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"kingdom arizona" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Time Arizona hasn't had nine cases of court of virus with two hospitalizations and no deaths president trump takes serious steps to stem the spread of coronavirus he's suspending all travel between U. S. and Europe for thirty days beginning Friday the new rules will go into effect Friday at midnight there will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings trump blames the European Union for not doing more to stop the spread of coronavirus he says the restrictions won't apply to the United Kingdom Arizona folks of valley political expert has some advice for senator Martha McSally's campaign after a new poll shoulders falling behind in the race for Arizona's Senate race Emily Ryan with copper state consulting says she'd like to see McSally let voters know who she really is she's had to run in a couple of back to back races with a president that is polarizing whose endorsement was important and I feel like maybe she's lost a little bit of who she is and now for a check on traffic here's Robbie McDonald live in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center thanks to everyone's a little bit of a mess tonight our crews are working an accident north of the valley near us can't Virgie it's gonna be involving a semi rollers could I seventeen north found at general cook trail so if you can avoid to use the area try to do that also crews working an accident loop three oh three south on a green way and then also we got an accident nineteen th Avenue and.

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