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"kluger krueger" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

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"kluger krueger" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

"Then you bring in levian bell. You have darnold you have some talented receiver. And now you can start kind of cooking with gas a little bit there. Why are the Broncos lining paradise go? I don't know the answer to that. Is there secretly good? And I don't know about it. Because I think they're line is actually bad. They were really saw last year. But I think that that has a lot more to do with their offensive line coach who is now going to Zona, by the way, that's their coach was fantastic last year. He's the guy that was at UTSA for a little while was a head coach came back to Denver last year the first year back in the league for a long time. And now he's in Arizona, which I think is the biggest coup that Kingsbury got even more than Vance Joseph on that staff, but the biggest coup cliff Kingsbury got was being born and looking like live. I just mean the staff that he assembled I feel like getting Kluger Krueger is a cougar. Right. I believe it is kluber Kluger Colonel. He's calling Colonel Kluger because he is he a military, man. It's Kook kluber Kluger Krueger Kluger. I dunno. Sounds like it is an Archer. It doesn't matter. He's gonna his job. I concur. He is. I think that there is a opportunity there for sure, but I think the jets made total sense. This one is going to make me upset, but I have to say sorry, golden Tate colts patriots. I don't. I just the reason. I can't say that. It's because I dreaded get so sad. But just think it's gonna work. It's going to be so terrible. But just imagine him in that offense as because they need and underneath option. They run a lot of twelve personnel. And they have those couple tight ends, obviously. But just having golden Tate paired with TY home. I just feel like it's so easy to see it. You just have so many middle of the field options. Frank Rex offense is designed so well to take advantage of those spots. It's so easy to picture for me. The patriots are too. It's just I'm having. I'm trying to block it out of my mind, a want it to happen. But I think it's going to happen. I don't to call the culture and awesome fit. I think that makes total sense about your cook. I said Denver Denver make sense. They need pass. They didn't pass catching help. They obviously they lost a marriage Thomas. They have with Ricky. Sean Hamilton cords. Kordestan? I was talking to the big. So they've coinciding now on the outside with Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders is coming back off the achilles. Now. I have nothing tight end..

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