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"knights malta" Discussed on Verum Tota: The Whole Truth

"Is that coveted job. House and Ritter himself were deeply tied to Robert McCauley Bush senior's roommate at Yale and a long time friend of the Bush family. Macaulay was described by the New York Times as instrumental to Covenant House fundraising after he joined its board in nineteen eighty-five and brought on several other wealthy or well-connected people including former government officials and investment bankers, mccolley's organization. The americares foundation choice later accused of funneling money to the contras in Central America was one of the main sources of funding Covenant House. One of the members americares Advisory Board was William E Simon former US Secretary of the Treasury under Nixon and Ford administrations who also ran the Nicaraguan Freedom fund which sent Aid to the contras americares was also known to work directly with us intelligence has the Hartford Courant know back in nineteen. Ninety one knowledgeable former Federal officials many with backgrounds in intelligence work help americares maneuver in delicate International political environments. Furthermore. Ritter was known to have thought Mccolley's Connecticut estate and served as Vice President of America cares until he was forced to resign from Covenant House. Notably George HW Bush's brother Prescott was also on the Americas Advisory board after George HW Bush died last year americares stated that he had been instrumental in founding the hell focussed relief and development organization years before Ritter was outed as a pedophile who played on the disadvantaged and vulnerable teenagers who sought Refuge at his charity Covenant House was praised heavily by President Ronald Reagan even earning a mention in his 1984 State of the Union Address, which called rid of one of the country's unsung heroes from 1985 to 1989 Covenant House is operating budget Grew From $27 to ninety million dollars and it's board came to include powerful individuals including top Executives at IBM Chase Manhattan bank and bear Stearns. It was during this time that Covenant House grew into an international organization opening branches in several countries including Canada, Mexico. And elsewhere in Central America its first branch in Central America was opened in Guatemala and was headed by Roberto elezar a CIA asset whose Plantation was used to train the troops used in the CIA. The failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Alisara was also an associate of the former us back dictator of Nicaragua, Anastasio Somoza and a member of the Knights Malta a Catholic order to which former CIA director William Casey and Roy Combs law partner Tomball and also belonged a less arzu. Also worked for americares. Hen was tied to several Central American paramilitary groups intelligence Community sources cited by DeCamp assert that the stars who led branch of Covenant House.

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