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"The mayor of Washington, D. C. Muriel Bowser says a full review is underway of D C police and federal response. She condemned the violence. What happened yesterday is textbook terrorism. Bowser also put the blame on President Trump for his actions and a growing number of bipartisan lawmakers are calling for the invocation of the 25th amendment used to remove the president from office That includes Republican Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger calling for the president quote. Saying that he's unmoored from reality and his duties. Something he says became clear is the violence played out yesterday, resulting in the death of one woman who was killed. Family yesterday became evident that not only has the president abdicated his duty to protect the American people and the People's House In vote and inflamed passions that only gave fueled of the insurrection that we saw her. When pressed to move and denounced the violence. He barely did so. Well, of course, victimizing himself and seen him to get a wink and a nod to those doing it to social platforms for President Trump, Meantime, putting his accounts on hold indefinitely, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg saying and tell a peaceful transition of power is complete. President Trump he's banned from Facebook and Instagram, he writes of the shocking events of the Last 24 Hours clearly demonstrate the President Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power. Zuckerberg saying the priority for the whole Country must now be to ensure that the remaining 13 days and days after the inauguration passed peacefully, ABC is Alex Stone reporting you're listening to ABC News. Arizona's new station use station K T a R on hair 92 3 FM online at K T A. R calm and streaming Live on the KTs are new zap, You're breaking news and traffic. Oh, it's 10 02. I'm Jeff Mon, Here's our top story Coronavirus in Arizona the second time this week. Arizona reporting a record number of coronavirus deaths in a single day 197 new deaths Today in Arizona. 238 of those are due to death certificate matching the death toll now stands at 9741. 9913 new cases recorded today along with more than 15,700 new diagnostic tests. Kobe 19 Hospital metrics continue to trend up with more than 4900 and patients and more than 1000 ICU beds in use. Taylor Kinter Up Katya Our news. Arizona State representative John Cavanaugh has asked the attorney general's office to look into what local legislators conduce you. To reduce Governor Doug do C's orders on covert 19 because he says they are too restrictive Valley political expert says the storming of the United States Capitol by President Trump's supporters has caused even deeper division in the Republican Party. Katya ours, Jim Crosses live in Phoenix. Yeah, Jeff, conservative and former Arizona lawmaker stand bards. Says Wednesday was a bad day for the GOP. Now it looks like the Republicans and Trump supporters are no better than any other rioters taking over any other city. Whether the rioters are right or wrong Riot he like this is going to backfire on the Republican brand, and on the president of Barnes is that's a real problem is the GOP seeks to win future elections Live in Phoenix? John Cross Katie Our news Does President Trump deserve all of the blame for yesterday's reaching the U. S Capitol building. Arizona Republican Congressman David Schweiger tells Arizona's morning news. A lot of people need to look themselves in the mirror of the fake stories that folks really need their reaffirmation hit that are on the Internet or when you're giving a fiery speech, not understanding that some people don't understand the difference between rhetorical and what to do. If I could also says the president should have called for a peaceful protest when he saw his supporters marching toward the capital tune in tonight at seven for an ABC News special chaos at the Capitol. You can hear it all on 92 3 FM online are news app. And you can always tell your smart speaker to play Katie a are getting update on traffic. We had live to the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center and check in with Monica Read. Taking a look at our valley freeways were in good shape there. No major incidents on the freeways off the freeways, Couple of things, a new accident and Gilbert. It's a rig's road east of Higley. You take Chandler Heights instead. Then the opposite end of the valley. El Mirage. You've got an accent on the Grand Avenue Access Road west of Thompson Ranch Road,.

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