team and create more fantastic great content for our audience in the last couple of weeks from we've gone from about. We're up to about five hundred pounds a month in recurring support from from people like yourselves. Thank you so much. For your support, but we still have a long way to go. We want to bring in another video producer. Because Nuri is incredibly stretched, do check out by the way I'll video content on our? Instagram and facebook and everything else I think it's pretty good stuff I mean he does all the work so I can say that I guess. Would really appreciate your support so coming back to the PODCAST. Zora, who has actually been in the podcast before? we, we talk about that in the instruction. But we are talking about mental health, and specifically must've helpline and the cools that they have received an end some quite alarming stats that that they've pushed out over the last few weeks and I. It would be worth having this conversation and trying to grab a bit of a better insight into. The problems that people are facing today, especially young people. I think means to a slight disagreement on definition of young. Adults? Here I guess. It was. Yeah, it was actually a really really interesting and engaging conversation finding themselves increasingly at the end of like almost an hour on these come on these podcasts and wanting to continue. Taking. Pity on, you guys essentially. But Yeah I think. We have enough conversations about mental health and this one in my opinion, particularly good one so without further ado, his my conversation with Zora from Masumi helpline. Saddam's. How're you doing all right? Very good. I don't know if you're aware this is your second time on the podcast. Do you remember the first? What was the first time when you are Muslims like us? Oh my God. Yes. Phone calls from parents living room. Yeah, I, remember you, you're like You're quite busy at the time, and you gave us a nice half an hour segment just to be able to chat about the show. Whatever but I like it. It's weird now of people that were getting on the podcast of Mike on Before, and I'm I'm forgetting sometimes, but this one. I remembered because it was just I knew you from other contexts while I was in like approaching you as this. TEEN MINUTES OF FAME CELEB-. who was almost like us well? He made it to the list which is great. because. That was actually Eddie. Days of Tim v two because I think it was anybody yet. You you remember this restaurant. Just of rights I was recruiting some thing. We're GONNA do this thing unless you should. Kokomo survive I think really great website. That was I. I don't fund enough. Yeah, it's it's. It's been a while, so I think that podcast is probably three years ago. and then and then we met when we're doing that. Filming at that restaurant like a euro two before that and it's crazy like it how things have progressed in chain? You've always moved on and doing work with the listening helpline and so these conversations probably going to be quite different from the last one and we had on hand. but the reason I the reason. I went in touch with wanted to do this now is because I've seen some of the messages that you've put out on social media, and I'm on the. Mailing list as well and the emails I mean credit deal, marketing team quite effective in that like they're always was grabbed my intention and I i. don't read the whole thing, but I read enough to kind of get a sense of what's going on, but I wanted to use the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the landscape of mental health and the experiences that you guys have on On on on H. Essentially. So. I guess to start off with a couple of things that caught my attention, which which on radio surprised by a quite staggering at the same time, one of the things was that you guys have had an ova over three hundred percent increase in Kohl's to wage since coronavirus thoughts it, there was a particular night when you had eight and the majority over fifty percent of the calls that you had with suicide related and on the same night you'll so when able to take a certain amount of it was fourteen calls that you missed because you guys don't have the capacity and missile from whatever else. And and that's quite especially particular incident I think for me was quite striking. Because you're getting so many clothes about suicidal feelings, just wondering those individuals who didn't make it through widely quoting, what are they calling about? If it was suicidal, could have been the conversation that could have helped. Them will save them whatever I'll give them some hope. I think it kind of opens up logic question as to whether the landscape is right now of problems that people are facing especially from like a mental health perspective in the UK, and and what young people are going through because we own remember very vaguely being young and going to these problems but then as time goes on, we have different problems and and we. We've kind of forget what it was like to be young, and also I guess the question is what are the age range of people that are calling in to you guys. Like I mentioned those different things I. Don't know how you're going to start unpacking. Lots of things to save starting off with what do you mean used to be young I think both of us are still young. Why has I've given up on eaten? Young. As eighteen, so I feel like that is irrelevant. It doesn't matter. For. Feis Jamie the thing is It's funny, 'cause. Such slogans nation so just super super pumped when you just said credit during the marketing because I did run the social media, but I actually right every single email myself, so through to the Magnus I personally right myself, which is some some reading out? They effective because the whole point is trying to show what's happening at health. And that's always really hard. Actually, because if you think about people, call US anonymously is confidential. Generally, we don't release in things like case studies whatever they tell people stories to at least a year after they hung texted us because we don't want anyone to identify with anyway, we do change the. Else so you might change small details story just to make sure that nobody's identifiable says really holiday in that kind of. Explained to be, we actually do because the whole point is we kind of tell people who need to people's a bit wage one, but but generally I think particularly in this last year it's been particularly hard with with coronavirus lockdown lockdown with that stuff. It's been pretty hot in I think we've gotten. We used to used to be in terms of the compensation of mental health that people are talking about it, which is a great thing, and I think the stigma is slightly less the kind of shame and guilt that people feel slightly this of votes eight still very much, though so in terms of what happened that night on the health line. Honestly on has been so busy for us that three hundred eighteen percent started. About a week before lockdown, maybe just over weeks lockdown, we suddenly started, Said's massive surge in calls and unwed chats emails and I'm not sure what happened. In terms of people are just getting more stress during that time, but the nature of the closest changed through the last couple of months, so suicide of Phoenix that night. It was really hard so I was I was? Helping physical me and said Look Group of his cases. This boy you know is a safety issue that we need to do. Police about remainder decision on not, and I went and looked else was going on help. Find at that moment and saw how many calls we've missed and why? Why we'd miss them is there's just one reason. If we have more people answering phone, then we would advanced more calls, and I think when you run a service like this, it can be really targeting to kind of show. The kind of that we do on we make a massive difference. People's lives. I didn't if we save lives, but they're not as this whole other side that you don't normally show which it is, it really hurts knowing that those is really hard to sleep at night, knowing that those people didn't get help and I've used a helpline before and I had this interesting experience a couple years ago where I the help line? And there was a technical issue, and it basically out so just kind of said hello out and I remember that felt like on I. Think just knowing the I run the sun this a apply. It may have cooled in, and then just how it's, it's a pretty tough feeling and I think i. think just sharing that somehow kind of resonates. People does not critique story, but it's the truth. I think yeah. What was so striking about it because you said across your personal social media as well, but it it just kind of it hits home when you when you do the numbers right when you think that you know we've had an increase in Kohl's. We've had an increase in people talking about suicidal feelings, and whatever, and on that one night you miss fourteen. Kohl's and and I think it was. It seemed like quite an. Like you were tired. Of having to be in this situation and you kind of put not across an and people really resonated with that and I think it's just. In a lot of the times, it's very easy and it comes with everything. Even when you look charity abroad it's very easy to care about a 'cause when you're watching the news, but in the second you turn off you kind of forget right likewise when you know when when you're listening to a podcast with Zoro from MOH, talking about mental health and young people will the problems, and we are both included young people bracket bought by your count it's very easy to be mindful of it, but then the second that you kind of turned away, not just become someone else. Issue is your burden than to carry on and on I think thank you for for bringing particular nights to light because it did, and it's been on my mind pretty much ever since because I've just been thinking the actually with all of this stuff like last week's podcast, we were talking about domestic. Domestic abuse there is most definitely and we had that instagram live and the amount of comments that we were getting from people and people sharing stories of like realizing that their friends were being abused when they were younger by their parents, and not even necessarily physically abused, but just emotionally, and whatever else like these conversations need to happen a lot more and so I like I'm glad that we're able to kind. Do this finding. A mental health is not had the. Supposed the light that is needed for really long time and I guess it's sometimes it gets you trying to fumble through things in your kind of okay, but for those who are not and I think we're all that lesson at some point in our lives right at some point in our lives who needs help so? Some people on not. against. I guess it's a privilege to have friends and family around an easy do have friends family love you care about you. Sometimes. You just need to speak to someone who's not in your situation. A, not in not is really Only about an umbrella guy people talking about mental health through knockdowns been so interesting they suddenly everybody gets the actually in a few. If you didn't have an issue before some that you do, you excludes different kinds of pressures, and so people really understand a little bit more and it does bring it closer to your feeling it I think so. You can kind of relate to other people and sell actually I to a little bit of what they're going through. Which is interesting? I. I don't want to limit the conversation to just talking about corona virus and lockdown and everything else but I think that's also as you mentioned rightly so like I know people personally who, when the lockdown was just just about to start or just started the whole panic, buying thing I think of that was not just people being greedy and holding, but actually it was the manifestation of their anger. Stresses and worries about everything that's going on, and that's how they channeled it. They thought let me stockpiled as much as possible. I will be safe and that's what made them feel safe temporarily. Back did. Bill big thing a big driver, but this is why I wanted to ask. You is not like in terms of. An it's important for me because it I've seen with with everything that's been happening with covert and lockdown and everything else. I haven't really used the government's figures to be my indicator of what's going on personally. I've been using pretty much my own network, so for example at my local mosque I know how many burials they're doing a week. in contrast to before so I know that we went from once or twice a week to eight in one day at the peak which is which is unbelievable to even think about the fact and I even again so I. One of my relatives passed away a few weeks ago. It wasn't covid related, but she's buried in a cemetery. And since she's been buried, there's been. Several. New Graves have been built and like the whole row. In fact of all, basically, all of those funerals have taken place in the last couple of weeks, so anecdotally I know there's definitely been a spike whether the government figure say up down. Whatever and I can see I'm now that there is a bit more calm. There are still a high number of deaths relative to kind of peacetime if It's It's given me an indication at least like in my locality. What's going on? And? That's why I wanted to ask I guess you know what from your experience of the issues that people are facing today especially Muslims that according you up. What are the? What are the prevailing problems essentially amongst the UK Muslims in the UK. there are a few things so in terms of the numbers. The top saying that people quote us about is uncertainty, so it's different types of mines it. It could be A. Mental health issue diagnosed. Anxiety disorder an going much was, or it could be people experiencing anxiety, either for the first front, or in a situation, which to be frank. It makes perfect sense that you'd be anxious in those situations, so if you're worrying about your job, you'll find me a domestic abuse situation. Your friends You've got a a a relative NHS. For example they going to be okay with people who are sick who you can't help, which is very very strange. It's a really weird feeding. Not Somebody's sick and somebody you love somebody who might be oh, mom, you're dodge Nov.. Nov Your sister, who who you would narrowly be helping, but UCONN. It's a really strange situation, so that's that's the kind of uninviting thing. Suicidal feelings have been much higher than usual I don't really know why to be honest. I'm not sure why that we have maybe one every two weeks suicide of feelings. We have multiple in a day now, which is which is a big change I'm not sure why, but that's something that's been coming up. Law Abuse has been going up to, so we've had calls from young children, so say between twelve and seventeen. Who have been saying that they've physically abused or neglected or all sorts of things at home, and those kids will cool us. They were. Message US on I guess using mobile phones just on web shop because that's something that you can do is really hard to find privacy days especially, if you're living with someone or your child, because you can't actually physically speak to someone. Is this somebody that extra reconnect hit you, so there's issues have been popping up quite a lot on the help find. It's been this affirmative of financial unstaffed. So for example we've had. This one has one call. From a guy who he would generally go to food banks maybe once in couple of months because I'm trying to bite when his income is. Why was trying to job couldn't find one on his his in looking. They have a daughter and in Kaunas every now and then when he goes deceived by because. You'd be embarrassed. He'd say look I. I feel really terrible about myself. I can't provide food for my family. Because you know I should be providing because on demand and you know. and He'd feel really embarrassed and ashamed of himself, and he'd call us and just be able to vent. But during covid he lost his job. Unseen, that's a whole nother. He's not going to sit back regularly, and it's not just a case of the money runs out to the end of the month. It's kind of all time now, so it's really hard situations people. The one thing I'd say is. We've got quite rise in complex cases, so things were honestly. It's really hard to even know what to stop, so I think the best example of that is a young government pulled us who seventeen years old with her. Parents are in hospital with coronavirus virus, and she's looking often oldest airplane. Who is self isolating because Saddam's so she's looking up. Up to them, and then she could youngest name who's twelve years old who has submitted disabilities answer? She's look enough to these two, and she cools because a few things one is she said? Dina confined my local food banks because uninhabited bump seventeen. I don't have any money and I need to be making foods. Siblings so Gino are confined to the. Second thing is She's in full gear and her teacher, going to be giving her a Greg instead of sitting exams, so she said if that happens Monte to me, and I think she's racist and I think she's not going to give me great I deserve, which means I might Investi. I want to go to so i. don't know what's happening with my. Career! Fats and thing was she said might amongst doctors are on the boards and we'll have. Mommy's also calls and said we don't take your mom's GonNa make it, and she said among seventeen. How do I make sure that my mom gets a Muslim burial? Because if they and say she's died than. And she wasn't even I. Mean that is. That is a not for seventeen year old to begin to think that just two weeks before that she was dating with any of that. As a really tough situation, the troll Mush you'll be experiencing from any one of those situations is hard, but she's got at Saint Time so can I ask when you when you encounter a cool Mike? How? How do you as as a you guys counselors? Who Listeners? What time do you use for the people that are on the other and We about it is to provide emotional support and signposting so Redo have professional counselors the organization, but because we don't. We don't train everybody in what's liquefied counseling skills. Even though we we basically run on a counseling models, so we do train in Chelsea methods. Vacation so we can't really say that that people are qualified counselors. But I helped officers run shifts most of them, actually awkward inside announcing this and I guess the whole point is the case like that? You'd start off with safeguarding you. Start off with well. She's not on anybody's radar. She's really unit. Nobody knows that she's going through with this stuff, but I was. Going to ask is how how do you is individuals? I guess. Detach yourself emotionally from that because it's like you're. You're dealing with one person's issues, and then you put the phone down. Somebody else calls with completely different problems. How'd you sunny switch off from like worrying about one sister? WHO's you know? Mum Is is on her deathbed, and who is anxiety? like that must be difficult. Yes, really hard and I say so i. take the calls myself. I used back in the day was helpline for ten years used to take I know what it feels like, but help helpline like the front line. We've got a helpline. Officers are incredible people and what we try and do is setup systems made that taken care of a fan like in your organization website clients and they talked about designed by myself. Now my money just so we to them they can go to. To the clients, so what we do is a few things. One is as soon as you finished with inquiries. If you hang the finishing email, you have to take the time to writes down, so we do a little summary on a assistant who we don't keep identifying information like you know who people are. That's within, but we just ride no summary of what happened If there's anything we need to take fluids served anything where it's like. It's complex on each manager about about thing. On they need to take the time and try on. Wait and do whatever they need to do. Some of south yet. Cat Feel Okay Max. Frankel or we also have a whole bunch of system, so there's a buddy system. When he finished a shift at ten o'clock at nights, it can be really hard, actually just even such. Sleep so everybody system where people who each other and cut it just debrief on the ship that happened We currently have two people on the same time, so you can call the of the off. This has been preholiday Israel Daniels's same time so not quite helpful. And then we have supervision so every month. Each helpless said yes, own supervision session which. Which is essentially not counseling for them, but is more officials of mindset so that they can think about how you doing I'm whether they're okay, and then we also degree supervision, not syndicate like eight, a whole and Kinda Saddique under any complex clients needs to. These people find difficult and often. That's where we see some really interesting. Different things happen even policy for example. think I mean one thing that's on my mind from things like that is sometimes you get people of using the help lines the cool. Of either sex KUNAS or people who couldn't say things like you? I eat poke is okay. It's like a real kind of Hook School. Something like that and we then kind of we in the group's revision. We can kind of collect okay well actually. Dealt with this, so we should come up with a policy that means that we can help do. To combat that and make sure that off Zoltan opiate abuse because we GT teachers help fund offices. That's that's basic commercial It's lots of different steps in terms of making sure the across. and. On a on a Boorda's I this is two different things I want to kind of go go go get to from his number. One is is the personal side in terms of your story and journey, and how you found yourself as director. Renoir Age and also the community. or The community sorry, I should pronounce my tease and the community at response and approach to mental health and everything else. which would you like to talk about I? Don't actually give option. Community I'm so excited about. Okay. So no I I I. Almost like your first response spot way. Do you feel like the conversation is at in the community space? with regards to mental health. How how far along our if you know what I mean, and I think person, and this is something just at my own reflection on our time with the Muslim vibe is that when we started out the reason that we started out and like you, you might remember from that conversation. We had like a few years bike was that we wanted to create something in the digital space for Muslims. That would kind of help to hone in on. On a West and Muslim identity look at issues facing young people talk about social issues. Talk about things and everything else. That's why be able to speak about domestic abuse meal would speak about mental health issues and trying to normalize that getting people to kind of appreciate that it's not just about a redecoration. Koran and you'll be fine, but I actually like you know you do need to speak someone you do need counselling. You didn't whatever I'm not. It's been. It's been amazing to be able to be a part of that and I think that conversation is happening in some circles. But, the question is in in a kind of broader sense, and I guess it also come down to the response that you guys get from people. How do people perceive m? And the mental health space broadly in the Muslim community. I think you're completely right. Where we started from Willie came. From is a completely different space, and actually I do think it's like Tim V.. We've been putting things out for us. And just consistently raising the agenda meant health issues that was really made a difference and we kind of things like not Beckham Tokyo her anxiety during the documentary. Where people loved her because of her baking sing, and then she kind of had a whole thing on mental health and everyone sort of. So actually you can be. Successful and also have a mental health issue. She Hung. BBC Series on anxiety. Is that right? I think you're one or two documentary to. Read about horizon. She has generalized anxiety disorder. And, that's what should be about. I think what was really was really quite shocking was because I watched only bits of off. The documentary was just happened to be on TV. Is the extent of our anxiety like it's not like us. A modeling cited have just picked someone answered. Okay, you can talk like a. she has some serious things. It actually broke down several times on the show when she was kind of reliving in life and everything else and the fact that is kind of affected in hindered her to to such an extent, but as you say just goes to show that like. Literally, the most, a one of one of the most popular and famous Muslim quote, unquote celebs of our of our day, can also be affected to such an extent right. Yeah, I. I think that that what you just said is so important. Having having all of us basically talk about on mental health like it's normal took. It's so important for the next generation, so I know whenever I do talks with kids particularly so up until about eighteen years ago. If I mentioned the I heavens eighteen, I'll get almost half the the grip. Come me off the long by one. Had this thing for a while. Do you think it could be excited like what should I do about it? And it's really interesting that kids will actually relate and I think that's the thing mentioned. Is You open up or compensation? What we need to do is to just be bold about saying okay. When all talk about it I, might nine have generalized anxiety. Anxiety disorder, and just kind of get the will not I've said something is okay. It means it's okay for you to say something, and honestly I think it will want to talk about it. Nobody wants to be alone with that. Her Fulton demint I think we wanted to talk about just kinda permission to, and it's like mobile. What's kind of atmosphere the? To make where I know I'm not going to be judged, and if somebody else into you in bedrooms, my themselves. You know they're not going to judge you and I think that's reading reading. Poor people that see you as weak because you have saw, I'm. I'm probably one of the biggest culprits off this but I. I think a lot of people struggle with the vulnerability right taking that first step to show themselves as being human as being Florida's having problems an ambassador thing, so so what's interesting about what you just mentioned? Is that the second that you create the environment where you admits to being human allows others to also do the same, and as I said my right the beginning. I'm the biggest culprit of this like I. I constantly live in that sometimes superficial space with people. where I'm like I don't WanNa everything. That's my issues. I suppressed below the surface. And it's very difficult, and and obviously you know I know. There are campaigns and charities that also talk about men in particular and being open as men and being able to be vulnerable as men in in order that kind of stuff, but I'm and I. Think you from a a Muslim perspective. A lot of that also then comes down to culture and what we've seen, and what we've learned an experience through our our parents and our communities, and whatever else. Dropped but question for you on that one I'm. Not One thing that I see a law so when I look at you know the traditions resolvable, so we know a few things about the prophet, which kind of relate to this one is me known that he openly cried in his moss in his heart, but he would especially when he was grieving, he opened cry like he was a man. You cry announced the profit in a way. It's like the kind of the Sidna because look profit did and also we know that the Prophet in Proactive Conway. The profit received his revelation when he was paid. Meditating, which means that before Sean even came along. That guy was indicate meditating I wonder like. An. How have we lost that ranch where so many Islamic traditions and culture? Where did we need like I would love to know county the profit meditate. What did he do? How do I know? How long is causes were and I. Know what he ate for lunch and I. Have No idea how meditate. I must do not I'm not a man I. Just I wonder how that so I think. It's interesting that you mentioned that because I personally feel that we are. Are Very selective in in the sun on the tradition that we take from the Prophet and what I mean by that is that often? We almost superimpose our perception and understanding of the prophet onto the Prophet. You know what I mean, so we use modern day standard, and again I'm no expert in any of this stuff is just my own personal opinion You know that I knew. Knew on listening because you asked me a question. I feel like I. Have Your proper answer, but how I is that we use kind of modern day standards of masculinity, and what it means to be an Alpha Male, or whatever it might be, and and we're projecting that onto the prophet, so when we see in the ratio of the Prophet being harsh with people will take that one and. And we'll be like yeah, look. The profit rebuked Sahaba when he said XYZ Bah. As you said when it comes to, and people will do this all the time. Right like even when you're looking at how the profit dealt with disbelievers for example or whatever it might be, people will select the approach that they've taken in their own lives and be like oh Jimmy. Time the Prophet. Of, the time the profited that, but we don't actually we're not willing to embrace the full picture. And I think that's what it is to be honest. And why? We've lost I and so I mean it's. It's interesting as you said like how how did the Prophet Meditate? Why? Why don't we have more people talking about the meditation the profile and maybe we've just lost the traditions I don't know, but as you rightly say, there's so much that we can learn from those kinds of things and to be able to reflect on, but I think ultimately. As long as where. As long as we acknowledging are aware of the fact that we are inadequate in kind of In ourselves if that makes sense like we're, we're. We're always striving towards perfection. But not there, but as long as we're constantly on that journey. We don't okay I'm perfect as I am. I don't have to change anything. Yeah, done. That's. needs to be on right and I and I think that actually when I think about it as I, one thing, definitely mention is I think even from the pulpit from scholars of had so many people talk about mental health so many like Imams Gordon's Friday prayers like a during the clip up. People talking about mental health which is. Really afraid to how it was. ten years ago. So that's a really positive. We getting there. We're getting that. I still feel like, and maybe it's a generational thing, but I still feel like there's an education that needs to take place so amongst I would argue a younger generation people are lot more open. I guess this is something we discussed just before the podcast but I feel like things like Google have. For me of good, but also not bad for the good is that you know you can type in a bunch of symptoms that you're experiencing in your life, be it physical or mental? Whatever and you can get a pretty good diagnosis. What's bad is that you can type in a bunch of symptoms that you experience in your life and diagnosis. And so I guess this is the other thing I. Have I have to ask you, is that? Do you feel like with the advent of Google and social media and technology, and and and so much will come sation about mental health. Do you think people self diagnosing and let's say you have some microfilm of anxiety you do about reading and suddenly like you actually snowball your own anxiety into like appropriate disorder. Doesn't interesting question. To two things about that one is. Generally I think I think one way of looking at it is kind of south diagnosing, but another one is Maybe what's happening is people are just becoming a bit more emotionally. Literate and I use the strays emotional literacy, a law are terrible. Really terrible describing my own emotions Derek therapy, but It's really it's really hard to deal with something. What it is and sometimes actually naming it really helps so you might be the actually fencing something. That's like a panic attack, but you don't know what a panic attack is. You'll breasts of this. Not your you know your heart's racing, you google it and you think the attack or having Prensa and actually. I'm not dead soon. okay, so is probably attack, and then I guess what you'll see is doing i. go on and say when I have panic disorder for example something like that by guest, depending on what people do without intimation, a dude see too much of the bad thing, so if you will kind of saying okay well, I'd rather I'd rather young people name, something and say have something that feels like honey done not. Just deal with it silently. Not Know What it is for twenty years. Something like that, which happens to a lot of people, so they're not really am important thing Yossi is. It's just it's like it's generally, who accepted to talk about mental health so web uelmen. Physical Health, since full, then also goodly mental health, subjects and things, and actually connecting with other people online, and it can be. It's you know pros and cons. It can be a good thing in terms of connecting with other people who are going through similar thing that you are on forums online on social media. I mean unannounced decision deals that has its negative side and I'd say it's probably more negative than positive, but is something to be said about people who are able to connect with with others, which is which is a good thing I think. You also mentioned something to me just before the the people that are calling you. On now slightly younger so I think you mentioned. twelve to seventeen. Is that correct? Yes, averages, late teens on. UPOLU weeks our youngest quotas, twelve and oldest fifties, maybe so it ranges. But. The average is the drop from what it previously was. Yeah, it used to be mid twenties, and it's now of late teens so I feel like a lot of people have the the thought that the advent of social media has given rise to a lot more problems, so you know we we talk about this society of instant gratification, and like you know, continue the likes and the fact that even platforms like instagram have taken out the like count. You can't see how many people have liked it immediately on your page, neither can others that trying to kind of that from a mental health perspective to try and help people with eating with kind of constant need, full attention and likes everything else. Do you think though that given everything that social media has brought to us and this kind of created subset of society, and like a second life, almost type thing Do you think that that's the reason why young people are increasingly developing or Self referring according your helpline. Sure to be honest, I think in terms of the actual rates of incidents. No one's studying Muslim mental health. We in this country, studies on ethnicity so exciting, mental health Indian mental funded mental, health, Arbatov We don't have anything Muslim mental health. That's something we're trying to work on also because we, we would be interesting to know whether the rates of all sorts of things like. All they hire young listens than they are in nations, and we've done some some research, but it's not academic research. They got a big gap. The cat and I think people onto. It's a good start in terms of the actual incidence. Anez, it's high order. In why younger people contacting? US honestly I think it's just because I wanted more out there now we mentioned on what schools colleges just needs. Those people now are more wet and actually really interesting. We've had a bunch of people who had a WHO said things like. Oh, my mom will die, is either fundraising. Fool on what he knows. And they leave up the rich or things like that just really interests. Yes, my parents, actually because I think what we've starting to understand is a it takes a village to raise a child, and and what is that bitch? So you know just because a child needs to call health helpline doesn't mean that you're about parental is actually just you'll giving them another out another place that they can go to express themselves, which is a good thing, and so we kind of call that bring up trials, and so I think parents is to understand on. Say actually when they see service. They look at anything. Oh, that's something kid could maybe use and that's really I. Think posted to saying. I think it definitely is a shift happening. and. As you said it just needs in my opinion for more exposure, more normalized conversation and I'm like an openness and those. In fact, there was a session that I once did I think it was a was a Madressa and I was talking to parents about social media, so there was bring me into like scare parents about why could shoot me on social media? and what we had one session and someone asked about how to have these conversations with with your kids about. Technology and social media and goes I'll sing with a bunch of DADS. who had always I know like you know? How do we start this conversation whatever? And, what was really interesting is that? This question was directed to me, and I said this guy's I my account talk. She was at the time like less than one so I said I have no clue Let's like why don't you guys Ted Each Other? Like what are you? What works for you and What was fascinating? Is that people had such like innovative ways of doing this and I found out later? That one guy had developed a technique which wasn't like revolutionary life-changing. It was actually. Actually like a because I, I did another session a few weeks. They earned someone mentioned this. Who is a psychologist and he was like Oh. This is called the technique and I was like Oh. This dude like just came up with it anyway, so what he was saying is that and there was two different approaches to one of them he would. He has three boys, and he would go for a drive at night with his sons individually, and there's it's. So there's that kind of comfort and safety there watching the road, there's no. I contact, which makes it less kind of confrontational and he just asked them. So what's going on? What are the problems you know how how you dealing with this? Not Whatever? How school you being bullied, all of those things and he goes initiative another another dad for example does the same. He goes out for ice cream. With his kids at another one washes the car I'm actually being paid at the same time giving him at all like salary or whatever, but it was really interesting. Is that like I? Never in my wildest dreams would imagine that Dad's from the community would be number one, even mindful of this stuff of like having to have these conversations, but then also it was so amazing to be in the room when people are sharing their experiences I. Let things like I've I'm gonNA. Get My. What's worse all that much. I. Don't know how much conversation we'll have. This is definitely going to wash the car at some point, but no genuinely it was, it was so. It was so nice to kind of see that. And and the fact they were concerned about it. As well was was really different as well like you mentioned. You can't imagine parents of a different generation. Sticking up a leaflet on the Fridge But we, we have come a long way I think at least the show and a nice techniques so interesting because that's exactly what youth luck is about is about when you've got a kid who's going through trouble. You don't just sit there and look at them and talk to them. You take them up tennis or woke football. Wherever is that's where the magic compensation have been said? There's really really important thing is indefinitely. Dad's getting involved is definitely opposed to thing to sociable I'm GonNa make sure that when you're grows up. She gets good sign for Chicago. There's. To be enough to listen to this podcast. Is Really. Nice is really nice as it. Communities get involved in mental. State, we can always talk about and. Even, the fact, so even the fact that I was invited. I've been invited to the same address are now a couple of times to different groups parents. The fact that doing that news conversations are happening. I think is incredible, because it's like we need to stop being aware of these these things we need to, and it's a jewel perspective as online safety stuff, which is really important and safeguarding and everything else, but then there's also just the basics of how to engage with younger people today, because times, changing technology has so rapidly changed everything around us like the that kind of needs to be done. She'll show One thing we're just about getting getting to grips with is is using out by expertise, so I know that there are lots of people mental sector. Of really interesting tools tips things to parents I. Think sometimes it's about who saying it, and it makes sense than for us to then take those resources kind of like coal translate them on, and give them to the community in a way kind of makes sense in house credited minutes for them. and delivering not to community. That's the thing about that, so interesting is like we were on the front line with suncoast. Not so he noted what's going on, and then I feel like I can for us. Go back to community and say hey, community ged now. We have these issues to prevent these issues. This is what need to do. And that's really important. Unready I think some of the biggest things that are around things like sedation, and I think on next generation is more isolated than ever before which is interesting, because we're a time where we feel like we will connect the by the of addictions, particularly things like graffiti `isolation review all struggling with themselves. and you have to be there for them before to kind of prevent issues, but even if the going through issues to try and build up their resilience that they can get through it. I I'm glad you brought up addiction because I was actually I was going to move on to talking about that and. You're. GonNa have to help me out with this one because that was a fundraising dinner for MOH that I I came to a few years back and you had a bunch of stats. Dot around the room I. Don't if you remember this? One of the stats. I believe, and I hope I've I've remembered it correctly and having just made this in my head, but one of the stats I believe was not. Substance Oh the there's just as many cases of behavioral abuse as substance. Abuse more can't remember. Do you know what are? On the help line A, we get more more behavioral addiction than we do. Substance Eviction, and it's very interesting over the to change our training. We used to train wanted mostly in things like. Rocks and a now we do most of our addiction training on pornography. Addiction and substances is not mind deposit. So this is. This is why find fascinating is that? Is that I remember back in the day MOH when I was a kid. It's been around for about nineteen years now I think. And and and I remember when I was a kid and I was like Oh. Yeah, once you become an alcoholic or you start smoking weed and you can't stop. That's when you call him wage. Because! That's what that's what you're socio with you. Fall off the wagon, and then 'EMOI is to kind of save you and all these other services, and whatever, but what's interesting and why that fact stood out to me. Is that you were I remember because on the day we had a conversation about this, and you're saying that even things like phone addiction, so you got your pornography addiction just like also kids or young people, just people generally not being able to put away from their phones, and and I I I've read stuff in the past about specifically younger people struggling to sleep at night, because notifications on their phone and again that like that needs to be in the know so. The second phone buzzes that up in a heartbeat because they need to know what's been said, or what's been posted, or whatever else, and it's fascinating as said, this comes back to what I mentioned, right the beginning that you have the the. The studies and whatever else, but he's GonNa go to the fact that you guys for example of shifted and changed your training towards focusing on on the behavioral side of things It's just indicative of of of where we're actually are and I think it's a lot less easy to talk about other forms of addiction like pornography documentary than it is substance, even don't like for someone to admit to. Either from addiction will be difficult, but for us to have the conversations in the community It's it's still a lot more. I think Tabu to address that side of things. Yeah of Stigma I. Think is completely different number. I think it's so just on addictions. fest because I feel like. It's important to Greg enough just to give you. Some stats loves YA DRAMA GONE. It makes sense so Nas Ramadan. Just Optima von for about a month after Ramadan are most a half. Our enquiries were about addiction and half of those for men and harmful from women, which is really interesting, and if you think about, it actually makes sense that is of on that is, it's a high incidence enough because in Roman. Try and give up your addiction. Math one right. Back after. I mean this year. We were sitting in Chicago. October so we. Either way. After done once you fail once. You feel like that's it. You feel terrible terrible about yourself a nuts when he then comes on one H. Because you. You've gone addiction. You realize you have an addiction about moines. Just starting out in your self, esteem is so low on. It's one of those. She's on so much stigma around. It is as if people just don't joke about. Particularly Women do not talk about pornography addiction actual so so I think it's really important for us to raise that and say actually isn't issue community. We can tell you that definitely from. Moh Specialist preventing those issues of where the community needs to come in and say okay. What's happening why our children going through this? What can we do about it? I think that that would be a really good thing for Mosquesm madrasahs parents to kind of sync up. On because we know, it's an issue. But then we know anything about funds, and that's the thing I think one ready. Get ready thinking about it is just by yourself. I mean I. have definitely done a Netflix's thing where I'm watching Breaking Bounds, and then next episode comes on the next episode comes on basically Sundays four in the morning and. Three hours and you were the next day and you're not destroyed. The all right and you can't tell them why. You cannot pay. Because you just what Franklin back? You couldn't be bothered to just press the fun because it just. And the thing is if as adults we still kind of have that sort of thing happen where we just don't wait too long son in an hour's time. I haven't even obviously For adults just imagine what it's like. It said children's. easy to understand why that happens with kids. We've all been sleep. Deprived of social media before. We understand that feels like is just if your child in then don't have the resources to deal with that in the daytime, and it's not great for school does not right I. Just saying that we as adults have a poker face. Yeah. Basically! Interesting when you can't like, give them some sugar. And then you know a few minutes later you see them running around the room, and you think actually what I do that. Because I, rinse your mouth and probably have the same ratcheting eulogy. Round everywhere. We just better efficacy so just better keeping inside pretending. We're fine, but went on A. Of the wanted to ask you. I realize we haven't. We haven't done the the your own story stuff. We might need to do another time just in the interest of time, but when I did say is that with regards to everything you just mentioned. I think it's. It makes perfect sense in terms of like looking at you know. post-ramadan does a spike in people didn't porn addiction whatever else? I think that we are slowly beginning to normalize conversations around around all of these things, but I still feel like there is an element of. Guilt and shame that comes with with whatever is an and being able to admit to nick knowledge that you have a problem. Will you need help or whatever it might be and? I think when one as well because like our community is generally quite small that there is always that fear that like you you call up the help line, and it's your cousin on the other line just going Oh. What's going on what you think? Why are you calling? There is that fig ultimate like for example. Let's say I had an issue and I want to. Like although you told me that you don't on schools like I, would still constantly be petrified that it's going to be on the other end of the line, just going Oh Hey Sydney. We just did a podcast was going on. But I like how. I mean yeah. How can you give assurances about the the anonymity and the fact that will be protected I. Don't mean from a perspective of you're gonNA leaked details to the press like that. Just like you know, there's not there's that fear that Oh. You know. The the quote is going to I, mean the! The council is going, get together, but all. You wouldn't believe who just called me. You won't believe this guy said you wouldn't believe whose husband done this and Blah. Blah Blah 'cause that's nature, right, and we all kind of gossip whether we like it or not, whether it's right or wrong, but. especially in this space with the stakes so high. Like what kind of assurances can you give people? several things. One thing is just practically. If you'RE GONNA call health plan, and you want to be completely anonymous. You could call and just give them thick names saying my name's. and. I WanNa talk about whatever actually that will never like. No one will not even the helping themselves neck. Who you off just give them a fake name and we actually say people. We do people what your name is. Just as when you're talking. You're not saying hello and sex laugh. We US nate also say thank you want to. Find! That helps to protect your identity because we don't think. Numbers like that. We don't keep that on our records. A So, basically you can just call one on your number. If you feel like it that helps. It doesn't doesn't show up in you'll also nobody else will know that you? Can. Give a fake name, and that's all it takes to be completely anonymous, even from the team cycles net so myself so that's one. The other thing is actually a that stuff. We re productivity thinking about when it comes to recruitment so now it's actually a question in Allah, helping officer recruitment, which is What would you do to scenario basting? What would you do if you were given an email all the answered the phone and you realized you know who this person is and there. There is one right answer to that. Question is absolutely that you do not deal with by inquiry so uneven with emails that we give people we don't do not give email addresses to the rest of the team. It's just the one opening help in both Sweden sees that email address, which is really important, so we do ask is really important that helpline offices also sell a kind of identify intellectually that means I have no business the because if they wanted to talk. To me, so then which outlined so somebody else can take that query important. Announcing is just that respect. So one thing we do in training different styles of questioning like. How do you help? PUPILS RE questioning and one thing took about an practice. Law is help offices asking questions because of curiosity. We don't get your your city questions, so it might be for example the scenario you're thinking you know. Oh, my goodness is like Really interesting for some reason, the other and you'll curious about something. We don't do questions just because it. Security thing has got to be about client is got to be about quarter on the end of the phone, and what will actually help them and I think that respect really extends to how we talk about people even behind the scenes. There is not a case where you I think that's a a a culture. Culture thing within H. We do not make fun of any issue actual enough, because if you think about it like, let's say even if there's something that you consider completely minor, and it can be hard your brand sometimes when you're going from like a super serious case of child sexual abuse, for example, and then suddenly you'll speaking to somebody who might have an issue that you consider that less important or slightly less. slightly less basically but the way we Kinda is if you had a broken tonight, and if I had a broken leg, just because yours is mobile convey, mine doesn't mean the mind doesn't have. Until we really look at it like no problem is too small. No problem is too big. Whatever is coming in, we treat it with just the same respect, so it might be the different prints of different fresh halls, but whatever that cool cooling with that is the most important issue while to them. That's how we treat people on I think this rate important to 'em, wages, culture, and honestly I think if we didn't have that, we shouldn't exist on. I'm really glad we do because I. Think Sexual an address you might have. You might have mentioned it, but I think it's important to kind of. Push on a little bit farther so in terms of getting over the hump. Shame guilt. Fear. Whatever else how how how do you see people being able to kind of? Get to that place. Well. I think it's I think it's most I think identifying in your own mind being able to say whatever is, he'll go through an often to do when you're typing than when you're talking, so say think all flights a great thing to do anonymous chat because it's easier to type something you don't have to say out loud your issue into, and then I think progress on a little bit more and. More help. I, always think therapy is a good idea, the great thing about therapy. It's your own space. Is Just you and one count? Not just means that you don't have to worry about what anybody thinks. You can try things out. See how things feel. Cost of. Her people the right there. A there is an although it depends, so it depends on what sorts of social therapy looking for one thing about Are Helping offices can help find the kind of help that you need. Tons of Costa Ross low cost options so there's I up the local government Local Council services which are designed to be quicker, so you don't need to touch with your GP. You just contact them directly. They be consolidated within a week, and then facing within a couple of weeks, which is which is the theory. I, think people have had different experiences of that. So when I lost use, it was fine. I was in a group therapy setting within three weeks. I think it was but definitely high trying to help find his tried in. Six weeks alone that which can be really hard when you have anxiety, issue, will something like that. So I think as well as trying not then also we do have a few people who offer low cost counselling, whereas just sort of ten pounds an hour as opposed to sort of sixty, which which helps. Yeah okay. I I as I said I'm close time I feel like we could do like three more hours of this is really is really interesting, and I think enlightening and an important as well. And as I said we didn't even get to. Talk about your own kind of journey towards working with them. Why agent and like you've you've mentioned you know the fact that you've you're in therapy and that you've got anxiety rose and I. Think I wanted to explore that bit further, but time is is is not going to let us unfortunately. But I'll say everybody piece. Good therapies wonderful. Advertising for ten pound therapy people can find it per hour Thank you very much, so this is this is genuinely been exactly what I hoped it would be which is just a really fascinating conversation about mental health and eight, and and just where things are like whenever we've spoken in passing about MOH, and just or the stuff is always I think it is really important and so necessary community service you guys provide, and and the fact that without you know organizations like. Like, God knows where the State of conversation around mental health and the Muslim community would be oveaseas so. Onto the team, and also it's really nice to see particularly in the last few months, the community so kind of a up of allies out there has always been a great advocate. Michelle suffice to doing that was I'm so consistently us all of course. Thank you when I'm not sure no I. think that's the that's the threat up. Thank you very much. All right take care. So, that was my conversation with Zora. Hope you guys found interesting enlightening? I think there's so much Tom Pack. When it comes to the topic of mental health, and and especially it's always. Interesting I keep going towards the white fascinating I apologize goes I, think I've mentioned before. It's like my go-to adjective, but. I'm foster. Although it's going after book recording like two days left of. But yeah, I think it's fascinating when you hear some of the. Case Studies and the stuff that people are going through and like the complexity of a lot of these cases like. Often it. It can be very easy to brush aside people's problems and minimize people's problems by when you kind of get into it, and you stop trying to problem solve and and hearing. It's just people are going through so much and I think says something very. Enlightening at the end, which was that each person's individual, you can't compare like like you can't compare a hairline fracture to like a complete break when it comes to a leg, but when it comes to mental health, and when it comes to people was kind of problems you you most definitely have to prioritize and treat whatever they're dealing with. As the most important thing that time, because ultimately, that's what it is for them and you can. Can think back to produce. You had in your life growing up, and you always think at a young age that are the was going to come to an end, because I failed my this exam Xyz, or whatever, and in hindsight you look back and realize the action you know life goes on, but try to tell yourself in that moment that you know your your friends laughing at. You isn't a big deal whatever it might be. And and you you. You can't look beyond it so I think it's really. Important as I, said it, it's such A. Duty on all of us, I believe in community and. To just one. That I've taken that bud from shoulders, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't. Continue to support them and. All. That kind of feeling with mental health and is. She says well something that we tried to the most invited. Give prominence and have those conversations as much as possible And what's what's amazing is that we're seeing the response from people when we all doing this? That people are really. Really kind of responding and Opening up and highlighting the fact. I think we've probably done a disservice for for quite some time. To this area. But yeah, that's it for another podcast. Thank you guys for listening Thank you subscribing. If you haven't already subscribe, please do and be sure to give us a five star rating on whatever APP. You use and For another podcast. Guys take care and stay safe.

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Good and Bad Habits

Elvis Duran Presents: The 15 Minute Morning Show

16:36 min | Last week

Good and Bad Habits

"There's a reason vitas care is the nation's leading provider of end of life care. We provide complex modalities that other hospice providers do not offer at Vitas. Patience Comfort comes first and we expertly managed aggressive symptoms in the whole or the patients preferred setting of care for more information on how Vitas can help you and your patient or resident Goto Vitas dot com slash advantage. To four would you talk about on your on your podcast? Strand presents. Morning Show. Kokomo to the PODCAST. Shifting clear on the show today now. Salivating at. Can think about is what I'm making for dinner. So, some of us have done better than others during this pandemic. Stress Eating. And Drinking too much in skipping workout. Those are my three problems. What are yours? Same three problems out a little bit of marijuana to that. Crazy. Brody. Have you fallen into any any ditches during the pandemic or you with you? Yeah. I take a three hour nap everyday and it wrecks my afternoon. Yeah. I'm staying up till like one two in the morning and the napping all afternoon I. Love it but it's ruining me brody. I'm getting email from you at one or two in the morning I'm like he's he's just not going to bed. Crazy. Garrett, what about you? I've fallen into a bad iphone into the device of buying sports cards again is just to like rip him open. It's like the thrill of almost gambling and almost going to a live sporting event I I'm convinced I could flip cards, which I'm sure I can but I haven't even started my Ebay. So I have this mound of sports cards in my house that I bought over the last three months. Is that an expensive hobby it does it does I almost have to. Like pull away because it's it I'm spending a lot of money. Now Scotty I'm sure you're masturbating more than ever now. Ask. So. It was going to ride my bike every day and I think I probably ridden four or five times in the last five months. So that's a problem I need to get rid of some of these pounds right now Gandhi? Anything. About any good or bad traits that you're a living. Good or bad? No I think I've really just gotten. So off schedule like I, kind of do whatever I want to whenever I want and I don't know how I'm going to get back into the swing of things when we're all forced to be on schedule in a building at a certain time like I get hungry now I get up and go to the kitchen and just make myself some food. It's great terrible from pants but great for everything else that terrible for my pant. Nate. Listen I had high hopes for this pandemic to do you know learn another language? Yeah we all. The only thing I've really done is grown out my hair and we see how successful that is I like it. I'M A fan. Thank you. I haven't done anything to it. So I I was told I need to get. treatment. No you don't do that. No No. NO KAREN IS GONNA mess up your natural curls anyone who has naturally curly hair and you'd put the Carribean, they always regret it that if you WanNa get rid of your curls look terrible. Afro Sheen. You might need a little bit. Right below Daniel good or bad. So I, I haven't on the Peleton all the time and I've been taking walks. So that's a good thing. I've been eating more than normal that the bad thing but I think I've become lazy with things like make up and like I'll get up in the morning and I look in the mirror and I go just a little Mascara we're good. And then. I don't WanNa. Do Anything I'll sit on the couch for like two hours reading a book. Go I know there's laundry to do I know I. should be cooking and. I don't WanNa do it. It's just a lazy factor. Walked through the House earlier and I was like God this place is a shit. Hole. Piled up I've got crap from the dogs they've eaten like. All I've I've got today I swore to myself. I would try to straighten up the house. What about? Yeah, of course, it has to. It's insane at least in the morning before I come on the air I have to put dishes. In the Dishwasher I have to do that knowing their dishes upstairs in saint makes me nuts producer Sam. Your your pitfalls in your highlights pitfalls is I think I've turned into Joanna Gaines but like a real bootleg version I keep trying to decorate every part of my house. So now I just have a bunch of furniture and accessories that I bought or recently purchased that don't need to use anymore William moved a giant picture to notice that there were three paint swatches behind it. He's like, Oh, so we're repainting now. You weren't going to tell me or like do this with me at all. So I'm holding furniture I'm having a blast, but my bank account isn't but on the bright side, I've been learning guitar and it's kind of working out so far. Yeah Sam. Yeah. Like like learning as in I pay someone money to teach me because I know me and I need a professional to guide me in this adventure. Good for you. So far out of all of us, Sam seems to be doing really well. Now I'm trying. What's your name Gains Joanna Gaines? She always brings home of that. Stuff that looks like it's been beaten up like shabby chic stuff. Yes Chevy's. Oh it is years ago comes to my six hundred square feet apartment and you'll see tons of it while we were echoing again. Y Y. All right scary. The good and the bad and the. Well, the the guide I picked up a new habit or new. Hobby. I learned how to ride an e scooter because I never written one in my life. But the bad news there is there's no exercise value in that. You just stand on the thing and it's Perfect for you contributing to the problem of the fact that at ten fifteen in the morning I'm eating lunch. It's a terrible thing. I have to break this mold because fourth quarter scaring to this. I leave your ten in the morning. I'm home at ten fifteen and I'm already eating breaking into lunch. We'll hold on then. So then you do you have another lunch and then dinner. Yes and that's the problem right there and I love. The laziness. You. Haven't had breakfast today. Yeah Egerton Fifteen lunches breakfast. Meeting terribly the radio station too. So it's it's a terrible like domino effect of bad food and bad decisions, and then at night I get so lazy that I just order ubereats or seamless or something. So that's pretty bad and then finally is my. The real ugly is I wear the same two pairs of jeans and the t shirts because I just don't want to think. That's what we're all going through. Same. We've definitely all gone into this phase of our lives where we just yes. Not that we don't care. It's just it is. We don't care I mean looking at sand she looks like a Supreme Court justice today. Thank you. Supreme Court I do as right now. Look guys fine. When you're going to buy something in a store, you go what the hell do I need that for and then I. Let me just get the yoga pants because that's what I'm GonNa be wearing. Didn't I tell you I had. I. Yeah. Let's talk about going to a store. I have a Tuxedo waiting at saks diagnose. Go pick up a Paisley Tuxedo what the, fuck. I was ready for. The Radio Music Festival. So went like make Alex Cook and then you come downstairs in a Paisley Tuxedo? Where to Home Depot? So only store I've really been two grocery store brody going to a store shopping. I, can't imagine like was it you that said a store? Yeah. ME I. Did. Stores my phone. See, but I've gone to get like to get stuff and when you walk into target like even they have like some cute clothes and shoes and whatever, and I go what the Hell am I gonna now yoga pants o a new start. Great a newsletter bear sneakers. Good. That's it. Nothing dressing nothing fancy clothing store yesterday I went to the gap. Now you have to tell me my wife made me get rid of all my cargo shorts Surf God. No One Bought new. Because they had a whole rack of employees soon there. Okay. Got In. There are always going to have cargo shorts. He's going to kill you because there's always gonna be guys like you that want cargo shorts but if the if that's what you WANNA wear. Who are we to judge at this point at which we judge? Good. What's? In your pockets. Pockets right now Scott of cargo today I just have my wallet and my Little Iheart Emergency Card thing and a couple of dollar bills and my keys. That's all today. Getting you got all the space though. Cereal Brody Wisconsin shorts all the time he loves them. For to years. Why Haven't been looking at your shortage fired. Oh. No I wait until they come back in style. Thanks to Scotty I could wear. Scotty brought him back handedly. I wear to amusement parks, but there's no amusement parks to go tos. But you don't go. Well. So here we are bitching and moaning about the good and the bad but there are good things that come out of this pandemic. Yeah, sure. I've been super creative through this pandemic I've been writing a lot more. I've been painting more I've been creating these little wire trees that I make a whole lot more and I feel really good about that. So no complaints there and fifty dollars last week doing instagram deliveries not. Good for you. started up again it's an addiction I can't stop. Shopping in a grocery store. Yes I love shopping. So it's the perfect match from perfect. That's awesome. I feel like I spent a lot more time with my family and it was giving me the downtime that I didn't have like we doing more things together more time at home I. Love being near when they wake up in the morning and helping them out with certain things it that I feel like is a total positive. saying we really more stimulation near getting with family. Gandhi, he's been moving around. She has three homes. He has three pen pals. Yes I do. And Sam's learning how to play Guitar I'm working on it. I'm just of out here in the middle of nowhere doing nothing you left out scariest cleaning out his fridge. Haley. Time. By the way we've gone how many minutes into the phone into the podcast eleven eleven. Brody and scary heaven started fighting all. Haven't spoken I gotTA. Give it shot out to brody because he moved one of my products on Ebay. I had the neutral at Rx from like several years ago and it was just sitting there collecting dust and brody's like. I think also for you. Got Seventy dollars out of the deal. Seventy dollars. Down a couple of months ago I would not do that because it was brand new when I did it for my I saw the. Swap? No. Commission was he shits on me on the air. Trade. got. Me On the podcast yesterday. Today on the air. That's my buddy. Smoldering. Guys my sellers got anytime. I have someone like, Hey. Scotty can you sell this and he says it for me just van Moseman boom we you know what ordered I. Think I told you guys I ordered one of those little biddy blenders. If you WANNA do a protein shake whatever. I ordered one I didn't know I ordered a pre owned one and it came is still had a shake in it. Was Disgusting and I only paid like fifteen dollars for i. just do it away. I'm like I'm not even. Sell that. Paisley suit for you. Know you guys remember when? I worked in this place called consumers, which was like a catalog ordering company before like we Avezzano. Catalog in person but wait we sell. Yes. So somebody brought in a kids potty to return our was we took back anything and there was poop in the body Nah source cash, SORTA, Gotcha, shameless gusting, and we we were like that was the one thing I think we did not take back where like I don't think we can take this bag because your child used it and you didn't clean it out. I'll sell it on facebook swab not a problem that's all well hold on what is facebook swap I've never heard of this. So there's a marketplace which is a general. Selling. Location facebook where about a fifty mile radius all the towns to contribute but then each town has a swap page. Newark hoboken swap is for the people live in hoboken and it's like Ebay but you sell to people you know because they're on facebook and verified. Your House and pick it up or you drop it off. It's a it's a safeway it's like craigslist but would identification I do that a few months ago and I got scared I told the guy he had meet me at the police station. It sounded like. Something we do have draw. Lace so scared. Did Wind Up, meeting me in this old truck and and you know he bought my bicycle. Hayes I bet he did drinking water out of my old Pizza Hut. Cups I love that it say penalty all white letters that are faded on the. Get you six bucks for that. Not. All right done. No. Painting. Thirty seconds right Oh. You don't sell a painting twenty. Of glasses like that like I have the old Burger King and McDonalds glasses from the seventies in the eighty s that my mother gave to me, I don't need a grimace glass Ma I don't need you know the cheese burglar, but apparently, these are worth money. Can. Hamburger. Life. Giving me this idea that I wanna I wanNA. Go to Rodale. Selfie. Puppet on even. Scottie and make it easy. Pleasure yourself with your. Then he puts it in the cargo shorts. Dick Purple. What are you doing? What are you going to do with a grimace puppet? Reminded me of a kid that plastic glow that you put on your hand. Goosebumps. Scary. His van. Oh. Amy's have you put that in the you know in the crawlspace. Yeah, exactly. Through this with no huge fights no bloodshed. Okay. y'All talked about the poop in the potty. The button. I'm sorry. So can't get out of here now. Yeah. The fifteen minute morning shell. Are you ready mistress the heads fixing podcast tuman men. Yes reaches as thrilling final season. This, wild not as you might quicker. If you saved. Must. From. IHEART radio and Goto productions Stephen this coming F- mighty and child a FIS destroy. She's dead. which came back, something is going to happen. You need to be ready from creators John Scott Dryden on Mike. Walker me. Because Greg, over, you are the hinge of history scrolls whenever about the past they were about the future. Season Four, take me to to Monday listen fully tim obey on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts what now? We wait. To in vain.

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Episode 21-7 Card Games

Rhythm and Pixels Video Game Music Podcast

1:23:26 hr | 9 months ago

Episode 21-7 Card Games

"All right welcome to them and PIXELS IT video game music podcast. This is episode world. This podcast world twenty one the episode seven of that world. It's getting a little out of hand. I've said that so many times but it's it's off the rails completely is the they'll say by the fact that the part here is that when we came up with these world design. I can't speak for you but I was like are we. We're not gonNA give past like world. We're over right like I was like. Oh I can use This this with the storage I was using at the time was from Google and I was like used this. And then that's good for like two hundred the episodes it's fine. No there's not a video game in existence that has had more world than we've been to at this. I hope so I I mean I don't know there's some long games right. Yeah but the nose gays don't have words they just have stages Lots of stages anyway. We're video game music. podcast where we you talk about Games End Music My name is Rob Nichols and I'm Pernille. We also talk about various platforming elements. Yes the gravity. In Mario Super Mario Brothers is very unique in that he drops faster than he goes up. I'm okay with that insists that is balanced out by the Fethi as inability to stop on a dime and he has a slow build up to a run. Oh my God marks memorial one silver hardest super. Mario game has ever been done along with the loss levels. Because because it's just memorial Mario one is yet because like you get to like world seven and eight. It is hard but like really a lot of that. I feel like with me the anyway. A lot of the difficulty Mario one comes because I want to rush through it so I'd never let go of the run button. Have you ever seen on speed runners go through like a full glitch list. Every every stage no warps. It's impressive because they know exactly like it's like a rhythm game at that point when to jump so that they can jump on the edges of the pipes with the With parental plants. They as soon as they landed on the brakes on the steps up to the to the flag pole. They don't stop they. Just keep jumping. As soon as they land they jump again. It's like Pixel perfect. It's crazy and that blows my mind so much lower dose levels. Were like the the the cheapest jump on the ground on a whim is like howdy. Saudi planned for that. I feel like because it's not random at least it's not all random they can know when to start getting there if they get there at a specific time. It's GonNa it'd be the same every time it makes really cool. That definitely played games. Where by hold it mostly games super meat boy? Where if you hold down run and you start as soon as the level begins as long as nothing in distinct deters your progress you will always get to this spot at this exact time which means the salt will be in this position? Thank you can plan for this right. Yeah shoved nights the same way I ought to speed running and shovel. Knight is is really cool because it's all designed so that when you get to specific rooms in specific areas it's like it's always the same. It's always the same bullet. Hell Games are also the same way bullet. Hell Games are not random especially the older ones the would allow the enemies are always shooting depending on where you are on the stage. Said you're always in the same spot at the same time the always shooting specific direction. You can manage bullet patterns much better. Oh it's all about that path driving the line coming back free deaths miles black label. I haven't played enough. Jeff smiles I think only really played bladed at your house. A game was brutal. I never really got into the horizontal. I find I find that super confusing to do the vertical shooters. I don't know why I it's just different perspectives. I'll admit but I could also imagine depending on how the game was like how hard it is. How difficult will be just like Al Certain bevy play? DDR hand like the air. That could go up or down. Okay Oh yeah you would think of a such a simple chain but no there were people like if you made them washed down they would just break the actually that brings up a whole thing on the the latest just It's called the K.. A. Tournament in Japan. It's the it's the Economic Arcade Kanani Arcade Championship. Yeah and so they had the TV our grand finals so Were held there in Tokyo. So the the point system. There's there's a specific times of the year that you earn points by completing sets of songs uh-huh around the world and then they pick the top like two or three players from each region of of the of the world to Japan and compete and Chris I I think he's from California. He won five years ago or four years ago and so he went up again this year too and he he won this year. So congratulations to Chris Cheek. He he's his timing is stupid because no one better than him but his opponent was from Japan and he read the the arrows is going backwards real so if you watch. The stream crosses eras we're going up in the in his opponents areas. We're going down and it's just like I think it's his touched how you learned. I started going there. He private trying to learn how the game worked at the national. That curve learning going nuts was breaking them something like try this option and make them go down. He's up wait a minute. This makes sense to me so that entire time he played me. We go in there. Always pick reverse arrows when he starts a game. Well so many other Konami Rhythm Games all uh all the the notes and things always scroll downwards so just makes it makes sense maybe just to do that. I'm Mike I've been trying to get a little better with. I've been getting inspired. Believe it or not by the listeners in the rhythm and pixels chat so I love how this is probably the longest lead ins we've ever had but it's good chat to me So we as people know I started getting to that weird game hermit thing where I didn't want to play games and when you went into the video game hibernation yes take a break take a break and I've still been in that position. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I want to boot something up but something interesting happened. This month. Born February happened this month for those not in the know fourth everywhere. He is a thing that people have been doing for years. Actually as a means to re through their backlog doc they choose the month February to play through a minimum of four games four games in the shortest month of the year. Why that makes his? I have literally no idea. You're in luck. I think this is a leap appear. Get one extra so I just kind of ignored it. I saw the post come in the group for so I saw the post. Come up and like am I playing being easy more and then people in the group started talking about like so. What are you doing before February? Everybody's talking about it and they're posting stuff like I beat this game I played it is gave. And here's the beauty of talking about games for big shock for me right. Listen to the show. Talking about games to me. Is the most fun one aspect of playing. I liked discussing gained with my friends talking through their experiences. So seeing people talk about the gays beating their feelings on the game playing it lit at a fire and I was like you know what. Screw this out beating the game this month. Play a game and beat it. What is it going to be blasted masters era all right at least that but then I also bought another game on a whim after? That called Kunai which I'm going to tell you. I'm early into started playing yesterday. I like it already Eddie. You play as the equivalent of a Amazon fire tablet in the future and you get like a Ninja to your Amazon on fire tablets. Ninja Amazon fire tablet and a metro. Vania style game. Don't hate that word is subjective is the word but you basically run around attacking sentient evil robots and. You're trying to help resist as retake the future from like it's like robots or whatever but the beauty of the game is at a distance. It's like the pets. Your first weapons of Catania absorbs life forces of robust. Yes how you heal yourself by defeating enemies. Oh cool early on you get KUNA taking the name of the game. That's that's gotTA. That's a good mechanic. I love it you get to Kunai one for your left hand and one for your right hand. And that's your grapple mechanic for the game so if you WanNa Climaco the core of burkle corridor you throw the right Kansas spring up nor to the left it pulls your Chani Chani doing that but I like doing fling thing over here and then it makes you get the slingshot yourself so you put them in both walls and pulled down launch up by the the motive the reversal the platforms reversal. In this game is a ton of fun and I've been enjoying it immensely since I started the play. Is it only on switch right now. It may be on steam to up double champion Yang. PS Four I would wager but I know on switchgear. That's where I grabbed in. This is the gym. I like who gonNA check that out. There we'll walk into a modern. Do Modern Indie platforming. I liked light. Sounds pretty good. There's so many of them actually work in our next episode. Maybe influential influential classics. Uh a better chain track list. Here's this about two thousand nine. Let's get started on today's topic. We're talking today about cards. The heart of the car. Yes is card games. The beat of the music so hard heart of the cart part of the cards a card battling card playing card trading right card anything card anything cards cards cards gas right car car cards idea like and I knew this would be a great the topic one because it was originally for the. We're going to have this week but then things didn't work out but this was going to be a good topic because I know when pronounce favorite Games for the NEO GEO pocket. That's right that's right and so I'm hoping he picks it I I will not oh come on. I didn't pick from that game. It'd be too easy. I didn't pick from that game because I thought you would. Just for the record. He thought about card fighters. Yeah a cake was a capcom vs K.. Card fighters clash Uh The the classic team up versus fighting game that no one asked for on the new. Gop everyone was so happy to get very cool game. Now what would you end up going there for first pick well. I'M GONNA go with an obvious one. That wasn't that one so the started off This is from trail of coal. Steel three and the track title is Vantage Masters and is composed by Hayato Sonoda and Takahiro. Only suge possibly only only one of them but at least possibly both of them the uh-huh and and uh-huh welcome back. You're listening to vantage masters Theme for the Game Vantage Masters contained within the game legend the trails a cold steel. Three though so funny goes by Hayato SEDONA aid or Takahiro Udi suge. So that's GonNa be a thing. How many how? How many game? How many how many tracks they're going to listen to our music that plays during parts of games within a game? I will say at least one more so this obviously visit my favorite kind of car game in the video game. I Will Admit Games where the card game is a fully developed card game but it exists within in another game so that the CAR Games meant Moseley to give you a break from the action of the main game. So you're not so it's not like final fantasy eight where like you're you're kind of doing this card game to get you can get extra items to do other things. I mean. There might be some sort of weird in game. Bonus you get four maybe sometimes. NBC's He's give awards. But for the most part I was just playing to get more cards so like what happens is early on in Colesville. Three in the new talented you start the game in. There is an national like item shop as also a card shop. So you go into the shop and you can actually buy pack of cars with the money or the game. And it's The lady gives is your starting delicacy wants to get you hooked on the game and then I love how they did that and then just like real life. Here's your here's a free. Pack of cars like NATO what they're doing it's like licking their lips waiting for you to get addicted to it but The sit down with these kids who teach you how to play the game and it's all generally fun game that gives it brings back memories of something akin to yu-gi-oh except the person with the life points isn't you. It's a car on the table So you have cars have fallen will bear a variety of different categories and classifications. Like fire cars and lifeguards. Water cars with and You also have a master Master Card that has a lot more life than the average cars the different ability but the difference is that that car is not off the table. You lose cigarettes. You let your king thing or queen or yeah so you're playing this game setting up cards that go into the front or rear for a line of the car battle table and you're also trying to link cars ago that can boost each other's effects like this car might who's this types cars attack fifty percent. It was sitting next to it on the table right the interesting little communists they put into this little simple gains amazing. It's a Lotta Fun like and while you can't battle every empty in the game there's a fair number number of Mexican you'll just be walking around a little icon over on Ballard. That Guy I'm supposed to be rushing to stop this battle from taking place but screw that vantage masters. Todd basically set it up. A year is is a lot of fun as always cracks me up about like those mini games. where it's like the main game is like you're trying to save the world or you're trying the do something bigger than yourself and it's huge and the stakes are super high? I can just hang out for a minute and play a card game or race choke Abo- or you know what they say they do. Some gambling. Healthcare is very important that this is an amazing track. This baseline is so cool. I love that Slap Bass Mary very neat. There's GonNa make you want to play a mini game. Aside from the mini game itself. Being punished the music during down and a lot of us a lot of them are compound fancy also has really great music. Has It's a good song to start off the the show with so my track's not all of them. I know anything about especially this one. This is is cards fight vanguard lock on victory for the Nintendo three yes possibly composed by Takayuki Negi. She not super shore on our and this is from cars fight three so this is a this is a series of games they started Super Nintendo. Track here the track I. That's right all right. We'll get there. Just talk about a game. I don't know anything about so vanguard another you're suspended advantage masters V. V might come back a lot more this episode the letter. V Cartwright three from card fight exclamation exclamation vanguard guard colon lock on victory for the Nintendo Three S. The yeah uh-huh yeah in. This is card fight three from card fight vanguard luck on victory for the Nintendo Three D. S.. Maybe Takayuki Makishi I forgot how I got. So that I think there were or a few composers on the soundtrack or for a previous game and his name was mentioned on a few of them so I was like. He's probably him again. And so as we have Takayuki Nikki she For the Nintendo Three S. And so I picked this because I knew I would like it because it sounds like the Falcon sound team. Yeah that's pretty good too. You sound like opening to spin jam yet waystation. Yeah it reminded me of an old Basically ps one puzzle hustle game. Yeah where basically sending bubbles into flower petals to pop the file pedals to its is weird but It was a great little game that was on a budget list at one point. What's the opening of this heavily? Reminded me of that tracks. Percents maybe Saint Component Star on Super Long build-up This whole soundtrack is super cool. Like the opening screen. The Menu selection the character selection all this stuff and this is really I I feel like a business business putting a question out to the listener base be point because for a while I kept swearing that vanguard guard was a reboot to a MEK anime. I watched way back in the day like but I think that the enemy I was confusing with one uncalled band. Dread which was a MEK anime in a world where now there was a show Ca- vanguard there was one called Also I think it was It was like a it was a divide between the sexes. There was like the men. That's best van Dray to those okay. There must have been the same thing. It was renamed in America because like they come across a man and who gets like capture or something. He's not different from the women captured the man and they're like Oh he's not a scary alien but in order to make the Super Big Big Mecca. The men and women have to work together. Yeah I'm saying that in the nicest. PG Way possible because the show is just. It's just it's anime. It's not like creepy and it's definitely a bit like the guy gets punched in the face off Baffin by mistake that kind of stuff. Yeah that that kind of stuff. What like Zyppah Matt Element? It was. Actually I remember thinking was pretty cool. Show back mission was really really needed was the like I kept confusing that with being guard so when I learned about this big arshile coming coming out of it. Wait a minute is this is like a child card battle reboot of dread which made no sense to me at all but if there's the enemy the se called Van Dread or vanguard that we're both forgetting about that was not about kids battling battling with cards. which is what this Bayan Guard is? Let us know we may find out before this episode releases them when we get to our respect Internet's but I'm the stuff now but I'm like I don't know what this is. That's fine. I though about bank guard is that's one of those typical shows where kids go to elementary or middle school and they just have also be playing playing this card game about Mex and like wizards and maybe there's a subplot involving world domination conquest. That can only be stopped by eight year old. What what the heck anyway? I think I asked you what not my watch this show because I realized that I have come to really enjoy watching shows where the cares are just playing games aims and discussing their moves like there was yu-gi-oh back beginning of that whole create one with the Ice Shield. Right the ice the football I still twenty one was great. Great that was. That was the first time I realized I could appreciate sports. If you make it flashes you make it flashy on the legacy music hour. This is one of the early early episodes from years ago. They talked about how it was like. I watched rocky for the first time in a never realized how exciting you know. Boxing could would be in a movie because in real life really very big hobby really got to really be into. I think it's like Like Professional Video Game Eastwards to I got another sport. You GotTa know the game. He doesn't know the game. It's hard to get into the the personal story of the people playing now about say they do. They don't inject the personnel of the people in the like. If you watch rocky I'll admit you know in rocky because you watch the sporty our thirty minute building to the actual quite July rocky spike to put food on the table home directed. TV's try to get for now. He's in the regular site to go get that money for TV Ginny win. The battle was white could afford to hab going into Labor out. His West can afford to watch cable exactly exactly like the way the normal box. All you see is like okay. These two guys were trying to knock each other out. He threw a punch it connected to other pledge that would didn't connect like there's no stakes in front of viewers. Just like ed or parts of it in the violence doesn't do anything for me either. Like the ultimate fighting stuff. It's like. Oh Oh he doesn't like I I'm not I don't know what I'm looking at so I just see just like a like a bar fight you're gonNA ring it doesn't make any sense to me okay so if you take this logic to something like this right like well obviously there's no like Thursday quivalent so let's say you're Atlit Card shop in downtown in keizer playing Yuya. You just watch kid play a card supporters like okay how I'm GonNa Count Him play. This cars like they're playing a game on the show however there are stakes because they have world domination or the world ending as a result for the main bill winning. The hero has to win. An addition we have dramatic music music. So when a car gets please What's going on? And then every characters like gasping and her eyes are pulled he just played happy. Cat's happy CATS WACO attack mode. So what you're saying is that kids are playing these games completely wrong but you have to. Do they have to play their card. And Yell out the name of the Carton and then your opponent has to go and then they have to have at least two friends behind them to comment on everything they do. Believe in yourself you can do it all my guy. He just played unhappy cats. What the heck is happy? Unhappy cast the carpet when it's blatant attack mode. And he goes feral and attacks the first two enemies in the fan ain't garden line on the opposing side. Makes them go feral. They make some turn on the opponent against ridiculous. What is I mean? Obviously where to go exaggerating exaggerating but at the same time. I think there's something to it and like the last example. You mentioned is he'll twenty-one ISO twenty one air literally playing football like if you took out the weird animations nations like the goofy names for the special things they do. They're playing football. The Devil Bats special movie talk about most of the Devil Bat dies and they have like combat kind of spreads its wings and like the animal. Fat It's amazing. What you know what it is is literally running back jumping the one that is literally the move and yet they have a name for habit animation? They make dramatic sure. There's one moved always Islamics. I wonder if it's even a legal move and football but It's not rodeo drive. Wherever the one the lanes attack or something something something Lance night lanes but the guys stupid extract long arm grabs? The guy is like Jackson Mike. That's not legal. Yes it's holding. That's not legal. I can't do that also. Probably ruin your fingers. Oh but he's animated. He's got super. He's got the rocks fingers Twain Johnson's his fingers and they make such dramatic and emissions. Like he's like one just back in his muscles. katori point army stint ridiculously elongated arm. And and they still don't like the animation of an actual lance piercing the opponent. It is crazy what it makes. It really excited to watch and I was real football. Did that Man I I wish real sports too much more than two but you know what. I don't think it would change how I feel. But what's your next track down. I'm really curious about at the Games that they chose from. Well once you learn the monument. Oh this all make for The next track picked is is inspired by one. A Stephen Miller. Because that's part of what made me want to think about this topic in the first place is comes from the game with your three. Oh right and it's called back on pat composed by Marcin frisbee Priscilla which eve kneel at last week or the week before you got that name perfect this time this time not so much. That's called all lack of sleep baby. Alright UH UH yeah and yeah sir. Yeah and that's what it's called battle devastation been done now. I remember however but I'll still populated could ask for the song itself. This is back on path from the game with your three wild posed by Marcin Priscilla which Bam and your face. He couldn't even pronounce his own name as well as you pronounce that name to ask. Ask if he disagrees wrong. Yeah so back to back to his other names Smith. Everyone's got a fallback name. Marcin Smith so the reason why I picked this track. Yeah I've honestly yet to play this is specifically because the Steve Miller he talked about the witcher three on our games of the decade episode submitted that track and it got me thinking about the witcher again because quite frankly Gli I've wanted to ear more of the music in this game even came close to interviewing this guy but just didn't pan out because it was hard to get coordination in with their like their publicists or whatever that's amazing It's very it seems like authentic period. You know really really all all the instruments sound authentic which is really great and like this. I just want to try this but the problem is the game itself is so daunting to start art from a time perspective. y'All people always say I don't want to start watching one piece because it got nine hundred episodes. There's always time it's GonNa take the witch's huge which is a huge game and when you you started to settle in for a minimum of one hundred hundred toss a coin to your to the witcher. You toss a couple days across a jar of coins here Richard Time Time but the funny thing about it is that there should be nothing really preventing me from at least playing gwent. Which is the card game that is played while this track is playing an given tavern because the Disney would being the game itself I actually went and bought physical versions of both sets of decks frequent one of which I got? I wanted it so badly that I bought. DLC for version of the game. I didn't own and then gave it to a friend. I think Chris Baines two years ago for Spain's he wants it back you know yes he does. I WANNA hang out with Chris Betas. I'd like it's just a guy still wanted to call one of the cars that Bali and that means we can play the card game this versus card against us one V one one or two cars ready to go. We can even have our little phase in phase out battles or whatever it'd be amazing Have you tried the tried the TV show at all. I think he'd enjoy it. I kinda WANNA started the last couple of weeks or so. I've been having random encounters with folks yourself includes lose on this actually where I'd be like Windsor. Either they'll be talking about it and I just over here or they'll mix it to me like you just did and I'm like how much does it time to the game. Like no not really not at all or somebody say even played the game. I've never played the game but the show was finished it. I even heard people say that right. People was an article written that the sales of the witcher three in the hours play the witcher three on steam skyrocketed when the when the TV show. Because if I was like open to playing games this but just watching the TV show. And then I was like. Wow this is amazing. Heard it's based off game. How's the game and everyone's like it's fantastic and I'm like oh maybe I should try the games hook? It's a good job doesn't surprise me. Yeah it's a great great point so I may well just end up watching the show at some point some getting into like TV shows again as well. Yeah except for the good place which fighting the urge the White House. Last two you came into the house we were watching Brooklyn nine nine with Jerry crews Terry crews atom Injury Andy Sandberg anything break. And he's very very funny And you still haven't started that yet have you. I have not. I have a surprising number because I wanted to show Choi Show. Because it's quick it's like there's the autumns Brooklyn nine nine Pairs Eureka type on. They want to start watching. I started out like ages ages ago though. That's an older one isn't it. Yeah there's like supernatural. Which is wrapping up? Please I gotTA finish up high score girl. I'm still watching anime about like the the people hanging out at the arcade good too legit good Does that poor game shop anime. I've been trying to start up whereas literally just middle school and high school schoolgirl's I came in. which is a to fail at this point with these shows but they go to board a board game shot and play actual real board games? Okay and they talk about them and they try to break the rules. That makes the rules. I also want to resume watching no game no life because even though I don't like creepy subplot that takes place. To general show show is really awesome is an enemy. It's Nana's But it's like we were talking about before called Games where the premise which is a premise. I wish existed in real life. A why is that the characters get beamed to a magical world. They'll say is Kyw they call it where being this magical world where there's like elves elves ORCs and all that and there's magic and the like but battles don't exist there's no fighting because all fighting is done by games like literal magical games so these two characters come into this world and they are liked stupid good at breaking dissecting game rules and winning so they ended always like magical game battles. They have to learn the game's rules and win on the fly. I guess these people who are trying to cheat them and stuff like that. It is really cool. So so classic anime of people who get beamed into another world where the thing that they're good at is the thing that's going to save the world no matter how weird or manute minutiae like tiny. It is. It's it's going to be the thing what are you doing. I'm while I'm not very popular in school. I've just really okay. It using macro may I can I can spit reasons in the air and then catch them in my mouth again. It's like Oh my God in this world that's how you powers the magic engine. That's what fights Dragonstar the dragons. Did you know all right. So my next track is coming from a game you might know it's Pokemon card. Gb to WHO booklet is blue. This is G. R. King Battle composed by Ichiro. She Mukuru Yeah uh-huh in the report mm-hmm you're listening to. GR King Battle from the game. Put Him on card. GB To for the game boy color composed by Ichiro. She Macara Currah and Shima. Kara is putting the Gameboy on a journey with a song. Let your mazing. I had to get that. The electric blew up. Maybe our listener electric electric Google. Who is actually the second iteration of something very positive? He's he's robot he's like version two or electrical. Maybe he had a break. Inexperience is ownership. Oh my gosh yeah. He's answer maybe we don't know anything He would not tell you donald making jokes about him. I like that guy. I'm saying why this is. This is a fantastic track like the it really goes like on a completely tells a story from start to finish. I think that's a thing with some of these card battle games because you're just choosing cards to play waiting for the computer to pick one to play against you but that's all all the charm you need. Yeah so fun so but like because of that. I feel like the songs are a little bit longer. Like even some of these classic tracks this one here I. It's it's it's long is there's there's there's a section there's another section it's almost like a verse and then there's that ending bit without harmony so cool the hunters any though the harmony I wasn't expecting and then there's the melody at the very very end right here with me so good it's only this little little section it's only for this little section. I'm genuinely fond his friend and it makes me sad imports elevator. But if I play I still have the original like Pokemon Card battle title game for the game boy color at home and I like the pogrom on car game. I like Card Games in general just wish. I didn't sucks sucks so much creating decks apart I got him. I've played them more if I could've bought it. It's it's a skill like being able to to see like see. See the whole picture in front of you. How the game's going to play out? How would play out is a skill? Because I don't have it I don't either if you give me a pre-built Dick I could make sense of what's there and yeah but if you're like hey pernille here. Five thousand cards of those five thousand cards. You've acquired twenty five hundred of those twenty. Five hundred mega cohesive zip deck. NASA's forty of them are playing hard stone on my phone like I'm so early in the game where it's like. I only have so many cars to choose from and I'm like Oh this is fine. I'm playing it's the computer here. I'M GONNA start playing against people I I feel like these cards will work for me but I know that if I spend like five dollars and get like one hundred cards I'm going to be super confused I'm just never gonNA WANNA do that. That's what I meant now like I bought. I bought multiple yu-gi-oh game multiple every single one of them including the switch game. We need to start messing war with the same play out that gives you a starting deck of cards. Forty play matches in them winning. Get a pack like I'm winning. I'm just winning winning big pack of cards of that pack of cards I can easily put like four the cars into my deck and I got forty four cards another pack of cards. There are few more wins. Another four cards slapped him in the victim has sixty cartridges. Usually the Max I can come up. I'm like okay that got us a tremendous day injecting more cars. This is where I break because I can't just add more. I have to trim and to maintain a good strategy as I trim and rebuild right and if you ask them to take a brand new deck of cards urging creek that and that's the game falls apart when the enemy start using dexter stronger than what I've got. I can't create a new one. That has a national strategy. Decipher Monster does damage part. It's tough these Games are hard. They're they're really hard yes they are ever seen like. I remember when I first heard about the the card The POKEMON Card Games. Coming on the Gameboy rather like Pokemon card games like it was going to happen. That's that makes sense. But for the Gameboy or for whatever like it seemed like superfluous to me like the have POK Mon.. You're choosing a POK mon.. You're choosing the attack and they fight eight and this is a card game in so I guess you choose a card and then each is an attack in the fight. Pretty much always chuck. What if the idea of card game the video card game based on the car gave me some of the video game based on the team the other way around the TV was business video game? I'm waiting for the game. It's based on the movie. That's not based on the video game is kind of has the characters from. I duNNo. Sure it's coming it's coming but we need is one live action. Pokomo what I'm talking about. Because I haven't I haven't played a lot of these begins at the tax work in this game. Is that You've played pokemon. POKEMON has two to three attacks below. Its picture or the POLKA. monoplane honor playing cards. No lastly shortest price on Berenguer wake up. Poke ammonia playing poker with your traffic carrying a deck of cards. Your peekapoos carrying a deck of cards. I gotTA shoot peak itchy. Shoot tickets you out. Oh my God I got cards. POW be a dark version of this the where the pokemon are playing poker on the card game. I'm using cars. That contain the souls of their POK. Mon Brown There you have to actually save in release the pokemon souls winning battles against Kokomo you right to the dark place this you have to. You got sold cars. I was just thinking like Pokemon have cards of trainers on them. That would be cool right. But they'll be pretty hilarious like you have the all the different traders you come across in the roads like quaker Judy. I've played biker. Ginny what does Becker do pedals. Very fast as she's gotTa do damage. The crash occurred bike into Baker. Jeff I'M GONNA have my trainer evolve into something rather whether you have to do to do that. About fifty million years. Maybe he'll evolve. And how does the Ball Ball I. It's GonNa take two hundred and fifty thousand pokey dollars about four years of education that he might evolve from Baker to a sous chef. Jeff Jeff Jeff Job System All right so what is your on your final track last track which I'm having trouble with choosing it still focused on poke them on the trainer battles game which needs to exist now. Yeah I like this comes from the game trainer card battles. Yeah Trader Card Bells. You're playing the trainer's not Polka Moon. It God make this Game Happen Cola. Lock on Victory Laco Laco because with the game separate bolt on and did not take and the title is called battle. Victory in sight composed by Kizito in takaona tycoon TACO. Yeah the AH I welcome back. You're listening to innocent battle. Victory in sight from the game called set revolt composed by Kenji Ito in Chamie TACO. Visit a cool. I like all other though the horns that the brass section in this thing reminds me of slate. Sport that sports Like ban you know like high school marching band at a sports game. I think that's that's a very good thing to be reminded of here specifically because of how the track is utilized in perspective game so call set for you. If you listen to this show as a fervent. Listen you should definitely know a goal. Sept- is because I think I obsessively talked about it. The past what. Just in case called set is a franchise that's almost a combination aged magic the gathering meets monopoly the monopoly and which magic users or magicians as they would be called circles battle for dominance on a stage by summoning monsters from their deck of cards to take control of various landmasses which it's then can request a toll magic energy from passer bys who deem the desire to land on their tiles be jerks but the negative effects and stuff right. Exactly you can have spell cards you can play where like simply siphon. The energy from space theater from others coal set majors but for the most part it really boils down to replace a monster on this property to claim it and then going to upgrade the property with four warehouses that request more magic when you land on it but then someone space rather than just be forced to pay. You can see some animosity to fight for control of the property. Oh well that's cool. I like that. So it's like So your house. You put a house on park place to charge rampant in this one. You're actually putting a demon in upgrading crane that demand to charge more yet blood. Yes literally but you can lean on that space and save. My House is better than your house and it will fight your house to the the death you have a real estate battle battle. That's amazing and is the dictates of fun and but was happening as far as like this goes like one of the main differences. This is this has a monopoly which has for people in the board game community no monopoly kind of trash these days for like how it plays in like how long the games takeover won one. This game does that makes it a little different. Honestly better is that additional wing condition is as he the only. Because you can't bankrupt somebody and win you have to get a certain amount of magic energy and then cross the starting point so when you get to the point where someone on the board at the threshold for like okay. This guy has managed to win the game the music shifts over to like these incite victory and site tricks and the case a busy battle theme. This is the Victory Siping for this style. Battle time to go go about the wind gusts break his kneecaps quick. But it's addictive gave but it also leads me to an interesting story. That comes to play where I was talking earlier about. How I'm terrible at constructed decks and I get really you're You cost you I I I think what I actually had a little bit. Better than this game because I was able to focus on like elemental deck. So there's four elements in the game. Earth fire wind water. You know the usual four so the idea to do the focus yourself choose choose two of those elements and make deck specifically built around those red. Because even if there's an element or property you want you can always use magic to change the element of the space to a different so you can focus focus on a specific strategy but then you can spend points or other stuff that sort of competent exaggerate now. I was still struggling. ruggles bit but for me. I was having fun listener. Mike Myers was playing his game back with on the third three sixty. We used to play together but then when he decided to do he. Yes this penchant for just breaking game rules and saying screw. These rules are stupid. So what he'll do is he'll do something that kind of goes against the principle how the game aim is designed to play in win and the case of this game which infuriated tons of people on the Internet. He built a deck that had no monsters in which means he never it took property. which is the core of the game? The core of the game is walking around claiming properties Ming charging tolls never did that so with his deck. It was solely focused around stealing stealing. All the work. Other people did crushing their properties. Clever dealing. They're mad yeah so he just walk around the wave of people to do stuff and they just siphon their magical away and then he would just crossed the finish line with no properties owned in win eight. People were raised. quit on him yell at him. Wallison evil me a message like something about like. It's like it's annoying to get you know like effect back in the x sixty days. It's a No. It was annoying to get like hate messages. It also felt kind of good wondering to know that you hit somebody so heart send you racial slurs over the Internet and it happened to be more than Utah. Yeah well typically they hear my voice you hear my voice a lot of people would just one of the guys black. I have online at ease against him. And you're like oh you're are really clever. Clever what that means I got your Skater Doc. Behind out there fighting games plays here. I used to get that a lot in street fighter for like I would. Ah Take someone out with the i-if able and I would. I would have like sequences where like people just couldn't move. I would just getting zone. I'm just predicting the next step. The person who's GonNa take and just knock them down knock knock knock them down and now. We'll get like cheap player doing that. Move over and over and I was like I just knew what you were going to do. The move works. You can't fault them. Problem is that they were doing the same thing over and over again stop jumping stop jumping and trump and that calls into question the thought of like was it. What do people call it right corner? Greg Cody Lock them in the corner was the technical term for that. When you walk in the Corner Yeah when you beat a guy in the corner of the can't get out and you just like pummeling them so he can't jump up to get out in the corner? Control is to control a lot of people would call that chief of seeing people call us kept me locked in and get out I get and maybe some gains. Maybe just not built well to account for people getting options to get out of set corner like maybe like combos. That can't be broken. That sort of thing. Yeah but a Lotta time. It really is just a person that just isn't skilled enough to know. That's where he started. come up with those like roaming cancels perse pushing back out of corner. It all has to do with like your knowledge of the of your character. The knowledge of the other characters how streetfighter specifically as a game of space control controlling this space on the screen. I'm getting your opponent to a specific range that they have fewer options than you do And stuff you can limit their options than you can have a better chance of keeping them in your space. And that's why I like street fighter and why it's so hard to get into a competitively. Because he knows so much about it and then all of the the hand eye coordination to to to employ to actually do those things and the part. That's Kinda why like Kokomo too. Yeah right poke them on to me is fighting games for people who aren't coordinated so you know what that's true right. Yeah because worry about doing quarter circles in in in little dash move and stuff or even just the timing of this this literally just I have a stable of monsters. Who have these moves that are meant to compensate for these things while also providing a viable strategy doing damage to as many types of teams as possible report shows with their team? You're like okay trying to put this into practice. Yup Not a pivot if you see a guy. Come up with something that you'd expect him to use. I hit my team account for event. There's a really weird dance that comes from polk Amman battles and the only detriment. I've ever had to them this just the time. I am required to make pokemon which I'll admit they cut back so hard that is gut diculeng easy to make Polka Montes now compared to how it used debate. Nowhere riding your bike in circles for like thirty minutes once my last trip Pokomo on every ride your bike and Liz on Barry Played Pokemon pokemon harder harder. Poke poke poke them on pokemon harder. The the Too fast to pokemon. Now I'm GonNa go with this one. This is from the game name Wrestle Angels Double Impact for the PC engine so there's a whole series of wrestling games classic Wrestling Games on the on the FAMICOM and end the turbo graphics or the in Japan that is there is a fighting game of wrestlers. But you don't actually control them. You play cards and so this goes way back. This is track number four and the composer is unknown. Do Not oh I gotta listen to more unknown unknown character. Yeah Yeah the yeah. Ah Yeah Okay let's go. Let's go to a little repetitive. It it doesn't matter it's really neat by the best game boy. Game tracks for example were quick. Repetitive hoops good care. But it's it's fun. I love the little drum break. This is track number four the game wrestle angels double impact for the PC engine composed by unknown. But I love that sound like the delete. It kind of keyboard sounds yeah it sounds really cool echo on it. So yes a wrestle angels. I have never heard of this game of my life. Say is a series of wrestling games on the FAMICOM and the PC engine where he played cards instead of controlling the character. All your moves. It's essentially like it's almost like like a hard game war replay card and it's like higher than your your opponent. It's also like Kinda like battle con the card game. We played a couple of fighting in game. But all your moves are done with cards. Exactly where you only have so. Many cards is almost like a rock paper scissors tournament. Guess what you're GONNA play but it's all takes place in this world Like female wrestling where they're all wearing like seductive outfits and things like that but it's assisted. It's the turbo graphic. So it's like you know it's too pertaining knowing nothing. She she is all. Yeah it's it's cute so And it was popular. There's a lot of these games really never heard of this at least to the the second one. There's a there's a few and there's a few special editions that came out too so maybe I was at assume it's probably Popular Manga. That was turned into a series or vice versa. Vice versa could be But I I knew that you would appreciate a good pnn engine track I wanNA negotiators anyway. Fan Translations type played only retro. There could be. Oh I just learned. Argh I'd just I saw finally saw the preview for the announcement for the double dragon again. Kunio Kun Buddy set. I mean it's not going to be like the super fool of features and extra. I'm sure but they're going to have localized Kamal. Cuneo Games although we never got and this is a great idea like a buddy wait a second time mixing the episode so rather like before time he He had the the move. Because it's like maybe last February Mike Myers came to visit and he brought his Japanese copy of this game with them for the PS four. We've dabbled in Kuku collection so we played it in and we were discussing wise. Drop a drag on yet for good drag it. As Asi originally part of the Kunio Kun series uh-huh America was called Double Dragon but Also like renegade if you remember in a renegade was in the series to and it was the first thing I remember being like Bob River city ransom. Tom and was a dodgeball so familiar but they were all like the kind of in the world so I we played it then and they had had English versions of games that already had English translations and again that didn't have English translations from where I did. Not which sucks really kind of dabbling in those games. But we didn't know what was truly going on was at work that's gone but it was just something I even back down like. I really wish this came out in the states because it just makes so much sense is an easy day one purchase purchase. That's really exciting. And it's coming out to you know if the if the Double Dragon Games are the games or the arcade games any s wins for sure. That's good I don't remember if I came. Remember there's an arcade was on her by no the ESPN. I I'm not a fan of the Double Dragon. Arcadian very slow. I agree with you clunky. It looks cool. But it's clunky that carries all like large sprite. Hit Him while he looks large to compensate by them. Being is kind of a double dragon to any s being confused as a kid why they looked like that but they looked look closer to the arcade counterpart also adds up. CBS Game like the First Double Dragon. The edit the heart systems he could level up the learning moves out. That was cold. The original is no game devils. None nothing like that occurred. Nope it was just left to right. beat him up and then the second game. I never played the second game arcade version. I'm in either but I think there. It was a third arcade one number. There might have been there wasn't Allen was there at one was that we everybody hated because no one can beat. Yeah that's very very difficult. I finished IT I. I don't like there are games. I swear when people bring them up like I beat that but I have to openly admit I know I finished it but it was also likely in part because I was a child we had if amounts of time to master at the time and by master we mean memorize learn. Cheap moves learn how enemies these came out and win because now if I go double dragon three yeah I beat that game using save states using every cheat I could find. Stick it it. I'M GONNA turn these track down and we're getting into the bonus relic record knuckles as right Bubba Bubba Bubba abode Iran and and the bonus round is part of the show replay covers and remixes and arrangements on our theme. We also play like curiosities tracks with vocals also in in weird weird versions of songs that we don't normally see so or if you're a personnel and you came across as we know it maybe no I'm GonNa go with the personnel and the only thing came across that you were going to play with a trap remakes from Louise's casino on supermarkets before Ds. You like I don't think I really WanNa play that now. That's that's that's fine. You know if that's not your not your jam. I'll play it. Listen to it again so like it's going to play another additional track for the show. Okay but we'll mention that is out there if you WANNA listen to it. The Trap Remix for Luigi Casino for Super Brasi for DS. One I don't remember 'cause I didn't write it down because I was like listen. Listen to like you know I don't want to. I don't like this very much at the same time. I liked Louise Casino so but I figured out show or something for the episode suit but the actual track. I'm playing now Is from game called rains. Her Majesty is called Emotional Labor posed by Jim mm-hmm So you're welcome back. You just listen to new emotional labor from the game rains her majesty composed by Jim Guthrie. I originally played this on them. Ten switch under the Game Rain rains kings and Queens by believers also when steam in possibly mobile Why would I pick this track for an episode devoted to car gays? Well what I conflict. This might be the only theme I can think of in the near future where this would even fit but the privy to the game. I've always found to be especially interesting in that. You are a king working who exist making proclamations and all all of your proclamations are done by swiping cards. I'll attender. Oh okay. That's right. I thought this unfamiliar Yes. So there are four four categories. You're trying to manage finance military strength faith and I can't remember the last one was something and every time you make a proclamation. The Nation by Swiping right or left on persons request. You are either raising or lowering one of those bars. Those bars get too high or too. Hello you immediately lose. We played this at Thanksgiving or one of the last holidays. And and my cousin Rachel Christie was playing it on her really. Yeah it's so funny as you messing it up or like she kept trying to do. It's it's really difficult it's surprisingly challenging and there's a guy weird added sub element to they. Add to the game or gets for the purpose of just like giving an overarching play. which is that every time you lose your character is killed or beheaded and then and your consciousness is placed into the mind of the new Regal Roller so retain your memories but you keep going as if you were a new new ruler and starting over again as like a new thing? It's like you're starting over again. Is The new ruler as a new ruler. Except you have all the memories or the past. Because you're the one he played it exactly and they like this weird element near where it was like a demon. WHO's like you're trying to stop him or you're trying to like find the truth of self something regarding this demon and then we can really do? It is by deciphering weird series of like puzzle requests that when they come through in the cars you have to know which ones are which in this wipe them properly to lead yourself down the road to eventually get to this point because sometimes you'll make a request you'll get a request and your decision. We'll come back to bite you later later because you might say. Well there's somebody that we need military dis- countries coming invasion. Now you'll need to do that like maybe ten requests later military that country. Yes he does invade the country. It's like oh well you need to sacrifice your lead priest or villages wherever you're going to do that and then you take your religious Agai- Eh. That's funny it's a ridiculous cool yeah have to look out for myself and try that out. And that's that's on the phones to write on the phones. I just like picking Komo tender quest. Okay so my next track. And we're redoing this again because I discovered that the originally chose was a meam from Brazil. Still thought it was a voice actor singing card capture secure a very very. It was a very drunk man from Brazil. The theme Song Card Captors Curragh. So we're not gonNA do that instead. We're going to fall back on what I thought Cornell was originally going to pick from that is S K versus Capcom Card. Hard fighters clashed for the neo. Geo pocket color which is a great game with an amazing soundtrack. And this is the track called joy. Joy which I think is from a location like arcade Kaid location and the game. Yeah there's like different billy's you go to throughout the course of your playing the game battle people enjoy -joy appreciate one of those buildings. Oh yeah this this is a this whole thing is what actually play them favorite track on the spike in a previous episode. This is the psycho soldier remix so cool but this is this is a really Ni one. It's really cool. Sound chip on on the machine too so this is joy from essence gave versus Capcom Cart fighters clash. Yeah Eh This is joy joy from essence versus Capcom Card fighters clash for the NEO GEO pocket color. I love how the the Neo Geo pocket sounded like a really clean like Sega. Master system almost had like the same channels but like the sun a lot cleaner. You know. Lack clear nucleus radius because it was in Stereo just got me thinking like while this track was playing Robert mccarter fighting and this has been years since that bought the game and then never bothered to mess with it because it got a lot of bad press back then but now getting the static for not this car they made a sequel for the nintendo Ds but when it came out they didn't play tested all the way through so there was an actual game breaking glitch where there was an empty. You need to talk to a certain point in the game. The had the battle Hymn win you progress further into the game right but due due to how they program this glitch you were never able to trigger that battle with him for some reason so you can never beat the game. Oh Wow the post game so you can never get through the game. You never get through the whole thing because this empty was just broken. Yes that's a sham. So they eventually patched it and really re release the cart because back then you couldn't patch games on the fly right as some people had cartridges. That just couldn't finish the y'all wow I have the copy of the game but I never did check to see if I had the version. That wasn't born us now. I'M GONNA go hang up curious. Oh Wow that's really you can look at like a serial code or something on it. Yeah there's like a picture of the car that's fixed and like the pseudo code on it in addition to like some of the cover art is a little brighter than the other house off the ticket. Up while for more information on the bonus. Round part of our show which is not glitched good rhythm in pixels dot com and you can go there to complete the game why more information on the artists and tracks and everything you need to know and and she coats now all that she thanks for joining us on episode twenty one dash seven of rhythm in pixels where we talk about Card Games and card games and video games video games have card games. He's in them in card with also videogame. That have card games do also have card games inside the video game and Games. We're the card game is all in your mind the entire time. It's all in your mind. Pernille Dojo Casino. Stretch Joe Casino. It's all go. Your Chop Chop Chop Chop it's deal deal deal deal master poker deal-deal master onion right like that actually know didn't that happened in Parabas to chop onion became like a gambler. Nah I that was just an Jammie. She linked she had representation. Mount like statement like lodged in her head that she would just constantly repeat when she needed help. Like battling to stay late guitars in my mind so like she's GonNa stage level like for example. I don't know like to make a new guitar She's out in the woods. He's like okay. Well you can chop down the tree and we can make you a new guitar. She's like I've never either the chase. Don't you casino. It's all in the mayes guitars it is. He's playing the guitar because he's president. That's where I remember different this because he used to be like the masters the DOJ oh and he became like a gambler or something but he can't gamble anymore so no the Doj Oh and the casino taught by chopped. Onion is just like this old crazy man. I love who me too. I just want to play those games James Now because they've tried to rematch the first game and it's hard doesn't quite work so like all the way to get the fulfill. The bill of a game is asking. Go back and play on the. PS Two on a crt yeah you have to play on a on a TV like an old school TV in order to get the timing and everything correct other and even then it wasn't really like matched up super well but that's when you got stupid freestyle like I learned that the best way to get combos with tip play to your ear not into the buttons on the screen. We don't time it with the buttons time to sound just hit the right buttons right because the video wasn't all matched up that well anyway A lot of those games were like that But we love them anyway. Better believe I'm rob played through Anthony and I played the first PERHAP- wide picked it up from the store. Went to his house. Played The whole game in one city obsessed with With some fifteen sixteen years ago we had some friends come over at Christie's department and I found Parabola at a flea market and I was like. Oh this is great until we're just hanging out in like eating pizza or something I just put it in and I just play through the whole game right there and I was like wow. This is really rude instead of like talking the people now they got entertainment them. Watch me play through Parabola. They were entertained. Anyway if you'd like more information about the show in my parabas skills okay good check out our website rhythm pixels dot com. And if you'd like to send us an email that's the best way to get a hold of if you have. Maybe a track suggestion national topic suggestion. Or if you just want to say some nice stuff and we do read all of our emails of Nice emails. Really Cool top suggestions to thank you. Andreas Milberg for that. But yeah please Tennyson. Email to our email address. Redman pixels at Hotmail DOT COM. You can see us on facebook and instagram twitter. It's usually a rhythm and pixels all one word digging to search for us and you and you'll find us there. You can check out our youtube page. YouTube dot com slash rhythm in pixels. We have a twenty four seven live stream of music playing all the time. I'm it's all eight bit and sixteen bit classics and deep cuts and we also like to thank all of our Patriot members at the end of every episode Patriot Dot dot com slash. Rhythm and pixels. He can help us out there. You get access to a prequel episodes every week The day before the episode's come out which is Kinda cool and access to a month the livestream where we record. Show with you guys in front of you guys. It's kind of like a window into my office. And I make reared googly. Ugly is can we can look at you and you can look at us and sweared anyway. If you want to support us that way it's Patriot dot com slash rhythm in pixels. And we'd like to thank that Nick. Walker Mike Myers Johan Peres right Hartselle. Cova Andreas Milberg Dan. Loughton Phantom Jest. I Steve Miller the autistic game eighty nine cameron warm christoffersen Strom Bobby Arson of one up Funk in wicked suffer all okay Impala Kung Fu Carlito from the heroes three podcast Michael Bridgewater from the forever. Sound version podcast Brian. Chris Murray Hick from Cave E. G. M. The last wave a fantastic video game music. PODCAST so definitely. Check that out Bruce Irons of the mad gear. Ed Wilson from the embassy. PODCAST on I believe is next episode. We'll have me on it down. Check that one out Alexander Alexander Proud foot Davey cakes the dude. The last weekend that Roth Rio Solis. Sanctuary mixmaster Damian Indian beccles Jovita sallow pristine Alex the Messenger Messenger. Check out his podcast. The Messenger the Messenger. GM Jerry. I love it. The Messenger presents a journey and finally David Smith thank you all very very much for your continued support of our show much appreciate very very much appreciate it. We have a guest next week unless something happens where things he canceled but we have a guest next. We have a guest for a few weeks. Yes it should be nice. If you have a few guests we got some developers who gets musicians and we got some friends even reaching out on a ridiculously high limb to try to get a particular guest. If it'll happen. I think the eyes are not in favor but if it does is that'll be cool. All right it's a senator. Now Senator Bob Alright. Thank you all very much for listening. We'll see you next week. Meetings Rob Nichols Saddam Pernille. Save Time Save Time Save Week Abbas Save Time and remember Card Games are great. There's there's so many different card games out there. All which are ripe for the plane. Get your hands on a pile. Cars get going and people like to make the game a little bit sweeter. You're in the form of gambling. Gambling is the thing that people utilize spice up game time. Make an extra nice but let's be honest here. Gambling can be a little problematic if you Gillo too obsessed with it in the sense that you spend money you don't have or obligations. You can't oblige so I recommend making gambling. Not you know Wallet Breaking What kind of fun we've taken to eating goes pepper balls when you lose. Yeah make make wagers that. Will you know or painful to each other pulled CINCI CINCI. He's just like wages. That are just wacky. Jackie Fund. That you you know you laugh you have a memory that comes out of it and now it's not just a thing you did what you lost all your money into Goma explain clean your wife were all your cash now. It's you could tell your friends about that time. He hit an Staley Hunt. Gumbo because you lost superpower man to Francis and it's Kinda Fun it's enjoyable you know so I prefer wagers involved that result in funny stories and good memories with friends as opposed to we were. I regret losing two hundred dollars And UH uh-huh.

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