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"kobe brian dot tim duncan" Discussed on Ball is Bae NBA Podcast

"In. So I guess that's The most progressive that's. A lot of coaches. I. If if you're shooting Tuesday, we gotta we gotTa make 'em. You gotTa make. Get to the different. That's basically I ask you questions and Maybe two auctions and you can just pick up one option it's. Ok. Okay of Kobe Brian Dot Tim Duncan, who would you cover Kobe? Would take. Jordan are a easy. Aired. Air, Jordan. As you're in any any specific, any specific framework of favors AUTOMATA. Jordan thirteen, he got gained my favorite of all time. In this is better than a player Jaanus Antidoto bought at Davis UPHILL AD. I'll play a plate with a and. I mean you can't go wrong with John Piper eighty favorite homecourt snack. Popcorn and most feared opposite to. Gut. toughest ago say coury curry fighting toughest cigar really okay or staffer artem did I. Step. Steph. Steph dominated I do he does he does move but he has a lot of screen set forms. Aboard screen. So, you're trying to avoid people instead of avoid the ball takes wanted one. Yeah one on one, all the time gotta gotTA. Cool. Awesome. I do I. Think I think took a lot of your time and? You're very patient with all our technical stuff So Ray thanks thank you so much me. Thanks for thanks for your patience. I. Hope you had a good time. We tried our best to do to live up to chance. You know. Words and Sean Bill. Yeah. Yeah we're not thank you guys appreciate you guys having me on. Excellent. Consider I..

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