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"kirk noor" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

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"kirk noor" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"At the university of Illinois. At Chicago got some morale and musical support this afternoon and Kirk Noor is co-president of the graduate employees organization. She says it was encouraging to see to musicians from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra who are also on strike joined the grad students for a rally was really really heartening. I think it meant a lot tire members to see them out here and to hear his like beautiful music. That was really awesome state Representative wilko's Artie says he's working on a Bill in Springfield to allow all grad students, including research assistance, at the university of Illinois system to unionize WBZ has reached out to the administration for comment r Kelly's legal team is asking that Cook County prosecutors, preserve emails and other communications with Michael Albany. The attorney representing several of Kelly's accusers defense attorney Steve Greenberg wants to know, what kinds of conversations the Cook County state's attorney's office has had with ebony Greenberg. Saying he's already seen Kim FOX talks to people about pending investigations. That's an apparent reference to the jussie smollet case in which FOX recused herself. After talking to one of Smith's relatives. I don't think jussie smollet situation is going to impact our Kelly's trial. I think what it shows us how this office operates. Evan ATI responded in a tweet accusing Greenberg of trying to distract from what he calls the clear guilt of his client by raising. Bogus arguments. Are Kelly was not in court today. He's expected to appear before a judge on the sex abuse charges next month, Nancy hardy, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. And prosecutors have asked the judge to deny the motion saying, it's moot. April is national donate life. It's been more than seven months since eleven year old Sophia Sanchez received a new heart. I needed a heart transplant now. She's the face of a new PSA produced by the secretary of state's office for all of you guys. See my commercial to see how important this urban owners. Ralph priori lost his eight year old son Matic's to diabetes last year. A little boy and just share his heart liver and kidneys with others..

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