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"kirstin hatfield kirsten" Discussed on KTOK

"Wants five million dollars for a border wall. But Democrats say it's too expensive and are offering a one point six billion dollars for border security. Oklahoma's new governor is touting the power of change. Here's KT okays Calvin right? Republican Kevin stitch sworn into office on Monday and during his inaugural address. Governor Stith said change underway. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working with you on the important tasks we have ahead to make Oklahoma a top ten states. Good also said he's committed to Oklahomans as a bold face leader for decisions make a difference today and for future generations in one of his first actions as governor stood asked the Oklahoma state banking department to encourage Oklahoma financial institutions to take some practical measures to accommodate customers affected by the partial government shutdown. The banking department says those measures might include making adjustments to existing loans or originating new credit to support immediate cash. Flow needs with the death of an inmate Friday at the state penitentiary at Macalester midwest city police may never learned the whereabouts of an eight year old girl kidnapped from her house in nineteen Ninety-seven and presumed killed Anthony Palma was serving a life sentence for the murder of Kirstin Hatfield Kirsten's body was never found midwest sepals cheap. Brandon claves worked at the case from the beginning. We're certainly not encouraging violent actions independent century. But. Some people would say he met his Justice are concerned is the fact that we've not had closure on this case, and we may never have closure. He told KFOR he planned to interview Palma in prison later this year. Corrections officials say Palme was killed by his cellmate a female gorilla died Friday at the Oklahoma City. Zoo officials say twenty four year old Khalili was found unresponsive in her habitat and necropsy determined. She guide a twisted intestine. She was born at the Toledo zoo and was moved through the Oklahoma City zoo in two thousand as part of a breeding recommendation..

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