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"kirsty golden" Discussed on Casefile True Crime

"Meghalaya's of water with the depth of one hundred maters in some places making it difficult fidora's to reach the bottom before they compression stops were needed. The water also contained fine silt that significantly reduced visibility. And tons of accumulated silt would have gathered over the years since the children went missing effectively burying any remains. Police revealed that was searching for bodies, but refused to comment on whether it was those of the missing Beaumont children. Days of searching filed the uncover any remains and to the search was eventually code off. I'm not to police confirmed suspicions that I had indeed been searching for the remains of the Beaumont children as well as Kirsty golden and JoAnne Ratcliffe, but nothing had been found. Another massive and devastating setback to the Bonn case occurred in Norton Ninety-two advances in fingerprint technology, presented the oput unity to test the fingerprints fan on the handwritten lead supposedly pen by giant bone and her capita back in nineteen sixty eight. Lettuce that prompted G men to Nancy Beaumont to travel to Dainong in Victoria with the false hopes of being reunited with their children. Testing of the fingerprints revealed the author of the letters to forty one year old man from Victoria when confronted by police. The Victorian main admitted he had originally written the lead as a teenage prank which had quickly spiraled out of hand. He had seen expressed great remorse for he's immature behavior. Regretting hoax. These auto Yee's. Police determined the man had absolutely knowing of in the Beaumont children's disappearance, and he was promptly eliminated as suspect given the man of Tom that had lapsed, and he's I at the Tom of the Cohen night charges wherever fall against him. As the non nineties came to an end, another person of interest was named in the bone case office Stanley Brown. In nineteen ninety eight Brown was charged with a non teen seventy mode of sisters Judah than Susan McKay aged five and seven he needs town of tans Ville coins land preowned managed to avoid detection for the Motors for almost thirty years..

Beaumont Nancy Beaumont Victoria Stanley Brown Tom Meghalaya Bonn Susan McKay JoAnne Ratcliffe Kirsty golden Yee Dainong Cohen forty one year thirty years