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"kirby hamilton" Discussed on Double Toasted

"Yeah very dramatic intro liked it. I liked it. Thank you man. I was trying to echo dramatic. Got scared yeah. I was trying to put some power. Thank you how you doing welcome to eight bit crumbs dot com double toasted video game conversation show video game. Discussions show video game news. Show whatever you wanna call in but it will always have a dash of dorito rito rio. They are new sponsor. Not just read all about dorito. I so yeah nice i like it. Maybe one day. We'll get free. I hope so. I like those toll. Stay at all also right now. i need the calories. You do you have a hard day today suck. Yeah they sucked. I'm sorry to hear that man what's gonna try to take less. Try to take a more suck out of there make it suck less. Thanks man i mean. I'm i'm doing. I'm working. We'll try to give you less suck what today. Thank you appreciate it. Dan you sucking down a lot of liquor right now. I'm not taking status of your your wares downstairs. You're store yeah. I'll just pour all that in there. He doesn't need this any more than the trash. Then look in the cleaning closet and everything had gases contains alcohol cleaning flow. Wax contains alcohol to know. Sure it's safe the glove to the glove. My liver can handle it. It'll be fun by now. He can drink drain. Oh shit that out. Now you be perfectly fine. Hope you guys are perfectly fine day a day. They're sucks less than is here but folks let's go ahead and get to the show and tell you who's here. I'll tell you who's era now. I'll tell you what man. I'm sorry that you've had a bad day. But here's some people that can make your day a whole lot excited. They always put a smile on my face hassling. I mean every time. I see them it could be midnight in my day gets brighter saw hand motions jazz. I liken my day is bright. Those jerseyans jason who brings jay ask a who brings up the jazz in me chat. Not no traffic. Tell you attack. Ted how you doing in here. Welcome chat fan. We got the. Oh gee chat bringing in the visuals. At of course we got. The sad pitches over here doing here. It is up in here. Rapid kirby hamilton burger is up here. He's not just a hamburger. He's a hamilton burger. A fancy. we'll talk about the constitution and everything. Yeah man g eat. Constitutional decided fries from channel. Yeah it sounds tastes to hamilton. Burgh over there excellent. Oh guy ninety two slime roy too tall two thousand four guppy kale's is up in here. Edward not disco. This coup. Ain't no food. That discipline peter past sexual. Of course i love that name goodness. It's one of the most clever names i've seen like itself. Look the pases here. Act right act like you. Work in lobby was because he won. We want we want him to know that with fucking around. Oh shit okay oh somebody said bilbo baggins one thousand eight bit shits fair enough. Yeah it was spock. Who saying this on. Did you know that none of that. Is you saying that song. I'll you said spock. Okay okay to wrap my veteran mc spa learning anyway saying that son. Yes you said it weird. I was like oh spock okay. You enunciated in in a weird way talking. Aspire who spied spoke in the hell do that. Spock in word..

Dan jason today Ted peter one Aspire two thousand one thousand dorito one day Edward ninety two slime double four guppy kale spock eight most rito rio mc