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Surgeons' group: Brazilian butt lift most dangerous surgery procedure

Lori and Julia

02:55 min | 5 years ago

Surgeons' group: Brazilian butt lift most dangerous surgery procedure

"Of the mystery of the death and. What happens in the unraveling so I would say which one do you think? Would. Go. With. The. Center right perfect yeah okay go at the center and then if you need. To show. We're all done I, don't I, feel like I you know I've got the book the Halford and. Books. For, retired halfway shows. Yeah So One hundred fifty. OK so this morning I had to laugh at GM a had this urgent. Alert it was an exclusive story at like eight fifteen vowed, printing Brazilian. Butler let's roll the audio. Donnie thanks to celebs like Nicki Menaj and Kim Kardashian voluptuous booties are in the American society of plastic surgeons has a new and urgent warning about the large number of. Deaths they, say occurred during a procedure called the Brazilian Butlin according to the society as many as one in three thousand patients, die making this potentially more dangerous than any other cosmetic. Surgery you have an increase in number of doctors who are attempting to perform this. Procedure and, unfortunately a lot of these doctors are not board. Certified Brazilian Butlin is meant to make a rear more. Shapely it basically combines liposuction with fat grafting sucking fat from where you don't want it like the, thighs your stomach and injecting it where you, do but one performed. Improper Early. There's a, risk of a fatal fat embolism is some surgeons are injecting a little bit too deep there's some important veins that, bring blood from the lower aspect of the legs back. Into the heart until the lungs twenty nine year old West Virginia mom Heather meadows. Came to, Miami for Brazilian butt lift in two thousand sixteen. She never made it out of surgery jeeze same happened. To forty year old Kizzie London in two thousand seventeen also in Miami patients to, look for a, plastic surgeon who's board certified by the American, board of plastic surgery Okay okay that, was this Beverly Hills plastic board certified plastic surgeon and then. Here's Dr Jen Ashton which is ABC's medical expert Dr Jen Ashton is gonna join us to talk this is extremely serious I want to put. This into context or through this is the actual. Warning that came out this week from. Five international plastic surgery societies they title it an. Urgent warning we spoke to a. Plastic surgeon this week who said a warning like this is unprecedented they. Are considering even banning the procedure because the risk of intra operative debt this means death on the. Table so high and put to put that into context for you we heard in the piece one and three thousand there have been studies done for, elective, plastic surgical procedures that look it over a, million patients the risk of. Dying on the table is zero his. Procedure. Is more common more popular it's up ten percent in just the. Last year so this is a big.

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