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What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

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"kingston mero" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

"Posted a video on Facebook titled WWE. We've got a problem. This was a response to AWS all out pay per view saying he believes that AW is now the best place for talent to go. He even mentioned their handling of carrying cross on the main roster as an example. So he's right, of course. When you write you write in him, he's always right? Grab a chair. I mean, seriously. Link. And you know, Seth Rollins still swears every name. But I'm gonna come in and this is the best place. This is really the best talent is one of the highest paid guys. Anything else? For news. Yes, I do have a couple things. I bought a new toy. Signe, Brian Danielson. Who? Wrong show? Yeah, I know, right? NATO made something very clear during the media thing that they had afterwards. He confirmed that Brie Bella will not be joining AEW. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. You know, because of her ties she has with WWE. These guys are pretty smart. I know, right? They're like your wife doesn't want to go. Did you see a lot of after Miro beat Kingston mero tweeted your balls have been redeemed? 'cause that's what, you know, 'cause Eddie told him redeem these nuts. He's like, you've also been redeemed. And then a lot of retweeted mirror and said, come home and I'll redeem yours. Yes. Like, oh my God. He did. Also, this wasn't brought up on the all out recap. Apparently after it went off the air Brian cut her promo. Yeah. Said, I'm a wrestler. I never left wrestling. I took wrestling wherever I went. I said wrestling. How would we have covered it when we do that? We have right after the show. Okay. Yeah, whatever. I said wrestling, when I wasn't supposed to say wrestling and now I'm here to goddamn wrestle, and there are some people around here who call themselves quote unquote elite. I'm going to be here to see if they truly are, so AEW, let's fucking go. And he said, fuck it. He did. Yeah. He said , fucking. Yeah. I have some breaking news. Cody Rhodes just posted this on Instagram, a picture of himself as stardust from WWE. What? Yeah. Why? Don't know. What? How would I know that? Literally two minutes ago. He posted that. Yeah. All right. Weird. All right. Anything else? No, that's all I got. All right. Rumor time. Rumors. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bellar club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia? So according to fightful, WWE is planning on making next year's WrestleMania two nights again. Just a sad money grab. Probably that's what it is. They're not gonna do take care of us anymore, so that's a sad money grab. It is. Oh, we'll just have them come tonight so we make double the money. Perfect. Yeah. That's awful. It is. Just make it one three or four hour show. That's what it used to be. That's why it's special. Future house party doesn't need to be on the card. Right. I know. God. What the fuck? What's another rumor? 'cause that's awful. PW inside reported that Vince McMahon wasn't at raw this week. Bruce prichard ran the show, but Vince still sent in notes from wherever the fuck. Of course he did. And also, this rumor can't be real. Oh, hi. Ringside news reports that Bruce prichard's pitch to Adam Cole was to be a heel manager on SmackDown. Yeah. They just can't be that stupid. No. I can't. I can't believe this room. They can't be that dumb. Like oh, I got to offer from AW. You can do Twitch because they don't give a fuck, right? You can't do twitch with us. We got it. Here we go. You're gonna be a heel manager. Yeah. SmackDown. He's like, one of the best wrestlers you have. Well, I said I was gonna listen. Yeah, thank you for that. I gotta make a call. FaceTime. Hey, man. Good news. They fucked up. I mean, yeah, seriously. Wow, wow, wow. Also fightful reported that Sasha Banks was backstage at SmackDown last week, so hopefully she'll be coming back soon. Okay. And then it also seems like Olympic gold medalist Gable Stevenson has signed with WWE last Saturday he tweeted, just put the pen to paper. Wow, do it. And then we can announce it. Yeah. Anything else there? No. Trivia time. What was the one you pulled up on your face? Oh, that's right, sorry, sorry, sorry. This is a big one. Hold on. Apology accepted? Yeah, fightful is reporting that Kevin Owens WWE contract expires in January. Oh my God. That's just a few months away, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sorry. Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens. Would he be too good for a W. He loved their old friends with him, too. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Go look at the promo these cut with the young man. Have you ever teamed up with them and dressed up like them? Really? Yes. Wow. Yeah, he might join the elite. Seriously. Kevin Steen has been Steen and Adam Cole in the same stable. They're getting all the best people. Right. You know he's gonna go. It's almost true. God, I hope he's the contract expires in January. Right. What did they do? What can do to make him stay? Like why even meet with Vince? Well, are you in the rumble? That's the only thing. It has to be when the rumble and win the title at mania. Yeah, that's gotta be in the contract. And if it's not, I'll sue you for all the money around. Yeah. But that's not the one I won the rumble. But that's never in anyone's comments. But Vince won't think he's worth that. No, no, no. Of course not. Go make someone else's zillions. Yeah, right. And he will. I don't want you to make any money. Yeah. Oh my God, I hope that's true. God. Amazing. Okay, so if that is true, what's the first AEW pay per view after revolution in February? Okay, we're there. I don't care where it's at. It could be fucking Royal Rumble. We'll pass. Pass. That's it like full gears insert like in Missouri. St. Louis. You ever been? That's true. Never been. All right, fair enough. Road trip. No. Not a lot of hours. No, you do. Yeah. Sorry. All right, what do you got trivia time? It's so Kyle foxton, longtime fam. Sent me this one. Nice. And let's see. He said, CM Punk just wrestled his first match. Since when? When was his last match? Royal Rumble 2014. Correct. The trivia question is who was his last wrestling singles match was on the go home episode of raw that week against which current AEW superstar? Dean Ambrose. That is not true. That's another good guess. Let's keep going back and forth until you get there. Because it's going to be a while. Eric? I figured it would be against the authority, but Jamie noble. It was Eric's turn, but no. Oh, sorry. Wait, wait. Say anything. Jamie nobles and AEW? Oh, no. Sorry. Jesus. Mark Henry. Oh, PAC. No, no. No, I'm gonna write this out. Because I was surprised by this name. Really surprised. Just keep naming foreman guys. We'll get there. Jericho. No. Cold Cabana? No, that's what he's ever. He was on. Honestly, at this point, you're probably there. Who else is his former WWE? He was on AEW television, the last couple of weeks. Billy Gunn? I feel like.

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