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Muses: Loretta Lynn Part 2

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Muses: Loretta Lynn Part 2

"Hey sexy this pleasant Gaiman rockin row witch and culture. Maven. You're listening to Pantheon podcasts around. Pantheon PODCASTS, Uy presents. From. Toronto Canada. Muses. With your host. Shanty and links. The podcast that celebrates the women are rock and roll. Interviews. Stories. And Fabulous Bond. So. Grab those backstage passes and let's get to our show. Hey, welcome to muses. This is the podcast all about women music, the musicians, the photographers, the wives, and girlfriends the groupies you name it, you name it we cover it. You name it we covered and if we haven't covered it. Let us know we'll cover it. Everybody welcome. My name is Shawn T and this is the beautiful talented links all thank you. That was a really lovely introduction there. Appreciate that. And how are you doing? Welcome I'm doing great I'm really excited to do part two of Loretta Lynn Avert Lynn. So. We'd a great time with part one. And then I left you hanging on the edge of your seat. You'd certainly did my God. What a story. All right and before we get into that everybody so much for being patrons supporting us on Patriots. If you haven't done that already and you would like to know pressure over to Pedro Dot com slash muses podcast, and another one at you can support us is by going to our website. And you can sign up for our newsletter which we send out. Once. A month. And they're great newsletters to Shanti makes them and they are fabulous I get them and I get excited when I get them so. Good Work Sean. T. And then you can head over to the blog and read the amazing twenty questions that links was the was the brain on that one and we ask amazing women, Lay Pamela, Bar Maureen van Zandt Kristen Casey Roxana. Shroud. Twenty questions about everything under the sun there things you know concerts that they've loved and meeting rockstars and it's just another little fun thing that you can go and go and read about. So head over to our website and uses pod dot com and there's lots of extra fun stuff there for you to. That's right. I'm so excited for this. Her story is incredible part. One was amazing as is, and to know she has this whole other life after already having like a whole life before she's twenty. something. Else I know I didn't want to edit this episode in try to squeeze it all into one because like what could have taken out from the first episode I thought it was all great. So That, you thought that it'd be okay to do a two parter for the first time and uses history. So maybe this won't be the last one but we kind of left off where Loretta had been gifted at Guitar I originally said when she was fourteen, my nose hearsay eighteenth birthday either way she was between fourteen and eighteen when she got a guitar and that's actually a little bit old sometimes as like you know a lot of people start playing guitar when they're much younger than that. But either way she practiced it and she got really good and just singing up in butcher holler up in the mountains and rocking babies are on the porch and singing to them and listening to the radio. That's where Loretta learned how to Sing I was going to say it's amazing that she even learned that guitar all when she had four babies that she was taking care of an actual babies 'cause they happen like some fast one after another a no. So no excuses people out there if you. Start a new hobby you just go ahead and you pick up guitar. Yeah Yup growing up in butcher Holler. They Sang Lot. They sang that country music and they kind of passed on from family members. and. So there were other members of Loretta family that were not professional singers at the time, but just kind of enjoyed it. Now, one thing that we did mention in the first episode as well is that Loretta was thankful for her husband do little for really encouraging her to start a career in music, and then he really helped her out with the business side of things, and she also really thanks him for some of the inspiration of some of her best song. So I figured that we would start off with a song. and. This is one that doolittle especially inspired and it's called. Don't come home a drink in with love and on your mind. Love it here it as. Abby. When you came home last night. You're been out with all. Then you. have. They just don't mix leave the ball me behalf. Come. Your. All right. So when once the radical got married and had children, she had been away from home for about ten years and then when she went home and spend some time with her family members, she found out that some of them had been singing in bars and hotel clubs. So all in all there were but four people in the red his family that ended up being in the music business in Nashville but none of them would today's big as Loretta ever got. That's so cool that they all. gravitate not all. There's a lot of them, but some of them gravitated towards music like she did the Yes. So Loretta was twenty four years old when she really started her singing career, her oldest daughter was ten. Wow do little really encouraged her to practice her guitar and sing. She didn't take any lessons and she I began by singing kitty wells songs, and then writing her own now like we mentioned before an episode one. Loretta was very bashful as she called it and do encouraged her to sing in front of people. He said it would be a chance to make some extra money. So she kept practicing and you know he really made the decision in those days She says that she still be a housewife today if dude didn't bring her that guitar home and encourage her to be a singer, she says, it's great that he did that. Yeah. She says, why deny it do little is a brilliant man always looking to do something different or better if we're off in Kentucky and somebody says the road to Daddy's graveyards washed out do little don't grumble about it. He borrows somebody's bulldozer and goes up and fixes the road he's a good worker and a good businessman to I've always had faith in his judgment that way when he told me something I was pretty sure it would probably work out so good partner in ways foreshore in one night and this nineteen sixty. They went to a bar with live music with another couple the boys started drinking and do pasturing the band leader to let Loretta Get up and sing saying I, got a girl here tonight who's the best country singer? There is next to kitty wells and I ain't kidding. So they didn't let up that night, which is was good for Loretta because she was like new button bandleader said to bring her over to their house on Wednesday and they try her out. It was the house of John Marshall Pen two guys in a group called the western years. New One song look to play and she wasn't sure what Ki-. It was in saying for them and thought that was that like that's it. But they came over the next day and they asked if she would sing with them that Saturday night. So they liked what they heard. They saw something special just like do had so they. Pay Her five dollars and use the tape they recorded for of her on their radio show like she couldn't believe it and then she got very scared. Up on stage when it was time to go, she tripped over her dress. She dropped a Coffee Cup with the governor's feat that night because he was in town be listening to them sing and they thought it would be a good idea to have herbal served coffee. But she's like. I was so clumsy would never be a good server but she played guitar that night and she sang and they invited her back to sing next Saturday for another five dollars. Yeah And she thought that she was a million hair. It's cute because this chapter is called beginner's luck. But it would just keep rolling for her honestly. She is that not many people liked country music than if you did you call it closet country because you listen to it in secret. I wonder what they were listening to instead good question, rock and roll Elvis. So four months. With this band and Loretta doolittle decided to go out it on their own thread, a played, the Rhythm Guitar and her brother Jack Played Lead Guitar. They had a coffee pot and they painted a kitty on it, and if people wanted to request a song, they drop nickel or dime into the pot. Group was called the reddish trail. Blazers. But Jack said that they should have called themselves Loretta, tail riders because she used to ride their tails so much to do better. So her little bossy spirit and that little meanness, Cameron, handy because she was self-assured knew she wanted and she was the leader of the Bandon ways. So at the time, little was working as a heavy duty auto mechanic during the day and he would go and supervise their shows at night Loretta was terrified of performing and I was scared of saying a word to the crowd. But in later performances, I would watch and she seemed so confident and at ease and full of charisma like so sweet and like she seemed like a natural. at I she was really scared. She grew into it. Yeah. I've never enjoyed playing music for other people. I've always really enjoyed to play the piano and the guitar for myself but I hated recitals and I hated it when my mom would be like friends over like playing song for them. Practicing the piano today in somebody walks in all of a sudden start doing. Terrible. I am not. and. But Hey, at least I'm not a bad public speaker. So you're great public speaker are take it. So Loretta was terrified. As I said but she eventually came out of her shell and tune. If she was playing six weeks a week which Loretta enjoyed because she'd been a housewife since she was thirteen she was finally getting out like if she'd gone to high school hall or Never Gotten married, you know she would be learning things and going places and she never done that before. Yeah she's living really for the first time like her own unique life type of thing. Yeah. On Sundays, they play at different kinds of hospitals and air force bases. She sang in a fair and Lyndon, and she won the Grand Prize? Of Twenty, five dollars and. Was Confident enough that it was time to go to Nashville. Yeah. So the RETA had someone spot her on one of her TV appearances that she made when she was there and he wasn't exactly in the music business. But he had a lot of money and he wanted to help a make a record. He ended up being quite a good man. She started writing her own songs and to help her she picked up a copy of Country Song Roundup the magazine with words to hit songs and she figured well, if anyone can write these songs, it's nothing to it really I can do it too. She did that's right. After writing some songs, she was given money to head to la do accompanied her and the kids stayed back with the red, his brother and his wife it wasn't as easy as they thought many places wouldn't even take their money to record Loretta, but do persistent. So he found a place who agreed to let her make a record. Loretta. Says that the recording studio was half the size of a motel room with machines and a few musicians. But they liked what they heard and they called in some really good pickers to come and play on her song. A few weeks later, they sent them a shipment records. Amazing. doolittle ever of A. Renaissance. Man had a hobby of Photography and so he took the photo of her for it. She said that the album was fine but you know they were pitiful. They didn't know how to put out a record. Yeah. Send copies to radio stations all around the country and even wrote up a little something about her life to go inside. So you know when they were packing the record, they would pack the photo that do took of her and this little letter and they call the disc jockeys themselves to get played and most of the time the DJ's played it. People would then hear the song on the radio and they would want to buy their record, but they couldn't get the record in stores fast enough. So the stores never had the records, but one day they're still guitar player came over and told them that their song was on the charts. So we're gonNA read it in. Do didn't even know what the charts were. A top ten on July twenty, fifth nineteen, sixty billboard charts and number fourteen in the national country music charts. So we're into the nineteen sixties. So she mentioned having recorded two songs at the time for that record and I think this song called. Honky tonk girl was really one of the first things that she had ever written and it started to get really popular and it really started to get played so less listen to Honky tonk girl. The. Main. Hard. Off. Okay so this mystery man who was giving them money in the business guy, his name was Mr Burleigh he was financing their record and he was really happy with their success. He paid for them to do a promotion trip around the country. He really was good man and he wanted the ready to learn as much about the industry as she could, and if she ever got the chance to be on a major label, he said he would release her from her contract because he didn't want to stand in her way what an amazing Guida have for support. That's that's fantastic I know it's like a nice refreshing oriented. Absolutely we waiting for me to be like, but he didn't stick to his word and there was A. Role but no, he like he's talked to it so. That's fabulous. So Loretta doolittle went on Tour and not being able to afford to stay in motels they slept in their car and they eight Baloney Sandwiches Bologna and cheese. Thing she. CanNot Baloney Sandwich? So she only had one dress and a list of radio stations. They turn the dial when they got close she changed her dress and they'd go into the radio station. So small or large they would hit all of the radiation that they could. She still kind of looked like a kid and do never let her wear makeup. So the disc jockeys were always kind of really nice to her. So she says. At one place. They were all really nice to her except for like the sky at first. I one place I asked if they had me record and they said, no. But I looked out the corner of my eye and I spotted it in the garbage can. I asked politely, if I could give them a copy they said all right. I walked over to the garbage can and I handed him the record they smiled all sheepish like but ever since then the studio has been behind me all the way. Man The read out for her for not letting like. You know affect her. Yeah. She eventually loved you know chatting at radio stations and meeting all the boys do would sit in the car and listen to her on the radio. In Arizona, she met a very nice disc jockey around the same age as her me had pimples and greasy hair they ended up sending letters back and forth until he got into singing to she says. Waylon Jennings that's who it was. Yeah I love. The way that she kinda tells these stories like she builds it up a little bit and then she's like I'm believe his name was. Waylon Jennings. So, yeah. She met someone named Hugh. Cherry. who was the man who would break the hillbilly records in California so she gave him Honky tonk girl he played it and she told that she was going to get to the Grand Ole opry and he said, you know it usually takes about four years to get there but Loretta did it that very same year? Oh my goodness like the same year that she started singing me to record. She made it to the opry or you know pretty spot is crazy. Wow and then it was L- listed with a few others as the most promising girl singer. Loretta is like moving fast. She's putting into Nova's e and she's got a good little team and she's got that real natural talent. So I love. and to be for her. Absolutely. While, the disc jockeys did help her by playing her Music Loretta was lot to her fans people started listening to her and liking her right away. So they would request her songs they would buy her records and she says like there's really nothing like country music fans their fans for life. She even recognizes some of her fans all around the country. She says that most of her fan. Club is women and that's how she wants it. She says men have enough going for them. Women have to stick together Yeah I love her so much. Oh my goodness. So there were these sisters called the Johnson Sisters who really helped Loretta first they were huge fans. They Pester Club in Aurora Colorado to Hire Loretta for one night. So Loretta hopped on the bus and she went alone. She was so nervous when she arrived, she said that the three girls were standing backstage and they were so friendly. It's like they had known each other all their lives. So like they were there, they put on the show for Loretta the. Her with open arms when they got there, you know amazing Patsy Kline had played the club a week prior. And this is going to kind of kick off a little bit of a friendship between Loretta and Patty soon now. are going to start to. Soon. But. Booth that before Loretta went on the girls had asked her like aren't you going to get made up? And she never had before. So for the First Time Loretta, put on makeup the show success. And these girls stayed friends for life. Says they're not fans. Their friends are I. Love A. One time one of the Girls Bought Loretta, a short skirt and the said, Oh, my God you can see my kneecaps. Famous for a really long dresses and then address that like went up to her neck you know and she gets outlook from in years. The girls even travel around their area asking for Loretta. Records and their juke boxes, and if they weren't there, they made sure they got put their Loretta had fan clubs all over and once a year she'd invite the fan club presidents out to have a party at her house a large meal. Dance you know to say thank you. She is just the most wonderful sweetest woman I love that she really cared about everyone who was helping her with her success. You know, Nia. She really tried her best to chat with fans after. But once she started playing many shows had begun to have the migraines that her father had. Played Her for many years. So lots of times after a show she just have to go on a lie down in her boss but before that, she tells a cute story about a time. She finished a show and there was a man in his eighties waiting by her bus his daughter said that he was going to die soon and really wanted to meet her. So Loretta. Hugged him and gave him an autograph and you said. Take Me Homeboys, I'm ready to die now. So. Fans loved her and she loved them. So while on the road, she was getting another real education she knew from her marriage with do so far that married couples didn't always get along Loretta was told that people would like her singing better if they didn't know she was married but she didn't like really care about what people thought and she eventually started wearing a wedding ring and didn't slow men down from giving her their numbers or asking if she'd have drinks with them after the show and sometimes guys will get out of hand drinking and try to grab her. But whenever I was around, he would take anyone outside who attempted anything like that. Or I bet he would when do wasn't traveling with the Reta Mr Burley's sent this woman hired this woman to travel with her. So she thought it was for safety with the Woman Wanted Loretta to ride around in a convertible with the Bikini go on disk. Jockey because that's just the way it's done. So yeah, you wouldn't do any of that. She was going to sleep with anybody from the radio station to get her records played and the woman ended up getting fired pretty quickly. But you know read it was like learning like so people do these things in the music business when she just didn't. You know look for her. Yes. So threat saw a lot on tour learning about people in their behaviors. Most people think that her songs are all about her and her relationship with do but she'd really write about things that she saw like the song you ain't woman enough to take my man about a young woman who came to her show one night found the Rutta and told her that her husband. was there that night with another woman and at the same time Loretta just said to her? Don't worry about it. You Go and you get your man kind of like how she had done when do as he cheated on her and so let's listen to that song. You ain't woman enough to take my man. You Pass. Now You. Thank you can. Take. Did. In a bonus then. All. Right. I gotta say. I'm just I love the titles of her songs. I know I told my younger brother that we were going to be doing episode on the red. Olin he was like I love her and I'm like we do and he's like, yeah, and my younger brothers grade he always surprises me and he was telling me like, do you remember what episode of the Simpsons with Lorraine Lump Lumpkin and I was like yeah, he's like, I'm pretty sure that character was based off Loretta Lynn like Oh that makes sense. Did you watch a lot links? Know who talking about absolutely. Yeah, do. Her manager. Stage? But I do. That's that's right. I. Love It. Yeah. She was very clever with her lyrics. Yeah and I think. Yeah. So it makes sense at Loretto. Lumpkin was based on Ritalin. Yeah in Little Way anyways do never had to worry about Loretta cheating on him. You know when this book was written after Twenty Five Years of Marriage Loretta had said that she hadn't ever cheated on him. She said she'd met a few men who she could have liked but none enough who could ever take the place of her family. So she stayed out of trouble she's had met all. Oh, her around all over the city that they live in. Call Her hotel ask if they can come up but she never went for it. Now at doesn't mean that Loretta hasn't been accused over the years not do. But by people she been really with other country musicians as those she'd write songs with and she'd sing songs with but Loretta never did and she said that if she did sleep with someone else, it wouldn't have been to get anywhere in the business. anyways it would have been for her own accord. Yeah That's a good reason. Asleep was somebody I think So, Loretta is first appearance at the Grand Ole opry was October Fifteenth Nineteen Sixty. Now how did she get the GIG? Well, she got it for herself. She went to the manager and she said that she pestered him and he let her on the show and so she sang Song Honky tonk girl and was invited back and I believe this is where Ernest Tubb makes his appearance in the movie is when Loretta is invited up on stage the character that sang before her was Ernest Tubb but sense him in the movie so. Yes call true to his word Mr, Burleigh let Loretta her contract. When she moved onto something a bit bigger. She made Song of songs with Decca records who already had pasta Klein and Brenda. Lee assigned artists she was both polishing her act but staying true to herself she was encouraged to pronounce the words the way that she wanted to and they never made her feel stupid for talking as she calls it like. A Hillbilly one of the guys said people will always understand me because I was always myself. That's of her band members. She could only afford to bring her brother Jay Lee because she couldn't pay the rest of the guys to move away from home and pay their salaries, and that's when I'll his family settled in Nashville in Nineteen One Loretta started getting regular performing dates and was invited back to the opry every week. She says that there were many other girl singers trying to make it big them and they were jealous that Loretta was getting so many gigs and attention. So quickly, Loretta says that if it weren't for Patsy cline, she might have given up let patsy and when Patsy was only twenty seven Patsy had known hard times about what it was like to try to make it. They became fast friends if Passi had a fight with her husband, she called the Reta if learn how to fight would do little she called Patsy. So. Again quite a very unique and interesting friendship and the red even wrote a book about their friendship now I also noticed. On my wishlist of episodes to do patsy has a whole book, right? So we could even do a whole episode on her one day. Perfect. Yeah. Yeah, we'll get into her briefly since Patchy had made appearances with Loretta and an event with a bunch of other country singers. The stamp of approval meet everyone except Loretta wants Patsy said there it was cool. Everyone was like all right I guess she school. Patsy Thought Loretta She taught Loretta about show business. She bought her clothes. She gave her rhinestones, curtains, drapes drapes for her own because Greta was still too broke to afford any of these things herself and. Payment to go on the road to keep her company. The last time. Loretta saw Pazzi Pazzi was hanging drapes at House and had brought her a huge box close. On March Sixth Nineteen, sixty, three patsy was in a plane crash with a few others and there were no survivors. The RETA said that Patsy was like a mother and a sister to her and when Loretta would have twins awhile later she named one of them after Patsy. My goodness I love this friendship. Yeah. It's a shame that it ended. So early in that. So young when her life ended do little stayed home with children a lot. It was a hard subject for Loretta because her career paid off in money and other things but she missed out on a lot of her children's upbringing. Once he joined Loretta more children were left with their uncle and grandmothers in Indiana because both of the grandmothers had been living in. Indiana at that time when they moved to Nashville, they had babysitters Loretta oldest daughter had children pretty young as well, and so Loretta was grandmother by Twenty Nine do and Loretta taught their children to work hard and since they were young still when they did get money, they tried not to spoil their children. They still made them wear hand-me-down the kids never went to imagine. Being a grandmother. Right now. No. No it's just the most wild thing that I can think of being a mother right now it's just Too Much for me I'm St One. Twenty Nine Goodness Loretta goes into detail about the personalities of each of her children but since this episode is already like seven hours long you can read the carrier. Loretta says that she could do it all over again she would still go into show business she would have been with her children more in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, Loretta went on Tour Working Forty, two shows in twenty five days. She was on television shows seen throughout the south and appeared before bigger crowds that she'd ever seen before. Rutta, jokingly calls herself a heifer her because she was so clumsy she has these stories about falling over on stage Bra straps breaking pantyhose, falling down to her ankles, and you know learning that it was important to smile as she walked onstage even if she was feeling sick or missing her kids. In Nineteen Sixty Three Loretta played the Hollywood bowl with Johnny cash. She went from playing for three hundred people to thousands. Wow. Yeah. The the fans started getting weird. They would try and piece of clothes off as a souvenir they would try to snip her curls and even her eyelashes. That is they want. Oh. My God owner been scary. Eventually, Loretta, booked all over the country and she really started enjoying it in was finding it a lot easier to be on stage. About her women fans, she said I tried aiming my show more at the women even though some of them got the wrong idea one time I was playing this club in Baltimore and this woman comes up to me in says. You're the woman that's in my husband's life. That's all I hear before I go to bed when I wake up in the Morning Loretta Lynn and I'm GonNa break your neck I sent. Woman I, don't even know your husband but if you touch me, I'm tired of you before I got the chance bound through through out of the club. My. Most of the women liked me though they could see I was. A mother and a wife and a daughter who had feelings just like other women sure I want to mend like me but the women were something special. They'd come around the bus after the show when they'd asked to talk to. They felt I had the answers to their problems because my life was just like there's whom. Yeah she's a woman's woman. is. First album was number one in nineteen, hundred, sixty, three, and in nineteen sixty four she was named top female vocalist. She was at the Grand Ole opry for seventeen straight shows, which was a record for anyone who wasn't a member, and then finally they asked you to join. Yeah that'll do it. Yeah. So Loretta Heard Kitty Wells sing songs from the woman's perspective because country music from the men's perspective was all truck driving easy women and cheating. She remembered how Kitty Sang. The woman's side of the story and wanted to hear songs more like that and she says, you know it certainly helped that kitty wells and patsy. Kline can before her and they kind of like led the charge Loretta. Also just talking about music that she really liked she really loves Ray Charles she said that country music owes locked to him preparing fans, Johnny cash and Merle Haggard Charley Pride. The first black country star is one of his all time favorites as well, and so she says that she's his biggest fan. So the song don't come home and drink in the one we mentioned earlier got to be number one. In the nation was also the first album ever made by a woman singer that a million dollars she says, she didn't want any outside influences changing her music and so she really didn't listen to Joni Mitchell or Bob. Dylan or the Beatles kind of stayed in her own little bubble. One of her personal highlights is when Ernest Tubb chose her to sing with him on an album of duets and so when she's with him, she feels like that little girl huddled on the floor in front of the Pico Radio on Saturday night. Now, before she knew it, they were making more money than they'd ever dreamed of she went from twenty five dollars a show to fifty to a hundred and above. She still did her own canning and put food away from the winter. She said, you never know when the show business is to go for fluey. He says once you've been poor you always feel in the back of your mind you're going to be poor again. Started paying off. Do gave up his job as mechanic to take more interest in the business and they found a forty five Acre ranch and rented a little house in Madison Tennessee in late nineteen, sixty three. We'll the ready discovered that she was. A pregnant again. Loretta. He. Yeah. With wins by the way. Loretta was worried that her career would be interrupted. Things moved on she named them Patsy and Peggy She said that they were godsend. It was like a whole second life for her and do happened because they had them when they had the money and time to devote to them. She was on the road a lot and they were adult the. Loretta new little were adults at this time to call. Yes. Yeah. So they got to spend more time with them. They were identical twins in. Loretta couldn't always tell them apart especially when she just come home up the road. She begged hey twin and they don't call. Me By my name. So, reticence that they were never really part of Nashville social scene and that forty five acres ended up not being enough for them and they kind of got lost once on a drive and found a beautiful one, thousand, four, hundred and fifty Acre property with an old house built on a hill or the whole town, and it had like white columns in the front. It was in such bad shape though that when Loretta was on the road, do actually thought he'd set the whole thing on fire. He had tears in his eyes because it was probably best to just rebuild, but he knew how much Loretto loved the House. So he fixed it up for them. So threaded. Didn't know this again because she. was educated in some ways and not in some ways but she didn't know that it had originally been a plantation house and if you look at pictures of it, you see it immediately with the white columns, the way that it's built. She talked about seances that they've had there because it was a salute. There was a civil war battle fought there on the grounds that they're actually enslaved people buried in the property and when she found that out, it made her really sad. since they ended up buying so much of the land, it's kind of like the ended up buying the whole town. So do fix stop picks it up into a real working ranch and it's worth a lot. Now you can see it and take a tour you can go and Youtube people have taken tourism it and made whole videos of it so. Just, you know search hurricane mills and it definitely has graceland vibes. Cool. I'll look it up. That's where the recreation of the butcher Holler home is as well, and it says, you know it portrays the legacy of the rags to riches coal miner's daughter Yeah. I just looked it up and like you said, yeah you can really tell it's beautiful but Yeah, you can tell. Old Plantation Home in the House Loretta explains on the wall going up the winding stairway. We've got all forty five of my albums framed in the order that I did him. This is nineteen, seventy five that truth this and there's forty five then more now there's some one I didn't use any makeup before do finally let me you can see me changing album after album. It's really kind of weird to see I've got all kinds of souvenirs around the house a bed Hank Williams zoned the cowboy hat tex ritter used to wear my second rhythm guitar some personal things Patsy Kline gave me I have Roy Roy. Acuff. I don't know how to say that Yoyo. Yeah a suit from Hank snow a coat from Marty, Robbins Chet, Atkins Golf. Hat, and beautiful gown that my friend June Carter gave me while she's got quite collection. there were always animals on the property through our for dogs, cats, snakes, skunks. She says, like I told you, we're country when she's there, which isn't that often she enjoyed planting flowers going for rides in the jeep and maybe riding a horse mostly she just like to sit and talk with her friends. The place was mostly used for TV specials and album cover photos. It didn't feel to private because fans would just walk right up to the door. It got to be too hard to only be there for a day. So when she was in Nashville, she just stay in a motel. She says, that's what I mean when I say being success don't guarantee you happiness. The ranch was kind of deal in the way, but it also caused a lot of problems in their marriage. It costs them so much money. So she had to keep a busy schedule in order to like. This kind of new lifestyle, right and that was wrecking her how. Do, is working so hard watching the kids she was gone from home. A lot of people also try to split them up making rumors about them that they'd each been dating other people. She says that despite the rumors little was a family man, he'd rather be setting feeders for his quail and riding his bulldozers and escaping to Vegas to gamble and see showgirls things would run more smoothly when he was on tour but he didn't like being cooped up in a motel room for too long and out of boredom and social anxiety, he would drink too much and then criticized Loretta for something she did or didn't do on stage and it really hurt her when he drank, they'd have fights in. Front of their team and it would make people nervous. But by the morning her endure back laughing and joking until the next time, that is when they got to Nashville, they agreed to almost any good cause because they got invited to you because they had a place in their hearts for people with the sad story, they'd visit hospitals she tried to give as much as she could to charity people would even right to her telling about their problems and ask if she send the money and a lot of the time, she would want to do that until like their manager would have to look into it and be like now this is real. This is not real kind of be careful so and Nineteen seventy-one Loretta started to get worn out her health started to decline. She had really bad period pains kept getting worse should experience migraines and rumors started that she'd be drunk onstage but she didn't drink in nine, hundred, seventy, two, a tumor was found in lettuce ripe breast, and since there wasn't much discussion about cancer back then she didn't know much about in she kept putting it off but eventually got surgery to remove the tumor. Then, she found out she has high blood pressure and it was all kind of a mess. So she started taking time off at the end of each month got water pills for her migraines and stopped taking aspirin because it turned out she was allergic to them as a little bit of a break place. They built a home in Mexico now she won't say where and she loved it because no one knew her the there and nobody cared and it was something that she says really helped improve both it's the one place I can go to relax swank a tell nobody where it is she says. They're. The fish in the eat all day long and it's good because on her tour nineteen seventy-three, she got down to about ninety pounds and like the stress had gone to her So when they would go to visit Mexico, she eat all day long gaining one pound a day for almost a month she said do said I. was like a flower opening up every day he could see the collar coming back day by day and it was true I'm telling you I was born to be a housewife, not a singer. So, in Nineteen, seventy five when she was reading this book, She was making about ten thousand dollars a show she says, she doesn't think she's improved much performer. So must just be the people who are managing her business are doing a really good job. Do little wasn't really a part of the management anymore they hired some real professionals. Loretta and Conway twitty made their own booking agency called united talent, and they had the best schedules and country music she used to play two hundred shows a year, cut it down two, hundred, twenty five and mainly because her money was handled better. So she didn't have to work as hard for. What she would or no that didn't come out right she didn't have to work as much and she was. Getting. Paid better. Okay. Yeah, she had some people help her write songs emotionally she kept writing them or solve when the movie will miner's daughter came out. People got to know her more. Fans also made her familiar to people. She says only took her a couple of hours to write what she considers the best song she's ever written. She recorded it, but you can the can for a year because she didn't think anybody would like get the song made her so popular that alleged the biggest award for lifetime at the time at this book was written. So, the song of course was coal miner's daughter and the award entertainer of the year goes to the best performer who puts on the bash shows on tour and on television plus puts out good records. So at the award show which was a nineteen seventy-two hearn Conway twitty got the award for vocal duo of the year and they named her female vocalist of the year around this time. Loretta of course, struck up a friendship with Dolly Parton. And I was wondering if she was going to come at. of course, and the two of them loved talking about the old days you know when they were both poor and you can see some awesome videos online on Youtube of Loretta and Dolly singing together they sing a mash up of Dolly's favourite Loretta songs and they seem together and it's just amazing. Like. A Raw. Natural talent so cool to see them together. Sold right. It was always very encouraging other women in the industry never being jealous or mean she says there's room for all of us honey. That's right. While the it was winning all these awards she was also getting death threats. Some pretty scary stuff would happen like ice following her to her hotel room calling the room phone saying they were outside in the hallway you know one boy walking her bus with a pistol you know. So she started having hire some big time security she had like some super intense groupies a yeah but they like yeah. I. Don't know if they want to hurt you. Can we really consider them a groupie? No. I don't know. had. Calls from people saying that they were hit men. Know People mad at her because she thought that she broke up conway twitty's marriage select. No wonder she gets sick right? Like no one knew your health. Yeah. All of this pressure. So Lord not toured around the country she toured around the world politically Loretta never wanted to endorse politicians even though she was asked and she made a point to say that she wasn't really interested. She would say that it was time for honest people to start running the country. So just get somebody that will feed the poor and forget about the wars she said that she was waiting for a politician who will help the people and then maybe I'll support him or her. Loretta traveled with her bandmates tour on a tour bus for a very long time. She designed it herself Purple Velvet Gold Pascal's and an entertainment unit up front eight bunks in the middle for the boys and the back part was just for her. You know she does go on to talk about how unglamorous it is for people who think that riding on a tour buses like A real thing that you wanna do for for a long time of your life but she actually almost had an all girl band which she says would have been fantastic. She would've loved it. But the double standard of the music industry said, it would be bad publicity if she had a girl band and then the girl band members would go get in trouble you know lake. Considered. Loose women and her tail and buy INS that decision because it was okay. If an all male band did something like that, right Yup. That's infuriating. That would have been so cool for her at have like this. All girl kick ass band. Loretta used to be a bashful girl from the mountains. WHO's only dream was a comfortable house for her family. She grew a lot. She learned a lot. She stuck up for herself in her career. She's grateful for the benefits her family has enjoyed because of her property prosperous career, and at the time of writing the book, she said, she just wanted to put her life in God's hands. She wanted to give more people in two more people in need she wanted to travel more, and as she says, I love to work more with the American Indians people. That's. How she said in Nineteen, seventy five. So she finished her book knowing that it wasn't the end of her story but that there was more to come Loretta, is the most awarded Female Country Recording artist has gorge twenty four number one singles eleven number one albums she continued to tour for many years appearing at the Grand Ole opry and releasing new albums in Nineteen Eighty Eight Loretta was inducted into the Country Music Hall of fame she returned to the public eye and nineteen ninety-three with the hit trio album honky tonk angels recorded with Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette. Thousand and Two Thousand Loretta released her first album in several years called still country in which she included. I. Can't hear the music a tribute song to her late husband doolittle who had passed away. Yeah. She releases her first new single and more than ten years from the album country in my genes and the single charted on the billboard country singles chart and made Loretta the first woman in country music to chart singles in five decades in two thousand and two. Loretta published her second on Biographies Still Woman Enough, and it became her second New York Times Bestseller, and then in two thousand and four, she published a cookbook you're cooking it country. Great it was. Any world. Davis in that one OH. Good question I hope. I hope. For she released Leer Rose Ryan mentioned in. It was the first episode and this is the second album on which she either Cole wrote or sang every song. So the album was produced by Jack White and featured guitar backup vocals by him. Her collaboration with Jack garnered her high praise in magazines that specialize in mainstream and alternative rock. So she was in spin and blender rolling stone voted the album the. Second. Best, of two thousand and four, and it won the Grammy Award for best country album of the year. So in late two, thousand and ten Sony Music released a new album titled Culminates Daughter Tribute Loretta Lynn featuring stars like Reba mcentire, Faith Hill Paramour Carrie Underwood and they were performing Loretta is classic hits Spanning Fifty Years Laura. Recorded with Miranda Lambert Sheryl Crowe. that single cracked the billboard singles chart, and so made her the only female country artist to chart in six decades. So Thousand Nineteen lifetime aired the highly anticipated movie Patsy and Loretta, which highlighted the friendship of Lynn and Patsy Kline. So the right of Lynn? She attended the Nashville release of the film and that's about up to date on what what's been going on. So there's so much more you can go in like you can watch those movies. You can read all those book but that was that this is the end of our two part special of Loretta Lynn. My goodness I love her so much and I love all of her songs. I'm so excited I'm going to rewatch coal miner's daughter and I had no idea. They made a movie about her and Patsy. So that's definitely something I want to check out his wall. Wow, thank you so much for this. This was like this was a fantastic way to do a two parter She certainly deserved. She deserved it. Okay Great I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I hope all the there enjoyed it and hope that you're having an amazing summer. Thank you so much for listening. Go and check out all of our past episodes were were into August I am assuming. So you know I think it's a good time to listen to all of our elvis episodes. Oh. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. And check out your Dolly Parton episode to because that one was great. Yeah. Why not that was you know what? That one I think people are saying people have said that they could go for another Dolly episode because I only highlighted jet very much like Loretta had such a rich early life that I, really only got into Hurley stuff right? You could definitely do a part to on Dolly as well. Yeah. We did hank. Williams too. So a couple of people mentioned in this we've covered and. Yeah, plenty more to check out as you said in part one. For our patron members, you gotTa pull up for your next episode. So if you guys want to be part of our decision making over here, sign up and let us know what you're thinking. Yeah. Links has got a couple of options. Maybe she'll throw a poll up there and you can vote on Lynxes next episode. Yeah I'll do that for sure. All right well, that's it. Everybody thinks so much for listening wear sunscreen stay hydrated and we love you see a becks time. On. A map. Bonds meal. What? On Matt Daddy's knee. Listen. To the story said he to. 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