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What is God saying right now?

Fatherhood Friday’s

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What is God saying right now?

"Stop. Hey there. Hey there, this is your father Friday. You tell you why they were going to make the podcast. Let me just one generation tools that allow you to bring a computer anger with a heavier by Captain George's you heard on Spotify podcasts your blinker bulb and ready to go public and much more. You can make one of your pocket and minimal reservations everything. You need to make a project in one month or so. Let them make the bucket stop by krem.com. The easiest way to make a buck catch any more than hanging. This is your home button running away from it off next on fatherhood. Fridays season 4. Yo, I can hear you loud and clear just excited excited this week man. I have been trying to get this brother on are off. Well, I can tell you for sure that there are no perfect parents and you know, I think you know one of the biggest challenges I think from moms and dads in general. Is that parenting often you sense? If it's one of the most critical rooms that you're going to play in? Like I think I said my my feelings on that. All right. So this is what I got so far. off off Hey, God, bless. Hey, what's going on, man? How are you doing? Well doing well getting getting some things together a little technical difficulty, but I'm here. I'm here in Manassas most important and you know man, it's it's been a minute since you've been on my podcast as a matter of fact, I think it's been since season one when I first started off. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you know, I know I've been on your power cast these two or three times, but I think this is your second time back on my life. So I just wanted to say welcome back, you know to fatherhood Friday season for a man good to be here man. I like what you're doing doing some great stuff been checking you out and kind of paying attention to what you've been doing man, and it's just exciting just to see you, you know, staying committed to the vision staying committed to you know, what God has given you on this Thursday. The hood Fridays man. Just I'm loving it. Yeah, man, we just reached our one year anniversary. I started July 2019 and am already out of year. There's that went by so quick. I remember I remember when you started man. Yeah. Yeah, man, I talked to another good friend of mine bought this for like you been doing this for years. Yeah. Yeah one year. Yeah. Yeah, I think like a lot longer than a year. But now that you say it was right around this time last year. Yep, and so, you know wanted to bring you back on, you know, just just having a conversation. You know, I know I have a lot of men and a lot of fathers took out here that listen to my podcast and you know are going through different things that are happening in the world from you know, the pandemic off its racism police brutality unemployment, you know emotional issues. I mean the list just goes on and on yeah. Yeah, and what do you feel like, you know in your heart what God is saying in this season? Well, you know, I've done a lot of a lot of praying and meditating, you know on it and you know and being a pastor, you know, a lot of time parishioners come and they said well, you know, what? What's God doing? What's going on? What's is this the judgment is this the end of the world is this, you know in a you know in my studies, I just really believe that this is a time of shaking, you know, the Bible says in Hebrews 12 that everything that can be shaken will be shaking and and I believe that that is an ongoing thing. It's not for a specific time, but it's an ongoing word to us to know that man if it can be shaken it will be you know, we have seen things from you know, 2001 with nine eleven in 2008 with the you know, the stock market crash 2000 was a 12-14. We had perfume bird flu and influenza A and B E. All these different things have been happening Wars and many wars and conflicts and all these kind of things and and so everything that can be shaken will be shaken. So that what remains is what's supposed to be there? And I think we have to kind of keep ourselves rooted and grounded in the word and and and know that these times are not supposed to trouble us off but it's a time that we're supposed to be encouraging people to get closer to God because we don't know we don't know when our last day is I mean man twenty-twenty and I hate to Ramble On wage is a year that will never forget, you know for a lot of different reasons a lot of different reasons anyway, but yeah. No, I mean I would absolutely agree with you I had just record. Episode yesterday that I'm going to be here in real soon. And what I'm talking about is what I've learned from covid-19 what covid-19 has taught me off as a man as a father as just many different hats. I wear what it has taught me. And so yeah, you know this this is going to be a year that you're not going to forget because everybody was impacted by it and the years not even over yet. It's it's it's you know off late summer. So we still have August September October November December and we don't know what's going to come from it. And so I you know, you you had mentioned about Hebrews and and talked about you know, this is a time of pruning and shaking things that are not alive. The things that are posed to remain standing what's the purpose of that? Yeah, I believe you know, the scripture says that you know, Heaven and Earth is going to pass away. But God's word is going to stand and God is already told us. You know that only what we do for Christ is going to stand only what we do for him. And in him is going to stand and fight, you know, this world you can accumulate as much as you want in this world, but that's being tested right now. The economy has been shaken off political, you know institution is being shaken even even the ethnic The the ethnic culture the things that are going on in our in our world between the the races if if if I may use that term some people say man, you can't really use that wage because there's only one race there's the human race but within the human race, there are people groups. There are tribes are different, you know nationalities and we're going through season with you know, these major deaths of Brianna Taylor and George Floyd, you know different individuals that have awoken, you know awoken with people of different nations different tribes different backgrounds to their needs to be change and what's that change going to look like and are we going to band together for that change or we going to fight each other for that change with the what's that going to look like? And so everything's being shaking you're not able to really trust in can trust in your government. You can't trust them. You know the money system. I mean they they just told us about a month ago that they're running out of coins. I mean like you can't even get changed back. They you know you go and you get any change you're going to like somebody was getting some change and they just put it on their King Soopers card like all it'll be a credit on your King Soopers card cuz we don't have any coins. It's like anything that you put your trust in anything that you thought was normal consistent that's being shaken up right now. And what's supposed to remain is our faith in God our trust in his class and our belief in what his word says about us and about the future. Yeah, and I would agree with you. And so what does that mean for dads and and fathers and and and and Men of their household? What what does Thursday look like? You know? Yeah, you know this particular podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah for Father's man where we stand in our walk with God is is is at a critical juncture because we're either leading, you know, our family, you know into an unshakable Kingdom or we're leaving them in a kingdom that is falling apart and there's the kingdom of this world. And so as a father it is Faith moves me to hear of the Lord's voice and to know what the word says and to be in a place where I'm studying and and not just studying but studying to show myself approved to God. You know a Workman and need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth because you know, even the gospel is even what we believe about the gospel is being shaken, you know, there's major major or false Doctrine and false teachings within the church that are leaving people bankrupt in their belief in God because they get to a point where well God didn't do this for me. I don't often than that no more, you know, or they walk away from their faith. There's major, you know pastors walking away from pulpits saying I don't believe this any more and it's because whatever can be shaken wage will be shaken and so as as a father as a man of God, I've gotta be anchored because if I'm anchored then my family has somebody to look too. I've always been you know, big on Jeeps trying to be an example not try to be perfect and I don't want anybody to get that Twisted being an example doesn't mean that you're perfect because part of your example is what happens when you fail wage Walter you're being an example of how to turn back to God how to repent how to admit you're wrong because those are part of being an example too. So it's not about perfection. So I don't want anybody wage to think I'm saying. Oh, you gotta be perfect and do everything right and say everything right? That's not what I'm saying. But I am saying is that your relationship with God must be evident in front of your family in front of my yo-yo your wife your children in front of your younger brothers and sisters and siblings and you know your family members that don't know God you gotta be that person that says this is how we do this. This is how we turn to God. But yeah, man, I mean you you said so much in in just those few sentences. I mean, I think it's a lot to unpack their talk talk a little bit about, you know, these false doctrines and religions. Let me ask you a question. Do you think that you are quote unquote a Bible purest. Um, I would say, you know that the Greek terminology Sola scriptura scripture only wage probably along the lines of a Bible purest in the sense that I really believe the word of God and I believe that we are to wrestle with it until we understand it in the right context so that we can get what God is saying one of the analogies that I use when it comes down to the Bible and reading the Bible to hear what God is saying I am not reading the Bible to understand what I'm saying or what I believe. Is this if I was you know to go to you, you know and I say to you chamus I asked you a question and you answered that question and I say you will this is what I think you're saying you have the right to say that's not what I'm saying. Here's what I'm saying when people read the Bible so often they go to the Bible and they read it off. This is what I believe it's saying but they never study to see what it's really say. They don't allow God to say no, that's not exactly what I'm saying. You need to dig deeper. You need to go in more because wage Bible is about God and about what God is doing and what God has done and how he has created us for his glory. He has created as for his purpose wage so often because we are in search of our own purpose. We're in search of our own Glory. We're in search of our own game. We can manipulate the Bible and this is important for men and father Jose. Do because you're going to be, you know, teaching your sons and your daughters with scripture says you're going to have to have these long conversations that hours of conversation with my children about what scripture is saying and how we're to read it off and it behooves us. It's it's on our shoulders to go and and know that we know what the word of God is saying in an accurate way so that we can share that with our family home. And so we have to be able to speak like Titus told like Paul told Titus that which is sound Doctrine, you know, not anything that is me centered man Center, but it's god-centered christ-centered and God focused. Yeah, I think you know for some men what you're saying, although they might agree with it. It's challenging because you live in a big following world right now to world that's going through a lot of problems. And so you're just looking for anything that can feed you, you know, kind of like a kid that will take candy off over broccoli. Just you know, yes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good point. And so, you know talk about a little bit. Why did you feel the need to to write a book about the Prosperity Gospel and kind of explain what that is for for those men or women that might be listening right now? Well, this book that I'm working on is called the move of God and subtitled territories platforms and open doors. And yep. I gave it kind of a Prosperity Gospel kind of feel and sound to it because I want to really retake recapture off redefine these terminologies and redefine them according to the word of God. Like what God's word is really really saying one of the things that God really loves put in my heart is to separate the truth of God from the era of men. There are so many people that are walking away from God because of man's eras in the way that they've interpret it in the way that they have explained in the way. They have preached and taught God's word and they're walking away from God but they're walking away from a version of God. That's not really him. And that's what really bothers me and that's what's really am inspired me to begin the right this particular book and and and I've had countless years of conversations with people and understanding look this is what God really says about this subject, you know territories God actually does want us to take territories, but we're taking these territories to preach the gospel taking over these these kingdoms. So to speak for the kingdom of our God that the Kingdom of Light is breaking into the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of Christ is Breaking into the kingdom kingdoms of this world and we have to understand that we do that through making disciples. We don't do that through trying to become the CEO of this company wage. Although you know, you may be blessed to be in that position. Remember you're in that position not for your own game. But because from that position you have influenced you're given a platform that you can preach the word of God and are you afraid that you'll lose followers that you'll lose money that you'll lose accounts and contracts if you unashamedly declare that you follow Jesus Christ and what that means cuz Jesus is the the way the truth and the life and he's the only way to the father that's offensive to people but a lot of people water the word of God down and they give these General open statements. Yeah. God is enlarging your territory. Okay. What does that mean? Well, it means whatever you want it to me. Well know the Bible is very, New Jersey. For a very specific about what it means. God has given you a platform. Okay. So what does that mean? Well, it means whatever you want. No, it doesn't you know God is opening doors for you for what for what reason you know is the opening doors just so I can say that I you know got a new job. I got a promotion or is he opening doors to preach the gospel is the opening doors for eternal life as he opened our doors so that people will hear the word of God. And so that's the driving force behind this particular work this book that I'm I'm working on that. I'm you all that I've done I'm putting out and and when it comes out when it drops, it's going to be a phenomenal I believe and it's going to be one of the most I don't know the most in-depth books that I've written because I tackle a lot of modern day issues in this particular book. Okay. I mean do you think that in, Utah? this book that you are like you said enlarging your territory or given a platform. Yeah. I think I think all three of those things are happening. This book is God's way of enlarging the territory so that his message can spread to a generation that needs to hear in a proper exposition of the word. You know, it's a platform to speak, you know, and share the true message of the Gospel. Not not this Prosperity stuff not just name it and claim it not this blabbing and grab it three turn around three times in his mind type stuff that has gotten people in trouble and it is opening doors for conversations. It's open doors for other people because there's others that Need to be emboldened by this particular message so they can say I knew something was wrong. I knew that something needed to be said and I'm glad that more and more people are saying it more often people are stepping up to the plate and and being vocal about it instead of hiding in the background or just walking away from church walking away from Christianity walking away from Jesus because of a a version of Jesus that's not accurate or authentic. So let me ask you this kind of Playing devil's advocate a little bit. So the books going to come out, you know, how long it's almost like a correction book or a beware book or this is what you should look for and you talking about it. Are you prepared to suffer because I am not receiving it be like, oh, yeah. This is a great breeding people might be like, what are you talking about? Right? Right, right, right. Yeah. Yeah. I'm ready to receive that. I'm ready. I'm ready to take that on off. You know and I don't know a lot of people are are leery of visions and dreams, but I had a dream a couple of weeks ago and in this dream and it's funny cause I'm sharing this with you cuz you'll find this funny in this dream in my apartment. My daughter is laying on the bed and she never ever turns around. She's just there. My wife is in the bathroom and Michael Jai White. Okay. Okay, then my dream he walks in the house and he's like grabbing, you know clothing and stuff and it's like he's lives there Mike, you know, Michael Jai White lives in my house, and he goes towards the bathroom and he's I asked my wife for something. She said she doesn't know where it's at and he like raises his hand to hit her. And I rush over and I step in between and he looks at me and he says you know who I am, right I said, yeah, but that doesn't matter how long you know, either you're going to beat me down or we're going to go round and round, but I'm not going to allow you to do that. I'm not going to allow you to raise your hands to her that way and took me. And he walked away and walked out the door. And after that I went into the bathroom on wife got dressed and she said you ready to go. I said you sure you want me to go with you guys and she said yes, and that's what a dream is you say? Okay, that's a crazy dream. What what what is this dream have to do with this. I'm trying to get myself. All right. So, here's what I always Spirit showed me and it took me a couple of weeks and that's probably why I haven't talked about it cuz it took me a couple of weeks to really understand it. But what I understood about this dream, is that off. God was calling me to stand up. To a faux that on the surface looks like there's no way I could defeat but he's asking me to be courageous. He's asking me to do what I always done and in the face of this great opposition take courage and if he beats you down he beats you down but you walk step up to the plate and defend what I've given you, you know, and I saw my wife as the church. I saw my wife as the true gospel song. My wife is the true word of God and I was stepping in between this bully and her and he said you know who I am, right and and I feel like this stepping out with this book and some of the videos that I'm going to be doing and some of the podcast that I'm going to be doing as the territories and large. It's almost like you can see the enemy saying are you sure like, you just said, are you sure? Yep? You want to step out here cuz you know who I am. And you know, what I can do and God is telling me take courage, you know, take courage even in the face of knowing that cuz Michael Jai White from all the movies that I've seen is a skilled fighter skilled in karate. He's muscle-bound. It looked like I shouldn't mess with this dude off. My instinct was to step in any way and risk it and so I believe really believe that God is calling me to risk it, you know to step up to this bully and risk it and yes, there's a good chance that you know, hey, I don't know what's going to happen. But in the dream by me stepping up to the plate the Bible says that if you submit to God resist the devil, he will flee home. And so that's what I'm standing on. Wow, and I kind of received a little bit too. I kind of looked at Michael Jai White in your dream coming into your apartment as representing the the temple of God. Yes. This is going to infiltrate not people from the outside, but people within the church. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you that look at your Wi-Fi as because they say a wife is a helper. Yeah to something. That's also called a helper is Holy Spirit Holy Spirit. You see what I'm saying? And so you're the the enemy which is Michael Jai White is coming against the Holy Spirit and your kind of likes the way I see is standing in the Gap say nope. This is not going to happen. But what makes it what makes it scary is the beginning part of your dream on how Michael Jai White has access. Yeah. He then they're going in and out your apartment right off. Yeah. Yeah. He's infiltrated. He's in there. He's comfortable. Yeah. So when I step up he's like, do you know who I am like I run this I'm like, you know, I I don't know what's getting ready to happen, but I'm not backing down. Yeah, man. Yeah, I see it. I definitely see it and it definitely makes sense. And so I think you know for the people that are out here listening to my package or even possibly your podcast Love Thy Neighbor. We understand a couple of things and and what we've been talking about the fat past five ten minutes that God allows us to enlarge. Our territory. God allows us to give us a platform give us open doors, but it's for him. It's not yet for us. And then to we have to know in that territory in that opened or there's going to be suffered like yeah. This is where the chapter ends right fell off into the sunset start making big money your life changes like no. This is we're suffering is going to end testify or increased. Would you agree with that? Yeah, yeah 100% in the word agrees with it to Thursday and chapter 16 verse 9 the Apostle. Paul says a great and effective door has been open to me but there are many adversaries and and you know quote this in my book to talk about, you know, the Apostle Paul's goal is to take the gospel everywhere, but that doesn't mean there won't be opposition. That doesn't mean there won't be people that say nah that ain't the truth. Paul was hated on his message was hated on you know, he was he was put in danger. His life was in Jeopardy at times and in the thing about today right now in this season, we're on the verge of something and and and stepping out. You're going to have some backlash you're going to have you know off. some repercussions, you know, and we've got to be ready for those but its necessary right now because what's going to happen is that people are going to think that we're still talking about the same Doctrine the same stuff that was being preached and they're going to reject that. They're going to say we don't want to hear that and we're going to keep coming out with saying no, we're not saying that and God never said those things, you know, Isaiah Jeremiah chapter 14 and verse fourteen says that the Lord says that I have not sent these projects and their prophesying lies and they have false visions and divination and they're speaking empty things and I have not sent them and there's so many on television on radio and they're saying all these things and God's gotta saying I haven't sent them but what it does is it makes everybody look at all of Christianity the same way. So if you come out in June speaking, they're just going to lump you in with the rest of them which then now they attack you because of what these other people have reached and it is going to be difficult. It's going to be difficult to wage. To change hearts and Minds to redirect, you know, I know there's some people that you know, I don't want to ramble on but the n-word right? There's some people that say, well we need to redefine the inward not take it back from what history has done to it. That's really hard because there's some people that will never get over note that word has meant to them. Right and I'm one of them, I'm fairly young too. Right? I don't think I can really not the coach go off but I can really get deep with that because just because you redefine something doesn't mean it's still not what it is. But again people people get so hung up example people get so hung up on. Oh, I don't eat pork. I don't eat pork right Port but you need a hotdog you're still eating pork, right? It's just redefined. Right and I think what you're saying is so on point and I think you know the analogy of the Dead. Where is that? You know this words history is so in-depth and it's so deep that it's like I don't I think you just you get rid of or you don't even mess with it. But when it comes down to the word of God, you do have to fight for the word of God and I believe you know going back to my my my dream Michael Jai White the enemy has walked up in here and taking ownership and it's like if you stand up you're being threatened for standing up because this is this is how comfortable these doctrines armed how comfortable and like you said people are going to they're going to laugh at you and like well, I think you're wrong. You know, this is the way I read the Bible. This is the way I see it and you know, you're teaching people like I'm not about the way I see it is the way it's the way it's being said it's what God is saying and so I need to go and learn from the Bible not a apply the Bible to wage. I want it to be I don't go to the Bible to get answers about me. I go to the Bible to learn about God stop that right there because that that one line. You just said a lot to a lot of people I don't go to the Bible to get answers. Yeah, I go to the Bible to find out what it means. So you already have to come in to the word of God with and with the cleaning palette. Yeah. Yeah, and that's the tough part that that's that's the tough part because a lot of times people are going to the Bible like a gumball machine. I put my quarter in and I get a gumball out and and that's not how the why the Bible is not transactional in that way or even worse. They they're looking for something like a video machine like yeah like a vending machine. I want these dead. Cheetos I'm going to hit I'm going to hit this. I'm going to go to this book and find it Doritos that I'm looking for, right? That's what I have a taste for. That's what I have a taste for it. That's what I want to hear. That's what I want to know home and in all actuality by doing that we've created a monster and we've created a monster that now we've got too deep power debunk and bring down this particular monster because everybody treats, you know, my wife said this in the conversation everybody treats the Bible like like Home Depot the Home Depot's model is do it yourself. And so you going to Home Depot and you find all the things you can to go do it yourself. And so you're looking for the right paint, right? Cuz I'm building my life myself, but in all actuality when we go to the Bible God is supposed to be building our life. And so we're supposed to be sitting on his feet learning. What marriage is supposed to be how we're supposed to handle our money, but you know what he's talking about as it relates to Family and finance and Ministry, but we're going with a specific thing. Like you said like a vending machine and trying to get out of God what we want from him instead of getting from him what he's predestined for us. And so it's a battle and I think in this book I flip a lot of things on their head. I talked about a lot of those things and I flip them on their head and I say, you know what it's not about even the people in the Bible that are famous cuz the Bible actually says there's six men suck. I'm not going to give them all but I'll just give you a couple of them Joshua and and Joshua the Bible says became famous. David became famous Solomon became famous. Now their Fame is not about them their Fame was to take off God's name and the knowledge of God to new territories through new areas to expand his reach on the earth. Their Fame was not about them accumulating Richard glory and Empower for themselves. As a matter of fact Solomon says later on in Ecclesiastes that it was all van and he said it was it was chasing the wind and so even he realized that even though I had everything it meant nothing if I didn't have God. Wow, well, I'm excited about this book to tell tell the people, you know, Windsor estimated date of when it's going to be out. So, like I said, I don't know when this is going to air but mid mid August around the third week of August. It'll actually be ready for a pre-order the first week coming up in August. It'll be ready for pre-order and I'm just excited about this particular project because like I said, I put a lot into it and I actually slowed down I was I was going pretty fast and I end up slowing down because I was getting so much that I was like, I gotta get all this in here. I got to make sure that this is in here. And so when it comes out it will be available on Kindle. It will be available on Amazon. It'll be available at Barnes and Nobles wage. Pretty much online. You probably can get it anywhere online. It won't be available in stores till later on but online you'll be able to get it back order it from Amazon Barnes and Nobles you'll be able to get a digital copy from Kindle Kindle eBooks. I'm even trying to get this one on Audible for those thoughts. Listen the books. So I'm working on an audible version of it as well. So yeah, it'll it'll be out and be everywhere and you know, I'll be promoting it and and getting it out there not in this whole big tube. I've always had a struggle to promoting the books that I write because I've had this issue with I don't want to seem like I'm trying to be somebody but I realized that know what God has given me needs to be shared. Then I became more confident in sharing it because I believe that God is trying to reach people. He's trying to get something out there that it's not about me. It's all about him and keeping that dog food gives me more confidence and more desire to push the book out there because when I was thinking about me, I was like, no, you know want to be all about me, you know, and and I took that to you as an encouragement as well what God is saying through you the experiences that even in your own book. I know it probably feels weird pushing it out there saying by my book you probably feel icky on the inside same thing that but at the same time if God has given you something that's going to encourage people and draw him close to to them. Then you have a responsibility you are obligated, you know to get that message out there and reach whoever you can. Yeah, and I'm reminded of Jeremiah, you know in in him prophesied in the word and nobody listening wage. Yeah, because it's not even really about the message as it is just being obedient to God God's telling you to do something, you know, whether it's writing a book in in in our two cases wage is nobody buys the even if somebody buys it and they just toss it like this is crazy. You did what you were supposed to do. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, and I think the further that it's like, you know Jesus at the supper are at the at the wedding, you know, when the people didn't show up. They had all these excuses. Why didn't want to show up Thursday you said? Okay go to the highways and byways and just compel men to come these people don't want to hear it. I got somebody that wants to hear it take it to them and begin to share it with them and what you found out is that you know, just because there's people rejecting. It doesn't mean that that stops God's purpose or is planned right because everybody is going to have an opportunity to hear it. It's up to you. If you going to answer the call or you going to hang up the phone, but everybody is going to have an opportunity to hear it before this. This lifetime is over and so, you know, is there anything as we're wrapping up that you want to say in closing about this car? Versation that we had whether it's the state of the world whether it's your book whether it's snowing as Believers or even wanting to give your life to Christ about suffering. Is there anything you want to leave the people that might be listening? Yeah, I think that the major thing and it's just something that I am a recently really fine-tuned and really got back to the basics on so often when people come to church often people open the Bible when people talk to someone else about Jesus, it's always about trying to fix you. It's always trying to put right what's wrong in your life, but I think more importantly is understanding that this life. Is fragile it's finite and it could be over at any minute. And the most important thing is that you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life. The Bible says that for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him. Whoever believes should not perish but have everlasting life. He goes on to say that God did not send his son into the world to condemn this world, but that through him the world might be saved. This is the most important thing. I believe if we focus on a leading people to a place where put your trust in your hope in your faith in what Jesus did for you then God can then work in their heart so often we're trying to get them to be better people and fixed their lives and we're even preaching a Jesus that fixed the fixes their life fixes their finances fixes their job situation and we forget about their soul Because we're fixing all these external things with Jesus when he really came to save their soul. And so we've got to focus on I want to give my heart. I want to give my soul to Jesus. I want to bow my knee to him because he's the way to eternal life. And so if there's anything that I really want to say, you know, if you're listening to this on, you know, whether it's a fatherhood Friday or if it's on Love Thy Neighbor or you catch this on a different platform, whether it's Google play or Spotify or wherever you catch this pause podcast put trust in Jesus today believe on him today and allow God to position you to be with him for eternity begin a relationship with God that will never end. I don't focus on trying to fix this and fix that focus on where's your soul going to be what's going to happen when this is all over if anything we learn this year life is dead. Fragile We buried more people this year than we probably ever buried in our life and we don't know when our time is. I don't know when my time is up. And so I want to spend my time calling people to faith into their faith in Christ putting people in a position where they put their trust in their faith in Christ. And my desire is for anyone to hear this to put their trust in their faith in Jesus wage-price. Well, man, I thank you for being a part of fatherhood Fridays. It's always a pleasure and you know, I may be here just taking mental notes right now, you know keeping my sword sharp. And so I just want to say thank you cuz you didn't you didn't have to do it, but you did and so thank you for having. Yeah, no problem, man. And so if anybody wants to find you you're Anthony Wilson senior, you're on Facebook and Instagram. I think you're on birth. Yeah Twitter which YouTube you can look me up at Anthony Wilson. And if you type into Google Apostle Anthony Wilson Ministries all my stuff comes up. Anchor YouTube Facebook my books, you know just type in your Google search Apostle Anthony Wilson Ministries and everything that I have will pop up be pretty easy to reach me that way. Well, there you go. Now anybody that's listening you have no excuse and so I just want to thank you guys out there for listening. Do me a favor as always if you like what you're hearing and you want to subscribe go to Anchor fm.com click the support tab. You can donate anywhere from $0.99 to $9.99 as well. As I am subscribe. That way you can hear episode every Friday when they drop all so you can follow me. I also am on social media as well Instagram Facebook page. Twitter LinkedIn just to name a few and so until then you guys take care and we will see you next Friday. God bless em. And here's a sneak peek into next week's fatherhood Friday episode home. Hey you out there voting isn't just going to the polls on Election Day any more options, like early voting mail-in voting and ballot drop boxes are available to more voters and are growing in popularity how to vote a tool created by democracy Works breaks down the options your state offers for casting a ballot empowering to decide when and where to vote for more information. Go to how to. Vote. Thanks wage. And here's the thing, even if you're according to a doctor's even if your blood sugar sugar level goes back down to normal levels. Once you hit that threshold, they will always put in your file. They're always putting your chart. You're a diabetic even if you'd be like I reversed it. I I worked out I exercised. I did all these things according to a doctor. You're still always going to be looked at as a diabetic once you

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AEE 1459: How Americans Shop For Groceries

All Ears English Podcast | Real English Vocabulary | Conversation | American Culture

20:24 min | 4 months ago

AEE 1459: How Americans Shop For Groceries

"This isn't all ears English podcast episode 1459 how Americans shop for groceries welcome to the all ears English podcast downloaded more than $150 million times. Are you feeling stuck with your English will show you how to become fearless and fluent by focusing on connection not Perfection with your American host Lindsay McMahon the English Adventurer and Michelle Kaplan the New York radio girl coming each from Colorado and New York City USA and to get your transcripts delivered by e-mail every week. Go to all ears English. Com word slash subscribe in today's episode. We show you the many ways in which Americans shop for groceries including the college. Of shopping in bulk. What does the say about American culture? And what is your shopping style find out today? Hey Lindsay, how are you? Hey, Michelle, it's going great. What are you doing today? In New York? What's going on? Well, I was out this morning and again not to talk about the weather but it's chilly today. Is it chilly? It was a chilly was I was so surprised like I opened my door and I was like, oh my gosh, I actually I mean now I'm wearing a tank top cuz it started to warm up. I was out early cuz I always go out early with my son now. Yeah, so then I actually had to get a jacket out and everything. So oh my god, well, he did fall right exactly. Yeah, I get in the nut false. How about you? How are you? It's good. I think it's going to be in the 90s today in Colorado. So but yeah things are good. I went bike riding over the weekend and that was fun, you know out here the sun is strong strong. So if you don't even if you do wear sunscreen and you're just biking in the middle of the day you get a nasty sunburn. It's crazy. I have to I don't know I have to be careful. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I've And I've been better about sunscreen kind of just because I'm with my son. So like I yeah, I always do it for him. So then I'm just like okay put a little bit on my face even though I'm not so good about it in general. Yeah for sure for sure have to wear sunscreen. Yes, definitely definitely. So Lindsay, I'm excited for today's episode because we're going to talk about one of my passions which is the grocery store app store is always a good topic. I mean we all have to eat so that's right. That's right and lots to talk about especially nowadays and we're talking about this because we actually have a question song from a listener from Mustafa from Yemen. So Mustafa was asking about grocery stores and some things dealing with that. So we're going to get into that today Lindsey. Would you read the question for us? Okay, here we go. So Mustafa says hi Lindsay, Michele. I've been listening to your podcast for three months and my English is improving. That's good Mustafa great job. That's awesome. I was reading about the different supermarkets in the UK and Iraq. About Sainsbury's. I read this about Sainsbury's there's no doubt that for a bigger range of products at a lower price Sainsbury's is best but for quality and style plus a commitment to ethical trading and the environment Eminem wins hands down. Okay, so you must have heard that from some ad or something. I don't know news. Yeah, right. Okay, and he says but I didn't understand what hands down means. I hope you can make an episode explaining it and another about the different famous supermarkets in the US. Thanks. I love your podcast Mustafa from Yemen. Wow, it's a good question. Actually. Yeah, this is definitely a great question. I'm excited about today's episode. So this is a good one. So we'll get into that in a second. But guys, if you haven't already listened to the Isles energy podcast now is the time to do it. Well first to finish this episode and then go to make sure yes, yes. Yes. So once you finish with this go on over tile to energy we have all bring in Jessica over there and it is it's so much fun and a lot to learn. Lindsay absolutely. If you guys want to take Isles this year that is the first place to start so go and subscribe to the Isles energy podcast. And if you're on YouTube, we also have aisles energy TV, right. So depending on how you like to consume English learning we have different options for you. Okay? All right, Michelle, so I'm glad we're getting into this question for Mustafa today because hands-down super common frame right super common and you know what, we actually happen to do an episode about this phrase. It was episode 1138 one handy phrase to show confidence and your suggestions off. We did discuss that in that episode. So listen to that for more but basically, you know, let's give a basic answer. So this is a great price. So let's dissect the sentence. So it says okay em and and touches I believe Marks and Spencers winded inside. I think so wins hands down. So this means like without a doubt definitely confidently. It's like there's no contest job. Right Lindsay, exactly no competition and you must have done that because you lived in England for a while, right? I wouldn't I don't know Marks and Spencers. I feel like we don't have that here in the states. Do we I don't think that we have that here. Yeah. I mean when I studied in London, I remember Sainsbury's M&S Tesco waitress. I remember all of those and it's kind of it's so much fun. When you live abroad or even just travelling I thought but I think I've talked about this on the show before to just go into the grocery store and what there's something about going in that makes you feel like oh I kind of live here. So even if you're just on vacation, it gives you this different you can imagine just going to the grocery store doing the regular thing. And so I love doing that. So I remember in London when I studied there a sainsbury, we had a test go down a street and then the sainsbury like Express was opening right across from us and like my roommates and I we went to the opening and it was so exciting. Did you live right in the City Club? Yes, L really Urban. Yeah location, right? I just got a memory on my Facebook that said that it's twelve years since I left for London and that is something that is frightening. That is the old. Yeah, it definitely makes you feel old good. How did that happen? But London was one of the best times in my whole life. So and I'm grocery stores were definitely a best time of your life in a grocery store or not. I get what you mean. I remember having mild bouts of panic though grocery stores in town yo or convenience stores when I couldn't read the labels and I was like, what am I going to have for dinner? How do I cook this Curry? I don't know what to do. It's all in Japanese. Yeah. See I didn't have that in life. That made it easier. So yeah, definitely so I you know, so that's hands down and you know, we are going to you. Today kind of give you our feelings or thoughts about grocery stores in the US and this is going to tie a little bit into the pandemic and how people are getting their grocery stores. Now their groceries now not their groceries. So I mean Lindsay, how are you getting your groceries now? Yeah, so I am going so here where we are in Denver. We have a King Soopers literally a block from where we are and there's going to be a Whole Foods opening in a couple of months another Block in the other direction, which is kind of awesome, but we are moving our apartment to another place. But yeah, it's really nice to have King Soopers groceries. It's like an average very young age slash. Okay grocery store about a block away. So I'm still going to the grocery store. I'm not ordering groceries online, but I am still wiping down my groceries. I maybe don't need to do that anymore. But I still am like, you know anything that comes in packaging. Yeah wiping it down taking it out putting it in like Tupperware just to be extra safe. Do you still do that would use like a dog? Or what? Yeah, we actual food. I know our Justin's know I am I'm still doing that. Actually, I mcdan do it cuz I'm I like I have anxiety about the okay. So actually he usually does the wiper internet but we also live very close to a supermarket. Also just kind of an average one and I used to go there like every single day just and you know, it would be this kind of thing where it was so close that I would just go very frequently and only by a few things, you know, because that's what you do. If you want to save space. You don't want to think about what you're making like learning the city. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah a lot of space, right exactly. So but now we are doing instacart. Yeah, so we have internal thoughts like right right there. I just I don't know. It's just I haven't been back in yet. But I mean, I don't see why it wouldn't if you're taking the proper precautions, but we do still dead. Wipe things down as well, even though they say it can't be on surfaces or they didn't say that. I mean, they said that a while ago, but I just never got out of the habit. I think it becomes like a bit of a a crutch a bit of a like a mental thing off. And so I feel like I have to do it still. I wonder if I'll be doing it until I'm eighty five. I saw something that was like a funny funny cartoon or me more something and it's like why is a grandma, you know, why does Grandma Clorox the inside of her of her grocery bags and was like, oh cuz she lived through the coronavirus all I'm sure they'll be plenty of those things. I know. I know my grandmother. For example the Great Depression. Yeah. And until she died right up until like 2008. She was still saving rubber bands. Oh, wow. Yeah, so definitely will be interesting to see how this affects us. But yeah, I mean typically I really enjoy going to the grocery store. So maybe maybe I'll start going back at this point. And yeah, hopefully really it is an on surfaces, but you never know new stuff comes out every day, but Thursday, So anyway, so I wanted to talk a little bit more about you know, what what are some major grocery stores in the US that we go to so you mentioned Kings. There's also a quote me, which is not too far from me. What about Trader Joe's do you ever go to that one? What's that was? Yeah Trader Joe's when I lived in Cambridge in Boston. I went sometimes but Trader Joe's is known to kind of be like supposed to be healthier food more affordably than like a Whole Foods, but I think it's a lot of packaged foods and I also don't think their produce is very good. I think their produce is kind of old so I wasn't ever like that happy with Trader Joe's even though I know it was it's very popular among like a certain demographic. Yeah, but I'm not a huge fan off. I I do like Trader Joe's but I haven't had it in a long time, but I always used to get food from there and know yeah, I know what you mean about the produce. So sometimes you get something and then it's not it's not good job. So but some of that can have to do with where you are in the country. I I hate to say that my experience honestly has been so far. The produce is better out here in the west that right. Yeah, it's fresher fresher become a lot of where things are. Grown, California. I don't have any down in the back this up could be wrong could be just my my sense but fresher and and more affordable than the Boston especially with Boston and stuff was not very fresh and expensive in New York. At least it was fresh but it was very expensive true. Yeah. Yeah. No, I can see what you're saying. I mean, I don't know about you know, I haven't really gone to the grocery store where you live, but I can I can definitely at that definitely makes sense to me. What about you mentioned Whole Foods. So again, I I don't know maybe some of these places are outside the US I'm not sure guys still have to let us know question. Yeah. Have you ever heard someone call Whole Foods whole paycheck? Oh, yeah, of course. So why is that? What's the joke there? It's juice. It's so expensive especially if you're not used to shopping at Whole Foods, right? Everything is marked up. They focus on organic stuff. I mean they do have really good stuff. But you do end up going in and spending your whole paycheck off. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, if it's you know, if it's conveniently on your route like home from the train and that's double trouble right because it takes more effort to go to the cheaper grocery store. Then you get in a habit of going to Whole Foods. And yeah, you're in trouble at that point nothing. That's a good little bonus for today double trouble trouble. Sometimes they just like to rhyme phrases and just yeah. Yeah, double trouble. So that's a good one for today guys. Okay. So what are some other grocery stores? I mean one that comes to mind is definitely Costco. Hey guys, don't forget that page also do tiles preparation. We have fourteen years of examiner expertise on our team go and subscribe to the Isles energy podcast off. So I wanted to bring this up. I mean this isn't cuz I was at Costco on Sunday and I was thinking we should do an episode on this. That's funny. I think we can do a whole nother episode because Costco is completely different from any of these grocery stores, right? Why Michelle, how is it different? Because it's focused on on giving things as on selling things in bulk. Oh, what is the temperature in Bow like a huge amount? Yeah, right and huge huge huge. They don't even have bags because when you go to Costco and you bought your buying generally will not fit into a bag, right so they bring boxes. So you have to have a membership. It's like a Savers Club I guess is what they call it. And there's another one. What is that called? Can't think of it Costco? And do you know Michelle? Oh not Big Lots BJs BJs Wholesale Club, right? So these places where you have to have a yearly membership you go in when you walk in the door, they check to make sure your membership is valid, right? But you do save a lot of money, but you end up buying I think it's generally birth. American model of buying in bulk and then you're storing like six six months worth of toilet paper in your house. You have to have a big house to store this stuff but stuff doesn't up being super cheap home. Right? Right right right now and they also have samples and I'm thinking I wonder if samples they still have samples now did you so they're famous for their samples? Yeah. Exactly. No on Sunday, there were no samples. No temples. I don't know. Maybe it depends on where in the country you are how high they the virus rate is but I can't wait for the samples to come back. Yeah. Those are the greatest. So guys you can actually go around Trader Joe's has Samsung S2. And yeah, you actually go and you get to try different things. But Costco is like has the best samples like hands down the hands down the back. Are you a member of Costco you would you like subscribe to the model of the bulk shopping like this American style or would you rather go to the grocery store every day by little amount smaller amounts? For both are great question me too. But I think both I'm not a Costco member but my parents are so whenever I would go visit my parents. It's like an event like let's go to Costco and wage. It's like very very exciting stuff to go to Costco. So guys. Yeah, it's a big deal but it is like pretty crowded there. I think I I think I did a video on Instagram and Costco once about different nuts. Yeah that I think that like in February or something. Okay? Yeah for not going to be not too long ago because I was with my parents and it used to be like, I think when I was little I would go to Costco be like at home and Hospital you don't and then and now when I would go I'm like, oh my God, like let's sing a song about how amazing Costco is people love it. If you could store this stuff, that's the thing and I can't say that. I mean, you should see maybe one day I'll do an Instagram about it my closet. It's just I need a I need to move like I have like just like groceries like pouring out of the closet because now we are buying in our web page. Is of purchasing food has changed. Like I said, we used to just buy a few things at a time and now we're really trying to stock up. Yeah, it's really interesting just this whole idea. I mean, I think for example like Opera for example, birth family makes a lot more sense right rather than a small apartment in the city. But this whole idea of the American model of like buying in bulk and the event of going shopping. I think that's purely be our economy that is told us has Foster an environment where we should get excited about going shopping. You know what I mean? It's we can go into that another day, but I find it fascinating to say about American culture it is I think it's kind of like sometimes people have like a grocery day like Sundays we could do groceries exactly. Whereas in New York. You also have like smaller bodegas when you lived in New York like they did you go to the bodegas ever. Yeah for sure. I went there for like little things if it was like the middle of the night and I forgot something I would do that, but I wouldn't go for my regular shopping trip. I would walk down to what was the name of that? You remember what a larger average grocery store song. Brooklyn know that was a very expensive. Yeah. No it was I don't remember. Yeah, but an average average like Brooklyn grocery store. Yeah, that would suck bags, you know, and of course you don't have a car. So you're like you're carrying your bags. Yeah, it's really it can be a big pain. Yeah, that's one plus of like living in like if if I don't but if to live in the suburbs, it's like woke up in your car and that that makes it easier for sure because also like you said, I mean in New York you can I used to live across from a gristedes and it's so expensive so you don't want to go there and I put a gas can be expensive too. So like for sure, you're always trying to think of like convenience or costs. You know, what what do I value more? I do. I want to try to save money, but I want to just be able to run across the street and get something so it's a constant attention and when you live in a place like New York New York will cater more to the like not having the energy to go to the cheaper grocery stores. There's something out there for you right across the street. That's going to be expensive no matter what right? Right, right. It's it's so true. And then yeah, or you can in New York. You can just get like a from a Fruit Stand. Yeah. I I used to do that a lot me to oh, man. So, oh my gosh Lindsay. This has been fun. We could go on and on about how Chris we could have a lot more here, but you know some of the takeaways for today, you know, here's what we thought we talked about hands down. So guys remember to listen to that up with other episode and we talked about things like the grocery store different models of grocery stores Costco. Whole Foods the joke whole paycheck. We did a double trouble as a bonus. We had a lot of new vocabulary in here today guys, and also just you know talking about culture so something you always think about when you travel when you live abroad, what is the grossery gang style model like and yeah. Yeah, and I would also be really interested Michelle to know for our listeners guys. If you are living in the US like which model have you taken on have you gotten a Costco membership and start off? Driving out to a big Suburban grocery store. Are you still going every day to pick up small groceries? What is your style? Right and how much of that is based on your home culture? How much of that is based on American culture. We want to know so you should come back to our blog all ears English.com and type in 1459 to leave that comment. Would that be cool Michelle to see what people say? Oh for sure and also let us know if you're still wiping down your groceries or yeah, I mean really long as he's still doing this. Oh my gosh. I've tried to get so much better. But it's it's tough. It's tough. It's tough. All right guys. So again, if you're taking oil to this year go over his subscribe on the aisles energy podcast. It's available on Spotify Google podcasts. Apple podcasts pretty much wherever you listen to podcasts. All right, Michelle very good stuff. I'll see you soon. Okay. Thanks for hanging out today by Lindsay Goodwin by Thanks for listening to all ears English. If you are taking miles this year get your estimated band score with our 2-minute quiz go to all English. And if you believe in connection, not Perfection then hit subscribe now to make sure you don't miss anything. See you next time.

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May 14, Hr 2  King Soopers, and new coronuvirus outbreak, and Governor Polis

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

21:21 min | 10 months ago

May 14, Hr 2 King Soopers, and new coronuvirus outbreak, and Governor Polis

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI seven zero seven now. Thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten. Kfi Am dot com warning so gail field by Great Western Petroleum King. Supers is extending. Its free cove nine hundred through testing through the end of May offering additional through testing sites at the campus cu boulder and the University of Northern Colorado working from a press release Courtesy of King Super this morning through continued partnership with the Colorado Emergency Operation Center. King super is extending once again. It's Free Cova. Nineteen drive-thru testing through the end of May King Super Health and wellness professionals have administered. Already over two thousand three tests date and anticipate and administering fourteen thousand tests by the end of. May All right. So here's all the details of what you need to know This will run this extension of their free. Covert nineteen through testing Running may eleventh through May Thirtieth. The dates and times vary by location. If you're interested in taking advantage of this free covert nineteen test. Just hop online visit Kroger health dot com forward slash Cova testing. That's kroger health dot com forward slash covert testing for details Locations include the campus Fifth Street. Parking garage this is thirteen. Fifty one fifth street in Denver. Cu Boulder this see us space sciences building thirty six sixty five discovery drive in boulder and the University of Northern Colorado Twenty nine thousand eight Fourteenth Avenue in Greeley again. You can register at Kroger Health Dot com forward slash code testing. Now here are the particulars people needing a test according to this press release from King Super Use a virtual screening tool on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines To See if they are eligible. Those who are eligible for the testing are based on. Cdc's state and Local Government recommendations if you are eligible than you can select the appropriate testing location again university of Northern Colorado among them and appointment time and receive an email confirmation with pre appointment paperwork. When you arrive for a test you need to have a photo. Id Ready and leave those car. Windows rolled up for check in a healthcare practitioner will then approach a car and alert. You went to roll down the window now. The tests use those self administered nasal swabs which are less painful because you're a member of the nasal swabs that looked like twigs and it was kind of like you had to drive this up into your brain. I mean they were terrifying. They truly were. These are more. They more approximate tip. And it's just a very simple test that you can do yourself So once again much less painful and designed to increase safety test results can be expected with in approximately forty eight to seventy two hours. This king supers extends their free covert nineteen drive through testing through may thirtieth and among the locations. Where you can get those. Self administered enable nasal swabs in order to detect in nineteen the University of Northern Colorado. Seven eleven now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com pulled. This piece out of the Denver Post just wanted to pass this information along Piece by Mag Win Garter Colorado reports the first corona virus outbreaks linked to child care centers now for adults one child testing positive for a cove. Nineteen this according to new data released on Wednesday by the State's public health department all of the cases related to childcare where in the Denver Metro Orchard Valley Learning Center this in Arapahoe County reported to adults and one child tested positive. The other adult cases where at the Learning Experience Westminster in Jefferson County? Now children are at a lower risk for severe complications have covered nineteen though as we learned yesterday during our conversation with a virus experts and microbiologists at Dodger Dean Heart. At least three children in New York have died from an immune overreaction to the virus far six thousand one hundred ten of Colorado's copay nineteen cases and six hundred and seventy three debts have been two two hundred six outbreaks across the state that means about thirty percents of all cases and sixty. Three percents of all deaths have come from a known outbreak all-told Colorado has recorded and This was a piece that was written about eight hours ago. Recorded one thousand sixty two deaths and twenty thousand four hundred seventy five confirmed or suspected cases of cove nineteen since the virus was first detected in the stage in early. March outbreaks have been reported of course. And we've talked about this in a dairy plant a mushroom farm six grocery stores seventeen food manufacturing facilities eleven prisons or jails the vast majority of Colorado's still in facilities serving The older population those with disabilities of the one hundred ninety two active outbreaks one hundred and thirty four were in residential care facilities five outbreaks. Colorado have exceeded a hotter caissons a cases. And they aren't yet over. This includes the sterling correctional facility with four hundred fifty eight cases in two deaths. J B S The meat packing plant plant in Greeley. Three hundred sixteen cases six deaths. I'm not so sure that's accurate because I had come across information earlier that there was indeed a seventh death as a result of cove nineteen related complications with an employee at GPS Cherry Creek Nursing Center Aurora one hundred and thirty nine cases thirty two deaths Orchard Park Healthcare Centres Centennial. One hundred and twenty-nine cases five deaths Cherry Creek Nursing Center also had the most of any outbreak in st other outbreaks with the highest death. Tolls were also in nursing facilities this week. The Colorado Department of Public Health and environment declared fourteen outbreaks resolved meaning. There's no longer evidence of covert nineteenth. Spread that setting. The resolved outbreaks include a bridge tournament in El Paso County Housing for employees of Copper Mountain Mountain and twelve senior living facilities which have been so hard hit by the spread of this novel Corona buyers. I was listening to Senator Pat. Toomey talking about the fact that in Pennsylvania sixty nine percent of the covert at nineteen related deaths have occurred in those Long Term Facilities Nursing homes assisted. Living communities absolutely heartbreaking seven fifteen now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home health care serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen o nine or caring hearts H. Dot Com whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. It's always your turn to comment text Cave K. Two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation Mornings Gail continues now on thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Well WASN'T MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. That's getting in the way back when she? It was the governor Jared Polis going to Washington and things seemed to go pretty well as he was sporting his new haircut very proud of that. When's the last time you got your haircut? I'm just letting mind grow out seven twenty-three now thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI DOT com. No I will get back into my hairstylist. And we'll take care of things getting a little bit nessie but we're for peace this morning by Alex Bernez out of the Denver Post. A PRESIDENT TRUMP PRAISES. Colorado's corona virus response in a meat meeting with Governor. Jared police it was funny. I was texting back and forth With my brother who lives in Ohio and my brother's like hey is your governor Republican. Because he sure seems to be cozying up with President trump and I said no. He's he's certainly Democrats and could be that perhaps he's making nice with president trump because well he's asking for a whole lot of money makes sense to me president. Donald trump praising Colorado's response to the corona virus and also governor. Jared Polis in a meeting at the White House yesterday and to Governor. Jared Polis and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum a Republican trump said. You're both doing an excellent job and it's an honor to have you at the White House. Yeah they were playing ice yesterday. White House of course as you're aware is grappling with a corona virus break of its own. Paulus said in a facebook video ahead of his meeting with President trump that he was tested at the White House and that the test results came back. The governor police has been in regular touch with the trump administration through the corona virus. Pandemic said the president invited him to meet in person and that well he couldn't turn down that in that invitation among the other. Attendees at Wednesday's meeting where Senator Cory Gardner Jill Ryan the Director of Colorado's health department a Debbie burks the White House the White House's Corona Virus Response Coordinator and Interior Secretary David Byrne hearts who by the way is a Colorado Native Colorado's sufficient officials were mass at the meaning while the president burks and officials from North Dakota did not police conveyed optimism about Colorado's a gradual reopening which kicked off Late last month well before many other states and ahead of any other state led by Democrat. You know it's a sad statement on the state of politics these days but it really comes as no surprise that once again the reopening of the states has this partisan tinge to it and I remember coming across a piece where you had the Georgia governor reopening his State Georgia governor a Republican and coming under considerable. Fire in the mainstream media. But when you looked at the actions taken as Governor Jared Polis eased up on a lot of the restrictions. Now we're still waiting until the end of. May I believe it is before? He makes a formal official decision on reopening dine in in restaurants across the State Solo. You've got some restaurants including a couple in northern Colorado. Indeed that are open and functioning but once again if you compared what was going on in Georgia as far as they're reopening and the fact that it was a Republican governor the headline asked. Why is governor? Jared Polis acting like of all things Republican in allowing the state of Colorado. Too slowly reopen. Once again what does politics have to do with it? Unfortunately in today's overheated political environment everything. But if you looked at the guidelines issued out of the state of Georgia compare and contrast but it was more a matter of comparison to what Governor Jared Police did in the state of Colorado. Guess what they were almost exactly the same governor Jerry. Police Democrat not coming under fire in the mainstream media. Meanwhile you have a Republican governor of Georgia taken all kinds of heat for doing the exact same thing. People are back in a safe way. Governor Police told the president trump yesterday. It's not the way it was. Yes he does qualify. There is the king of understatement. As evidence of the return of some commerce in the state police shared that he'd recently gotten a haircut. Trump responded looks good. Trump then asked how Colorado's ski industry is doing police. Oh he actually told police I go there as you know and the ski slopes are fantastic governor said. He is hopeful hopeful. That late season skiing can resume. Soom police praised Gardner's work and helping Colorado acquire sorely needed testing supplies and Gardner returned the compliment. Everybody was just so nice and civil yesterday. Saying the governor's done a good job and I appreciate that. Police didn't share anything at the White House. Said he hasn't already shared with media in Colorado. Much of the public portion of the meeting was taking up a by trump taking questions from reporters schools in Colorado again closed for in person instruction for the year and during his exchange with reporters trump Very strongly indicated that he disagrees with that decision. Our country's got to get back he said it's got to get back as soon as possible. I don't consider the country coming back if the schools are closed trump also spoke out against all mail voting it's subject to tremendous corruption cheating Colorado. Which is at the vanguard. Well aware of the all-male voting trend is shown that well this is not true. Not necessarily the case the State Colorado ride widely regarded as one of the safest places in the country to vote. And how many times have we have this conversation with weld? County clerk and recorder. Cardi compass practices been touted by Republican and Democrats State. Election officials alike. Finally some consensus. It's also increased voter participation. So all in all a good good meeting between Governor Jared Polis president trump other officials at the White House yesterday seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K OF K DOT COM. Weekly unemployment claims coming in at two point. Nine eight million. That brings the eight week. Total to thirty six and a half million filing those weekly unemployment claims that is twenty percent of the workforce. I will tell you what we're GONNA do. We're going to toss this one to Keith. Wineman presidential Wealth Management. See if he can find us any semblance of a silver lining here when he joins us this morning at seven. Thirty five seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi KFI RUBBER TO UNC. Bears targeting game coverage lives thirteen ten. Kfi catch me. Dan Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. All right got light yet coming your way this morning. Thirteen ten K. K. A thirteen ten. Kfi Dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Just bouncing off our conversation with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management as we're talking about what the new normal will be for industries so hard hit by all of the implications and ramifications of covert nineteen talking about the cruise ship industry. Will you take a cruise in the future? What will that look like We'll cruise lines be operating at less than full capacity. I mean those boats are norm. So what is that going to look like for them? Came across this fascinating piece in ink talking about South West. Now we talked about what frontier did it was kind of a Hashtag epic fail selling that empty middle seed. I believe they After there was so much outcry that said they were basically profiteering over From a pandemic basically they reverse that. I'm not sure if they gave Those who had taken advantage of that opportunity to snap up that extra seat so that there was an empty seat there. I'm not sure if they actually refunded their money or not but boy. I'll tell you what the clap back on that came fast and furious but South West taking a very interesting approach to basically getting getting you interested in boarding a plane again. Something might poundage find. It rather counter intuitive to some extent because basically it seems as though southwest is just kind of going. Well Yeah. We're getting back to life and living pretending like nothing ever really happened. We'll get into that in just a few seven fifty three now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage and CAP K. Thirteen ten KFI DOT com seven fifty seven while the all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi for more KFI programs podcast sports scheduled news goto thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Dot Com now back to mornings with Gail Seven. Vicky out thirteen hundred a thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM. When he's with Gail live local. Fueled with great by Great Western Petroleum. Ready might chime in as well there he is he always has something to say Rudy. Nobody's nobody's this morning for Collins won't change their mask. Requirement despite LARIMER COUNTIES POLICY. Change really has a little something something to say about that. We're going to get into all the details on that and while this just showed up a piece out of the Denver Post This as that experimental corona virus drug remm disappear is being distributed in Colorado. Eight state. Hospital systems will receive initial doses of severe which makes rudy very very happy looking forward to our conversation as well this morning. this as the DOJ drops the case against Michael. Flynn Rick Grenell declassifying names of the Obama cronies who on Amassed Flynn many saying this is worse than Watergate President Trump of course referring to it as Obama Gate. Well is it someone that knows a little something? Something about Watergate. John O'Connor post how the Washington Post betrayed deep throat who by the way represented covered up Watergate and began. Today's partisan advocacy journalism weighs in at eight thirty five. Kfi Greeley bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

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July 15, Hr 3  Michael Fields with Colorado Rising Action

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:27 min | 8 months ago

July 15, Hr 3 Michael Fields with Colorado Rising Action

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten Kfi K.. In. The tax man wants you know more procrastination, no more delays. Yes, today July fifteenth is indeed tax day so all right, everybody just take a deep breath. If you haven't gotten around to doing your taxes yet, there's still time. But pretty soon there will be no time eight Oh eight now thirteen ten KFI. K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot, com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. We had the opportunity earlier I believe. It was last week to talk with a tie, Allen H. and R. Block of Greeley with two locations to serve you in Greeley, a great sponsor mornings with Gail, but I thought it might be instructive for those of you who are getting the sweaty palms in your heart is pounding, and your pulse is racing as you realize. I have to do my taxes today just to reiterate as some of those points so. As the corona vent pandemic took hold this spring as you're well aware. The federal government postponed the traditional. April Fifteenth Filing deadline until today now this according to a piece out of the Associated Press the move provided some economic well, logistical relief for taxpayers, dealing with the disruptions and uncertainty brought on by lockdowns, school closures and shuttered businesses, but Unfortunately you've got to turn your attention to it today. Online is you must file today or seek an extension, or you will face a penalty. The IRS is expecting about one hundred fifty million returns from individuals and a last count. It had received almost one hundred and forty two million, so if you're still kind of procrastinating and. Getting around to meeting that filing deadline. Make, a payment, or if you have other questions, here's a few answers, first and foremost. Do I have to file? Yup, in most cases you must file and pay your taxes by today. Taxpayers who need more time can request as Talon H. and R. Block of Greeley reminded us you can request an extension on the irs website that'll give you until October fifteenth to file. How ever an extension to file does not mean an added time to pay so. You need to estimate what you think you. And make that payment by the end of today, but you can file for an extension now. What happens if you can't pay now? What do you do? Go ahead and file your taxes even if you can't pay the IRS is willing to up payment plans or make other arrangements with tax payers who can't pay in full. Many of those options can actually be set up online and the penalty for failure to file will be much more expensive than the failure to pay. What about refunds well? The, irs is still processing an issuing refunds most within twenty one days, so those getting refunds will be paid interest dating back to April fifteen. If you file on time, the interest rate is five percent per year through June thirtieth starting to live I it drops to three percent per year. The interest is compounded daily for refunds. Any refund issued after July. First will get a blended rate all right. Let's just say you're not jazz just about. Going out anywhere. Anytime soon. Can you do it online You can file or pay your taxes online. In fact, it could be the way to to go to avoid a delayed refund for twenty. Nineteen IRS urges us all to use electric options to support social distancing speed the processing of returns, refunds or payments now the agency, still working its way through an estimated backlog of twelve million pieces of mail that build up during its closure in response to the pandemic accountants and tax. Tax Prep services say as did tie. Allen H R block of Greeley. They have a variety of ways to help you prepare your taxes. without meeting face to pace if you're so inclined, what about estimated taxes tax payers who make estimated quarterly tax payments haven't till the end of today to make the payments for the first and second quarters. Those were originally due on April fifteenth and June fifteenth respectively. What else do you need to know? Well, there are. A broad variety of other tax deadlines linked to today. What you might want to do. Is Jump Online check out the IRS website or reach out to tax professional tie Allen H., and R. Block of Greeley for answers to your specific question now one worth noting. Is that July. Fifteenth is also the deadline to claim a refund for twenty sixteen tax returns an estimated one point five billion dollar in refunds, billion dollars I should say in refunds for two thousand sixteen are actually sitting unclaimed because folks failed to file tax returns, the law provides a three year window of opportunity claim, refund buy if you don't file a return within that time, the money becomes property of the Treasury and there is no penalty to file a later return. If a refund is due, it's also a very good time to check in with a tax professional. If you've had a major shift in income, employment or other tax situations in two thousand, twenty with all. All the changes stemming from covid nineteen? There may be need for added help when it comes to getting those taxes, but sorry time's up. No excuses you do need to take action today as today is the deadline to file those taxes closing on eight, fifteen, now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten K.. F. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand, one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, h, dot, com, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. For more on KFI programs podcast sports scheduled news goto thirteen ten KFI K., A. Dot com now vertu mornings with Kale. No and you don't get that tax return filed. You're not going to be feeling the love of from the irs this as today, July fifteenth is the tax deadline. Yes, you can file for an extension, but go to the irs website and just bring it down a few notches because you still have some time left twenty six now thirteen ten Kfi. Thirteen ten K. F. A., DOT COM northern Colorado's voice morning so Kale, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. You know we talked about this story for quite some time and I actually had stopped I duNno, as out in about yesterday, stopped at a convenience store and wore masks and asked them if they were experiencing a coin shortage, and they said No. We heard about it, but no, it really hasn't affected us. US whatsoever while this as a king supers is going to temporarily stop giving coins for change because of the nationwide shortage, adopting temporary ban on coins the Fed says that the shortages due to less money circulating during the pandemic now working for piece by Judith Koehler in the Denver Post so much for getting back quarters for laundry or the parking meter when you pay cash for groceries at King, supers or city market kroger. The two chains parent company won't give coin change to customers paying cashiers with cash for awhile because of a nationwide coin shortage King Super Spokesperson Jessica Trial Bay Bridge said in the email Monday that folks can load the change on their king supers loyalty card to use on their next purchase or round up their bill to support Kroger's zero. Zero Hunger Zero Waste Program Drawbridge said as we've mentioned the Federal Reserve is experiencing a significant coin shortage across the nation as a result, it's impacting our ability to provide change to our customers. Fed Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently, told Congress that the coin. Stop flowing when folks curtailed their spending as businesses closed. To slow the role of the Corona Virus Powell said in a hearing June on Capitol Hill that. The government is working to increase the supply. The US meant including the Denver Branch reduced shifts because of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Mark Weller Executive Director of Americans for common sense spelled the seat. The organization supports continuing to print media, pennies, and maintaining the right to pay with cash, so it's watching as various retail outlets and chains decide not to give back coins again. Kroger says the policy on coins is only temporary. Marc Weller Executive Director of Americans for Common Sense says that his organization believes that handling money, paper or coins is indeed safe during the pandemic centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that grocery retail workers minimize handling cash, credit, cards and mobile. Devices Oh another day another conflicting guideline when it comes to Covid nineteen all right looking forward to our conversation with Michael Fields Executive Director of Colorado rising action. They're doing a couple of signature drives for a to a voter petitions over the next few Saturdays, and we'll get all the details from Michael. Fields Executive Director Colorado rising action when he weighs in at eight, thirty, five, eight, thirty, now thirteen ten KF k a thirteen ten KFI. Carry preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the. School coverage after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin cowherd. Olien thirteen ten KFI. Colorado rising action, conducting a couple of signature drives for to voter petitions won the vote on fees. This is initiative to ninety five and tax cut initiative at three zero. Six joined this morning for all the details by Michael. Fields, excutive, director, Colorado, rising, Action Hey Michael. Gale are you I'm doing great. How about you? Can't complain okay, so you guys are staying very very very very busy. Yeah, there's no off time during the year. Especially you know and even year when there's a presidential election and a Senate race and I just wanted to tell everybody that ballot issues a very important to their the things that that lasts a long time and impact your wallet a lot and so yeah, we're making a push here to get on the ballot for for two ballot issues. We're leading the one the vote on fees, which basically is any big new fees that state government wants to implement an order to. To try to go around Taber all the time. Our taxpayers bill of Rights a hundred million dollars or more over the first five years. So you know you think about the hospital provider? The or faster fees are car registration fees. We WanNA. Stop things like those and just put up to a vote of the people, and so we're trying to get a hundred and twenty five thousand signatures what you need by August third, and so the next couple Saturdays We have a drive in order to try to get. More signatures in and so basically. If you go to vote on fees, dot com, you can see the locations. We're adding locations all the time. I know up north. We have Longmont Fort. Collins we're adding some others, and so if people go to vote on fees, dot, com they can sign that and the tax. Cut that Independence Institute. Is Pushing which really is a counter to that bill. We you and I talked about last time. I was on where they're going after businesses trying to close what they called loopholes. And this tax cut would offset that and and really give breaks all Colorado's. Is a Greeley. Excuse me is just took a Swig of coffee. There is a Greeley slated to be on that list. So that people can sign here. Have to look at the exact location, but I know. We're adding them every day. And so you know, we'll get one in Greeley if we don't already by the time, this thing ends at the end of the month, so we're trying to turn those ballots in or the petitions in by the end of the month hundred, twenty, five thousand is a lot. We're a good ways there, but you kind of always make that. Push in the last two or three weeks in order to get over the top, and again is the number of signatures required determined. Yet, so it's a percentage of voters in the last election. So that's how it, so it's gone up every time. Obviously, it's more Colorado. Votes you know when it first years ago, I remember it was under one hundred thousand ninety eight thousand every year that more people vote, it goes up and those have to be valid signatures obviously, and so you might turn in a certain amount, and some of them will get thrown out because they don't. They didn't live here or they don't have the right address, etc, and so you really have to go way over the the number and if you remember a couple of weeks ago. A couple of months ago now the due date to late people trying to ban late term abortion had a cure period because they didn't hit the number. They went out and got forty eight thousand. Petition signatures they only need ten thousand and so yeah. You really try to make a push at the end to make sure you don't all short. Yeah. Do you get ten twenty percent over the required number? Usually more than that you have to assume probably seventy something. Percent of yours will be valid, so we'll try to turn in one, hundred, eighty, one, hundred, ninety, thousand, just to make sure the other thing that you have is some our amendment changes and other changing our constitution, and when that happens, you have to get signatures from thirty five Senate districts, and you have to get around two thousand from each one of those, and so that's really hard to do because you know, you can get flooded. The say you're pushing for the tax increase like they are right now. You can get a lot of people in Boulder Denver that want to increase taxes. It's harder to go out to the Alamos area, or the Eastern Plains and find in these big districts two thousand plus people that want to sign your petition. That's the struggle that the other side running into right now is, they might have to turn in over two hundred thousand signatures to hit the number and I'm I'm curious during you know the the covert. Corentin that we'd had and everything else. If you know, it's possible to do, so we'll see that tax increase could be on the ballot. The teachers unions pushing it two billion dollar tax increase but we're hoping that doesn't even make ballot. Right now, and you bring up a very good point because you know as a as pond of saying, we've all been so whipsawed by these are competing guidelines and restrictions I mean just kind of makes your head spin, but you have to wonder you started this signature gathering effort. What Weekend. Yeah these this specific when we started last weekend where we have these Saturdays these different locations, but we started gathering signatures all over the state much earlier than that right. When the governor lifted that original stay at home, order and counties started picking how they were going to respond to it. We started gathering, and so we have a good amount of signatures to start. What we know is if we get people to show up if one of your listeners shows up. In Fort Collins and signs that we know that it'll be a valid signature. The percentages of those are very high going get paid signature gatherers that percentage goes down and so That's why we want to get so many volunteer ones here. To push us up into that one hundred ninety range to make sure we can get on the ballot, we know the secretary of state isn't going to be too favourable to to certain valid issues and so We WanNa make sure that we have it locked in, and it has been difficult I mean the governor's gone back and forth. If he you know, he wanted to allow them online signatures. Hang wanted to court. Yeah. I wanted to ask you about that because that tussle was interesting to watch. Yeah we kind of assumed that that might happen that it was possible, and it was a kind of burdensome process. have to send something to somebody. They sign it. They have to send it back to get notarized. It was sometimes it's just easier to just stand in front of somebody and get their signature, and so we didn't do any online things. When that opened up where the other side the people getting the tax increase, they started the process of doing that. All those had to get thrown out, so they had to throw a lot of their hundreds. Hundreds of thousands of their signatures we took the normal approach and said look you know in certain areas of the state. We're getting a lot of yours. and Al Paso Dug Co, and and even in Denver and so knowing that we were getting those signatures that way and there was a chance that the courts could throw this out We didn't do that at all. Fortunately and so we're still on track right I. Think it really put the other side there who are getting family, leave and the tax hike it through them back a bit. So have. Have you seen blessing? Suzy Azam when it comes to signature gathering. Of covid nineteen. You people excited to sign. especially they were hey. We WanNA tax cut during a recession You know anything will help. I think they're also a lot of people are reluctant to sign you know. Tax increases are things that are growing government right now, and so you have individuals who are excited to do with the problem that you have. Is You have math gatherings places I mean they gather would go to. The fair or would go outside of concerts different stuff where people are gathering throughout the summer. This is normally you know prime time to reach thousands of people or the western Conservative summit, or all these different things that got canceled were areas that in the past it would be easy to get signatures so I think that's the hardest thing is just it becomes more you know. How can you stand outside You know of of a grocery store far enough that they'll let you get signatures Can you do show up to these smaller gatherings and get him? Can you have volunteers pass from around and that's why we have. have these different locations set up where people can go and sign, but yeah, that has been the most difficult. It's just not having mass people I. Remember signing the National Popular Vote One You know in Parker at a you know a fair and so which is another one that's going to be on the ballot. They did early, so they didn't have to deal with this. But you know it's a lot? It's a hard process compared to the legislature referring stuff I, if you this year, You know the Gallagher repeal and nicotine tax, but that's a much easier process than what we have to go through citizens. Because I've I actually signed one to protect oil and gas industry jobs, so yeah, there's a lot of activity out there. Eight forty six thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten K. F. K., A. dot com northern Colorado's voice Michael. Fields is executive director of Colorado. Action Right so let's recap this. Let's talk about. The signature drives for these two petitions run us through the vote on fees initiative to ninety five and the real fair tax initiative three Oh six. Yes, so the vote on fees initiative. This is big new fees that the state would try to implement that. We vote on it that we just like Taber we. Vote on taxes. The taxes and fees are basically the same thing that we should vote on these big increases, and so what we want you to do is go to vote on fees. Dot Com and look for a location that is close to you or reach out. If you want to circulate these petitions on your own we can connect you with that and have your friends and family. Sign this, but it's important to get that on to. To protect Taber The second one is a tax cut it. Is You know our current tax rate is four point six three percent. This would go down to four point five five percents, which is great during a recession to have a tax break, and so if you go on, vote on fees, dot com, we can connect you and make sure by the end of the month is when we need to turn one hundred, twenty, five, thousand and. It's a heavy left about if anybody can do it, Michael fields and your team. Colorado. Rising action can get her done. Michael. Thanks as always so appreciate your time. You Bet a forty-seven now thirteen ten Kfi K.. To UNC burs target game. Coverage Lives on thirteen ten KFI K which Colorado. College basketball team has the brightest future. We'll talk about it on the next hole show thirteen ten KFI K.. If two on your Wednesday morning, thirteen ten Kfi K., thirteen ten K. of K. A., dot. COM Northern Colorado's Voice Morton's Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. Just some news local news wanted to pass along working for on piece by collar mead out of the Greeley trip this evening, the city of Greeley's. Human Relations Commission will put on an online community forum aimed at discussing race and communities of Color in Greeley the event is called. Tell me more or Quintet Myemma. In Spanish, it'll be held on zoom from six to seven thirty m you can gain access to the forum You just need to go to Greeley gove dot zoom dot. U. S. and I just kind of new around there and you will find out how to access this forum this evening. Six panelists will address topics brought to the fore after. The black lives matter movement resurgence, following George Floyd's killing by police in Minneapolis and Minneapolis it's also in response. Impart one human relations commission senior commissioner said to controversy over comments made by a Greeley City Councilwoman Kristen's Zeta now deb soon. Guy Is the senior commissioner on the human race. Relations Commission she said the reason this came about is because of Kristen's Zeta and the black lives matter movement we need to depth continued as a human. Relations Commission we need to talk to the community we need to hear. What the community has to say, what happened with George Floyd and the comments from a city council leader? This is about what has happened in our community and our state and our country. Mrs Mrs? Sooner says we have a divided community here in Greeley and as a human relations commission. Where here to help our city, he'll. Synagogue feels there's far to go as a city. Evenson just three years ago when the commission was called upon to draft resolution with Greeley's Hispanic community soon ago, said we have not come very far. There's still more work to be done. The commission's event hopes to create conversation whether you're Latino African American Jewish Somalian working in concert together. We want to bring our community together said SUNA the panic. The panel includes assistant city manager Bettys, Afric and Greeley's municipal judge Mark Gonzalez. Features University of Northern Colorado's cheap diversity officer and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Tobias. Guzman UNC, Grad, student and interim coordinator up the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center. Mariah Davis and at UNC football player grant Stevens. UNC's Trio Student Support Services Program Director Shauna Kimbro Hayward who was also the director of the Center for human enrichment at you and see this. Has this evening the city of Greeley's human relations? Commission will host this online forum aimed at discussing race and communities of Color in Greeley on zoom from six to seven thirty p. m you can learn more simply by visiting Greeley Gov dot zoom dot US eight, fifty, six, now thirteen ten KF K., while they're all sports story in northern Colorado, the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to. Ten KFI K.. Get into this in greater detail tomorrow because time didn't permit, but part of the theme of this morning show was talking about the fact that when it comes to all things, covid nineteen and the ever changing scientific, she says using air quotes a scientific narrative well, if you look at Florida, it's really disturbing with how they are reporting some of their testing results relative covid nineteen, because well some. Some of the labs are not reporting negative Cova nine hundred nineteen results in order to what else could it be? Is this an oversight is is is it accidental or is it by design? There was a report that showed that Orlando Health had a ninety eight percent positivity rate, but there were errors in the report and Orlando Health's positivity rate is only nine point four percent, not ninety eight percent. How did that happen? Can you tell me all right stay with us? We got the thirteen ten KFI K A block party coming your way. Getting underway at foreign cars the hall show with your host Brady Hall Coming Your Way at noon lock here. Thirteen ten K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

Greeley Colorado KFI IRS Colorado Michael fields KFI Allen H. Specialists Studios R. Block K. Thirteen Gail Kfi Executive Director Human Relations Commission Senate George Floyd director Relations Commission
S3E39: Holding The Low Line

Holding The High Line with Rabbi and Red

1:09:26 hr | 5 months ago

S3E39: Holding The Low Line

"Trader but I could I don't think we're all like good be honest. I don't care last year. Let me pull this off. We should probably delete all of this by the laws of the podcast God's we owe an answer back from Georgia Line. Hello Rapids fans. This is holding the high line with Rabbi and read. We are brought to you by Icarus FC and Ruffneck scarves. My name is Matt polard. It is Thursday October 1st, 2020 members of the band Green Day are awake and they have no idea what's going on. Eric dier needs hydration breaks to change. Bathroom breaks Sergio debts is officially meske to include the u s l has some serious skeletons in his closet that need to be dealt with and we have no Rapids games to recap or previewing week folks. I'm joined Now by a man who regularly lets me speak uninterrupted for two minutes Rabbi Mark Goodman. Hey Matt, how's it going? I'm all right, Mark. How was how was the high holidays now that they've come to completion good. I I I was crazy busy. I had a crazy thing happened to me which a couple of clergy have told me has happened to them. But I gave the the there's like a couple nights or days that are like kind of, you know in the grand scheme of our high holidays. There's a tradition of like this is where you put your big big sermon so I put my big big sermon on that day and it was a very modest thoughtful and kind of open-minded approach to the question of faith. Reparations and I finished the sermon and it was it was you know, it wasn't particularly. It was values based in about morality and and you know, the the Jewish biblical take on it and I finished the sermon and a ninety-year-old member started heckling me from the crowd like not like he was like somewhere in between asking a question and like telling me he thought my sermon was inappropriate that it was like, you know, he shouldn't have brought it up and it was unpatriotic and all this stuff and it was like it was it was it was definitely an all-time career first, which is like to get openly heckled while you're standing on the on the on the what we call the bema on the on the edge. I guess the podium but you know, my only response was the service continues on page 360 now we rise, you know, it was like I had nothing to say to this guy this craziness other than that job. Reading was pretty smooth. Okay. So I've got a fun little I've got a fun little surprise for you mark listeners, you know with a lot of the intro and banter step that we have sometimes I will do it spontaneously with Mark. I have been mostly vegetarian for the last couple of years. I did it. I went vegetarian for lent. It was one of the few things that my Catholic father was able to transition from his tradition in Roman Catholicism on to me. So I tried being vegetarian. This would have been lent 2017. I believe I tried being vegetarian wasn't that big of a deal with so I mostly vegetarian. I probably have maybe, you know say four to five cheat days a month at the absolute most and one rare exception or cheat day that I absolutely have Mark is when there's an opportunity to try something that I had tried before so we have had a lot of conversations on pot and off part about my interest sometimes ignorance, but still wanting to learn more about the Jewish culture and obviously we have talked a log. My Jewish food, we've had a conversation. I think this is off part about me really liking Google and trying that for the first time latkes matzo ball soup and Mark one thing that I've never tried that I had to change that I found for the first time in my local King Soopers was filled to fish. So I have never had gefilte fish. I just opened this like 5 minutes before we started recording folks home. So here live on the show. I'm going to try this weird thing that I'm still not entirely sure what's in it. I don't understand it. I half the Jews who I know say they don't even like it and then we're going to have Mark reacts to them reaction to try and do filters. So not as holding a a Manischewitz jar of gefilte Matt. You got it in the in the liquid but it also comes you can get a couple different versions of it. There's also white fish and Pike which is a different one and then there's one that's in what's called jelly, bra, which I personally prefer but it's it's about as gross looking as it sounds. I mean, it's this Thursday. Roth it looks like Snot it's it's it's it's like it's clear liquid with the consistency of boogers. It's Matt didn't get that one. Matt got straight liquid, which is Thursday. It's very good. Diag Matt. Give it a try Okay. So first of all, I want to say yeah. This is the minus shevitz quality since 1888 gefilte fish in liquid broth. I got the no MSG or or or coloring and then just for the sake of completeness Mark the ingredients we have water fish and then I guess it's carp and white fish egg whites matzo meal Passover wheat flour and water onion salt and extract of black pepper. And then it says contains egg fish and wheat, so I guess if you're this is very not vegan. Okay. So I've got one of the things I bought a bowl here with a fork and knife. Okay, we're going to try this are there fish that you generally like Matt or is there any kind of fish that you like? I like one of my always cheat days it actually I did. To have this year so for Labor Day weekend for almost my entire life. The family has gone up to the old cabin in the upper lower Peninsula of Michigan where my mom grew up and then a white fish is really big in there in like Michigan and like here on as well. So that'll usually be one of my one of my sheet days that area is really known for all the different things that it can do them with fresh water fish and there's some urban legends. I don't know that it's ever been fully confirmed at that was the the regional interest in fish was the origin of Life Donald's coming up with the Filet-O-Fish. But if you're ever find yourself on Mackinac Island folks on the Lake Huron side of the Mackinac Bridge outside Mackinaw City right at the upper tip of the lower Peninsula, Michigan, I highly recommend the white fish tacos that you'll get there at the Pink Pony Bar and Grill, but in any case if you're never going to make tacos that it's at the thing that I pretty much wage. This looks like it looks like meatloaf and like a weird like nuggety dropping. This might be terrible Mark. Okay, I don't really smell a whole lot. He's chewing his faces semi neutral bending towards I don't like that. There's no there's no gag reflex though. So that's that's that's a good taste. The broth is kind of weird Mark, but maybe that's just because you predisposed. Can you the booger comment a minute or two ago? It's kind of got the texture of meatloaf and there's not really a whole lot of like my initial reaction was this is something that needs seasoning and so obviously other than I guess the abstract of black pepper know the classic the classic there's two Classics that you do on a on a gefilte fish one is a little bit of a boiled carrot. Sometimes the world carrot with a little bit of in a in a little bit of brown sugar. So you get like a sweet kind of hit on top of it, but the real classic that people a lot of people refer to gefilte fish as in a horseradish delivery device, which is a fairly Bland fish, but you go out and you get the beat beat colored horseradish, which is like this very red kind of Was it it's Jewish Wasabi? Basically, we call it in in Yiddish. They call it rain and you smear that terrain on there and you go to town. So your filter fish is the garbage fish of the juice world in the sense that like, you know are my ancestors were poor and lived in Eastern Europe and carp was what you could you know, pull out of the local Rivers. It was a garbage fish and carp. That's really bony there long on Bones. So you boil the fish with the bones and then you'd grind it all together and the boils the grinded boiled eggs phones would be ground down to the point that they were so small they were ingestible and they wouldn't be a problem at all. That's the origin of the filter fish. Matt people people took white fish or carp or am I and it was such a terrible fish. They were like, you know, what if I boil it and I grind it and I mix it with three other fish. It won't be so bad and that's what we could afford back in the day. That tasted like how I feel about how the last week for the Colorado Rapids has gone good friend. So our actual Venture topic mark off. I feel bad that we keep having to talk about this but like we are a soccer podcast. We try to be an outlet in a respite for a lot of things going on in the world, but obviously soccer is a global paying it is a community game and sometimes there are issues where sport soccer and Society actually nailed together and I think Mark and I try to do a good job of acknowledging when we hit that triple point moment. And also we can't properly have a conversation without actually bringing up some of those topics and so one of those topics markets, you know, like when sports centers covering a second-division soccer game how often Sports Center their biggest Suite of the day in terms of engagements and retweets and likes and everything something that you would see from AAA baseball or the American Hockey League. Certainly the u s l championship and that's cuz Mark over the course of the last two games that San Diego loyal have played who are had coached by Landon Donovan have had issues of slurs hurtled towards their players in the midst of the game over the weekend you had San Diego loyal take on LA Galaxy to blow stoves and Page. The N word was said at one of the black players for San Diego Loyal by Omar own own Tavares. If I'm pronouncing that correctly who has since been cut by the LA Galaxy. This is on top of a string of issues that have happened over the course the last couple of years with the GS Mark going back to Alexander guitar and his wife fiance's commentary towards protesters of the black lives matter movement. If we want to go a little bit further back, you know, there was they signed a player yell of andama, who was I think he won or think he was a finalist for a job. Tinder the year and there was actually a lawsuit placed by former US International Gucci on yeah for derogatory term said by Van Dam not when either of them were playing in Chicago last four issues that had happened between then and I want to be clear who should come on. I think it was either the US soccer podcast or it might have been BSI the podcast Mark sometime in the last couple of months and talked about it and said that like there was all good that he didn't see he didn't seek think that j d d had anything in his heart that was truly racist. It was In the Heat of the Moment and kind of you know, how long you know poor actions that were kind of in the context of growing up in a patriarchal White Society and he felt that it was resolved in court privately and he didn't have any issues and he clarified that he thought it was a good moment for him and a good learning moment for you Olive on demand. They actually talked about it and met up when they were both in MLS couch finishing up. I believe with the Philadelphia Union at the time that van dam was with the LA Galaxy game. Snowpack water, but in any case an organization that has had issues with this in the past and has largely taken time to do the absolute most minimal work and not actually try to root out the actual problems unlike that unlike the LA Galaxy USL is now trying to do that as they came out with a statement where every player in the USL Championship every coach and every staff member at a club is going to have to go through extensive sensitivity training and that's because Mark in the last 24 hours San Diego loyal played Phoenix rising in a heated game where the two teams were competing for playoffs and playoff seedings call and Martin was given a gift card towards the end of the first half for his actions towards a player who he claimed said in non-english. I believe it was Jamaican. It wasn't Spanish cuz I would have recognized what the word has been because I know I have Spanish to know what the homophobic slurs in Spanish aren't any case, markets a red card for reacting to a player calling him a non-english language homophobic Sir Colin Martin formerly of Minnesota United game. Who is an openly gay player he came out when he was with balloons. And then so the red card was rescinded and then video sense released of the up-close. Mike picked up conversation between the head referee the head coach of San Diego. Loyal Landon Donovan and the head coach's Phoenix driving. Rick's can't in which they're having a conversation the ref not knowing what the word meant and even with multiple people explaining to him what network was and what the word meant the right car demartin being rescinded. No further action taken on the player sense that oh and in the midst of that there was an argument between scants the Phoenix Rising head coach and Donovan the San Diego loyal head coach in with scant said he was being competitive. It's part of the game right after Donovan had said this happened to us a week ago with Junior. We are trying to get this out of the game that has no place in and basically him not having anything of it or you know, it's part of you know, Mark if we're competing against each other in a soccer game. I know I know slurs that are derogatory towards Jews wage. Get under your skin. I'm going to say that towards you for you to get the Red Mist and help my team. Try and win is effectively with the the coach was saying where it was an issue or it wasn't about homophobia. That was the that was the sense that I got watching multiple times since then Phoenix Rising has come out with a statement saying that they're going to investigate it internally the player who to date has not been named publicly urged still denying that he said anything offensive towards Martin and the head coach of San Diego of not of San Diego of Phoenix Rising came out with a separate statement on his Twitter account saying that he wasn't referring to a homophobic thing. He was referring to it as in moving on with the game in any case San Diego loyal talked at halftime. That player was not removed from the game the coaching staff from Phoenix Rising chose not to suck game they chose to Forfeit the match. And so that's now two consecutive games for a team that have had drug ettore either racial or homophobic language turtle that one of their Players Club. Have attempted to attempt it it was weird. But in any case the game effectively didn't count over the weekend against LA Galaxy to that was a draw lowest dose cord in stoppage-time to make it a draw they were behind a goal. But now they've you know walked out on that gain Donovan's come out and had an interview saying to this was bigger than soccer were trying to make a statement and you know, if we're if we're going to have these beliefs we need to think about them. We need to talk about family to act upon them. And this was all in the aftermath Marcus was you know, forty-five minutes plus stoppage time before a conversation before the game between the two coaches about what had happened and they came to an agreement that the teams would stop playing in the 71st minute and they would hold up a banner in solidarity for that that they should act on their feelings and that decision doesn't have a place in their game. The 71st minute was reportedly when the N word was said towards the San Diego loyal player by the LA Galaxy 2 player. And so I just it reeks of of tone-deafness Mark I am I am gobsmacked and dead. Emotional pain that it came to this for the u s l and in particular that that happened in that situation with those players those coaching staff given what had happened just prior and gives the in tone-deafness and inability to read the room in the situation like for that to happen when you would already agree before the game. We're going to stop for one minute gather at the center circle and hold them a banner in a solidarity and a player chooses to to do that Mark. I don't know what else to say. You should you should talk about this now because I am I to punch things. I'm so upset that this is where we are in this in this country in soccer and that a sport that has strived itself on being for people and being soccer for all but, you know, we're sitting here, you know several years after the first MLS player was suspended for using a homophobic sir, and we're still having to have this conversation. It's it's such a frustrating thing. I mean, I think that thing that makes it specifically frustrating is Major League soccer's efforts starting I think like five or six years ago what they're don't cross the line campaign. Yeah home and I think the in the don't cross the line campaign. They were making the strong effort to say homophobia and racism have no place in the game. They have no place in the stage because this is an ongoing problem with homophobic and racist abuse of players by fans, but you know on my Twitter today and just kind of in general in my life. I reflected on this moment as a member of a minority group and specifically somewhat like dead. Gays and lesbians in America a minority group that because we present as white we can pass under those auspices who have occasionally been subjected to racism systemic or homophobic behavior and specifically in a sporting context. I was only I only experienced the loss of synthetic stuff as a coach of a high school team never as a player myself, but you know, I think one of the comments that I kind of have heard from folks who think that this is being made too much of a big deal is what you know, people try to get under your skin and that's part of the game and you know, you just kind of gotta like let those things go and address it after the game. And while those comments are like not totally illegitimate birth. The question is for all sports in America both player-to-player and Van two player or player to Fan how long we going to put up with this? How long are we going to just accept that you can insult someone for the color of their skin or for who they love or for the god, they believe in or for, you know, the gender of that they are and that's a legitimate reason to attack somebody to Moline somebody to pick on somebody to quote unquote throw them off their game. There are things that shouldn't be permitted that that are just that should be Beyond The Pale. It sucks that it's expected for referees to be literally took a freeze of that kind of thing. You know in a soccer ref is being held accountable for upholding social justice on a soccer field across multiple languages that they don't necessarily understand right? I mean, I've I've competed in sports for many years at like the, you know recreational level and I've fallen down and gotten hurt and twisted ankles and you know, I'm blown acl's and I've done all the things and I can remember most of those things but I can remember every single incident that I was either witnessed two or a victim. We're someone said something racist or anti-semitic towards me and I can or towards a member of my team cuz on Twitter I threw up about when I was in high school. I had a we had a bad experience my High School cross country team were a bunch of our Asian players were abused during a cross-country meet and yep. Remember everything about that incident. I remember how crappy we felt on the bus ride home and you never forget that. I mean, I was sixteen years old Matt. So that was you know, almost thirty years ago. I remember exactly what that kid said to our players. I mean like that kind of like hurt it shouldn't shouldn't happen. You shouldn't have to carry it and we shouldn't have to be investigating or kowtowing or making excuses for the worst-behaved individuals in our society you if you violate the kind of basic Norms of the lowest expectation what we as human beings expected how we expect to treat each other. It should have harsh reprimand and I think it's very interesting to watch the coaches response Coach Rick chance. Seemingly was trying to get on with the game and maybe address it afterwards if we're judging him politely. But if we're not judging it politely or if we're trying to be a little bit more critical and most a lot of soccer fans from at least the way Twitter is receiving this are pretty critical of this that he's trying to duck and Dodge his way out of the situation as opposed to actually own that he was trying to skate over and by the way, you didn't say it out loud, you mentioned it briefly but it's been confirmed by multiple sources that the player who committed the verbal abuse is Junior Fleming's the striker for Phoenix Rising the owner confirmed this and off and Junior for owner confirmed that it's Fleming or confirmed that Fleming did say it both and that and and and wage Dependent other individuals have have said it including a player for the oil but he's deleting. He's the current gold Golden Boot leader in u.s. Cell phone right now. And so that layers on top of this Matt a level of complexity. That's also not complexity. Right? Like it shouldn't matter who the player is or how good they are. I mean most importantly it's u s l so no matter how good you are you're still a second-tier soccer player, but like, you know, I would guess that when Landon Donovan off chance just sit him down just sit him down and we'll keep playing chance in his head was you can't reasonably expect me to sit my best player the MVP the pause MVP of the league also, by the way, I think there goes the Golden Boot and there goes the MVP which is kind of a crazy idea and it's an open question right now, you know, I don't know. What's can you rescind a season-long? Words, it's just based on like like know you're saying it hasn't been given yet. But we haven't had there's there hasn't been a vote. But I think I don't think you know, you don't vote on Golden Boot. Like do you choose like we're not going to give like you can't disqualify somebody for that actions when the award is based on stats like the home run like like you can't dispute the quality of life equality of a human being doesn't go into who wins the Home Run Derby, right? We you could say like it. We've got your Golden Boot, but you don't deserve it. So you're not getting it like that's what you know, yes, she won the Golden Boot, but you're not getting it where it's not in the mail. We we've melted it down and donated the proceeds to Human Rights Campaign, you know, like something like that but no, but to my to my broader point is that life u s l has a has a the coach had a situation where he was confronted with, you know, his competitive juices versus doing what was right. I mean, this is yep. Perception of Rick chance because of the way he reacted in the video too. And you should go see the video of yourself and judge each of you listeners how you perceive it but to me he seemed to be looking at Landon Donovan language was like you need to take action because what happened is inappropriate and the coach is basically like what let's just play soccer. We've got a game here and my team is winning and we need to go to the playoffs. I'm not going to sit my best player and if it's like he's competitive brain took over and and his his rational brain shut down and I think to some degree Matt to finish the thought a lot of this is kind of based in that like there are people out there in every sport who think that, you know, winning at all costs wage is winning and whatever you need to do to gain a competitive Advantage if you need to verbally abuse or racistly abuse your opponent to shake them off their game and it'll help you win job. Then you do it and I feel like that that shouldn't even be a conversation or there's even a sense of like what you know, people should toughen up. Like I've also seen that in many ways kind of discussions like that. We should just that you that the person who gets abused should be should grow a thicker skin, which is the kind of thing that we said when I was a kid in the eighties, you know, six and stones will break your bones the problem with that is that it it turns into an a society where the Arbiters of of what is legitimate and what is Right are the people who do the offending and not the people who are offended right? Like if I tell you if I tell the person like hey what you said before that was any synthetic in a hurt my feelings and the other person's response was well, I feel like I didn't offend you. It's like no the person who was offended dead. Is the Arbiter of offense like that's you know, that's the thing and I think that's the thing for San Diego loyal who did a really good job in the situation in especially in walking off the field and giving up the three points and saying like, you know, there's some things that are bigger than than than the game and bigger than soccer and I think you know, that's a really important role that elevated all of USL soccer as my final thought. So I said a lot of things I don't know if any of it made sense, but I I'm like you Matt like I said a couple of things there where I was like moved and upset enough that I was like I could start crying now if I go down this path, but I think I'll just bite my lip and move on cuz twenty-twenty has been a rough year and we'd like it to stop being a rough year. Usl's taking action. They're trying to correct this I am still shut in shock that it came to this that this is something that was needed. Hopefully this brings about the change that is absolutely necessary for something that I think is proven. I don't want to use systemic cuz maybe these are all isolated instances and it's not been incidences with the the same Club in terms of the same offending club or the same individual month because if that event of individuals caught they're not retained by the u s l but this is this is a really good opportunity for I think everybody to kind of take a step back learn better and ultimately may be better for it as individuals their clubs will be better for it the USL be better for it and by extension the sporting world and thus where it needs Society will be better port on for those of you Rapids fans who remember that interacted at all with Ryan Madden tour went out for him because I can't imagine what the communications director at the u.s. Cell is going through right now having to deal with just the the dog Yaar equivalent of the state of Colorado being on fire of that. We should Mark let's get to something a little bit less depressing because Rapids can't fool. All the news right now is bad. This is this is the bad news report from from this is holding the low line off holding the bottom line absolutely below the below Bedrock line. That's where we're at. Things have not good not get worse. We've got homophobic abuse and we've got positive covid-19. Go ahead. Not delay deliver the bad news. Well Mark, I was going to say we're going to frame this as a positive thing because technically the Rapids can't lose the game. They don't play em, right? Oh my God so listeners last week. We previewed the Colorado Rapids game supposed to take place this past Saturday against Sporting, Kansas City. And then we were going to review that game tonight when we were recording and we were going to preview the game at Portland Timbers. That would have been this coming Saturday at time of recording often. Either of those games will take place initially is that scheduled because that was found out after some initial positive test results when the team went through testing on Thursday and then confirmed on Friday that one player and four staff members had tested positive. So it was announced on Saturday that the game scheduled for Sunday against Sporting Kansas City would be postponed and then it's come out in the Monday Tuesday. I can't remember cuz every single day feels like a million years mark an additional three players and seven staff members have also tested positive. So that's fourteen total people to club for players tell staff members. And again, if we're going by the incubation period mark that we have from the science people who say that they can be up to 5 days then that means potentially the players who tested dead. Positive on the Thursday Friday could have had it even going back to the Wednesday game in their system and contagious but not detectable by some of the testing for the game Wednesday against the San Jose Earthquakes. They could have spreaded by that Thursday Friday by the time those players were isolated and teen activities were shut down that could have been spread to the various members of the club who have tested positive from Monday Tuesday presumably now there has been no further spreading since team activities have stopped because now, you know, we've gone almost a week since then and everybody's tested positive, but in any case Mark, the team hasn't practiced off since Thursday or Friday of last week, the earliest that they would have been able to get back to training obviously with the player with the people who tested positive isolating and not be involved in the game. This coming weekend would have been Thursday Friday. So would have been today at the earliest probably Friday. That would have been one day to prep for a game while guys are presumably going back to their biome. In whatever home Jetta gyms that they have set up by Chad Clark and the athletic staff over at the club. And that's not conducive. I've read somewhere Mark in a like a physical training like muscle science digest. This is one of the beauties of going to grad school and knowing a bunch of people who are getting their md-phd at the time that some initial studies suggest that even for professional athletes who were training at home that you potentially you're looking at 4 every day that they have to spend in quarantine, but still doing some form of physical activity that they'll need like an actual half day to another van full day of regular training back in order to get back to where they were so potentially the Rapids shutdown training for almost a week. They need at least three days just to get back to where they were that previous page just physical wise not even counting tactical Work video work or anything though. Some of that they could have done remotely anyways, and then obviously a potentially up to a full week in order to get back to where they were so dead. Completely implausible given the positive tests and Sporting Kansas City having to come here to play them that that game would have been played this past Sunday and really Draconian to think that the Rapids could go there with a short staffing. I've got to assume with ten staff members testing positive Mark that that's at least one member of the coaching staff or somebody directly related to the coaching staff. So, I mean you have so many other physical training staff. I mean if a physical trainer can't be there physically for your gain that's not good from an injury standpoint, you know, they're already short-staffed. Anyways, I spoke with cold bastard a couple of weeks ago about him comments. You not needing feedback from the training with the coaching staff and just the fact that you know, it's you know, it's Robin Fraser. I can't remember the name of the assistant coach off the top of my head now and then Chris Sharpie who's doing set pieces and goalkeeper stuff if you want to talk to our coaches and you're not a goalkeeper, you know, there's twenty three of you players trying to talk to two guys. That's not a whole lot of time and obviously you can't all be bunched up in a room potentially with them because of social discipline. Requirements the facility and so it's if one of those coaching staffs are one of the physical training staff aren't able to be there. I think it's implausible if Robin Fraser is one of the people who tested positive. I don't know how you do full training as a team. Let alone actually have a game let alone away get on a way game potentially without him. So in any case Mark both those games have been postponed on this coming Wednesday, October 7th was supposed to be that first game with fans back at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, they were playing lafc and so starting that Wednesday will be five consecutive weeks now with which the Rapids have a double game. We playing every single Wednesday and then playing every single Saturday or Sunday. It's 3 Saturdays and 2 Sundays that game against Sporting Kansas City has been rescheduled to a Wednesday October 21st. The Rapids will play a double gameweek home-and-home series with Sporting Kansas City that week and then the away came at Portland Timbers will get rescheduled to Wednesday, November 3rd. Forth with the final game of the season being an away game at Houston Dynamo Sunday, November 8th. That is decision Day 2020 folks the reschedule decision day. So, you know Mark was originally scheduled at maybe intentionally to have this in case there was a needing to have a moved game the final two weeks were just one game week. Everybody's playing on October 1st, Thursday or excuse me, November 1st was supposed to be the penultimate matchday in MLS and then November 8th the rapid now have a congested schedule. I don't know if team activities aren't starting until potentially tomorrow the earliest at time of recording Mark. I mean, it's the switchbacks just finished up their season. So maybe you do some single day loans you bring back all the guys that are loaned up. Maybe you find you you find a way to get Matt Hundley to drive in a car with emphasis back to Colorado. I don't know how you duct-tape together a team that's going to be remotely competitive against lafc who need a layup of an easy win next Wednesday, but if you if you don't play that game, I need to get rescheduled. I don't know where you put it Mark other than maybe with the Eastern Conference having Ten teams, making the playoffs and having the to play in games. Do you then make a left on 18 bracket? Maybe MLS schedules those for midweek and the first actual playoff game is the weekend of November 15th. So then maybe that's another midweek fixture day in which the real life could be. You know, the final regular-season game against lafc but Mark, this is a mess. I think this is the you know, we've been the prophets of Doom and this is the Doomsday scenario in terms of individual Club. I've been providing a lot of information Mark you give me some an opinion on what the heck happened and what it means for the burgundy goals. Well, the most important thing that I can stress is, you know, I just came out of a whole bunch of fasting and praying and a religiously stuff and one of the big things we say in the two big Jewish holidays, that just passed is that we're our behavior from the past year is kind of determining for God what happens with us in the year to come and we have this prayer that we say which is super scary and no fun water whatsoever where we say, you are the Arbiter of all things you decide who shall live and who shall die who by fire who by water who by earthquake and who by plague and you can't say that for multiple days off even if you don't believe in that Theology and then not come into this covid-19 in America and then ultimately think to yourself like how is this going to affect our preparation against FC like wage? That's not on my mind right now. What's on my mind right now is the health and safety of the 14 people at the club who have covid-19 cuz the illness tends to be fairly serious for anywhere between, you know, five to 20% of the people who get it and it's mortality rate is not zero wage. I mean, it's it's it's thin kills people and so that's where I'm at. Like, that's the first thing that I think of the second thing that I think of is the thing that we've alluded to in the past, but not really kind of like about responsibility, you know, you can't really know whether a person picked it up by going through drive-thru and somebody, you know, touch the paper bag after touching a thing that was in contact with another person who you know scratches her nose after adjusting their masks and yada yada like it could be very very birth. And but the reality is if 14 people on the same Club get it and the protocols are basically that you should be you won't get this if everybody wears masks off socially distanced sanitizes and washes their hands regularly and tries to follow very close protocols about, you know, plexiglass and distancing and you know staying away from other people indoors working remotely. Like I'll be really blunt Matt. I would be surprised if the people who got this follow the protocols as they were supposed to I kind of assumed down on some level there. This is a club failure that somebody screwed up that somebody got lazy and the the reality is, you know, we're off like eight months into this and everyone in America is dropping their guard and the numbers go up and like that's a fact. I mean I interviewed former, Colorado. But although he technically never signed. He was just on trial but he's with the riverhounds now Robbie Mertz who's a graduate of the University of Michigan and when he graduated he was drafted by the Rapids and they didn't sign him but I'm I'm like what? What's it like as a soccer player knowing that the it's not just you know, how well you play a ball or how hard you practice birth or your Fitness that determines how the seasons going to go? But how good you are at wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands and following protocols and not going out to bars with friends and not mixing with other folks who've may have made poor or risky decisions. And Robbie was really circumspect about it had a lot of really interesting things about how the team is all talking to each other about the level of responsibility of being careful not getting covid-19 season rides on it. So this might sound really unfair Matt and I I almost regret saying this out loud. But I'm going to say it questions have to be asked of the players and of the staff specifically about whether some of them dropped the ball and ruined the club's season and I'm saying that dramatically an impassioned lie because I kind of believe it it's entirely possible that one or two people got unlucky, but I don't think 14 people got unlucky get some point. Somebody did something stupid and irresponsible and lazy and they didn't think to themselves like, oh, you know, I need to be really careful because this whole team is relying on staying healthy and I'm responsible for keeping them healthy a number of people didn't follow protocol. I would guess and weren't very careful and I'm going to be real blunt Matt. You're you're very much like focused on like well, they have a couple of games ahead and maybe they can train for it and it's going to be hard but maybe they can do it and you know dead. You you said it really well, I think over Twitter which was if they rescheduled the games as we expect they will they're going to wind up with what five weeks. I've double game ten games and thirty two calendar days, which I mean that is they have to wrote either the guys are going to be exhausted or you've got to rotate the squad. So heavily that you're starting guys who really aren't your first choice, you know, they're going to they may even have to dip into Colorado Springs to bring some fresh legs in and to be honest. Those guys are going to get chewed up. I mean Gua to buy is not ready to start a centre-back, you know, like beta short has just been on free agency for the last several months and isn't match-fit, but they're going to have to throw them in cuz Sam finds can't play every damn minute of every second job. So it's a mess. It's a mess I go to be honest. I have no expectations as team making the playoffs anymore because not only do they have to like chew through all these games and recover and everything but like dead. You just have to get to the point where they don't have a future outbreak or they don't they have everybody come back and get healthy cuz everybody's got a quarantine and come back healthy and be a negative test before the Rapids are going to be glad to play again and it's possible that this is this we may be at fourteen now, but we maybe it may be worse in a week. So it's it's it's catastrophe wage. And at this point I'm I'm sad for the people who have it. I'm frustrated for the team and I'm fairly apocalyptic about what it means about the season. Yeah, I'll start with the with the micro and then zoom out mark on to the macro impact where I want to I want to acknowledge that this isn't just a this wasn't just potentially a Rapids issue, but where the MLS protocol that you may have with away teams and really the entire week following stuff is critical but I let's start first and foremost Marca I know for a fact there are multiple people within the Rapids organization is dead. Able to confirm players but staff people who work for KFC in various departments, some of them non-technical do this and this podcast anybody who's listening to this who has it or knows somebody who has it like your health and safety and well-being is the most important thing the most important thing and the number one reason and the reason why it was right for the club to immediately suspend activities. As soon as there was a positive test was the health safety well-being of the personnel and I hope that all of your asymptomatic. I hope that you all have things sorted out to where you're not go habitating with somebody who's potentially in a high-risk group and you're isolating the we're just the logistics of having food and toilet paper and proper cleaning supplies and the extent to which it might be relevant being able to do your job or not losing two weeks of pay because you're not able to offer show up at you know at Victory Boulevard. I hope that's not affecting you so that's the number one thing the number two Thing Mark going into I think this is where the who tested positive and maybe birth Playing stupid if the game against lafc does take place seeing if there are any key omissions to the line up whether or not that has an impact. I'll use another hockey analogy Mark. She has very very key coded words for certain types of injuries. So any time somebody is under concussion protocol. There will be the infamous, you know, such-and-such player is unavailable today due to an upper-body injury and will be super ambiguous about it, you know, and that could be a shoulder that could be a neck thing that could be, you know them actually needing dental work. We've seen players Miss stuff with game time because of dental work that they needed to get done cuz punches and pockets of the face or they have concussions and so in the NHL bubble tournament due to either players not doing their proper off during pandemic training worker actually testing positive for covet the common language that was used was just simply a player as unfit to play and that was the universal unless there was a massive injury You know where a guy was actually under concussion protocol NHL the NHL I would say has a much more stringent concussion protocol than than MLS does and some of the other things that they have, you know, it was just they're unfit to play and then the common joke that bastard you also get is that a guy has a torn mode motivator cuff effectively making a joke of you know, he wasn't actually doing the work cuz he wasn't motivated to do a stuff Robin Fraser in my media availability with him. Mark has been very very difficult to get specifics or timelines out for players. One of the things that's been extremely difficult about trying to cover the team this year and I think Jake Shapiro and happy mood would confirm this along with me is just wage can't physically go to training and so lots of little things that we would notice or take note of or notice an absence, you know, we be able to have a conversation and so it was super easy Mark when I'm out there and I'm The Stefan Aigner play five each you Rondo for ten minutes and then skip out on the rest of it to our training session to afterwards and media availability with Anthony Hudson's say what's going on with Stefan Aigner and so I can't be at training so I don't know who's there. So when somebody asks, you know, you know on our 10-minute media availability call that we have the day before game. Hey Robin, can you give us an update on the overall health of the team of the injury the health is overall pretty good. We've got some guys who are working through stuff and we have most of the team that's available for selection for tomorrow. It's like, okay. Well, the only way for me to go through that basically is to say okay is DeAndre be available for selection is Drew more available for selection is Clint Irwin and so obviously that would be that'd be the jerk way of going about it. But that's the only way to get real specifics without noticing something like in a game against LA Galaxy were Danny Wilson and Eunice nominally were both subbed out and weren't sprinting off the field having gotten subbed in presumably there was an injury implication and in the next video availability we asked about Availability Not only was out Danny Wilson's on the men. He was questionable for that game against the San Jose Earthquakes. Ultimately didn't play and so this is where it's going to be fun and scary to try and find out who's unavailable. But then in that like if it's Jack price in Lalas abubakar, and I don't want to say Diego Rubio cuz I think she knew she's been really good. But you know, let's say nominees got it in addition to the hamstring issue that he's had. Let's say it's in Rose and Berry and now all of a sudden, you know, Jeremy Kelly has to be there or maybe it's Sam Vines and now Steven beitashour of who moved there is no timeline for him being ninety minutes fit and Declan win hou. I don't believe it's stepped on the field this year in competition would have to take over at left-back. That's where things get really hairy. And that's where I'm not sure. It's journalistically responsible or constructive for us to try a preview the game against Delia see one, we're still not sure whether or not it's happening at time of recording. It's still scheduled to take place. Who knows from a staff staff. Point or a player standpoint who's going to be available? And then even then is that duct tape team going to be able to do anything against Diego Rusty, you know for a team that's got to be hopping mad that they lost at the San Jose Earthquakes and is going to come here out for break and it's just going to dunk on Watts you buy a an Dave Rodriguez and Nicki Jacksonville we know and so that's where my concern is. Okay. So that's a loss then maybe they get all their staff back everybody against the LA Galaxy. They're still going to need another week in order to get re-acclimated. So maybe that's a tough game or a a draw that should be a loss and then you're playing Seattle Sporting Kansas City twice at Minnesota phone is revenge tour and then your final two games or two away games at Portland Timbers who are good team. Who knows where Houston Dynamo are going to be but that's just that's not a place that you want to go on decision day needing a result. And so that's where I think in the 2-year point mark like the this is so rapid either in a cosmic bad juju sense or an actual somebody messed up and they're like, oh Butterflies flapped its wings and like the hurricane has descended upon DSG part of just like everything was going great coming into this game. We thought okay, the rapid should be able to beat Sporting Kansas City, they'll get you know, get a higher playoff spot and if they can get a real result at Seattle if they can get a result at Portland OR at Minnesota, you know, if it's if those three games are, you know, two drawers and a loss and they win their other home games. They're into the playoffs. They're acting a playoff game at DSG and potentially there for big players for their big players could test positive for covid-19. The next big thing or the the final biggest macro thing that I want to talk about Mark is again going back to the fact that the incubation period for this virus has to be back up words of five days. So potentially people test positive on Thursday or Friday having had it for four or five days previously. Potentially. There was somebody on the technical staff who interacted with somebody a player on the field who interacted with somebody with the San Jose Earthquakes gave it to the San Jose player. They test the rapid player or Personnel test positive on the Friday and San Jose plays at home lafc on the Sunday. They play on Wednesday. Thursday is day 1 Friday Saturday, Sunday. Sunday is day for potentially. They don't test positive until Monday morning when they test happy had it spread it throughout their own team spread it throughout lafc and then thankfully there's no games taking place, you know during midweek here, but then potentially it gets spread to lafc and then they don't have any birth. Sort of test albeit knowing that the San Jose Earthquakes had positive tests and then play a game Wednesday. And this is where the ripple effect. This is where the the Orlando Bloom scenario that we had for the bubble tournament in Orlando to where if the bubble pops it could be over, you know in less than a week. And so obviously at this point now we're into Thursday or Friday. Nobody from the athletic is broken news regarding the home health and well-being of the earthquakes or lafc. So presumably that didn't end up happening. But that is where the that is where one person messes up at 1 club and due to the frequency at which of these games are being played how they're being played and how quickly this virus can spread and how difficult we still have from a testing standpoint in order to identify it quickly and isolate it gives me how contagious it is can spread and become a metaphorical wildfire. And so thankfully that didn't happen Mark. You've been the purveyor of Doom on this one. I'm going to choose to be the positive person in this month. Episode we've both been cynics. I was a I was extremely skeptical of the Orlando tournament MLS executed it and outside of what happened for Dallas and Nashville. It was overall a success. It was a success from a health and human safety standpoint for the Rapids. I have been critical and and cast doubt when there was an opportunity to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to give him a less Don Garber the health and safety personnel and the club benefit of the doubt that while this may have spread as a Friday that they've contained in to this point. They can get to the point where there will be no further spread within the organization. They will be able to play the game against lafc under potentially non ideal circumstances, and then we'll be returning to offer some form of further operation for their October 10th game against the LA Galaxy and then a return to normalcy and full operations comes their away game on Wednesday. October 14th against the Seattle Sounders. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt because we have seen scenarios where this could have cropped up and I think that there's enough protocol to where even if a few people messed up or in the initial boosted it they'll be able to nip this in the bud or the very least in protocol in preparedness and then mental fortitude be able to overcome this to have a functional soccer team and played a game at Seattle Sounders by October 14th at the absolute latest. It's so nice when you're positive. I wish I could be but I'm I'm the prophet of Doom today. Mark do even want to preview lafc why I just I think that going back to my pessimism. It's not going to happen. So okay, you think it's not going to happen. I think it will happen. I think it will be a very I think will be a very non ideal and patched work Patchwork lineup both in the starting XI on the bench and potentially be coaching staff the technical area and in that I don't see anything other than in phatic lafc win, but that is I think that's the most Optical scenario is like the Rapids finding way to only lose that game to now and not giving Diego Rossi a hat-trick are also I'll say that it depends entirely on which of the Rapids players are are sick, you know, if it's the four scrubby if it's dead, it's Declan wind who I forgot to last week was even on the team anymore and Collin Warner and I don't know Austin trustee and Ed. Nicholas Panos a then. We're probably okay if it's Eunice normally and Andre she knew shaky and Sam finds and col Bassett we're screwed. Like that's that's that's how weird this offseason is that you know to your point about being unable to get information about injuries from coach Fraser like the whole covid-19 non-disclosure, you know, HIPAA violation notice of of the situation means we won't know who's available until Thursday if they play that game and if the four players are kind of held out for a while we'll know then we'll be able to figure it out from there. But if the players are critical players and there are best place near then we've got a problem that being said you and I both know that lafc have been awful lately. I mean, they've been absolutely rip apartable, you know, everybody I mean was wasn't an object. Who just took an L against San Jose as they lost to San Jose one on the Sunday? Yeah, after after San Jose got spanked by the Rapids by the track of property. I think the Rapids should be able to beat them 10 to 2, but that's not exactly how soccer works. So, you know, I think I think it's it's they're they're soft and vulnerable but like, oh my Lord so are the Rapids. Okay Mark, we got a great question that we turn into an ass cage DHL. Tom Green is a TV anchor with 9News Denver at Denver capital T capital g capital D in Denver on Twitter and he's building a list. Please add Denver pro athletes should never have been allowed to leave and he makes his initial list d DJ lemahieu formerly of the Rockies who's currently with the New York Yankees chef. Merritt who I apologize, I'm not familiar with Dikembe Mutombo NBA star and Bobby Jones, please add your own. I know there are many more and then he asks Chris Drury I've seen a lot but especially there's been a theme. I've noticed a lot of commentary recently and maybe I'm just noticing it because again there have been a lot of grumpy Rapids fans who can't actually talk about the game sells trying to pierce the cognitive dissonance of people who cover Sports in the Denver area where it's the Denver Broncos and everybody else or it's the Denver Broncos and nobody else or at the very least the Broncos suck up all the oxygen in the room. And then when it's the middle of the summer and nobody else is playing nobody else is playing I'm implying there cognitive dissonance about the rapids. We talked about the Rockies and when it's play-off time the nuggets and the Avalanche respectively if they're in there and then basically just the Buffs until they inevitable. You miss out on on Bowl eligibility or lose to Nebraska effectively. But so in the spirit of that Mark of us reminding certain people who professionally get paid way more money than we ever have do or will to cover Sports in reminding some of these people that the Colorado Rapids do exist. Other than the Broncos Super Bowl championship. The Rapids have the most recent pro sports championship in Denver Sports, Mark, give me a or several Rapids players who never should have been allowed to leave give me the song. I don't know again. You're not a hockey guy. So you wouldn't recognize a b not recognize the smart. But you know like Martin Brodeur going from the New Jersey Devils to st. Louis Blues did that did that wrong date with you? Do you know what that means now Mark sort of sort of I'll get to off the top of my head and maybe I would be so this would be like, this is this is Messi in a Manchester City shirt from a dead. From a mental standpoint. Give me somebody who never should have left the burgundy envelope. Well the most obvious one is Kyle Beckerman in the sense that the Kyle Beckerman for many Bellucci trade was totally disastrous Chevy Colorado Rapids. They did not know that Kyle Beckerman who was a solid but undeveloped, you know defensive midfielder when he in his younger days when he was traded to RSL would go on to become a club legend for them and think about how good the defensive midfield for the Rapids could have been with you know, Sam Cronin him or or or Pablo mastroeni and and Kyle Beckerman, you know, playing together like would have been the most crunching his Midfield in history. That's one possibility another one which is a little bit more ridiculous is you know, the Rapids traded a an international roster spot. Till I think like twenty thirty nine to is it Vancouver? I don't remember I have to look it up. But like that's just a second player. We should have never gotten rid of which is the international roster spot that we got rid of now to be fair. The Rapids also picked up an international roster spot for whatever from RSL which is like the worst trade in the history of Major League Soccer if the Rapids ever get it together and and get on balance again with international roster spots. They always in perpetuity just have one more international roster spot than every other team in the like how much like up until this year mark like how much like prorated every single year. How much is an international roster spot going for like how much net allocation money? Could RSL have gotten for that trade at this point like just compounding that like it has to be in the it has to be in it has to be in excess of a million of them. Multiple millions of dollars back in the day used to be only worth around 50,000 in in allocation money. It's going for 200 these days. Yeah, I was going to say they've been going for between one twenty five thousand two hundred for the last couple of years. Oh, that's right. He permanent trade was for adults will Gregorio and the the I was right. The rapid deal is to the Vancouver Whitecaps. It expires on December 31st, 2031. And it's for Saint in the A C who was a player I really liked that was like sent a nasty but clearly not a very good chance of those are my two Matt who is your player? So we should have never got rid of first of all Mark. I look forward to a season 14 episode in which you and I do a throwback to that actual trade and looking forward to which player the rapid trade in required that international roster spot from the Whitecaps. I think one of the obvious ones that were talking about recently and just looking at what happened in that position and where the team was go off. From there. I mean I have to start with dream or leaving the club in free agency. I understand completely why he left he wanted to pay. Hey, he wanted to be on an actual team that was going to be competitive given that he was going into the prime of his years from a centre-back standpoint. But you just look at just collectively where that turnover was Mark going into having to go young and just needing veteran leadership, you know needing in the same way that you know, Chad Marshall was effectively affectionately referred to as dad in the Sounders Locker Room by a lot of the younger players in his final years thought whether it was just Sean Brown whether it was Who am I thinking of Dillon Powers, you know some of the other young players, you know, like they needed a they needed somebody who could play dad in that rolls a role that I think Drew Morris now reprising currently home coming back to the Colorado Rapids in the same way that Kai Kamara prior to his departure was a real Mentor at times to Eagle Rubio to certainly an Andre. She she key to a Jonathan Lewis colbath. It has raved about some of the things that he's learned just about from a player standpoint positionally tactically offensively little things that he's noticed even though Kai and Cole don't play the same position and are very faithful players in many different ways. Just how much she how much Kai Kamara imprinted in a positive way on on Kolb acid in ways that will affect the trajectory of his career choice for the years to come. I think especially with what that team is doing and especially in the aftermath of Oscar pareja leaving the organization, you know at an inopportune time that ultimately kind of put them off. That situation of having them rebuild as Pablo mastroeni was learning on the job having a guy who could be the defensive quarterback at the back there. I think would have been something that would have saved things. I don't know the drumore would have won a second MLS Cup had he been with the Rapids, you know from when he left her Toronto all the way through now still being with a club. I don't know if they would have been any better but I you know at least in that moment, but he would have had an influence on players that would have affected them in a positive way. I learned to see the alternate universe where Drew more has been with the Rapids for the last, you know, ten years plus tax and Axle Schubert got to play with him for his entire career and maybe that just changed the trajectory for him were really he's an afterthought on a team. That's probably about to fire pen Olsen and Ben Olsen traded off just because he was the exact type centre-back that he needed, you know after being discarded by Anthony Hudson very very unfairly. You know, I I wonder how that would have been packed and so Drew more is the first one for me. I think I similarly I wonder if Conor Casey is stuck around with the team been a locker room guy, but maybe not an impact player on the team itself and then had other kind of immediately transition into the coaching staff of kind of that continuity and influence would have changed anything about the rebuilds or maybe maybe it's all one rebuild between the Oscar pareja error and the Pablo mastroeni era and then maybe it's the last one that I have is the fact that technically Marcelo Balboa Club Legend a player who if there is ever a second statue built at Dick's Sporting Goods Park after problem as trainees. It probably should go to cello the fact that his entire MLS career was technically not spent with the Colorado Rapids again. I understand kind of the timing of it, but similarly, you know, it might have been the same time for Messi to leave right now. It wouldn't, you know, ten years from now. Nobody's going to remember think about that in terms of his Barcelona Legacy, but it would have broken the heart of every single person who age About Barcelona it would have been really sad for his teammates who were still there. It would have been sad for a lot of fans. It would have been a weird thing that you never could have gotten into your head. Just the notion of messy wearing a new old boys first aid kit or coming down the less than playing for anybody or going to China or you know, maybe the only one that would have been similar would have been him going to Man City just because it'd be him in a man city shirt standing next to Pep Guardiola at his press conference. I think just the fact that you know, we can say that Marcel above that there are photos that you can google and find Marcelo Balboa in a Metro Stars Jersey is just something that just inherently makes me sad knowing what it meant for him to come to the club having played for the foxes what it meant for him to be the captain to be the first player in Rapid history to score a goal in MLS and what this club means to him as a you know, as a as a TV commentator as a still a member of the club coaching in the academy the fact that in his entire Elmo's career wage. Spent a couple of games not with the Colorado Rapids, but that's that's more of an emotional one. Whereas I think in terms of the actual impact of on the field of what they could have achieved as a player was more significant from a moral standpoint and from a total continuity within the club transitioning out of playing and into more impact, you know, I think I think Connor Casey's departure was also sad and just the fact that now he similarly mm Pablo twice now has left the club not on his own terms and maybe with a bit of a a bad taste in his mouth in the same way that you know, I think Rockies fans given how their season is going. Maybe that's kind of miss, you know, they're they're watching the baseball playoffs right now and Lemay who's playing decently for the Yankees and you know, that that was a missed opportunity. That was something that maybe it seemed like the right decision at the time. You still don't feel good about it. And I feel good about the fact that the club put it to a point where more wanted to leave in free agency or where they had to trade away and then ultimately to part with Conor Casey as a head coach wage. Fact that I guess mended now cuz it's been so long and how much you know emotionally. He's still attached to it. But just the fact that you know, they they couldn't make it work with cello and in order for him to get what he wanted. It had to be with somebody who wasn't it had to be not in Rapid green makes me sad makes my heart sad. Listeners follow us individually on Twitter at soccer underscore Rabbi at L WS met Paul or check out our written musings Rapids related or otherwise at American soccer analysis and last word on soccer should follow the podcast on the Twitter machine at rapid 96 podcast email us at rapid 96 podcast at gmail.com. If we bring monetary value your lives, please support our awesome soccer. 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