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"knoxville nationals" Discussed on Raceline Radio

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"knoxville nationals" Discussed on Raceline Radio

"Rick hendrick breaking the all time nascar win record held for fifty one years by the king. Richard petty and petty enterprises hendrick himself astounded by his new win total and success. I can't believe we got to sixty nine. I just remember how close it was not to be not finish out the first year so i've had a lot of really good. I've been really blessed if you look at everybody. Everybody's one arrays with us from on. Tim richmond waltrip. I mean you can look at jeff. Gordon and Jimmy johnson was seven championships. All of them have unique features. It's like having a bunch of kids. You love them all the same. You know have fortunate. I've been to have the talent that spin in our organization here here footnote to kyle larson's dominating win at charlotte by the way after that exhausting four hour marathon very next night larsen goes out and wins. His twenty first career will devote lost sprint car. Race on the clay at lawrenceburg indiana. First time in history drivers won a nascar cup race and world of outlaws sprint car race in consecutive days. That boy can wheel it. And that's for sure. Nascar xfinity at mid ohio former guest. Aj almundena grabs checkers. Quebec's alex lay very tidy. Eleventh trucks had the week off with. This is cool. David gilliland racing announcing ten time. We'll live outlaw sprint car champ and former wrestler radio guest johnny shots will drive one of their ford's when they run the clay at knoxville iowa. July ninth shots. He knows knoxville twenty-seven career sprint car. Wins there including ten knoxville national titles candidate stuart freezing. We'll use his extensive dirt modified success in that race. And his wife jessica to has plenty of strength sprint car laps rather To call on as well while he talked trucks. Sad they're run. The canadian tire motorsport park. Toronto has been cova canceled for a second year in a row will have ron fellows on next week to talk about that nascar in. Tmp plan to go again and twenty twenty..

Gordon Rick hendrick kyle larson Jimmy johnson jessica Aj almundena larsen fifty one years David gilliland twenty-seven career next week First time knoxville hendrick second year first year jeff Tim richmond waltrip twenty first career Quebec