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"klaudia reuter" Discussed on The 43 Percent

"Welcome to the forty-three percent Klaudia Reuter this show forgets about the leaning in or leaning out debate and talks to successful women about their path toward creating a life. That includes both family and career. Our name is a nod to the fact that forty three percent of women leave the workforce when they have children. We all have take some why and what might be done to better support working mothers by in this show me explore a wide range of experiences, and ideas. The same thing for for men too. But I think what women it's even more challenging because we are brought up to believe that we have to be perfect. And if we are not perfect. We then feel like we are not capable. And I think that's a big huge mistake that we have to make sure we change in how we raise our daughters. That was today's guests London Zakar, Linda is the CEO and founder of the Barkley group and a board director at Hasbro. She was recently named to the two thousand eighteen women's Inc. List of most influential board members in previous roles. She has served as the CEO of myth on hardcourt accompany. She took public a corporate vice president at Microsoft and a senior vice president at oracle among many other notable positions in our conversations. She shared her journey from geophysicist to CEO to the boardroom and her own experiences as a working mom who also stepped away from the workforce at one point in this. Conversation, she discussed the importance of confidence combined with a willingness to get things done and recounted some of her. Most interesting experiences of parenting while working with leaders on a global stage. The forty three percent is brought to you in part by beta brand, you know, I spend a lot of times sitting at my desk and on calls. Well, I would love to get to the gym every day. It's not always possible for me on the super busy days be able to get up and stretch can make a huge difference in my mood. That's why I'm so excited to let you know about beta brand and their dress, pant yoga pants. I just received my first pair, and I love them. Here's the thing. They're dressy looking enough to pass for traditional dress pants. No one will ever know you're wearing yoga pants, but they're just as comfy as yoga pants. So you can sit all day and feel like you can breathe, but they're also functional noth- that when I do have a second. I can get up and stretch. It's amazing. The dress pant yoga pant is ultra comfy. It's wrinkle resistant, and it has foes Burs pockets front buttons and super cute belt..

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