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"Brick industrial building on the north side of Chicago this week to talk to a couple of people in wilco in their studios Oh this place is great It's a tough place to do a tour of because it's just one big room And you can kind of stand in the middle and just turn around and look and see everything almost Everything and then some microphones and amps hundreds of guitars a collection of ceramic white cats and concert posters snacks soft drinks bunk beds and blankets and about a 6 foot tall animatronic gorilla And the shirt on it gets changed every year on my birthday Wilk has been hailed as alt country a label they sometimes are a little bit uncomfortable about but their latest album cruel country they now seem to embrace the moniker We were at the band's loft with drummer Glenn Kochi and frontman Jeff tweedy So tell us please about cruel country What made you decide to finally put your arms around the country Well I still Bruce Aladdin a little bit because I'm not a big believer in genre But at this moment in time it felt like having sturdy shapes and song shapes to project my own uncertainty onto felt like an easier target And these simpler shapes and forms that's really all I'm referring to as country some of the country music aficionado might think it's not country I think a lot of people might think it's not country but I also think that the music that people made when country music was forming its identity didn't think of.

Glenn Kochi Wilk Bruce Aladdin Chicago Jeff tweedy
Blue Jays beat Yanks 2-1, end New York's 11-game win streak

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Blue Jays beat Yanks 2-1, end New York's 11-game win streak

"You you you you sicker sicker sicker sicker could could could could she she she she held held held held the the the the Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees to to to to one one one one run run run run over over over over six six six six innings innings innings innings as as as as trouble trouble trouble trouble snapping snapping snapping snapping looks looks looks looks winning winning winning winning streak streak streak streak with with with with a a a a two two two two one one one one victory victory victory victory at at at at Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers centre centre centre centre pledges pledges pledges pledges servicemen servicemen servicemen servicemen that that that that Chapman Chapman Chapman Chapman had had had had a a a a second second second second inning inning inning inning solo solo solo solo home home home home run run run run to to to to controllable controllable controllable controllable one one one one nothing nothing nothing nothing lead lead lead lead like like like like this this this this team team team team learned learned learned learned last last last last year year year year is is is is one one one one game game game game in in in in the the the the series series series series it it it it sounds sounds sounds sounds it it it it really really really really does does does does matter matter matter matter so so so so for for for for us us us us to to to to be be be be able able able able to to to to continue continue continue continue to to to to grind grind grind grind continue continue continue continue to to to to push push push push and and and and you you you you know know know know find find find find a a a a way way way way to to to to win win win win this this this this tough tough tough tough game game game game is is is is huge huge huge huge the the the the Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees got got got got their their their their only only only only run run run run courtesy courtesy courtesy courtesy of of of of a a a a joint joint joint joint Gallo Gallo Gallo Gallo Homer Homer Homer Homer in in in in the the the the third third third third but but but but America America America America rural rural rural rural juniors juniors juniors juniors RBI RBI RBI RBI single single single single in in in in the the the the bottom bottom bottom bottom of of of of the the the the inning inning inning inning proved proved proved proved to to to to be be be be the the the the game game game game winning winning winning winning brought brought brought brought to to to to Kochi Kochi Kochi Kochi struck struck struck struck out out out out seven seven seven seven to to to to get get get get the the the the win win win win he's he's he's he's not not not not one one one one of of of of one one one one Mr Mr Mr Mr Cortez Cortez Cortez Cortez lost lost lost lost to to to to to to to to fall fall fall fall to to to to one one one one and and and and one one one one Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Romano Romano Romano Romano picked picked picked picked up up up up his his his his twelfth twelfth twelfth twelfth save save save save John John John John with with with with the the the the Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto

Chapman Chapman Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Ce United States Gallo Gallo Gallo Gallo Homer America Rural Rural Rural Rura Kochi Kochi Kochi Kochi Mr Mr Mr Mr Cortez Cortez Cort Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Ro John John John John Toronto
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"7 55 money news at 25 and 55 Here's Larry Kochi This is a Bloomberg money minute As more of us return to work we're drinking more coffee The national coffee association says 66% of Americans now drink coffee daily of 5 year high driving the gains for those age 40 and up were rejoining the labor force and need the caffeine Senate Democrats are lining up to oppose frontier airlines planned acquisition of spirit saying it could mean higher fares They won an antitrust review The hottest retail inflation in 40 years weighed on stocks racing some of yesterday's big gains The government's consumer price index was up 7.9% in February versus a year ago Now industrials dropped 112 the S&P slipped 18 the NASDAQ tumbled one 26 Oil fell for a second day even as worries about the war in Ukraine kept the market on edge crude briefly rose to nearly $110 a barrel before pulling back ending just over one O 6 From the Bloomberg newsroom I'm Laurie kofsky on WTO Tokyo stocks down more than 1% A head on WTO actor Jussie Smollett learns his sentence will have more on that story and others It's 7 56 Sure we have 30 seconds to tell you the drivers who switch to progressive could save big But then what Well radio has been called theater of the mind so let's tell a story with sound effects Wow.

Larry Kochi national coffee association frontier airlines labor force Laurie kofsky Senate Jussie Smollett Ukraine WTO Tokyo
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"It to contract out of it. Rust is still a starting point guard in the NBA, but I think a big thing is, unfortunately, Trevor, I think you can ignore the contract. I think you have to look at Ross and you say, hey Ross, we'll take we'll bring you in, but this is your role. And I don't really think Frank and the Kochi staff, maybe it's because they didn't know what they wanted his role to be at the start of the season, but whatever he goes next, presumably next season, and whatever team wants him or whatever, they have to have a Citadel conversation with Russell Westbrook and say, hey, are you willing to do this this and this? If that's it, if you're willing to do that, and you're willing to contribute to winning, then sure, we'll bring you in. But if not, then no, I'm not going to deal with what the Lakers dealt with for two thirds of the season. It's not worth our time. So, I mean, Russ is again, he's still starting point guard when he does, he does do some good things. When he actually decides to cut, he's a really good cutter. When he decides to screen, he's a good screener for a guard. Russ does not judge the below average point guard. I think we kind of look at him in his contract and then judge appropriately, but he's still a star of caliber point guard. And yeah, so I think he has to have a role, a set role going to next season that is clear. And I think that's part of what the problem was with this Lakers team, is that they didn't really know his role was going to be until January, and that's kind of problematic. Well, and that's the key. And that's what I mean by separating from his contract. Like you can't ignore the contract, but I think that sometimes the perception of the continent. It's a bad contract. There's no getting around it. It's a bad contract. But the contract bleeds into our perception of him as a player. And I think that if we do look at him just as a basketball player, he's got some value, right? He can do some things. But again, the question is, will he play a specific role? So I'm trying to think in terms of landing spots, is there a team out there that we can foresee that perhaps needs a point guard that can need someone like Russell Westbrook with his particular skill set? I mean, that's the thing. Maybe we just need to work backwards here. How would you construct the team around Russell Westbrook in order to get the best out of him? What's the ideal scenario? And then we try to find a team from that. Well, if you're building your team around, Russell Westbrook. That's awesome. But for us, what is the best environment for Russell Westbrook? How do you get the most out of it?.

Ross Russell Westbrook Russ Lakers Kochi Trevor NBA Frank basketball
Doc Who Discovered Omicron Was 'Pressured' Into Making It Sound Severe

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Doc Who Discovered Omicron Was 'Pressured' Into Making It Sound Severe

"I'd like to talk about the ideology of COVID and specifically of the omicron variant. Now the omicron variant was discovered in South Africa. In November, it spread since then to 57 countries. It was discovered by a South African doctor. In fact, the head of the South African medical services. A woman named doctor coxy ZEE. Angelique Kochi. And she described the virus and the symptoms in South Africa and she said, look, this is a contagious variant, more contagious than delta or the earlier variants, but she says its symptoms are also from her experience mild. And she described the South African patients who had this variant, and she basically said, look, these are people who have coughs. They have exhaustion. They have sore throat, but not a whole bunch of them are even ending up in the hospital. Now, interestingly, doctor Cote has a recent interview in the London papers that think it was in the London telegraph originally, but it's now reported elsewhere. Where she says the moment she said that, she started getting pressure from other medical authorities, not in South Africa, but elsewhere in the world, notably from Europe, saying, don't say that, don't say it smile. Don't say it smile, and she goes, well, but it is mild, and she says, quote, she goes, they kept attacking me. They kept telling me I had no idea what I was talking about. Now, the truth of it is, she does have an idea what she's talking about. They have actually now been several studies of the omicron variant. And the study showed that the omicron variant is notably milder than the delta variant. This is not to say that people don't die of all Macron. It's not to say that some people don't end up in the hospital. But basically what she's saying is that even though the sort of the good news and the bad news and the bad news is that all Macron is more contagious, the good news is that it's not as severe on average. So she's actually telling the truth about it, but what I think is striking is the way in which she was a subjected to this kind of medical and ideological, bullying. She goes, they are accusing me of lying of downplaying or only crime. Quote, in their minds, it's impossible for a disease with more than 38 mutations to be

South African Medical Services Coxy Zee Angelique Kochi South Africa London Cote Europe
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"Besides Death Stranding? Ones that haven't been. Yeah, so future. Ludens TV show, please. Yes. Yes. And working on something else. So there's at least one other thing, but I wonder this constant rumors and wish fulfillment that kojima is going to somehow get his hands on the Silent Hill IP. It's not going to happen. Please, everybody stop talking about it. It hurts me to hear. But also, would you want that? Because I'm brain dead at this point, and I just want content. I guess. It's like it is he the guy you want to make a Silent Hill game. It's not like he is necessarily synonymous with that franchise. There's a lot of people that could make that game, including people that have a legacy with it. The constant desire to get him to just because it's a Konami game. Man, we're gonna get hideo Kochi, to make the next contra. It's like fuck up. He's gonna make puyan two. Like, come on. After the thing is that after four and a half games developed by non Japanese people because the fandom is like oddly racist about that. But by the west, and they're all terrible, even though the fourth game is bad too. It's just like any person with any name in any recognition and any ability to put out cool interesting, weird stuff is like a step up. You know, like, a big step up, because we've been the redheaded stepchild of Konami's IP. I'm just going to put this out here. I'm just going to say this. Okay. Does Silent Hill actually deserve? After this many years, the franchise actually deserve to get a new entry or get like a classic dev team assembled and this is what's interesting, you know, classic dev team is a big thing that keeps coming up. Like, oh, team silent. Get team silent back, but team silent was just like some randos that they shoved into a closet and they accidentally made Silent Hill. And the team was constantly changing between games on top of that. But my opinion is, sure, fuck it. Why not? There's only like what other horror IPs are out there. This and Resident Evil and like dead spit? Big ones? I will not have you remove dino crisis from the history. Brave enough to say it. I wasn't going to. I've always said, check every other podcast that I've rambled about this shit.

hideo Kochi Konami kojima dino
Wednesday 23 December

Monocle 24: The Briefing

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Wednesday 23 December

"Later today lufthansa cargo flight from frankfurt will touchdown doncaster sheffield airport bringing of food supplies to forestall shortages caused by the recent severing of land and sea trade routes between the uk and europe with jew recognition that this is more to do with covid nineteen than brexit. There is something piquant about britain entering the last week of its transition period reliance on a reverse of the berlin airlift. The uk's present difficulties due to a new and highly infectious variant of covid nineteen heavily concentrated in london and the southeast on joined with more by monaco. Twenty fours health and science correspondent dr. Chris chris this or something like to be expected because all viruses mutate. Don't they indeed covid nineteen already has once or twice at least before andrew say actually the uk's victim of its own success in this because we do as jones san accurately said have a world class in fact one of the best in the world screening systems set up to detect precisely this sort of thing. It's called coke. Uk their job is to scrutinize genomes of corona viruses collected from patients who are diagnosed with the disease so far. They've looked through the genetic codes of more than one hundred and sixty thousand viral sequences. They're all being to find things precisely like this and of course then we. We say we found one this and then the whole world says we don't want you of course they don't want us all the all the virus but not surprisingly just to cautionary stage but yes It it's likely that this sort of thing is a bit of an inevitability and it may well be it's farther afield. Things like farther afield than anyone knows yet because they just haven't detected e. Yeah so what do we know about this mutation will. It's not a single mutation. It's a variant the calling it variant because rather than just a mutant which is one genetic change. This one's actually got a constellation of genetic changes there are seventeen independent genetic differences in this new variant that seems to confer opponent the ability to spread a bit better and they're peppered throughout the genetic code of the virus they affect v aspects of how the virus works but there's a big cluster of these changes all centered on what's called the essel spike protein. Which is the key part of the virus. That's all of these out coats that it uses to infect ourselves and so this is why researchers think that it may be more transmissible. Something has changed in the way the virus behaves in terms of its its ability to engage with our cells its ability to penetrate and jack cells and then cause disease and then spread to another person We don't know exactly how it's doing that yet. And we don't know for sure that it really is more transmissible but based on the numbers that we're seeing the the epidemiology the pattern of spread. It seems like a likely reasonable supposition. Is it possible that this variation is a response to the measures that we have undertaken to defeat it is is the virus adapting to survive ovar adapt to survive. And that's really what charles darwin point out. And that was his big breakthrough his grand unified theory of biology. If you like that everything responds in a dynamic way. All the time to pressure applied from its environment and where we think. This may have arisen. This new variant is actually in the blood of an individual or individuals with poorly functioning immune systems because individuals. Who don't have a good immune response to the virus. Tend to hang onto the virus fa- longer. They have a chronic infection with the virus. And this means that as their immune system limps along trying to control it the virus is getting a chance to see inner workings of the immune response and it can see where the chinks in our alma and therefore it can adapt and shift in that direction a bid to take advantage of those changes to cling onto survival in that person. Now if that person then transmits a virus which has adapted in this way it's basically passing on a more weaponized or more tooled up version of the virus. The reason that such as a putting forward this hypothesis is because when we have treated patients and documented what happens in them when they have an impaired immune system for various reasons. Were genetic reasons. There are also acquired reasons why people's immune systems might not work very. Well they've seen very similar changes happening in the viruses in those people to this variant that circulating suggesting that it may will be homegrown as it were and borne out of the fact that some people can't can't fight it off as well as efficiently giving the varsity insight into how our immune system works and enabling it to adapt accordingly. I mean we have talked before about the fact that it's not in the interests of viruses whose only interest eads the perpetuation replication. It's not necessarily in the interest of any virus. To kill its hosts. Is it possible that viruses variation to become more transmissible but perhaps less deadly. Well we don't know at the moment and That's one of the key questions that people are going to want to be asking. It's a relatively new discovery first appeared as a blip on the radar of kochi uk. The consortium that founded back in september and the cases them were just a few and far between become a lot more common sense obviously rising to one in four cases in november perhaps as many as sixty percent of cases in december in some parts of the country that means that we've now got the chance to see firsthand in greater detail in greater numbers. What is impact on people is and so people will be asking this very question this thing if it does transmit more efficiently which it appears it does does it as we believe not cause such severe disease or cause any more severe disease than the standard parent from which its rose the moment it doesn't look like it translates into getting more severe disease. It doesn't look like it's currently beyond the reach of the protection conferred by the immune response In response to the vaccine but we don't know that crucial question has it surrendered some of its violence. In order to optimize. In this way time will tell you partially answered what. I'm sure is now the key question because the the glimmer of optimism in which we have all been basking these last few weeks is the approval and roll out of the vaccine. Several hundred thousand people here in the uk have already received at least the first injection. Is it possible that nineteen could mutate or very this quickly Out of the reach of the vaccine. Matt hancock rishaad everybody when he made the announcement last week about the discovery of this new variant. That it didn't look like it would be able to sidestep the immune response conferred by the vaccine the experiments to prove that that is the case. Though are still ongoing. Thankfully they're very easy experiments to do. And that's what porton down will currently be investigating. And i would hope that they will provide that reassurance. Quite soon the way you go about this is you. Grow the virus in the lab and that's actually very easy to do and you add to it samples of the antibodies that a person makes when they're vaccinated and if the antibodies still work against the variant. And you do this with samples across the country. Then you can say these neutralize this virus even though it's the variant and therefore these people will be protected if they have the vaccine. So that's that's kind of what we're waiting for now to to see that data. It's very easy the experiments to go to do them properly though. That will give us reassurance to answer that question what the future holds. Though we don't know and that's why some researches saying this could be a stepping stone on the part of the virus towards a more comprehensive ability to sidestep our immune response including the response to the vaccine and for that. It's a sort of shot across out immunological bowels. We have to keep it onto surveillance. Keep searchlight trained upon it so that we can see where it's moving anticipate is next. Move and try to head off

UK Doncaster Sheffield Airport Chris Chris Jones San Lufthansa Frankfurt Monaco Coke Berlin Britain Charles Darwin Andrew Europe London Kochi Matt Hancock Porton
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"kochi " Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"This is now pre Cove it it was, you know, four or 35 o'clock, people start rolling in. You know, Now it's different Music's a little bit louder. We're in there and you know it's all online. Right now. Everyone is putting her orders and it's just an honor to be had something that's so appreciate it. First of all, it's That's why I had no words describe the kind of just loyalty we have to our pizza and just friendly customers. It's It's incredible. I have no idea, but it's been amazing. And our staff yes. That has been there since we've we've opened and even a pizza every night to see Zach get it. You know, I tell not to do it anywhere, Frank. There was something I picked up on his. I watch that documentary. Maybe this relates to the technique in the detail. I remember at some point in the film, you talked about the tomato sauce and you said, you know that you had the dough like a lot of people could do the pound and create the dough, But you were very specific about the sauce. But that was a metaphor for something else. It was a metaphor for your own standard. Has that changed over time? That's I mean The sauce is changed. I've tweaked it overtime. I haven't tweeted for about two years now, but I honestly just I really like to keep that consistent and It gives me something. I really love the dough. I spent like six hours making that sauce on a given day. One day a week, 20 days and weeks, you know, and, um, that's the key, I think is the consistency in the quality. It's his mantra, Right? E mean every day everything has to be Up to a certain standard up to a certain quality and just sending out one pizza. That isn't quite right is you know that one customer who's going to make you come back or not tell their 10 friends and that's a huge deal for Frank, because obviously, that's what You know, restaurants are you know made a great You know, broken on. So it Zuber important and I drive that in consistency, inconsistencies of death of a restaurant. You know, I I tell them between that and When people come in the restaurant. I want them to be treated like they're on vacation, You know, Like, so it's all about It's all about the service, and it's all about a product that is consistently throughout. The time that were in Kensington Road, and you know it. It needs to be consistent, and that's really my drive to make sure everybody is up to par paying attention. Because when I see something that goes out there should know I It's like someone stepping on my heart, Frank, I'd imagine growing up in a farm. You couldn't take a day off. Someone had to go Do what you do is farmers. So Ziff, you could wait around for someone else to come here and, you know, feed the chickens. You had to do it and I suspect in your mind the mindset of the factory that you create every day to to to to serve a few 100. Extraordinary pieces isn't the same mindset. You still the farmer, so yeah. Yeah. I also think that goes back to the point of why it's just pizza. Um, you know, so you can be laser focused. You can train people on your vision, and it's there's not a million things. I mean, there's a lot going on to me these pizzas, but I think It's one product. The quality is high and the standards or high. That's that was the point of the original vision, right? I mean to be focused. I'm glad you said that because I'm bringing another linguistic reference here. The word pizza was preceded by focaccia. And if you think of the word focaccia, the Latin origin of Fort Kochi is focused. And then I thought about this is I was prepping for this show, and I was looking at that and I grew up. My dad was a linguist. So I grew up thinking this level of language for Actually your focus, and I thought about frankly, pizza. What is it? It is focused and friend of your name is Frank. That's a very clever young words you have, frankly. Focused pizza, and I think that's a really great Lipson before in the time that we have remaining, Keita wonder from your vantage point. What have you learned about yourself and Frank have been asking the same question. Be ready for that? In this world where you have vaulted from what was your Iittie career? You are now in this partnership in every single day in the service of frankly, pizza. How is what has been your evolution here? Um, I think you know, trying tonight. I didn't grow up in an entrepreneurial family. So some being your own boss. Starting your own business was never In my calling or maybe a. It's just not something I thought I would do. So I think I learned that I could do this. I mean, I really had no uh, you know, aspirations to do it. I certainly was very comfortable in my Go to work and, you know, go to work. Come home job cooking pizzas, No walks. You never planned this. You know, I think when I told my parents they were like what? But Yeah, I think I learned that I could do this that I actually am capable and that it's something I enjoy. And you know, not so bad at it. So that was it for me now, Frank. You know, as we think about adjusting the salt, a little bit more basil, a little less something or other. You started this six years ago. And here you are now in a crisis, you guys the best you can getting out the same standards. What did you learn about yourself through this time? Um I don't like Coartem E that everyone is busy, You know, way have a lot of things going on, and this is really put him in a closet. You know it just I hate to be stifled, You know mentally and I'm always trying to create new things, You know, But I don't know why I'm still able to feed myself with fixing things that I needed. Thinks I couldn't get to my checklist, you know? Prettiest by now. No, I am. You know what? You're 50 and I shared it out. You know what I like to do when I don't like to do and Um, well, the restaurant help you do that? Yeah. I mean, restaurant has changed me. Ah, lot. I have changed for the better. I mean, this this restaurant deacon restaurants could drive you into the dirt or elevate you come something better. That's a person, you know, says some tyrant, You know, he's upset about something just handling things different. Lowering your blood pressure just really hard to do in a restaurant..

Frank Um pre Cove Zach Ziff Fort Kochi Lipson Keita Coartem E
"kochi  " Discussed on Ball is Bae NBA Podcast

Ball is Bae NBA Podcast

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"kochi " Discussed on Ball is Bae NBA Podcast

"By. But the Because has a two of my guess Megan at Monday as exceptionally would he goes off the maximum points scored in Gala Association Sixty, seven points in one match this that was his last the. Full gear. Okay. So you in the Laura Peterson against him, he's one of the best action. So, he he was going to is last year for the. So I want to do like and they were kind of meaning every tournament ask it and they had a better team this year because they won't blast coming in. So I knew they were. Seven trophies this is is want to document automatic button. My life that I blessed. I think. I think that's GonNa. Be Next it. I mean I. Now you'll know any Indian. The. I. would. I need an icon is it? Steve Borderland. I no know. But the Bank you say that I only want the. Best it be. Show within that. All you're always gonNA be good at. That that is shot. Or this is not. A bed pardon that's always the. Nego- legend to see such. Bus. Stop it's not an accident but he Won't. If you? Yes. Yes. Yes. Sure. What does the weekend mine would not a? I used to love sports victim. And I already been about the player. I think people don't pass him and he said Kobe Shoe. So I like people pass the buck and I, think people blue take nonsense elective says. It doesn't matter if you supposed experience if you're a team as you're digging. Expensive splits. That's what matters and I think no one in the be asked embodied that understands expand role aspirin last minute nobody. And I think that kind of the reason I think he is deep of me in dumps a youngster wanting to learn the group. If You WanNA WANNA, learn the game you learn from He's buffet. Should look vendor driving tradition tapes. You know how did Defense Boston boarding place I think he's a teen his are. That's why it's on a lot of people just need to run games and. that. But I wanted believe that. was many buses norm wanting not not in that? At the left look sexiest. Also. I've got. I've got the tonight guess in a way the often this questions imagine any. This Alright over Kobe Bryant Dr Been Done. Good fought like one basket. You Need Musket win the game going back. Paid what's by? Audience. Ave of if you. Like if you to be manual better. Looking out for autism bit scores would include a Gregg Popovich Jackson. Good Bullets. If you needed. Gone through that on Steph gutty arcade. So I am the worst because Klay Thompson Fan, but I lost will mind got. So I'm going with Clinton because the defense to. Getting This. Looking. And Nostra sieve like a you ally Leonard or Kevin Durant. With into that. Only gets. Automatic. No debugging employed. Be Be had a great time discussing buffalo with. The show so I. Be who you had a fun time as. Yes. Okay. So beneath the Audience on. Thanks. I. You know I've been the biggest house always. Next week. Allison deductions they. Don't. Don't see. that. Is They The most important thing is to it's.

Steve Borderland Gala Association Sixty Kobe Shoe Laura Peterson Megan Klay Thompson Gregg Popovich Jackson aspirin Nego Allison Kevin Durant Clinton Leonard
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"The state on. The name, I. Came up with the name of would. Just based on the Alabama is that a different story one whatever? In W. Stayed on homepage. And obviously the names instead from that but I think that makes sense to me because. Boss Jani started dumps of giving buckle the game. Last years. I've. Talked to walk but So that, if you come back to cheat. To Law, which has definitely been the. White, you see state of which you see a lot of speculation about. I never had a platform that I could do something for the game 'cause I I was born born and brought up in a place where. Do I was not induced the game at a young age I was just wanted to see again. Would let. up beatdown arrogant godown events which that was my lane booking. Invited they need all of this by. Not. Letting this company. Spain extends to me because water you on that page is really because I'm not. It's all straight. Because now you can have. A like and a love to a place I'm in love with the article Jesus. She. Loved. And that is good. She's only because. I I. Always I get stressed once in a while inaudible. So what I do is one in the morning, I'll be going be standing that smile of. Next somebody just stand the beast your veins and you feel good you feel becky for the fact that he are on other. And that's what could use. So that I think nothing makes sense than that name state of which a lot of people wanted me to. Use. All you wke just golden state out of offense but I said. This do this do Indian way this this is making at least. That out locations.

White Alabama Jani Spain
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"Get up at opposite Little AK47. Out Being I, have I have. I think the counting is a very interesting because you're right having Lebron has never played in an arena very. Commodity. Part of the and I think that's the fire cities in the Lakers have not. I think a bottle for the MOSCATO. Disability. Home you're going to. Go like not only does To anything if you played in front of a little bit of Garner, even under that was. Legally on your light. dunks the under. One. And the the grapevine. It I'm the being fine of. Having. Making some Beatles leading the name is Divided. Like playing with. Lego inuits okay you civil. Debate playoff lived on. This is not really on my. That is no whom but. Nobody. Even William so A. Switch will have done it. On at the the innocuous. Figured out how to? Outlets. Glide. Out. Just now I just bought Amuse Abba gently fired by the Bill Gates. RUMMY E. The billions probably warns aound legit water on the the face. Arm reconfiguring. Probably. Add One. Being from probably two months now must. Cost on how level? Is the reason why lots of boy? And why Lincoln's missed on decent decent and we'll get. You need to talk about the. Ball in the steelers set. The. United guy like. Gone, gone. For it and I think he added. More confidence than. Lonzo limited digital more the. Fact that you out of I think. Eligible eligible defense. WHO We the I guess he's beneath the. Ovadia Hewitt's Van. Belle boat be that but I mean the sound for Nasty I. Mean you're the Guy Behind is on the story that you've bite. Me Us to discuss this in our. View this. City Ninety. Be. Manda viewed that come out stayed on. I absolutely and I think the middle. For me, I think be more fans of the story that comes out of video. It's almost like a documentary FDU. beyond as A. Videos you're talking about the I give the game at the League game by the was hit. Embedded this. Gets Soviet Debbie don't get this. You don't get the only seen by the League doesn't. You don't get to see. kind of damage to slow motion on those days when. Be. How you ended up with..

steelers Manda Lakers Us Lebron Bill Gates Beatles League Garner Ovadia Hewitt Lonzo Lego William Lincoln
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"Because what happened to? Expose people. And and. What? Kids and both. By multiples his. Bench will get is more denied of a new. Would have thought. The. Way playing with the that you have even they have more coming and he can. Beat me one of the best meet. Those of you have sex six, nine height Eighty with to. Go on this. Thank God. The. Would find his Look. Out. You See. Kids to. Lucar, he's it's easy. NBA combat the euro stuff used to he said that his NBA eastern comes to school. So, abruptly you need to see another new guy in the playoffs. But. He's consistently menu thirty points double identity bulbs and Boston goes giving new. After Wendy Wendy Team Dan. The plan was going to pless then that might happen and other than that I. Actually go live to and because if it was any other team, I would have even because. What happens our focus team is going to dignify They. Have the best defended but why you have a different Dr. Steam is today does hamied sable black Stevens to Dave that teams? No matter what happens it's the sense. Senate. is going to be defended. I always believe years down the line the Mark Cuban data snobbish is going to do a lot of things in. But ONE WILL SETTING BASIS Look at first in the suit ably that and they're going to blow someone. gave him but I don't know like it's basketball may be the problem is if it was this doom Bank probably available who match you could have had something. Phasing. Seven. Seven McCain Of places only the best team in I'm going with the locals and I said if even after you have to have be squatting giving twenty all seven maps. the the one drawback. Obnoxiously. ASTA properly make New Orleans bitter divisive thing be today one. Today Louis ABC's going to grow. It's just never brought the levitated the. Yes. Wayne. On. Them never bleed within an. AUSTER. They don't have all the like. Efficient. It's not the the San Antonio Spurs bedroom everything's way all of that stuff is. Still. Sit Back. Against them that they don't really know in situations outlet the act. but I. Think so because even the second unit is less is apple. Juice. So. What's The guy's name? I loved that Guy Guy. The? Point Guard. I need to know I did. You. Killer. If he gets on a streak, you need one game and he'll be that. He's a killer and his accent is at killer I mean. Gate. Leading o'casey but. The Property that be dachshund. he might go off in one mass he may exactly the opposite. Of. That's about detection. That's what I've seen him. Out just beating. Of No matter what I'm going to follow him. And But. I just want to act one get when you talk about playoff talk about players you talk about the CAN. You don't put the you talk about the traveling dog match up with the. The dynamics dumpty to defend the. Okay. It's more like a wind up about. Being the impact matches so pretty. Can only have some. Meaning to it probably after the bus on then we can probably get an analyst waters. Teams are going to do because it's complicated if. You don't have you felt hearing them. A few. Should you have being on the? You'll have offer you don't have to get. You can't believe a lot of Lebron's leave. With because he goes along with the cloud. You understand I, think. That is. that. How we can put out a lot of facts another. Match. It's going to be interesting end. And let's see. I would love to see what did what's the warriors back to a mountains back guy warn that.

Guy Guy Wendy Wendy Team Dan Lucar NBA Lebron Boston San Antonio Spurs ASTA basketball Senate. Dr. Steam McCain New Orleans Louis ABC Wayne analyst apple Stevens
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"What? I. Want. To win but I think my boss will blame They're going to win the seat is going to be like 'cause I. I. Good as back talking about. LEBANON'S DIFFERENT FROM Lebanon but one. And just grabbing walking business magic masters and. I've never seen a team different this back. Thankfully. For example match. Level grade level was got bike anytime doing. Okay. And eastward, which they were playing and imagine again, you have a team. Brooklyn the WHO Rox every shot. His name. Got Is Ellen. So. Baked. Bread for fourteen points to twelve. Things on something that led locate your dog leap team of with no cats and. The also with white Saturday. Imagining school that. So you replace Alan with at the State is going to destroy them on the boat. Gleb one might probably foes acne. And you don't know and I believe there is anyone. In Portland. Lebanon because I think the mess. For that I, think other legal different there and I felt extremely dejected thing. Hope back a Guidon Daniels defending gaps leveled again I'm like dude no use Naga does he's in debut you can't be this bad independent Beta defend socks everybody was Lebron Bill driving and you do it a. Under. And if you have beating out said he was signed the open on UNITA's to have. You can have a snake average. Are there. Lot of dogs get one have it would. End. Lebanon Kanye Anthony twenty. So that is gathered Neutra Show I. Don't think they have defense only. To a probably beat them one. By outscoring that. going. macklemore. Physically don't go that because. I think fake McCallum long. What have been something three ticket because I believe it's only because the Gordon toward his having bipolar finance Emma last. I think they always have this I think it's a mental barrier that they can't be miserable. It's not about the data to ongoingly born also. because. Layover Lebron. Guarded by anyone from places ought to be something extremely. Surprising the. Playoffs valid you'll get someone is being. Got It so. And I think Domes of defense. Rate I always believe. Okay. Amos Trailblazers. What does his name Some Scott? Slade. What's his name CISCO WHICH GO? Cuts. He always had this I've never believed in his defense. Okay. Never believed in a defensive kit and the white leaks in why our? Full. Forty. Hours locally as in spite of a lot of things wanting. To Sustain Malcolm Auckland salaries worn that kind of a loyalty to see sexists because that's that's what I would add to be all bus. Bill. Sports, Fan. That's what I wanna see and I think probably next year if they come down and they bring to one or two good defenders, lucrative and. All right. A lot of meat jumbles dog updated eight Matheson public. Place but shorts humans. I Lake. I want. To, but I I don't think Migraine says it's not going to go more than expected. Go One, goes to let. Potable that's my. Thing I was. I was screaming at the DVD thousand, his name this is not the. Console. Which again Smith Blair at least. One person in your dependence do you can't do that act like I? Win, but it's only because of luck they want to eat logic. The last month, it was clean short lowered lowered to get rather than. Our fan bases winning I think. Also. Yeah. So that's my date. I think. Somehow, the Messed up a little bit because this is not the fortunately later aided. By a this or. That they would have been like four fifty. Now out of the blue on, the thirty would be that you know that lead but this is the. This. The. leaker did. Not. A. MEMPHIS. Active Jennifer US. For the for. The AIDS. My opening night of the a bit stability because. They Miss is the myth John that. The Guy I did A. Down it's not the. kind of again that would say, this is almost the same the..

LEBANON Lebron Bill I Lake Slade Matheson Lebanon Guidon Daniels Migraine MEMPHIS Ellen Brooklyn McCallum Alan Kanye Anthony Portland Jennifer US UNITA Malcolm Auckland Gordon AIDS
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"Lead on his motorcycle, you know I want you to listen to me but idol. Plus. Is. bringing. That he knows Olympics students in Wnba eating on these people and they seem to be having. Gone with the. Fence they had gotten lately I almost edlund. Gordon begging. US. You have your. Fun Evidence God. I agree that the not be. Of. That's the reason why I. Of the under have exceeded expectations in before if the if you not that list this section that e sic over. There's woman I I think. So I think I think what? The Steiner made me like what his point is that the the the. The. Success Oh 'cause he has led little the jam. Restarted like Sampras had any other of God, Chris Paul, and everyone in the species. That's all he was getting for. He. Got A easy. Now. Lila because he was not, he had any option of getting those pieces those. These people left and it turns out that. would. It being played was The Great. Just happened to be good but he had no control. Of them wanted to leave. You look. At. This breast wanted obviously must have championship here. You have to give some kind of backfired Okay, he was not finding that unaggressive visits look. But. You literally won the award by trading away. Leonard. which is like. Most impressive move that I have synergies since I've been watching basketball. So. For me all of those things like grading your honest on beast get Delilah natural. Gas A. Lot of. Honus and then. Thing the second batch of nobody's you know, honestly, as the outcome at all of these guys g league players. and. The. Collide are. I think. Is Not a luck based thing was a calculator. It was that you would be unbought walk by. And he got that it warrants end up as a number of ood right now in each. So it's nice you know being. The venue. Baksi of the. You're the he'd be that means you are shooting. He's a good Gourd. Basketball. And lose your best player and still be. As is that in that likes. US. Nobody Kylie. Maybe. Room not stale, but he's not really still not in the superstar on citizen. Gooby number. Do you need to have at least once attend? They don't have that in just a great. And I think I think. They need that one person that's eight them. Above and I. Was Not that guy I'm so he played a democracy and collide I. think that was a great new sue Him Getting alarmed mostly of it one is how good he? Trades and archetypes doffing getting players in, and then also making that move championships I think. Bulldozed to. Combine. The, it was more late I. Glad these and they are not be good. I described tone me because will not get. Said GonNa Jimmy D. I. Over I, I I soon I. I believe we'll get one of the most important jobs for the GM is to think. Outside the number gets outside the exciting at our. Global said they've been depicts talkable spend big number twenty Senate you doggone Animal He's big number twenty, three UK. They might not have to own into superstars but they had no both of them. Again, me about rainy starting. Not. I'm not starting base but foster's yet can stop playing eighteen. Why because to understand why that big dog claim on. Crete. Yours talk with Julia West saying that effectively won't. Believe it just a second. Thanks. Okay and people who speak well in the second round can build. The FITTING PIECES FOR THE TEAM You mentioned not. Miserable yet and they are twenty, seven, hundred, twenty, big number ninety, seven number benadryl. Okay I think. From. The feeds he has done building his that's the only thing I can. Say I think a security then. We need certain is valuable to after guts band your best player. Doing other deem GEICO? Is. leaving, and daily Yok. Don rappers the ownership of Toronto does he have Leonard? We are going to win it. Okay. That takes. Guts and They did it. That's you probably might leave that kind of stories in a storybook Bukit. They can actually do a documentary on that they added a vehicle. Discussion on automated that's your Dean is again, you have to cut it that maybe fighting other don't be might cd-roms Yukio was might see to. And say that get right now. Is the Goud. None I mean that's did I didn't think of the date because. ASTA. NASTY EVERYONE HIGHS Given. Mega honestly US hostile. And he minded numbers eight. No, I'm not going. To get. I mean except for the But just. To mention that when y'all. y'All. For the game with Boston New, York needs to be you need to have that couch during misty If you will back and you stuck on Youtube late, I think just for the game of boxing NBC's Normal Stephen, a Smith Max. Kellerman we need book to be I. Think that's an is adding that isn't necessarily New York MSG. Give you have the whole New Yorkers coming in dealing for the team that? New York's who lacked most bikes do NBA. With the playoffs that's happening Yes. I think. Today's the lastly. The. Be. All convinced that Portland is one day unless something dramatic happens and Orlando doesn't win than this point as doesn't have to add but we automatically. The restaurant matchup between four Leykis I. Know I. Just wanted to see eat. I think I've NBA Fan. They. Should. Go for. On I don't think any other on our any other sports I've managed to conductors. So was would be omitted like they put the bubble, the worst place fossil adviser when nobody believes it they and they managed to get. Behind the IF SUMMA? Hussy started but then after that, it does review of US zero. Everything I've been going going And I think like the diets. The world. They leave off got. Status. Along with August listening to the ball. And now, why don't we shot shutters to this dynasty for twenty three years of Last they'd been the next day the. On. Anyway. Thoughts the restaurant massive agreeing the Lakers and. The Portland Trailblazers will I blazing at this point of fact. Dame. Dame dying crazy style I I mean he Is the MVP of the Republican or Democrat tried nomad there's nothing like I. Did. Yesterday and for just relate get myself because I I I like mellow but I don't think he's like a game changer and I'm wonder lake going this going to this this. Thinking that organ has Johnson metal is going to be like that if it's And he's going to be like crazy. One game is GONNA be a mental game. So I'm going to convince myself what do you? What do you think thinking James is GonNa go or all?.

US basketball Portland Leonard. NBA New York Wnba Gordon Lakers GEICO Chris Paul Lila Steiner Honus Sampras Delilah Kylie MVP UK
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"All we got to do is ask. So if you've never been on the lake before You let us know whether we're selling the house or maybe where your buyer's agent helping you find a house on Lake will make arrangements with that homeowner or some other way, But we'll get you on the water will take you around the lake and show you different spots were pretty familiar with all the lakes in the area down here. We know where the bays are, and things to look out for. And sometimes you know where the good frontage is. Where the bad front look, Lachie. I was just out on a boat ride on the Kochi. There's so many little like areas like You said, bays that go in that are private and just Ugh. That's great advice, Bob because you might have a different perspective after the boat right, for sure it might be worth no, it's not what I want or might just be the opposite. I don't really want this. Colleen and I are actually going out to a catchy lake. As soon as I leave the show here today to do a free market analysis for somebody, So, Yeah, we're gonna go check out the house and strategize a little bit on pricing and how we think best. To maximize the number of showings and get the best price for. Hopefully we'll get the listing. But every home is you know, over $2 million out of Kochi Lake, either there are some. There's plenty of houses that are for 500,000. Sometimes people look att tearing those down and building new. Sometimes they look at renovating them. And there's tons of houses like if you get into most the lakes in the 700 to $900,000 range. There's a lot of houses and some of them are very, very nice. Others are a little more work. It depends on a lot because sometimes you're paying a couple $100,000 extra because of the lot that you have got one quick question for in lakes Bob in winter. Obviously big part of it is not all fun and summer in winter, there's still recreational sober. Yeah, For some people, that's what they live for the ice fishing, the snowmobiling, a TV Z visa. All that's some people love the wind. I'm the opposite. What's the ice on the lake? I don't ever go on it again. Let's go to our phones and take some questions on W first up. Is John from Milwaukee. Oh, if you're joining us late, and I know it's we've been talking a lot, But Bob will take calls the rest of the show. Every caller is getting a mire gift card. 10 bucks at any store. And we'll just mail goes out to you, John. How can we help you? Hi. My question is on appraisal. How do these appraisers come up with their number? And then if you don't agree with their number is very any recourse for you. Yeah, excellent question. This actually comes up quite a bit these days. Whenever we have Ah, market where the prices are increasing rapidly, it becomes more difficult for the appraisers to justify a value. Because the comparable properties that they look for and this is really the brunt of it. If they've got a three bedroom, two bath ranch in a neighborhood they want to compare that to other three bedroom, two bath ranches in the same neighborhood, preferably but if not, at least in a close proximity, So what they do is they go through the multiple listing service, just like we do. Israel estate agents And we look for similar properties. Square footage. Age built bedrooms, bathrooms, You know, same size lot, that kind of thing, and we look at those and we say, Okay, well, your house was built in 1990 this comparable was built in 2000 so they'll take that they'll make an adjustment accordingly, And they'll say, well, the newer houses worth a little bit more. And then they'll take your house that has three bedrooms and a look at one that has four and I said, Well, we've got to give some extra money to the one that has four, so they adjust accordingly. And that's really what it comes down to is they try to find a similar properties as they can, and then they make monetary adjustments. One way or the other to justify the value and it's more of an art than it is a science and you'll find that there's some very good appraisers who are very good at tweaking things to make them work. And then there's other ones that are kind of hard knows about it and say, Well, you know, this house just isn't worth what people are willing to pay for it. That's where the problems come in. Right now is, you know we might list of property and have four offers over the weekend, and all four offers are for 310 to 315,000. So of course, the cellar takes the most expensive offer the highest priced offer, usually And the appraiser comes back and say Now it's really only worth 3 10 Well, what do you do? Then? You know you you can file I don't know what they even call it. But you file a request. Basically, they have. The appraiser looked at re look at things. And some of them will do that. Some of them won't. It just depends on the appraiser. And oftentimes what happens is the buyer has to decide. Are they willing to buy the house for less money? Oh, are they willing to pay the extra money Because the appraiser came in light. Or is the seller willing to take less money? Sometimes it's a combination of both. Can you actually going to get a different a pressure on your own as the buyer you can. The seller can't really do that themselves, But the buyer can certainly do that. And oftentimes that actually involves going to a whole new lender, because the lender that they started with is goingto most likely go off that appraisal that they got the first time. And so in order to get into appraisal, Sometimes the lenders will do it themselves. But oftentimes will say, You know what? You got to go to a different lender, and they'll start the process over and get a new appraiser. Right. Thanks. Thank you, John, and I'll put you on hold. So we get your address that that's quite an interesting topic because the appraisers are in a tough spot right now. What do you do? 12 or three houses in the neighborhood that are all three bedroom, two bath ranches, 1700 square feet, all sold for 320,000 ish. You know, two months ago, and now the new guy comes on the block in the same house..

Bob Kochi Lake Kochi John Lachie Colleen Milwaukee Israel
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"White woman, you know, like I would get that specific and it would always work and I would freak myself out like I would freak myself out and be like, oh my God this insane and so I started working with a lot of like energy healers. I do a lot of intuitive works. So on my calls, sometimes I get downloads and I tell my men like, I don't think it has something to do with the topic, but I have to say something if you don't mind can I make an observation and I'm like, they're yeah sure and I say I just feel like you're chasing perfectionism because your dad it has been really successful. He must be a lawyer doctor something and you have to set an example in your living by him there like, holy crap. How did you even know that and they get so freaked out and I'm like, well, I just sorry. just I do a lot of intuitive birth. I was just something that was real right so it helps with coaching and I say that because when you say it to listen for everybody, but listen to with us on this podcast is off even though our coaches like we're learning every single day. Like there are students. Are are you in our coach? He's our our students and where the students who are Kochi is sometimes too and I feel like I said, everybody has this it's just really about putting in that work and the emotional control would I talk about a lot and I wanted to ask you is part of the emotional intelligence, right? So the emotions of controlling your emotions being aware of it and people will ask like, how do I start? Like, how do I start even doing this? How do I start doing having emotional control? How do I even know what my emotional intelligence if I even have emotional intelligence right or what is emotional intelligence? Can we talk a little bit about that and go into that from their dead? Yeah, so I believe emotional intelligence is is self-awareness. It's about how do I understand my emotions one of my emotions telling me now, I usually get clients to home as you asked him..

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"Sex. But Hopefully hopefully this. City or the state of new? York, released one of their. You know their guidance, suggestion things where SORTA said suggested chlorine holes as a solution to let's not go any further in conversation. Hopefully, this backfires and just like my article on home. Schooling that there's going to be coming up soon. Hopefully this hopefully, this backfires colleges and they're like. No, why? Why would I pay for this and half of this crap is going to be online, so you can't even. You're not going to be in a classroom with an instructor. You're going to be doing it all online. It's like why am I swam? Swam I, still paying the same amount. Go Online and get what the whole mit course load for a Lotta colleges have their courses online so I say let's more of it more of the stupidity more. This lunacy discounted. Just keep it hot, hot and heavy. Keep it on. Because people are getting fed up and Aria was down in Connecticut today and chief tried to go into a couple of what few convenience stores yeah I had to go to a bank, and then four convenience stores, and an all five places I was told to leave if I did not put a mass. That's awful and. It was kind of my fault for walking into the Wells Fargo branches I did, but they had I counted seven signs on the door as a response covid nineteen that you're supposed to just stand there awkwardly outside the door, taking the time to read all of these signs. I I'm not the kind of person who inclined to do that Dave, thanks for the Kochi was updated. This bill plans out and whether or not it actually gets passed.

Go Online Wells Fargo Kochi York Aria instructor Connecticut Dave
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"Times let it bug me anytime because I'm just over here sitting in my backyard with my dogs going absolutely not thank you all right we got another one tomorrow and the next day and the next and I'll tell you why the five guys right over there we we we could talk man I'm glad all you got thank you for your family the flag and just to be a delegate about thinking about your neighbor thanks so much coach yes Sir hi guys this is you better be careful that I really will take him up on that offer posted shows with us don't do it on my flight Kochi you can come on whatever he wants it's got that run alongside the kettles and former NBA forward Ryan Hollins coming up straight ahead Tom Brady ease a Buccaneers so who's got more pressure on them next season Brady or Belichick that's next listening to game night on ESPN radio and ESPN app the greatest coach of all time including military trust me the page where he isn't going anywhere we all well that's what we're about to find out this is game night your the day older used car not running the card is used the picture marked by.

Kochi NBA Ryan Hollins Tom Brady Buccaneers Belichick ESPN
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Remembering journalist Cokie Roberts

"And we're back back and not a surprise to anyone but the NPR family isn't the only family that is really sad today about the loss of cokie Roberts Michelle Shell and Barack Obama the former president put out a statement this comes from President Obama former President Obama Michelle and I are sad to hear about the passing cokie Roberts. She was a trail-blazing figure a role model to young women at a time when the profession was still dominated by men a constant over forty years of shifting media landscape landscape and changing world informing voters about the issues of our time and mentoring young journalists every step of the way she will be missed and we send our condolences to her family only I want to pick up on the mentoring part because we heard we heard Mahras story there. I have a note here from Susan stamper. Another of the founding mothers you just mentioned and it says she volunteered to go cover three mile island. Now people will remember of course that was the nuclear near disaster the near nuclear clear meltdown in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and I believe Nineteen seventy-nine people didn't know how dangerous it was or how dangerous is going to be Susan Rice. She volunteered to go cover. Three Mile Island said send me not one of the young ones. I've had all the children I'm GonNa have and she burned the suit. She'd worn there but you got back breath. I think of that now because she was thinking about people other than yourself. That doesn't surprise me one bit I would say that's exactly the cokie Roberts that I knew but like all stories involving legends and larger than life figures as cokie Roberts is fast becoming stories stories like that often have a different version and here's Kochi's the real reason was that I could drive. NPR At the time was driving impaired shop. several of our correspondents have been raised in Manhattan and never learned to drive a car others like Linda Wertheimer didn't drive because she had had a bad accident student when she was young and none of us wanted Nina Totenberg to drive because her eyesight is so bad so I could drive the two plus hours to Harrisburg so I was the the designated driver reporter on the scene that is beautiful. Just she was a great human being she was a great human being yes. I can say that from personal experience so what's your personal experienced him no she was just just incredibly encouraging giving nudges when nudges were needed and I mean going back to when I was a teenager and sent letters to all these NPR NPR personalities asking them how to do what they did. When I grow up she responded she called left me a message said whatever you do don't mean you're communications all right and did you follow that advice. Absolutely I majored in philosophy. There's no way I'd major in communications. cokie. Roberts told me not to all right nothing nothing against those who may be listening to majored in communications absolutely but if young people ask me for advice. What do I tell them. I just repeat cokie said be more like cokie. Be More like cokie. That's great so cokie. Roberts was this fixture on air for many many years and because she was a fixture on morning edition she frequently did her segment live from home so you know we have magical little boxes and devices that make it possible for us to be on the radio without actually doing our hair sometimes and when when you think of coke there is one moment that a lot of people remember it involves both cokie and someone named abner toast across the country. Liberal Democrats don't mm care for it either because we haven't heard much from them that was a Basset Hound and I think that was given Phillips and Edwards Condition and Abner the Basset Hound and then later because she definitely had a sense of humor she did an interview on NPR about abner the dog's appearance on morning edition he is about four years old brown and white very long ears and very sad eyes and he has been very very eager to make his radio debut. This has been a difficult task to keep him away from the microphone. This dog wants to be a radio dog and Wednesday morning. My husband happened to be up. Let him into the room next to the room. Where we were broadcasting bob. He was outside of a door behind closed doors ars while he was barking. He wasn't right at the microphone. If he had been I would have introduced him. Good lungs in that house all the way around so uh he really wanted to be on the air wasn't a case of his needing to go outside had been outside. I had been up for an hour. Just fed the beast. The dog eats. It's anything he can get. This dog can open the icebox door helps himself and the thing that really irritates me is then he doesn't close it will abner has a lot of fans conceivably good as on program here. He doesn't seem to talk on cute and I'm not sure how good he is talking to time but but he is a a a dog well worth getting to know one more appearance on morning edition and he has to join the Union. I think that's absolutely right but then of course he'll have a a good retirement plan. Thank you very much. NPR's cokie Roberts that was glorious and a great way to end on something a little bit happy happy. Thank you Steve and Mara for taking time today glad to do it and that is a wrap for today. We will be back as soon as there's the news you need to know about. I'm Tamra Keith and thank you for listening to NPR politics podcast

Cokie Roberts NPR Abner Toast Three Mile Island Harrisburg Roberts Michelle Shell Barack Obama President Trump Obama Michelle Susan Stamper Susan Rice Mahras Pennsylvania Kochi Linda Wertheimer Nina Totenberg Union Tamra Keith Phillips
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"Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We're so glad that you're here. There's a couple of notes here that if you if you did not see here having another call. I don't think I could do it's to see more flavors to try brokers founding flavors. This is a the fans of the show best ice cream you've ever had. They're going to start shipping him nationally soon. At least I hope follow them on Instagram. It's Brooker founding flavors. It's best ice cream. I've ever had. Says the same thing very good. So we have George Washington's indispensable flavor. Don dark chocolate ice cream. Peanut butter cups. Peanut butter candies. Peanut butter swirl and Christmas addicts. I patriot casualties speculates which I would say like cookie butter ice cream, basically with with chocolate covered cook. With the you know, the Biskov cookies are speculates kochi's cocoa nibs and speculative butter swirl. Love it or cook. Anyway brokers founding flavors. I don't know if they'll ship it to you. Now. I mean, you can't order it online. But maybe they'll ship. Do you have a special occasion somebody this really good ice cream? Anyway. Yesterday. I did another chalkboard. And this is probably the most complicated story. I think we've ever tried to lay out on a chalkboard ever. And it is the corruption of Joe Biden, and you can find it now on the blaze, TV dot com slash Glenn. It was last night's TV show on on Monday. We're going to give you part two which is another. This one will Mondays are gonna make Joe Biden look like a rookie. And when you see Monday's show with what he has pulled off in China. You'll understand why people who have been researching this for several years say he's the most corrupt vice president in history. If he gets in, and there is a Republican congress. I will tell you. I think his family will go to jail because this investigation Paul Manafort went to jail for exactly the same thing that we just talked about last night. And what we showed you Joe Biden did with his son in Ukraine is obscene. But it's nothing nothing compared to what we're going to show you on Monday. Joe Biden and his China piggy-bank..

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"Questions. Whether it'd be that you wouldn't be really good hanging around in the lounge gossiping with all the others rip it on trumpet in that whole thing. I think it's what I've got to get to the break. This is so log, but I think it's one of the reasons why and I've wondered about this some private schools that have lower pay have better teachers than public schools higher pay at I think it's because the generally aren't the same job protections in some of those private schools Catholic schools Lutheran school or one of these academies wants to get rid of somebody. They can they don't have the same job protections. But Secondly, I think that creates an environment of excellence that some of these teachers would rather work in even if it means a little bit less pay because they know that they're going to hit the administration as their back when it comes to discipline. They know that they're doing a really good job. They know that they're over achieving with the money that they have it gives them the professional kind of reward that you don't get in these public school systems that just enforce mediocrity or in some cases, reinforce incompetence. I just love to hear teachers as to why they would not want bad teachers fired and better teachers. Promoted, but almost none of them ever do. And they object to my notion when I even say, you know, a good chunky, you are bad. What field is does exist that or is it a good chunk that are bad? There's some nurses that are spectacular and some suck and everybody who is a nurse. Tell you that just about everybody at any field. But tell you that right. There's some soccer coaches that are really good. And some that don't owe anything. Still remember as a kid some of the dads that would coach some of these sports. They didn't know anything. They were teaching your bad things. Still. Remember a school? Wasn't that? What I went to kid a bad ball handler. And they kept yelling at the kid for look at the ball when your dribbling worst habit. You can teach someone you've got to learn how to handle the ball by not looking down. It becomes a crutch. It's like typing you have to learn how to type without looking at the fingers where the keyboards are. But this is a he wanted to a short term of a better ball hinder. But on the long-term ruined the kid. So that that was his constant crutch. Plus slack volunteers. Well. But if the volunteers teaching a kid to be worse than if he wasn't being taught at all. I don't I don't I don't give him. The I give them a little bit of slack. But part of the problem is is the you got anybody who's a dad or the mob. Got a kid on the team. They let it be a coach. That is part of the problem, which is fine. If Kochi, you know, clean, the uniforms or whatever. But if you don't know what it'd be like if you're doing your band practice if I had a kid in your band. I, and I don't know if they're about music, I be out there telling her to do this the other thing that I don't know what I'm talking about. I shouldn't be doing that. If you don't know what you're talking about four twenty two to psych eleven thirty.

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