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"Little Clemson. I loved that dog underdog story. My favorite is the end. The Hollywood script our buddy. Jason Stewart worked with us over here at AM five seventy LA sports in Los Angeles. I working over f s one it was the street. Yeah. You can't write a Hollywood script like this. That's not true. Someone remind dabble in that they wrote a Hollywood script about a snail that won the Indy. Five hundred write a script. It would have a closer game in an it's well, it wouldn't be a little more attention. So that's how the game point out that doesn't matter. They still won. Right. It doesn't have to remember the titans where here's a double reverse pass that really. Oh, sorry. Spoiler alert. But it would be a little bit closer. There would be some kind of of personal victory again at the end where like the coach learned something about his life. In addition to winning the game the quarterback learns a lesson about his relationship with his girlfriend or his wife. In addition to winning the game. You know, you'd have the double about what victory we go. The other route the last two years. The numbers are fantastic for faith-based movies. They are show for Sweden all of them. He's got a few of them. But there are a couple of movie houses the people that did people angel Burnett. Roma Downey in her husband is that angel touch by an age. Yes. But they started doing films that are making good money in good sales. Whatever maybe we could do the dabble Sweeney story script. References to his faith and how that can them. Them through and where they're at. And I know Trevor Lawrence I spoken of his faith as well. So I mean, perhaps there's something we can get on that angle as well. All right. We'll start right in that movie. Kirk Cameron played Dabo Sweeney yet. I think he can right. I mean, he's old enough. It's about the right age in his I mean, I think he's still a little bit younger than Davos all. I know it's gotta be close. A lot of those guys were I would say Kirk Cameron is younger than dab Gabrielle carteris. But wasn't he? Jabril carteris is seventy five years old now I mean, come on. She was playing a high school senior. Twenty years old. So no, actually dab was only a year older, but Davos older. Literally months. Wow. I would have said he was way older than her Cameron. Hey, it's a new say Kirk cavern, and what was the left behind series that he was in. Yeah. What what what can we call? It was you know, we could cause something orange nothing rhymes with orange except for victory. That's too long title. But Kirk Cameron, the Dabo Sweeney story ready for it. Tiger's blood Twitter at Halloween. We'd have to get Charlie Sheen back in there. No, you can't put Charlie Sheen a movie like that. You cannot do that. You cannot not another redemptive story. We know you cannot do that. You cannot do. We will have more on this game. As we continue to ask and answer. The biggest questions coming off of this. And yes, Nick saban's got a wear this like, it's a lead necklace. This loss is completely on him. And on the Alabama coaching staff for failure to prepare Alabama four this game against Clemson and Clemson just boat races, Alabama en route to their second national championship more on this coming up in a minute. But first, let's find.

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