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"kita henderson" Discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast

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"kita henderson" Discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast

"It's just like what William was able to do in terms of setting up his teammates and just always finding guys in the right spots he could have easily had three four system this game he just you know. It doesn't always work out that way and he was just almost perfect with his passes. You Completed William, of course, completed ninety, six percent of his twenty six passes. It's nothing crazy but running for. Ninety, six percent when you had when he had his chances he took. Advantage of them and that's all you can ask for. Of course, you can't really take too much out of this I know full again are going to be a relegation team this year at least battling relegation for free for most of the season her for all of this season I should say, so you can't really take too much out of this arsenal win but they did win three Oh when you take on a team like this you know if if you were win one Oh, two one than okay it's not too but to win three Oh, that's convincingly and it shows that you are obviously a much better team Fulham you know we're just completely outmatched in this game and that's what you want to see if you are an arsenal fan. but I do believe that if arsenal art to take it to that next level, they do need to get their top signing from last season and back. Into the squad and and you know I know he disappointed big time last year probably one of. Biggest? Disappointment. Last season. But. They need they need him in the squad. You can't have that that much money on your bench and new barely play him I. Think he only twenty minutes last season I mean twenty minutes the in this game and you just need to see more from that and that's why I feel like you can move. Out You move into the to the striker position you have pain the left wing and willing on the right wing, and that's that's a blistering front three. I'm talking about the amount of pace you got there. The amount of you know creative ability I, feel would just be really tough to match from any other team. For Fulham I did see some like there was barely anything I could see that I was good in the game but defensive midfielders Tom Kearney and Harrison read they. They played solid. They had some good Games. You know they just just Fulham in the end they just didn't have enough quality up ahead like in the front three to really get anything going. You know it just it it just was not enough but all in all this is a dream start for arsenal at like I said defeating liberal defeating Liverpool in the Community Shield and then making quick work of Fulham it. It's it's it's a great start but it will be interesting to see how they play against some of the bigger clubs. In the Premier League. because. Honestly not now, teams rarely take the community shield seriously I'm talking about like like really show their their full complement of of of whatever they're planning for the season so. We gotta wait and see what happens there. Next we have the game that I was talking about in the Premier League preview Liverpool versus Leeds United and my God this game show up like this game. Really really impressed me at Leeds United you know just barely barely losing to Liverpool four to three, and they felt like every time Liverpool came with an answer which you know people expected. You know the they took the lead and but lead June I'm just came right back with the goal of their own. And I I was watching this game and I was hearing be commentators talking like. What They were they were surprised. They were extremely surprised that that leads United Roxie going toe to toe with this giant with this premier league giant and I mean, so it was i. I I mean and Liverpool, have their full force of star players. They had money for me. No Sahlin of up upfront that that same front three they had Kita Henderson. Why now them in the midfield and of course that that deadly back line of Robertson Alexander Arnold in Van dyken Gomez ahead of Allison so I mean there's literally no reason why Liverpool shouldn't have. Run Away with this game I mean, obviously, it's still good that they. They wanted me it shows the resiliency is champions but. They needed to penalties from Salah to get through and it's not that they were like questionable penalties i. mean they were clear penalties lead united. On the first one, you know the defender have their hand had his hand like his body. So I mean that that was a clear one and then the last one though it's like Oh, my God rodrigue. Oh, you doing. What are you doing? The the the the record signing for Leeds United comes through and absolutely ruins the game for them. He comes off as he comes in as a substitute and gives a lazy foul at the end on why now them in the box in the eighty seventh minute like come on you just can't do that. You just can't do that I mean. I don't I. Don't care if you felt like you had it you if he scores the goal. He scores the goal you don't go and put out your leg like that and let the referee make call at the end of the game you just can't. I don't know that just disappointed me big time because I feel really good about leads heading into especially now with the way they played against Liverpool. I feel really good about Leeds United heading into the season and there's talks that they can get even more quality into this side. You know whatever it's fine. I mean in the end Rodrigo and he made a mistake he's GonNa learn from me still going to be probably you know liberal Leeds United. One of the best players or one of their key players for the season but God what a terrible weight and that game. I mean. Sala. Sala. Was Beast was a I mean he he he he as always creating things nonstop for for Liverpool seven successful dribbles through a hat trick of goals completed eighty percent of forty six passes. I, mean this man was doing it all for them. And I mean you got some some? some creativity from Sony as well, and you know obviously GonNa have a great season. But.

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