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"kinloch place" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"With one thing that's gonna send Kyle Shanahan to the loony bin is turning the ball over because if they don't turn the ball over yesterday, I would dare say that they beat the Rams easily. Not that anything is ever easy in the NFL, But it was the turnovers that got the Rams back into the game. And also, the Rams made. You know an adjustment defensively because the Niners run game was Was kicking her teeth in in the first quarter in the first half. But the limitations for this team it's turning the ball over. It's just it's just simply turning the ball over and Nick Mullins God bless him. I mean, that dude is E No, He's not trying to throw an interception, but damn it when he throws the ball over the middle, you just your heart stops because you're like, I don't know if this thing hits the ground. It's an absolute miracle. If it's inexorably every ball beyond every party is like a 50 50 balls. Well, Rod. I mean, how much fun would that be? If they played the stake for your football? Anyone That explains easily. Come on. All right Out of those. Thank you. Thank you, sir. May I have another It's all part of it. You know, they made plenty of mistakes yesterday, but then they also forced plenty of mistakes on the other side, and they made up for it by You know that when that play where Jared Goff breaks the pocket, and he's scrambling, and and you knew exactly what was on Jimmy warts, mind it was not just tackle him. But making pay for it and stripped the football and you had to know that that's exactly what Jared Goff was thinking was all he's going to try to strip the football and he did strip the football in. You know the interception that That, um, that Sherman had that that just look like somebody who you know, was in the playbook and knew exactly what the Rams are doing. And then the great play that Kevin Givens made. I mean, that's that's every bit Know him scoring that touchdown as it was Jibran Kindelan. Might I add? Carry Haider kind of sealing the deal by blocking that that Officer Lyman and allowing him to get in so For every mistake they made. They came up with something better. There was there was a play. You know where I thought Call CNN and blew it like it is the third down, play third into and you know, sure, it's on Nick Molins, but Shanahan could have called the time out to save the delay game. So that you know that was a mistake the Shanahan made on the sideline, But then he comes through, you know, with one of the really good decisions of not only going for it on fourth down on that final drive, but Making the right play. Call one that probably not too many people expected to pick up that first down, so I mean for every mistake they made They came back with something better to end up compensating for it. And if you're expecting the 40 Niners these last five games to play mistake free football. It's not gonna happen, but he's the key. The key is Two for their guys. You know, some guys you've never heard of. And some guys you expect to make the big plays. The key is for them to just compensate. For the mistake's by making even better place coming back on the other side. Yeah. Any truth to the rumor that tramp all keys already called John Lynch enquiring about Tamara Taylor. Right? Well, he has plenty of guys on the pretty dire to choose from with all the injuries, so Yes. Um yeah, we'll see how that one goes, but I mean, with a with a jug Jags make him there. There's a little man to man choice. Yeah, I don't know. No, no, no, they are You Let me let me ask you about the Kinloch place. You mentioned the youth check play on the fourth down. I'm not a big fan of trying to fool people with the fullback. I I just I'm not. It worked. It worked by The slimmest of margins, But I have 4 30. Happy yard. I want the quarterback Sneak. Mullins isn't great at it. I'd give it to my running back. It works. I was cool with it. But every time I see a fullback, miss on 1/4 and a half year we try to fake somebody out is like, what are you doing? You doing trying to fake somebody else? But it worked. So you know what? Whatever. Let me we had a weird sound by Kim Lot talking about the pick six where he said he was supposed to rush, but he didn't. He just kind of felt like, you know, he saw something so drop back and kind of did it did his own thing, And I'm wondering. I wanted to get your thoughts on that because I think on one hand It's really cool when you have a guy who is supposed to do something, But instinctually can kind of see something and says Okay, I know I'm supposed to do this, but I This That's not going to get many words. So let me just do this. I think they can get you a lot of places. But you better be right. Because if you're not in football when you find yourself doing things you're not supposed to do. The whole chain breaks down. How do you see that? Do you see that as a good thing that Hey, He's a really good football player and he's instinctual. Or do you look at and say, Well, maybe he's a little undisciplined. And that may lead to a few plays here and there, but overall, it's not going to lead to. Ah, uh, Tim benefiting the team, or I don't think I don't really think it's either of those things matter to be honest with you. I think it's one plant after Seymour, but I was curious when he said that what you thought of that Well, here's in. I will have a better answer for you later in the week because I don't know how how he's coached. I'm assuming we don't know the whole story on that now. Typically when a guy Typically, when a guy does something off script, it's It's kind of a selfish play in the in the sense that, um, I wasn't supposed to blitz but I did anyway. You know one of those things where I want to make it. Where I can. I can kind of see the glory out now what? What? I'm curious, and I don't know the answer this and that's why I sailed off. Ls this question later in the week? Robert Salas. Is that something that he's coached to do? Hey, if you see this, go ahead and peel off. You know you're here is your responsibility, But I'm giving you guys You know the power if you if you pick up on something Then you have, you know, Was it film study? You know? Did he see something that that you know? Was he coached up properly? And did he do a freelance that was within the defensive scheme. In other words? Was he doing something that left them vulnerable? Or was he doing something that took advantage of? You know his time in the playbook? So if the answer is B Then it's an incredible play by a rookie who you know when he showed up was about on the rocks and oyster, and now he's you know, he's really making strides if it's if it's the other if he was just like dead tired, which I don't think.

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