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"kirk sesto" Discussed on NFL Talking Heads

"The big fit this so hard saying is more difficult <hes> but obviously making look pretty easy right now Larry Fitzgerald so we got a couple of quarterbacks finally coming off the board at six point twelve Andrew Lock than Larry Fitzgerald Robbie Anderson Matt Ryan Mouse Senators comes off the board. Here's a player I am super not super but I am quite high on. Let me real real myself back in this is is probably as high as I would like to take them the office encourage Christian Kirk the obviously the offense we expect a dramatic improvement. They don't have that boring boring defensive coordinator anymore. I obviously don't know where the target percentage is going to be but he's at least has a leg up between all of the rookies that come in he might play from the slots lots of light from Christian Kirk caught over forty balls as a rookie has decent targeted cheer percentage on a low volume so Christian Kurkin seventh-round. If only the other people in this mock knew that you would claimed you're making that pick out at one twenty and then didn't pull the trigger on it till thirty seconds left at the time for analysis though gotta give the analysis. Here's here's the all that build up to take Christian Kirk Sesto might most most most anticlimactic pick ever all right so I am going to be so commanding about yours here and honestly nothing honestly this. Isn't I mean this is a really so I'm looking at two players. I think this this point the draft number one. I like to get a third running back. This is where you kind of start pivoting to position a little bit if all things are somewhat equal and and I think the two running backs have good upside are Durell Henderson and AAs neck ler given the injury concerns Todd Gurley in the hold out potential with Melvin Gordon. I like I like automatically here <hes> so he's who are probably lean towards and there's the pie the best receiver available is Marvin Jones at this point. I already have four wide receivers not really jumping at the opportunity to grab Marvin Jones here. I'M GONNA grab tight end. I mean a running back either draw Henderson or Austin heckler and and then I have some ideas my next pick. I don't want to give those away at in between there's only a podcast about fantasy football giving advice. You don't WanNa give that away to you. I don't I don't Wanna tip. I don't want to hit my hands so Ryan can steal my guy. You were Ryan my seal your guy from around ten. If that's what we worried about panicking draft James Wait in the fourth round one time. It's definitely grabbed the Harris right here Michelle billable no so in the U. bringing up here. How do you feel about Justin Jackson? I like him. I like him an actor cler. I like Eh cler. I mean Equa demonstrated when Melman Gore went out last year that he he was the guy who want to own. I do think there's a a scenario where Justin Jackson ends up kind of taking a lot of that stuff but I never going to be a work load and I think safer bet at this point is Austin cler given what he can do in the passing game so they're both worth getting attention to this person in the in the chat room. We're not even in August. We're doing a mock Catherine round seven and this guy's messaging people in the end democtrats. He's got that fire and his belly love that love that I should met. I asked my the thing like doing these march talking talking trash..

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